The Benefactor

I had no idea how crazy, how much fun and how intense it would be doing this show. I know I’m having fun when I get there about 8:30 in the morning, and when I realize I’m hungry and haven’t eaten, it’s past midnight!

We have an amazing, amazing cast of 16, split evenly between guys and girls. I wanted diversity and that’s exactly what I got. I’m not just talking demographics. We have nice people, and people who I thought would be nice and weren’t. There are fun people and serious people. We have Divas and Drama Queens. We have an Oprah wannabe, a professional football player, collegiate athletes, and two people who sing show tunes when under pressure.

The game is always on. The competition is always in play. I wanted this to be like the real world. If you want to make a million dollars, you’d better be ready to compete 24x7x365, and the game reflects that. The pressure is intense and continuous, and response of the contestants under pressure has been eye-opening.

Personally, the game is getting more and more difficult for me.I have really grown fond of most of the contestants. They are really cool people. Making the cuts is like firing a friend. It hurts. I have had to cut people several times already and it is not easy.

The good news side is that unless someone is completely scamming me, and it’s still possible, I am going to really enjoy giving the check for 1mm dollars to winner.

Stay tuned for more!


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  1. Just bypass the middleman (“The Benefactor”) and send me the million!!! You can email or fax the cash over.

    Comment by Bruce -

  2. He still would have gotten his craving for attention satisfied and still make Trump look like just what he is, a landlord, and really done some good for many people but instead he settled for his 15 minutes and will probably end up looking like an attention starved rich guy, just like Trump but with one exception. Trump never claimed to be a “Benefactor”.

    Comment by wow powerleveling -

  3. Being that you have entered the entertainment world recently what do you think about what the FCC is doing to Howard Stern?

    Comment by PJ -

  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so people are throwing kiss ass comments around. So what about it? Maybe it’s respect, admiration, sincere appreciation for living his dreams and sharing his experiences.

    I, along with everyone else writing these comments, have never met MC, but how many other billionaires, team owners, energetic entrepreneurs, or reality tv hosts have a site like this? I haven’t seen any. I haven’t met Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong, Jerry Rice, Roy Jones Jr., or anyone else who has accomplished extreme goals in their lifetimes, but if I had a shot at giving them props I would. MC is a billionaire, a self made billionaire, so the chance to be one of 50 something entries to say something to him sounds pretty appealing to me. I realize he’s not an athlete like the list I provided above, but do you realize he was ranked #179 on Forbes’ riches Americans last year? #179 out of 250,000,000+ Americans. Mommy and Daddy didn’t give it to him; he worked hard and made it himself. Pretty cool person to have read your comments, if you ask me.

    If discussions are the goal of this comment section, which it seems to be, then I can understand your frustrations with mass amounts of smoochers joining in.

    Isn’t the point supposed to be commenting on MC’s entries and letting him know the public’s opinion? Does MC ever respond to anyone? Two days ago was the first time I’ve ever seen this site, but I found it because of my curiosity for The Benefactor.

    Feedback anyone? Maybe we’ll discuss some topics of relevance and interest to MC and he will keep everyone updated…I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot.

    What’s the counter at now?


    Comment by Bob Wehadababyitsaboy -

  5. maybe that why he turned off the comments?

    Comment by Sam -

  6. I will now start an offical Cuban ass kissing counter that will be updated weekly. All ass kissing here on out will be recorded. Why am I doing this, to show how pathetic the attempts are here to kiss this mans ass. How can you kiss someones ass you dont even know?

    Comment by roberto pedone -

  7. MFFL:

    The audience that the networks are trying to reach are rapidly leaving. They’ve already lost the 18- to 24-year-old male to the world of video games and computer games. So now, the networks are trying to come up with some way to lure people back and that’s where reality TV comes in. Anyone who believes that it’s “reality,” though, is kidding himself or herself. Just ask any contestant on one of the “reality” shows and they’ll tell you that there’s a whole lot of “creative input” that goes on, prior to the cameras rolling.

    As for the shows that people are watching, I give you DEAD LIKE ME, THE SOPRANOS, CARNIVALE, and DEADWOOD. What makes them special? Two things — they have incredibly loyal audiences and they push the limits. (And take a look at this — they’re on cable. What a surprise.)

    Network television is a dinosaur that is going to die and it’s about time.


    Comment by Kane -

  8. It is amazing that people complain so much, especially actors, directors, and other entertainment types about how bad Reality TV is and how it lacks “value”

    Well, if the other TV, other then RTV was more original and more entertaining maybe people would not watch so much RTV.

    I think the fact that so many people watch RTV instead of all the same hum drum copy cat cookie cutter shows on TV today says a lot about the poor quality of the other shows. Make more original quality entertainment on TV and people will watch it, but in the interim stop complaining about how bad RTV is “artistically” until you can do a better job of providing entertainment.


    Comment by WM -

  9. This should be interesting. I’m not talking about the show — I’m talking about the ratings. I wonder how much longer people are going to watch other people make fools of themselves or do disgusting things for money. (Note: I didn’t try out for TB, so this probably doesn’t fall into the sour grapes category.) However, we all need to remember that this is your money and you can do anything you damned well want with it. Christ, I can’t even begin to imagine how tiring it must be to constantly have to deal with requests for money. (And let’s face it — I’ve hit you up for cash, too. Matter of fact, I think I offered to sell you my soul for sixty grand. Good thing you didn’t take me up on it. Turns out that someone already has dibs on it. Guy named Morningstar, I think.) Anyway, good luck with it all. You’ve got the golden touch, Mark. Best to you and Todd.

    Comment by Kane -

  10. Mark said he wanted crazy people and outgoing people. How come he said there are serious people on the show. And what the heck is up with a professional football player. Pro players get paid a minimum of 300K a year!!! I WISH I MADE THAT MUCH!!! If there is a benefactor 2, Mark my words. I WILL BE ON THE SHOW!!!!!!!

    Comment by Matt Steichen -

  11. Mark:

    I once sent you an E mail requesting a million bucks which is like a saw buck to a guy like you.

    Now you’re doing a reality show about giving the money away…to someone else.

    No fair. You stole my idea.

    Just for that, you owe me a lifetime’s supply of free video games.

    By the way, you’re running the wrong team to build as the Great White Hope of basketball.

    You should have bought the Beantown Celtics.

    Or maybe an expansion baseball team. Like say…
    the Las Vegas Gamblers.

    For the record, I can throw a baseball in the high 90s. Seriously. Gimme a contract.

    Or else send a finder’s fee for the show idea to my E mail address at PayPal and we’ll call it even.

    PS: I got many other awesome
    ideas to make you richer.


    Henry Festa
    Studio City, CA

    Comment by Henry Festa -

  12. What’s up people? You say the public is getting tired of reality TV.You want to pick on Mark for the way he is running HIS show. I’ll bet most of you are mad becuase you didnt get picked to be on the show.I think that no matter how the show turns out, that it is better than the Real Reality. Young Men and Women dying in the War…Unemployement up..Enron,World Comm,Tyco,Martha Stewart. I welcome his show for the simple fact that it will take our minds off ” Reality” even for a hour a week! Thanks Mark.

