Steve Nash, Part 1

“How could you let Steve Nash go?” It’s a question I’m going to hear for a long time. It’s a question Mavs fans deserve an answer to. As best I can, I will try to go through all the logical, illogical, emotional and financial
scenarios that we explored in putting together the offer that we thought would keep Steve a Dallas Maverick for the rest of his career.

In the beginning….

When I first got to the Mavs, Steve’s name was one that was often included in our trade proposals. At the time, he was an often injured, unproven point guard of a team that hadn’t been to the playoffs in 10 years with a brand new, long-term contract. As is often the case in the NBA, the best deals are the ones that you don’t do. During and following the ’99-’00 season, we explored several deals that included Steve. In every single case, no team wanted Steve and his contract. It seems so stupid looking back. It also seems like it was only yesterday. It was almost 5 years

That’s the thing about the NBA, seasons don’t go by quickly, but the years do. One day a player is untradeable from a perennial loser, the next day he is a star on a perennial playoff team…and vice versa.Fortunately, we
didn’t become a victim of our stupidity. The talent, work ethic and perseverance that Donnie and Nellie saw in Steve blossomed.

Steve went from a player that was booed by Dallas fans as an overpaid failure, to a two-time all star loved by everyone who knows him or watches him play. I felt the same way. Steve was more than just a player on our team for me as well. We got to be friends. My first year, when we visited Vancouver and Phoenix, he made sure his friends became my friends. They still are. How can you not have a great time with and love a guy whose best friends include a guy named SmallBalls, and another guy who goes out with us wearing a shirt that says “I F**ked Your Boyfriend”?

Three years in a row we were part of a Mavs group that went to the All Star game together, and had a great time. Although we didn’t really get a chance to socialize during this past season, Steve was one of the players I could phone and use as a sounding board. Whether the team was going well or poorly, we could talk about anything and everything that was happening with the team, knowing it would be honest and confidential. This past year was difficult for all of us, and we talked more than usual, I know it helped me. I think it helped Steve as well

I guess this was all a way of saying that I wanted and expected Steve to be a Maverick for life. Making that happen meant having to deal with contracts and agents, and that’s often where things get difficult.

With Steve in an option year of his contract, our first opportunity was to extend his contract. The process started during the season when we asked his agent, Bill Duffy, if he would consider allowing Steve to accept an extension. We said we would extend him out the full term that we were allowed 6 years. Financially, we would be able to increasehis salary by the 12pct base (This means we take 12pct times his last year salary, and then we can increase his salary  by that same amount each year). The upside to Steve would be the certainty of having the extension, and the protection against a career ending or impacting injury during the season that might affect his value as a free agent.

Bill and Steve decided that it wasn’t in Steve’s best interest. That was understandable. It also meant that Steve knew he was going to be a free agent. Coming off a year where we went to the Western Conference Finals, and he made the All-Star team, it made sense.

At that point, we both decided separately, and agreed together, not to negotiate during the season. To me, that was a good thing. Steve couldn’t officially become a free agent until he opted out, by getting the message to the media, it would reduce the continuous barrage of questions from them. Hearing the same question over and over and over and over, even though you give the same answer over and over and over is distracting, draining and a waste of everyone’s time.

On top of the media, I don’t have the greatest relationship with his agent. I’m not a big fan of his and he knows it. There have been multiple times where we have expressed an interest in players of his, and he has placed them other places without even talking to us first. I’m not sure how or why we got to this point, but last summer was a perfect example. We asked him about Olowakandi, and he told us he didn’t think he would be available for the mid-level exception. Next thing you know, he signs for the mid-level exception with the TWolves. That’s his choice, but I don’t think he even presented the Mavs as an option to Mike.

Bottom line, I felt that my relationship with his agent could create tension, and I didn’t want that during the season. To the credit of Steve andDuffy, it didn’t.

Which brings us to July 1st the first day of Free Agency.

Steve and his girlfriend had spent the summer traveling overseas. We exchanged a few emails, and he let us know that he would be back June 30th. We asked Steve’s agent to get us information on how much money he was looking for. Not unexpectedly, rather than giving us “his price”, he faxed us a presentation that really set the tone for what we were up against. These presentations, which agents love to do, would get laughed at in any normal business environment. They show all kinds of numbers and stats reflecting a player’s performance. What makes them unusable from our perspective is, as you would expect from a player’s agent, it only shows the numbers that reflect the player’s performance positively. It’s not an honest assessment at all. What makes these presentations dangerous is that they always onlyinclude salary comparisons that only include players whose salaries are at the top of the pay scale. The performance comparisons included Chauncey Billups, Sam Cassell, Jason Williams, Gary Peyton, Tony Parker and Rafer Alston among other point guards, but the salary “comps” only included those point guards who were maxed out or very close Jason Kidd, Baron Davis, Mike Bibby, etc. What makes these things dangerous is that the agents show them to the players and use them to set the players’ contract expectations.

It’s easy to find stats that make Steve Nash look good. There are a ton of them. It’s easy to see the intangibles that make Steve Nash valuable. What is difficult is to make honest assessments about where the team is and where it is going and how Steve or any player fits into a championship.

On the intangibles side, Steve is a great guy to have in the locker room. He gets along with everyone. He isn’t going to give a locker room speech. He isn’t going to get in anyone’s face. He isn’t going to get into other people’s business. He is definitely what I would call a quiet leader. He leads by example. He is the kind of guy anyone in any business would want to go to war with. He gives 120 pct and all of his teammates see that.

So on the intangible side, Steve is incredibly valuable.

It’s also that kamikaze spirit and approach to the game that is Steve’s greatest weakness. The most improbable stat from Steve Nash is how few games he has missed in the last few years. I have seen the pain he goes through before, during and after games, yet he still manages to trot out there and play at an incredibly high level. To protect Steve, Nellie has tried to limit Steve’s minutes to 33 to 35 per game, with the goal of getting that number lower and lower every year. It’s why we drafted Devin Harris. It’s why we would draft a point guard at all. We have Marquis Daniels as our backup point. Yet we still felt that we needed to have another point guard on the roster. We wanted to have someone who could come in and play this year, plus be trained by Steve as our point guard of the future. This would allow us to
use Steve more effectively and reduce his chance of injury. Our feeling was that we were fortunate that Steve had been so injury free. That it was only a matter of time before his style of play caught up with him. Between Marquis and Devin, we felt like we had taken the steps to not only protect Steve for this year, by not having to overplay him, but also we could extend his career because of the reduced minutes. We were going to have 3 point guards on the roster, all of whom we felt would be contributors.

With all that said, the issue still came down to how to determine what you pay any player. We had made the commitment to pay 3 point guards. But how much should I offer Steve?

Figuring that out is far more emotion and art than science. It’s Donnie and Nellie’s job to pick which players we go after. It’s my job to figure out how much to pay them.

In the pre-luxury tax days it was easier. If you made a mistake and overpaid someone, it wasn’t difficult to move him. Teams would take chances. I will trade your mistake for mine, and we can see what happens. Now, if a team is at risk of going over the tax threshold or the cap, they won’t make that move. Not only does the cost double for tax teams, but for non-tax teams, taking just a little bit more salary back than you gave up can mean the difference between being under the tax threshold and collecting millions, or being over the tax threshold and forfeiting your share of the tax money and paying a tax on top of that.

Not to get too far off topic, but the crazy thing is, no one in the NBA ever expected that the luxury tax would ever be activated. The league wouldn’t say it directly, but every capologist or GM in the league would tell you that the TV contract was going up in value every year. That meant the tax would be very unlikely to kick in. That is until the TV revenue stopped going up and in fact went down and the tax kicked in with a vengeance. Now that we have had two years of the tax and are looking at a 3rd, the amount of flexibility to move players with big contracts has fallen considerably, even for last year guys. Yes, deals can be done, but it is far more difficult. If you sign a player to a long term, high dollar contract, the expectation has to be that you will not be able to trade that person…ever. He will
play out his contract. If at some point in that contract, the player no longer plays at the level he was at when thecontract was signed, you have a huge problem.

The problem is not just how much money you have to pay. The bigger problem is that you start chewing up roster spotsand you lose the ability to add players. For better or worse, because we “went for it” in making trades, hoping that the deals could get us to a championship, we have ended up with several players who don’t get much playing time with us, yet have contracts that are difficult if not impossible to trade. You can only have so many of those before you have zero roster spots available and you have to trade players who really do contribute in order to package them with less desirable contracts and free up spots that can be used to add draft picks or players signed with the mid-level or  some other exception.

Lastly, there were two significant business variables that played a big part in how I decided what to offer Steve  or any other free agent for that matter. The first is that the Collective Bargaining Agreement is coming up for renewal by the end of this year. I have no doubt that there will be changes. If the changes are conservative financially, which I can guess that they will be, then high dollar players with older contracts will be even more difficult, if not impossible to trade. The 2nd element was that the national NBA TV contract expires in 4 years. We saw TV revenue decline with our last TV deal, and given the climate that exists in the TV biztoday, until something changes, a reasonable businessperson would have to expect that there is a material chance that the dollar value of the next deal could be less and possibly even drastically less. If I’m wrong and the contract goes up, great. That’s gravy, and when it does I’m happy to give it to the players. On the flipside, if it doesn’t, and the league’s largest source of revenue declines or even disappears teams are still on the hook for those salaries. In what is probably the ultimate stupidity of any business I have been involved with, we sign contracts that are guaranteed for periods when none of our revenue sources are.

If you look at the Mavs’ contracts, only our rookies and soon Marquis Daniels have contracts that extend beyond the TV contract, and in each there is an opt out. In the event there is a draconian change in how we do business in the NBA, I should be ok. If the business of the NBA excels I have a boatload of cap room to reward Dirk, Marquis and the team and add new players.

Which brings me back to Steve. I had fears in terms of his durability. I had roster fears. I had the business fearscited above. I had to come up with a number. So I did the only natural thing, I tried to figure out what the other guys might pay him.

Every summer at this time, agents go to the media, or have their friends do it, and talk about how much in demand a player is. Every agent wants it in the media that every team wants his guy. There is always far more smoke than fire. The key is separating one from the other. Agents are a good source of information. There are quite a few that are straight up, just looking for a good deal for their guys. They will share information with you about their guys, and that in turn gives a good feel about what each team may or may not do. After making my calls and Donnie making his calls to friends and family around the league, we pretty much knew that the only team with a real interest in Steve was Phoenix. The Suns were out there telling everyone they were going after Kobe Bryant, but I just couldn’t see that
happening. Mr. Colangelo had gone through a lot with his team a few years ago and I couldn’t see him dealing with the off-court uncertainty attached to Kobe. So I needed to try to figure out what the Suns might offer.

The Suns had just taken on new owners, so I didn’t know if they came in flush with cash, or would be conservative.
So that didn’t help me. What I felt strongly about is that the Suns would want to add more than one player with their
cap room. They were doing everything possible to maximize their cap space available, beyond what would be considered a
max out amount, so that cemented that perspective. Looking at their roster, they probably were looking for a center to
go along with their interest in Steve.

To gain the most flexibility with that cap room, after signing Steve,they would need to retain more cap space
than the mid-level exception. The big problem is that although teams are out there saying how much cap room they have,
they don’t really know how much cap room they have. The league doesn’t give us the cap number until we can start
signing free agents.

Worse still, we can’t even really calculate or give a good guess on what the cap is. Roughly speaking the cap is
League Revenues times .48, divided by 29. League Revenues have very specific inclusions and exclusions, and also
include an 8pct fluff factor that has to be adjusted each year. So we can guess the cap, but we don’t know the cap.
What we do know is salaries that each team is paying.

So I tried to figure out what the Suns could offer Steve. I knew that with salaries and cap hold, they had just
under 30mm committed for the year. So if the cap would come in at a very generous 45mm dollars, they would have 15.5mm
dollars in cap. For every dollar the cap came in less, their cap room would be reduced. We also knew that the mid-level
exception would be around 5mm dollars (it’s based on average salaries, not revenues). So if they wanted to sign a 2nd
player other than Steve, and they wanted to be able to offer more than the mid level of 5mm, that would use at least
5.1mm in cap room. So best case, the Suns would be able to offer 10.4mm to Steve in the first year.

That is the best case. The cap would have to come in at the high end, and they would have to be able to sign the
player they want, at pennies over the mid-level exception (kind of what Seattle did to us with Calvin Booth). I then
guessed and this was completely a guess that the Suns would want some cushion to sign the 2nd player and to protect
themselves in case the cap came in lower than expected. So I guessed they would reserve 6mm dollars to get the 2nd
player they wanted, and they would put the cap estimate at 44mm. That would reduce the dollars available to 44mm cap
minus 35.5 committed (current salaries, 1 cap hold and 6mm for their 2nd player). That would mean a first year number
of 8.5mm dollars.

If you start with 8.5mm and take it out from there with the annual increase allowed of 850k, that means for a 4 year
deal the total is 39mm, for a 5 year deal the total would be 51mm. I talked to Donnie, I called some people around the
league and asked what they knew and if my logic was sound and my numbers seemed reasonable, low or high. Without
exception, all thought it was reasonable and there was no way the Suns went higher dollars or longer than 5 years. I
knew there was a lot more guessing than fact involved. There was more emotion than facts, but that is the way it
works.As I went to bed on the night of June 30th, I thought that the 5 yr/51mm deal was the best the Suns
wouldconsider offering.

The morning of July 1, as I got ready to go to Steve’s, I had determined that I would offer Steve 9mm dollars a year
for 4 years, with a 5th year with half guaranteed, but he could get the 5th year fully guaranteed by playing enough
games and minutes the year before. I was guessing we would end up doing 60 games and 20 minutes per game to get there.
I thought it was very fair.

There was risk of Steve getting hurt. His contract being unmovable.I was going past the length of the TV deal
and into the new CBA. Butthis was for Steve Nash. I would have preferred to stick to 4 years, but Duffy had been
telling some people that he wanted more than 4 years and I thought this might be an ego point for the agent, so I
offered the 5th year with the terms.

Donnie wanted me to offer 10mm a year for 4 years straight up. Both were fair offers. Both had lots of risk. I knew
that I was going to let Steve see if he could get another offer, and I knew that Steve would give me the chance to
match, and I would ifI thought it was reasonable.

That morning we all met at Steve’s house. Some small chitchat and stories. It was emotional for me and Donnie and
Steve. But we were here for business and we got started talking about the deal.

I told Steve directly thatI wanted to be fair, and that I wanted to pay him more than any other team. I said
that I didn’t want to negotiate against ourselves and play games. That if another team came in and paid him a max-like
deal, what I called an extreme deal, outside the norm, then he would have to take it. There has only been 1 player ever
over the age of 30 to get a max out deal or anything close and if Steve was the 2nd, more power to him. I would be
happy for him. Then I gave him our offer.

He seemed very, very receptive to it. In fact, when Donnie and I left, we both felt very, very good about it. They
were supposed to call us back over the next couple days because Steve wanted to go out of town.

In a normal business situation, this is not how I would handle it. IfI were negotiating a big deal and
offering to buy something for this much money, it would be make your decision now. If I walk out the door, the offer
walks with me. That would not have beenright in this case.

As Steve’s friend, if Duffy can get a team to pay him max out like dollars, Steve deserves to get it.

About dinner time that night I got a call. Donnie said I had to call Steve. I did. To make a long story short, Steve
said he got an incredible offer from the Suns. He wouldn’t tell me the exact numbers, but every time I said a number,
he said it was more. He said they flew down a whole group of people, including Amare Stoudemire to recruit him. He was
calling because he felt like he owed me the opportunity to match it. I was stunned. I told him to give me a little bit
of time to think it over and I would call him back. He was fine with that.

I called Donnie and told him the range of numbers that I had given Steve, and that the offer was higher. I think
Donnie was as stunned as I was. Based on the ranges I had thrown out to Steve, this might not have been a max out deal,
but it sure sounded like it was close. There was no way I was going to match it. The amounts were higher and the length
was longer than I was willing to go for all the reasons I wrote about.

I really don’t know how long it was before I called back. It was amazing all the things that were going through my
head. I felt sick to my stomach. I also knew that there was no way that the Suns had called Duffy that morning and
arranged to have all those people come to town and meet with Steve.Duffy had set this thing up and knew exactly
what was going to happen. In hindsight, I should have known when Duffy barely said anything during our meeting with
Steve that something was up.I missed it. Not that it would have changed the outcome.

When I called back to talk to Steve, upset at having to tell him we couldn’t match, and that we wished him well,
Duffy answeredthe phone. I confirmed some of the numbers that Steve had given me and the term. I told him that I
didn’t think we could match the Suns offer. I then asked him if we could work out a sign and trade. He said he would
ask the Suns, he put down the phone for a minute and came back and told me that they wouldn’t consider a sign and

He obviously wasn’t my favoriteperson at the time,and I asked him when this Suns meeting got setup. He
told me they had called that morning. I said there was no way, and he said, no wait, they called late last night. There
was nothing more to our conversation than that. That said it all. I wonder how much he told the Suns we were offering

I then asked Duffy to put Steve on the phone. I wished Steve the best. I truly was happy for him as a friend and I
told him so.He had additional financial security. It wasn’t easy for me. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy for
anyone associated with, or fans of, the Mavs. It was Steve’s choice to leave for money. It was my choice not to pay him
the money.

Now you have a better understanding of what went through my head as all of this happened. It may make sense; it may
not. Let me assure you it was not easy at all. As I read through this again, I’m sure I will add and change it to
reflect things that come to mind.

I feel better having written all of this,knowing that although Mavs and Nashie fans might not like the result,
might not agree with my approach, might think I’m an idiot, buthopefully will know that I know this was an
important decision that impacted all of us, and I thought each and every one of deserved to know what went on.

428 thoughts on “Steve Nash, Part 1

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  2. thanks for opening this topic again,, i havent visited blogmaverick since that time nash was traded, i just realized now,, lol. anyhow in retrospect we can also how this played out, dallas did reach the finals two years ago but they clearly missed the go to guy that nash is, he has more balls than all the mavs put together, except stackhouse. cant help imagining nash winning 2 MVPs in dallas, then dirk, 3 years that a mavs player wouldve gotten the MVP, and maybe a title or two in between.

    im sure kidd will do extremely well, but it was all about the money then not taking back nash, and though the press quotes say kidd is not prmosied an extension, thats a bit hard to believe.

    i would still have liked to see nash stay before.

    Comment by Froi -

  3. I\’ve always had this blog in mind, when hearing the rumours about the Kidd-trade and now that you really landed Kidd, I read it over again. Looks like your mind has completely changed as now all the arguments you had for moving Steve Nash away didn\’t prevent you to get Kidd.

    Comment by Christian -

  4. How does everyone feel about this in retrospect? To me it would appear that Mark regrets this big time..

    Comment by Pakman -

  5. Search “Bill Duffy” in google and you will find this quote of his:
    “If you take shortcuts, cheat people or are dishonest, you will not achieve success. We’re seeing it all the time right now. Look at WorldCom ro Enron. The Bible says to build on sand or on rock and I’ve chosen to build on rock.”

    What a joke.

    Comment by dave -

  6. p.s.
    i hope the deal goes through and we trade pavel to the lakers… i know he probably looked good to scouts but i saw sean bradley in college and he looked like kareem

    Comment by edward -

  7. i have no problems with this deal… nash is a very likeable guy and he has tons of heart, and hes a joy to watch but he isnt worth the money the suns offered… would i have liked to have seen him in dallas? absolutely… is this the end of the world? hell no… as much as i liked steve and as good as he was, he was overated, as proven by what the suns gave him… anyway now is not really the time to cry over spilled milk… i really look forward to seeing what the mavs will be doing in the off season… there are a lot of quality free agents out there and with nellie’s style of coaching we dont need a point guard as bad as other teams do… that being said i really hope you will pick up derek fisher to fill the void at point… more than anything i hope that you will get van exel back… with all this talk of steve people seem to forget that the year we went to the western conference finals steve had a number of subpar games… the only player who delivered every night in the clutch was van exel… i was really mad when you traded him, but given what he said about wanting to come back to a texas team midway through the season my anger turned to hope that he would be able to come back… please bring him back… if it wasnt for him i doubt the mavs would have gotten to the western conference finals… the team was good that year but nobody showed up every night like nick did… give the guy another chance to take us back to the wcf

    Comment by edward -

  8. The circumstances suck, but if you makes you feel any better Cubes, that was by far your best blog entry yet!

    It had to be hard for everybody, including Steve, but I also now wonder how much of this decision was his and how much of it was his agent’s. I’m still mad at Steve for accpeting the money over the franchise. For accepting the money over us, his fans, and over his best friend, Dirk.

    Thank you for posting that and clarifying some things. Granted, I’m sure when Steve and Duffy tell the stories, it goes a lot differently. A lot of owners make moves that hurt the fans personally and don’t ever give them the explanation they desire. It’s good to know you understand that we chose to follow your team and choose to spend our time and money that could be used elsewhere. So when somebody as important as a Steve Nash ups and leaves, we need to know why. Otherwise, all you get is conspiracy theories.

    Comment by Kellen -

  9. Mark- thanks for posting that. it was an unbelievable read. I could never imagine Al Davis, Jerry, Steinbrenner or any other owner taking the time to tell his fans why he made a business decision. What an amazing tale. Duffy sounds like a horrible man to deal with. I think you made the right choice. Hopefully you can bring in Derek Fisher to tutor Devin Harris. A lineup of Fisher, Daniels, Finley, Dirk and Shaq with Stackhouse on the bench sounds just about right. (trading Howard, Walker, Laettner, and Fortson to LA).

    Comment by k-man -

  10. Personally I think the Suns will Rue the day they signed the contract. Had the Mavs matched it, they’d have another Bradley, Finley or La Frentz deal on their hands.

    Comment by Dan C. -

  11. Marquis Daniels is not a stud. I am not saying that he’s a flop, but I want to see how he stacks up against the competition once they expect him to be a real threat. I don’t think he’ll get much better. I also don’t see him meshing well with the team. I have seen other players, particularly some of the big three, look upset after Daniels got a little too greedy with the ball and caused some bad things to happen. This guy had a few great, high-scoring games this year, but he’s still unproven. I would love to see Steve Nash get a counter-offer with a little more money and a few more years. I suppose at this point it’s just a pipe-dream. Oh well. I can;t say that I have faith, but I am eager to be proven wrong.

    Comment by Bobby -

  12. It’s hard to believe that Mark actually used the horrible old sports cliche of “120 pct.” 🙁

    Comment by M N -

  13. M F F L nuf’ said

    Comment by THE WEST COAST MAVS FAN -

  14. Daniels is a STUD; Daniels is much younger; Daniels plays raw at both ends of the court; Daniels has “triple double threat every time on the court” written all over him; Daniels plays multiple positions; Daniels and Howard are a HUGE headache for the opposition; Daniels’ potential is nearly limitless; must I go on? At least Cubes and I realize this. Get on the Marquis bandwagon NOW, he’s about to blow up.

    Plus, Harris looks unbelievably quick on tape, and the Mavs have had great success with rookies in the past. If they can parlay Antoine and change for a younger big guy (Chicago’s Chandler is almost too perfect, and also, isn’t Chicago ‘Toine’s hometown?) and let Nellie and Co. work their magic, the Mavs are still money. Chicago’s got just as many bad contracts to play mix and match with.

    I say the move was savvy and deft. I loved the Nash Era as much as anyone, but really, it’s not the end of the world. They weren’t getting any better with Nash. Getting Shaq doesn’t come with a championship guarantee anymore. With Daniels, Howard, etc., you never know.

    I don’t understand how everyone played the “Without Nash you lose the Mavs’ identity” card, but yet were all gung ho about SHAQ?!?!? Talk about a change of game plan.

    Bravo, Cubes! Bring on the future!

    Comment by Mitch -

  15. I, too, have been walking around sick to my stomach over this move. Steve was my favorite player on the Mavs and this just sunk me here. I think that everyone did the right thing, so I think I’ll blame Duffy. I know he did the best financially for his client, but Steve will never see a championship ring in Phoenix, but he really might have here. I believe that Steve will regret this decision in later years and I hate that for him. I wish him the best also.

    Thanks for posting, Mark. It’s good to know you care about the fans enough to let us in on things when you can.

    Comment by Jim -

  16. Mark, as a Laker fan, I could only hope to know 1/10th of this much of the inside story of a huge franchise changing development like this. Props to you. I also think you made the right decision long term for the Mavs.

    Comment by TIME -

  17. I really have no idea what kind of cap space the Mavs have, but an earlier post brought up different free agents on the market. I was surprised to see Brian Cardinal’s name listed with Kenyon, Richardson, Camby, etc. But when I saw Cardinal’s name, I immediately thought itd be exciting to see him as a Mav. There is no tougher player in the history of basketball. He is a fan favorite everywhere he’s been going back to his Purdue days, he works very hard, and he is quiet. He is just what the Mavs need, not another offensive minded player. Fans would love him from the first time he dived over Mark sitting in his courtside seat. Good call slw1234.

    Comment by Billy Buckles -

  18. Cuban, 1/2 way through the year when Nash is out injured nobody will care about what you did and you will look like a genious yet again. Good for Nash for getting all of that money. That’s why the Sun’s are horrible. He didn’t make the Mavs. I still think it was a mistake to get rid of Van Exel.

    Comment by David -

  19. now that i have read the whole story i am very proud of you. not that what i think really matters, but it seems like you did everything you could to keep Steve, but in the end sometimes you have to let things you love go when the finances are not right.
    ok, i know i didn’t make much sense, but I’m sure somebody gets it.
    you can only be a good owner if you can let your friends go when you know the move isn’t good for you or for the team in the long run.

    Comment by Emily -

  20. Very nice post Kellen. Drop by…

    …some time – the Lone Mavs Fan Forum, the longest running hideout for Mavs fans on the internet (from back when Mavs fans needed to hide). Smart fellers like you are always welcome…


    Comment by Venger -

  21. thanks for telling the story, as a fan, it’s much appreciated. it’s too bad, that it ended like this. Duffy’s a dick.

    Comment by Dave -

  22. Let’s get some facts straight here:

    If Steve Nash has lived comftorably with a five million dollar salary, Steve Nash could’ve lived fine with a ten million dollar salary. With 12 million dollars, I guess he’ll live better. I have no sypmathy for Nash, none whatsover. It was emotional, that’s how Duffy described it for Nash, but it couldn’t have been that hard. He can wipe his tears with his money as far as I’m concerned and get the hell out of Dallas and we all can move the hell along. He signed too quickly, probably because Phoenix said it’s now or we’re going to Dampier.

    “it’s nice to go to a team that really, really wanted me.” Nash said something to that effect. really really wanted him. Really? Because from all accounts, Phoenix really REALLY wanted Kobe Bryant. And it was Donnie Nelson at his doorstep at 11:01 PM on June 30, not Jerry Colegenadoikgandkowhatever, his nine hundred man army and the fancy power point presentation or whatever it was that “impressed him” about their “presentation.” It was Donnie on the news looking like he had been hit by a truck, it was Nellie on the mic sounding shocked and it was Donnie again on Galloway and Co. sounding as if Nash had died in his very own arms he was so upset. I don’t know what else the Mavs could’ve done to have made Steve feel “wanted.” Maybe that’s where you went wrong Mark, you forgot to send flowers, take out billboards and full page ads in the newspaper. I guess Nash just wasn’t impressed with your courtship. Where was the cookie bouquet, Mark?

    And I guess the Mavs underestimated that Steve would be that type of player. The type of player who would read so much into the bells and whistles of a negotiation, into the courtship of his services. He didn’t strike me as the type, with his laid back hair, style and attitude, that would judge his destination on the togetherness of a presentation and the amount of money being offered to him. Not saying you could offer him fifty grand at a Burger King and expect him to sign with jubliation, but he never gave the impression as a “money first” type of guy to the public. That’s almost as odd as picturing Dirk show up to games next year in his throwback jersey, 89k diamond money sign necklace and a shaved head. But if Kobe taught us anything last summer, we don’t know these atheletes as people. We know what they want us to know. Steve let me down. Let all us down.

    In short, no Mr. Cuban, most us Mavs fans don’t blame you for not agreeing to Nash’s terms. From an outsider’s point of view, it seems you did give him a fair deal, but Phoenix went an extra mile. It sounds like you guys over estimated Nash’s loyalty to the club while Phoenix prepared for it. There had to be a contingency plan, I won’t panic yet. Dirk was, is and will continue to be our best player, and he’s still here.

    BTW: How is Dirk?

    Comment by Kellen -

  23. This team is garbage now. We need to start over by going through the draft and reconstructing this team from the ground up.

    Comment by Rick Mavis -

  24. 1) Were there counter offers? From the fans point of view, It seems like we made an extremely tepid initial offer to Steve, Phoenix offered a lot more, and we immediately folded. Maybe that’s not what happened, but that’s what it looked like. Our offer was almost a little grudging. You could have thrown Steve another year and a million more a year and still have had a very reasonably contract.

    2) How does Shaq fit into all of this? Are we really supposed to believe that you and Donnie were working in a vacuum on this one? That the Devin Harris signing had nothing at all to do with Shaq or your suspicions we might lose Nash one way or another? I just have trouble swallowing the explanation that you just wanted two backup point guards to reduce the load for Steve. It just doesn’t wash. It has been widely reported that possible Shaq scenarios may have involved Harris or Nash. Maybe those reports are crap, as they often are, but they have the ring of truth.

    Comment by Austin Clemens -

  25. shocking, i thought my buddy was full of sh*t when he told me. i’m saddened by the whole thing, there i was debating whether or not dirk would be pissed that steve was going to get traded to the lake show, and nasty goes and one ups you cubes. i’m just sad.

    Comment by Mac Redmon -

  26. It’s easy for us to question why Nash would leave. Your (Mark) comments regarding your decision make perfect sense. We all loved to see Nash play. But let’s keep in mind that this is a business and the players will always be looking out for themselves (rightfully so).
    Cuban has spoiled us. We used to puke at the Mavs before Cuban took over. He has brought us a winner again. And now we EXPECT championships year after year. There will be other player opportunities for us and I have faith in the organization that Mavs bball will continue to be exciting to watch.

