Write a book….not now…but

I appreciate all the inquiries asking about when I mightpublisha book about my approach to, and experiences in the business world. The short answer, not anytime soon.

Call it a firm belief in karma, but I just don’t think it’s smart or right topublish a book about business while I still have businesses that are in start up mode.

HDNet is going along very, very well. We are far beyond where I thought we would be at this point, but we aren’t all the way there yet. We have a lot of work to do, and the industry as a whole still has a lot of growing to do and we have to capture our share and then some.

I can’t see writing a book saying how smart I am, and how if you do this, you too can leap over tall bank accounts in a single bound and then have HDNet underperform.I can’t tell you how stupid I would feel. There is no amount of money (at this point in my life…) that would make it worthwhile. So no book from me until HDNet is where I want it to be at the earliest.

It amazes me that there are people out there that write books about business success while one or more of their businesses is failing.Maybe its financial desperation for the book advance?Who knows.To me its bad karma and hypocrisy.

Fortunately, I have BlogMaverick to present ideas and situations and get feedback from people on them. Of course you get exactly what you pay for. I get paid exactly what its worth…Which gives me carte blanche to write whatever I want….

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  1. Albert Camus wrote once that, “Success is a constancy of purpose.” I read that thirty years ago and I recall it at least weekly to remind me that focus is the most important trait of successful people. I’d be interested in your thoughts on focus and direction in a future post.

    Comment by Craig -

  2. One of the patterns I have noticed about “Billionaires”, is that they tend to drop out of college.. Hmmmmm?.. I got bored to, maybe I have a chance!..Har!…Keep it up, Mark…Mark your name spelled backwards is “Kram”… I’m krammin’ all the info I can into my head like you said.. Hope my idea is marketable..

    Comment by ShadNet -

  3. i just want to buy into hdnet…
    its definately emerging growth….

    Comment by Mike Verinder -

  4. Or you could publish a book with phony business advise to fool your competitors. You could tell people that you made all your money buying gold coins and filing phony welfare claims. You could reveal classic management techniques like terminating at least one employee a week, and always mispronouncing your customer’s names to keep them on their toes.

    Comment by Albert Jones -

  5. Mark,

    I would love to see a “Week in the life of Mark Cuban” post. You know, show us how a Billionaire spends his most precious commodity, his time.

    Your blog is very insightful and I appreciate you sharing your life with us!


    Comment by Tim -

  6. I just want to echo the thanks of many on this board. I really appreciate the time you take to write your thoughts. Your Success and Motivation segments have been exceptional.

    I may have read this post wrong wrong, but I get the sense that you are waiting until this perfect model of your life’s success has been concluded. I personally enjoy the real life stories of successes and failures. Isn’t it getting up from failures and learning from them that shows true success? What businessman out there has a perfect track record?

    I get the sense that you find an intrinsic value in helping people, so I am not sure if you writing the book will ever have anything to do with the money you could make. Here’s to hoping you write the book sooner than later, so that we can benefit from it now. Certainly it is obvious that you already have much wisdom to share. Or if not just keep on writing the blog and we will get the pearls of wisdom here.

    How do I invest in HDNet?

    Comment by Marc Garrett -

  7. This blog is better than a book! And if you decide to write a book, make it a book about the Mavs 2005 Championship…

    I appreciate your quote on those so-called ‘experts’ who try to make money by writing books. Case in point: the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series….I found some pretty shocking stuff about the author that makes his claims false and makes him look more like an elixer & potion salesman from the 19th century.

    Kinda reminds me of those stock salesmen: buy this and buy that….and make them rich!

    Keep it up, and keep this blog active.

    PS-Who are you pulling for in the NBA finals? I say: Anyone but the Lakers. Go Detroit.

    Comment by greg -

  8. I know what you are saying Mark – you don’t want to reveal your poker hand while you are still sitting at the table, and I don’t blame you. So how about revealing your cards from a few games ago, like when you first started out. Although your current endeavor, HDTV, may end up being your greatest and most impressive, people like me are most interested in how you originally got your start as an entrepenuer. We want to get inside your mindset, your emotional state, your motivation back before HDTV, before The Mavs, even before Broadcast.com. Why don’t you break your story into 2 parts, like Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2. A sort of “Kill the refs, by Mark Cuban part 1 and 2”.

    Comment by Dimitry Khilkevich -

  9. You are writing a book, right here.

    Comment by Jevon -

  10. Mark,

    I just want to pre-order now for when that book does come out :). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a business guy be so successful yet keep being a normal guy. Most other successful business men are recluses (or just flat-out attention getters like The Donald). What I like about your success story is how much of a normal guy you are and how all it took you was lots of hard work and learning every aspect of whatever you do.

    Comment by Greg -

  11. One of my favorite guilty pleasures has been NBC’s reality show: The Restaurant. The reason I haven’t been able to pull myself away is the exact reason you aren’t writing a book. Rocco, the underwear model…I mean chef that they have running the place is never actually at the restaurant (except for photo ops). He spends his time signing books, flirting with women, giving commencement speeches at culinary institutes and generally NOT being a head chef.

