The Mavs are a Business Unlike Any Other

When you own a professional sports team it doesn’t take long to realize that owning a team is unlike owning any other business. On one hand the competitive side of ownership is a driving force. I want to win championships. I want to win every game. Not just for me, but for the entire organization and all of North Texas and for Mavs fans everywhere. Thirteen years into owning the Mavs and it still hurts every time we lose. I still have a hard time sleeping after any game we lose.

On the other side, the Mavs are a business. I want to make a profit. But unlike every other business, making the most money possible is not a driving motivation. I try to recognize that Mav’s fans aren’t only about wins and losses. I have to realize that many, if not most Mavs fans don’t call talk radio shows. They don’t tweet about what went right or wrong during each game. In fact, while they want the Mavs to win, they are Mavs fans, win or lose. In fact, I was one of those fans before I bought the Mavs. We had a horrible team the entire run of my owning season tickets. It didn’t matter. I was a fan first.

But to some Mavs fans the Mavs are more than just a game. They are a release. They are a connection to other family members. They are an escape from the realities of a very difficult life. There are fans who love the Mavs because it makes their lives better.

THere are not many businesses that can begin to have that kind of impact on their customers/fans.

It is this connection that also drives me to make sure that every Mavs game is about far more than basketball. I want to make sure that every time any fan walks into the American Airlines Center they know that they will feel special. They will have a special experience. They will have an emotional connection. They will feel an energy and excitement they can not get anywhere else. They will be able to see a look of joy in their family members. They will know that we respect the financial, emotional and time investment they have made in our Mavs. In a years time they won’t remember the score, or even a single play from the game, but they will remember who they were with and how they felt during the game.

It is a special trust that is incumbent on me and all Mavs employees to live up to. It is expensive to deliver on this goal. But it is worth every penny. No matter what it costs. I’m proud of the fact that the Mavs spend, by all accounts, more than any other team in any sport around the world on in game entertainment and experience. While other teams worry about wi-fi and apps, we worry about creating an experience that is unique to Mavs games.

I wanted to share a very small sampling of emails that have come in over the last few weeks. There were many more. A special thanks to all Mavs employees who know just how important what we do is to our community.

Dear Mark,
A friend of mine gave me your email. I have a friend who has a 15 year old boy with an inoperable brain tumor. He left MD Anderson today after the doctors telling him there was nothing else they could do for him. We are from OK and they are on their way home tonight. They are attending the game tonight. I called the head office and was able to get him in the “high five line”! He’s making his bucket list on the drive home and the first item on the list is meeting ****** Is there anyway you could make this kid have a great evening after this horrible day? He’s a great kid with a very positive attitude and has just been handed his death sentence. Thank you so much for your time in reading this!!

I received an invitation to select someone to present a game ball at one of the Mavericks home games. I can’t tell you how thrilled and what a blessing it has been to extend this opportunity to patients. I wanted to share one of my experiences.

There is a patient that is a single mother of 2 young children that does not have a good prognosis. We thought this would be an exciting opportunity for her and her kids. When I sat down to talk with her about, the look of joy that came over her face, as she was sitting in our infusion room receiving her chemotherapy treatment, cannot be described. I want to thank you for giving us this opportunity. The generosity of the Mavericks organization is second to none. The generosity spills over and blesses others, like me, who got to see the joy as I talked to her about what she would be doing.

Thank you so much to the Mavericks organization for not just providing us with entertainment and team to route for, but for making a difference in our community.

Mr. Cuban,
I would like to commend your staff at the Mavs. My coworker Robin was hesitant to even contact your staff. She wanted to something special for her brother. Besides her brother being special needs he has been diagnosed with cancer. He is not a child physically but he just does not understand what is happening to him but he loves Basketball. So as a Mavs fan myself I would like to bring to your attention the special thing your staff is doing to make a light at the end of the tunnel for this special man. It is a great thing to witness that the Mavs go above and beyond as small as it may seem to the Mavs it is huge to this gentleman.

Hello Mark,
Just wanted to THANK YOU for an awesome overall experience we had at the MAVS game Friday night. I was lucky enough to receive two tickets from a friend who had to go out of town at the last minutes, and was able to take my 12 year old daughter to her first MAVS game. I watch every MAVS game on TV, and she’ll watch about half of them, but 12 year olds have a lot more distractions to deal with. The entire vibe of the building was just electric, and you don’t get that feel on TV. When I asked her what the favorite part of the night was, she listed the MAVS dancers, the Maniac dancers cracked her up, the drum line, and of course the game itself! You are a guy who puts is information out there, and I’m sure you get more complaints and questions, but I just wanted to make sure to let you know what a great time we had! Her one time being there has her looking at the schedule for all the next games on TV!! She is now an MFFL!!!

