It’s Godsend time!!!!!

It’s going to be a big week! The Mavs start their comeback against the Kings. We have a screening for Godsend in Vegas at the Palms….I can only hate Joe, Gavin and Phil for as long as they hate me about 48 minutes of game time then it’s about the fun, and we are going to have fun Wednesday at the Palms with the Godsend showing in their Brendan Theater at 7:30pm.

Then Godsend opens up everywhere this Friday!!!!! Talk about a new and different experience. It’s going to be fun hearing what people think about the movie.

Also fun was the Godsend premiere in LA this week. It’s a whole new world for me. It’s fascinating to contrastthe sports and movie worlds. The sports world is always about what are you going to do next. Sports reporters want to get the story about the game over and done with as quickly as possible so they can bug the hell out of you about what you are going to do next. They will ask you the same damn question over and over. Are you going to sign/resign/hire/fire XXXXX. That’s 90 pct of the questions I get, and it’s ridiculous because if I do anything, it’s immediately available to everyone at the same time. So why not ask a question with some substance? Then I realized how lucky I was that I only had to put up with annoying repetition of questions.

At the premiere of Godsend this week, I watched Rebecca Stamos deal with the same type of stupidity but at a level that made me realize and appreciate how little I have to deal with.

The premiere was typical. Lots of paparazzi. It was cool to walk down the red carpet with my wife and Todd Wagner, my production partner. Cameras flashing, people screaming your name to look at them for pictures. But it was a pittance compared to what happened when she came by. My goodness. The questions probably would have had me jumping over the ropes to knock someone out. Personal. Personal. Personal. She handled it like a champ. Laughing off questions she didn’t want to answer and being incredibly gracious with her time. Of courseI was only watching every step she took because I was curious how she would deal with the media. It was purely an intellectual exercise. I had to refer to the physics classes I didn’t take to wonder how she fit in that dress… But I digress.

Watching a Hollywood star takea walk down the red carpet on TV doesn’t compare with seeing it in person. Watching how Rebecca handled herself with the media left a lasting impression that I will conjure up to calm myself when I’m getting annoyed by the sports media.

After the red carpet, we got our seats and I got to see the final cut of the movie. I really liked it, and am very proud of what Todd, Nick Hamm and the crew and cast put together. This isn’t a movie that was done for critics, and I’m sure we will get bashed by some simply because it definitely plays to scares and the thriller aspect of the movie. My most trusted critic, my wife, really liked it, and like she says, that’s all that matters!

Naturally, since I’m competitive in business, the talk turned to betting on what we thought the movie would gross our opening weekend…My number was 7mm.

Go see the movie and let me know what you think!

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  1. It just leads to this: comments being turned off and hurting the people who come here to read intellectual material. He wanted feedback on calls in the game by refs or educated basketball fans, but got degraded by readers for whining.

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  2. If you haven’t seen the movie with a live audience, mark your calendar: It begins its 25th-anniversary rerelease Friday at the Landmark Sunshine. Following in the parted sea left by Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” the timing of the reissue is quintessential Monty Python, too.

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  7. This should be the last comment. Mark’s not dumb, so if someonee wish to e-mail me on, I will respond for free on how to build a successful basketball team or should I say a wining basketball team. Never hurts to listen.

    Comment by John -

  8. Part of me thinks that Mark took the comments off because he didnt want people in here disagreeing with his take on the officials. Another part of me thinks he turned the comments off because he didnt want to listen to a bunch of people talk about how he should fire Nellie.
    If its that much trouble, moderate them Mark. Otherwise youre going to have 100 comments posted under this last entry.

    I was very disappointed on the way the season ended. And I look at what Detroit does, and what San Antonio does – they get offensive people to make defense a priority. Do I think the core of the Mavericks needs to be shaken up? In a way yes. They need to change their philosophy. That is all I have been saying for the past few weeks.
    Do I think Nellie ball can win in the playoffs? No. Has it ever? No. Now there is no Shaq out there, and there is no Duncan. So you have to make due with what you have. Don Nelson always says “Were not a great defensive team.” Thats not positive thinking. Change your way of thinking, or get out of the way.

