I support Mike Davis

Let’s put aside all these ridiculous rumors and put a stop to the just as crazy emails I have been getting from IU basketball fans.

I support Mike Davis. Without reserve.

As much as anyone I would like to see us back in the NCAA Finals where Coach Davis took us a few short years ago.

I think Coach Davis shot for the moon in his recruiting a little too much and saw his best incoming players going to the NBA. I think now he has adjusted his recruting approach andI LOVE the nucleus of freshman that we have and the progress they made over the course of the season.

Good job Coach Davis.

Go IU!

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  1. Mike Davis in unboubtibly a great recruiter, he just can not coach. A true IU fan has one comparison; Coach Knight. Knight, love him or hate him, is a great coach. Davis is a great recruiter. Davis has been able to get by on the talent of his players, Knight gets by in coaching players to overcome better talent.

    Why should IU fans settle for a coach, that can not coach. No matter what tallent a team has, if the coach can not get that tallent to deliver, they are not a good coach. In the short time that Davis has been at the healm the IU program has dropped several teirs.

    It is time for Davis to go. Sure, he is one of the best recruiters in college basketball, but that does not make a good coach, it simply makes a great recruiter.

    Comment by Jeff -

  2. Mark,

    I respect your opinion but you must not have been watching IU duing the Davis years. Player development is lacking, recruiting is hit or miss, in game changes are non-existent, and a long-term vision is lacking. Remove all that and Mike Davis is a wonderful coach.

    I hope Rick Greenspan moves in another direction.

    Comment by Josh -

  3. Mark,

    IMO, I just don’t believe you. Everyone loves the recruits and the freshman class, but can MD coach and win on a annual basis? Is he the coach you would prefer to bring IU back to a top 25 powerhouse year after year?

    Mark be honest, Davis is in over his head. I know this is your Blog, but please don’t give us a load of bull.

    Comment by David -

  4. I don’t usually ‘plug’ my site but Mark, or anyone out there, but could anyone comment on how I did on my sports entries?



    Comment by jp -

  5. I’m disappointed Mark, I was hoping were felt the same as a lot of us IU fans. Recruiting doesn’t mean anything unless you win, and why shoot for the moon when these players will be there for two years or less. Fact is they won 1 game outside the state of Indiana. These guys DON’T play together as a team and stand and watch Bracey take rediculous shots. The only thing Davis has accomplished was with Coach Knight’s players. Since then they have not even been watchable. I would like to see IU back where it was, but I don’t think it is possible under Davis. I would like to see Alford or Dan Dakich coaching at IU soon. IU used to get all the Indiana Mr. Basketball’s, but they have lost every one since Coverdale. Next year will be the tale tale year for Davis. If they can have a very productive season with their young talent, then it proves the Davis’ supporters views and if they don’t, he needs to be fired and IU needs to move in a different direction.

    Comment by BJ Ruble -

  6. Mark –

    How bout a word or two about Don Nelson? What will be his role for the rest of the year? What do you see his role as for next year? Will he still be involved in evaluating talent and have input into the draft? I mean just look at the guys you’ve drafted (and where!) in the past couple of drafts. Josh Howard and Marquis Daniels… of course Dirk… you know what I mean. Has Don Nelson let you know anything that you can tell us?

    Comment by NicholasK -

  7. Ahhhh. The dreaded “Vote of Confidence” from Mark. You aren’t fooling anyone.

    Comment by Kevin -

  8. To Ryan:

    The only thing I will say against you is “LOWEST ATTENDANCE IN ASSEMBLY HALL HISTORY for the NIT game” was during spring break at IU. They lose a lot of fans because of the break.

    Since Coach Davis has taken over, IU hasn’t had a traditional IU offense. They adopted an “NBA” style offense, as have a heck of a lot of college teams. This leads to 4 guys standing around watching one guy dribble. Best case scenario of this is that the guy with the ball penetrates and dishes out for a 3. This worked extremely well for IU when they went to the NCAA finals, because they had guys that could shoot the 3 very consistently. Reminds me of KY teams of the past, shoot the 3 and hope one of your big guys get the rebound on a miss. Live and die by the 3. If you have good shooters and a few good rebounders, you can’t stop this system.

    Having grown up in IN, I know this isn’t IN style basketball. IU basketball is the ‘motion’ offense. Granted that has changed to different schemes and all. Fact is there are only a few major teams that run anything like this anymore. Used to be IN and Princeton, now its Texas Tech and Princeton, I’m sure there are a few others.

    If you want to see true Indiana basketball, you can go to an IN high school game. Although that is on the down swing due to class basketball.

    My final comments on Coach Davis: I haven’t liked their offensive scheme since he became coach, even when they were winning. Once they started losing everyone wants him fired. He can recruit, but I think he’s recruiting on the level of the old UNLV or Michigan Fab Five, “you come here and you can run and gun and we’ll get you to the NBA”. Thats not IU basketball.

    If you don’t like Coach Davis’s coaching you can call for his firing. If you like his recruiting, you have to live with his coaching.