Hi Mr. Cuban. I am *****s mom. She is one of the Maverick’s ballkids. This is her second year in the program. I just wanted to say thank you for creating this wonderful environment for my child to learn and grow. The program has given her SO much confidence. She has loved the Mavericks for as long as I can remember. You may be the only one more passionate about the team than her, seriously. We make her watch the games in her own area of the house if she isn’t at the game. You have made the NBA exciting and you have created the Mavs to be a beloved team. The excitement and love you show for this team teaches everyone what true passion can create. Those are the things that my daughter learns from you.

The picture I’ve sent you is of my 13 year old brother ******! He is on the Wheelchair Junior Mavs team in Dallas. He is wheel chair bound due to a spinal defect. However hes one of the most lively kids I know his age. He lives and dies for basketball and more importantly he lives and dies for the Mavs This past week you guys had a meet the Mavs night and he spent sooooo much time talking about how excited he was. He loves all of you guys, and he watches EVERY SINGLE GAME! Hes been to american airlines once for a game and wouldnt stop talking about it for weeks on end afterwards

I am a dear friend of **. He actually taught me how to make my
first free throw playing in the alley when I was 6.

You all may know him from MAVS games, as he was a huge fan and became
famous during one half time performance as seen in the YOUTUBE video here

Sadly, he died tragically on Thursday morning while flying as a passenger
in a fighter jet outside of dallas.

I am working on a video montage for his funeral, which will be held at
**** Church at 10 am on Tuesday.
I would love to have the original video sent over if anyone in the
organization has it, to include in his slideshow.

Dear Mark
My mother is the biggest Mavericks fan you will ever meet. She literally never misses a game screaming and cheering in the middle of the living room the entire time. Recently, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through it all, she has still managed to watch almost every game. Last week, she had a double mastectomy. We are thrilled to say that all of the cancer was removed and no chemo or radiation are needed. My mom and dad have been through so much over the last 2 months. This has been the hardest thing they have handled in 37 years of marriage. They fought it and beat it together every step of the way. I am so proud of their love for each other, and they deserve a night out together when she is back on her feet. I would love to be able ************** to a Mavs game. I figured it was worth a shot to email you. I appreciate you taking the time to read my email. I know you are having a rough season, but we all love you as an owner. Hang in there. The MAVS will be back in no time.


These experiences are not unique to the Mavs. I’m sure all college and pro teams have similar commitments to community. But sometimes it helps to remind everyone of the role sports play in our lives and that its not just about wins and losses or TV contracts. No city has ever thrown a parade for a local company that has had a great quarter or year. Sports are a special part of our lives and that will not ever change

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  1. I just read that you’re considering Brittney Griner for the NBA, and I’m pretty excited for it. And although it makes sense as a business move, it also rings true as a decision full of the love you have for the team and the fans — especially having read your post here. It’s not just a company or a sports team, it’s a way for us to project ourselves and give us hope.

    Do it.

    Comment by texjer -

  2. Mark, I had ran across where you had and was asking about a Buisness plan that you were wanting people to share their ideas and dreams so that people could help everyone help this economy, but I cannot find anything since 2009. Are you still doing that?
    Thanks, Tina

    Comment by tinalynngip -

  3. Hi Mark,

    How much would it cost to be owner of the Mavs for a day? Package a money cant buy experience inclusive corp hospitality etc. How much? auction process – many interested buyers. Extra rev for Mavs and/or charity initiative.

    My start up looking for angel funding. With your assistance we could negotiate the exclusive rights for all the professional owners sports in the US.

    In Australia rather than a season ticket holder we have the concept of a member for professional sports.So sister site memberforaday.

    Do you like Horse Racing. I do. But an expensive “investment” to have a runner in any race let alone a good one. How about owner for a day for the Kentucky derby, Breeders Cup, Japan Cup, Hong Kong Cup, Royal Ascot,Singapore Cup … you get the drift global appeal.

    Airbnb got stacks of start up cash. ownerforaday will dominate every market and every vertical of the new peer to peer community. Customer led like premium group buying.

