Wow…now that’s a great ending!

Could there be a more exciting ending to a basketball game than two incredibly huge shots in the last second?

I personally don’t care who wins. I don’t like either team. But I love the way the game ended. Wow.

Of course, I had the PVR in overtime at the end. Did Duncan travel to create some room and get his shot off…yep. Did the clock start in time for the last shot… hard to say, but at least there are independent shot clock operators in the playoffs now. I raised a stink behind the scenes after the Mavs first playoff appearance against Utah where time miraculously disappeared while John Stockton was at the foul line with 2.9 seconds left in the game. The league gave me a bone by instituting independent shot clock operators for the playoffs the next year. So, we can set aside any conspiracy theories or home court cookingor can we?

One of our tech gurus pointed out to me today that the official stat keeper at the game recorded the time of Duncans shot at .9 sec remaining. Which means the Lakers should have had an extra half second to get off the shot. Which probably would have given them too much time to pull off the “Fish that Saved LA” shot. All speculation of course, but that’s half the fun of talking about it . 🙂

Beyond the fact that they both went in, what I found most amazing about the two last shots was that they were the only last game ending shots, in I dont know how many games, where there wasn’t contact on the shots.

Which leads to the question: With all the contact that goes on at the end, so that all the TV announcers can talk about how the officials want the players to decide the game, when was the last time a playoff game had a foul called on a game deciding shot as time expired?

I can only recall one in all the Mavs games I have seen in the last five years, regular or playoff, and that was when Violet Palmer called a foul on Dirk, as Peja tried to beat us in a regular season game. Peja went to the line to win it. He hit the first, missed the second and the Mavs won in OT.

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  1. Look at players before they played with Jordan, then after they played with Jordan. Jordan is desire wrapped in flesh. The same thing that drove Mark to learn how to become a programmer and businessman is the same passion Jordan displayed on the court.

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  2. That’s what you do, you drink it off, not “sleep” it off as Kobe did, whether it was rape or not irrelevant. The day the Mavericks trade Dirk, is the day they lose me as a fan and I know I would not be alone in this. Cubes is too smart for that, this guy is a marketing genius, he knows what sells. The fact that stick-up-our Dallas has even put forth the effor to care about the Mavericks’ existance is in direct corrolation to Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash and Michael Finley and what they’ve done for this team. You don’t deny that. Dirk is a superstar and he will only get bigger……

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  4. My life’s been bland today. So it goes. Today was a loss, but eh.

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  6. Knicks-Bulls ’94 conference semifinals. Bulls won 50+ games without Michael, and were one lousy call by Hugh hollins from another title.

    In game 5, Hubert Davis missed the game winning three-point shot (rebounded by Horace Grant as time expired if I remember right. I was only 15.), but Hugh Hollins called a tap on the wrist foul on Scottie Poppen and gave the game away.

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  7. Neurological impulses take a few miliseconds. That’s the way it always is…every single time they start or stop the clock. If you say Fisher’s shouldn’t count, you have to say that about every single play where human beings start or stop the clock. Of course you can only say it when it’s convenient for you, and whine about Fisher getting off a good shot. Michael Jordan made his game winning jumper against Utah in game 6 of the 1998 finals with 5.2 seconds left. Oh no, wait, the refs must have started it .1 seconds late. Let’s protest that one. Same exact logic, but no one whines about it then. If you let those times stand, then you let Fisher’s stand. They started the clock just as quickly as any other time they started it, probably as well as when they stopped the clock when Duncan made the previous shot. In other words, quit hatin’.

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  8. My memory is hazy, but didn’t hubert davis get fouled during a playoff game against the Bulls (during one of jordan’s retirement)?

    am i making that up? maybe it was allan houston.

    And for everyone who wants Jordan running the mavs, can someone point to some shred of evidence that the Wizards are better off for having him?

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  9. Mark, again your blog is very right on. My feeling is, you resort to playground rules on last minute shots, unless you get knocked to the ground anything goes. My only fault is the 1994 call against Scottie versus the Knicks, today that call would not have been made. Also, when will the Mavs get Elton Brand and have Dirk work on his low post game?

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  10. Sorry guys– all these Virtual Mavericks rosters are driving me insane. I don’t recall Mark asking for ANYONE’s opinion around here.

    Michael Jordan having anything to do with the Mavs? No freakin’ way.