    Comment by Kyle -

  9. I agree with you totally Mark! I believe Mike D. will get things going in the right direction soon.

    Comment by Brian -

  10. IU fans,

    Well, it seems the majority of you are getting your wish. Local news outlets are reporting that Mike Davis has accepted an offer to be the head coach for my TULANE GREEN WAVE! So, good luck with rebuilding again, perhaps this time you’ll realize that Knight is irreplacable, and Mike Davis, for all his faults, was and is still a damn good coach.

    Comment by Will -

  11. In response to Mike Sigers,

    Let’s not drag chess’ good name into this discussion. IU hardly has the intellectual reserve to compete at the national level in anything involving a thinking game.

    Just another reason why Stanford is the best sports program in the country… not only can it compete in every major program, but it can also bring home titles in chess.

    Comment by Tom Martell -

  12. To all of you who want Davis out and are talking about the good times with Knight you are probably the same ones who forced Knight out of town before

    Comment by Nick -

  13. While Mike Davis has led IU to some good moments, its scary how the team has dipped the last two seasons. Davis’ recruiting is excellent, but I fear that his presence ON the court is what is troubleing. In my opinion Mike Davis is put on the sidelines just to hold down a chair. Still…I’d give him one more year to prove himself.

    Comment by Rick Lewallen -

  14. Congrats to former IU coach Bob Knight for taking Texas Tech to the Sweet 16.

    That’s his first trip since 1994, which by the way, included a few years at IU.

    And now that Dallas has an interim coach, Mark, you’re free to hire Mike Davis as head coach, or as an assistant to let him learn how to coach.
    That is what he needs, to learn how to coach, not just be paid to be one.
    Remember, just because you’re in a garage doesn’t mean your a Mercedes !

    Comment by Mike Sigers -

  15. Mike Davis is a terrible head coach, plain and simple. Not only does he not have the respect of his team, he has no clue what he is doing. IU has no offensive system. The team is luckily athletic enough to overcome lack of coaching on the defensive end. Mike Davis should be gone. He has ruined the Hoosier tradition, as evidenced by the LOWEST ATTENDANCE IN ASSEMBLY HALL HISTORY for the NIT game. I will assume that everyone who is commenting to keep Davis is a fan of a rival team we play on a yearly basis. Davis must go, he has already done enough damage. I think we could probably sit a poster of Bob Knight on the bench and the poster could do a better job coaching than Mike Davis.

    Comment by Ryan -

  16. In response to Martin,

    I was being a tad facetious when I posted. Sorry if I offended you.

    I lived in New Albany for 7 years, while working in Louisville. We enjoyed winning EVERY football game duing those years. We also enjoyed winning almost every basketball game, too.

    I, too, enjoy beating you guys more than ANYONE, even Duke and Tennessee. I wish you the best in making it a rivalry again, in football and basketball. You need coaches and committment to winning in both of these areas, badly. Even more than we need a football program. Ours sucks…yours is worse.

    Mike Davis has no shot at being the one to bring you back. He seems like a great guy, but not a leader. He seems like he likes his players and wants the best for them, even tho he publicly humiliates them, and the university at almost every news conference. He need a lot of work before he’s ready for a big time program like IU ( was ). If he’d have coached for 10 years under someone who had his interests at heart, someone who taught him how to act and react, he’d have been better off. So would you.

    Don’t let that Final 4 fool you. Those were Coach Knights kids, and Mike Davis proved it by going downhill ever since.

    Mike cannot coach, he’s as big of an embarrasment for your university as the last guy was.

    Yes, someone we hired cheated. We got rid of them and have tried like heck ever since to do it right.

    I’m proud for you that you haven’t been on NCAA probation…you also haven’t been on any NCAA podiume either, except maybe for soccer or chess.

    Good luck with trying to ressurect the programs, football and basketball. We Kentucky fans would love to have you be competitive again, just don’t get good enough to beat us….we like the feeling of looking at the schedule and seeing a W against those lesser ranked guys, like IU is..now and for a long, long time to come, with Mike Davis as coach.

    Comment by Mike Sigers -

  17. Screw IU… go Vermont

    Comment by Webglue -

  18. Mark,
    You write of progress this season, but with the way the offense at IU is run these days it will be hard to see improvement unless their fundamental offense drastically changes. This team lacked ball and player movement as the pro-style offense IU runs leads to a lot of isolation plays and standing around. The state of Indiana loves team basketball, and the lack of attendance this season at IU is directly correlated to the Hoosiers’ boring and sometimes downright awful play.

    Comment by Andrew in Cincy -

  19. Blah. Davis.

    Comment by Jacob Whitney -

  20. I wish the best for Coach Nelson and his wife. Hope she recovers quickly.

    Comment by Neil in Irving -

  21. I agree with Mark that Mike Davis belongs at IU for awhile. He has done a great job recruiting and there is no doubt of that, he can’t control who goes to the league and who doesn’t though so that’s not really his fault. Also, if IU were to hire another coach, the possibility of Davis’s recruits transferring to another school is high and this would set the program back again and make another coach look bad and probably get fired, it would be the cycle starting over again.

