An Apology to Kenyon Martin’s Mom

It started as a smart ass comment that I know that no one heard. How do I know, because there was a reporter right there next to me, as well as other people who saw the whole thing and didnt hear a word of it.

But at this point, that has become irrelevant. It doesnt matter why I said it. I shouldn’t have said anything. Now, the reality is that this has gotten out of hand.

When tempers and such start impacting the fan experience both in Dallas and Denver, and it requires special security, thats not what I want for Mavs or Nuggets fans. No one takes more abuse and gets more threats on the road than I do. So I know exactly how it feels. I’ve also had my family and friends spit on at games in this series. So I know how unpleasant that is as well. It’s a dirty secret that all arenas need to do a better job of protection for visiting team fans, particularly during the playoffs.

So at this point I would like to apologize to you and your mom KMart for my comment. I should have not said anything and I was wrong. Hopefully you will accept the apology and we can move on.

When the series comes back to Dallas, your family, and the family of other Nuggets players are welcome to stay in my suite, with my family. Its amazing how tempers mellow when real people talk to each other and realize that its still just a game.

If that isn’t acceptable, I’m happy to provide a suite, free of charge to them as well and place whatever security is needed to make them feel comfortable.

We tried to have enough additional security for them tonight as well, but I know your family and friends didn’t feel as comfortable as they should. I apologize for that as well. This arena is my responsibility, we could and should do a better job.

So if we can put this behind us, I will make sure when the series comes back to Dallas, your family and friends, and that of your teammates are very comfortable at our Arena.

Then I hope we both take the advice of your coach and can get together this summer. Dinner for you and your family is on me.

41 thoughts on “An Apology to Kenyon Martin’s Mom

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  12. what i think is funny is all the people who are still upset somehow finding their way to this blog. whats the saying “any publicity is good publicity”…it will be nasty in Denver…but, there are bad apples in every bushel.

    Comment by brandon -

  13. Classy and honorable way to deal with the situation. Much respect to you Mr. Cuban. I admire the way you run your organization and business.


    Comment by Chris Lammert -

  14. Way to man up and apologize MC! But since I’m a nobody MFFL with no money who can’t afford to go to a playoff game I’ll say it for you. KENYON…MARTIN….IS…A….THUG! I don’t give a damn what his momma thinks about me either!

    Comment by Jay -

  15. I liked the fact that you talked trash and started controversy. Drama in sports is always welcome. We need to keep the game as passionate as possible and not water and “can” it down with rules, regulations, and boring babysitting. Let all avenues of human behavior be allowed to focus on “the game”. Also, protection for visiting fans is not a big deal, and shouldn’t be, provided people don’t bring weapons in the stadium!

    Comment by Brian -

  16. Way to go Mark. It is a very tough call but I applaud you for having the courage to do the right thing. We have all made mistakes at some point in life but the most important thing is taking responsibility for our actions. I sincerely pray that Kenyon Martin, his family and the nuggets are able to move foward from this. The past remains an invaluable lesson for the future. I wish the Mavericks a phenomenal comeback.

    Comment by Udabs -

  17. Mark good luck to the rest of the series. It’s been a fun one. Thank you for stepping up and admitting to your fault. You should watch the TNT guys commentating on what happened. It is pretty funny how serious these guys take about insulting one’s mothers. Very entertaining. I love the playoffs. It brings out the best in all of us.

    Comment by Kenny Kim -

  18. Very well put. Regardless of what people say or think, they need to put feelings aside and see the appology for what it is. An Appology.

    Plain and Simple. If they can’t see it for that, then they have issues other than a simple statement being blown out of proportion.

    Class Act Mr. Cuban.

    Comment by Debbie Rodriguez -

  19. You only did this because you are going to get absolutely destroyed by the fans in Denver. I mean it is a nice move, but prepare to hear some things that may just make you wanna punch somebody in the face. I like you too, it is just going to be that bad.

