It’s been crazy, sleepless and fun the past few days.

Listening to everyone speculate about what the Lakers might do is always entertaining.

Listening to everyone speculate about what the Mavs might do is fun when it comes from fans. Love or hate what we do, might do, or have done, as long as fans have an opinion, that’s always a good thing. It shows passion, and Mavs fans are certainly passionate about our team.

Which leads to a question: In the Entertainment biz, they have very honest job descriptions. Someone who creates and reports gossip is called a gossip columnist. Joan Rivers, Page Six, Cindy Adams, etc. don’t pretend to be reporters. They get paid well to dish out gossip.

Can we please start calling the Sam Smiths and Peter Vesceys and Norman Chadsof the world what theyreallyare?Sports Gossip Columnists. They don’t have regard for the truth. Why pretend that they do?

It’s always these old favorites that seem to slime their way to the top. I was listening to the Dan Patrick Show and they had Sam Smith on, my buddy from the Chicago Tribune. Let’s just hope the accountants for the Tribune Company have a higher regard for accuracy in reporting than Sam the Sham does.

Perfect example of Sam in action is Jerry West going on the air during the draft saying the Grizz can’t afford to trade for Shaq. Then Sham chimes on the show saying Shaq is going to Memphis. Sam then does his daily rip on the Mavs and, in particular, our new draft pick, Pavel who he calls a stiff.

How about this for a challenge Sam the Sham Smith?…I will donate 10k dollars to the charity of your choice if you can prove that you have ever seen Pavel play in person or on tape excluding the footage on the ESPN draft shows.Two minutesof ESPN tape doesn’t qualify as scouting. If you lose, you change your business card title and Tribune byline to “Sports Gossip Columnist”. I will even pay for the cards.

Doesn’t the Tribune Company realize that you are a blight on the entire company? I brought this up to an exec I met who works at the company. He told me they knew it, but that you were like the crazy oldunclethey had learned to live with. Great support from your company, Sam.

If they only knew how many times I have told brokers and possible investors that they shouldn’t buy Trib stock because if they can’t get simple details on their sports pages right, how can you trust their accountants? Corporate culture either values accuracy or it doesn’t. The Tribune Company obviously doesn’t.

******** Stop The Presses ********

No lie: After I wrote this blog entry, I sat down to read the NY Times and there in the business section is an article accusing (among others) the Tribune Company for inflating audited subscriber numbers…Maybe the company encourages Sam to lie…who knows…Is lyingpervasive at the Tribune Company? Corporate culture is amazingly powerful…

******** We now return to our regularly scheduled blog entry ********

Then of course there is Joan Rivers Vescey. Joan is wrong so often its hard to keep up. This week he wrote (calling itreporting would be so wrong…) that Steve Nash was mad at the Mavs because wehadn’t made an offer to him…Where in Europe did your “sources” talk to Steve? He has been on vacation since the end of the season, but I’m sure he is talking toyour”sources” instead ofvisiting theEiffel Tower. I guess I shouldignore theemails he has sent me and believe what you wroteinstead, Peter.

Where do you get this stuff? And why are you stupid enough to writeit as fact?Why are you so lazy that you have NEVER EVER called or emailed me to confirm a single thing you have written? Could it be that you don’t care about the truth? Aren’t you embarrassed that Page 6 in the Post has a better track record than you do?

And while we are on the topic of fantasy masquerading as fact, let me set everyone straight. The Mavs will not trade Dirk. We have never discussed a trade with Dirk or Steve for that matter.

As far as making additional trades, it’s no secret that we have discussed trading Antoine Walker. Walk did everything we asked of him this past year. He played every single position on the court from point guard to center. He defended guys twice his size. He changed his game to fit our needs. He is an amazing talent.

While other players might have gotten upset or complained, Walk went to war for us. I can’t tell you how much respect I have for Walk, and what a positive he has been in the locker room and in representing the Mavs organization. It’s because he went to the wall for us that we told him that we would see if there was a better fit on another team. His flexibility was a big plus for us, but he would excel even further if he could find a specific role and focus on it.

We also told him that we wouldn’t just trade him just to move him. Guys who work as hard as Antoine and are as versatile aren’t easy to come by.

I’m off to see our new guys workout. We play against China this week. I can’t wait to see Pavel against Yao!

One last thing: If comments on the blog get personal and aren’t on topic, they will be removed. If policing comments becomes a hassle, I will just turn them off.

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  2. Personally, I have really grown to love Dirk, Nash, Najera, Howard, Daniels, etc. It is so much fun to see “home grown” talent achieve this type of success, and their high-scoring style is just so much fun to watch.

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  3. How could you think of taking a player with only 3 or 4 good (?– 49 percent free throws would not mesh with the Mavs plan of attack) years with Shaq’s big head, over a player like Dirk– who IS the franchise and a fan favorite.

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  4. My mind is like an empty room, but oh well. Maybe tomorrow. Basically not much going on worth mentioning, but that’s how it is. I’ve just been letting everything pass me by recently, but I don’t care. My life’s been basically boring today.

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  5. After all it was no error to let Nash go.

    Comment by thom -

  6. Here is a great place to buy lakers tickets

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  7. You mentioned a practice game against China; so how did Pavel match up to Yao?

    Comment by The Man -

  8. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but some of the comments on Stephen A. Smith border on racism. Not only are his comments generally astute, but he “represents” AfFrican Americans quite well — the derogatory “ebonics” comment above notwithstanding. Some folks have a problem with African Americans “sounding” African Americans. But he, Cornel West and others “talking the talk” is refreshing. Get over it.

    Comment by Jello -

  9. I don’t know anything about the subscriber fiasco, but it’s not the first time the Tribune Company has been involved in some rather shady business
    practices, they scalp their own tickets:
    Read here

    Comment by Aaron Blackshear -

  10. Rather than only blame the Chicago Tribune for a Sam Smith, why not also attack the root of the problem – ESPN.

    It is ESPN that makes Norman Chad, Sam Smith, or any other of their lackeys known beyond the citiies in which they write. How else could someone as sheisty as Chad become a sports-household name?

    Additionally, remember the “investigative” series on sex and pro athletes? Remember that Baron Davis, whose interview was aired during the ESPN piece, was told by ESPN that the piece was “satirical…” Davis complained bitterly that he was misled by ESPN reps, and filed a formal complaint with the NBA (from the New Orleans Times-Picayune).

    Bet you never heard anything about that on ESPN.

    All said, Dan Patrick doesn’t have to use Sam Smith as his mouthpiece, and the producers of the ESPN Draft Show don’t need Peter Vescey to rumor-monger, or use Jim, “The Human Oil Slick” Gray, to make non-observations during NBA games ———— But ESPN does, which speaks volumes about the integrity of the “Worldwide Mis-leader in Sports.”

    Comment by David Wilson -

  11. Nash was a huge defensive liability – definitely not worth the money Phoenix is willing to give. As for S&T – do fans think all GMs are as stupid as they are!!! There are very few GMs who would be willing to give up good players for an overpaid Nash. You would get other overpaid players in return – not studs.

    The Mavericks need to be better defensively to win. Trading Shaq for Dirk is not the answer. Shaq’s defence is declining rapidly, and having him on your team is no longer a guarantee for a ring. Trying to get Samuel Dalembert would be a better long-term answer for you than Shaq. Plus getting Shaq means the nature of your team changes dramatically; if you don’t win in 3 years you will have to re-build.(No – I don’t think the Lakers will trade Shaq without getting Dirk).

    Comment by Marlon -

  12. Hey, hard core mavs fan here!! Mark Mark!! Dont send my boy steve off!! come on he is the head on the snake, the driver of the bus! the needle of the thread!!! keep our three together and create a package holding on to our boys dirk nash and fin!! what a dream to have them and shaq too!! unstoppable, but keep my boy nash!!

    Comment by JRodenis -

  13. Mark,

    I can understand that you might have a variety of reasons for not trading Dirk for Shaq, but your statement (reported by ESPN.com) that Dirk is a “very special top-five” player simply isn’t credible. Dirk is a great player, but he didn’t make the all-NBA First Team. He didn’t even make the Second Team. In putting together a list of the top 5, the first four are pretty inarguable (in no particular order): Shaq, Kobe, Kevin, and Tim. There are three players who make very good candidates for that 5th spot: Tracy, Jason, and maybe Allen. If you have the opportunity to trade a Third-Team member for a First-Team member, you should consider it. Dirk is a great player, but top 5, he ain’t.

    Comment by Eric Tsuchida -

  14. You can probably take comfort in know that Mark more than likely lost money on MAMA. He filed on 3/4/04 that he owned 600k shares. There is no doubt in my mind that he bought them into the huge the 2 days prior in which the stock ran as high as 15.80 (I’m sure he, like everyone else, had never even heard of the company before the big gap and run. He was just daytrading this all along; saw the momentum and grabbed it. Just hope he ticked the high :-))

    He likely sold in the past few days, and the stock (other than experiencing a VERY brief pop to 14s) has languished in the 11s for the better part of a month.

    I’m sure he’ll post how he made his millions soon anyways.

    Comment by Steve -

  15. To the dude who said this:

    “My perspective:

    Most media types (not limited to just sports media folks)do not care about the truth…just whatever BS will sensationalize the story the most to attract the biggest audience to help pay the bills (get the cash). The sound bits to hook are usually very misleading and the “story” turns out to be a fairy tale.

    Reardless of what they are called either by themselves or others (reporter or gossip columnist)- the end result will be the same BS and it will probably carry the same interest.”

    You are wrong.

    The majority of this nations media are NOT talking heads. They are NOT on national affiliates. They do NOT work for ESPN, Fox News Channel or any other national network. They are the beat writers, sports writers and editors who work at your local newspaper, your hometown radio station and your local network TV affiliates.

    They try to get ratings, yes, but they don’t go out of their way to lie doing it. Perhaps none of you realize this, but as a journalist, I can tell you, if you work at anything less than a top 10 market or for a major cable outlet, you don’t make crap. I have worked 80+ hours a week to make 32K a year with no benefits. That is NOTHING.

    We go through school, myself through one of the best journalism schools in the country, and we take these bad paying, no respect jobs, because, at the root of it, we want to help people learn about their world. We want to let you know about places you can’t be and things you can’t experience. We bust our asses and some of us die in the line of duty to absolutely NO respect from people in the general public.

    When we get done at night, or in the early morning, we do research or we just sit back to browse the Internet and we hear, “The entire media is liberally biased,” “all radio talk show hosts are conservative,” “sports journalists never do any research,” “sports writers just want to make waves and make players look bad.” etc.

    These are all what are known as “generalizations” and if you make them as a writer or a journalist, you get sued. Why? Because, for the most part generalizations are wrong. Very few times on this planet are ALL X’s Y. (Those are variables, for the algebra challenged).

    Who are journalists? We are you. We are a group of people who go to work, try to do our job the best we can, and most of us love it, because if we didn’t, we would find something that paid better. Like McDonalds or owning the Mavericks.

    Think about what I’ve said, Mark, and all your readers, especially the guy with “perspective” when you look at a broad group of people who, for the most part, are trying to help YOU have a better life, while normally not exactly coming up aces in their own.

    Comment by Paul in Dallas -

  16. What happened to being invested in MAMA over the long term?

    Your earlier posts suggested you were investing for the long term in a business that would just keep putting money away and that you could “cross promote.” Something change? Or were you just hyping to sell?

    Comment by Steve -

  17. I thought you were a leader. If you saw something wrong with the direction of the company you should have made noise. Wow, pop culture public figure, not a fighting hero.
    At least I have an NBA team to root against now. And I don’t feel a need to watch you give away my money to someone else on your show.

    Comment by Mike -

  18. Since the owner of my team, the celts, has no clue what he is doing and I cannot in good faith root for guys like Ricky Davis, I have converted into a MAV fan for 2 reasons. First, you have made the NBA fun for me again, and 2 Im a Wake Forest Alum and I love Josh Howard. He was in my graduating class, and I think you found yourself a winner not to mention a great person. SO please do not trade him to the Lakers. Any other team, except maybe the Knicks, but def not the Lakers. I hate the Lakers. I like Shaq, but hate every other person on that team not to mention their front office. Please do not trade Josh, but if you have to, trade him to any other team but the Lake.


    Comment by Nick Price -

  19. Hi Mark,

    I agree 100% with your comments about Sam Smith but I must say that I have relationships with several arms of the Tribune Corporation and they are some of the best people I deal with day in and day out. Sam Smith’s hatchet job on Jordan was enough to discredit him forever in my eyes but I don’t think you should let that color the entire Trib organization.

