ABC should suspend Jim Gray until he apologizes

I didn’t catch this while it was happening, but thanks to Adam W for emailing me and bringing it to my attention. I know I said chemistry was better this year, but made zero mention of Steve Nash in my comments regarding chemistry.

I will just go with Adam’s Email to say it all

During yesterday’s game vs. Houston (no commment) Jim Gray said something very interesting. the summary of it was something to the affect of

JG: Dirk, I asked Mark [Cuban]and Finley if team chemistry was better without Nash, would you agree:

DN: No I don’t think so (with a puzzled look on his face)

Now if I recall when Jim Gray talked to both you and Fin there was no mention of Nash in his chemistry statement. He just asked if team chemistry was better.

I thought Jim Gray was a solid reporter (if thats what you call him) but this was ridiculous.”

Obviously I trust Adam to report accurately more than I trust Jim Gray.

What Gray did is pretty much the definition of slime reporting. I will talk to Dirk about it, but for a reporter or whatever he calls himself to misrepresent an interviewee’s comments in orderto elicit an emotional or controversial response is wrong.

ABC Sports should take immediate action against Jim Gray and suspend him from working until he apologizes to Dirk and Mavs fans.

For follow up see Art Garcia’s article

93 thoughts on “ABC should suspend Jim Gray until he apologizes

  1. definetly , Jim Gray has dirt on somebody to keep getting hired for extremely bad reporting .

    Comment by e mack -

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  4. Here’s my bigest problem. I do have a huge problem with Jim Gray seemingly trying to come between Dirk & Fin. But, Mark, if someone started railing on something you said , WITHOUT HAVING HEARD IT THEMSELVES, you would be outraged!

    Comment by wow powerleveling -

  5. I was particularly annoyed when Jim Gray was interviewing Lindsey Hunter before game 5 of the Pistons-Heat series… and by interview, I mean leading Hunter into discussing the “divided” Pistons locker room. When Hunter dismissed the allegation, Gray of course had to have the last word by claiming that Hunter wasn’t being truthful and everybody knew it.

    Thanks Jim. Why don’t you just interview yourself from now on if you already know the answers to your questions. You’re a real class act.

    Comment by Marc -

  6. i was wondering,if anyone knew the ball player who refused to talk to Jim because he didn’t like the way he treated Pete.

    Comment by mike -

  7. good!

    Comment by 11nong -

  8. As a long time NBA fan, pre-David Stern, I agree with Phil Jackson, even though I can’t stand him either. Mr. Cuban’s continual antics are strictly low class, but what can we expect from a former collar-protected, internet stock pump and dumper? Who now envisions himself, as Mr. Show Business (Louie B. Meyer must be turning in his grave). Mark could have learned from old-time guys like Dick Bloch. Or even newer owners like Howard Schultz. Mr. Cuban is as arrogant, as his new money allows. If Mark Cuban is the future of NBA ownership, the league has a bigger problem now, than before the Bird-Magic era. Mr. Cuban needs to grow up a whole lot and start acting like a gent. Of course that would be like waiting for my IPOD to download selections from Now wouldn’t it?

    Comment by john solak -

  9. I bet that Jim Grey was the water boy in high school. What else would explain why he is nasty to them at times! He is jealous!

    Comment by paul -

  10. I bet that Jim Grey was the water boy in high school. What else would explain why he is nasty to them at times! He is jealous!

    Comment by paul -

  11. I think we should all live and let live and have more tolerance towards people.

    Comment by Mick -

  12. Wow. I missed this completely.

    Is Jim going for the Jerry Springer of sports?


    Comment by Daniel Farfan -

  13. Jim Gray is a PUNK. I can’t wait till someone goes Geraldo on him.

    Did you see him after the Suns/Spurs Game 2. He asked TParker how it felt to “shutdown” Nash….

    Nash had 29 pts on 13-22 shooting, with 5 boards and 15 assists..

    Then the whole Pete Rose thing…

    Mark my words, it won’t be long before this guy gets it.

    Comment by squatpuke -

  14. Mark, don’t listen to that guy Noah’s crap, he’s just jealous that he doesn’t own the Mavs.

    Comment by Dirk -

  15. Not to mention he can’t even correctly say names like “Vlade Divacs”

    Comment by Curtis O'Brien -

  16. If you want my honest oppinion: Jim Gray should have been fired years ago. I think he’s one of the worst reporters. and the dumb look on his face doesnt make him seem any smarter.