    Comment by Tomas -

  13. Can’t believe you were sucked into this reality show crud… Most of the “real” public are growing very tired of all the “reality” (not) crap. You want to give away some bucks? Give me a call, I’ll spend them on something… maybe Mav tics for next year? Later…

    Comment by Robert Anderson -

  14. Can’t believe you were sucked into this reality show crud… Most of the “real” public are growing very tired of all the “reality” (not) crap. You want to give away some bucks? Give me a call, I’ll spend them on something… maybe Mav tics for next year? Later…

    Comment by Robert Anderson -

  15. Hey Mark!

    Any chance the public could invest in Benefactor II for the prize money of $1M and get a percentage of the ownership and profits of Benefactor II.

    If not Benefactor II would you consider creating a self owned Reality show that sells shares of the show to the public to raise the prize money. In other words the prize money is raised by selling 1% chunks to the public and then the owners receive the profits from the show. You could even make it so that the people that are selected to compete on the show come from the group of investors.


    Comment by Robin Hood -

  16. Mark,

    You said that some of the reactions by contestants have been “eye-opening,” could you give us an example?

    Also, what were you looking for in contestants? By the list you provided above, it seemed like “need” wasn’t a major factor, but a competitive nature was.

    Are you eliminating contestants one at a time, a few per show, or in teams?

    When is the show going to air? June, July, August…?


    Comment by Bob Wehadababyitsaboy -

  17. While your idea of him giving 10 grand to a hundred people instead of a million to one person might sound nice, I think his idea of giving one million is a good one. It sounded to me as though you were coming pretty close to describing a communist society, the rich giving to the poor to the point that everyone is equal. It didn’t work in Russia. I hope the person who receives it really deserves/ needs it. A million dollars could really change someones life, while 10 grand would be nice, it wouldn’t make a life changing difference to someone in need of say, life saving medical teatments every month of their life and insurance won’t pay. I did apply so that I would be able to afford my sons treatments, however the shipping company that starts with a U lost my application. I’m telling myself that God has something else planned, and I just need to be patient.

    Comment by Jdove -

  18. Sounds like you’ve created your own Utopia of diversity,chaos and competition with the Benefactor.
    So, what are the Markiavellian Ethics behind this “game”…?
    Concerning games…
    ****I never really liked the board game Monopoly, but always liked the game of Life.
    ****I never liked Old Maid, but always like the card game Speed and also Uno.
    ****I can’t stand Duck Duck Goose, but really like the game Red Rover.
    ****I always loved midnight Capture The Flag at camp…flag sprints and freeing people from jail are my favorite parts of the game.
    ****Outdoor activities I enjoy are running, scuba diving, hiking and skipping.

    So what games do you like Mark? besides bball 🙂


    Comment by MjB -

  19. Mark, you mentioned that you have have gotten to know the 16 fairly well, you start at 8:30 and suddenly it’s midnight, and you’ve already cut a few people. How did you do all this while at the same time stay completely engaged in the Mavs playoff series? What if they would have played on? Did you plan on making guest appearances to The Benefactor? I know you probably own your own jet or two, but going to a game in Sacramento or where ever could have really hindered your presence on the show.

    You’re the most involved owner I’ve ever seen (the Kings owners are also recognized by the public), so I can’t imagine ANYTHING except for your wife and kid that could compete with your MFFL dedication. I guess, in a way, it’s a good thing the Mavs lost. Otherwise you might have been a ghost. Actually I don’t like saying that because I like the Mavs, but think about it.

    Comment by Bob Wehadababyitsaboy -

  20. Good point. In the US, 1-2% of the population accounts for 98-99% of the wealth. If more of the minority gave back to the majority, the sun would shine brighter for troubled families in Dallas and everywhere else for that matter.

    I don’t know the details, but I heard that Mark matched the 1 million in fines he paid to the NBA and donated it to a charity. I’m not sure if he does this on a regular basis (yes, I know the NBA fines him on a regular basis, I meant giving to charity), but that is pretty impressive. Is Mark even getting paid to do this show? I heard he wasn’t, is that true?

    Comment by Bob Wehadababyitsaboy -

  21. I think a show with Mark Cuban sitting in an iron fold up chair at the American Airline Building behind a wooden desk giving out 10 grand to deserving people or families with a goal. (whether its paying off bills and having a down payment for a home or a Business Plan for a new business). Wow sooooo many more peoples lives could have been changed besides 1 person with a million. Talk about being the hero of Dallas during these economic hardships.

    Comment by chiristy jackson -

  22. It’s about time I heard more info about The Benefactor! Thank you Mark, Mr. Cuban, MFFL, M, or what ever you choose to go by. At least you’ve provided something for me to think about.

    This web site is fantastic and I hope the comment section stays open because I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s submissions throughout the day.

    For personal reasons, I am nervous, excited, scared, anxious, curious, and hopefull of what’s instore for this series. I hope it will be a great experience for all those who made the cut…and I hope you go easy on them! Mark, you’ve accomplished some amazing feats in your time and you’ve done an excellent job of looking out for others along the way (so I’ve heard/read), hopefully The Benefactor will change someone’s life for the better and leave the rest of the contestants with respect, honor, and dignity.

    After reading the newspapers the past few weeks and your entry above, I can’t wait for this show to air! Good luck, be easy on them, and keep the hints coming! You’re extremely competitive and it has brought you success and as a recent article stated, “Losing’s not an option for Cuban.” Good luck.

    Comment by Bob Wehadababyitsaboy -

  23. What happend to turning off the comments. Boy oh boy Cuban, your starting to act and sound like Jim Cramer, just a big pumper of yourself and a bunch of half truths. I will watch your show though I want to be entertained and I hope it is entertaining like Donald’s show was.

    NET LONG TASR LONG AND LOUD just like you said MARK

    Comment by roberto pedone -

  24. Just as “you” was not the word I intended to use.

    Comment by A Reject :) -

  25. M.C appears to be the kind of man who listens/reads input from all corners, especially corners he built.
    I will watch The Benefactor and conduct internet searches on

    Comment by Mike -

  26. I bet Mark never even looks at these. He probably has a group of people who do everything for him. We are the fools who believe it.

    Comment by Brian Pocrass -

  27. Just what is a “blog”?? “A blog is a mixture of what is happening in a person’s life and what is happening in the world, a kind of hybrid diary/guide website.”

    Blogging is a new medium that is good for – connecting and interacting. Tell them your thoughts via “comments links”, and initiate a dialogue with not only the author, but other readers as well. Knowledge is acquired and shaped as a social process – resulting in SPIRALING: I say something, you comment on it, I evaluate it, comment and present a new perspective, you take it to the next level…and the process repeats until a concept has been thoroughly explored.

    WAKE UP GUYS! You’ve been given a 2nd chance by Mark to keep the reader comments “spiraling”. He wants to know how the public responds to his views, one topic at a time. NO more self-promoting or whinning about not making the Benefactor (which includes me) or slamming others with just plain rude thoughts. Face the facts people…how often do you get to dialog with a man of Mark’s history???? And it is just plain fun, too…. Snap it up!

    There won’t be A 3rd chance…will there Mark?

