I made my point

As much as I felt posting my “Thanks for the Advice on Josh Howard” post was the right thing to do, I have had an upset stomach all day because of it.

I thought it was important to point out the hatred and ignorance of so many who quickly judge people they have never met, based purely on soundbites and headlines. If you think you know any public figure based on what you see on TV or read on the internet or in newspapers, you are sadly mistaken.

I wanted to point out the irony of them experiencing the onslaught of attention from suddenly and unexpectedly being placed in the media spotlight from a throwaway comment.

Try being in a position of always having to be “on” and checking for cameras, because if you let down your guard, any soundbite, even one as short as 11 seconds, can turn into headline news across the country, no matter what the context. Its not always easy. Nor is it easy to just accept that its part of being a “public figure” .

I also knew that because of the email addresses being included, they would be receiving the same level of hate, ignorance and judgment that Josh and I had. They would get the same type of ignorant email threats of “I wont do business with your company again”, from people who have never done business with their company. The “I’m going to email your boss and all your sponsors” threats, because that’s the way people try to shout down other people these days.

That’s what bothered me all day. So I have removed the post.

Hopefully something good came from it being posted

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  1. DNA evidence indicates that there is no such thing as “race”. There is only the human race and we are all related through a common mother who was located in Africa many millenia ago.

    Comment by Jeff Briggs -

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  3. You dumbass white crackers. You uneducated, unthinking sons of bitches. You’re the reason the world hates America. You’re the reason I hate America. You make this a despicable place with your empty patriotism and ignorant spewing. We don’t need dumb. We have had dumb for eight years. Eight, long years. I wish you all would go back to where YOU came from. The steaming rock your ancestors crawled out of.

    Fuck the troops. Stupid motherfuckers who don’t know what the fuck they’re defending. They’re defending an empire, they’re defending might, they’re defending oil.

    Fuck the troops and fuck the flag. And fuck you fuckers for making me rant like this and sink to your crass level. I have an education. I know what’s going on. But you bring out a violent rage in me. You represent all that is evil about America. This country has become a piece of shit, and it’s not because of liberals — how fucking stupid is that; liberals have not been in power since the ’40s.

    The country is in the crapper because of raging capitalism, because of redneck family values, because of us. vs. them. Fuck you and fuck your dopey lapel pins, and fuck the troops and fuck your right-wing pieties and fuck Cheney and Bush. We need a revolution, to wipe out the evil and the ignorant, and make a fresh start.

    I can’t wait to see Obama get into office, can’t wait to see the hate that spews from your racist lips then. Maybe you’ll leave. Maybe you’ll go back to where you came from. And the country can be what it needs to be.

    We’ve all heard of ethnic cleansing. Well, we need a redneck cleansing!! There’s a LOT to cleanse …

    Comment by David -

  4. I can understand the point when people say Josh has the right to free speech. I have no problem with that. Isn’t it what this whole incident is about Mark? Their’s no doubt in my mind that you would “support” your player, you have a ton of money invested in him. My point is, is that Josh Howard spit on every single soldier who fought & died for this country, so that people like Josh Howard could speek his mind, could make the money that he makes. I served 6 years for my country & was in the Iraq war in 1991. I continue to serve my community by being a police officer for over 13 years. It is these types of behaviors of over paid players why I quit watching professional sports a long time ago. Even Michael Vick said he was sorry, but only because he was caught doing it. Their are some things Mark that you just don’t do or joke about. If Josh wants to show me he’s sorry, then he (ON HIS OWN FREE WILL & NOT SOME ATTORNEY TELLING HIM TO) is apologize to the veterans of America & to the surviving families of fallen soldiers if he really wants to prove to me he is sorry. I can forgive a man just as Jesus Christ forgives all of us for our sins.

    Comment by Billy -

  5. Marc,

    Unfortunately, I believe you’ve missed the boat on this one. Being on point is one issue. Character is another. Joaking around with friends about smoking pot or throwing yourself a birthday party during the post-season is flat out silly. However, stating race being a reason to disrepect the flag is a result of flat out piss poor character on many levels. You being a fairly smart guy surly realize that. Sadly, Howard has lost my respect and I have no intentions of being a fan of a player that dosen’t appreciate the great Country that’s afforded him the lifestyle he takes for granted. I’m also very sorry to see your weak stance on this issue. I guess sweeping it under the rug is how you sleep knowing this great Country provided you that same great lifestyle.

    Comment by Brian -

  6. Josh’s comment was stupid, but let’s not forget what makes America great is the right to speak your mind. Patriotism and nationalism aren’t mandatory. We all have the right to like or dislike this country and voice such opinions. The only reason he should apologize is because he cursed. He also should have explained his view thoroughly. African Americans have a unique experience in this country that people sometimes undermine. The official stance of this country not that long ago was that African Americans were second class citizens with no rights. They were viewed as property. Slavery was only abolished 150 years ago. There should be some understanding to what he was saying, athough he was less than eloquent in explaining his view.

    Comment by Steve Willer -

  7. it is no longer important if howard apologized, he showed already his
    ignorance. send him back to toddler school and let him play barbie

    Comment by Mano -

  8. Mr. CubanI forgot , You could also post my name or whatever youd like,

    My last problem is to be fair why didnt you post Howards email and phone number?? Did he not say just as vile shit these other posters have?/???? All you suck up people that want to cry and say there glad Mr Cuba posted all these Emails , You also should be crying to see Howards as well !!!!!!!!!!!!! Morons

    Comment by Rich S -

  9. Hi Mr Cuban, I couldnt disagree with you more on J Howard, You talk about being on point all the time, We are all on point , Isnt it always said that you say what you mean if no ones watching?? I do like you as a person and if this guy has 1 more problem time to get rid of this rascist loser. J Howard truly has shown the country he has no class, Do you ? I think you do and you will do the right thing. Thanks for your time . Rich S.

    Comment by Rich S -

  10. Howard apologized tonight for the anthem issue and his rough summer.


    Comment by Kevin -

  11. Wade, excellent comments but you touch on things that nobody wants the face the truth on. It is called the double standard Wade. Oh my god, let’s do not talk about that. That is how a good percentage of black America survives. Bring things up about intelligent level, I-Q levels,
    motivation levels, accountability and responsiblity within the black community it is like you called them the “N” word. The truth is until the black community as a whole can stand on their own two feet, quit accepting allowances and handouts, learn to speak the English language properly,
    value and get education, we will always have racism and the Josh Howards of the world. Marck Cuban talks big but really is he any different then a slave owner. He just pays better.

    Comment by James -

  12. Mr.Cuban, Why don’t you hire Tim Donaghy? How much money have you spent the last couple of years evaluating the NBA refs? The NBA is a joke and as soon as it comes out about the other refs your league will be no more!

    Comment by Troy -

  13. Dear Mr. Cuban-
    After reading the story of how you exposed the cowardly hatred and bigotry that perpetuates the “blogosphere” by those who hide behind anonymous pseudonyms, I was inspired for the rest of the day. Finally, someone who “gets it” and does something about it! The lack of accountability in this country is growing by the day and for those who spew ignorance and bile under the safety of anonymity deserve to be exposed and held responsible for their actions and words. Sheer brilliance on your part and while your conscience didn’t allow you to keep the post up, I personally wished you had. There is no expiration date on a stupid, chicken-sh** comment.
    To those who want some sort of punishment or retribution from Josh Howard’s comments, I have one question…why? Isn’t it the right of Josh Howard to speak his mind, even if he says something that offends you to the core? Isn’t that the premise that all those who fought and died for our country fought for? To plagiarize from a movie, if you truly stand behind the banner of patriotism then you should fight for Josh Howard’s freedom of speech as much as you fight for your right to say that what he said was the most ignorant words ever spoken. Your right to be incensed by his comments, does not exceed his right to speak those comments.
    To those who whine about his (or your) salary, or some “elitist” protecting their own, or would be upset about being exposed because they aren’t in the public eye, or other crap like that…tough crap. Deal with it. This isn’t Little League. Life isn’t fair. Josh makes millions putting a ball through a hoop and “we make 40K doing honest (whatever the hell that means) work”. Yeah, what’s the point? Pissed off? Well maybe you should have worked harder on your jump shot or fastball or communication skills, but don’t blame your plight on Josh Howard just because he doesn’t think the same way that you do and makes a truckload of money. Do I agree with what he said? Nope. But last time I checked, that is not a prerequisite for being allowed to speak the words that he did, or for a boss to come to his defense for saying them.
    Mr. Cuban, know that you did the right thing. If it causes one person to not spread an irresponsible, hate-laden, bigoted, ignorant comment for fear of actually being held accountable for that garbage, then it is progress. In a world that is becoming more and more, “it’s not my problem” or worse, “I’m making my problem your problem too”, this was a step forward.
    People expressing outrage with the comment, that’s one thing, (I thought it was stupid and misguided at best myself) but people expressing outrage at Josh Howard due to his race, his profession, or a boss who knows him much better than they do defending him, then the problem is 100% theirs. I can only hope they’d do me a favor and keep it theirs. I have enough of my own to deal with.
    Well done Mr. Cuban…from a longtime and growing fan.

    Comment by Ben Richards -

  14. I would like to point out one thing that never seems to get noticed in any situation like this….If a white person makes a racial remark, they are labeled as racist, and chatised to no end. But, since it was a black man that made a racial slur….no one would dare label him as racist. I am a white male that loves the Mavericks, and the game of basketball, and I know that there is still MANY racists out there, and none of them are right…regardless of what color they are. What Josh Howard said is nothing more than reverse discrimination, and that is no better than a white having bad thoughts about blacks. Based on his comments, it would appear to me that Josh is a racist, and no better than the idiots that made the crude racial remarks back on this blog. No, I don’t know Josh Howard, so I can’t state fact about what he thinks, but if it came out of his mouth, then he must have had that thought, and that would lead me to believe that he is racist himself. So, what I intend to do, is just choose not to follow a team that would accept/tolerate that type of behavior, or that type of individual in their employee. I will spend my money elsewhere, and not support the Mavericks while Josh Howard is a part of it. The Mavericks are my team, and I hate to do it, but no form of discrimination should be tolerated…reverse or otherwise.

    Comment by Wade -

  15. I want apologize for my pathetic behavior. I am a stupid evolutionized ape, what do expect.

    Comment by Josh Howard -

  16. Mark,

    As a long time fan of the Mavericks it makes my stomach upset when I hear your players disgracing this country. I think Josh stopped in at the liquor store sometime last April and purchased a 24 pack case of “stupid”. This has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with complete ignorance. Ignorance from Josh for saying something like that, and ignorance from you for not having the balls to dump this idiot. What message does that send to our troops. I’ll be there opening night and I am going to boo that ignorance right out of the AAC. What a fool.

    Comment by Russell W -

  17. Mr.Cuban, I think you have enough problems with the refs deciding who the NBA champ is every fucking year!

    Comment by Troy -

  18. And how do we know that the person or persons that hung the effigy at the small Christian college were not black? And for Kevin’s comments, if you don’t think that race was never a factor in awarding the scholarships under the Act Six, I got some beach front land for you in Galveston to buy.

    Comment by Craig -

  19. Facts on Act Six – OK Sandy, just an FYI, but perhaps you should read what Act Six at this college is. Just because it is an “urban” scholarship doesn’t mean it is for minorities only. It is a leadership scholarship for anyone who qualifies. In fact, in the application it does not ask about race. There are diverse members who have received the scholarship at the University, one is not a minority. There are a diverse range of ethnic and social backgrounds represented. It is also limited to specific colleges

    Get the facts. Whites are not excluded. However, it is for urban participants who, statistically may be made up of more minorities. The demographics according to the Act Six website are as follows:

    28 African American, 10 Southeast Asian/Islander, 5 Hispanic, 7 Caucasian, 8 mixed heritage

    Comment by Kevin -

  20. Who is Cede & Company?

    What is Dark liquidity?

    Comment by mrsmith -

  21. Why should minorities have a separate scholarship program for them and that is what the Act Six program is for, give money to blacks and other minorities. Why are whites excluded? Isn’t that racism at its best? Shouldn’t all schloarship programs be open to all races, to all creeds and to all sexes? If blacks are equal, why do they need special allowances and special admission standards? Obama is a sign to some people that if he elected more programs such as Act Six program will be implemented to subsidize and patronize the blacks in this country. I for one disagree with that because Obama is one of those blacks that actually get it, knows the value of getting an education and wants blacks to be responsible and accountable and that starts with getting an education. Values and principles that were taught to him by his white mother and grandparents while his black father was no where to be found. Sounds familiar in this country, now doesn’t it.

    Comment by Sandy N -

  22. Yes, there will always be whites that are racist to the core and judge a person only by the color of his skin just like there are blacks in this country that are just as racist for the same reasons. However, the whites are small in numbers and don’t speak for the majority of whites in this country. I know white students get sick and tired of having to achieve higher grades and having to adhere to higher admission standards then blacks do at colleges in this country. If we are all equal, everyone should held to the same standards.

    Comment by Ryan -

  23. I have to say that I was wrong on one thing, Josh is a “model” of sorts. I used this with my kids as a point of discussion and talked to them about their feelings and opinion on it.

    First off, they don’t look at him as a role model. I agree with Charles Barkley that sports figures hsouldn’t be role models and it turns out they don’t think they should be either.

    Second, they think what he says was stupid. They have been to Africa and although it was a great experience for them, they know they wouldn’t have the same opportunities there as they do here. They saw what kids their ages are doing and how they are living. They have seen what people have to look forward to as far as lifestyle goes and they appreciate their country and the opportunities they have to aspire to greater things.

    They also don’t understand why we treat our culture the way we do. I challenged them to find other minorities that treat women and others in the way many young African Americans do. We couldn’t find that many Hispanic songs that degrade women and celebrate violent culture the way blacks do, but then they are still looking.

    I told them that I didn’t understand why white americans seem to be able to get over the fact that they were kicked out of Europe and forced to this country and seem to be able to move on without needing apologies from Europe but many African Americans think that once they get that apology all will be well. Should white Americans demand money from Europe because they were forced out? White Americans are thankful for that change, and while I can’t be certain what my life would be like in Africa, I certainly know I wouldn’t have had a chance to go to college or live anywhere I want without the fear that many Africans have.

    There are white people who think they are helping us by reminding us of how mad we should be and how we should demand change. Change only comes from within an individual. I certainly could have ended up on drugs or in jail but I didn’t. There are white people who think they are helping us, but they only remind us of the past and do nothing to encourage us to move on.

    Slavery is over. There isn’t racial harmony, but I don’t care about that – calling me a name doesn’t make me that – I hold the power not the racists out there. My parents taught me that and every black person should know that. Rise above white people and race. You can aspire to be more than what some white people think – despite their good intentions.

    Lt. Kevin Robert

    Comment by Kevin -

  24. Remember the stripper who accused the white Duke boys of Rape? Wasn’t that racist? You don’t hear much about that. What about those incidents where black students wrote KKK on campus doors and only admitted to it after security tapes showed them doing it? They wanted to “bring awareness” to black issues but were never punished. If it had been a white boy they would have been charged with a hate crime. As awful as the Obama thing at the university sounds, unlike Josh Howard there is no video evidence of the culprit so I will reserve my opinion until more is known.


    Comment by Mark -

  25. Yeah, just get an education. Maybe try this Christian university in Oregon.

    Obama Effigy Found Hanging On Ore. Campus
    Obama Effigy And Message Targeting Minority Students Found Hanging On Oregon Campus

    (AP) Officials of a Christian university say a life-size effigy of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was hung from a tree on the campus.

    George Fox University President Robin Baker says a custodian discovered the cardboard cutout of Obama early Tuesday at the Oregon school and removed it.

    The effigy was accompanied by a message targeting participants of a minority student scholarship program called Act Six.

    It read, “Act Six reject.”

    Baker says he met with the students in the Act Six program, who receive full scholarships, late Tuesday and plans to address the school’s student body Wednesday.

    Comment by Another "apologist" -

  26. Lt. Kevin Robert says it all. Bringing up ancient history does nothing but hold the black race down. People who dwell on the past well never move ahead in the future. As many posters have said the opportunities are out there for all races it just takes a little hard work, motivation and most importantly, an education. Comments made by Hank (last name probably Jackson or Sharpeton) are typical of why we have racism in this country. Most white America who dislike blacks do so not because the color of their skin but the baggage that comes with them. If more blacks were like Mr. Robert this country would less divided and more productive.

    Comment by Jimmy V -

  27. You can see by Hank’s rantings that he does not have a clue. Are blacks better off in America then they would be in Africa? The answer is clearly yes. Slavery happened, get over it and move on. Why not concentrate on bettering yourself and it starts with getting an education.

    Comment by Hank's Sister -

  28. So now I am racist Hank? And you are assuming I don’t have an education about my history? Trust me, I know more about African Americans, minorities and even Muslims than you do. How many foreign countries have you been to and lived in? How many cultures have you immersed yourself in? I am talking more than just liberal arts classes at some college because I have that as well. I’ve visited the land where my slave relatives came from. I know my heritage. I know more about mine than you most likely do and I can trace it back further than you can.

