Adding Facebook and Twitter Followers – A Little One on One ?

I was thinking of ideas on how to add twitter and/or facebook fan page followers. I dont have a real need to have to do so. I was just curious about ways to do so.

Think of it as one of those things my minds wanders off to while Im working out.

One thing that poppedup as what I thought was a decent idea was the idea of  rewarding those who refer and/or generate followers to my pages on twitter (@mcuban), or on FAcebook (/markcuban) a unique page where they were the only person approved to have access and for some period of time, they would have exclusive access for questions and answers.

So for instance, if you helped me add 1k followers on twitter, i would create a new ,private account on twitter and you would be the only approved follower. You could ask me anything and I would respond for some period, probably 24 hours. After which I would replace you with another follower. I could do the same on facebook.  I would set up a private account and only friend this person.  Using the wall, we could have an exchange about any subject.

Good idea or bad idea ?

35 thoughts on “Adding Facebook and Twitter Followers – A Little One on One ?

  1. i think its a good idea. it would be a great way for me to get my business idea out to you. i know you have provided capital for other start ups…

    Comment by jcleon22 -

  2. Would you like to supersize your fries to match your ego? Please pull up to the second window…. Then again, without that ego, you probably would be sitting in the upper level watching Mav’s games, not own them. Who am I to second-guess!

    Comment by therugelachman -

  3. Very interesting…. I bet you would get some takers….

    Comment by dallasloanguy -

  4. Would it be both private access and public access? Each has its attractions. Private access to your perspective through something like email would have one kind of value, and a linkable discussion with you might have a different kind of value for the other party in building their own “brand.”

    Curious which you’re contemplating.

    Comment by Pete Forsyth -

  5. I liked your Facebook, Twitter follower idea Mark. Our Social Media Coordinators Team in Dallas will volunteer to test your idea for you.

    Our Team includes the “Social Media Coordinators Pilot Program” for the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) Career Management Center. I’m a volunteer for the Pilot Program, UTD Students and I also work with the “Best of Guide” that is a partner with the Dallas Mavericks, North Texas Food Bank… Our Team also has Social Media Marketing Professional Trainers, Speakers( Richardson Chamber of Commerce, Inbound Marketing University Graduates). For example, at the Pilot Program class last Thursday evening, we had a Haynes Boone Partner present “Social Media – Legal Best Practices”.

    With very best regards and have a great day.

    Comment by wgboren -

  6. a reward system for being your friend… I LIKE IT!

    Comment by dagr8anil -

  7. Hi – I’m just posting this again, for the third time as it seems that I can only see this when I’m logged in(??). (Please delete if duplicated):

    “I think it’s the most pretentious thing I’ve ever read. Who are you? Are you that important that you think anybody will want to do this?

    No, wait. Your time will be wasted by a lot of spammers and people who think you clearly are important enough to waste your time.

    As has been muted already, you will get no value whatsoever from this. Zip. Nil. Nada. It’s gimmicky, and will blow back in your face.

    “So for instance, if you helped me add 1k followers on twitter….” – will get your Twitter account and their Twitter account suspended. Read the the Twitter TOS. It WILL happen.

    Extremely BAD idea.”

    Comment by twitterbloke -

  8. I actually think its an great idea. Its an reward system. Like you prolly use with your daughters. A gold star equals more ice cream at dinner. I would love to pic your brian for 24 hours… DO IT DO IT

    Comment by tasha -

  9. Want followers? This idea is win win. Contact fellow Texan, Lance Armstrong and Join the TEAM TO FIGHT CANCER…JOIN THE LIVESTRONG CHALLENGE (I know you love a challenge). Contact Lance Armstrong and make him an offer he cannot refuse. Give $ for each follower added. Drew Carey @drewfortv is doing this and as you read this Lance’s followers are adding @drewfortv! Drew is giving up to a MILLION!!!! Givers rock. NOW…. TAKE THE BALL TO THE RACK!