    (who had to set the definition straight)

    Comment by Ticketlady Martha -

  28. I been looking for a while, and I mean a while, on a way to register for the benefactor show only to find out that the opportunity passed by. Good luck to those who got in.

    Comment by T -

  29. why so black and white people? why oversimplify matters and say the show will either be altruistic or not?
    even altruistic acts have a selfish motive: to feel better about yourself having helped
    so if you want to be jaded, yeah, go ahead and consider ALL of it selfish.
    the show will be interesting for the simple fact that 10 diverse people are stuck together for a finite time.
    anyone who has lived in a dorm sees what havoc can be wrecked by just 2 people living together who don’t see eye to eye.
    so the million dollars is just the cherry on top.
    as far as trump and mark being rivals, it seems to be simply a marketing strategy. obviously some here have bought it hook, line and sinker.
    another simple reason it will be interesting is because Mark is involved in long shooting days. Anyone who watched Apprentice could see Trump spent minimal time working on-camera.
    as far as some of the cynics, you probably are just frustrated brown-nosers yourself. or jaded romantic types. hope you get some hope back into your life.
    as far as watching people being manipulative, our culture is saturated with manipulation. that’s nothing new.
    as far as criticizing someone for giving away their money, why don’t you go outside right now and give the keys and your car away to the local homeless guy. yeah, go ahead, do it. or give it away to a local high school student. your tone of voice doesn’t suggest that you are a very benevolent person.
    but hey thanks for writing.

    Comment by meme -

  30. Somehow, I doubt ANYONE is going to scam you. You’ll make the right decision.


    Comment by Kevin Carlile -

  31. I think Mr. Cuban turned off the comments on the previous post as to not get bombarded with ass kissing Mav fans.

    Instead he gets this group.. To all of you who actually tried out for The Benefactor you should learn lessons from driven individuals instead of wishing for your 15 min. and hand outs.

    Mark will gladly give you more than a simple 1mm if you sack up and build a company that generates profits. It just takes the drive and iniative that he has. (Think Pete Maravich dribbling at the movies.)

    But you know I’ll be watching. Keep the PR machine rolling Mr. Cuban!

    Comment by PSC -

  32. ohh the free time I have watching the cameras swivel…

    Brett – look at it this way (Mark is going to love this post I am sure of it)

    A – if he has a billion dollars in the bank and only get 3%APR, that equates to $1 a second, which yields $30m/year

    B – He was a success story from the dotcom era. It is questionable where his company would be today and the value of it (yahoo has since disassembled it). But it doenst matter, he made the executive decision and profitted extremely from it

    C – 1mill is 1/10 of a percent of 1bill. It would be like me asking for a dime (.10) from you if you had 100 bucks – now does that sound so grand? (someone check these numbers)

    Shit – I respect the guy for everything he does, but you have to take it into perspective. Would I give away a million if I had as much as he – hell yeah…especially if it got me publicity and something as public as what he is doing. like i said, self-induced publicity. Dont you think there is personal/business reasons to this venture? He once wanted to be an actor – well here is his purchased chance. Equivalent to those that want to be astronauts and pay $$ to go up with the ruskies.

    as for your tattoo – that is crazy I say, crazy. Did you at least get a call back, I hope they spelt it correctly.

    Comment by tk421 -

  33. Yes I wanted to be on the show, but for more reasons then one. I even Tattooed Mark Cuban across my back,which I will leave on.How many people would give away a million dollars if they had it to give.Let’s be honest..Not many.I wanted a chance once the tape had stopped to gather some knowledge from him.He says what he feels regardless of the fines. He earned all that he has and has made other people millions along the way. Yes maybe I went to extremes with the Tattoo but….He is more than a benefactor to me, He is a Hero. Pick, do. say what you want Mark! Thats your right.

    Comment by Brett Messenger -

  34. re: wont be watching

    A – you know you will at least the first episode…fess up

    B – one has to wonder with all the ‘twists’ and crumbs left out, how much of this was just down right clever marketing and pre-show social experimenting (or how much ones thinks it may be all that leads to one thinking it is more and more social experimenting and really there is simply nothing to read into). Could the name ‘THE BENEFACTOR’ and the catch phrase ‘what would/wouldnt you do for a million dollars’ been hints and ploys? Thinking that it is going to be an altruistic show you get all the yanks that pretend to be goody two shoes or that they really need the money..but deep down, the casting directors just want to get the most aggressive and interesting people that america will watch. Lets now forget about the willy wonka references. But one had to think that maybe ABC wanted to continue with the ‘social elevating’ shows that it is winning with (house makeover and ugly person gets pretty shows). Or like I said earlier – who the hell knows, but we are all reading into this way too much.

    Tell you what – if the show is really full of bumber cars and playing war, well there better not be anything better on – including a presidential address. Now if it is about a bunch of people living together and being cut-throat and manipulative – well, granted it isnt the best display of society, but it is down right interesting.

    re: not sure

    see my comment about the card games and bumper cars – I think those were all curveballs – I still am saying REAL WORLD meets $1m – throw in a couple stright laced people, a couple freaks a jock or two, adn get some midnight romance – and WHAM – you have the benefactor – although, I would like to see them change the name- maybe they will

    Comment by tk421 -

  35. i agree that the ratings will be at least “respectable” for the first one or two episodes purely based on the at times ingenious promotion. how the show fares after will solely be based on content in my opinion. either the masses will like it or they will spend those 60 minutes a week doing other things.

    and, btw, *finally* a good discussion!

    Comment by Dave -

  36. The initial promotional TV ads for TB showed Cuban handing out crisp, green bills to unsuspecting average folk on the street. The soundbites spinning the ad suggested the show’s premise involved Cuban giving money to people who were most in need — thus, most deserving. I thought, “How wonderfully redeeming–a humanitarian reality TV show. Compassionate commercialism!”

    Ah, but that was before I learned that, at the time the TV ads were shot, neither Cuban nor the show’s producers had so much as an inkling as to the show’s format, or had even begun to think about the criteria upon which Cuban would award his million. It is now woefully clear, through this Cuban’s and his statements to the press, that the show will bear NO resemblance to that which was suggested in the original TV ad.

    Little by little, Cuban has thrown us some crumbs of insight as to the (mis)direction of the show’s format: “The right person is going to get on my good side at the right time, and whoever that is, is going to walk away with a check from me for one million dollars.”

    Regarding the kinds of ‘challenges’ TB contestants will face, Cuban adds, “…playing solitaire and — for the more advanced contestants — our old favorite card game, war. For the speed freaks out there, you could win showing off your bumper car skills.”

    As to the type of people Cuban considers ‘deserving’: “One man said he would use the money to help children. Can you imagine this guy for six weeks? You’d kill yourself.” Instead, Cuban leans heavily toward the self-indulgent, like the woman who said she’d use the money to throw a party like Oprah Winfrey’s famed 50th birthday bash. Extolled Cuban, “That’s what I like, that’s my kind of answer.”

    In other words, anyone with plans to use Mark’s million for anything but selfish, shallow reasons need not have applied. Judging from Cuban’s blog, contestants were most definitely NOT chosen based on altruism, financial need or hardship, but purely on their ‘entertainment’ value — Divas and Drama Queens, an Oprah wannabe – leading one to wonder if Jerry Springer is the creative exec of this primetime sideshow.

