Isn’t that the word they used on The Apprentice that put people in an uproar…Well Chris, you had me going. Turns out you are just a reality show groupie and you just wanted to make me your first conquest. After years of practice I was always able to spot the Gold Diggers when I was single. They all had the same M.O.

You sir, have broken my Reality Show cherry. Just when I was ready to trust everything every applicant and potential applicant had to say, you had to ruin it for me. I thought The Benefactor was the only show you cared about and were devoted to. http://www.chrismckeever.com/says otherwise.

I never dreamed I would be caught up in a m?ge-?log. Never in my nightmares did I think my reality show innocence would be compromised so soon.

You are history to me, Chris. H106.