    Comment by Curtis O'Brien -

  17. Hi Mark,
    What about TAW ?

    Comment by EExtasEE -

  18. >you are so focused that you need regular people around you to balance you and help you.< Regular people? Come on, Mark! I'm sure those people woudn't be to thrilled to be labelled 'regular'...

    Comment by Dave -

  19. answer to Noah’s question, regarding Halle Berry’s response as to who her favorite Laker was,answer was Kobe Bryant.

    Comment by Theresa -

  20. …so because Mark Cuban owns the team, means he’s not allowed to cheer for them like the other 20,000 that sell out the AAC? I thank God he’s not like other owners, that’s one of the great things about the Mavs. You’re right, nobody’s gonna change the ref’s mind about a call, but he shouldn’t not be upset about it. Not sure about Nicholson, he’s a fan, but he also loves his airtime, maybe that’s why he stays composed. He goes to Lakers games to be seen, not just for the Lakers. You know Hollywood. Cuban’s not really an actor (unless you count that night on WWE), he’s all about the Mavs.

    You’re right about the Benefactor, though, it was pretty bad. But then, ALL reality shows suck.

    Still can’t wait to the game at noon Central.

    Comment by Steve Estep -

  21. What was Hallie Berry’s response by the way (About her favorite Laker player)? (If anyone remembers)

    And, Mark, what were those damn jokes you said on the interview at a Mavs practice session? I believe there were 3 but I’m hard of hearing so I forgot the first one and missed the 3rd. The 2nd was something about: Is your son at Neverland? Funny shit. I was cracking up – Didn’t know you were quite the comedian… but SERIOUSLY “The Benefactor” sucked. I swear I will lose all respect for you if you try to go into the reality TV business again.

    It’s already enough you wear that not-stylish-or-even-easy-enough-to-roll-off-the-tongue-with acronym “MFFL” shirt/branded clothing and yell at referees when ALL other respectable owners just sit down and shutup (I mean you can have a reaction but for god sakes referees have been assholes since the dawn of time. Ex. Reggie Miller’s blatant SHOVE of a nobody to win a playoff series. You’re not gonna change that by parading around after a loss or immediately after a call; just keep it your seat or go vent about it in the hall – Damn, even Jack Nicholson’s annoying-Aviator/Limo tint-wearin’-shades-ass has more composure than you, AND he’s pretty damn outspoken too).

    Comment by Noah -

  22. Agree with most people here. Jim Gray is an ass. He always has been from before the days of his famous Pete Rose ambush. Snide, bitter, slimey… I completely disagree with the poster (Charles or Chuck) who stated that he must have been doing something right. WRONG. How many people stay in their positions undeservingly due to seniority or politics? Same with Gray. He’s been in the industry for a while and unfortunately will stay there for a while. I agree you, Mark, ABC should suspend him until he apologizes.

    Comment by Bernard Moon -

  23. I will say this, though…the next Mavs game on ABC (Sunday) may have gotten more interesting…

    Comment by Steve Estep -

  24. Jim Gray needs to get Jeff Gannon’s White House Press Pass

    Comment by Corey Griffith -

  25. AMEN – I saw Jim Gray bushwhack Dirk. Jim Grey is a weasel. We need to get some dirt on Jim Gray and everytime he covers a Mavs game the coaches and players need to work the dirt into every interview until the Second Coming of Christ. Time for some dirty pool Mr Gray. YOU PHAG!

    Comment by Corey Griffith -

  26. Mark, I want to say that I apologize to you, the Mavs, and to the fans. I should not have asked Dirk what I did and try to make something out of nothing. I hope that even though this is short, you will forgive me.

    Comment by Jim Gray -

  27. Gray is a synonym for moron. Ask Jeff VanGundy about him. I remember in the last season after one game where Rockets won, Jeff refused to let Stevie francis to be interviewed by Gray.

    Comment by Peter Russel -

  28. Did anyone see the Laker’s ESPN broadcast with closed captioning? During Cuban’s interview, the interviewer said somthing like “.. the Mavs have a lot if new faggs ..”, I guess the interviewer said “new faces”. Can’t these guys at least use a spell checker? Or was it a mistake …

    Comment by chris clare -

  29. All Mark said in the interview on ESPN was that this was a better team without Nash. Of course, it is (different subject). But when he makes it sound like Nash wasn’t wanted here to Dirk (which happens to be Nash’s best friend) that’s where it gets messed up. chemistry didn’t get better when Nash left and that’s the bottomline of the argument.
    (Antoine Walker was the culrit in that)

    Comment by Adam -

  30. Cubes…dude…what’s the beef? Gray never mentioned your name and all he asked was if Dirk thought the team was better now even without Nash. Get over it man!