    Lest you’re inclined to agree with Cuban that a reality show which rewards the unselfish or the downtrodden would bore us to tears, consider ABC’s rare hit show, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” the recipients of which have included families who are struggling with illness (Martha Walswick), financial hardship (The Tugwells), and those who have selflessly dedicated their lives to helping out others (“Sweet” Alice Harris).

    Why is EMHE so successful? Because in these tough economic times, viewers who are themselves struggling LOVE seeing other truly deserving people justly rewarded. Such viewers feel vicariously gratified through watching someone else– someone who is just as bad off or worse–winning a bucketful of desperately needed cash or having their dilapidated home made over. What they can’t stomach, what they find insulting and embittering, is watching some future doctor, pro ball player, aspiring actor, or Beverly Hills brat receiving a million dollar handout because he or she won a silly card game, or demolished Mr. C’s bumper car, or was simply, in Cuban’s opinion, the best bullshitting, ass-kissing, brown-noser of the whole shallow bunch.

    So, alas, with the premier of TB, the airwaves will spit into our unflinching faces yet more sap, slime, and sewage. Sadly, Americans will tune in (thanks to the enormous amount of Cuban’s pre-production hype), and the ratings will most likely be respectable. But I suspect that, to Cuban, this high profile endeavor isn’t so much about reviving ABC’s rock-bottom ratings, or about the amusement he’ll derive from teasing and tormenting the Richard-Hatch-wannabes his show has so predictably chosen. For Cuban, this is undoubtedly a pissing match between he and his comb-over rival, The Donald. Though he tries hard to distinguish himself from Trump (reference, an earlier blog post), with the direction TB has taken, Cuban, instead of rising high above him, is fast sinking to Trump’s self-promoting, publicity-whore level, which should make TB a huge success…and precisely that which Cuban claims it is NOT — an opportunistic copycat of “The Appentice,” exactly as Trump predicted.

    Comment by NRW -

  37. Me has got a semi lob on just thinking about dis show Benefactor. You is giving away like a whole bajillion dollas. Who is dis hottie football chick everyone keeps rappin about? Dis show had betta be a wicked success to make a fool out of dat geezer Donald Trump. Me had once presented a brilliant idea to him hand he turned me down. It was dis glove that you wear on your hand while you eat ice cream to keep the drips from gettin your suit well sticky. Boyakasha! Benefactor! Represent!

    Comment by Sacha Baron Cohen -

  38. Is there any way we can find out who the 16 contestants are? Is there a link?

    Comment by dave -

  39. a month out from the series launchdate – watch MC and ABC go hog wild with some crazy marketing stunts. Stuff for the books.

    Already started with the TRUMP blog and it worked, getting TRUMP to respond. Not to mention the crazy web presence/marketing that has gotten us all intrigued

    watch! learn! and loose another hour of your weeknights

    Comment by tk421 -

  40. of course some of this show is going to be self-induced publicity. But there may be a good formula stumbled upon. He has enlisted the producers from MTV’s REAL WORLD. What does/did everyone like from that? CONFLICT.

    So you take all the conflict one can muster up from the REAL WORLD and intensify by $1M. What we have is a social experiment with cash. Something that all voyeurs a like will watch and appreciate.

    Granted you have to make it work to make people want to watch..but how hard can that be? Given everything that has went into the pre-production of the show?

    Cubey has said it himself – watching people do whatever it takes to KEEP thier housemates from getting the money and solidifying their place in the ranks towards reaching the ultimate goal.

    who knows – but ABC is banking on it

    Comment by tk421 -

  41. i’m not so sure why everyone is so fired up for this show. just because mark cuban is in it? granted, i am a big fan of mark’s, but to me that doesn’t mean that the show is going to be any good. what is the show going to be about? all i know is that mark is giving away a million dollars. so what? why am i, or anybody for that matter, going to be watching? is mark cuban the reason? maybe. and doesn’t that raise the question whether cuban is a recognizable enough name outside of sports? none of my friends who follow sports knows who mark cuban is. how is that audience going to be captured???

    just raising questions. i still love mc.

    Comment by Dave -

  42. I guess I didn’t make the cut. No chance to sing YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Comment by monkeyinabox -

  43. to see the show. Wanted to apply; however, 5 days vacation per year doesn’t allow the time necessary to compete. (And my children would prefer groceries!) I’ll just have to live vicariously through others (as usual)!

    Comment by Darleen -

  44. I will go update in my blog where I noted that you were turning off comments on your blog, Mr. Cuban. I’m glad to see you brought it back!

    Comment by TDavid -

  45. OK, i personally am still waiting for the “NBA refs are horrible and the Mavericks are seceding from the NBA entry. C’MON cubes, i know your plate is full with the Godsend and the Benefactor, but Mavs should still be playing. I broke the arm on my chair watching that last game, I am mad. Also, if you let Mr. Steven Nash go, I am not renewing my season tickets. I bet you and your giant ass wallet feel REALLY threatened, huh? yeah. thats right.

    Comment by Jackson -

  46. Glad to hear that the show is going well. I AM SO JEALOUS! I hope your having fun…I hope to be having fun with you next time! Thank you so much for turning the comments back on! I love reading the comments! I’m sorry that the Mavs are out of the playoffs but I can’t wait to see Benefactor on television. Godsend was awesome! I love thrillers! Give that million to the school teacher…or the BBQ guy if he’s there and tell them that I’m rooting for them!!!!!

    Comment by Krissy -

  47. Tell me that foorball girl is not Katie Hnida. The former kicker at Colorado that fucked around with everyone and now screams RAPE. Very unlikely, but GEEEZE

    On a more serious note it sounds like the people who got picked are the more noticeable attention whores. But props to them, at least they auditioned. You never know till you try.

    Comment by John -

  48. i thought i really had a chance to get on your show how many were picked from tapes sent in or did u pick everyone who went ot audtions. i would have really use that money toi great use with my house having a baby on me and leaving me with a whole mortage and bills to pay but i look forward to seeing the show y would u pick a pro football player who is already making money to go on your show when people like me who only make 22,000 a year cant get a chance. well iguess my chance is not going to come because u cant give all your money away or u wnat be a billionare but thanks for giving me a chance to compete

    Comment by lizetta mckesson -

  49. hay mark!!! glad to hear that your show is doing well. i am SOOOOO incredibly excited to finally see it on ABC. just wanted to let you know i am a huge, incredibly enthusiastic mavs fan. i went to the autograph session earlier in april and dirk gave me his earring. i was ecstatic! the guys are SO nice, and that made me like them even more.

    THANKS for all you’ve done for the team.

    -cali (plano, tx)

    Comment by cali -

  50. Yeah, I agree Robin Hood, If the Oprah wannabe is the one from Dallas , I also know who you are talking about, gollie geeeezzzzzze, I feel sorry for you Mark is a understatement. If I had some duck tape it would have gone right on the old flapping trap. lol. But hey, what the heck do I know because she made it on the show, and I am still here, just blogging away.

    Comment by ME PAM -

  51. Robin Hood – I hear you with the Oprah Winfrey statement! I think her husband tried to sell me some pay-in-advance lawyer services…..

