Thank you, Donald

I like Donald Trump. When The Benefactor was announced, he was one of the first people to call. Told me he thought it was a great idea, and I was the right guy to pull it off. Thanks, Donald. Very nice thing to do. What wasn’t nice, was to call The Benefactor a copycat of The Apprentice.

A Trump quote from the Chicago Sun-Times in reference to The Benefactor:

“Because of the success of ‘The Apprentice,’ you’ll have 100 people trying to do shows a little bit like us, but we have a very unique show and I have a very unique guy in [Burnett],” he said. “I’ll tell you something, it’s not going to be easy to duplicate what we’ve done as a team.”

Let’s get some things cleared up in case anyone is confused. The Benefactor is going to be nothing like The Apprentice.Why? Because, Donald, we are not alike in any way. The funny thing is, in some respects, I have you to thank for that.

Back in Jan of 1999, I went to a SuperBowl party at Mar-a-Lago. I was there with some friends who had brought me along. I happened to bump into one of the founders of Yahoo by your pool and was talking to him when you walked up. It was just your typical, short meet-and-greet, but what you said left a lasting impession. You told us that “someday, maybe we could sit up there with the rich people” as you looked up to a 2nd floor patio that had a smattering of people eating their diner. Someday, Donald.

I don’t quite remember all the details, but not long after Igot a note from you asking to come meet in New York. Sure, I thought. Why not?

We had a good meeting, talkedabout your internet plans for and how it would sell and promote all things Trump. We talked about You had a sharp guy there with you. We didn’t do any business, but we gave it a shot. That wasn’t the educational part of the meeting. It was your office. It was covered, literally, every inch of every wall with pictures and magazine covers of you.

I have been in a lot of offices. I have seen pictures with the president, with family, with various famous people, but the over/under was usually 5 pictures, not 100. At that point in my life I was very well off financially, but I had a lot morepaper money from stockin my net worth than cash.Our encountersproved to bea reality check for me.

After leaving your office, I promised myself that if I ever got liquid and had an obscene amount of money in the bank, I would make a point not to remind myself and everyone else around me of it every minute of every day unlike you.

I guess our definition of success is just completely different.

I used to wear a suit to work every day. I worked hard so I wouldn’t have to. I bought a big house soI could throw a football and play whiffleball in it, rather than show it off. Idon’t play golf, I work out. I don’t have an entourage, I have friends. You talk about how much you are getting paid per episode, I talk about the fact I’m not. You need to make more, I have enough.But those are little things.

Where we are 180 degrees differentis how we deal with business partners. You talk about how your problem casinos are just 1 pct of your net worth. I would feel like shit if I had a failing business with partners that were going to lose moneyand would talk about what it meant tomy partners net worth, not my own. Heck, I won’t even let friends invest in any of my companies until I’m certain they will make it. How in the world can you pay yourself while shareholders take a beating?

I like your show. Itwas entertaining and broughtout your personality and approach to the world.

So will mine, and I can assure you they are nothing alike. If I wanted to do a show like yours, I would have met with Mark Burnett when he wanted to talk about taking your place after next season.

For a lot of reasons, I didn’t want to write this blog entry. In some ways it’s not fair to you to just lay into you like this. But the point of my blog is to try to tell the story behind the story that is in the paper.You could have said that you didn’t know much aboutour show and left it at that. Yousuggested our show was a duplicate of yours. It’s not. It won’t be. I wanted to make that perfectly clear.

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  1. Mark

    You are the perfect person to start a NASCAR Nextel Cup team. Compared to this santioning body, the NBA is a perfect democracy. You might be able to shake it up if you were so inclined. As far as Donald Trump is concerned, he bores the s**t out of me. Don\’t waste your time.

    Lee Lawrence
    Los Angeles

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  2. This entree has made much sense of Trump\’s recent comments. Donald seems like a guy who speaks for the sake of hearing himself talk. Personally, I think he needs other people to rip on to feel better about himself.
    Donald has taken on some big personalities to fullfill his sense of self satisfaction, chosing some easy opponents, ie. Rosie and Mark Cuban (not exactly America\’s sweethearts, sorry Mr. Cuban, but I\’m a Suns fan).
    If Mark decides to respond in any way, I believe that Donald will get precisely what he wants…more attention. Donald can keep talking, but people will see he is just looking for shocks and eventually take what he says lightly.
    Can we all ignore Trump together?

    Comment by Ben -

  3. I know this, because I have seen dozens of likeable, but ineffective MBA’s like Kwame come and go over the past 8 years, while working as a private equity investor (lbo) and an investment banker. In today’s business world, resting on your education just isn’t enough!

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  4. I don’t get happy because I make money off some stocks or see big numbers in my bank account. I get happy when my dogs uncontrollably jump on me after 8 hours of work everyday, when my boyfriend complaints that he ate too much because I cooked him a nice dinner, when my mom says she’s proud of me because I did my 2003 income tax return on time… 🙂

    In Business: He is the Trump of building and building and building a real state empire. You are the breath of fresh air to the NBA.

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  5. When it comes to billionaires, Mark is like the cool guy who hasn’t changed and Donald is like the prick who tries to make you feel worse.

    I personally like them both, but Donald is just too cocky. There’s a difference between being cocky and confident, and donald is the former

    Comment by Sam -

  6. Well, most triple rich guys are and that’s exactly why I like Cuban (too damn cool). Don’t feel bad Mark, its good to let off some steam and what better place to do it other then here. To hell with Trump, his show has gone to his hair piece oops I mean head.

    Comment by Michael Patterson (Alplication #12) -

  7. Haha, very good points and very articulated. I loved The Apprentice, Donald is just an interesting guy… I can’t wait for your show to air, you seem to symbolize that average guy that worked his ass off and made it big. Anyway, just found your site… I’m sure I’ll be back.

    Comment by Ryan -

  8. This is just a general comment on reality TV, and a reminder for Americans who seem to believe that they’ve cornered the market on this programming. I can’t comment on the ‘The Apprentice’ or ‘The Benefactor’, as I don’t know much about either of them.

    Most reality TV shows succeed first in Europe, and then they’re co-opted by the US and the rest of the planet. These include Big Brother (originally based on a gameshow from Sweden), Survivior (again from Sweden, combined with Mark Burnett’s experience with the most excellent EcoChallenge) and American Idol (originally Pop Idol, from the UK).

    So, it would come as no surprise to me if either or both of ‘The Apprentice’ or ‘The Benefactor’ were copies of another show from another country.

    Comment by Darren -

  9. Your show wouldn’t exist without the concept of The Apprentice, and its success.

    If The Benefactor does well, ratings-wise or as a vehicle that allows you to make the world a better place, then you should thank Donald Trump (and especially Mark Burnett).

    The blog entry was a very savvy PR move, though.

    Comment by Soh Fantastic -

  10. Mark,

    You are America’s billionaire, the modern day American dream for your generation. I am thrilled you are doing The Benefactor: millions more will get to realize how incredibly cool and dynamic yet down-to-earth you are. Rock on! 🙂


    Comment by Doug -

  11. Mark,
    You have a right to formulate a show based on the premise of a group of people competing for $1 million. Any successful endeavor such as The Apprentice, will be followed by competition. The only way the competition will thrive is through innovation in content, as Cuban suggests, and which I believe will be the case. It will be interesting in that the elements are unique. First, Cuban is giving $1 million of his own money and second, it will provide the audience with an opportunity to get to know another intriguing billionaire personality.

    Comment by Heetan Patel -

  12. Mark,

    Good game today… we gotchu in the 4th! It was funny how we outscored the Lakers and Rockets during the third quarter of today’s game.

    It’s fun to watch us run up and down, but I wish both teams would play a bit more defense. I don’t think either team could challenge Minnesota with our swiss cheese Ds.


    Comment by James Kung -

  13. First, I want to say that I am sure glad that you offered Kwame a job. I was so pissed after he picked Bill that I became disgusted with the show because oviously he was more qualified.
    Second, you sound more down to earth than Trump. Trump seems full of himself to me and as you rightly pointed out, he has no real friends just an entourage. I mean I’d be chummy with him too just to get some G’s.

    You know, I must admit that I was so hooked on The Apprentice. It literally had me at the edge of my seat.

    When I first heard about your show, I thought well here’s a copycat. However,I really like the concept of your show. I only wish I knew about it sooner so that I could have applied.

    I like the fact that you are picking ordinary people to convince you why you should give them a million dollars. That is hot! In a way, it will be like applying for a job.

    Although I got hooked to the show, I had some serious issues. It seemed to me that all Trump cared about were the ratings and money. This mere fact explains why he invited Omarosa back to the show which ruined Kwame’s chances of getting the job.

    On the other hand, that gave Kwame a chance to meet up with you so Omarosa’s screw up was a mixed blessing.

    Good luck on your show and I will be watching!

    Comment by Pat -

  14. Mark,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I’m looking forward to your show. I enjoyed The Apprentice, but I think your show will be great because you have such a great personality. I agree with what you said regarding Trump. I always hit the mute button whenever he started bragging about his riches and how everything he has is “the finest in the world.” I’d rather watch a humble guy who doesn’t flaunt his net worth.

    Nice blog you have going here!

    PS: I can’t wait for game two…that was some 4th quarter, huh? I’m cheering you all on! GO MAVS!

    Comment by Maggie Lovett -

  15. Mark,
    Thanks for showing us that you do have fun at what you do. That granted you are very wealthy but you are still down to earth, you have Friends rather than business partners. Just as you said you are the oppisite of Trump. You know how to have a good time. Good luck with your new show. I’ll be watching.

    Comment by Paul -

  16. Ok kids don’t listen to me, how bout listen to “The Mark” himself. After me and Charlie here point out what a shallow and callous bastard “The Mark” is he goes back and sneakily changes his own intro to blog about what a shallow and callous bastard “The Donald” is!

    billions and billions…
    Posted Apr 16, 2004, 3:27 PM ET by Charlie

    “to me billions are enough”You and Trump should both be put up for sainthood. It warms my heart to think that all you need to be a man is BILLIONS.

    now “The Mark” blog has been changed to read.
    “I talk about the fact I’m not. You need to make more, I have enough. But those are little things.”

    Yeah little things if, they go unnoticed. You sound like Steve Martin in that movie where he is a doctor describing himself as “probably the worlds greatest doctor, no change that, take out the ‘probably”
    “The Mark” can’t stand by his own words. How transparent, simply appalling
    Don’t be buying any big ticket items yet folks.

    Comment by Tom Canavan -

  17. After seeing a couple of TV interviews with Donald Trump last week, I was very disheartened to find that he excused his behavior and that of some of “The Apprentice” contestants by saying things along the lines of “that’s business” and “that’s life”. I understand that such behavior can be prevalent, but that doesn’t make it right.

    The world is what we make of it, and Mark, it’s clear that your vision is a postive one. Good going!

    Comment by Debbie Spalding -

  18. Dude that kicked ass. I hate people like Donald Trump, pompous assholes who think they’re better than everyone because they have money. It’s refreshing to see somebody as rich as you still care about the everyday person. Best of luck in the upcoming playoffs, I’ll be cheering for you all the way. Go Mavs!!

    Josh K.

    Comment by Josh Keller -

  19. Mark, you just pointed out everything that is wrong and evil in corporate America. While I enjoyed the apprentice, I hated how Trump saw this show as an opportunity to stroke his own ego and promote his own businesses. I mean lets face it: the last half hour of the show was a blatant plug for his hotel in the ghetto and his golf course that’s going under water. He’s such an ego-centric person, and what impresses me about you is that although you are wealthy, you’ve maintained simple roots and continue to be just another normal guy.

    Thank you for giving me a little bit of faith in the wealthy, because it can be so easy to lose it sometimes!

    Comment by Ashwin -

  20. Ok kids don’t listen to me, how bout listen to “The Mark” himself. After me and Charlie here point out what a shallow and callous bastard “The Mark” is he goes back and sneakily changes his own intro to blog about what a shallow and callous bastard “The Donald” is!

    billions and billions…
    Posted Apr 16, 2004, 3:27 PM ET by Charlie

    “to me billions are enough”You and Trump should both be put up for sainthood. It warms my heart to think that all you need to be a man is BILLIONS.

    now “The Marks” blog has been changed to read.
    “I talk about the fact I’m not. You need to make more, I have enough. But those are little things.”

    Yeah little things if, they go unnoticed. You sound like Steve Martin in that movie where he is a doctor describing himself as “probably the worlds greatest doctor, no change that, take out the ‘probably”
    “The Mark” can’t stand by his own words. How transparent, simply appalling
    Don’t be buying any big ticket items yet folks.

    Comment by Tom Canavan -

  21. after me and Charlie here point out what a shallow and callous bastard Mark is he goes back and sneakily changes his own intro to blog about what a shallow and calous bastard Trump is?

    billions and billions…
    Posted Apr 16, 2004, 3:27 PM ET by Charlie

    “to me billions are enough”You and Trump should both be put up for sainthood. It warms my heart to think that all you need to be a man is BILLIONS.

    now “The Marks” blog has been changed to read.
    “I talk about the fact I’m not. You need to make more, I have enough. But those are little things.”

    Yeah little things if, they go unnoticed. You sound like Steve Martin in that movie where he is a doctor describing himself as “probably the worlds greatest doctor, no change that, take out the ‘probably”

    Comment by Tom Canavan -

  22. “Heck, I won’t even let friends invest in any of my companies until I’m certain they will make it.”

    could that be insider trading? great entry, was just wondering about that.