    There is wealth of all kinds. Every culture has dominant people – in the Middle East they are not white, they are Muslim. In Asia they are not white. White people are the minority in the world, something you should know.

    Theft and subjugation that happened years ago. I don’t want or need an apology, I can overcome those hurdles myself – I was given those tools by God. You Hank, are part of the problem. You feel the need to fight this battle you have no part or ownership in. Are you calling me an “uncle Tom?” Hank you are a small person.

    Lt. Kevin Robert

    Comment by Kevin -

  29. The overt racism in these comments (a la Peter), along with the internalized racism of black people (a la Lt. Kevin Robert), is overwhelming. Peter, there is no indication in your rant that you have any education in the area of culture and its consequences. And let me be sure to say that you haven’t actually responded to what I wrote.

    White guilt? How about a white person telling the truth about how wealth is created? By extracting resources and labor from mostly non-white peoples around the world. It’s called theft and subjugation. This country was founded on it. Ask any native, and ask any black person with an education about his or her own history. Ask any victim of imperialism around the world.

    The fact is that this thread of comments makes my point that our culture is abidingly racist and filled with hate. With only a slight change in the social climate, Josh Howard would be pulled out of his home and lynched for daring to say what he thinks. I don’t need to make, nor have I made, any excuses for anybody.

    Go ahead and write more drivel. I won’t be around to respond.

    Comment by Hank -

  30. Why should any white American in this day and age have to apologize for something that happen before many of us were born and happened centuries ago? The idea that slavery, racism and discrimination should make white American ashamed and thusly allow black America to go for ever and never be accountable and never be responsible and never get an education and accept lower standards is ridiculous. What self respecting black wants to be looked on as inferior. What self respecting black wants to sound like they are illiterate? What self respecting black wants lower standards while white America has to adhere to higher standards. What good does that do for the black race except prove want a percentage of white America believes and that is, blacks are not equal and they are inferior? The opportunities are out there for all races. The doors to schools are open to all races. All it takes is hard work, dedication, motivation and an intelligent level. I guess there in lies the problem.

    Comment by Jackie -

  31. Hank said to “ask a black person what his culture is like.” Well, here it is. Sometimes I am embarrassed to be a Black American.

    Listen to hip hop music and the things we say and way we talk – and we defend it by calling it “cultural.” Not in my culture, we were taught respect for people.

    Look at our comedians – few of whom can’t get by without cussing and making fun of every other culture – including our own, and then panning for applause by talking about the white man. I remember my parents washing my mouth out with soap – the way they talk wasn’t a part of my culture.

    Look at some of our men and some of our “hereos” – treating women as objects, not owning up to being fathers and role models – that include Josh. A role model only because he is an athelete. Yes, it is impressive, but the people I looked up to were strong men, white and black and they included my father and grandfather.

    I agree there are disparities in this country – but they exist all around the world. Be it race, religion, sex or race. This is the only country where you can aspire to be whatever you want and truly have an opportunity to become it.

    I know so many minorities in the military who love and fight for their country and are truly appreciative of what this country offers. Yes, we still have problems, but we are at least working on them.

    Lt. Kevin Robert

    Comment by Kevin -

  32. If this country had rely on black ingenuity and black intelligence, this country would be as developed as most of the continent of Africa is. Let’s get real!!

    Comment by Jim K -

  33. Your explanation for putting up everyone’s ignorant and racial comments is dead on!
    I hated to hear Josh Howard make that statement, but given the situation, I knew he was just fooling around. These days people are so ready to jump on anything and make someone the “bad guy”. I do think he should address the comments, but I don’t believe he should be forced into an apology for the comments. Even if I let myself believe that he was being serious with his statement, in this country he has the right to make such a dumb statement. The fact is, if he was leading the league in scoring, fans around here would put up with the dumb things he’s done lately. But because he starting sucking around the time he started becoming a bone-head, people want him out of here, and they use his mistakes off the court as fuel to get him out of here. Bottom line, by posting everyone’s comments like you did, Josh Howard’s comments aren’t even the worst of the week. Hate is far more dangerous than stupidity.

    Comment by Steve White -

  34. There is something that called “white guilt.” I’ve had white people apologize to me for slavery and the past. They feel guilty. Personally, I don’t need their apologies. They were not the ones guilty of these acts of hatred. It would be like my kids apologizing for the time my dad and his friends played a prank on someone in high school. It doesn’t make sense.

    I am proud to be black. I am proud to be an American. Josh can say what he wants that is true, but I don’t have to like it or agree with it, and I have the right to think that he is selfish and a creation of his own victim mentality. Try to go over to any country and have as much success as he has had here.

    You took down two of my posts about this same issue, keep this one up.

    Lt. Kevin Robert

    Comment by Kevin -

  35. Hank, all you are is a black apologist. Excuses, excuses. Read the comments by Reggie Little and learn. Playing the race card is getting old. What is your excuse for the low I-Q’s and grades of the black race as a whole at any high school in this country? What is your excuse for the DISD and other school districts having to implement scaling grading systems to insure that blacks will pass? What is your excuse for black athletes scoring the lowest on all I-Q tests administered to all athletes? What is your excuse in blacks having the highest turnover rates of any employees at most large employers in this country? Why is Bill Cosby looked upon by the black community as an Uncle Tom when he stresses things like education and learning to speak the English language
    properly? The list goes on and on of the areas in our society where the majority of blacks are inferior. Why is that Hank? More excuses. I guess the 20% or so of the blacks that actually get it, know the value of an education and succeed are not hampered by the slavery crap you bring up. The bottom line and truth is Hank if more blacks got an education and became accountable and responsible citizens, the racism in thsi country would be greatly diminshed. Josh Howard is a lucky youmg man to be able to make millions in this country based on his physical attributes. Tell me Hank, what profession would Josh ended up in if he had to rely on his intelligent level?

    Comment by Peter -

  36. Exploited white and Latino and Asian labor, too…………

    Comment by the-cuban-responder -

  37. Hey James N, I feel badly for you – and for a number of reasons. Yet I do want to thank you for not quite resorting to name-calling even though you disagree vehemently with my comments.

    First of all, take a look at what you wrote: the spelling and grammar don’t help with your credibility.

    Second, what is your actual disagreement? You don’t really say. Slavery did begin in the colonies that became the U.S. around *four* centuries ago (does that qualify as “many” centuries?), and it was ostensibly outlawed after the southern states seceded and a horrific war was fought – around 140 years ago.

    Yet the practice continued in one form or another until relatively recently. (And let’s not forget that right this minute there are more people enslaved on our planet than ever before.) There is little doubt that the sharecropper family on my grandparents’ farm in the Mississippi Delta were effectively slaves through the early 1960’s. Would they be expected to love the country that continued to exploit their labor and restrict their freedom?

    Josh Howard may be the great-grandchild of people who had to come to the back door with their hat in their hand, not looking their boss in the eye lest they get the shit slapped out of them and sent back to the shack they lived in. Is all this rectified just because Howard’s an NBA millionaire? (Your racist comment about his “cultural genes” making him a millionaire is very telling: you seem not to have a clue how hard a professional athlete must work, nor how intelligent they generally are, to get to that level in sports.)

    Has our racist culture suddenly transformed itself because black folks can get a job and even get rich without kissing the asses of white folks every single moment? Take a look at the income disparities; take a look at incarceration rates; just ASK a black person what his or her culture is like. If they think you’re serious and not setting them up to mess with them, they’ll tell you. You may not be old enough to have seen it firsthand, but let’s not forget that it was only around 40-something years ago that black people were being viciously beaten, hosed, spit on (this list could go on and on) and KILLED for daring to assert that they had some rights in the country in the country in which they lived.

    As for whose lives this country was built upon, wow do you have your head screwed on wrong. History says this country was built in large part by SLAVE LABOR, pure and simple. Why on earth do you think southerners (for example) fought a bloody war over the loss of their cherished right to own slaves? Because slavery was integral to their economic system, that’s why. And oh yeah, plenty of black people gave THEIR lives, too, in the wars to which you must be referring.

    James N, you can read BOOKS on these subjects. Books change minds. Along with logic and quiet contemplation and a willingness to change our minds, they can make our comments INFORMED instead of kneejerk repetitions of received wisdom. We live in a racist culture: yours and many others’ comments here PROVE it. We live in a nation of immense wealth built on exploited labor, including BLACK SLAVE labor. Like it or not, accept it or not, it’s the TRUTH.

    Comment by Hank -

  38. Josh Howard,

    I’m black and I’m proud of the National Anthem. I’m sure the thousands of other “blacks” that
    are serving our country, just like me, wouldn’t appreciate your ignorant comment. Grow up!

    Comment by Craig -

  39. Chandra? is that a black name…surprise…..why are siding with a racist…one question? have you ever said the N word?…..that makes you a racist and it means your vocab is missing…where does a black women stand with male black players, very few have black women on their arm, and it is status…and very few black women not mixed are attractive…and black women are the largest carriers of HIV…and most(not all) look like black males..see the WNBA and that is because of slavery in breeding..so go ahead with your defense….it means your really “out of the loop” Kobe had an affair with white girl…..LeBron would if he wasn’t always in limelight and didn’t knock up his girl..what he doesn’t tell you is she made it happen….Charles Barkley has pretty wife….white also..whom did Magic Johnson gets HIV from..white also. the rev jesse jackson…white woman he had kid with outside marriage…white….the list goes on and on….no one likes black women….

    Comment by James -

  40. Mark…you have a player that admits he smokes in off season…..sure just off season….and your just like the politicians; when you ask them someone to take accoutability, they only reply with what the other party does wrong.

    Comment by James -

  41. Slavery happened many centurys ago and that excuse is so weak and so old and so pathetic. This country was built on men and women giving their lifes so the Josh Howards of the world because of
    his cultural genes can make millions a dollars a year. Comments made by the person named Hank are as asinine and pathetic as Josh Howard’s actions were when our national anthem was played.

    Comment by James N -

  42. Let me say it right up front: Josh Howard should be commended.

    There is little sadder than a descendant of slaves waving the flag and professing love for the nation state that enslaved his family.

    So many of the commenters here haven’t a clue what their privilege has been built on: subjugation, plunder, rape, and so on.

    Of course, Mark Cuban has no clue, either: just read his blog posts on political and financial issues. He’s another rich guy who cannot admit that private property is theft.

    Comment by Hank -

  43. ok as far as Josh Howard is concerned if what he said on the youtube video is true then this young maneeds to strap on his gear and go join my son-in-law in Iraq and fight for his country like every other “REAL MAN”!!! I’m sorry but I wasn’t around during the slavery times and I think that button gets pushed too many times in this country….I’m not racist but if you were a real man yourself I would kick this piece of mr. wonderful off the team and out of the NBA..his black ass can go find a real job and yes I have dealt with being in charge of several people in the limelight maybe not to your degree but he is a real piece of work you have there…you won’t find me at a Mavericks game or buying any NBA propaganda….

    Comment by dan -

  44. Why all the racism and hatred? WOW – I guess a lot of people are
    just generally angry about everything. I don’t agree with what JH
    said and I think that more should be done to him (money taken away or
    community service of some type – MC you remember working at a DQ?)
    because of the comment – and maybe something more is going to be
    done with it – but that is none of my business what MC agrees to do to JH
    for his comments. But I can say one thing – I definitely do not hate
    JH or want to express any sort of racist remarks to him or wish him
    any kind of harm as others have done here because of his comment.

    Comment by James -

  45. Congrats to Josh Howard for not falling for patriotic delusions.
    If more people acted like Josh before the invasion of Iraq, the
    US would not have invaded and would not have killed one million
    civilians there; four thousand US soldiers would not have been
    killed, and Halliburton would not have been awarded billions of
    dollars in taxpayer subsidy.

    Comment by Jeffrey -

  46. I have read some of the comments posted and I agree with the ones that point out the lack of education in the black community and the double standard that exists in this county. I would think one would have to brain dead not to acknowledge these facts. But the comments made by a Reggie Little, a black man, really tells it like is. For all the blacks that have posted comments or are going to post comments and to the white apologists, read Mr. Little’s comments and learn. It makes the remarks made by the aforementioned people sound foolish.

    Comment by James N -

  47. Americans are the most hypocritical beings on this earth!!! All the bigots on this board mention are the armed forces fighting oil wars in other peoples counties which by the way have nothing to do with freedom and liberty…… what about the oppression and sup;pression of black people for hundres of years in the so called free USA?? Which by the way is still racist?/ American is for the white people, I don’t blame Josh Howard one bit….. yes he makes money playing ball, what about all thoses useless white boys whose fore fathers made fortunes of the back of slavery? Money that these useless men enjoy today. Say like George moron Bush!!

    I live in the so called 3rd world, most of us who live outside of the USA find the hypocritical and racist nature of some of you American people extremely disgusting and disturbing.

    Comment by boot -

  48. Mr. Cuban,

    Please please please post my email address and name on your stupid blog. I am so proud to let everyone know exactly what I think of you and your stupid know nothinbasketball team. You guys suck and will continue to suck as long as you are the one in charge. You g about basketball and act as a petulent child when you do not get your way.

    Josh Howard is a good guy who sometimes says stupid things, like all of us. The diffenece between him and you is that you are a bad guy who says stupid things. There are no redeeming qualities about your character or personailty.

    You should do the world a favor and sell your team and buy an island to live out your remaining pathetic days.

    Comment by Adam K. Skitol -

  49. Mark, this is the first time I’ve been to your site, but after reading that you posted the messages and email addresses from those that sent hate mail in today, I decided to visit your site. That took balls, the kind of balls that leadership is about. Being a leader means sometimes making rough decissions, but they must be made. You not only taught those fools something, but me something also that there are truly people out there that try not to judge first, but really get to know and understand individuals above all. Thanks for that man, because sometimes when you can’t fight for your self, it’s good to know you have someone that will fight for you, even when you are wrong. Take care and although I’m a Wizards’s season ticket holder, I won’t mind when Derrik N. or Hosh hits a jumper in the Phone Box (Verizon Center).

    Comment by DC Dave -

  50. Professionalism trickles down from the top. When the subordinates make or do stupid things it is the responsibility of the boss to take a stand and fix the problem. Mark Cuban did neither. He tried to stick up for Josh, both times he messed up, and he should have just traded him when his stock was high for a player with character, and patriotism. Mark comes across as the guy who has unconditional love for his players which will ultimately lead to the Maverick demise. Get rid of this bum, before he makes the Mavericks into the Oakland Raiders.

    Comment by Randy -

  51. While most of us will find Mr. Howard’s remarks unacceptable, the hateful and racist remarks those have
    left are evidence of what makes many african-americans have feelings which lead to such remarks.
    Perhaps those people who responded with such anger and hate should in addition to feeling outrage to
    the remarks made by Mr. Howard also examine the conditions that lead to such feelings. Remarks those
    made by Howard don’t come from a vacuum. It’s small minded and ignorant to dismiss black people as
    “just being more racist”

    Comment by Winston Smith -

  52. Not really judging Josh at all but this is not the first time he did something totally stupid like this. I can say a 11 second video is by no means indication of what a person really is but can certainly understand the tendency of someone being an idiot over and over again. I am a maverick fan and have always been and hate to see the team has to deal with these kind of issues when we should really be concentrating on upcoming training camp and all the things that are important and not detrimental to a team trying to prove the finals appearance was not a fluke. Well I care less what Josh is as a person but he certainly is hurting the image of the team and quite frankly it might even come down to the team losing focus on what they need to accomplish and what we as a fan expect of them. Nothing against Josh but he keeps getting into the news in a negative manner and hope our new coach can focus our team to what needs to be done.

    Comment by Chandra -

  53. I wish Cuban had not taken down the e-mails sent from various people.
    I honestly wish they were still up for display to show just how seperated this country truly is, and how ignorance and hatred still dominates today’s society.

    A friend of mine has the e-mails posted on her website, and here’s the response I made to reading them.

    “…I’m almost sick to death of this topic, but…

    At the risk of people telling me I’m “un-Amercian”, I don’t mind what Josh Howard did…
    In all honesty, it doesn’t matter to me…
    I don’t remember the last tyme I covered my heart for the S.S.B.
    Or stood for the Pledge of Allegience…
    And neither do a lot of other people around the country…

    The thing that turns my stomach is how hypocritical people are…
    The same people that are calling for our troops to come home appear to
    be the same ones pointing fingers at other how don’t support the war…
    Reads out to me as: “I support the troops…as long as it’s not my kid in them.”
    I believe that’s called a “double-standard”.
    But, I guess I should expect that from a country that built itself on a double-standard from start.

    Here’s the real issue these people CHOOSE not to see…
    Howard, right or wrong, never said anything about the flag, or the country, or the troops…
    He said he doesn’t honor the Star Spangled Banner…
    How many people out there even know the lyrics to the song…?
    Right now…off the top of your head…

    If the Banner is such a controversial item, then why wasn’t there as much buzz
    made when Roseanne Barr chewed and spit the national anthem out years ago…?
    If it such a big deal, then why don’t more people stand for it at sporting events…?
    If it’s such a big friggin deal to respect the S.S.B., then why hasn’t the federal government
    forcably made the FCC regulate it’s playing on all broadcast media at least once a day…?