    Comment by tk421 -

  52. Mark!

    Do you want any ideas for competition events for the contestants?

    If the Oprah wannabee is from Dallas auditions then I know who she is and I feel sorry for you.. 🙂

    Is there anything we on the blogmaverick site can do to assist in driving the contestants crazy?

    Comment by Robin Hood -

  53. Can’t wait for the show to air! The entire process has been fun to watch unfold…and the little tidbits you share make it so intriguing!
    For the many people who’ve been involved it’s more than just another reality show!

    Comment by Ticketlady Sandi -

  54. Hey Mark – Glad to finally get some closure on why I haven’t received a call yet. I look forward to seeing your show as it should be great!!! If any other fan here wants to take a look at my audition video that I sent in for The Benefactor. Check it out at my site.

    I’d love to hear feedback since I never got ANYTHING from Mark or his crew.


    Comment by Brian Pocrass -

  55. If I heard ir correctly on TBDSSP the football player is a “150 lb. woman”

    Comment by Lou Zer -

  56. any news on when it will be shown on TV?

    Comment by larryh -

  57. Hi Mark! Grad to see you’re enjoying yourself. I’m really looking forward to watching your show this summer. I still can’t believe a football player is one of the contestants. And an Oprah wannabe along with a drama queen within the mix. Now that’s television!

    Comment by Christie -

  58. I can’t help but notice that you started the show without me. Perhaps you forgot. Oh well. I’m glad you’re enjoying the tapings, and I look forward to you pulling a Regis and saving ABC.

    Comment by Ryan -

  59. Hey Mark,
    Glad you’re having fun with “The Benefactor,” even though I’m not there! Maybe next time. I’m eager to see the show, and I’m hoping you select the “right” one…
    I enjoy reading your blog!

    Comment by A Reject :) -

  60. sounds like fun…can’t wait 2 see it on TV…a professional football player on a show 4 more money…I find that kinda funny…

    Comment by PJ -

  61. it sounds like it is more than you anticipated, but loving it more as well..Rock On..

    Comment by tk421 -

  62. The Maloofs have a pretty “high-profile” lifestyle, nice houses/manisons, fast cars, private jet, high-stakes gaming, yet they give out the numbers to anyone to their cells, care alot about people, support charity, ect. Cuban is the same way, and might not be into all the “luxuries” of Maloofs, though he is more a family man type. People complain when someone has a really huge house, or spends alot on clothes or other accessories, buys a nice garage full of Ferraris, Bentlys, ect. Does that make them bad people? No, not at all. They worked hard to earn the wealth they built, and they are enjoying the benefits of what they’ll done. More power to them. I would do the same. I plan on launching a computer company after college (and year and a half and have about 15 pages drafted-very good stuff so far I must say :)). Say in 15 years, I hit it big working hard. I would prolly live a life of luxury myself, set up my family for life and myself, but I would prolly invest some causes that I have.

    Comment by runescape money -

  63. I’ve basically been doing nothing to speak of. Not much on my mind to speak of, but it’s not important. I feel like a fog, but such is life.

    Comment by calling cards -

  64. Mark, loved the first episode! I watched it with my 2 boys. It was great that you are using the show to teach life lessons such as first impressions are very important and be careful what you say at all times. These 2 lessons can not be stressed enough.

    Intentional or not, using the show to teach is an awesome benefit that does not come through on other similar programs. I have no idea who will “win” the ultimate prize. However, I do believe that all of the contestants and viewers will “win” if they pay attention to the lessons that you are teaching along the way. For that reason alone, I will definitely watch with my 2 boys.

    Also, I am very excited that you are using a “blog” to discuss the show. I hope to see more postings from you. I have just embarked on a mission to incorporate weblogs in my corporation and was happy to see that you already embrace the concept. Blogs have great potential to change the corporate world.

    Comment by john ridings -

  65. I just wanted to say,it’s the man’s money..whatever he decides to do with it is up to him…but personaly i think that million could be put to better use or spread out to the less fortunate…imagine if every billionaire gave to family’s in need, which their’s alot of in the world today ,i know what its like to live day to day just trying to make it through the week and i can only imagine what a small amount could do for people in the same situation and maybe someday someone will be generous enough to do it. Those would be the kind of people i’d want my children looking up too and growing up to be…anyways thats just my opinion and i know my opinion don’t so cya

    Comment by Rob -

  66. Think twice about what you have to say about the fottball player. She is not from Colorado and she is a strong, talanted young lady, with a lot of class and a lot of heart so before you go running your mouth you should take time to gat your facts straight. She may be 150lbs but she just as tuff as 1/2 the men out there if not stronger, physically and mentally…She will beat your ass into the ground if she knew yu were talking crap. She is a hard working, dedicate woman with a lot of heart so back the hell off. Where is your class talkign like that??????

    Comment by Massachusetts -

  67. ….the Benefactor casting call was made? It will not elude me again.

    Comment by John Grant -

  68. I am sitting here watching you on KERA…You have a great story, and I really admire how you became successful…Congrats on the reality series…Best of luck “playing the game.”

    Comment by Amber Daniels Chacko -

  69. You have a responsibility to use the money with which you were graced– some would say *lucked* into– for less puerile and more socially redeeming activities. Basically, your show breeds sycophants and adorers. What is that about? I have an idea– Take that million dollars and give $50k each– anonymously– to 20 deserving kids going to college. No TV, no recognition for you… only the satisfaction that you’ve seeded the lives of 20 earnest individuals who aren’t necessarily looking for the limelight or easy money. What you’re doing on the “benefactor” typifies what’s wrong with television, and the world. It might as well be called “The Self-Aggrandizer.” C’mon Mark…

    Comment by Jim -

  70. you forgot to mention, there is somthing very sexy about that little bit of a bad boy image he has.

    Comment by no name -

  71. Scott , you are right-on with your comments. As for the A—Kissin Counter: please realize that it is not about “kissin” but about realizing that before us may be a genuine person – – albeit a self-made billionaire – – that we may be able to admire and respect. The conceptual framework of the billionnare lends itself to the Trumps of the world. Not the Mark Cuban. Mark, I know you do read these things, please know that your fans like you just as you are, a little crazy, with lots of personality.

    BTW: Can’t wait to see the RTV show. It’s going to take ratings to an all time hi.

    Now Trump that!!

    Comment by Salmon -

  72. MC:

    Missed you at the Dallas auditions, so I figured I might as well gear up for season 2. Feel free to check out my audition video at…

    “Game On!”

    Comment by Ap -

  73. What you guys do not understand is that Mark Cuban is first and foremost an Entrepreneur. Of course, having a reality television show based around you and the decisions you make will provide exceptional publicity. However, it also is a service to the public, a service of entertainment. Granted, certain positive externalities will derive from the venture. However, that is capitalism, “take advantage of opportunity”, because it doesnt come by every day. Mark if you truly read these, good strategic move with the reality show. Donald Trump is trying to create brand identity, you will ultimately win the battle of the billionaire rality show for the simple reason that as a marketable interest you appeal to a much broader demographic group. I mean come on, Donald Trump is very 1980’s.