    Comment by larry h -

  23. Mark,

    Tomorrow I am going to see the Kings and Mavs at Arco Arena. Can’t wait. I’ll be rooting for my Kings, but best of luck to y’all.

    I loved The Apprentice, also. I loved Kwame, but honestly, I was more impressed with some of the other candidates than Mr. Jackson. Troy, for instance. Energetic, enthusiastic… wasn’t a huge fan of his deceptiveness, but he was a very charismatic person. Even Amy impressed me a bit more: her personality seemed a bit cold, but she was professional, diligent, and a winner.

    And OMAROSA… who wouldn’t JUMP at the chance to hire THAT shining gem of a candidate??? She’s got it all… amiable persona, diligent work ethic, honesty, charisma, and respect.

    Come to think of it, if you do decide to hire Kwame, do not hesistate to hire Omarosa to work under him! I think they’d make a great team.

    Kidding aside, best of luck to Dirk and the gang, and am excited to see these two teams face each other again.



    Comment by James Kung -

  24. I have just one thing to say. You seem like each one of us. A fan, a regular guy, people with dreams still. thanks for working to make this world a better, more exciting and outstanding place, despite the mess our world might be in. your words take my mind off of everything and remind me what’s great about being on this crazy planet. you rock Mr Cuban, thanks

    Comment by Michael T Ellis -

  25. Trump is an idiot!

    Comment by Darren Ciccone -

  26. Mark you are the coolest person man, I am so happy you gave it to the Donald. He is a pompus azz and reminds of of half the other rich people I know. Keep doing what you are doing man, AND NEVER PLAY GOLF>>>!!!

    Comment by roberto pedone -

  27. But there are other ways to measure success like

    Quality of product or service for money paid
    Providing Outstanding Customer Service

    I have the best of all worlds…I don’t put good people in the poor house getting rich…I put bad people in jail getting rich 🙂

    I hated Trumps show because I wanted to be on it not watching it.

    Comment by Ian Hamilton -

  28. But there are other ways to measure success like

    Quality of product or service for money paid
    Providing Outstanding Customer Service

    I have the best of all worlds…I don’t put good people in the poor house getting rich…I put bad people in jail getting rich 🙂

    I hated Trumps show because I wanted to be on it not watching it.

    Comment by Ian Hamilton -

  29. But there are other ways to measure success like

    Quality of product or service for money paid
    Providing Outstanding Customer Service

    I have the best of all worlds…I don’t put good people in the poor house getting rich…I put bad people in jail getting rich 🙂

    I hated Trumps show because I wanted to be on it not watching it.

    Comment by Ian Hamilton -

  30. Donald Trump has an ego bigger than Manhattan. Nothing wrong with that. Show me a man without a strong ego and I’ll show you a LOSER.

    Trump makes no bones about it. He loves to promote himself. He loves to show off his toys. He says, “if you dont tell people how rich you are how will they know.

    But here is the truth about TRump. His oversized ego and his false pride is an admission of weakness. He really fears all competition and dreads all rivals. He was bankrupt once, so his fear is understandable.

    Trump loves to tell everyone he is worth $6 billion. How can a guy worth 6 billion have difficulties making a bond interest payment of $75 million dollars. (He may really be worth around 1 billion—-but not very liquid).

    Let me say this about Trump—-he is a real estate genius. His RE projects are class. If you have ever been in any of his buildings in NY you’ll know what I am talking about.

    Comment by Papa George -

  31. I don’t believe that Cuban hired Kwame.
    If anyone remembers how Kwame “impersonated”
    an athlete during one of the episodes,
    signing basketballs for a price, think through
    how those kids went home and only then realized
    they got ripped-off.
    (But then again maybe those basketballs are worth something now?)

    Comment by Evel Undoer -

  32. He is a bit annoying isn’t he?

    I propose a celebrity Death Match

    Cuban vs. Trump!

    Now that’s something I’d watch! You could beat each other with pillow cases stuffed with cash!

    Comment by steve ciske -

  33. Hi Mark,
    I got a great chuckle reading your Trump blog…Back in 1986, during the USFL-NFL anti trust trial (and Trump really screwed that league over….the USFL could have succeeded as a niche spring league had Trump NOT gotten involved or if the other owners didn’t listen to him)…..Trump was at Foley Square daily observing the proceedings. People would stop him for autographs and he would pop open his briefcase where you got a choice of a black and white 8 x 10 signed or a color one. That’s what he was carrying in his brief case. So that picture story hit home when I watched him operate in 1986. Another story, when he bought the Generals, he kept Walt Michaels on as coach and Trump held a news conference with Walt. Walt was a really good coach, he scared people like Joe Klecko which will tell you something and the story goes the Jets fired him because Jim Kensil was frightened by Walt. Anyway, Walt, who had a few and was on heavy duty pain killers, is up there at the podium going on and on about Paul Brown and Weeb Ewbank and playing in pain for the Cleveland Browns, stuff that was part of Walt’s regular speaking routine. Anyway, Ivanna is sitting in the front row with Donald, and she is elbowing him and she doesn’t realize that she has a live mike in front of her saying “Donald, get him off there…don’t you see he is embarrassing the Trump name… something, do something now. Go…” And Donald is sitting there being nagged by Ivanna and eventually got up there to untarnished the Trump name. It was really funny stuff. The egomaniac getting nagged. It was priceless.

    And one more story…again the USFL trial….and the early days of the AFL. In 1959, Lamar Hunt got Barron Hilton to buy a franchise for Los Angeles, which by 1961 became the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers were, of course, named after a credit card. Donald seemed intrigued listing to testimony about Hilton, so much so that he said “that Barron Hilton, its a good thing he is a member of the lycky sperm club” alluding to the fact that he has Conrad Hilton’s son and that Conrad not Barron made the Hilton money. Of course, someone then reminded Donald that his father Fred Trump gave himsomething like $100 million in start up money and that Fred Trump, not Donald made the Trump fortune. Donald quickly left and didn’t answer. I guess he didn’t want to besmirch the Trump name.

    Comment by Newyawker2003 -

  34. I envy your commments. Would it be truthful to say that “The Don’s” ego has much to do with his generational upbringing? It is my belief that the problem with “The Don” and many other top executives, as well as politicians, is the difference in generation values and beliefs. Obviously our generation, in which we’re in the same one Mark, has to bring our country back to it’s core values and beliefs, that’s beginning with people; family & friends. Unfortunately, many people are having to pay for “The Don’s” generation.

    Comment by Rob -

  35. You’re passion is showing, Mark. Thanks for letting us get to really know you.

    I created a page especially for you at

    This link will reveal the passion of a 44 year old guy starin’ staight down the barrel of a full-blown mid-life crisis. I know you’ll glean the significance out of it.

    (call me)

    Comment by Kevin -

  36. I didn’t watch “The Apprentice.” Not a single episode. I’m not big on reality shows, and I certainly wouldn’t choose one that featured Donald Trump.

    I thought he had finally exhausted us all with his telling, and re-telling of how rich and wonderful he is. But given the popularity of this show, I guess I was wrong.

    That poolside comment that Trump made to Mark does at least settle in my mind one thing about Trump, the gasbag. He does not play up “Trump” as a caricature for the public. He is repulsive in his private life too.

    So for Trump, who never met a microphone – or a mirror – he didn’t like, remember what Ed Koch said about him: “I wouldn’t believe anything spoken by Donald Trump, even if his tongue were notarized.”

    Comment by A. Manuel -

  37. I didn’t watch “The Apprentice.” Not a single episode. I’m not big on reality shows, and I certainly wouldn’t choose one that featured Donald Trump.

    I thought he had finally exhausted us all with his telling, and re-telling of how rich and wonderful he is. But given the popularity of this show, I guess I was wrong.

    That poolside comment that Trump made to Mark does at least settle in my mind one thing about Trump, the gasbag. He does not play up “Trump” as a caricature for the public. He is repulsive in his private life too.

    So for Trump, who never met a microphone – or a mirror – he didn’t like, remember what Ed Koch said about him: “I wouldn’t believe anything spoken by Donald Trump, even if his tongue were notarized.”

    Comment by A. Manuel -

  38. Mark, first, great article. Thank you for taking the time and effort to communicate. Communicating like this will make the the #1 Billionaire boss… (beating out Oprah). See my blog LINK for Mark being the #2 Billionare boss people WANT to work for… Still no phone call from your casting director.

    Comment by Matthew Phillips -

  39. With all the greed and Enron-type scandals in the news, it is so refreshing to know that there are wealthy people who are also good and decent people.

    Donald Chump arrogantly commented last week that he had guys on his Chicago project that put up new buildings every week and that he’d find something for Bill (the new apprentice) to do. Bill will learn a lot but to me it seems like he lost since he will have to endure Chump’s overblown ego. Chump already seems to be saying that Bill has nothing to offer. That’s a very difficult position to work under.

    If Kwame hooks up with Mark, he will be the real winner.

    Love You Mark!

    Comment by Mattie -

  40. I enjoy the perspective shared, thanks.

    Comment by brian smith -

  41. Mark,
    I seem to be the only one who sees that you are using this to create controversy to sell your show. I am superior…yet humble.
    I missed your Benefactor tryouts, but:
    If you let me know how I get a shot–I will not only win I will hold a party in Las Vegas with 3 of my married buddies 1 single guy(without wives) and we will light up Vegas like it’s never been lit up before. I will take my first $10k and bet it on red and when I double it will pay 5 showgirls 2 grand a piece just to follow us around and that is just the beginning. Our single friend will be there to live out what we can’t … and we’ll make it happen for him could be “NOFEAR FACTOR VEGAS”
    email me…
    I can kick Dirks ass 3 point shooting
    I can mumble better than stevie nash
    I can down a dq blizzard in less than 20 secs
    You take anyone you know–I choose 3 sports they choose 3 sports — tie breaker is a game of chess — I will will kick their ass.
    go MAVS

    Comment by sdg -

  42. One additional point regarding Trump’s failing casino – it is CURRENTLY worth less than 1% of his net worth – after all of the value has been drained from it over years of operational losses and enormous interest payments which are currently overwhelming the company.

    Comment by Milton Wadams -

  43. Actually, the name of his show makes Cuban appear more egomanical as his show has a title about himself whereas Trump’s show has a title about the participants. And come on, there is nothing derogratory about being someone’s apprentice. But – much ado about nothing.

    By the way, both of these guys seem pretty cool in their different ways. I’m just glad that a crazy mad fan like Cuban bought the Mavs – all these “reality TV” stuff is for the birds. Bring on the Kings.

    Comment by Come on -

  44. Cuban, you really have some nerve. Before trashing Trump with a holier-than-thou attitude, look in the mirror and think about who YOU are. You’re just another couch-potato loser who played Mr. CEO during the dotcom days and lucked into $2 billion. And you know it.

    Why else would you go through the trouble of these vapid exercises in publicity? You know that those who understand business/money/life have no actual respect for people like you, because in reality you have accomplished absolutely nothing. Buying a sports team, starting a no-brainer HD channel – nice try, but I still remember you as the loudmouth idiot who thinks his accidental fortune means he’s a genius. But hey – don’t let that stop you in your attempts to out-whore Donald.

    Both of you guys make the business world look bad, and give normal Americans the wrong idea of how business and money work. I feel bad for all of the people who are being mislead (and I’m sickened by all of these brown-nosing comments – instead of watching TV and kissing ass, why not go learn how real business is done by, you know, starting one?).

    On another note, bravo Jason – you must be enjoying the increased traffic that this publicity whore’s blog is bringing your business. I should have thought of it myself!

    Good luck with your TV show, Mark. I’m sure that insecure 4 year old in you will love being mobbed by mindless twits begging you for money. It’s interesting how people who get money without actually earning it keep trying to fill that empty void …

    Comment by Former Pho Subscriber (before people like you showed up) -

  45. This is a response to the few people that keep talking about how the titles are similar. A benefactor is someone who gives financial aid to another, where as an apprentice is a learner, or a beginner bound by legal agreement to work for another. I think the difference in titles makes a clear statement as to how this show will be different. The Apprentice gives off the feeling that Trump is some intellectually superior human-being who is willing to have a show so that someone can learn from his genius. The Benefactor, to me, seems like a show about someone who wants to share his wealth while experiencing something new. I’m sure Cuban is excited to do this show for the true experience that he will gain from doing it more so than any monetary rewards he might receive. It’s something completely new for him. Maybe Donald felt the same way – but his title was more pompous. Just because the titles both start with the word “The” doesn’t mean they are similar. They are quite the opposite.

    Comment by David Byrne -

  46. First off I’ll give Donald credit .. He did make a hit show and he does have money. The thing that really shows me something about you Mark is the fact you say “I wouldn’t even let friends invest in my companies unless I was sure they would make money.” That is great. I do agree with the arrogance, I mean come on could this guy ever get a chick period if he didn’t have money!? His girl right now is hot though and I for sure would bang his daughter, but otherwise .. Great argument!