    Someone asked me if I was the owner of the Mavs, what would I do to make the team better. I said I would keep Nash and Dirk, and then look at all other options to make my team better. Does it make good business sense to break up a 50 win team? It does when the playoffs mean more. Ask Steinbrenner how much money he makes a year on the Yankees. It is not a lot, but if he wins a title, then it is all worth it.

    Change the mindset, Mark….in everything.

    Comment by Michael -

  9. You’re doing a great job.

    Comment by Jason GUlledge -

  10. I saw Godsend Last night Mark and I thought it was a very intense, very scary movie to saythe least. I haven’t seen a movie in a long time that kept me scared throughout the entire thing, Godsend almost did it but the finish was WEAK! I sat in the movie theater as the credits rolled so unsatisfied. It was like Finley Missing a dunk. I want my money back!

    Comment by Reid -

  11. Close enough to your 7M bet…. We are going to see it this evening.. Glad you like your new Benefactor venture.

    Comment by Paul Deschenes -

  12. There is no worse feeling than Mark turning his comments off because he finally realized that everyone doesnt agree with him or hates that darn Godsend movie.

    Comment by christy jackson -

  13. I thought it was sad that Mark Cuban stopped taking comments after his last entry, but after reading all these I see why. I like the dialogue between basketball fans, whatever the points are…it’s the conversations exclusively from one fan to another that make me feel like I am reading some cheap message board. I will still enjoy reading the blog although I will miss the comments and opinions. Go Mavs in 2005!

    Comment by Kate -

  14. Dear Mr. Cuban,

    This comment is for “There is no worse feeling” (April 30, 2004) I have to completely agree that life sucks following the weeks after your team loses a big game. When my high school varsity team lost our regional game ALL of us were crying. It hurts a lot, but we have to suck it up and prepare for next season. PLEASE DON’T BREAK UP THE MAVERICKS. DON’T LET STEVE NASH GO. The Mavericks are the best thing to happen to the NBA since the ’96 Bulls. Sure there are somethings which need to be changed but breaking up the Mavericks would only hurt the team, the league, and all of us hardcore Dallas fans. We love the Mavericks, we love Dirk Nowitski’s fadeaways, we LOVE Don Nelson, we love Steve Nash….we need Steve Nash where else can you find a point guard like that? Heck, we even love the run’n’gun style of play. And, we really love downing 105 points a game. For everyone’s sake don’t break up the Mavericks………….PLEASE


    P.S. We love when you argue with refs………

    Comment by Tapas Agarwal -

  15. $6.9 mil. good call, mark.

    Comment by cracka -

  16. When I was picked for FANatic, I did have a neat little video put together that I did in video class. I’m convinced that is what made me stand out to be a finalist.

    I think it just depends on who is looking at it. I thought it was a good video.

    Comment by Travis McPherson -

  17. Hey Roberto – Thanks for the feedback. Well, I tried to do something different with the whole “Beverly Hills” thing. I actually live on the outskirts of BH…which is not very rich. So I tried to exploit myself. I know these reality shows thrive on diversity and variety. I figured Mark would be getting thousands of the same thing…I’m poor, I have no money, give me the money..blah blah blah. So I thought it would be different and a funny twist to have this “Beverly Hills” kid come on and feel he deserves the money. Like I had this privaleged life and don’t have it anymore. It was just my gimmick, but it apparantly didn’t work. All the fancy editing was done by me. I was a film student so I was familiar with all that stuff. Did you try out for the show? Do you know if it’s already been casted? What’s your deal?


    Comment by Brian Pocrass -

  18. Spelling isn’t really for dorks, I am just to tired and exausted to check, I promise to clean that up once I get my first million, until then FORGET IT..

    Comment by roberto pedone -

  19. Brain not did I just look at it, but being that you are from Beverly Hills I don’t really think you need the $1 million as you claim. Brian never under estimate your competition. You should have talked to business professional before you made that video, or at least a marketing person. Next time sell yourself as an idea of why you should get the money, don’t sell your life story, thats boring. Why didn’t you act like you don’t need the money instead of begging. I think Cuban gets enough of that. Mentioning Beverly Hill was dumb, your worst move. And having lame shots with girls even more dunmb. Sell the idea of why, not the Idea of who you are. Nobody cares who you are, we are about the imagination of what you could be. Oh, another big mistake all the fancy editing and music. STUPID in my opinon. You weren’t applying for a film making opportunity, you were applying for a job to be on TV a reality show! You should have done something off the wall that grabbed attention, instead you made it looked scrpited and practiced. Original and an idea of why would have you got you on that show. I believe you over thought it.. Just my opinion. Let the bashing commence. If I spelled anything wrong I really don’t care, cause spelling is for dorks. HA

    Comment by roberto pedone -

  20. $100 says you never looked at it.