    Like it or not, Dirk has hella time left on his contract, and the Mavs don’t have the room in the cap to “eat” his contract anyway. Not that I want Dirk to leave– he FINALLY stepped up and started leading this team, albeit possibly a little too late in the season, but his time has come.

    Not resigning Nash is simply not an option. Like him or not– he is a vital part of this roster.

    And I’m not gonna go through all the other players. You know why? Because I don’t own a basketball team, and I would not presume to give someone who does “advice” on how he should run his team.

    But I will close with this final thought.

    The day that Kobe steps on the floor at the AAC playing for the Mavs is the day you will see AAC empty the stands– people would leave in disgust. There is no room in Dallas for Kobe’s problems, or his ego.

    For all his mouth– Kobe will resign with the Lakers.

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  11. You are starting to sound like GW.

    Reporer:”GW are there weapons og Massive destruction?”

    GW:” Well uh, we’re looking…Uh..we will find them any day now..never know..uh go to go…”.

    Mark the Mavs need to be overhauled. It is up to your individual players to learn the game and improve their offensive game. This something that they can do over the summer.

    But, it is up to the coaching staff to teach your team how to play defense. The Mavs are lackluster in this category. Yeah, so the Mavs did shoot a bunch of threes. Boo Hoo….The Mavs still failed to get into someones face and make a defensive stop. That is the difference between the Mavs and the Kings. They Kings can get in your face. And C-Webb leads the bunch.

    As a businessman you are smart Mark. You are very matured and have come to learn that winning isn’t always about championships. It is about filling the stands. But, please admit the truth. You know that the Mavs as they are now, cannot compete in the playoffs and will not win a championship with its current roster.

    You have to question yourelf and your team. You have to have players that hold themselves accountable for getting after the other team.

    Did any of your players or coachesgo to work the very next day after the Mavs were eliminated? Did your players start working out? How many of the Mavs are starting practice early in the morning and ending late at night. Are the players going over Dirks and playing day in and day out?

    Winning teams have the ability to dominate games with defense. Great players have the ability to dominate games with offense. Put them together and you have a winning team. Do you see the difference? The Mavs have a team full of scorers.

    To everyone that thinks the Mavs have a chance, your (your’re) kidding yourself. The Mavs have no commitment.

    As an owner I am sure that you can detect certain attributes-which of the players is going to be the better athlete, who is going to be more successful on the court, what kind of shots each person is going to take.

    You could go back two or three decades and you won’t find a NBA Championship team that did not know how to get after the ball and create stops at key moments. Each of those teams had a superstar with special ability But, they also had role players and defensive. While the Mavs might have the same kind of ability that other teams do, they lack defensive cohesion. The Mavs believe they can playany and beat them in a heartbeat. Despite their lack of defensive they think they can win. Yet the Mavs never got the same opportunities.

    It is fairly easy to remain critical of you and the Mavs. You are responsible for the players and image of the Mavs. Not tomorrow or the next day, but every minute of every day. I cann’t think selfishly. There continue to be sacrifices based on the commitment of owning a team that you have. And for that, you desrve respect. It is not easy trying to put a great entertainment company together.

    It is not easy to make fans see youm the players, and coaches as more like them, more of a person with problems and issues. There are many personal issues that can make it difficult to succeed on the floor. I can respect that they players are not just playing a game that pays them a lot of money and earns them adoration of millions of fans. It isn’t that simple. Basketball is a businessat the end of the day.

    Watching the Spurs the game I was disappointed watching Parker. It was almost like watching Steve Nash and companyu on Defense. Park or Bowen never stayed lower than their man. Neither player was never ready to move. If you examine both players defense a little closer, you will see that their heads were up higher than the offensive player most of time. They were never in a defensive mind set.

    The Spurs did a better job in the first two games and game 5 of getting a hand in the face of the ball handler. The only way the Spurs could have won was by contesting the shot and pass. When they did that they did a great job of closing on the dribbler or cutter.

    The Spurs knew they had to PREVENT PERIMETER PASSES TO KOBE, in spite of screens or other diversions. They knew that HUSTLE, once KOBE gets the ball, IS TOO LATE. They should have DOUBLED and made someone else hit shots. This is exactly what LA did to the Spurs.

    Think the Mav’s can learn for this?

