Need some help.

This blog has generated a lot of great feedback from high school, college and recreational officials. Consider this a test of your knowledge of NBA rules. I’m hoping to get feedback from all of you who have a tape or TiVo of our game 4 last night on plays that occured at the times listed below.

I haven’t heard back yet from the NBA on their position on the calls, so it will be interesting to compare the emails and comments I get versus what the NBA comes back with.

1st quarter5:00


2nd quarter 4:14


3rd quarter 1:32

4th quarter 8:51






Thanks in advance for the feedback. It’s what makes blogging fun! For those that don’t have a tape or TiVo of the game,I wishI could provide one, butI can’t.

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  1. I am a hardcore Mavs fan and always will be but I don’t think I could endure watching that game again, or any of the last 4 games. Just plain bad basketball from both teams.


    Comment by Darren Saul -

  2. do you have the expressed written consent of the NBA to record that game?

    Comment by larryh -

  3. You Dallas fans kill me, one of the most talented teams in the league and still saying things like, “we need McGrady” 🙂

    Maybe I should just tell coach Bzdelik that he needs Tracy McGrady. I’m sure that is what he needs to hear.

    Comment by Mark Angeletti -

  4. Mark,

    I have watched Dallas basketball for many years, (way back in the Izzulino days). I actually attended my first game this year, (luckily a victory over the Bucks). I have watched this team grow and get better under your watch, and for that I want to thank you. I dont know how much you actually helped in building this team next to forking over cash, but even if that is ALL you did, thanks for the willingness to win at any cost.

    With that said, I now want to comment on what you and your staff are doing wrong…

    First off, if you REALLY go back and review that tape, (and this is assuming that the times you listed are times in which the refs screwed up in favor of Sacramento), you will find as many times that bad calls/no calls were made in favor of Dallas as those made in favor of Sacramento… That is the NBA… These guys, despite their efforts, are NOT perfect, and while you have the ability through TIVO to pause, rewind, and fast forward, they are right in the middle of high-speed action that, regardless of what you think, is incredibly difficult to be even 80 percent accurate on all of their calls… To be honest, in today’s NBA, you probably have 2 legitimate fouls in every possession, but if they called EVERYTHING, how fun would the game be… I guess my point is that I wish you would not complain so much about these calls!

    The next thing that you need to hear from a true fan is that our staff is built all wrong… You know this, and you will likely remedy it, but PLEASE STOP bringing in volume shooters that are completely ineffective if the ball is not in their hands… We already have a big 3 that has that label… Surround those guys, (if you plan on keeping Nash that is), with the rookies and role players… That is ENOUGH scoring… If you want to replace Walker with SOME scoring then fine, but I would say bring in some guys that are ALL OVER THE PLACE defensively and go with that!

    Who am I to tell you how to run your team… But Mark, we NEED defense and guys that can scream once and a while… Maybe a little swagger and fire… Maybe a little passion… Not just a lot of guys that barely smile and have no personality…

    Bring us a team centered with a defensive center, (I highly recommend Dampier), Dirk at PF, a defensive starting SF, (I recommend Jamison starting this year despite his defensive liabilities with Howard/Bowen-type player to come in when defense is needed), Finley/Finley replacement from trade at SG, (can you say McGrady), and Nash/Nash replacement from trade at PG, (hopefully you will give Nash just enough to stay; otherwise, I do not think we can win with this team minus McGrady)… I would like a bench that has both rookies for defense, a Bowen-type stalwart, and several ROLE PLAYERS that can defend, rebound, hustle, and overall contribute WITHOUT the ball in their hands, (let me just say BIG, BIG mistake letting Bell go)…

    If you put that together, the Mavericks will have as good a chance as anyone NEXT year to win it all… I think it is obvious, (despite everyone’s Orlando vs. Detroit comments), that this series is over… If we do miraculously pull it out in 7, we still wont win it all…

    I personally do not have an opinion on Nellie yet… I think he has done a lot for us on one hand, while really screwing up calls on the other… I am worried that this team will not be as effective if you bring in a Van Gundy type coach, but at the same time, without that defensive mind set, I dont know that these players can ever actually win it all… So with that said, regarding Nellie, do whatever you will, but make sure that if you DO replace him, you do it with the right coach…

    Make everyone in Dallas happy and make these moves to guarantee us a championship…

    Comment by Daniel -

  5. At least it doesn’t seem like it to me. Mr. Cuban has shown himself to be interested in the statistics behind the calls and the interpertations of the rules. All he’s asking for here is for anyone who actually has a copy of the game and an understanding of the NBA rules to review those calls and pitch in their opinions.

    The very reason NBA officiating is always complained about but doesn’t get much better is because there is little public scrutiny or debate. Observational bias always makes people thing (win or lose) that their team got screwed by the refs, because they remember all the non-calls or bad calls against their team, but not against the other. The league (all sports leagues as well) know this, so they are basically free to ignore complaints about officiating.

    A thorough, well reasoned analysis will be much better at promoting change, and I think that’s all he’s trying to encourage here.

    Comment by Rob Meyer -

  6. I don’t have the game on tape, so I can’t check those specific plays, but one thing I noticed during the game was that the refs seemed to encourage a very physical style of play in the first half, then started calling the game really tightly in the second half. I remember a specific play in the first half when Finley was being guarded very physically, with lots of shoving, etc, and no fouls were being called. To Finley’s credit, he shoved back, and posted up, making a great turn around jumper. In the second half, though, Marquis Daniels was called for two fouls where he didn’t even touch the defender. This kind of change in referee-ing style halfway through the game shouldn’t happen.

    Also, if they were going to call technical fouls on Dirk and Del Harris, why wasn’t there one called on Vlade Divac when he was screaming at the official for calling an offensive foul on him(which, btw, was the correct call, as seen on the replay).

    About the last play, of course the Mavs wanted Dirk to touch the ball, but the play didn’t develop that way. Peja did a good job on the switch, and pushed Nash back after the pick, leaving Nash with nowhere to go with the ball. A pick and roll is a tough play to run with only 8.3 seconds left. It has to work the first time. If there had been another ten seconds, Dirk would have set another pick for Nash, and they’d have tried the play again. The play Nelson called was definitely the correct play, though, but Peja and Bibby defended it well. Plus, they had time on their side.