    Comment by Brian -

  22. In response to Mike Siegers comments.

    Having grown up in New Albany Indiana, there is no other team I want to beat more than Kentucky. Every year IU beats Kentucky makes my year.

    I find it interesting that a Kentucky fan is attempting to take the moral high road when we all know several of Kentucky’s national titles were achieved by CHEATING. Kentucky paid it’s players for many years. IU Basketball has never had an NCAA violation…much less suspension from the NCAA tournament.

    I’m so glad Kentucky hired Tubby Smith, one of the top 3 coaches in the NCAA. He runs a clean program and I admire him for that. I feel Mike Davis’s career is taking the same path. Success early, then a drop due to transition, then a move towards a positive direction.

    Support our coach Mike Davis! Stop the speculation and help IU’s recruiting!

    Too all the comments about Mark hiring Davis. We all know that would do more harm to IU than good! Let that speculation end as it hurts IU’s recruiting.

    Comment by Martin Weddle -

  23. In response to Mike Siegers comments.

    Having grown up in New Albany Indiana, there is no other team I want to beat more than Kentucky. Every year IU beats Kentucky makes my year.

    I find it interesting that a Kentucky fan is attempting to take the moral high road when we all know several of Kentucky’s national titles were achieved by CHEATING. Kentucky paid it’s players for many years. IU Basketball has never had an NCAA violation…much less suspension from the NCAA tournament.

    I’m so glad Kentucky hired Tubby Smith, one of the top 3 coaches in the NCAA. He runs a clean program and I admire him for that. I feel Mike Davis’s career is taking the same path. Success early, then a drop due to transition, then a move towards a positive direction.

    Support our coach Mike Davis! Stop the speculation and help IU’s recruiting!

    Too all the comments about Mark hiring Davis. We all know that would do more harm to IU than good! Let that speculation end as it hurts IU’s recruiting.

    Comment by Martin Weddle -

  24. Mark,

    If you think Mike is such a great coach, why don’t you hire him yourself?? Mike Davis has stated publicly that his dream is to coach in the NBA. You think he’s a great coach and you happen to own an NBA team. I see a match made in heaven!!

    And as a bonus, you’ll make about 500,000 Indiana fans across the country really happy!

    Comment by Cathy -

  25. Mark, In the reality show that is my life, you’ve just been sent home. Not only am I bummed that you are not working behind the scenes to rescue IU basketball, but I am also bummed because I really thought you were a smart guy. On the other hand, maybe anyone can become a billionaire!

    Comment by Jason -

  26. Totally agree that Davis is a solid coach with the potential to be a great one.

    Comment by Jeff -

  27. Mark.

    Thanks for dashing my hopes!

    The one person who I thought would not tolerate mediocrity was you. Do you honestly think this team had any fire or determination in them at the end of the season when it counted the most?

    How in the world does a coach who has six days to prepare for a team, in a game he HAS to win, how has to be smart enough to know he is on the hot seat, who with a win could solidify a spot in the NCAA tournament NOT have his team ready to play? And that is an understatement! We were hammered by Minnesota. We had to win that game and the kids were not ready to play in the slightest! It is Mikes job to get the kids ready to play. If he didn’t, he pays the consequences (or should).

    You telling me you support the way this team played basketball in the NIT? How? No man in his right mind would even consider that horrible display of basketball a well coached team, or coached at all.

    How is it possible for those kids not to understand the importance of giving 100% in these types of games? I’ll tell you, they don’t have the proper leadership! Its that plane and simple. Can he coach or not! (He can not!) Is it possible for a coach to be a good recruiter, nice man and not a good coach Mark? Well if you have a look at Indiana University you will know the answer. (YES)

    This goes beyond adjusting a recruiting approach if you ask me. It is well intrenched in his abilities to motivate and develop his kids. Something he has proven he can not do.

    Mark, Im a huge fan of yours and look at what you have accomplished as an inspiration. I wish you nothing but the best and hope your team does well. But I have to say, the losing is hard to take and has to stop.

    Comment by Donnie K -

  28. Mark,

    As a Kentucky fan, I too want Mike Davis to stay at IU forever. It’s a real pleasure knowing we are going to beat them silly EVERY year.

    As a basketball fan, who lives just minutes from the Ohio River, that separates us from the heathen red, I cannot justify Mike Davis’ coaching, recruiting or the way he has represented the university, but then again, when did IU want someone to represent them well to the world ( sorry to those of you who loved Coach Killer, I mean Knight) ?

    Surely, you guys at IU can see that you have no shot of even finishing anywhere but barely over .500 with Mike Davis as coach.

    Please do us a favor, all you 5000 ( yes, only a few above 5000 attended the game at Assembly Hall ) who attended IU’s home loss to Vandy in the first round of the Nobody Invitational Tournament, call and write to your AD and President…get rid of Coach Davis, so we can have a rivalry agian !