    Comment by M. Scott Williams -

  74. Everyone be ready, the football player will be
    a blast. She is the best female athlete I have ever seen, but most of all a heart of gold. She’s tough and hysterical. America will fall in love with her. I know she made the show, but
    don’t know how she did. Everyone should have her as a friend. Trust me and just wait. She is
    hot too!!!

    Comment by Amy O'Hara -

  75. I just want to say enough with the woman professional football player. First off I play for a womans football team and we do not get “PAID” we have to pay our own way. I have an idea who it is and she is not 150pds. She is an all-star athlete with huge cans. She weighs 130pds all solid rock and she doesnt play for the dallas diamonds the only team in Dallas that is even close to being athletic contenders is the Dallas Mavericks. by the way ryan it has nothing to do with diversity its what you can offer obviously you didnt get picked because you have nothing to offer don’t feel bad there was about a half million people that did not get picked. Besides I bet that most people that you think would make didn’t maybe they should have some type of talent, perhaps boton twirling, or playing the piano or even just playing butt quarters. See you all in the funnies.

    Comment by 76 -

  76. You did not pick me so I just farted in your general direction.

    Comment by Dennis Gillan -

  77. Thanks Pam. Your right. I just didnt hold anything back! I gave them everything! I wanted this so bad I could taste it. So for those that didnt give everything. They can say “next time I will” but what do I say or do from this point…..I did give it all!

    Comment by jeffrey saunders -

  78. Jeff,
    I really think you should stop just for a minute and re-evaluate some things.

    First of all, how many people auditioned for The Benefactor? Thousands of wannabees, including myself. I made it to the second round, that tells me I had a little of what they were looking for. But I hold no grudges or have no evil comments to express to Mark. This whole process has only made me more focused and determined and I will not hold anything back next time. As I know, I approached with caution not knowing what to expect.
    You on the other hand made it to the final 25 or 30. That tells me you had what they wanted,
    and for some good reason and no fault of your own they picked what they thought would be the best mix.
    If your intention is to try out for Benefactor 2, you might want to fine tune your attitude.
    There is a differance between being confident and being a a**ho**

    Thank you
    And that will be $100.00 for my one on one session with you. I will send you the bill.


    Comment by Pam -

  79. Mark

    I hope you read this. I have seconds thoughts on my “nice, politically correct” previous email. I am not that way normally. Normally I tell it just like I see it and screw those who don’t like it or understand.

    So, the way I see it. I have been in the deepest bowels of depression while this stupid show is filming! (i know that filming ends today). These have been some of the saddest most depressing days for me.

    I made it so close to the final 16 on this show! I had the blood work done, the urine drug screen, the background, etc.!!!!! It was all done. I was waiting on a damn plane ticket and then NOTHING!!!!!!!!

    Why! Why was I passed over! Well I just read your “blog” and you like every other corporate, rich asshole in America isn’t looking for true people or true talent or as you put it “every day people”. you are looking for a “diverse” mix!

    So I, jeff saunders the gay redneck from ga, was not “diverse enough for you! I am gay and but I am also male and white! White males, just can not be considered “diverse” enough! I understand that you chose a black, gay male bartender from Georgia! Well good for you mark! I hope he sues you for some kind of discrimination!

    You missed out when you didnt pick me! Live with it!

    Comment by jeffrey saunders -

  80. Mark,

    This is Jeff Saunders, aka The Gay Redneck, from Atlanta GA. I hope your show does well and I hope you do a Benefactor 2! Please pick me! I came so close to Benefactor 1. I can still taste the money.

    I do not know what kept me out of the show. But if you were looking for diversity and someone who wanted and would work for this money 24x7x365 then YOU MISSED THE BOAT WHEN YOU DIDNT PICK ME!

    i will watch the show and hope for a call on Benefactor 2. Please realize that you are dealing with real people and real lives….picked or not for the show.

    Jeff Saunders
    The Gay Redneck

    Comment by jeffrey saunders -

  81. Mark,

    Will they show “The Benefactor” in Spanish and French at some point in the future through the use of dubbing the language? Just curious…I mean, with a name like “Cuban”, I would think some Spanish people in Central and South America might be interested in seeing the show. Canada too! Glad you’re having a good time!


    Comment by Keith Shanahan -


    SHE HAD A COOL WPFL ( womens professional football league ) TATTOO THAT SHE SHOWED ME.












    Comment by s. taylor -

  83. Dear Mark: Read the article in today’s paper about the house where the contestants are now living and sighed with green-eyed envy. If you had picked me, you would have saved on the Oprah wannabe, the diva and drama queen because I’m all that and more rolled into one! I have to be – I teach! This means I could have used the money. But, more importantly, you missed the opportunity to have lots of fun!!! Will really enjoy watching the show. You came up with a brilliant public relations strategy – the whole country will get to know you and the Mavericks which is great for our team! Thanks for the opportunity to check off one more item of my lifetime to do list. I have now ridden in a helicopter in the desert, conducted a symphony orchestra, and applied for a reality show. Best wishes for a great show and get some rest! Sincerely, Adele Reneau Plasterr

    Comment by Adele Reneau Plasterr -

  84. I want and need a million dollars. I will be your best firend if you give it to me. Yes i am crazy, and very greedy, and little presumptuous but I need a million dollars. See, I want to go to college and I want a car. This is inpossible for my mom w/ her current job. I would love to help her out : ). Thanks so much Mr.cuban,

    Love Karis Roberts

    P.S. If you would like more information about me just e-mail me:

    Comment by Karis -

  85. Hiya! can someone please e-mail me adn tell me how to enter for this benefactor tv show. I knoe a lot of people could use a million dollars but I could really use it wisley! my e-mail is

    Comment by Karis -

  86. I’m glad you have your contestants,
    I was hoping against all odds I could go on
    and win. I will stop waiting by my phone now.
    I’m sorry I was not good enough to try. I’m
    pretty sure ABC got my tape on time. So I thank
    you for reviewing it.


    Comment by PC -

  87. I tried out for your show while they were interviewing in Boston. I suggest you go back and check your videos for the man who was wearing a cowboy hate. I only would have made the show more fun and unpredictable.Mark , I admire your way of life. Maybe , next time my friend. jim O Boston- Go sox

    Comment by james otoole -

  88. I wanted to try an be on your show.I just found out about it. I feel I know I would of won the million for myself and my family. All my friends and people said that’s the right thing for me to hang around somebody like you have a good time not make them like you but just chill an kick it and whatever the game is even if it not a game. Mark if you read this I hope if you do the show again give me chance to be on it. My goal is to be a millionare even if it just one,but until then I be doing my damn thing.If you ever in Houston holla at me.I could on and on but I’m not I just wounder if you really read this yourself. Congrats on being young and successfull and owning a B-ball team that like playiny PS2 NBA Live really live tight. I’m out “Isaac” 24 Houston, TX.

    Comment by Isaac -

  89. I wanted to try an be on your show.I just found out about it. I feel I know I would of won the million for myself and my family. All my friends and people said that’s the right thing for me to hang around somebody like you have a good time not make them like you but just chill an kick it and whatever the game is even if it not a game. Mark if you read this I hope if you do the show again give me chance to be on it. My goal is to be a millionare even if it just one,but until then I be doing my damn thing.If you ever in Houston holla at me.I could on and on but I’m not I just wounder if you really read this yourself. Congrats on being young and successfull and owning a B-ball team that like playiny PS2 NBA Live really live tight. I’m out Isiah “Isaac” Figueroa 24 Houston, TX.