    Comment by Don Buehrer -

  27. Can anyone of you explain to me how this was the right call?
    How was this a good decision for the Mavs?
    I’m talking about the basketball team not Cuban.

    Comment by Martin M -

  28. I love Steve Nash. He helped put Dallas on the map in terms of teams to watch and respect. But, business is business. In an ideal world, all our favorite players would stay with one team forever. Steve had to think about his future and the Mavs had to think about theirs. Marquis Daniels showed his grit in the playoffs. He’s got size, quickness and poise. Let him fill in for Nash. The Mavs need guys who can play DEFENSE! We all know they can score at will.

    For those who accuse Mark of “screwing up”, think about what needs to be done for the FUTURE of the team. Nash is almost past his prime. You need tough defenders. You need fresh legs to ensure longevity in the playoffs. People are quick to poo poo a decision when it involves moving a superstar. How many of you thought Detroit would win the NBA Finals? This league is about defense and role players. The Mavs were CRAP before Mark Cuban. The guy turned the entire organization around…so, give him more credit than “you screwed this one up royally”. I have confidence in Mark’s decision.

    Comment by Kam Stocks -

  29. Bottom line: you made the right call for the Mavs and Steve did what was right for him. It’s not personal, it’s just business.

    Comment by MFFF -

  30. I had to read that a couple of times for it to make sense and sink in, but I see your point of view.

    Just don’t go near Fish (I’m a Laker fan *awaits torrents of abuse*)

    Comment by Kanes -

  31. I think Steve Nash was too offensive minded for his position. I hate when I’m running the floor and the PG decides to shoot instead of passing me the ball or somebody else available. Since Nash is a good shooter this behavior was always overlooked. Whoever is the new PG just have to play defense and pass the ball to Dirk or Finley and the Mavs will be OK

    Comment by Rafael Pena -

  32. are pretty much gone. dont get me wrong, i love dirk and fin. but steve was what kept this team together. for one the mavs style of play. every one knows that the point guard sets the tone of the game. no one can ever duplicate what steve did for this team. and i think it will be interesting to see how dirk performs without steve there with him. the two of them were the next stockton and malone. and you broke them up. i hope steve and the suns kill you next year. although i do feel badly for dirk.

    Comment by a nash fan -

  33. I correct my self..those are current salaries i mentioned above…it’s not such a terrible move…the Mav’s are already better…

    Comment by Slw1234 -

  34. wanted to extend his career…then why only affer him a 4 year deal? i can understand why you didnt want to match a $65 million contract. but i really honestly believe that if you had offered him a reasonable 5 year contract, he owuld have stayed…even if it was less money. at 30, he needs the years more than the money. from what ive read and heard from reliable sources…it sounds to me like you were trying to take advantage of his friendship with dirk and fin. you thought he would take the smaller contract because of his friends. i think that is wrong on every level. frankly, i hope he smokes you 4 times next season. i wish dirk well in his career…he seems like a good guy. but frankly, you and the mavs can kiss my a**. you are gonna regret not giving him the damn money. you said a couple weeks ago that you wouldnt mind paying shaq the $30 million a year he iwll be making for the next two seasons. steve wanted about that same amount over 5 years!! not to mention that shaq is older and has a serious attitude problem. ive always been a fan of yours…but you screwed this one up royally.

    Comment by not happy -

  35. That’s the word I use describing Nash. His gutty play inspired me and my son. Lack of true atheletic ability (for an NBA pro) with tons of heart and effort. Never will it be duplicated on the current Mavs team. Not like Nash. NFFL!

    Comment by phil barton -

  36. will be putting too much stock in an unproven Marquis Daniels. It scares the hell out of me reading that Mark thinks this guy is a point guard. Point guards can’t be greedy with the ball. Point guards need to be able to spot up and hit outside jumpers. Point guard is absolutely not what Maruqis is. At all. Shooting guard is not what he his either. When defenses start keying on him a bit more now that he’s a ‘known’ commidity, let’s see how Marquis flourishes. I honeslty hope he does, but 6 years for Maruqis and no years for Nash does not make me a happy camper. I hope I’m wrong about this next March and April……

    The most sad thing is that the Mav’s uptempo style that was soooo entertaining (even in losses sometimes) won’t be the same without Steve.

    Comment by phil barton -

  37. Having lived all my life in the Philadelphia area I had grown up a Philadelphia sports fan. However, back in 2000 a friend of mine introduced me to the Mavericks and I quickly became an obsessed fan. With a crazy owner, the Nelson family, a 7′ German, and a rockstar point guard, it was more important to me to actually like the organization I was going to follow than simply follow the home team or jump on the particular year’s projected favorite bandwagon.

    Steve Nash became my favorite player of all time. In no way did I think he was the best of all time, but he was my favorite, even finding his defensive faults endearing. When I checked the sports news on Thursday and saw that he so quickly agreed with the Suns, it was like someone shot my dog right in front of me.

    The funny thing is I immediately cursed out Steve rather than you. From the reports that I’ve read, you offered him a reasonable deal that would have made him very wealthy…he chose to be even more wealthy over the relationships he had formed and career he had built with the Mavericks.

    Many people have said that after overpaying other players in the past you picked a weird time to become frugal, but then again they’d be complaining a couple years down the road about his contract and the team as a whole would be in a bad situation. Just don’t turn around and sign Bradley to a 5 year $100 million deal now.

    In a weird little aside, while Steve was still a Maverick I couldn’t even stop myself from trading him away in the virtual world of video games. As the seasons progressed I just kept staring at his Max contract and declining play.

    Despite my favorite player having left, I am still a Mavs fan. Dirk, of course, still amazes me and I am intrigued by Pavel Podkolzine, D.J. M’Benga and am very optimistic of what Devin Harris, Marquis Daniels, and Jon Steffanson can do to fill the void. While they may not yet be as electric and polished as Nash, they are still interesting characters and may benefit the team more since their games are a little more rounded (defensively) than Nash. I only hope that Nash’s exit doesn’t create some rift between Dirk and the organization.

    So, in conclusion, keep making smart decisions to put the team in the right direction, but try to keep it as cool as possible ; ) bringing in likeable players rather than just some slug employees. Make sure the team is still the Mavericks not just some basketball team from Dallas. Looking to the future, I wonder if there is any way you could get video highlights of the Summer League Games (Chinese National Team…beyond) online somewhere ( or here). You can edit out the rookie mistakes and make us all believe we’re a lock for the championship.

    End Ramblin’.
    Keep on Keepin’ On.


    Comment by Jason Kocher -

  38. Just don’t go for Shaq. He couldn’t keep up with Ben Wallace, and I don’t see how he’d run with the Mav’s. just my opinion…. hate to see Steve Nash go, though. He almost inspired me to buy one of your Mav’s warmup jackets (the wife didn’t like the $80 price tag though!)

    Comment by Seth Werkheiser -

  39. This is the worst thing that could have happened.
    There is nothing good whatsoever that can come from this.
    Basketball-wise there is no reason not to max Nash out, at least for 4 years. Since at this point today the Mavericks already know that they are going to be over the salary cap in 2008 anyway and that there’s really only a theoretical possibility that they will be under the cap in 2009 and 2010 since they will have to sign and resign players.
    That means the talent is lost… You will not get anything from this move in the next 5 years. You don’t gain flexibility because you’re far over the cap anyway.

    If you don’t think Nash can help in the playoffs you still could have traded him for Bosh and a filler or Kurt Thomas and a bad contract or Joe Johnson and a spare or Chandler and some other dude.

    So as a fan you should either be sad and/or mad that your owner just gave away a big amount of talent because of money-reasons (since it’s not your money), or you can accept and be fine with him wanting to save some money.
    But you should be aware of the fact that this is a huge setbag with no positive effect except that it lowers the bar and your owner saved 130 mio dollars that he can now use to build schools in 3rd world countries.

    But think this through before you say it’s a good move for the Mavericks.

    Comment by Martin M -

  40. (1) The NBA is a buiness. (2)We still need to wait for part two to see if Steve’s agent came back to Mavs to ask for a counter offer (3)You can’t blame The Mavs Org…They have the second highest payroll in the NBA…Out of the top 5 payrolls…they had the best season…In fact there payroll was 56% higher than that of the Lakers… (4)Somehow I don’t think that many teams would have matched the Mav’s offer. But, that is just my opinion. (5) Steve Nash is not a sustainable player. His skills will diminish over the next three seasons surely. (6) There are a lot of players out there…and the elimination of Steve Nash will clear cap room to go after them. Carlos Boozer worth 40+ million, Steve Nash, pass…. (6) Its a long summer….A lot of deals to made….A lot of deals to be passed on…and so on… let’s not focus all our energy speculating on Shaq…what about Kenyon Martin?, Robert Traylor?, Brian Cardinal?, Marcus Camby?, Quentin Richardson? Derek Fisher?…. (7) San Antonio Spurs are the Wal-Mart of the League….The Mavs are the Target….Let’s see where the Wegman’s (Lakers) and the other supercenters end up…So..don’t expect a Shaq trade until next season…

    Comment by Slw1234 -

  41. I miss Nash, but I have faith in you. I am looking forward to a young new defensive minded backcourt of Daniels and Harris!

    Lets bring in the New Aristotle!

    Comment by THE WEST COAST MAVS FAN -

  42. Hey Mark,

    I’m a Lakers fan, and a Shaq fan.. I don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors in LA, but I do know that Shaq isn’t very happy now and trying to build around Kobe is just plain stupid.. Please pickup Shaq and let him get you a ring, so that everyone in the Lakers organization will realize the HUGE mistake they made.

    Comment by john -

  43. Mark, Is there any chance that Phoenix would be interested in a Sign-and-Trade for Steve where we can receive a trade exception? I realize that they would have no incentive to do so without the Mavs tipping them with something…money, taking a bad contract etc.

    Is anybody looking into this possibility? A large TE enables grander schemes.!

    Comment by Langhugh -

  44. Courage, Mark – you did the right thing, and you know it. Alot of second guessing and knee-jerking will follow, but the fact is, you made a fair, indeed generous, offer to a player who had expressed a desire to stay in Dallas. Your duty is to the team, not Steve, nor his agent, and you made an offer that should have satisfied all parties. There will almost always be someone with a checkbook that’s on meltdown, waiting to overpay.

    While you’re going to hear a bunch of nonsense asking about loyalty to your players, the decision wasn’t yours – it was Steve’s. No-one can dispute that your offer to Steve was fair, not only to Steve, but the team finances and long term outlook. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him sign a contract to drink it…

    And lest anyone think I’m, a Cuban cheerleader… heh, let me disabuse you of THAT notion. But he made the only responsible decision that could be made in the teams interest.


    Comment by Venger -

  45. for posting this. It is hard losing a favorite player but your blog post is a pretty cool way to let us fans know what is up.

    Comment by Jordon Cooper -

  46. So Do you really think theres any chance in hell to land shaq now without Dirk? Even with dirk it looks like mavs are stuck with the 2 big stiffs.

    Comment by oo -

  47. Mark,

    We all liked Steve Nash but the bottom line is that he never measured up in the playoffs. You offered him a deal that is on par with that of Bibby’s, a guy that put up 24 ppg on him and 36 in the deciding game, and he chose to walk.

    I am ready for the Devin Harris era. Watching him on Channel 11 last night score and then immediately pick up full court defensively excited me.

    Bottom line, GREAT MOVE. It was going to take losing a Nash to send a message to our team that the honeymoon is over. Dirk, Quis, Devin, and Josh will take us places we have never gone before. Add Shaq to that group, which I know you can and will, and people will get over Steve Nash.

    Thanks Mark, you are the best owner out there. Money don’t grow on trees and Nash is not worth what he is getting.

    Comment by Miles Gilman -

  48. I am worried about next season. The mavs need another pg (troy hudson, derek fisher, carlos arroyo–too expensive and no money to spend other than the lle. any sign-in-trade deal will most likely limit the mavs options at getting a decent center). All I can say is, if this team is in rebuilding mode, why not truly rebuild. Finley’s contract is one of the worst contracts in the league. Find a way to move his contract, because it limits offseason flexibility. Nash was vertainly more valuable to this organization than Finley. If the concern is paying players too much at a certain age, shouldn’t Finley’s contract be moved? The injuries have piled up over the last couple of seasons, and Fin vanishes in the playoffs.

    I will have faith in Cuban, but it is extremely difficult to see HOW the mavs will be competitive with this current roster. Losing Jamison and Nash, when it should have been Walker, Finley, and someone else (you pick; there are plenty of bench guys to choose from).

    Comment by jeremy w -

  49. This was a tough one.

    I can’t really fault either party in this situation – Steve went for the dollars (and was able to return to an area of the country he obviously loves) and the Mavericks made what was most likely the soundest long-term business decision.

    That said, I feel confident that the Mavericks aren’t done yet. As a day one season ticket holder, I’m willing to give them a while to reassess and take further action.

    If we roll into October with the current roster, though, I won’t be a happy camper.

    Comment by David -

  50. Mark, I really appreciate getting your side of the story, but I think the move was a bad one. I realize that the tension between you and the agent made things difficult, but that is a necessary evil of the game at the pro level. Nash made the Mavs what they are with his incredible play and ball distribution. The second mistake made was signing Marquis Daniels to a six year deal. He had a great rookie campaign, and no one expected him to. I think that he seemed so good because no one expected him to be dangerous. Now, people will be gunning for him, and with his selfish style of play, I don’t think he will respond well. Nash is indispensible, and I wish he would come back to Dallas. It’s going to be hard to see Nash torch Daniels or some rookie PG four times next season. I have very little faith in the PG play of the Mavericks next year. Daniels seems like a “me first” guy, and the rookie is just a rookie. I hope it works out well.

    Comment by Bobby -

  51. So with Nash gone, and Dirk off-limits, can we expect alot of changes to the Mavs this off-season to try and get the Big Fella?

    Comment by Joey -

  52. Mark – Thanks for doing this, especially in such a timely fashion. All of us Mavs fanatics are wondering how it all went down, and I look forward to reading your side of the story.


    Comment by David Gonzalez -

  53. well I think I can speak for many people when I say that I was shocked when i heard that Nash had signed with Phoenix. Especially because it was announced just a few hours after free agency started.
    This is definatly a hard loss for the Mavericks, not just for the team, but for the relationships(like you were talking about).
    It will be interesting though to hear your input on what more has happened since I never seem to trust the news or ESPN when it comes to the Mavericks. Just keep us updated! 🙂

    Comment by Emily -

  54. One side of this issue that I just have not heard much about is: Did Nash do this because he did not want to be traded to LA? He has been mentioned as part of a deal for Shaq ever since the talk came up, and if I am in Nash’s shoes I would absolutely prefer to pick my deal and team as opposed to signing only to be traded to a place I don’t want to go.

    Did the conversation of a no trade clause ever come up in the conversations?

    Comment by Mark -

  55. you guys are nuts—saying you want nash resigned? wow that would be a huge mistake, he is not worth that money, im from wisconsin and watched devin harris play alot, and hes really gonna be good, there is no reason to waste money to resign an over the hill pg

    if you can find a way to trade stack and walker and get something usefull back then you can start talking championship

    Comment by dan -

  56. Mark-

    Thanks for the detailed description of the Steve Nash situation. It is true that Steve’s departure presents challenges in the short term, but considering everything that happened, the decision that was made was the right one. I wish Nash the best, and I wish the Mavericks the best.

    And I appreciate the way you involve the fans and keep us informed. You more than anyone else in sports, especially among owners, understand that it is the fans’ game; without us there would be no NBA. You do excellent work and always make the sound decision. Good luck this season.


    Comment by Joshua Best -

  57. I don’t think we lost a Maverick in Steve Nash. I think we gained insight into the business.

    More important is what you didn’t say. Steve knew what was coming, he planned to leave, his agent did what Steve wanted and I glad he’s gone.

    Do what’s best for the Mavericks and keep doing it. This town is lucky to have an owner like you.

    It’s time to move on. Also, Nash didn’t have to respond to the media, he just wanted to be right and to be right he had to make you wrong.

    I’m glad you didn’t steep to such a level.

    Comment by Tom Adelstein -

  58. He was the heart and soul of the Mavs — a Mavs team that was destined to be soft like him, play no denfese like him, and whine to the refs like him..

    Comment by John C -

  59. Hey, Mark!
    You’re lucky you didn’t get stuck with the deal you offered Steve. Your heart got in the way on this one…count yer blessings. Steve was often out of control when he drove the lane. There’s too much talent on this team to make risk at PG a viable option.

    You’ve given us a winner and you want to win. I trust you to make the moves needed to make us competitive. What more can a fan ask? Thanks for the entertainment.

    PS: Don’t sell the farm for Shaq. Last time I looked the Pistons were champs.

    Comment by Kirk Prati -

  60. hey mark,
    i think u did da rite thing now matching Steve’s contract…i also agree Phoenix overpaid for him but we will see how it plans out in da future…and i just wanna say thanxs for being a great owner and letting us know how da deal worked out…..i also hate seeing nash leaving but it was the rite move, i think…well i hope the u and da MAVs do great next yr and every yr after….Go win us a title!!!!Go mavs

    Comment by Mark Yi -

  61. I am impressed. This isn’t the first time you have stepped away from something, assessed the value and then made a “business decision”. No, I am not a big Mav’s fan, yes, I enjoy watching Steve Nash play the game of basketball with the players surrounding him but, more important I am a supporter of someone who can identify conspicuous consumption and walk away. This isn’t about Steve Nash, this is about you. Kudos to you.

    Comment by David Tannenbaum -

  62. Mark,

    Thank you for taking the time to explain the process and the factors that went into your decision. It was informative and intriguing. I truly believe that Steve was the “heart” of the Mavs on the floor. Even when he wasn’t at his best on a given night, he still hustled his butt off. He will be sorely missed.

    Comment by Jay -

  63. the new frontcourt is great, of course nash had great stats, he won a few games…but he lost a few games, too. i will always remember him, as a player, who took the wrong shots at the wrong time!!
    the teams doesn´t need five superstars, they need good role-players!!
    so please give us a post scorer and solid rebounder for players like stackhouse or lettner….trading jamison was the bigger mistake!!!
    thank you for explaining this hole thing for us, there are not so many owners, who would do so!

    Comment by Kai(germany) -

  64. Props to Cubes for this blog entry.

    Really, I don’t think you can blame him for not offering the absurd amount that the Suns did.

    There’s no way Steve deserves that amount of money and the Suns look stupid now because they traded Marbury to get a ton of cap space… to spend it all on Steve Nash?

    Comment by Davo -

  65. Mavs fans dodged a bullet. Nothing worse than overpaid athletes sucking up cap space and ruining a team’s long term competitiveness. Rest assured: Phoenix fans will be pissed and Mavs fans relieved when Nash is a perpetual resident on the IL a couple of years from now. I think that by not getting locked into Nash’s contract at this late stage in his career and having two great young PGs signed on, the Mavs can look forward to a Pacers- or Pistons-like franchise that will remain young, exciting, competitive and flexible enough to add the final piece towards a championship. It sure beats having a Knicks-like team mired in expensive mediocrity.

    Comment by Chris -

  66. I like Steve Nash but for whatever reason he is gone. Get over it. The old saying goes, “Don’t ever closely inspect a dead horses posterior because he will dump on one every time.” Get on with the business of winning. It’s the best argument.Mistakes are

    Comment by Tom Bailey -

  67. mark, you said NBA will let you know the cap this year after July 1st, so what is it please?

    over 50mm?


    Comment by some guy from vancouver -

  68. Mark, by now you know each team’s cap really is this year?
    over 50mm?

    Comment by some guy from vancouver -

  69. Dear Mr. Nash,

    I imagine you have heard about all the posts on the Dallas Maverick’s Blog page in response to the news of losing our favorite player. The TV set is likewise full of free agency/ trade rumors and, like many fans, I bemoan the off-season talk. What gets me most is all the comparisons between you and the other elite guards in the league. Because they don’t understand. You are different! You are THE GUARD who saved the Dallas Mavericks!
    You’re the reason why I watched every televised Mavericks game while attending The University of Texas. Austin is the city where Rockets, Spurs and Mavericks fans can come together in bars, fraternities, and elsewhere to watch their teams duke it out. With you on our team, we do actually believe we can beat the world champion Spurs and Rockets! Another thing about Austin is that intramural sports are HUGE. And it was a big deal for me, when I (a kid who couldn’t even make my high school basketball team) sank a 3-pointer in intramural play… by using a “Steve Nash” juke move that I learned from watching you. We are paying attention, and Mavericks fans from all over the world are grateful to you.
    For much of the 90s, Mavs fans had nothing to be excited about. Our only solace was the perennial event of the Lottery Draft. This was supposed to be the time of year when we finally got better. With our picks, we supposedly had potential. But at the season’s end, the Mavericks were in the league’s cellar. Personally, I hate losing… and would do anything to avoid settling for mediocrity. I’ve learned that there is a big difference between what looks good on paper, and what works on the court. The court is real. The court requires chemistry.
    I remember the Jason (Kidd), Jamal (Mashburn), and Jimmy (Jackson) “We got ‘em” season. The one thing we couldn’t get… was an NBA playoff team. And then you came to town. The new trio became Nash, Nowitzki, and Fin. Remember how great it was when Cuban bought the billboard across from the NBA All-Star Game that read, “Where’s Finley?” Cuban made it known that, like a band of brothers, the Mavericks would never leave a man behind.
    And the new trio worked! Mavs fans came out of the woodwork to watch a winner. It was like the saying in a Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come”. I have never seen such a level of fanaticism in all of professional sports… as that shared by today’s Mavericks fans. We really want you as our point guard, and we really want to win.

    Please come back… before it’s too late.

    Just a Sports Fan,
    Justin Watley

    Comment by Justin Watley -

  70. I used to hate watching the NBA. Foul. Free throws. Foul some more. More free throws. The MAVERICKS got me excited about the NBA again with the score first mentality. I like to watch the incredible scoring by Dirk and Nellie’s crazy offense. Nelly’s offense is the reason I root for the Mavs. Nash moved on. I don’t blame him and I don’t care.

    Comment by Louis -

  71. Mark,

    Steve Nash was exciting to watch and sorry to see him go. You definitely made the right decision!! I totally agree that NBA agents are very selfish and always looking out for the big commission check.

    Go Mavs!

    Comment by Andrew -

  72. Mark,

    I think you made a wise decision with the Mavs best interest at heart. I hate to see Nash go, but its a business and its time to move on and focus on what is here and what other deals can be made to improve the roster. I think the Mavs will be happy with Marquis and Devin now running the point bc of the obvious upgrade in athletic ability they can bring to the table which means they can probably play better defense on guys that use to treat Nash like their bia bia! I hope you also see that a huge part of the Mavericks downfall was due to the presence of one Antoine Walker and i can only hope he is moved for at least a body to throw in the front court, preferrably a center.

    Comment by Jose -

  73. Thanks for this post Mark. Nash was my favorite player and I am upset he is gone but you did everything you could. Thank you for being so personal with the fans. You are a great owner and I know the Mavs will still be a great team.

    Comment by Amanda -

  74. A cut/paste from page 2 says it best (written by Eric Neel). We will definitely miss Nash’s amazing plays but a baseball analyst who knows about paying for performance hits the nail on the head:
    The Land of the Rising Sun fell hard.

    I don’t blame the Suns for not hanging around in the Kobe game. They were a long, long shot to win. But throwing $65 million at Nash over five years was a panic move. Like the guy coming off the slots with a bucket full of silver dollars, Colangelo started buying drinks for everyone in the house just to show he could do it. The Suns overvalued Nash’s production, convinced themselves that what he does out there when the other team has the ball is actually defense, and, I guess, just ignored the fact that he’s already 30 years old. He’ll make some highlight reels and there’ll be some nice ‘loops to Amare, but he’s no longterm solution.

    What they should have done was throw half their money, or less, at his former Mavericks teammate Marquis Daniels, who’s seven years younger, three inches taller, five pounds heavier, and every bit as productive. Instead, Dallas did that themselves; and now, if you stroll the halls of the casino, you can hear Mark Cuban shouting, “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!”

    Comment by David in Georgia -

  75. As a Suns fan, it will be nice to have Nash in town. But speaking for most others that have jarred back and forth about the signing… most hate it. We trade Starbury to free up cap space, sign Nash to fill up cap space…we don’t like it. Cuban, you did the right thing, the Suns will have a lame contract in four years just like they did with Penny and Googs. Daniels is a stud… and your draft was genius.

    Comment by Rex Jarvis -

  76. As a Suns fan, it will be nice to have Nash in town. But speaking for most of us that have jarred back and forth about the trade… we hate it. Trade Starbury to free up cap space, sign Nash to fill up cap space… huh? Cuban, you did the right thing, the Suns will have a lame contract in four years just like they did with Penny and Googs. Daniels is a stud… and your draft was genius.

    Comment by RJ -

  77. I’ve wondered if Nash would’ve eaten the deal from the Suns had he not been involved in trade rumors… I wonder if we have seen the last of the Run N Gun.. I wonder what Dirk is thinking about. He stood up after his statement about management. Will he now? Im still mad, but his helps a lot… I felt like it really IS all about the money…. but how can u be mad @ steve? he’s human and basketball is his job.. he deserves it.. good luck to him

    Comment by Angel -

  78. The loss of Steve Nash is huge, but I really like the team you have. There’s a combination of youthful energy, and vetran leadership. The team should be much more capable of playing great defense. I think Christian Lattener is a nice addition to the 5 spot. One thing, Najera has to get minutes. He’s a scrapper. I think his lack of PT last year really hurt. In a short amount of time, he can have a dramatic impact. And he doesn’t need the ball to be effective.

    Comment by Kevin -

  79. Dear Mark Cuban,

    I think that it was a great and very bold move to let Steve Nash sign with the Phoenix Suns. He was a great Mav and will always be remembered but he is not worth 65 million over 6 years. Now we just have to focus on putting Shaq in a mavs jersey while keeping Dirk in one. With that one-two punch the Mavs will be nearly unstoppable.

    p.s- Please try to keep Dirk in a Mavs jersey.

    Your Mavs Fan For Life,
    Stephen Zimkouski

    Comment by Stephen Zimkouski -

  80. Yet another point many of you are missing in your rush to compliment Mark Cuban on letting us share in his thinking:

    Steve Nash is arguably the best shooter in the NBA today and,perhaps, one of the best ever.

    Steve is currently ranked 6th all-time in 3 point field goal percentage in NBA history and he is currently third in free throw percentage behind only Mark Price and Brent Barry.

    The 3 point percentage is even more amazing when you consider that he is the only true starting point guard (over 30 minutes per game) in the top 30 all-time 3 point shooters.

    Point guards 3 point percentages are generally lower than shooting guards because they often have the ball as the shot clock winds down and have to launch a certain amount of shots with little chance of success.

    Nash is a deadly shooter with almost perfect square up form, arc and follow-through for good rotation without a lot of need for setting his feet up. Canada’s National Basketball coach, Jay Triano (a deadly college shooter himself who got beaten out by John Stockton when he tried out for the Jazz), teaches all his players to study Nash’s form and work ethic.

    Is it any wonder that the guy advising the Suns on what they are getting in Nash is none other than Steve Kerr, the all-time 3 point percentage leader in NBA history?

    Yes, Steve Nash may possibly break down over time (although he is much more likely to be the John Stockton of his era because of his conditioning and toughness) but even if he does in four or five years, Phoenix will have one of the deadliest off-the-bench shooters ever coming off screens or waiting outside the line for Barbosa to find him. Steve Kerr wasn’t exactly useless winning all those titles in Chicago and San Antonio.

    Oh, and if Nash doesn’t break down and continues to put up his last season’s average of 8.8 assists per game, it would leave him in 7th place all-time among point guards.

    If one of the best shooters in NBA history and potentially one of the best all-round point guards is not worth darn near the max at the height of his career, who is?

    When Hidayet Turkoglu (the funniest name in the NBA) gets a 40 million dollar offer, you’ve got to shake your head at Mark Cuban getting tangled up in his little chess game with Bill Duffy, who knew what his client was really worth. Steve did too. How many of you would take, say, 15 to 20% less money to play for a team that didn’t value the talents you’d worked all your life to develop to a world class level?

    I nearly choked on my breakfast quesadilla (or maybe it was a Hidayet Turkoglu) when I heard you let Steve Nash go for nothing, Mark.

    Comment by Luther Blissett -

  81. Mark,
    You’re a freak for telling it like it is and burning any future relationship with Duffy, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading the account 😉

    Comment by Reporter -

  82. Appreciate the owner’s perspective. Thanks.

    Do you think that the potential effort to get Shaq might have influences Steve’s decision? If he reads the press at all, he may have concluded that he might be a part of the package and that he would prefer to play for a team of his choosing (especially with a huge offer) rather than let others decide. Your thoughts?

    Keep up the good work!

    Comment by B. Lewis -

  83. Thankyou for your candidness, Mark. This is the most amazing insight into how a free agency deal is negotiated that I have ever come across.

    Although I’m not a Mavs fan, I wish you guys and your fans all the best for the upcoming season.

    Comment by Andrew -

  84. I am a longtime Pacers fan living in Phoenix, and I couldn’t beileve that the Suns signed Nash. On a personal level, I couldn’t see how someone I respected so much (from what I know) would let someone he expressed general care for go.

    Until I read this. Thx.

    Comment by Nathan Oyler -

  85. I think we’re having fun. I think our customers really like our products. And we’re always trying to do better.
    Steve Jobs

    Maverick fans are definitely having fun. Since you’ve taken over, it’s been a ride, a fun and enjoyable ride to say the least. You are constantly trying to make this team better and we commend you for that. It’s obvious from reading this post that a tremendous amount of work and emotion is involved in owning and running a NBA franchise. Most people have no concept of everything involved.

    Anyway, it’s nice to read about your thoughts directly and not what the media thought you thought. We look forward to many more years to come with you at the helm.

    Thanks for the great last 5 years!!!

