A little Sizzle

First, sorry for the delay in posting…It’s been a little crazy around here.

2nd, everyone knows as much asI do about all the trade rumours floating around. Believe it or not, even in the NBA discussions start based off of what we read in the newspapers. Making a trade happen is never simple. Teams want to make sure they have covered all their bases, and when you add in the expansion draft, and then the regular draft, it creates a lot of variables that need to be taken into account and that typically slows things. Not always…but usually. So my job is to try to explore all the options and then compare those to what Donnie is telling me is happening around the league. It all takes time,and never happens on the timetable you want or expect.

Third, I got to see the first pass of the Benefactor SizzleReel. This is the video that the production company puts together for advertisers and insiders to get a feel about the show. I nabbed a copy.. (sorry to the person whose desk I took it from…. you know who you are and I apologize….)

If you want to check it out, it’s a huge file at 70mbs, so give it some time to download…



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56 thoughts on “A little Sizzle

  1. I really like the trade that is has apparently been agreed to with the Wiz. If it leads to getting Thomas from the Knicks, I think that is a great move. Thomas will provide the Mavs with much neeeded rebounding and defense in the post. However, I think the player that would set the Mavs over the top would be Dampier. I believe the MAVS must go after him. He has been underrated for some time, and finally had a chance to shine last season. Thomas and Dampier would give the Mavs the defense they need to win an NBA Championship.

    Comment by Mike -

  2. Trade Dirk for Shaq and trade the #5 spot for T-Mac! “Nash, Shaq and T-Mac” I have dibs on the T-shirt rights! 🙂

    Great job Mark!!!!

    Comment by Biggy -

  3. mark,
    generally i try to offer some positive feedback, but after reading the news this morning i just can’t find it in myself to say anything positive. so take this “as is”.

    so jamison is gone, and we got laettner, stackhouse, and the #5. laettner can’t stay healthy (and takes a long time to heal), stackhouse has probably seen his better days, and the pick is just there so you can orchestrate your deal with LA.

    you are seriously considering getting rid of the heart and soul of this team in return for what? a decrease in payroll (dump bradley, tariq, and walker as suggested above and you solve that problem real fast)? and now we have yet another useless white guy (laettner) in the middle (ahem – DUMP BRADLEY PLEASE!). and you’re looking at getting shaq – who *maybe* has two or three good years left, and who takes so long to heal…

    sorry, but this fan doesn’t want a championship that damned bad.

    yes, we know that the LA trade is all speculation right now, but where there’s smoke there’s fire. and with the jamison trade, it’s pretty obvious what is going on here.

    i’ll just say this. if you trade nash and nowitski for shaq, i’m done with this team. and trust me, that hurts, as i’ve been a supporter since i moved here in 93. now i know that my lowly ticket revenue isn’t going to make or break you, but it’s the principal of the thing.

    and the only word i can come up with to fit the occassion is “pathetic”.

    Comment by anna -

  4. Kittles + Martin < Dirk + Nash. If that's the offer to beat, Dirk + Nash ain't the deal to be offering. If there is one thing I've learned watching metroplex sports, its don't bid against yourself just because you're in a hurry *cough*Arod*cough*.

    Comment by Charles (Not Barkley) -

  5. “A source said the Mavs hope a trade offer of Stackhouse, Laettner, the No. 5 pick, Antoine Walker and Josh Howard will entice the Lakers to send them O’Neal.” (Ft Worth Star Telegram)

    What is this? The Mavericks want one of the top three players in basketball and want to give up table scraps?
    Stackhouse and Laettner are coming off injuries and were ineffective last year. Walker is a loser who doesn’t play D and jacks up more bad shots than any player in basketball. The draft is weak so the #5 pick isn’t worth much. Howard is a decent role player/energy guy. What a joke. It’s going to take Dirk, Nash, Howard and the #5 pick to get Shaq. The Lakers don’t want Finley (monster contract) or Walker. And they definately don’t want Stackhouse (who plays Kobe’s position) or Laettner (35 years old and broken down).

