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Some Investment Opportunities I Have To Share…

First, let me say that this is a real email I received this morning. It also is adult in subject matter. If you are offended by any references to sex, please stop reading now.

If you are not, this is real. It’s not something I made up and will give you an idea of some of the investment ideas I get every day!

I’m passing on the idea, so if you want his email, let me know 🙂

hi mark,

im looking for an investor for my new product “the handjobber”. There are plenty of dildos for women out there, but there are no good masturbators for men. until now. The masturbator is designed using precise aluminum machining and plastic molding. I figure it would retail for 299$. this isnt some stupid blowjob toy with an air pump, this is a true handjobber!

the sex market is huge and i figure i can get these manufactured in china for as low as 20$ / unit for the first 100k units. I need the money (2 mil) to get the product launched. the product would evolve from the handjobber, to a fully interactive handjobber unit that can be used by two people over the internet. a dildo like device with censors would be manipulated by a person at one end of the internet connection relaying the data to mimick the actions to the wearer on the other side of the connection. evolution of the product from there is a full cyber suit and robotic doll where a couple can have true cybersex.

could be good for a quick 10 point pop for you mark. let me know.