    So what do you want to won for a day? A boat, plane, car park, specific hotel room, any money cant buy experience or premium product. Is aspirational!

    My ownerfortheday request is :
    a one way ticket to Dallas as want to setup global HQ for ownerforday right next to my initial angel investor and special advisor. I will take somebody smart, influential ex ebay/paypal (payt crital) as Chairman to run the hard core business side. I want to concentrate on global domination (I am ex 17 years HK) it is going to rule in China – Yao Ming my angel investment target


    Jason Cornell
    +61 451079708

    Comment by ownerforadayau -

  4. Mark, I love basketball. Unfortunately here in New York, we have the ever greedy James Dolan running the Knicks and my cable company. You are truly a Mensch. The only other organization I have ever seen do the things you do, with such true passion, QUIETLY without looking for a pat on the back was George Steinbrenner’s NY Yankees (my favorite team). As of today, because of you, I am a Mavericks Fan. Many people say you are very much like him, the difference being George, though actually a nice man went out of his way for the public to hate him. You on the other hand, come across so sincere, that one can’t help but like you. You remind me very much of Matt Damon, Justin Timberlake, Derek Jeter and Jimmy Fallon. All compliments by the way. Guys who just plain get it. Guys who give it everything they have. You are in on the joke. You realize how “for the grace of god or some other lucky roll of the dice” special your life and situation is. You proudly pay your taxes. You are the role model. Personally I’ll be a fan of anything you support. Thank you for being a positive influence on my children. Thank you for giving back.


    Comment by Keith Phillips -

  5. Totally agree. Sports are more than just about a game. While I cannot claim to have had the kind of impact in my life that some of the other people have, the Mavs have created a bonding experience for me and my friends. It allows us to meet up (sometimes at a bar) enjoy the game, and discuss tons of various topics, some of them even about basketball! It doesn’t hurt that I am a huge Dirk fan (my nickname for him is: (The Determined German) and I enjoy watching him work. 2011 was an amazing year, and I literally teared up a little bit when we won. I have watched Dirk his entire career, and while by no means do I know what he as a person has gone through to get to the point in life that he has, I still feel a somewhat bond with him, and the team, as Im sure many fans do. I was there for the ups, the downs, the bad calls, and the great moments. To have that finally culminate in a championship was, at least from a sports fan perspective, one of the better moments of my life. I know I’m just some guy talking here, but I truly do appreciate what you have done for the people of DFW. You gave us something to root for, to bond over, and most importantly..something to be proud of. thanks Mark

    Btw, gotta say this: to the blogger above me looking for investment money…on a blog? seriously? There are so many ways to gain venture capital, and while it doesn’t hurt to try every avenue available, still, I don’t think this would be the place.

    Comment by jaegs47 -

  6. Mr Cuban , my name is David and I’ve been trying to get on shark tank.
    My company launched a new products. Sports Chalet had shown Interest and will be placing order for all retail stores. We have been issued a vendor number.
    I had also had a meeting with Walmart as the buyer loves the product and that Walmart had introduced us to their distributions . We are seeking an investments for inventory. Please email me if interested:
    By the way . I love the show shark tank.

    Comment by David Su -

  7. Hi Mr. Cuban, My name is Gary I’ve been trying to contact you via Twitter and your Mavs email. I have a great idea for a social media app that I believe will become even more popular than Twitter and Facebook. Please email at for further details. I’m very serious.

    Comment by taleofmine (@theonlyh1tman) -

  8. Very nice article. I thank you for sharing.

    Comment by Ali Emrah -

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  10. Reblogged this on Justin Spaulding and commented:
    This is an outstanding article by Mark Cuban! It is a dream of mine to own a professional sports franchise someday. Look at the huge impact he has had on people through the Mavericks! Amazing stuff.

    Comment by jmspaulding23 -

  11. Wow Mark, I’m not even a Mavs fan and you sound like a remarkable guy. As a huge basketball fan since I was a kid though, it’s amazing (and refreshing) to me to see a multi-billionaire, sports team owner who is so passionate about his team / business for more than just the bottomline. It’s truly rare – keep doing what you’re doing!

    Also, consider buying out the LA Clippers.. we’re on the rise and could use a guy like you on our side! Ha

    Lots of respect,

    Comment by Tanya Sarkissian (@iTanyaS) -

  12. Absolutely beautiful to read! I will be checking back regularly! Thank you Mark for being an owner that truly cares!

    Comment by bridjet (@bridjetpost) -

  13. I have unwittingly taken on the role of defender of my cities sport’s teams in the comments sections. Many times it feels like I am fighting a windmill.