    Fort Worth entrepreneur,
    Shawn McCarthy

    Comment by Shawn MCcCarthy -

  86. I’m a devout Celtic Fan, and I wish we had an owner as honest and open with our fans. Mavs fans face facts: you have been spoilt these last 4 seasons. Lets be honest Mr Cuban had no choice but to let Nash walk the offer that Phoenix put on the table was ludicrous. Nash is a terrific player but he plays no D, and is not a championship player and he will be 36 when this deal expires. No one in their right mind would or should pay him that much. Now the only reason Mr Cuban is to blame is for signing stiffs like Walker, Abdul-Wahad and to a lesser extent Finley to huge contracts. Then maybe he could have matched the offer.
    In his defence, it looks like Mr Cuban is finally learning from his mistakes, unlike his fellow owners and GM’s. Some of the deals this off-season defy logic, Nash’s contract is absurd, but there are worse instances Look at Adonal Foyle’s Contract for one, Okur’s is another. Even Camby’s contract is ridiculous.
    Every G.M knows Cap Space is vital and should only be spent on proven talent.
    Mr Cuban deserves to be applauded for his candid views, and history wll show, he made the right decision. He may have a lot of Dollars but he has the sense to know when to use it.

    Comment by Rida Chebaro -

  87. Mark. Will you please not give out your money on TV, and buy the Golden State Warriors? I think they’re going retarded.

    Comment by Julia -

  88. Despite all the nonsense that the media puts out there and how they portray personalities they love to hate in the media. I am very discriminatory towards certain things I may hear or is said in the media and choose to go beyond the surface to find what really is the truth. I always thought you’re Dallas Mavericks are a 1st class organization from top to bottom. As it is said it starts from the top, I can’t say how refreshing it is to see not only an honest owner that goes out of their way to tell fans how it really went down; but the committment to winning at any cost. I firmly believe that a good business is one that is run honestly and fairly, which maybe is a farce in that not many business run that way. Everyone is concerned with the bottom line, and for us fans that is winning. Being from Seattle I am both an athlete and a die-hard fan of professional basketball and football. At least on the basketball side things are not looking too good, which leads knowledgable fans like myself to question moves like drafting a center who didn’t workout for any team as well as adding a 4th center to an already center heavy roster with huge contracts. What happen to drafting for need and/or best player available. Robert Swift fits none of those bills. Sonics management says he will be a top center, I’m willing to bet he won’t be. Maybe the reason why we question those moves because management doesen’t really try to communicate and let us know what went down, it may not be required but it would go a long way to maybe explain and appease the fans to keep us informed. With that, keep up the good work you’ll be just fine with Marquis Daniels.

    Comment by William -

  89. Mr Cuban,

    I have just found out about you weblog and I am totally amazed that an NBA owner or any owner of any major sports franchise would be this open and this honest. I just hope that Mr. Bob Johnson will learn a thing from you and be more open to the new bobcat fans of which I am one of. So I just wanted to say Thank You. And by the way Steve Nash is my favorite player in the NBA and I have his Dallas Jersey but I really don’t think I will be purchasing his Phoenix Jersey Guess I will trade it in for a NEW BOBCATS OKAFUR jersey. Again Thank You Mr Cuban.

    Comment by Jimmy from Charlotte -

  90. Mr. Cuban,

    I appreciate the way you run the new-school Mavericks. Keep up the good work. I know you have a blockbuster deal coming this summer, and I am anticipating it, and I know this team will be better off. Good luck this upcoming year.


    Comment by Clover -

  91. Wow – that was some fascinating insight.

    Comment by Zach -

  92. Thanks for breaking up the band YOKO…

    Comment by Mike Verinder -

  93. You just lost the Heart and Soul of your team…
    Someday… or sometime later in the season this year you will realize that.. I remember visiting Canada Last year.. Seeing Nash (MAV)signs everywhere… (I travel alot as a consultant…) anyway. good luck with the team this year.. Nash will definately hurt in more ways than one..

    Comment by Mike Verinder -

  94. why Steve Nash, Part1?

    Comment by joe -

  95. Regarding the post asking why you would sign Shaq instead of Nash. Allow me to explain. Shaquille O’Neal is “when healthy” one of the top 2 players in the league and one of the top ten players in NBA history. During the Finals Shaquille O’Neil’s effectiveness was limited not by his health but by his teammates; ie: Kobe’s refusal to pass him the ball. Any health problems Shaq has can be fixed by him losing the 50+ pounds he is overweight. All he needs is the motivation!! ie: CONTRACT YEAR!!! Steve Nash on the other hand is a 30yr old point guard who is not even one of the top 5 point guard in the league NOW!!! He is suffering injuries now due to wear and tear on his body due to style of play. If the Mavs resign Nash and keep their current team they stand no chance of winning their division yet alone the NBA title now or in the future. If the Mavs sign Shaq and keep most of their current roster they have a very good chance of winning the championship even without Nash. Not only that but it would be easier to trade Shaq in the last year or two of his contract than Nash due to the desperation around the league for big men year in and out.

    Comment by Mervin Dixon -

  96. I just hope it`s not a mistake again
    last year we lose Van Exel and LaFrentz
    and I wish Nash can come back soon…

    Comment by Amy -

  97. Mark, this is coming from an outside view. I’m not the biggest NBA fan, but the Mavs are favorites of mine still. I personally agree with your decision on the move not to match the offer. The Suns went overboard and there is nothing you can do about that. Steve is a great player, but I’m not sure he’s worth the money Phoenix is giving him. The Mavs are stacked with talent still, and I’m confident you can go out and improve the team still. You’re the best owner in the NBA and you have shown that time and time again. Good move. Good luck. Later man.

    Comment by Justin L. -

  98. After the contracts Cuban has given out over the last few years, for him to, all of a sudden, decide to become fiscally responsible with Nash is a joke. So you’ll shell out for the Bradley’s, Finley’s, and Daniel’s of the world, but you won’t do the same for your MVP? Are we to believe that Cuban went thru the exact same process in deciding how much Bradley was worth?

    The Nash contract isn’t outrageous when you look at the other contracts this week… Rafer Alston $30 million, Okur $50 million… All of a sudden Nash’s contract doesn’t seem so bad. I think this is one Dallas will end up regretting.

    Cuban’s a great owner in that he doesn’t mind spending money, and he communicates well, but yikes, he’s got to give up the GM duties, because his moves look real shaky from where I’m sitting.

    Comment by Andrew B. -

  99. I am surprised people feel slighted that Nash left for some more money, and how that means he doesn’t care about the team or that he’s greedy.
    wake up.

    1. it’s a business, he’s just taking care of his.
    2. He’s been the modern day scottie pippen. vastly underpaid for a number of years, and now he wants his final contract to reflect his achievements, dedication and level of performance.

    It’s ok to take advantage of him, pay him well below market value, then turn your back when fair market becomes due. Certainly it’s the contract he signed, and judging by the standard of his play, he didn’t begrude anyone this. But now was the time for a fair deal.
    This was a great way to show appreciation for what he has done in the past, and likely will do in the future. I am sure potential players will remember that Mark Cuban never wanted to pay Nash what he was worth.
    Perhaps you got so used to having him on the cheap that you couldn’t bring yourself to pay him properly? Besides Mark, you yourself said you only wanted to pay him slightly more than what Phx were likely to offer – not what he is worth.

    Comment by scott -

  100. First off, I am a diehard Laker fan (yeah, boo hiss, blah, blah). Anyway, all of you Mavs fans need to realize that you have the best owner out there. He is committed to winning, putting out a fun and competitive product and he allows for unprecedented access into inner workings of a prefessional franchise. Jerry Buss used to be more accessible and freewheeling, but those days have long since passed. Yes, Nash left, but worse things could have happened, like signing Gary Payton to a $5.5 million contract for next season. The Mavs just need to quit thinking that they can outscore their opponents in the playoffs. As we just witnessed, you need to play D.

    Comment by Abe Ramos -

  101. Although we’ve lived in the Dallas area for the past twelve years, we didn’t start following the Mavericks until two years ago when our then seven year old son became interested in basketball and the Mavericks. We learned all the players, enthusiastically followed the team into the playoffs and decided to become season ticket holders last year.

    We were surprised when most of the team we had known was gone by the beginning of the season; only Bradley, Finley, Nowitski, Najera and Nash remained. So we learned the new players, our son even got Jamison’s autograph at a comic book signing.

    My son has played soccer since he was five years old and with basically the same team. They are truly a team because they know each other, on and off the field, and can anticipate each other’s moves. That can’t be said about the Mavericks. They’re just a bunch of guys who happen to temporarily wear a Mavericks jersey, they’re not a team. We want to watch a team, want to watch that team grow, not have to watch an ever-changin cast of characters move in and out of Dallas. Although we’ve already paid for our tickets for next year, we’re trying to cancel our tickets now. Maybe when Dallas gets a real team put together and sticks with them we’ll come back. But until then, we’re just not interested.

    Comment by Kurt Webb -

  102. Forget Steve Nash; from one Canadian’s perspective, you should go out and get Vince Carter.

    By the way, thanks for sharing the insight. We in Toronto do not get this luxury from the MLSE “board of directors.”

    Comment by Samir Nurmohamed -

  103. it is the better part of valor. Mark, with all the S you’ve taken in the media over the years for “questionable” or “overbearing” contracts, it’s good to see that when the opportunity to make a bad deal came along, you declined. I hope the rest of us fans understand that it is better for the team in the long run.


    Comment by MarioB -

  104. I would like to preface this comment by stating that I think it is totally awesome that you make yourself available to Maverick fans in this manner. You are a breath of fresh air as far as owners are concerned. Now to Nash… Thank you very much for crunching the numbers and deciding that you could not afford to match Phoenix’s contract offer. I still can remember the day that we traded him to Dallas. I hated that deal and have watched Mavericks games with envy ever since. To be able to get him bac kwith some basketball life left in him is a dream come true. We may have spent too much, but too much is a relative term. To be able to partner Steve with Amare, Marion, and Joe Johnson presents an interesting line up. I understand the concerns about his health, but we have a good young backup to fill some minutes in Barbosa, so I am not too worried. Also, after watching Steve torch my UofA Wildcats in college and then light up the NBA for so many years with the same reckless abandon, I feel the risk is well worth the reward.

    If there is any team that I root for after the SUNS, it is the Mavericks. I hope all goes well with your dealings and much success as long as it is not against the Suns.

    Thanks again for the gift,

    A sincere Suns Fan

    Comment by Chris Chenevert -

  105. Hello Mr. Cuban,
    I was impressed to read such a detailed explaination about the whole Steve-Nash-deal.This only shows that you are not less emotionally involved than any “normal” fan.Personally I think you did the right decission.If you are not flexible on your team due to multiyear/multimillion contracts, it is hard to adjust any slight mistake.But I would have rather liked to see Walker and Finley leave than Nash and Jamison.And do not consider any deal Dirk for Shaq!!Shaq has played out…
    Kind regards from Germany,

    Comment by FunkuSuperstar -

  106. I would like to respond to Luis. I believe that Daniels is a solid player, I don’t think he’s a waste of a roster spot at all. My point is that he was a phenom because he was written off as a decent guy who played well in the summer league. I doubt that he will have the same impact as Nash in the Nelson offense. This brings me to my second point, that your reference to Payton is totally wrong. He is not fading. The year before last, with Seattle, he led the NBA in assists. When he was traded to the Bucks, that number dropped and he finished 2nd or 3rd, as best I can remember. I think that should be looked at, as must the expectations of a player by opponents, before you can asses their abilities/fading. Thirdly, I agree with you wholeheartedly that I would not be able to run point at the highest level, none of us debating this could. I think I would play pretty well in a YMCA league since I have started at the 2, and backed up the point in college. I graduated last month, so I’m not that far removed. I may not be heading to the pros, but I’m confident that I know what I’m talking about. Bottom line, I’ve seen enough Mavs games to view Daniels as selfish. I was (un)fortunate enough to go to the 5th game at Sac, and Daniels did not impress me much. Nash blew me away in the first half, and I still think that losing him is a detriment with consequeces that will be long-lasting. I hope I’m wrong

    Comment by Bobby -

  107. Mark,
    My husband and children have always been avid fans of a number of sports activities including soccer, tennis, baseball, track and field, football and of course basketball. We do not live in Dallas but they have followed the Mavs for years. I have seen the incredible highs and the devastating lows that a win or loss provide. Until I read your message to your fans and the comments from your fans I could never truly FEEL what my husband and children felt as a result of a win or loss. I now have felt the pain fans have experienced as a result of the decisions that were made. My heart is so heavy for you all. I am thankful for the fans that have made me understand and feel the pain and sorrow that goes hand in hand with the joys of the game. I now have an enhanced appreciation for this “game” and all “games.” I’ll now think twice when I say “don’t take it so hard, it’s only a game”!!!!

    Comment by salmon -

  108. Mark,
    Thanks for your side of the story. My stomach was in knots and I went into a little depression with Nash gone like many others in Big D.

    However, it is a business and you’ve made a logical business case with pro/con analysis and competitive assessment.

    I’m confident in the Nellie’s development of players so looking forward to Devin Harris and Marquis Daniels next year.

    Remember, it’s business and sometimes the personal relations can skew both sides and impact decisions. I think this is one of the first decisions where it’s more business…less personal. We’ve made mistakes in the past we’ll need to overcome that seemed more personal, less business…i.e. Finley.

    Since you’re accountable, hold strong to your decisions and the unrest in Big D will take care of itself. Possibly, regroup with this agent or others and resolve what the deeper conflicts may be…Maybe, you’ll uncover a gem of a relationship

    Comment by Beau -

  109. Well as a Steve Nash and Phoenix Suns fan, I am extremely happy about this deal. It is a great deal, where we get an experienced, awesome point guard to groom our emerging PG. Steve could have done without the money, he is not that type of guy. He wanted the Mavericks to show confindence in him and they didn’t. Instead they talked and talked about signing and trading him. With him saying from the beginning that he wanted to stay with Mavs, that would’ve hurt anyone. The question of the moment for all is, are you more upset that he chose to leave or that you now cannot trade him for Shaq? As a Suns fan I must say that I am glad that they finally smartened up and got back the point guard they have wanted for years. I wish the best of luck to both teams, but GO STEVE NASH and the SUNS.

    Comment by Nash is AWESOME -

  110. He’s not offered by a fair contract. He’s offered a contract that Cuban think the Phoenix will not pay him. So stop saying that Cuban or the Mavs treated Nash fair. They just try to bargain off him.

    There is nothing wrong with try to pay a player the minimun you need to pay. It’s all business. But then, please don’t expect any loyalty out of this kind of business practice.

    Nash need not to be loyal to the Mavs because you valued him not on his contribution to the team but on what the max money the other teams are willing to pay for his service.

    No respect, no loyalty

    Comment by ac -

  111. Is the potty mouth verbiage necessary?

    Comment by Banjo Jones -

  112. Mark,

    I have great respect for you because you took the time to write all of that out for us. You didn’t have to tell us your thoughts and feelings through all this, but I feel better hearing SOMETHING from you on this matter.

    I’m still a little lost and hurt feeling right now and yes, I am still in the mindset of “Mark Cuban is an IDIOT”, I won’t deny it.

    As a Nash lover, I am incredibly (you have no idea how incredibly) sad that he’s gone. I even think I’m still a little in a state of denial about it. But I am glad he got such an amazing deal. I think the Suns are amazing for stepping up and proving how much they wanted him. I wish him the absolute best.

    As a Mav fan, I’m worried. Worried about…what next? No “big man” still, no proven PG. The loss of a VITAL piece of the team, with nothing to show for it.

    The last two summers have seemed like such step BACKS for us, not step forwards. It seems unfair after waiting so long and then being so close, that now it seems we are going to have to wait even more.

    But I guess we’ll see come the start of the season what happens, won’t we? Until then, I’ll be here…hurt and worried.

    Comment by JM -

  113. mark, this was a tough move but i think the right move. it is always hard to see a player go when you and the fans are emotionally tied to the player. in this case, steve is a 30 year old point guard. and the facts are that this is the time when you see the performance of that position start to slide. for you to pay him the money that pheonix did doesn’t make since in most cases.

    Comment by maver1x -

  114. While I will miss Nash this was one of those situations where it will be best ib the long run. It is always better to lose a player 1 year too soon than to be saddled with him too long.

    Personal feelings CANNOT become involved in business, especially a business like sports when there is a salary cap involved and a player can “lose it” physically overnight.

    Comment by Scott Goldberg -

  115. Mark,
    I was wondering what directoin the mavs are goin in gaining another outside shooter to try to fill the void of losing Nash. Now we only have two Fin and Dirk. Maybe I am missing one…but reguardless we lost one of the best pure shooters in the game and I was wondering if we might be going after someone like Rick Barry. He would be a plus because we could have a family rivalry going now that Brent is in SA. Anyways just want to know your thoughts on that.
    -MFFL Matt

    Comment by Matt Osborn -

  116. Cube,

    I miss you.

    – Steve Nash

    Actually, it’s not that bad to lose Nash. Sure, it will hurt next year, but you don’t want a financial drain into the future. Looks like Cuban picked up Dampier today. Now, if Dampier will be motivated to play hard when a contract is not at stake, you’ve got a good center, otherwise you’ve got a burden.

    Comment by Steve Nash -

  117. cuban..HOW COULD YOU!? great now that nash is gone, the mavs wont be the same. You made a bad move cuban…but thats your choice and i’m not going to abuse it that far. But that’s my opinion. Actually, you DID make it look like you didn’t want steve. thanks alot…

    about kidd..i prefer you get kidd. He wants to go back to dallas and you better get him back to dallas if you want the mavs going “great” again. i’ll be commenting more often. keep watch cuban.

    Comment by Courtney Nguyen -

  118. I have been following the NBA free agency somewhat closely. The one thing I always regretted was getting rid of Steve Nash in Phoenix. He was a very good player then and even better to this day. I think it was a great move from a business and basketball standpoint. I feel like Steve’s agent was very deceiving that they both were able to sit through that meeting knowing that they were going to be meeting with Phoenix later that day. I think of Steve as one of the best hustlers in the NBA and one of the best work ethics I have ever seen. From a Basketball standpoint Nash is going to bury his own grave going to Phoenix. Let us look at the past with Jason Kidd, Stephan Marbury, and Penny Hardaway. Let’s face it Phoenix has never been able to do anything great with good point guards. That is all they ever go after. They pour all this money into guards only to realize they can’t get anyone else. So from the standpoint of Steve moving to a good team is hardly appropriate. Steve is moving to the team for more money. I mean come on when you are a millionaire you are a millionaire. If I was in his shoes and believed in the Dallas program I would have signed the 4 years 9 million no doubt. But it is not about winning a championship it is about the money. Do you really want someone playing basketball for you who really wanted to just shop for the most money? Or do you want someone who is willing to make about 40 million over 4 years who want to win a championship? The Suns got what they paid for, a great player, but no one to play with. Maybe the Suns will be over .500 this season.

    Comment by Jed W -

  119. Duh. Kidd has a longer and fatter contract than Nash’s new contract. Don’t your think the new TV deal and new CBA will effect Cuban’s decision?

    Maybe Nash was not wanted here.

    Comment by ac -

  120. O.K. Before y’all ask what the hell i’m talking about read this:

    Mr. Cuban Jason Kidd want to go back to Dallas and the Nets are willing to trade him. Wow this doesn’t take a genious. One thing tho DON’T TRADE JOSH HOWARD HE IS A FUTURE ALL-STAR. No matter how much the Nets beg or threaten to pull the deal don’t trade Josh Howard. Remember you have the upper-hand the Nets want cap room and they want Jason out. Make sure his knees o.k. though.

    Comment by Tapas Agarwal -

  121. Jason Kidd

    Comment by Scott -

  122. Wow. It is absolutly unbelieveable how ignorant some people can be. Talks of god on earth, a new coach, the OVERSIZED glove, and a diesel-powered nightmare. Am I the only person that sees the way that we made the conf. finals in 02, is by full-throttle, fastbreak, uptempo, high scoring pointfests a la Exel? Steve embodied our team (and Nellie’s) strategy by running up the scores and bringing 110% every night. By the way, did anyone notice Ste was 2ND in apg last year? What’s done is done, and we must move on. But if we keep making offseason moves such as trading a big part of our team after being an injury and a game away from the finals, or the trainwreck that was the point-forward experiment, then our team will continue to slip away from the prize that was so near. We have to be on top of player movement, and know what kind of team we are when we do. Ste’s loss is no fault of cuban’s. Rather it is the fault of the overtrading, misjudging, and over and under estimating player fit and talent. Daniels shall inherit the wind, and the pg spot for now. Not a bad replacement, athough he is no steve nash That said- much love to Nelson & Nelson. Follow the dream. If anyone who reads this agrees, disagrees, has an opening for an aspiring sports columnist, or is a benefactor- PLEASE show love. MFFL #00 holla back.

    Comment by Blake Armstrong -

  123. or we can trade a fortson for calvin booth…. o wait that happened…..damn. whats next, oliver miller?

    Comment by getnashty -

  124. i wish mavs still had nashty. but lets trade stack for power forward and everything will be alright.

    Comment by mo betta -

  125. YOU ARE A GOD.

    Comment by bret yniguez -

  126. I’m 100% in agreement with your rational on Steve Nash’s trade situation. I love to see him stay but as your die hard fan I wish you the best. I praise you for spending your time to explain to the public, that’s great.
    Do the Nelsons (Donnie and his Dad ) run the Maverick 100% ? They shouldn’t.
    It will be nice if you can get Ben Wallace to be a Maverick. We need an interior rebounder and defender. We have the offence all we need is a serious rebounder and boddy banger.

    Henderson, Nevada

    Comment by lfemi -

  127. Mark, after this year everyone is going to call you a genious. HARRIS WILL BE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!!!! you heard it here first. Now that Nash is gone he will be able to show the nation how good he really is. Harris will prosper in Nellie system better than nash. Stackhouse will be starting by midseason and watch out for Laettner. Laettner will fit in this year better than he did last time he was in town. The mavericks could not win a campionship with the old roster. Defense was a problem. The mavs will be running and gunning as they did before except this year they will be able to play defense with the run and gun. Nellie will now have more athletic players to work with. Can’t wait until the season starts and I can tell all the critics how wrong they are and I told you so.

    Comment by Rodney -

  128. hey mark!!i’m mavs fan for life but when i heard the news i was shock man i’m really sad i dont think the team is going to be as good as we were before at least not next season it would take the new kids alot of time to learn how to play with dirk and mike man the big three gone!!makes me so sad nash was the best player on that team everybody knew that.

    Comment by David Songg -

  129. Thank you, Mark, for sharing both the professional and the personal dimension of this experience. You became for me a real live feeling human being. And I find I like you!

    Comment by Alan Donelson -

  130. I agree with what Mark did here–as difficult and hard to understand as it is. Look around the NBA–a player is ONLY as good as the players that you could obtain for him in a trade. You must always trade away your best players for assets to keep the team fresh and competitive (look at Donnie Walsh’s Indiana teams). If you don’t believe me, take a look at Jason Kidd. Jason is arguably one of the top 5 point guards of all time, and played well last season. Yet, due to his injuries, he is virtually untradeable now due to his age and contract. Smart move, Mark, but know that this is really painful to watch.

    Comment by Krish -

  131. How’s it going Mark,
    I’m a huge steve nash fan. I’ve been following him, since he was with the suns *the first time*, along with Fin. Well, I was shocked to read in the news paper that Nash was lost to the suns. I was upset, cause the Mavs are my team, and Nash was my boi! Its going to be a rough season next year, but I think we’ll do fine. Keep ur head up, man! I’m glad I found ur blog, and I read about that day we all lost Nash. U’re my boi still, and NASH is too. I guess I now have two teams I gotta follow in the NBA now. I’m still a MAVS FAN FOR LIFE THOUGH! Take care, mark

    Comment by Ricardo Torres -

  132. Everyone that is upset over Nash leaving needs to get over it. No matter what Mark says, they planned on Nash not being here next year from jump street. You don’t get rid of a potential all-star (Jamison) for a rookie PG and a couple of busts on a team that is championship bound. I see this as a two year plan. Develop the New Big 3 (Harris,Daniels,Howard) “DH2” , keep your all star (Dirk), get your coach (Johnson) and either develop (DJ & Pavol) or acquire a strong inside presence. It will take a couple of years just to get the residue from Nellies “The Best Defense is a Great Offense” mentality out of these players heads.

    Comment by Rod -

  133. Mark, if Steve had signed with the Mavs would you have immediately included him in a package for Shaq?

    Would you have given him a no-trade clause? Even for 2 years?

    Did the Sun’s know that by offering Steve a contract you wouldn’t match, they were stealing an asset and at the same time preventing you from aquiring Shaq?

    I think the draft proved Nash wasn’t going to be a part of the Mav’s future. Do you think you forced his move?

    Comment by Algernon -

  134. I think Nash was the best guard in the league, when Mavericks doesn’t have in the game, the y never found a replacement. I am a Mavericks fan , and I always support but this year without Nash and Jamison, Idon’t know,is really weird,I awlays thought that Nash-Nowitzki-Finley would stay forever in Dallas. Well Is hard to explain, I hope that the Mavs will win the championship, but I also hope that Nash have an excellent season toprove how important was to the team

    Comment by Javier -

  135. i really became a die hard fan the past 2 years because of Nash. and once i heard the news of Nash leaving to the Suns, i told my brother on the phone, “i declare myself, an instant Suns fan because of this trade.” i will continue to watch the mavericks, but if all the players i love are leaving or being traded, well im sorry, but my loyalty is to the players, not to the franchise.

    hell, i live in los angeles and i hate the lakers, and rooted for the mavericks for the past 2yrs.

    Comment by Jessica -

  136. I just wanted to let everyone here know that i’ve been a maverick fan for the last 5years, and i’ve seen cuban take us from complete lows to the ultimate high. I’ve paid my dues for this team through being a loyal supporter by going to games and buying lower level seats 10 to 15 games a season, all the junk i bought in the AA center, and ordering NBA league pass. But not signing nash for the max salary was the last straw. I’m not sure that this was completely cubans fault but he certainly was the yes or no man in the situation. The team is completely different now and everything is permanant. Underpaid Nash earned his bones early. Showed determination and the willingness to get better and develope his game in a way the league has never seen. Then cuban decides to sign Daniels at a max contract? Unproven, and mark my words “he will be the biggest bust in the NBA next season” I hope i’m not the only one who feels this way. It seems everytime someone post on this blog for there dislike of cubans decision they immediately take it down. Well not everytime but way too much. The only mavs game i will be catching next season is when the SUNS (nash) comes to dallas. Mark Cuban has made the worst business decision of his life.

    Comment by chris -

  137. When I first heard that steve was going to the Suns I couldn’t believe it! Or maybe I was just in denial. But then it all became official and I am so mad. Steve is one of the best PGs out there…you’re not going to be able to find a replacement for him that will play the style of game the Mavs are known for. Like it was said before, the chemistry will be gone…breaking up the Big Three = Big mistake. Good luck trying to recreate the running game we all love the Mavs for. I just have to say i feel sorry for Dirk. Him and Steve were the best combo! They’ll still be my fav players but I definitely like Mavs less now…

    Comment by Teena -

  138. Steve was great in a Mavs uniform. He did a great job of running the offence but had a lot of complementary help with Michael Finley and Dirk Nowitzki, et al. For the Mavs, I feel is is not worth $65 million over 5 years. I saw his father up here in Vancouver on TV saying Steve felt he has been underpaid over his time with the Mavs (didn’t say anything though how they supported him throughout his career in Dallas and gave him the chance to be a starting point guard in the NBA).
    Hopefully, Marquis Daniels can mature a little faster than not.
    As for Steve, thanks for the memories in a Mavs uniform.
    Go Mavs!!

    Comment by CanadianGirl -

  139. Letting Nash go won’t hurt too much if Daniels and Devin are the real deal. But the problems with the Mavs is defense and rebounding. You missed a chance with Boozer. I assume K-Mart wants to max out, but he’s certainly worth a conversation. Van Exel would be a good re-addition. Finley has to go if at all possible. But the Mavs need toughness to augment Dirk.

    Comment by jah -

  140. We Want Nick Van Exel and if im not mistaken during the season he said he wouldn’t mind coming back. Isn’t he a free agent?

    Comment by Dalyn (The Greatest MAV FAN not just a bandwagon jumper) -

  141. I watched the press conference and I just got really steamed again. Dammit!

    I think Cuban must have thought the following:

    1. With the current team (with Nash) we are far away from winning a championship

    2. Losing nash won’t hurt us and if it does it will only be for a couple of years

    3. Dirk is in his mid 20’s but by the time we get where we need to be, with him being in his late 20’s shouldn’t be a bother like it would be with Nash (bad ankles or no bad ankles).

    I really disagree with his thinking. Nash is durable. Missed only 6 games in last three years. I really feel bad that the “Big Three” never got chance with a durable, athletic center. I didn’t feel we were that far away. Not we are far away from a Western Conference Final, much less an NBA final.

    Nash went with the money (and I don’t blame him) but did I hear during the conference that he restructured his deal so the team could also land Quentin Richardson? Wow, that speaks volumes. I think Nash really didn’t feel wanted by Cuban and that honestly was a big factor for him. And I really think Cuban thought that with the current team structure that the Mavs were terribly far away from the elusive championship. Again, I regret the Big 3 never got to experiment with a true big man and with some athletic defensive types too. Suns gain is our loss. By the way, nice touch before the press conference playing a Nash video collage with Lenny Kravitz “Are we Runnin’?” playing as theme music. The Mav’s sure aren’t.

    Comment by phil b -

  142. “I mean, isn’t the point of having an NBA team to win the title? Why lock into winning 55 games a year and losing every May? Why even have a team then? If I were a Dallas fan right now, and the Mavs allowed Nash to leave after Cuban overpaid everyone else on the roster by 50 percent, then they refused to trade Nowitzki and Walker for Angry Shaq, I’m not sure what I would do. Angry Shaq, Jamison, Nash, Finley, Daniels, Howard and Najera . . . that team wins the title! It wins the freaking title! There’s no question about it! Isn’t that the whole point of having a team?!?!?! “

    Comment by todd -

  143. I am resigned to the fact the Mavs will probably not make it past the first round this year. Off season movement has not been inspiring other than the Devin Harris draft pick and getting Marquis upped on a deal. With this in mind and the obvious cap room that can come about the following year I hope to see the payoff with stellar off-season moves. We cannot be caught sleeping next year nor getting in any further pissing matches with agents. It’s my opinion that other than Jamison and Van Exel the Mavs have not added much to improve which is disappointing. I seriously question the Jamison trade based on Marks comments from the Lakers GM. With what was said it sounded like there was no way LA would trade Shaq to us, which makes me question why did we make the Jamison move??? I have no problem bringing Van Exel back either. That is much better than having to rely on Avery to help run this offense. The excitement of the young guys (The Next Three: Harris, Daniels, Howard) actually has my attention and I will probably follow the team more closely this year. As far as the Nash debacle goes I’m with Mark on not paying that kind of money. Nash is a defensive liability, breaks down, and made some stupid decisions late in many games last year. Anybody notice how many fourth quarter leads we gave up? That’s not how a top notch point runs a team. He didn’t seem hungry for a championship either based on some of his interviews. This team needs that hunger like they had a few years back. That’s what Detroit has now and we don’t. Turn off the ac in the practice facility, pull out the x-boxes, leather chairs, and get these guys hungry again.