    ALSO, the dallas sports radio hosts spent all day yesterday bashing Antoine Walker, saying Walker foolishly brought his defender into the lane, which crowded the lane, making it more dificult for Nash to get a shot off. I’m always shocked at how ignorant the supposed experts are. Walker made the right move, he saw the play had fallen apart, and that Nash was stuck with nowhere to go with the ball. In that case, you ALWAYS cut towards the ball to give Nash someone to pass to. It didn’t work out, and Nash ended up driving right towards Walker, but Walker did the right thing.

    There is no need to blow up the team, or change coaches, they just need to execute on offense and make their free throws, and they’ll be okay.

    Comment by Tim -

  7. Don’t have a tape of the game…. but the one call that stands out to me from memory:

    4th Q, Bibby had ball in NE corner of half-court… Daniels made play for ball, replay did not show contact….

    bad call

    Comment by Sam -

  8. Mark, let it go man. People here in Sac Town are still chapped about descrepancies from Game 6 two years ago against the Lakers in the Western Conference Semifinals…two years ago people!!! Just remember, for every supposed non-call against Dallas, there’s a corresponding one. For instance, Nash pushed off with his non-dribble arm every time. 95 opercent of the time he initiates contact. That doesn’t get called and probably shouldn’t otherwise the players would always be on the line and that’s boring. Webber does move his pivot foot, by the way — as does Finley. And how may times have the Kings had position underneath and a Dallas player jumps on their backs to knock a sure rebound away — no call. What I’m trying to say is that the calls seem to even out and considering the level of officiating in the NBA – which is terrible, agreed – that’s all you can hope for. To say that Dallas is down 3-1 because of the officials is asinine and whiny, just like the Kings fans still crying about Game 6 two years ago…move on people.

    Comment by Markie Bee -

  9. I had league pass this season and whatched many games, and I have to say games are called biased, some times outcome is stolen, however I have to say that even though Mavs games maybe called biased, it is well known that Mavs have just a bunch of shooters and consequently nobody wants to play D, so when the opponent plays little D on them – they get so worn out that they can’t make a shot, on the other end, they are so weak that when they play D themselves its is so foreighn to them that they get even weaker in their shooting on Offence, plus not consistently playing D makes them unskillful in that respect and they don’t get the calls. It’s nice to have shooters on the team, and the Mavs players are great, and they would win a championship this year – if there was no concept of Defence in basketball.
    Mavs just need a coach and at least some players that would want and able to play Defense, letting the true scorers getting their scoring done.

    Comment by Anastasia Bakhareva -

  10. That’s who you should try in bring in, Tracy McGrady could help a lot

    Comment by Brian Smith -

  11. I am as big a Mavs fan as anybody, but I am tired of everybody saying “bring Nick back”. Screw that. Nick brought some toughness to the team and made some big shots, sure. But here are some reasons to not ever bring him back to do anything but coach someday:

    1. He’s old.
    2. His knees are shot
    3. For every game in the playoffs where he made big shots last year, there was another game where he was 1-12 or something rediculously poor (and everyone is bagging on Dirk this week–sheesh).
    4. He’s old
    5. His knees or shot
    & finally
    6. He’s old

    For goodness sakes, we got a young badass player for Nick who was named 6th man of the year. And Nick spent the majority of this year on the IL in golden state.

    Comment by Brad -

  12. Mark I just reviewed the tape of Game 4. On every single play the Mavs are blatantly getting robbed on calls. As close as this series is if the refs would just do their job we might be the team up 3-1. In any case the series is not over and we can still rally back to win it all. I think the NBA wants to see a Kings – Twolves series in the next round, but thats the NBA for you. They did a similar thing to the Kings vs Lakers in Game 6 a few years back as well as Portland vs. LA in game 7. Steve smith was fouled by shaq on the last play of the game but nothing was called. LA went on to win its 1st of 3 NBA titles. Once the NBA has its mind setup on who it wants to win, the calls will go that ways team. The NBA needed a new dynasty after Jordan retired so the picked LA and helped them win alot of close games.

    Comment by Tru Balla -

  13. Marc,

    There is a simple formula to win an NBA Championship:
    1-2 Future Hall of Famers + Strong Coach + Solid Role Players

    You “only” have a team of solid role players and a coach who can always make the playoffs but not much more. Until, the Mavs get the 1-2 future HOFs, they will be stuck.

    The last time this forumula was broken was the 1970’s – over 25 years ago! The NBA is the only sport where 1 Hall of Famer is the difference between winning a championship and being an also-ran.

    Comment by BCST Money Man -

  14. yeah, that’s just what we all want to see, some Lakers fan compaining…That’s like listening to someone complain about having to decide between buying a Lexus or the BMW…

    Comment by Mark Angeletti -

  15. U even watch lakers game?
    Malone got T-d up for looking at Nacbar and saying “alright”(from what i and many others could tell) The only one who beat his chest was Nachbar who after fouling Malone looked towards the crowd with joy and even made some sort of excited hand motions, did he get T-d? No.

    Comment by Sam -

  16. I would like to agree with the person above…get some better fans to help with the home court advantage. My husband and I loved going to Mavs games, but in the past couple of years ticket prices have gone up and we can’t afford anything but the “high in the sky” seats. We love to be in the lower bowl of the AAC but can’t afford the tickets any longer. Are the Mavs doing so poorly financially that they need increased ticket prices?

    Comment by Txnurse97 -

  17. You think your team doesn’t get respect from the refs, try being a Nuggets fan for a day. Heck, most people here couldn’t name me 3 players on the Nuggets. Welcome to our world…

    Can we get a shooting guard that can also play some ‘D’ ?

    Comment by Mark Angeletti -

  18. It is so easy to second guess everything about the mavs shot selection, the mavs trades and the referees calls. The reality is this: The Mavericks are down 3-1 and could have easily won two of those games. We are not out of this series yet. As Kenny Smith said the other night, the only way a team can come back from down 3-1, is if the games that you had lost to get you down 3-1 were close. Then you know you can beat them. The other reality is — Rookies in the NBA don’t get calls (Except Lebron and Melo) – even if they make the All Rookie second team. This is blatantly biased, and this needs to be changed. Broadcasters speak of this bias as if it is an ultimate truth.