    Comment by Mike Sigers -

  29. Sorry Cube, but I think you’ve been sniffing the NBA jockstraps for too long if you like Mike Davis and support him.

    Hell, here’s a novel idea…If you like him that much, make him YOUR coach.

    After all, the NBA is his playground.

    Comment by Willie Smyth -

  30. In response to dragondawg’s response.

    You can not measure player’s personalities and how it effects team chemistry. The 2002 team had it! Should one player leave for the NBA (Bracey Wright) it’s my feeling this team will challenge for an NCAA title with Davis at the helm!

    Indiana will go from young to all grown up in one season with the additions of Marco Killingsworth and Lewis Monroe. IU will have size and depth at every position. The team chemistry will yet again evolve. The program is moving in a positive direction.

    New York wasn’t built in a day. Making the transition to head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers is no easy transition with all the speculation and high expectations the state of Indiana places on IU Basketball.

    In fact, it’s doing more harm than good. We should all just support our coach and our team. Our support will help the coach, the players and the University!

    IU Alumni
    Class of 97

    Comment by Martin Weddle -

  31. The talent he has assembled over the last 2 years should start to pay off for IU. Too bad Bracey Wright kind of wasted his senior year knowing his chances of making the tourney were slim and none.

    On a side note….U VERMONT BABY! (my Vitale immitation)

    Comment by CMLuce -

  32. Mr. Cuban,

    Hopefully the other important boosters at IU do not share your opinion. It is understandable you may see recruiting as the end all measure of coaching. After all in the Pros it’s who you buy at what price that’s the most important personnel issue. But fortunately (or unfortunately for IU) that is not the case in the college game. Do you remember all of the IU teams that were out-talented but still managed to win because of the coach involved? It takes a little more in college ball to be a very good coach than just recruiting the top talent, and rolling the ball out onto the floor.

    Maybe when the time comes you will change your mind. For sure the economics of the Athletic Department at IU makes the future even more difficult without appropriate participation of key alumni.

    Best wishes to your endeavors.

    Comment by dragondawg -

  33. Thanks for clearing that up mark. Lots of rumors around IU trying to lure away Rick Barnes. Us longhorns can rest easy for a bit.

    Comment by Ashwin -

  34. Bracey is really a disappoinemt so far. I’m sure he will be even more marginalized next year for the freshman/sophmores and he knows it. Most players think having zero structure would be great but you see how it worked out for Davis this year.

    Davis’es spiel about “come to IU…It will be great…do whatever you want…play however you want…leave whenever you want…go to the NBA…” won’t hold a lot of water. NO one goes to the NBA if they lose games for 1-4 years. Hard to get stats on a crappy me/I team… Sux to see IU and the Big Ten in general doing so poorly (even if IL wins..which I doubt will happen)…

    All IMHO of course 🙂

    Comment by Andy -

  35. I agree with Mark about Mike Davis’s recruiting. I also agree with Miles’s prediction of an Illinois vs North Carolina Final in this NCAA tournament. Of course I am biased as I can simply walk down the street from my office to the Assembly hall here in Champaign to watch the Illini play during the regular season.

    Comment by David -

  36. I’m with you Mark. What i see on the court from our team doesn’t appear to be coaching as much as it does problems with the players. You also cannot argue how the teams Davis coaches might start the year pretty poorly… but they also get better and and better throughout the year. I think the kids like Davis and they play for him. I LOVE his recruiting. I don’t think we could land a better recruiter then Davis.

    I say give him at least one more year. If he can’t win next year (with or without Bracey Wright) then maybe we should start shopping for a new coach… but for now let the man coach without the axe hanging over his head.

    IU Alumnus & Employee

    Comment by David -

  37. north carolina vs. illinois

    sorry ui……

    Comment by miles -

  38. The better UI in the Big 10 (Iowa) had a coach a few years back like Davis — George Raveling. Heckuva recruiter, couldn’t coach a Y team. Iowa finally fired him and hired a great coach who couldn’t recruit well (Tom Davis). For college ball, I’d rather have the head coach who can coach, and hire the assistants who can help with recruiting. After all, repeated success (i.e., wins) helps to cure recruting problems, but losing with great recruits means eventually not getting those great recruits.

    Comment by Shep -

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  41. These guys DON’T play together as a team and stand and watch Bracey take rediculous shots. The only thing Davis has accomplished was with Coach Knight’s players. Since then they have not even been watchable.

    Comment by runescape money -

  42. Fact is they won 1 game outside the state of Indiana. These guys DON’T play together as a team and stand and watch Bracey take rediculous shots. The only thing Davis has accomplished was with Coach Knight’s players. Since then they have not even been watchable.

    Comment by wow powerleveling -

  43. good!

    Comment by 11nong -

  44. I am not a “wannabee” but, I am an IU Fan. We are talking about a class program and fans that deserve and want a winning team. We have a tradition. It is easy to set back and be critical of people who want results especially when we let “feelings” get in the way of good judgement. I have not been on his case since he took over and haven’t missed a televised game in “who knows” how many years. I want them to win as much as anyone. I will still watch and support IU basketball. But there comes a time when things must change. This team is so talent ladened there is no excuse for them to be where they are at this point in the season. He can recruit. I will not “give it up”. Why should we??