    Comment by Albert -

  144. With the league setting the 2004 salary cap at $43.87 million, only $30k higher than last year, will the Suns actually be able to afford to give Nash the salary they have supposedly discussed with him … or was it a ploy all along by Nash’s agent to get the Suns to state a salary they figured Cuban would top to keep Nash on the team?

    I think the latter.

    Some information attributed to believes that either Nash’s or Richardson’s deal with the Suns will have to be drastically reduced because of the lower than expected NEW cap. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Nash came back to you (Cuban) and asked for the Mav’s contract?

    Comment by Clifton Bean -

  145. I am waiting to see if there will be a Part 2. I can’t think of a good reason as to WHY you would do such a thing but the Part 1 implies…maybe just change the title of the original blog.

    Last thing we need to see is two camps going at it on the ‘net like we see in discussion groups.

    Comment by TRO -

  146. Just wanted to add that I would love to see K-Mart in a Mavs uni, (just not the pewter silver one). It may be far fetched to think that could happen, but he would be a great fit for our rebounding and toughness needs and our uptempo offense. I have followed Kenyon since Bryan Adams and have heard he has a strong interest in coming back home. Mark, you would even further put a stronghold on being THE MAN if you could make that happen. MFFL!!!!

    Comment by John Henderson -

  147. Now that Shaq is moving on to Miami, I would think Gary Payton would want out of LA. So why wouldn’t he be a good fit for a couple years here in Dallas to mentor Devin and Marquis. Just a thought.

    Comment by John Henderson -

  148. You made a business decision about a guy that plays with a lot of heart. I personally was shocked when I first heard Nash was gone, then said to myself ” Cuban is all about the money, heck, everyone knows he’s crazy…in the end it’s his money, etc.” Every one of the Mavs players seem like great guys, they have a great work ethic for a bunch of rich guys! You will never please everyone. But thanks for the explanation.

    Comment by Michael Hawley -

  149. Hey Mark!

    I have to tell you that what you did was an act of courage and as a die hard MFFL, I still have faith and believe that you won’t let the fans down and that you will make something happen. You know sometimes it is just good to do things that no one believes in and then watch them later on when they are in awe of how their pesimistic thoughts were wrong!

    GO MAVS!

    Comment by Ivy -

  150. Could anyone Please Tell me,where Steve lives?
    I need his letter address.

    Comment by Jackie.Je ( Shenzhen,China) -

  151. Mark;

    Man, you did your best, and what’s done is done. Props to you for the classy way you handled things from a business angle, and kudos for sending Nashy off with goodness. Anything with negative vibes around this has to do with Duffy. You hit it spot on: certainly not all agents are shammers but some in the agent game are. Now, I am not implying that Duffy is 100% in this segment…just that it seems he could have done things differently in this case.

    Best of luck to you and our team from a relocated-Scottsdale-based Mavs fan.

    jay johnson

    Comment by Jay Johnson -

  152. Scott, I agree with almost everything you said. Thanks for the not-so-great flashback to the “Yeah, we got ’em!” commercial. The one thing I disagree with you about is that Lamar Odom and Brian Grant would be on the Mavericks bench. I think if we had those two guys, they’d both be starting, Dirk would move to the 3 spot, Finley back to the 2, and then at point guard, well, would’ve been Nash, but now I guess Harris.

    Comment by Tim -

  153. I am truly a MFFL. Even though I was a kid, I go back to the days of the first “Big Three” that we had…Harper, Blackman, Aguirre. I was diehard during the disaster that was the next big 3 (everybody sing with me…”Jamal Mashburn. We got him. Jason and Jimmy. Yeah, we got ’em. The Dallas Mavericks give ya nothing but Action!”) We were the worst pro team of teh 90’s, statistically. And I have never jumped off this bandwagon. So, I’m not gonna start now.
    But, I am really beginning to questionwhere we are going. I do not understand how Mark Cuban could alienate our 2nd best player (sorry, Fin) and his agent to the point that we lose him and get NOTHING in return. We have the inside track, according to all the experts, on the most dominant player of this generation, maybe ever. And now he’s headed to Miami for three guys that would be on our bench! We can’t match that???? I want everyone to look around the conference. These are the playoff conenders, baring injuries and surprises, from our side…San Antonio, Minnesota, Sacramento, Houston, Denver, Memphis, the Lakers, Phoenix, Portland, Utah, New Orleans, and us. (in no particular order.) If you weren’t counting along, that is 12 legitimate playoff contenders where there are only 8 spots. I am very concerned that we may go from West Finals to lottery in 2 years.
    Again, I’ve been with this team through worse, so I’m not going anywhere. But I’m not looking forward to this season unless something happens.

    Comment by Scott -

  154. i really hope mark steps in and stops this awful laker trade…

    Comment by sam -

  155. Lost Nash and Jamison, no MLE. Well, Mavs do have a lot of rookies this year. That’s a good thing.

    Comment by ac -

  156. Give the Lakers what they want and get Shaq. Dirk won’t be the same without Nashy anyway.

    Comment by the donald -

  157. I appreciate Mark’s honesty. I think it’s unwise to out and criticize Bill Duffy in this way. Maybe he did screw Mark a couple of times. I remember hearing Jerry Jones say once that “if I stopped dealing with all the people who’ve screwed me in this business, I wouldn’t have any friends left”. Think about how many players Bill Duffy represents…now you limit your chances with those players down the road. I can understand criticizing agents and players, but it’s probably a better idea to not do it publicly…just my two cents.

    Comment by James Swaine -

  158. Haha, great post. Though I don’t consider Dirk a mediocre talent, we have nothing that makes a team at the moment. I agree with whoever said bring Nick back. He can run Nellie’s offense the best after Nash, and the chemistry is already there.

    Comment by Catherine -

  159. Mr. cuban,

    if your as smart as everyone here seems to think you are then you will get back on the phone with nash, and apologize. Get him back and fix this mess. Next few seasons will be terrible if you don’t, so please before its too late….get nash back!!!!

    Comment by chris -

  160. You do not add Shaq and you lose Nash you are left with what…a team that struggles to finish 7th in the West. The only good thing to come out of this offseason is that Shaq will be in the East.

    Looks like you have blown this one Mr. Cuban!!

    Comment by Scott Lawrence -

  161. All this talk about “should have done this, should have done that” . . . it’s DONE. Do you honestly think that the Maverick brain trust would do something that would sink the franchise – sounds like a lot of fans think resigning Daniels and loosing Nash is just that.

    The NBA is always a work in progress. Teams tweak their rosters, and teams make bets. If Cuban and company decide it’s worth trading for Shaq, live with it, embrace it, and hope for the best. I doubt the previous moves, though, were solely done to get Shaq. Compare this current roster to any other in the league, and it’s pretty damn good. Yes, there are question marks – can a rookie PG succeed? Is Devin Harris going to be more like a Frank Williams or more like a Dwayne Wade? Do you think the Heat were lambasted last year by fans by throwing Wade in as a rookie PG? How about the Bucks with TJ Ford?

    In actuality, the league is getting younger by the year – putting a rookie PG in the starting lineup is not nearly as risky now as it was 10 years ago.

    Give Cuban and company credit – the alternative (doing nothing, which so many NBA teams do these days) could be far worse.

    Comment by MoveOn -

  162. I think you are mistaken about the Moneyball blog entry being put up, and then removed. On April 1st 2004 there was an entry titled “Moneyball for the NBA”. If that is the entry you are referring to, it can still be found in the archives.

    Comment by Tim -

  163. Mr. Cuban,

    I am a teenager just now heading into college. Everyday at work i pull out the Dallas Morning News sports section to see what is the latest news on my favorite baseketball team, the Dallas Mavericks. For so long now i have wanted to see Steve stay with the Mavericks. I had a bitter taste in my mouth when i discovered that Steve left the Mavericks for the Suns. Many question’s ran through my mind and yes some of them questioned your direction of the team. I can’t help but think (then) that you have lost all your marbles.

    Yet, i forgot that you are the best owner in the NBA. Everything you tend to do is for fans and not for yourself. I have come to realize Mr Cuban that this situation was a bit out of your hands. Money can only take us so far, same with talent! With the draft now over and free agency now on the horizion, you will be a busy man trying to make the best team in Texas better. Thanks Mr. Cuban for your dedication to the city of Dallas and your fans. You truely are a great guy and I look forward to seeing the Mavericks bring the Lone Star State back home the NBA Title. God Bless!

    Comment by Jonathan C. McCauley -

  164. check out this website for third party info on steve and his impact… is a great site for fans who want information rather than emotion

    Comment by Basketball Fan -

  165. Over the past few weeks, the possibilty of bringing Shaq has been all over the news. And regardless of what happened behind closed doors, all we heard about was how Nash fitted into a trade with or without Dirk. Now think about this when you complain about Nash running away with the money or not thinking about the chemistry of the team, or even the good of the team, Mark Cuban was more than willing to re-sign Nash at whatever he could get him for, (within reason apparently), and immediately ship him somewhere else.
    Which makes more sense, sign with a team that will probably ship you off as soon as they can find a team that will give them something better? Or sign with a team that shows a definite interest in your abilities and is willing to pay an insane amount of money to have it? I think we a are pointing at the wrong person if we want to complain about team loyalty.

    My personal opinion: We will be fine without Nash, a little slower probably, not as fun to watch, but defensively we look a little better.

    Comment by Dana -

  166. Am I wrong to assume that the money the Mavs set aside for Nash can now be used to pursue a free agent, such as Dampier.
    Also, from my perspective having the Laettner and Walker money freed up after next year will give the Mavs a ton of cap room to pursue Shaq after he has opted out of the Lakers. Is this a correct assessment of how the cap works?
    Lastly, any chance of trading for Kurt Thomas?

    Comment by Steven Reiman -

  167. Doesn’t anyone find it very intertesting that Cuban titled this blog, Steve Nash, Part I. Makes you wonder (at least me) why he called it Part I if there won’t be a Part II…

    I can’t wait for Part II!

    Comment by Patrick -

  168. Steve took the money and ran-so Now we are going to have to use the new kid or find someone else–Nash was a good player but other people can replace him-too bad we dont have a connection like the spurs will have for year Duncan and Parker and now Yao Ming and Francis–well i guess Mark-you can spend your money and still never win a championship

    Comment by Frank Rizzo -

  169. How on earth can people say Nash is greedy for taking a better offer? His contract is an evaluation of what teams think of his skills. Phoenix thought highly of those skills, and the Mavs, who he helped put on the map, thought he was worth the lowest possible amount they could get away with paying him. I wouldn’t play for someone who had such low regard for my talent, especially after giving everything I had to that organization for the last three years. If the Mavs had not made that trade for Nash on draft day 1998, they’d still be fighting over the 8th spot in the conference every year. Then, the team took a chance, they signed him for $6 million a year, or so, and were criticized for it, because nobody thought Nash was worth it. But, over the last three seasons, Nash has played at a level equal to any other point guard in the league. And he did so for the bargain basement price of around $6 million. He’s been vastly underpaid for three years, and nobody ever said anything about Cuban being greedy by not extending his contract at that point, and doubling his salary, which is what he had earned. I believe that Nash felt he had earned the right to receive a max contract.

    This isn’t a matter of Cuban making the right or wrong decision. It’s not even a question. He may have made the right decision at this time, for this situation, but he never should have let himself get into this situation. He should have traded Nash a year ago, if there was such a good chance that they would lose him in free agency. At least we’d have gotten something back for letting him go. We could have kept Van Exel, and traded Nash. Maybe Golden State would have included Dampier in a deal that gave them Steve Nash. But there is absolutely no way one can argue that losing Steve Nash and getting nothing in return is a GOOD thing for the team. Right now the Mavs are a 7th place team, at best. I assume there will be more trades, but who on this roster will the Lakers accept in exchange for Shaq?

    Cuban and the Mavs got outsmarted, plain and simple. All the talk about the calculations and estimations, they all amount to Cuban misjudging the market. If they’d traded Nash last season, or worked a sign and trade deal with him this season, that would have been a smart move. But this is a near disaster. There’s a very real chance the MAvs don’t even make the playoffs this year. How do you go from a 60 win season to being maybe the 8th best team in the West? I’ll tell you, and any team in the league can follow this formula if they want to accomplish such a magnificent drop. You let your most important player leave without getting any compensation. That’s all it takes.

    And finally, why does everybody think Phoenix is going to be some awful franchise, like it’s a CBA team or something? Phoenix is a great city, and the Suns have a much more successful legacy than the Dallas Mavericks do. The Mavericks got embarassed in the 1st round of the playoffs. It wasn’t like they had a dynasty going here. Phoenix, at this point , has as much chance as the Mavs do to compete for a championship three years from now. Neither one will be a serious contender until that time.

    This is another example of inept off season moves by this team, though. As I’ve said before, all the building blocks of this team were in place before Cuban even bought the team. What exactly has he contributed? He’s screwed up every big free agent acquisition the team has tried to score, and the first time we have a big free agent who’s contract is up, we lose him without compensation. Remember Rashard Lewis? Remember Alonzo Mourning? What exactly has Cuban done for this team? Nellie brought Dirk here. Nellie brought Nash here. Nellie coached them, helped them develop into All Stars. Finley was here even before Nellie. All the building blocks were here, and what we needed for the last three years was that last piece, and year after year, we failed to grab it.

    Comment by Tim -

  170. Mark, Thanks for the detailed explanation – it gives all of us another view into running a team. Here are a few of my amateur observations on Nash’s leaving and that effect on some of the newer guys that might have to fill his shoes.

    Nash – I agree about concerns about his durability, especially since he may get less rest in Phoenix than planned in Dallas. But he got the big bucks, the 5+ years and he can be pretty sure that he won’t be traded to LA.
    Shaq – Speaking of the previous talk about trading Nash as part of a package for Shaq. Shaq and Kobe and team couldn’t win in LA. Detroit showed that it takes a team not a couple of superstars to win. Don’t trade the future for Shaq.

    Devin Harris – Wow, I saw him play Saturday night at SMU. Granted, it was against the Chinese, but I think this kid has tremendous potential. I was very very impressed! Unbelieveably quick, under control (usually), and confident.

    Marquis Daniels – I think we all can agree that Marquis filled in for and complimented Nash extremely well last year, but he probably isn’t a permanent point guard answer. But his skill and his cool demeanor made him pretty darn effective. If he continues where he left off, he could be very good.

    Jon Stefansson – He looked very sharp at times against the Chinese. He is strong and quick and remember he is still only 21.

    And just as a bonus, here is my humble observation about two of the big guys that I saw Saturday night.

    Justin Brown – I don’t know where he came from but he looked awfully good against the Chinese team without Yao – aggressive, good hands, big.

    Paval Podkolzin – I guess he is only 19, and he is 7’5″ but he has a long long long way to go. I can’t believe that he has enough upside to be any kind of answer.

    I love watching Michael Finley and the Mavs.

    Comment by Don Hazel -

  171. Maybe you should have told Duffy that you could match it, but that if the Suns REALLY wanted Nash, they would have to do a sign and trade. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, oh well.. I wish Nash the best and your organization well in the future…

    Comment by Alex Mo -

  172. First off, this is all a business transaction. I first became a Mavs fan because of Steve, then I got to know Dirk, and the rest of the gang (include Cuban). I will still be a Mavs fan…but I will follow Steve wherever he will go. It sucks for you Mark because everyone is upset about this, and as the owner you will take a lot of blame…but you have your reasons and you stood by them. It all works out in the end..things happen!


    Comment by Kate -

  173. I’m a Wisconsin Badgers fan and see them play a lot. The Mavs are getting a helluva player in Harris and I would bet money that within 3-years he’ll be on a level above where Nash is at that time. Yeah, it sucks to lose a player like Nash who sounds like a great guy and a real team leader … but I really believe in just a few years you won’t be missing Nash anymore. Short-term it hurts a lot but it won’t be long before Harris becomes a fan favorite too. Great guy, great personality, a real team player and just an all-around good athlete. Enjoy him, the Badgers will really miss him next year.

    Comment by JohnF -

  174. I agree with everything you said, and yes Steve Nash’s injuries are a major issue. I’ve been a Mavs fan since I was in elementary school, I even have a picture of me with Jason Kidd from his rookie year. I was upset when he ended up leaving, then you came along and gave all of the Mavericks hope. When Dirk Nowitzki was a rookie I wrote him a letter my 7th grade year telling him I thought he was a great player and that he should stick to it and would be great..he sent me an autographed picture, now look at him. I have trust in everything you do, because without you, there is a good chance we wouldn’t be such a force in the Western Conference– and I look forward to seeing what you’ve got cooking up for the rest of this off-season

    Comment by Jerel -

  175. Yes, Jordan made loads of $$$, but I don’t think anyone will say for a second he did it for the money. Why? Becasue he stuck with a loseing team until he won them a championship. That is what I want to see in a player as a fan. I truly believed that was what Nash was all about, but I guess he is not. He is still a great player and I love to see him play, but I can’t root for him like I used to.

    Also, Malone didn’t do it for the money, but he sold out his team for a championship (which I am glad he didn’t win).

    Comment by jon kakaley -

  176. I’ve been comparing Mark Cuban to George Steinbrenner for a while now. Of course I didn’t realize that Mark would have to make some really stupid decisions much in the same way that Big Stein did when he first started.

    Mark traded Nick Van Exel, the team got worse. Nash is gone, we’ll be lucky to see the playoffs.

    Comment by eh-D -

  177. Can we all just stop all this “I didn’t think Steve played for money” garbage? Why do so many of us suppose we know professional athletes on a personal basis? Of course he plays for money. That doesn’t mean he can’t love the game too. It’s just like a marine biologist, for example…one might go into marine biology because he/she loves ocean life…but also TO GET PAID. I mean, isn’t that part of the NBA dream? To get paid rediculous amounts of cash to play a game you love? AND – we can’t just assume Nash made this decission soley based on money. Sure, it may seem that way on the surface, but how many times does the suface’s projected image prove to be a mirage? I love Steve Nash, and I truely hate to see him leave the Mavs, but I’m not going to pretend to to know the man or his motivations. All I know about Steve Nash is that he can do some damage on the basketball court playing the PG position. And any of you who do not know Nashie on a personal basis and who have questioned his integrity or mitovation for making this move to Pheonix, you need to check yourself.

    Comment by Ben T. -

  178. I have seen a lot of people saying a possible reason Nash didn’t sign was that he was afraid of immediately being traded to the Lakers. That would be impossible because this practice is forbidden by the Collective Barganing Agreement (CBA). Any player signed to a contract cannot be traded for 30 days or until December 15th, whatever is later. So Nash could not be traded until mid season. A sign-and-trade is part of the players contract. Nash would have to approve and sign the contract knowing he would be traded for this to happen. Also, if he was worried about being traded after the 15th, he could have asked for a no-trade clause.

    Here is a very lengthy FAQ about the CBA. See numbers 75 thru 79 for this very topic.


    P.S. I think it was the best decision too Mark.

    Comment by Mike G -

  179. To all of you so-called Mavs “fans” who are no longer fans because of the Nash deal, all I can say is BYE-BYE and GOOD RIDDENS! I hate to see Nash go just as much as the next guy, but c’mon, it isn’t hard to see Cuban’s logic here – especially sense he took all that time to write such a lengthy blog entry on what happened and how it all went down. I just think it’s such a shame that there are so many bandwagon fans out there. So anyone who used to claim MFFL that are now only claiming NFFL…um, you’re playing yourself. Though I love Nashie, his heart, his hustle, and his over-all style on and off the court, I don’t believe he is so good that it warrants no longer being a Mavs fan now that he is no longer a Mav. He is not bigger than the organization, or the city of Dallas. If you love a team, you love a team, just like I have always, and will continue to always, be a Mavs fan…no matter who is on the team, how many wins they have in a season, how far they go in the play-offs, or who the owner is, for that matter. It’s called loyalty. All you Mavs haters can just go elsewhere with your bad selves. How about Pheonix? I hear they could use some bandwagon fans, and it’s lovely this time of year.
    Good luck to Nashie, you’ll be missed – even though I think you made the wrong decision in going to Pheonix…but even better luck to THE MAVS!!!!


    Comment by Ben T. -

  180. Mark –

    If I were an NBA owner and in your position in this specific situation, I would have done the same thing you did. You made a generous offer (two of them, actually, if you consider Nash’s last contract generous, which I’m sure most of us do considering how unproven he was) of four years and around 40mm. Nash took the money, which is his right, and that’s that.

    The real question is whether or not Steve will regret this decision. Personally, he may be just fine with it for the next 5-6 years, but professionally, I think that will be a different story.

    His body HAS TO wear down. The style of basketball he plays is just too intense for prolonged success. You also cannot forget the fact that a huge part of the reason that Steve flourished here was because of the system that Don Nelson put in place. I’m not sure if Phoenix will alter its system just for Nash (though with $65mm riding on him, why not?). And with fewer scoring options at his disposal I would think that his assists will decrease as well.

    So I don’t know about the rest of Dallas, but there is no way, even without all the CBA and revenue aspects involved, that I would pay a pointguard, entering his 30’s, who plays like Rusty Greer (and we all saw what happened there), who is leaving “his” system along with its offensive stars $15mm a year.

    Have fun Phoenix.

    Comment by James Miller -

  181. if there’s a god the chicago bulls will one day have an owner like yourself. thank you for your insight, i understand that the situation was difficult because of your strong relationship with nash. however bold moves have gotten you where you are as a businessman and where the mavs are as a team.

    Comment by John McNair -

  182. Adonal Foyle gets $41 million from GOLDEN STATE but the Mavs cant cough up a mere $10 million more for a player that is 1200 times better. I understand Cubes’ reasoning in not doing this deal but I also know that Steve Nash will be a top 5 Nba point guard for at least the next 4 years. Not to mention Steve Nash is the main reason why we have been any good the last 5 years. But you know what, thank god he is not in a laker jersey. I saw a picture in SI of nash in a laker jersey and just about threw up.

    Comment by Jackson -

  183. … and buy my Knicks. You really are everything a fan expects from the owner(s).
    It would be so great to have a competent owner running the Knicks — one who knows what basketball is all about.

    Oh and to stay on topic, you did the right thing IMO. We see backup centers (Okur, Foyle…) getting ridiculous contracts by teams just because it’s hard to get a C or PG these days. You made the right move by offering Nash a more than fair contract — hell, if you ever need a backup G, I’m willing to take 1% of that contract and play for the Mavs :).
    Phoenix got their — very talented and very good — PG in Nash, but they’ll regret it (very heavy and long contract).

    Comment by Ruben Vancoille -

  184. Mark this is an outstanding decision. The Suns overpaid for Nash and will pay the price in years to come with the cap. Just like LA did with Payton. Nash was a poor defender, and did u see how he choked against the Kings in the playoffs (I still think nelly shoulda put the ball in dirks hands on that last shot!) Anyway the team will be better off with Devin Harris at the point. Now you gotta land big shaq daddy.

    Comment by Woody Paige -

  185. Dear Mr. Cuban,
    Just wanted to express my appreciation for your ‘Steve Nash Part 1’ piece. It made sense of what seemed, for lack of a better word, unimaginable (losing Nashty);
    p.s. Say No to Shaq; This die-hard Mavs fan thinks a ‘Big Fella in Big D’ experiment would be disastrous.

    Comment by Clay Crocker -

  186. Ok, it’s done…whether we like it or not. Let’s move on and get Shaq. When we start winning next year, we’ll forget about Steve.

    Comment by Tim Day -

  187. do u realize how much jordan made as a player and continues to make? for my mind the only ones in recent history to really play for something other than money was karl malone, going to LA for the “small sum” of 1+ million

    Comment by sam -

  188. I have to say that I am sad to see Nash go. I am a Dirk fan, but watching the two of them play together made the games fun. It will be sad to see them having to play against eachother now. I thought for sure Steve was all about playing for the right team because he wanted to be there, because he liked the players, because he knew this team was going up and beyond the years past. But I was wrong, I was shocked to hear Steve Nash plays for the money. It’s a sad thing, but most athlete’s go for the cash rather than the team, team mates and the pure love of the game.
    Mark, no one can blame you…I say if you are in it for the money…go somewhere else anyway. I want the Mavs to consist of people who want to be there, who want to win for the joy of the Dallas fans and the other team members. Not saying that is what the team is made up of now…but we are less one money hungry ball player.
    Best of luck Steve…

    Comment by Michelle -

  189. In response to some of the comments above regarding Nash’s supposed greed, I have no problem with him going to another team for more money. Think about it, if someone offered you (supposedly) $15-$16 million more than any other offer, wouldn’t you do it? Playing in the NBA is a job, a fun job, but still a job. Most people would leave their current company or business for a better offer, even though they are very loyal to their current company. It’s just the way of life these days.

    I have to agree that I hate to see Nash go, but I won’t ridicule him for doing it. Maybe it was all for the money, maybe Steve has great memories of playing in Phoenix, maybe his agent brainwashed him into making this decision… We don’t know all of his intentions, and I don’t think we should condemn him for it.

    Comment by Sid -

  190. I think the idea of Nash leaving due to ‘Sign & Trade’ concerns off-base.

    If you believe Cuban’s bog, then neither Nash nor Nowitski had been included in trade talks at that point. The absence of those players from deals probably means nothing in depth has happened with Shaquille O’Neal. Also, note that Cuban just re-stated the Lakers logic in not extending O’Neal (over 30, max-out money & large injury risk) with regard to Steve Nash. The Lakers have Shaq under contract for (in reality) two years. Sure, he could opt-out after next season, but no one could pay him even half of $30 million he is owed. The reason he is on the trade market at all is his desire for an extension (3 years at the ‘super-max’). This takes his deal five years out and beyond the new TV deal. If the Mavs would not give Steve Nash more than $50 million over five years, then why would they give Shaq $150 million over those same five years?

    Also, the Lakers have a ton of leverage. Shaq may want to go, but he really cannot without their “help”. It is in the Lakers best interests to wait until Kobe decides before making a decsion on what they are looking for in a Shaq trade. If Kobe re-signs with the Lakers, then a Nowitski-for-O’Neal makes some sense. If Kobe leaves, then it is young players and/or high picks time.

    To the Suns, the Steve Nash deal is an attempt to revive an increasingly troubled franchise. Colangelo has had huge financial problems and attendence is down (not Atlanta down, but poor). They needed to bring a marquee guy in to revive interest. Nash was ‘worth’ more to the Suns than the Mavs in that way. Not the best way to make a decision, but a very common one.

    Comment by Dean -

  191. You choose not to match the Suns offer to keep Nash? You gotta be kidding me!!! 30+ or not, this guy is a playmaker. Consider me a Suns fan now. Having Nash, the Matrix, Amare, Joe Johnson..that team is going to be something to watch. I see Nash and Amare as the next coming of Stockton and Malone….just you watch.

    Thanks again Mark

    Comment by Rob -

  192. I hated when the Suns traded Nash to begin with. So im loving the thought of him being back in the Valley of the Sun. I know he is older and all, but Mr. Cuban should have matched the offer the Suns had out there. This guy is a fire-plug and only makes a team better. So i can only say thanks Mr. Cuban. Thanks for letting that big fish go.

    Comment by -

  193. Thanks for the post. It’s obvoius your decision was thought out to the best of your ability. You can’t run a business very long on emotion. I have been a fan of Nash since his rookie year and will enjoy watching him play for Phoenix for 82 games a year.

    Comment by tp99 -

  194. Being a lifelong mavs fan (MFFL) and growing up in Arlington, but not having lived in dallas for 10 years, i just happened to stumble across this website. Mr Cuban, i must say, i haven’t been this enthralled by internet reading in quite some time. You really have a savvy and accumen, with regards to business negotiations that, i doubt 99.9% of NBA fans realize. This was compelling reading, and rest assured that i will be back early and often.


    Comment by aj -

  195. I love steve and all but I’m beginning to think he’s just a tab bit greedy. The sum that you offered him was probably incredible. Shouldn’t these basketball players be playing for the love of playing. He’s already fortunate enough to be in the NBA, why as for more? Everyone needs money, but is it necessary to drown yourself in it?
    It bothers me how much a person can change because of money. Steve will never achieve the number loyal fans he has in Dallas when he plays for the Suns. He will never be respected as much as he has been here. He’s moving all because of money. He’s leaving behind his friends and in essence, his life. Did he ever consider how the people around him, including his fans, would feel? We, his fans, have showed so much support for him and its as if he just left us behind in the dust.
    Steve’s probably not a selfish person, but through his actions, I have interpreted it as if he’s only thinking of himself.
    I WILL miss Steve and I hope that he will reconsider (Don’t know if it’s too late yet).
    Sadly to say, i will never have the same amount of respect for Steve as opposed to how i felt prior to when the decision was made.
    And Steve, i hope you find the “life” that you have chosen as appealing as you think it will be.

    Comment by Linda -

  196. I really never believed that steve would play for money. I know that their are a lot of players out their that play 95% for the team and 5% for the money, but I always thought Steve was 100% for the team. I have a lot of respect for you Mark for telling us mavs fans the whole story. I really appreciate it. Unfourtanly, with Steve gone, I don’t think I can be a mavericks fan anymore. I just can’t be a fan of a team where players leave for $$$. As a fan, that’s really what I’m looking for, someone who plays for the team which I haven’t seen since Michael Jordan. I thought I saw it in the mavs which is why I became a fan. I’ll give it to July 14th because miracles can happen, but if it dosen’t, then I’ll have to be a fan of Lebron and the cavs casue he is the only one that looks like he plays for a team and not contracts.