    Comment by Julius M -

  6. Mark I think you don’t quite understand how much of a project Pavel is. You guys need to win now, you can’t keep the team together long enough for Pavel to develop, that might take 5 years. I don’t know if you read what people put on here because it’s just a bunch of crap of people arguing about Shaq and Dirk when Dirk wouldn’t even be considered in a deal for Shaq but if you do listen to one person, please let it be me and do this:

    Read this, it’s by a European scout from draftcity.com and it tells all about Pavel and what he did in 2 games, here’s the link:


    I found it very interesting and it just goes to show how raw he is, his fundamentals even sound bad. You’re one crazy guy running a good team Mark and I like it but please reconsider Pavel for the good of the Mavericks.

    Comment by Brian -

  7. hey
    I am truly a MFFL and would not be able to live with Steve on another team so I hope that you can do whatever is in your power to make sure that Steve and Bill Duffy are happy. On a second note, I definitely do not see Shaq as someone who would fit on the Mavs. We had enough of a problem “gelling” this year and unfortunately made a step backwards. I don’t think he really is worth it to tear up the big three or trade phenomenal players, such as Jamison. Even though the Mavs have not won a championship, I’d like to see most of the team suited back up for 2004-2005 with a few new faces but I would be severely disappointed if the heart and soul of the Mavericks is gone to get some over-rated guys. I would still be a fan but not nearly as much of a hardcore supporter that I have been for so long.
    Thanks for your consideration and I really appreciate and admire everything you have done for our team!

    Comment by Christine -

  8. Take our two vs. Shaq and let’s say Derrick Fisher. You tell me that you roll a lineup of Shaq, Finley, Fisher/Daniels, Najera and A. Walker that this team automatically becomes a better team.

    A. Walker may become more valuable with Dirk gone. You then have the ultimate inside presence along with the guys that can pour it in from the outside w/ a “worker bee” such as Najera and Howard. Sweeten the deal with the #5 pick and still hang on to Howard…NO BRAINER!!!

    You lose Dirk who is 24 but you still hang on to the two that you developed this year. You have one year left of Walker. Don’t trade him!! You DO NOT want $14 million of someone else’s junk! Keep him. If he works out then you have bettered yourself. If he does not, you have an additional $14 million for next year.

    Nash will obviously want big money…and probably deserves it. Big money will include big years. Big years means at the end of the contract you have an old, expensive point guard. The way that Nash plays how much will he have left in the tank?

    Mark….for the love of everything Dallas Mavericks if Mitch Kupcheck comes to you and offers that to you don’t let him even get the word Nash out of his mouth before you say…DONE!!

    Do not get yourself caught looking like the Minnesota Vikings in the Herschel Walker deal. This is an easy one. Dirk we love you. Nash you have been a warrior and we love you too. You both have helped bring back Mavs basketball.

    The big guy brings the Mavs the big gold balls. (Take that however you like) I’m talking about championships.

    Get’er done!

    Comment by Scott -

  9. this is OT, but AWESOME trade Mark. Jerry Stackhouse AND the number 5 pick? Incredible job.

    Comment by robert -

  10. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS TRADED JAMISON!?!? AHhhHHh i loved him. im about having a heart attack right now.

    please dont touch dirk.seoirusly i might die if that happens.


    Comment by cali -

  11. Tim, I’m a Kings fan and I can sympathize with your “we’re nearly there, we can win it” mentality. The problem is how long do you keep trying with the same personnel? Is the same team that loses every year all of a sudden going to get over the hump? The answer is: there is no hump, you have seen the peak.

    Dallas has the same thing that Sac has: a good regular season team that cannot win a title AKA proven losers. The teams are just good enough to tease you and give you hope, but they can’t step it up in the playoffs.

    Does whoever gets Shaq also get Malone?