    Just a suggestion, the contest allowing for two chances truly shows your attention to detail. NOBODY that I know does that, and it is a tremendous idea.

    However, when that gentleman made all of his shots without missing any along the way, I suddenly wanted to see him get an additional “bump” in prizes for not needing the second shot for any of his shots.

    Comment by alexlogic -

  14. Hey Mark, my name is Brian and am from Sacramento. Firstly, I wanted to say I greatly respect your business prowess shown with, selling out at the top, buying the Mavs at what is now a bargain price, etc…Moreover, was wondering your thoughts on keeping the Kings in Sacramento as you have one of the 30 votes (moreover, just need 8 to vote no in order for the Kings to stay) and I’m sure you’d agree is a fantastic sports town with the longer sellout streak in history and a growing market now as real estate is booming again the past year…Moreover, why doesn’t Milwaukee with the least valuable team and having an MLB team, or the Cavs, bobcats, grizzlies,etc. move instead as the NBA seems wisely adamant about establishing an expansion team and these owners I’m sure would like to cash out at $500M+ (Jordan bought his for $275M just 3-4 years ago)???

    Always respect your thoughts,


    Comment by Brian Peace -

  15. I recently moved from Austin to Southern California so that my wife and I could be closer to her family. Though I haven’t had near the hardships that these folks have, looking forward to Mavs vs Lakers on April 2nd keeping me going. I have a feeling that we can make a playoff run and that game will be pivotal for Maverick Nation. You’ll hear me cheering loud from section 301.

    Comment by Scotty B. Montgomery -

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  17. Mr. Cuban, I am a writer for Personal Player Development Magazine and we would like to interview you on the subject as it pertains to professional and college athletes. We will be contact the PR folks from the Mavs to make a formal request.
    “Just two IU Alums who understand the issue athletes have at all levels as should you!”

    Comment by Mark Robinson (@drmarkppdmag) -

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  20. I leave a comment and you remove it. What gives, Mark? Are you afraid of the truth? Face the music. What you’ve done with this team is unforgiveable.

    Comment by Jessica Cullather Fagyas -

  21. Awesome! I watched that video and imagined the happiness and joy felt by every single person attending that young man’s services and I am overwhelmed by the impact that must have had on everyone in attendance. I’ll bet you had no idea how impactful the psychic income would be to you and others when you purchased the Mavericks. I’d wager that you never sell that team, ever.

    Comment by Akolea (@akolea) -

  22. Love this. Thanks for creating authentic value for countless people.

    Comment by nathanishere -

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  24. Great book, blog and post Mark.

    Comment by Coach Mark -

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  26. Thank you Mark! Sports, the Mavs in particular we’re a common bound between my all too stoic father, and myself, growing up. You are absolutely right in your statements on how sports transcend the game, itself. Some of my fondest memories are the times I spent in the nosebleeds, as a Reunion Rowdy, with my father.

    Comment by Hosea Baker -

  27. Great post, Mark. Is this an attempt to make us forget you blew up a champion team? Or instead of going after D-Will, you went to shoot an episode of Shark Tank?

    I appreciate everything you’ve done for this organization, and have been a season ticket holder for the past 5 years. But the way you have handled this team after the 2011 Championship has been nothing short of frustrating.

    Comment by Jessica Cullather Fagyas -

  28. Damn Cuban, you got a GREAT Job! Mahalo sharing your Passion and Excitement!

    Comment by Neil Evansan -

  29. you my good sir are a genius and have inspired me to sit in my room eating pizza trying to learn programing so far I have been in my room for 5hrs lol watching free mit programming classes !

    Comment by mdodd46 -

  30. Mr. Cuban seeing what you have accomplished is an inspiration. The mavs success is all because of your dedication to how the fans see a game and what they want to see. You’re one owner who won’t try to fool the fans or make a player transaction that would upset the fans. Also the fact that you can’t sleep at night after a loss proves are driven and dedicated you are in building a championship team. Mr. Cuban you truely one of the most respected owners in sports your work ethic to create a winner is such an inspiration. Personally my dream is to someday own a sports franchise and the way you go about running your franchise is the blueprint on how I’d run mine.