    Comment by Chris -

  20. I love the challenge to Sam Smith. I’m sick of reading garbage that is obviously a rumor made up by a journalist who thinks he is a GM and not a sports writer. And your right, the Trib company doesn’t care if he lies, as long as he sells. Look at how they used to handle the Cubs and you can see the corporate culture: as long as the seats sell out, there is no reason to field a winning team. The Cubs just happened to get good though, but they were selling out for years when all they did was lose. It’s great to see an owner challenge the media to be more accurate, I would believe what you say about your own players over some lazy reporter. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Ryan -

  21. I know this is too easy to point out, but Sam Smith has always been a crackpot. I know. I actually read the Tribune. And I usually read his column. The fact that newspapers (Trib included, but more specifically the Sun Times) are lying about their numbers has more to do with the fact more of us are getting our news directly from the true source (like this blog). They are in the business of selling papers, and Sam Smith sells papers. I would imagine as much, otherwise they would show him the door. People probably read his stuff just to see what the “Crazy Uncle” is smoking this morning. I know I do. I am always left thinking, “Man, Smith is off his rocker”. You want the sports pages to report truth, and not speculation? Let’s get the important news cleaned up first before I start worrying about what Sam Smith thinks of your draft picks…

    Comment by Perry -

  22. Mark, Thanks for clearing the air about trading Dirk for Shaq, and for all those people who have told me they’d take Shaq over Dirk any day of the week… SHUT UP!!! The NBA has a way of ranking players in a point system called the “Efficiency Rating”. The formula for said rating is at the end of my rant. Dirk’s efficiency rating for the season averaged 24.17 (ranked #5). Shaq’s was 24.93 (ranked #3). That’s the average per game for the season. Now let’s take a look at TOTALS for the season. Dirk: 1861 (#3). Shaq: 1670 (#12). You might say that Dirk played 10 more games than Shaq, and that’s why his total is higher. I propose to all those “Shaq at any cost MAVS Fans” that this only proves how valuable Dirk is. Conventional thinking says 10 more games leave more room for error, and I’ll take .76 of a point difference over 10 games. Secondly, EXACTLY!!! Dirk played 10 more games. More consistent play, less prone to injury, younger, more longevity. If we can get Shaq, fine. But we have to think “at what cost?”. I wouldn’t trade Dirk for Shaq in a “straight-up” deal, and I’ve got people telling me they want to throw Dirk plus Nash in the pot for Shaq? What a joke!!!
    The formula for figuring the “Efficiency Rating” is as follows: ((PTS + REB + AST + STL + BLK) – ((FGA – FGM) + (FTA – FTM) + TO)) / G

    Comment by Mikol -

  23. not that this is related to the topic at hand- but in reading the blog today i was finally inspired to thank the Mavs.

    I was born in Dallas and grew up a fan of the Cowboys, Rangers and Mavs. And despite the fact that I only had a chance to see one Mavs game (that I hardly remember….back in the days when Reunion Arena was new…) I loved them! I would stay up as late as i could to catch all the games on TV with my dad. some of the fondest memories of my childhood include rolondo blackman, roy tarpley and especially mark aguirre. as my eyes became heavy attempting to stay awake for a west coast game, my dad would often whisper- “time to go to bed”…but when i awoke to see it was only the beginning of the third quarter- i quickly replied “just resting my eyes during halftime dad…”

    i was not blessed with the ability to play basketball very well- but i could play soccer, and when i was six my parents asked me what number i wanted on my new soccer jersey. quickly, i spouted “24! ’cause that’s mark aguirre’s number!” i wore the number 24 through my college career- and now, as a coach, its fun to see my players clamor for the right to wear the number on their back.

    i am happy to see the organization under such passionate leadership and I can’t wait until the championship is won at the American Airlines center. Thanks for the memories and know that you do impact us! have a great day!

    Comment by Andy -

  24. I am willing to bet more than $10K that Mr.Smith has not seem him live in person. However, I have seen him play (practice, games and workouts) over 10 times in person over the last 2 years.

    Pavel, with some luck and good health, will be one of the top 3-5 centers in the NBA within 5 years. He has had NO coaching, the coach actually denied him playing time when NBA scouts were in the arena. Terrible story. Anyway, Pavel is not just big – he is versatile and skilled. His workout at the NBA Pre-Draft in 2003 simply dropped jaws.

    The Mavs got an absolute steal with Pavel. You will find out in 2-3 years. He is also a WONDERFUL kid – he really is still a kid – despite his mammoth size.

    Comment by EuroScout -

  25. Mr. Cuban-
    Did you hear today on ESPN’s 6:oo pm eastern broadcast of “the budwieser hotseat” (which really isn’t that hot) Donald Trump called you a copy cat because of your show “The benefactor”. I thought it was pretty funny that he still thinks you knocked off his show. Your much more creative than he his, he probably had someone else come up with his show and he just plays in it. Anyways…good luck this off season and next season. Go MAVS!

    Comment by Danny Angel -

  26. you are right about the choices, but i would add that shaq is also a good guy, minus a few profane words, i mean ask the writers, see lebron and melo compare him to magic as the big brother of the league, shaq is great to have on ur team, he probably bugs u if hes not but u love him when hes one of urs…that said i hope he stays

    Comment by sam -

  27. Vescey is a joke he is never right about anything. He always has the Nicks trading 2 scrubs for the best player on another team. As we know everyone is interested in Charlie Ward.

    Ford must get paid by agents to pimp euro players. At least these guys are so obvious about it that if you read them at least a few times, you know, that there is more truth on your average internet message board than in the scraps of paper they call news.

    Comment by Del -

  28. Point blank get rid of about 2 of your offensive options (walker, jamison) and get young physically strong slasher/defender types and you will have a great team. You need a balance. You need some great all around players with offensive tallent and some young guys that can outmuscle people fight for loose balls and rebound(see Jerome Kersey). Until you guys fget off this “see how many names we can accumulate” kick you wont win anything.

    Best starting 5 ever….. Clyde Drexler, Terry Porter, Buck Williams, Jerome Kersey, Kevin Duckworth (insert anyone over 6’10” here).

    Comment by Jeremy -

  29. I would not trade 10-15 years of Dirk for 3-5 years of Shaq. Keep up the good work, Mark. Go Mavs!!

    Comment by Glen Wilson -

  30. The columnists job is to generate interest and sell newspapers. I doubt that there is anything in their job description that mentions “truth”. As for the Shaqster, let’s not forget that he has two or three years left if he can stay healthy, so let’s not get too excited about trading away the farm to get him.

    Comment by Mike -

  31. Trade that midget in the middle of the picture, he’ll get eaten up inside.

    Comment by B-Woo -

  32. Hey Cubes!!! You don’t read Vescey to find the truth!!! Everyone from NY knows that you read his column to find out what’s NOT going to happen. By the way if you are going to trade for Shaq it would be better for your team if you sent Stackhouse, Laettner, Walker, Nash and Howard. Keep Podkolzine to groom as Shaq’s replacement, Harris because he’s a better defender + as good a ball distributor as Nashty + Finley for leadership in the lockeroom.

    Comment by Mervin Dixon -

  33. Peter “Vasectomy” needs to do just that. MFFL

    Comment by Johnny Martinez -

  34. I think we can only call the Mavs a *great* team once they actually win the championship.

    Shaq for Dirk (and others) is a no-brainer, until you get caught up in the *potential* of Dirk and the *potential* of the current Mavs.

    Fact is, as a MFFL, we still don’t have a center (Bradley and Pavel are space-fillers at best) and we have the chance to acquire Shaq – a guy who turned around LA’s woes and helped them to 3 titles.

    This is a once-in-a-lifetime trade Mr Cuban, and I hope you have your fans interests on your sides. Shaq is heading to the hall of fame. It would be *great* if he could close out his incredible career with more titles here in Dallas.

    Comment by Mark Tully -

  35. I don’t know what you are planning, but I think that
    Stackhouse could be good for your team. The man has talent. I am a DC guy, so I am thrilled you gave us Jamison, but Stack is hungry now, he’s seen what his peer Rasheed got to do when he went to a new team.

    That being said, if you can get Shaq for 2 of your 3
    “core” players, (say, nash and Nowitski), you’d pretty much have to do that, wouldn’t you?

    I believe you when you say straight out “I wont trade Dirk or Steve”. For now. But Shaq, plus whoever you have left after the trade… that could win a title.

    Comment by Dave -

  36. Good point Greg, glad someone else is willing to admit that
    having the most exciting team to watch is really great.

    Hey, picutre this, a building half full of empty seats, and the
    seats that are occupied contain people that are dozing off, and
    as they doze off, the last thing they see are two San Antonio
    Championship Banners. That’s what “Playoff” basketball gets you.

    And don’t forget, the Lakers were “guaranteed” a championship
    last year, right?

    My prediction, if you trade Dirk and Nash for Shaq, one
    of the teams in that deal will win the championship three
    times over the next five years. Unfortunately, it won’t be

    Don’t play Jerry Jones ball, don’t trade two #1’s for Galloway. Keep the #1’s. Be a great team for years!

    Comment by Robbie Barton -

  37. well of course, Sam Smith was just on DPshow and he admits he’s never seen him play.. so guess you wont have to write that check.

    Comment by brian -

  38. I wish we had an owner with half your ambition here in Chicago. While I love the Bulls, Reinsdork is such a complete waste of space. Think you can pony up a few bucks and buy him out?


    Comment by AL -

  39. I think what the (rumored) Shaq-to-Mavs trade comes down to is this basic question:
    A) Do we Dallas fans want to win a CHAMPIONSHIP, or
    B) Do we Mavs fans want a team that is FUN TO WATCH and is full of “home grown” talent that we respect and have grown to love.

    Sure, Shaq is arguably the most dominant player in basketball, and if you look at it from the outside, it makes sense “on paper” to trade any one player (including Dirk) to get the best player in the NBA in return. But honestly, why should we care so much about a RING that we would sell our team’s soul?

    Personally, I have really grown to love Dirk, Nash, Najera, Howard, Daniels, etc. It is so much fun to see “home grown” talent achieve this type of success, and their high-scoring style is just so much fun to watch. On top of it all, the Mavs are the perennial “underdog”, which is always a BLAST to root for. If we trade ANY of our core home-grown players for Shaq, we will all expect a championship within the next two years, and be disappointed if we don’t get one. As a diehard Mavs fan, I care more about having a team of GOOD GUYS with GOOD ATTITUDES and a FUN style of play, and just hope for the best.

    If we could trade our “newly acquired” guys for Shaq (the draft picks, Walker, Fortson, etc.), then I am all for it. But Mark, if you trade any of the CORE guys, you may risk losing LOTS of fans if we don’t win a title within 2 years.

    Comment by Greg Bohn -

  40. Please take Fat-ass Shaq out of Los Angeles.
    And don’t worry, I won’t miss him.

    Comment by Lakers Fan -

  41. Hey Mark,
    Will Devon and Pavel be playing tomorrow night in
    Ft. Worth? I’d love to see them play.

    Comment by Robbie Barton -

  42. Got this from a paper in Alabama:
    Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, when asked by the Detroit Free Press if other NBA teams would try to copy the Pistons’ blueprint for success:

    “The Pistons are a very good basketball team. When you play New Jersey and get into a situation where Jason Kidd is hurt, then you play Indiana and you have a situation where Jermaine O’Neal gets hurt, then you play the Lakers and Karl Malone gets hurt … that’s the scenario I want to copy.”

    Comment by Tony -

  43. Wouldnt it be much more enjoyable to win with you’re own players? Its like Malone and Payton going to LA for a ring? What would it really have meant if they had won? It would have meant malone and payton sold out for a ring shaq and kobe could win for them. ID rather see my team either draft or trade for unproven players and win it like the pistons. If you trade for Shaq and win its tainted and you’ll miss out on what a real championship feels like. (see Detroit)

    Comment by Jeremy -

  44. where’s the fun in hard facts? Sports columnists are hired because people want to feel there’s something brewing. The only verfication process they need is a Magic 8 Ball because they are part of the sports entertainment business and their job is to entertain people about the possiblities. And for every dozen outlandish rumors they print, there’s an equally foolish story that turns out to be true. And that’s a good ratio when you’re cold calling facts.

    What if they publish a report tomorrow that you want to trade Steve Nash to the Celtics for Paul Pearce? (Which might be a better fit that Shaq for Dirk). Is it true? No. But will it get people in two markets talking about the teams during baseball season – you bet. And the goal in the end is to not have the NBA be forgotten during the summer. No one talks about NFL Europe during the offseason.

    Comment by Joe Corey -

  45. Shaq can’t win a championship alone, and are all of you guys forgetting that he couldn’t even win a championship with 3 other hall of famers? Getting shaq would be a good move becasue as everyone knows that mavs worst point is in the paint defense/offense.

    Plus you guys are forgetting one thing. The lakers pretty much screwed themselves when the said that they would do whatever it takes to get kobe back and didn’t even mention shaq. Shaq woln’t play for the lakers now so they have to trade him. I mean shaq has even put his house on sale. I personally would offer walker, pavel, latner, and either marquis/howard for shaq + whatever else the Lakers want to give. The Lakers woln’t get a better offer from anyone else so they’ll pretty much have to give him to the mavs.

    Comment by jon kakaley -

  46. haha! great picture. Mark, how tall are you (just to put this into perspective)

    Comment by Hesham Hambazaza -

  47. the consensus seems to be that only a team with shaq can win the title, yet this year it was not so.

    Trading dirk who may have 10 more years in the league for a player WHO IS NOT ANY BETTER AT DEFENSE is a poor choice IMO.

    Dallas could get much better returns by seeking out defensive help in other areas and can accomlish this w/o giving up dirk.

    OTOH, they may be able to get shaq w/o giving up dirk anyway, but I would point out that they would still be the same from a defensive stand point. Shaq is no longer a defensive force IMO, and will only get worse in this regard as he ages…there are many young, hungry, athletic defensive minded role players to go after. In fact Josh Howard, who they already have fits this description already. Quick, athletic, long arms, and only going to get better.

    oh, BTW I was born in dallas, have family that live there and visit quite often. Go see Moore’s F 9/11, you people need to quit being such george bush ankle bitters, it is unpatriotic…

    Moore may sensationalize some things, and manipulate with editing technique etc…but his support of the troops is evidentt as well as his patriotism. I think americans may have forgot what a patriot really is, and it is not a unquestioning follower…

    Comment by dirks_tooth -

  48. Wow… it is so great to see an owner who invests so much into the fans. I love it. Unfortunately, I’m a Knicks fan… so not only do I have to put up wih one of the stupidest owners in all of sports (DOLAN), but I regularly fall victim to reading one of Vescey’s articles in the NY Post. While his innacurate reporting is annoying as hell, what I find even more infuriating is his condescending attitude towards anyone who does not agree, or who has taken his job on TV (lol).