    Comment by Brian Pocrass -

  21. Brain your video sucked, and it was kinda lame. Don’t quit your day job..

    Comment by roberto pedone -

  22. I don’t get all the hype. A clone is simply a twin. Thousands of clones are made every day in the world naturally in a woman’s body and hundreds of thousands have been made in fertility clinics to help infertile couples have children. It’s not new, nature has been doing it since the dawn of man. People need to get over this taboo of cloning.

    P.S. Since the blogs are now closed, I predict that this will be the longest blog of all times!

    Comment by Logan Weems -

  23. Hey Brian, I saw your Benefactor video and it was great. I laughed out loud during the entire thing! Hilarious!!!!
    ………………………………………..Oh wait a minute. That wasn’t the video I was laughing at……it was your blog. Buuuwaaahhahahahahaha! 🙂

    Comment by Logan Weems -

  24. haha I just realized that the guy was refering to Godsend and not my audition video. haha What an idiot I am. =) Oooops.


    Comment by Brian Pocrass -

  25. Thanks for the feedback guys!!! I’m glad to hear that some of you liked it. Thanks for that detailed feedback from the guy who gave me 2 out of 5 stars. I put this whole thing together in 2 weeks…so I couldn’t totally perfect it. Plus I did this practically all by myself and a buddy of mine who had some descent equipment. I feel bad that I go absolutely NO response from Mark or any of the Producers after all that work I put into it (cuz I do have a day job as well). Maybe it’s not too late though, who knows. If any of you guys really liked it…email Mark for me. Love to get some publicity. =)

    For those who saw it…what was your favorite part? Did you laugh out loud at any parts?

    My IM is BMeister22.


    Comment by Brian Pocrass -

  26. This only got a D+ in the paper today. I will check it out when it comes on DVD but not worth spending hard earn money on something that is bad.

    Comment by Tom -

  27. It had great potential because the topic is without a doubt controversial and will atract many on that alone but…

    ACT I
    The sceenwriting and dialog was horendous…. the first act was like watching cardboard cut outs read lines from a very fist time sceenwriter… it was really bad.

    ACT II
    The second act was quite good, very suspensfull, had great potential and made me think that they were going to to save the movie. Obviously this is where they spent the majority of the screenwriters time and budget because it was so much better then acts 1 & 3.

    Finally the movie comes together and as I said before really looks like it is going to pull of a coup but unfortunately not enough work went into the script here and maturing the screenplay. Everything seemed to fall very quickly by in different scenes that spelled out all of the other suspense in the movie but the tempo was WAY TOO Fast and the scenes just seemed to fly by without giving you the opportunity to really become emotionally invested in what you were discovering.

    Again, it had great potential, great casting, even great timing in the theaters.. but it appeared that the maturity of the sceenplay and production were compromised. I give it 2 stars on a scale of 5

    Comment by wm -

  28. LOL!!! Cuban is turning off the comments. Mark, what’s wrong you can’t take the heat? Man now the rich will trample our right of freedom of speech. Let me get this right, you turn off the comments cause you don’t like people challenging your motives. Amazing. Isn’t this kinda what you did to the Donald. Mark grow some skin.. Sounds like someone is a big baby because his NBA team lost. Mark i am losing repsect for you by the day..

    Comment by roberto pedone -

  29. Loved the video Brian ! Great work ! I helped a friend over here in Texas for her audition video, but she hasn’t heard a word from Mr. Cuban. I wonder if Cuban looked at the videos or just some of them.

    Comment by Oliver Davila -

  30. As one of the prior comments mentioned, the web marketing driven website for the movie Godsend,, has supposedly been duping desperate parents into thinking their kids might be saved by cloning.