    Comment by John -

  45. I think all of you should put a stop to tearing down Coach Davis. If so, it’s possible you might see a different team out there – one that doesn’t have to worry about what’s being said about them or Coach Davis and not have to worry about who may or may not be coach. Coach Davis has done a great job considering that all of you so-called IU fans and coach wannabees have been on his back since they day he arrived. Give it up!! Support the team and Coach Davis!

    Comment by V. Lynn -

  46. I have always felt that we need to support whoever is sitting on that bench. But, it sure seems that everybody, and I mean everybody, has figured out how to defense IU. If that is the case, doesn’t the coach have to make adjustments. It seems that the players are not executing a game plan because there isn’t one. To me, it looks like 5 individuals playing as individuals not as a team.

    Comment by John -

  47. Mark i know you support Coach Davis but the bottom line is he is not getting it done. The next 4 games will tell all about our team and program. I want to like Davis but he always opens his mouth about something to piss me off. Mike said something about our fans wanting failure after the UCONN game. Maybe you should come to Assembly Hall this year and bring some havoc and fire this team up? They need it.

    Comment by Will -

  48. Mark, even with all of your money, you couldn’t buy the Hoosier state the satisfaction of having Mike Davis for a coach. He sucks and we want him outta here.

    Comment by Jim Smith -

  49. Great post Mark, this is a tough sport. Your knowledge and passion for the game is amazing.

    Comment by Derrick Pizur -

  50. The Mike Davis experiment should be over. Great guy with a talented basketball team, but the bottom line is he is not ready to coach at the Big Ten level. He is overmatched each week and fails to make adjustments that could help win the games. When your coach says “that he expects to loose on the road” then how can you expect any different from the players. When Duke lost one game the other day coach K was irate. You should try and expect to win every game on the road or not.

    Comment by Jon Langley -

  51. The only reason mike davis hasnt brought in recriuts like Greg Oden is because he cant gaurantee he will be coaching at IU when they graduate or in odens case when he bolts for the NBA so i agree you need talent to be good in todays world, so give him an extension so he can recruit like he did in 04′ and restore IU to the national power they once were.

    Comment by Snoot -

  52. As mentioned before, Wright and Strickland were top recruits coming in. Yet, under Mike Davis, more people now know Deron Williams (Wright’s teammate at The Colony) than Bracey Wright. It’s clear that Davis has failed badly at developing his players, even when he’s given the best of them. Recruiting isn’t everything in college basketball. Knight is making the tournaments with walk ons because he knows what he can do to develope the players. I wanted IU to go after Alford after Knight left. And I still would love to see him at IU at some point in the future. Hopefully two years from now.

    A Hoosier fan from Cali

    Comment by Kyle C -

  53. Mark, one name… Steve Alford. In 2 years Hoosier fans would’nt remeber Coach Davis’s name

    Comment by Mark Wallace -

  54. Mark, you’ve got to be kidding! I thought you knew something about basketball, but it looks like all you have is a lot of money. If you really think Davis is a good enough basketball mind to coach IU, please do us a favor and hire him immediately. Are you feeling ok?

    Comment by Bill from Hebron, IN -

  55. Mark,

    Please help us here in Indiana. Larry Brown wants out of the NBA, he would be a perfect fit for IU Basketball.

    Just one question, how could anyone that watched IU play Notre Dame this year not want Mike Davis gone.

    We love you Mark, but your comments on this subject are a disappointment.

    Comment by Tim In Indy -

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  57. I think Mr Davis is just wet behind the ears a bit. The General left his prodigy too early for battle but nothing is a better teacher than the experience of doing things wrong.

    Now that the feeling of mediocrity has been felt the yearning for winning will drive the team to win.


    Comment by Mr. IU -

  58. I think Mr Davis is just wet behind the ears a bit. The General left his prodigy too early for battle but nothing is a better teacher than the experience of doing things wrong.

    Now that the feeling of mediocrity has been felt the yearning for winning will drive the team to win.


    Comment by Mr. IU -

  59. Dawn,

    Hate to pull you into an argument; you do know what a motion offense is. We aren’t going to completely agree on this, that doesn’t matter.

    I’ve supported IU ever since the coaching change, I’m just hoping for a major turnaround next year. They have the talent coming back. Hopefully, with Davis’ recruiting, they can become more like Duke. Recruit high and know the great players won’t be there for 4 years, but still make it work.

    If Davis can’t turn it around next year, he should be let go, without a question.

    Comment by Kyle -

  60. Please hire Davis as an assistant! You lead the league in assistant coaches. Davis loves working with limited post presence. It’s a perfect fit!!!

    Comment by Alex -

  61. #47 Kyle.