    Comment by Matt -

  47. What really impresses me about Mark Cuban is not his money, but his humility and down-to-earth persona. After reading his comments to the Donald, I was able to relate to what he said about not having an entourage, but instead, having friends. I met Mark at a taping of his show one evening because my buddy, Dave Magee was a guest on the program. After the taping, Dave and I went downstairs to the restaurant to have dinner. Mark came down about 20 minutes later, and, seeing us at a table, came over to chat for a few minutes. As he stood there talking with us I couldn’t help looking around, expecting to see a phalanx of armed security. I was truly surprised to see that he was behaving like he was just a regular guy. Does anyone think Trump would ever be so humble? Yeah, this guy Cuban is one of a kind.

    Comment by Bob Weir -

  48. Hi Mark

    Thank you for a very personal look at how you deal with business. I am glad to see that I am not the only one that feels that the hurting anyone is wrong even if it’s just 1%. Mike

    Comment by Mike O'Krongli -

  49. Mark,

    You show real class in how you do business. I was under the impression that Mr. Trump had this same mindset. The way I was treated and portrayed, along with what I was told to do behind the scenes has compromised my reputation.
    However as always, the cream will rise to the top. Best wishes to you and your many endeavors.


    Comment by Omarosa -

  50. Are egomaniacs and are very similar – both want the spotlight. Cuban’s show is awful (is it still on the air?) – You are both concerned about being in public, showbiz, and have awful hair…(Lion’s gate, shows, being the “it” person.)

    Who cares. why is it so important for you to get the last word?

    Comment by Jason White -

  51. There is a part in your post where you said part instead of party. At least I think you meant to say party. Good points made. Trump is a assclown. peace.

    Comment by Justin -

  52. Probably the best definition I’ve ever heard of that state one goes through immediately after puberty but while still an adolescent is “I can remember being young and the world was still flat.”

    You said, “Donald, we are not alike in any way.”

    I will agree that The Donald lives in the shallower world. Something that thin, all about him, has got to be microscopic in depth.

    But yours is only slightly thicker. “It’s all a game” is an attitude only slightly more mature than “It’s all about me.”

    BTW are you serious about nuetering D’s Tim Rogers?

    In the real world the way you do that is via a promotion. Works ninety nine point nine percent of the time. But it’s usually a proud cut. As I’m surely you’re aware, you’ve got to have some Aggies in that call center, a proud cut is when the cut is too late to stop the urge but soon enough to make it just excerise. Impotentizing might be a good term to describe it.

    harvey lacey

    Comment by harvey lacey -

  53. From reading this blog entry I read that you have an obscene amount of money, you don’t really need to paid for work, you work out instead of playing golf, and you’ve got a big house – big enough to throw a football and play wiffleball in. Woohoo! Sounds like Trump to me, just a downhome version. So what if you don’t choose Trump’s ways to flaunt your money, you still flaunt it. You’re giving away a million dollars on The Benefactor. You’re not doing it quietly and anonymously. You’re doing it on primetime television with all the hoopla that went along with The Apprentice. Your more like the Donald than you think Cuban, wake up.

    Comment by Sandy -

  54. I have toyed with the idea of putting a hoop up in our main entry. My 13 and 11 year olds would surely like it.
    Indoor whiffleball? I would become their God. If hits $30 or the equivilent I’ll build a gym in the side yard.
    Good luck with the show, we will be watching.
    p.s–Nash is fun to watch.

    Comment by Mike -

  55. you’ve tried to make it clear how you are different from trump, but you haven’t really said how the shows are different. they have similar names, there are tasks to be performed and the winner gets a big payout.

    you say you’re not being paid to be on the show. so, what’s in it for you? it looks like an exercise in ego to me.

    you bought a big house so you could play football and whiffleball inside? um, most of us just go to a park to do that.

    if you really wanted to help someone, why not just accept petitions from regular people?there are a lot of people out there that could have their lives changed by a few thousand dollars instead of a million. why pick some actor wannabes and make them play solitaire for the money? i guess the first way is harder though. you’d have to hear about the unemployment and illnesses and car repairs and childcare costs, etc. and that might spoil the fun of you being able to play football in your house.

    personally, after a bout of unemployment and with my spouse still unemployed, it would only take about $2500 to get caught up and back on my feet. that number seems impossible right now. you probably spend that on a night out with “friends”. i think you need some perspective.

    give me a break. at least trump is not coy and doesn’t have to go around talking about what a down to earth guy he is. he’s not and that’s what the appeal is.

    they say that the qualities you dislike about other people are just a reflection of what you dislike about yourself. either that or trump just hit a little too close to the truth.

    Comment by limbo -

  56. I’ll always remember my encounter with Mark Cuban…it was a few years back and I was teaching high school economics–not by choice. I was standing at a bar known for its $2 martini night and my laid back buddy says, “Look to your right.” I did, and lo and behold, Mr. Cuban was 2 feet from me. Several things flashed through my mind…What should I say to him? I gotta get him to come talk to my class! Teacher of the year! What kind of martini should I get?…as I stood there thinking, Mark and his buddy had taken off toward our table and sat their drinks in front of the girls we were with. This is my chance! I grabbed my drink and, with my buddy in tow we headed back to the table. As they saw us coming, they picked up their drinks and left. I sat down disgruntled. “So much for having a celebrity come and talk to my class!” My buddy looks at me, shaking his head, “Dude, you’re always looking at the negative…WE JUST CHASED MARK CUBAN AWAY!”
    Encounters are what you make of them. It seems both Mr. Cuban and my friend found inspiration in theirs…I learned a few things: 1. I would not be having a famous lecturer in my class that year. 2. Mark Cuban is probably a pretty polite guy–those girls would have much rather talked with him and his friend than us. And 3…he’s not your stereotypical rich guy (thank God), you won’t find him on that balcony he talked about sippin martinis…unless it’s on a $2 special.
    This was by far my favorite visit to your blog. Can’t wait for the show.

    Comment by Great Blog -

  57. All I can say is that ever since I heard of Mark Cuban I have thougt of him as a real inspiration, both his success and his way of doing things. I’ve had the chance to meet him twice, once in Cannes where he told a bunch of internet entrepreneurs that it was a bubble and they were full of sh*t and the other time was at Kwame’s party where Mark Cuban blended in with everyone else at the party and didn’t pull any bs about being above anyone. Cuban is a class act and I can’t wait to see The Benfactor. Go Mavs – unless my Jazz would have made the playoffs in which case I would have to say Go Jazz and Mavs.

    Comment by Michael -

  58. The Apprentice was actually the first reality show I’ve watched somewhat loyally. As surprising as it was to discover that Donald Trump does have *some* TV charisma, I’ve always felt he is way too full of himself. You have an entirely different personality, and I look forward to your show. I actually think Kwame Jackson got lucky to be in the position he is in. A job offer from you is worth far more than one from Trump. If by some accident of chance you ever need a mathematician… let me know!

    Comment by Pedro -

  59. First of all, congratulations to Mr. Cuban for standing up to “The Donald”!

    I admit that I am an applicant of both shows, being the reason why I wish to remain anonymous at this time.

    Best of luck to Mark embarking on a new appeal to seriously devoted reality show and Apprentice fans. It’s like when Sex and the City stopped, I switched to The Sopranos. In essence, I lost a part of me to “the girls” and created and adoration of an entire family. My point is – we need variety. We need creativity. If we’re going to live in a reality inspired entertainment realm, we need good leaders and people who care about people! When one takes a risk to lay out all their laundry on the line, as a reality show competitor we need solid inspirational and foundational guidance. As if Donald Trump isn’t threatening enough already, do we really need to see him FIRE people?
    My heart goes out to the first season apprentice wannabes and I wish them luck getting over the post-traumatic nightmares and feelings of hopelessness that they are susceptible to encounter due to the intensity of the program. All in all I’m sure they will be ok.
    I am looking forward to what The Benefactor has in store for its competitors and the nation. I am not giving up hope, as the most charismatic and outrageous potential candidate (that would be me) has yet to be called!

    Bring home our troops!
    God Bless!

    Comment by Anonymous please -

  60. First of all, it cracks me up to see all you money-mongers line up to kiss Cuban’s butt with the idea that somehow he’ll like your post and offer you a job, or money. Who cares about MONEY?? It sure doesn’t seem to have made Mark, or Trump, any happier than the rest of us. Maybe even less so. And stop telling Mark to golf. It’s a dumb, unrewarding game. You hit a little white ball, you chase it, you hit it again. It ought to be called “Moron.”

    Comment by Golf is stupid -

  61. I can’t wait for The Benefactor. It’s gonna be a great show, screw The Apprentice.

    I met Mark a couple years ago at a Magic game, what a cool guy.

    Comment by BShaw20 -

  62. Tom, maybe we haven’t been reading the same articles, but from what I have read Mark Cuban is not being paid anything to do “The Benefactor.” In fact, I read that any monies that might be offered to him would go to the other people on the show who aren’t selected to take home the million bucks!
    If what I have read is not correct, then I wait to be corrected.
    I would also like to say that I enjoyed watching much of “The Apprentice,” but Donald Trump wasn’t the reason. I will say that he wasn’t at all what I had expected. From what I have seen and heard thus far, Trump may be a “shining” example of those born with a silver spoon in their mouths and the determination to keep it there. My impression of Mark Cuban is that he’s a person who wasn’t born with a silver spoon, but he worked like a dog to get one! And, once he got it, he realized that a stainless steel one works just as well!
    I’m looking forward to “The Benefactor” and learning more about the “real” Mark Cuban.

    Comment by Louise Munio -

  63. I find Mark Cuban’s e-mail address on the Internet. I e-mail him a question about the Mavericks. Within 30 minutes, I recieve an e-mail response. (True story) It was a simple question, but the fact that Cuban took the time to respond meant a lot to me as a Mavericks fan.

    Can you imagine Donald Trump sending an e-mail to someone about, say, the quality of the environment in a Trump casino?

    Cuban cares. He cares about what he does and who he does it for. Fans are not dollar signs, fans are part of the entity that is the Mavericks. Can you imagine Trump considering one of the patrons of his hotel as an integral part of the Trump empire?

    I’m typing this anonymously because I don’t want people to think I’m trying to get on Cuban’s show (I’m not). I’m not trying to get his money or anything. But I will say this: I would drop my job in a Dallas minute (which is pretty darn fast) to be able to work for Mark Cuban. I admire the fact that he gives his employees the tools they need to succeed and rewards them when they are successful.

    On the other hand, I would rather flip burgers at McDonald’s than work directly for Trump. I know he would be an arrogant pig and I would learn nothing from him except a reinforcement of my belief that most all upper management is completely out of touch with their rank and file members.

    Comment by Cynthia -

  64. Yeah!!! Texas

    Comment by Frankie Milley -

  65. Here you complain about how Mr. Trump is ostentatious, self-centered and talks about himself and his money all the time…

    on your BLOG as you NAMEDROP and talk about how RICH you are.

    Hypocrisy is not your weak point.

    Comment by Mr. Wizard -

  66. Some one just called me and said that Mark hired Kwamee that came in 2nd on the apprentice. I’m just curious and if he did what did he hire him to do. Damn I wish he would hire me to do something with the Mavericks..hell I’d move to the Dallas/Fort Worth area for something fun like that?…um anyone know if Dirk needs a personal assistant..I mean I could hand him the soap in the shower or..uh ..oops sorry y’all I lost myself there for a second. Anyway, Mark if your women’s Mavs gear line isn’t selling as much as you would like you could always hire me as a consultant and I could help you out with some better ideas for better fitting, more flattering and more sought after type things that would look hot and sell big. I got mad style baby.

    Comment by Donna -

  67. Donald Trump makes me SICK. His show is disgusting. I’m glad I am able to change channels when he is on.

    Comment by Angel -

  68. WHAT:
    Donald Trump Look-A-Like Contest
    Kendra Todd, 3rd season winner of Apprentice, is judge of contest
    Winner gets to meet Donald Trump, get’s $1000 cash and gets 10 VIP passes (value $499 per ticket- total $$4990 ) to The Learning Annex Real Estate Wealth Expo
    All participants will get a FREE Weekend pass to The Learning Annex Real Estate Wealth Expo–value $179
    All spectators get a FREE Exhibit Floor Weekend pass- value $49

    ….will take place on the entrance plaza to
    The Shops at West End Market Place
    in Dallas’ West End Historic District
    603 Munger Ave.

    Wednesday, February 15th @ 1:00pm

    Comment by TrumpEXPO -

  69. Stop cherishing Donald. He did what he was supposed to do, isn’t it? 😀

    Comment by Jenifer -

  70. Donald I have been an avid supporter of your programs and greatly enjoy them. The comments of the African American winner tonight are very disturbing and the fact that you did not overrule his comment about there should not be someone who equals his great credentials really sucks. You should have as a minimum made her a winner as well..

    Comment by Ron Huggins -

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  73. Today was a complete loss, but maybe tomorrow. I’ve basically been doing nothing to speak of. Eh. Not that it matters.

    Comment by long distance call -

  74. You rock, Mark Cuban!

    Donald Trump pissed me off when he said, “The best way to help the poor is to not become poor.”

    No, that’s how to help oneself. Always self, this Trump feller. Self-impressed is silly since no matter how rich or famous we get, we all die like a dog.

    I am now, due to this wonderful post of yours, adding your blog to my Vaspers the Grate sidebar list of Triumphalist Bloggers who boldly speak their mind.

    You were one of the first five, actually the first or second, with Matt Mullenweg, to respond to my Blog Pro Survey several months ago.

    You are a True Blog Revolutionary. Keep it up, friend.