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  12. And thank God for us you don’t own the Mavs! Trade Dirk? Excuse me? Trade Dirk for Elton Brand? Yeah, because he’s done so MUCH for the Clippers! Kobe on this team? I had all I could stand with Antione bitching about playing time, and that’s freaking pre-school compared to the drama that handful would bring. I don’t want a Drama Queen on the Mavs, I like that Nash and Dirk are laid back and go to places like Woody’s to drink beer and chill. I like that the scandals on this team involved internet pictures of two guys, of age, getting platered several days after playoff elimination. That’s what you do, you drink it off, not “sleep” it off as Kobe did, whether it was rape or not irrelevant. The day the Mavericks trade Dirk, is the day they lose me as a fan and I know I would not be alone in this. Cubes is too smart for that, this guy is a marketing genius, he knows what sells. The fact that stick-up-our Dallas has even put forth the effor to care about the Mavericks’ existance is in direct corrolation to Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash and Michael Finley and what they’ve done for this team. You don’t deny that. Dirk is a superstar and he will only get bigger.

    BTW: Fish’s shot was the best thing I have ever seen, but that game itself was very ugly and not that great to watch untill the last 11 seconds. Great for NBA fans, not great for those seeking validation to the argument that all you need to watch in an NBA game is the fourth quarter.

    …and when that happened to us in Miami, I broke things. I couldn’t even imagine what that would feel like in a playoff game. Sorry Spurs fans.

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  13. mark. i trust your business decisions in dealing with the mavs….i can tell u this tho….most everyone who does not live in LA are not laker fans. i personally dislike the spurs and lakers (lakers more), and if i ever moved to LA, i dont think i could ever be a laker fan. haha lol. get rid of the big three of dallas, or part of it, and dallas fans will ultimately be upset. good luck in your off season trade talks and contract negotiations. FYI: i love nash & nowitzki. woohoo!!

    -cali (plano, tx)

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  14. Wow…Cannot doubt LA. The monster is back. Wish the series went seven. Iverson is not a troubled player. He shows up to ever game and competes.

    The earlier comments about pressing were right on! Kobe and the LA guards broke the Spurs press easily.

    Tony Parker is a great player. Once he develops his jump shot, watch out! A superstar is starting to emerge.

    The Mavs need to do something, because they cannot beat the Spurs next season. I am not how LA will look next season.

    Additionally, Indiana should have kept Isiah. The Nets are going to pick them apart if they make it to Eastern Conference Finals.

    Did Tim Duncan really deserve all the foul calls? Or, should the refs have just let them play? I get the feeling this game was called a lot tighter.

    How is Phil going to everyone back in the Triangle now? Will the lakers be smart and take the Timberwolves seriously?

    Will the Nets finally break through and shock everyone and win it all? The have chemistry.

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  15. Hey genius, did you look at the replays of Duncans shot going in? There should have been .7 or .8 left anyways. Reaction time by the refs is part of the game, and it works both ways. So stop your crying and face the reality that the Lakers won that game fair & square.

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  16. I think the Mavs need subtle changes. I agree that the re-tooled roster is unfeasable. Kobe, assuming he’s not in jail, will stay in LA. People need to quit harping on Nash. He plays decent 1 on 1 defense, he usually keeps his man in front of him. The Mavs team defense os weak. Without Dirk or Nash, this team would be like the Mavs of the past: a few really good players, role players, and all of them watching the playoffs from home. I think Walker is not the problem either. Don’t forget that he was picked up basically at the last minute. Let him get comfortable in Dallas and adjust to his role on the team. If he is unwilling to do that, then consider lettinig him go. Bear in mind that last year, none of these concerns were being voiced. A 60-22 record does not incite many complaints, and if not for Dirk’s injury against the Spurs, who knows what would have happened. Give this team a summer to mesh together, and either focus more on defense (it is assumed that a player won’t change to play better defense. Dirk has been training in the off-season to improve)or sign/trade guys to improve. This team is only a season or two away from big things. Finally, Iverson is NOT the answer the Mavs are looking for. He is not a winner, he hogs the ball, does not practice, and is poison in the locker room. Nellie has 3 more years on his contract, the man is a coaching genius, so let’s not blame him or call for his head just yet.

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  17. I agree with you 100%, that was a great ending. Ever since the Mavs were eliminated I’ve been pulling for San Antonio, my second favourite team. I’m hoping for another amazing finish tonight, with the Spurs getting the win, of course.

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  18. i must say i love your crazy dreams, as impossible as they may be, and also whoever mentioned malik rose as being an answer to the mavs inside problems really just shows how desperate u guys are for some inside game

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  19. (1) Learn how to proof read. Your errors in grammer are just as apparent as your logic in error.