    Comment by jon kakaley -

  197. No matter what happens this next season, Cuban, you still got my vote as one of the most exciting owners… Your passion and love for the game is awesome man… As for Nash, he will be missed but I agree that he wasn’t worth a max deal (maybe if we had won a ring in the past few years) but he always seemed to tire out around playoff time; however, I still love Nasty Nash for his years as a Maverick! Cuban, Thanks for caring about the fans and letting us know what is going on in your head, even though we know that you don’t have to! I look forward to this upcoming season and hope we can “re-tool” our roster a little bit more before the 1st tip-off. But thanks for keeping us updated!

    Comment by Fowler -

  198. Mark,

    Thank you for coming out and explaining the whole Nash story. While I am still upset to see him go, I do understand your point of view. Not many owners would take the time to respond to their fans the way you do. I will always be a Mavs fan and I hope the team will find a way to keep Dirk and build around him. In time the city will learn to embrace Daniels and Harris just as they did Nash. I can’t wait to see how Marquis responds once training camp begins.

    Go Mavs. Thanks again Mark.

    Comment by Scott -

  199. Thanks for the insider’s view of contract structuring. So often I only see the top-line offer and surmise that one team wants and /or likes a player more than another. Fundamentally, you’re approach and offer to Steve were sound and in my opinion you extended beyond pure fundamentals due to Steve’s intangibles.

    Nowhere is Steve more valued than as a Maverick. However, “value” cannot be directly correlated to the size of a contract. I’ve read where Phoenix “valued” Steve more and how even Steve was suprised that the Mavs didn’t “value” him more. “Value” in the NBA is a formula with a present-day result. In the NBA, “value” is a noun, not a verb, the difference subtle as spoken, but substantial when personalized. Nowhere is Steve valued (verb) more than as a Maverick. In the NBA however, his value (noun) was optimized with Phoenix.

    I’m happy Steve got the contract he wanted. I’m also happy that you didn’t sacrifice my future as a fan by only looking at today.

    The decision obviously was difficult, but I think the outcome was a win, win, win for Steve, Mark and me.

    Comment by Sean -

  200. I am glad you got all that off your chest. I think it sounds like you feel guilty and need justification for the shabby treatment of Steve Nash. It’s a shame that his contribution to the Mavericks can be so easily dismissed.

    Comment by Suzie McGlynn -

  201. Virtually all of the posts on this site (and Mark) seem enraptured with the ultra-conventional wisdom that drove this deal from the Mavericks side. It’s as if you folks all have the same tape playing in your heads and it sounds like the type of blather that the Vecseys and Sam Smiths of the world blurt out. “Steve Nash is fragile, Steve will get injured because of the way he plays!” Has anyone ever thought to consider that maybe the Suns had some unconventional wisdom going for them but wisdom nonetheless?

    I guess Colangelo and Steve Kerr are utter idiots for taking a chance on the “fragile” Steve Nash. I guess all you experts “know” that he will be useless in five years? Did you ever stop to think about these stats:

    Payton – 2
    Nash – 4
    Kidd – 17
    Francis – 19
    Stoudamire – 20
    Bibby – 29
    Baron Davis – 47
    Van Exel – 61

    Those are the numbers of games in the last three (yes, 3, count ’em, 3!) years that these point guards have missed. If 242/246 games of Nash’s history is any indicator of what is to come, I think we have a bit of a pattern developing, folks! It could be just “luck” but it could also be something else at work here.

    Several times I’ve listened to Larry Riley from the Dallas staff on the radio here in Vancouver talking about Steve Nash and three things struck me:

    Nash is one of the most superbly conditioned athletes he has ever met and he is undoubtedly the toughest. He also commented profusely on his intelligence both off and on the court.

    Tough, well-conditioned athletes last. Period. Smart ones last even longer. John Stockton was an ultra-effective point guard in his upper thirties. Why? Tough and well-conditioned — oh, and smart as a Canadian (couldn’t resist). Karl Malone, same thing. The Raptors “Mince” Carter mewling off the floor three times a year is all I need to know that the perfect body for basketball means very little when the brain it carries around has more yearning for pablum than championship champagne. How physically burned out was Michael Jordan when he retired for the first time with his 28.7 ppg average? Smart, tough, well-conditioned Michael would have dominated the league into his upper thirties and we all know it. Riley’s best comparison for Steve: Stockton. There’s just as good a chance that the Suns will have their own John Stockton in his late thirties as not. Kerr and Colangelo knew what they were getting and, although there are no guarantees, it’s a smart risk.

    Losing Steve for nothing?

    No risk … no gain either.

    Comment by Luther Blissett -

  202. Frick, you can only be two types of players, offensive and defensive minded. Nash is clearly not defensive. Just because he averages a lot of assists doesn’t mean he is not offensive minded. He is one of the top 5 shooters in the league in terms of percentages and numbers.

    Comment by Ben -

  203. I just read someone’s reply that Steve Nash was OFFENSIVE MINDED?! Are you a retard? Do you watch basketball with your eyes closed? Can you not see him giving it his all just so his teammates can chip in their help for the W? Can you not read stats? He ranked among the top in assists for like the past 3 years, and you want to say he shoots over spreading the rock around? Sheesh.
    On a different note, I’ve been a Mavs fan for a while. Steve Nash quickly became one of my favorite players, not because of his stats, but because he gave 115% every night. It’s sad to see him go, but I believe Marquis Daniels will turn out alright at the 1-guard spot. I watched him play when I was attending Auburn, and he was quite an exciting player to watch. I’m sure all the events that transpired are for the best, and Mark, you’re still the best owner in sports, hands-down.

    Comment by Daniel Frick -

  204. Stephanie a few posts back had a great point… i think it is even more complicated than Mark’s long blog post details… I bet Nash was worried about signing a shorter-term less-money deal with Dallas and then being immediately traded to the Lakers in a package for Shaq. Nash probably felt he was on his way out, whether he signed here or not, so decided to take the best deal for the most money and pick the team he wanted to play for, rather than risk ending up in LA or Golden State.

    Comment by Greg B -

  205. First, I say thanks to Mark Cuban for having the guts to come out and tell it like it is. Most of us fans have a generic understanding of the Cap, and all of its rules. All we see is teams buring themselves in Cap hell; which is something the Mavs have done in the past, then wiggled out of.

    Steve Nash is a very good NBA point guard. He isn’t worth a near max deal. Most games you see for the Mavs, they talked about how Nash was fighting off whatever injury that was bugging him. The miles add up on a NBA player, and sooner or later, the Reaper must be paid. (See Karl Malone, for instance.)

    I don’t know if the team overpaid for Daniels, or not. We won’t know for 2-3 years. However, not signing Nash was the smart thing to do, and having the sense to draft another PG, and one that was NBA ready, was a smart move.

    It’s time for the league (and the fans) to take the game back from the players. Go to a NFL style cap, where contracts have no garauntee, and see how much better the players try. No more loafing after a big contract, because a cut is only a lousy season away.

    Comment by john -

  206. Mark’s web log is a great way for the fans to see how much he really cares about the team as a fan, not only a business executive. But the fact of the matter is that he is a savvy business man, who made the right decision for the organization as a whole regarding Steve Nash. I love the Mavs, and Steve Nash is by far my favorite player. After hearing that he was going to phoenix, i was angry and couldnt understand how the Mavs could let Nash get away. However, when you step back and do not let your emotions get the better of you, its simple to see it was the only choice there was. Mark Cuban made a fair offer to Nash, and he simply got offered more money. Now, had Mark came back and tried to match the offer or offer a max contract, where would the Mavs be next year?? The same place as this year. For all the fan posts I have read, no one has mentioned that as talented a team as the mavs had this past season, it simply was not enough to win a title, for that matter it was not even better than a 5th seed. Had the Mavs signed Nash, they would have been extremely limited as to improving the roster via free agency. Going into next year, (in a division that includes: San Antonio, Houston, Memphis, and New Orleans) with the same roster as this year would have been trouble. At best the Mavs would have again been a 3rd, 4th or 5th seed. Finally any thoughts that Mark was being “frugal” in not signing Nash is absolutly absurd. He was far sighted enough to make a good decision. Think about Gary Payton a 35 year old hall of fame point guard, who recently decided to stay in LA, taking the 5 million dollar mid-level exception presumably because it was going to be his best offer. In the final couple years of Nash’s new contract with Phoenix he will be around the same age and be making roughly twice that much money. Sounds like Nash isn’t to bad a business man himself. There’s no doubt Nash helped turn this franchise around, and he is now being financially rewarded for his hard work. Congradulations to him for that, he’s earned the right to be paid. As much as it may seem like a set back to let Nash go, paying to keep him would have hindered the Mavs from moving forward and adding the missing pieces to the Championship puzzle.

    Comment by Manuel -

  207. The Steve Nash situation comes down to one of two things:

    (1) do the Mavs want to be loyal, pay Nash, be a 50-win team during the regular season but get bounced from the 2nd round every yr (and have another untradeable contract — see fortson, bradley, abdul-wahad).

    or (2) start developing a Championship team with a defensive philosophy to match their offense.

    listen, the core of Dirk, Finley, Daniels, Howard, and Harris will put us in a great position. Trade Laetner for Juwan Howard or Stack for Kurt Thomas. Bring in some front court toughness. We don’t need Shaq that bad, and not at the expense of Dirk. We have a solid core, lets just build around it.

    Comment by Omar Ghanim -

  208. hey cubes as a knicks fan I’m happy some owner + gm are using their brains before signing players to long term contracts. Hey Mav fans it could be worse!!!! You could have Dolan + Isiah Thomas and the MSG idiots running your squad!!! Let’s get real here people! Nash is a injury prone, non-defending, 30yr old point guard asking for a 65mil contract with 5yrs guaranteed + an option for a 6th. There is no way on the Lord’s green earth that is a good contract. Especially when you are going to be able to trade Walker,Laettner,Stackhouse and possibly Howard for Shaq. Essentialy this deal paves the way for dallas to get the diesel + save money on extensions for the aforementioned riff-raff / spare parts. My god I pray every day for Cubes to buy the Knicks + Bring the Nelsons with him!!!

    Comment by Mervin Dixon -

  209. Thanks for the honesty Mark.

    Devin Harris and Marquis Daniels can be the starting backcourt.
    Last year it was Steve Nash and Michael Finley.

    Could this be a sign that the organization is moving toward
    a more balanced, defensive, young, athletic lineup?
    Will Nellie actually coach with a mentality of defense
    and offense being equal and complementary parts?
    Will Dirk continue to develop as the focal point of
    the offense?
    Will the glut of players like Walker, Laetner, Stackhouse
    be used to return a physical center?

    If the answer to these questions is YES, then I’ll be
    singing “Oh yes I am, Oh yes I am, I’m a Dallas Maverick Fan”

    (actually I’ll sing that anyway (MFFL) but that’s the direction I want to see this team go)

    Comment by Robbie Barton -

  210. Good bye Nash, don’t let the door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha!

    We don’t need players on this team that are all about money. We don’t want players on this team to think of themselves first. Remember, there’s no “I” in TEAM! Tell me Nash, is there really that big of a difference when you’re already talking about millions? What can you NOT buy with $35 mil that you can with $50+ that’s going to make you happy? Certainly not a championship in Phoenix.

    Comment by Hawkman -

  211. Mark,

    I cant believe I am seeing you choose money over our most important player (Dirk is 1b). Nash has been the soul of this team since it arose from a garbage heap and there is a chance Dirk will not even be a flicker of himself without his trusty sidekick to find him in the corner for a spot 3 (*crosses fingers). Not to mention Dirk’s impendent apathy that will come into play during the course of a long season and the absolute teamwide destruction of chemistry (that is whatever is left from last season’s fluming beaker breaker). As a Mavs season ticketholder, I am embarrassed that you would become so frugal to the heart of this team.

    There was a way to get it done, and you didnt do it to save money for a TV show, island or whatever else your mind has wondered to. Is there no hidden clause in Bradley mamouth contract that voids the deal if he only averages less than 10 minutes and 2 points per game? Since Nash dictated our style of play and the Mavs seemed lost when he was injured or rested, some would argue that Nash was the only cog that was holding this mess together.

    When I see you agonizing in pain on the sidelines from the eratic play next year as yet another new team tries to discover its identity and when I see you on your blog making a fluffy promotion for the 2006 Mavs after the 2005 Mavs miss the playoffs to someone of the likes of the Clippers I hope deep down inside you realize that sometimes you’ve got to go with your heart and not worry about the wallet. You will lose many fans from this move, as well as a team that WAS competive and coming into form.

    By the way, just an observation, since when did the business get in the way of your love for the game? You’ve morphed into something else since you’ve become owner of the Mavs. LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND TELL ME WHO YOU SEE? WAKEUP! SNAP OUT OF IT! You’re not supposed to be just another business man looking to get immediate rewards. The rewards come when you have a team that has a nucleus, a defenitive style and a unity of emotion that overwhelms all odds to capture the trophy. You’ll never get there if you keep swapping faces and talent or should that now read “an imediate lackthereof”.

    Comment by Watters -

  212. Here’s a question for you: If, and this is a big If, Shaq does somehow make his way to Dallas, can we improve his free throw percentage? Perhaps a move to the big D could help him remove an unsightly blemish on his top 10 career.

    Comment by Joe -

  213. Being a Suns fan and reading everything in the Az Republic (State newspaper), I will say Mark is right on with his assumptions. It was very clear out here that the Suns were lookin to Kobe first, with the backup plan of Nash and possibly someone like Mehmet Okur. He is still a possibility, but coming from a Cuban fan as a person and owner and passionate Suns fan. Mark hit it on the head with who the Suns “were looking at” Good luck Cuban .. Hopefully Nash plays as well for the Suns as he did for you!

    Comment by Matt -

  214. Mark,

    I was as shocked as anyone to hear Steve was leaving. My initial reaction was how did Mark let this happen? However, after the initial shock wore off, I felt it had to come down to what was best for the team not only now, but in the future. Thanks for the post and the explanation. It gives us (the fans) a new perspective into some of the tough choices you as an owner have to make. Good luck in the rest of the FA period!

    P.S. Did you see where Donald called you a copycat on ESPN last week?

    Comment by Scott Hammons -

  215. I was a fan of the big three, and i knew that there was a chance of it being disassembled this year. since Stevie was a free agent and all the shaq rumors. I feel steve was a good player and we would offer him his worth which i feel the team did. i feel Devin, and Marquis can grow into there position. i know you will do whats best for the team and any transactions that happened or will happen is for the better of team. MFFL

    Comment by Jacob McHenry -

  216. I was a fan of the big three, and i knew that there was a chance of it being disassembled this year. since Stevie was a free agent and all the shaq rumors. I feel steve was a good player and we would offer him his worth which i feel the team did. i feel Devin, and Marquis can grow into there position. i know you will do whats best for the team and any transactions that happened or will happen is for the better of team. MFFL

    Comment by Jacob McHenry -

  217. First of all, that post was directed to stupid fans like you who blamed Nash for leaving the Mavs over money.

    2ndly, does it matter if you add 3 more millions on the 80 millions already spent on the team? Whatever the cap is, the Mavs is over it long time ago when Cuban signed piles of garbage with your blessing. And when Nash’s high salary years come, all other stupid contracts were expired and renegotiated. So cap space cannot possibly be caused by Nash’s deal. Please don’t use the cap as an excuse for dumping Nash. If you want to avoid luxury taxes, start your saving on less talented scums like the Daniels dude. An undrafted player got a 6 year deal with MLE after played a few good games.

    I preciated that Cuban spent the time to write the lengthy article and explain the whole thing. On the other hands, the article is filled with conflicted excuses for dumping Nash.

    Nash might not play well in Phoenix because of bad fit, but at least he got the money. Mavs will not be the same Mavs because they lost their floor general. It’s a lose lose situation.

    PS. You should feel lucky that the Mavs have some international fans around the world.

    Comment by ac -

  218. Mark, amazing post.

    Thank you from all fans for telling us what went on in the Nash deal. Even though some fans may not agree with the outcome, I know they all appreciate being told what happened.

    Like Cowboy fans must trust in the “Big Tuna” I think all Mavs fans must trust in you Mark. I do. A genius-businessman and fan all wrapped up into one person, you have the Mavs best interests in mind. While this decision involved money, I truly believe you would have done what is best for the Mavs, no matter the cost of Nash.

    Fans have to know money you give Nash now (of which the Suns gave too much) could have screwed our team for years to come.

    Thanks for watching out for our team, and all of the fans. Keep of the good work.


    Comment by Jim Bob -

  219. Hey Mark-
    I know it’s a longshot, but would you mind buying the Bulls? We’ve been suffering for awhile now (okay, given, we’ve got some championships from MJ under our belt…but come on, Eddy Curry?) and I think you could be the answer. Being born and raised in Chicago, I can’t really make the switch to being a Mavs fan but I’m thinking you could hand off your current project to somebody and start the rebuilding here. Apparently the current ownership had no idea how to do this.
    Thanks for the best blog on the web.

    Comment by Michael Leheney -

  220. To Bobby, who wrote that Daniels is a selfish player, i agree with your agruments on keeping Nash, i loved nash’s game too, but you probably couldnt run point in a YMCA beginner league, but you want to rip Daniels. Running the point is the hardest job on the court, and you are talking about doing it on the highest level of basketball. Did you forget Daniels nearly had a triple double in his first start? Daniels isnt a true point, but if he can master his handling and passing skills, he will be able to contribute at the point, and dont forget he’s 6’6″ so if he does master his PG skills, he will be dangerous. Rookie PGs are tough to watch sometimes, but its more painful to have a 35 year old point getting schooled because their skills are diminished(i.e. Gary Payton), and what would you rather have, a 35 year point overpaid, or a young point who is coming off his fourth year and into his prime, (dharris dont let us down, big shoes to fill) i think it was a good long term move, hate to see him go, and i predict he the suns will be a playoff team for seasons to come, with Marion and Stoudmire, and Nash running the point, but dont get me wrong the Mavs will still whoop that ass!!! Thanks Cuba for the blog, greatness!!!

    Comment by Luis -

  221. hi,I`m a fan from Taiwan
    I just want to say
    “we cant`t lose Steve”
    maybe someone will think Daniels can do like Steve
    but we-chinese fans thought Steve is the captain of mavs
    if he leaves,who will be the second Steve
    Daniels?he`s too young,he can`t substiiuie him
    however Phoenix gives Steve so high price
    if we can be sincere,I think Steve won`t leave..
    after all Dirk&Finley are his best friends
    and here in Dallas has lots of his fans
    no one wants to leave friends and fans
    hope Cuban could give Steve a good price
    (maybe my English is bad,but I try to let you guys know what are we thinking about..thx)

    Comment by Amy -

  222. Good info and it only proves that Steve and his agent were only interested in MONEY! Steve will soon realize he let his agent talk him into a bad decision. Why in the world would he leave a place of comfort, stability, possible championship team, etc. for a crap hole place like Phoenix? Let’s say you offered $30 million for 3 years and the chance to win a championship? How can a guy how liked where he was playing turn that down for a little more money. What’s the tax like in Arizona? I bet that extra $35mil will be eaten away by taxes. Good luck Steve, but as a fan, I’ve already moved on and can’t wait to see your busted legs getting your ass kicked by the Mavs next season, if you’re even playing. Go Mavs MFFL. Canada SUCKS!

    Comment by Hawk -

  223. First, I hope moving to PHX works out better for Steve than it did for Emmitt.

    Second, this is an entertainment business. People need some perspective. Get all torqued up about things that truly matter; pro basketball isn’t one of them.

    Third, the Mavs will still be fun to watch, just in a different way. I saw Devin Harris at Moody on Saturday night, and yes, the Chinese are not the NBA, but still, a lot of fun to watch. Can’t wait to see him develop over the next couple of years.

    Thanks for the explanation of the business arcania. It helps to have that context. Tough call, but that’s what businessfolk have to do. It was also the right call. I like and respect Michael Finley as a player and as a man (don’t know him, of course, but based on what I see and read), but that contract is now an albatross hanging around the team’s neck. Not bad as albatrosses go, but an albatross nonetheless. I like and respect Nash (see Finley, above) but the way he plays and the toll the game takes, in three years, give or take, Steve will be Paytonesque and PHX will be struggling to add talent due to this contract. Point guards don’t play at superstar levels past their early thirties (Stockton being a noteworthy exception). They shouldn’t be paid like superstars if they’re not performing.

    I doubt you pay much attention to the idiots at the Dallas Morning News – I’ll simply observe that they don’t have to run a business, they don’t have to meet a payroll, they’re not responsible for anything much less the future of a pro basketball team, they don’t have to make a tough decisions, they don’t play the game, hell, they don’t even pay for their tickets. They get paid to be second-guessing morons in print (ditto the airheads on the radio – hey Galloway, what about that Jamison trade now?). I, on the other hand, pay for my tickets, and I’m still looking forward to another entertaining, and successful, season in 04, without Steve, with Devin and Marquis and maybe Avery, and regardless of Shaq. Good luck.

    Comment by Mike Wurst -

  224. While I understand it is easy for me to criticize someone’s toughness considering I don’t deal with a hundredth of the physical rigor’s NBA players do…The Mavericks will be much better off with players that don’t play Matador defense. As much as some people feel like the Pistons lucked their way to a title, their on the ball defense was stifling. Other teams were setting up their offense with 10-15 seconds left on the 24 second clock. Eric Snow would be someone that could really help the Mavericks. (if the sixers would deal him)

    The Mavs need to get much, much tougher if they are going to win a title. As from someone outside the Dallas area looking at the Mavericks, it seems that their defense is an afterthought. Does Dirk, your best player count playing defense as one of his strengths? Look at superstar players on championship teams: Kobe, Shaq, Duncan, Jordan, Akeem. All could play good if not great defense.

    Comment by Dennis -

  225. Mark – Thanks for letting us know your thoughts on this. I totally see your point regarding Steve’s health and durability, despite his playing skills. I’m sorry to see him go, but I think as a business decision, you made the right one. I’m not sure I can say the same for Steve. As much as the Mavs have lost, I think Steve’s lost more. The chemistry enjoyed by Dirk, Mike and Steve on the floor is not easily found and even more difficult to re-find. That can’t be bought for any amount of money.

    Comment by Darin Wood -

  226. Mark,

    I agree nearly all your reasons for not signing Nash, but the question everyone wants to know is: why now? you do not appear to have always been the most fiscally responsible in handing out contracts and extensions, and now you repent on a favourite son?

    why now?

    Comment by scott -

  227. Nash isn’t worth the money. He’s only got a few glory years left, if that.

    But how will the Dirk go on without the Drunken Duo?

    Comment by Dirk's Saurkraut -

  228. Mark, first of all I really appreciate your honesty and completely agree with you from a business standpoint.
    From looking at your current roster is obvious that you are going to have to trade some players since you have 19 as of right now. I know right now you are still in a cooling period since you just lost Nash and is not the 14th yet, but I hope you can figure out some way to land Shaq or some other big man such as Ostertag or Dampier.
    I also went to the Summer League games and was very impressed with Mbenga. He reminded me a lot of a young Dennis Rodman in terms of how he runs the floor and is very active. Although he is not a scorer he could be one of those intangibles like Najera who can give you a boost of energy at critical moments. I hope you can sign him somehow. I am also satisfied with how Devin Harris is playing. Having watched him alot in college I feel that he will be good sooner than expected since he had all that college experience and will have alot more playing time than he would have with Nash. Please don’t trade him. Sorry for all the rambling. Good luck with the rest of the offseason and the upcoming season.

    Comment by Ben -

  229. I have been in turmoil over the loss of Steve Nash and after reading your blog, I feel better. Isn’t that a great word, “feel”. I don’t think you are suppose to have feelings when money is involved. I will say this. I think what happend was right on both sides. Nash did what was best for him, and the Mavs did what was best for the team. I am sad to see Steve Nash go. I would be more distraught to see him making millions for 6 years at the end of the bench in a t-shirt and jeans because he was hurt. I guess when you make business decisions, you have to take “feelings” out of the equation. I wish Steve the best and I hope that the moves made ultimately prove right for both parties.

    Comment by Trey Morrison -

  230. …Nash was one of the fundamental reasons I loved watching the Mavs play, whether they won or lost. But yeah…your money, your choice. Guess I’ll have to check out more Suns games next season. :-/

    Comment by nekkidben -

  231. sure we all love[d] Nash but simply put hes not worth the money hes getting. he’ll fall on his face in Pheonix and the suns will be eating their money. Mark you are the man!!!!!

    Comment by MFFL -

  232. Mark, I think you handled it well. Whether the fans like it or not – this is a business and you made a business decision. Nash left for cash and maybe the AZ lifestyle. His agent sounds sketchy and I think you did the right thing. Nash is 30 and is playing against guys 10 years younger than him. He needs the financial guarantee. Just because you didn’t pay him what Phoenix paid him doesn’t mean that you didn’t want him.

    Comment by Sixtre -

  233. Mark, you handled it very well. As a Mav fan and a fan of your great business acumen, you did yourself proud and I applaud. You did everything you could have done and handled it professionally.

    Comment by Doug from Omaha -

  234. With all the trade talk going on at the time Steve agreed to this, did you give him any type of asurance that if he was to take less money and stay in Dallas that he would NOT then be traded to L.A. or anywhere for that matter? Because with your comments it sounds like Steve choose money over loyalty. I just don’t think it was that simple……..

    Comment by Stephanie -

  235. Mark-
    You are the best thing that ever happened to Dallas. I can remember the days watching the Mavs and Jason Kidd play to an empty arena on Channel 27 and season ticket holders attempting to get rid of their tickets like hot potatoes.
    Your players and yourself exude class and dedication to the game and the fans, both on the court and off the court.
    Thank you for being so completely invested in your team and I wish Steve Nash all the luck and the success in the world. But please don’t go after Shaq. His larger than life attitude might be a fun novelty for while but his attitude will eventually taint our young classy group of men. Keep the drama in LA. You have helped resurrect this team like a phoenix from the ashes and I am confident that we can make it to a championship with that same formula.

    Thanks again Mark and thanks Steve

    Comment by Jane -

  236. Mr. Mark Cuban,

    I am a long time Mavs fan from Minnesota, and I was wondering what the chances would be in getting Nick Van Exel and Avery Johnson and Erick Dampier from Golden State?? This core of players along with Dirk, Fin, and Stack could turn out for the best. Also we need to part with Walker. He just does not fit into our offensive scheme in Dallas. What would the chances be to have an 04-05 Dallas Maverick Starting Lineup of Dirk, Fin, Dampier, Quis, and Van Exel. Contemplate on this and you’ll see an upside to it all. Bring in Nick the Quick and we’ll forget about the late great steve nash….. unless things go haywire.

    Comment by Luke Kohout -

  237. What I don’t want to hear anymore is how difficult it will be for Steve and how he will miss his teammates so much when he is in playing in PHX, etc. Mark’s logic for his offer was sound, and Steve took the ca$h. What else is there to say?

    Comment by Charlie -

  238. Hey Mr. Cuban,

    My name is James, I’m a Kings fan from Sacramento, but love reading your site just the same. Your work as an owner is truly revolutionary in professional sports; who, in the vast world of Sterlings and Busses and Dolans and Steinbrenners, has ever made such an effort to communicate with the fans? Most fans would die to know what’s going on in their owners’ (particularly Sterling’s) heads, and you’re laying it out to them everyday.

    For instance, when a key free agent is lost, which owner has ever personally told their fans the exact process in which it occurred? I assume you’re the first. You’re a very intelligent man from what I can tell, and I have no doubts regarding your ability to spin a story your way (I’m sure you’ve done it plenty as a businessman), but just laying out that information for us to judge ourselves is more than any fan could ask for.

    Personally, I believe that your offer to Nash was more than fair, and to be perfectly honest, he’s not worth the price of our beloved Bibby, who actually took somewhat of a pay cut for the benefit of our team. Nash is a very good point guard whose stardom became ever so slightly larger than his own shoes due to several factors:

    1) Being a key component of the young, exciting, unselfish, and WINNING Dallas Mavericks. It’s the Winning Team Effect. If a player is a major contributor on a talented, unselfish team, both his play and his reputation throughout the league will improve, due to his beneficial circumstances. Stevie’s elevated game coincided with the blossoming of Dirk Nowitzki and Michael Finley.

    2) His differentiability. An international player with unique hair and a unique flair for unthinkable and downright crazy shots, Stevie is truly one-of-a-kind, and gained stardom for being so. Plus, referencing Larry Bird’s statement a few weeks back, controversial or not, Steve’s ethnicity in an African-American dominated sport made him stand out even more.

    Steve Nash will play hard every night and put up incredible assist and FT numbers, and bring excitement and flash to the fans. But plainly and simply, he is not a franchise player. If your goal is to win a championship, Steve Nash will not be the determining factor. I don’t disagree with the Suns’ offer, but your maximum offer is certainly reasonable.

    As a Kings fan, I love the Maloofs and what they have done for the team and the city of Sacramento. But I can only wish that one day they communicate to their fans the way you do. With the establishment of this site, you’ve set a completely new standard for direct communication between you and Mavericks fans (as well as Kings fans), and despite the fact that the posts are (naturally) a bit one-sided, your side of the story is often logical, thorough, reflective, and very entertaining to read. My only wish is that you would take the time to respond to show that this line of communication is a two-way street, especially towards fans who take about as long to respond to your weblogs as you do to post them.

    Good luck to your Mavericks in 04-05,


    Comment by James -

  239. Number one respect? How did the Mavs not respect him? They came to him the second they legally could to give them a FAIR offer. What did Steve want? How did they not respect him? And clearly, that wasn’t the first thing on his list of important things. It was money. The almighty American dollar. He doesn’t want our country to go to war, but he’ll gladly take our money with no complaints.

    NOTE: I’m all about freedom of speech and didn’t really care, nor do I care now, what Steve freakin’ Nash ever had to say about American politics. That last statement was lashing out, and I apologize…;)

    Comment by Kellen -

  240. I just stumbled across this site and found it quite interesting that a NBA owner would take the time to explain his and the teams actions. I believe you made the right descision. Nash also had to do what was best for himself and family. Good luck next season. I myself can’t wait for it to start!!!