    Comment by Isaac Figueroa -

  90. Does Mark ever respond to these comments or what? I dont care about your responses, I want to know his….:)

    Comment by christy jackson -

  91. Hey Mark,

    I’m Dominic’s sister. I just wanted to drop a note and say hello. I’m glad to hear the show is going well. We are very excited to see the show. We hope that Dominic is doing well. Say hello to him for us.


    Comment by Lori -

  92. there must be two of these ball players then!!!

    Comment by tk421 -

  93. Why are many of you soooo obsessed by this??

    Comment by Strangelady -

  94. mark said that the pro football player was some ginormous african american chick – where she plays I do not know. said when he was on best damn sports show – find the transcript

    Comment by Johnny 5 -

  95. For the nth time, the football player is a woman! Not only do women who play professional/full-contact football NOT get paid, they often have to incur the expenses for transportation and lodging.

    Comment by ku -

  96. If the pro ball player is an Oakland Raider, please make sure he’s back for before the season starts. If not, keep him! If he’s a Denver Bronco, I’ll protest the show. 😉

    Comment by Ryan -

  97. yeah

    Comment by MjB -

  98. hey mark, lookin forward to reading success & motivation PART 3….

    when’s that gonna be posted

    Comment by NZ -

  99. Excellent Post Bob Wehadababyitsaboy (Congrats on a baby boy by the way). I agree. Actually, I believe Bill Gates is giving away nearly his entire “wealth” by the time he and his wife dies. However, isn’t his wealth a “paper and electronic” wealth (tied up in stocks, ect.) I dispise Donald Trump, in that he is so ego-driven and I does not give back. I hate the Hilton sisters, because they are not worth much to society (not to say “inherited wealth” is a bad thing, but they are a typical sterotype). However, I think that for those who a decent to above-average income (not neccessary “super-rich”), I wonder how many of them actually help out? They seem to complain, but I always am curious in if they donate their time, money, ect. I think Cuban, the Maloofs, and Gates (expect his business practices aren’t exactly “admired by me”) are excellent people. They are caring, hard-working people who don’t have a “snobby” attitude. Gates is an extremely smart person (not that Cuban or Maloofs is, but Gates has a higher IQ-a Harvard dropout), the Maloofs were drilled with a work ethic and sense of passion by family, and Cuban is a mix of both, and has fun. The Maloofs have a pretty “high-profile” lifestyle, nice houses/manisons, fast cars, private jet, high-stakes gaming, yet they give out the numbers to anyone to their cells, care alot about people, support charity, ect. Cuban is the same way, and might not be into all the “luxuries” of Maloofs, though he is more a family man type. People complain when someone has a really huge house, or spends alot on clothes or other accessories, buys a nice garage full of Ferraris, Bentlys, ect. Does that make them bad people? No, not at all. They worked hard to earn the wealth they built, and they are enjoying the benefits of what they’ll done. More power to them. I would do the same. I plan on launching a computer company after college (and year and a half and have about 15 pages drafted-very good stuff so far I must say :)). Say in 15 years, I hit it big working hard. I would prolly live a life of luxury myself, set up my family for life and myself, but I would prolly invest some causes that I have. I would invest in building a St. Jude-model Pediatric Children’s Institute. I just think Americans are hypotrics (spelling?) in general. We complain about what we don’t have or what the rich don’t do, yet we want what they have and spend what we have, and the latter part I question if they do themselves.

    Comment by Mike -

  100. mavrik, yes we know who Ayn Rand is so don’t insult us.
    and mjb, you suggest giving the million to someone who needs/deserves it. c’mon, get real, who NEEDS 1 million dollars?
    aaron, you speak truth.
    everyone…stop worrying about a** kissing. it is transparent to everyone so why bother getting upset?

    Comment by meme -

  101. Well you guys want business tips, have a look a the stock of TASR. Maybe it’s a buy, maybe it’s a sell. You decide. Same thing with SIRI. Members here stop kissing cubans ass. I am proposing an offical stock BLOG that can be put under the cuban umbrella of blogs linked on this site. How about that Mark? The person who preforms the best gets a job from Mark to manage money. Take my challenge Mark? You have nothing to lose.


    Comment by roberto pedone -

  102. Good arguments above.

    Equal distribution of the country’s wealth is not where I was going. I agree that it would be insane and unfair to the hard working, gifted, intelligent, risk taking, and innovative people of our country if they had to own, keep, and live the same as everyone else. Some people spend a lifetime studying and perfecting a skill or craft, some people train day and night to become the best athletes, some people spend years busting their butts climbing the ladder of success, some people just get lucky, and some people sit around eating potato chips and Twinkies all day and complain about not getting paid. Does everyone deserve the same amount of pay or distribution of assets, come on…of course not.

    America is a great place to live, especially if you have money. For some it’s easier than others. But this is America and if you want to do something about it, you have the choice. Sometimes you have to work harder, sometimes you have to work smarter, but ultimately it’s your choice how you live your life.

    However, back to my original statement (see above) that the sun would shine brighter for more Americans if the rich gave more money, I was referring to what the person said before me about giving smaller amounts to deserving families or people with a plan. The more programs and opportunities, the better… wouldn’t everyone agree. People succeed from the gutter, the middle ground, and the upper crust, but most fail. Money for loans, education, medical expenses, community projects, etc, etc, always need more funding.

    Bill Gates does give away more than anyone can even fathom, but he’s the richest person in America/the world? What’s he worth? $100 billion or more? The money was more like grains of sand blowing away from his own personal beach…entire island for that matter. But still, props to you Bill Gates for giving away some of that huge pile of cash.

    I was just saying that people who are extremely wealthy are doing a good job of helping out charities, but you can always do a little more. This show is gaining responses from people about someONE who will have a life changing experience and hopefully deserve it. Giving/donating/supporting/(whatever you want to call it) to a good cause is definitely ok with me.

    I think most people enjoy seeing others succeed, especially when they deserve it. (However, I think this show will be geared toward competition, not who “deserves” a cool million, but that’s ok too…it’s his money, why not have fun and change someone else’s financial situation for the better.) So coming up with more options of helping those who are less fortunate than others isn’t such a bad thing, ya know?

    If you want something bad enough and you work hard for it, amazing things can happen. We live in America, go for it!

    Comment by Bob Wehadababyitsaboy -

  103. The entire premise for this show has struck me as kind of odd. Isn’t Mark an Ayn Rand fan? Isn’t she ANTI-Benefactor? I mean…

    Nevermind, somehow I think it’s going to get lost on this group.

    Mark – Why? Seriously. Publicity? I don’t believe it’s “because you can.”

    Comment by Mavrik -

  104. It is true that ultimately, the decision of who recieves his money should be Cuban’s idea. No one but Mark, can decide who receives it or SHOULD. But, the quality of the reception should be taken into account. Just as Mark worked hard for his money, he should value the quality of its worth. Giving money to someone who has a lot of money devalues the quality of the money…unless it is to be used in a way that increases its value.