    Give up…?
    Because to most people, it doesn’t mean a freaking thing…
    It fun that George Carlin does a comedy bit about the S.S.B., and we laugh…
    This kid, for whatever reason, says what he says, and people are ready to lynch him…

    I don’t agree with Josh’s actions, but I am not going to condemn him for speaking his beliefs…
    It’s one of this country’s rights…freedom of free speech…
    The same right given to the authors of those e-mails above…”

    Comment by Bishop -

  54. Lately I have noticed black people are more racist than white people. I have a very good friend who is black and he feels the same way. Howards comments are ridiculous and should not be accepted. Ask any military person that and they don’t fight for this country so idiots like Howard can say crap like that. That’s the problem with American. Some of you people think you can say and do whatever you want. You need to get some morals and values. There is no discipline or standards in people today. As I stated earlier, we let rich people get away with everything, it’s absolutely ridiculous. The actions of people today are unbelievable sometimes and unfortunately it may only get worse. The things that are accepted today are pathetic. Howard is not the only one, he is one of many. Cuban you should start a trend of making these fools act responsibly. Not sure you are the man to do it though.

    Comment by Brian -

  55. Hate is easy
    Understanding is hard


    Comment by Guy Pelletier -

  56. I wish the government got as much hate mail as you get.

    Clayton Williams
    18 Years Old

    Comment by Clayton Williams -

  57. I think that people who send an email are accountable for what they
    write–even if written in anger. These people, no doubt, were calling
    Josh Howard to account (which is fine–he said what he said) and then
    excuse THEMSELVES. Posting those email made a point everyone should
    take to heard–media outlets that allow anonymous posters especially.

    If you are not willing to take the heat for what you send some someone
    don’t send it. This goes beyond Josh Howard’s dumb comments (what? No
    black men died for this country? Tell it to Crispus Attucks, tell it
    to the 54th Massachusetts, tell it to the Tuskegee Airmen. But again
    Howard will be held to account for his off the cuff comment.

    Anyway..thanks for doing it.

    Comment by Patrick Ogle -

  58. So, is it too late to be a racist pig and get some small-time
    notoriety? Damn…did see your p.o.v. by exposing the small
    keyboard-haters of the world, but YOU were possibly exposing
    yourself (ha) to the new world of e-mail law, mystery that it is.

    During the anthem, I’ll stand up extra straight to make up for Josh
    and the like if I show up to a game, since I equate this to
    flag-burning & showboating. It’s your right, but I’ll feel different
    about ya if I see you doing it…and then I won’t let you watch my kids.

    Love to USA and to D-A-FW, fella.

    Comment by Craig -

  59. LOL Im glad and I applaud Mark Cuban for posting and leaving these peoples emails up. To all these “so called
    patriotic american racist” and internet thugs. The people who hide behind these keyboards and type all
    these things and language that they would be scared and probably $**!@ on themselves to say to any
    black persons face. You people shouldn’t perpetuate race filled hated comments so freely because the barrel
    of a shotgun in your mouth will make you change your mind pretty quick. Look at how people reacted to this
    comment. Your hate filled and racist comments actually make what Josh Howard said a case to be looked at
    regardless of his intentions. If he was joking or not. When you really back these so called americans who are not
    of the majority, they bring out there true colors ” no pun intended” about how they feel about any people of
    color. Anytime someone who isnt white speaks out about how they feel about something in america and what
    they celebrate or dont they are looked at as unpatriotic, a disgrace even the f*@#@ anti Christ! LOL. This great
    and wonderful america has a very very dark and shameful past that has never been confronted my white
    people. Everything is starting to come to surface, with this presidential election. People are going to see the
    real america and its patriotic citizens. LOL just look at the comments on this blog and you will see the citizens of
    our great america country spreading their love by telling another race of people to move back to Africa and
    that they are sick of this n!!@#$ bull$*!@. LOL. I love America. Like Chris Rock said its good to be white.

    Comment by Daniel -

  60. Mark, thanks for sharing the emails and feedback. I agree that Josh should shun camreas and microphones.

    Unfortunately in this country, it is always about race. I live in a community that is predominantly white and there is only five to seven African American families. My kids do not benefit from any double standard nor do any of their friends or any other AA families I know. The kids are not taught to wait for government handouts, but rather are encouraged to work hard and pursue education as a means of getting ahead. AA are attending colleges and universities in record numbers but it does not matter to some, they will always prefer the lazy shiftless argument.

    Now we have the NBA, a globally popular sport and the NBA athletes are the most recognized American sports celebrities around the world. It is a billion dollar enterprise and it is expanding. The NBA has a terrific community outreach but the media only wants us to see Josh Howardd’s Youtube video or relive the Palace Brawl or the Madison Square Garden fight between Knicks and Nuggets.
    I lived overseas and the perception of the NBA and the hip hop culture, and the stars of hip hop and the NBA was widely appreciated. It is only in this country where it is an issue at every turn

    African Americans are represented in the military disproportionately to their representation to the nations demographics. So all of you racist posters, please spare the world your phony patriotic utterances, instead tell us how long you were in the military. I was there for years and nine months and am not bothered whether someone likes the anthem or not. I like it, but if you are in the military you fight for the rights of your fellow citizens to like or dislike certain elements of our country, its culture, traditions etcetera.

    Mark, good luck with the Mavs this year, I am Cavaliers fan personally.

    Comment by Tony B -

  61. Mr. Cuban,
    I think what you did in response to the email’s you received about Josh Howard was brilliant. What it showed me and I hoped it showed anyone else who read it was a glimpse into the level of racism that still exists in this country. More importantly, it has created a dialogue, and anything that ccreates a dialogue on race in this country and understanding the intracacies prejudice is welcome. Because in doing so, it helps us to understand ourselves. It helps us to acknowledge our own prejudices we might have, to think about them, and maybe resolve them. It helps us maybe understand a statement by Mr. Howard a little better, where it came from inside his head and why he might have said it, not to excuse it or him for saying it, but to understand a little better what might have led him to that point. We have come a long, long way in the last two generations, enough so that many white Americans question how much longer the sins of the past must be mentioned and used as an excuse. In publishing the responses you did, it lets us all know we still have a ways to go. Kudos on the cajones! Oh, and Go Jazz! I had to throw that in. Sincerely, David in San Francisco

    Comment by david -

  62. Phenom nice post from an obvious African American. If you don’t think there is a double standard in this country when it comes to blacks versus whites then you are apparently dumber then you type. Go to your local university and check the admissions standards and financial aid requirements and you will see that blacks have lower required standards then the whites. The DISD has implemented a scaling grade system so that blacks who have actually failed will be allowed to pass. The list goes on and on of the double standards that exist in this country. Only inferior people need double standards.

    Comment by Art -

  63. Mark,

    You are correct, unfortunately a guy like that is in the public eye. His actions and comments are ridiculous and he needs to be held accountable. It’s ridiculous that people with money are forigiven so quickly, I don’t get it. I don’t care whether it was a white or black person that said it. Obviously he made it about black and white. Howard is obviously an ignorant person. These guys need to be held accountable as I have stated earlier but unfortunately our country has no balls and lets the rich slide by all the time. He needs to be taught a lesson. Why don’t you have him say that to a Navy Seal who is fighting everyday for this country and allowing him to play basketball and make millions and act like an idiot. I would say this about any athlete who made this type of comment. More and more these guys act about as ridiculous as it gets. They are selfish and act like the world should bow down to them. Whatever happened to people standing up for what is right and holding people responsible? I don’t need to know him personally. It’s called character and he obviously has none.

    Comment by Brian -

  64. Mark,
    I don’t know why these people are thinking that Josh Howard needs to be politically correct. He’s in the pubic eye because he is a badass BASKETBALL player. He’s NOT a politician. I can’t believe the HATE that is revealed in people when they are able to post anoymous comments on the Internet. I think you were right in exposing them. I hope that Josh is not discouraged and that he knows he still has fans out there that love him regardless of what he said. Geeze, I hate to say it, because I’ve lived here for 18 years, but that good ol boy attitude of “patriotism” is what you get in Texas. I’ve recently just learned in my TX Govt. class that in the early 1920’s the Ku Klux Klan controlled EVERY elective office in Dallas. It seems that we have not steyed that far from our roots in the year 2008. 🙁 What a shame. I mean really? How can people make such racist comments like many did about Josh and disguse it a patriotism????

    Comment by Jennifer -

  65. First, I want to say thank you, Mark, for doing what you did. I have been a long-time Mavericks supporter and I will continue to be.

    That being said, when I look at some of these posts it makes me want to weep.

    From Britney: “But I truly wonder if the black race could exist without the double standard. It is not the color of their skin just the baggage that comes with most of the black race.”

    This is the kind of thinking that makes it so difficult for Black people. They are judged instantly just because of their color. Do you realize that Black people are people; that they are each individuals with their own ideals, thoughts, and experiences? What Double standard do you mean? The one where the entire Black race is held accountable for one person’s off the cuff remark? The one where Black men are sentenced to more jail time than White men who commit similar crimes? Or maybe you mean the one where Blacks are automatically viewed as lazy or violent because they happen to have darker skin?

    From Ron Hanforth: “while whites have contributed greatly to this sum, though he seemingly cannot stand them nor his country. Hypocritical, don’t you think? The disgraceful hypocrisy of these highly successful black Americans is saddening, as it sends a poor message to black youth who look to these men as role models.”

    Again with the stereotyping! And when exactly did Josh Howard say anything about White people or America? He said that he doesn’t celebrate a song! He didn’t say anything about ideals, thoughts, freedom – he was talking about a song! It seems to me that every time someone says something considered “un-patriotic” it’s some kind of attack on White people. Here’s some news for you – America isn’t just White. There are plenty of patriotic Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans – you can see them on the tape. But I guess any American issue is a “White issue”, right? By the way, most Black people think for themselves – not by what some celebrity thinks.

    From Mike: “Here’s the lunacy behind some of your guys comments defending the useless Howard………….he acts like it is all rosy for any white male in this country. ”

    Again, when did Josh say anything about White males? Oh I forgot White = America, Black is the opposite of White, right? Or maybe everything is just all about you?

    From Corby Davidson: “We need to stop patronizing blacks and hold them accountable for their actions and quit making excuses for them”

    Mark was not making excuses for anyone – he was just pointing out hypocrisy. You know, calling it like he sees it. This was never a Black/White issue. This was an issue with the “Gotcha” Media Mentality and the ridiculousness of taking it all so seriously. And apparently, not only are Black people held accountable for their OWN actions, they are held accountable for the actions of Black people that they have never met!

    As I said before, in America we have a lot bigger issues to deal with than worrying about if some guy is patriotic enough. But Mark, you definitely are. Thanks again, and please don’t feel guilty for what you did. Sometimes a bully just needs to be stood up to.

    Comment by Phenom -

  66. Bravo Mark..I was away from the Google Reader and just caught up. What a bunch of hate filled comments. Small people shouting.

    Comment by daniel -

  67. If the word “nigger” is so demeaning, so demoralizing, so degrading, it should not be said any form, in any context by any race and that includes the black race. Words should not have one
    definition when spoken by race versus another. That is just selective and reverse racism and we see that in our society constantly. This is just another example of the double standard that is
    prevalent in our society. Only weak or inferior people need or accept a double standard.

    Comment by Bobbie Jo -

  68. How crafty of you to suddenly turn this into a debate about racism and the use of the dreaded “N” word. That tactic, however, has just played out with professional athletes. Professional sports areno longer about the game but about the money. You pay these “thugs” so much money, they feel that they are not accountable to anyone or anything. Can you imagine if a public school teacher said something like that? Send his ungrateful ass packin and let him actually earn a living. But wait, he proabably would not be able to afford to drag race on public streets and smoke his weed. You guys will defend any behavior as long as money is going in your pocket. Because you won’t take a stand Cuban, you are worse than him. Get a pair dude!!!

    Comment by Jerry -

  69. I can’t believe some of the posts I’ve had to dissect. But the truth is, the people spouting of racism have never had to deal with the situation. As a young, male hispanic whose had to fwitness discrimination first hand, I can only console myself with the thought that the people posting these comments don’t understand or grasp the concept of being discriminated. In conclusion, none of you (the racist, uneducated morons) have NO IDEA what you are talking about. And you disguise your own ineptitude into AMERICAN PRIDE and THE TROOPS. I just hope this nation has a terrible track record when it comes to dealing with other ethnicities. (BLACKS AND SLAVERY, NATIVE AMERICANS AND THE THEFT AND SLAUGHTER OF THEIR LAND). You are the reason why America has lost its grlory, and the fact this nations education is a reminder this country is losing its prominence. Most of you can’t frumate a decent sentence, nor intelligibly argue your mostly incoherent, bigotry. I feel sorry for you. I really do, for leading a miserable, unimportant, life. Your words are like a grain of silt, flowing in the wake of the Nile.

    Comment by pablo -

  70. I notice alot of comments regarrding the double standard and the lack of education and intelligence in the black community. I also notice that there are no comments refuting what these posters have to say. The reason is evident and we all know it, just some of us have the guts to say it.

    Comment by Tom -

  71. One thing this discussion has done is bring out comments made by people like Johnnny Oliver. Are you really that stupid? What world do you live in? I never seen a school that does not allow blacks. I have never seen a college that does not have lower standards and pretty much no financial burden for blacks. The bottom line is quit making excuses for a race of people that does not want to help themselves. They are either inferior, lazy or unmotivated but the bottom line is, the majority of the uneducated people in this country are black. Get real. You can’t help people that don’t want to better themselves. A prime example is Josh Howard. What in the hell would this ignorant fool do without playing basketball? You tell me Oliver.

    Comment by Jack -

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  73. ”Comment by Chris W

    …By the use of the N word on this blog, you can pretty much tell how many of you are actually stupider than…”

    I work with lawyers and PhDs and know a lot of cancer researchers. I’ve heard the N word or code-words used by so many of them in private I don’t think stupidity and racism go hand in hand anymore.

    Comment by Ftb -

  74. Well of course he doesn’t have an education. He left college early to make millions at the right time. He would have been dumber for not doing so. The oppurtunity to learn will always be there but not NBA checks.

    Mark Cuban IS NOT supporting or defending Josh Howard’s statement. All he is saying is don’t be a hypocrite. By the use of the N word on this blog, you can prettty much tell how many of you are actually stupider than Josh Howard. For Christsakes, ur all on a blog: the internet.

    Athletes, especially minorities, will be under scrutiny like this. When something goes wrong in their lives we all pay attention and crucify them for their actions even though we already knew they weren’t the smartest and brightest human beings to begin with.

    One more thing: Blacks, no matter what their situation is, are Americans too. IF you hate them, you hate America you Nazi assholes.

    By the Joe, the 50’s called and they want their joke back.

    Comment by Chris W -

  75. As a black man I am appalled by the actions and words of Josh Howard who typlifies much of our young blacks in our society today. I am ashamed sometimes to be associated with the race of people that could care less about an education or think articulation is either a sex act or a new drug. I for one came from a so called bad background but did not want to hang around with blacks who dressed like idiots and could not speak the English language properly. Black America has no true leader since Martin Luther King. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpeton are jokes and just bring our race down. Blaming our failures on the white race has gone on way to long and it is time as a race that we show that we are equal and we can compete. Our race is full of lazy, ignorant men and woman who would rather have handouts and lower standards then work or go to school and prove they are equal. No wonder why a good portion of white America hates blacks with good reason. Our culture is
    pitiful and the double standard that exists in our country does nothing to prolong the problem and promote racism. We as a race will never be viewed as anything but a bunch of lazy, unmotivated,
    ignorant and yes I will use the word, nigger, as long as we don’t do anything to help our cause. The Josh Howard comments were pitiful, he is pathetic and he in no why represents me or any intelligent educated black. The opportunities in this country are out there for everyone. It just takes a little hard work and dedication. Lower standards and handouts are for inferior people.

    Reggie Little
    Fort Worth, Texas

    Comment by Reggie -

  76. This is nothing new, but it’s good to be re-enforced: Some people are
    just always going to be ignorant, no matter what. Although it’s true
    that making a statement like that was bad judgment, and although he
    said it into a cell phone that he KNEW about (it’s not like he was
    caught off-guard), it is nonetheless also true that a) no one is
    perfect, b) it’s legitimate for someone to be upset at a country
    which has repeatedly and continues to treat minorities poorly and
    c) there’s nothing wrong with disliking a patriotic song.

    What Josh Howard did was not immoral and, dare I say, not
    even disrespectful. It was, however, bad PR. Then again, he’s
    not the only athlete to say something that maybe he shouldn’t
    have said, so people need to stop picking on him and focus
    on their own selves and their own lives.