    Now, I must admit, I don’t know if these reports are true and I find it rather surprising people are not doing their research when visiting the site, but nonetheless, you are in a power to help solve this deceit. It wouldn’t take much, just an obvious note at the bottom of the homepage stating the site is intended as a promotion for the movie.

    I enjoy reading your blog and can’t stop thinking of a letter you mentioned a few weeks ago from a father who enjoys bringing his son to Mav games. What if that same father sent you a note mentioning his son was dying and he mistook the website for an opportunity for hope?

    Comment by Andy Ruff -

  31. For the most part you have valid points. And it is ironic that we are posting on the Godsend Blog entry.
    Considering “posting off topics was partly to blame.
    But what did anyone think was going to happen?He gets calls from idiots on
    his cell phone. A blog is a target for nuts. I was guilty for posting “dumb” stuff,but it was fun.
    Thats what I thought it was here for.Mark if you need someone to edit the comments I’ll work cheap.
    Lord knows I need the job:(

    Comment by DEEp T -

  32. First off, it’s probably better Cuban’s stop taking comments. Why? Mostly because it leads to one of two things: bickering between basketball fans or veiled attempts by Benefactor auditioners for a spot on the show. Having said that, I leave this: Joe, Sac-town had a foul to give … Dirk wouldn’t have been on the line and yes, Bibby was fouled but had he made the shot/free throw/et cetera it puts them Sac up by three. That is still a game (a tie resulting from a three-point play). Dave, he has congraulated both teams before, but he’s owning the Mavs for progression not recession. When you are constantly impeaded by outside forces that disallow such progression to further rounds … something should be said; he’s doing it for the benefit of all in the league, not the mere one-eyed look that most perceive as helping the Mavs sake. Finally, who doesn’t whine? We’re fans. Yes, we have the right to beg the whiners but why do it in such distasteful fashion? It just leads to this: comments being turned off and hurting the people who come here to read intellectual material. He wanted feedback on calls in the game by refs or educated basketball fans, but got degraded by readers for whining. Constructive feedback leads to something, so be constructive and critical, not degrading. Would you want it on your weblog?

    Comment by K-Pax -

  33. He’s the owner, and it’s his page, and he can say whatever the hell he wants to say.

    The Mavs had a great season, they were the most fun team to watch, and they rekindled my (quickly) fading love of basketball. Cheers.

    Comment by Ryan -

  34. Like the guy above said, i will comment here because you are not accepting comments on the most recent entry.

    Why can’t you just congratulate both teams for a good series, and a good season, and move on. Why must you turn everything back on the officials? Why don’t you realize that if your team could play any defense, they would have been a much better team? Stop blaming others.

    Comment by dave lowitzki -

  35. Loved your audition video. Don’t feel bad, Several years ago I had the knack for these things and was picked to be on MTV”s FANatic. Now I can’t even get a callback.

    Great video tho. Looks like they missed out.

    Comment by Travis -

  36. Since Mark turned comments off his last blog I’ll add my comment to this one.

    Final Score Kings (119) Mavs (118)

    Mr. Cuban claims that Dirk was fouled on the final shot but theres no mention of the foul on Bibby the play prior that led to a turnover…watch the tapes Mark, it’s there.

    So, how would the outcome have been different?

    Bibby at the line…2 free throws made…Kings (121).

    Dirk at the line…2 free throws made…Mavs (120)

    Final score: Kings (121) Mavs (120)

    It’s all in a game…

    Comment by joe -

  37. Well time is passing and I have not heard from The Benefactor and I would have LOVED to be part of the show. I just recently put my audition video on a link for all to see. I worked very hard on it and it was a little tough for me not to have gotten any sort of response. I still don’t get why they didn’t hold auditions in Los Angeles. This video took me 2 weeks to edit…oh well now it’s time for me to get a life. =)

    I’d love to hear feedback. Drop me an email.


    Comment by Brian Pocrass -

  38. SETTING– Starts pre 9/11, with our main character retiring from military service. Next we go into the switch of presidential administrations from Clinton to Bush. We go quickly into post 9/11 and follow with the Homeland Security build up. Then we have our plot build up with murders of high-ranking Security officials that are close to the President. The White House fears that the murders are linked to Leaks in information from the computer networks and the people that run the information though them. The murders have occurred when there have been last min changes in the Presidents schedule and memos have gone out over the network.