    Comment by Steven -

  12. I’ve got to disagree with Tim. I can’t say that the trades have been quality when it meant losing Nick Van Exel. Like him or not, he was the heart and soul of the team the year before last.

    Comment by Peter -

  13. I agree with your comments 100%, Tim. I can’t believe the number of people in the media (Bill Simmons, sports radio, etc) who insist that Shaq for Nowitzki and Nash (as this is the most prevalent rumor at the time) is a no-brainer. Unless someone plans on getting in the ‘ol WayBack Machine and grabbing Shaq from 2001, then how can it make sense to completely jeopardize the future of the franchise for a aging, often out of shape, cocky prima donna who is only looking for deep pockets so that he can cash in before he really mails it in?

    I also don’t see how we went from “the Pistons proved that team chemistry and defense wins championships and that superstars doesn’t mean winning” to “let’s jettison the core of our cohesive team for a big man that may or may not have enough left in the tank to even care”. And, everyone, please stop thinking that Shaq is some kind of defensive powerhouse. He can barely move his dumper out of lane to avoid defensive 3 second calls (which they don’t call anyway), gets burned on pick and rolls, will continue to get lit up by Yao, and it sure as heck wasn’t him that was even close to defensively helping against KG and Duncan in the playoffs (it was Malone and a bench that cared). And if you think Shaq can’t stand Kobe hoisting up 20-25 shots a game, imagine how pleased he’ll be to be camped out under the basket to have errant trey balls from Nightmare Walker or an always streaky Finley richocheting off his oblong melon.

    Also, you have to consider the fact that Shaq might just go ahead and eat Shawn Bradley, and I don’t know how that’ll effect the salary cap.

    Comment by E -

  14. I couldn’t agree with Tim more…I like the sports guy’s commentary as much as anyone, but this isn’t a case of acquiring as much talent as we can to win a championship next season, it’s about players that the fans have embraced…we don’t want to see a collection of players wearing mavericks jerseys win a championship…we want OUR Dallas Mavericks to win the championship…i’d much rather watch Dirk, Nash, and Finley compete for a championship for the next 5-10 years than watch a bunch of guys in mavs jerseys that i don’t even care for win a championship every year.

    Comment by Cole -

  15. This is just my opinion, but to trade Dirk and another top player for Shaq is not a no-brainer, despite what Bill Simmons says. Most importantly, Dirk is 26 years old, and Shaq is 32. The Mavericks, if they take Shaq, would be paying $25-35 million a year for the next 5-6 years, and his skills would continue to diminish with each passing year. Let’s not forget that Shaq LOST the championship this year. Try telling the Detroit Pistons that having Shaq on your team equates to a definite championship ring. Are Steve Nash, Michael Finley, Shaq, and Antwawn Jameson better than Shaq, Karl Malone, Gary Payton, and Kobe Bryant? It’s dangerous when teams fall into the “we can’t lose” trap when making off-season deals. That’s what everybody said last summer about the Lakers, and now they’re blowing up their team.

    Furthermore, if the Mavs mortgage their future to win this year, that will likely mean several years of losing(most likely to the Lakers). I’m just glad that Cuban and Donnie Nelson are going to make the decisions, rather than Bill Simmons. Since Cuban has been owner, he’s shown a track record of quality trades. Even the Walker trade, despite it not resulting in a championship, was a good deal, and it put the Mavs in a better bargaining position now than they would have been if they were still trying to unload Raef’s big contract. I have plenty of faith that the Mavericks won’t do something that will damage the teams future, just to win now.

    I think there is something to be said for sticking with the players that brought the franchise where they are today. The fans fall in love with players, not the uniform. If the Lakers and the Mavs just switched uniforms, would that be enough for the fans? Of course not. I’m sick of hearing sports radio hosts in this town saying the fans get too attached to their players. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Isn’t it all about watching a player like Dirk, a complete unknown when he came in the league, and seeing him struggle during his rookie year, watching him improve each season, seeing him represent the Mavs in the All-star game, etc. etc. Sure, I want to see the “Mavericks Franchise” win a championshp, but not as much as I want to see Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, Michael Finley, Eddie Najera, Swawn Bradley, Don Nelson, etc win that championship.