    “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

    Comment by the-cuban-responder -

  77. There are many people who do not feel that the American flag signifies life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. While some actively participate in the so-called American Dream, there is a large segment of the population whom do not believe the American Dream is reality for them. The Stars and Stripes have been a source of slavery, de jure segregation, and current de facto discrimination for Africans in America. Josh Howard may be experiencing the financial American Dream but there are millions and millions of Africans in America living in poverty because the American system has left their interests to the wayside. Unemployment is soaring for all Americans, this means it is double for minorities right now. Josh Howard has an absolute right to express his freedom of speech. Any attempt by White America to mute this right is a sign of the lack of respect for the egalitarian values that make America a unique nation. Being an athlete does not bar an individual does from have the right to go against the tyranny of the majority. While a segment of the USA population is flag waving, policy makers entrusted with the security and posterity of the common wealth are driving this country into deeper and deeper debt in order to make a small portion of the population exceedingly richer by the day. Who pays the cost? The US public. Rather than attack an athlete with an opinion, take the time to determine why he does not salute the American flag. To speak the truth is the only good, no matter the public resentment from a few bigots.

    Comment by Johnny Oliver -

  78. I see lots of black guys wearing Nowitski jerseys.

    Whether they’re rich or poor, a black person in the USA has the right to be pissed about some of the things that have happened in our recent history. I neither applaud nor condemn Howard’s comments. That’s what he thinks and that’s fine with me.

    Comment by Dustin -

  79. If you are going to post a comment, at least have the intelligent level to tell the whole story. Yes, there is racism in this country but there are blacks who are just as racist as some whites but of course, we never hear about that. Why is that? Turn the radio dial to any black station and take a listen to the filty anti-white crap that comes out of their mouths. Blacks could not
    survive as a race in this country without the crutch of racism. I don’t see any blacks running around with Dirk shirts on but I see alot of white wearing black players jersey. So when you are running your mouths off about racism, don’t disgrace your race and not tell the total story. The double standard that exists in this country just promotes racism.

    Comment by Mark -

  80. I can not understand why people think that a person making millions of dollars and lives in the USA has nothing to be mad about. When did money become the end all cure all?!?! There are a lot of unhappy millionaires as there a lot of happy low income people.

    I guess that is why there were so many long faces last week when several financial institutions collapsed. They put all their treasures in Wall Street. Many people have been living in a state of financial crisis, but it was all good when it was someone else. Now it’s on your front door, you’re pissed! You had to be hit where it hurts and to most of you it’s in your pocket. Maybe you think the only hardship a person can experience is in their wallets. If you think that, KEEP LIVING. You haven’t seen anything yet.

    So please stop the million dollar black man comments because that is not the reason he is upset this country!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!

    Comment by Brandy W -

  81. Too bad you didn’t post the email of that STUPID, TOTALLY PATHETIC IGNORANT RACIST Thomas from above. IDIOTS like that ONLY post their blatant racist comments when they THINK their email address won’t be posted. The only thing bad about the freedoms that we have is that it gives TOTAL ASSHOLES like Thomas the freedom of speech too. While comments like that MAKE ME FURIOUS, in the end I HAVE TO FEEL TOTALLY SORRY FOR THAT PATHETIC LOSER. God, how TERRIBLE IT MUST BE TO LIVE IN TOTAL IGNORANCE.

    Comment by Cynthia -

  82. I have been reading through some of the comments posted about Josh Howard, and it chills me to think that there are still people in America full of such hate. Although I do not agree with what Josh said, I have less repect for some of the SO-CALLED AMERICANS who have posted their hate filled rants all over the net. There is no place in America for the type of hatred that I have seen over a couple of minute sound bite. Some of you really need to take a look at the mirror and ask your self if you are truly living American values.

    Comment by Debbie -

  83. Hopefully, when Obama gets elected he will change the mindset of black America. The key is education and not handouts. Obama wants blacks to be responsible and be accountable and it starts with getting an education which most blacks could care less about. And then you wonder why we have the Josh Howards of the world who can barely utter an intelligent sentence.

    Comment by Barb -

  84. Why should anyone be surprised. Josh Howard is the typical dumb black athlete that permeates sports and our society in general. Visit any locker room in this country and give all the athletes the same I-Q test and the blacks will sore the lowest hands down. Not a racist statement, just the facts. We need to stop patronizing blacks and hold them accountable for their actions and quit making excuses for them.

    Comment by Corby Davidson -

  85. Mark,

    Not only did those comments you published non-anonymously make the point that the media glare can be very uncomfortable when one is caught in it unexpectedly, it made Howard’s point in a way. The virulent racism in many of those posts made me sick and I can understand how a black person wouldn’t want to respect the anthem of a country where many of its citizens are racists.

    Josh Howard as an American has the right to say whatever the hell he wants to say, about the anthem or anything else, for that matter. It doesn’t make him an idiot or a scumbag or a fool to express his displeasure at how he’s looked upon and/or treated as a black man in a predominately white country where racism is unfortunately still prevalent.

    The only thing I have a problem with in what you did is that it does say in your “Comment” box that “Mail (will not be published) (required).” Was that up the day you published the e mail addresses of those who commented that day? If so, you did violate the trust of those who posted.

    Comment by TripleOT -

  86. When I saw the video and sound byte of Josh’s latest gaff it did not surprise me at all. When I learned that Mark Cuban had instructed his entire staff not to comment on his less than genius baller, again I was not surprised. This is just more proof that money can’t buy class, dignity or self discipline.

    Comment by Greg Corley -

  87. BTW, the ‘other’ Thomas who posted comments just before me. (My other comment was on sept 19th,) is not me. I do not believe in what this rascist Thomas posted and it was not me. Just to clear things up…

    Thomas the intelligent one

    Comment by Thomas -

  88. Hey mark just wanted to say that you are a class act. I have never been a fan of the Mavs, but I am now. For you to put those e-mails out took a lot of guts. Even if the sorry MSM tried to portray you as some one who was trying to divert the attention from Josh. We all know why you did it.

    You are now my favorite owner and will definitely be buying some Mavs tickets this year.

    Comment by origin -

  89. Mark,

    I read your response to the negative emails about Howard. You write that people are quick to judge “purely on soundbites and headlines.”

    Oh wise of the wisest, could you please enlighten us with your wisdom. If a picture is worth a thousand words then what is a picture with “soundbites?”

    Comment by Miguel Osoria -

  90. Please, put down your shotguns, sit down, and listen. This is not a military issue. America is no more the military than it is George Bush or the flag. It is an entire culture and society, one in which black people are underprivileged due substantially to discrimination, and it is that America to which Howard refers. That said, he exhibited a historical level of inelequence which is inexcusable for someone in his position. But this defensive attitude taken by the media and anyone else who stands to benefit by waving a flag shows a shocking lack of appreciation for the values which made America worth defending in the first place.

    Comment by Adam T -

  91. Dear Mr. Cuban:

    You have plenty of evidence on your blog to see why Mr. Howard
    might feel as he does about having black skin in America.
    These people are really filled with self-hate, guilt and shame, and
    it’s troubling that they want to take it out on an American who the
    law says has the freedom of speech!

    I pity these hateful white souls!

    Comment by Carlton -

  92. What a tragedy that the day has arrived when you get shunned for criticizing somebody who’s a piece of shit. I hope the silly little fool rots in hell along with Saddam Hussein, the Rosenbergs, and all of the other weak, pathetic, miserable little liberals that rape this country day after day.

    Comment by Christa -

  93. Wow Mark, thanks for bringing it to our attention. There is a racism in this country. Wow, what a revelation.

    Comment by James -

  94. I see freedom is not what its all cracked up to be.Isn’t that something we can’t even think for ourselves anymore. And when I say we I mean everyone, black, white, latino, african,etc. This is sad when the world can see this now. Most of you are mad because of what he said, but he can say what he wants to say, you did. Does this freedom only apply to some people? If you say no then what’s the problem. If you say yes, then its not freedom. His comments should be brushed off. I hear people saying this stuff all the time that are Black, white, asian, etc. We are not going to always agree but we can always be more accepting of others opinion. Thanks.

    Comment by Elmo Getbusy -

  95. I think it was ok to do what you did. Many people like hding behind a mask
    or in this case a computer screen and say things they wouldn’t dare to say
    I do think, however, that it wasn’t right what Josh said and that his comment
    was racist aswell. Hope he understands that and that you deal with it internally.

    Comment by Jason -

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  97. Just win a Title, cuban.

    Comment by Mav Bav -


    Comment by Eskay -

  99. Hey Chris W how does Johns ass taste ?

    Comment by Joe -

  100. I am sorry I dont care what you have to say Mr. Cuban, about the Howard situation. You have to understand this is not Pittsburg. We are Texan, We send the troops, We watch as our sons and daughters go to war, Every day we deal with the possibility of loss. So do not sit there in you chair and dare to try to make Josh Howard the victim. He is a person that went to Wake Forest, he is not an idiot. Do not try to justify his words as just a spur of the moment thing, We of Texas will not ever embrace that.

    Comment by Robert Ruple -

  101. Chris, face the facts. Josh is just a nigger with an I-Q of 2. He is truly dumb as he looks.

    Comment by Junior Miller -

  102. “Don’t try to belittle American history.” – incorrect usage

    “Just don’t belittle what he has done.” – correct usage

    “This guy just needs to work on his character” LOL – minor issue there

    Comment by Rockwell -

  103. I’d just like to make a few points.

    1. No matter what his backround and status is, Josh has the freedom to say what he wants and you have the freedom to say what you want about him. The most important thing is though the many kids he has dissapointed as a role model and the soldiers he has offended. Wrong words, wrong subject.

    2. Don’t try to belittle American history. No one has been shafted worse than African-Americans in this country: Blacks like Josh have only been able to have this kind of success for less then half a century even though this country is well over 200 years old.

    3. Josh DID overcome WAY MORE than the average American or person in the world for that matter. He was born severly bowlegged and once was able to barely walk without the assistance of braces, let alone play basketball. His father left him right when he was born, he had friends and family members being killed in his own neighborhood, and he has in the past battled anger management problems. AM I saying you should feel sorry for him? No. Just don’t belittle what he has done.

    4. This guy just needs to work on his character and how he conducts himself out in public. This hasn’t been the first or last or even worse stupid thing a professional athlete has done, black, white, hispanic, whatever.

    5. He obviously hasn’t gotten a FREE PASS. He will now be closely wathced by people around the world for 82 GAMES A YEAR FOR THE REST OF HIS CAREER during the national anthem and will probably lose many friends, especially among fellow teamates,NBA playes, etc. And he lives in Dallas. That sucks ass for him. Not a lot of people are going to support this guy anymore.

    6. Oh and Howard would beat your ass in person soldier, bodybuilder,gangster, or not. He’s a 6 foot seven black guy who is in prime physical conditioning and also has anger problems. Yikes.

    Comment by Chris W -

  104. Which country would buckweed howard like to represent instead the US?
    Is he pissed because he wasn’t invited to play on the US Olympics team?

    Comment by jdragon -

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  106. Mr. Cuban,

    I apologize for my words saying you were foolish and elititist. I take them back. I was wrong to call you that. I was angry at Josh Howard about the national anthem, I’m a veteran, (and a liberal.)I stand by my comments about JH disrespecting the many veterans of all colors/creeds, etc who gave their lives for this country. You run your team the way you see fit.



    Comment by Thomas -

  107. Cuban, I think you have more comments to repost and expose, Emails
    included. And this time, do not take it down. Only take down the
    emails after 24 hours.

    Comment by The True Champ -

  108. Fucking African hates America so much he shouldn’t get any American money for dunking a damn basketball. If the son of a bitch hates it here so much, move back to Africa and see how much they will pay your nigger ass for dunking a coconut on some African nigger in Africa. Maybe someone should put this stupid fucker in a cage and drop him off the side of cruise ship into the deepest place in the ocean. Worthless piece of nigger bullshit. He has a multi-trillon dollar contract and won’t stand for the flag that made it possible? Go the fuck away. I hope your worthless nigger ass suffers a career ending and possibly life ending injury so we AMERICANS won’t have to hear this stupid nigger bullshit anymore. Niggers don’t know how good they have it over here. If not for the white man, they would be swinging from trees in Africa and not making the money we should be making. nFuck niggers. Send them back before it’s too late.

    Comment by Thomas -

  109. On the other hand, thanks for keeping a useless black thug off the streets and on your team Mark!! LMAO If Josh Howard wasn’t playing for the Mav’s he’d probably be out there robbing and stealing.

    Instead he can just take Mark Cuban’s money openly. Then disrespect the company which is American based and paying him. Haha this is the ultimate in comedy.

    I think it only gets jucier with the Knicks.

    Comment by skEwb -

  110. Mark,

    Josh Howard should be fired. We all know the league is filled with racist anti-Americans, but my guess is they keep most of their comments/insults in the back rooms. Josh Howard is a jive-clown who’d rather bee-bop on the field during the National Anthem than show a few seconds of respect to those who’ve fought and died to protect American freedom.

    I hope he breaks both ankles the next time he tries to dunk.

    Comment by Jackson Jones -

  111. Here’s the lunacy behind some of your guys comments defending the useless Howard………….he acts like it is all rosy for any white male in this country. It is hard on all of us (except Howard and Cuban because they live in their own world) but they don’t seem to ever look at anything but themselves.

    Comment by Mike -

  112. True Champ, I have no problem with someone disagreeing with me……..that is what makes this country great………but when the moron Cuban deletes some posts he is exercising a bias one way or the other. I guess I will just have to pity you since you obviously can’t understand this. I could care less about the moron twins Howard and Cuban……..they will get it when the season starts…………Cuban may have a ton of money but it doesn’t buy class.

    Comment by Mike -

  113. let me meet you on the street.. I’ll show you what an American does to some pussy un-American racist loser..

    Comment by Danny -

  114. It’s unfortunate, but technology is such that a lot of people with a
    web browser and a cable connection think they can play “judge and
    jury” from a thousand miles away. Do people pick up things like what
    Howard did and quietly turn it into Mavericks management and simply
    say “You might want to look into this.”?? No. Because technology
    not only empowers, it also corrupts. It’s the exception that people
    don’t allow technology to inflate their ego and pride and then assume
    they can take matters into their own hands.

    Electronic hate and cyber-bullying and manipulation and shout-banging
    have become absolutely epidemic in this country, as Mark pointed out
    in a short terse about people shouting other people down. It’s
    manipulation. Like the post from “Jo” I can see right above where I’m
    writing this now with his/her manipulative, pressure comments about
    “Can’t handle the fact he’s wrong, Mark?” and “What happened to freedom
    of speech Cuban?” It’s manipulation, shout-socking and pressuring.
    And our country is RIFE with it. What’s the main catalyst?
    Technology and men’s ego and pride (and a lot of times those coupled
    with anonymity and bags over their heads.)

    Hey Jo and others who use technology to (try) and manipulate people…
    “What happened to human decency??” This isn’t about “freedom of
    speech.” This blog belongs to a PERSON, and that PERSON hasn’t
    guaranteed you ANYTHING. The problem is you think way too highly of
    yourself and think you can electronically push and bully and head-
    whack someone who doesn’t agree with you.

    America, wake up… A cable connection and a web browser doesn’t
    turn you into the world’s savior. There’s way too much “messiah
    complex” out there. If we spent half and much energy doing something
    in the sphere of things we can see immediately around us instead of
    thinking a web browser and a cable connection suddenly turns us into
    “judge and jury” from 1000 miles away, the world would be a
    completely different place.


    Comment by Perl Junkie -

  115. I saw the first post and what amazed me the most is all the racist
    comments. I’m middle class, white collar, white male. I work in the
    computer field and work with a lot of different colors and
    nationalities. I don’t hear or see any of that type of language
    or behavior. I had really thought as a country we were further
    along than that.

    I guess ignorance was bliss…

    Comment by Steve -

  116. Nice post! I do agree the cost of being a bit famous is you will have
    to walk on thin ice and watch your every move. You are scrutinized
    even if you go to the John. But I guess the only problem here is the
    kind of influence stars have on kids. And that surely was not something
    nice Josh did.

    Comment by Cyberhawk -

  117. You cannot get much more hypocritical than that. Josh Howard’s evident contempt for America is baffling. He is apparently thankless for the opportunities America has given him to be free, work hard and succeed. Rather than feel for his country when it is viciously attacked, he seems unaffected and indifferent to the pain so many felt. Josh Howard’s contempt for white Americans is similarly shocking. Josh Howard has white Americans to thank for his success. White Americans go to his games and buy the expensive seats. And yet, Howard speaks of having a problem with the anthem to the nation that has given him so much . I cant quite grasp what hatred must be felt while driving a Bentley, banging white, black, and any color of the hottest women on earth. I could go for some of that hate. These comments were shocking to me not only because of their clear hypocrisy, but because I always thought Howard and his apologist boss were better than that. Sadly, Howard’s hypocrisy is commonplace among successful blacks in Hollywood and sports and let’s not forget Obama’s Princeton graduating wife… They are super-successful, yet they can’t help but complain about the immense difficulties of life in a racist society. I would love to share in some of Howard’s difficulties, starting with the multimillion-dollar paychecks. I wonder if Howards career have similarly blossomed in North Korea, Sudan, or Haiti? I wonder ..Standing up for the National Anthem and for what he iand all you idiots imply to be a white establishment out to get him. while whites have contributed greatly to this sum, though he seemingly cannot stand them nor his country. Hypocritical, don’t you think? The disgraceful hypocrisy of these highly successful black Americans is saddening, as it sends a poor message to black youth who look to these men as role models. Rather than emphasizing keys to success, men like these give black youth a ready excuse for failure – racism. At the heart of their seemingly inexplicable comments, I believe there are two motives. First, these men understand the power of playing the race card. Smith and others know that many whites are afraid of being accused of racism, and will offer great concessions to avoid that suspicion. Simply put, charges of white racism create fear that keep money, jobs, and power rolling in to these black stars. Second, being a victim, even to those who are successful, is a difficult temptation to pass up. Being a victim is not only an ego-boosting badge of honor, it also supplies a ready excuse whenever one fails. So these hypocrites hold on to victim status and pass it along to others, because if you can be a victim and cash in because of it, then, hey, why not?

    credit goes to Jesse Lee Peterson for the inspiration.