    Comment by Augie -

  20. Forgiveness is a very powerful thing. Asking for it shows humility and requires courage. I know Mrs. Martin is a forgiving and sweet lady and is only focused on her son’s success in the NBA!

    Now lets just play ball.

    Comment by DL Turner -

  21. When the series comes back to Dallas

    I dunno man, you’re trying, but I wouldn’t like the sound of that if I was a Nuggets player.

    Spelt his name wrong on Twitter too:

    To Keynon Martin

    Lastly, being a Lakers fan I couldn’t care less about this series but Sean Combs didn’t solve problems in that nightclub back in ’99 by throwing money around….

    “It is what it is” to quote Dr Dre from The Wash.

    Comment by Jamie R -

  22. Pure Class

    Comment by MITCH -

  23. You’re a true class act and the best the NBA has to offer. Keep it up!

    Comment by Tim Tschirner -

  24. You’re a sore, unclassy loser who should be banned from watching games courtside.

    Comment by Ingo -

  25. You’re a class act Mark. Comments get taken out of line, especially in the heat of the battle. Thank you for making the Mavericks what they are, and I’m sorry MLB wouldn’t let you take on the Cubs as your next challenge too (I’m a Cubs fan too.)

    Comment by David Siorek -

  26. Mr. Cuban, I dont think anyone else in your position would have responded with your generosity. It takes a big man to “man up” like you did. Good luck the rest of the series!

    Comment by Andrew -

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  28. Thank you for your public apology, Mark, but I feel in this situation – as the original incident occurred in person – so should the apology. Tempers may not have flared during the game if perhaps the situation was diffused in person before the game, or immediately after this incident became public and gained traction in the news.

    Comment by Jolie -

  29. You did the right thing. Competition can bring out the best and the worst of us. Our competitive side should never over shadow who we are as people. We all see that you’re as fierce as they come when it gets down to competition but you did good as a person. I really hope that Kenyon meet with you and squash it. I look forward to this series going down to the wire.

    Cheers, W

    Comment by Willie F -

  30. Very nice gesture, Mr. Cuban.

    Comment by Kam -

  31. ..and I’m not sure why I decided to use your twitter URL instead of mine – it’s 2:56am..That’s my excuse.

    Comment by Nick -

  32. Stand up move Mark. Hopefully it’ll be reciprocated in the same fashion. I know, as a Rockets fan, or even a non-Mavs fan, it’s somehow an unwritten rule that I should hate you..You’re an asset to the NBA, and an amazing business man.

    Look forward to playing you in the next round.

    Comment by Nick -

  33. in this series every little comment gets blown out of proportion specially smart ass personal attacks. fans back their team up with these type of drama, regardless if kmart’s mom accepts your apology expect a more hostile denver atmosphere on game 5. good luck!

    Comment by olopsman -

  34. EXCELLENT! A true gentleman. Enough said.

    Comment by Gary Koppelman -

  35. Good move Mark.

    Also appreciate you standing up for the tragedy that happened in Seattle last year.

    Wanna schedule a preseason game in Seattle next year?

    Comment by nesgodawg -

  36. Well said Mark.
    Im hopefuly this thing can end now, and not serve as a distraction to us, or them.

    GO mavs!

    Comment by Steven Litchfield -

  37. Way to man up

    Comment by Calvin johnson -

  38. Since the Nuggets won’t be returning to the AAC until next November or December, will your promise be extended until then?

    Comment by Staxx -

  39. “When the series comes back to Dallas”

    You’re kidding, right?

    Comment by Johnny -

  40. Mark, As always you are a class act!

    Comment by Suzanne -

  41. Well done Mark way to man up and do the right thing. Most of us, wait I mean all of us, here on Earth have fallen short at some point in time–most of us daily. Anyhow, bad news is that your gracious offer will never take place because the season WILL BE OVER FOR THE MAVS ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT!!! Seriously though, bring your golf clubs or fishing pole because the weather here in Denver has been PHENOMENAL!! -J.T.

    Comment by Joshua Thompson -

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