    For being so wrong, so often… where does he get off?

    Comment by Jon -

  49. I put some commentary about dallas on my blog last week: http://highfivehoopschool.blogspot.com.

    I think the Mavs do a great job with personnel decisions.

    I would not trade Nowitski unless I was getting LeBron, KG or Duncan.

    As for Shaq, it’s called posturing. Shaq seems to have backed the Lakers into a corner. If he continues to do so, his value will go down, just as T-Mac’s did. Orlando was completely bamboozled, as Francis is a turnover-probe two-guard masquerading as a point and Mobley is a small 2-guard and Cato is a career back-up C. T-Mac is a top ten talent and Howard is a serviceable power forward who has been maligned because of his huge contract.

    If Shaq keeps putting the pressure on the Lakers, his value on the open market declines and the Lakers will have to accept a trade. At that point, a Mavs offer without Nowitski may be enough…

    Comment by Brian McCormick -

  50. I really like how you can prove your points against “gossip creators”. I actually am excited to see Pavel Podkolzine, he seems like he could be even better than Arvydas Sabonis was in his hey day.

    Comment by Lakerfan -

  51. Mark,

    Thats a neat picture of you standing between Shawn and Pavel – it really puts their height into perspective.

    I was reading all the reader contributions and as a MFFL I’m actually starting to think that getting Shaq would be the right thing to do. I LOVE Dirk as much as the next fan, but championship windows are relatively small, as Kings fans would probably realise. By getting Shaq now it would *really* help us win, especially in the playoffs.

    Sure, Shaq is getting older and Dirk is perhaps in his prime, but we’re talking about a 3-time Finals MVP who could essentially be in Dallas for the next 5 years – a time during which there is currently no dominant team in the NBA. (The Pistons had opposing team’s injuries to thank for their title; Wait until next season.)

    I think you have to roll the dice and take your chances. There isn’t a player like Shaq anywhere else in the league and he’d LOVE to take revenge on the Lakers once its all done.

    What could be better?


    Comment by Lizzie Joyce -

  52. Anyone who think we’ll be getting a significantly imporved defense by trading Dirk for Shaq is sadly mistaken. Shaq CAN NOT guard the pick and roll (wonder why so many PG’s torch the Lakers?), and has slowed in moving laterally for the last couple of years (picking up bad fouls in the process). Add to the fact that NBA centers decline at a much faster rate and you can understand why Mark’s not about to give up a 26 year old entering his prime for a 32 year old exiting his…

    Comment by Jon -

  53. Mark,

    By saying you won’t trade Dirk, you’ve effectively stopped any trade with the Lakers.
    As good as Dirk is (and has the potential to become), getting Shaq is the ONLY thing that the Mavs can do to actually win.

    Division trophies, all-star players, great owner aside, the Mavs haven’t actually won anything yet.

    Getting Rudy T. on board as coach would also be a real coup for you. No one dislikes Nellie, but the fact is his playoff record is pretty weak and the team hasn’t improved THAT much over the past few years.


    – As a side, I like what you did in the draft.

    Comment by po bronson -

  54. You hit it right on the head Cuban. Sam Smith and Peter Vecsey have been jokes for so long that the informed fan never pays attention to anything they right.

    I’m a regular to a lot of NBA message boards and if anyone is foolish enough to post something they’ve written it is automatically dismissed as garbage as per their track record.

    Comment by Jeff -

  55. Shaq to be a Maverick? Just say no!

    Comment by Pat -

  56. Fubar, the use of war as a metaphor is almost as old as war itself. Part of the English language allows us to exaggerate to make a point. Would you get offended if I called a Mavericks championship “heavenly” because it demeans being in the presence of our almighty God in the afterlife?

    I don’t think anyone with half a brain would think that using war metaphors with football, basketball, or whatever sport you like somehow demeans what is going on in Afghanistan or Iraq. I feel bad that Kevin Garnett had to apologize for something that sportscasters have been doing for time immemorial.

    Comment by Jim Kerr -

  57. Mark, we’ll print the cards.

    Oevae Marketing Consultants

    – fudge

    Comment by fudgealtoid -

  58. Nash will not re-sign without a commitment that Dirk will not be traded. You can’t lie to the guy, have him sign, and then trade Dirk. Nash will not be in a Shaq trade because he doesn’t count much as a base year compensation player, and he would have to agree on a sign & trade. Thus, neither of them will be traded.

    Comment by Jim -

  59. Living in Chicago as a Bulls fan for years, I’ve had to deal with reading the Tribune and Sam Smith’s bogus garbage. He makes everything up. He wanted the Bulls to trade Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry for Kwame Brown. The guy is a loon and his writing should never be taken seriously.

    It’s actually amazing for a guy who writes almost a page worth of material that he manages to say absolutely nothing.

    So Mark, I think you are just echoing want sports fans have been saying for years about these guys. We all know what they truly are…trash.

    I’m glad you’re a very active owner Mark and I wish you were the owner in Chicago. Mav fans are lucky to have you as an owner who’s constantly doing everything in his power to make their team better at whatever the price. Hopefully you don’t get thrown out of the league. I hope you’re around for a long time.

    Comment by Rob V -

  60. I feel that i represent one of the most impartial segments of sports watchers that exists…GAMBLERS. Perhaps I should qualify that by saying SMART GAMBLERS. I can no longer have a favorite team…gambling is about who will win not who you’d like to; An impartial assesment of two teams made most interesting because the accuracy of your assesment is immediately rewarded or punished by financial gain/loss.

    So, as an impartial lover of the game I’d have to say that not even considering trading Dirk for the chance to get Shaq would be foolish (especially if T-Mac comes to this side of town).

    Sans Dirk your team can still put numbers up…but with that defensive presence on floor others teams won’t be able to match the high scores you throw up. Not to mention that in one foul swoop you pick up a one-man half-court offense. I can already see the sweet dishes Marquis will be dropping off to him (not to mention the money I’ll be counting)…

    Just my humble (impartial) opinion…

    Comment by J.R. Scott -

  61. I really enjoy reading your blog, I like your honest assessment of whatever topic you’re writing about.

    I know this is just my opinion, but it’s inappropriate to suggest a player ‘went to war’ for you while brave American men and women are dying fighting in a REAL war against terrorists. Kevin Garnett, one of my favorite players, made this analogy during the playoffs and had to apologize the following day.

    Basketball is a game (and in your case, a business). War is real-life.

    Keep writing, keep us in the loop and keep demonstrating you are a fan who knows how to connect with your fellow NBA followers.

    Comment by Fubar -

  62. These rumors keep the summer more entertaining than it would ordinarily be. I’m having a great time comparing cuban’s comments on blogmaverick with quotes from the post/tribune/etc. on the rumors page on insidehoops.com. Without these rumors all we have right now is the wnba 🙂

    Comment by Steve -

  63. Great entry.

    I can’t wait to see Pavel and Devin.

    If nothing else, you’ve sold a few more tickets as people just want to see Pavel play.

    Comment by Scott Patterson -

  64. Hey Mark, thanks for all the great columns; I read the blog regularly, but this is my first post (blah blah blah)…

    Smith is awful, but you shouldn’t go out of your way to defend his employer. Being a die-hard Mavs fan living in Chicago (I grew up down there watching Perkins, Aguirre & Schrempf), and being a lifelong Cub fan, I can tell you that the Trib Co. does business as shady as Smith reports his nonsense.

    You’re the billionaire, but don’t buy into thinking that the Trib is great. The only thing they’re great at is screwing Cub fans out of money.

    Keep it ticking, Cuban. Good stuff here.

    Comment by Ryan -

  65. Check out Peter Vecsey’s article in the New York Post today. He has no grounds to talk smack about anyone else.

    Comment by Larry -

  66. Mark,
    I admire your loyalty to your current players, but I cannot believe that if you could trade Dirk and salary fodder for Shaq straight up, that you would pass. If that deal was on the table in front of you, instead of hypothetical musings, I believe you would see it as a chance to improve your team for a run at a championship. I also don’t believe that you would pass if it was Dirk for KG or Duncan instead of Shaq. I hope LA gives you the opportunity to test my opinion.

    Comment by Van -

  67. Great! Dirk and little Stevie are everyone’s favorites so let’s keep them on the team. Who wants to win a championship, anyway? It’s funny how Cowboy fans won’t put up with anything less than a Superbowl, but Mavs fans don’t seem to care about a title, as long as we keep the “Big Three” intact. Listen to the Ticket – I think those guys are the only people in Dallas that understand that this team, as it is now, will never win a title. Don’t get me wrong, the Mavs are very entertaining so you definitely get a good value for your money, but winning a title is what the #1 goal is. We’ve got problems if anyone in the organization doesn’t believe winning a title is priority #1.

    Comment by Mike -

  68. Just came over here through Jeff Jarvis’ link.

    You candor is like a breath of fresh air. Can you convince Dr. Buss to get a blog? lol

    Man, your lawyers must just freak out at what you say …

    It is interesting to get your perspective on the honesty of sports journalists or lack therof. Surely you realize that there are also honest reporters who interact with dishonest owners. I can’t tell you how many time I’ve heard that ‘x’ would be traded, the owner denied it and then ‘x’ was traded within a week.

    Comment by Martin -

  69. I said this previosuly and will say it again. Current Mav roaster is not going to finals. Unless you bring back Nick to this team. I am pretty sure that you will find this out in reg season. Then think of trade. But from your point of view as long as Mavs win best record at home and tickets are selling you don’t care. ( I am not sure other revenue resources on team and what trophy will bring in money)

    Show some passion for trophy…beside business and show that you are not only businessman but a sports fan ( the way you show in Dallas)

    Comment by Kedar -

  70. Mark,

    I don’t know what other people’s opinions are but I loved what you guys did in the draft.

    First off, Devin Harris is the real deal. The guy can play the 1 or the 2, and is very long and athletic. He also brings an attitude with him on the defensive end of the floor. I heard people say he was a “streaky” shooter, that may be but the guy seems to ALWAYS hit big shots.

    As for the trade you pulled for Pavel. Nice move. People who criticize this pick seem to forget one thing: You can’t “teach” size! You can’t take a good player and “stretch” him out to be 7’5.

    However, you can take a 7’5 guy and find a coach to spend the next 2 years working with him on a daily basis on things like footwork, post moves, and defensive responsibilites. Then 2 years from now people will be saying things like “Geez, that was a steal getting that 7’5 with the 21st pick!”

    Comment by Lou -

  71. It was the other Chicago paper, the Sun-Times.
    For the latest info:

    Comment by Jeremy -

  72. Mark,
    The NY Times didn’t “accuse” the Chicago Tribune Co. with lying about the circulation of their Newsday paper. THE TRIBUNE CO. ADMITS IT!

    Comment by Banjo Jones -

  73. mark, Im glad that you cleared up everything, I have been watching message boards and websites for a week now waiting to hear some news about the shaq trade, but finally your words have provided some comfort. Im glad you arent trading dirk, for us the fans, and for the teams, also for Dirk himself. I really doubt that dirk would have the same potential playing alongside kobe (for example) in the lakers. because I just dont see any coach putting up with Dirk’s deficiencies on defense. and I know that dirk isnt as bad a defender as some people make him out to be, but he just loses focus on the defensive end of the floor. and I think that only Nelly can see dirk for his talent and what he really is.

    another comment, is Pavel, Im glad that we drafted him, when i first heard about the guy early this summer (I was in egypt at the time) he was in the papes over there, and they had a reporter (or gossip columnist, whichever you prefer) claim that he spoke with pavel about his future, and he said that he hasnt played much because of the coach or something. but Im sure that if anybody can bring the best out of him, its the system that the mavericks run. and so you know, Ive gotten several of my friends back in egypt to become mavericks fans, I had a few games taped from the last 3 years and when my friends watched them, they became instant fans. the mavericks should play in egypt next summer! it would be lots of fun! later mark, keep posting!

    Comment by Hesham Hambazaza -

  74. 1-If Cuban is worried about Steve breaking down then why not slow down our pace of play and frenetic style a bit instead of pushing it every time up the court? It’s like running Emmitt all day long, conserve him a bit but keep him and use him while he is still in his prime. Nash is leaving us in his prime!

    2-If we plan on playing the same style of bball next year, Full Throttle and Run and Gun, then aren’t all our players gonna break down? Haven’t Dirk and Finley been out quite a bit over the past few seasons? As it is a lot of our guys, being foreign, play international ball constantly. They all are at risk. That’s life though. Steve was resilient last year.

    3-Was there no room for compromise between the two sides? None whatesoever?

    4-We value Avery Johnson and his HUGE contract even though he is rarely playing at the end of his career. Steve is definitely a team leader, what’s to say in 5-6 years he won’t be the leader that Avery is to younger players?

