Am I Living the Google Lifestyle ? `

As I installed my Logitech Google TV box I checked my email, I mean GMail,  on my G2 Slide. Someone needed some info, so I pulled up the information from a file stored on Google Docs using my browser of choice, Chrome.

Then it occurred to me. I’m surrounded by Google and for the most part, I like it.

It took the G2 Slide, with Android and a decent keyboard to finally dump my Sidekick. I can’t type quite as fast on it as I did on my Sidekick but the features and apps make me just as, if not more productive than I was with the sidekick. The phone works. Its fast. It rarely freezes.. It has great integration with T-Mobile. I like the apps and the Google Market for Android has more than enough apps for what I want to do and more importantly continues to add more apps for the things I didnt know I wanted to do until I played around in the Market Place.

Just as importantly, it does a great job of running the Sling Player. I love me some Sling Box. Can’t live without it. Not running it is a deal killer. It runs it well.

On the PC front, I have an HP desktop at home and use the new Mac Air, which truth be told I love as well.  Perfect Size.  Battery and sleep mode made it a keeper. I’m not a fan of Safari. No particular reason not to like it. No particular reason to like it. So I don’t use it.  I had been a fan of Firefox since it came out.  Live Bookmarks to read RSS headlines works the way i work. I can get through more data quicker than using a Reader. Unfortunately, firefox freezes too much. It just goes out to lunch far too often.

For some unknown reason for which im not going to search for a solution because its inconceivable that it doesn’t work, Firefox has a hard time loading GMail. Who knows why. Whether or not its me or the software is irrelevant. If you don’t work with GMail or you don’t recognize the problem of a load fail and offer a solution, I’m done with you. I’m sure at some level it has to do with something I’ve done with the configuration of Firefox, but I don’t have time to deal with it. This is something that should never be a problem.

Which lead me to Chrome. I have always had Chrome installed on all of my PCs for when Firefox slowed or froze. It was my backup. When I ran into the problems with GMail , it became my primary browser. Its fast. It works. It has extensions. It syncs. Sold.

Which leads us to GMail. It works. I like the threading. Its fast. I have 2 Terabytes of additional storage that I buy from Google  so any file is no problem.  No more  having to prune file sizes or worry about disk capacity which was a huge problem when I used Outlook. I think I have been using GMail 3 or 4 years now , and it hasn’t ever given me a problem (save the random outages which are livable).  I like the labeling. I like the filters. I have used Imap to import most of my old Outlook. Which is probably the worst part of using GMail. It’s a pain in the ass to take 20 years of Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and other random email files and get them into GMail using IMAP.  If anyone has a better solution , please let me know. Or better yet, can someone at Google please come up with an import from those files? Then I would never have to buy a copy of Outlook again. I’m guessing that would please Larry, Eric and Sergey to no end. Hopefully someone is putting some of their 20pct time (or whatever the percentage is now ) to work on this opportunity.

Finally, the best part of GMail is because I  basically have my professional  history (I haven’t kept all emails for the past couple years for various reasons, but I probably am north of 500k emails in GMail) and can easily search GMail from any device I can get access to information in seconds that I could never get to before.

True story. I was walking to a business dinner in NYC. Someone told me they were going to start working with a new manager and asked me if I knew him. The name sounded familiar and I thought I had done something with him during the days.  A quick GMail search from my phone and I found 2 emails we had exchanged when he was trying to sell a company he was involved with back in 1996. That’s why I use GMail.

I find myself using Google Docs the same way. Used to be everything was open and saved with Office. No more. I haven’t been able to dump my copies of office. There are still features and formatting options that Docs doesn’t support. But anything sent to me via email gets opened first in Google Docs and then saved to Docs. Again, access from any device is a time saver and provides me the opportunity to never be without the information I need. No matter where I am.  It’s another opportunity for Google to enhance their products at the expense of Microsoft Office.

I also LOVE google voice. Love it.  I have my mobile phone number forwarded to it. I LOVE the transcription and the ability to listen via email . I LOVE the extra phone numbers to give to people I don’t want to give my phone number to. I love that I can save messages easily without filling up my phone. I love that i can respond to texts via email. It is just a stellar product that will only get better.