    Comment by Brandon Paquin (@PaquinBrandon) -

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  32. Mark,

    I just got back from class at the Johns Hopkins Business School. I just find it very interesting that one of the themes we were discussing today was sustainability and the fact that there is more to business than turning a quick buck and making profit, though no one denies that these are important. Sometimes it’s about giving back and how you could change the lives of others for the good. As a business magnate, team owner, and Shark you have the power to change the way society lives for the good or for the bad, as millions of people look up to you as their role model. Thanks for making the right choices and showing your compassion for those in difficult situations.


    Comment by businessshark2 -

  33. Mark,

    While sports teams have this sort of connection with their customers, so do a lot of businesses. People are often very loyal to coffee shops, or in a more extreme case, Air Methods Air Ambulance…like you, their shareholders want profit – but they know that in order to deliver profit they also have to save lives. You have to win in order to deliver a profit.

    Comment by snickn -

  34. Mark,
    As an old Reunion Rowdie from back in the day I can tell you that Mavs game experience under your leadership is fantastic. I have been to games in other arenas where the half time is so dead you wonder if the game is over. I am retired now and can’t make the games very often but I never miss one on TV. In fact I am watching the domination of the Kings right now (Carter is on fire). Keep doing what you do. If I was rich I can only hope that I would act the same way.

    Comment by pope1944 -

  35. That’s the question that has been torturing me for some years now — do you make a profit from owning a team, or do you sunk every dime into it because of the desire to win.

    Thanks Mark, another great post!

    Comment by deanysus -

  36. Mr. Cuban: I loved this entry—-except for the depression I feel longing for you to form a group to take the lead in buying the Pittsburgh Pirates. There is so much potential there—and it’s been wasted for the better part of two decades. The passion of your writing in this entry and testimonials from others you included—-that approach would bring pride and fun back to the ‘burgh (and I don’t even live there—but have always been a Pirates fan). And no, it’s not about making the Pirates an instant winner either. The reason sports fans (including a huge number of people who aren’t even fans of the Mavericks) admire you as an owner is that it’s so clear how hard you try to win—-and how you make the experience fun for all. Vince Lombardi is credited with saying “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” He might have said that, but it wasn’t his original quote. His actual original quote to his players was “Winning isn’t everything, but WANTING to win is.” There aren’t many people who WANT to win (in sports and life) more than you do. The excitement that generates for fans of a sports franchise can’t be overstated.

    Comment by dcangelo -

  37. I assume that for many (but not all) people who buy professional sports teams it is more about their own vanity and/or actual love of the team/city/sport than it is for motive of profit. Sport team owners should realize that owners come and go, but the team and it’s fans are always there. Owners should consider it an honor to be at the helm of a city’s sports identity. You, Mark, represent all that a team owner should be: passionate about your team/players/fans/city. Sadly, I’ve lost interest in NBA hoops over the last decade…too many “me” players and not as much teamwork as when I grew up. At least I have my Hoosiers and Big Handsome to cheer for!

    Comment by Bad Bad Leroy Brown -

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  39. You inspires the readers a lot. Thanks for sharing..Since then I’m Mavs Fan.

    Comment by Khretz Faderanga Lagmay -

  40. Thanks for blowing up a title team, Mark. What’s Plan C?


    Comment by fowlermike1836 -

  41. Mr Cuban you a true inspiration. I read this blog quite often, but I am “first time” poster. I wish more business owners like you step up and “care” like you. I wish you the best of luck in life. PS- My buddies are writing a Dallas sports based blog just for the “love of the game”, and they are always pimping the “Mavs” – Feel free to stop by –

    Comment by Christian J Spoerl -

  42. Thanks for sharing!

    Comment by sportzjunkman (@sportzjunkman) -

  43. Mr. Cuban thanks for sharing this and letting everyone know you do care and take time to read and understand what its all about. great respect to you.
    Mark T.

    Comment by Mark Treinen -

  44. We went to the game last night, and I have to say that you not only “get it” but are doing a great job. From the security people to the photographers to the obvious ones such as the Maniacs, I felt a true commitment to the fans and making sure we had a great experience at the game. I know those intangibles do not come easy as you have to create a mindset for it to happen. My family had a great experience and we will come back. Extra kudos to Dirk, whom we already know to be a top-notch human being, for high-fiving EVERY SINGLE person in the high-five line before the game. He is a gem, and Dallas is lucky to call him ours.

    Comment by Julie Espinoza (@julesintex) -

  45. It’s too bad more [all] businesses aren’t run like you run the Mavs Mark. Where concern for the customers come first, followed by the employees. The US would be a whole lot better place to be if they did.

