What a Blast

Got a chance to attend my first Benefactor auditions in Atlanta. What a frickin’ blast. We had people of all shapes, sizes, colors, andlooks represented. We had a guy that I swear was the reincarnation of Kramer from Seinfeld, with the addition of some colorful tattoos and the obvious fact that he probably hadn’t slept for days, and it wasn’t insomnia that kept him up… We had a famous actress send in an audition tape which was incredible.She is a favorite of mine, who is and will always bepart of one of my all time favorite movie scenes. We had scam artists come in and tell some of the most bizarre stories. Most of all we had people just having fun.

It’s going to be hard to pick from all the tapes and auditions, but it’s going to be fun trying. I can’t wait till this weekend when we hit Dallas and Vegas. Both should be a zoo. If you want to apply, get there early. We have had people lineup from the night before to get in first. I suspect that’s the way it will be at Eddie Dean’s in Dallas, and at the Palms in Vegas, they probably will just party all night and go the audition. From the thousands and thousands of applicants, getting to 16 is going to be an adventure. Still, even with that number, your chances of winning 1mm dollars from me, 1 in 10k lets say, are still a hell of a lot better than buying a lottery ticket!

The game itself is really shaping up as well. This is looking to be so much fun that they have convinced me to let the contestants get a little deeper into my day-to-day life. From travelling on my plane, to behind the scenes at the Mavs, HDNet and all the other business and fun I’m involved with, those 16 are definitely going to get a taste of my day-to-day life. Woven into all the fun are going to be tests and tasks they don’t even know they are being evaluated on. When the producers started telling them to me, I was cracking up.Viewers are going to be shocked at what getscontestants kicked out of the game, and the people who get kicked out are going to kick themselves for blowing the chance at the money. I wish I could tell you, but it would be soobvious, it would ruin it.

I will be at the Dallas auditions in the morning this coming Saturday, thenflying directly to Vegas for the auditions therein the afternoon. Hope to see you at one of them thisweekend!

As always, for more info go to www.abc.com keyword casting.