    Comment by Tim -

  16. I thought The Benefactor would be pretty lame, just like many reality shows. But hey this sizzle is pretty good. It’s essentially a trailer–why not show it in front of movies? I bet you’d get viewers, including those who don’t usually watch reality tv like me.

    Comment by Ralph Lee -

  17. Will you people please understand that in order to win championships, you must have a well rounded team, defense + offense, ok now that I’ve stated the obvious, why’re so many of you crying about Shaq? He is the best defensive player out there right now that we could actually have on our team. If you think ostertag or bradley will get the job done, you’re crazy and you know nothing about the sport. We need defense, and if we have to loose walker, jamison & howard to do it, then so be it. I don’t particularly want to go through this season like last season. GET SHAQ AND KEEP DIRK, RE-SIGN NASH, SIGN DANIELS, THATS A WINNING TEAM!!!!

    Comment by david -

  18. As Cuban says, there is no “plug and chug” formula for the championship. So away we go, every year aiming for a title. What gives us a better shot is home court and a deep roster…over the years…MANY YEARS!

    My vote: I’d rather have 6-8 years of 50 wins instead of 1-2 years of 60. Long term investing is better than a short run “chance” at a title.

    Get Shaq if we can. Keep Dirk, Nash, Daniels. I’d hate to see Jamison and/or Finley go. We’d still be deep, and by hanging on to Dirk and Daniels we keep 2 superstars in Dallas for the next 8 years.

    My $0.02, and Mark and Nellie’s $0.98 weigh in much more….


    Comment by greg -

  19. I have no idea why Dirk is untouchable. I understand why he is likeable, and I understand why he is one of the best players in the league, but have no clue as to why he would be untouchable.

    Getting a true offensive center that can play defense and having the ability to have a great supporting cast around him is all you could ask for. So why not trade for Shaq.

    Read this article:


    Look at number 8 (Dirk) and number 6 (Shaq), I think it should help put things into perspective.

    Comment by Bill K -

  20. This is from Bill Simmons of ESPN. I couldnt have said it better myself:

    I’m tired of hearing everyone say that Dallas would trade everyone but Nowitzki for Shaq. Am I losing my mind here? Has anyone ever won the title with a big guy who couldn’t play defense or control the boards? Check out McAdoo’s stats some time; just as fun to watch as Nowitzki, his numbers were better and he never made the Finals until he was a reserve with the Lakers.

    Forget about every other Shaq rumor — Dallas is the only team that makes sense. Nobody else can give back a top 10 guy and make the salaries match in a palatable way. Whether it’s a package of Nowitzki, Antoine Walker and Josh Howard, or just Nowitzki and Antwan Jamison, or whatever else it might take, the Mavs would be locking up the title for two years, at least. Who’s beating a motivated, ticked-off Shaq with a quality supporting cast? Absolutely no one.

    Comment by chuck -

  21. Btw, as much as I like Nellie, I hope you’ll consider Phil someday. Although there’s an unwritten subtext of Leos and Virgos not meshing harmoniously, I think once you can overlook Phillip’s incisive personality he’ll work wonders for you.

    Comment by Mary -

  22. I like Dirk, but I’d love the chance to have Shaq. It would speed up the Mavs destiny with the Championship. Mark, you’d have the premiere franchise in all of sports now rather than later. I’m guessing if the Mavs are worth $360 million before Shaq,they’d be worth $550 million or more afterwards. Under financial terms, it’s a win-win situation.

    Besides, Kobe will be out in the second round as defensive wins championships… jacking up 30 shots a night will not.