    Comment by Hawkins -

  31. Mark Cuban,

    Jim Gray is just an aggressive reporter doing his job by asking tough questions. You could learn some humility and be flattered that your team is pertinent enough to even receive probing questions from the national media. You did mess up losing Steve Nash, but you have been very fortunate concerning this up to this point. We’ll see how things go in the playoffs. Meanwhile, please don’t be so thin-skinned about actually being questioned about the loss of Steve Nash.

    Comment by Clay Byrom -

  32. Mark, still waiting for your answer: Is team chemistry better without Nash this year or not? Come on, you don’t seem like the type of guy who’s afraid to offend anyone with your true feelings. Mark, I never took you as a PC kind of guy, but maybe you are?

    Comment by Mike Didier -

  33. Amen, John Jax. I’ll refer you to post No. 54 in this thread, where I asserted that the players just ramble on about nonsense. They can say hi to their loved ones, or maybe talk about how much they love Rocky Road ice cream. No need to call Jim out or talk bad to him or about him. Let him do his job because the player is under no obligation to give a coherent answer. 🙂

    Comment by Ryan -

  34. It would be funny if all the players from now on responded to Jim Gray sideline questions with: “Both teams played hard!” Eventually ABC would have to stop putting him on the air. Power to the players! Yeah Baby!!!

    Comment by John Jax -

  35. larry jefferson told it right: gray was depressed for not being able to hang around kobe bryant and kiss his butt all day! He is such a low-life! Journalism should be about reporting the FACTS, not making crap up so that you’ll feel important! I don’t think that someone with such a low level of professionalism should have/keep that job.
    GO MAVS!

    Comment by Gabe -

  36. I have to agree with you, but as I do not watch a lot of NBA did not see that interview but from other’s I have seen rather Football (Collage or Pro) the sideline Broadcaster asks some of the dumbest questions. Have seen them do what you are talking about. There is enough going on to talk about besides trying to always stir things up. Maybe we should start a boycott of ABC sports if they do not want to address this issue. What do you think? Commissioner has no problem fining you for things you say. Fare is fare I think. So why not do something to clean up this sideline problem, or maybe not interview with them. Or is that NBA policy?
    Glad to see you have said something about this issue.

    Comment by Ron Kline -

  37. After the brawl Jim Gray claimed he was right near Artest when he was lying down on the bench. (I never saw him in any of the replays that I watched 100s of times)

    Then he goes on to claim the Fan threw a BOTTLE at POINT BLANK RANGE and then hit him with a beer.

    The only thing accurate about that statement is that Artest was hit with a beer.

    On the other hand, asking Shaq to spell enigmatic is funny. I am sure he just learned that word off his word of the day calendar.

    Comment by G M -

  38. Jim Gray is a slim, he does that all the time. I remember when he bagered Pete Rose on national television on a night when rose was being honored for being one of the 100 greatest players in baseball history. He did the best he could to ruin the night for him. Pete Rose should have popped him.

    Comment by Efrain Jimenez -

  39. Good post Ryan…

    Comment by WebGlue -

  40. Great point, Brian. As I noted in my previous post, I don’t care for Jim’s “hate babies and puppies” style, but I also think Mark has taken this a little far. Mark should get the opportunity to make his points crystal clear next time, as opposed to anything resembling an ambush.

    The best rule-of-thumb I can think of for these sideline interviews is to stay generic. If you think Jim is baiting you, give him a non-descript, unintelligible answer, such as, “I think my jump shot has reached the new vortex since this year, and Coach Nelson has been on me about that. As for chemistry, it was my favorite class in high school. We have good chemistry last year and this year and even this summer. Everybody is nice.”

    Say something so off-base and odd like that. It makes US look more creative and good humored than THEM. And, I acknowledge that I have been rough on Mark at times regarding the way he blows stuff up in the press, but his points aren’t entirely invalid. Jim Gray is kind of a weasel.

    The trick is to approach this in such a way that we’re not the bigger weasel. And by doing what you noted, Brian, Mark could achieve that.


    Comment by Ryan -

  41. My gosh, the Mavs are getting ready to start thier playoff run, and this is what everyone is arguing about? Everyone acts surprised that Jim Grey is a jack ass!! Instead of whining about this interview, you guys should be concerned about your teams health, and hope you dont have to face Phoenix or San Antonio early on in the playoffs.

