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1. Youtube has become the defacto innovation killer in the video space. Unfortunately for the industry, if Youtube doesn’t adopt it, it doesn’t exist. Its MicroSoft Windows circa late 80’s, early 90’s all over again.

2. I just booted Firefox to the curb on my PC and replaced it with Chrome (Yes I see the irony of killing Youtube above and pushing Google Chrome). I got tired of Firefox slowing my computer to a crawl or freezing it completely. Chrome is fast. Of course its far from perfect. If it doesnt get support for RSS feeds very, VERY quickly I may be forced to reconsider IE and its new version 

3.  For all its faults, I am still hooked on my Sidekick. Nothing beats the keyboard. I have tried every other mobile out there and I can still type at least 2x as fast with far fewer mistakes on my trusty Sidekick

4. If the fact that the internet is not ever discussed as being integral, or even part of the solution to our current economic woes isn’t proof that it has become nothing more than a valuable utility, I don’t know what is.

5. NBA Live 09 is becoming a management tool in the NBA.  

6. I bought and tried a Kindle, it didn’t work the way I do. Gave it to my wife and she loves it.

7. Its sad, but every major tech magazine that I grew up on is gone PC Week, Byte and now PC Mag among many, many others. It used to be fun to go to the bookstore to see if there were any new magazines. At last week’s CES the magazine racks were empty. Nothing besides the daily. Big time Bummer.

8. I’ve increased the number of magazine and newspaper subscriptions I get. Its a matter of principle. I want to see them survive.  Should I go Nascar and get a jacket with the logos of their advertisers ?  On the topic of newspapers. Once they all declare chapter 11, they can get their cost structures in place to support far lower readership levels. At that point, probably less than 5 years and working from a low revenue base, we will be  talking  about the renaisance of the newspaper business. It wont ever reach pre internet levels, but it will be considered a “new growth business”.  

9.  If you havent tried our Icerocket Big Buzz feature, do it. Its a one page chronological summary of everything thats being said about anything.  Its addictive and the RSS feed works (except in my Chrome of course) .

Here are some samples Techmeme, Steelers, Youtube, Erin Burnett,

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4 h Affliction’s Jay Hieron vs. Jason High fight to air on Friday’s “Inside MMA” ·  installment of “Inside MMA” on HDNet. The fight was originally slated 
4 h Affliction’s Jay Hieron vs. Jason High fight to air on Friday’s … ·  in its entirety on Friday’s new installment of “Inside MMA” on HDNet. br 
4 h HDNet to Broadcast 2009 College Basketball Invitational · Sixteen NCAA teams to compete LIVE on HDNet HDNet and The Gazelle 
10 h BS With Honor #34 (Part 1) ·  and fortunately, Brian remembers that we should talk about the HDNet deal. 
11 h Free NWA TV ·  just signed a TV deal with HDNet. Yay for an indie getting a TV deal. Boo 
13 h HDNet.Fights.Sudden.Impact.HDTV.XviD-KYR ·  HDNet Fights: Sudden Impact genre: MMA rel. date: 01/27/09 format 
15 h La 1º fecha de TH publica para el 2009! · HDnet: Tokio Hotel live from Hollywood (The Avalon) – full concert 
15 h More On ROH’s TV Deal, D-Lo In ROH, ECW Arena · Details on Ring of Honor’s new television show on HDNet .. Plus – D 
15 h Major Backstage Update On ROH’s New TV Deal Inside, More ·  with cable network HDNet to air a new weekly 1-hour show. Ring of Honor’s 
15 h Get to Know Chad Corvin of the XFC · ] right now,” said Prisco, whose XFC promotion airs nationwide on HDNet 

6 m mattrix633@lil_lana it was HDNET. I haven’t seen it on since. I don’t think their touring though:( · Reply View

7 h vinod_c: Watched Davos coverage- Wen and Putin’s Keynotes. Saw for first time Glengarry Glen Ross on HDNET. What movie! Alec Balwdwin’s 10 minutes! · Reply View

9 h candicemarie24: Watching Third Eye Blind concert on Hdnet channel. Matt DVRed it hehe good music! · Reply View

10 h curtis_mattHdnet– high def concerts remind me of our church, how cool is that! Rockin to matchbox 20! · Reply View

11 h afarnham@michellegreer there is also the fact that he is heavily invested in the HDNET television network. His interests lay in tv survival · Reply View

11 h storageio@storageio On HDNet, Glenn Gary Glenn Ross – ABC, Coffee is for closers… · Reply View

11 h timelliott: Watching the big lebowski on hdnet… What a great movie… Jeff was robbed of an oscar here… · Reply View

12 h AGKnowles: Lebowski on hdnet movies is a tremendous find. · Reply View

12 h shivvy: is watching “The Big Lebowski” for the millionth time on HDNet Movies. “He thinks the carpet pissers did this?” · Reply View

12 h Pillionaire: @HDNet love dan rather reports, watch it whenever I see it on · Reply View


4 h Sport news · Armata UltraHDNet to Broadcast 2009 College Basketball Invitational · View

7 h davos – Twit · Robert Scoble: Watched Davos coverage- Wen and Putin’s Keynotes. Saw for first time Glengarry Glen Ross on HDNET. What … · View

22 h / Published … · David WardHDNet Fights signs up with Ring of Honor wrestling · View

22 h Engadget HD · BwanaHDNet Fights signs up with Ring of Honor wrestling · View

1 d Articles · PeterHDNet Fights Video Vault: Jordan Radev vs. Rafael Rodriguez at M-1 · View

2 d Bloody Elbow · (jeff)isageek: Florida’s XFC Signs Broadcast Deal with HDNet · View

2 d mma – Google News · Art Peterson: XFC announces multi-year television deal with HDNet – · View

2 d EcuaLucha · Mauro: Ring of Honor y HDNet firman contrato · View

2 d Articles · Peter: Xtreme Fighting Championships inks multi-year broadcast deal with HDNet · View

3 d Facebook · JT: Justin Watching OAR on HDNet. I like their show. Plus they don’t wear girl pants. That got to count for … · View


1 h International play impacts MLS schedule · A league spokesman said discussions are ongoing for telecasts on HDNet, which has broadcast games the …

3 h Soccer | Crew: Schmid’s return to town won’t come until October · Former broadcast partner HDNet might also pick up MLS games this season….

4 h Affliction’s Jay Hieron vs. Jason High fight to air on Friday’s  · 24 event’s HDNet-televised preliminary card. However, …

8 h MLS Unveils 2009 Regular Season Schedule · MLS is in discussions with HDNet to continue broadcasting games on the first all-high definition …

9 h HDNet To Carry College Basketball Tourney · by David Goetzl, 6 hours ago HDNet has reached a deal to air a third college basketball …

10 h Studios Acquire Titles at Sundance · Magnolia previously has participated in the “superrelease” phenomenon whereby films are released theatrically, online …

10 h The HDNet Concert Series Checks Into ‘Tokio Hotel’ · WHAT: The HDNet Concert series presents “Tokio Hotel Live from Avalon …

11 h The Hamilton Ave Journal 01.29.09: Volume 2 – Issue 71 · Meanwhile, ROH officially signed a deal HDNet. Although HDNet is not …

12 h Bud Withers One more college basketball tournament? Why not? · The CBI announced a TV deal with HD Net to do 11 of its games, while the CollegeInsider….

17 h Steven Soderbergh, film revolutionary ·  Experience,” we’re going to do a window of on-demand with a slightly different version before it opens …