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Google Said What about TV on the Internet ?

Who am I to argue with Google about their expectations regarding TV over the internet ?

Google, which acquired online video sharing site YouTube last year, said the Internet was not designed for TV.

It even issued a warning to companies that think they can start distributing mainstream TV shows and movies on a global scale at broadcast quality over the public Internet.

“The Web infrastructure, and even Google’s [infrastructure] doesn’t scale. It’s not going to offer the quality of service that consumers expect,” Vincent Dureau, Google’s head of TV technology, said at the Cable Europe Congress.

Google instead offered to work together with cable operators to combine its technology for searching for video and TV footage and its tailored advertising with the cable networks’ high-quality delivery of shows.

One cable chief executive, Duco Sickinghe from Belgian operator Telenet, said it was “the best news of the day” to hear that Google could not scale for video.

Dang, where have I heard this before….oh yeah .