    Yes, I’ve watched many a basketball games. Yes, I played all through grade school and into high school. I’ve run a variety of different “motion offenses.” Bobby’s motion offense consists of specific screens and moving off the ball. I’m sure you watched the same games I did – and I don’t remember a game where I didn’t see a screen this year…? I’m just breaking it down.

    Yes, Davis offense has alot more room for one on one. My point- So? I think we have players that are more talented with one on one. But there are plays were screens are made and running without the ball – its just not the same as how Bobby would have done it – and that’s okay to me. I don’t think IU basketball is motion offense. I think IU basketball is whatever the kids out there with Indiana on their chest. Its not the previous coach’s offense.

    The problem is people do compare Davis to Bobby and really it isn’t fair. 29 years to 5 years isn’t a comparison.

    The game against Wisconsin at home is an excellent example of Mike Davis offense at work. Yes, there were times were it felt like we were standing around alot – but there were alot of times I saw some really great sets. This is why I am glad he will be back next year. I feel he finally has the talent and a team that is more suited for his game plan – and once these kids gain experience I expect nothing but great things.

    Davis did reach for the moon in some recruits. I don’t see how people blame him for Sean May. I think that had alot more to do with politics than Mike Davis.

    I see a real future with this group of players. I supported Bobby during some tough times – I will do the same for Davis.

    Dawn, IU Alumni

    Comment by Dawn -

  62. Go Jayhawks next year with 3 McDonald’s All-Americans. Woo!

    Comment by yoga girl -

  63. It is great to see you support your old school. Even if it is just the basketball team. I know at my school the basketball team really only plays ball too bad they do not need to attend class like the rest of us that can’t dunk!


    Comment by Derrick -

  64. yes, good .500 season, coach davis. keep up the awesome work! do you have any need for don nelson when he chooses to come back AGAIN from retirement?

    Comment by Luke Peterman -

  65. Thanks for standing up and letting your position be know. As an IU alumnus I have always been proud to recognize you as a fellow Hoosier. I’m glad your with a good portion of the Hoosier Nation in supporting the team. The school needs big wig alumni like you to be behind the program. Next year is looking great. If you are ever in Indy and want to grab a frosty libation and talk basketball with some of your fellow alumni just drop me a wire. I would consider it an honor.
    Go Hoosiers. Nick Z

    Comment by Nick Zuckerman -

  66. Mark,

    What would you do if your coach went .500 over two seasons. I don’t think he would make it two season or even close.

    Davis may be a great person but his coaching skills are very suspect. How can you run an, NBA type, isolation offense with no spacing. Passes are generally only 4 or 5 feet becuase no one is moving.

    They also only play about 1/5th of the game with any heart. If they play with any.

    To everyone bashing Knight (i know not everyone is bashing him). He gave Millions to the IU through charity, remember that. His two best players at Texas Tech right now where walk ons. Do you see Davis turning walk ons into stars. I Don’t!

    Comment by Patrick -

  67. Mark:

    As a 1981 grad like yourself (or was it 80?), I think the point you are missing is that Mike Davis does not teach/coach effectively, making his players better with age. I live in Chicago and Bracey Wright was a far higher rated recruit than Deron Williams of Illinois, both from The Colony. Deron probably gets drafted in the top 15 and Bracey the 2nd round. Marshall Strickland is no better, Perry was booted off the team, Ewing was better as a freshman. I’m concerned we are becoming intoxicated by the caliber of the recruits over the development of the players. I don’t see the Final Four becoming a reality under Davis. If I’m wrong, I’ll buy you a pitcher of kamikazes at the old Motley’s site.

    Comment by Greg Buchholz -

  68. Comments like #55 are amusing. If you read all the comments, hardly anyone is comparing Davis to Knight or pining away for the good old days. It’s almost all about Davises coaching skills. I don’t think his problems stem from coaching or recruiting skills. It’s his motivational skills. See the IU/Minnesota game in the big ten tournement as an example.

    Motivation is a nebulous thing (something Mark talks about a lot). He has the players. Every player in Division 1 basketball has been pretty much playing their whole life, undestand the game, and play at a high level. But getting those kids to play to there potential every game is difficult. Davis struggles with it. Knight definately struggled with it. See the NBA for more examples. Millionaire awsomely athletic players going thru the motions. How do you get up for the grueling travel and schedule night after night when you have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your lives.

    Hopefully Davis can find a way to motivate these great recruits. If he can’t then he will be out. Just have to wait and see what happens….

    Comment by Andy -

  69. Hey Mark, no matter what Mike Davis does, these NON-Indiana fans won’t be happy. Do you think they were cheering for him in the Final Four? Who gives a crap if he was coaching “Bobby’s players” or Don Nelson’s???? He did it. Period. Which is more than any I can say for any of these boneheads who obviously think they know more about basketball than anyone…..except Bobby Knight. Either you’re an IU fan or your not. It’s not Knight University. Get over it you idiots!! Bobby Knight is an awsome coach, he’s proven that many times. But he ran the national IU image and program into the ground, and was completely insignificant to college basketball (outside of Indiana) his last 5 years in Bloomington. Mike Davis has created a vision that these top level players believe in, and if given the opportunity, will succeed. Talent-first wins championships in today’s world. Which is why Fife, Hornsby, Coverdale, and Perry didn’t win a title….but someone did COACH them to the Final Four. Over the next four years IU baskeball will be consistently at that level….BECAUSE of Mike Davis.