    Comment by Mark Hayden -

  241. I used to think lawyers were the biggest scumbags around, but now its clear that that title needs to go to NBA agents.

    Comment by Nick Hodges -

  242. I know the mavs, and mr. nelson are not afraid to try foreign players, they even have a comercial for it. I dont know how much u like najera i know he aint that talented but the boy has heart, my point is you should give omar quintero a chance he might not have size but he has skills, if you sign him youll have all of mexico cheering for the mavs, he is a much better basketball player then quintero he was the scoring leader in the preolimpic games
    and he played pretty well against the us and if heard several times don nelson has an eye on him why not give him a chance

    Comment by cho -

  243. That’s a long blog for saying you didn’t match the Sun’s offer. It sounds like the agent did an awesome job for himself and Nash (that’s why he’s there… To get the best deal for his player, and not to show all of his cards. He got the best of you. Period). You didn’t know if the new owners were “… flush with cash.”? They just bought an N.B.A. team for crissakes. Losing Nash and day-trading sure makes for a interesting week.

    Good luck, Jimmy.

    Comment by jim -

  244. Mr. Cuban,

    Let me first say that I am a DC boy which means that I am a Redskins fan 1st, Terps Basketball next and then the Wizards. I find what you are doing with your blog really refreshing. You connect with your fans and make for interesting reading for non Maverick Fans, such as myself, who want to get the whole quote instead of pieces thrown together for effect. If more owners took the time to do this even once every 10 days or so I could see a big benefit for any major sports team. I follow a team that has made mistake after mistake. So don’t be too upset over the business end of this whole thing.

    By the way next owners meeting try to talk some of those other old heads into copying your style a little. We need more Blogs.


    Comment by Kevin -

  245. Mark, though I am not a Mavericks fan, I am a long time Kings fan. I was fascinated to read this article. I think in this era of sports your business mentality is needed. It is interesting to see how the business side plays out versus friendships and the need to win.

    I think you made the only move you could make. History is on your side with few point guards making significant starting contributions later in their career. Especially someone who relies mostly on their hustle rather than an amazing talent level. Not saying he doesn’t have great skills but his skills don’t make him the player he is, that comes from his drive and determination. The Kings saw how easily that can be taken away with the injuries to Brad Miller and Bobby Jackson this year from the same playing style.

    So though living with it will be hard, at least from a far I think you did what was right for your team and its future.

    Comment by Gary Roberts -

  246. wow i dont know wut to say steve nash is gone .. its a little disheartening and i wouldnt expect him to go out like that but u did wut u had to do wuts best for the team … im still a little iffy about the jamison trade tho. stackhouse isnt all that great nemore and i definitely dont know about laettner but i doubt this is the end when it comes to trades and signings .. but thanks for keepin us all up to date with wut was going on in ur mind and from ur perspective. it sheds a whole new light on the situation. i think every mavericks fan should read it. well b ok dont let all the ignorant dumbasses get to ya. later mark

    Comment by John -

  247. I can’t believe some of you people are going after Duffy in this situation. The man did exactly what he’s paid to do; bring his client the possible deal on the table. It was Steve’s decision to stay in Dallas or leave, not Bill Duffy’s. The agent works for the player, not the other way around. Get over it!

    Comment by Casey -

  248. you don’t think nash is worth the $$, but you think bradley is???

    Comment by melissa -

  249. Well I haven’t exactly had time to read the pervious comments but I don’t know somebody already posted this…

    The answer to our problems: Kirk Hinrich.

    He basically he is the younger Steve Nash, if not the next Steve Nash. It’s his first year in the NBA and he already has a triple-double, he rebounds a little bit better, his passing abilities can only get better with time, he’s a good three-point shooter and maybe with time he can become better than Nash, and if he were to come to Dallas he has more options on who to pass the ball too….oh and how can I forget, he’s cheaper.

    Or just get Van Exel and Avery, they can surely tutor Harris. Plus behind Nash, NVE is my favorite player…when he left I was pretty sad so I decided to name my car “Nick the quick.” So since Nash is gone what should I name after Nash?

    I’ll miss Nash, deeply. After all he was my favorite Maverick, and if I were a man I’d want to be just like him (although I wouldn’t have taken the money), and since I’m a girl he has qualities that I would love a man to have (minus picking the money). I’m still a little bit shocked, sad, and a little sour, but I’m “on the verge of getting over this.”

    I just want you to know I’m a Mavs fan first and a Nash fan second.

    Comment by Richelle -

  250. Good call on that one Mark.

    Nash got an offer too good to match. When he’s 36 and still raping his team’s cap room you’ll be vindicated.

    No hate on Steve – he’s a great player, but no one is worth that kind of money at 36.

    You did a good job and one that I wish other owners (particularly of the team’s I follow) made decisions in such a manner and were as upfront with their fans.

    Comment by Jeff -

  251. here’s a radical thought…if you know the agent isn’t trustworthy, and you know the other interested team, why not just give them a call?

    its sad to hear, but its the oldest story in pro sports. you can’t sell out the franchise and its future for one player, no matter who it is. just look at LA.

    Comment by Brian Umphres -


    Comment by Random Chick -

  253. While I appreciate your efforts to communicate with fans and to rationalize, Mark, at the end of the day you just stubbornly dug in your heels when confronted with information you didn’t expect. The things that mattered most to Steve Nash were (1)Respect (and he had been dissed more than once before this by you), and (2) length of contract. If you hadn’t had a knee-jerk reaction, immediately declining to meet the Suns offer, but had instead asked Steve to give you a day or two to counter, you very likely could have salvaged this deal. He is one of a kind in the NBA because of all the intangibles that you are familiar with. So what if, in year five or six, he became more of a strategist/motivator for the rest of the team? He would have more than earned that last year or two’s salary by motivating and galvanizing the team. I hope you become less impulsive if facing a similar surprise in the future–we will all pay heavily for this.

    Comment by PSK -

  254. Mark, thanks for the insight regarding Steve Nash. Furthermore, thank you for putting people first in a league that seems to care more about profits than people. I understand the bottom line boils down to dollars and cents, but it’s good to know that you care about relationships with people.

    Comment by Andrew Koester -

  255. I’m a huge basketball fan but I admit I don’t understand how mid-level exceptions work, or how future TV contracts can affect the amount of money you offer a player. I didn’t know how truly deceptive and control-freaks agents can be (I was raised on Jerry McGuire). I really appreciate the vast amount of knowledge you shared about player longevity, contracts, your roundup of the competition, and your relationship with Steve Nash. I wish you the best. Those $9 mil you reserved for Steve will be put to good use I’m sure.

    Comment by Mike Shao -

  256. Thanks for your explanation of the details of how this went down. You did not have to explain those details to the fans, but at least you put the info out there, and let people make their own opinions about it. How great it is that we have an owner that allows us insight into the inner workings of a deal. Thanks!

    Comment by Todd Nicholson -

  257. In the case that the Mavs needs another vet PG to help get the rooks on the road — and in the case Shaq becomes impossible to acquire — how about dealing parts and pieces to Golden State for Dampier and Nick the Quick? (And throw in AJ while they’re at it).

    I know Nick isn’t the future, but I’d pay to see him in the interim again. Yeah baby.

    Comment by Josh Williams -

  258. Mark,

    Well done. It’s great to see an owner of a team come out and give us the information we want to know. You always hear these assumptions by the media. It’s great to see the truth. Sometimes in business you have to walk away. It’s called VALUE. Nash’s value after four years is very suspect.

    Now for these responses…
    Fans, please realize that Shaq isn’t going anywhere! Just stop the talk. The Lakers will get a good coach and he’ll kiss and make up. It’s just an agent pushing for more money.

    We all know Bradley and Finley’s contracts are bad and they can’t be moved. Go re-read Mark’s post. It’s right there. He can’t say specific names himself. Think about it. If he did, the media would be all over him.

    Marquis is a question mark. We know that. He looked great at the end of the season. But he’s young and we’ve seen it many times with athletes. Kids get money and then lose their drive. Let’s give him a year and see if he still has it. So far it looks promising.

    Again…thanks Mark for keeping us in the loop.


    Comment by Cliff -

  259. Mark, I’d like to take issue with one of your statements in your generally superb analysis of the Nash situation:
    “The performance comparisons included Chauncey Billups, Sam Cassell, Jason Williams, Gary Peyton, Tony Parker and Rafer Alston among other point guards, but the salary “comps” only included those point guards who were maxed out or very close — Jason Kidd, Baron Davis, Mike Bibby, etc.”

    I think you and a lot of other disgruntled Mavs fans are missing a lot about Steve Nash and his true value to your team. In the opinion of this gruntled fan, Steve is in the same category as the maxed out players. If you look at a couple of sites that track player stats quite well (and are not done by agents) you find that over the last 3 years, Steve is one of the best offensive players in the entire league. Try this site: and look at Steve’s offensive rankings over the last three years on what is called the Tendex per 48 minutes (a measure of all offensive production). Last year he was ranked 1st (yes, 1st) among all NBA players (see the year before he was 6th overall and 3rd among point guards, the year before that he was 4th overall and 3rd among point guards. On another site that I don’t like quite as much,, because they give points for “height” and subjective things like “hands”, they still rank Steve in the top five of all point guards.

    My point is that Nash is an offensive force like few in the NBA. On a team like Dallas which is predicated on outscoring other teams, this makes him even more valuable. The criticism of his defense is invalid as Dallas has one of the worst team defences in the league. Bibby was often guarded by people other than Nash and there are few, if any, point guards that can handle his cross-over without team help. Just ask Danny Ainge what he thinks of Nash’s defensive capabilities. One of the primary reasons Ainge chose Nash in the draft was his ability to force his man into the wrong spot on the floor. When that man isn’t there, that ability is wasted. Steve Nash is a max player now because of his ability to transform a team on offense and he won’t hurt you on defense. On the fragility item, the man who exceeded Steve on the Tendex rating the year before he retired was John Stockton. Offensively gifted point guards only get better with age. Sorry, Mark, you blew it.

    Comment by Luther Blissett -

  260. That was an excellent post and very informative. I wish every NBA owner would give some explanation to the fans on why a decision was made, whether we like it or not. After reading about Duffy, I would like to be an agent to make sure players get their due money but more importantly to get them in good situations like Nash being in Dallas. I really wonder how much success he will have in Phoenix, excluding the added income which marketing deals could have easily made up for with a good agent.

    Comment by Scott -

  261. Thanks for your candor, Mark!

    And thank you for telling us, the fans, the real deal according to your perspective.. it is what keeps me personally in awe of your business sense.

    You didn’t have to tell us what happened, and you did. That kind of respect for the fans will not go unnoticed.

    Comment by Rosanna -

  262. Business is business Mr. Cuban. It sounds like you did the right thing but only time will tell.

    The entire scope of the NBA (National Babysitters Association) is changing with the number of HS players entering the draft. This is cutting the career expectancy of PROVEN veterans by probably at least 2 years.

    Players leave for more money, regardless of where that will be and loyalty isn’t something you see too often anymore.

    Good luck with Daniels and Harris.

    Comment by Tony -

  263. Whatever happens next, just PLEASE don’t use Antoine Walker at point guard.


    Comment by Regular NBA Joe -

  264. Wow! I think that all Mavs fans are just a little surprised at Steve leaving. I thought that he said he wanted to be here even if it meant less money ? I always figured Steve to want to win more than anything else . My main concern is how will this effect the team in general ? Are we still going to push the ball at every opportunity ? Would love to here where Nellie thinks we go from here . Maybe you should have offered the Nelson’s in a package deal with Steve!! Make Bradley step-up and give this team what he is being payed for!! I think Shaun can do it if he had a coach that required him to play to his abilities all the time . I think that Devin is the future for this team, as long as he is taught his roll ( getting open looks for Dirk!!). I like what I see in Devin’s ability to play full court defense, add Josh and Marquis in and maybe we don’t have to push the ball full court to get fast break points . Look at the steals that this threesom could possibly have each game. I hope that Jon will be the player to replace Fin’s spot-up shot. P-Pod is the x-man. Maybe he can be what Bradley hasn’t been able to be ( a big man with other than shot blocking ability ). In all, I don’t understand why Nellie is not more to blaim than anyone ( with the talent the Mavs had this year where did we end up!!). Mark I think you are as good an owner as there is, just wish I could say we had as good a coach as there is !! MFFL Tim

    Comment by Tim Hutchings -

  265. G’day Mark –

    Good to read your perspective on things, as always. As tough as this will be to comprehend (for a long period, no doubt), what’s next for the Mavs?

    I’m guessing that any possible trade for Shaq is now off, so is it possible to trade Fin to Chicago for Jamal Crawford and Antonio Davis (assuming you can make salaries match)?

    I think the entire shell of the team needs to change… Giving Marquis Daniels a 6 year deal after just one season seems a little steep too. You do realize that this will make him the highest 2nd year player next season, right?

    Thats right – He’ll now be paid more than LeBron…

    I don’t know how you can explain that.

    Comment by Lisa Olsen -

  266. Things happen for a reason and we will move on from this, with that said lets go for Shaq….

    Comment by mike -

  267. In addition to the above post, I’d like to say I really appreciate you putting your thoughts down to share with us. Thanks for taking the time to speak to the fans. I can speak for all Mavs fans when I say thank you.

    Comment by h.y. -

  268. Mark, speaking as one of the bigger Nash fans you’ll ever find, I don’t hold anything against you. The NBA is a business. You did nothing but make a smart business decision. My support for you and our Mavs will not be swayed by my favorite player departing. All we can do is wish Nash the best in the desert, and look forward to our upcoming season. I’ll support him and, to a lesser extent, the Suns. But my undying devotion is to this Mavericks team, regardless of the faces that make it up.

    Comment by h.y. -

  269. First of all, I am sure all of us Mav fans appreciate you taking the time to explain the whole, sad episode to us. Just one of the reasons we are know as MFFLs.

    One of the best things about the current management is that you guys can make the tough decisions, which prove right only in hindsight.
    Eg. Nick Van Excel last year. I realized that it was the right decision only when I saw Nick @ half-time, doing the analysis, in the middle of the playoffs. Amazing.

    And I am sure this will turn out to be the right decision too, even though it seems really, really tough right now…

    Comment by VJ -

  270. Why people hate Steve Nash for taking the offer of 13 million against 10 or 9 millions? It’s about 1/3 pay cut!! Are you willing to do that?

    You should all hate Mark for taking 3 millions over the team. 3 millions comparing to his billions are peanuts. 3 millions against Nash’s 10 millions is 1/3.

    But I don’t hate Cuban. It’s his money. It’s just that he was doing very badly on contract everytime he signed or not signed one in the past except the one that bring him billions. Maybe he’s no talent on basketball business.

    Comment by ac -

  271. Many people have said that after overpaying other players in the past you picked a weird time to become frugal, but then again they’d be complaining a couple years down the road about his contract and the team as a whole would be in a bad situation. Just don’t turn around and sign Bradley to a 5 year $100 million deal now.

    He did not become frugal. He just over paid Daniel who performced well a few weeks in a contract year. We all know what will happen when you overpaid a guy in a contract year.

    Comment by ac -

  272. You took your chances on all the other scrubs with worst contract in NBA. On one of your proven top players, you want to play safe and have ensurance. If Nash took your offer, he would be very dumb. Because he was treated unfairly against all the other over-payed garbages on the team.

    Next time, took your chances on your proven best players instead of garbages from other teams.

    Comment by AC -

  273. First of all I just want to thank the great one Mark Cuban for caring enough about his fans and Mavs fans alike to take the time out of his hectic life to write this story!!!!

    Second of all all you people who are doubting his decision, how about we take a wager on where Steve will be by the end of that Suns contract!!! I love Stevie, but anybody who follows his game should know that there is no way his body will be able to continue at the same pace he has be performing at for another 6 years. Stevie plays ALL OUT and thats great for awhile but it doesn’t last forever, your body just can’t take it!!! Stevie is already showing signs of fatigue and signs that his game is not what is was even two years ago. I think Cuban made the decision that was in the best intrest of the Mavs organization and I think that is the only decision I would want him to have made.

    Most of you people who are writing some of this crap i bet didn’t even read the whole story, because it you had you would see that Cuban made the best decision for the team. Yeah we will all miss Steve and his wild hair and crazy on court style, but the Mavs will get over the loss and I am sure that Cuban will make the most of this offseason.

    The only time I ever doubted a Mavs decision was the one to trade for Walker and thats just because I have never been a fan, I think he is a bad seed and the Mavs are not about that. All our players were in it together and Walker is only out for himself which made things very difficult this year. Mark if you are listening please use Walker as trade bait anyone at this point is better than a greedy guard that thinks he can shoot 3’s even though they never go in!!!!!

    Comment by Sheila -

  274. Mark, we love you. What other NBA owner would take the time and caring effort to write something like that for his fans (along with all the insider dish on NBA business)?

    Most of all, I want to say THANK YOU for not taking on this contract. In my opinion, there is no way Nash will last at this pace for more than three seasons. I love him (he is, and will always be, my favorite Maverick), but a 30 year old is not worth a max contract, especially when you have two amazingly exciting young talents behind him. So regardless of what the Dallas Morning News Sportswriters say (what do they know anyway? and what self-respecting writer would work for an awful paper like that anyway?), you can sleep soundly knowing that the mavs fans trust you.

    One last thing: I work at the Tom Thumb by Nash’s house (I assume). Friday afternoon, Steve Nash stopped by for what presumably was his last shopping visit in Dallas. In a testament to his great personality, and Dallas’s friendliness and congeniality, rather than people accosting him for going for the money, everybody that saw him shook his hand and congratulated him for getting the great contract. The people were genuinely happy for him, and how can you not be happy for a guy like that to be rewarded for his hard work? As he walked out, smiling and signing kid’s hats, not only a great basketball player, but also a great person left the city of Dallas.

    Comment by Rob -

  275. Good job on not giving that much money to an older point guard that doesn’t have that much left in the tank. I understand loyalty, but sometimes that can get you into a bit of trouble. Here is a list of some of the players signed to big contracts that the Suns have thrown out there, along with some stupid trades.
    Penny Hardaway
    Tom Gugliotta
    Antonio McDyess
    Luc Longley
    Danny Manning
    Nash and Finley traded
    Kidd for Marbury
    Hot Rod Williams for Majerle
    J.Wallace J.Buechler for Cliff Robinson
    Steve Nash???
    and the worst ever was Danny Ainge as a coach

    Comment by Andy -

  276. re above, I mean “left vacant”.

    Comment by Willie Galang -

  277. Your post is truly indicative of how difficult it is in reality to balance friendships and the overall interests of the Mavs organization. I admire your candidness in divulding with great detail the circumstances surrounding the bid to keep Steve Nash in a Mavs jersey. I felt your offer to Nash was more than fair, and I guess most people, including Mavs fans, will understand why he’s not with Dallas anymore.

    Good luck to the Mavs! Maybe Carlos Arroyo can fill the spot Nash vacant?

    Comment by Willie Galang -

  278. I appreciate the insight you give with that post. I have a feeling that Nash’s departure will open things up for Finley. It’s too bad you couldn’t get anything in return for the loss of a valuable player, that’s probably the biggest negative to the deal.

    Comment by Set Shot Sammy -

  279. Having heard on the first day of free agency that Steve Nash was signing with Phoenix, I was nothing short of shocked. “how could Mark let this happen?” I thought, and even said several times that night while discussing it with my friends.

    After having read this, everything makes much more sense. Oddly, I stumbled upon your blog through a press release on yahoo. When they quoted your post and linked it, I had to follow, and now I’m here. But back to Nash.

    After having read this, I understand things much better, and thank you for putting this up. It’s still a hard fact to accept, but business wise I personally think everyone did the right thing. From the day that you bought the team my slogan has been “In Mark we trust.” I, and the rest of the Mavericks fans, can only continue to do so and hope that you find the cash to fill what is an obviously large void through a free agent signing, a trade, or if nothing else, a miracle.

    Comment by Big De -

  280. Just a thought… A few people feel that Daniels is not worth a big contract yet, certainly not 6 years. Others believe we have a superstud in the making and should have done everything possible to wrap him up forever. With another major NBA transaction taking place last week, I noticed something: his offensive explosions and triple-double threats, to go with the criticism of his selfishness and lack of ‘true point guard’ qualities made him seem a bit like someone else who burst onto the scene a few years back: Stevie Franchise, one of the only players who has averaged 15/5/5 for the first five years of his career, and can do better in each category in any given game… but has long been regarded as a good highlight clip, but a weak ‘leader’ of an underachieving team.

    Is this a good thing?

    Comment by SunLover [but not Phoenix Suns lover, I might add] -

  281. conrad vickroy wrote:
    “However, when the case is laid out that 5 years and 50 million he would match, but 5 and 65 isn’t fiscally responsible, I’m not buying it. The Mavs window is over the next 3 years, and our “jewelry is more important than money” owner made a money decision that hurts the chances for a championship.”

    Steve Nash is a great player. But he’s not THAT great of a player where you can just say “Money? Who cares about money” He’s 30 years old. There is concern he will break down. His minutes have to be limited. He plays virtually no defense. He has flaws and the other parts of his game aren’t strong enough to make an owner want to match any and every offer.

    And this was not a ‘money issue’ it was a salary issue. I’m sure everyone knows that, but Cuban could care less about paying Nash 15 more million on the deal. It’s the implications that has on our salary, and the future of this organization that is the issue.

    Pheonix just went above and beyond reason in their offer. Should Cuban match any and everything even if he knows it’s not smart? Of course not. Maybe with a player the caliber of Dirk, but Nash isn’t at that level.

    Comment by Jon -

  282. I am one of Steves biggest fans. I think Steve leaving for the Suns is obviously very sad, but do understand Marks logic.

    What this seems to highlight is that if you want to sign someone elses guy you have to overpay to do it. Phoenix did and Steve accepted.

    I think whilst Steves offer from Phoenix was generous. Steve might have looked around at some MAVS teammates and seen guys who contribute very little and yet are paid very well (Abdul Wahad, Bradley, Fortson).

    To me Steve has been the MVP of the MAVS for past 4 years. When Walker and Jamison were brought in Steve sacrificed shots for the sake of the team. Steve has been the engine that has driven the MAVS and he will now do that for the Suns. He will be a perfect fit for the running game Coach Dantoni will implement.

    It will be interesting to see how Nellie will go with his open free lance offensive system now that he doesn’t have Steve running the show.

    Those who write Steve off do so at their own peril. Steve is a 6 foot 3 canadian who was never meant to play in the NBA. He has made a career of proving people wrong and will continue to prove those wrong who doubt him.

    Comment by warren -

  283. More respect for Mark Cuban than any owner in town, and it grows by leaps and bounds when he is honest enough to go through this. And don’t believe what you hear about Nash being mad b4 this came up. I’d bet my house that it honestly kills Cuban more than it kills fans that Nash isn’t here any more.

    However, when the case is laid out that 5 years and 50 million he would match, but 5 and 65 isn’t fiscally responsible, I’m not buying it. The Mavs window is over the next 3 years, and our “jewelry is more important than money” owner made a money decision that hurts the chances for a championship. Right or wrong, that’s what happened.

    I’m a huge fan of Cuban, I remember the 1990’s. I hope he never sells the team. He’s proving he is in it for the long haul. However, an NBA championship just took three Steve Nash strides away from Dallas. Greg Ostertag and Eric Dampier will never play for a championship team. Let’s see what Mark’s next move is.

    Comment by conrad vickroy -

  284. Hey Mark, are you going to remove your MAMA link from your blog now that you have sold your MAMA stake? Also, why do you keep deleting my entries? Anyways, drop me and email and tell me what the deal is. Losing Nash could end up hurting, but I bet you have something in mind to help ease that pain.

    Comment by roberto pedone -

  285. Finally, that’s the most intelligent thing you’ve done since you bought the team. NOW…….Get rid of Finley, Bradley, and you’re set with Stackhouse, Devins, Christian L, with SHAQ DADDY as the CENTER. Add Marquis Daniels as well, you have your team, However, get this PAVEL ready…I don’t give a damn if you have to electric shock him into being a player……do it!!!!

    Comment by ShaqDaddy -

  286. Well, letting Nash go could be a good move long term. However, Mavs may have trouble even making the playoffs next year. Every West team is getting better. The Mavs still haven’t solved their biggest need for a while, which is a CENTER. The Mavs lose their starting PG, who was really the guy that got everyone involved. You trade Jamison for Harris, Stackhouse, and Laettner. Good thing you did that trade since you lost Nash. Bottom line, the next couple of years will be tough for the Mavs. There are a lot of teams on the way up. Phoenix, Houston, Denver, Memphis all should be better next year. While Lakers, Kings, and Mavs probably won’t be as good next year. With the loss of Nash and Jamison, Mavs better hope Harris is a stud.

    Comment by Brian -

  287. Great blog entry. As someone who’s been a Suns fan for the last ten years, I really admire how straight and honest you are about what happened and more importantly explaining why you did what you did. If every owner were as open with their fans the NBA would be a better league. The Suns probably overpaid for Nash (how else do you get a big-name FA?), I hope we can still keep Amare and Joe Johnson in a few years.

    Comment by Mark L. -

  288. Then of course there is Joan Rivers Vescey. Joan is wrong so often its hard to keep up. This week he wrote (calling it reporting would be so wrong…) that Steve Nash was mad at the Mavs because we hadn’t made an offer to him…Where in Europe did your “sources” talk to Steve? He has been on vacation since the end of the season, but I’m sure he is talking to your ”sources” instead of visiting the Eiffel Tower. I guess I should ignore the emails he has sent me and believe what you wrote instead, Peter.

    Where do you get this stuff? And why are you stupid enough to write it as fact? Why are you so lazy that you have NEVER EVER called or emailed me to confirm a single thing you have written? Could it be that you don’t care about the truth? Aren’t you embarrassed that Page 6 in the Post has a better track record than you do?

    Comment by dude -

  289. mark should have pointed out to nash that there are no state taxes in texas. therefore the $$$ after taxes is probably very similar.

    Comment by B FAIS -

  290. I like Steve Nash as much as the next NBA fan, but c’mon. How many games did the Mavs win last year with Nash? Not as many. They are a better team without him. The thing is, he fits in PERFECTLY in Phoenix with those guys. Nash is a great story, but he is NOT the mvp.

    Comment by Patrick -

  291. I sort of accepted the argument that since the Phoenix offer to Nash was so outlandishly high that it was really Nash who forced the Dallas hand by, in effect, demandng that Dallas pay as much or he would go to Phoenix. I was awfully naive. I only now have learned that the $8,750,000. Nash is now getting from Phoenix is one third of what O’Neal (his prime competition for MVP this year) gets per year, and that it makes Nash only the 49th highest paid player in the league. For a 31 year old, two time All Star (now three time), who had been a winner at Dallas, which was one of the worst teams in NBA history in the years immediately preceding the arrival of Nash and Nowitzki, $8,750,000 is still way underpaid, expecially in light of the fact that he never got more than 5,750,000. out of the Mavs. I can see why he thought the Dallas offer was a insult, and in effect, a repudiation of what he had done for the team in the preceding five years.

    Comment by wstander -

  292. I sort of accepted the argument that since the Phoenix offer to Nash was so outlandishly high that it was really Nash who forced the Dallas hand by, in effect, demandng that Dallas pay as much or he would go to Phoenix. I was awfully naive. I only now have learned that the $8,750,000. Nash is now getting from Phoenix is one third of what O’Neal (his prime competition for MVP this year) gets per year, and that it makes Nash only the 49th highest paid player in the league. For a 31 year old, two time All Star (now three time), who had been a winner at Dallas, which was one of the worst teams in NBA history in the years immediately preceding the arrival of Nash and Nowitzki, $8,750,000 is still way underpaid, expecially in light of the fact that he never got more than 5,750,000. out of the Mavs. I can see why he thought the Dallas offer was a insult, and in effect, a repudiation of what he had done for the team in the preceding five years.

    Comment by wstander -

  293. Steve Nash is an awesome player on and off the court. He may not play 48 minutes per game and his playing time will decrease in the years to come BUT…Look at how he’s been able to mentor Barbosa and the impact he’s had on his playing recently. He has a lot more to offer than what is seen on TV for the 48 minutes of game time. We love having him here and he has brought the best out in all of our Suns players. Thanks for letting this guy slip through your fingers Mark. I’ve been a long time Kings fan….but Suns are #1 on my list…as they are on many others.

    Comment by Jamie -

  294. I don’t usually visit here, but ran across it while doing some research for Swish Magazine. Our third issue is going to be very Mavs-centric, including features on Dirk and Avery.

    Anyway – I’m a little surprised to see some questioning the Nash move. How many players are there in the league today who signed a max deal late in their careers and are now getting big bucks for basically riding the injured list?

    The first name that comes to mind is Allan Houston. Michael Finley is well on his way to that list. I can’t believe the contract McDyess got from Detroit. Shandon Anderson got a bloated deal from the Rockets which he never earned. Jason Kidd (gag). Steve Nash will be the same. Come back here in three years and tell us that Cuban made a mistake by letting Nash go.

    The Suns are gambling everything that they’ll win in the next 2-3 years. They won’t be able to keep Marion AND Stoudemire with Nash’s contract on the books.

    Meanwhile the Mavs have an excellent player in Jason Terry (second in the league in 3-pt % and leading the team in assists), a very promising young rookie in Devin Harris (starting next season), and a savvy veteran in DA.

    The Mavs are not a championship team, but they wouldn’t be with Nash either. The Suns are no better. It’s not about championships as much as it is about keeping the team competitive long-term. Tying up a max deal for a 30-year-old PG is not a way to do that.

    Comment by Bill Ingram -

  295. I heartily agree with the previous comment. As a Canadian and fellow British Columbian, I’m happy that Steve Nash has found a place to play, where he was wanted. They just so happen to have the best record in the league, and Nash is receiving MVP-type praise.

    It’s a real shame that Steve didn’t stay with the Mavs, but from his latest interviews Steve said he felt he was “wanted way more” in Phoenix. This doesn’t sound like a pure money issue to me. I really felt that the Mavs were incredibly close to winning a championship with the 02-04 team. Especially with Shaq leaving the west, 05 could have been the year of the Mavs. Its too bad we’ll never seen what could have been.