    5-It seems as though we take on contracts other teams don’t want…Walker, Stackhouse, Laetner, Juwan Howard……why do we worry about Steve’s contract in 5 years? Of all those mentioned above I would much rather be stuck with an aging,overpaid Nash than any of the above. He’s proven. And he will play his contract out.

    The blog is about discussion. Passion about the Mavs is what Cuban wants. Obviously we all care about our Mavs. It seems though that the overwhelming majority wanted to see a solution to have Nash stick around (I am not buying the Star Telegram poll today…just read the entries above). Too bad this couldn’t work out. If things start off slow next year the magic of the AAC will be gone quickly. That would be a shame. WAS IT WORTH THE RISK?

    Comment by Omar S -

  75. Mark,

    I like how you ripped Vescey and Smith, but you forgot to mention some dudes: Vitale, Ford, and Gray

    Dick Vitale: “I make stuff up BABY! High School kids are ruining my career BABY! SHAQ is being traded for KAREEM BABY!”

    Chris Ford: Just terrible, he would tell you something on Monday and then flip the script completely on Tuesday. Proof? Check out his scounting on Europeans. And you have to actually PAY to read his stuff on espn…

    Jim Gray: Just completely pissed me off, he and his “sources” said the T-Mac trade was IN PLACE. It got me all worked up, I emailed anyone I knew while at my cubicle in China, I bombarded my frd back in Vancouver with messages of glee and esctasy, onyl to be disappointed when I read a newer article. How these people manage to keep their jobs I will never know…

    P.S. WHEN/WHERE u guys gonna play CHINA? Ima be in GuangZhou for the week and would love to catch the game if its nearby…thanks Mark!

    Comment by Airick -

  76. Good to know those in Philly aren’t being fooled by this clown Screamin’ A. Smith. Listening to him makes my ears bleed.

    Are you sure Chad Ford was a typo, Mark? This is Darko’s biggest supporter in the whole damn league. And by “biggest” I mean “only”

    Comment by Lizzie -

  77. I admire your commitment to Dirk and applaud your openness with your fans. But I think you’re making a mistake not trading Nowitzki. IMHO, his value has peaked. Since this is the case with O’Neal as well, I would be oppossed to trading with the Lakers. But there is an opportunity to improve your team’s long-term standing by trading Dirk right now.
    I respect your word and hope that I am wrong for the sake of your success. You need more pieces to complete the NBA championship puzzle.

    Comment by dave -

  78. At best/worst Pavel is a project at the moment. For anyone to be called a “stiff” they would really have to have been exposed as that over a prolonged period. Pavel has played limited basketball over a short period of time. At least give the man a chance to prove/disprove his potential before attatching labels to him. It is almost like writing off the young (2 or 3 year old?) Tiger Woods on Bob Hope’s show as having a poor swing. Pavel Really is that raw in terms of the talent he is being drafted against. He could be another Yao or another Muresan, but at least give the man a chance! Certainly a man with that much potential must be worth the 21st pick (or a future late 1st rounder), sure its a reach, but a calculated one and one that i’m sure Smith himself would’ve contemplated if he was on the clock with the 21st pick and the talent available. I for one hope the big guy becomes a dominant force in the league, good luck Pavel.

    Comment by B-Woo -

  79. Thanks for the comments about the trade situation. I live in Indiana, but the Mavericks are my favorite team after the Pacers because of Nash and you. I was shocked when you said you have had no trade discussions involving Nash… I’d read in so many publications that Dallas was going to deal him in a sign and trade to Phoenix or he’ll bolt to so-and-so. I understand you can’t keep everyone so I’ll still root for the Mavs if you lose Steve(the arena environment in Dallas looks so fun on TV), but I’m very glad to see you haven’t already resigned yourself to losing him. Also, good to hear you aren’t dealing Dirk for Shaq.

    Comment by Billy Buckles -

  80. He’s a minor league, Vecsey wannabe only on the radio. The facts don’t bother him, either, he doesn’t use ’em.

    Comment by David -

  81. every time i hear a Dirk trade rumor, i get sad. you make me happy with just 6 little words. “The Mavs will not trade Dirk.”

    Comment by sarahk -

  82. Hey mark I saw you in vegas about 4 weeks ago at Palms. Glad you had a chance to relax after all your hard work. You should do a reality show having start up co.’s go in front of a panel venture capitalists. Now that would make for good tv.

    Comment by Daniel -

  83. Stop complaining about vescey and the bunch. they are entertainers as much as journalists. Mark, aren’t these guys columns as much op-eds as journalistic reporting? Their roles as journalist/pundit/gossip monger or whatever their mix, they make up many of the reasons we follow this silly game. You push many buttos with your comments and criticism, it is ironic that at times you seem so sincere in your distaste for those that ply the same skills in in different roles. I get the sense you think its ok for you because you really believe you are in the right. Chill out on the hoops pundits, they feed the interest in your team.

    If you want a championship, go get shaq. For the last few years you have said, there is only one shaq. If you have the chance, do what it takes to get him, don’t let dirk or nash or daniels slow you down. It may be the mavs best chance and only realistic chance for the next 10 years or until Yao’s better comes along.

    Comment by J. Barley -

  84. after reading all theses comments, it would be a waste of time if i didn’t write anything.

    Mark,i’m glad to hear you say that dirk isn’t going anywhere. but because b-ball is a business, how can you say that for sure? if there really IS no way you’re willing to trade dirk, then that makes sense, and you’ll have to forgive my scepticism regarding your ensuring comment. i’d like to trust in you but because i don’t know you, and i’m a big Cowboys fan, you might understand where i’m coming from when it comes to team ownership. (now i probably owe you a bigger apology for relating you to Jerry Jones, but you know what i mean) anyways, do what you gotta do, son.

    now for the media critics(not to get personal):
    in response to wayne frazer’s comments, you make it sound like writing from rumor and innuendo is respectable, instead of real opinions and statements on the record, which seems to have more integrity to me. granted that the writers mentioned earlier were, if fact, hired by someone at some point who for some reason were considered qualified to be professional writers (instead of student writers who end up writing on someone else’s blog in a desperate attempt for recognition), the question poses itself: how indicative is it that the press defends the press with a point that actually hurts his defense of journalism, and somehow we still read on?
    Regarless of Cuban calling out these writers in a humorous yet obviously critical way, its not hearsay if you can look it up.

    Comment by bigpaulypaul -

  85. That guy is a joke. Every word that comes out of his mouth hios Bullshit. Just keep speaking ebonics. Greg Anthony’s OK IMO, I liked him even back in 1990 at UNLV. Still, to this day, the greatest starting 5 to ever step foot onto a college b-ball court.

    Comment by John -

  86. whoever mentioned stephen a. smith… I didn’t think anybody took that phony seriously. Even here in philly everybody knows his belligerant act is bs.

    Comment by Brian Dimm -

  87. Mark,
    Get SHAQ!!!!!!! I don’t care what it takes, and that includes DIRK, NASH, and Finley, DO IT! Shaq Daddy has been more productive than all three combined! Now, you also need to get Phil as well. Get rid of Nellie and his boy. They ain’t cutting it! And while you’re at it, thrown in Bradley in the trade. He isn’t good for anything, muchless as a light pole.

    Comment by James -

  88. Mark,
    I don’t know how to do it but you need to trade Walker and find a way to sign Kenyon Martin.

    Martin is a monster and will bring the intensity that the Mavs need. While the Mavs have a lot of talent they are too finesse and don’t get physical enough. You need a guy that’s going to take shots out of the air (not just block them), dunk on some heads, and get fired up. Kenyon Martin is the man for that. He’s still young and is getting better each year.

    You also need to sign Mo Finley out of UAB. He’s a free agent (undrafted).

    Comment by Tony -

  89. hey Mark – what’s up with the Grizzlies and the Jazz copping the Mavericks uni design? For Memphis, it’s a great improvement (and the type design looks top-notch), but the Utah design, meh. It’s just one more slap in the face for those of us who think team names should stay with their locations.

    Comment by brocked -

  90. I am so glad to hear you’re not trading Nash! He is my favorite player for my favortie team, and if he left the mavs I don’t know what I do. I hope we do get shaq though, we would be unstoppable.

    Comment by Jon Kakaley -

  91. Mark, I got better sources then Peter Vecsey. This guy makes a living making up things. I can do a better job than he can. My sources tell me that Steve Nash is actually not Canadian. My sources also tell me that Shaq wins championships not Dirk. So trade the 7 footer who can’t play defense for one that does. Don’t worry, my sources also tell me Milwauke is happy they got Robert Traylor for Dirk a few years back!!!!

    Comment by B FAIS -

  92. I know that basketball is a tricky business and i have only the smallest hint at how it works, but a few things seem obvious to me. #1. if shaq can be brought to dallas for a reasonable price it should be done. #2. reasonable, as you have said, does not include dirk. and i hope it does not include nash. #3. daniels and howard need to be held onto and developed. they are obviously great trade bait, but please, don’t do it.

    with that said, good job, and good luck.

    Comment by Brian Umphres -

  93. MArk,

    Thank you for clearing the air on Dirk but more improtantly about Nash. I, of course, would love to be invloved and know about all the “going on’s” on the MAv’s today, any use for a Restaurant Managment REcruiter in Dallas? I would love to have Shaq, I would love to have Dampier, and I would love to have Z from Cleveland but I also want a team from top to bottom that we as fans can root for and so far you are doing great! Even though I hear people like David Aldridge tell me that you are giving up Dirk, Devin, Steve, Josh, Walker, I know that they dont know anything, can they not read what you have wrote on this web page? Great Job and that Championship vibe is coming to the Mavs, I CAN FEEL IT!

    Comment by Dominic Massaro -

  94. Dirk would be great if he could have the post game of a true PF, like Duncan, Garnet, or Jermaine. He would be damn near unstoppable, but of course those international players are all about finesse and not power. My opinion on Dirk is he is a 6 foot 11 small forward. But like i said, if would dramatically improve his post game, he would be the MVP of the league.

    Comment by John -

  95. I do enjoy your comments about the sports columnists. When people agree with me(especially some one of your stature) it makes me happy because some of those guys are completely idiots. Makes me wonder how they got that job in the first place.
    I’m glad that you are also keeping us posted on here about all the trades and what not. With everything in the news, plus what all the sports geeks at my work “know for sure” its hard to keep everything straight, so its nice to come here and know what is right.
    and i know this is slightly off topic, but i wanted to say that you made my day at the heroes game. i’ve gone all three years but this one was the best because i got to meet you. it made my day when you were “honored” to take a picture with me. I knew you were an awesome guy, and that only proved it. I only hope I can be an owner like you someday.

    Comment by Emily -

  96. It seems that the left leanin’ bias of the media in the coverage of the war is not enough, it seems they slant the sports news to whatever lies they think will embarrass the Mavs? I am just awaitin’ the first Ted Rall cartoon targetin’ the Mavs, myself.

    Comment by Tiger -

  97. I like the idea in the first post. The next time the league fines you, why not suggest that you will donate double the money to a charity if the league drops the fine?

    This may not be such a good idea if it strains your relationship with the league (I don’t have a deep understanding of the politics that go on in the league), but given the idea as a hypothetical, any thoughts on what the league’s reaction would be?

    Comment by Mike -

  98. Mark,

    Thank you for clearly stating your intentions on what will occur in this organization’s near future. Dirk is the cornerstone of this franchise and no one wants him to leave. I cannot express how relieving it is to know that all of these rediculous rumors will be put to an end. Also, I want to congratulate you on the tremendous success you had in the draft. At first I was a bit worried that we had let Pavel slip right through our hands, but you and your staff stuck to their earned reputation by once again proving to do a great job in acquiring two tremendous talents and characters who will surely be great additions to this organization.

    P.S. I just purchased a ticket for the July 3rd workouts and game between our very own Mavericks and the Chinese National team at Moody Collisium and strongly encourage all mavs fans to do the same. For those who are curious, there are three events taking place on July 1st, July 3rd, and July 4th. Mavs fans, see the dallasmavericks website and look under “ticket info” to find out where the nearest ticket outlet is. I cant wait to see Pavel duke it out with Yao Ming!!!…im terribly excited. Also I’ve been wanting to see how far along Steffanson has come. I hope I’ll see you there!


    Comment by Zach Valdes -

  99. I am so happy you will not trade Dirk. Dirk is synonymous with the Mavs.

    No sense in mortgaging the future by sending Dirk, Daniels, Harris, or Howard for Shaq! Why bail the Lakers out of a tough situation? So far, every move you have made with the Mavs has been smart. Thanks for owning the Mavs! The days of bonehead Mavericks move are history.

    Comment by Mike Harkness -

  100. Mark, my friends and I were having the same conversation the other day. It is amazing how sports have progressed into one big debate. Anytime you turn on ESPN, there are two “so called” analysts debating over some sports issue. What qualifications does Tony Tolbert or Tim Legler have that they criticize an NBA team.

    A true sports fan is able to weed out the fluff but it is the non-sports fan it is affecting when my mother starts talking sport issue things are getting bad. I wish sports networks would get back to the basics and just report sports not debate teams.

    Good luck in your offseason, I thought your team had a good draft. You were able get two needs while giving up very little.

    Comment by James -

  101. There should be a website for rumors that ranks them all by the percentage of BS. I would look at be on that site everyday.

    Comment by Torolimon -

  102. Mark, I completely agree with your sentiments about some sports columnists. It’s irresponsible to go to press without checking your sources, and although many guys get a free pass on it, I’m glad to see you call them out.