    Comment by Ron Hanforth -

  118. dude all you have to say is that you don’t pay josh to be intelligent
    or patriotic (neither of which he seems to be). All you should say is tha
    that you pay him to score point and play defense. He is a complete fool, but a pretty good basketball player.

    Comment by Dwight -

  119. Yeah.
    A black man in America not respecting the anthem? Yeah. So? Like there’s not a mile long list of grievances that an African American man or woman could have against the status quo in this redneck run, god clinging gun culture of a country that practices economic terrorism against most of the rest of the world, most of the African American (not to mention other ethnic groups underrepresented in the halls of congress) and looks to it’s own population as consumers first, cheap labor second and deserving of affordable health care, not at all. No, Mister Howard doesn’t fall into the John Carlos/Tommy Smith camp because his stunning (and historical) lack of nuance is approaching breathtaking. BUT, just because the messenger is a bit of a clown, it doesn’t mean the message isn’t totally (if accidently) valid. There are hundreds of reasons for not respecting the National Anthem at this point in history. The “Joke” that it’s “because I’m black” is actually quite close to the top of the list. When I hear that free speech is still in play, but that Mr. Howard has to face the “consequences” of his speech is missing the point. Which is that the underlying truth to his tossed off comment supersedes the manufactured knee-jerk “outrage” from the “patriots” who are shocked SHOCKED that a black man in America is unsatisfied at the treatment of his fellow Black Americans. Relax red necks! The truth is, Mr. Howard is touching on an actual truth here. No matter how ham-handed he went about making it.

    Comment by Brian Dykstra -

  120. Mark,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few years. In an era of calculated
    public image management, your blog offers refreshing and honest
    perspective. I’m not for or against Josh’s comments. But I do
    empathize with your situation having to answer to the media and public
    for your player’s statements. Taking them on and providing your
    opinions is far better than hiding and clamping up which most
    owners/GM’s would’ve done.
    When sound bytes are made about fighting for the American way of life
    I believe it includes freedom of speech and should allow everyone
    their opinion and not judge them for each one. If people get angry on
    their opinions and demand their owner be held accountable, then how
    different are we from the people living in those “Axis of Evil”
    Good luck on the upcoming season.

    Comment by Sam -

  121. since you showed these people the bad side of being Josh, did you
    also pony up the green? Oh right, the lawyers will handle that
    part later.

    Comment by Jo -

  122. Mr. Cuban – As an African American who served this country in two Gulf wars; as the son of an African American who served this country in Vietnam, and as the grandson of an African American who served this country in two wars, Josh has disrespected me and my family. I am proud of this country. As an African American I know there is prejudice and racism and I experience it. But as African Americans we have to be above that and not do the same thing to white people.

    This country gave Josh what he has. Like it or not, people like me and my family have sacrificed ourselves, put ourselves in harms way and given our lives so he can make stupid comments. yes, he has the right to make stupid comments, but I have the right to my opinion about his comments and about the way it is handled.

    As one African American to another – Josh, you need to grow up. Get out of your mansion and see the world. Try to do what you have done in this country in virtually any other place in the world. The opportunities aren’t there.


    Lt. Kevin Robert (ret)

    Comment by Kevin -

  123. Fuck this ungrateful motherfucker ,the oppertunity this man has been given because of this country isbeyond belief if he had been born in his”native ” land he would be living in a mud hut ,hacking off babies heads with a machette and eating cock roach stew please why stick up for this peice of shit??? I dont get it

    Comment by d.weis -

  124. Hello Mr. Cuban and Mavs fans I did video about what Josh said and
    asked for honest opinions. The opinions I got back were some of worst
    I have ever read about someone. Josh Howard made a mistake and being a
    a former athlete I understand all this non-sense with the media and people
    views. I’m hurt deeply that we still live in country that stills has a long
    way to go as far social consciousness and working together as people.

    I love the Mavericks and people still love you Mr. Cuban. I’m just
    a regular guy making videos about basketball. Don’t let these people
    anger you. I know for a fact a sound bite does not show Josh true
    character as of who is. He will learn from this mistake and grow as man

    You proved a great point just like I did on YouTube but I had to take
    down the hate because it made me sick. Good Luck This Year And Be Strong!!

    Comment by Tee -

  125. I must admit I cringed when I heard that Josh made yet another public comment about ANYTHING because I knew the haters were going to come out of the woodwork…kinda like David H’s comment above. All racists need is a little motiviation to bring it all out in public and Josh surely gave that to them. While I don’t necessarily agree with his comments, I know it’s his right to make them. How quickly people forget what the word FREEDOM means! Comment like the one from David H. above points out that fact. While I have no idea why Josh feels the way he does or if he was just joking around, the fact is…he has the RIGHT to think whatever the hell he wants to think. Just like I do and just like racists people like David H does. Personally, if we could actually censor everyone it would be those closet hood-wearing racists that I’d love to shut up. But unfortunately they have their RIGHTS too….even if they are stupid backwoods idiots. I actually (sort of) feel sorry for people like that because they miss out on soooo much. There are MANY fine people in this country of ALL races which some people will NEVER know. I hope Josh doesn’t get booed this season although I’m afraid he will. I can guarantee you it WON’T be from me!
    Mark…I didn’t see your other post where you posted the email addresses, but I don’t think you should feel bad about it at all. Racism is a horrible thing. I guarantee you that the majority of those who posted are closet racists. The worst kind imop. The fact that they were exposed is all on them. Maybe (although doubtful) when they ACTUALLY read what they wrote they became enlightened. At the very least, those who read the comments know who they are and they hide in the closet NO MORE. To me, that’s a good thing.
    GO MAVS!!!

    Comment by Cynthia -

  126. David, I could not echo your comments more. The double standard that exists in this country is ridiculous and just contributes to the racism that exists and always will exist in this country. If each race is truly equal, why is the double standard necessary. Why should blacks being held to a lower or to no standards? When have you ever heard a black leader preach the virtues of getting an education, speaking the English language properly, dressing like civilized human beings and quit blaming the whites for your shortcomings and failures. I have never heard any black leader say or ppreach anything except let’s ride the racism gravy train. Bill Cosby echoed these things but was cast off by the black community as being an Uncle Tom. Presidential candidate Obama stated that it is about time our black boys get an education and be accountable and Jesse Jackson wanted to cut his nuts off. It is about time in this country that blacks prove that they are equal and bring something to the table except the color of their skin. It is about time that all blacks can be accountable and responsible and even be able to spell these two words. When you can go into any school in this country and the blacks rank last of all races as far as GPA, that tells you all you need to know of what importance blacks put on an education. It has been passed down from black generation to generation that it is easier to ride the racism/discrimination gravy train and that is why we have the Josh Howards of the world. Cuban can make all the excuses in the world for Josh but the bottom line is one’s actions dictate what is thought of you. Josh’s actions both on and off the court the last few years truly show that his intelligent level is lacking and he is not
    being responsible and accountable. Nothing more, nothing less. There will always be the true racist in this country on both side of the fence but all we hear is the white on black racism. However, if we got rid of the double standard in this country and make all races accountable and responsible, the racism in this country would diminish greatly. But I truly wonder if the black race could exist without the double standard. It is not the color of their skin just the baggage
    that comes with most of the black race.

    Comment by Britney -

  127. David in his last post hit the nail on the head! To many people get a free pass in this great country of ours because of the color of their skin. I am a Polish Catholic; my ancestors weren’t even here during slavery and to be honest were persacuted by the Germans as bad as any other group of people. I don’t care that was the past! That said, I don’t hate German Americans, I don’t say disrespectful or hateful things about anyone in our country nor do I ever disrespect our flag, our freedom, our anthem, or our country! My grandfathers faught in both WW and dad in vietnam. There is not another country that has sacraficed so much to give the people what they have, including you Josh. What was said by Josh Howard, is what it is! It’s unbelievable that this guy can’t stand, shut his mouth, and respect the anthem and flag to the country that provides him w/ so many great oppurtunities. Nevermind what he said; he shouldn’t have been talking anyway during the anthem. That’s the sickening part! I don’t hate this guy nor do I really care that much about this but when is someone finally going to have the guts to tell him and people like him, “have some respect, have some dignity or beat it; there are more imortant things then your basketball talent!” People died for you to make your millions, people sacraficed. Mark Cuban you go and yell at referees for blowing calls in boring NBA games but you can’t sit this guy down and honestly repremand him. Instead it is everyone else fault and people stick up for him! Haven’t we heard that before! Words were taken out of context and everyone else is to blame. Oh and Josh, when you vote for someone just because of the color of their skin rather then where they stand on issues, then you are the one who is being the racist! I am sure there are some beautiful socialist and communist countries who would love you to play basketball for them and disrespect our anthem at the same time.

    Comment by Matt -

  128. I heard about most of the racist post on The Russ Martin Show yesterday afternoon while I was in traffic and the comments that were read allowed over the air made me wanna throw-up in my mouth! Its just crazy “The WHITE Trash” online would leave such garbage on your post. I am a maverick fan and always be one regardless of someone else’s opinion. Those comments displayed just shows the stupidity of our fellow “Americans in 2008!” GREAT WAY TO REPRESENT!

    Comment by Miss R. -

  129. Josh, just appologize and go on. You are a childish man with too much money and no sense. You owe it to all the young children in the world who look to you as a role model to be just that a role mode. we all say dumb things sometimes, but what friend would tape it and then leak it out for the world to see….

    Comment by Sate -

  130. Whew, what a trip this has been. Mark,I agree with all your decisions concerning this hyped up incident. I have been blown away by some of the very insightful remarks, and and embarrassed by those who claim they are patriotic Americans. I am a Viet Nam veteran ( Airborne ). I am a Mavs Fan for Life. ( Go Mavs ). I am a child of God ( christian )Trust me, it is easy to HATE, and hard to follow Christ. The real challenge if you dare is to do what Jesus said we should do “LOVE YOUR ENEMIES” matt.5:44 …GO FIGURE!

    Comment by aubrey -

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  132. Ahh, it’s so wonderful to see how ignorant so many people are these days wouldn’t you agree Mr. Cuban? As I scanned over some of these emails and saw things like “Piss off, Cuban. You are a piece of shit,” I laughed. These guys are complaining but what about? About a joke that Josh made that 99 percent of Americans joke about with their friends? Or are they pissed because you’re a white male defending a black male? Either way, it’s plain to see why this ignorance is still prevalent throughout this whole nation. People who contain such hatred because of someones heritage are no better than the “terrorists” that hate all Americans, the Northern Africans that hate the Southern Africans, and so on and so forth. I know what type of guy you are Mr. Cuban, as my uncle knew you from IU, and a friend of his used to work for you as well. If there were more intelligent, open-minded people such as yourself, and many of us who read your blog, this wouldn’t be an issue. As a bi-racial man, I understand what it’s like to be discriminated against by both white and black folks. Doesn’t bother me though. Not anymore. It’s all a childish thing. Ignorance breeds ignorance, and I pity those of you like “Dave C.” and “Mike” because you truly are the cluless ones. I bet if your wives called someone out of their name in the grocery store, and they were confronted by that woman’s husband, you would defend her no matter what she said. Where Josh and Mark aren’t married, they do have a relationship, business or otherwise. If your wife made a malicious attempt to offend someone, I’m sure you would scold her privately would you not? As has been stated several times, it was handled, he was talked to, etc. Let it go. Was it said jokingly? Yes. Was it careless? Yes. But we’ve all made mistakes and some of us need to learn a little restraint, forgiveness perhaps, oh, and how about getting a clue. This is 2008, and people are still racially biased. You are all pitiful for being that way, and I’ll be the first, but not the last, to say it. I’ll still be rockin my J-Ho authentic that I got outta the fan shop come basketball season!

    Comment by Jarred B -

  133. Mark

    You claim you posted email addresses to expose racism. That must mean that you are intolerant of racism. I certainly haven’t heard of you speaking out against the racist ranting of Rev. Wright. Rev Al or Louis Farrakhan. Oh, I get it! Only white people are held accountable for racism.
    Josh Howard is a worthless piece of shit and he’s not worth defending. He just happens to be black.

    Comment by david -

  134. Ignorance? Soundbites? This wasnt a quote taken out of context, the man straight out said he hated America because he was black! There is nothing IGNORANT about having a HUGE problem with that statement.

    I now know the person Dwight Howard is and will view him accordingly. I never really liked the kid anyway, always seemed a little soft and a head case. Wasnt ever sure if he was a head case or just a me player who didnt care about his team.

    I know see, based on this video and HIS own words, that he’s one of those “keeping it real” guys and is sponging a paycheck from the NBA because he has natural talent.

    I’m 44 years old but I remember a saying from I was a little kid. “America, love it or leave it”, Howard this pertains to you.

    Comment by Ray F -

  135. Mark,
    You are a GENIUS. I read some of the emails and was disgusted by
    what some of them said. I know that you will handle the actions by
    Josh in private and you will get his head where it needs to be and
    that is “on the court”. I was disappointed in Josh’s remarks, but,
    I am also aware of the fact that alot of youtube videos are taken
    out of context and we as viewers don’t always have all of the facts
    before we pass judgment.
    GO MAVS !!!!

    Comment by kacie -

  136. Every time a white man make a little gray comment oh he’s in the kkk.
    So it got to be true that Josh is a bigot racist due to the fact Obama
    and his old lady feels the same way. It’s amazing how much this country
    does for Negros and very much unappreciative.The media has ruined many white carrers for way more less. For cuban, money money money money and money money money.

    Comment by Tim -

  137. Just a quick note. You did the right thing defending Josh.
    As for those who oppose his position–patriotism is the
    last refuge of scoundrels.

    Comment by ron jacobs -

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  139. My family and I are huge Dallas Mavs fans and have been for a number of years. First and foremost.
    Players, particularly young ones are prone to drop their guard, say, and do some questionable things. lets remember that they, like us, are human beings and not perfect. I remember things that older veterans have done while playing, like Mr. Charles Barkley, most recently Mr. shaquelle O’Niel, etc. Boys, being boys, or more appropriately, men being boys. Lets forget all that and move on. My wish and hope is that the Mavs go all the way this year, that the starting rotation stay healthy and that Marc only gets one or two techs from the refs. Best wishes to all, from Joe in Miami.

    Comment by Joseph Carrasquillo -

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  141. Mark now you know for the next time.
    Leave the e-mail addy’s off.

    Everytime I hear some no nothing go on about that there is no racism in
    voters rejection of Barack Obama I just want to scream at my teevee.
    If there’s no racism how do account for this.
    and this

    Comment by HoneyBearKelly -

  142. Hey Mark…I think you did the right thing by posting it and pulling it down. And let me say this, I love America, I always stood for the Pledge of Allegiance and always take part in the National Anthem. You know what I love most about America though? The fact that someone like Josh or anyone else can refuse to do such things…it is their right living in this free country. It amazes me how these ideologues never get “it” with their love it or leave it attitude. The fact that one can have these views and express them without fear of being shot or locked up by the government is what makes this country so great. Too often we get mixed up in the symbolism of things and forget about what really is sacred and what many have fought and died for, it isn’t a flag or a song, it is the RIGHTS that we all have as Americans and it is the right to have an opinion that you and I may not agree with.

    Comment by jonesy -

  143. I think Josh was being immature and silly. These people are just being ignorant and hateful. They all need to step back including Josh and think before they speak or type. This is very upsetting. I was and still am a Mavs fan. One silly guy (Josh) will not destroy my team!!!

    Comment by Carla -

  144. 1st of all to Mark Cuban, I could never thank you enough for buying my Mavericks and saving me more years of non-winning and exciting basketball. I was born and rasied here in Dallas and I’m a die-hard Mavericks FAN ONLY, but the actions by Josh Howard over the past few months is very disturbing and quite scary to be honest with you. The going on ESPN and telling all that he smokes weed, well…I think that has been talked about enough. The drag racing…again, not a smart move for himself and not a smart move for my Mavericks and us as Mavericks fans…His latest brain-fart was just plain terrible and shows a very sad side of Josh Howard. Howard has done nothing but dig his own hole with us Mavericks fans and the NBA community. I do hope that Howard will get his head on straight and become the man of integrity that he and all of us could become, but it is up to him and us for that matter. I want nothing more than Howard to succeed as a person and for my Mavericks and get my Mavericks to the finals again and to be a huge part of us winning our 1st ever NBA title. I hope that you, Cuban, will continue to do everything in your power to help my Mavericks continue to succeed and win that elusive title that we as Mavericks fans so long for since 1980.

