The Joys of Casting..

5 cities and thousands and thousands of tapes have brought us a heck of a lot of choices to be among the 16 cast for The Benefactor.

We asked for all kinds of people and we have gotten them. In response to all the emails I have gotten, let me answer your questions.

1. We continue to go through tapes, we have NOT selected the final contestants yet.

2. We wont have even our real first cut down to 25 or 30 until we do.

3. Some people have been called asa follow up. If you have been called, congrats, ifyou havent, it doesnt mean you are out of it yet. There is a chance we havent seen your tape yet. We hope to have all the tapes reviewed by the end of this week

4.If by next week you havent heard back from us, your chances are slim, BUT, because the top 25 to 30 have to pass a variety of background checks (yep, we have to check out what was on your app), we probably end up cutting some folks from that group and may have to go back to our notes and pick the next set of potential contestants from there. So it aint over, till you see us make an announcement.

5. I cant place wildcard contestants, I cant give anyone special consideration. It doesnt matter what you say in an email, who you know,or what kind of pictures you send……We have to do it all by the book so everyone gets a fair shot.

the more I work on this, the more excited i get. Its going to be fun to be part of and just as much fun to watch !


23 thoughts on “The Joys of Casting..

  1. I did my best w/the time i had. Mark my concern is that All were asked to join in the fun of trying to make it to Dallas, to have there dreams come true, but certain questions asked on the,short form, does not allow those people w/a mark on there record, a felony, play the game.

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  2. I did my best w/the time i had. Mark my concern is that All were asked to join in the fun of trying to make it to Dallas, to have there dreams come true, but certain questions asked on the,short form, does not allow those people w/a mark on there record, a felony, play the game. Who’s to say that those that have be choosen, not just for your show but all reality shows, have not had a contestent that could of had charges against them, but do to the legal system were granted by a Judge, and expunged there charges.

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  6. Well time is passing and I have not heard from The Benefactor. Check out my kick ass video that I made for my audition. I worked very hard on it and it’s a little tough for me to have not gotten any sort of response.

    I’d love to hear feedback.


    Comment by Brian Pocrass -

  7. I’m another that has a slim chance (more like no chance) of being selected as a finalist for The Benefactor. :o( Guess my new boobs will just have to wait! lol I can’t wait for this show to be aired. I think it’s gonna be great… even without me on it!

    Comment by Kim -

  8. When I dropped off my audition tape in Los Angeles, it was so chaotic there, so I’m checking in to see if someone did indeed get “Pearl Does Dallas.” It’s not a porn, I swear!
    Anyways I really enjoy your blogs and good luck with the show!

    Comment by Pearl Chen -

  9. Let me first say, apparently like most people that applied, I too am destined for the reject pile. HOWEVER, this was a generous opportunity for hundreds of us to dream about that was not OWED to us. Common logic tells you that with 16 being selecting there would be countless left out, and believe it or not I’m confident there was no malice of forethought in the decision process. For anyone of us, to cry because we think our need or merit is more grandious than anyone elses is absolutely absurd. Quit the crying and complaining, thank Mr. Cuban for his generosity and lets try and enjoy the show and the opportunity for the lucky winner. (Thank you, I’ll put away my soapbox now).

    Comment by Robert Ashley -

  10. Mark,
    Because my chances are now “slim” to get on your show, I have decided to issue a challenge to you to not only get on “ my good side” but to get on the good side of thousands of others. As I told you in my video, I am willing to debase myself and let the world know I am living in a homeless mission in Everett WA. Whether I am on your show or not, I am going to raise the money to start a not for profit employment service run by these men for these men. It seems to me that after Trump said to you-
    “someday, maybe we could sit up there with the rich people” as you looked up to a 2nd floor patio that had a smattering of people eating their diner.” -you took that challenge by saying to yourself- “Someday, Donald”

    So I hereby challenge you to come to the mission in Everett Washington and have lunch with these men who desperately want a job- any job. In America today, homelessness can no longer be attributed to drugs and alcohol abuse. Concern over stock options by greedy corporate executives has resulted in a total disregard for the working class. These are the good men I want you to meet. Whether you like it or not, you are a public figure that has enough sway to truly help others- not just the one lucky individual you will be rewarding on your show. Hey don’t take me wrong – I would like to improve my lot by winning the million. But I also know that I would solemnly pledge-on national TV- to endow this service. As well, I also know that the national publicity this would generate would make my donation pale by comparison.