When it comes to devices, i try everything. I have my IPads, which I still use. Google products seem to work well. The IPad is the first device I use in the morning to go through my GMail. It’s also my primary device for using SlingBox.  The crazy thing is I probably use the IPad and Slingbox more IN MY HOUSE then I do anywhere else. There just is no point in trying to convince a 7-year-old that what daddy wants to watch is more important than her watching Scooby Doo for the 273rd time.

But the IPad doesn’t have a lock on my tablet use. I just got a Samsung Tab. I have to say that I like the smaller size sometimes. And sometimes I like the bigger screen. So far, when I’m places where I can get comfortable, spread out  and work, whether in my bedroom or in a hotel room, I like the IPad more. When I’m at a restaurant, in someone else’s office, anyplace where space is more limited, the Samsung Tab just feels more comfortable.  The Tab does pretty much everything that I use the IPad for, including all the Google stuff I do and of course Sling Box. Just the fact that it’s not so obvious when I’m at the gym or at lunch somewhere just seems to make it a little more comfortable. I don’t see taking both devices with me when I travel, but so far in this test face the Tab is more than holding its own and I can see why people would prefer it.  Chalk one more up for Android and the Google LifeStyle

The last entry in my Google LifeStyle self-analysis is the Logitech Revue AKA Google TV. The good news is that it was a breeze to install.  Plug it in. Turn it on. Let it download the updates and boom, it works.  The problem is that it doesn’t do much of anything of consequence.  I wanted to find an NBA game that happened to be on. I typed in Heat vs Jazz.  It gave me a list of Heat vs Jazz highlights that were on Youtube.  I gave it a show that was on at the time. It gave me the SD channel for the show rather than the HD, despite the fact that the device required a HDTV and an HDMI cable to work. Beyond searching for shows or games that were currently on, it didn’t interface with my DVR , which I expected and can deal with. It actually was easy to flip back and forth between my providers’ and the Google programming guides.  So the DVR wasnt a problem.

What was a problem was that search results seemed to put web video first. Even ahead of shows that were currently on or about the start. That made it unusable. It quickly became easier to use the default providers programming guide to see what was currently on , or coming soon.

That is not to say the Revue was worthless.  The box showed real potential as a network PC.  Using the built-in Chrome browser, it was easy to bring up Gmail, Google Docs and websites and do all the web-based things I could do on an iPad, Tab or PC. In fact, because of the keyboard, I could possibly do some work using this box.  Possibly being the operative word. GMail in particular was far too slow. Slow to load. Slow to bring up new screens. But if and when it does speed up, the Revue could easily be a very inexpensive network PC.

I also like YouTube’s Leanback. It didn’t work great for me as a TV alternative. It’s too much work and too much of a crapshoot to use it as a primary source of entertainment. It excelled as background noise.  That is probably a bigger compliment than it sounds. Whether its music or a TV, I like to have something on. It’s just a nice diversion.  Leanback excels at putting up music or interesting clips that have the quality of sound and picture to make full use of my big screen.

I don’t know where this puts me on the Google Fan Boy meter, but Google has sucked me in to the Google Lifestyle. Not on all fronts. Google TV has a long way to go, but Google is right there .  Next up … Google App Maker.

Oh, and since most people think I hate Google because I called their acquisition of YouTube stupid and supported Viacom’s lawsuit against them, let me just say that I haven’t changed my mind. I think Viacom is right in appealing the lawsuit. IMHO, and I’m not a lawyer, YouTube broke the spirit and letter of the Digital Millennium CopyRight Act their first couple years of existence. There were many other companies who got into the same business and tried to become successful without breaking the law.  Had they chosen to do what YouTube did and ignore copyright law the entire digital video landscape would be different. I think that’s a bad precedent to set.  That said, YouTube deserves credit for completely changing how they do business. Their contentid system works . The realtime option to content owners to choose to monetize content rather than take it down was and is brilliant. I also think their content people are starting to realize that offering content on consignment is not going to work for any but long tail content. So Youtube is starting to do some things right. But they still have one fundamental problem.