    MJ is washed up. He stunk up the place in Washington and was summarily booted. the action was not “callous” MJ.

    If the Bull’s management listened to MJ they would have never picked up Pippen or Horace Grant. Bill Cartwright would have been traded. And, Charles Okaley would have still been playing in Chicago with MJ?

    Let face it…The Mavs are not the worst at defense or the best. But, you don’t blowup a team because it did not make it to the finals. You change it slowly.

    Its not the coaching staff. Predictions:

    (1) The Mavs will not make radical changes (unless you believe Charles Barkley…LOL..Great guy).

    (2) “Kenny the Burn” will not be given an opportunity to coach in Dallas

    (3) Kobe will stay put in LA.

    (4) MJ will emrge from the “WHITE HOUSE” and return to basketball as an owner. He will get bored of shooting shots on his putting green. I wonder what’s up with the Tennis courts, We know MJ don’t play tennis! You can only watch so many movies MJ!

    (5) Chuck Barkley will coach next season somewhere, probably College or High School.

    (6) And the Spurs will win tonight.

    (7) Mark Cuban will resign Steve Nash. Mark, do you expect us to believe that you bought that big house to play wiffle ball in and throw a football?

    The shot was amazing.

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  20. yes, everybody can keep dreaming… all your fantasy teams will not become reality… im sorry… unrealistic (salary cap, getting jordan, egos, etc.)

    anyways, game 6 is on soon =)

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  21. Sorry to tell you, but the Mavs will never win a championship with Dirk and Steve Nash leading the way. While Iverson is banged up because he is playing next to some of the most unmotivated players in the league.

    Once he is healthy his shooting will improve. And, he can take over a game. Last time I check, Dirk or Nash did not have this quality. both are great players, but their defense lacks. The NBA has a ton of people who can score the ball. Who can play defense? Certainly not the Mavs.

    As for Jordan in DC, he did an excellent job until he decided to play. He made all the right player selections. Kwame Brown was startng to show flashes of ability. But, then Jordan was booted.

    You have to appreciate the way that Jordan approaches the game. He is relentless in his effort to dissect his opponents. Jordan finds and abuses opponents weaknesses and focuses on using his strengths.

    You have to marvel at how much enthusiasm energizes Jordan brought to practice when in Washington. He never took a day off. He was their fight and scrapping in practice when health permitted. Certainly you don’t think Jordan is a natural-born athelete. Jordan is not magically endowed with physical strength and agility. Michael Jordan develop his prowess through hard work and dedication.

    To judge Jordan based in a job unfinished is not fair. He is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time). No player, no coach can match his intensity. No athlete except for Tiger Woods has done a better job at handling the media.

    We all know that Kobe is not MJ. But, he is a more complete player than MJ was at 25. But, there is a lot he can learn from MJ. But there are still things Jordan can teach. Jordan has had to be a playmaker when he was doubled or tripled. He also understands the pressures of having to set up the offense, to advance the ball, to read the defense, to make other players happy. He was great at it. These are the same challenges that any SUPERSTAR faces. JORDAN UNDERSTOOD HOW TO EXERT A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF WILL AND CONTROL OVER A GAME BEYOND HIS PHYSICAL TALENTS. Lessons any great player would want to learn from President and GM Jordan.

    The failure of Wahsington over the past season shows that Jordan was right for calling out a number of his teammates. I am certain that Kwame Brown will pan out to be a great player. Anyone remember Indiana’s O’Neal first seasons. Let’s not forget how he brought in Patrick Ewing to teach Brown.

    Now if someone said bring in Chuck Barkley, then I would question their common sense. But, Jordan would be an excellent choice.

    Look at players before they played with Jordan, then after they played with Jordan. Jordan is desire wrapped in flesh. The same thing that drove Mark to learn how to become a programmer and businessman is the same passion Jordan displayed on the court.

    The Mavs are horrible at hustling back on defense. If you think tou can teach that to the current squad you are dreaming! Yep…I said it…The Mavs lack heart. I am sure after that comment Mark will rethink about allowing comments. Because as we know the truch hurts.

    For the Mavs toget to the next level they must focus on preventing their opponent from scoring easily in transition. Don’t be fooled. You can see run and gun basketball on any street corner in New York. The Mavs just have better shooters.

    Okay lets talk basics. When the Mavs shoot, at least one guard should not attack the offensive board, and should remain back beyond the three-point lane, in the center of the floor to prevent the quick outlet.