    MAIN CHARACTER — a 30+ year Military General that was in charge of Info/network Security for the government. He retires and joins with a life long friend who is CEO of an upstart computer company.

    BODY OF STORY—After 9/11, the fall of WorldCom and Enron cause our main characters company to take off quickly gaining large contracts from companies that are in need info/network security. The Government fearing terrorist have taped into the governments computer network, call on their old friend for help and give his company the contract to rebuild their computer network security system.

    CONFLICT AND STORY BUILD UP– while working with major officials on building the new government security network our main character learns of a money trial that involves a right-wing religious group connected to the president. He finds that this group is in the pockets of major officials of Homeland Security. He then digs deeper and finds that the religious group is benefiting from the fear of terrorism. The religious group controls the stock of major media outlets, and industries that are benefiting from the war on terror and funding terrorism. Our main character finds that this religious group is the real owner of his computer company and his best friend, CEO, is heavily involved with them as well.

    Comment by john vanwinkle -

  39. Im lazy so Ill just paste what I wrote on a message board:
    If people are cloned then can you clone their emotions, intelligence and heart. The answer is NO! The truth is that the world would have alot of Micheal Jordan look a likes who cant jump, alot of J-Lo’s who can’t dance, or some Julia Roberts’ who cant act. What a stupid movie….and it suckedddddddddddddddd!!!!

    Comment by christy jackson -

  40. some of you people need to get full or at least part-time jobs….

    all the best,


    Comment by david burrows -

  41. and act in a film one day? maybe you can work on your speech for Oscars and when you get your star. also, was it your idea to do the website that caused the recent controversy.
    thanks for the time

    Comment by Steve -

  42. Gonna go see the movie tomorrow night when it opens up in downtown Seattle. Why wasnt the movie advertised more? The first place I read about it was here, and just last week we started seeing commercials for it. The movie looks great, can’t wait to see it. Kinda of Sixth Senseish.

    Comment by Ryan -

  43. Mark,

    Wow!! I personally think that you have done a great job with the mavs,even though i live 5 hours from from dallas, the mavs have been my team since the days of J Kidd. Your fun to watch and hollering at the refs constanly makes it better..If you ever get sick and need someone to yell for you just let me know!!!!

    Comment by J Brenner -

  44. Check out the Wired News review of the movie at,1284,63267,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_4

    Comment by Marty Cortinas -

  45. I’d have to say the pre-game show that was before game 3, was classless. We would never do that. How ever much Dallas thinks there is some sort of vicous rivalry betwixt us, you are wrong. In fact, here in Sac Town, we admire the Mavs. We look at your team and see very similar characteristics. So it’s unfortunate that you don’t show us the same hospitality that we show you. Oh well. Here’s to you.

    Comment by Zach R. Mento -

  46. I predict 12-15M first weekend should be positioned 2nd up against the openers …Glad to see DeNiro in the cast. Mark, all the best in your future movie decisions and ventures.

    Comment by Paul Deschenes -


    I give it a couple years at the most.

    Comment by justaguy -

  48. mark,

    i found this letter directed to you at


    Comment by David Chen -

  49. i like yor site plenty of info

    Comment by doug murphrey -

  50. Man, I can’t believe you guys are down 3-1. You’ve assembled an awesome arsenal. So many close games, I can’t stand webber, divacs, christie and bibby. It’s like sactown decided to get a bunch of whiners and put them on a team.

    I hope you guys win 3 in a row, believe me i’ll be crossing my fingers cause if my Lakers don’t take it all this year, I’d like to see the Mavs get it 🙂

    p.s. is Godsend a movie you’re in? or help produce?

    Steve Laker/Cuban fan

    Comment by Steven -

  51. Hey Mark! Doesn’t Rebecca look so much hotter now that she’s single?!? Too bad you didn’t get a chance to hit that back in your single days.