    Comment by Matt -

  70. Oh, I love the Mike Davis talk! Keep him!? Let him go?! Indy no longer a contender no more!!

    Okies also love the fact that there is and NEVER would be this talk about the greatest college hoops coach without a title, the honored EDDIE SUTTON! All shall bow as the Cowboys run the field and the mavericks shall draft Ivan McFarlin to be the new and improved Eddie Najera! More Hustle, More Humility, More Paint Mayhem, More Defensablility!–IMAC!!!
    Oh, and those Grahams and that Lucas kid ain’t bad either. How about bringing some OKSTATE love to tha big D- bring in some real, old fashioned Eddie Sutton D to town? T.C. in round free? We shall see…

    On the Bobby Knight tip:

    I never since I was a little kid rooted or heard my mom root for Bobby Knight like we did with the Orange home crowd against Kansas the other night at the Big 12 playoffs. I will probably never repeat my pitiful performance of cheering for a TX college hoops squad in the Big 12 or any other team for that nature. March Madness is on and I think OKSTATE will handle all takers! Feel free to chastise me online if I’m wrong. Thanks Coach Knight for knocking off Kansas, because we needed a breather win like the Mavs need Damp!

    No offense,

    Okie Doke

    Comment by okie doke -

  71. I love the comment in post 6 about needing more alumni money! What for? Trying to be the next Ohio State prolly!! OkState all the way!!

    Comment by okie doke -

  72. Deeply disappointed IU fan.
    I came to this website to plea for help at Indiana University but it looks like tons of others beat me here. Mr. Cuban, your post at the top shattered my last remaining hope. I don’t know how you can support this guy. You made your fortune from an idea inspired by the desire to listen to IU basketball across the country. Don’t you think it would be nice if young people in the state can have somthing special like you had to be inspired by? The only thing Mike Davis is going to inspire is poor teamwork, lack of preparation, lowered expectations, and zero player development. Letting Mike Davis stay at IU is unacceptable. I hope your answer above was just you trying to be politically correct. However, that is not usually something you have desired to be good at in the past. Help us make a coaching change!!!

    IU Grad 1998

    Comment by Matt Genet -

  73. From the HT paper in Bloomington, IN

    Do you agree with IU’s decision to keep Mike Davis?
    Total Votes Cast So Far: 2207

    Choice: No. Votes Percentage:
    Yes 145 6%
    No 2062 93%

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    Comment by Dan Aiken -

  74. From the HT paper in Bloomington, IN

    Do you agree with IU’s decision to keep Mike Davis?
    Total Votes Cast So Far: 2207

    Choice: No. Votes Percentage:
    Yes 145 6%
    No 2062 93%

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    Comment by Dan Aiken -

  75. Mark,

    Where is Randy Whittman? I thought that was who you supported for the IU job. Why not give Mike the shot at the NBA he so covents? Find another elderly coach who can mentor Mike a couple of years then groom him to become HC of the Mavs. But I guess you know what I already know. Mike Davis is no Rhodes Scholar, has no work ethic, and can’t teach his system. If he were all those things, then Bracey and Marshall would be All-Americans this year and IU would be in the Sweet 16. But they’re not, are they???

    Comment by Dan Aiken -

  76. I was one who emailed Mark asking his opinion on Davis, about a week ago after Davis’s name appeared on ESPN after the loss to Wisconsin, and there he told he liked Davis as well.

    In the beginning of the year, I was a Davis hater, I wanted him fired. I thought he didn’t keep a team spirit (now all the guys are shaving their heads), I thought he had no composure on the court — I thought he was a horrible coach. The last stretch of games I have seen a calmer Davis. During the last stretch, I could see the type of basketball we are capable of playing. I’m ready to give him another year to prove himself, but thats it. I think we are not only growing as a team, but Mike Davis is growing into a college head coach. We should not forget this is his first head coaching job. He gets one more year, its do or die. I think he will step up and be great, based on what I saw during the last stretch. If he isn’t, then I will be alongside you Davis haters wishing he’s fired.

    But I will say this, if you fire him now, it just starts the rebuilding process over, and think about a recruit who now sees a new head coach, 2 since Knight left. Think about the players who have to adapt to a new coach. It will not be good, and don’t expect to make a tournament run. Davis is good for now, he gets one more year to prove himself.

    An IU student hoping for a brighter future.

    Comment by Adam -

  77. #40 Dawn:

    did you play basketball? do you know what the motion offense is? by ‘motion’ it doesn’t just mean players moving, there is a specific offense called ‘motion’.

    back to reality, IU doesn’t run the ‘motion’ offense or much for real movement. not all offenses involve movement or ‘motion’. if you watched IU the past few seasons you’d know that. as i said, 1 dribbling, 4 watching.

    if you want to support coach Davis, thats fine. i have no problem at all with that. but his offense sucks. if they can’t hit 3’s consistently, and they can’t, they suck.