    Comment by Mary -

  23. getting shaq to go with nash, and either walker or jamison would mean championships now, with Yao and TMac in orlando, your only chance to win a championship in the next decade is to get a quality big, like shaq…

    Comment by trade talker -

  24. please don’t trade dirk. its tough to say, but i don’t even think shaq is worth it, especially if he could leave after one year. but hey, you’re the boss, and us Mavs fans in central texas will cheer against those spurs no matter what happens.

    Mavs in 2005!

    Comment by bigpaulypaul -

  25. After I figured out it would never download on my slow as molasses home computer, and saw it on a faster machine at the public library. I don’t think the librarian liked the soundtrack though, she kept waving headphones – it was not my fault they did not work and I had to play it out loud 🙂

    I usually see someone else saying things I wish I had said, but will give it a shot. I think you have hit the nail on the head, how to give the reality show format a reel run for its money! Mark Burnett is not the only one who can innovate in this media, I think he will be taking notes from your show, when he sees it. Congratulations! It is good for the TV medium and the audience to bump up the bar a few notches, we will all get better television coming up from all sources, looking forward to the fall season to see what you, and the competition have to do in response to keep up with you. Way to go!

    Comment by Val -

  26. What in the world would make ANYBODY think that Shaq’s inflated ego could fit ANYWHERE in the AAC? It’s bad enough when he visits.

    There is no place in Dallas for the Shaq.

    I am sincerely hoping there is absolutely no merit to this story that was published on msnbc.com, because if there is– we really ARE in trouble.

    Don’t let the fans down, Mark. Keep Nash and Nowitzki and Finley and Daniels.

    How could you think of taking a player with only 3 or 4 good (?– 49 percent free throws would not mesh with the Mavs plan of attack) years with Shaq’s big head, over a player like Dirk– who IS the franchise and a fan favorite.

    If Shaq comes to Dallas and Dirk and Steve are gone because of it– I will never purchase another ticket to a Mavs game again. And we buy a LOT, Mark.. LOWER LEVEL, if you catch my drift.

    It’s all about business, right?

    Comment by Rosanna -

  27. hey mark,

    i got to meet your boys donnie and del on tuesday night at a party for the Chinese team. they seem like real quality guys. i also got to meet this guy Li Jianlian, a 7 ft 16 year old kid. they say he’s gonna be the number 1 pick next year. i hope yall draft him.

    Comment by Dave -

  28. Mark,

    Please show the same loyalty to your players that your fans show them. We don’t want Shaq or McGrady, we want Dirk, Nash and Finley!

    Comment by Cole Smith -

  29. Im not a big fan of shaq…he’s just got issues, but he would be good for the team. Just PLEASE PLEASE don’t get rid of Nash or Dirk!! I love them guys!!! If you don’t trade them I’ll be your personal tour guide if you ever make it out to Hawaii!!! or send ya whatever you want from out here!! Please!! lol

    Comment by Kate -

  30. I just checked your payroll Mark, and I almost cried. You must have the highest payroll in the league. If I was your GM, I would be thinking of how to unload Walker, Finley, Tariq, and Bradley. That is about half of your payroll ($40m), and more than the entire payroll of San Antonio or Miami! Trade those four for San Antonio’s or Miami’s entire team.

    Okay, that was OT. Back OT, give Dirk, Walker, Howard for Shaq. If the Lakers want Jamison instead of Walker, then give up Jamison and do not re-sign Walker. I know that you are already dreaming of Nash feeding Shaq down-low and Finley getting open shots from the double teams.

    Since you have the habit of overpaying, do you have any need for accountants? I’ll work cheaply, only $2m/yr.

    Comment by Steven -

  31. shaq’s not getting traded.

    teams like yours will have to give up so much just to have the lakers even entertain the offer

    as a laker fan

    the only options i wouldnt throw away right away would be.

    with indiana
    give us jermaine o’neal, ron artest, and al harrington

    with dallas
    give us dirk nowitzki, steve nash, and josh howard

    with new jersey
    give us kenyon martin, kerry kittles, rodney rogers, and lucious harris

    i just dont see it happening. teams have to give up too much to get shaq.