    Comment by Go Spurs -

  42. My gosh, the Mavs are getting ready to start thier playoff run, and this is what everyone is arguing about? Everyone acts surprised that Jim Grey is a jack ass!! Instead of whining about this interview, you guys should be concerned about your teams health, and hope you dont have to face Phoenix or San Antonio early on in the playoffs.

    Comment by Go Spurs -

  43. Jim Gray was probably just pissed because he wasn’t assigned to the Lakers game that day so he could breast-feed at Kobe’s teat.

    Go Mavs!!!

    Comment by larry jefferson -

  44. During his “interview” with Fin, Jim Grey specifically said “throw out the PC answer”. I understand investigative journalism, but at the time the Mavs were down more than 15 points so maybe he and/or the producers felt a need to fill time with his “sideline prowess”. I’d rather have Michelle Tafoya and her softball lobbing over Jim Grey and his “do you hate babies and puppies” sensationalism anyday.

    If memory serves, the Mavs play on ABC again this Sunday. Offer yourself up for an interview, Cubes. 🙂

    Comment by Brian -

  45. I’m loving this commentary, agree with every negative comment made about Jim Gray, and CONTEND that he has hit an undeniable new low in the Dirk interview.
    Is there some way we can get him to read all of this.

    Comment by Clay Crocker -

  46. Mark, I’m sure you could clear up the controversy by just answering this question: Is team chemistry better this year without Nash or not? Just trying to form an objective opinion on this without flying of the handle and calling names.


    Comment by Mike -

  47. Mark my man,

    Your a good guy…I met you last year when you spoke in Atlanta. Anyway I got your back…there should be some rules in place for that kind of thing. Jim Gray is best known for attacking players after a frustrating game, performance, or beef with refs. While a player is in the height of his anger…here he comes. And most times players don’t care what they say at that point. End result, the player is fined and Grey is in his office giggling the next day. Thats not a respectable way to report. I agree with you…don’t allow him to interview your players and maye the rest of the league will follow suit. The will probably bring about the best results. We miss JT out here but I’m glad he’s happy out there with you guys.

    Jerald January

    Comment by Jerald January -

  48. It’s a little odd that anything critical of the nash trade gets deleted, even though that is completely on topic because Gray’s question was about the effect of the trade, but one post which actually suggested putting a bounty on Jim Gray remains, as do several others which seem to wish Gray physical harm.

    Sumit Arora’s comment about Ahmad Rashad dry humping michael jordan’s leg, and looking down on Gray in disgust was the funniest thing i’ve heard in weeks. Well done.

    Comment by Tim -

  49. d.b.

    Notice my last comment was deleted also which by the way was right on topic?

    Comment by WebGlue -

  50. Mark you should TiVo all national broadcasts. You would prob be suprised at how many times people say “i talked to ___________ (insert mav executive here) and __________ (insert lie here).”

    i am always amazed that journalists/broadcasters at the highest level completely make up things and get away with it. My highschool journalism class had stricter rules.

    Comment by Jackson -

  51. WebGlue
    As you can see there are several people who disagree with Mark on this post and also on several other posts. just read the posts on naked shorts. If you had stayed on topic and not started to attack him personaly your post would have been fine. I also do agree with you that he should have looked into it more and not rely on someone elses gossip if that was the case.

    Comment by d.b -

  52. I watced most of both the Lakers & Rocxkets games this weekend. I saw the interview with Fin and Dirk (sorry, Mark. somehow I missed yours). When I saw the Dirk interview, my first thought was “Is he trying to come between Dirk & Fin?” But, the question he asked Fin was “Most people expected the Mavs to struggle after losing Nash.(mentioned by name) Yet you are, at this point, one game better than last year.” He then asked Fin if this was a beter team. Finley stated that he believes this is a better team, with due respect to Nash.
    Now, he then did ask Dirk if the team was better without Nash, like Fin said. And Dirk stated he did not believe that. Both guys have differing opinions. That’s America.
    Here’s my bigest problem. I do have a huge problem with Jim Gray seemingly trying to come between Dirk & Fin. But, Mark, if someone started railing on something you said , WITHOUT HAVING HEARD IT THEMSELVES, you would be outraged! The person who e-mailed you about this may have gotten some of it right, but I hope you at least tried to fact check a little before posting this outrageous appeal for Gray’s suspension. I know you’re entitled to your opinion, and I have great respect for you. Just a little surprised you would run with something based on an e-mail.
    Other than that, I’ve always thought Jim Gray was horrible.