    Is it really hard to watch and learn from the Timberwolves? The regularly get both guards back on defense. Com’on the Mavs have not desire to play offense. You cannot teach desire.

    I would love to see the Mavs defend the paint area for at least 40+ minutes of the game.

    I dont agree with pressing. Yes, transition defense can be even more sophisticated with full-court pressing defense. First, the disadvantages of a press defense are that it is a gamble (especially trapping zone defenses). You risk giving up the easy transition lay-up. Most NBA guards are sensational with good ball handling and passing that can break the press and turn it into their advantage with an easy score.

    But, the Bulls were great at pressing only in certain situations (e.g. after a made basket), or certain times of the game. Using it it as a surprise tactic is the best.

    Publicly Mark seems like a nice guy. I am sure he has a mean streak behind closed doors. But, if he lacks that quality, Jordan will surely have it.

    Remember the days of Pippen and Jordan leading that 2Up Zone Press in Chicago? The Bulls where great at getting into the gaps between the ball-handler and his teammates. I rarely see the Mavs do this feat. I think a Jordan could certain teach that to the Mavs.

    Do you think Kobe calls MJ for feedback or advice?

    Comment by Mike -

  22. Why would Dallas want Iverson, a banged up guy with durability and personality issues that shoots worse and more often than Walk ever did? And MJ as GM? Did you see what he did in DC

    The roster isn’t far off from being a championship team. Dallas has some young guys in Quis and Josh that can improve the perimiter D, and hopefully Shawn can get some PT next year to help anchor the paint. The offense and depth is there, the Mavs just need to put it all together…

    Comment by Jon -

  23. Basketball is a great extension of life. Both teams made so many mistakes. But, it shows if you keep trying and put forth your best effort you will succeed. Flawless. Tim deserved the break because he is above the game. He exemplifies outstanding play. We all know in life that certain people get extra breaks because they have done something significant. Mark, got a traffic ticket lately?

    As for tossing in my hat on the situation. Walker is not to blame. I agree with the other comments. Dirk and Nash need to be dismantled. some defensive minded players need to brought in. I like the idea of trying to get Iverson into town. Kenny Smith would make an excellent coach!

    The Mavs need to go after Kobe Bryant and Ray Allen to fit alongside Iverson. I like the idea of Elton Brand and Chris Boozer coming to town.

    But back to the shot. What is the best shot ever? I still like “The Shot” against the Cavs that MJ hit. Phil Jackson has a great way of getting players to rise to the ocassion. No one else could have taken that shot at that moment. It was meant to be Fisher’s shot. That is fate.

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  24. How has M’s blog about the ending to Lakers/Spurs game turned into everyone being the new GM of the Mavs? It’s turned out like that grade school playground game where everyone lines up and the first person says some tongue twisting sentence to the second person and the 2nd person tells it to the 3rd person and so on. By the time the message gets to the 20th person, its not even close to the same message. Anyway, if we are going to talk minuses/subtractions to this team, I would simply like to state that I don’t care who we get, whether its Kobe, Brand, MJ as VP or even persuade Rony Seikaly to suit up at the 5 spot, as long as Antoine Walker gets the axe. Amazing chemistry will result, in my opinion.

    Comment by Nathan -

  25. LOL…Yes it is great to see that everyone saw Kobe travel. But lets not forget about Jordan’s last second push off against Utah. That was the bigger than the refs no travel call.

    Yes, we all know that Kobe emulates Jordan. So does his buddy Maggette, who learned from MJ. (HE EVEN BEAT MJ at his camp ONCE THeN RECEIVED A VERY NASTY TWO HANDED DUNK GET OFF MY COURT GLARE FROM MIKE at MJ’s Flight School).

    If Mark could get MJ in place and pull off the Iverson trade, it would be to much for Kobe to past up.

    The earlier comments abvout Kenny Smith as head coach are great. He would definitely balance out Jordan’s overagressive ego at times.

    Jordan would be able to pull off the Iverson trade which would also help to attract Kobe. He could definitely talk Larry Hughes into leaving Washington and signing with the Mavs. And I am sure that he would have Quentin Richardson ear. Mike Finley would even listen.

    But if Jordan could not land Kobe, I am positive that Ray Allen would be more than willing to blow into town right behind MJ. Plus, the Nike and McDonalds connection would make it easy to float Allen extra cash. Finally, a President and GM who knows how to bend the rules.