    Comment by Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate -

  75. I think that was amazing…

    i know im writing so much later then when you initially wrote the blog but i think it was something i needed to see.

    I “was” a fan of trump, now he is just this large headache that wont go away. Reading what you wrote just set in stone what i knew was true but couldnt believe.

    I remember this interview with him where he was doing this commercial for some kinda childrens charity..and the reporter asked him a simple question like “do you get paid to be a charity spokesperson or do you give that money to charity as well” (something along those lines) and he said without thought “of course i get paid for it” ..kinda in a tone like “what are you stupid??” man that pissed me right sitting here thinking You have enough money you A** i think you can handle doing a bloody commercial for free. ugh it just made me sick to my stomach i actaully lost my appetite..

    So no..Thank you Mark! for just being you…thats what this world needs, well that and the end to the suffering of children and animals..but thats why im on this earth! 🙂

    Comment by Veronica -

  76. I think that was amazing…

    i know im writing so much later then when you initially wrote the blog but i think it was something i needed to see.

    I “was” a fan of trump, now he is just this large headache that wont go away. Reading what you wrote just set in stone what i knew was true but couldnt believe.

    I remember this interview with him where he was doing this commercial for some kinda childrens charity..and the reporter asked him a simple question like “do you get paid to be a charity spokesperson or do you give that money to charity as well” (something along those lines) and he said without thought “of course i get paid for it” ..kinda in a tone like “what are you stupid??” man that pissed me right sitting here thinking You have enough money you A** i think you can handle doing a bloody commercial for free. ugh it just made me sick to my stomach i actaully lost my appetite..

    So no..Thank you Mark! for just being you…thats what this world needs, well that and the end to the suffering of children and animals..but thats why im on this earth! 🙂

    Comment by Veronica -

  77. Mark,
    Great view point, but the amazing thing is that in each of your own ways you both have set standards in Business, personal appearance and lifestyle that is of its own.
    In Business: He is the Trump of building and building and building a real state empire. You are the breath of fresh air to the NBA. Most people looked on in the beginning when you took over the Mavs and said to them selves: does an NBA owner really get that excited about winning and then put enough passion in to the ownership that the team actually becomes one of the top contenders in such a short time. But now the consistently is building an empire of its own! This is your empire. Both different in content but both have set standards that only people like you and Donald can achieve due to your commitment and passion. My hats off to you and Donald.


    Comment by Byrdman -

  78. I’m taking back my previous comments like a meat packing plant would recall a box of burgers tainted with mad cow disease. Trump is all in love with MICHAEL JACKSON! WHAT?! What planet am I on! I thought Trump was a quirky, egotistical, borderline Howard Hughes type A personality, pretty much out of touch with reality. However, Trump is Michael Jackson’s advocate! WHAT! Trump is proud of Michael Jackson and soo happy he got off that he hopes “he sues the crazy mother of the boy?” Put the allegations aside. Then LOOK AT HIM!!! MICHAEL JACKSON DOESN’T LOOK HUMAN ANYMORE! Donald instead of putting your money where your mouth is why don’t you put your ass where your mouth is and plop it down next to Jackson in his bed at NeverLand next time the fortysomething year old wants a sleepover. I’m sure he could get a big onesie for you with a button flap in the ass. You could even let his monkey sit on your head like a hat. You could even dress the monkey up in the different Peter Pan, Umpa Lumpa, Midget Prince Charming costumes Michael so proudly collects.
    Then you and Michael could have a tickle fight, ponder your money situations, have some Jesus juice and then French Kiss until Michael tells you your just to old and weird for him and that he needs to talk to his llama. Donald you really disappointed me. YUCK! DOUBLE YUCK. P.S Your crazy slavic wife only married you for the money…wha wha wha whaaaaaaaaaa On a lighter note I did like your proposal regarding rebuilding the twin towers. However, I don’t think you ment it, but just did it for attention. Since George Bush’s regime blew up the towers to begin with and Jeb is in for the next 8 years, nothing like what you proposed is going to get the go ahead. Why don’t you put a casino in Marlboro New Jersey? 87.5% of the “MOB” live here anyway. Just something for you to talk about with Michael. Maybe Michael Jackson has some bizzaro mob. That would be scarey, instead of Paulie it’s Rupaul the giant, muscular transexual. I don’t like you anymore Donald. Michael Jackson? ewwwww. I’m going to watch repeats of Survivor when the Apprentice is on this fall. MICHAEL JACKSON????!??

    Trump has made my skin crawl. Because of the startling comments I watched Trump make about Jackson…Trump now will always appear to me as a depraved, crook mouthed, child molesting lovin’ asshole who will stop at nothing!

    Comment by Eileen -

  79. I only have one picture in my office..the wallpaper of my computer

    Comment by Free -

  80. I must say, I will at least try to watch the next episode

    Comment by Free -

  81. Donald Trump may be from another planet however, his vision concering the reality of the architectural erector set currently planned to replace the Twin Towers is bulleye perfect. The current plan, in the Donald’s and my opinion, is the most wasteful use of good metal and glass ever designed. Bravo to the Donald for finally suggesting a common sense replacement for the site of America’s worst nightmare. Give us back the towers or use the current hole in the ground for a lake.

    Comment by Mike the difference -

  82. I want a job. But not one where Donald sashays in with a tan coat over his dark suit and hoists me up onto this special table cut out for UNOWHAT yadayadayada…A joby job. Yeah, a joby job.

    Comment by Eileen -

  83. Mark, according to the grasp of “a” language in the above statement. I’d have to say one of your mavericks is up to some wackiness. From what I can gather it’s either an old school Italian playa per the statement “You a people are da biggest buncha money kissers” or a Mid-Eastern type, “One on hand you have a?”. Or it could be completley ebonic related. But whatever it is they have your number. Poor little rich boy sold garbage bags door to door. Boo Hoo!! I really want to cry for you. Well I have to go. Donald’s socks have to be managed by someone. After all he is so pompous, unlike yourself.

    Comment by Eileen -

  84. You people are the biggest bunch of a$$ kissers I have ever seen in my life. I seen some people pucker up before, but you guys take the cake. One on hand you have a pompus jerk of like the Donald. Mark, I do agree with you that he is the worst of the worst. He really thinks he is hot s***. I am sure all his wives have married him for his charm and looks (GAG). But you are a bit of a snake yourself. I have seen you out hitting on girls while you were engaged to your wife. I have watched you stab people in the back. You want people to like you so bad its not even funny, actually its kind of pathetic. And when it comes to self promotion you are near the top of the list too. You are simply the lesser of two evils. Oh BTW, nice job on the show LOL

    Comment by Big Daddy -

  85. I love the Donald. I really didn’t think one way or another about him until I started having dreams that we were dating. Dating turned into sex, and I have to say the best fantasy (and reality) sex of my life! I love the Donald and our bizzaro sexcapades. I’d be the apprentice to his sock drawer.

    Comment by Eileen -

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  93. This site is refreshing. It’s great to know that there are different types in the Billionaire club. It’s obvious that most people (If givin a choice)would honor honesty, integrity, hospitality, etc. Mark, thanks for being down to earth. Our society needs balance. Also, it’s refreshing for small business owners like myself to know that you can be successful and normal at the same time. Thanks
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    Comment by Knick Johnson -

  94. wass up donald, i will be gratefull if u give me some money to college

    Comment by kwabena adu-kyeremateng -

  95. wass up Donald, i hope u will give me money to go to college

    Comment by kwabena adu-kyeremateng -

  96. Mark-

    ‘The Donald’ is a definite jerk-off. Even if he didn’t have his show and all of his money, I could just look at his hair and know that. But watch out man, your hair is not too far off from his 😉

    Comment by Nick -

  97. Mark-

    I really enjoyed your synopsis of Trump
    and his ego-fueled empire. I can’t watch
    The Apprentice without cringing, but I
    enjoyed The Benefactor and your personal
    Another way you and The Donald are completely
    different: unlike yourself, Trump is in no
    way SELF-MADE. Trump’s daddy was a real estate
    mogul and his son definitely did not start from
    the bottom of the heap.

    Thanks again.

    Comment by greta -

  98. more people with money need to have their head on straight in this country. to feel you’re above someone else, as “the donald” obviously feels, simply becuase you have some extra 0’s on your bank account total really says a lot about a person, i think.

    true character is being a person, a friend, a buddy to people first…business later. life isn’t about business…it’s about relationships. meaningful ones.

    hopefully more people will realize that. you’re in a position most everyone wishes they were in…you’re successful…but you still have your close friends and you’re more than able and willing to help out those friends.

    best of luck in the future, man.


    Comment by T Gregory Knox -

  99. I find it very interesting that we are comparing Donald Trump and Mark Cuban when it appears the two are totally different. Mr. Trump has worked on many different projects over years to earn his fortune and at times almost lost it. Mr. Cuban was intelligent enough to invest very wisely in the Internet and became wealthy in this manner. Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Cuban appear to have different taste and successes. I hope we can all learn some from both, and apply in the real world to better our communities and businesses. I do wish continued success to both Mr. Trump and Mr. Cuban.

    Thanks for you time

    Charlie Hovey
    President CMK Financial

    Comment by Charlie Hovey -

  100. Mark,
    on Saturday 10-15-04 I had dinner at Nakita in West Village uptown Dallas. I sat right next to your table. I’m sure you dont remember. I was with the girl with large breast.LOL I have read a lot about you and your success in the past. Always found it inspiring. However I want what you and Trump have in Common. Lots and Lots of money. I am 23 yrs old and make over 100k a year. I make 5% on every annuity that i sell. So to make it in my business you have got to be a tiger, while being ethical at the same time. That for most people is hard to balance. I do not want to go door to door selling insurance/annuity’s anymore. I want to build an agency that offers annuitys, mortgage protection insurance, and life insurance. I know that this Independent Marketing Organization will be successful. Also for the past I year have been working with a couple of guys in the restaurant business to open a restraunt/lounge in uptown. Semilar to Sense. One is a chef at a 4 star restaurant the other is the director of operations for a hot spot in uptown dallas. They need my gift of gab to raise the money and propose the limited partnerships for the establishment. If you are interested in giving me 30 min. of your time i will go over my business plan with you.

    Comment by Samuel Wofle -

  101. i need help from u so that i can forder my education thank u for ur help and i want u to be my mentor in every aspect of my life thank

    Comment by daniel david -

  102. Mr. Mark,

    I think Donald T. should understand that until he sees you trying to have a seriously awful,pathetic,dreadful,horrible,hideous and vomit-inducing hair style, such as his, you are far from trying to copy him. Donald….Give us a break. Keep up the good work( GO MAVS!!! ) and stay away from the “comb-over”!!!

    Jeff in Dallas

    Comment by Jeff Orsak in Plano,Tx. -

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  104. Thank you Mark. You’re one of the few who have bothered to mention the minority shareholders when discussing ‘Trump’s'(actually ‘shareholder’s’) troubled casino company. Most press accounts have treated this as some kind of embarassing celebrity story without bothering to notice that in the proposed DLJ deal, Trump would have come out quite well, while minority holders would have been essentially wiped out. One has the feeling that there weren’t many voices at the bargaining table looking out for minority holders. I wonder, if he takes the company private (which I don’t think will happen), what kind of deal he will offer them?

    Comment by paralos -

  105. ‘cept you were too nice to donald “the chump” trump…

    Comment by Lars -

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  107. This is a great discussion. Can you find a way to leave this “headline” up at the top of the blog; and still have more current entries appear at the top?

    Comment by Cheryl Giuliano -

  108. Although I enjoyed the Apprentice, if I spent 2 minutes with Donald I certainly wouldn’t want to be his Apprentice that is for sure. I’d be looking for the door as quickly as possible.

    On the other hand, who wouldn’t want to hang out with Mark Cuban for a few days!!

    Comment by Tim A -

  109. Mark, I didn’t care about the Mavs since Mark Aguire played for them until you bought them. It is a post like this where you speak for so many of us that reminded me why even though I am Canada, the Mavs are my home team. The franchise reflects my values and this is really, really cool.

    There is something wrong with a man that has to go to such extremes to prop up his ego as posting hundreds of pictures all over the place of himself. Bizarre.

    Comment by Jordon Cooper -

  110. Glad you’re giving away a million, but I hope you will have enough money left to be sure the Mavs keep Nash and Daniels, plus pick up a big man. 🙂

    As a young teen, I recall reading Trump’s bestselling book and thinking — wow — what a leader. I wanted to be like him. Now, a successful man myself, I sure am glad I didn’t turn out to be anything like him.

    Comment by Bob DuBois -

  111. One reason your show will ‘trump’ The Apprentice in my book, no matter how ratings are: I honestly can’t see you referring to yourself as “The Mark.”

    Good luck in the playoffs.

    Comment by Ryan Perry -

  112. Learn to golf! Golf is great and touch game. You should give it a shot Mark as you would be very surprised how hard it is and how walking 18 holes is great exercise.

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  113. Even though I’m a Lakers fan (: I’ve ALWAYS liked your personality and how you took care of your players..

    Good luck with your show! and, of course, good luck whipping Sacramento’s ass!!!!!!!!!! (:


    Comment by John -

  114. That was a flat out great item on Donald Trump. I am amazed at how he pisses all over his down-in-the-dumps casinos having swimming in debt. To suggest that his real estate venture matters more says that he is “stealing” his $1.5 million salary. Personally, I don’t think the guy is a billionaire. He may run a billion dollar company, but that doesn’t means he’s a billionaire. He likely needs that salary, just like he needs the salary from Survivor.