    Comment by Dave -

  19. to general peters,

    you only saw them when they were hoisting trophies, because thats the only time you cared. i can guaruntee that every single one of the teams and players that you mentioned have done their share of whining. thats just not what the press shows you. and it was said earlier, Mark isn’t making excuses, he’s pointing out blatant miscalls. last i knew taking 4 steps before taking a shot wasn’t legal…

    Comment by Rob -

  20. Does anyone know what happened at these times ?

    people saying they think they know, but has anyone looked and can write them down for us ?

    Comment by John Bravo -

  21. Mark you should try to be patient with the team. Last year the Mavs made a tremendous run to the western conference finals, Nick was amazing and a big reason we got there. But I think the moves in the offseason were too much of a shakeup for the team to gel together in enough time. I truly beleive this team is one or two defensive stoppers away from being a championship team. Kenyon Martin would be nice addition in the offseason, but shaking up the team from year to year will just set the team back. Remember the lakers had to be patient when they lost the first few years after getting Shaq, but eventually arrived and delivered 3 rings.

    Comment by pHace -

  22. Think back on the great winners….Lombardi……Auerbach…..Ali…..the Steelers…..Yankees….Canadiens…..Jerry Buss…..what are these people doing when you envision them? They are lighting victory cigars….HOISTING TROPHIES….WINNING. They are NOT whining about officiating. They are NOT looking for excuses. They are not trying to get people to come to their pity party. Goddamit, give it a rest already. Why don’t you put your money where your fat mouth is and volunteer to officiate in a league somewhere and see if you can call a “perfect game”? Just quit crying about how the Mavs get jobbed by the officials all the time. MAKE CHAMPIONS, NOT EXCUSES

    Comment by General Peters -

    I’m up late upgrading the hardware on a couple computers and thought I’d check the blog before I took them down. (I imagine you had a couple nights where if it was going to get done, you were the only man for the job). What strikes me here is that you’ve got twenty-three entries offering advice, but not one person has tried to provide the help you asked for. It must get frustrating at times. I would help you but I don’t have a tape of the game. Of course, that will change by morning – one of the systems will have a multimedia video card to go with the HDTV ready monitor (HDNet in the house!) Thanks for picking up the slack with the Fallen Patriot Fund < >

    Comment by AngelFactor -

  24. With many sports, a few choice moments at the right time are often what cause great teams to rise up and defeat an otherwise equal or better opponent. Ronaldo is a finisher, plain and simple. It’s not the fancy moves that make him special, it’s his almost untrainable ability to score goals when others have faultered. He has this gift to execute in those fleeting moments of intensity. It is a special gift that not many in the sports world truly possess. It’s what I call controlled chaos. Jordan has it as well. When it comes down to game time you need a guy who has the gift. The one who doesn’t flutter, but attacks full on until the moment he takes the shot and turns to calm execution.
    You need to find this player and put him on your team. That’s the player that wins game 7. That’s the player that wins the championship. Sometimes we have a player like that right in front of us. We just have to see the gift and allow him see it as well.

    Comment by Logan Weems -

  25. Still remember this guy, Nick Van Exel? He was the only reason that Mavs beat Kings in 7 games last season. Nobody from Kings could guard or stop him at all, period!

    He is the kind of players Mavs need to bring out the energy and passions. As a Kings fan I am so glad Nick is not on the Mavs anymore. Why did you guys trade him? Missing him now? Kind of too late.

    Comment by Fish -

  26. I just do not understand why in every last shot situation Dirk never touches the ball. He is the superstar of the team and there is no excuse why he does not ever get a touch. This team needs guys who play like they actually have a pair. This off season the Mavs should do whatever they can to bring Nick back. As far as the Antoine Antwan experiment goes ship them out. Walker adds nothing and Jamison collects angel figurines. Enough said. I believe that Kenyon Martin is a free agent. He is a Dallas boy, and the Mavs should do whatever it takes to bring him to Dallas. Finley is worthless, and unfortunately the entire league knows that which is why you could not trade him for a couple of used balls. The only positives out of this year would be the play of Daniels and Howard. Other than that it is a definite step backwards. Also it’s time for Nellie to reside in Hawaii permanetely.

    Comment by Jimbo -

  27. Kings-Lakers, 2002 WCF, Game Six.

    If you haven’t been through that, then you haven’t been screwed by the refs. In my eyes, the refs owe us penance for the next five seasons after how incredulously badly they fucked us over on that fateful night.

    They cost us the championship. Damn right we should be getting calls… for the next 10 years. They owe us more than anybody could possibly understand.

    Comment by James Kung -

  28. I’m a real MAVS fan. We gotta pull out game 5 (obviously) to bring it back home where we have the best chance to win. Game 7 is a series all by itself. Now..about “home court advantage.” If you’re gonna charge so much for’re gonna bring in the Plano/Highland Park crowd who think they are too cool or high class to get rowdy, while leaving the “Reunion Rowdies” up at 300 level. I know making money is important, but what good is a home court when the crowd is so complacent?

    Comment by Ali Rahman -

  29. If the freaking Lakers can gnash their teeth and beat their breasts and wail at the horrible injustices committed by the officials, then yes, anyone can complain about crappy calls.
    Mark, I have the greatest respect for your fervent commitment to the game, and the Mavs are one of the most entertaining teams out there, but the others are right, if you guys had pulled down a few more boards (especially that last one that hit Dirk in both hands) you probably would’ve prevailed despite the poor officiating.

    Comment by Banjo! -

  30. Hey Tracy McGrady, 3-1 does not mean the series is over. Anyone with a winning mentality does not give up until its over, and after reading his comments, I believe that Mark would not keep anyone without a winning mentality on his team. Im not even a Mavs fan (Go Pistons), I just call them like I see em. Thanks for the intellectual conversations Mark!