    Comment by brian -

  32. if you give up dirk, the mavs arent even the mavs anymore. you just gave up 10+ yrs of a top player for not 7, 6, 5, but maybe 3 yrs outta shaq. its not worth it. just sit with what we have. we have so much trade value, just wait it out. LA is the one that should be desperate right now.

    Comment by david -

  33. damm the show looks good as hell .. cant wait and I hope u drive Trumps show rating wize off the charts.. ia hate that cocky bastard.. u worth about the same .. YOUR THE MAN haha oh btw KEEP DIRK and NASHHHHHHH please gotta resign NASH

    Comment by robby -

  34. BTW..
    I looked in the link you supplied . can anyone bid on the auction items you are putting up on the turney? I didnt see anyting about it on the site..


    Comment by Mike Verinder -

  35. are u dumb.. give up DIRK?

    a) Dirk is the best player we have
    b) Shaq has slowed down, people can contain him a little better now
    c) Shaq is old, Dirk is young
    d) DIRK/Kobe Combo would be even more deadlier then Shaq/Kobe
    e) you must be bumbass to even want to give up Dirk .. def top 5 player in the leage that jsut continues to improve year after year

    Comment by robby -

  36. Hey Mark !
    You gotta get shaq ! just do it!
    I actually had a class with him at LSU.. although he only showed up twice.. Always thought it was funny in school he always drove around a new car every week…. hmmm… dad is a sergent in the army.. can you say alumni help?
    seriously though.. i hate to see the new ticket prices.. i mean for good mav seats these days we already pay around 150 bucks.. and with shaq.. it will be like a return to the dot com days for ticket prices….
    but oh what a team it would be..

    Comment by Mike Verinder -

  37. The new show looks quite good and I am really looking forward to it. Don’t trade Dirk or I’ll cry…

    Comment by John Vera -

  38. Best of luck at the American Century Championship, it’s going to be interesting to see if The Donald will take you up on your offer. Anytime you and Charles Barkley make an appearance, it’s worth the price of admission. Hope to catch the event if our family can make the trip.

    Comment by Will -

  39. Trump is playing at the event.
    How funny would it be if you
    carried his bag for him.
    “Someday you can be up there with the rich people”

    Comment by Dan -

  40. Mark Please get Shaq, you’ll win 3 championships with him in the middle of that supporting cast. All you have to give up is Nowitski.

    Comment by Dan Patrick -

  41. The final line is genius. I predict it will be the single most powerful marketing line this entire fall for TV. Please give whoever wrote it a serious raise.

    What’s the game?
    It’s the game of life.

    Damn. That’s good.

    Comment by Jim Kerr -

  42. That promo was sooooo sweeeeeeeeet. I can’t wait to watch… I’m biting my fingernails… (oh, wait I do that anyway)… FALL? OMG? Am I gonna make it?!

    Comment by Rachelle -

  43. The preview was great…I cant wait for the show!

    Comment by Patti -

  44. Hey!

    That sizzlereel was pretty cool. The Oprah dude seemed funny. Anyway I hope the Mavs get whatever they want done in the offseason. Can’t wait to catch your show. Later

    Comment by MavsFan -

  45. Mark,

    I emailed you earlier this week and you replied quite fast, (by the way, thanks a ton for being so available to Mavs fans as well as general Cuban fans). My question was one that you have fielded probably 3094839 times this week. Simply, Will Dirk be involved in any trade to get Shaq or McGrady, with my preference being NO. You said that Dirk was off limits and that gave relief to A LOT of people. What I would like to ask is a series of questions, and if possible, please answer them within this comment portion, through email, or within another post.

    1)Does Shaq DEFINITELY have a trade clause that would prevent LA from holding all of the cards and mandating that Shaq goes to an Eastern Conference team?

