A Little Video Comedy

Humor is everywhere if you just look. I decided to have my friends at Flinch Studios, the folks who do our in arena Mavs videos put together a timely parody of the FreeCreditReport.com commercials. Enjoy !

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  1. haha that was hilarious. There is this site called TalentTrove.com and they are running a comedy contest. You have to enter, you would so win!

    Comment by Holli -

  2. hopefully card check wont come back thatd be a soft tyranny

    Comment by Jert Hillack -

  3. That is GREATNESS!

    Comment by MarketingJedi -

  4. It is verry funny.I like this videos..

    Comment by Bobo -

  5. looool you videos made my day, thank you so much 😀 Maroff rocks 😀

    Comment by politics -

  6. Flinch Studios has some talented folks! Cool vids. Thanks for adding some humor to our day.


    Comment by Cheri Sigmon (@LongestWiener) -

  7. Mark,

    Being a fan of the Mavs and the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” maybe the Flinch Studios experts can create an in-arena video for Josh Howard based on the music video “Jai Ho” (J-Ho, get it?).

    Comment by Chet -

  8. I’m pretty sure I almost peed my pants. I love those commercials

    Comment by JAZD Tech -

  9. Great videos!

    Comment by PalaceStationVegas -

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  11. Hilarious.
    Check out this guy’s funny take, “This Week In Cheating”:

    Comment by Kreisler -

  12. This week…Best Actress in a Supporting Role…

    Scary Mary for FinraStein vs. Investors

    A Fish called Thompson for See No Evil

    Comment by Mary -

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  14. OUCH!!!

    Comment by dr Jones -

  15. Corny.

    Comment by gymtops -

  16. That’s Hilarious – I like how Geithner is in the back seat.

    Comment by Brian -

  17. Im gonna try and get CNBC to play these tomorrow these are good. I never laugh but these were funny…who wrote the words??

    Comment by A. B. -

  18. And justice is served… more than awesome.

    Comment by Clayton -

  19. lol- I love it!

    Comment by Josh -

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  22. This is fantastic. I always love Wall Street humor, especially since I worked at Goldman and Credit Suisse for 20 years.

    Comment by Mitchell Brown -

  23. A nice little laugh to help cure the blues for everyone hurt. Thank you Mark, because when you blogged about the book ‘The Number’ in which you wrote the intro to the 2nd edition, I immediately grabbed it, read it, absorbed it and STOPPED all of my wall street investing. That was back in about 2003 (or so?). You saved me tens of thousands, and I was able to make my money grow by using my own research as opposed to trusting buffoons.

    I owe you one.

    Comment by greg -

  24. f Madoff spent the rest of his life in a “Cool Hand Luke” style chain gang prison, doing hard labor, it might show potential crooks that there will be severe punishment to those that commit these crimes.

    Comment by Ken -

  25. I lol’d. Everyone needs a few laughs, especially after every time I get enough courage to look into my retirement savings portfolio.

    Comment by Vincent Decerto -

  26. Nice work.

    Comment by SilentP -

  27. LOL. Love the parodies. Very catchy tunes.

    Comment by Trip Aces -

  28. hahahahahahaha, funny as hell

    Comment by ondrej -

  29. These are great. Keep these up and you’ll give JibJab a run for their money.

    Comment by Rob -

  30. Nice!

    Comment by Shawn Shepherd -

  31. Funny stuff. Viral marketing at its finest

    Comment by Daylon -

  32. Check this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXJtnqXubK0
    British humour

    Comment by Joe -

  33. Funny stuff… but sad at the same time.

    Comment by Brent -

  34. ha! Nice. 🙂

    Comment by Jeremy Vaught -

  35. LOL thanks for sharing!

    Comment by VegasHotelsLuxor -

  36. Hilarious…Unfortunately the first video is more true than funny.

    Comment by Paul D -

  37. Those are too damn (un)funny.

    Comment by Gary Alexander -

  38. Mark this is just too funny.. Thanks for injecting some humor into the grind.

    Comment by larry -

  39. Awesome!

    Comment by Andy Rosen -

  40. The Bernie Madoff is the funnier of the two. Love your blog Mark, keep the posts comin.

    Comment by Ryan -


    Comment by MIckeyG -

  42. Very funny! I wish this version aired on tv 🙂

    Comment by dean -

  43. HILARIOUS!!! thanks.

    Comment by iwatchthenba -

  44. Haha, those are great, I knew those commercials were good for something.

    Comment by Josh Whitford -

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