Dairy Queen Revisited….

If the league hadn’t fined me $500,000 dollars I would let this little note just slide by and not mention it. Given their reaction to my comments suggesting that this individual could not manage a Dairy Queen, I find it relevant to mention that he has since had a career change.

The former NBA head of officiatingleft his position at the NBA to becomean assistant football coach at Bloomsburg University in Pa.

I wish him all the best in his new career and wish he would have started it sooner. It would have saved me a lot of money.


25 thoughts on “Dairy Queen Revisited….

  1. I love the lessons you’ve attached to each challenge, and I have no doubt that I too probably would have been cut after making some “stupid” off-hand comment.

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  2. must say that I laughed my head off at the Jenga competition. Not because I thought it was silly, but rather because I know I would have lost in two seconds. I totally crumble like a cheap cookie under pressure, so it was exciting to see how William and Grayson would react to the challenge.

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  4. I haven’t been up to much lately. That’s how it is. Basically nothing seems worth doing. Pfft. I can’t be bothered with anything lately, but what can I say? I’ve just been letting everything happen without me these days.

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  5. I’ve got to chime in on the comments about Ed Rush. Mr. Rush was actually my little league baseball coach for 2 years (I grew up outside Philadelphia). Think what you will about his officiating skills and management of the NBA’s refs, but I can tell you that he is extremely knowledgable when it comes to coaching–he also played college football, and I’m sure getting back to coaching is just a fun challenge for him. You might consider it a “step down”, but I’m sure he just looks at it as a fun new challenge.

    I’m interested to see how much I’ll be chastised for this, but feel free to shoot me an email at mike_arthuruf@hotmail.com

    For what it’s worth, he’s also one of the most decent human beings you can imagine. I knew his sons Eddie and Mike growing up, and they are both guys who work hard and would give you the shirt off their backs, like their dad. I played baseball against Eddie in later years (in American Legion ball), and he was a good player and class guy.

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  7. Finally a reality show that makes people think and take responsibility for their actions! I was totally glued to my seat hoping that this was not just another “money show” where all you saw were greedy grubbers out to destroy each other for some cash.

    I love the lessons you’ve attached to each challenge, and I have no doubt that I too probably would have been cut after making some “stupid” off-hand comment. However, I was glad to learn that I’m not the only one out there who has a problem keeping their big mouth shut.

    I must say that I laughed my head off at the Jenga competition. Not because I thought it was silly, but rather because I know I would have lost in two seconds. I totally crumble like a cheap cookie under pressure, so it was exciting to see how William and Grayson would react to the challenge.

    I must say that I am annoyed though… Not at the show, but rather the fact that my Mum called in the midst of it so I didn’t get to see the entire Jenga bit. *GRR!* Thank God ABC has an episode guide so I can stay on top of things, or else I would of been really ticked off. There should be a law that states “people who distract me from watching ‘The Benefactor’ shall be forced to be hit with basketballs by Mark Cuban.

    Now for a tiny confession… I will openly/honestly admit that I’m not really a sports fan, so I haven’t watched any of the Mav games, but I do know that during one episode of WWE’s Raw you punched Eric Bishof and that was the highlight of my year! I hate that guy! I’m not sure if the stunt was part of the show or not, but you (Mark Cuban) made it on my A list after that. That’s probably a very cruel thing to say, but seeing as Eric Bishoff is a total jerk I think you’ll excuse my rudeness…

    Anyway, I just wanted to say:

    1.) Thanks for punching Eric Bishoff that one time on “RAW” and
    2.) Thanks for making a reality show that makes people think and have fun at the same time. The Benefactor totally kicks ass and I cannot wait for the next episode! Until then take care, good luck with the rest of the episodes of The Benefactor, and may the Mav’s kick butt in all of their future games to come.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Margaret A. McGregor

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  8. Bloomsburg is a D-2 school that went to the NCAA title game in 2000 and also reached the NCAA playoffs in 2001. In 1997 a player at Bloomsburg won the Harlon Hill award as the top player in D2.

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  9. dude he can barely run with his bad back. What drives me nuts is how kg gets away with those moving screens!

    re: ex-nba head official
    from bball to football? what the fuck is that? did the dude know that they’re 2 diff sports? either way i’m just glad the fine didn’t dent you that bad. it would probably set me back another 99 years before i could afford my first orange county home.

    Comment by Steven -

  10. Sam Cassell is carrying the ball so much, its an embrassment for the league! The officiating stinks in this game…totally.

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  11. too bad that dairy queen still went out of business.

    Comment by jordan -

  12. so on the fine, do u get a refund for that? or do u get some kind of crappy store credit…..

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  13. The DQ deal was brilliant on both ends of that deal.

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  14. No offense to any Bloomsburg students or alum, but doesn’t that seem like a step down?? head of -NBA- officiating to ASSSISTANT head coach at D3 football… ?????

    I go to U Penn and ivy football isn’t much to write home about either (D1AA).

    – Brian

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  15. I seem to remeber the staff at the DQ very happy you were there, only it appeared that they hadn’t developed a lot of trust in you- relagating most of your duties to the register and doling out cones. It was a ” keep Cuban away from the brazier” conspiracy. jeez, for 500,000 at least you should be able to flip a burger or two. Perhaps it was good management in that you could utilize your people skills more effectively out front. Also a picture of you with a grease stained apron and tiny paper hat might not be so appetizing, funny but not so effective.

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  16. The good news is now that he is gone, the officiating is going to be great next year. No more anticipated calls, preferential treatment, phantom fouls, swallowing the whistle at the end of the game, two sets of criteria for regular season and playoffs, etc. Everyone will be happy, hug and get along. Well, I better get to bed now because I have a tooth under my pillow …

    Ok seriously, Mark, aren’t there other owners disgusted with the officiating? I mean enough to force positive changes in the officiating? Look what happened with the strike zone in baseball. I thought it helped a lot. And even though some of the stuff that comes from the rules committee in the NFL is downright silly, they are at least moving forward. What is happening in the NBA?

    PS: IU Basketball is going to be back next year my man. I definitely plan on traveling to catch a game or two.

    Comment by Khalil -

  17. hahhah mark i missed the day u worked at the DQ here. maybe u shoudl do it again one of these days without the fine…and do it here in plano!

    figures the head of the nba officials would have a change of heart and go for a football career.

    by the way, is there any way you can allow us to save/download the dirk commerical the played during the playoffs? i think its absolutely hilarious!

    cali (plano, tx)

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  18. Did you tell MJ not to coach too?

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  19. Out of curiosity, any idea where the $500k goes?

    Comment by Jim Geurts -

  20. I was wondering what your thought process was throughout that whole ordeal. When did the idea to work at DQ hit you? Was it a suggestion from somebody else?

    That incident alone continues to pay off for the Mavs.

    Comment by Jason -

  21. Mr Cuban,

    Would you work at DQ again?


    Comment by Kevin McCaul -

  22. I actually played ball at Bloomsburg, too bad for the both of us he didn’t come when I was there 🙂 I don’t think they have any DQ’s up there though, guess he’ll have to apply to one of the other local ice cream shops.

    Comment by Steve -

  23. Yes, we have Dairy Queens here in PA. Speaking of which, a Mister Misty sure sounds good right about now.

    Comment by Mike -

  24. let’s see how long he lasts as an assistant head coach of a small school. i wonder if they even have dairy queen’s in PA.

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  25. Did you gain any new knowledge and/or networking connections with that Dairy Queen incident? I would imagine the publicity was worth something to offset the 500k. At least a little bit.

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