    Comment by MIPO -

  31. Trade me, waive me, or I will quit…

    Comment by antoine walker -

  32. dont all fans of any team, any sport generally feel that their team is getting crappy calls against them?

    Comment by Sam -

  33. Mark Cuban. I think you’re one of the greatest guys to ever own a basketball team. You’ve taken our beloved Mavs from zero to hero. You rule. You are like no other owner I’ve ever seen. You inspire me to do great things. I’m 43 years old, unemployed, and after seeing you on 60 minutes, reading on the ‘Net about the great things you’ve done, and reading your blog, I feel like I can do anything again.
    But (and there’s always a ‘but’) please let it go man. There’s next year. I know that’s a lame comment, but really. They’re not going to give you those games back, and I’ve kinda guessed whenever someone at the league office hears your name the last thing they want to do is side with you.
    Take the higher ground man. No one has what you have: the ability to own a team and HAVE FUN doing it.
    To tell you the truth, and I hope I don’t get flamed for this, but posting times to tivo and research and find out “what everyone else thinks” almost comes across as whining. But that’s just my opinion.
    I agree that you should protest calls and all, and I’d do the same. But the Mavs’ season is over. Start again next year. Do your thing during the game. State what you think is wrong with the NBA on your blog. But if it were me (and it’s not) I woudln’t try to drag everyone else into it, just so I could say “See, I’m not the only one who saw it”.
    Please don’t be angry. I know you wouldn’t want me to be a “yes man”. Darrell

    Comment by Darrell -

  34. I think the play set up in last 8 sec was too slopy and or was not executed at all. Though it might be possible that those were bad calls but i guess there should be some on Kings side too. I think Mavs need a new coach or crunch time players though Nash was incredible. Mean while I am not sure what was wrong with Nick.

    Comment by Go Mavs -

  35. i didnt get the idea he was making excuses, just pointing out the blatantly biased calls. we all know that if we had made a reasonable percentage of the free throws that the mavs could have won. but the point here is that the refs are full of crap and need to be a hell of a lot less biased. i get sick and tired of watching the kings maul our players, but even the slightest bump/nudge/touch is an instant foul on the mavericks. its crap, and we all know it. hes not making excuses. hes just continuing to point out that the refs are morons…kind of like charles barkley.

    Comment by Jordan -

  36. Mark, I’m sorry but I cannot say I saw any more or less fouls called for any one team. It all looked pretty even to me in regard to the refs. I’m not a Mavs fan, I’m not a Mavs hater, but you wanna know what I saw? Dirk kept missing rebounds. Yeah, someone on the Mavs pulled out the rebounds, but often Dirk was down there and should have got it but somehow, for some reason just flailed down there under the basket. If you want to look into something, look into why Dirk wasn’t able to get more boards.

    Comment by Paul Bradley -

  37. … on improving:

    Free throw shooting
    Converting Rebounds
    Taking Higher Percentage shots
    Last shot conversions.

    Mark, I have all the games recorded and I just went back for the hell of it and counted how many times the Mavs had the last shot in quarters, halfs, and the end of the game and guess what. In EVERY SINGLE TIME they shot the last shot in one of those times they not only did not make any points they look like bumbling amateurs in trying to make that shot. Until you can get our coach and our Mavs to stop looking like idiots when trying to put the last shot in we are never going to win a championship.

    Stop bitching about the refs and start practicing:

    Free throw shooting
    Converting Rebounds
    Taking Higher Percentage shots
    Last shot conversions.

    I was already pissed at there performance in these areas last night and then you have to come out with your proverbial bullshit about the refs. Damn it man, why don’t you pull you head out of your ass and start concentrating on the areas that will help the Mavs improve instead of making excuses!

    Comment by Robin Hood -

  38. it did seem like the mavs were getting called for fouls a lot more than the kings were, regardless they should have won, they have more than enough chances at the foul line

    Comment by edward -

  39. Jesus told his followers to love their enemies.
    Soldiers kill their enemies.

    Comment by Brett -

  40. Mark,

    I don’t even have a Tivo but I have a feeling your talking about the RIDIKULAS amount of non-calls the Mavericks got. There were SO many times that we took it hard to the hoop, we got swiped at, and NOTHING was called. Granted, we probably would have missed half the free throws, but still there should have been at least 6 fouls called that WERE NOT. Yet, any time we TOUCHED a king, they were at the line shooting two. Oh yea Mark, you don’t even need a TIVO to remember all the blown calls the officials made. and it was in our OWN HOME!


    Comment by David Chen -

  41. my guess would be that those are spots where a questionable call/non-call was or was not made. because there were certainly plenty of them out there. i’ll look for a copy of the game…

    Comment by Jordan -

  42. I don’t have the game TIVO’d but considering that it’s the NBA, i’m going to go out on a limb and say that at all those times there was someone travelling, and it wasn’t called.

    Comment by Cory -

  43. like the guy above, what are you looking at these times for? are they fouls and against who? sorry, some of us are not advanced in technology(i.e. tivo)

    Comment by Tim -

  44. Mark,

    You have resurrected the Mavs franchise from the dead, but blaming the officiating for being down 3-1 to the Kings is weak. I have marveled what you have done since you bought the franchise, but Nellie has never been to a NBA Finals in his illustirious career as a coach. I think he is a great coach, but you have a squad full of jump shooters and “small ball” will never win a championship. The officials are not infallible, but the calls work both ways. Take a look at the hard stats with our free throw shooting and Dirk being 5-22 from the field. That’s the tell of the tape. Only seven teams have came back from a 3-1 deficit in the playoffs, but I still have faith. Go Mavs!


    Comment by Jeremy Kennedy -

  45. I love reading your blog. It’s fun to read. Also, I felt so bad for the Mavs yesterday. When I saw Dirk on the ground just sitting there, I cried.

    Comment by Terin -

  46. What exactly are you looking for at those times?

    Comment by brian smith -

  47. I’m still so amazed that you continue to blame the officials for the Mavs extremely poor performance… I was at the game, and seeing MY favorite team throw up bulls$!t all night (what was it, 33% of the shots were actually made?) was insane. The officials did an outstanding job officiating the “high school” teams that were apparently present on the court that night.

