If you cant make fun of yourself…

The folks at the Mavs put this together so we all could have some fun..at my expense. Its hysterical.

They laughed, alot. i laughed. My wife laughed. My 3 year old laughed. Now its your turn…

And these will be for sale along with one for Dirk at the Mavs website. So hopefully whlie you are laughing with me, or at me, Im laughing all the way to the bank. Go Mavs !

60 thoughts on “If you cant make fun of yourself…

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  3. The last World Series championship for the Chicago Cubs was in 1908. Go for it Mark, and bring a little cheer to us long time Cub fans!

    Comment by Jim Webb -

  4. Hysterical! More people need to laugh at themselves! I know I do often and it feels great! Too many people take life too seriously sometimes!

    The most hysterical part is the more people laugh at you (with this) the richer you get. Can\’t wait to get one! lol!

    Comment by HockeyNutz -

  5. mark, the net is new to me. i\’m an over 40 average P1, mavs fan and die hard Cubs fan since before jack brickhouse. I do hope you get the opportunity to purchase the cubs. they need someone who is actually concerned with putting out a quallity product. yes i want the team to win (use to losing) but show your\’e trying. I just moved to des moines, from irving. the cubs and stars minor leagues are here. i\’ve met dirk twice. very nice man. kudos to him. I\’ve heard that you try to answer as much you can. So good luck in your endevors. peace and stay hard!

    Comment by gary jensen -

  6. Mark – I would NEVER dream of making fun of you.


    Comment by Mock Mark -

  7. I just read that you could possibly become the owner of the Cubs. Exactly what the MLB needs! You would be great for the fans of Chicago and to re-energize the fledgling MLB. Please do to the Cubs what you\’ve done for Dallas!

    Comment by Dunder Mifflin -

  8. Huge Cub fan in support of you buying them. I just hope Selig doesn\’t give it to one of his Brew crew friends, or gets influenced by the south side scum.

    Comment by Rick -

  9. Hey Mark, Now thats funny. You need more of that. Everybody does.Its easy for people to find something to bitch or complain about. In todays world its a lot harder to find something light easy on the eyes. Hope the wheels are coming around. Oh and one other thing. That bit of hilarity took me to Youtube and I saw your thing on the Dirk. For heavens sake dont turn into and emotional bimbo on camera. Save that stuff for when you get home.To paraphrase Tom Hanks, Theres no crying in Basketball!!! lol Thanks for the thoughts.

    Comment by Frankie from Lawnside -

  10. Yeah but Frank, your site will never be as class as Deadspin.

    Comment by nadira -

  11. funny…now to the real thing..#%^& the cubs..don\’t sell the mavs…mffl…

    Comment by tom -

  12. Mark, In case you missed it, eTrueSports.com had a little fun with you yesterday.

    \”Mark Cuban, gadfly internet billionaire and prospective owner of the Chicago Cubs, plans to rename Wrigley Field \”Yahoo! Yard\” and delete its ivy.\”

    In the interest of full disclosure I\’m the editor.

    Comment by Frank Coffey -

  13. Ok Mark well about buying the Chicago Cubs, if you do buy them please dont sell out the Mavericks!!! So if you buy them please still show up to all of our games and everything else about the Mavericks.GO MAVZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Patrick from Miami [yes Miami] MF4L

    Comment by Patrick -

  14. i find it funny how everyone wants to suck up in there comments,please buy our team.when in reality its your team that we pay to see.and get nothing in return,but work our menial jobs for peanuts and spend it to watch millionaires doing what they love,waisting money and getting into trouble.maybe i should think about paying 80 bucks for a ticket to watch you get fined for yelling at ref and give away 250000 thousand sounds like a even trade.I am not bitter just unemployed! and about to be homeless. go mavs!!!

    Comment by james jurich -

  15. Good luck on your bid for the Cubs.This is just what the Cubs need, someone more worried about winning than the bottom line.I just hope southside Jerry and all the stuffed shirts in the commish\’s office don\’t derail you.Goodluck

    Comment by Brian Bychowski -

  16. THANK YOU GOD!!!! I wonder what watching baseball is like when the owner cares about winning. Good luck on the approval, apparently we need it.

    I\’d like the dancing doll with a cubs jersey on and possibly and A-Rod as well????

    Comment by Tilley -

  17. Mark,

    In the interest of fair play and full disclosure the following was published today in \”Rumor Mill\” on our just launched website http://www.eTrueSports.com. Should you care to respond, or to sit still for an interview, we\’d more than glad.

    \”Mark Cuban, gadfly internet billionaire and prospective owner of the Chicago Cubs, plans to rename Wrigley Field \”Google Park\” and delete its ivy.

    Frank Coffey

    \”Dedicated to taking scraps of truth and turning them into absurdist nonsense.\”

    Comment by Frank Coffey -

  18. And you know what\’d make you laugh to the bank even more? The Chicago Cubs franchise and their annual 3m+ attendance rate.