    Comment by SSDirk-Shawn Schultz -

  145. This is what i posted on the ESPN convo on this topic.

    “Absolutely ridiculous how people are flaming on freedom of speech and opinions. Hate to say it guys but most people in this country are racist. Maybe not as blatent as others but i’ve seen most people either act differently, have assumptions and stereotypes of black people. On top of that there’s countless situations that have been handled differently because of the person being black or white. I’m not saying all people are racist but… if he feels like the country he lives in doesn’t appreciate black people, so be it.
    As far as Mark Cuban… he’s the owner not the father, Mark can handle the situation outside of real law any way he wants… i’m sure mark just wants him to play basketball and for everyone else to quit crying about something they have nothing to do with.”

    I think you give this 3 days and it’s not talked about again…. just another TMZ moment from ESPN to get a story out of something small. They need the drama.

    Comment by Andrew R. -

  146. I am really embarrassed by all of this. I am embarrassed by an off-handed remark made by this young man, though we all make idiotic statements at some time. I am embarrased at what people are writing and how vicious it is. This makes these people the same as Josh Howard. The whole thing is disgusting.
    All of us came from oppression at some time or the other. 50 years ago and beyond, it was the African slaves. Jews who came to this country 100 years ago were not welcome. On the west coast, it was the Chinese, then anyone Japaness and currently it is anyone connected in any way with an Hispanic country or anyone remotely Muslim looking. Even Barak Obama is oppressed merely because of the name of his father (who did not raise him, it was his white grandparents) – a name he did not choose, but one he bears.
    Josh Howard needs to recognize that his forebears worked long and hard to make it so that the people of the USA did treat his race with more respect. All the work they did, the marches and the struggles mean nothing to him because he has such disrespect for his own history. He should be setting an example of how young black men should behave. He is fortunate he did not live in the 1930-1960s era when he probably would never have ended up with the success he has now. And certainly, while this country did not welcome his race at a certain time, if he were currently living somewhere on the African continent, mostly likely he would be either embroiled in a civil war, stricken with AIDS or living in abject poverty. What a shame that he does not see how fortunate he is to have made it this high in his profession, something that might not have happened in another country. No, the USA is not perfect, but how we live is so much better than most. Having been in many civilized countries and in many 3rd world countries, we all need to stop carrying on, and instead put forth our best efforts to improve the USA. Tearing it down does not help. Put your words to use for positive change!

    Comment by Rev. Betty Wynne -

  147. Mark – You did the right thing. Sometimes a moral actor must take a radical step in an effort to seek change. All thinking people, I would guess, become frustrated at times with the ignorance and outright horribleness of human beings. Just as Josh saying something objectionable doesn’t make him a bad guy for all time, we must hope for improvement within ourselves and others, even those who at the moment seem like the worst among us. Maybe their circumstances did not permit them to develop what we might view as enlightened persons. That goes both for Josh and the authors of the many racist rants you printed on your site. None of us is perfect. We all need forgiveness. We must have hope for all men, even the worst among us. Reading those emails almost makes me weep for my country, for humankind. The fact that many Black people have ambivalence about the U.S. is to be expected, given history. If certain people can’t deal with that, well, what can you do? You’re a good man, Mark.

    Comment by Iggy Bop -

  148. Mark, I just wanted to tell you that YOU ROCK!!! Personally, I wish you and Josh Howard all the best, and May God continue to bless both of you and your families ALWAYS!!! For the people that rushed to quick judgement and ugliness, one thing that I must say is that it must be hard to be soooooooo perfect and never make any mistakes in life. As the Bible says, “Don’t judge, lest you be judged.” But then again, with the ugliness and venom that you have shown, I find it hard to believe that you have ever opened up a Bible in your life, so I won’t even quote the other verse inthe Bible that talks about forgiveness and loving your neighbor as yourself, since that might be foreign to you as well. The only thing that I will say is that I will pray that God’s Love will touch your heart and fill it up, and may you one day come to know those verses and live them. GO MAVERICKS!!!!!!!

    Comment by Linda -

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  150. Mark – Good work. Posting the most ignorant of ignorant is something. I think a lot of people that are just regular, normal people don’t realize how stupid many others out there are.

    That being said, Josh Howard did seem to come off as a jerk. Howard is able to live this lifestyle because of the country he lives in. If he feels that way about the US then he should use his money and celebrity in a positive manner to help what he thinks needs fixing. If he was just saying that to be funny, he then needs to learn (and fast) what it means to be a professional athlete. Wheter fair or not, you are always on camera and always being watched. Saying things like this can cost you money, respect, and fans.

    Still, isn’t this why the US is the greatest country, because we as a people are afforded the right to say what we think about our nation, whether it be positive or negative? I may wish everyone loved this country as much as I do, may think it’s disrespectful to our troops to say something so disparaging to the US, but that is why we (at least I) love our country, because of our freedom of speech. I may (and do) completely disagree with what Josh said, but he should have every right to say it (as people should have every right to agree or disagree with it.) If we force everyone to say they love the US, are we then any better than North Korea?

    Comment by Jess -

  151. Mr. Cuban,
    You can publish my email if you want. I have no problems with it.
    As for Josh Howard, He either made an absolutely boneheaded mistake or he really feels that way. If he made a boneheaded mistake, he is not the first, but maybe some communication training would be in order? (Like teaching him when to keep his yap shut.)
    If he really feels that way, we need to find out why (although some of the responses on this blog are good indications). However, if he really feels that way, he needs to seriously re-evaluate his life. He needs to evaluate what it is that has afforded him the lifestyle and the celebrity status that he now enjoys. His talent? certainly. But more importantly, his salary is enabled by the fans. You pay it, but without the fans buying tickets, consessions, and advertising, you would not have the money to pay his salary. If he really feels that way, does he really want the freedoms our servicemen and women have afforded him by their sacrifice? Does he really want the money you pay him? Does he really want to provide entertainment and enjoyment to the fans? If he continues enjoying these things and he really feels this way, isn’t this soemthing of a hipocrasy?
    In closing, if this was a mistake, he needs to not make it again. If he really feels this way, we can learn from it, but he has some serious soul searching to do. Either way, I wish Mr. Howard and The Mavericks the best in the future.

    Comment by Russ -

  152. One of the larger lessons here might be that, like an earlier poster said, the national anthem is now “just a song” in the minds of so many. Perhaps we hear it played so often that we don’t really stop and reflect upon its meaning, beyond the words and the music.

    Next time you are at a Mavs game, or a Cowboys game, or a Stars game, take notice of what others are doing during the national anthem. Is what Josh did really any different from fans in the stadium/arena continuing their conversations, texting friends, or shouting “STARS” in the middle of the anthem? It is really sad that people can’t take a mere two minutes out of their lives for a simple show of respect to each other, if not the country. I don’t think Josh was necessarily any more disrespectful than these fans I’ve seen at various sporting events.

    Comment by Bob Saccomano -

  153. You “should of” left it up, if only to showcase the poor level of literacy in your country.

    It’s unfortunate that the media only latches onto the controversial and silly things athletes say.

    You did the right thing by posting the emails.

    Comment by Vince -

  154. Mark: Your paying this mutt how much?? Grow some balls and tell it like it is,this mutt slams the very same country that butters his bread?.F— him. I’ll NEVER support him or any team that’s dumd enough to have him

    Comment by Jake -

  155. Even if he meant it…..He does have the right to freedom of speech
    and expression. Isn’t this america?

    Comment by B V -

  156. As a die-hard NBA fan(Go GS!) and a proud American, I don’t give a crap what Josh Howard said. I know we all probably say much worse things in our private lives than that. He also did seem like he was joking. It might’ve been a bad joke though.

    As Americans, we are proud of the star spangle banner, but my beef is, why do you need the star spangle banner to remind you of our freedoms. At the end of the day, it’s just a song. What matters is our actual liberty, the fact that we have the right to say what Josh howard said.

    Comment by MaddenDude -

  157. Seriously, some of you guys really need to shape up and start getting
    your heads straight. For crying out loud, were you all even paying
    any attention to what Cuban says here? Nowhere in this is he saying
    that Josh Howard’s comments were good or right or anything of the
    sort. What he is saying, and what he proved by subjecting those hate
    mongers to a limited version of the same scrutiny as Josh Howard, is
    that being offended by ignorance on display is no excuse to be
    responding with even deeper and more scathing ignorance, and using it

    Now, I didn’t see any of the comments Cuban got that he originally
    brought up in the last post, but from what I can tell, the comments
    in question are WORSE than Howard’s idiotic and ignorant remarks
    about the flag. The comments that Cuban stood up against are comments
    indicating that not only do the people posting them not even know
    much more about Josh Howard other than that soundbyte, but are also
    more than capable of being EVEN MORE CLASSLESS THAN JOSH WAS! Cuban
    isn’t attacking everyone who does not agree with or like Josh Howard
    for this – only the ones who prove themselves to be hypocrites by
    responding with even more ignorance than he showed and with hatred to

    The point is: call Josh Howard an idiot if you must. Cuban and even
    Howard himself probably have. But to say this is America, the land of
    freedom of speech, then turn around and tell a guy that a brief
    moment of anthem defiance and idiotic tomfoolery in front of his
    buddy’s camera is reason for him to be forcibly unemployed or
    deported from the country he was born in, or to use that brief moment
    of idiocy as justification for any sort of racial or religious
    intolerance, or even to insist that a soldier has more right to speak
    than a civilian, as if the banner of the U.S. Armed Forces either
    does or should magically endow someone with added citizenship and
    authority rights under some secret article of the Constitution I
    don’t know of, is basically forsaking and betraying the actual ideals
    that this country is supposed to stand for and that the very soldiers
    you’re talking about are supposed to be fighting for – even more than
    Josh Howard’s commentary of a dumbass!

    Now, those of you who haven’t seen the comments Cuban is talking
    about and to this point believe that the comments he addressed were
    just ordinary comments of disapproval with his display, you’re partly
    excused. (Partly, I say, because you need to look at the facts a
    little further before you assume he’s just defending an idiot, when
    in fact he could actually be defending an idiot from a ravenous
    hate-mongering wolfpack of even bigger idiots.) However, if you’ve
    had the unfortunate luxury of seeing those comments yet you still
    think they’re more defensible than Josh Howard, or if you’re still
    making the same indefensible hatred kind of comment right here and
    UNTIL YOU LEARN YOUR LESSON. Statement, opinion, identity, and fact.
    Hopefully by someone who, like Mark Cuban or myself, does not stoop
    *even lower* to do so.

    The True Champ has spoken – if you don’t know, now you know. And it’s
    not because I’m black – it’s because that’s how I roll!

    Comment by The True Champ -

  158. I hate everyone and everything. I am happy sometimes when people on TV fail, especially when they are black and they fail on TV. I am also happy when there is someone to hate on the internet. That being said, I hate you all. Howard’s not really a dick, it doesn’t seem. He was hella blunted it looked like and trying to be funny. who among us hasn’t made a completely inappropriate comment in that context? Still, I sincereley hope everyone feels judged tonight. I myself am a little to Mexican.

    Comment by Thinking Man -

  159. Dear Mark, If you really want to make an important statement about race, how about financing my sci fi film noir screenplay. It makes its point subtly in an entertaining, post-apocalytic, action oriented fun manner. As for Josh Howard, well, the public thinks they know him just like they think they know other beyond black figures such as Magic Johnson, Tiger Woods, Will Smith and Michael Jordan. But, we really don’t know what they go through. We don’t know what they have suffered in the past or present. In my world of writing films, there is discrimination against black females such as myself, but there is also much discrimination against white males and white females writers over the age of 40. No one who watches rerun after rerun of MASH or Lucy Ball would suspect that those writers get zilch for those reruns and many are near impoverished or have lost their homes decades before the current mortgage meltdown. My suggestion to anyone still angry about this Josh Howard issue would be to get out in the streets and campaign for the candidate of your choice. You’re bound to meet people of all races who are beyond nothing, people whose lives will make an impact on yours in ways you cannot imagine.

    Comment by S. Dent -

  160. Hey Mark,

    Great blog… I am impressed by how you articulated exactly what it’d
    be like to “have to be on 24 hours a day.”

    Every person in the world would get slammed by the masses in this era of the 10 second sound byte, youtube, and cyberjabbering!

    Kudos and good luck Mavs! You have a new fan

    Comment by rich -

  161. You discusting fuck. Is your nigga fucking you in your ass. It’swhite shit like you that has fucked up this country. I’d tell you to go to hell but you’ll be there soon enough.

    Comment by yomama -

  162. Well, you can tell that just about everyone that severly lashed out at Josh here are a bunch of republicans that need to realize that this is 2008 and all that conservative support America crap has gone out of the window.

    Alright, he said something inappropriate and very distasteful. It was a very stupid thing to say and you should have fined him. But are we going to really stone this guy orver an so called “anti-America comment? Of course not. Did Josh Howard say he hates America? no. Did he say f*** the soldiers of America? no. Did he say f*** the fans and good people of this country? No. I can’t belive you disgusting, biggoted slobs. What Tim Hardaway said about gay people was far worde then this. This is about a young man who was having a good time and probably a little drunk/high ( like most of you don’t live the same kind of lifestyle. It was simply a bad “black” joke. He WAS NOT THINKING AT ALL. The only thing that you accomplished Cuban is show how much “us” whit people resent the NBA and that that we think all black people that play sports are big bad scary drug dealing, baby killing, gangsters. Oh no, so scary, they have money so we better watch them!!

    Please, how pathetic and immature.

    Comment by Chris W -

  163. Mark,
    You made your point and it was right. For me? No doubt you generated reams of email. For me, I an eye opener. Yeah, the original sin was embarrassing and foolish and wrong, but the comments you shared, WOW, it was like reading cold acid calling totoxic shock….ummmm, toxic. I think it was beneficial sharing and and understandable.

    when your head hits the pillow, sleep tight. Humans are humans, comedy, tragedy and everything in between.

    Rock on.

    Comment by Ken Brand -

  164. Dear Mr. Cuban,

    My family and I were political refugees from Nicaragua following the communist takeover in the late 1970’s. I came to this country at a very young age and began to appreciate the uniqueness of America when my parents would tell me about our relatives left behind Nicaragua. Living in Miami, my friends’ parents would tell me about the evils of Fidel Castro’s oppressive regime and the stifling of independent thought.

    Mr. Howard has every right to say what he said. The government has no right to silence him. However, actions have consequences and civil-society holds people accountable. And thats what you see going on now.

    As someone that is intimately familiar with totalitarianism and oppression, who appreciates the god-given freedoms that America safeguards, I was disgusted by Mr. Howard’s comments and total disrespect.

    But what upsets me more is, if he does have a major complaint about this country, I really haven’t seen any action from him to change it. From its founding, this country’s civil society has provided many opportunities for people to become active in improving our society (read de Tocquevillee). The abolitionists, the suffragettes, Martin Luther King all began in the grass-roots of our civil-society. He loses credibility for his outrage, justified or not, by inaction. Rather than curse the darkness, he should light a candle. For this, I commend you for all your charitable work and speaking out (though I may not always agree w/ you).

    As part of the discussions you will undoubtedly have w/ Mr. Howard, may I suggest that next time your team travels to Washington DC, make a side trip to Arlington with the team and visit our wounded warriors in Walter Reed. Not for fame or fortune, but for the most noble of causes, to keep others free, these brave men and women have have sacrificed their limbs and lives for what President Lincoln called “the last full measure of devotion”.

    When the symbols of this country are disrespectd like that, many people feel that these sacrifices are disrespected aswell.

    They did their part to protect and preserve our liberties. It is up to Mr. Howard, if he has concerns about our country, to use the liberty they bleed for him to retain, to make a positive contribution to improving our society.

    Thank you for your kind attention.

    Comment by HJA -

  165. As a retired Marine of 26 years, I just want to tell Mr. Howard that he can say anything he wants, it’s called freedom of speech and it’s protected by our constitution. Luckily, for this gentleman, thousands of service members of the Armed Forces of the United States, of all races, creeds and colors, have paid the ultimate sacrifice so this gentleman can legitimize the desecration of our National Anthem.
    What a proud tribute you pay to our fallen hero’s Mr. Howard, you must be very proud of yourself.

    Comment by Dwain -

  166. Did you read the headlines? Josh Howard is really white, and just wanted to mess with all of the haters out there, and John McCain has not really been a politician for 27 years. He really wants to change Hollywood, not DC, and did enter his wife in a beauty contest (Wet Bathing Suit), and didn’t xrash five planes, and he is only 45 years old! Cut me a break, aren’t there more important things than some kid making a few stupid comments. For all of you white guys out there, could you really understand how tough it must be to grow up in this country as a black kid, when there is still so much hate, just as diplayed by your also stupid retorts!