    The problem is that it leads to blanket statements such as this one from Meg:

    Most media types (not limited to just sports media folks)do not care about the truth…just whatever BS will sensationalize the story the most to attract the biggest audience to help pay the bills (get the cash).

    I’m a member of the press, and it’s simply not true. The vast majority of us would never print anything with making sure our facts are straight, and the few bad apples (Jayson Blair et al) tar us with a damning brush. I’d ask people this question — are all accountants crooks because of Enron? I don’t think so, and I bet you don’t either. There is sensationalism, yes, and it’s wrong, but I’m sure you also must realize if the press were making up the stories they ran, they’d be sued out of business.

    I’d also add this — you calling Smith out on the hearsay of a Trib employee is not much different than what you’re accusing him and Vescey of. They take rumor and innuendo and make a living out of it rather than find people willing to go on-record with statements and opinions. I think you’ve done the same.

    Comment by Wayne Frazer -

  103. so in other words, you are going to not try to give up your highest quality players to get shaq because you feel that the lakers will eventually have to bend and just move shaq because of his increased voiced frustrations. i dont know what to believe anymore, other than to not believe anything. if shaq needs an extension to make him happy again, then im fine with that.. if kobe resigns, im good with that.. but what will hurt my lakers is if we have too much cap space taken up by 2 players. i.e. getting our butts whipped by detroit and eventually getting our butts whipped by everybody.. the byron russells and slava medvendenkos of the world just arent good enough help.
    anyway, best of luck to you as your team moves forward.. im interested to see how harris and pavel do.
    i admit, i havent seen much of him, but how does he compare to when Yao first came to the league?

    Comment by brian -

  104. Mark, I know this is off-topic, but please read anyways. How can I twist your arm into emailing me to talk about how I can talk you into mentoring me? I’ve been sending you these emails since before the apprentice
    ever aired. I’m not going to write on and on about why I am emailing you instead of Donald Trump-type entrepreneurs. The answer is simple. I appreciate your candor, passion, insight, and humility.

    Shoot me an email, it’ll make my day!

    Comment by Greg Wilson -

  105. AMEN!
    I get so darn tired of reading things and then finding out it was all baloney.
    At least if they won’t call themselve “Gossip Columnists”, then please start making it exremely obvious that what they write is “opinion and suposition” and not fact.

    Comment by Robert -

  106. hi mark! i told you i read your blog every day at the baseball game, and im proving to you that i do! =D thanks for being so nice at the game to all the fans (esp the screaming ones, like me.)

    i am very excited to see wat this pavel guy can do for the mavs. he seems like a guy we coudl really use at center.

    as a fan, i have 100% confidence in your decisions and your actions about what will happen this off season for the mavs…and we can be sure to hear it from you on here, instead of the sports gossip columnists!


    Comment by cali -

  107. Mark ya kill me man! 🙂 My hubby and I constantly bicker about whats going on in the NBA, and he swears that I don’t know what Im talking about. Alright, Ill give him that with a bunch of other teams because it’s just fun to get him riled up! But with my Mavs…oh hell no! Don’t tread on them or we will have to rumble!

    I think sports columnists or “reporters” and commentators are just as crooked and warped as everyday reporters, etc. They all say or write what they think is correct and that is usually not based on fact at all. If it was an opinion page article than by all means go ahead and throw out your thoughts, but for an actual “news” article they need to be regulated a bit. However, I do get a kick out of how idiotic they make themselves sound!

    *Private tour guide still awaiting your arrival in Hawaii* LMAO

    Comment by Kate -

  108. Good to hear that the Mavs will not trade Dirk. I’ve been waiting to hear that ever since these ridiculous rumors first started.

    As far as Sam Smith, Peter Vescey, and I think we can add Stephen A. Smith to that list, I just chose not to read their columns. I listen to the Mavs beat writers like Eddie Sefko, Dwaine Price and David Moore if I want accurate Mavs information.

    Heard Mark on “The Ticket” the other day after the Bad Radio boys blasted Pavel…nice, Mark! I love when I’m listening to the radio and the hosts are bashing something Maverick and all of a sudden…”we have Mark Cuban on the phone”…that’s classic!

    And yes, Mark, we Mavs fans are very loyal to our Dallas Mavericks. But you might find we are more loyal to Dirk, Steve and Fin then the “Mavericks.”

    Good luck with the trades and dodging those rumors. Saw Donnie on ABC last night, that guy looks beat down. Give him a raise!

    Comment by Lizzie -

  109. I wrote chad ford, meant norman chad. I read Chad Ford, Norman Chad is clueless.

    sorry for the confusion

    Comment by Mark -

  110. The bad thing is with the popularity of espn radio, fox sports radio etc. and even the internet these so called experts are not going away. The more outlandish and contoversial their opinions are the bigger the forum they seem to have. Must be nice to work in a business where stupidity is rewarded.

    As for Pavel I am sure your right, he in all likliehood never saw him play, if he went 1 or 2 in the draft he would have said he is the next “Yao” but since he went 20th it is easy to label him a stiff. Even if he is wrong, it would be hard to criticize him since 18 other teams passed on him. I always find it amusing when the so called experts give their opinions in such vague language or broad labels. To me that is a sure sign that they have not seen him play and just passing on someone elses analysis.

    Just curious Mark what are your scouts opinions of the things he needs to work on to make an impact?

    Comment by bob -

  111. I think Chad takes more time (than Vescey or Smith) to actually talk with GM’s and sources to see what’s happening around the league. His coverage of the NBA Draft is really good;plus, he did say that the Mavs were one of the teams talking to the Wiz about the #5 before it went down. I’ve read (in Slamonline.com i think) before that GM’s just tell him crazy stuff to see what he’ll write.

    Having said that, he does say some wild stuff, and I don’t think I should have to pay for what he says, but I don’t think he’s in the same league as Smith or Vescey …

    Comment by Jon -

  112. I’m going to agree with Todd K above. Vescey & Smith drive me crazy. I pretty much ignore anything they say.

    Chad Ford on the other hand seems to put some worthwhile stuff in print. It is usually very clear when he is commenting on rumors that he says he has heard and when he is editorializing and proposing trades that *he* thinks teams should do but which he has no rumors for.

    Even his comments on the Mavs seem closer to what I see here than the stuff I’ve seen coming from the national media.

    Chad does get stuff wrong, but mostly I see these mistakes as being products of his own biases or the result of focusing on many teams and thereby loosing the fine details on some of the smaller market individual teams.

    Maybe he is the sports equitant of the Gossip Columnist but he seems to be one of the better ones out of the lot.

    By the way, great job in the Draft!

    Comment by Todd S -

  113. On behalf of many die hard Mavericks fans, I would like to thank you for coming out and clearing the air. With no question, all of the media hype that these so-called reporters have been putting out have driven us crazy. I was born and raised in Dallas but have now lived in Los Angeles for 8 years and I’ve never had more hatred for a team than the Lakers. (Particularly Laker fans) With all of the speculation of Dirk, Nash, Josh Howard etc. coming over to L.A., imagine my conflict with who I’m supposed to root for next season. The Los Angeles talk radio shows are bombarded with ridiculous rumors everyday about who the Mavs will give up to get Shaq. The current nature of the league makes it extremely difficult to be loyal to a particular franchise because so many players rarely spend their entire career with the same team. I understand the need to make moves to win a championship, and I’ve come to accept the possibility of Shaq becoming a Maverick. But at what cost? So I would like to thank Mark for being clear about not trading Dirk. Because you’re an honorable person it makes me feel better about what the future holds for this next season. All I can say is, please don’t make me root for the Lakers next season!

    Comment by Jerry -

  114. You had everyone fooled into thinking that Pavel was going to be selected at #5, myself included. I knew that Pavel was not that high of a talent that he needed to be picked their. I like the pick-up of Devin Harris, I have watched him rip apart my Fighting Illini the past couple years. Devin will be a fine addition to your Mavericks team. As for Pavel, it was a good trade to get him, I don’t like Pavel and I know I haven’t watched him on tapes but I’ve read what guys have said about him on tape. I’ve read what Pavel did in 2 games, which wasn’t much. Hopefully, Pavel is working out all summer with Mavericks because I’m sure he needs the help to be able to develop.

    Another thing that I know you won’t talk about but I’ve been wondering is the luxury tax. I know you’re willing to pay it to win Mark, but it’s got to be getting costly. The man who helps the NBA with the luxury tax is a lawyer that happens to post on my my messageboards, basketballboards.net so we basically get a rough estimate of how much you have to pay to win. If you make any trades, I wouldn’t be surprised if you tried to gain a little bit of cap space to take down the amount of luxury tax that you’ll have to pay.

    Comment by Brian -

  115. Mark, thank you for your comments. I can speak for all Mav fans that are reading this rubbish, that we are both reassured and relieved by your comments.

    Two years ago I wrote you an email asking you to create a 02-03 DVD season review video and offer it at dallasmavericks.com. And no later than 2 months afterwards did I find it available for sale. Mark, it was the best $10 I ever spent. I’ve probably watched that thing 1000 times.

    There is no sense in me telling you what you probably already know, but not only are you the BEST DAMN OWNER PERIOD of any professional organization, but I consider you my friend. Brother, you and I sweat blood during every game and we live and die together watching our Mavs battle it out. A championship is only a matter of time. I LOVE YOU MAN! (Sorry for the unoriginal cliche’)

    Comment by THE WEST COAST MAVS FAN -

  116. Mark,

    I check your blog all the time. Thank you for continuing to insist that the truth be known. I’m a die hard Nuggets fan and never root for the Mavs, but my respect for you and your organization grows with every column I read. I wish all sports owners were as honest with their fans and their players as you are with yours. I wish you all the best in finding a good place for AW.

    As far as honest reporting goes, those guys are a complete joke. I guess we can consider ourselves lucky in the fact that we have columnist to avoid reading here rather than entire publications like they do in Europe (Mirror, Sun, Das Bild, etc).

    For every David Halberstam, Dick Schaap, Peter King and Rick Reily there is a Peter V & Sam the Sham (great nickname).

    Comment by Alex -

  117. Mark, I couldn’t agree more with your comments about Peter Vescey and Sam Smith. They are both amazingly innaccurate in their ‘reporting’. I like reading the rumor mill of the NBA, but even so, I completely avoid those two. Why even bother?

    Obviously you know more than us all about the accuracy of articles regarding the Mavs, but I really like Chad Ford’s writing. At least he seems to have some journalistic integrity. He doesn’t tend to report things as fact that aren’t, like the other guys. Frankly, he doesn’t belong in the Vescey/Smith group.

    Comment by Todd K -

  118. My perspective:

    Most media types (not limited to just sports media folks)do not care about the truth…just whatever BS will sensationalize the story the most to attract the biggest audience to help pay the bills (get the cash). The sound bits to hook are usually very misleading and the “story” turns out to be a fairy tale.

    Reardless of what they are called either by themselves or others (reporter or gossip columnist)- the end result will be the same BS and it will probably carry the same interest.

    Do what you do best, Mark, prove ’em wrong with your results…again. The laws of the universe apply to everyone and the media types will get exactly what they have coming – even if it takes longer than it should.

    Anyone out there in Blogland want to challenge or add on to my perspective?

    BTW: Glad to hear Stevie is hanging out at the Eiffel Tower – I’ll book my flight today (ha!).

    Comment by Meg -

  119. Come on, what does it matter if he’s actually seen him play. Who needs actual research when randomly created opinions are so much more sensational.

    Also, have you ever thought of saying you’ll donate 1 million or 2 million or whatever dollars a year to charity, minus whatever the league fines you. see how akward of a place into which you can put them. Kinda bastardly though, but funny.

    Comment by Lee -

  120. An NBA title without Nash there to celebrate.
    You can’t because it can’t happen.
    On many fronts the decision to let Nash go was a huge error. Chemistry is the single ingredient to building a championship. Your team was close. It was special.
    Here is one thought not mentioned in any other post. Nash represented the white basketball point guard. This is not a racist notion. The game is predominately black for good reason. It is easy to root for a minority like Nash.
    Underdog Mavs and a different kind of point guard passing the ball to dedicated teammates is what drew fans from outside Dallas. For this outsider I will most likely look in on Detroit or Pheonix.

    Comment by Mike -

  121. I am not only a hardcore mavs fan but I am all for Steve Nash. All day yesterday, I was getting physically ill over it and crying because I love him so much!! I have absolutely *loved* him for so long and it is impossible to imagine a Nashless Mavericks. I think that Mark really underappreciated him because to me, I think it sounded like Steve would have taken the Mavs deal if they had upped it for one more year. Apparently it was only around 40 mil but he really didn’t do it for the money. The coaches seemed to be on board but Cuban took him for granted and just figured that he would be worn out in 4 years. That could be true but it is so hurtful that his contract was not extended along with his Big Three counterparts a while back and all the atrocities of even Bradley and Abdul-Wahad having bigger contracts. It’s really hard for me to take this because the only times I will see Nash on TV will be Mavs games but I feel that there was probably some underlying tension between Mark and Steve that pushed him over the edge. Maybe there’s some way for them to renegotiate and get him back? So much for wishful thinking.. And Jamison being dealt was definitely a mistake. Shaq is not worth it and his “talent” is confused for his pure mass because there’s just no way for him to not get the ball. If he falls on a guy, they’re as good as dead. 360 pounds is not nothing. The NBA next season is going to be really strange with everyone moved around and I will still be a MFFL but I’m mad at Mark who I for so long had so much respect for. What did Nash do wrong to not have him fighting more for him?
    All I can say is that I will do everything in my power to get courtside seats when Phoenix comes to town..