    Just my opinion.

    Comment by Marc Kashinsky (@mkashinsky) -

  46. Hi Mark, my wife and I just moved to Dallas and we went to our first Mavs game last night (tough loss, we were down the whole game and came close). We were sitting there and I asked a friend, “Does Mark still come to the games or does he have to do Shark Tank all the time.” She said, “Oh yeah, he’s always here” and immediately pointed you out behind the basket in the front row.

    I watched as you got excited and on your feet and also pissed after some easy missed layups, but admired your love for the team and excited my wife and I to become LLMav fans.

    Sure it’s a rough year, but we all see the passion you put into your work and helping out all the people above is great of you. Cheers!


    Comment by Joe Cassandra -

  47. Oh boy, here we go. Another business owner who thinks he is a special snowflake, and that the challenges he faces in his business and industry are somehow special or unique. Any business, or even anything that makes money for that matter, has challenges to face, and requires balancing different things to keep it working. No industry or business is unique in that fact.

    I always chuckle when I hear someone say that their industry is “competitive” or “cut-throat”. Every single thing in this life that makes money, is competitive and cut-throat. No one occupation or business is any more special or competitive than the other. Most people don’t want to face that fact though, because then they would have to admit to themselves that the job they have, or the business that they own, is not as special or unique as they think it is, and this would crush their ego.

    Your Dallas Mavericks are just like any other business Mark, and you are not a special snowflake.

    Comment by PuaHate (@PuaHate) -

  48. i am a MFFL. i never watched the nba until i lost my appt and had to move in with my mom. she loves the nba, i started watching the games with her. at one time i was 76ers fan, then in 2003 during the playoffs they were eleminated. my mom told me that the dallas mavericks were a good team to cheer for, well that was the turning point. i cried when the mavs lost in the finals, but cried again when they one the champ. i live in south dakota and am not able to go to any games. the only time i get to see the games are when they are on espn or tnt, im up here in timberwolves country. after reading your story and the emails, im even more proud to be a MMFL. thank you for everything you do.

    Comment by Sarah Damm -

  49. Dallas is blessed to have such a great human being running their basketball team! One of the most unselfish people you’ll meet. I just hope when my Seattle Supersonics come back, our owners are half the man Cuban is! It’s hard not to root for the Mavs! Until my Supersonics are back ill always pull for the Mavs!

    Comment by dans761 -

  50. Got any similarly wealthy friends who like American pro soccer and want to buy FC Dallas…and will possibly care about them the same way you do with the Mavs?

    Comment by Adam Clayton Wright -

  51. You might be a “shark”, and I am sure you are a tough businessman, but you lead from the heart. Love it.

    Comment by meredith collins (@meredithcollinz) -

  52. We Love the Mavs and the Sports Lifestyle!

    Comment by John Stehmeyer -

  53. That is great PR for your company and will also create lifetime fans.

    Comment by Tom Handy -

  54. Mark, Great post! You are the best owner in the NBA. You remind me so much of Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots. Both owners who were first season ticketholder fans. Both of you bought the teams when they were down and out and built them into champions. Both great business people, but also owners who respect the team as a family, and include the community as part of the family.

    Most owners in professional sports are not like you. Most owners are in it for the money and aren’t true fans. Basketball fans love you and what you have done for the game. I have seen fans in other NBA cities come up to shake your hand, ask for a photo, and just love to talk to you. These fans wouldn’t dream of doing this with the owner of their own home team. Those owners aren’t accessible. They don’t want to talk to fans, and don’t really care about the game. Fans love you and the team because you love them back.

    You have built a great organization!

    Comment by Don Dodge -

  55. Thank You for caring and making a difference Mark!

    Comment by Rudy (@Rudinski) -

  56. I am a diehard Sonics fan in Seattle. Losing the team the way we did via deceit and corruption was extremely hard for thousands of us up here. I watched grown men cry the day it happened. I still get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I see how good the team that Seattle drafted is in oklahoma. I have memories dating back to my childhood with friends and family that revolve around the Sonics.

    I sincerely appreciate your voting against the relocation in 2008, it meant more than you can know. I also appreciate that you understand sports teams are more than just a business used to milk money from fans.

    My good friend is a Mavs fan and sent me a championship hat the year you guys won it, it still sits on my tv in my bedroom.

    Go Mavs and Sonics!