    Comment by Joe McGovern -

  167. Did you read the headlines? Josh Howard is really white, and just wanted to mess with all of the haters out there, and John McCain has not really been a politician for 27 years. He really wants to change Hollywood, not DC, and did enter his wife in a beauty contest (Wet Bathing Suit), and didn’t xrash five planes, and he is only 45 years old! Cut me a break, aren’t there more important things than some kid making a few stupid comments. For all of you white guys out there, could you really understand how tough it must be to grow up in this country, when there is still so much hate, just as diplayed by your also stupid retorts!

    Comment by Joe McGovern -

  168. Bill A, of course you are entitled as well. Would you do me a favor? Would you please watch the entire 4:07 video from which the 10 seconds was extracted? I see a predominantly black crowd being eminently respectful to the National Anthem. One of Josh’s teammates even screams to the camera (at the 2:19 mark) “I love my country” twice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8w3mihzzZZM. And here are comments of the rapper LOS (short for Carlos) who took shot the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohuPNBFfpmY. Please tell me if this changes your mind.

    Comment by Jeff Mitchell -

  169. That may be true Jeff, but freedom of speech goes both ways ! I’m entitled too. Not just the figgin idiots of this republic !

    Comment by Bill A. -

  170. Mark, this exercise doubtlessly taught those few nasty emailers a lesson, but with the elimination of the original blog entry, the greater message — which I assume you are trying to convey — has now been lost on the vast majority of those just tuning in. I think it would be instructive to repost it with the email names redacted, along with all the varied comments.

    Side note to those offended by unpatriotic behavior in general: I share your distaste for it but remember that one of the freedoms our soldiers fight and die for is freedom of speech. We just ousted a dictator, in Saddam, who would torture and kill anyone whom he even perceived talked ill of him or his government. Yes, hate the words, try to set the offender straight, but take pride in living in a country that assures dissent. Because, as you know, that blasted “other” party (I say purposefully ambiguously) may win the election and you may wish to exercise your freedom to say something distasteful about them!

    Comment by Jeff Mitchell -

  171. Mark

    Thanks for just presenting the truth, and realising that the truth hurts.

    I hope someone comes to Bill A.’s house and ships him to a foreign country as slave labor. It’d be a great way for him to really live with his desire for traditional values.

    Comment by db -

  172. I think the whole point is missed here. The point is that Josh is too ignorant to understand that “black” has nothing to do with the National Anthem. If he said he was African, and that he supported another anthem it would have made sense. The bottomline is that Mark has relationships with his players and that is understandable but to come back at the fans, angry or not, and publishing their emails just makes another wrong and is a childish gesture. I was a huge Mavericks fan but I think this whole thing was handled wrong and I will still support the team but not Josh. It was just an ignorant athlete trying to be “thug” in front of his buddy instead of realizing that his salary comes from the fans and that he is a role model for kids. I hope that Josh can understand that I have two “black” friends serving in Iraq right now and if he would like their phone numbers Im sure they could explain the imprtance of the National Anthem to him.

    Comment by Dan -

  173. WI’m ashamed at reading all the comments of people supporting this piece of **** ! Black athletes have made the NFL and the NBA a goddamn joke. This type of behavior would not have been tolerated 40 years ago.I guess it’s ” IN ” for the younger generation to be so disrespectful. It must be part of the ” Black Value System ” I hear blacks talking about. God help this country !

    Comment by Bill A. -

  174. The best comment here is from the “Chief”. He fought for our Country
    and knows what it means to have “freedom”. For Josh Howard to speak against
    what many of us hold dear is “offensive” to some, but speaks to the
    freedom that we all take for granted. We all have our differences. I find
    it ironic when one person’s differences are called upon as negatively as
    this. I don’t like what he said, I think he should watch himself and his
    actions more closely, but I don’t think it is any more offensive for him
    to say what he said, than it is to say what many of you are saying about
    him. His right to free speech and protest are the very freedoms the “Chief”
    fought for, yet so many of you are trying to take that away from him
    because you don’t agree with what he said. If you don’t like it, don’t
    listen, and don’t buy a ticket. Don’t offer oppression and censorship to
    a situation that speaks so loudly about what the Country was built on.

    Comment by Chris Smith -

  175. Why to all these people say he did someone bad .What did he do that was so wrong
    In a country that gives black people more time in jail for the same crimes
    In a country where police can gun down unarmed black people in the streets
    Why should be so America SO GREAT USA USA USA.

    Comment by Joey -

  176. I have always thought you were a jackass Cuban, but this Howard
    situation takes the cake. You would defend a scumbag like him wouldn’t
    you!! I guarantee if he was playing for another team you would be
    talking trash about him. You make me sick Cuban. The 1st time I saw
    you yelling at a ref I was like “this guy is a joke”. Every time I
    see you at a game my stomach turns. Wake up…you will NEVER win a
    championship – loser!

    Comment by Brandon -

  177. mark cuban is a homo and this nigger howard aint nothing more than a blue gum dumb ass nigger who sucks obamas dick

    Comment by colin smith -

  178. Josh’s comments and his actions were not because he was black. They were actions and comments based in ignorance. Do I know why he doesn’t like the National Anthem? Not really. I honestly don’t think it has anything to do with his skin color. However, he’s totally removed himself from ever getting a chance to play for Team USA in the future by this. Mark, I understand that he’s one of your players and one of your employees and that you support him. Personally, I’m hoping that behind closed doors you’ve screamed “What the HELL did you think you were doing???” at him, but that’s just one person’s opinion, just like my dismay over his attitude toward the anthem. However, I’m hoping that he can be straightened out as to how wrong his actions and words were.

    Too many people today STILL automatically jump on anything that can have even the slightest racial connotation in it. Hell, I’ve had someone become incensed because someone called him a “big, fat, black whale”, claiming that it was racism because he was called “black”. He then referred to himself as black. *shakes head* These days, I really think that there is way too much emphasis on trying to find every little negative thing out there, and when something positive is shown, it’s either passed over, glossed over, or responded to with “That’s so nice…” and forgotten a couple days later.

    You showed that sometimes people need to be accountable for their words, just like Josh will be held accountable for his words. However, you also showed that there is an element of mercy where there can be too much of a backlash. Both posting the addresses and taking them down was the right move, I believe. And just maybe it will make people think twice about spewing such hatred. Internet anonymity has unfortunately created a hideous monster that I can’t see being corralled anytime soon (the incident where a girl was beaten with a boom box at a convention in Baltimore last summer in front of dozens of witnesses is an unfortunate example of this.)

    I hope Josh learns what he did wrong and I hope those hate-spewing people also learn from their actions.

    Comment by Jim -

  179. What a crock of b.s.! Cuban is a breath of fresh air for the NBA! But, the NBA is nothing but a waste of time!
    You can call me racist if you want to be little minded! However, I believe anyone who reacts the way Howard did deserves to lose the $ millions this country has blessed him with! Same goes for the black athletes who gave the black power sign at the Mexico olympics instead of honoring the USA! But here is where your acusation of racism is dead wrong! I do not care if you are white, black, red, yellow purple or orange, if you degrade the US, if you have no respect for the US, if you cannot appreciate the greatness, the goodness, the freedom that the US gives all it’s citizens, you should lose the $$ you get, lose your citizenship, lose your rights! If Howard was anywhere else, does he think he would be as well off as he is now? HELL NO!

    Comment by zeke -

  180. I hope you have something up your sleeve.
    I want to see millions read-
    ing those despicable racist rants. Racism is real, and we need to
    prove it every chance we get. Too many descent people are distanced
    from the haters, and fear and loathe their existence. Play this right,
    show people what Josh and millions face, hatred. This blog is gaining
    momentum and I hope you find the way to blow it up.
    Post all the
    comments. Make David Stern live up to his responsibility to his
    players. USE YOUR POWER.
    The world is changing, keep pushing.

    Comment by tom kolak -

  181. I forgot to say one thing after I gave my thought….




    Comment by Earl -

  182. Hang in there,most of us believe like you do were just quiet about it . Thank you for being up front and keeping the public informed even if it hurts you personally. God bless and keep having fun.

    Comment by John Schmieg -

  183. Oh and one more thing! If we are all so F*%KING patriotic, then why is it that whenever I go to any NBA arena in the country. I would llike to remind you that I go see the Pistons in about 13 cities over the course of a season and numerous home games is well.
    With that being said. I stand with my hat off, and with my hand on my chest during the national anthem, and I have always seems numerous men with their hats on. Never mind all the others yapping their mouths, talking on cell phones, slamming a brew, sitting and wolfing down hot dog. How is that any less patriotic than what J. Howard did? Worry about you and your own. This country would be much better off, we really would. Some of the above comments are nasty, ridiculous, ignorant, and petty.

    Comment by Hammond -

  184. I hope you trade him. I served US Army and can’t believe a guy you pay millions of dollars to throw a basketball into a hoop, thinks he is better than the people who serve proudly.

    I promise you Mark Cuban, if I go to a game and he is coming onto the court in Dallas, I will boo.
    I think he is a loser. Let him go to Euro or another NBA Team. I will boo him as long as he stays a Maverick.

    Comment by Proud to be an American -

  185. Mr Cuban,
    I have been reading many articles and stories – over the last couple of years – about Americans displaying open protests to our Countries most revereri symbols of heritage. I have thought about this long and hard in coming to the following conclusion.

    I served my country, this great country called America, honorably for 30 years. Of which 20 of those 30 years were spent in far off foreign lands. What’s really great about America, the land of the Free is this: NO WHERE else on this planet can one protest symbolically, verbally, or even openly, like can be done here in America. Whether its burning the flag, spitting on our National Anthem or calling out, even the President without fear of being thrown into some deep, dark, damp hole and forgotten about; we all as American Citizens can do so without fear of reprisal, lengthy prison terms, or even death. Not to ourselves, not to our family members; not here in America. One need not agree with it, need not even like it; I don’t. I served in order to protect the freedoms of each and everyone of us, so that we may have the right – among other things – to protest freely in this country. Not only is it an open display of Freedom – it is the highest testament to our Freedom!

    Your thoughts and feedback would be much appreciated.

    Robert “Chief” Hansen

    Comment by Robert D Hansen II -

  186. Nice way to handle your business! Is Josh Howard doing his job at work? YES. People out there! Listen, you all cannot say that you or someone in your life has never said some stupid ass comment? Give me a F-*king break! Never used Gods name in vain? Never said our President is stupid? If you havent, you are lying. Give it a rest, already. I would probably bet that J.Howard was a little buzzed, and if he were some average individual, like all of us, no one would even know. I am not the biggest Dallas fan, I actually am from Houston and now live in Detroit, My faves are Pistons, Houston, Spurs, and all the rest are good, but whatever.
    Mark, You’ve proven your point, in a great way. I wish I could see the looks of the ignorant jack-asses that posted derogatory, inflammatory, and downright ignorant people whom are looking at their inbox and seeing so many emails. CLASSIC!

    Comment by Hammond -

  187. Mark,

    I think that you gave a great lesson to those people whose email addresses you posted. What they likely experienced based on your post was hopefully eye-opening for them. By removing the post, you have also given them a second chance, something that Josh won’t have. You gave them a taste of what it feels like to be perceived as a racist bigot, and now that they know we can only hope that they will learn to conduct themselves in a way that we can all be proud of.

    Comment by MSC -

  188. dont know if my email was one of those you published. it should have been.
    if so, nobody noticed, because I didnt get any hate mail for speaking my mind about
    your scumbag player. sorry that I have to feel that way, because I’ve admired you
    as an owner for many years now. like I said in my prior email… their aint no man holdin’
    Josh Howard down. he’s got millions… and he’s still got an attitude problem.
    in the long run… he’s irrelevant. but story after story in the media about rich, spoiled, & ungrateful sports figures getting in trouble just goes to show that just being a millionaire NBA player doesnt mean you have any class or principles. He could be Black, white, green, or blue… it doesnt matter… it’s always the same gripe though.

    Comment by Jim -

  189. I can’t wait til that piece of t rash Josh Oward comes up to the northeast this year so I can boo his unitelligent trairorous butt off the court. Hopefuly everyone in Dallas boos this punk right of town.

    Comment by Jim -

  190. If Josh Howard were white and made the same comments about
    a BLACK AMERICA Al Sharpton, Jessie (the spit in your burger man)
    Jackson, the ACLU and the NAACP would be demanding the fool be
    banished to an island immediately. In this sorry ass’s case it all
    don’t blame the man…blame society….let’s forgive…He’s a young black
    man who needs guidance. I hope he gets booed out of every arena
    he visits….and I live here and love all these teams. He is an
    ignorant ass who when he’s broke and hungry will find who his real
    friends are as have we all….good luck in life Josh.

    Comment by Earl -

  191. Nice Cuban,
    As a 25 year Navy retired Navy Veteran I can honestly say that you are a winner.
    It is beyond belief that you could survive in Dallas. Have you ever thought of buying the
    Los Angeles Lakers,Clippers or better yet the Golden State Warriors ????
    This will make it easier for you Nancy Pelosi,The Berkley Crowd and the other winners like you to hang out
    together and burn a flag at half time.

    Cant wait for some Texas cowboy whips your ass on national TV.

    Comment by George Sosa -

  192. Let me first say that I do not like what Josh Howard said as far as the I’M Black part. I don’t care that he doesn’t want to celebrate the Anthem. Many times in my life I have been very unhappy about my government and my country. That is called the right to dissent. The fact that he establiushes this right based on his race is what is wrong here. We live in such a politically correct world, If you are white. Just ask Tony Kornheiser. Hatred is wrong doesn’t matter why you hate, its just wrong. Now then all that said, I also have always liked Josh Howard, until this episode. I recently moved to the DFW area and was going to go to a Mavericks game, as I have been a fan sionce their inception. I will not go to a game as long as Josh is on the team. I know my money will not be missed and I don’t care about the impact, I do care about my integrity and as much as I am offended everytime a White person is crucified for something that is Politically Correct based, well I feel that I personally need to take a stand against this kind of behavior. So keep him on the team and I will stay home and not follow the team as usual.

    Comment by David -

  193. That was one of the most impressive things I have seen and read in a long time.

    Keep up the good work and the awesome Blog.

    Comment by T -

  194. You are an amazing man, what you have done for the NBA as well as countless young men and women throughout these United States is to be applauded what you did was needed so that we can put front and center the racism and jealousy of those who are just not adequate to be kind and social no matter what is said, i commend you and may god bless you sir.

    Comment by David Everett -

  195. Cuban,

    We all know that you’re frustrated because you haven’t won an NBA championship. Take a look at the tteams who’ve won recently. They are all “teams”, not just a bunch of individual, over-paid punks. Josh Howard will never be part of a winning formula in Dallas. Aside from that, maybe Mr. Howard would do well to appreciate the fact that he lives in America. In no other country could a stupid n*gger like him become a millionaire playing basketball. Thank you, drive thru please.

    Comment by Crusty the clown -

  196. Mark – You are a true maverick. Thank you for defending the right of people to say “Patriotically Incorrect” things. Josh Howard has a right to his opinions, just as any other American citizen. In our current political environment, some citizens believe flag lapel pins and remaining seated during performances of “God Bless America” are more important than free expression and knowing and respecting the words and ideas of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Our Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves.

    Comment by varla -

  197. Let his hateful ass not celebrate that **** somewhere other than the
    USA. He would not have what he has anywhere else. Nice backbone Mark.
    You busted your butt for what you have and seem to appreciate it. Why
    let this jackass demean what allowed yours and his success.

    Comment by Rich -

  198. you should have left them up. I don’t condone what Josh said
    and have been on the fence about him since the playoffs and Avery
    situation. That being said you did the right thing making those
    people accountable for thier drive by comments. Stay Hard

    Comment by adam -

  199. It sadden me to the point of tears when I started to read the emails people had sent you. I am hipanic myself. I grew up in a primarily “latino” city. I had heard about the ignorance that ran rapit in some cities, but never really experianced it firsthand. Just knowing that kind of stupidity is out there hurts me. I am 33 years old with a two year old son. After reading a few emails from your blog, I went home and hugged my son hard. I pray that he will never come in contact with these nasty people. I will make sure my husband and I raise our sone to never hate anyone. He will be raised to know that we are ALL equal and no one race is better than another. And God not willing, if he ever does come upon someone who is that ignorant, he will look at them with pity and pray for them.

    Comment by Judith -

  200. Hey Mark
    Kudos to you for outting a racist for what he is. Working in the Television industry, I’m well aware that who you see on the television isn’t necessarily who they are, again, Kudos to you for pointing that out.
    By the way, I was bummed to see you vote off DWTS.

    Comment by carrie -

  201. Josh Howard is a punk. Just like 90% of the league. It’s all about the blatant disrespect he has shown his country. The same country that allows him to show his ignorance and make his millions. Likewise, the same country that allows you Cuban to show your ignorance by paying him millions. Its about the soldiers and their families. He not only disrespected his country, but also those who gave their lives to defend it.