    Comment by Scott -

  53. There’s a time and a place for asking tough questions in an interview, and it’s not during a game from the sidelines. It’s not so much that Gray asked the question as it is how it was framed and when it was asked. I don’t think he necessarily needs to apologize, since most people see him for the moron he is. I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but why not restrict his access to the team?

    Comment by chris -

  54. Mark,

    After listening to the transcript on the Musers this morning, I’m even more convinced that this was a fairly innocuous incident. I love you, but you’ve COMPLETELY made a mountain out of a mole hill. What’s worse, you’ve created a situation in which I’ve been forced to agree with Jr. Miller – bleh. Shame on you!

    Seriously, Mark – I think you’ve overreacted here.

    Comment by Mary G. -

  55. I’ll admit that I am not a Jim Gray fan, at least in terms of sideline reporting. However, I really despise the dog-pile, and I don’t think Gray is nearly as bad as Mark has made him out to be.

    For the sake of contention, please consider these possibilities:

    First, I am not opposed to the notion that the sideline reporter can have a little fun with the players, as Craig Sager does with Shaq all the time on TNT. For those of you bringing up the ‘enigmatic’ incident of a few years agos, I think it was Jim’s awkward way of trying to have fun with Shaq. Certainly, it was condescending, but I never thought that Gray meant it to be patronizing. He was trying to have fun with Shaq and it came off terribly, hence my assertion that it was awkward.

    Second, to many die-hard fans of baseball, Pete Rose is the embodiment of baseball disgrace. Really. I actually applauded Gray’s line of questioning that night. Let’s for a second separate the role of the sideline reporter from that of a traditional journalist. There is a certain amount of shock value expected of the sideline reporter; however, there is also a certain amount of spontaneity required, meaning that perhaps we should give Jim Gray a little leeway. Many of these questions are being piped into his earpiece, and he merely has the cahones to ask ANYTHING.

    Again, not saying it’s good reporting or solid journalism, just that it is what it is.

    Third and lastly, let’s examine the incident from this weekend. What Jim did was sneaky, but do you think it was purposeful? A way to blindside Dirk? Why do you think he wouldn’t have the guts to ask you and Fin the question directly?

    C’mon, Mark. He would have gladly asked you the same thing. Truth is, it was inferred in his question. He asked you if the chemistry was better.

    Better than what do you suppose? Perhaps you should have asked him that. I would have assumed as the viewer that it meant “better than last year.”

    Again, I’m not a big fan of Jim Gray’s approach with people, but then again, Mark, I can’t say that I particularly care for yours either. 🙂

    Take care …

    Comment by Ryan -

  56. Mark,

    Jim Gray’s line of questioning was tacky and misleading, to say the least. But I find it a little weird you’ve chosen to make such a hugh deal out of it. Who cares?

    I find it even more odd that you would make this blog entry, and THEN talk to Dirk. IF Dirk was upset by this incident, wouldn’t he have confronted you himself? I was under the impression that you had a rather close relationship with all of your players. If that is true, I find it even MORE odd that you found out about this incident through a fan’s e-mail.

    Comment by Mary G. -

  57. Will you please hold your breath until Jim Gray apologizes? I said please.

    Comment by Mark L -

  58. There’s only one way to get rid of Jim Gray. His next showtime boxing gig. When he once again asks a moronic question to Mike Tyson. We need Mike to take him out. I think Mark could put up the bail $$$ and get him some of that Michel Jackson represenation for the court battle…

    Comment by Keith -

  59. I couldn’t agree more with you Mark. Gray’s reporting has been terrible ever since his days covering NBA on NBC. I am not sure if a suspension is warranted as this has become the standard in reporting today. However, it is important that fans keep pointing out these lies and push for more honesty in the media. Thanks Mark and Adam for out reporting the professional, Jim Gray.
    -Ontario, Canada

    Comment by Simon M -

  60. This is funny! Jim Gray hater…I didn’t know there were so many…haha.

    Comment by Brandon -

  61. Anybody know how to get a star on Hollywood blvd? You BUY it! Ususally actors get their star bought by the studio or someone else, but as I presume Gray has no friends, he either bought it for himself or ABC did to try and lend him some credibility! This same kind of coverage saturates sports on T.V., radio and print, and is one of the biggest reasons I love watching the mavs game on UPN with the local pregame and announcers, they give you the new, true doo-doo.
    I’m out like Damp!

    Comment by okie diesely doke -

  62. I have never liked the guy either. He reminds me of a little weasel who will say anything to get a response. Mark, you should discourage anybody affiliated with the Mavs from doing interviews with this slimeball.