    A previous commentor said [regarding Nash leaving Dallas], “As far as the mavs, this does not hurt them IMO. In fact it can help them. And in the long term picture signing matching the PHX offer would have hurt them for sure.”

    Perhaps it was comments like this that motivated Steve to work harder this off-season than any time in his career. Steve is a fighter, a battler, a warrior. That’s an intangible quality. Its too bad Mr. Cuban, you had to focus on his age.

    Now, Nash will just have to try and get his championship with the younger Phoenix team. They don’t have Dirk or Nelly or Finley, but they’ve got some pretty good talent of their own. I was a huge Mavs fan in the past, even before they aquired Nash, but now I must admit that when PHX and DAL play, I cheer (loudly) for the Suns.

    Maybe you can trade for him? 🙂

    Comment by John-Paul Costales -

  296. Three letters – MVP – do you think he was maybe worth the money now? How do you let your leader with possibly the biggest heart and most unselfish play in the league go? Did people honestly not see Steve excelling in Phoenix? Come on, he turned around Dallas and made them a championship contender. He immediately did the same now in Phoenix. Palin and simple, Phoenix wins with Steve and loses without him. Exactly the definition of MVP in my opinion. But letting him go ripped the heart out of the Mavericks, and I cant wait to see Phoenix roll over them in the playoffs.

    Comment by Mike -

  297. Nash deserved for Dallas to match his contract – there were so many things that Nash gave to the team that cannot be measured in stats. Why on earth Mr. Cuban did you decide to not pay the money this time (when you already rewarded Finley and Nowitzki) will still boggle me despite your explanation. I hope pride did not play a factor because this is a business and you don’t mix your personal and business together. You don’t break something that is just soo close to getting to that coveted championship. Nash will be like Stockton and prove his longevity in this league.

    Comment by Bud002 -

  298. Dear Mark Cuban
    Team work is so crucial to winning that it is a shame steve nash was traded, You put the onus of winning on Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk Nowitzki is a stellar player of high calibre but taking away a good friend and mentor like steve Nash has effects on Dirk who is away from his homeland and family. You did not get another player in return leaving the entire responsibility of winning on poor Dirk. The Dallas Mavericks were a fun team to watch because of STeve Nash and Eduardo Najera. I think you should have kept Steve Nash who is a mentor a sportman and a team player.

    Comment by margot ling -

  299. As a Suns fan, and a Victoria ex-pat, THANKS Mark! We’re thrilled to have him back in town, eh.

    Wish we had owners like you though…

    Comment by Rg -

  300. We need Stevie. Look how well he’s doing…. BIG mistake just letting him walk away like that. Thanks for messing this up.

    Comment by ali -

  301. I miss Steve Nash
    I wish he was still here
    But it is God’s Will

    Comment by <<*TOTALLY FAN of STEVE NASH*>> -

  302. I can’t believe Steve Nash moved to the suns but it is ok. God makes plans and He chose that way.

    Comment by <<*TOTALLY FAN of STEVE NASH*>> -

  303. ..::Nash::..
    ………cool, and yeah
    dallas will miss him
    ***but HEY we got like 2 new awesome guards! they are like steve nash and nick van exel!!!

    >>>04-05 season<<<< is going to be great, just have the mavs win the championship....then watch NASH beg to come back!!! :)

    Comment by samantha -

  304. Hey Mav fans it could be worse!!!! You could have Dolan + Isiah Thomas and the MSG idiots running your squad!!! Let’s get real here people! Nash is a injury prone, non-defending, 30yr old point guard asking for a 65mil contract with 5yrs guaranteed + an option for a 6th. There is no way on the Lord’s green earth that is a good contract. Especially when you are going to be able to trade Walker,Laettner,Stackhouse and possibly Howard for Shaq. Essentialy this deal paves the way for dallas to get the diesel + save money on extensions for the aforementioned riff-raff / spare parts. My god I pray every day for Cubes to buy the Knicks + Bring the Nelsons with him!!!

    Comment by &#20256;&#22855;&#31169;&#26381; -

  305. I just can’t be a fan of a team where players leave for $$$. As a fan, that’s really what I’m looking for, someone who plays for the team which I haven’t seen since Michael Jordan. I thought I saw it in the mavs which is why I became a fan. I’ll give it to July 14th because miracles can happen, but if it dosen’t, then I’ll have to be a fan of Lebron and the cavs casue he is the only one that looks like he plays for a team and not contracts.

    Comment by relays manufacturer -

  306. Thank you for the journey into your head regarding the Nash Chronical. We are all lost without this frank testimonial.

    It’s business, and that stokes the fire as much as success on the court will bring.

    In this scenario, Nash was lost to the Mavs, but the friendship not. You’ve earned a ‘Respect’ point in your favour.

    Neil Young wrote Walk On. It pretty well consolidates the emotion here.

    Some get stoned or some set strange,
    Sooner or later, it all gets real
    Walk On, Walk On.

    Comment by Randy Wachtin -

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    Comment by rainbow -

  308. Can we help Mark?
    If eveybody who loves Nash & Mavs can give some help of money to Mark,maybe,the total
    reaches Steve’s salary ,and maybe this can help Mark to keep Nash here.
    This will be true,won’t it?
    Just a dream of my heart.
    NO!!!!Steve & Dirk are the best partner,Steve won’t leave Dirk along,
    Steve will never leaves their honest fans alone.
    I believe.

    Comment by Jackie.Je ( Shenzhen,China) -

  309. But Mark, don’t forget that either Nash or Nowitzki are the souls of the big Mavs. Actually, most of my friends and me love Mavs becoz of the style of Mavs and these two big guys. And you let Nash go and get nothing. Well, I just hoped that you won’t do stupid things again and let Dirk go in the future.

    Oops, the last question. You, Cuban, is wealthy and will to spend for players. Why don’t you keep Nash? He deserves the money!

    Oops. Mavs is no more Mavs. We miss you a lot, Nash. GD luck in Pheonix and prove that Cuban is wrong.

    Comment by MAVS fans from HK -

  310. What happened to that Moneyball blog that was up recently and then was quickly taken down? Too bad I didn’t read before you trashed it. Was it the second part of this Nash episode?

    Comment by The Ghost Of Maverick Future -

  311. I’ve always been a big fan of the point guard, and at one point, you had two of my faves- Nick Van Exel and Steve Nash. Remember how Van Exel almost single-handedly carried the Mavs past the Kings? No, obviously not, cuz he was a ghost a few months later. Now, Nash is gone, which may be for the best long-term, however, don’t you think the fans want a win now? I mean, like, right now? There’s only one piece of the puzzle missing, maybe his name is Shaq. Well, hopefully four years down the road, when the Mavs have re-jelled as a team, and might be contending for the title, we can all forget about the one that got away today. Waitasecond, Dirk will be 30 years old, maybe he’ll be let go by then also?

    Comment by Don -

  312. opps billie king is the GM of the sixers…andmy bad. adn marc jacksoon had nothign 2 do with the sixers…was thinking kenny thomas…whose signing last year resembles the daniels signing…unknown player comes out of nowhere on an established playoff team..has a good 2 month stretch in the right maxed out or offered a lot of money…underperforms the rest of teh way.

    Comment by correction -

  313. o yea…btw cubes youre still worlds better as an owner when i compare you to the sixers very own billie king…..still havnet gotten over marc jackson, coleman, or lil bow wow glenn frikin robinson.

    Comment by flops -

  314. another disgruntled sixers fan who migrated to this site and found it interesting.
    a few comments:
    why is everyone raving over daniels? sure he’s a 6’6 PG….who is selfish and cant shoot. oops. guess those are in high demand now (see crawford, jamal)
    secondly, why does everyone think devin harris’ rookie season will even remotely comapre to hinrichs?
    devin harris, playing on a team which (as of now) has dirk, toin, fin and stack will never ever average hinrich-bulls numbers. the best mavs fans can hope for is TJ ford/damon jones type stats. if even that.
    thirdly, why is everyone blaming duffy?! i mean steve nash is an adult with a thinking mind. just bkuz all these fans felt like steve nash was such a great guy etc dont mean he couldnt have taken the cash on his own free will (carlos boozer, anyone?). we’re making this seem like duffys a commie brainwasher or something. o yea and did I mention nash wouldve just been traded to LA anyways had he signed with the mavs. now everyones just pissed off cuz they’ll hav to give up dirk to get shaq.
    fourth, nash might be an injury-ridden wreck waiting to happen whose stock is overrated…..but how do you explain STACKHOUSE?!!!! or the mavs trading jamison (defense+rebounding+EFFICIENT scoring+great attitude) for LAETENEER and STACKHOUSE?! at least Nash gave it his all every night (altho with very spotty D), adn jamison was a mazed out 20ppg guy who spent the yr on teh bench…for Antoine frikin walker.
    and cubes is still the greatest owner ever?!
    one last comment: PAVEL?! Isnt shawn bradley enough? pavel=slow soft player who is the direct opposite of what mavs need. think of him as mehmet okur supersized. yep. as hubie puts it…great uuuuppp side.

    Comment by flops -

  315. Okay, um… do you remember two years ago? We made it out of the second round. And we were pretty dang close to winning the third round if Dirk hadn’t gotten injured. Dirk may not be a great on the ball defender, but he’s picked up on his steals and blocks this year. There was one game that he had 9 steals… just give him time. Every year he comes back with a new aspect of his game, and he’s only 25. Give him a break.

    Comment by Catherine -

  316. Chinese flashlights?

    Comment by Rob -

  317. aaa

    Comment by flashlights -

  318. every ones saying how dirks so great but we havnt won a championship have we??????? We should probaly try to change becasue this isnt working. secondly he dosnt play defense. And antwawn Walker is the most overplayed player in the nba!!!!!!!!! Why cant our players play defense!!!!!!!! Are they to lazy. Mabe its time to get a new coach. (HINT HINT)

    Comment by miles -

  319. The Mavs were an average team last year, and I hear this talk about “don’t break up the big three” but now they are the big two. Cuban’s got a great opportunity here… to be the next Kevin McHale, a guy who “liked the guys he’s got” for 7 straight 1st round exits. The Mavs WITH Nash were a 2nd round and out team, what are they now? Trade Dirk and anyone but Howard for Shaq, they can’t be any worse, and will likely be better.

    If Cuban is so attached to Nowitski then he should get attached to 2nd round playoff exits because that’s what the future holds for Dallas as currently constituted; it’s what it held BEFORE Nash left, it ain’t gettin’ any better right now. Defense wins in the playoffs and Shaq will provide this in myriad ways. Better pull the trigger, or be prepared to write regular soliliqueys about ‘what went wrong’, just like the one above.

    Comment by Uncle Earl -

  320. im not a fan of mavs. but i respect people who have the guts to step up and bring the truth to the table, and that includes you, Cuban.

    Comment by Cliff -

  321. I am all for not paying Nash the money. High Fives for Cuban. Nash is a train wreck waiting to happen. He already is a below average on-the-ball defender. I am excited to actually be watching our point guard play defense this year. Whether it be Devin or Marquis, they are both far superior to Nash defensively. Their offense will come in time. Marquis played superbly for a long string of games last season and I look forward to seeing it improve this year. We still need a big man, a bruiser, either at 4 or 5, preferably someone big enough to play the 5 spot. I am up for trading Finley and/or Walker for someone to fill that spot. Josh Howard is ready to step in full time at the 2 guard. I know its a young backout if that were to happpen but it will be exciting to watch. There is not much more exciting than the off-season in the NBA. I don’t see us sitting on the roster we currently have. No chance Cuban and the Nellies are going to be happy trotting out Bradley/Laettner as our 5 this year. It’s been an area of concern for far too long and MUST be addressed. Now we have an idea of where our promising backcourt is headed, let’s sort out the big men.

    Comment by Nate -

  322. Mark,

    Just as the Steve Nash contract went from one of the worst in the NBA (Nash was once labelled by the media as untradable because of his excessive contract), the new Marquis contract may also look bad in a year or two (but I’m betting it won’t).

    However, in the NBA you usually lose signing big contracts with players over 30 and you usually have a better chance when signing younger players.

    Steve Nash did not offer to reduce his contract in the early stages. If he loses another step on defense this year, Phoenix will be looking at the worst deal they ever made. There is more to basketball than passing.

    We MAVS fans love Steve Nash and love his zest for the game but we also watched his play slip last year (especially on defense). We wish him well next year and hope he stays healthy all 6 years of his new contract.

    We look forward to a more defense-oriented MAVS team next year. The two HARRIS boys (DEL and Devin) emphasizing defense should be encouraged by all.

    Oft injured SHAQ at 30mm is less risk than Nash at 13mm.

    Comment by DWIS -

  323. Is it true that Yao Ming was originally scouted by Don Nelson and would’ve become a Mav if Bill Duffy hadn’t intervened? As Ming was to sign with another agent and had planned on entering the NBA draft two years earlier than he did?

    Bill Duffy 2 (x ?% superstar salaries) Mark Cuban 0

    Comment by jim -

  324. Since Paxson blew it with Boozer, you are no longer responsible for the worst move of the summer.

    Are we having some Brazilian inflation problem? Because the contracts this summer are out of control. I need to ask for a 2000% raise, I’ll hire Boozer’s agent to negotiate it.

    Comment by Steven -

  325. Stumbled across this site trolling (I’m actually a Laker fan) and felt compelled to tell you Mav fans how lucky you are to have an owner like Cuban. NO other owner in the NBA (certainly not the Laker’s Dr. Buss) would take time out of his schedule to keep his fans involved like this. QED: Buss has been in Europe trying to pick up 20 year-olds since the day the season ended, while his team falls apart & he leaves the GM behind to dole out meaningless weekly “We’re working on it” quips to the media.
    For your own sake, I hope you don’t land Shaq – the dude is Grant Hill waiting to happen to whatever team gets him. Now someone help me tho – I can understand letting Nash go for crazy cash, but why let Jamison go? Seems like a helluva player to me.

    Comment by Charlie -

  326. Finley is unlikely to go to LA for Shaq for two reasons. One, LA has a much better 2 than Finley already in Kobe Bryant(assuming they resign him, which they must do now that they’ve already burned their bridges with Shaq). Also, if Miami is offering Grant, Odom, and a first round pick, why would LA want Walker, Finley, Fortson and a first rounder. At least LA can use Grant and Odom. Fortson and Walker are second rate players, especially in the west, and they don’t need Finley. Not only that, but Finley and Fortson aren’t going to be free agents soon(I believe, I dont know when Fortson’s contract is up, but I think it’s not for awhile). The only pieces the Mavs have to trade are Laetner, and Walker, because they have contracts that come up at the end of next year. And, I believe the team they trade to needs to be under the cap, in order to get that salary cap money back to use for a free agent. It’s possible that LA would be interested in a bunch of salary cap room next year, to go after Yao Ming. I don’t know what Tomjanavich’s relationship is with Yao, but he at least knows him, and a team with Kobe and Yao would be tough to beat.

    Comment by Tim -

  327. I loved Steve Nash in Dallas, but Dallas fans can rest easy, because they have a great talent in Devin Harris. I’ve watched him play the last 3 years at Wisconsin and he brings a lot Mavs the leadership on and off the court that Nash provided. He brings an uptempo style along with a defensive tenacity that is being seen less and less in the NBA. There are very few players drafted that will be able to make an immediate impact, but Harris is an exception. Nash was a huge loss, but the Mavs will have a bright future with Harris running the show for years to come.

    Comment by Tim -

  328. I’m not even a Mavericks fan, just got a link from a friend (who also isn’t a Mavs fan), but I got the overwhelming feeling, while reading your words, that you were being totally and completely honest about everything. How refreshing in these times.

    Comment by Mike -

  329. Just some thoughts

    (1)I came home home late one night, I turned on the TV and there I saw the headline “Nash going to Phoenix” At that moment I was mad. How could you let someone like Steve Nash go? Sure he was getting old but he still served a purpose here in Dallas,he was the heart of the team. He was going to be training the next-gen point guard, Devin Harris.
    All I have to say is that I wish success to Nash in the future, it is a terrible loss to this teamand the mavericks will have to rebuild.

    (2) I’m tired of all this Shaq talk. Screw Shaq! Who cares you have the most dominant center if he can’t play like he used to. For god’s Sakes, the big man is 32 yrs old. He has played past his prime and he will be a salary waste to any team that takes him. Mark, dont get Shaq, train Pavel and make him play to the best of his ability every single game.

    (3) The rookies that the mavs have acquired in the draft show potential. Devin harris looks like a fast offensive and defensive player. from what ive seen in the news he is creating shots and forcing turnovers.

    (4) All of this has been a nightmare for the mavs. The big three is no more. The friendship of Dirk and nash has been broken up. the mavericks are not a serious playoff contender anymore. I mean, look at the division we are in all of the teams that are in our division made it to the playoffs. The mavericks are nnot going to be in the top five teams of the conference. We are now in the 6th, 7th, or 8th place. The new young players will play good but not at the level that we need. Also we need bench players to improve and give it thir all in the amount of play that they are given.

    Good luck to the mavs and we’ll see what happens next year

    Comment by Chris -

  330. Mark,

    Nobody has to tell you to trust your instincts.

    Stevie was an incredible draw and my kids, having met him in person, will always remember the quiet guy with that crazy touch around the hoop and lights out perimeter shooting. We have drawers full of Nash stuff…

    But the public’s memory is short. The NBA, and pretty much everything else is “What have you done for me lately?” and as soon as Devin sinks a few three’s, we’ll have drawers full of Harris stuff.

    So many things have to go right to win a championship. The dynamics of getting 8-10 guys to peak at the right time are mind-boggling.

    My family is glad our team’s owner was a basketball *fan* first, self-made rich-guy second. Most of us in the public dream about owning a team, talk about what we would do, but even as small as the chances are that any of us would get the chance to own a team, even smaller are the chances we would be smart enough to be successful doing it.

    Your love of the town/team/game is a double-edged sword. It’s difficult to make logical decisions about things you love so much. I think you made the right decision, though. We’re sad to see Steve go. Although he didn’t expose his personality to the public, the team will have a different personality without him.

    But from a risk management position, it was the right choice. However, you do need to replace the *draw* of Nash. Just pick someone that my kids will like ; – )

    Thanks for the great entertainment!


    Comment by Steve Ashley -

  331. Check out this site:

    When you consider that the cap will be something around $50M, and every dollar you are over the cap you have to pay an extra dollar in luxury tax, you begin to understand why teams under the cap (such as warriors, jazz, magic) can easily afford to overpay lousy bigs like Okur and Foyle while the Mavs can at best only afford to pay players what they are actually worth. I’m glad we’re learning our lessons from Bradley and Finley. Maybe someday, we can be a higher priced version of the Spurs. Check out their salary total. The NBA version of the Oakland A’s…

    Comment by dave -

  332. Great moves dumping Jamison for Harris and letting Nash go. Marquis and the rookie will be more than adequate in replacing him and you saved a ton in cap space short term. Looks like you’ve learned from overpaying Bradley, Najera, and Lafrentz. If Pavel can put in even 20-25 decent minutes a game, and Stackhouse comes back strong, then the roster in my opinion is stronger than last year significantly.

    Comment by Niki -

  333. Mr. Cuban,

    You will always have my respect for giving Steve Nash the opportunity to display his abilities for your team. It took nerve to trade for a relativly uknown player from Victoria, B.C., Canada, and allow him to show that Canucks can play roundball too.

    Physically, I think you got the best years from him. My hope for him now is that age and guile will take him to the end of his career.

    Continued success with the Mavericks.

    E. Goudie
    Victoria, B.C.

    Comment by Earl Goudie -

  334. While its disappointing for you Mavs fans to have lost an all-star in Steve Nash, its more disappointing that your owner has lied about the facts of the situation.

    For all the bad contracts being handed out this year – starting with Foyal’s $41 million deal in Golden State (what the??) – Steve Nash should have been paid.

    Unfortunately your owner, Cuban, overpaid too many people already, including Finley’s deal, which was based more on loyalty than potential.

    Still, there are many good veteran point guards available (Harris doesn’t deserve to start yet), and good trades can still be made.

    But something needs to happen. Hopefully you’ll get involved in the 3-way trade Shaq is demanding.

    Comment by Tim Buckley -

  335. Mark, you made a good decision with Nash. Yes, I really enjoyed Nash and his “all out” style of play during the SEASON!!

    Come on Mavs fan, we have to be realistic, in the last stretch of the regular season and in the playoffs over the last 3 years, Nash was tired and basically a non factor in the games that really mattered.

    In the last two years in the playoffs, Steve was a no factor. Nick was the heart and soul of our year going to the Western Finals and this past year, Nash (along with the rest of the team) did absolutely nothing!! Come on fans, lets be realistic, Steve can’t play defense. He was torched sickly in crunch time by a very young, inexperienced Tony Parker and was torced regularly by Mike Bibby and Bobby Jackson.

    I will admitally miss Steve, but Steve is 30 and it’s time for some new blood to come in here. I understand Harris has been looking extremely well. I don’t think Marquis is a selfish player and he can help us at both the 1 and 2 spot. I see Marquis avg to be 15/5/5 this year.

    So long Nash, but if we want to win a championship we must play defense and step up in the playoffs when it really matters.

    GO MAVS!!

    Comment by GoodMark -

  336. You made the right decision. There is no way he plays out that contract at the same level he’s playing at right now. He’ll be a Suns liability in a few years, which in turn, will be good for the Mavericks. Can’t fault him for taking the money tho. It’s his last contract.

    Comment by Jeff Whisenhunt -

  337. Your #3 point makes sense, but another scenario to get Shaq is a three-way team deal that would include a center to LA such as Dampier. The Mavs ARE NOT finished dealing! Nothing can be done until the Free Agent signing period opens on July 14th. Another rule prevents players being acquired from being moved on for 2 months. The big deals may not occur until August. PATIENCE!!!

    Comment by Rob -

  338. Really appreciated the insight into Nash decision. Was blown away when it happened and couldn’t believe numbers I was reading. Completely agree that injury likelihood is high given style of play. May suck next year, but looking forward to seeing what next few years with Devin will produce at PG.

    Random Thoughts:

    1) Team Chemistry is an amazing thing and the Mavs seem to have less now than they’ve had in 5 yrs. Look at the Rangers, Carolina Panthers, Patriots, Mavs from 2yrs back, Pistons, etc. and you see teams that were smooth running machines because each piece operated within the system and you could tell everyone was having fun. The Mavs never looked like they were having fun this past year. I realize hindsight is 20/20, but I watch Parcells over at the Cowboys and Buck with the Rangers. It makes me appreciate that removing the bad apples and letting others raise their games can be an intoxicating chemistry.

    Now that we’ve traded for Stackhouse, Laettner, no Nash and no Jamison it’s hard to see this as anything but really poor chemistry with STILL with no solution to our defensive woes.

    2) Seems like Donnie’s promotion to President of Ops a year ago has produced many trades and much activity but it’s difficult to see a vision behind any of it. No patience, just pointing a shotgun in the air and seeing which pieces work and which ones need to move on. Other problem is that with every deal, we keep taking on at least one crazy contract (Abdul Wahad, Stackhouse, Fortson, Laetner, etc.). I actually agree with not overpaying for Nash. Wish we would have had that same thought process before signing Finley for $102m back in ’01. I’m sure you do too.

    3) With Miami being rumored to trade for Shaq, I have to wonder if the price tag will be worth the benefit. Only way trade for Shaq makes sense is if Finley is part of trade. Trade Finley, Walker, Fortson and 1st rounder for Shaq. Starting five would be Devin, Quis, Howard, Dirk and Shaq with Stackhouse being 6th man. Scary at point but Avery will whip the rookie into shape.

    That’s all.

    Comment by Kevin -

  339. Mark, first of all, I do want commend you on this site. I’ve read it more than a few times, and each one of those I wish my own home team (Raptors) and their ownership (Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment) would give some indication of what is going on up above. Too bad they are owned by a Teachers Pension Fund only concerned with profits…

    Back on topic: I’m a HUGE Steve Nash fan, and a closet Mavs fan for a few years. Having watched Mr. Nash give his all for our country in both Olympic qualifiers, as well as the Games themselves, when many US players have no interest in even showing up for their team, I feel privaleged. Watching him play for a talented Mavs team that suited his style of play, also has been enjoyable beyond belief. I know he wanted to play with Dirk for the remainder of his career, and said so in the media. Back earlier in the season, he said the only teams he’d want to sign with are Dallas, and potentially Toronto to be in front of the “home country” fans. Tdot however, is not an organization I’D want to play for right now, nor could they free up the kind of coin he’s worth.

    What does pain me to read, is people saying he jumped for money. Now, I’m one who CONSTANTLY criticizes athletes for taking $$$ over playing for a potential winner, or showing loyalty towards those who have shown it to you. Carlos Boozer, step forward. Things are a little different here though. Think about it for a second. As soon as Steve signs with the Mavs, he becomes trade bait to send to the Lakers in any trade for Shaq. Would YOU want to be a pawn to Kobe? Or worse, have Kobe leave in FA, or be playing for the Eagle County inmate squad (unlikely, but as of yet this is still a possiblity)? What would he be left with then on the Lake Show? I don’t want to think about that. I know Mark has indicated he wanted Mr Nash to be a Maverick for life, but in any reasonable discussion concerning a trade for the Diesel, with Dirk Diggler supposedly offlimits, means Steve must be included. That’s the only way both the salaries work, and LA has any reason to make this trade. You can’t get “equal value” for the MDE (most dominant ever), but Steve at least is a quality asset. So, on the assumption that Steve didn’t want to be part of any trade to LA, I’d take another offer too. You only show loyalty, if that’s being given back to you as well. I don’t recall Nash ever getting a “not tradeable” guarantee from the Mavericks organization should he have signed. Mark, perhaps if you had added a no trade clause to the contract, you’d still have Nash, regardless of dollars. Even I don’t think he’s worth what PHX is going to be paying him, especially concerning the length of the contract. There’s no way you match that, you’d have to be insane. Money itself isn’t the problem, it’s the cap ramifications.

    So, mav’s fans. Don’t go blaming the agent (though I don’t think highly of him, he certainly did manage to fleece PHX when there weren’t any other competing offers to drive the price there). Don’t blame Steve for following money. Don’t blame Mark for not matching (because that would be lunacy). Blame the fact that Steve would have been hung out to dry, and shipped to the Lakers in all likelyhood. Drafting a good point guard in the draft (at that spot, also likely the best available player) was some of the writing on the wall. Daniels isn’t a point in the truest sense of the word, but he’ll make an excellent 2. The mavs aren’t left completly dry, though they lost trade bait, they do have parts ready to step in. And Steve goes to a place he is comfortable in, where he doesn’t have to worry about getting traded from (mostly due to that large sum of money he’s now owed). And to be quite honest, I’d like to throw alley-oops to Amare the Stud myself…

    Comment by D'Arcy Lemay -

  340. After reviewing as many of these replies as I could stand, I’ve come to the conclusion that 75% of you people must see the Mavericks very differently than I do.

    When I started to follow the Mavs in 2003, I didn’t fall in love with how great they were, though that helped. I fell in love with the chemistry, the passion, and most of all, the friendship that I saw between the Big Three. Dirk and Steve seemed happier when the other was recognized, and I think that’s something that you just don’t see very often in sports these days.

    But then in 2004, the ball was taken away from Steve and put into Antoine Walker’s hands much more often than I would have preferred. Walker’s presence, along with the jumbled talent that we had, knocked out the chemistry that already existed between the Big Three. The only time the team was halfway decent was when Nellie would give Steve the ball and tell him to put it in Fin’s or Dirk’s hands.

    Dirk once said that when Steve left the game “We were running around like chickens with their heads cut off.” That’s how I imagine next season. Dirk’s an amazing player, but let’s face it: the only player I can see winning a championship all by himself has already retired. Steve might not have been the biggest talent in the league, and he definitely was a defensive problem.

    However, I hold to my conviction that talent and money are not the most important things in basketball. (Can we say Lakers?) Chemistry is, and next year, all that the Mavericks will be is a whole bunch of players wearing the same uniform.

    Comment by Catherine -

  341. We had great team chemistry 2 years ago. We lost it with the losses of Nick, Raja, Walt, and A. Griffin. Now we lose Nash. Why did Nash not get an extension before this could ever occur? Why is Nash upset with Cuban’s comments? Who is telling the truth? Why should we think we can lose the NBA’s 6th Man of the Year and now our team leader and think we will be fine in the West? Some things you cannot put a price on.

    M Daniels – $38 million

    S Nash- $65 million

    Going from the playoffs to the lottery in 1 year- PRICELESS!


    Comment by PINGS -

  342. Everyone complained when we traded Kidd, Mashburn,VanExel,Jackson, etc., etc., We cheered when Bradley came to town. I like Nash, I remember when he first came here, he wasn’t that great, it took a couple of years. I’m sure Stevie is grateful to the Mavs for developing him into what he has become. Now that he’s gone, just enjoy the ride. We have a great roster ( as soon as we lose our shimmy shake) for going to war. I see defense in the near future.

    Comment by Jerry H. -

  343. Every day that goes by and I think of what the Mavs will look like next year I still can’t imagine what it’s going to be like without Nash. I will miss Nash playing here more than most just becuase he was always my favorite player to watch play. Yea he was a hard worker and a great basketball player but most of all he was just a cool guy. I also loved the relationship that Dirk and Nash had. I thought that brought alot of chemistry to the team. Now it’s gone, it’s over, and it will take time to build another duo of players like that again. Good Luck next year Nash if your reading and I will make sure to keep up with your career even if your not a Maverick anymore.

    Comment by Daniel G -

  344. I can’t wait for “Part 2.”

    Comment by Brian D -

  345. “Quotefrom the OGD Forums”

    Comment by Michael (Uncle B) -

  346. “Duffy is an old college buddy of Kevin McHale and Flip Saunders; if he has a player they want, it’s likely they get first crack. Whether Cuban knows this or not I don’t know, but Duffy could have other reasons for not liking Cuban, whatever they might be.”

    Quite from the OGD forum..