    Comment by heyshells -

  10. I’m not a fan of the idea for two reasons:
    1. Quantity is not quality and if you’re looking for smart discussions from those that follow you, the method you are suggesting is going to give you 98% idiots, noise, or echo chamber.
    2. Caliber of the people getting you those followers. Taking time out of my day to read your blog, learn from you, and comment from time to time is something that’s worth it for me to fit into my day. However, no matter how much I enjoy following you, I don’t have the time or priorities to find you 1000 quality followers. If I did, I’d do it for myself and my company first. I bet most of the people you’d actually want to open yourself up to for one-on-one are in the same boat. Do you want to deal with people that have the time or just social media gaming skills to get you a quick 1000 followers?

    Bigger question: What’s your actual goal?
    Are you trying to keep up with Ashton Kutcher for number of followers?
    Are you trying to build up a following for the Mavs, entrepreneurs, or your charitable funds?
    Using the two networks as a platform to think out loud and bounce ideas off of people? If so, what kind of people do you actually want to hear from?

    It will be easier to help knowing your actual goal.
    Twitter: @scottjmanley

    Comment by scottjmanley -

  11. I think the real challenge to you is to add a new twitter account, under a random name and don’t tell anyone it’s Mark Cuban. I call it the “anonymous tweet challenge”. Tweet and see how long it takes before you gain exposure and ReTweets. I’m not downplaying your idea, I just think it would be a fun, new challenge for you. I have three twitter accounts (yes, shameless shout-out) @youthbasketball, @beaugreen, @theregisterpros. They serve 3 different purposes and I’ve seen moderate success w/out a celebrity status. Now you try it.
    @youthbasketball – played D1 basketball and have volunteer coached kids for 5 years and love giving them tips to improve.
    @beaugreen is me personally, occasional tweet.
    @theregisterpros is a company I recently started and I see the value in allowing twitter to communicate with people and may be able to land a few basketball camps, churches or other events for the biz.
    I think it’d be a beneficial exercise and people would truly follow the twitter account based on the information provided, not b/c of the person providing. email me if you do this, I’ll be your first 3 followers.

    3 rules to the “anonymous tweet”:
    1. never reveal the account is Mark Cuban
    2. follow only a limited # of people per day
    3. allow an occasional RT by @mcuban – so you see the value of “you” retweeting yourself & watch the numbers grow.

    I hope you do it. I know you’re competitive. 51 days between now and the end of the year. Think you can have 1k followers? 20 a day.

    Comment by theregisterpros -

  12. Good idea if you believe in slavery. Work to build your network of social friends for a few passing seconds of glory. I believe in earning money the old fashion way, you work for it. If there are suckers willing to do so for you, the more power to you.

    Comment by sandboxworld -

  13. Mark:

    Sounds like you have a lot of people that like to kiss your ass in your comments section. Honestly, I think your idea is a bad one. You need to exchange value for value. Yes, you get the “value” of 1000 Twitter users but the other person get a 24 hour window of possible dialogue. Sounds like too much work to me. Simple is always better.

    Offer someone front-row or “VIP” tickets to a Mavs game and then you’d be talking as your advocate knows what they are working for…

    Just my thoughts.

    Comment by michaelsacco -

  14. Just adding 1K random followers may not have much value. Revise the plan to require that the 1k new Twitter followers click on a link (that you have provided) to your favorite charity.

    Comment by karenksn -

  15. You get bees with honey, so find out why the bees you don’t have aren’t yet getting their honey from you. Mark, this is basic Marketing 101 stuff. Are you looking for a big spike in numbers, with a similar churn if they don’t win the contest? I am sure your fans can easily attract another bucket of followers this way, but it sounds like a short term goal. If you want those followers to stick, and not be spambots and phishers…well, that’s another matter. It’s the difference between a fad and a fan.

    Best way to get a larger audience…deliver value to all of them, and don’t just reward the fans who use tricks to catch a swarm.