YouTube’s fundamental business problem is that they are in business of subsidizing ALL/100pct of the bandwidth and hosting costs of consumer and small to medium size business video.  That is a huge problem.  Our ability to capture ever-increasing amounts o video at ever-increasing bit rates is growing exponentially. How happy are companies like Cisco knowing that the better they make their FLip cameras , with more storage and better resolution, the more money  Google/YouTube has to spend as people host it on their servers and use their bandwidth to show to their friends and family. Of course it’s also costing Facebook more and more money. Which has created an interesting dynamic as both compete to host video.

Ask anyone what it costs to host their videos for their friends to watch. Everyone thinks its free… Which brings up the business question, will advertising ever ramp up fast enough to cover the costs of hosting and distributing video ?

I don’t know. What I do know is that Google choosing to pay for all my video hosting costs is just one more reason to choose the Google Lifestyle.

Is there a T Shirt for this anywhere ?

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  2. of course! haberler

    Comment by corsario1 -

  3. The Google lifestyle is only in the front of our life because Goggle are the first biggest searching machine.You started any Browser & on 90% of internetsite’s you can search site’s every time with Google. I find Google everything right that has made, although any other searching machine would have also been able to do this.

    Comment by 7nno -

  4. I personally can’t believe how much progress Google has made with Chrome thus far. It is so much faster than I.E. and Firefox its incredible. This seems to be a pervasive quality about all Google products–they’re fast as hell. Every other software maker/website operator should take note…

    Comment by mmaoutlet -

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  6. The Google lifestyle is only in the front of our life because Goggle are the first biggest searching machine.You started any Browser & on 90% of internetsite’s you can search site’s every time with Google. I find Google everything right that has made, although any other searching machine would have also been able to do this.

    Comment by qualitaetshf11 -

  7. Today the world is inconceivable without Google and without Google Apps. Even if one is no Google fan, today one cannot live any more without Google. I use meanwhile also the Google chrome browser, although I was before a fan of Firefox. The browser is simply quick and better and I better manage.

    Comment by hairdream125 -

  8. I think that the world does not get by without Google any more, it is the biggest searching machine of the world, not only in the USA. Unfortunately, has Google a so big market power, that many users can be manipulated with the help of the advertisement. One should limit himself to the essentials and use this with Google only what one really needs.

    Comment by agenturvier -

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    E-MetroTel’s vendor agnostic approach to unified communications, “upgrade – not replace” along with its channel distribution approach presents an attractive investment opportunity. Our product line Can integrate with Microsoft & Google applications.

    Comment by nawaby99 -

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  12. I sent you an email to, if you didn’t receive the message, you can contact me at
    I can help you get the BCS thing done….It is my hope that you at least have someone who reads these comments for you…LRGII i.e zgrinch….

    Comment by drenchzgrinch -

  13. RE: BCS

    This is unrelated to this post, and I doubt you’ll even read this, but your BCS idea is GENIUS! As an add on, why not ask every college student to donate $1 to this idea. You’re telling me you can’t get 30,000+ students at Michigan, Texas, OSU, Florida, USC, etc to put money in for this? Almost every student is in favor of this. Obama made grassroots donations work and overwhelmingly fund his campaign by reaching high volume/low amounts, and people love sports more than politics. As dumb as it may sound it works. The only people that like the BCS are the big sponsors and the money behind it, but the public is overwhelmingly against it. I actually signed up just to write this post, so hopefully this gets read.

    Comment by mlw0786 -

  14. Hello Mr. Cuban –

    I didn’t know how to reach you, but I just wanted to thank you so much for considering ways to institute a college football playoff. Only a visionary/revolutionary such as yourself can pull this off. If you choose not to be involved any longer, I’m afraid this will not happen for at least 50 or 100 years. Just the possibility of your involvement is very exciting to me, so much so that when I read about your plans, I had to find a way to relay an encouraging note, even though I never do such things (writing to celebrities/famous people).