    Comment by wsuraider -

  52. I don’t think they did… oh well… tried to get a smile 🙂

    Comment by Robin Hood -

  53. I guess nobody noticed how completely sketch “Robin Hood’s” 2nd post was???

    Comment by Brian Dimm -

  54. I say 15-19 million the first weekend.

    We should never be afraid of knowledge. It is immoral to limit genetic research that will save thousands of lives every year. For too many milleniums has fear, under the guise of religion or declared morality, limited the progress of mankind. Our purpose is much greater than to simply breed until we kill off our own planet. It should be illegal to outlaw knowledge.

    Comment by Logan Weems -

  55. typo in my comment…meant to say “conjure up a picture of Rebecca”…doh!

    Comment by Jeff -

  56. I often cojure up a picture of Rebecca myself…but I digress. I look forward to catching the flick!

    Comment by Jeff -

  57. I was cloned from my previous self…

    I used to think it was just esp but I recently realized that I was a human experiment and one of the first people ever cloned 46 years ago…

    When I was cloned at first I didn’t realize that I had lived before but when I was growing up I would play dodge ball at Mt Lebanon Elementary and I would constantly get pelted by this bully in the school. Afterwards, at night I would have weird dreams about running up and down basketball courts with the players, owners, and fans all throwing basketballs at me. I would wake up in the middle of the night terrified to go to school the next day, scared that this bully was going to pelt me again in dodge ball.

    When I went to High School it got worse as I was actually the trainer on the basketball team and had to collect all the basketballs after practice. It terrified me because they would always throw them at me at the end of practice.

    I went to college at the University of Indiana and studied basketball refereeing of all things and started to have weirder dreams about making bad calls and being yelled at by this same owner who looked a lot like the bully in High School.

    Finally I had an out of court experience and realized a long time ago when they created the first professional basketball league I was a referee and a damn good one. But one of the owners hated me and hounded me accusing me of being a bad referee. This went on for several years and he put ads in the paper accusing me of not being able to walk and eat an ice cream cone at the same time. He accused me of deliberately sabotaging his teams chances of winning in the playoffs and even accused me of coming up with the idea to have multi-colored balls to confuse and confound his players so they could not make free throws or convert rebounds into points.

    He hated me so much he put out a basketball hit on me and I was to be pelted to death with basketballs. He had contracted the hit with a Cuban and had identified me as his Mark. I was terrified. Eventually I realized that I was a clone and have been reconstituted to drive another clone crazy who was now an owner of an NBA Team in Dallas.


    Comment by Robin Hood -

  58. Mark-
    I just think it’s very very odd that I applied to the benefactor with the number one reason to want to spend the money to do genetic testing for my future unborn child/myself since it is impossible for me to get paternity info…and here it is that you are doing a film involving genes. AND I am a SAG actress to boot. How freakin’ strange is it that our “virtual” paths are meeting up. Very uncanny. Don’t you think? i am honestly a little freaked out…about the topics converging like this. I don’t know…you probably don’t see the connection. I guess it would be similar to you going to White Castle in New York, and then finding out your nanny’s sister works behind the counter. Just kinda coinkidinky.

    Comment by Benebe/Cheri -

  59. Before the release of ‘Godsend’, Lions Gate set up two official websites: 1 conventional site with movie information, and 1 site that appeared to be a promotional tool for the (fictional) cloning institute depicted in the movie. The website gave an email address and phone number (1-888-699-2672 – go ahead, call it) for the “Godsend Institute;” calling the number resulted in a recorded message giving the institute’s office hours.

    Several news outlets reported that when a few bereaved parents called or emailed the fake institute to inquire about having their children genetically reconstituted, the studio started responding to them and explaining that it was just a movie tie-in and not a real laboratory. ” (

    .. good luck ‘m’ and hope it busts out the critics predictions. 🙂


    Comment by -david -

  60. Mark,
    I’m in the “business”. My guess is $8-$9 opening with $15-$20 total.

    Good Luck.

    Comment by Scott Goldberg -

  61. I have a great plot for a movie….Graduated the same year as Bill Gates.. I’m callin’ the movie, “Hey Bill, Wait For Me!” One seeks the “Tom Sawyer” life on the California Delta, the other we all know the story!.. What happens in those decades, and how “The River Kid” discovers Bill’s Technology along with Job’s, Wozniak’s, and the others’, to become rich in his own right..By the way, the California Delta is in Maloof Country, and not to far from Silicone Valley.. If not a “movie” maybe a “play”?…Har!.. Maybe “Sly” can help me with the writing..That little book “Water Crazy” I read in fourth grade, Dang, sure wish I could find it..