    Roland S. Martin

    Comment by Roland S. Martin -

  115. I met Mark before a Maverick game at Staples in LA and could not believe how amazingly real he was with the kids who wanted his autograph. Jeans, T-shirt (MFFL), and a very real smile. He looked right into everyone’s eyes and LISTENED to what they were saying. All this with less than 5 minutes before tip-off.

    Oh, and THIS kid (me) got his autograph too….right on the issue of Forbes with Mark on the cover. It is now on my office wall, framed, and there is no way in hell I’d have a Trump pic up. Not even if he paid me!

    Mark, this blog post is a classic. You did the right thing.

    Comment by justjump -

  116. Mark: You are MY American Idol. Thank you for continuing to inspire me…I hope to be there with my money one day soon, all I need is to make my dreams reality.

    Comment by Angie -

  117. Mark,

    What’s wrong with golf? You treat it like a vice in your blog. I started working at a golf course when I was 14 so I could play since my parents couldn’t afford a membership. I love the sport and have met countless friends through it. At the same time, go MAVS!!!! Think a bit Cuban before a line like that – anything can be taken out of context.

    Comment by Patrick Boyce -

  118. Even if The Benefactor is a carbon copy of The Apprentice, your personalities are completely different, thereby creating somethind different and new.

    Comment by Stephen -

  119. my wife says that in my high school senior picture, i have the same hair as donald trump.

    sorry, it was the late 80’s/early 90’s.

    hairspray was still enforced.

    keep up the good werk, both in the negasphere & the nba, the game is getting seriously gigaplexed with you pokin your nose here & there, and that’s a good thing. aloha.

    Comment by kool keith (el otro) -

  120. I’ve enjoyed your weblog since discovering it a couple of weeks ago. But, come on, Mark. You can write a piece mocking Trump’s narcissism but do you think you can get away with it while comparing yourself so favorably to him? It’s evident that both of you are the presidents of your own fan clubs. Give us a break!

    Comment by Geoffrey Lamb -

  121. I’ve always gotten the vibe from Mr. Trump that he was a prick, and watching his show proved that to me.

    I had the pleasure of doing a research paper in one of my college business classes on the success story known as Mark Cuban and I’ve gotta say that I came away incredibly impressed. Marks story proved to me that a person can be anything they want to be with hard work, a very strong inner-drive, and wise decision-making and spending practices.

    Comment by Keith O'Donnell -

  122. He’s horrible. I hope he overleverages himself again.

    It’s funny, his success is a sign of a market top.

    Comment by Matt Stoller -

  123. Cuban you’re axactly like Trump and your show has less of a chance to generate interest that the Apprentice. To call yourself a benefactor is also ironic. How much do you stand to make off your largesse? $250,000 per commercial per show, 32 half minute commercials per air hour comes out to $8,000,000.00 per show. This isn’t about helping anyone but you. There is no value to this self aggrandizing, self promoting money making effort except to make you popular. Everything you type sounds just like a person that hangs pictures of himself on his wall. You appear to have as little self confidence as Trump. You and Trump should both be put up for sainthood. It warms my heart to think that all you need to be a man is BILLIONS.

    Comment by Tom Canavan -

  124. Mark I respect that you are into making yourself and those around you happy, instead of defining yourself by your material wealth. While watching the show Apprentice last night, I was actually enjoying it, until Donald Trump started talking. The last hour of the show was absolutely horrible. The finale just sucked in a bad way. I didn’t think he had his heart in the show. He just showed up and said the lines, Which were not very good in the first place. The other thing I didn’t like about the show was how they were trying to make up ridiculous romances and grudges. Please when you do your finale watch the apprentice finale to find out what NOT to do. I do respect Donald trump for building his empire up so much, It is truly a sad world when the majority of people base there success in life by how much money they make, how many cars they own or how big there house is etc. Instead of basing it on how truly happy you are, and how you treat all other human beings, as you would like others to treat yourself.
    “someday, maybe you could sit up there with the rich people”. That kind of comment makes me laugh. I myself am the type of person who is happy to have people love me for who I am, and give me unconditional love. Instead of trying to make more and more money in something I hate, I try to make sure that the road I take in my life will at the end make me a better person inside and out. I do worry how this society we live in will turn out to be like if it keeps going the same way the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. I do not know Donald Trump or yourself personally, So it would not be right or wise to judge either one of you. Good luck to you and your show, hopefully it does well.
    knowing you are a rich busy dude see ya.

    Comment by Deanna -

  125. Although you are right about many comments you make, you are wrong about some as well. You would have to be blind(as a ref)to not see some similarities. Donald is an arrogant money-loving ass but that is what makes watching his show rather entertaining. I mean if Buffet or a Walton family member had a show….BORING! On the similar side, you are both outspoken billionaires who have a reality show. How many billionaires had a reality show before Trump?

    Comment by Tim Whittaker -

  126. Mark,

    Wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading this blog entry. I think that your take on Mr. Trump is very accurate. It scares me to think that someone would put pictures of their face on the walls of their office. Money doesn’t make the man, and success should not be calculated by what is in your bank. People forget this all too often. Mr. Trump has been married how many times? He must feel the need to out-do people and money is the only way he knows how.

    Regarding the Benefactor, if you do not want people to mistake it for a an Apprentice rip-off, it would have been a good idea to have a different title and feel to it. Because those that do not take the time to research your new show will obviously take it as an easy buck.

    Anyways, keep out of the 2nd floor patio, and stay the hard working Mark Cuban we all appreciate. You are an inspiration.


    Comment by Ian Bell -

  127. The Apprentice was ok , I guess all reality TV shows are ok.. The problem with the reality aspect is they generate the same people. Most of the people are seasoned proffesionals, trying out for every reality show they can find — from community cable to big networks– they go to all of them with their $500 model/actor photos and there fake “TV” names. Hopefully Mark and the produces will get down and for real for REAL REALITY and pick people that auditioned because they love SPORTS,MAVS,Mark and REALLY TRULY NEED MONEY…not a jump off for a TV career. (by the way, I sent my tape in but not with this email address….I don’t want ya to think I was looking for a break but if you want to know I am one of the real ones and the Benefactor is the only show I’ve ever tried out for and if I get picked to be on it –of course my broke, very in debt and very over burdened butt needs the money but I’ll do anything to see a Mavericks home playoff game(or god willing final) since I’m from New York City and have to settle for going to see them play over here against the Knicks,Nets & Philly. Anyway, I hope the show is huge!

    Comment by Donna -

  128. You have to give it up for Trump. Despite his aesthetic shortcomings and over the top ego(including the gold on gold, conventional suits and his million dollar haircut), he has achieved remarkable success in real estate.

    I found “The Apprentice Show” very inspiring and believe it should be required viewing for college students. Substance remains even if you strip out the slick network branding, etc.

    I personally find your style more appealling Mark because you are more visionary and your record bears this out. I’m looking for High-Def companies to long in the market based on your involvement in HD Net. I find your child like fun sensibility to be cool and addicive and it masks your genius for making money. Oh by the way, you should set up a non-profit HD film company. Cheers from Marina del Rey. Got to head back out to the beach.

    Comment by Marina del rey -

  129. Mark,
    I think you make some great points here, and U respected your comments until you came out and said:
    “To me billions are enough”….isn’t that a bit cocky, it sort of like when he told you you might be eating with the rich people one day.
    Just something to think about, keep up the good work though,

    Comment by Hudson -

  130. Mark,

    I hope your show is different! Trump had all the “politically correct” stereotypes on his little show. All except for the Gay & Lesbian community of American!

    Don’t forget what is in the news right now, Gay marriage and BASIC CIVIL RIGHTS FOR ALL AMERICANS! (INCLUDING GAY PEOPLE)

    So The GAY Redneck from Georgia may be just what your show needs.

    Give the man a shot! Isn’t that what your show is suppose to be about?

    Comment by Billy -

  131. Mark,

    I am waiting to hear from the Benefactor selecting for the show. If you are truely different from Trump, then show it!

    He had all the pretty people on his show and he was all about money. I am the guy that will make your show about people!

    I am The GAY Redneck from Georgia.

    Jeff Saunders

    Comment by jeffrey saunders (The Gay Redneck) -

  132. I’m going to take down my office-full of Trump pictures and put up pictures of Cuban, instead.

    Comment by Jeff -

  133. I’m glad you posted this, because I don’t think too many people have an accurate impression of you. From hearing you on the Ticket and a couple of emails back & forth – the thing that has always struck me is that you’re just a damn good guy.

    It’s not surprising that people like Trump underestimate you, because that’s what people like Trump do & it’s the reason that they end up eating it from time to time. Your “regular guy” approach is disarming, and (as you know) a huge advantage for you, I’m sure.

    Just keep being Mark – regular guy who worked to bank a fortune. That’s the real guy that we can all appreciate.

    Comment by Kevin -

  134. Reading these comments is almost as fun as reading the bitter and venomous sour grapes messages posted on Oprah’s site after her “Favorite Things” shows. Everybody starts out talking about how disappointed they are outraged at the materialistic nature and gross excesses of the extravaganza. They go on to talk about how they prefer the “simple things” in life after suffering this hardship or that tragedy. Then Mr. or Mrs. Bitter describes in excruciating detail why they are more deserving than the random people in Oprah’s audience, and then they sign their full name and often give contact information…just like here.

    Isn’t it funny how many of these refreshingly unaffected posters have left their full names and links to their fan sites in their oh-so-supportive messages?

    Surely you will call and invite them to be one of your random people..won’t you?

    Thanks for the giggle!

    Comment by Hit Me -

  135. Mark,

    When the shows and games are all over what really counts??
    I applaud your boldness and values!!
    I’ve not been a fan of “reality” shows, but am really looking forward to The Benefactor!

    Comment by Sandi Rainwater -

  136. Brilliant! Confirmation of the impression I already had about your character. You would have to seriously act to be anything like the blowhard Trump.

    Comment by Marc -

  137. Wow..that’s all I can say!! When I tried out for the Benefactor I told you in my video interview…”We can out-trump trump and make the Benefactor a much better show.” I’m so glad that Trump knows NOW in no uncertain terms.

    Comment by Martha "ticket lady" -

  138. I would easily recommend your way of doing business, and living life over the much different approach taken by the Donald. Which is why I disagreed with his decision on the apprentice. You have to care about the people that work for you over caring about the money it brings. Once you earn your employees’ respect, all the rest falls into place.

    Comment by Stephanie Simmons -

  139. Mark, anyone who has read about or have seen interviews about you and “The Donald” (sorry, have always rolled my eyes at that)knows the biggest difference is human compassion and innner happiness. Anyone who can be so selfish and uncaring (rude) towards others has lost his soul. Your a man full of life and fun and I’m thinking you would be, money or no money.

    Comment by Lori -

  140. Mark,
    Loved the words. I enjoyed “The Donald” in his show but the second I heard you were doing one I couldn’t wait to see it. You are all about people and that is cool. Wish I could have been a part in your show. It is going to rock.

    Comment by mike -

  141. That was a pretty intense outburst. Very gutsy. But offcourse you never had any problems speaking your mind about the status af basketball.

    I am from Denmark and know about the the shows. If what you say about Truump is true, Trump is my least favorite kind of man. Pompous(right word?) bastard is what comes to mind.

    Well Mark I say go for the trillions, somebody has to anyway. Gods speed mate.

    Comment by Peter Broen -

  142. Granted, Trump is extremely arrogant, to a fault, but you can’t knock him when looking at the Apprentice from a marketing point of view. Before the Apprentice, Trump was mainly known (among business/social enlightened) as a Real Estate mogul and for his failed presidential campaign. After, he is known by name in million of households. Brilliant on his part, but unfortunately, his arrogance will be his downful. Also, great blog about entertainment being the business of basketball.

    Comment by Ben -

  143. Mark you continue to amaze me. You are the blueprint for who I want to be. Back when I was a kid, Nolan Ryan was my hero. You are the man I look up to as an adult. I cannot wait to cross paths with you someday.

    Comment by Brad Williamson "Reality Reading" -

  144. Hey Mark!

    Challenge “The Donald” to a game of basketball and whoop his ass good for charity. Better yet play for whoever loses has to get a real haircut for charity. Both of you goobers look like a bowl was put on your head for a haircut…..

    Robin Hood

    Comment by Robin Hood -

  145. i’m pretty sure your show will be as good, if not better, than trump’s. i enjoyed “the apprentice” immensely. but mark, you’ve got a different kind of thing going on. when i moved down here from chicago back in feb. 2000, i thought you were the garden-variety rich dipstick who wanted to bask in the reflected glory of a professional sports franchise. then i went to a few mavs games. i had fun every single time. i shook your hand in the AAC bar after dallas beat the holy crap out of the bulls. i began to realize that your passion is twofold: build a successful team and make the fans happy. i respect that. and i can’t wait to see your show.

    Comment by mike -

  146. Mark – Bet you feel better now, huh? I can tell by your grammar and sentence structure that this was brewing for a while. Just remember, you are too different breeds. Unfortunately, the world needs all types to make it work.