    And just so you know, the refs only may have missed 3 calls (geez, go back and watch the TNT feed – it showed the officals correct calls better than watching from the stands) – which pales in comparison to the amount of mistakes the Mavs (and Kings) made during the embarrassing event.

    The NBA had one of the best officiating teams out there that night (as was even stated on TV). Too bad the fans didn’t have the best Mavs team out there…

    Comment by Jay -

  48. Take the higher ground man. No one has what you have: the ability to own a team and HAVE FUN doing it.
    To tell you the truth, and I hope I don’t get flamed for this, but posting times to tivo and research and find out “what everyone else thinks” almost comes across as whining. But that’s just my opinion.

    Comment by wow powerleveling -

  49. Take the higher ground man. No one has what you have: the ability to own a team and HAVE FUN doing it.
    To tell you the truth, and I hope I don’t get flamed for this, but posting times to tivo and research and find out “what everyone else thinks” almost comes across as whining. But that’s just my opinion.

    Comment by runescape money -

  50. I’m always shocked at how ignorant the supposed experts are. Walker made the right move, he saw the play had fallen apart, and that Nash was stuck with nowhere to go with the ball.

    Comment by runescape money -

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  55. Inkblot doesn’t quite remember this game, and if Inkblot had a TiVo it would be loaded with really naughty things, and not NBA games.


    Comment by Inkblot -

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  59. Mark, The only reason I watch Mav Games is to watch you on TV and your reaction to terrible calls, They should make a show of just that, thats entertainment enough to me!

    Comment by Reid -

  60. Hire a coach that can build a defense and fire Nelson.

    Recruit or Trade for two BIG defensive rebounders that can get back on a fast break.

    Teach the team to drive into the paint and to the hoop and take much higher percentage shots.

    Do that and we will win the Championship.

    Comment by wm -

  61. What Mr. Cuban is saying isnt neccesarily about each individuals bias for their team to get calls its just about the refs making calls, or lack thereof, in general.

    Comment by MavsFan -

  62. Cuban is right. The NBA game is so hard to watch sometimes. You know the officials have some effect on the game when the announcers on TNT are saying that the teams should adjust to the way the officials are calling the game. It would just be nice to have to play to 1 set of rules, not 3 or 4.

    Comment by favre -

  63. What the hell does your benefactor video have to do with basketball?

    Comment by Go Spurs Go! -

  64. Well time is passing and I have not heard from The Benefactor and I would have LOVED to be part of the show. I just recently put my audition video on a link for all to see. I worked very hard on it and it was a little tough for me not to have gotten any sort of response. I still don’t get why they didn’t hold auditions in Los Angeles. This video took me 2 weeks to edit…oh well now it’s time for me to get a life. =)

    I’d love to hear feedback. Drop me an email.


    Comment by Brian Pocrass -

  65. Any of you dejected fans want to jump on the Spurs BandWagon????? We’ll make some room for you! GO SPURS GO!! BEAT LA!!!

    Comment by Go Spurs Go! -

  66. Post game quote ” I have a three year contract”
    Loyalty to a fault. All Pro Sports teams should have a Blog site.
    Can you imagine the Knicks site?
    Call the Dolans! Isaiah can you type?

    Comment by Deep T -

  67. I’ve lost my moxy. If you did what you needed to do, you’d dump me. But that won’t happen, because it’s not about winning is it? It’s about the almighty dollar, isn’t it Ayn?

    You will keep the big 3 around because even though we are underachievers under the penultimate underachieving coach, we can secure the marquee game on TNT, we bring in a lot of money, we are the poster children for the ‘new’ NBA; WE, not you, are the ultimate marketing tools.

    Comment by Fin -

  68. “It’s too bad,” Nelson said, “It was such a great game. We deserved to go to the foul line on that last play. He was fouled twice.”

    Added Finley: “The refs didn’t have the guts to call it at the end.”

    That right there shows you why Nellie should be gone. Quit blaming lack of execution on the refs. Since when has the NBA called a foul on a last second shot? Never.
    You really want to keep Nellie after this? Say hello to another 50 win season and another playoff exit.

    Change it…all of it!

    Comment by David -

  69. shizzo?!?!bizzo?!?! when did snoop dogg turn into a mavs fan? Jossiah, while i agree with you on improving the defenSe of the mavs i would like to remind you of a certain “jump-shooting white guy” who won quite a bit – Larry Bird, nuff said. Sorry bout the mavs getting knocked out but it isn’t their year this year – KG and co. are due!

    Comment by N to tha G -

  70. Mark, I understand you’re just looking to see that the game is called fairly. But if you are going to send tapes to the league about every call you want them to see, don’t get pissed off if that has a way of backfiring on you. Getting a few travelling calls on Webber also earned a travelling call on Antoine Walker. The thing is that the officiating has to be consistent from training camp. You can’t let something go all season long and then send tapes to to the NBA trying to get different calls in the playoffs. The players have a right to expect to be officiated consistently from day one. Don’t change the playing table on the guys in the middle of the game.

    Comment by JB -

  71. 1. To my bud fron Canada it is spelled DefenSe.
    2. 10:40 2nd quarter THREE consecutive no calls went against Dallas.
    3. You made an excellent point on the traveling protests.@ against C-Webb 4th quarter
    then the refs called it on Walker his foot never left the ground!
    Then CWebb mentions you in the post game.That’s called getting bitten in the ass!
    4. Giving up a 16 point lead is …well.
    5. Do what you have to do to get Okafor.
    Finally thanks for making this blog available. It is fun to spar.
    What do I know I only played the game for 12 years and coached for 9 years. And I was bad at both,

    Comment by Deep T -

  72. As a MFFL, I have a feeling I will not be able to sleep tonight. Another tough one. As a long time supporter of Mark’s not so silent campaign to improve NBA officating, I have to say I am thrilled they FINALLY called traveling on CWeb. But, the cynical side wonders if some of those calls at the end were to “help” the Mavs win. We know the TV folks would have loved this series to have at least one more game. I know, I know… the NBA would never conspire Patrick Ewing to NY . At least these off seasons are more fun than the 90’s
    Go Mavs and support the Make A Wish Foundation (a plug from a volunteer)

    Comment by Todd -

  73. Mark, you the shizzo, but you need to quit being a bizzo (in english you need to quit complaining so much and get a team that will clutch up, play some defence and win big games). Defence wins championships, jump shooting white guys don’t win much. Having said that Nash is the bomb, OOOOoooohhhhh Canada!!! YOu are the master bloger. Keep up the blogging. Now that the mavs are out (ya the white guy missed the last shot) GO TWOLVES!!!!!!