    Comment by Mike -

  63. Hey Mark, Sorry….I apologize for my off-topic post. I just wanted people to see what I found/uncovered….(related to recent blogmaverick discussion.) Thanks….

    James Parham Jr.
    Yuba City, CA

    Comment by James Parham Jr. -

  64. FYI, If you drift off topic, I will remove it. Nothing personal. Just that comments tend to go all over the map and it works better if we keep things relevant to the post

    Comment by Mark Cuban -

  65. JG is a slimball alright, I’m old enough to remember one time back in the early 90’s he was interviewing Gordon Gund (previous owner of the Cavs who is blind) in the stands and asked him something like “as you can’t see the players on the court, can you really get a sense of what the game is like by listening?”. Gund was classy with his short response but Grey just kept pressing with more questions relating to the fact that he is blind. I’ve hated that guy ever since.

    Comment by Brian Wong -

  66. Naked Shorts….Someone should investigate “The Streaming News Network” (URL/link below.) I believe these guys are posting/airing bogus interviews with various companies’ officers in an attempt to manipulate stock prices.

    As an example, there is a supposed interview with the President of a company called, ticker symbol BIZ on the website. The company’s ticker is listed as DSLN, and the company is listed as being traded on the Nasdaq. actually currently trades on the AMEX with the ticker symbol BIZ. I believe “The Streaming News Network” is posting/airing old or bogus interviews and are changing the old dates to current dates. As a side note, they claim the interview is with the Persident (mispelled on their website) of Everything about that interview looks fake. I would also like to point out that (very recently) I noticed BIZ had been on the Regulation SHO Threshold Securities List….”naked shorts.” Someone should investigate this site…….

    Thanks, James….Yuba City, CA

    P.S. I realize my claim isn’t relevant to the current blog entry, however “naked shorting” and stock manipulation have been recent topics of discussion.

    Comment by James Parham Jr. -

  67. To answer some of the questions:

    1. Jim Gray is getting a star because he’s good at what he does. He’s the Page Six of sports reporting – it’s not journalism, and it’s not objective reporting. Sideline reporting is the most useless feature of sports on television because you never hear anything of significance, so the fact people remember his name makes a statement itself that he’s doing something his network wants – people thinking about their broadcasts.

    2. I think the reason that people are “suddenly schocked” about this form of reporting is because sports fans rarely get a forum to discuss this stuff. When an NBA owner comes out and says what’s on alot of our minds, it’s refreshing, in a Seinfeld-ish “yeah that’s what I think too!” sort of way.

    3. The worst part of Jim Gray’s success is that he’s served as Kobe Bryant’s mouthpiece for years. He’s a lackey, and is an insult to people that work hard at his profession or any other, because he rides coattails. ABC needs him on the air because he gets juice through Kobe, the way Page Six gets its dirt from publicists of the stars.

    Somewhere, Ahmad Rashad is dry humping Michael Jordan’s leg, looking down on Jim Gray in disgust.

    Comment by Sumit Arora -

  68. Folks, I seem to remember Grey running around interviewing anybody he could find just after the Atlanta Olympic Bombing. He reminded me of a rabid ambulance chasing lawyer. Total Slime! I added Grey to the ever growing list of folks I mute when seen on TV. Grey belongs on Extra or writing for the National Inquirer.

    Comment by Kevin -

  69. Once again the slimebag journalist in Grey comes out. He will say anything to elicit a response from an interviewee so he can jump on it for his own profit. This is not journalism, just self promotion at someone else’s expense. Dump the bum. Put him in a back room with Pete Rose where he would be defenseless like so many of his “victims”.

    Comment by D. Polzien -

  70. Not meaning to be rude but why the sudden shock that sports journalism is mostly sensationalistic editorial pieces presented as fact? surely you’re used to that by now

    All the ‘reporters’ seem to do it, whether it be “unnamed sources” and “anonymous person close to…” which normally means ‘this is my educated guess but i’d think people would be more willing to believe and pay for my ‘insider info’ than paying for my opinion’

    If you want sports journalism, go onto a site like realgm, go in the forum and read some random threads. Now a percentage might have some truth, I doubt it’s insider knowledge, it’s probably just a speculation. But these people are as knowledgeable as most sports writers, the only difference is nobody pays ‘Mavsfan4life’ to write his opinion and present it as fact.