    He spends his time revelling in his success and his business is $600,000 in the whole. How you can look at a red number that big and still spend your day perpetually gloating is completely beyond me, but then again he doesn’t have a weblog to share his thoughts on the matter.

    Comment by Aaron G. -

  12. Mark,

    I think it’s awesome to read about your rags to riches stories on your site. I find them inspiring as much as it is entertaining.


    Comment by Kyle -

  13. By showing that you aren’t geared up to write a book right now, and would rather wait, shows that you don’t really care about how much money you make with it. It’s nice to see someone who just wants to help out entrepreneurs by telling their own story.

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  14. If you believe all publicity is good publicity, and you have goals/intentions beyond the bottom line, as it clearly appears, and you do take risks, as you clearly do, then why not write a book? There are a whole lot of people who are of the AARP generation, who don’t own a computer and aren’t looking to, who I think would be very interested in what you have to say.

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  16. Basically not much notable happening to speak of. I’ve just been letting everything wash over me lately. Pretty much nothing seems important. I’ve more or less been doing nothing to speak of, not that it matters. Shrug. Today was a complete loss.

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  17. If one of the criteria for your writing a book is that you have no business interests in start-up phases, I suspect that it will be a long time before we see it!

    The blog format is much more fun, anyway ~ Thanks for including your blog readers on the unabridged version!

    Comment by Susan F. Heywood -

  18. I like the simple common sense you bring to these topics – you only know something when you can do it. Then write the book!

    Comment by Peter -

  19. Mark, it is so refreshing to read your blog. I am not a Mavs fan (not a hater either) and I really appreciate you giving us, the nba fans, an inside glimpse into the behind the scenes world of pro basketball. You truly are a fan’s owner. I’d love to rap sports with you through emails just for fun. What other owner would write a 5 page essay documenting every high and low involving a player and free agency? Kudos to you, Mr. Cuban

    Comment by Andy -

  20. Mark,

    Very good blog site here! 😀

    When you write, just tell it like it is; and what has, and has not, made the contributions in your life which are responsible for your success.

    It’s always great to be able to run across many different versions of the map to success, as they can all be quite instrumental in helping aspiring go-getters achieve their own personal goals.

    Best Wishes,

    Felix Torres

    Comment by Felix Torres -


    Comment by Scott -

  22. Mark,

    I enjoy reading your blog and I’m certainly glad you don’t write a book every year like Trump, who is doling out business advice when his casino’s are tanking.

    If you ever decide to write a book, how about the title “The Billionaire Next Door.” 🙂

    Continued success with the Mavs and HDNet.



    Comment by Jeremy Kennedy -

  23. In a world chockerblock full of information, the question is do we need any more books, unless they help refocus the education system to eradicate industrial age thinking and turn robotic tv watchers into active living human beings. The question I ask everyone is when was the last time you maxed out on your library card?; we have information crawling out of the ying-yang, did anybody notice that we surrounded by it beyond the petabyte. Marc Cuban add to this glut…why? Most of you people don’t read the best of the stuff that’s already out there. No wonder bookstores still have self-help sections for people who don’t know how to help themselves. If writing gives someone a buzz and a trip write a book, if talking to an old age pensioner who nobody else talks to, makes their day, talk to an old gipper. If you have time to read books that have no application or purpose or that don’t provide fun & fullfillment in your life, then at least give away your best ideas, there is no point in letting them just rot in your head; the greatest gift that God gave a human being is imagination and its a shame that for most, imagination is lottery ticket or daily bouts of sychophancy. If anything Marc should encourage people who can muster writing here to write their own book. Marc is a rare bird because he actually takes the time out to read but then he knows what he is looking for, and the time for Marc Cuban to write a book if he ever gets intoxicated enough to need to access the self-help section of his local bookstore (most do have a section for karma BTW).

    (Mark Zorro is a totally bogus made up name)

    Comment by Mark Zorro -

  24. I think just your blog, plus a few selected reader comments, could be worth publishing with some editing. You could even publish it under the guise of promoting blog-culture. I can do it for you if you want, for a price of course.

    Comment by Jeff -

  25. It first all became clear to me while watching an infomercial about 10 years ago when I was about 16. Some guy was peddling a video that would teach you his three guaranteed ways to make more money than you could ever spend. 1) placing newspaper ads, 2) setting up 900 numbers, 3) telemarketing. I thought it funny how he never mentioned his fourth easy way to make money: Selling videos for $50 by telling people it will make them rich.

    Some people are all about the money. They invest in ideas that are already there. They want to make money, but not take the big risk. (See guy above). Others are all about image. They want to take something already there and make it bigger and better (Donald).