    The toughest part would be keeping MJ and Kobe (or Ray Allen) from going one on one. And keeping Clyde The Glide and MJ from playing would be no easy task. I am sure that Kenny would often find himself often playing in practice.

    But, at least it would be better than the Nelsons sitting on the sidelines. MJ, Kenny Smith and Clyde are all in your face type of people. They could handle the egos of Bryant (or Ray Allen) and Iverson. I am sure that Iverson would show up to practice. But, MJ and Kenny would also realize when there stars are hurt and don’t need to pratice. As we all know, MJ during his day missed many practices, some for even scrapping with teammates.

    The biggest change I would make to the prosposed teams in the comments above is adding Carlos Boozer.

    Now you have a team ready to scrap Boozer, Brand, Magloire–all bad big men. They are fighters. Can MJ and Kenny Smith turn them into : intimidators?

    Yes, the Mavs do not play defense. There is little effort to trap get a hand in front of the rebounder or inbounder. There is no transition D-Fense. If I am Mark Cuban sure I am happy with my teams performance. The stands are full. There is plenty of popcorn being sold. And the fans respect my team. But, if I am Mark Cuban I realize opposing teams don’t respect my team.

    It is time to build a championship team. The Spurs do great because they are the only Western Conference team that plays defense. Revamping the roster with Iverson, Kobe (Or Ray Allen), Brand, Boozer, Magloire,Okur, Harrington, and Van Exel would bring soild defense. Yes, sometimes the game would be slow and ugly. But Kobe (or Ray Allen) or Iverson would always keep the crowd on the edge of there seats. Then, you have MJ sitting courtside next to Cuban, how many people would love to see that! Would he call into question Cuban’s basketball IQ? Would Mark teach Michaeal how to successfully run a business?

    Hmm…I bet there would even be a new internet venture between the two…Online B-School (basketball school) for players. Learn how to properly execute pick and rolls, shot, pass, and cut. I bet there would be lots of players and coaches signing up for subscriptions. How much could the earn from that venture? Daily basketball lessons from MJ and supporting cast? I am sure that business plan would get MJ in the door?

    Here is my team

    Owner Cuban/Jordan

    President and GM: Michael Jordan

    Head Coach: Kenny Smith
    Asst Coach: Clyde Drexler
    Asst Coach:

    Allen Iverson (S)
    Kobe Bryant\Ray Allen (S)
    Elton Brand (S)
    Mike Finley
    Carlos Boozer (S)
    Quentin Richardson
    Antoine Walker (S)
    Nick Van Exel
    Larry Hughes
    Jamaal Magloire
    Mehmet Okur (S)
    Othella Harrington

    Comment by Fantastic BABIE -

  26. The Pistons/Nets game was pretty amazing as well. 2 of the best playoff games within 24 hours of each other.

    Comment by Ryan -

  27. good to see someone point out Duncan’s travelling on the last play of his. no one in the media mentioned this, maybe cause everyone knows it wouldn’t ever be called.

    Comment by Dave Lee -

  28. Well first off, I was sitting in the SBC center stand when that happened and I can tell you that is the worst feeling I have experienced in a long time. But what made that feeling worse was knowing that the NBA messed up.

    It hurt because I know that the refs reaction time to start the clock (each ref has a start-clock button with them, first one to trip it wins) actually gave Fisher more time than was on the clock. Because of the reaction time it took for the refs to start the clock, he actually had somewhere arount .7 seconds to shoot and yet the shotclock clearly indicated he had .4 seconds.

    For a perfect example of how this works simply go here- and see how fast you can react. It almost doubled Fisher’s time.

    Though I know it won’t make a difference, and I’ll probably just get an automated response back, I sent an email to the NBA that’s around a two page explanation of why this was physically impossible.

    Yeah, it was an incredible shot, but it was also an impossible shot. Literally.

    Comment by Sam -

  29. Mark,

    I wish I would have Tivo’d the game and fast forwarded to the last two seconds. Amazing ending, but the rest was horrible. I’m tired of watching both teams miss free throws the whole game. The Spurs are whining bitches for protesting to the commissioners office when the game was played on their home court. I’ll have to admit, I have little interest in watching the NBA playoffs minus the Lakers-Spurs series. There needs to be some new rules instituted to improve the quality of the game. The main rule I would like to see in the game would be an international foul lane to get the logjam out of the middle which will increase points driving to the basket. There are too many people sitting on their asses in the paint with hardly any 3 second calls by the officials.