    Comment by gearheadgal -

  16. Dear Mr. Mark Cuban:

    While it seems like a “good” idea, I think, there are two dilemnas to it.

    How can a twitter owner and facebook page owner check to see if a person got a specific number of people to join their account / page. Ie, I have a twitter account and facebook page, but to MY knowledge, I do not know if there is an application where I can see a specific person who “generate[d] followers to my pages on twitter [and page]”. Hence, how would you know who generated who?

    I do not see how a person can get more people to follow your twitter / facebook than you yourself. Ie, your blog IS widely read and you are famous. How could the average person have more influence to get their friends and family to follow you? In addition, who would have more friends, family, followers than you? if you post something on your blog, I am sure people will follow.

    Having said that, I think that you probably would want to do some sort of “marketing outrageously.”

    I think, the person who wrote to make a donation to charity is correct. Imagine you went onto television and said “I am matching each follower with a [specific amount of money] to charity.” You will be written up throughout the internet, and news!

    Or, if you do not want to be on TV, creating a youtube video would be very popular. If you created a youtube video and posted on your blog, it prob would go viral. You could say, “I am matching each follower with a [specific amount of money] to charity.” Most likely, you will get a lot of responses…

    Likewise, you could also have a “cool” youtube contest video response contest to promote your twitter / facebook page. (You could create the video and post the link on your blog.) I believe, if you have a contest, a lot of people would create cool/fun/clever video responses. Then, the prize could be “i would create a new private account on twitter and you would be the only approved follower.” And, you could personally pick the best video that promoted your twitter / facebook. (Plus, your youtube would be an additional way for you to connect to your fans.) (And, this would be FREE for you.)

    As always, the best.

    Comment by richonwordpress -

  17. I would think it’s obvious that you’re not looking to increase followers by increments of 1,000 (500 participants averaging 200 new followers would be 10,000). Nevertheless, I feel JP is correct. It’s not the number of people that you have following you (forgive me Guy K.) but the passion of the people that are following (a la S. Godin). Granted, w/in those 10K, or 100K, or however many, you’re likely to find a few who were passionate that wouldn’t have otherwise found you; but you’ve already got me and other bloggers out there referring peeps to you.

    Might consider a Things I Love and Hate About Mark Cuban essay contest; the winner is the person with the most Diggs; rules state that each essay has to include the link . (Of course it would all be love, welcoming the opposing view just makes you look like less of a narcissist. Some sort of donation matching might help that, too. Or, make the essays about the selected charity, noting in each essay that MC will match dollar for Digg, up to XXX, and a way to follow mCuban).

    @garyVee seems to have quite a few followers for a guy w/o celebrity status. I’m reading his new book now.

    “Have A Nice Dave.” 🙂
    — @DaveCharbonneau

    Comment by cerockstar -

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  19. I too am curious as to what value you hope to achieve by adding followers in increments of 1000. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love the social collateral of having even a fraction of the followers that you have. I’m really asking to try and learn from your thought process.

    So…what value DO you hope to achieve by adding followers?

    Comment by David Crandall -

  20. Mark,

    The perfect solution (in my opinion) 🙂

    The majority of your blog readers (over 70k per month) would love the opportunity to visit with you and get your feedback (read the comments above). No doubt you could make the contest work. But like Mark stated above you may end up with a ton of people who don’t care about anything you say, and they would just be annoyed by your tweets.


    Step One:
    Host free tele-seminar, you talk about business, success, etc and then open up the phones and allow people to ask questions and get feedback from you. (You could also possibly work a contest in for the person with the best question, etc.)

    The catch is that you’ll only announce the conference call 800 # via twitter 2 hours before the call.

    Step 2: Make a recording of the conference call available via a password protected web-page, with the password changed daily. The only way to get the password is to send you a tweet.

    You would then end up with only those people who are interested in what you have to say.