    Comment by Eric E (@Seattlelife) -

  57. Nicely done, Sir.

    Comment by Lin Lofley -

  58. Very well said. When you have an owner that cares it trickles down through the organization, and makes the fans care. Those letters really show just how much you care. True fans stick with a team no matter win or lose. Thank you for all you do, and know it is appreciated.

    Comment by Nicki Lewis (@Nicki_Lewis) -

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  60. You and your Mav’s employees do so much not just for rabid Mav’s fans, but for the community in North Dallas. As well, I have used some of your tips on where to really put your money so it’s safe, and business acumen to help me grow my cash and start a small cleaning business that not only makes me cash, but helps others.

    Mark Grove—Just South East Of Constitution Park(” It’s Much Easier On Your Constitution”

    Comment by CanadianGuitarPlayer (@mdgrove) -

  61. Mark…the greatest Mission Statement I’ve ever seen for an organization…thank you for sharing this…Don

    Comment by -

  62. I think this is one of the reason why Mark has been so successful in life. His emotional IQ is through the roof. He’s able to step back and see what’s really going on in life and in business and then deliver to people what they truly need or want.

    Comment by Jarom Lamoreaux -

  63. The Best Owner in Sports,

    Mark this blog post reminds overall how great an owner, fan and person you are. Though I’ve never personally met you, it seems like you’d be one amazing guy to just be around, talk to and simply know.

    I’d be lying if I said I never thought your moves were wrong or lack thereof when it comes to the Mavericks. Part of being a MFFL is getting so riled up, love and dislike of players, coaches, owners and GMs.

    I’m a fan of yours through and through, no matter what. You show your care in more ways than just basketball, but impact the lives of so many whether you’ve met them or not. The Mavs organization is truly unbelievable and the man at the top is the reason why.

    Thank you Mark for all you do, I’ll never taking it for granted!

    Damian Jackson –

    Comment by Damian Jackson (@thedfactor) -

  64. Hi Mark,

    I love this post. This way of thinking is just the thing that makes good businesses great. I know that with sports, most people are loyal and devoted to their team, but Mavs fans will have children that are Mavs fans. Because of the special investments you make, they are undoubtedly the kind of brand ambassadors money can’t buy. I have so much respect for you and your entire organization. I’ll be rooting for you all the way from Syracuse NY!

    Comment by Rebecca Spadaro (@FaceFirstBecca) -

  65. There are many lessons to learn from reading this post and the emails. Its about the customer & people – #1. Success is no fun unless you can bring as many people with you to the top – #2

    I see this in life when people become successful and along the way they gather as many people as they can and allow them to join them on the journey.

    Thanks Mark and your organization for giving to people something that’s worth more than money – memories!

    Comment by Terry Middleton -

  66. I’m glad you are an owner who gets that this is a different kind of business. I’ve been a fan of the Sacramento Kings since I attended my first game October 25th, 1985. It’s been a part of my family and the great many friends I’ve met over 28 years. In a one team town, they truly have been like family.

    Everything you and the great Mavs fans feel about what you have, is equally felt in our city. With that, I hope you will remember your words today this coming April when you are going to have a vote on keeping the Kings where they belong. Seattle was done wrong. But doing another wrong to a passionate Kings family in Sacramento is another wrong.

    Your position on expansion for Seattle has been driven by business thinking. Maybe that isn’t all there is to consider when you vote. There doesn’t have to be a community ripped apart to try and make another one whole.

    Comment by Jeff Bradway -

  67. I love reading your blog on a regular basis. This story was incredible. You are hands down the best owner in pro sports in North America and value the fans a lot.

    Comment by Scott Henning (@scotth26) -

  68. Mr. Cuban
    I first would like to say that I appreciate what you have accomplished. You are truly a pioneer and one who I think has much to offer to the business world for future young men and women. I also am following my dreams of a small business owner and looking to move into the International ranks of things in the sports industry. I have a project we are working on for Geneva Switzerland this summer and I would love to share the concept with you as we are very interested in connecting with professional athletes. I know you get thousands of emails daily but I would love the opportunity to talk to you about this project for Switzerland. Thank you so much for what you have brought to the City of Dallas working with the Mavs. You are one of the greats!

    Comment by LaQuita Thompson (@xheat) -

  69. Dear Mark,

    My wife once hated the NBA. Couldn’t get her to watch a game with me on TV. In 2003 I took her to a Mavs game. Then another. 10 years later she’s a bit scary in her love of all things Mavs. Dirk, Fin and Nash created a monster that now knows VC’s go-to moves as well as your coaches probably do.