    Comment by Matt B -

  19. Pretty funny. Actually, I generally enjoy poking fun at myself as well. Visit my diary blog and you\’ll see what I mean (fake-george.blogspot.com). In fact, I just did a post about you: http://fake-george.blogspot.com/2007/07/not-so-sure-about-this-mark-cuban.html

    Comment by Fake George Steinbrenner -

  20. All good in life should be funny. Keep up the good humor.

    Bobby Anon

    The Internet\’s Rumor Mill

    Comment by Bobby Anon -

  21. PLEASE do whatever is necessary to buy the Cubs. I live here in Fort Worth and have season tickets to the StRangers. But travel to Chicago as often as I can to see the Cubs. If you can\’t buy them, find what dirt you need on Hicks to buy the Rangers.

    Comment by Stephen J. Naylor -

  22. If I had a brain, I\’d be an assault on myself.

    Comment by Mary Clemente -

  23. That was too funny!

    I\’m a longtime Cub fan (and IU alum). I was really excited when I heard rumors that you were thinking about buying the Cubs and when I saw that you\’d applied to buy them, I thought \”OH PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN!\” You seem to have the players and Piniella behind you. Crossing my fingers that we can see you in the front row at Wrigley Field next season. GO CUBS!

    Comment by Rachel -

  24. And please hire Steve Stone as club President and GM!

    Comment by Garvey -

  25. goodluck mark on your new venture, with all the changes you\’ve made for the mavs i hope your application gets accepted.

    Comment by jonell -

  26. Hey Mark, thanks for taking my cold call big guy. I appreciate your time. You are by far the friendliest billionaire Ive had the pleasure of speaking to. Im looking forward to seeing how the Cubs deal plays out.

    Comment by Osmar Hernandez -

  27. Dude why wouldn\’t you buy the Pirates and make them into winners again. I mean being a native Pennsylvanian and expecially from Pittsburgh? They deserve it way more than the Cubs. Even though the Cubs are losers they still are profitable. Who cares about the Cubs? They have no history, no dignity. At least the Pirates have legitimate baseball history and tradition. If its because they aren\’t for sale I understand but everything has a price and I\’m sure the Pirates market price is way less than Chicago. If not then I say shame on you for being a greedy jerk and not looking out for your own. You suck and I hope all the owners and the commish nix your offer to buy.

    Comment by Julio -

  28. Mark,
    Please do what it takes and buy my team! We need management that understands the concept of winning and won\’t undervalue the players.

    Go Cubbies!

    Comment by bleacher bum -

  29. If you take over the Cubs, will you let bloggers in the press box?

    Will you watch the games from the bleachers?

    Comment by Out of Right Field -

  30. Dear Mr. Cuban:

    It has come to the public\’s attention that you are trying to purchase the Cubs. We, the Marlin fanbase, would like for you to look elsewhere. For instance, South Florida. Our current owner does not have the cash to be able to sustain a MLB franchise, and this is killing baseball in South Florida. We were finally working our way back to respectable levels after the 1998 firesales, and than Mr. Loria messsed it all up again.

    While we do not come with the storied franchise that the Cubs have, what you will recieve is:
    1) One of the greatest GMs and scouting departments in the game, so you will continually be able to compete unlike the Cubs.
    2) A very young and talented roster at the moment, with several players (ex: Miguel Cabrera, Hanley Ramirez) having the potential to be HOF calibur players.
    3) One of the top marketable players in Dontrelle Willis
    4) Miami beach, enough said.

    This will give you the ability to compete right away, aswell as continually competing, and I know how much you like to win. And while the attendance might have you shying away, we also have one of the better T.V. ratings, showing that yes, there are a lot of fans. And with a new stadium, the attendance should be, at worst, league average.

    Thank you for your time and we hope you consider us.

    Seriously. Please do this for us. 🙁

    Comment by Ensam -

  31. http://sportsshit.blogspot.com

    sorry I forgot to post this

    Comment by Junior -

  32. Hey Mark, I was wondering your thoughts on a player like Sheffield. A guy who cannot keep his mouth shut but produces like a champ. I think this is where great coaches come into play. Phil Jackson and Chuck Daly had no problem with Rodman while others could not tame him. Same goes for Rasheed Wallace, as he seemed to respect Larry Brown and kinda dumps on Flip Saunders.Your thoughts?

    Comment by Junior -

  33. On second thought, forget the Cubs. Buy the Lions & fire Matt Millen.

    Comment by food4thot -

  34. The City of Chicago is a one of the world\’s greatest cities & it desperately needs the influence of a dotcomionaire.

    This is a match made in heaven. Heck, if BOSTON can actually win a world series, they the Cubs are long due for a win.

    I wish you the best & hope to see some new life breathed into the team.

    Comment by WebsiteTuts.com -

  35. As a fan of the World Series winning White Sox, and a caring Chicago sports technology guy, I hope your participation here with the _long time losing Cubs_ will bring us another winning team. Go for it, Mark! You can do it.