    Comment by the Jossiah -

  74. Thank you. Thats what I wanted the whole time, not some incoherent rambling.

    Comment by Mark Cuban -

  75. All this crying about officitaing makes me sick. Every team gets screwed. The Mavs dont get calls because their 7 footers like to hang around the perimeter and take shots from Oak Cliff. In the playoffs, refs wont give them respect like they do Shaq or Duncan. & footers need to be inside the paint, scratching and clawing for every loose ball and rebound. Until you get Dirk to develop a postgame and a backbone, calls will never go your way, and the Mavs will be setting up tee times in May instead of playing basketball.

    Comment by Go Spurs Go! -

  76. many of the kings rely on the referees to make calls for them usually due to the lack of an ability to actually make a play. the mavericks depend on their talent to make shots. i disagree with people who criticize the mavericks style of play. despite their deficiencies in certain areas they probably have the most talented offensive players in the nba and therefore are potentially the most entertaining. that is what the nba is all about and it needs more teams who showcase players abilities. i do not enjoy teams who are overly disciplined to make 15 passes before shooting. i don’t think nba offenses should have countless picks away from the ball and back cuts such as the lakers and kings. it may lead to success but it is not fun to watch. that is what people want to see players performing, not coaching. a certain amount of execution and strategy are necessary and i absolutely like however i do not like what some teams resort to because it is unfair. the kings have players who look to create contact when driving to get free throws as opposed to score a basket and exagerrate contact anytime away from the basket from the defense to get into the penalty situation and then to get free throws when they are in the penalty. i think the coach should tell his players do not do this, instead of advising them to do it for many reasons. eventually it will come to a game where the referees will not make bail out calls and a team will be forced to make plays and they will be unable. that is a main reason why the kings have never won big playoff games.
    also, i have noticed many times calls are made when offensive players throw their hands into the defensive players hands when they are stationary and always get the call. tim duncan does this a lot. the nba needs to clarify this is not a foul the same as when the offensive player initiates body contact because when the lane is congested it’s too easy for the offensive player to make it look like a foul.

    Comment by jim -

  77. I love how over seventy people have commented and not one has answered the question that Mr. Cuban has posed. I also love the irony of this post, considering I’m not answering the question either.

    Comment by Sam Chu -

  78. I can’t help myself. I just love reading all this bull. Thanks for the entertainment!

    And my response to JFF…
    “Just for fun”
    Final for game five:
    Mavs 129
    Kings 125
    IN OT

    The making of a great comeback!


    Comment by Sherry Martin -

  79. Luckily I taped the game since I knew I was going to fall asleep. I’ll just comment on the ones where I actually saw something.

    1st quarter 5:00 – missed it, since the channel was broadcasting a hockey game (it’s Canada, what do you expect?) and switched over towards the end of the first quarter.

    2:43 – At first I didn’t see anything, but after looking a couple more times it looks like Bibby carried. I don’t think that really mattered since the Mavs had a fast break where Bibby ended up fouling Howard…

    2nd quarter 4:14 – Personally, I think it could have gone either way. It happens all the time when I play, and it’s frustrating, but some referees still call it. Even if the contact was initiated by Bibby, Howard was still there trying to keep up and got the blocking foul.

    3rd quarter 1:32 – Is Bibby carrying again?

    4th quarter 8:51 – Webber is definitely shuffling his feet.

    0:16 – Webber moved his pivot foot and took another step so it should have been a travel.

    So I guess you’re trying to point out Webber’s shuffling and Bibby’s ball handling? In all of the NBA games I watch the refs don’t seem to call carrying. I think it’s because it seems like such an amateur turnover, one that you get over in bantam playing. They should have given Bibby a warning at least and then call it after that. Also, Webber seems to have trouble keeping that pivot foot set and should be called on that.

    You can’t blame the loss on those things, though. You have to focus on making free throws and getting defensive rebounds. Come on, 20 for 33 from the line? I swear I was watching a different team.

    Best of luck tonight, I’ll be taping again tonight.

    Comment by Maggie -

  80. I am sure none of you really care about a kings fans perspective, but I thought I might chime in. I am not here to start a war or blast the mavs. I am a kings fan that has seen about 80% of the regular season games and every playoff game for this year. I read above that one poster believes that every fan thinks their team gets no calls. I agree with this. As I sat and watched the first half of game three, I thought Eddie Najara was getting away with murder, with no calls. Again, my opinion.

    I agree the officials have a tough job. I agree they could do better. But, I also believe that this game is played at unbelievable speed and it’s a tough call sometimes even with 4 or 5 replays. Refs don’t have that benefit in most cases. It makes me mad as hell too, but what does it lead to? Review of every play? Changing the rules?

    Let’s face it, we all love this game. We love the big victories and the crushing defeats. Two years ago when we choked in the West Finals, I died for a day. But the next day I was thinking about how great the next season would be.

    We both have very good teams. Enjoy it. We have both suffered long droughts of far less talented teams. And lets face it, only one team wins each year. 28 others are destined to be disappointed. Either team that wins this series has an huge task in beating a strong timberwolves team (who I felt robbed Denver in game 4.)

    As far as Mark C. goes, I think he has the right to say and research what he feels. I really like this Blog. I think he and the mavs are great for the NBA. Much like I think the Kings and Maloofs are as well. Fight for your team Mark. Stand up and be heard. Who cares what anyone says. You are a fan and an owner. Show that passion. Enjoy the post season and best of luck.

    Go Kings!!