    While some teams do a decent job at arenas and such, the Mavs do a great job at finding likable stars. That’s not always easy in professional sports. If you continue to do anything well, my suggestion is to do that.


    Comment by Tommy Galloway (@tommygtwo) -

  70. Mark,

    You are truly an inspiration, and so are the people in these emails. It takes courage and guts to put yourself out there and ask for a favor from an NBA franchise – but these people clearly needed something special that only you could give them. I’m born and raised in Dallas, but have traveled enough to know the things that matter. I love that you put the people first, are levelheaded in business, and keep your family a top priority. I never miss ya on Friday nights either. Keep it up! Also, I recently worked with a German-born music producer named Florian or “Flo” who said you two were roommates ages ago. Don’t want to give his full name on the comment thread, but he had nothing but wonderful things to say about young Mark Cuban too. Keep it up!

    Comment by Steve Shackelford -

  71. Amazing! Thanks for all you and the staff at the Mavs do!

    Comment by NTX Medical Sales (@NTXMed) -

  72. Mark,
    Thanks for being an owner who truly understands what a pro team is about. I myself as not a basketball fan but am a sports fan and its refreshing to read your words of caring about the fans, and not just winning.

    Comment by josephjlgraves -

  73. Bro you are an eff-ing rockstar! (even though we whooped your ass like a red-headed-step child) in OKC … ;0)

    The difference in your mindset is why “winning or losing” you will always win with your fans Mark. Your fans love THE MAVS and the EXPERIENCE the Mavs bring them. I know this is basically a reiteration of what you said, but it’s so true and worth repeating.

    It’s more impressive you recognize that “experience” is actually MORE IMPORTANT in the long term than winning a game. The “journey” is the most exhilarating part to a lover of hiking. The “climb” to the mountain climber and the “process of seeing something created” to the entrepreneur. Bro… you’re a crafter. An innovator in thought and executor in real-time “plays”.

    This is the “real life “Shark Tank”. You don’t perceive value in one methodology or medium. You consider the whole picture, each piece of the puzzle and different perspectives to gain altitude on any “win or loss”.

    This is how I built a platform of hundreds of thousands of supports in our group too.

    Remembering…. be a servant, (especially to your fans)

    Keep rocking it out!

    Remember… be a servant,

    Cory Boatright

    Comment by Cory Boatright -

  74. Mark,
    Thanks for making the Mavs what they are to us in this community.
    You’ve personally handed me tickets for a game in Atlanta in the past, so I always appreciate you personally.
    We want to see the team do well, and compete for more titles, but it’s ultimately about what you guys do for the community and fans that sets the mavs apart from other NBA franchises.
    I think we all can tell you that you are the greatest owner in sports. Keep it up.

    Comment by Chase Park -

  75. great one mark

    Comment by B E McMonigle -

  76. Good for you! It is great thing we in business can do when we share our “assets” with the communities that support us back … be it a city, town or base of customers.
    I take some exception to the fact that you say every other business is all about maximizing a monetary profit … and you essentially prove that in your story.
    MOST businesses should look at sharing their wealth (goodwill, interest, moral support and sometimes even cash) as part of their tacit agreement with their community. As they say around here: “You can do well, while you do good”.

    Comment by Rob Redfearn -

  77. Thank you for “getting” it. Every business owner should realize that their customer’s business isn’t just the numbers. It’s all an emotional experience that should be delivered. I live in NYC and on a daily basis “they” all don’t get it, and that’s mostly those who don’t speak English although once in a while I do have a great experience with a foreigner, but it’s not the norm. This is the most unemotional city I’ve ever lived in and why I’m leaving soon.

    When my ladies come to me, they want to walk out with the same beauty and confidence I portray and I WILL deliver to them. As we get to know each other through continued business, they realize how much they can learn from me, and many times I change their lives, not only their hair and it’s an amazing satisfaction for me and was the reason I wrote my book and began my brand, Sexy and Fabulous Over 40. They increase their business, their relationships, and how they walk in the world.

    Love your blogs Mark and love you as a business man, my favorite Shark, love all that you put out in the world.

    Comment by Gianna (@GiannaMiceli) -

  78. wow, I know the impact of sports on people can be significant, but reading those emails really got me choked up. GO MARK! Keep it up.

    Comment by Ben Friedland -

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