    Comment by digiGURU -

  36. Mark, hope your deal goes through to buy the Cubs. As a 54 year old Cubs fan, I felt it necessary to cheer for the White Sox because I was afraid I would be dead before seeing a World Series winner in Chicago. Your enthusiasm and desire to win is what the Cubs need. The Chicago Cubs fans will be indebted to you and make you an even richer man!! Please make it happen!

    Comment by Dennis R -

  37. I observe the clips of you getting INTO the MAV games, getting into a little trouble but ultimately having fun. I think you add an air of excitement to the game and that IS awesome! You are not just one of those behind the scene suits counting your cash from the investment, you are sports TRULY an owner AND a sports fan!

    If you take that same level of enthusiasm and commitment to the sport of baseball, I cannot see why this would be nothing but a BONUS for that sport as well.

    Good LuckMark [McKinney]

    Comment by Mark D. Hagner -


    Comment by cubs -

  39. As a long-suffering Cubs fan, I say buy the Cubs and take them all the way!

    Comment by Scott Sickle -

  40. That is hilarious! When do we get our talking Bobby Knight?

    Comment by popper! -

  41. Wow, I have to get one of those!

    Comment by mavericks-t-shirt -

  42. Mavs fan who will be taking road trip next week to Milwaukee, Chicago, St Louis and Kansas City for ball games. Send me \”Cuban For Owner\” shirt and I\’ll wear it at the Cubs game on the 22nd.

    Comment by AB -

  43. My husband and I went to Chicago for our honeymoon to watch 5 Cubs games(it was all my idea). We love the city of Chicago and the Cubs and I can\’t even begin to imagine a better owner than you for them! We are so excited I can\’t even begin to describe it! Forget billy goats and curses, Friday the 13th is the Cubbies lucky day!

    Comment by Becky F -

  44. Great stuff. I can remember seeing you yelling at the umps last year at a Pirates game. It was last August. Hilarious.


    Comment by James -

  45. No, no, no. Not the Cubs.

    Buy the Cleveland Indians. You\’d have an easier and better time of it, and Cleveland needs an owner like you.

    Comment by salome -

  46. Mark,

    I\’ve never seen you move like that and it dosen\’t even sound like you. I think it needs to be more authentic.

    BTW, you\’re better looking too!!!

    Comment by toni -

  47. I can just see one of these that says…\”Let\’s get some runs!!!\”

    Comment by Karla -

  48. Please buy the Cubs. And when you do, I\’ll be laughing my butt off when you become the first owner to get ejected from an MLB game LOL! Not many INVOLVED owners like you…good job.

    Comment by food4thot -

  49. Hi,

    45 year old long time suffering Cub fan here. All my friends & myself want to wish you the best of luck in your attempt to buy the Cubs. Hopefully things don\’t get political and personnel with other peoples agenda during the process.

    Comment by Dennis -

  50. Damn Mark. You swear a LOT!

    Comment by Danny -

  51. funny! i also found this funny post that had Cuban at starting forward for the high tech all-star team with gates and jobs…


    Comment by Vic -

  52. Mark, I wish more NBA owners were like you. You make the game fun.

    NBA refs are the worst of any professional sport. They let lots of things go, and then call ticky tack stuff at inopportune times. It is maddening. NBA refs are egomanics.

    The NFL refs are the best. Their replay and coaches challenge system keeps everything honest, …no arguments.

    The NBA could learn a lot from the NFL.

    Don Dodge – suffering Boston Celtics fan

    Comment by Don Dodge -

  53. Pirates, Mark. Pittsburgh needs You. Shine the batman light off of the USS building

    Comment by Don -

  54. OMG…that is hilarious…Good luck with the Cubs deal!!

    Comment by Tina -

  55. Mark, buy the Pirates! We need you! The Cubs don\’t need you, they\’re fine. They can support themselves without your help. Think of your home!

    Comment by Nik -

  56. Too bad more folks can\’t laugh at themselves.

    Comment by Perry Chappano -

  57. Classic!

    Mark, you ever think about developing projects in Resort Communities? Outside of real estate there are some crazy services people demand, with at little backing we could be in 10 resorts in 12 months. Interested?

    Comment by Jerry R. Reynolds -

  58. Hopefully we will have a version of this doll wearing a CUBS uniform soon! I hope and pray that you win out the bidding for the Cubbies and are allowed to bring the same passion and dedication you show for the Mavs to the North side of Chicago.

    Get some Harry Cary glasses, an Andre Dawson jersey, and some bleacher tickets and well see you at Wrigley!

    Comment by Eli -

  59. Mark what ever happened to the plan you had to release the film \”Loose Change\”? That was hilarious by the way! GO MAVS GO. VIVA LA MAVERICKS! MAYBE SOON I WILL BE SAYING, GO CUBS GO!


    Comment by Isaac -

  60. Hurry up and buy the Cubs, already.

    Comment by Phil Nelson -

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