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I Hate to Lose

No question the start of the season has been a struggle for the Mavs and all of our fans.  I guess the good news is that hopefully we are getting the bad part of the season out of the way at the beginning rather than during the end of the year, as we have the last several years.

I hate to lose, and we are going to do everything we can to get everyone on the same page so we can finish games the same way we have been starting them.

Thanks to all Mavs fans for hanging in there with us. I hate to lose games as much as you do, but the season is just starting. We have gone through struggles before, and Im sure we will go through them again.  As will every team.

What seperates the Mavs from other teams is that we have great fans who have stuck with us through our entire history.  My committement as always, is that Im going to make sure we do everything we possibly can to set things in the right direction.