    Come on Mark, I can’t believe someone with your ability at working the media is genuinely shocked media people do stuff like this. But i’m sure this blog got some coverage ‘Mavs owner issues ultimatum to ABC’ etc 😉

    Comment by Adam -

  71. Welcome to the real world of infotainment … unfortunately there is a price that is paid for the lucrative TV contracts that support the inflated player contracts and team earnings. I get much more upset at this journalism as it is applied to more meaningful issues like war and peace, and suggest you take some of the players contract money to train them on interviewing skills. There are answers that would take the legs out from under these “reporters”.

    Comment by John -

  72. well, he must be doing something right if he’s getting all the cash and fame (nefarious) from idiots like you ppl who respond so strong to his reports….

    Comment by charlie -

  73. Jim Gray is an idiot. I’ve never liked. I’ve never seen an interview he’s done that I thought was any good. He’s a jerk and is only interested in making a name for himself.

    As others have mentioned, I’ve been mad at him ever since the Pete Rose incident. I don’t mind the question being asked, but the man was in the MLB spotlight for the first time in about 10 years!!! He wasn’t even allowed to attend a game before that moment. The fans were loving it. Rose was loving it. But Jim Gray thought it’d be a perfect time to try to corner him. He has no respect for sports. He ruined one of the best moments in sports in a decade.

    Comment by Kevin Rossen -

  74. “ABC Sports should take immediate action against Jim Gray and suspend him from working until he apologizes to Dirk and Mavs fans.”

    Suspend him? How about fire him! I cannot understand why Jim Gray has a job in reporting. NOBODY LIKES HIM. NOBODY! He has a history of being a slimeball. ABC should maybe get a clue. He should be banned from journalism. He shouldn’t even be allowed to have a newspaper route!

    An apology from Jim Gray would be worthless. Does anyone remember his lame ass apology for the Pete Rose incident?

    Gray said. “I thought that it was important to ask Pete Rose if this was the right moment for him to make an apology (for betting on baseball). If in doing so, the interview went on too long and took out some of the joy of the occasion, then I want to say to baseball fans everywhere that I’m very sorry about this.”

    You are sorry for taking too long, and taking some of the joy out of the occasion? Hello? Earth to Jim? You missed the point as to why people were upset! You did not admit to any wrongdoing! Did you ever think about apologizing to Pete?

    Don’t get me wrong. I do not condone what Pete did, nor am I a big fan of him. Jim was way out of line though, as usual. It was not the time or the place. I actually felt bad for Pete. Jim Grey NEVER admitted that he did anything wrong, and he won’t in this case, either. He is a moron.

    My favorite Jim Gray moment was when Chad Curtis hit a game winning home run and dogged Jim Gray on live TV. He said hi to his grandmother, then bolted. Jim looked like he was going to cry! What a classic sports moment.

    Now that was good TV!!!!

    Comment by Shoe -

  75. I was thinking exactly the same as you, Mark, while I watched the series of interviews unfold. First he was basically trying to bait Fin into saying something bad about Nash or about how the Mavs are better without him. Then he did a similar thing while talking to you. I totally stood out in my mind that when he “repeated” what you and Fin said while interviewing Dirk it was totally twisted an not an accurate representation of the truth. I don’t keep much track of individual announcers (except maybe the real big names) so I am not aware of his history as many others apparently are. However, I did chose the CBS11 broadcast with Ro, Pinto, and Ortegel over ESPN most of the night.

    Comment by Jeff -

  76. How about before you disparage a reporter, you act like a reporter yourself and check the facts? Have you looked at the tape?

    Once you’ve confirmed that Mr. Grey did, in fact, misrepresent your views, then you can trash talk him. Until then, you’re reducing your creditibility to your readership.

    Comment by Darren -

  77. Everyone knows grey is a SLIMEBALL!!

    Don’t you remember what he did to Pete Rose a few short years ago? I’m no Rose fan, but Grey stepped way over the line with Rose then, and IMHO lost all his cred. then & there.

    Comment by T. L. Gaume -

  78. Jim Gray is just a jerk. Ralph Wiley, RIP, discussed the “enigmatic” moment referenced in Sumit Arora’s comments above, here

    Comment by Seth Anderson -

  79. Gray is a freaking jerk.

    Comment by Roger -

  80. Well, That was stupid what Jim did. But if he was suspended we wouldn’t get to watch his multiple awkward moments during the games. Those are priceless, high comedy right there.