    Comment by Christine -

  122. Steve Nash: “It’s exciting, but it’s also bittersweet. I’m really sad to leave my teammates, but I’m glad to be going somewhere where they really wanted me.”

    KEY WORDS: “where they really wanted me”

    By the way, remember that Steve was the team leader in many ways, including statistically.

    Comment by Bob -

  123. I don’t think I’ll be able to root for the mavericks if the big three gets split up. I am more of the fan that roots for the players, and not the team, but since my favorite players are on the same team I root for the mavs. I guess now, I’ll just have to be a cavs fan and root for lebron james.

    Comment by jon k -

  124. And no I’m not trolling or trying to start anything, just havin’ some fun with you guys so don’t get all riled up…it’s all in good jest.

    Comment by Jeremy -

  125. I guess there’s a new “Big 3″….in Phoenix. So Mark when you going to finally give in and take Shaq off our hands? Dirk would look really nice next to Kobe and Coach K in purple and gold. 😉

    Comment by Jeremy -

  126. I hope you are right, John, and all the negative comments(mine included) get reposted next year as the Mavericks are celebrating a world championship. But, it also has to be pointed out that the core of the Mavericks success has come from Nash, Nowitzki, Finley, and, I believe, Don Nelson. All four of them were here when Cuban bought the team. It was only a matter of time before Nowitzki would become a super star. And during the “Cuban era”, each summer has been full of mistakes. Two years ago it was losing out on signing Rashard Lewis, last year, it was focusing all our attention on signing Alonzo Mourning(which would have been a mistake), and then losing out. Now this year, we lose Steve Nash, and get nothing in return. The real mistake isn’t not paying Nash $65 million, it is losing him with no compensation. If Nash wasn’t worth the big contract, they should have signed him and traded him, so they could at least get something in return. As it is, they won’t even get back Nash’s salary cap space, because when the team is over the cap, as the Mavs are, you don’t get the space back when a free agent leaves(according to an article in the Dallas Morning News today). So far this off season the Mavericks have lost their point guard and their small forward, and in return got two cast-offs(Stackhouse and Laetner), and an unproven rookie point guard who, even in the best scenario, will not be as good as Steve Nash was this season. In fact, I can’t name a single rookie point guard since Magic Johnson who had skills comparable to what Steve Nash has right now. To expect a rookie to be able to step in and fill Nash’s Canadian shoes is foolish. Last season, all we needed was a solid big man to compete for the title. This year, we still need that big man, but we also need a point guard, and a small forward. I hope it works out in the end as well, but there’s no way anyone can say the Mavericks are better off right now then they were when the season ended.

    Comment by Tim -

  127. Why do I get the felling that Mark will keep these commenst for next year and re-post them after they win. Give the guy some credit, he’s not an idiot. I bet in 95 when he started broadcast.com people said ” that sucks, will never make any $$” all i am saying is I think you got to trust the guy a little. He’s one of those few guys who seems to know what others don’t. To me, Nash was not a star, he was an excellent role player and that was it.

    Comment by John -

  128. Letting Nash walk and getting Daniels locked up was a huge step in the right direction. Hopefully your not done dealing because theres still a few things to get done. Getting Shaq isnt one of them.

    Comment by Jon Combs -

  129. Is it too late for this option, and wouldn’t Steve help his buddy Dirk in that regard? Nash could turn into Dampier, or close enough.

    If this is a naked salary dump/exchange, OK. It’s YOUR team. We’re just Mavs fans, some of us from day 1.

    It couldn’t hurt for you to post… something.

    That would help, especially after listening to what you emailed Jr Miller this morning, as read on The Hardline. Diplomacy does not suit you, Mark, unless of course the alternative is considered tampering.

    The silence is deafening.

    Comment by Al -

  130. I’d disagree that the Mavericks never had a “snowball’s chance in hell” of winning a title with the big “3”. Were it not for the sharp shooting of Steve Kerr, the Mavericks very easily could have won the championship two years ago. If Steve Kerr didn’t come off the bench and hit 6 three-pointers in game six, the series would have gone back to San Antonio for game 7, with a possibly healthy Dirk Nowitzki returning to the lineup, and all the momentum in Dallas’ favour. They were very close in 2003 to winning it all(and I know that was only the Western Conference Finals, but c’mon, whoever won that series was going to win the whole thing, and everybody knew it…)

    Comment by Tim -

  131. Dear Mark, I never thanked you for the email you replied to a couple of years ago about getting the games televised on Fox in OKC more often. I can’t imagine any other situation where a service provider is as responsible to his customer as you. Always bucking the trend!

    As for the question, I sure would love to know if the Wiz trade came about as a precaution against this very scenario or if you think it may have been the final straw that convinced Nash to exit. That could be the first worthwhile ‘mind reader’ for DMN.

    I don’t think the Shaq thing is necessarily over yet. Barring a major make-up session, he could still force his way out … does anyone think Orlando got ‘value’ for TMac? It’s a business, not like trading basketball cards.


    Comment by Joel -

  132. speaking of overpaying…did you hit the panic button after the Nash fiasco? You signed Daniels at his max?

    His stock went up at the end of the season, but not as much as you are paying him. He was an unknown quantity that teams weren’t prepared to defend last year, he will get shut down next season. I hope this is a sign and trade. This is getting ugly Mark.

    Do not take any more advice from Elgin Baylor. Also be sure to refuse Gary St. Jean’s phone calls.

    Comment by Steven -

  133. I can’t blame Nash for looking out for #1. As a poor Raptors fan, I and many other fans drooled at the opportunity of just thinking Steve could play in Toronto.

    I respect his decision to play in Phoenix. Great basketball city, a promising team and his last chance at cashing in.

    But I think this is a good move for the Mavs. It would have been great if they were able to get something for him, but this team has Marquis and Harris who will fill the hole. I wish the organization that I followed had the basketball dedication that Mark has. And as much as I’d like to see Nash in a Raptors jersey, I wouldn’t pay $65,000,000.00

    Comment by Brad -

  134. This move by the Mavs clearly shows that Mr. Cuban doesn’t have the delusions that the rest of you do. No one other than biased Mavericks fan ever, EVER gave “The BIG 3” a snowball’s chance in hell of winning a title.
    Cuban knows this and he’s trying to put together a team that can win.

    Was Nash the ‘straw that stirred the drink’? YES. And the drink was a group of no-defense, 3 point shooting crybabies that didn’t have a chance against real NBA teams.

    Let Nash take that to Phoenix and lets build a real winner in Dallas.

    Comment by John C -

  135. 6 Mill more for Nash, or 6 Mill for a 7’6 stiff that cant dunk. Nice choice….

    Comment by Thom -

  136. Someone said something about Phoenix offering Steve Nash only 3 million more a year. Dallas is ridiculously over the salary cap, and that 3 mil equates to 6 million a year. Or, in other words, Phoenix is offering more PER YEAR to Nash than what a most players in the league making. Six mil is NOT a small amount.

    Someone mentioned shawn Bradley as making 30 mil this year. Uh, that’s his total contract. Shawn is making something like 6 mil this year. Or, in other words, Shawn’s total salary this year is equivalent to the DIFFERENCE between what Phoenix offered Steve and what Dallas did.

    Comment by Jim Kerr -

  137. 6 years, $38 million.

    Not bad for a guy that was undrafted. Welcome to the millionaires club Marquis!

    Comment by Tony -

  138. I retract my previous statement. It was early and I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to get an email update from MSN with the lead being “Nash a Sun again.” And I was shocked.. jaw-to-the-floor shocked.

    Dallas Morning News take was a little dismal– so much for loyalty (boo to the DMN).. but they did make one valid point. In that– Shawn Bradley is gonna make 30.5 million dollars next year.. and he never starts, much less plays big time minutes.. BUT– Cubes can’t dig up the pocket change to pay Nash 13 million a year? That’s completely ludicrous.

    We have so much baggage on this team. Cubes shows loyalty to ALL the wrong players (hello– 63 mil/7 years to RAEF LAFRENTZ???), he signed Dirk to a max, Fin to a max.. but here comes Nash– arguably one of the best PGs in the NBA today.. and it’s “well.. let’s see what kind of offer you get.”

    Bull. But I’m no longer angry with Steve.. will miss him tons– but as a Mavs fan, true blue and silver.. I will still love my team.

    As for Mark Cuban, any respect I had was gone the minute he couldn’t step up, be a man and make comments to the local papers himself. He had to respond by “email.” Where’s your loyalty to your fans, Mark? You know– those people who pay the outrageous ticket and parking prices at the AAC so you can make some change?

    How could you, Mark? How could you?

    Comment by Rosanna -

  139. Letting Nash go was exactly the right thing to do. PHX is grossly overpaying for a 31 YO point guard who is susceptible to injury, can’t play any defense whatsoever, and perhaps makes the worst decisions with the ball in crunch time of close games that I have ever seen. We are already stuck with Fin’s contract — do you really want to be stuck paying Nash $15m per for the next 5 years? Of course not. Resigning Daniels was more of a priority than overpaying for Nash, and the Mavs did the smart thing by drafting Harris so they couldn’t be held hostage to an outrageous contract demand by Nash or a ridiculous offer by PHX. After all, how many point guards have not had a huge decline in skills after they hit 30? I can only think of Stockton.

    As far as Nellie’s comments, I would fire him today. This is exactly what is wrong with “Maui Nellie” — he’s already giving the team an excuse to lose. After how many losses last year did Nellie go into the interview room with a hang dog look and a “well, shucks, we tried hard tonight but just didn’t get it done”? Raise some heck, man. Demand more of your players. Set the bar high, not low. Show some emotion when the players don’t reach their potential instead of excusing them for it. 2 seasons ago, it took half the season before Nellie decided to tear into Raef — after he did it, the big stiff actually started to play a little better.

    So Mark, don’t be held hostage. I’m glad that you stopped giving outrageous Fin, Bradley, Raef, etc. contracts out. It will be tough w/o Nash in the short run, but better in the long run. And you can bet that I won’t be cancelling my season tickets but instead will be looking forward to our point guards torching Nash 4 times next year, just like every point in the league has torched him for the past 3 years.

    Comment by Jon S. -

  140. Totally agree with you about those guys, especially Sam Smith, as gossip writers not sports writers. I really hate Smith being from Chicago and growing up with MJ in town. Smith always took subtle or not-so-subtle jabs and swings at Jordan. After Jerry Krause, Sam Smith is my #2 MJ-hater I want to whack.

    Comment by Bernard Moon -

  141. You say Cuban is stupid for letting Nash go when he could have re-signed him and traded him for Shaq….. COME ON will the lakers really want to be stuck with a 5 year 65 million dollar veteran, as good as nash is?!?!?!?!?!? I say focus on re-signing the players that are left, and focus on getting Kenyon Martin who will fit perfectly with the Mavericks. Mark Cuban is a very smart man.

    Comment by Tapas Agarwal -

  142. Maybe Vescey wasn’t so wrong about Steve’s sentiments after all, huh Mark?

    There must have been more to it than just the money when one of the core players walks away after just 12 hours of negotiations.

    Comment by IPB -

  143. Nash is good but this team can play great with half the point guards in the league. No need to overpay Nash. Depresses chances for Shaq trade but we’ve seen Shaq lose the last two years with better talent than we can surround him with. No man is an island.

    I do wish we had Van Exel still – remember how nicely he ran the floor during the 02/03 playoffs. Hopefully the Nelsons will show their coaching ability quickly with Harris.

    What a terrible attitude expressed in the Morning News today. Screw those second guessers.

    Comment by Matt -

  144. Mr. Cuban:

    Please do not turn off the comments. It is interesting to read what others think, no matter how wrong they are. It is also important to note who will be unwilling to repurchase season tickets or individual tickets. On the Nash issue – Even though I root for Indiana, I am sad to see him leave. He was very good for the team. But, financially speaking it just doesn’t make sense to overpay a player and give him too many years to play (Croshere is Indiana’s prime example and he doesn’t start). I do hope you find a great replacement for him in the point guard position, that is unselfish and will bring a great chemistry to the team; because one never knows, next year might be the Mavs year.

    Comment by Scott -

  145. Instead of challenging Sam Smith or thinking of a way to trade for Shaq, you should have been concentrating on keeping Nash. At least we wont have to put up with him always fixing his hair going down the court. You guys really blew it!

    Comment by J.C. -

  146. Glad you are so concerned about the honesty and accuracy of the press. Funny how you consider those guys liars; most of us do. Maybe you could also define what you and your Mavericks employees do when discussing the team, drafts, trades etc. I guess that is just your spin, not lying, right?

    Comment by Michael -

  147. Mark should get Jameer Nelson from the Magic. That kid is a winner. I doubt the Magic would be willing to trade him though.

    Comment by Tony -

  148. The Suns are overpaying Nash. It is almost as if they made that inflated offer because they thought it would force Mark to match it. He didn’t, so Nash goes to Phoenix.

    The downside is that they didn’t get anything in return for Nash. That is crazy, but is does reduce payroll. Considering Mark’s huge payroll, I can see why he didn’t want to match that offer. Additionally, Mark probably thought that the Phoenix offer was just to stick it to the Mavs.

    Why should Nash show loyalty to the Mavs? He was obviously on the trading block. At least this way, he gets to choose where he goes. Too bad you couldn’t work out an extension during the season, then Nash would have never known his true value.