    Finding humility is easy when you live in a mission. But one thing you have to understand is – is that I am a Texan. There is not a single wealthy Texan who has not been “broke” at least a couple of times. I personally have the ability to make a comeback. These men I speak of need and want help. Mark, you made a promise to yourself after you left Trump’s office that day. Today, I also have made a promise to myself.

    How we all get to our place and time is amazing. Finding a reason for it is even more amazing. I hope you take this challenge in the spirit it is meant to convey- a tangible solution to a serious problem. If you decide not to respond to this challenge I will be disappointed in the knowledge that this show is just another self promotion with the direct result of more subscriptions sold and more seats filled. It would just be another “all things Trump”.
    I know you are competitive. I just hope that you are compassionate. If not-“I guess our definition of success is just completely different.”

    Sincerely, Ralph Nicholson

    Comment by Ralph Nicholson -

  11. Kristie,

    I agree with you. You can take a warrant out for anyone for any reason. My sister went through a terrible divorce a few years ago. Her husband was having an affair with my sisters best friend. His son from a previous marriage was a police officer in the town. They both knew how to “work the system”. He had my sister arrested multiple times on false charges. Her “best friend” who was having the affair with my sisters husband pressed charges against my sister for “stalking”. All these charges were false (which is against the law to make false charges) but they did it to my sister.

    She is a wonderful mother, a veteran of the US Army, good credit, etc. But because of those lies she now has to carry this on her record. Even though the charges were lies made up by her cheating husband (whore) and his mistress ( another whore).

    Hopefully, Mark will take all those things into consideration. I feel your pain KC. Plus I also made it to the 2nd round.

    There were several people on Survivor and The Amazing Race that had been arrested. I am not sure for what but they were given a chance.

    Keep the faith. It depends on how bad we want it. And you sound like me in WANTING IT BAD!

    Comment by jeffrey saunders -

  12. If you dream a dream it will come true for you.
    i am one of the lucky ones,from Bosie Idaho, to be able to move on to round two..It was not just a dream, I knew that I wanted it & could do it. I was the LAST one to be interviewed by the prodution staff, but kept positive that there was room for me. Sweet, i was then asked to fill out a “short form” 16 pages, & i has 20 min. to complete it, (due to running past there deadline) of the room. I did my best w/the time i had. Mark my concern is that All were asked to join in the fun of trying to make it to Dallas, to have there dreams come true, but certain questions asked on the,short form, does not allow those people w/a mark on there record, a felony, play the game. Who’s to say that those that have be choosen, not just for your show but all reality shows, have not had a contestent that could of had charges against them, but do to the legal system were granted by a Judge, and expunged there charges. Which in Reality by having a Felony and then having it expunged, will never show up on a background check, never. Don’t get me wrong, i am not speaking of felony charges that harm children, asult, yadda yadda, i’m speaking of ie.. drug or alcohol addiction felony charges. those people have paid thre dues, and are in recovery. the difference between one alcoholic an another, is one got caught, did time, & is working on recovery, the other alcoholic just has not been caught yet.. we all have some sort of addition, working to much eating to much, to much sports (not you) right? My point is these people that have paid there dues for the mistakes they have made, are still being punished by not being allowed to do as the ones that have not yet realized, they to might have an addiction, or the others that have had the charges removed. Is ABC & Disney discriminating against them? Can ABC or Disney say that they have never had a person on one of there shows with a legl problem? A very gray area to ponder about, don’t you think?