    Comment by ShadNet -

  62. really hope Godsend does well for you. billionaire or not, the business needs independents that think like you. our indie movie opens with your’s this weekend. indie movies are out there in a very unforgiving environment:

    April 24, 2004
    Jack Mathews’ column below:
    “My passion for ‘Brian'”
    (excerpted and paraphrased):

    “….Back then I was an entertainment writer for the Detroit Free Press and “Life of Brian” was the first movie I was ever asked to review. According to the yellowed review in my clippings file, I gave it a rave qualified only by a warning that the devout should stay away.

    “‘Life of Brian’ … is quintessential Monty Python,” I wrote as a Python addict and true believer in the irreverent. “It’s outrageous, chaotic and … hilarious.”

    If you haven’t seen the movie with a live audience, mark your calendar: It begins its 25th-anniversary rerelease Friday at the Landmark Sunshine. Following in the parted sea left by Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” the timing of the reissue is quintessential Monty Python, too.

    Brian (the late Graham Chapman) grows up to become a modest Jew with conventional tastes: He loves women and hates Romans. He already has an overbearing Jewish mother (played by director Terry Jones), the last thing he needs is a following. But every time he looks out the window – as he does, stark-naked, one bracing morning – there’s the throng.

    All six Python members play multiple roles, though Michael Palin seems to show up most often. When he’s not lisping as a gay Pontius Pilate, he’s a bitter ex-beggar blaming Jesus for ruining his business by curing his leprosy, or lulling the masses to sleep as the street speaker known as Boring Prophet.

    Eric Idle plays more than a half-dozen characters himself, but in retrospect, his greatest contribution is the song “Look on the Bright Side of Life,” a cheerful ditty sung during the crucifixion finale.

    While no “Passion of the Christ,” “Life of Brian” was a big commercial success in 1979, grossing $20 million in the U.S., the most of any Python film.

    Liking a movie that has fun with the life of Christ is risky business – maybe now more than ever – and if my budding career as a movie critic had been dependent on the mail generated by my review of “Brian,” it would have been snipped right there.

    But as passionate as some people get over perceived offenses to their faith, there really is room under the First Amendment for irreverence and satire, and most of us are agreed on that. The only way humor can hurt you is if you split a gut. With “Life of Brian,” that’s a possibility.

    Comment by matt kohn -

  63. … as I predicted to you privately in email 3 weeks ago, Godsend will gross between 22-27 million the opening weekend.

    I am so sure of this that I am willing to make a wager if you will match me.

    If I am correct you buy me the best seat in the AA stadium for the second round of the playoffs after the Mavs have beat the Kings.

    Or if you are correct and it does around 7-10 Million I pay you $250.

    That is how sure I know what your movie will do the first weekend.

    You don’t listen Cuban…

    Comment by Robin Hood -

  64. in production on another picture, sorry i can’t contribute to opening weekend box stats. will see when we wrap shooting. best of luck

    Comment by Benebe/Cheri -

  65. you know, it sounds like you are saying your wife is your partner Todd wagner. just thougt i would mention that and that yes i will see your movie. i think De Niro is a great actor.

    Comment by Tim -

  66. Mark, I can’t wait to see your movie! It looks good (suspenseful & scary with an incredibly interesting plot). I’m a big fan of Robert De Niro too (and Rebecca is not a bad name at all, hehe) Thank you for writing about your experience at the LA premiere; your honesty is so refreshing. You are always able to put things into perspective. I wish I was at The Palms today for the screening. I think it’s so cool that you are good friends with the Maloofs. They are great guys & so are you!

    Comment by Rebecca Delozier -

  67. Then post a review on the comments.

    Comment by Jimmy P -

  68. Mark,

    Send me a copy to screen for my new website Hehehe! If not I can wait to go see it in the theaters.

    Robot i.t.

    Comment by Robot i.t. -

  69. M

    I so enjoyed the posting on the opening! Please keep writing about how things go for you or how you feel or just the basic experience. Those insights are the best…


    Comment by Martha Magee "ticket lady" -

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