    The truely unique ones are those that start with nothing and use hard work and intelligence to help create something totally new and exciting. They are definitly in the minority, but I think their values do not become as compromised by their wealth. To them it was just a way to survive and make it to another day. Their survival instinct and work ethic is what pushes them over the top.

    Comment by Mike -

  26. I never bothered to watch any of the reality shows, they all seemed stupid, but I like how yours is taking a new line and new idea instead of getting into the arms race of pure sleaze! Nice idea for a blog though, you don’t see public figures putting them up much.

    PS I think a nice twist to that show would be to award the $1 million to a random person who wasn’t even on the show. Like me for instance. 😉

    Comment by Kannan -

  27. Recently wrote a great book on how to succeed in business.

    After he purchased the CBA and managed the league into bankruptcy.

    Comment by Yoni Cohen -

  28. Maybe its not financial desperation for the book advance but rather the need to constantly be in the spotlight. Some people live for noteriety.

    Comment by Tom -

  29. I think it’s a good idea for you to wait to write a book. Why write one while you’re still doing business? It doesn’t make sense to me, either.

    I like what another poster said about the book meaning more than money. By showing that you aren’t geared up to write a book right now, and would rather wait, shows that you don’t really care about how much money you make with it. It’s nice to see someone who just wants to help out entrepreneurs by telling their own story. I think it’ll be an entertaining and enjoyable read, assuming it’ll be like your Success and Motivation entries.

    Comment by Maggie -

  30. How about bringing back Baseball to HDNet? It is such a beautiful experience watching a great sport on a great format.

    Comment by Dan -

  31. that
    1- we all agree that no one can please everybody….
    2- that from the glimpses of what some of us know about you, that we are not so interested in your money, but the mind/heart behind these boggings/interviews etc……your easy accessibility/ courageous visibility is intriguing to many. how do you manage to put yourself out there in the way you do..make your choices like you do….manage your time….in a world where others in your financial position have chosen to be recluses, eccentric, paparazzi fighters, invisible, paranoid (not to bring up m jackson and his veils) etc.
    3- although riches has never been my dream, it is clearly a dream of many. whether the money itself is a dream, it is a matter of curiosity for centuries….how does a person with that much power/freedom/responsibility make his/her choices in this modern complex world? what impact has technology on this person and his/her public personae? can you speak more on how that wealth translates within the communities you are involved with?…the sports world, media, tech world….
    also, you are of a different generation than Trump, as one example, and it is interesting to me, at least, if and how the choices you make are a product of being raised in a different generation/climate/
    3 – If you believe all publicity is good publicity, and you have goals/intentions beyond the bottom line, as it clearly appears, and you do take risks, as you clearly do, then why not write a book? There are a whole lot of people who are of the AARP generation, who don’t own a computer and aren’t looking to, who I think would be very interested in what you have to say.
    4- Writing the book is not just for making money. It is a service…and generations from now, a chronicle of our times. Perhaps a shift of perspective for you here? Yes,Donald T wrote a few books and spent a chunk ofpages talking about what happens when you put a book out and then your businesses/marriages/etc. “fail”. But what is failure? Consider that the book is more than about money. You might get an outsider to your world to give you more perspective.
    Just a few thoughts..hope they are of help.

    Comment by cheri/b-be -

  32. I think this is the best comment for Donald. From the day his show started and all hype, I was wondering what he is and what is his real value. And results of Trump Corp shown that he is just ……..
    So I think it makes sense to wait and achieve and not spend public money showing that you are successful.
    Mean time, when you are going start on Mavericks and stop on officiating.

    Comment by kedar -

  33. “It amazes me that there are people out there that write books about business success while one or more of their businesses is failing.”

    My favorite example of this has always been Michael Wolfe’s hysterical account of his loser business, NetGuide: Burnrate. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a great book. But he comes across as a liar and a cheat.

    The real absurdity though is that, years later–first in New York magazine and now in Vanity Fair—he set himself up as a critic of how people run their (media) businesses. Ummm, Michael….YOU FAILED! Is that what makes you such a wise critic?

    Comment by Jerry -

  34. If there’s ever is a role model in public’s eye, it’s got to be you Mark. You seem to have your feet firmly on the ground by having a great approach to not only business, but to life in general. Thanks for your frequent words of wisdom, it is truly insipriational.

    Comment by Will -

  35. As I have noticed as well that a Billionaire does usually drop out of college the other thing I always have seen after doing my research is that it takes most Billionaires 15 years of hard work and some luck to achieve this rare status. Former URL not mine. Thanks, G500

    Comment by G500 -

  36. Mark, I had an idea for the new hd net. I think that mostly men are in to the gadgets and great t.v.’s like me. The idea that mostly men will subscribe. Have one of your dedicated channels for retro programming for the guys that are under 45 and buy the rights to the six-million dollar man, charlies angels (guys dig Farrah) and a little speed racer. Not only will you get the guys to watch but maybe some of the moms for their boys to beleive they can run in slow motion. Thanks, G500

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