    It would take a little leg work to set up, but I’d be glad to do it for you. In exchange for a testimonial of course. 🙂

    Tim Ferriss held a contest and donated $3.00, for each new follower, to a charity for improving public education. See details here:

    He ended up adding 6,776 new followers.

    Go Mavs!


    P.S. – How many followers did you add just from this post?

    Comment by Wayne -

  21. Mark,
    I actually think that’s a good idea. I think there are a lot of people like myself who consider themselves entrepreneurs that would love to get a moment to chat with you.


    You can follow me on FB and Twit under the same.

    Comment by marty331 -

  22. Someone may find it appealing, but I don’t sense there’s much to gain. Respectfully, a conversation with you wouldn’t yield much of anything to myself personally. I suppose if I had a business or business idea in your line of experience, namely broadband and Internet services, then it would be a worthwhile exchange to ask for advice. Or if I were a diehard Mavs fan with time to kill; otherwise I really see no point.

    Granted I don’t use twitter and have no idea how easy or difficult it is to refer “followers”.

    Comment by loucons -

  23. Hi Mark,

    Not sure BUT test it!

    Comment by monteh -

  24. Twitter, why wouldn’t you just use direct messages to communicate with the “winner”?

    Same thing on Facebook, just use messages. They’re fully private.

    Comment by niall111 -

  25. Ugh. It would probably work, and it probably makes good business sense, but it feels like gaming the system. I’m not a purist by any means, but if Twitter becomes all about gaining power and influence and buying access, I’ll switch to the next democratizing platform.

    Comment by Mari Silbey -

  26. It’s an interesting idea, but how would you accurately track the referrals? (As if I could refer 1000 followers to your twitter and Facebook accounts. Ha!)

    Comment by pjbacolod -

  27. Mark,

    I talked to Jason Fried (@jasonfried) at 37signals a few weeks ago, and he does something similar, albeit it’s not as a reward for getting Twitter or Facebook followers. What he does is he sets aside a few hours two days a week to let people call in and talk to him about anything.

    Honestly, I think you’ll weed a lot of interesting people to talk to if you make it more getting more followers than about the chance to talk with you. People with ideas are too busy making things happen, and aren’t going to waste their time building up your follower count. Just my two cents.


    Comment by therealdlo -

  28. Mark,
    Hmmm, the idea would have value only when the individuals that are referred to the person have value. There is enough junk and clutter out there and this could potentially create more spam and junk. On the fence for this idea.

    Comment by d509 -

  29. Mark,

    I think it’s a poor idea. I don’t like the idea of trying to encourage others to refer followers to you. I think you should allow your followers/fans to increase organically. Here’s why:
    1) Building a Twitter referral program like this could encourage spamming. i.e. spamming of your tweets, products, idea, etc. That could produce ill-will towards you.
    2) Any person that does follow you via a referral may not be genuinely interested in you or your ideas. Thus, you your follower/fan count will be inflated with little to no value.

    My 2 cents.


    Comment by JP -

  30. Another idea for access to you,
    Create a Google Voice account, don’t advertise it.
    Whoever gets you, say 5000 followers, can call your Google Voice number (that you give to them), which, for a period of, say, 2 days, forwards their number to your cell. They get x amount of conversations with you for 48 hours (no forwarding during Mark’s off hours hours).

    Comment by notthatsteveo -

  31. hey mark,
    Ii follow you on twitter and well im a fan of any successful business man like yourself, I would love the chance to have your smarts for 24 hours. sadly i dont think getting 1000 people to follow you but if you would ever like to hear a great idea or two let me know.

    Comment by christian0317 -

  32. I like the idea and I would do it in a heartbeat. I’m sure others would be willing to help grow both your twitter following and facebook fan page for the chance to directly communicate with you. Let me know if this is something you implement.

    Comment by wherring -

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  34. Having the exchange has value, having it in 140 characters or less does not. If you changed it to include email and/or a phone call I think it would have more value to the access winner.

    Comment by mgile -

  35. Amazing idea… especially for someone like you with true fans.

    Comment by Dustin -

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