    Comment by Kyle -

  78. Yes !!!!!!

    IU is keeping Mike Davis. Thanks for the support you gave him Mark. Now we Kentucky fans can count on IU being even farther behind in rebuilding and it will be at least 4-6 more years before they are even competitive again.

    We love you, Coach Davis, I hope you retire at IU !

    Comment by Mike Sigers -

  79. If Davis is extended another year, as the Indianapolis Star is reporting, it is another sad day for Indiana basketball.

    How long do we give Davis to coach talented players? Should we expect a great coach to have a tuff time coaching less talented players? Shouldn’t he excel at coaching great talent?

    Do we give Duke a year or two to rebound every year when they lose their top talent and bring in a great recruiting class? No, it is expected that the new recruits will complemnet the existing talent still in the program that may not be good enough to jump to the NBA early.

    Davis has proven that he can recruit great talent, but also proven that not only can he not coach great talent, what happens when he does not get the stellar recruits and has to coach a team of near-do-wells.

    We all know the answer. Davis is not the future of Indiana Basketball. He can not coach! Talent or no talent, this does not change, no matter how many years he stays on.

    Comment by Jeff -

  80. Cuban, what the hell are you talking about with Davis over recruiting. The only NBA player he has signed that went to the NBA from H.S. is Josh Smith. Other power house teams lose players every year to early entry so that should not be an excuse.

    3 years ago, they had one of the top recruting classes in the country and he hasn’t done shit with it. Wright was ranked the #1 SG and strickland was ranked the #4 PG. Their class was close to carolina’s that year.

    But at the same time, people who support him, always harp that he a great recruiter. Guess where Sean may at carolina went to high school at? Thats right, Bloomington. Josh McRoberts who is the #1 PF recruit in the nation lives 1 hour from Bloomington, he’s going to Duke.He’s got Deonta Vaughn coming in next year if Vaughn he makes the grade which he probably won’t. I’ve seen him play in person and he is not that good. He can’t shoot. his points are there because they run and he gets it in transition and alot of those points come from cherry picking.

    Davis makes sorry ass excuses about his team not executing and my favorite, motivation. Uhh, duh dumbass, isn’t that your job to get them motivated.

    Comment by JR Ewing -

  81. Hey Cuban, When are you going to comment on Nellie stepping down? What do you think about Silas getting canned in Cleveland?

    Comment by Shai -

  82. Hey Cuban, When are you going to comment on Nellie stepping down? What do you think about Silas getting canned in Cleveland?

    Comment by Shai -

  83. Local newspaper in Bloomington reporting that Davis will be around for another year.

    It’s total BS that bringing in more talent year after year is valid reason to keep Davis.

    That mindset has yet to produce consistent quality basketball play at IU under MD.

    Even if IU wins more next year (w/ Auburn transfers), the 7th and 8th years of this guys contract will prove to be brutal.

    My biggest concern w/ Davis is player development.

    MD gets the least out of every player 1-15 than of any other coach currently in the Big Ten.

    That is a telling reality of his coaching ability and the future of Indiana University hoops.

    Mike Davis needs to focus on building the program for long term health instead of focusing on immediate success.

    By the way, what kind of offense and defense does Davis teach? Does he have a system that’s proven to be effective on both sides of the ball? Or does Davis have to have McDonald’s All-American’s 1-15 to over power the opponent? One last question, how do you keep 15 McDonald’s All-Amercan hoop players happy? Invite them to church each week?

    Comment by Jack Williams -


    I think the rumor that you were trying to buyout Mike Davis contract started with the satirical Hoosier Gazette.

    I see alot of potential in Davis and these basketball players. I think the combination of the auburn transfers and a more experienced team next year can make us a dangerous team.

    It’s one thing to be proud of the past – its another to continue to try living with it. Aren’t all offenses, motion offenses when you break them down? Knight’s motion offense does not equal IU basketball. Last time I checked IU basketball was the players who have Indiana on their jersey – not a former coach. I hope Knight does well but I think its time for everyone to move on. I think IU basketball is really about graduating players and having a competitive team. We are still graduating players and i believe we are on the right path to being much more competitive.

    I think Coach Davis did make some mistakes in the beginning – and it was all a learning curve. I hope Mike Davis gets the opportunity to stay. I think he could be just the guy to take IU into a new era.

    Comment by Dawn -

  85. I think it is positive to want the Hoosiers to do well. But we cannot do well with Mr. Davis at the helm. We need decisive leadership, and hopefully the comments from our beloved Coach Knight reflects on the future. My only beef is that he should have fired Davis if he was unhappy with him before he left, as one final act. Blah. I am paying for Hoosier mediocrity, and I am at a campus that is not used to the storied history, but instead, continued mediocrity.

    Comment by Hashim Hathaway -

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