    Comment by King Pete -

  81. Guys i’m not the coach, Nellie is i don’t tell him who shoots the final shot. You might have me mistaken with Jerry Jones when Dave Campo was coaching the Cowboys.

    Comment by Marc Cuban -

  82. Mark,
    First, I want to thank you for what you’ve done for the Mavs. You’ve taken a team that you couldn’t pay me to go watch to an exciting basketball team. But right now the Mavs are just that…exciting to watch but not Championship calibur. And it’s not the ref’s fault (totally). I agree they make bad calls, but the calls usually go both ways. There were several times when I saw Steve or Dirk travel while driving into the lane. Face it, traveling is just not called in the NBA. Plus, if you keep griping at the refs and getting fined, the Mavs will NEVER get any respect from the refs. By the way, why does Nash always have his hands on the ball in the closing seconds. Give it to Dirk or even Finley (and tell Finley to start driving to the hole when he’s not hitting from the outside).


    Comment by Ricky Owens -

  83. Just for fun…
    Final score Game 5
    Kings 107
    Mavericks 102

    Foul calls with 1:30 left decide outcome.
    I do not bet sports we will see why 2nite.

    Comment by Deep T -

  84. Having no tape of the game I can guarantee what at least two of things that were missed by the referees in game 4. ONE: Traveling, this is basically only called if the guy walks before he dribbles not when he takes three huge steps, jump stops, then jumps again. TWO: 3 second violations both offensive and defensive. They should really have one referee just watch solely for this. It is really irritating seeing guys just hang out in the paint.

    Personally I would like the games called looser, i hate “ticky tack” fouls, especially late in the game but basic rules of the game have to be enforced.

    Comment by Eric -

  85. dirks_tooth
    “welcome to Orwell’s 1984, ten years too late..”

    uh… that would be 20 years brainiac and you made the same miscalculations on the FT’s

    “Only the wealthy have toys”

    uh… you have to be wealthy to have a Tivo? DirectTV and Time Warner are giving them away and you can buy them for less then $99.00 What planet are you living on?

    I have a Tivo, I do record all the Mavs games, I did reveiw the times he published above… There are bad calls, but it is not the reason they lost the game…


    Comment by Robin Hood -

  86. Prove to Mark that if he provided you with a Tivo you would record all Mav’s games and make notes on all missed calls. 🙂

    Comment by Mark -

  87. You crack me up. Only the wealthy have toys.

    Comment by stephanie -

  88. Hey Mark,
    In a rec league last night, I went 9 for 10 from the free-throw line. SIGN ME!!!

    Comment by Jordan S. -

  89. As a Mavs ticket holder, I get to see a lot of badly called games. I don’t mind if the game is called badly BOTH ways! I also prefer if the refs call a consistent game.

    In game 4, it seemed as though they would call nitpicky fouls, and then for a 5 minute stretch they would let ’em play, then revert back to nitpicky.

    There were many noncalls, they missed a bunch of calls both ways….Dirk gets hit in the head – no call, Marquis swatted instead of the ball – no call. Brad Miller dragging a pivet foot – no call! Hmmmmmmm…too many no calls.


    Comment by azcat2tx -

  90. I am so tired of hearing people incorrectly ay Dallas does not play defense- And this from people who supposedly watch all or a good portion of the games.

    they have played GREAT defense so far in the series, that is not their problem. Their problem was missed FT’s, and bad shooting…and to the guy who said we need to ‘work on FT’s to win games’…Um the MAVS are the BEST FT shooting team in the NBA, they are also the best shooting team in the NBA…

    do you people even watch the games? Or do you let Barkley et al, decide for you what to think w/o considering the actual game being played?

    it is unfortunate that Dallas is shooting so poorly, because they are playing the best defense of their year. To hold the kings (the second best scoring team in the NBA) to the score and shooting % they have would be hailed as great defense by any other team…but since EVERYONE already has it in their heads Dallas plays poor defense, the Dallas defense gets blame for the loss even when it is their offense that is having problems…

    In fact I think the reason they lost the games are because of bad passing and decision mailing, not defense or even shooting. I also think Dallas is NOT pushing the ball fast enough to get easy shots. They did push the bal more last game, but unfortunate missed a lot of lay-ups and FT’s which they usually make…

    I wish people could watch the game w/o already deciding the mavs play bad defense, and instead watch the game for what it is in its present state.

    Dirk averages more steals than Gary ‘Mr all NBA defense’ Payton, blocks a lot of shots and stays on smaller players VERY well for a 7 footer. Daniels and Howard play GREAT defense, but sometimes get out of position…they mavs are hustling their ass off, and they still get accused of being soft and not playing defense. it is maddening, it is as if the fans decide to listen to ‘Charles (never won a ring) Barkley’ and ‘Greg ‘cant shoot’ Anthony’ instead of making up their own mind.

    It must be frustrating for the mavs to put in such hard hustle and defensive effort, crash the offensive boards and then here clowns like bill lambier say they are soft, and are a bad defensive team. These people don’t watch the game. I am tired of hearing people say Dallas is a ‘jump shooting team’ when they consistently beat up teams in the paint and outscore them in this regard..

    people you need to watch the games and actually pay attention. Quit listening to james Cramer and larry crudlow for investment advice, and quit listening to the racist Charles Barkley call the hustling mavericks soft (and inset finley is the best player because he is a ‘hood rat’, he might as well just come out and say he does not think white players can be tough)- and quit listening to our president tell us we are in Iraq to install ‘freedom’….WAKE THE FUCK UP! And FORM YOUR OWN OPINIONS. Quit parroting what you hear on TV, it is not reality….

    Dallas lost the last few games due to BAD OFFENSIVE execution, not for being soft, or playing bad defense, or relying on jump shooting…in fact it was missed layups and FT’s and not taking advantage of kings turnovers….it was not because Dallas does not have a ‘home court advantage’ due to high ticket prices..DALLAS HAS THE BEST HOME RECORD IN THE NBA!!!! can you people constantly be 100 percent incorrect on a topic after topic? No wonder people are consitantly taken advantage of by the stock market, politicians and marketing gurus… Jesus Christ, it is enough to make one doubt the ability of humans to self regulate, and think for themselves, group think has taken over the USA in all aspects of life…war is peace, slavery is freedom, democracy is having a certain government forced upon you, good defense is bad, and the best home court record in the NBA is a lack of home court advantage. welcome to Orwell’s 1984, ten years too late..

