You Don’t Live in the World You Were Born Into

I thought this was appropriate to start the new year.

We all have the tendency to believe that we are living in a very advanced technological period.  We get all excited about the new tech we got at Xmas and what we read about that will soon be available to us. In reality, everything we are excited about today is going to be incredibly old and boring much faster than we ever expect.

No matter what year you were born, by the time you finish(ed) high school, its (was) a completely different world. Today’s high school seniors were born prior to the World Wide Web, wireless internet, smartphones,tablets, HDTVs  and changes in world politics that were never imagined.  Without question each of us can remember the things that were new and exciting to us when we were kids, that were unimaginable to our parents, but are now nothing more than old memories.

The rate of technological change is not slowing down. In fact, the argument could be made that it is speeding up.  In our lifetimes, we will reach a point when we reflect back on the good old days of the internet, Facebook, Twitter and other tech that is ubiquitous today. We might even look back at digital the way we currently look at analog. Things change.

Of course, this isn’t a problem. It’s a huge opportunity. There is that 12 year old that is imagining what we can’t. Another that is combining elements into something new we should have seen, but did not. It reminds me of one of my favorite sayings. “If you are looking where everyone else is for the next big thing, you are looking in the wrong place”

The reality is, None of us are born in to the world we live in

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  1. duh. that implies- you should have a spur of sharktank- BABY SHARKTANK, with the entrepreneurs under a certain age (18 maybe since that correlates with age of majority in this country). have different parameters- don’t infuse capital, but put the kid on the payroll as a consultant. the kids will be motivated by the “fame” and bragging rights- and for a very small price- you will be in the world that you weren’t born into- you’ll be in today’s world. great way to flush out current brains and no need for your existing R and D people to have to go out and learn what is happening now.

    Comment by bimbointheburbs -

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  3. Amen.

    Comment by StNik -

  4. .. nice blog posting and so true ..

    Comment by msnancyscupcakes -

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  6. Mark, I saw you on TV and thought you would be interested in our Patented Technology. I was intrigued by your thirst for new ideas.A Metronomic Implantable delivery system for Chemotherepy and other medications with Real-Time Bio Feedback Capabilities programmable remotely by the physician. The worlds First Mart Pump…I would welcome the opportunity to show you more…

    Comment by ricgallaher -

  7. Loved this post – and the previous one. But are they incongruous? Is the idea of two people having a conversation on their date an old-fashioned, romantic ideal? I see people on dates who are constantly on their smartphones anyway. Is there a new paradigm to personal relationships such that future generations will remember the game they went to with their grandfather and were also on livechat with their best friend to share the experience?

    Comment by elizvanneste -

  8. Mark,

    You’ve heard from this Texan before. I’m the guy who moved heaven and earth to be a part of Shark Tank 3, but missed out on the final selection. Even went as far as to travel to the Mark Burnett offices in Santa Monica and do a impromptu demonstration in their parking lot in mid September while they were filming phase 2 of season 3. Tell me I’m not obsessed as you believe I need to be.

    Since then, Hail Guardian is now partnered with Hail Reporter (a Thinkulus Media Company). We are now a product and a service under one umbrella. We are now additionally associated with possibly the largest car cover manufacturer in the world. Our retail price will be $199 for this product, including one year of service and subsequent year service renewals of $19.95 per year. So, product revenue at healthy margins due to selling direct to the public and businesses, high velocity sales due to low retail price due to direct manufacturer relationship, an intellectual property dynamo in patented prototyped proven product and proprietary and existing service platform, providing an incredible barrier to entry by would-be competitors, and residual income for our proactive alert service at a modest rate for the 8 year useful life of the product.

    Demand for our product and service is pent up to say the least. Our goal is to secure $600k in angel investment over the next month to launch for the 2012 hail season. However we have a secondary plan we can engage at an angel investment amount of $150k in a “prove it” scenario.

    Take a look at the link below, Mark. I’m betting you already have a Gust subscription to view our “private pitch” within:

    Sometimes someone comes up with a great idea in a market void of a solution and does so with an absolutely thorough solution based in a durable good plus proprietary and web leveraged platform. This is that idea. Working with individual investors already on contract language, in modest investment amounts, but would rather not have to contract with 10 different investors to get to our goal. Be the man and contact us, please. I can be at your offices within 1 hour, have my partners on conference line, give you a short presentation like I’ve done so many times in my career of $180M in direct sales experience, including individual transactions as large as $35M. Thanks in advance, Mark.

    Comment by hailguardian -

  9. I believe that the technology is moving too fast ahead and our children are not yet ready for this push.

    Comment by ovidiubica -

  10. Dear Mr. Cuban

    I made a few ammendments to the emails I sent you. Now I am writing this on here eventhough this is my private thoughts because I am not sure you received them. But don’t worry I copied them all and will be getting a friend of mine to give them to you in person. There is a 35.5 percent chance you didn’t get them.

    Here it is

    I have been right so far in my visions. I will give you a synopsis of what I stated last month in the email I sent to you. I stated that bad things would happen in the future in ALL things.