    On a side note, I think Malik Rose of the Spurs would be a good addition to the roster for size inside. He used to be a force for the Spurs, but is now relegated to pine time. Also, bring back Avery Johnson to groom him for the head coaching job when Nellie retires. The guy is a born leader and understands the complexities of the game.

    Comment by Jeremy Kennedy -

  30. Interesting ideas, but it’s important to point out that Kobe doesn’t idolize Jordan. He’s consistently denied over the years that he does not model any of his game after MJ (even though several of his pet moves are carbon copies of moves MJ used to do, and even though his body language, facial expressions, mannerisms, gait, etc are carbon copies of Jordan’s). Kobe’s enormous ego would never allow him to admit the countless hours he’s spend studying and practicing his MJ emulations.

    Comment by Jesse -

  31. Yes that was a Great Game. I agree with the last comments. The mavericks do need a change. It would be nice to Shawn Bradley gone. He does not fit.

    The Mavs could definitely use a new coach to teach them defensive transition. Few of the Mavs players do it with enthusiasm. Failure to do it costs the Mavs team easy points. I wonder does this cause any infighting amongst the Mavs? Because many players mistake or failure to get back the Mavs are sitting at home.

    Stopping transition begins in the heart of every single player the Mav’s team. Bringing in Jordan to oversee the team as President of Basketball Operations and Kenny Smith as assitant coach (perferablly head coach) are an excellent idea.

    Jordan and Kenny Smith would definitely take a “get tough, they’re not going to score on me attitude”. I think Cuban could appreciate their attitude. Their attitude would become contagious and the Mavs would start to take pride in getting back and stopping the break.

    A lot of players in the league respect MJ and Kenny Smith. They would certainly attract the big name players. Jordan and Kenny would also be key to landing a trade for Iverson. I am sure that Iverson would love to play for both.

    Trading Dirk is a an excellent idea. Elton Brand would bring a strong post game to the Mavs. It would be hard to let Dirk go, but, the Mavs need D-Fense in the post.

    Plus Elton Brand is one of the best at defending of the basket. And, his game is still improving. He would also fit nicely alongside Kobe and Iverson in trapping presses and containment presses. Brand also brings the ability to screen the zone and cut.

    It really stinks that the Nelsons cannot even teach Mavs to sprint back in zone like positions such as a 2-2-1 or 3-1-1 to contain the fast break opportunities. We rarely see the Mavs, even attempt to put a body on the rebounder on a missed shots or inbounder on a made shots to prevent the quick outlet pass.

    We rarely see the Mavs attacking teams. There is little effort to make the ball handler change angles, pass the ball laterally, or even backwards. Take a page out of the Spur’s book. They seem to be very efficient in this department.

    Picking up Quentin Richardson, Ron Mercer, Mehmut Okur, and resigning Walker would be excellent. Signing and Trading Steve Nash in a packaged deal would not be a bad move for Iverson. I would not bring in Gary Payton.

    I know the Mav fans have grown accustomed to Steve Nash. But, the Mavs need a Mike Bibby stopper. The high scoring backcourt of Iverson and Kobe would kill the Sacramento guards. And, their penetration would surely get most of the West in foul trouble.

    Not to mention that Payton and Iverson could be in the back court at times and Kobe could play small forward next to Elton Brandon and Walker. I don’t think any team in the west could run with that team.

    The practices would certainly be competitve. I bet Iverson would even show up to practice. Could you imagine watching that practice? Kobe, Iverson, Finley, and Jordan lacing it up at times.

    Come one Mark, we know that high percetage shots (dunks & layups) keep the stands field. We know that you are trying to create a buzz and pretty basketball. But, we are not fooled by your emotional disbelief looks after a Mav’s playoff elimination. We all know that the Mavs cannot win a Championship with their current time. They cannot compete with LA, San Antonio, Minnesota, or Sacramento. If you let Kobe slip through the cracks, then the Clippers will even be better than the Mavs.

    You need to do something big. You can be happy with filling the stands. What you have done in a short amount of time to get fans interested has been amazing. But, you owe the fans more. They city deserves a championship. No one outside Dallas will ever take the Mavs serious if you don’t make some BIG changes.

    Bring the people mentioned above would be a great impact. Even if you don’t land Kobe, you would still be better off if you can land most of the other players.

    Let’s face the truth. Dirk is a poor passer. He usually catches a pass, and then stands in place for a few of seconds and stare at the basket, then ignore teammates who are wide open after cutting through the lane.