    So to maximize the quality of his money…and ultimately the quality of him as a Benefactor…
    Mark should give the money to
    a) a person who genuinely needs it, as it would mean a lot to that person
    b) a person who would turn the money around to benefit others…and stretch the quality of the gift
    c) do both

    Unless, of course, quality doesn’t matter to him….but I don’t think that is the case.


    Comment by MjB -

  105. Aaron…I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Comment by Sherry -

  106. Before jumping on the “professional” football player, we need to see exactly where he plays football. If he/she plays arena, NFL Europe, CFL, then he/she isn’t “racking” in the dough. I highly doubt it is a NFL player, they have too much on their plate to do such a show.

    As for this:
    While your idea of him giving 10 grand to a hundred people instead of a million to one person might sound nice, I think his idea of giving one million is a good one. It sounded to me as though you were coming pretty close to describing a communist society, the rich giving to the poor to the point that everyone is equal. It didn’t work in Russia. I hope the person who receives it really deserves/ needs it. A million dollars could really change someones life, while 10 grand would be nice, it wouldn’t make a life changing difference to someone in need of say, life saving medical teatments every month of their life and insurance won’t pay. I did apply so that I would be able to afford my sons treatments, however the shipping company that starts with a U lost my application. I’m telling myself that God has something else planned, and I just need to be patient.

    Thanks for a good explaniation. This is a free market, democracy nation. I personally hate it when people complain about the rich not giving, or not even giving enough. Why? Cause they dont have to. They earned the money, and spend years busting their butts to make it. I remember Bill Gates on Larry King Live a few years ago, when Larry King asked Mr. Gates, “Why you give more of your money to charity?”, and Mr. Gates responded “I have given away more then you will earn in your lifetime.” (not exact quotes). To me, it seems we are all jealous of what we dont have, or don’t have the desires to work that hard. In America, I think anyone can go from rags-to-riches. Many people have. I wouldn’t want it any other way. It makes me work harder for something I want.

    Comment by Mike -

  107. I was recommended to this site by a friend of mine who said that Cuban writes posts about his business ventures so I was interested in what he had to say. Here I am now reading these rediculous posts you guys make fighting over what Mark Cuban does with his money and wishing to get on his game show or writing him off as a fake. He is a public figure and he expects and to get critisism both good and bad about everything he does so rashing out with childlike put-downs doesnt bother him. And who wrote that long ass post about how the show was initially marketed? Its entertainment…let it be. Let me ask you this…if you had 5 billion dollars do you think you can do half as well with it as Mark has? If so, then you should be able to turn whatever size bank account you have now into a Mark Cuban size account. Now since you cant do what he does and since you dont have a Mark Cuban size bank account shut the hell up.

    Comment by Aaron -

  108. A million, mark, just a million?

    you’re a billionaire…comeon…..

    you billionaires have no fun with your money! Please buy the kings from the maloofs and change the team colors to pink and purple.

    For Christ’s sake.

    Comment by Kevin -

  109. Why is everyone taking things litterally?
    This is strictly entertainment, nothing more!
    Just a GAME, where there will be a winner of 1 million dollars.
    When you sit down at home and play Monopoly, do you believe that you really own real estate on Boardwalk? (DUH)
    Get over it and just enjoy the fact that Mark will be hosting a show and one lucky person will walk away with the money.

    Comment by Pam -

  110. most people do not have an opportunity to comment during the development/shooting period of a show…having a direct line to the production.
    the show’s premise may or may not have anything to do with the questions “what would you/you not do for $1).
    it is just a way of getting ideas for what the tasks could be.
    it is also a way of finding unique people.
    think of it as research for the production.
    why must you think those questions are clues to anything?
    open your minds up

    Comment by meme -

  111. When will filming begin ?

    Comment by Oliver -

  112. which ‘fact’ do you have a problem with? My assertions are just that.

    Your right about the spell checker I am chastised and will try to do better, my apologies on this point. I also should have broken the post up into seperate paragraphs too that run on sentence is hard to read.
    I stand by my assertions that he could have done a lot more for himself and others if he tried a bit harder to be beneficient instead of just noticed..

    Comment by Tom Canavan -

  113. How do you know all that you say is true when it hasn’t even happened yet?

    You need a fact checker and a spell checker… Really bad…

    Comment by Punjab Paul -

  114. is that almost every piece of debate on here is because WE (as in a colletive we) formulated our own ideas and concept of what the show was going to be based on some small pieces that were put out there.

    and dont you think that was the whole intent? why tell someone the answers when everything they make up is so much more creative and fun to watch from the sidelines.

    this is ABC’s and MC’s chance to be all knowing right now, and see what the minions do when they are left in the dark.

    Comment by tk421 -

  115. You are “THE MAN” ….I really dig your style and will someday be doing business with you! You can make “someday” happen by contacting me at

    Comment by Dave Dubois -

  116. Why don’t you give it to these people:

    They’ve earned it, and you’ll out Trump..Trump.

    Comment by Privacy_Force -

  117. Years ago, I heard about a show called THE MILLIONAIRE (it was a drama — not “reality TV”) where this millionaire went around finding worthy people and anonymously giving them one million dollars. At the time, it seemed like a really cool idea and that might be what inspired Cuban. And in his defense (and not that he needs it), he wanted to create interesting television. That’s why the networks signed on with him. If he’d been giving away one million dollars to the “neediest” person, there would be 15 people who would have to be cut out of the loop and that would probably have made him feel like a heel. It’s a lot easier to cut someone who isn’t really hurting than someone who is in the most desperate straits. As for people wondering about his motivation for this website, he probably just likes to communicate with people. No mystery there.

    Comment by Kane -

  118. I see where most of you have some missunderstanding about this show. You think the word benefactor describes someone that does something good for others. Cubans definition it seems is somewhat different. The description of the up coming cast opened a few eyes. What tipped me off was the question about what wouldn’t you do for a million dollars. A real benefactor wouldn’t even think to ask that. This is looking like a show to just promote Mark Cuban. It’s too late now but the show should have been named “Mark Cuban gives away a million dollars to someone that impresses him”. Ok that’s a little wordy but you get the gist. IF Mark was smart he could have parlayed this into a TV dynasty with many years of great TV if he had looked for what good people would actually do if they had a million then follow that up the following year with following one or several people doing what they envisioned or promised. He still would have gotten his craving for attention satisfied and still make Trump look like just what he is, a landlord, and really done some good for many people but instead he settled for his 15 minutes and will probably end up looking like an attention starved rich guy, just like Trump but with one exception. Trump never claimed to be a “Benefactor”. In one of his earlier blogs he mentioned he has people that do give him critical feedback but I doubt that if anyone seriously thought about the repercussions of what he is doing now and said something to him, if he/she had do you think they would still have a job? Cuban really could have become a very real benefactor and become very famous as an example of what a benefactor should do and in doing so left Trump and a lot of other billionaires in the dust if he only knew what the word benefactor actually ment.

    Comment by Tom Canavan -

  119. is why he turned the comments back on..he got lonely. More than likely he gets the comments emailed to him after a post, this way it maximizes his time.

    Comment by tk421 -

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