    Even before I learned about some of those horrendous trades I said the Mavericks would not do well unless you contact me.

    We are talking about a team that has been to the playoffs each of the last ten years during your tenure. A team that looks good on paper. We shall see the outcome and yes I have been making money betting against the Mavs. I had a vision of bad things to come.

    Now your thinking what does this prodigy want. Well if that`s what your thinking you have got it all wrong. Its not about what you can do for me. It is what I can do for you. Things will stay the same during this season until you contact me.

    Who am I. I have been a loyal fan of you and the Mavs since your takeover. I have been emailing you for ten years and have been shunned and dismissed. But I have a few worthwhile attributes I am persistent and I am a winner.

    I really enjoy the Shark Tank and you are very good on the show but I am starting to think it is just a con game. Lets put it this way I have been watching some of the offers that you have made to company’s and they seem to good to be true. Well that is exactly what they are because they never happen. Now you mentioned in an interview that you never signed the contract and because of this other company’s paid more for these young entrepreneurs ideas. I do not believe this is the case.

    I remember one episode when you offered a fireman more than a million dollars for an idea plus a salary. I looked and covered my mouth with my parents and said don’t do it. You could get this deal done for much less if you really had any inclination that you wanted it. I think you made a good bluff so well played.

    I can be a real a$$et in the future I know what you really want. I think 7 moves ahead and think life is a Chess game. You have to be one step ahead of the bunch. Essentially you need to be a few I see all angles and take into account all variables.

    This is my new email account It will be important that you save it because it is worth its weight in GOlD.

    Also last night I was watching the Steelers Broncos game. I started watching it when the Bronco’s were down 6. Then I tell my buddies this “watch this the bronos with Tebow will come back and win.” They said no chance. The Broncos were big time underdogs well I was right on the money.

    Well need to go to church so good luck in the new year


    Mark Farwell

    aka whitewoody

    Comment by whitewoody -

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  12. The key is education. A philosopher once said that education is not for life, life is for education. The ability to learn how to do old things in new ways–or to do new things–is a crucial attribute. Without this capability, we will forever fal behind.

    Comment by pepper268 -

  13. Mark, I lifted a line from your blog to quote on my site of which I sent you an email at HD.

    Happy New Year
    Joe Hunt

    Comment by Joe Hunt -

  14. Dear Mark

    I haven’t been in colledge for buisness since 98 and everything i learned there has long been extinct! Yet I submit that day to day buisness is standard and timeless while books fade the street is forever paved. Recently divorced and tired of working for someone else and drained of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle as of the last few years I turn my sights to becoming ferociously vested in myself to achive 2 things #1 becoming rich to the point of insanity, and #2 helping others get back on their feet. For those who say it won’t happen, or scam, I say Bullshit it can be done with humility and integrity temporing focused ambition. I would like names of people I can draw knoledge from in regardes to profit and even nonprofit organizations who would concievable volentier their assistance in my setup. I let life turn into a shit sandwich and now I want a cheesy shrimp covered steak with a cold beer.


    Comment by b3fingers -

  15. Mark….

    Was at Lunch with an AVID Maverick fan who’s name you may recognize…. Omar Selod….and bam….this idea came to me!!!!

    Omar thinks my idea is brilliant!

    Ironically….it relates to your blog and technology.

    Your name and entrepreneurial spirit has pull to take this to someone who could go with it or knows someone who could….you came to mind!!!! You wouldn’t have to spend a dime I’m confident!

    We take a cut and sit back!

    Your in with your name and KICK TAIL SPIRIT!

    Sorry to be so public with this…hopefully my phone doesn’t blow up with fake calls.

    Let’s eat…Donuts or Steak…it’s on me

    Aaron 8176828115 cell anytime

    Comment by countonthis -

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  24. And sometimes the life span of certain inventions should be shorten, to cite an example, all the new e-reader devices such Kindle, Nook, etc … yes they are great for what they do, but they have too many limitations, anybody can use a table as an e-reader device, but a table does a lot more for a difference in price that is worth paying.

    E-reader devices will become the PDA’s of the 90’s


    Comment by koolio7 -

  25. As great as an article as this is, it is equally offensive because nobody “encourages” the banks to let go of their trillion dollar stranglehold on consumer credit card debt, nor it’s stranglehold on 1 trillion dollars of student loan debt.

    All the banks would have to do is offer incentives, not debt forgiveness, just interest rate reductions to those who can pay down their debts. This would free up exponential sums of money that would begin flowing through local economies again.

    You’re either part of the scam, or part of the solution.

    The closest the banks have come is their liquidation programs. Decent programs, however, the accounts get closed resulting in the consumer paying off a card for five or six years, with no ability to respend even a small portion of the paydown amount.

    The result is a lowered credit score for taking part in the program, and less resources to pay down other debts since none of the debt paydown can be respent.