    For those of you that want to talk more about the benefactor:

    Comment by Chris -

  147. “to me billions are enough”

    that has got to be the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

    If I only had several million, that wouldn’t be enough, but since I have billions, I’m satisfied now. Let’s go shoot hoops.

    *grumbles and goes back to work*

    Comment by Charlie -

  148. I agree with ya Mark. As long as I can afford a 6 pack of high quality brew i’m happy. If I had too much money i’d get too drunk.


    Comment by Jon Hisgen -

  149. You’re the man! Trump is just trying to make up for all of his bad hair days. (more like years) I can tell that you are more down to Earth and have a lot more fun than “The Donald”.

    I’ve liked hearing about you in the past and all of the crazy things you are up to but I have to say that I’m a bigger fan after reading your blog site.

    Without sounding like I’m kissing your a$$, you are what I aspire to be. What’s the point of running your own business if you aren’t having fun and making it the best it can be?


    Comment by Vaioarch -

  150. Mark.

    Your Trump comment was spot on. In ten years you will be wearing jeans, with the same friends, playing wiffle ball and Trump will be writing a book on how you bailed him out of his latest financial problems.

    Comment by david feldman -

  151. Thanks Mark!

    It is refreshing to see someone who has “made it” and to not let it go to his head.

    I work at a company where EVERY executive walks around like their SH*T don’t stink. That every idea they have is great and everyone I (or others) may have stinks because we are not at their level.

    How do people so easily forget where they came from once they taste success? It is FRUSTRATING to the Nth degree to see it.

    The WORST is when you present an idea, an executive BASHES it, then lo and behold, at a future meeting the company is going to use this “great, innovative” idea that said EVP came up with.

    Thanks for remaining grounded!

    Comment by Scott Goldberg -

  152. this “Donald” guy is a tool.I hope he doesnt act the way he does on the show in everyday life. u know when I make a show about interns vying 4 a job, i’ll probably make sure to not have my face plastered on screen every 10-20 secs. i think america might b smart enough 2 know who i am after the 1st few shows.

    maybe since i dont have money, then its not as important to me as it is 2 others. yeah i would love 2 have more, but its not #1 priority. but being an arrogant ass is something different. come on, why would you need to put a huge sign of your face on a building that is named after u? and then to look at the Taj…yeah its nice, minus all the 200k trump logos…now thats arrogance.

    and remember, just cuz u got cash doesnt mean u have class….I know “the donald” missed that point in class……..<<<<<>>>>>>…..

    Comment by PJ Gomez -

  153. Excellent point, Mark! In fact, that is the reason why I took time to make a tape and apply for your show rather than one for such an arrogant nut like Donald. I wish you the best in your continued success.


    Comment by Jason Puckett -

  154. I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention; however, my hair looks cute! Even though I only spend $6 at the barber shop, I have no desire to look like a dork.

    Why doesn’t the little man spend a bit of his mega-fortune on getting a decent hair style. I cringe every time I see that wide, across the forehead comb-over. Dork!!

    Blessings, Darleen

    Comment by Darleen Perkins -

  155. It just occurred to me.. If you felt this way about Trump,
    Why did you appear on Dateline?

    Comment by Dan -

  156. Great Blog! Very nice reading during a boring day at the office. One more thing…crap on the Kings I want the Spurs!

    Comment by Darren Saul -

  157. Bravo! I wanted someone to tell Donald that everything is not about the MONEY! Sure, it’s nice to be able to buy nice things, travel to exotic places,… but at the end of the day, it’s about you, your family, and your friends. Money doesn’t define who you are. Respect from family and friends and from yourself is what life is, I think.

    I don’t get happy because I make money off some stocks or see big numbers in my bank account. I get happy when my dogs uncontrollably jump on me after 8 hours of work everyday, when my boyfriend complaints that he ate too much because I cooked him a nice dinner, when my mom says she’s proud of me because I did my 2003 income tax return on time… 🙂

    I truly hope that your show is not just about the money. I hope you don’t test people for what they would do for money but to test who they are and how they perceive life.

    I tried out for your show, and I haven’t received a follow-up call. I read one of your blogs that a lady waited by the phone for three days. I can totally relate. But last night, I realized that I should be thankful for what I have, not complaint about what I haven’t. Don’t give me wrong, I’m one of the most ambitious and aggressive people you may ever run into… But winning by cheating or for wrong reason means nothing to me.

    I truly hope that your TV show is nothing like any other TV Reality shows! Good luck!


    Comment by Su Kim -

  158. … but there are only a few things I know about The Benefactor:

    1. The first ad I ever saw was on during The Apprentice finale
    2. Music and overtone was similar, though obviously trying to sound different
    3. Ditto on the title

    From the preview it seemed like it was just some guy giving away money because he could.

    Nothing of it appealed to me.

    That said, this blog entry has made it appeal to me. I’ll watch the first episode and if I like it I’ll blog about it and we’ll build some buzz. I’m not much of a reality TV nut, but I got into Trump’s show a month before it first aired. I was pumped and everyone knew it.

    We’ll see what happens to yours, because in some ways I’m sick of Donald already 🙂


    Comment by Jeremy C. Wright -

  159. It’s a good thing you aren’t like Trump. We can only have so many of those sitting around. So many buildings with signs markings turf. I can’t imagine hanging up multiple pictures of myself in my office. Especially pictures of just me–that’s insane.

    Just like I’d rather be Steve Jobs than Bill Gates, I think most people would rather be you over Trump. He may have more cash, but he doesn’t have much else.

    Comment by Jon Gales -

  160. And how much better your show will be if I make it. 🙂

    Comment by Travis -

  161. Mark,
    just wanted to say that you come off “ALOT DIFFERENT” than Trump. You seem to be more concerned with people that he is. Just a few (3 minutes) looking at his show & you see what he is all about “MONEY”. His passion is money, your passion is your pursuits —- a lot of difference to me.

    Looking forward to your show….

    Steve Sharpe

    Comment by Steven Sharpe -

  162. Mark
    Good for you. That took a lot of b**ls.I think you just echoed the sentiments of most of America. The Apprentice was entertaing for sure,but “The Donald” has occasion to be pompous.
    Good luck.

    Comment by Dan Kehoe -

  163. Dude, I dont even know who you are, but I know who The Donald is. From what I have read I know you are full of it and have no idea what Donald is about. Face the facts, Donald Trump had his “reality” show about the business world before you had yours.

    I believe William Bunn on July 7th already told you everything that was wrong with your attack on Donald. Perhaps your getting a little to crazy, Hmmmm… Maybe like Bush and his attacks on his friends/business partners/enemies.

    If the world dint have babies like you, I think we would have more peace and would simply all get along.

    In case you dont understand… YOU SUCK !

    Comment by Leduc -

  164. Even Mark Cuban has to admit, The Donald pulled himself out of 9.2 billion in debt and has done allot of fantastic deals and is an American success story in his own right. The Donald is success at its finest and the ultimate deal maker. The Apprentice was an “original idea.” It was first to the networks. Now we are flooded with the copycat productions. While there is nothing wrong with your show even you must quietly admit you are riding on Trump’s coattails. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with riding on Trump’s coattails as every business book in America will tell you to copy those that are successful and I think you have done so quite well with your show. I think you saw a way to make some good money on advertising, etc. and quickly moved on it. If I had your money, I would have done the same thing.

    Your organization, players, etc. all self promote and money is clearly the object. The criticism you have thrown at Trump is the pot calling the kettle black, so to speak. Trump is quoted in his book as saying; “I don’t do it for the money. I’ve got enough, much more than I’ll ever need. I do it to do it. Deals are my art form. Other people paint beautifully on canvas or write wonderful poetry. I like making deals, preferably big deals. That’s how I get my kicks.” I’ve followed Trump since the 1980’s and I have to admit that I believe him. He enjoys his business and that is why he is successful at it. Why not congratulate him on his success rather than trying to run him down?

    I’m working to get my tape into The Apprentice before the July 14th deadline. I own a couple of businesses and hope to one day be as successful as “The Donald.” While I personally make more than The Apprentice will pay, if selected, I would do it to work for Donald Trump and to learn from him and his people. To myself and many others trying to come up in the business world, The Apprentice is the ultimate job and we support Donald Trump. You are correct in your last paragraph stating that it is not fair to lay into Donald Trump in your blog entry. Many years ago, I had gotten divorced, was deep in debt, etc. and could have easily given up. Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal” gave me the inspiration and motivation to pull my self up and succeed.

    Trump has two business rules that he quotes in his newest book. Business Rule #1: If you don’t tell people about your success, they probably won’t know about it. Business Rule #2: Keep it short, fast and direct. I think he simply follows his own advice and your criticism is not warranted.

    Unlike a number of other emails that you received from individuals attempting to boost your ego to try and up their chances for your show, no I have not applied for your show and am obviously not trying to boost your ego. I simply disagree with your stance and wanted to let you know that the Donald still “Trumps” you hands down.

    Comment by William Bunn -

  165. Mark,
    I applaud u for telling the truth of what trump is really like. I think you’re one of the top businessmen in the world, and your show will have its own level completely different from “The Apprentice”. You are my idol, i love basketball with all my heart, and i’m a business major. Hopefully I will achieve the same things you have. Your show will be a success, no doubt about it. Can’t wait for it I also cant wait to see devin harris play this upcoming season :-D.
    Best of luck with everything mark,

    Comment by Rafael -

  166. I really liked your insight on Donald Trump, and I really like your character.It is very refreshing.
    So many think they made it on their own but in reality, it happened because they happen to be born into a wealthy family..

    Comment by Merry Grant -

  167. Having stumbled on your site, in part due to The Apprentice, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to add my comments. It’s rather amazing that people on the other side of the world are just the same as they are here in Australia. We call people like Donald Trump, ‘Tall Poppies’ and most of us downunder, just like you, spend our lives trying to ‘cut them down to size’. Our ‘Donald Trumps’ are just like yours as well, they love themselves to death and their pride in their accomplishments is beyond belief. So sad for us as human beings that we admonish aspiration and pay reverence to mediocrity. There is no shame in aspiring to excellence in all we do. The shame is that although we all begin with the same aspiration, the majority of us give up half way. Long live the Donald Trumps of the world.

    Comment by Nikki Nunnari -

  168. Something is not right here. Why would the “Benefactor”, whose hard work and wits have made him a billionaire, just give away money to someone who will get on his good side (and not having to work through the many years as hard as he did)?

    The ideas behind Cube are surely righteous, but the Don is the same person. Both had to work very hard to get where they’re at – and both would frown upon people who do not embody the same ethics which define them – no matter what Cube says 😉 I can’t imagine if a bum on the street comes up to cube and be like, yo man, gimme a job -and Cube be like, sure, come into my office and we’ll talk about it.

    I mean, when the Don said, “someday, maybe we could sit up there with the rich people” – that could have been intrepretted as a compliment by the Don. Cube took it personally, proved to the world the man he was, and now, bam!, he gets to say the same thing to someone else in less pompous words via the “Benefactor”.

    Thus, this is a pointless spat that almost makes me wonder if some controversy wouldn’t better sell both their reality shows that ensnares our attention, and time – which as the Don puts it – is our money.

    Makes you think, that something just isn’t right about all this …

    Comment by Rob -

  169. Why don’t people like Donald Trump? He’s a horse’s a$$, that’s why.

    Because he’s a rich self-publicist a lot of people have come to dislike his uniquely stinky personality; were he a small town nobody, everyone in his small town would dislike him just as much.

    His relentless drive for personal publicity and further, pointless, wealth is a sure sign of someone trying to prove himself in a way that he never can, no matter how many framed photos of himself he hangs on his office wall.

    Keep it real,


    Comment by Nick Field -

  170. You know, the real sick thing about this amazing country of ours is that we pump success into our kids from birth – “Get good grades, get into a good college, make good money” – and then the second someone does all that and it pays off…to the tune of, oh I don’t know, 2.8 Billion or so – we make that person feel ashamed of themselves for acheiving what they have. Why should Donald hide his money, because so many others are so jealous of what he’s made? Why should he not hang pictures of himself in his office to remind himself that he’s the king of his industry? Don’t your precious NBA players do the same, Marcus? Don’t your guys have posters, autographed jersey’s, shoe ad’s, autographed b-balls? Isn’t pro sports as shameless an arena for the self promoters as, oh I don’t know, let’s say luxury real estate?

    It’s high time in this country people calm down and begin to understand that when I a man makes something big, almost losses it, then bounces back and kicks a little ass on the way, maybe we should extend a hand and congratulate him, instead of weeping because we – oh, I don’t know, own basketball teams that underperform while we run onto the court like we actually know something about running a basketball organization. Get a life, Cuban, and a successful ball club.

    P.S.: As a developer myself, I look forward to hosting your players and administrators in a hotel with my big, fat surname imprinted on everything from the facade to the lobby floor to the towels.

    See you chumps on top.

    Dupree J. Stern
    Chairman & CEO, Stern Organization
    New York City, USA

    Comment by Dupree J. Stern -

  171. Mark,

    You are a very smart and down to earth man. Things I wanted to point out about the differences between you and Trump:
    You have hair, Trump has to buy his
    You have fun, Trump has to buy his
    You know how to party and keep things real, Trump…well he doesn’t know what real means.
    His comments and snide remarks are his way of being scared. If I were him I would be scared of youas well. You have a huge following, and not just because you make a lot of money, but because you come across as a good person. Trump comes accross as a pompus POS.