    Richardson would be great because he has the ability to attack the seams and gaps. His mid range game is great.

    Like Kobe, Richardson has the potential to Another useful form of penetration is to freeze the opposing defenses.

    Jordan and Smith would also help find an offense and defense that fits the revamped championship caliber Mavs. There wealth of knowledge would help developing players like Richardson perfect their own ideas and skills.

    Besides, having Jordan as GM, and possibly coach along side Kenny Smith along with Bryant and Iverson would creat such a hype. I can see the Commericals now.

    Here is my Roster…I bet the would win 70+

    Owner Cuban/Jordan

    President and GM: Michael Jordan

    Head Coach: MJ/Kenny Smith
    Asst Coach: Del Harris/Kenny Smith
    Asst Coach: Clyde Drexler

    Allen Iverson (S)
    Kobe Bryant (S)
    Elton Brand (S)
    Mike Finley
    Quentin Richardson
    Antoine Walker (S)
    Ron Mercer
    Nick Van Exel
    Larry Hughes
    Rodney White
    Mehmet Okur (S)
    Othella Harrington

    Comment by Kevin -

  32. Mark, I hope you make an offer to pickup Kobe. Maybe, you could get him some phat endorsement deals behind the set.

    The Mavs need a Superstar. Kobe would be a great fit. Maybe you could let Dirk go. Or trade Dirk to another team for some role players. Then would sign Steve Nash and trade him.

    Or maybe, you can make a trade with the Clippers sending Dirk and to for Elton Brand and a draft pick.

    Then you could send Steve Nash, Antawn Jamison, and Danny Fortson to Philly for Iverson. The Mavs would now have a certified superstar along side Elton Brand and Mike Finley. Iverson would attract Kobe.

    To fully convince Kobe, I would sale part of the team to Jordan and hire him as President and GM. Let’s face it, the Mavs lack killer instinct. With Jordan watching, I am sure that Iverson and Kobe would be eager scrap in practice and please their idol. More over, Jordan and Cuban would create a real buzz.

    I would even offer Jordan the chance to hand pick his coach. Heck, I would even give hime the option of coaching the team if he wanted.

    Jordan cannot stay away from the game. He knows how to mentor Superstars like Kobe and Iverson.

    Armed with MJ, I would go after Ron Mercer, Quentin Richardson, Antoine Walker, and Gary Payton. I am sure that Mike could convince these guys to appear in Nike, Gatorade, and Hanes commercials. And of course, the Happy Meal Team Maverick Commericial with Cuban and MJ and their class. I am sure that these guys would go for the minimum salary to learn from Mike and play with Iverson and Kobe.

    Imagine Kobe and Walker playing the pick and role. Imagine Iverson being challenged in practice by Payton and MJ.

    Owner Cuban

    President and GM: Michael Jordan

    Head Coach: ?Del Harris?/Open
    Asst Coach: Open
    Asst Coach: Kenny Smith

    Allen Iverson
    Kobe Bryant
    Elton Brand
    Mike Finley
    Quentin Richardson
    Antoine Walker
    Ron Mercer
    Gary Payton
    Brian Cardinal
    Rodney White
    Mehmut Okur
    Stanislav Medvedenko

    Comment by Fanatic -

  33. The only last-second call I have seen made was at a college game. It was this year’s UCLA at USC basketball game. The Bruin’s Dijon Thompson was fouled by some SC riffraff with .2 left on the clock. He missed one of two foul shots that guaranteed a USC victory.

    Comment by Bobby -

  34. Great game. Go Lakers! has some great proof that nothing was suspicious about the time or anything. Check it out.

    Comment by Terin -

  35. The Tim Duncan shot was in the net at .8 and I agree with Mark, any more time and I think LA would have missed. Great game!

    Comment by eh-D -

  36. Hey Mark,
    I agree with you on the ending…WOW! The game itself sucked though. I never want to see an NBA game where both teams score in the 70’s again. If I wanted to see that, I would watch a high school girls game. =P

    Comment by Tommy -

  37. When I watch the replay, it looks like they stopped the clock too late. There should’ve been more than 0.4 seconds left for the Lakers to shoot their last shot. I think around 1.2 seconds is when duncan’s shot went in.. So I guess no matter what, the Lakers would’ve won (assuming Fisher’s shot would’ve gone in).

    Comment by Charles Fann -

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