    Comment by alexlogic -

  26. “Of course, this isn’t a problem. It’s a huge opportunity. There is that 12 year old that is imagining what we can’t.” To me this is the most exciting statement. Social technology is making entrepreneurs out of kids! And yet we cut education budgets…

    Comment by tracyengel -

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  28. Mark,

    Very true, but all the tech in the world means nothing without engagement. I think engagement is the next level to make sense of all the tech advances. The next step is mobility. People expect tech to be mobile and future advances of it need to take that into consideration. The speed of tech advancement is moving so quickly it’s becoming a “game of jenga” to keep up with it. So instead of keeping up with all the newest changes, at some point, you have to focus on one or two main quadrants and live there for a bit. This doesn’t mean stop learning; quite the contrary. It means fully understanding a sector or quadrant enough to see how any advances of it really matter or not in the long term. Then you understand at a “mastery” level instead of merely learning bits and pieces of the next, latest and greatest tech-trend.

    Remember… be a servant,

    Cory Boatright

    Comment by cboatright -

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  30. No offense, but today’s Internet and the Net from 1994 are not comparable!

    Comment by donniccolo -

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    Comment by hardball123 -

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  36. “Today’s high school seniors were born prior to the World Wide Web”

    The Web is around 23 years old. Today’s high school seniors definitely had access to the web, if their family had a computer. 1994 was the time of AOL “tour guides” where you’d get a split screen chat room and web browser to be shown around various interesting websites.

    Comment by dangrossman -

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  38. Yea, I’m sure peoples of different eras have always crowed and marvelled at their own technological prowess.

    I was watching an episode of the HBO Prohibition-era drama “Boardwalk Empire” not long ago. One of the characters gets presidential election results while travelling on a moving train via telegraph.

    Not exactly gigabit ethernet but it got the job done.

    And that was nearly a century ago.

    Comment by sudojudo -

  39. I would like to know what people think will be the next or unforeseeable technology. 2022 ideas.

    Here is my short list:
    Bio intergraded technology. Chip planted in your head.
    Holographic safety signs along side of road to keep workers safe.
    Something to fix my aching back. lol

    Lets here your 2022 list.

    Comment by allcommercial -

  40. The problem is people should be working less hours a week, not more. Insufferable ponzie schemes like never ending credit card debt and student loan debt couldbe reduced if the bank sharks backed off and agreed that anybody PAYING DOWN their credit card debt is a good thing and offer lower interest incentives to those want to pay down their debts.

    Instead, it’s as if Mark is sailing away from the titantic on a lifeboat, (of course not enough lifeboats to fit the population capacity of the ship), yelling words of encouragement to those on the titantic to keep working hard and quit sinking.

    This article deftly explains how wall street has screwed over the 99%, by sticking it to the public even as the banks themselves were bailed out so they could “adapt” to an ever changing world even as the banksters continue to force the 99% to be restrained by rules from the 90’s.

    Comment by alexlogic -

  41. Thanks for the insight. A good reminder of what we, as individuals, are capable of–regardless the age in which we live.


    Comment by S_C_ -

  42. Mark, Your perspective (as always) is brilliant and inspirational. You are a personal hero of mine. Happy new year! -Shawn

    Comment by nakiannu -

  43. The same is true of children born into the same family 10 years apart. They have the same parents but the family dynamics and the younger child’s view of it is very different than the older child.

    Technology, communications, politics, wealth, lifestyle, and culture all change very quickly. We each live in a very different world than we were born into…even if we were born into the same family.

    The same dynamics apply to employees at the same company. Management teams need to remember this when thinking about motivation and incentives.


    Comment by dondodge -

  44. Great blog! Have a happy new year! Stay foolish 2 All the entrepreneurs out there.

    Comment by GWOP -

  45. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the below re: technology

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your blog!! Have a safe and happy New Year!

    Comment by donniccolo -

  46. Mark, first time commenter here. thanks for the works and happy new year.
    I am inclined to mostly agree with you here.
    However, I think that technological advances and breakthroughs will start spilling horizontally more so than vertically. I think a lot of the stuff we have now is great as is and what’s likely for them is just improvement, speed, efficiency, less resources, more affordable etc. (for the most part)

    So I think I lot of other industries will grow thanks to, and trying to get caught up with a more internet based and mobile based world. As we get more sophisticated and advanced our challenges are also becoming greater. It won’t matter how much we advance, if we cannot make the technology simply designed and accessible, simply enough for the regular person to use them. For the regular person to take advantage of them.

    One of the main reasons I feel this way is because there are a lot of people out there who even today cannot have access to the stuff you and I have and take for granted. My parents in the Dom. Republic (early 50s) pay a twice as expensive internet than I pay in NYC and they less than half the speed I get here. So I think we ought to invest first in making our current infrastructure stronger so that they can really support more powerful breakthroughs.

    Just some thoughts, I like you, I really don’t know what my 12 year old cousin is one day going to build that may change the world. 🙂

    Comment by amintorres -

  47. Very insightful. That’s why the true entrepreneurs are considered crazy.

    Comment by Sapphiresut -

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