    Comment by Dustin -

  81. Sorry, here’s the link:

    Comment by Dusty -

  82. If he’s such a bad reporter, why is he getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? (Yes, really.)

    Comment by Dusty -

  83. Mark,
    Jim Gray is such a bad reporter he has to stir up some trouble for you, Dirk,& Fin, regarding Steve Nash. It must have been a slow “news day” for him & ABC. He also asked a stupid question to Halle Berry on Friday during the Laker/Mavs game by asking who her favorite Laker was. Kobe standing right there to throw ball in. She looked very uneasy answering the question. As Dirk looked on Sunday. Dirk has the class to reply to the question as he did. Maybe ABC should suspend all interviews during commerical breaks during basketball games and Jim Gray.
    Go Mavs!

    Comment by Theresa Kopensky -

  84. Mark,
    I saw the interview with Fin too and he asked the same question, like are you a better team without Nash this year. It is sensational journalism and stupid. Fin seemed surprised at the question as well, and stumbled around for an answer as well. Maybe you should have JG have to clear all interview questions with any Mavs personnel through a PR person or even you if you want to really piss him off!

    Comment by Randy -

  85. i can’t stand jim gray, and i don’t know anyone who likes his work. i have no idea how he keeps his job

    Comment by RB -

  86. Jim Gray is just doing his job as poorly as he can.
    He reports innuendo, lies and rumors.
    Is it any surprise that he is a scumbag?
    Notice Diggler’s response:
    DN: No I don’t think so (with a puzzled look on his face)
    Dirk had NO IDEA what he was talking about.
    He should be banned from all Maverick interview sessions for being an idiot.
    He exemplifies the whole 60 MINUTES “GOTCHA” mentality.
    I hate him.
    I hope he burns in hell.
    (that was my best Sam L. Jackson impersonation)

    Comment by Ronnie -

  87. Let me echo the sentiments of many.

    Jim Gray is a jagg off.

    Comment by Scott -

  88. My favorite moronic move by Jim Gray was when the Jazz lost to the Bulls in the finals (1997?) and Gray asked Karl something like “Since your stats went down during the finals do you think that you let Salt Lake City and the state of Utah down?”


    Last time I checked all stats go down in the finals. Season stats are built upon playing the entire league. The finals are against the best. All stats should go down, instead of rebounding because there are more misses and more rebounding opportunities.

    I was pissed at Gray then, and still think that he is an absolute moron.. I think I’ll drive to Hollywood from San Diego and spit on his “Star” that he recently got… LOL

    Comment by greg -

  89. I believe I’m echoing much of what others have already said above…but Jim Gray is and always has been on my list of jackass reporters. I try not to listen to him because he’s not about getting valuable and/or interesting information to the viewers…he’s just about making more of name for himself by asking inappropriate questions or making stuff up (like he did yesterday). It amazes me that he has a network gig.

    Comment by Mark -

  90. Are you even surprised by Gray? Like Sumit wrote above his grandstand attempt to grill Charlie Hustle during one of the few times he will ever receive recognition for his great play at a MLB sanctioned event was nothing short of appalling.

    Gray is a joke, he knows he’s a weenie and has to do stuff like lie about who said what and embarass people to keep his stock up.

    What I’d really like to hear your feedback about is The Sports Guy’s comments on the mavs that he listed in his last bball column. Him and you are two of my favorite internet reads and this is one of the first times I can remember where he’s been so critical of the Mavs.

    Any thoughts?

    Comment by Alex -

  91. Mark,

    You can’t be that naive to the level of scumbaggedness which Jim Gray has attained. My only regret about the Pistons-Pacers thing was that Artest didn’t body slam Jim Gray.

    How about paying one of your players a bounty for running him over in layup drills before the game or flattening him when trying to save a ball from going out-of-bounds? I’ll kick in $5.

    Comment by Scott -

  92. Mark, Jim Grey is an ass. Remember what he did to Pete Rose during the World Series Game a couple of years back.

    You bring up a good point, sports reporters are no better than people who wright for Star magazine. Any ESPN telecast seems like a daily talk show then a show that is supposed to report on facts. Between Fact or Fiction and Coors Six Pack it is all bullcrap anymore.

    Jim Grey is an ass but he won’t be fired because he delivers contorversy and that is what sells in this era of sports.

    Comment by James -

  93. Mark,

    If you’re building a case about what a scumbag Gray is, add the Pete Rose ambush to the list at the MBL allstar game a few years ago.

    But the icing on the cake is the “spell that” he comment he made to Shaq during last year’s finals, when Shaq described the season as “enigmatic”. There was something offensive, and borderline racist about it….he either thinks an athlete like Shaq wouldn’t know how to spell the word, or a black man like Shaq wouldn’t….one way or another, it was surprising that he didn’t get disciplined for it, and Shaq had the good grace not to pound his face in for it.

    Comment by Sumit Arora -

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