    If you can pull this off, you will forever leave a legacy, dare I say in the history of this country, as it would positively affect the entire collegiate educational system (monetarily and otherwise) and the consciousness of an entire country. I’m not given to hyperbole, and this is no exception, I truly believe. And I’m sure you’ll make a tidy profit so you can have even more resources than the unbelievable amount you already have, to do even more for the community and the underprivileged than you already have been doing, which would leave an additional, eternal legacy.

    Godspeed to you, sir.

    Comment by dizzone -

  15. Mark – I don’t know how else to contact you. I have a way to keep the bowls and have the playoff with homefield advantage. Here is a very brief discription


    Comment by greeneke -

  16. Hey, I interned there last summer, Ill make you a deal, next time that you are in nyc, you can come by my college’s basketball game (Seton Hall) to watch Hazell return from broken bone to destroy the big east, and I will give you any shirt you want of mine from Google. (Including my cherished Google NYC out of print shirt)

    Comment by jayzalowitz -

  17. Have you heared already of this? In France a “Google tax” is introduced from January, 2011. Though this tax must pay not the “private individuals”, but have her seat in France only the companies, them. A special delivery is to be paid to the state which is directed after the height of own on-line income. Okay … private individuals still not affected, but I do not ask myself, if at this point whether the not also soon Ministry of Finance come in the USA on the taste. And if then the inhibition threshold is crossed, one could try it maybe also with private individuals.

    Comment by autoankauf112 -

  18. We choose what’s best available, but we forget easily when new products become popular. Google is great because there are no crazy ads.

    I think Google’s acquisition of YouTube was better than all other acquisition & attempts by Google currently. YouTube is not making money now, but it could be due to current management issues. Google’s unfocused acquisition and lack of major product development seem there is something wrong with management (I am not talking about CEO).

    Comment by 7deserve -

  19. The 20% do your own thing at Google is a myth. Unless the 20% is on a Sunday! The majority of the workforce don’t get this luxury.

    Does anyone know the cost/income ratio for Youtube?

    p.s. There a Google T-shirt which reads “Google” on the front and on the back it reads “I’m feeling lucky.”

    photo of t-shirt:×237.jpg

    Comment by jensontaylor -

  20. Ha. I’m all Googlified too.

    I can’t imagine them continuing to be innovative and the best at what they do as they grow larger and larger. It’s interesting to see them sucking in all this attention, traffic, and use of all their products.

    As the world changes, and as Google starts to Microsoft itself (to begin losing its ability to deliver what the consumer wants) it will create the opportunity for smaller, leaner, hungrier competitors to do to Google what Google did to Microsoft.

    Fun to watch!

    (a bit concerning to see so much data centralized though)

    Comment by Jeff Nabers -

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  22. Yes mattreichman and rcadden, it should absolutely make you nervous to be so dependent on Google. Just like it takes a hard drive crash to shake you up about doing regular backups, it took a recent bad experience with Google to make me wary of being exclusive in living the Google lifestyle. I also love their services and use them regularly. But I leave an escape window open. Recently I was blocked from accessing ALL Google services because they considered one of my blogs on BlogSpot to be a spam blog. It wasn’t. As it matter of fact I probably posted a few of my most useful posts on it. Don’t know what triggered their sensitivities. I asked for a review and was able to gain access to my account again which was tied to all Google services. Weeks later they shut down the blog site without explanation, just a statement that I violated their terms. Of course you can’t talk to anybody so I was unable to get a clear explanation and wouldn’t know how to avoid it in the future. I use WordPress now, and am giving Office Live a shot and like what I see so far. Chrome hangs and is extremely slow on one computer so I use other browsers as well, as much as I’d like to use Chrome exclusively. I download my Google Docs regularly to “backup” the files (ironic, huh?). If you Google you’ll find other examples of bad experiences with Google. I wrote about my bad experience here:

    Comment by xboxnight -

  23. >>”Next up … Google App Maker.”

    Did you mean Google App Inventor?

    Great post!

