A Great Business Idea = The Email of the Day

I got this email today.  Of course Im being marginally facetious about the following idea. Why only marginally ? Because all he has to do is find one sucker to say yes. Enjoy.

I have an idea to solve all of Americas problems, just as all great ideas are really very simple so is this.  I am self made, retired, age 45 and financially independant.  I will sell this idea for $5,000,000.  When you learn of this plan, you will be shocked at how simple and effective it will be.  I want a cashiers check up front and I will give you the idea once it is cleared.  I have it written on an index card here on my desk.  This idea will probably be the biggest proponent of postitve change in American History.  I give you 24 hours to respond and I am going to start shopping this around.  Next is Rupert Murdoch, he will love i

32 thoughts on “A Great Business Idea = The Email of the Day

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  2. Mark, I’m not asking for money so no worries there…I want to make you a customer of our start-up company! Check out our website at http://www.timelinkmedia.com. I’d love to show you a sample of what we can create for you and your family or the Mavs! Thanks Mark, I’ve heard you reply to a lot of posts so hopefully you will look into this!

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  3. Mark I have the next $$ Billion Green Idea and would like to submit a business plan privately. Please email Patrick@CoquinaCapital.com with contact info

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  4. Guys, a little bit off topic here, I am so tired of all this crap about race. I just read an article on questioning why the media was quick on having a white police officer take the credit of putting down Hasan at the Fort Hood massacre, instead of giving the credit to a black police officer. They both deserve the credit. My God, we are all ONE human race here, let us all take this black, white, yellow, brown, race crap out of our minds.

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  5. I bet you $5,000,000 that there is no such sucker. Any takers?

    Comment by hirecules -

  6. Ideas are dime a dozen… execution matters most.

    Comment by christiancares -

  7. better yet, short GM


    Are you still funding open source ideas? If so, what’s the max investment? Thx.

    Comment by rwaterston -

  8. bprussell, I’ve good or bad news for you, depending on your perspecitive. This guy IS your long lost Nigerian uncle.

    — @DaveCharbonneau

    Comment by cerockstar -

  9. I call it “Ginger” and it’s a … scooter that balances itself.

    Comment by crankydog -

  10. Well he probably won’t get any hits on this, but at least he’s bold. There’s not enough ‘bold’ in the world today.

    His flaw is suggesting such a large accomplishment in such a vague manner.

    I don’t think someone giving him a chance would be a “sucker,” if there was a little more info provided, and a few million less asked for. Sometimes you need to be willing to take the risk of being a sucker if you want to have a shot at the reward of being a champ.

    Comment by sandlott -

  11. Interesting. I plan on taking this guy up on his offer as soon as my inheritance check arrives from my long lost Nigerian uncle.

    Comment by bprussell -

  12. This guy just gave me a great idea for free.

    Comment by shadyparadox -

  13. Mark

    I have a similar offer for you. Except I’ll take payment AFTER I give you the idea and after it works.

    All I need is your word that you will compensate me after it works.

    Email me for the details


    Comment by onewhoiswatching -

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  15. My website if you want to learn more http://www.brilliancegolfdesign.com

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  16. This business opportunity is just getting off the ground. For 10 years 20/7/365 I have been working on the unthinkable. The only people who believe me are the ones who see me.

    We have designed a golf swing for the novice golfer. Our first golf clinic was in Naples, Florida. What a huge success! People are still digesting what they witnessed. Here lies the challenge, Mark what would you do next?

    Would love to offer instruction free or at very little cost via internet just to get the technique exposure. My concerns are to many to list.

    Offers we have received are not sufficient enough to grow our company how I envision it. What I am in search of are other brilliant people who can help in areas which are foreign to me.

    I have put in a lifetime of work into my design without compensation, I can struggle a little longer to do it right.

    Any constructive feedback is appreciated.

    William J. Belcher

    Comment by wbelcher -

  17. I do not believe it will ever be possible to solve all of Americas problems. America means different things to different people anyways. I have some ideas and I would like to build a really really big business. I want to be one of the wealthiest people in the world someday. I also want to be happy, healthy, surround myself with great people and live an incredibly long life. I believe your life can become whatever you wish to make of it.

    Comment by kpurfield -

  18. The idea is the easy part. The implimatation is the hard part. “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” — Thomas Edison

    Comment by chrisharmon -

  19. I think it is really a great idea. I do have another one. What if -no matter what- I can give you a real fact: Give me 21 days – And I’ll Give You The Body you have dreamed about and the best Figure You could ever want. Reality is, this not an idea. It is a REAL FACT. I can make your body transformation in just 21 days to help you lose 1 to 3 pounds per day, guarantee.

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  20. This is funny stuff. I live in Mt. Lebo so maybe I can get a few bucks just for living in your hometown!!!!
    Enjoy the blog. Met you in Vegas a few years ago at the Palms. Enjoyed talking with you. GO MAVS!!!!

    Comment by edinkfelt -

  21. For $1 million I will sneak into his house look at the card and tell you if it is really worth the $5 million he is asking.

    Comment by bobfirestone -

  22. Hey Mark, could you spot me about 5 million to try this out? I’ll pay it back, honest.

    Comment by thepointofqdotcom -

  23. Here’s some business ideas:
    ► Femme bots
    ► Electronic scent printer
    ► TV Service with 2 audio feeds (so you can mute the sports announcers and hear the game)

    Comment by growhappy -

  24. And the index card says, “Send out spam. Ask for five million dollars.”

    Comment by lawtonb -

  25. In all seriousness, killing this kind of scam is part of the social benefit of a patent system.

    Comment by Michael F. Martin -

  26. Financially independant…why $5 million?
    My better idea is available for $2.6 mill and I only want 30% of it up front. Plus you can take all the time you need to make a decision, up to 90 days. LOL

    ? how many hundreds or thousands of these “jokes” do you see in a year, Mark?

    Comment by ko4ion -

  27. Why not? This is at least as good an idea as the Million Dollar Homepage.

    Comment by cmadler -

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  29. The idea really is quite simple, assuming all of America’s problems are his financial problems. Written on card: Find a sucker to give you 5,000,000.00

    Comment by axnjxn415 -

  30. What an idiot.

    Comment by nowlink -

  31. How can you not believe him? He did say he’s self made and financially independent after all. And he was charitable enough to give you a full 24 hours.

    Personally I would have made up a better angle like being in possession of a top-secret government plan that would let you cash in on the stock market. Much better story.

    Comment by mgile -

  32. I have a better idea but I want $6,000,000.

    Comment by nbiz84 -

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