    Rant over..

    Comment by dirks_tooth -

  91. Damn, Mark Cuban might bitch about the officials from time to time, but not as much as ya’ll like bitching about Mark Cuban bitching about the officiating. If you don’t like it, shut up and don’t listen to him. Not to mention, he wasn’t even complaining about the officiating, nor was he blaming the Mavs being down 3-1 on the officiating. All he wanted was input on what others thought, and out of 59 replies, none of you did that. I didn’t record it, but I was there, and I gotta say I was shocked that the Kings had four more fouls called than we did. It seemed to me that the refs were swallowing their whistles on our end of the court, but anytime the Mavs tried to play with the same physicality that the Kings had, all of a sudden their whistles worked again. ESPECIALLY against our rookies, which I understand, as a rook, you won’t get the same calls as a veteran. But that was plum ridiculous. JHO and Daniels could look at Bibby the wrong way and they would get called for the foul. Crap. And on that note: Doug Christie should’ve been ejected for throwing the ball at Dirk’s face.

    BTW: As someone who wants to do sports PR one day, who in the world okay’d that cartoon before the game? I love my Mavs, but that seemed a little below the belt. More than that, why add fuel to the fire? You don’t taunt the wolves with raw meat before you release them, if you catch my analogy.

    Comment by Kellen -

  92. The officials must review EVERY SINGLE PLAY that they call – and must also document the ones that they sometimes miss. It’s time-consuming, but necessary for them to realize what they’re doing right – and what they might be doing wrong.

    Not only that, but there are observers at every game that track the plays – as well as NBA management watching and tracking the calls (no-calls… yes, there are good no-calls!).

    Not only are their stats computed from game to game, but their ranking and playoff standings are generated from play-calling (among other variables: if the teams’ owners/coaches like them or not – no need to ask Cuban).

    Another thing to consider: Where else but professional sports do we have officials making the equivalent of less than a one-game “salary” of a player… and you expect the players or the coaches/owners to respect the officials??

    When Cuban can shout profanities from the stand and get a slap on the wrist (ok, a drop-in-the-bucket fine that goes to charity) – meanwhile the officials cannot respond, even while being escorted from the floor by security.

    After watching game 4 in the AAC, it’s obvious that the name calling of the officials, including the continued use of the “N” word for the black officials, just masked the real problem: the Mavs choked, and choked the entire 48 minutes.

    Way to foster such a great environment, Cuban…

    Comment by jay -

  93. Complaining about calls or lack thereof is LAME. Don’t blame the loss on the refs; Kings fans could make as many claims as Mavs fans that there was poor officiating in that game and THEY still won. Games 2 and 4 were sitting there for the Mavericks on a silver platter, but their lack of poise is why they are looking at a 3-1 deficit.

    Comment by Samia -

  94. I don’t have a frikin’ TiVo either, but has anyone bothered to think that some of the calls Mark is asking about might be calls that erred in favor of the Mavs as well as the Kings?

    No, you haven’t.

    So why doesn’t everybody just shut your pie-hole about Nick-the-Quick (as much as I love him), cos that’s not what Cubes was asking about. And yes, the Crawford twins are generally full of it when it comes to unemotionally calling a game.

    Comment by Josh Williams -

  95. Gosh…bunch of whiners!!! Come on fans, don’t fall into the Cuban trap…

    Comment by Andy Sherwood -

  96. We need guys that actually know how to win games. Bring in Kobe, T-Mac, Rasheed, K-Mart and Rafer Alston in the offseason. Ship everyone else out except the 2 rookies actually playing for something. And you are right we are becoming the Yankees, except we have no rings. Commmon Mark lets have a hell of an offseason. Oh Yea Ginobili is a free agent too, and the Spurs can’t match what we offer him. So lets do this right this summer…buy a dynasty…Oh yea and bring in Riley as the coach.

    Comment by Major Overhaul -

  97. What’s up with all of the bashing? Mr. Cuban never complained once on this blog and simply wants feedback from basketball refs on clarifications of the rules. People have read way too much into this blog.

    I am looking forward to someone who is a ref and also can make clarifactions on the incidents noted in Mark’s blog.

    BTW, personally, if the Mavs go 10-72 I’d still be behind the organization 100%. This is the only team of the only sport I care about any more. Keep it up Mavericks, keep it up Cuban.

    Comment by justjump -

  98. “This blog has generated a lot of great feedback from high school, college and recreational officials. Consider this a test of your knowledge of NBA rules. I’m hoping to get feedback from all of you who have a tape or TIVO of our game 4 last night on plays that occured…”

    So, anyone have any breakdowns yet? Anyone even have an NBA officials rule book to know what’s going on? Any breakdown from you, Cuban?

    Comment by Jay -

  99. the mavs are slowly becoming like the yankees, especially with the yankee roster this year.

    amazing rosters, high salaries.

    but, like the yanks don’t have good pitching, the mavs don’t have good D, and that’s what you need to win games/series/championships.

    Comment by larryh -

  100. Mark,
    Did you ever stop and think the reason you get crappy calls is becuase you and your team have a reputation for not showing respect to officials? Come on man, get over it.

    You miss most of your shots – you lose.
    You play crappy defense – you lose.
    You try to win with “Small ball” – you lose.

    Change your way of thinking and your approach and you will see better results than what you are looking at now.

    Comment by Mark -

  101. Calls are missed. Non-fouls are called. But to the jackass who said “There were SO many times that we took it hard to the hoop, we got swiped at, and NOTHING was called… Yet, any time we TOUCHED a king, they were at the line shooting two,” I say look at the box score. Kings were called for 30 fouls, Mavs were called for 24. Mavs had 6 more free throw attempts.

    The system needs some work, but I didn’t feel they were calling the game “for the kings,” just that they were calling it poorly.

    Comment by Nick -

  102. You don’t need written consent to record a game. ONLY if you distribute it.

    Comment by pdr -

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