    2)If Shaq DOES have the trade clause that allows him to choose where he wants to go, do you think he really wants to come here the most, or do you think it was hot air like what McGrady said earlier this week, (also, is LA interested in what we have to offer – Likely Jamison, Walker, Howard & a future pick)?

    3)Is it possible to do anything to prevent Houston from pulling off the McGrady deal. As I am sure you are aware, Houston with Yao and McGrady is the Texas version of Shaq and Kobe. Needless to say, we dont need to have one more powerhouse to go against if we can avoid it.

    Thanks for your time in reading this and answering the questions!

    Go Mavs!


    Comment by Male22Dan -

  46. Mark, thanks for the preview!

    Comment by eh-D -

  47. And so begins the Devin Harris era.

    Comment by Charles (Not Barkley) -

  48. Ok… the reel looks great, and i am almost conviced its going to be a show worth watching. Good job! cant wait to see it!


    By the way, word of advice: dont use Gotoecom for hosting.. they suck…

    Comment by Jeremy Tomcotta -

  49. In sports you don’t go with your heart? what do you go with? i don’t know about everyone else, but i always go with my heart in sports…it’s what makes them worthwhile…

    Comment by Cole -

  50. Bring in the Diesel. He’s still the most dominant player in the NBA right now and will be an inside presence that the Mavs really don’t have.

    Draft Mo Finley too. He’s a shooting guard from UAB that hit the game winning shot against Kentucky in the NCAA tournament.

    Comment by Tony -

  51. TWO words to encompass all this chatter regarding the mavs :

    Comment by jamie -

  52. Dirk hasn’t hit his prime yet and they need him AND Shaq to win the championship. Shaq’s body is starting to fall apart from all the extra games and the banging he has had to endure over the years. I think that this year is proof that you need more than 1 or 2 superstars to WIN a championship. And without Dirk and possibly Nash, the Mavs will NOT win the NBA next year – even with Nash and Shaq, I think the team would be hard pressed to beat a healthy Timberwolves, Spurs, or Pistons team. The offer on the table and possibly the lottery pick seems more than fair to me – Lakers would be CRAZY not to take the deal because they’ll LOSE Shaq for nothing after his contract is over. I say – wait it out Mark and take a Big with the pick or trade for another – If Pavel develops in 2 to 3 years, you have Dirk hitting his prime with Daniels and/or Howard with experience to take you to the promised land.

    Comment by Dan -

  53. certainly i didn’t intend to speak for all Dallas Mavericks fans, and I certainly didn’t intend to speak for Marc Cuban…i was only replying to those who don’t understand why some of us don’t want him…

    Comment by Cole -

  54. Cuban has said on many occasions that no player is untouchable (though Dirk is close to that) when it comes to trades. so the way i see it, you may have loyalty to the current Mavs team, but Marc is always willing to listen to deals, especially if they make the team better.

    Comment by larry -

  55. in dallas i guess we care more about our athletes than fans in most cities…this isn’t about buying a championship trophy…in dallas we went through many, many years of losing…in the late 90s the mavericks were able to acquire Finley, Nash, and Nowitzki…players who, at the time, had not proven themselves to be star players in the league…unproven players on an unproven franchise…as those guys began to develop so did the mavs…the team grew with them and vice versa…they turned our franchise around and became the face of our team…and i’ll always identify MY mavs as that core group of players who turned this franchise around…i could never cheer for a team built around Shaq and jerry stackhouse…anyway, i guess all i’m saying is that some things are more important to me than buying an NBA championship trophy….

    Comment by Cole -

  56. Well that was a great promo…although I’m already excited about the show.
    Mark you seem like an awesome guy(maybe we can talk at the Heroes Celeb baseball game) but those people were stupid to even pretend that was funny. Although you did pull it off well. I can’t wait to see what else happens.
    And I’m not going to tell you how to run your team, but I know you’ll do whats best for the Mavs and their fans.

    Comment by Emily -

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