    Too bad Mark couldn’t pull a sign and trade.

    If Mark doesn’t make some good trades this summer, Mavs fans may be stuck with a “some good players on a bad team” season.

    Comment by Steven -

  149. Mr. cuban, i have been very dissapointed that you couldnt have offered nash the same deal. Nash was clearly the engine that drove this team. What now? I don’t think i’ll root for the mavs anymore, much less watch basketball. thanks cuban

    Comment by chris -

  150. Mark, if you haven’t gotten any idea from these comments, PLEASE GET NASH BACK!! He may not be the #1 scorer or the most talented player, but he is the heart of the team and the way he plays his heart out every night is inspiring. I have no idea what I’m going to do as a fan if he plays for phonex. He is worth every bit of $65 million to me. Come on mark, don’t let you fans down in the moment of truth!

    Comment by jon k -

  151. I’m so unbelievably disappointed by the move with Steve Nash. I speak for Dallas fans in the Austin-San Antonio area when I say, the Nash-Nowitzki chemistry on the court is addictive. I have found many Dallas fans who are kept riveted by their skill and ability to play off of each other. It’s extremely tough to be a Dallas fan in the midst of Spurs-mania – nothing annoys me more than a righteous Spurs fan.

    Until I heard that Steve was signing to Phoenix, that is. And not because he’d expressed an interest in Phoenix over Dallas – but because Phoenix was offering a deal that you wouldn’t match.

    Dallas has, with the Nash-Nowitzki-Finley core, the potential to make it all the way. But you take away the heart of the team, and you’ll have a nasty wake-up call come the regular season. Nash playing against Nowitzki is not something I ever, ever wanted to see. Your blatant disregard for Steve’s wishes to remain with Dirk and the Mavs astounds me.

    I’m also wondering what your intentions for your team are. Who’s supposed to carry them now – Devin Harris? I certainly hope you’re joking. Dirk, as an All-Star, could certainly play a key role, but a point-guard of Steve’s quality and character is rare in the NBA, and I doubt Devin Harris will grow into that over the summer. It makes me question whose best interest you have in mind.

    I’d like to belive that you had the Mav’s success in mind when you gave up half of the best thing that has happened to the boys in years. I’d like to believe that you were acting on a whim. I’d like to believe that the next thirteen days could be spent offering Steve a contract that would keep him in Dallas. But I believed that you would do that in the first place, and I think I’ve learned better than to give you the benefit of the doubt again.

    Comment by Megan Nicholson -

  152. I think it is obvious that Nash was the major piece in the trade bait for Shaq. Mark has always said that signing Nash was his priority but never said he would not trade him. I would suspect that the signing of Nash was a priority so that he could trade him.

    Given these facts I don’t think Nash is at all unreasonable to make a descision to go to a place he wants to go and to make some more money. All those people who claim that he should give up $15 million are crazy. Who writing on this board would give up $15 million dollars to stay with a team that will most likely trade you to a Laker team that will be horrible. I can not see how anyone can fault Nash’s descision based on his options

    Comment by Mark -

  153. Think about it! Nash plays balls to the wall. Props to him. He is also 30 years old. How many point gaurds, other than Stockton have improved or even stayed on the playing level once they hit that magical number of 30. Stockton is the only one to come to mind.

    Phoenix will be paying Nash $13 million a year when he is 35. Good move on Cuban’s part not to match that ridiculous contract. We already have those kinds of contracts here…see Bradley, Finley, Abdul Wahed, A. Walker.

    I say that sucks that we lost him but good move on Cuban’s part. Now go get D.Fisher. All is not lost!

    Comment by Scott -

  154. Look at the stupid money the Mavs gave Bradley, Najera, etc. After overpaying for these stiffs, please tell me overpaying Nash isnt worth it. Are you kidding me.

    Comment by Thom -

  155. According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram’s website– Nash was offered a 5 year, $50 million contract from the Dallas Mavericks. Contrastly– he was offered a 5 year, $65 million contract from the Phoenix Suns.

    So, the cost of leaving your friends and a sold-out arena every time you play is a mere $15 million dollars, Steve? Just $3 million more a year, and you are willing to walk away from the town that has literally MADE your career, supported you and paid their hard earned money to see you play your heart out?

    Really, Steve? Really? By my calendar.. you have approximately 12 days to rethink this and if the above offer was what was REALLY on the table.. I think you should really evaluate whether or not it’s really worth it.

    Because from what we fans always knew and loved about you– we always thought you weren’t ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. What happened to your comments at the end of the last season about how you “were looking forward to getting that championship ring alongside Dirk and Fin?” How could you, Steve?

    Please change your mind, Steve! PLEASE! This is just a verbal agreement at this point.. we know you can’t sign a contract right now til the 14th.. mull the Mavs offer over– and DON’T LET YOUR FANS DOWN!

    Comment by Rosanna -

  156. Can’t believe for all the bad offseason moves so far. I won’t be renewing my season tickets for next year for sure. We have definately downgraded again this year with all bad moves.
    Firstly letting Nash go is a big mistake given that Dirk is as good because of Nash. I won’t be surprise to see how much this hurts Dirk’s game. Secondly letting Nash go for nothing is even bigger mistake. You just don’t let all star walk for nothing.
    Mark I won’t believe anything that come out of your mouth. All executives, and owners are full of crap when they make comments public and present false image to fans. I had different views about you until recently…..

    Comment by Eric -

  157. The guy’s post above me is a classic band-wagon rider that left the boat.

    I am behind you and the Dallas Mavs 100%. You made a great offer for Nash and this will look good next April, and brilliant in 2008.

    Let the real Mav Fans ride on.


    Comment by greg -

  158. You fucked up really big this time. No Antawn. No Nash. No Shaq. So what’s the starting lineup for next year as of today? Try to say it out loud without picturing every other GM in the Western Conference giggling quietly to themselves.

    The Mavericks are now the worst team in Texas. It was nice while it lasted. Maybe you can talk Rodman out of retirement to bring in a few more freaks and sell tickets…

    Comment by Bad Decision -

  159. Lizzie, I don’t think it is fair to blame Steve Nash for taking a bigger contract from another team. His statements about the trade indicate that he felt the Suns wanted him, and the Mavericks didn’t. Perhaps, he didn’t want to go to the Lakers as part of a Shaq deal. Clearly the Mavericks are going after Shaq. The Lakers would insist on at least one of the “big 3”. Nowitzki is supposedly off-limits, the Lakers don’t want Finley, they’re already set at shooting guard with Kobe, and that just leaves Nash. If the Mavericks were only going to resign him so they could dangle him out as trade bait in the Shaquille sweepstakes, why not just go to Phoenix, where his parents live, where he still owns a house…why do the Mavericks a favour when they didn’t even want to keep him?

    I think it’s fair to say Cuban had a decision to make whether they could afford to pay that much money for a point guard who will be 36 when the contract ends. Hopefully, in the long run, not paying that extra money will give the Mavs extra flexibility to improve in other areas, that remains to be seen, but Steve Nash had no other choice then to take the deal that Phoenix offered him. You can’t blame him for that.

    Comment by Tim -

  160. to the DC fan who said Stack is a great player, I wholeheartedly disagree. I think he is one of the least efficient, more overrated players in the league and I would not want him on my team.

    As for Nash, he’s one of my favorite players, but $13 million over 5 years isn’t a good business move. Phoenix saved up for this moment, but they will have issues soon, as Joe Johnson’s contract is up next year and he’ll be in line for a hefty raise and the following year, Stoudemire’s deal is up and he’ll command major dough. By the time Lampe’s deal is up in 2007, he and Cabarkapa will also need large raises.

    Phoenix is in the perfect spot this season: one high priced vet, one well-paid vet (Marion) and three potential stars still on their rookie contract (Stoudemire, Johnson and lampe, based on reports of summer games I’ve heard) and three other contributors are on ookie contracts too (Jacobson, Barbosa and Cabarkapa).

    However, each year as the players finish their rookie contracts and become more expensive, tough decisions will have to be made, and when they lose one, or when they cannot afford to upgrade their team two years from now, they’ll look at the phat contract they gave to a 30+ year old PG.

    Nash is now the second or third highest paid point guard; at his age, I do not believe that s a good investment strategy, unless Phoenix manages to sign an important big man and they earnestly believe in the next 2 years they can compete for a championship.

    As for the Mavericks, forget Shaq. The smart play would be trying to work out a sign-and-trade for Kenyon Martin and making sure Marquis Daniels does not get away.

    Shaq would change the Mavs; re-signing Daniels and acquiring Martin would add toughness without changing the basic composition of th team.

    If the Mavs are uncertain about handing the team over to Harris and Daniels, leave some mid-level exemption cash for Carlos Arroyo, who was 15th in the league last year in assists/per 48 minutes on a team that played a slower pace and thus had fewer possessions.

    He is tough, can knock down the three and pushes the ball in transition; not Nash, but an able-bodied replacement for two years while Harris gets his feet wet.

    Comment by Brian McCormick -

  161. I know I wrote a very negative post to begin with, but after thinking about it, I ain’t mad at you Mark. I’m mad at him. I’m mad at Steve Nash. Here we all are begging Cuban to re-sign Nash ( which FYI, I don’t think he can do now. I’m pretty sure a verbal agreement is good as gold..could be wrong though) It’s not like the Mavs offered Nash 2 years for 45 dollars. I’m sure they made a substantial offer, just not as many years. ( though this would be the second year in a row mavs lost on a free agent because of a reluctance to add one more year)

    Bottom line: Nash didn’t take that offer. Nash didn’t chose to “finish his career with Dirk” as he told us he would. He chose money. We miss him, but he could’ve stayed here. This was his decision not to take the Mavs offer as much as it was his decision to accept Phoenix’s.

    It seems dark now, but you’ll thank Mark in three years when they aren’t paying max money for a 50% effective player.

    Comment by lizzie -

  162. Please, please, please resign Nash.
    Nash to Nowitzki has been a thing of beauty for 6 seasons now. I know age is a consideration, but that didn’t stop you from maxxing out Finley! And he’s never been as important as Mr. Nash!
    Please reconsider and don’t break up the most exciting and ENTERTAINING combo in basketball!

    Comment by becca -

  163. How can you honestly say that Nash chose money over game?
    Phoenix still has capspace to sign one of the centers out there.
    I can’t fault Nash for chosing to play with a future MVP big man Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion and Joe Johnson for the team that drafted him and the city where his parents still live.

    Comment by Nils -

  164. Does anyone here feel betrayed by Nash? He took the money and ran. I admit I watch the Mavs b/c of the spark Nash added to the team, just to see what amazing move he was going to make next. The only NBA jersey I own is a Steve Nash jersey. I believe Nash and Kidd are the two best point guards in the league right now. But I feel like Nash turned his back on us. We supported him as he grew as a an athlete. We supported him through playoff losses. We celebrated his accomplishments and stood by him in defeat. The Mavericks organization took an unpolished, unaccomplished athlete and built an offence where he could shine, allowed him time to grow and added a supporting cast that fed off each others talents and just before they were able to reach the pinacle of their careers — he bolted.

    He chose the money over the game.

    As a fan, I feel completely betrayed — not by Mark Cuban — but by Steve Nash.

    Comment by Sherry -

  165. Mr. Cuban…so far you’ve done nothing but good for the mavericks organization, and as a long-time fan (even before the 3 J’s, and I was a kid then), I hold your decisions in the highest respect. However, I can’t agree with not matching the Sun’s offer for Nash. I saw Devin Harris play tonight…he is FAR from ready to start in the NBA. He got torched by the point guard from the Chinese national team all night long! Nash is the defensive player of the year compared to this guy. Very disappointing, especially for #5 overall. Grant it, it was only one one game, but I just don’t see this guy running the team next year (or even the year after). He would’ve benefited from a few years under Nash, but now he won’t get that chance. Six years may be pushing the limit of Nash’s viability, but not by much. The guidance he could provide to the young talent is invaluable. Pavel looked good, by the way. He’s very raw and shows his age, but if he’s brought along slowly he has the potential to be very good.

    Comment by JC -

  166. I’m not even a Dallas fan, but get a grip, kids. Cuban deals half the roster every year, and he’s been improving the team (more or less) the whole time. Nash hasn’t played D in years, he’s lost a step, and Phoenix is grossly overpaying him. That you want Cuban to handicap the team to overpay Nash since he’s your favorite player is fine… if you’re 12!

    Be an adult and look at the bigger picture. There are a ton of replacement level point guards out there who can play defense and pass to Dirk and Finley and all the others, and who cost about $8m less per season. Cuban always pulls off interesting deals. I could care of Dallas wins a game next year, but at least it’s interesting to watch the wheeling and dealing.

    While we’re talking Mavs improvements, I’d suggest a coach who has some idea of strategy and player substitution patterns, to start with. Nellie kills the Mavs every playoffs by running one lineup into the ground and tiring everyone out by the 2nd game or 4th quarter.