    Comment by bobamos -

  24. I’ve been living the google lifestyle the past 2 years. So much so that I’m transforming our business from one that sold technology infrastructure (servers, storage, etc.) to one that is focused on selling and migrating clients to SaaS and PaaS solutions. We have some great traction going on, just signed up an 1800 person company on a 2 year commitment. I wrote the following blog on another google win with my 8th grade son, thought you might enjoy it…

    Comment by cimaman -

  25. Since I started using Android, I am with you. Google me up as much as possible. However in the back of my mind. It scares me to be giving so much important data over to one party. Accounts get hacked, sometimes they get frozen. Who know what the future will bring and how the information will be used.

    Comment by therightbrigade -

  26. Google lives on advertisement. And the better the advertisement is, Goggle will be the better. But with advertisement an enterprise becomes on a continuing basis dependent and sometime the border will become narrower and narrower to the attempt to earn money, with private data. And then Facebook and others will follow very fast.

    Comment by kuekenstall -

  27. I’d love to make fun of you for being such a google cheerleader but I’d be mocking myself as well. Aside from search engine and gmail, I am addicted to their calendar. On their business side, their FREE google analytics is simply awesome, as it really helps in tailoring my net ads.

    It seems that your only poor choice is in basketball teams…Go Bulls! 😉

    Comment by therugelachman -

  28. If Google decides to pay for me all my video hosting cost, then I will wear voluntarily always a T-Shirt with Google advertisement and charge for Google for it nothing. And who knows, maybe all people soon wear a Google T-Shirt in USA. Then Google needs no more advertisement.

    Comment by conform12 -

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  30. Have you tried Opera (browser) It loads fast and I really like the Speed Dial feature. Also, it lets you sync bookmarks across multiple computers.

    Comment by mkm1836 -

  31. Hey Mark – drop me a reply and I’ll hook you up with some Google schwag.

    You need to dump that laptop and get a Chrome OS netbook!

    (local Googler in the Dallas metroplex)

    Comment by googlerbb -

  32. – Interesting experiment in getting off of the wide range of Google products that we use all the time

    Comment by spakona -

  33. The Are You Watching This?! app not only solves your Heat/Jazz problem, but it gives you a dashboard of exciting games sorted by which ones are the most exciting.

    It’s the only app I’ve seen that actually enhances the MSO/Satellite content coming over the pipe, instead of trying to replace it.

    Comment by markphillip -

  34. hey mark

    if you install google gears and run gmail in offline mode its super fast.

    just set it to download the last 30 days of email and you’ll see how quickly it flies… no matter if on chrome or firefox

    Comment by crischico -

  35. I was a HUGH fan of Chrome — die-hard fan…up until I upgraded a PC from Win7 32b to 64b. After constant Chrome crashing, I tearfully un-installed it. I have SCOURED the Internet far and wide for solutions and all of my attempts to prevent it from crashing always ended up in futility.

    Anyone know what’s going on there?

    Comment by gunnertec -

  36. Please tell me you didn’t write this huge article during a recent half time intermission.

    Comment by dailypuma -

  37. yet another 20 reasons why the Cubes is my hero.
    glad to know ur a Google fan boy too!

    Comment by nevener -

  38. An important part about this is that the reason you use so many Google products is because Google products are awesome. We don’t use Google stuff out of charity; we do it because they rock. That’s a big confirmation of what Google does.

    For the record, the only Google product I’ve used and disliked is Blogger. Everything else rocks.

    I also don’t want to be a Google person for any particular reason. I just can’t help it — there products are that good. What else would I use?

    Comment by josephwesley -

  39. I’m currently living the Google lifestyle but I think it’s very 2005. I’m hoping Facebook email pulls my txt/email/social threads together into a seamless conversation. Next level. FB has a long way to go in terms of reliability, though.

    Comment by westwest888 -

  40. There you go. Here’s a link to a Google Lifestyle t-shirt:

    Comment by sytycd -

  41. I didn’t realize Google was hiring a spokesperson. Good to know you’ve got the job down 🙂

    Comment by Matches Malone -

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  43. Google is amazing. Somehow every product they release works perfectly. The only other company that comes close is Apple. Does anyone know their formula? I’d love to know what the product developement cycle is for both companies.

    Comment by josephwesley -

  44. Mark, awesome read! Power users are demanding and hard to please. Great to see that Google has met your requirements and even exceeded them on some things.