    Thanks for lending your ear, hope to see U U U in the big D..

    the KC kid

    Comment by Kristie Endicott -

  13. Oh i just pray that you don’t have a bunch of perfectly primped wanna be actors with several sets of professional head shots on the show. My fingers are still crossed that I will get “the phone call”. I’m so sure I need the money and the fun that will come with being involved with the show that I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the show if I don’t get on it. I definently don’t want to see the show ran by the dramatics of the actor wanna be who decides he’ll play cocky tough guy or the ditzy money/fame hungry actress wannabe who plays the role of the bitch or the sweet girl next door. Please be for real with who you pick and please see through all the crap—remember, most of the people that you are going to deal with are fakers & actors and have auditioned for every reality show they hear about for the hope of getting their “Big Break”. REALITY TV…..Oh ya and by the way..will ya put a post up here telling us when your done with the calling process so the rest of us poor hopefuls get back to life and stop sitting by the phone waiting for you to call. Thx ..and Go Mavs, the playoffs got me excited!!! I can’t wait!!! Tim Duncan sux

    Comment by Donna -

  14. Mark,

    I am trying to keep the faith! No I AM KEEPING THE FAITH! I have sat, literally, near the phone, Thursday, Friday, and now all day on Saturday, and I will sit here tomorrow and Monday and so on until the 26th! That is the date I have set to totally give up.

    I want this and I need this. I need the money! My family needs the money!

    You asked what I would do for a million dollars …… I would be persistent! You said you want someone that is not afraid to yell at you! ……. WELL, GET MY APPLICATION AND CALL ME MARK! YOUR MISSING OUT ON A GREAT GUY! AND GREAT RATINGS WITH ME!

    Yours truely,

    Jeff Saunders
    The GAY Redneck from Georgia

    Comment by jeffrey saunders -

  15. Thanks, Mark, for giving us all much needed real information.

    I am still dreaming about changing the lives of some kids and making mine a little less stressful with a million dollars.
    I am dreaming and praying…..
    Picked or not we are all a part of this
    If I am not picked, I will be watching, picking my fave to win and being happy for the winner.

    Good Luck Everyone!!!!

    PS: Is there a date when the show will actually air? Can’t wait!!!!!

    Comment by Frankie Milley -

  16. Mark,

    Your comments about passion are well received. Please check out the page I made for you regarding passion, HDNet, and other significant things. Thanks. Kevin Carlile

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  17. Well, I had fun in Dallas, but totally fouled up my tape. It’ll be great to watch regardless. We all got to dream for a little bit at least.

    Comment by Rissa -

  18. Mark,
    You know I just realized I have been sitting around for 3 days just waiting for my phone to ring-THANK YOU for the REALITY show moment, I need to get a life!!!!

    Comment by Kim Martin -

  19. If I don’t get picked I will fart in your general direction.

    Comment by Dennis Gillan -

  20. Cheryl Rasado I have a question for you, what makes you think that “Barbies” aren’t real poeple and don’t need or deserve to be on the show?
    Sharon Wilhite
    “Normal Barbie”

    Comment by Sharon Wilhite -

  21. I relize you have tons of e-mails but i did not get the answer i was looking for, Do you take normal poeple? well if this is true i hope you dont pick barbies to play the game and everyone has a fair chance to be on your show,The percentage of us think that it is rigged i hope not. I hope you are a fair and good person,And help the people that need it.
    thank you cheryl

    Comment by cheryl rosado -

  22. Thanks for your stock comments and “The Numbers”. I wish I had read that book a few years ago, but better late than never.
    I drove to Dallas and auditioned for your show too, but I have a feeling I goofed up my tape. Atleast the girl didn’t seem too impressed; and my “no gay sex” comment probably didn’t help. Further, I don’t think she bought into the dreams I was selling of starting a non-profit offshore lottery that pays out 100% (minus administrative costs) of ticket revenue to a trust that benefits the winners. If you dislike hypocrisy then you’ll find it funny that the government views both gambling and monopolies as illegal and then convinces residents to “gamble” by spending their hard earned cash on their State or Multistate lottery (which is a monopoly) that takes over 70% winnings when your done with taxes. I’d love for the State governments to actually have to compete with a real competitor.

    Anyways, thanks for the update on the show, it will be rad!

    And my .2 cents about the NBA; if you can’t purposely bounce a penalty free throw off the rim or the backboard just so you can get the rebound, then you shouldn’t be able to throw it off the backboard during open play for the same reason. Refs need a checkup.

    Comment by Logan Weems -

  23. I’m really looking forward to watching this show, regardless of if I’m on it or not. The idea has proven success, and your spin on the outcome is just the twist the formula needed.

    I’ve linked your Blog on my page, because it’s almost as cool as mine. Check it out if you get the chance. Have a good one, Mark.

    Comment by Ryan Olson -

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