    Comment by Flux -

  167. We all have invested so much time and energy into these Mavs. Now a big piece is gone. I still do not understand why the Mavs couldn’t come to some agreement with Nash and keep him. He is the heart of this team. NBA draft picks are too often busts. I hope our young 5th pick pans out but what if he doesn’t? The where are we? Who is gonna run this team now? We just lost one of the game’s best point guards who ran our system as well as it could be run for NOTHING. All those years and we get nothing. And how is this gonna impact Dirk (Nash’s best buddy). This would be like breaking up Stockton and Malone in their early years. Nash helped bring excitement to the AAC. Dirk and him fed off each other. That may be gone now. We we will have to wait and see. I still hold out hope that at the last second Cuban and Nash will come to their senses and get something done. Until the ink is dry it is never too late. As for those of you who think the Big 3 would never have won it you may feel like you are right. But truly we will never know. I think they had it in them. This team just won’t be the same. Signing Nash to a long term deal wouldn’t have been all that bad. He is too smart a player who doesn’t need to score to be effective. Now that the Lakers are going to hell I really thought the Mavs were gonna make a strong run with the Big 3 and a bit of help. Oh well. We lost a huge leader in Van Exel. Now this may be the biggest blow yet. The floor general is all but gone. MARK, if you are listening to your loyal fans the sentiment is overwhelming…..GET NASH BACK! THIS CANNOT BE REAL! WE NEED NASH!

    Comment by Omar S -

  168. I started watching the Mavericks two seasons ago, and I’ve been a diehard fan ever since then, despite living in the heart of “Spurs country.” However, the news that Nash is going to Phoenix, while not entirely unexpected, came as quite a blow, especially after your comments.

    Steve Nash, in my mind, is the heart of the Mavericks. At every game I’ve attended, it’s Steve that has held the team together to get a win. Dirk is incredible, as are Finley and the rest of the team, but it’s the dynamic of the Big Three- TOGETHER- that keeps the Mavs one of the best and most interesting team to watch in the NBA and has kept me a fan. I didn’t watch basketball before a friend talked me into watching a Mavs game. And then, it was Steve, Dirk, and Finley, and the way they worked as a powerful unit, that drew me in.

    Please, do your best to keep Steve. He’s done an incredible job with your team. He deserves the chance to continue doing it.

    Comment by Sarah -

  169. Sorry guys, Nash wasn’t worth a $65 million dollars. He’s got two, maybe three more years left in his body and he can’t play defense.

    Dirk, Finley and Walker need a point guard who can play defense (Fisher) and a center who can provide something other than a gateway to the basket (Dampier).

    I loved Nash too, he was tough, he was part of a fun thing. But there haven’t been any titles rolling through Mavericks organization, hell there hasn’t been a finals berth.

    The Mavericks need to find guys who play defense. Guys like Fisher who are tough off the ball, know how to man up against the opposition and have experience WINNING the big games.

    Some of you guys are so concerned with being cute and exciting, you forgot the main goal is to win. And if this move upsets you so much, donate your season tickets to charity because those kids will appreciate with the ownership is trying to do.

    Comment by Corey -

  170. Next season is blown with no proven leader to get the ball to open players. I bet we don’t even make the playoffs. Sure it was too much money, but we are so far over the cap, it can’t really be worth giving up a run at a championship. I thought the Mavs were committed to winning? Now we are penny pinchers….so much for a reputation of spending money to make money. If you don’t want to win, why not go ahead and trade Finley and Walker for some fresh faces. You have to be in rebuilding mode now anyway.

    Comment by Zach -

  171. Well, Nellie was on the news with, “Oh, shucks, I don’t know what we’re gonna do” (re: Nash), and Donnie looked and sounded like Steve has just shot his dog. You knew this was coming last week, and good move to mitigate it, but you have even more painful choices to make, and I bid you well. In the end, we are Mavs fans, and that’s all that really matters. Tomorrow has to be a better day than today.

    Comment by Al -

  172. Did the Pistons not just take the title without a Shaq of their own??? Yeah they had Big Ben, but they proved that a team full of heart an desire to win can over come the biggest obtacles!! I think that we need to get some heart on the Mavs squad…you know the Nick Van Exel type that is not afraid to tell it like he sees it, along with the Avery Johnson coach that knows how to light a fire under your lazy useless butt and remind you why you loved the game in the first place.

    Forget Shaq the Pistons proved you don’t HAVE to have Shaq to win a championship…so if you ask me, which I know nobody did, but I think Shaq is getting old he only has about 4 GOOD years left and those will be plagued with more toe problems and whatever else he can complain about. Dirk is the cornerstone of this team. The Mavs turnaround all started with Dirk and it will continue to grow, so whatever you think of Shaq he is not worth selling the franchise to get him. The Mavs are built on a strong sense of good values and players that aren’t greedy but are willing to give up the ball when someone else has a better shot. If Shaq came here you could kiss that philosophy good-bye. In Shaq’s world everything revolves around him and if he does not touch the ball every time up the court he is not happy. That is not the kind of team the Mavs are nor do I think that is the kind of team we need to become in order to win a championship. Heart and defense wins championships and contrary to popular belief Shaq DOES NOT play defense!!!

    Comment by Sheila -

  173. There is a reason why you are not accepting comments on the Picture is Worth page. Could it be because you are stuck in between two stiffs who can’t play basketball. Excuse me one who can’t and one who probably can’t

    Comment by Scott -

  174. Mark, I was so mad about the Nash departure that i didn’t even bother to read your comments of June 28th. Now that I have I am furious. How can we believe you when you say Dirk will not be traded? Nash is gone. Was Joan Rivers right? If you truly care about Mavs fans then you will keep Nash. So what if he can’t play 4 years from now. Maybe by then Devin Harris will be ready. Mark, Dirk is obviously the best on the team, but Steve is what stirs the drink. I know you admire Walker but no one else in Dallas does. I respect him a little more after reading your blog entry but we really can’t stand him here in Dallas. The only thing that will make up for Nash’s departure will be the arrival of Shaq. Please stop Nash from leaving on the 14th. What is two years among friends? If Nash leaves then some fans might follow. Obviously, if you win, they will come back but not with same youthful enthusiasm that Nash brought every night. Goodbye Steve.

    Comment by Scott -

  175. Anyone paying attention the last 4 months should have seen something like this coming. With the early playoff exit, it was obvious that something was gonna be changed. If we are to get Shaq, one of the big 3 was going to have to be involved. I just don’t think that there was any possible way to have the big 3 and Shaq there on the opening day roster, it just wasnt going to be possible. Now with Nash leaving that reduces the quality of players we have to entice the Lakers with. This is basketball people, the fact of the matter was Steve Nash was an aging PG with a history of back problems and Mark might the tough, but i think wise decision of not matching that offer. Nash was an excellent player, and he will be missed, i know i will be silently rooting him on in Phoenix, good lick Steve.

    Comment by Dustin -

  176. I wanted to believe you when you said Nash most likely wasn’t going anywhere. I really wanted to. But good thing for me, I knew better… and yet I still find myself crushed by the news. So much for him being heart and soul of your team, huh? So much for your hard-core fans who adored the Big Three. The way that Nash ran your team is what turned me on to the Mavs to begin with. I live near San Antonio and have been devoted to the Mavericks for years now just because of that frenetic point guard and the bond he seems to share with Dirk and Finley. Over the years, I’ve even managed to gather together quite a Mavs following down here in Spurs Country among friends and associates, all of whom adore the Mavericks because of the way Nash and Nowitzki play off each other. I sincerely hope that there is some way you can still change your mind, that there is still some small hope that you will reconsider and not break up the best thing to happen to the Mavericks in over a decade. Please, Mr. Cuban, please don’t let this happen.

    Comment by E. Preece -

  177. Please tell me there is some way to undo the Steve Nash to Phoenix verbal “agreement”. While I understand there’s a risk in long-term contracts, there’s a bigger risk in tearing out the heart of the team. Dirk, Fin, and Nash ARE the Mavs and they are the reason I, and many fans love them so much. I remember how they played without Steve when he was out briefly last season and I really don’t want to watch that for seasons to come. Please make keeping Steve a priority as the Mavs promised they would and fix this travesty before the 14th!

    Comment by KC -

  178. MC,

    You might beat to a different drum at times, but man, you’re a good guy. I think I speak for all sports fan when I say I admire you honesty and passion for what you love. You are 100% accurate about Sham & Versays (spelling?)I remember draft night a few years ago, the one when you guys drafted Etan Thomas & Co. Dick (Take it as his first name, if you wish) was a real schmuck towards the Mavs, I feel simply because you showed so much passion. Most owners are a tad more conservative, and I suppose he was threatened by you.
    Good luck in improving the Mavs. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Stay on track. I know you won’t accept anything else.

    Comment by Eric O. -

  179. Mark,
    When can we expect a statement from you on the status of Nash. You need to be strait with your fan base. Why should we believe your Dirk comment now that Nash has left. Please speak so we can know what the organization is thinking. It looks as though you guys are going to gamble on a rookie at the point. Please speak and let us know what is going on is Big D. Miss you already Steve.

    Comment by Scott -


    Comment by edward -

  181. Just thought i’d make a post saying how good it was to see a professional sports owner being dedicated to the team and sport. Not a Mavs fan, but it’s an amazing job you’ve done creating the Mavs into what they are today. The only other billionaire owner I’d say that has invested the same amount of money is Chelsea owner Roman Ambramovich, but i’ve never seen him running onto the field with mexican food.

    Definitely the fan friendly owner of the NBA, though could you spend some more money on recruting more cheerleaders, I don’t think many fans would mind what happened on the court if there were a 2:1 cheerleader:fan ratio

    Comment by Kanes -

  182. I like reading your blog for insight and the plain truth. I hope that your new venture into the dreaded world of reality shows is not as bad as it looks. Please don’t embarrass yourself Mark. Don’t stoop to DJT’s level. Stick to what you know. Being in the right place at the right time…

    Comment by Nick -

  183. Okay, I’m not going to tell you how to do your job. Clearly you had a reason for not wanting to re-sign Nash. Clearly 65 million for 6 years for a 30 year old point guard was a gamble that you guys were not willing to take. But this stings, Mark. This is our Big Three. These are the boys who took us from NBA shithole to NBA elite. It was Nash. And it was Dirk and Fin. How is Nash not a Maverick, I can’t even fathom this? How could you do this to the hard core fans? You know now, that if you trade Dirk on top of letting Nash walk, that you will lose sooooo much of your fan base. I know you said you wouldn’t trade Dirk Nowitzki, but I heard alot of people from your organization claim that Nash was a priorty of yours. Why should we believe anything that anybody from the Mavs say now? If he was that much of a priority, you should’ve taken that gamble. You’re willing to gamble on a 32 year old center. You’re willing to give Shaq, at the age of 33, a MONSTER contract extension for three years and something around 900 trillion dollars. A three year contract at the age of 33? Which would be done when he was 36? Interesting. I guess 6’3 170 would wear down a lot faster than 7’1 540. Good call!

    Comment by lizzie -

  184. Mark, I agree with every other person who is an ardent supporter of Steve Nash returning to Dallas. The first jersey I ever bought was a Nash jersey after seeing him play in person and being absolutely blown-away. I realize that you are concerned with his age, and stamina, but I think that an unseasoned rookie cannot fill the void left by such a great talent. Also, this Pavel guy, although I havn’t seen him play personally, may not benefit from the tutelage of Shawn Bradley. The Mavs have not had abundant success with freakishly tall centers before. Dirk and Finley should stay at all costs, as MUST Steve Nash. With all the additions to the team, a trade for Shaq can be workedm out; Nash MUST BE RESIGNED. There are 13 days left until the Suns can sign our PG, please dazzle him, and win him back. With the big 3 intact, and with Shaq making them the giant 4, the Mavs would be untouchable.

    Comment by Bobby -

  185. Hmmm, looks like Peter Vescey was 100% correct about Nash. Or, actually, maybe I’m jumping the gun. I guess just the fact that Nash left doesn’t necessarily mean he was mad at Cuban or the Mavs. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. Hopefully this doesn’t hurt the team too much. So long, Nash.

    Comment by Tim -

  186. Mark,
    If you say that Antoine Walker did everything for you, guarded guys twice his size, playing every position and was a warrior, “Guys who work as hard as Antoine — and are as versatile — aren’t easy to come by.”
    Why would you want to trade a guy like that. Find him a role and keep him simple as that you know he’ll give you his all. As a Knick fan I’d die for a player of Walker’s status don’t regret giving him up, unless of course you get Shaq.

    Comment by TJ -

  187. Nash is our number one priority? Where are your priorities, Phoenix! Mark, why can’t you stop this before July 14th. A verbal agreement is not definite. I would rather have the big three than have Shaq. I would love to have Shaq but not at the cost of losing the big three. I am not excusing Nash and his empty promises but come on Mark make the right decision and resign Nash….Please…What do I know you are the B-ball genius…I will forgive you if we win a title. Go Mavs..MFFL

    Comment by Scott Harris -

  188. mark,

    i trust your ability to run this team, but im devestated to hear that steve is going to the suns. the dynamic of the big three is why i love the mavs so much, and it is painful to think that they wont ever be together again.

    what gives mark?

    Comment by paul -

  189. Mark, why? Can you please reconsider!!! You can’t trust a rookie to take nash’s place. Whatever happened to “Who better than to tutor Devin Harris, than Steve Nash.” Mark you are the best owner out there and I hardly doubt that you couldn’t match the offer. The chemistry I loved about the Big 3 is ruined. the thing I loved the most about this team (the Big 3) is gone, forever. I don’t wether to be mad at Nash either, I can’t believe he picked money over success, why Nash why?!? What ever happend to his sentiment that he wants to finish his career with Dirk, why did he pick money over success and friendship…oy vey!!! I’m so lost right now. My trip to Dallas is ruined now! I can’t believe it. 🙁

    Comment by Richelle -

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