    I made the switch to Google about a year ago, and there are still some products I haven’t tried. It is still early in the product life cycle for many of these products. They will evolve and improve even more over time.

    Hmmm…yes there should be a T-shirt for you 🙂

    Don Dodge

    Comment by dondodge -

  45. Sent you a tweet about this as well from @kwad
    That should provide a good solution to migrate your mail. It was just released a few days ago – Enjoy.

    Comment by kevinwaddell -

  46. When a company that is as trusted to keep private information private as a bank, gets into the targeted advertising business, the advertising will be a lot better and the revenue will pay for all the applications. Google is not quite there. Facebook and Microsoft, definitely not.

    Comment by Openivo -

  47. I’m also living the Google lifestyle, but even moreso.

    I get all my news through Google Reader – it’s absolutely the first thing I look at in the morning (also on my G2, w00t!), even before email or twitter.

    When anyone I don’t know personally asks for my cell phone number, I give them my Google Voice number – I like it because I can individually block calls, and set Do Not Disturb times (but allow certain people to always get through. No cell phone provider currently lets me manage it that closely.

    I also use Gmail, Google Docs, etc. I do most of my IM through Gtalk, with history turned on – it’s insane being able to load Gmail and search through all of my IM/email history for the past several years. Simply insane.

    And yes, it does scare me, in two ways:
    1. If Google shut down or disappeared or decided to start charging. I realize the likelihood is pretty slim, but it could happen, that’s a fact. I’d be forced to completely re-examine everything about my life, and I would lose a significant part of, well, everything. It’s a scary thought.

    2. If Google decided to do evil. I know they already ‘do’ evil, depending on who you ask, but I’m a law-abiding citizen – I’m not overly concerned about them following me around (they’d get bored quite quickly, honestly). But what if the Google started working with the government, and the government decided to make something illegal that’s really not (that part’s not all too farfetched, really). I’d be pretty screwed, pretty quickly.

    I realize those are both a bit paranoid, but at the same time, they’re very real possibilities. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder just what we’re giving up in the name of convenience (cause let’s face it, living the Google lifestyle is INSANELY convenient).

    Comment by rcadden -

  48. You forgot Voice capabilities. #willchangetheworld

    Comment by troyeaves -

  49. Does your dependence on Google services scare you? Throw in Google Calendar and Picasa, to which I’m also tethered, and here I am exclusively bound to Google. This makes me nervous. Should it?

    Comment by mattreichman -

  50. Official Google Store…

    Comment by Jon Parker -

  51. You have “gone Google.” Google has been trying to convince businesses to “go Google” and they’ve put out just text, full-page advertisements on how Virgin has gone Google.

    To be frank, going Google is the only easy way to organize things for free on the cloud. I use aDrive for the free 50 GB capacity. I also use SkyDrive for the Microsoft compatibility; online document editing that is completely compatible with Microsoft Word is invaluable to a college student. However, overall Google fulfills all of my document storage needs with far less hassle than anything else.

    Chrome is also the best browser for the PC, but it is not fantastic on Macs.

    Comment by spakona -

  52. Mark,

    Love reading your post always thought provoking. As for your issue with upload twenty years of old emails, if you switch over to Google Apps and run you own service you can use their API or their app to upload all your old email. I have a number of clients I’ve switched over and works well.

    I think the current address to their old email upload program is

    I can’t agree with you more on Google services as they are speedy and generally just work.


    Comment by vincentzoo -

  53. Hi Mark,

    Great post I totally agree that more and more Google is becoming the centre of how I do business on a personal and professional level, especially with Google Docs integration into Gmail. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Google Wave if you used it at all.

    I do disagree with you about YouTube though. While I do feel Viacom was justified in taking legal action against them. Arguably, if YouTube hadn’t broken the law when it was first starting out, it wouldn’t have become the giant that it is today.



    Comment by Lucas -

  54. On email from Outlook, Eudora, etc., MailSteward, or probably MailSteward Pro for you, is a good (Mac OS) option. I use it and it is great for getting everything in one place and finding things quickly.

    Comment by femanburch -

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