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My Marketing Advice to Professional Athletes

There are right and wrong ways to market yourself as an athlete. To become a successful brand you have to do any number of thousands of different things to reach a level that leads to marketing and off court/field success.

On the flipside, all it takes is one mistake to bring it all crashing down. I have noticed a trend that is creeping through the NBA that truly disturbs me. It disturbs me because its the equivalent of burning 100 dollar bills. That is how debilitating to any hopes a player may have of making money through endorsements.

In the spirit of partnership as an NBA owner, I am asking the commissioner to extend the dress code to exclude the…

The Dreaded FroHawk

Friends don’t let friends wear the FroHawk. If you are a soon to be pro athlete and are considering hiring an agent. Just do the “FroHa Search”. If they have any clients with Fro Hawks, pick a different agent.