    Good for you for posting this and for letting Trump know how the real world works. I didn’t watch one episode of “The Apprentice”, I will for sure be tunning in to see you and what magic you can create.

    Go Mavs, Go Cuban!!!

    Comment by Michelle -

  172. Mark,

    With regret, I apologize that I was unable to hire you for employment in Florida.

    At the time, Mar-a-Lago was overstocked with an abundance of valets, pool boys and maintenance crew.

    Best of luck with your future endeavors. Please feel free to drop off a current resume and keep me informed of your progress.

    Donald J. Trump
    Trump Tower
    NYC, USA

    Comment by The H.R. Department -

  173. You are just like everyone else except you are really really rich and probably a little perverted and demented but hey who isn’t. Damn, it must be absolutley fabulous to be that rich. I’d give my left nut to have 1/10 of the money that you have. Stay cool ….

    Comment by Chris Hughes -

  174. For someone who doesn’t want to be like Trump so much, you sure did wait for his left overs (Kwame). Im sure it was to get more exposure since everyone has gotten use to your antics. Nevertheless, atleast Trump has class..are you going to teach those 16 contestants to yell at referees, kiss your ass, or just see who can run errands for Mark the fastest? Im thinking, why dont there be a reality show with you and Trump in a house for 3 weeks and see you 2 choke each other (that sounds better than the Benefactor).

    Comment by Christy Jackson -

  175. I am a fan of you and your adventures, and I look forward to your program. Your approach to business and life is exciting to me (a 46 year teacher/librarian), and I would really like for you to do a video or a short book for young adults in which you tell your story and encourage young people to take some chances and to work hard to accomplish their goals.
    Bill Meadors

    Comment by Bill Meadors -

  176. If you are going to be sucessful in everything that you do you have to learn to choose your battles wisely and let the inconsequential roll off of your back rather then retorting and causing more embarassment to yourself.

    Comment by Just one Man's opinion -

  177. If you really didn’t care about Trump, you wouldn’t dedicate so many words to his persona. Seems like 2 billionaires engaged in a d**ck measuring contest. You should stick to buying yachts, sports teams, women, and stop polluting our TV space with your annoying shows.

    Comment by Laura -

  178. Mark, you were in today’s page six and trump was talking about u in it. he basically is calling you a liar.


    April 25, 2004 — DALLAS Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s ABC reality show, “The Benefactor,” hasn’t even been cast yet, but he’s already in a billionaires’ bragging-rights battle with “The Apprentice” star Donald Trump.

    Internet guru Cuban – who will give $1 million to the last of 16 contestants to survive working and traveling with him – went ballistic when he read that Trump accused him of trying to “duplicate” the success of “The Apprentice.”

    In an open letter to Trump that Cuban posted on his own Web log, Cuban recalls meeting the real-estate mogul years ago and paints him as a smarmy egomaniac with a taste for chintz that left Cuban vowing never to become such a man.

    ” ‘The Benefactor’ is going to be nothing like ‘The Apprentice,’ ” he writes. “Why? Because, Donald, we are not alike in any way. The funny thing is, in some respects, I have you to thank for that.”

    Cuban claims that when he met Trump at a 1999 Super Bowl party at Mar-a-Lago, Trump gestured to a second-floor patio where guests were dining and said, “Someday, maybe [you] could sit up there with the rich people.”

    But, “It must be a figment of his imagination. I never remember meeting him at Mar-a-Lago,” Trump tells PAGE SIX’s Ian Spiegelman. “That’s not how I talk to people. That’s not me talking.”

    Cuban’s blog reminds Trump of a second encounter in the developer’s Manhattan office: “It was covered, literally, every inch of every wall with pictures and magazine covers of you. I have been in a lot of offices. I have seen pictures with the president, with family, with various famous people, but the over/under was usually five pictures, not 100.”

    He concludes: “After leaving your office, I promised myself that if I ever got liquid and had an obscene amount of money in the bank, I would make a point not to remind myself and everyone else around me of it every minute of every day – unlike you.”

    “I don’t really know Mark Cuban,” says Trump, “but obviously everyone’s gunning for the show because of its tremendous success. Have you seen the ratings? The show’s a big monster.”

    Trump adds generously: “I don’t know anything about his show, but I wish him success. I know he’s trying to win at basketball. I wish him luck.”

    Continue Reading PageSix…

    Comment by sean neas -

  179. I’ve wanted to apply to the show since I heard about it. Am I too late? The casting information is not on ABC’s website? Your style and empathetic outlook will make your show differ greatly from Donald’s. I hope I can still apply. If I’m not to late, please post casting information. Thanks. I can’t wait to see the show. And it would be even greater to be on the show if it’s not too late.


    Comment by Farah Hosseini -

  180. I’ve never read anything about you before, Mr. Cuban. I had only heard neat stories about this guy with lots of money who likes to help people with it, who has values that he didn’t sell on the way up, and who is just a gosh darn pretty cool guy. There are few people that when I read about them or hear about them I say, “I would like to shake this guy’s hand.” Mr. Cuban, it is probably of little consequence to you (or maybe it is), but I would like to shake your hand one day. Thank you for caring about your friends and others more than your financial worth. The world could use more of you. And you’re right: The Benefactor is nothing like The Apprentice, for among other things, I wouldn’t watch The Apprentice.

    Comment by James -

  181. Mark,

    I read your blog daily and this one was “on the money”. “The Donald” is an ass. Thanks for keeping it real. I’d play football in your house with you anytime 🙂

    Comment by Jenn -

  182. It sounded to me from the Trump quote in The Chicago Sun Times that Trump was simply saying to duplicate the success of his show show was going to be difficult, considering the ratings he got were through the room. I’m not a fan of Donald either, but I thought he was referring to the copy-cats that typically follow a hit reality show expecting to get the numbers he was able to. Sounds like a basic ‘first to market’ advantage he was touting and I see no problem in making that point. You now face more of an uphill battle because of the perception of ‘copy cat’ the public may perceive you to be, but I know that is where you thrive. Good luck!

    Comment by RJ -

  183. How about letting Steve Nash come to the Raptors! It would be a real benefit if we had a point guard

    Comment by Liam Nargolwalla -

  184. So happy to hear the show won’t be like The Apprentice! I thought the challenges were interesting but people trying to reach for his lifestyle (as if it is worth anything)saddened me. A meaningful life is found in how you live it, not in what you have. You know that and it is what I admire about you the most.
    When you first bought the Mavs and the papers made fun of you, I thought what is that crazy guy doing? Then I saw how much fun you were having and thought it was terrific that you were following your passion! But I really became an all time fan when you worked at DQ! I can’t wait for you to show America what they really need to value. I hope your show trumps the Apprentice and brings in a much larger viewing audience.

    Comment by Susan -

  185. Your tirade about The Donald is well disserved. This is the most insecure man in America with a need to be recognized. You called a spade a spade. Your honesty is appreciated.

    Frankly, I think Trump gives America the wrong impression about business. Most great business people I have met are not like Trump, do not want to be jerks, and are not as tough as nails (yes, when necessary). Donald gives young impressionable business minds the impression that you have to be harsh, relentless, cold, calculated and a jerk to do business. Some are and succeed…most who succeed do so because they are smart, because they listen and do not have all the answers but are willing to find those who have ideas. Trump gives the impression that a good CEO is a tyrant and one who generates all the ideas. Good CEOs build their teammates, make their people shine by allowing them recognition and encouragement. Their subordinates continually sabotage mean S.O.B. CEOs. Look what happened to Martha Stewart. She allegedly treated everyone so badly that when she needed him or her to come to her rescue, they did not.

    Comment by Eric Rhoads -

  186. He lives the life of riley –
    Could be a bum 24/7 on any beach –
    But rather gives his life to others –
    To laugh and love and teach –

    Going from this fundraiser to that –
    taking a bucket of water in stride –
    serving ice cream cones and talkin –
    with DJ “the Bones” and answering phones –
    Let me tell you – must be one helluva ride!

    Riding with the blind to raise some funds
    for a worthy organization – But “Hey!
    Wake up! Mark! Look out ! –
    That semi is real, ain’t no Playstation !” – ha!

    They said he didn’t deserve the money –
    He’s just an internet fool that won –
    I think God secretly gave him the green –
    So everyone else might know true fun –

    No fret on fifth avenue –
    just a polo & jeans –
    True maverick’s are always classy –
    No matter what the seams –

    Many had doubts when Perot passed the torch –
    But then when push came to shove –
    They all had to stay on the porch –

    He doesn’t need a fancy red wig –
    or a big shiny high-rise –
    No helicopter with his name plastered –
    or closet full of expensive boardroom ties –
    to make his life count for something –
    more valuable than prestige or dough –
    Thanks Mark, for all the blessings –
    You’re the man everyone wants to know –

    Comment by shane taylor -

  187. – 9 of my friends were pushing me to apply for ‘the Apprentice’… I smirked at them. OK and what if I win? I am obligated to ‘The Don’ for a year? Not the I don’t esteem where he took forward his father’s ventures but I have visions of my own (like Mark) and would prefer funding in a business that I have given years worth of time to. I think Don’s ego sometimes blocks out common sense and rational. As a startup Co. seeking seed capital I would prefer to invest the $800K needed and create 110 jobs and produce revenues of 280M in 5 years. Sounds a lot more challenging to me and conforting to the investor(s)…

    Comment by Paul Deschenes -

  188. I loved the analysis of you v. Trump. I did, in fact, enjoy “The Apprentice” and gained a kind of grudging respect for what The Donald was all about, but I still think he’s too pompous and over-the-top. It’s OK too have a big ego, but it doesn’t have to be the size of Manhattan, does it? OTOH, I’ve like most of the things I’ve seen and read about you, and I love your outspoken take on the NBA goings-on, so I hope “The Benefactor” doesn’t undo those notions.

    Good luck against the Kings tonight. Being a long-suffering Knicks fan, I know what it feels like right now, to have your favorite team down 0-2.

    Comment by Lawrence Green -

  189. Mark Cuban is an innovative, cutting-edge and refreshing new twist to the business arena, period. Keep your eye on this guy!

    Comment by Michael T. Caudle -

  190. How about a show where a bus load of starving kids from some IMF/World Bank structural readjustment/priviatized nation/economy are let loose in an American supermarket? Now that would be a show.

    Comment by rob -

  191. Mark,
    I agree with you. You are quite different from Donald. He gloats on his material possessions, you don’t. He’s cocky. You aren’t. He has a dead squirrel on his head. You don’t.

    Comment by Lisa King -

  192. Dear Mr. Cuban,

    Being a huge Mark Cuban admirer over the years, I was very surprised when I heard that you were interested in hiring Kwame Jackson from The Apprentice to work with you. Although while watching the show, I really grew to like Kwame, and have a number of friends in common with him from his days at HBS, I have to say that I respectfully disagree with your decision.

    Although Kwame is a great guy, he did not show me anything from a business perspective during the 13 weeks of the show. He was generally in the background (even when chosen as the leader) and tended to rest on his laurels as a Harvard grad rather than leading and making tough decisions. Even in the last episode when he had to lead, Kwame proved inadequate in dealing with Omerosa and relied on Troy to do most of the heavy lifting. It is exactly this kind of resting on your pedigree that gives MBA’s a bad name.

    I know this, because I have seen dozens of likeable, but ineffective MBA’s like Kwame come and go over the past 8 years, while working as a private equity investor (lbo) and an investment banker. In today’s business world, resting on your education just isn’t enough!

    Oh, BTW I have an MBA from Wharton, but I never rest on that. I push, bite and scratch every day, working 90-hour weeks to do the best job possible. I do this because I have to, my family came to the U.S. as refugees when I was 8 and I have had to fight for everything that I now have. Also most importantly, I work this hard so that one day I won’t have to.

    This drive has paid off, I was the top ranked junior investment banker at my previous firm and was promoted several times well ahead of my peers. At my current job at a private equity firm, I source and lead the execution of LBOs and represent my firm’s interests to a board of directors. I make many investment decisions weekly and manage a number of people, in this, I never just rely on my MBA to get by….once Kwame spends more time in the real world, he will realize that he can’t either. Every day, I bring the same intensity and drive to my job, as I did when I played college football, and I want to do that for you.

    I say all this not because I am trying to put Kwame down, but because after seeing him in action for 13 weeks, I just know that I can do a much better job. I have always been a tremendous admirer of you and would welcome going head to head against Kwame or anyone else to work and learn from a man like you. I would love to speak with you further should you be interested.

    Best regards and go Mavs!

    P.S. Please don’t think that I am writing this because I covet the salary that you or Trump may be offering, I already make over the salary offered on The Apprentice. For me, this is truly about wanting to work for my idol.

    Comment by Daniel -

  193. It is about time someone called out The Donald for what he truly is, an egomaniac. Everything named Trump this and Trump that. All the pictures of himself in his office. It’s pretty sad!

    Comment by Steve Pedian -

  194. Two unrelated comments:
    1) Trump has to self-promote it’s where his backing has always originated and held true even in the face of failure…who wants there failure exposed with the glare that comes from being in bed with “the Donald”. That said, good for you, the guy is an ass.
    2) I’m a Knicks fan but follow your team as a Wisco Alum a few years ahead of Michael Finley. I also have enjoyed the fact that you obviously love owning the mavs for the right reasons…but for the love of g-d, get out of the arms race mentality. Pick two of your many studs and lock them in along with Nowitzki, then trade the others (walker,fin,nash,etc.) for rebound/defenders a cut or two above najera, and stockpile picks for the late 2000’s when your studs get older. I think I can find Michael Graham, Ewing’s buddy from Georgetown for you, he makes ben wallace look like a soccer mom…just a thought.