    Comment by Andy -

  202. are you kidding me…..Step up and do the right thing mark, this idiot just displayed his lack of honesty and education. You can disagree, you can protest, but being an stupid ass is just unacceptable. Keep standing up for losers and show you have no balls…….we feel sorry for you and your wimpie ass. kjj

    Comment by kjj -

  203. Mark
    What I most like about you is you are true and react just like we do and you seem to be honest and just one of the majority. You seem to be so approachable and do care for all walks of life.
    I hope some day we can run into you somewhere.
    Sincerely, Jan

    Comment by Jan Elder -

  204. This is the first (and last) time I’ll be reading your blog. You are completely wrong on the Howard issue; the guy should be ashamed of himself. I’m sure you’ve gotten plenty of obsequious comments from uninformed, idiotic people whose opinion is largely irrelevant, but I will tell you (publicly) that I will never again sponsor a Cuban event. The reason so many fans enjoy you as an owner is because you behave like they do — you act like a fan, someone who is having fun. Unfortunately, by trivializing a serious and disgusting incident, you’ve shown yourself to be something of a joke in your own right.

    Comment by Jeff -

  205. P.S. Although I do think professional athletes do need to be
    taught how to handle the media and attention, I don’t think
    feel that you should have to be taught how to respect
    your country. If he truly feels this way and I honestly don’t
    think he does…there is a European League he could play in.

    Comment by Mary -

  206. Josh Howard makes me sick. I don’t do business with the Mavs.
    I am just a regular guy and an American. Those who defend Josh and his comments are covering for
    for a selfish, classless punk. I suggest he play in another country.
    His comments insult all the great African-American servicemen who
    defend our country today or have done so in the past. Ask a
    Tuskeegee Airman about pride in America. Please have you employee elaborate on what he meant by
    black folks not honoring our country and our flag. He is a vile and
    classless human being. I hope his basketball career, like his personal
    endorsement career, is an utter failure and OVER.

    Comment by DanV -

  207. Something great came from your having posted them in that we could see what truly ugly words were, but I’m glad you took them down. It is ironic that some of those offended where so much more offensive.

    Comment by Kathleen -

  208. Here’s my main problem with Mark. Instead of just saying what Howard did was idiotic or wrong he starts deflecting the criticism at everyone else. This shows that Mark has absolutely no class and has become a fool.

    Comment by Mike -

  209. I respect how you have handled the whole “Josh” situation. I think that right now too many people want to try to catch him doing something that they think is wrong. I wish more people would enjoy athletes for the talents they have and not expect them to be their roll models.

    Comment by Debbie -

  210. I think it’s ridiculous that the media goes out of its way to dig this stuff up. I saw the video and thought to myself, the guy was having a good time being a clown in front of his buddies camera. Why is that such a big deal? Is it absolutely necessary for the media to then go throw it in front of every teenager who loves this guy? Josh Howard’s private life is not something teenagers should be looking up to AND IT SHOULDN’T BE EXPECTED THAT HE SACRIFICE HIS PRIVATE LIFE during some of the best years of his life. This is Josh Howard’s life, let the guy have some fun.

    Comment by Peter -

  211. Mark, I agree with the first commenter who posted the link to
    that picture of the Internet Dickwad Theory. Here’s a bit more
    civilized way of saying the same thing: “Nolite te bastardes
    carborundorum.” Latin for “Don’t let the bastards wear you down.”
    I found that great quote in the book “The Handmaid’s Tale” by
    Margaret Atwood.

    Comment by Brian -

  212. Hi Mark,

    You’re 2 for 2. One homerun for turning the tables on all the haters and another one for ultimately taking the high road.

    Aw, who am I kidding with all this brownnosing? I’m actually writing to say that if the Cubs don’t work out… make an offer for the Phillies. We could use a guy like you. Hey, it never hurts to ask 🙂

    Best regards,

    Comment by Drolz -

  213. Mark, you didn’t make a point at all. In fact you showed more stupidity by constantly defending an idiot in Howard. I used to be one of your biggest fans but as far as I am concerned the Mavs are dead to me.

    You and that moron Howard deserve each other. You can put my email out there all you want punk but that is nothing more than what you and Howard are.

    Comment by Mike -

  214. You cannot let the lowest common denominator get to you. Howard’s a kid who maybe said soemthing in front of a microphone that he should not have. That small lapse in judgement is all that anyone can possibly call to fault. I feel truly sorry for the small minded bigots who don’t understand the world in which we live in 2008.

    Comment by Len -

  215. You’re a sell-out, Cuban. Your little piece of property(Howard)should be held accountable for his ridiculous behavior. Another black, multi-millionaire athlete who just can’t make it in America cuz the white man be keepin’ him down. Do you realize how tiresome that crap is getting to those of us who work hard to pull down 40K a year doing HONEST work?

    You should be fining and suspending this piece of garbage(Howard)…….not DEFENDING him! I just “need to get to know” Howard, huh? What am I missing? The drugs, the whores, and the felonies swept under the rug because this chump can put a ball in a hoop?

    Piss off, Cuban! You piece of shit. PUBLISH my reponse and e-mail anywhere you like!

    Comment by Dave C. -

  216. I’m so sick of people like Josh being allowed to say stupid things
    like that. People should judge him and call him an ignorant punk because that is what he is.

    Thank you
    A Proud American
    Joe B.

    Comment by Joe B. -

  217. Mark,

    I absolutely love the way you responded! A real leader looks for a way to recognize reality from noise, and simultanouly project loyalty, commitment and respect for ones bretheren. You have been amazingly blessed, and so are your players, and all of us owe gratitude, appreciation and respect for everyone who has made this country what it is, even with it’s flaws, as we’ve witnesed this week. Josh obviously has a disconnect with these values. I respect you for guarding your team, for guarding him, but sometimes we all need to be challenged to do the right thing. The world is watching and learning from you, a privliedge and responsibility.


    Comment by John Varner -

  218. Im a Lakers fan and i hate the Mavs but man you just gained a ton of respect in my book. Dont let hated live on!

    Comment by Nick -

  219. Sometimes we let our immediate emotions overcome us to the point of
    poor judgment, as one of those emailers admittedly did.

    Good for you to post it thought, and good for you to take it down.

    It was one of the more memorable blogs I have ever read online.

    Comment by dannydriffs -

  220. So you’ve lumped all those who were insulted like myself
    by Howard’s insensitive and derogatory commetn with a small
    minority of bigots. Does that make your stomach feel better?

    Where have our role models gone? Where have our heroes gone? Mark?
    Mark? Or simply because I ask a question – will I too be lumped with
    someone less pc?

    Comment by Thompson -

  221. Genius….just genius man. I loved it, and I hope their bosses and co-workers got to see the way they really think. I think that was absolutely the right thing to do. People are quick to make judgements of EVERYONE not just athletes without really knowing them at all. Working in a company with several locations, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard co-workers make these heated presumptive comments about people they barely know. Everyone in this world needs to learn to be a little more understanding and a little less hateful.

    Comment by Scott -

  222. You Sir, are an American hero. Instead of doing as so many have done — and simply give in to the ignorant, cowardly, sniveling, traitorous mob – those who would deny their fellow Americans the fundamental freedoms, liberties, and principles that America stands for – has always stood for – and that thousands have died defending – and thousands are fighting to defend today – you stood tall and refused to allow an American to be defined by an off-the-cuff remark – and refused to buy into the hysteria that would put the route performance of a song over the freedom of a fellow American.

    It is clear that Mr. Howard was not making a political statement – but was simply making a careless remark to the camera – those who would try to turn it into something else are the real traitors to America and everything America stands for. There is not now nor will there every be a song – an anthem – that is more important than the freedoms, the liberties, and the principles it is supposed to celebrate.

    America is not a song.

    Comment by Ricky -

  223. Mark, I want to personally thank you for your move to expose the world as it is. We are bigoted, plan and simple. Everytime I have an opportunity to use “my filters” I appreciate life even more.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Michael -

  224. Cuban.. I understand about being on all the time.

    perhaps he does not have any character to be on all the time.

    If he was a member of the NFL he would be gone..

    but the NBA is a pussy league with its guaranteed contracts and

    the players can do whatever they want (I.e. Ron-Ron) and get away

    with it. Maybe I should vote for McCain because he is white?

    Maybe I should not eat watermelon because I am?

    Point is, you are stuck with Josh Howard and his no integrity,

    black ass because of a contract you cannot get out of.

    He apologized? Sell him to someone in Darfur for a couple years

    of slavery and he will understand what it means to live in the USA.

    He is a piece of shit, and you know it…

    but you cant say that or you lose your sorry ass team.

    Grow a couple will ya?

    I’m out.

    Comment by David H -

  225. KUDOS! For standing up and exposing the ugly truth
    of this nation’s thinly veiled prejudiceness.
    Black, white, this shore or others, crosses, beads. We pretend to be
    tolerant (which in itself describes not really liking
    something but attempting to keep one’s mouth shut), but truly we are not.
    Let us all work on that. On our own individual intolerance.
    Then try to understand other’s and why they say or feel what they spout.
    That includes your player’s. Good luck with that.

    Comment by Robin from 4e2.us -

  226. Thanks, Mark, for doing the right thing three times:
    1) Reproving and teaching Josh Howard in private.
    2) Posting the vituperative and, dare I say it, un-American comments complete with EMail.
    3) Taking them down after a few hours.

    Comment by George -

  227. You elitist fool. Grow up. Remember the hundreds of thousands of Black soldiers who have died for this country…and the millions of White ones. Howard’s comments disses all of them. Learn some gratitude.


    Comment by Thomas -

  228. Mark, you are in the spotlight and the fact that this affected you the way it did says that you are human, more human than the people who sent the remarks. Its good to know that people like you who are in the public eye oppose racism and it gives me a lot of hope for the future of the only race there is on earth and that is the Human Race!!!

    Comment by Jonathan -

  229. Will this matter in 5 years. It will not. As far as the post. I think you should repost but delete themail addresses. Things like this keep you on guard against covert racist. This reminds me of being in the desert during The Persian Gulf War. I was feeling good about what I was doing. Defending the country I was born in. Until I went to use the bathroom and read Sand Niggers this, Spics that, blah blah. Made me realize to be on guard even with people I should be able to trust.

    Comment by Brian -

  230. I applaud both your instinct to post the emails and your later decision to take them down. Nice job.

    Comment by Rob -

  231. Mr. Cuban,

    I just recently found out about Josh Howard’s comments. I heard Galloway’s
    comments on ESPN’s GAC show, and I must confess they were harsh comments against Josh
    and a little out of hand. He called Josh and “Idiot” and he kept talking about how Josh
    has gotten into trouble ever since April or May with his comments and actions.
    I believe in this country, and I embrace our constitutional rights. The
    “Freedon of Speech” right is something that every single American enjoys
    regardless of their race, sex, sexual orientation, creed, etc. I have heard more absurd comments
    from a lot of individuals, but like you said, they were not public figures.
    I had a similar experience when I was in Grad School. During a presentation
    in a Marketing Class, I made fun of President Bush during a Power Point Presentation.
    I showed a slide comparing President George W. Bush side by side with a monkey.
    After the grades were given by our female professor, I received a C+ and a comment
    saying “Meet me after class”. When I met the professor after class, I asked her
    why I received a C+ when a lot of my classmates thought it was a good presentation.
    The professor said that the country was going trough a very sensitive and tough time,
    and that she did not appreciate the comparison of President George W. Bush and the monkey, and
    that that’s why she gave me a C+. I was very disappointed when I heard this that I just walked away. I was outraged, and I felt that I was in a Politics class than in a Marketing class. I did
    not look the same at that professor ever since.
    The lesson here is that whomever is perfect and clean from any mistakes, may throw the first rock.
    I leave you with a quote by Denzel Washington from the movie ‘The Great Debaters’: “My politics is my business”

    Comment by Hugo Martinez -

  232. Mark,

    What happened to 3 weeks?
    Everything bad happens and is forgotten about in 3 weeks right?
    Don’t worry about it…
    this too shall pass, albeit like a kidney stone this time, but it’ll pass

    This incident showed the good and the bad of what is America…
    There it is…
    America is not the Walton’s or the Cleaver’s…
    We have serious problems and we need serious people like yourself
    who have a voice to raise the level of debate in this country from
    time to time, even if that means opening up old wounds we long
    wish had healed…

    Keep showing up.
    Keep speaking up.
    Keep opening up people’s eyes with the movies you back.
    And hopefully there will be better times ahead for all of us…

    All the best…

    Comment by John -

  233. Hey Mark – I appreciate you both posting and non-posting this…

    You made us aware of the noise you get, yet when you share it
    you not only share the noise, you become part of the problem.

    Likely what inspired you to take this down is that you are
    not like those people, who wake up every day with that
    noise, ranting, you know…the usual anger.

    Instead of passing it on anymore, you’re letting it pass through.
    Thanks for the limited notice of the ignorance out there,
    and for choosing not to be a part of it.

    Comment by Declan Dunn -

  234. Mr. Cuban, I wish to applaud both your decisions to publish the hate mail (along with the address of those who sent it) and also to ultimately remove the posts. There is no place in our society for such hatred in society today (not that there has ever been) and those who make such remarks should be held accountable. I have long had great respect for as well as for your willingness to voice your opinions and feelings and for your willingness to pay the cost (in many cases quite substancial) for that right. I wish you nothing but continued success in all that you do and I hope that one day I will have the priviledge of shaking your hand (haven’t said that to too many people in my almost 52 years) and expressing my sincere admiration in peroson.

    Comment by Dave M -

  235. You were right to post it and right to take it down. You proved your point and so did the people who emailed you. I hope the Mavs have a great season then these comments will become a distant memory.

    Comment by Velisa -

  236. Hey Mark – have a mylanta and forget about ’em. For all the advice givers, ask them if that’s how they handle THEIR NBA team. Oh, what’s that? They don’t have one? Well now…

    As for me, I’m bright enough to know that if I post my email address on a public forum (which is just about anywhere that is the Internet) then it may well become public! That’s a hard concept? Nah!

    Comment by Chris from Virtbiz -

  237. Mark,

    Interesting discussion. Makes you wonder how these individuals will vote when they close the election booth curtain. Will people disclose their true intentions in polls?

    Comment by Kurt -

  238. sadly with their ignorance, theyll probably just hate on you now w/o thinking about how they got to that point

    Comment by e k -

  239. don’t let this get to you Mark. you’ve always been a man of principles. I admire for doing what you just did by exposing these bigots. some people live to hate others.

    Comment by Mike -

  240. nothing good will come out, Mark. Those racists will never change.

    I’m white and I can assure you that I have seen lots of white people like the ones who posted racist comments. They won’t change. I am disgusted by what I’ve read about this Josh Howard thing. Those people deserve to have their names, e-mail addresses, I.P’s shown to everyone so that the entire world can see how ignorant and disgusting those people are. There’s no doubt what those people said was far worse than Howard’s statement. Like I already said, I’m sick and disgusted. People using the n-word, or calling black people thugs and stuff like that. I mean, those people are so mad about what Howard said and at the SAME time they post even worse things than Howard’s comment. Isn’it pathetic?

    Let’s think about this: if a white person said the same thing Howard said, do you think people would have been so rude? I doubt it. Let’s face it, racism is still alive and kicking.

    And how about the idiot who posted something like this: “I don’t watch the NBA because I’m white”..I mean, can someone be so stupid? I’m white and I love the NBA and so do countless white people (all of my friends, for instance). Mark, you did the right thing showing the world the ignorance of those people. And, by chance, did you read some of the comments on FanHouse? Wow, terrible to say the least. Matt Watson had a post about it today and said that moderating those comments was the worst part of the day. I agree with him.

    To all of you racists who are reading this post, you make me want to vomit. Oh, and if you hate the NBA, its players, the game of basketball (which is a fantastic sport, the best out there IMO) then why even bother reading the blog of an NBA owner? Oh well.

    Comment by Andrew -

  241. Of course, Mark, the hard part is that you and Josh are both public figures, and profit from that. You’re in the business, after all.

    Even though the idiots you pointed out went far beyond any line of decency, they are not public figures. So it probably was not a good idea to publish their email addresses. But not a big deal that you did == but you did the right thing by taking it down later.

    OTOH, the idiotic comments of the few should not discount the disgust that many right-thinking people have regarding what Josh said. Yeah, you can say that he apologized and that now it is a private matter, yada yada, but what he said was wrong, and his attitude is wrong. It is not unreasonable to call him out on it, and it is not unreasonable to call for him to get some attitude adjustment. Nor will it be unreasonable for him to receive a cool reception until he shows some remorse, and takes some action to prove that he is not that kind of person, if that is indeed the case.

    Comment by rodander -

  242. Mark,

    You used to be such a Maverick. What happened?

    Just kidding, good call…why allow people to perpetuate ignorance.


    Comment by marc -

  243. seemed to me that you did the right thing but I’m sure it was bothering you. I wonder how many of those comments you would have received if they had know they would have been held accountable.

    Comment by Shawn Shepherd -

  244. I did not get a chance to read some of the responses but I understand why you did it. It is sad that we
    live in a world where we are quickly judged by the smallest mistake or by comment we make. We have
    all done and said things in life that we regret; yet we are not judged by the whole world. High profile
    athletes are always under the spotlight. As a fan and human being, we must understand that they are not
    perfect. No one is! We must learn to forgive and move on.

    Comment by Luis M -

  245. I feel like this might sum up your experience:


    I work in entertainment software, I know how people get man. Don’t let it get you down.

    Comment by zach wilson -

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