    Comment by scott fleisig -

  195. Two unrelated comments:
    1) Trump has to self-promote it’s where his backing has always originated and held true even in the face of failure…who wants there failure exposed with the glare that comes from being in bed with “the Donald”. That said, good for you, the guy is an ass.
    2) I’m a Knicks fan but follow your team as a Wisco Alum a few years ahead of Michael Finley. I also have enjoyed the fact that you obviously love owning the mavs for the right reasons…but for the love of g-d, get out of the arms race mentality. Pick two of your many studs and lock them in along with Nowitzki, then trade the others (walker,fin,nash,etc.) for rebound/defenders a cut or two above najera, and stockpile picks for the late 2000’s when your studs get older. I think I can find Michael Graham, Ewing’s buddy from Georgetown for you, he makes ben wallace look like a soccer mom…just a thought.

    Comment by scott fleisig -

  196. Could it be that Trump’s obsession with posessions whether it’s money, buildings, or women is to make up for lackings elsewhere? Perhaps the man is so full of self-pity in other ways that he has overcompensated. Trump is a model of success in the business world, but how many people look to him as a model of success in life?

    Cube has his fair share of money, but he’s more approachable and doesn’t have to put up this veneer covering something deeper. If I had to pick between the two, who I wanted my son to emulate, I would choose Cube bar none.

    Comment by Tim -

  197. Mark,

    I’d be interested to see that exact terms of Trump’s various real estate agreements. Typically, he solicits equity in exchange for a minority ownership position and fee income. Investors get a preference, he receives the residual, making him little more than a syndicator. The image and other sundry bullshit is a marketing device for typically naive foreign capital. The truly successful (yourself included) are best judged by their reserve, restraint and general lack of ostenation. Gates, Buffett, Kirkorian and countless others manage to live on the down low. While Trump, ass that he is, lives in a fashion analogus to other failures – Fisk, Gould, Hilbert (Conseco)- to whom history will prove similarly unkind.

    Comment by Darren -

  198. Who is this Trump? He sounds like a strange and ridiculous person.

    Comment by Brian Feltovich -

  199. Nice blog. The only similarities I see with you and “the Donald” is the bad hair and the fact that you both probably have rooms in your house(s) that are larger than my entire house. Other than that you two are oil and water. I never watched his show because I was sick of seeing him years ago. You have yet to make me cringe so I’ll probably check out your show.

    Comment by Clay Dove -

  200. Mark,
    Look, its obvious that you are jealous of my wealth and good looks. Just admit it and shut up.

    Comment by Donald Trump -

  201. That was awesome Mark. I enjoyed the apprentice but in my mind I would never want to work for Trump for $250,000/year. Maybe $500,000 for all the money I would make him but after a year I’m sure I’d be gone.

    I have had rich friends whose only concern is to constantly accumulate more. In my mind its gets pointless at some level. Accumulate enough to have freedom to do what you want and then enjoy life. Mark Cuban understands this. I am completely impressed by this blog.

    Comment by crochungry -

  202. Sounds like someone’s bitter about being schooled. Grow up.

    Comment by Rebekah -

  203. I have a lot of respect for you after the Dairy Queen thing last year. You handled that with class and humor. I think that one piece that you should also mention is that people make the company not the CEO or founder. This is something that was not seen in the apprentice. I saw it in you, with the Mavericks, when you were doing a tour of the facilities. I was extremely impressed. You know the people are your resources (i know this is obvious in a sports team) but I am sure you feel this way about all of your employees. I am working hard to get out of my suit. Give me a call and I can be a resource for you. (Really sorry that this is a lame attempt at a job, but this suit is killing me).

    Jim Beck

    Comment by Jim Beck -

  204. Mark,
    You are the best! And I love seeing how PASSIONATE you are during the games.
    One comment– they can’t put lakers vs. rockets on at 10:50 P.M. on a Monday night on the east coast!
    Who is watching this?

    Comment by Tim S -


    Comment by Jared -

  206. Rich in what?
    Posted Apr 20, 2004, 10:20 AM ET by Steve
    I’m more concerned with how much you’re giving to the poor.

    Is it really his responsibility to be giving to the poor? Sure, it be would nice. But he’s not required to. We live in a democratic, free-market society, not a communist country.

    Comment by John -

  207. o, and let’s not forget that the big liarmouth is always just about bankrupt. what a hump.

    Comment by jane -

  208. and NYC is sick of him. his grandstanding is tacky, his buildings are tacky, and he’s funny looking. enough already with this guy.

    Comment by jane -

  209. I’m more concerned with how much you’re giving to the poor.

    Comment by Steve -

  210. Good reading as always and I agree with many of your points, but perhaps a little more levity and less nastiness, especially in a written environment which lacks context, would further your goal of being a true ‘benefactor’ to our society. Not that I doubt that you do great things already…I’m reading your blog for a reason..:)

    Comment by Ravi Iyer -

  211. Mark,
    you are my guru! Kwame is the man and a perfect fit for your organization. I bow to your infinite wisdom.


    Comment by jason coker -

  212. What I hate about Trump is how he overexaggerates everything. He claims to have a net worth of around 6 billion but forbes I believe puts it between two and three.

    He claims that 215,000 people applied to try out for The Apprentice. That number is OUTRAGEOUS. Survivor, the number reality show in America only gets around 30-40 thousand unique applications per season. Trump/Burnett must have pooled all the entries from Survivor. I don’t see anything wrong with using Survivor entries to find contestants for the Apprentice, but come on, quit padding the resume. Trump recently put the number for applications for Apprentice 2 at around 250,000, i.e they got in another 35,000 applications and just adding that to the previous total. Please.

    I wonder by how much Trump overexaggerates on other things…ladies? 🙂

    Comment by Eli -

  213. Sorry for the extra post but if I was to be on your show, which I am not, and I won: I’d spend the $$$$ and pay off my mortgages and have a great time, maybe fix up my old sailboat and get another Voodoo laptop. I would make certain my kid’s college educations are paid off, and then buy season tickets to the Nuggets in Denver and the Dolphins in Miami.


    Comment by Dave -

  214. Hey, Mr. Cuban, just saw your site for the very first time: like a breath of fresh air.

    Glad to see we agree on the Donald. Frankly, I’m glad you’re liquid as I’m certain DT would like to be in your shoes.

    Good luck with your team and thanks for the honesty.

    Comment by Dave -

  215. Mark
    That was the greatest ever! I needed a really good laugh. Though I did enjoy the Appentice I really don’t like Donald. He has always come across as a jerk and truth be told I believe he is. But your show will be so much better in so many different aspects. I did try out and got to meet alot of the people that were there and they were a blast. I can’t wait to start watching it! Jsut start thinking of your catch pharse now… Just a few ideas “your getting on my nerves” “Time Out” Or “Hey what’s up I am the Cuban!” Okay so they were stupid but you will have a great time with the show and it will turn out great!


    Comment by Sharon Wilhite -

  216. Mark,
    Because my chances are now “slim” to get on your show, I have decided to issue a challenge to you to not only get on “ my good side” but to get on the good side of thousands of others. As I told you in my video, I am willing to debase myself and let the world know I am living in a homeless mission in Everett WA. Whether I am on your show or not, I am going to raise the money to start a not for profit employment service run by these men for these men. It seems to me that after Trump said to you-
    “someday, maybe we could sit up there with the rich people” as you looked up to a 2nd floor patio that had a smattering of people eating their diner.” -you took that challenge by saying to yourself- “Someday, Donald”

    So I hereby challenge you to come to the mission in Everett Washington and have lunch with these men who desperately want a job- any job. In America today, homelessness can no longer be attributed to drugs and alcohol abuse. Concern over stock options by greedy corporate executives has resulted in a total disregard for the working class. These are the good men I want you to meet. Whether you like it or not, you are a public figure that has enough sway to truly help others- not just the one lucky individual you will be rewarding on your show. Hey don’t take me wrong – I would like to improve my lot by winning the million. But I also know that I would solemnly pledge-on national TV- to endow this service. As well, I also know that the national publicity this would generate would make my donation pale by comparison.

    Finding humility is easy when you live in a mission. But one thing you have to understand is – is that I am a Texan. There is not a single wealthy Texan who has not been “broke” at least a couple of times. I personally have the ability to make a comeback. These men I speak of need and want help. Mark, you made a promise to yourself after you left Trump’s office that day. Today, I also have made a promise to myself.

    How we all get to our place and time is amazing. Finding a reason for it is even more amazing. I hope you take this challenge in the spirit it is meant to convey- a tangible solution to a serious problem. If you decide not to respond to this challenge I will be disappointed in the knowledge that this show is just another self promotion with the direct result of more subscriptions sold and more seats filled. It would just be another “all things Trump”.
    I know you are competitive. I just hope that you are compassionate. If not-“I guess our definition of success is just completely different.”

    Sincerely, Ralph Nicholson

    Comment by Ralph Nicholson -

  217. It’s funny that you mention Trump, b/c my friend just had a similarly bad experience with him. He was at my law school (Seton Hall, NJ) on Friday because his sister is a Federal Judge. He couldn’t find his card on the sign-in table so my friend (a fellow student who
    was working there) said “Here, i’ll help you, what’s your name, sir?” Needless to say, Donald’s ego couldn’t grasp the fact that someone wouldn’t know who he was. When my friend said “I’m just kidding, here’s your tag mr. trump” the guy didn’t even crack a smile. My friend went so far as to escort him
    on the elevator. She tried to re-break the ice by talking about his stupid show, but he was having none of it.

    I don’t know if anyone “deserves” to be filthy rich, but at least you still seem to be a normal person. Nobody can see you in a t-shirt sitting in the first row of a mavs game, screaming your head off, and not smile along
    with you.

    I can’t wait for your new show.

    [btw, maybe my friend deserved the cold treatment by trump….we bet a
    dollar a series, and she actually took the Kings (!) in the first round.]

    Comment by Dennis -

  218. Mr. Cuban–

    Never watched the apprencitce, but plan to watch The Benefactor. I heard about your show from my brother Parrish Chapman. We’re all rootin’ for you!

    Comment by Flaminia Chapman -

  219. Good point James. I think most would agree Troy is the most deserving of Mark’s assist. Then again Kwame would probably just figure out a way to bring Troy along anyway based on their friendship.

    Comment by Marc -

  220. Great blog!! I’m laughing because they were doing some great impersonations of Trump on the Stern show. Basically they were touching upon the fact that Donald has to tell everyone how “fantastic” everything is that he has some connection to. With that being said, I still like hearing the guy brag about all of his wealth. It seems like he’s unaware of just how arrogant he comes across. Even when people are goofing his arrogance he continues to pile it on.

    Comment by Patrick -

  221. I SO hope you get Kwame on your team. Perhaps you should persuade him that since Texas doesn’t have state income tax (unlike your neighbor to the west), he’d be wise to take you up on your offer. Besides, you just ROCK. I’d rather work for you than The Donald anyday. Love ya’ babe!

    Comment by New Mexico Rose -

  222. Mark: I’m no great fan on the Donald’s, but most people think of you as one of the lucky few who cashed out before the crash. You’re kind of a product of luck more than skill. Trump has made it, lost it, and made it again. I’ll put his ego aside and admire his persistence and success over a long period. You’ll need to do more than produce your show in high def.

    Comment by donald trumpy -

  223. Thank-You Mark,

    I think all of North America benefits from competitive programming. We as consumers get to view two brilliant business minds in action. If I can learn one usefull tip off your show as I did Donalds, we all win!!

    Cheers from Vancouver “Mr.Nash’a Hometown”

    Comment by Chris Ludwig -

  224. Mr. Cuban, I’m an african-american entrepreneur whose goal in life was to make as much money as I could until I saw an NBA Inside Stuff interview on you and the Mavericks. You made me realize that trying to be the Donald Trumps and Bill Gates of the world shouldn’t be my goal in life. How much money can you have, or how much do you have to make before enough is enough? Well in your interview they asked about your players salaries and how you upgraded the mavericks facilities with monitors and PS2’s etc. etc.. What you said was so profound that it changed the way I look at my business. You said that at the end of the day, after salaries and all expenditures, if you could live comfortably off of what you left, then you see your life as being successful.

    Forty Billion, Ten Billion or Two Billion…. when is enough is enough? I know I could live comfortably for the rest of my life if one day I was blessed to be worth Two Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars. Because of what you said, that would make me feel very successful and happy.

    Thanks Mr. Cuban and keep the photo wallpaper out of your office.


    Christopher C. Davis
    President, DAP Networks, LLC.

    Comment by Christopher -

  225. To judge how good of a businessman Donald Trump is look at the performance of his stock: DJT.

    Above 30 in 1996 and now 2.25.

    Obviously, the market value may misprice the company, but his performance is pathetic compared to the typical company run by mortals.

    Whenever, he trumpet his business acumen, I remember that when he was in bankruptcy his father bought ~2 million dollars worth of chips from one of his casinos as an interest free loan. Daddy saves the day!!!

    You can learn about business by watching Trump, but you have to ignore his self-promotion.

    – Sean

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