    Comment by Michael (Uncle B) -

  347. “Duffy is an old college buddy of Kevin McHale and Flip Saunders; if he has a player they want, it’s likely they get first crack. Whether Cuban knows this or not I don’t know, but Duffy could have other reasons for not liking Cuban, whatever they might be.”

    Quite from the OGD forum..

    Comment by Michael (Uncle B) -

  348. It’s easy to drive from the back seat. But put yourself in the owner’s shoes for a minute. If you had to guarantee 60 million of your own money to a 30 year old and be locked into that decision for for five or six years with hundreds of millions more at stake in order to keep him, would you not take a deep breath and weigh all of your options? Of course you want to keep Nash. But there could be serious consequences by following your heart and making a “feel good” decision.
    As for Nash’s alleged comments about the Cuban weblog, I think he should have taken a deep breath himself before speaking out if he did indeed make those statements. The Mavs organization did wonders for Nash, and Cuban has shown nothing but praise for him. For his millions, Cuban has the right to say anything he wants. Seems to me he took the high road. The comments Cuban made about the agent were honest and refreshing, not vindictive.

    Go Bobcats!

    Comment by Kenny Carpenter -

  349. Hey Mark – It was great that you laid out the owner’s perspective in how the business side of the NBA works. The strategy for dealing with FAs is probably equal to how you evaluate draft picks. For me, getting some insider info on your thought processes keeps my NBA enthusiasm going and the what-if scenarios churning.

    It seems to me, however, that player salaries are way out of line compared with the average fan. At what point do you think fan resentment will kick in and they refuse to pay more and more money out of their pockets to see overpaid mediocre talent? For those kind of bucks, you would think that players would be making like 90 percent of their shots!

    Comment by B. Lewis -

  350. It is unclear if either is actually lying. Steve may not have received a WRITTEN offer from Mark, but he did get a verbal offer right off the bat. Nash never gave Cuban an actual counter offer from the Suns, only a ballpark figure. The bottom-line is Nash decided not to risk being traded and decided to sign with the Suns. I don’t blame Steve, but I can’t blame Mark either. It’s just good business on both of their parts. Most people do not realize that if if the Mavs matched the Suns offer (be it $10 Million/yr or $13 Million/yr)they would still be over the Salary Cap and thus would actually be paying $20 Million/yr or $26 Million/yr. It doesn’t make any sense to hog-tie your entire future with that crazy contract. That said, Mark’s comments about Duffy were probably out of line (even if absolutely true)! Blaming the agent can’t help future negotiations with any of his clients down the road.

    Comment by Rob -

  351. Losing Nash was a HUGE mistake. Just reading the above post (Steve’s own comments), is disappointing. I seriously can’t believe you LIED to us Mavs fans.

    Can we now believe you about anything?

    Fact is there are many guys getting overpaid this summer: Foyle, Blount, Turkoglu, Marquis Daniels…


    I bet Mark won’t even write “Steve Nash, Part II”, because he’s been exposed as a liar.

    MFFL? More Fun Filled Lies?

    I hope all Mavs fans are as angry as I am now.

    Comment by Carrot Top -

  352. keep drinking cuban’s kool-aid, slw1234…

    Comment by Anish -

  353. You cannot judge a masterpiece until its done. Sure, you caan comment to the artist that the painting neeeds this color, or that image. But, how can we assume that the artist already does not know that about his masterpiece? Let the artist finish. Then, we can comment on the totatlity of artwork.

    For those of you who don’t buy that argument. Look at what the artists depth: Antoine Walker PF, Michael Finley SF,Dirk Nowitzki PF, Jerry Stackhouse SG, Tony Delk PG….All All-stars in ther own right……(okay…we can argue about Tony Delk…but watch out if, he is given a true chance….Then you have a strong bench: Eduardo Najera SF, Josh Howard PG, Marquis and Daniels SG. Christian Laettner will certainly add veteran leadership. Look for him to help Danny Fortson, Josh Howard, and others learn how to make a niche for themselves in the NBA.

    This team has the tools to goo all the way. The only piece missing, is a Shaq stopper. That tool does not exist. This team can certainly compete with the Timberwolves, the Sac Kings, Phoenix, Houston, and the Jazz. It remains to be seen what the Lakers will do…But do you think they will let Shaq just leave? I doubt that seriously. But, I don’t know what the Mavs have planned. But, what colours, images they have selected so far will make a wonderful painting.

    Comment by slw1234 -

  354. Shaq (when healthy) may very well be the greatest center, ever.

    However, he is no longer that player. During the Finals, he was no longer able to post back-to-back 30 point and 20 rebound nights. Unlike years past, Kobe passing the ball was hardly the issue. The issue was that Shaq no longer could play at the very highest level more than one game three. The Pistons rarely even double-teamed him. That is not a player who is worth $30 million per year anymore.

    Is he worth the current max?

    Sure he is, but that is not what he wants. The reason he is demanding a trade in the first place is to get extended at the max from HIS CURRENT CONTRACT. This means Shaq would be making $30+ million at age 35, 36 and 37. These are the ages that even well-conditioned Big Men start to age pretty badly.

    Would Shaq drop the extra 50 pounds in a contract year and get motivated, again?

    Sure, but Shaq is demanding a trade to AVOID going into a contract year. The reason Shaunie O’Neal was hinting that Shaq wants to come to Mavs was because it believed Cuban would give him the ‘super-max’ extension he wants. If Shaq were willing to be flexible on that point, then he would never consider leaving the Lakers.

    Comment by Dean -

  355. I don’t know if Nash was going to be traded or not. He must have felt that he was trade bait. But, he would not have most likely ended up with the Lakers, as many people are saying. He would have ended up in Golden State as part of a 3-way deal. Dampier would have gone to the Lakers to replace Shaq, and Shaq would be in Dallas. I can’t blame Nash for not wanting to play there. If Golden State was really interesting in getting better, they would resign Dampier…

    Comment by Tim -

  356. i understand ur concern about nash’s age and not wanting to offer a 6 yr contract, but please explain y u didn’t offer a 4 yr worth 12-13 mill per yr?…..

    did u read the market wrong?

    if hedo turkoGLUE can get 6 mill a year….then an allstar PG, pg being the key word, is worth twice that……and since he is older, u could’ve offered a shorter length of contract……u know the value of pgs…esp to our running team….i just don’t understand y u undervalued him w/ this 4yr 39 mill contract….

    this is one hit that the mavs aren’t gonna recover from……we’ll be a bottom rung playoff team, if that, for the near future….i hope our kids work out…but lets face it…thats all a crapshoot……in the nba, u bank on established talent…the way the rockets and spurs and kings and i can’t believe my eyes suns look right now….i just don’t see us being very competitive this yr….hello 6, 7 or 8 seed…

    i’ve been with u on every decision so far mark, but i think this is a big mistake that will cost this entire franchise for the next 3 or 4 yrs…..

    goodluck gettin shaq or k-mart now….

    Comment by Anish -

  357. Mark,
    Love your style of ownership and respect your decision. Steve Nash is my favorite player in the league and the Mavs are my favorite team so understandably I am torn in this situation. Steve brought intangibles to the table that made the Mavericks what they were and he will be missed despite how the other young guards develop. With regards to the decision that Steve Nash made to sign with Phoenix, is it possible that he may have been hearing some noise from the rumor mill that suggested that the Mavericks where possibly going to involve him in a trade to get Shaq? If this factored into Steve’s decision I could see why he would opt to take the larger amount of money and go somewhere (Phoenix) of his choosing as opposed to sign for a lesser amount and still have to deal with the possiblity of being traded somewhere (Los Angeles) not of his choosing. From the outside it seems that when we hear of you stating that you would not trade Dirk in order to get Shaq, that your implicitly stating that you would trade Steve, Mike or anyone else for that matter. Do you think that if you would have stated that the Mavericks won’t trade any of the Big Three to get Shaq that things would have turned out differently?

    Comment by Bruce Eric Burrage -

  358. A few things are too suspicious. The speed in which he made his decision was way too fast for someone making a MAJOR career move. If indeed the ESPN facts are correct — the money offered was about the same. Nash told the Mavericks the deal was much sweeter — it was apparently not.
    Therefore, Nash WANTED out! The reason is purely conjecture, but I would have to guess that Nash knew he would probably be traded to LA. The drafting of Harris only strengthened that feeling. Nash got his money and kept control of where he wanted to play. At this point, any loyalty is out the window. There was no reason for Nash to try to wrangle a “sign-and-trade.” It sucks for the MAVS, but it was the deal was not good for the MAVS and Nash gets to play in Phoenix (his 2nd choice) instead of LA.

    Comment by Rob Rothe -

  359. Insider Chad Ford is reporting that Nash’s deal, for cap purposes, is for 6 years $60 million, not 5 years $65 million. This came from a source who’s seen the offer sheet. Also, this has to be true because they offered Q. Rich a 6 year $50 million offer with their existing cap room. If Nash had signed a 5 year $65 million contract, they both would not fit under the cap.

    For Nash, year 6 is partially guaranteed (due to incentives), and he can receive $66 million over 6 years if he reaches all of his incentives. So against the cap, its only $10 million per year.

    Chad’s last line was “Suddenly, that doesn’t sound quite as outrageous as Mark Cuban makes it sound.”

    No it doesnt…

    Comment by chuck -

  360. Mark I love you. If there is anything I can do to ease your pain let me know……

    Lady O

    Comment by Omarosa -

  361. WOW
    This is an AWESOME site…thanks for the insite.
    I’m from Toronto (home of the Craptors) and I’d love to know what they’re thinking with the “questionable” desicions they make. I wish you would’ve traded Jamison to the Raps 😀
    And it’s to bad we don’t have the guts (or money) to go after Stevie Nash – we love him over here…but It’s good to see an owner who TRULY cares for his team. Keep up the good work Mark and keep the commentary & insight coming !!!
    Trade us DIRK…we’ll give you Alvin Williams AND Lamond Murray 😀

    Comment by Alex -

  362. Nash is saying that the deal offered to him was nowhere near what Mark is reporting. He said it was ‘barely half’ of what the Suns offered him. He also mentioned Mark did not want him back.

    Comment by Holdit a minute -

  363. I think we the fans are lucky to have an owner who feels he has a high level of responsibility to the fans. This is one of the main reasons, in my eyes, that makes Mark Cuban credible.

    Comment by Robert -

  364. I started off a Mark Cuban fan and have grown to like the Mavs. Mark is who every sports fan wishes they could be.

    After finding this site and reading the explanation of why Steve got away I am even more of a Cuban fan. It is too bad that the same economics that once seemed to be helping the Mavs toward a championship are now pulling them away from one. The Mavs tried to win a championship but didn’t get there. Hanging on to Steve would have only made the rebuilding process worse.

    Keep your eye on 2 years from now, Mark. Step back and regain your momentum. Once the dead weight contracts are gone there will be time to go for it again.

    Comment by Jeff R -

  365. You did the right thing, Mark. Steve did the right thing too. I’m glad to see there’s no real animosity there.

    I’m not a Mavs fan per se, but I like how you run the team, and I don’t hate the Mavs. I’m a Sixers fan, for what it’s worth 🙂

    Comment by Tom H. -

  366. my heart is broken. I have only been watching basketball for two seasons. I used to make fun of my husband for watching more than the last two minutes which I could see as the only part that mattered anyway.
    I went to a game two seasons ago with some freinds who had an extra ticket, and i had nothing better to do that night, and I loved the excitement of the game, i won a Bradley bobblehead, and fell in love with Stevie in his little sandle looking shoes and long hair.
    I will really miss watching him, but he has turned me into a MFFL and i will always treasure my little stevie bobblehead that watches all the games with me. I havent missed a game in two years now.
    I will still be a fan, but boy will i miss steve.

    Comment by Maryqueenoftheuniverse -

  367. AC, i dont know if you’ll read this post. Your accent sucks. You dont know anything about the NBA I guess if you think Cuban is cheap for not paying nash the extra 3 mil a year while Cuban has billions as you so foolishly put it. The NBA has something called Salary Cap. Read about it. Did you even read his blog? Giving up Nash was his only option. I miss Nash but I completely agree with Cubans decision. Its a business and it has to be run so that it can be as successful as possible at all times…including the future.

    Comment by Aaron -

  368. You Mavs fans are lucky that your owner cares enough to let you in on his thoughts in making a major business decision. No owner in the league cares as much about their fans. I’m a Bulls Fan & we have bad ownership & management – it wouldn’t even cross their minds to do what Mark has done and I wish they would.

    Anyway, it doesn’t really require ANY explanation as to why the Mavs couldn’t resign Steve for those numbers – it’s just smart business – Kudos to Cuban for not letting emotions enter into the final decision – it’s no wonder he is where he is today. And anyone that says otherwise is just being emotional and a fan.

    You guys have a great future without Steve AND Shaq. The recent moves to compile the team you have through the draft and trades despite salary cap restraints is impressive – your last 2 drafts despite your initial draft position is INCREDIBLE! Almost like Detroit but not as patient – which is what I think is the difference – Shaq is a silver bullet that will never deliver without Dirk.

    Jealous Bulls Fan

    Comment by Dan -

  369. Mark,

    Great comments and a wise choice. We must remember Phoenix has not been to the playoffs in a while. They have a young team with future big contracts coming. This is a once in a life time deal for them. You have about 15 million under the cap better use it. So who do you get to make you sell tickets, get to the playoffs, keep everyone happy. Kobe was first, and I bet they even offered to trade for Shak. Kobe said no for two reasons. One Phoenix is a small market vs the other ones. Two no long term contracts for there young players. Could be a bad situation like it is in Laker land. Phoenix has a choice now go after someone who will take a max contract and hopefully make you better quickly. Steve Nash is one that fits that. So how do you pry him away from Dallas. Big contract is the word. I understand money is important but I think many people dont estimate cost of living, state taxes, etc. Phoenix is nice but it is also a state tax location. That will take some money off there. 2nd if you look at the cap in the next two years, Amare time. There are some interesting teams out there for him. The mavs look like they could be one so we may stick it to them. Beside that Phoenix did the right move for selling tickets today. We will have to see what it looks like tomorrow.
    I also say any owner who is interested in the salary cap tax is a moron. No one I repeat no one should throw good money after bad for no reason, hence NY. You have NJ dumping, Lakers are dumping, hell everyone is dumping and mark my words so will Phoenix. Good luck Steve, you still prove to me that money is everything so don’t spew political crap anymore at the Goose.


    Comment by Chandler -

  370. this was a great post and thank you for sharing all this with the fans, as far as the post goes its very sad to know that Nash is leaving the team. (NOW WHAT WILL I DO WITH MY NASH JERSEY!.. j/k) but the reality is he is getting older and if a team wnats to throw that serious cash at him then more power to him. Harris and Daniels will be great, Fisher should get a nice look, what about ronald murry or marko jaric? both could become free agents and both very talented. the mavs will be okay though. regardless of getting shaq or not, it will be a great season. good luck mark


    Comment by Tony E. -

  371. I just want to point one thing out to everyone who is hoping that something will change before the 14th. On all of the Steve Nash stuff is already half price. Looks like the Mavs have given up hope of wooing him back. And afterall, the Mavs have a second year player thats not a true point guard and is a bit of a ball hog that still makes some damn stupid mistakes to replace Nash with. Have no worries Mavs fan…there is always Maquis Daniels. LOL


    Comment by Jordan -

  372. I think we’ll see Kobe struggle next season without the big man. He’s the best one-on-one player in basketball, but no Shaq = double and triple teams and he can’t handle it (evident in the Finals). Let’s get one thing str8. Without Shaq, Kobe has ZERO championships.

    Is Sheed a free agent? Dallas should go after Rasheed.

    Comment by Kam Stocks -

  373. Sorry to say it but think of it this way, finley we all believed deserved a max contract when we signed him years ago, but does he deserve it now? Do we regret it now? Fin’s great but he’s showing wear and tear. Nash would have been the same if not worse…

    Comment by dave -

  374. Mr. Cuban’s logic makes good sense to me. Steve Nash is a quality player- but with his history of injuries and average to poor defense, he is not worth the money the Suns are paying (no offense to Steve Nash). That is good fiscal management.

    On another topic, if a deal can get made to get a highly motivated Shaq that includes Dirk, I like that trade. I think that Mr. Cuban has overrated Dirk when he called him a 1st tier player (top 5 in the league). Considering both offensive and defensive skills, in my opinion Dirk is basically a 3rd tier player- which is pretty damn good. Consensus top 5 players are Shaq, Kobe, TMac, KG, Duncan- what is considered 2nd tier is more variable, and some would include Dirk in that 5.

    On the other hand, Dirk is definitely a fan favorite, and will likely put more people in the seats over the long term than Shaq, who probably has 4 years left (two strong years and maybe 2 good years). That’s definitely a consideration for an owner, so its not an easy decision.

    Comment by Ryan -

  375. Thank you for taking the time to write and let us know what really went on behind the ‘Nash signing to the Suns’. Its tough on all the fans, friends,coaches,trainers, and all the personnel involved with Steve. And tough for you too.In your chair alot of tough decisions have to be made, it comes with the job.Thank you for sharing with us, the fans, your personal thoughts. Thank you for giving your fans sooo much, even the truth. DALLAS IS SO BLESSED TO HAVE AN OWNER LIKE YOU.

    -Once again, Thank you,
    -Ricky C.

    Comment by Ricky C. -

  376. Mark, as a basketball fan I really appreciate
    explanation of the Steve Nash decision even
    though I don’t understand the cap and tax rules
    well enough. It’s just fantastic that you have
    this level of respect for your fans. I wish the
    management of my team (Golden State) were more
    like you in terms of communicating with the fans.
    Of course, I also wish NBA reporters tried harder
    to educate the fans about the nitty-gritty of
    these decisions. Thanks a lot.

    Comment by Lee -

  377. Duffy is no David Faulk. I just wonder how much the “agent” isn’t just a tool for Coangelo, and this isn’t a bit more about Old Guard owners screwing you, Mark. This whole thing looks personal, especially the refusal to enter S&T possibilities.

    That said, Steve should be man enough to demand this of the future employers, for his friends, and Dallas fans, bastard agent (redundant?) and “screw Mark” sentimants aside.

    You had no choice, and we accept it. Nut up, and get on with the rest of the plan. Nash is gone, but we have work to do.

    To me, Steve Nash is the Kurt Thomas of 2004.

    Comment by Al -

  378. The Mavs made the correct move here. Mark my words, in two years….Nash will be broken down, untradeable, and being paid a boatload of money to nurse injuries on the bench. While I dont agree with giving Daniels $38 million, drafting Harris was a great move. I live in Minnesota, and watched Harris play a lot in the Big Ten….and he will be a solid player. Adding some DEFENSE…..

    Granted, obviously I am a T-Wolves fan and would love nothing more than to see the Mavs get worse….but I respect Cuban for saying it like it is…and being honest with his fans. We have it pretty good up here in Minnesota with Glen Taylor owning the Wolves, but Cuban would be a fun owner to have running your favorite team. Be glad you have him Dallas, even if you are upset at losing an aging, soon to be over the hill point guard, for an absurd amount of money. In two years, like I said before…..Phoenix will heavily regret this deal.

    Comment by Rob -

  379. Funny how people are quick to say Marquis Daniels is a scrub. Not that he’s anywhere near Kobe (in terms of talent), but do you remember Kobe Bryant’s first two years in the league? The potential was there, but he needed time to develop. Few players come into the league and make an impact right away. Daniels was one of the bright spots in the playoffs this past season. He needs to learn how to play within Nellie’s system.

    As for Phoenix…they haven’t had the “upper hand” since Barkley, Thunder Dan and KJ took them to the Finals in 1993. Even then, they got spanked by MJ and company. Nash is a great addition, but he’s the x-factor, not the franchise player.

    I don’t think Shaq would fit in with the Mavs run-and-gun. He doesn’t get up the court fast enough…as we all witnessed when Detroit stymied L.A. with fast break baskets. Dallas needs some tough defenders and a big man who can run the floor.

    Comment by Kam Stocks -

  380. brent barry might make a nice fit… the highest offer he has on the table right now is 4 year / 24 million from the rockets
    in 2003-2004 he averaged 10.8 ppg, 5.8 apg, 3.5 rbpg and he had a .504% fg% and .452% 3ptfg%

    Comment by edward -

  381. A great post to read, it really shows us what goes on behind the scenes. I really think that the Suns are going to regret the contract they gave Steve in 4 years’ time. His style of play will wear him down. For Mavs fans, as important as Steve has been, and was, the bottom line is that people in charge have to make realistic contracts. We hear about so many overrated (not Steve’s case, of course) and overpriced players, and the best choice is to avoid falling into those holes. Right now, Phoenix looks to have the upper-hand, but we’ll see how it all turns out in a few years from now.
    On the other hand, I really see Daniels developping into a reliable PG. He’ll just have to grow faster than it was initially expected, but I believe he’ll be up to the task.

    Comment by Joao Pedro -

  382. Steve Nash is a good guy & an above average point guard, but he IMO he is not a max $ player, not even close to a max $ player. I actually think the Mav’s offer was overly generous. If Phoenix wants to pay him that kind of money, good luck to them. We’ll see how that contributes to their long term on-court success.

    If anyone out there doesn’t understand the basketball difference between Shaq & Steve Nash, well I don’t know what to say other than the Clippers are always looking for good management.

    Thanks Mark for posting this – you did the right thing.

    Comment by Brian -

  383. I appreciate your lengthy explanation to the fans. We were all wondering what happened. I kept saying there is so much more to it than we know from published reports.
    I admit feeling suckerpunched when I saw the news, but on reflection on the team you/we have, it’s not the devastating blow it originally appeared. Remembering Marquis Daniels’ awe-inspiring play by the end of the season brings confidence. And I remember Stephenson’s play in pre-season. He was amazing, aggressive and a shotmaker. I hope he get the opportunity to show his stuff on the court this year. I’ll miss Stevie. I have a philosophy of never buying player’s jerseys because you never know when they’ll be off the team and you’re stuck with outdated stuff, but for him a made an exception (and Howard). Oh well. I’ll wear it to the Pheonix games.

    Comment by Natalie -

  384. Mr. Cuban, I appreciate you giving your side of this in such a detailed report. I hope Dallas fans (which I am one) realize how fortunate they are to have access to this insight.

    It’s also nice to know you’ve learned from giving Finley the max contract to not let emotion get in the way of business. Mavs fans may not believe it, but I’m betting you could trade Bradley 10 times before you could get any takers for Fin and his contract. On a side note, is it possible to insert a subliminal message in Fin’s locker DVD player? One that says: “Take the d@mn ball to the hoop!”…

    For those of you b!tching and moaning about Nash showing no loyalty and only caring about money, I think you’re off base. I bet Nash wanted to stay in Dallas with Dirk and company but knew if he signed here he’d be shipped to L.A. and have to deal with Kobe and his selfishness along with the rest of the L.A. circus. Would you current Nash bashers then b!tch about the Mavs’ lack of loyalty to Steve? Besides, it’s not like he’s going the Cardinals, ala Emmitt Smith, with no chance to win.

    Off topic: Please fire Humble Billy… Thanks, Chuck.

    Comment by Chuck -

  385. Bottom line:
    Steve wanted to secure his financial future ( he knows he’s just a pawn in the biz and noone really cares) and Mark has not lost sight of the small thing called LONG TERM (some of the blog readers have).

    re: bobby “It’s going to be hard to see Nash torch Daniels or some rookie PG four times next season.” What Steve Nash have you been watching lately? He has never torched anyone and he is not gonna start now. The only reason he looked so good in Dallas is because Dirk, Fin and Walker got more attention. Steve is damaged goods. Every time he plays he looks like he’s about to die. And a non-vocal (He isn’t going to give a locker room speech. He isn’t going to get in anyone’s face. He isn’t going to get into other people’s business.) PG should not be in the NBA. Every PG(xcept Steve) in the NBA barks at his players all game. And you wanted this guy to be an example for the young PGs the Mavs have. Please

    This was a great move Mark and I know you really wanted to do this years ago.. it all starts with a great PG (or Shaq)

    Comment by Branko -

  386. yeah, who gave that silly contract to howard eisley anyway???
    oh, wait …

    Comment by tony -

  387. Twice other teams have overpaid for Mavericks players in FA. Calvin Booth didn’t work out for Seattle as they had hoped. I don’t think Nash is going to work for Phoenix at the level and length they are paying him. I love Nashie as a player and the class that he exhibited on and off the court. He was an ambassador for the Mavs.

    But, he was an OBVIOUS liability at defense. And his gung-ho style, while fun to watch, will eventually catch up to him and force him to miss time due to injuries. Karl Malone and Michael Finley both missed time this year after being pretty reliable in the past, it happens to all players as they age.

    I think Cuban made the right decision. After all of the bloated contracts of the past, including Bradley, Finley, Eschmeyer, and all of the contracts we took in trade, I am glad Cuban finally decided to stop the bleeding with Nash. It just has to stop somehwere. The Mavs are going to have to exercise better financial constraint in the future with uncertain TV revenues as Mark said in the blog.

    That being said, I love Devin Harris. He *might* be a better overall PG than Steve in time. He certainly has the athleticism to play defense and break down guys off the dribble. I look forward to seeing him play this year. I don’t know if Travis Best and Delk are adequate PG’s, and I don’t think Daniels is a true PG either. I would like to see the Mavs try to sign Arroyo or Fisher to start while Harris gets his feet under him, but I also realize they may want more than the LLE we can offer.

    I still love our team this year. Finley is back as the highest percentage shooter on the team, Dirk is a great player who just needs to work on defense, Daniels is an emerging stud at SG, Howard is an athletic, talented SF, and Harris is a smooth PG. I believe Podkolzine was a great pick at #21, in a couple of years he could turn out to be a solid player.

    As always, we need a legitimate center to round out the team. Hopefully we can work a sign and trade with Dampier, and he plays up to his contract numbers of last year. We have Walker, Stack, and Laettner to offer, which might entice GS since otherwise they will get nothing for Dampier anyway. Whatever happens, I remain a Mav fan for life.

    Go Mavs!

    Comment by Robert -

  388. 1. We wanted to offer Steve a contract that would allow him to end his career a Dallas Maverick. A Maverick for life.

    2. A few years from now I wanted to make sure that we didn’t have such a bloated contract if we needed a trade.

    These two conflict. I think the whole thing suggest conflict. Duffy is a dick, but I think Nash was worried he might be in a sign and trade if he signed with us and getting the guard in the draft (Harris) was a tell-tale sign that the writing for Steve was on the wall. I don’t by this ‘sparing minutes’ thing with a first round draft pick who you traded away a 6 th man of the year for, for a second. Thanks for all the info, but the story has some conflicting holes to fill. I still think we are going to regret this summer more than the Van Exel one a year ago.

    Comment by phil barton -

  389. …but i wish more owners in sports specifically and execs generally had the same sense of accountability shown with article/blog.

    hate or love the have to respect a guy like mark cuban.


    Comment by mrgreenpants -

  390. Mark, I am a big critic of most of the decisions you make. In fact most of my comments are deleted because they are so harsh.
    This isnt. Part of me wants to say, will you win a title with Steve Nash? Sure in the next couple of years. But do we sacrifice another ten years of being hamstrung all for one title?
    No. You made the right choice. Now go get Dampier and Derek Fisher. 🙂

    Comment by dan -

  391. the sac defense?????

    Comment by -

  392. With NBA talent thinner than it’s ever been, how can old school standards tell us who’s overpaid and who’s not?

    Nash, at 30, is putting up nice numbers, and will for a coupla years at least, could be an invaluable tutor and object lesson for the youngsters in whom you need to invest, and, as you said yourself, would be protected from too many minutes by the presence of those youngsters.

    I think you should consider as a counter-offer a matching contract. With all that young talent, he’s not going to break down, and he’s a solid performer who’ll also be insurance in case all that young talent doesn’t pan out as you hope. Yes, it’s a lot to pay for a player who you’re hoping won’t play many minutes a game, but with talent at this kind of a premium, that’s the nature of the game.

    Yes, he’s not Jason Kidd or Kobe who also make max, but people have to realize that’s the fact of an artificial ceiling on market forces when demand is high and supply low. In this situation, super-exceptional players get undervalued and merely exceptional players get overvalued. Deal with it.

    Yes, he’ll be hard to move, but keeping him for 5 years doesn’t seem to me to be such a bad thing. Sam I Am had a great year at age 34, without the protection that your youngsters can offer to Nash. If one of them blossoms, Nash is the team guy who’ll be the spark off the bench. That youngster can then be traded at the right time for lottery picks (which Nash can tutor) on other young talent, and by then Nash’s deal will be up. 5 years is not that long a deal for a 30 year-old.

    He’s also a prerequisiste if you’re still hoping to get Shaq on board without losing Dirk. Signing him for what you think is a high number is less important, since it just becomes a drop in the bucket compared to what you need to throw to match Shaq’s numbers.

    The Lakers don’t have a lot of dance partners right now, and might be willing to listen. Nash means they can throw Payton and filler to the Warriors for Dampier in a S&T.

    Yes, there are money concerns, but Nash isn’t Bradley. Pure waste this is not. In fact, it seems so un-Cubanlike that I suspect there must be more to this story than we’re being told.

    Comment by Max -

  393. Mark, thanks for the insightful post, as always. Keep it up.

    Comment by Mike -

  394. Such a compelling account of what goes on behind the scenes. In recent years, the typical public perception is that you’re a financial Superman who is immune to the luxury tax krptonite, but it appears that at least indirectly, it has limited what you could do as far as moving long-term contracts.

    I honestly believe you’ve made the right decision that will benefit both the Mavs and Nash in the long run. Nash will receive what market forces allow him to receiveand you’ll have some flexibility for the future. A few years down the line, the Suns might be looking for the proverbial Back button to the deal.

    Anyway, thanks again for giving us the insight on what goes on behind the scenes. Hope you will be doing a reset of this on Rome’s show soon.

    Comment by Will -

  395. I think it took a great deal of guts for this to be posted. What other owner, executive, leader lets people see the thought process behind a deal that ended badly, a negotiation that failed an ended employee relationship. The power here for me is not just the NBA side of this but an excellent example of the analysis behind a business decision.

    I liked Nash’s play when he was with Phoenix the first time but he was a nobody when he came to Dallas nowhere near as prominent as he is now. As with any employee in any company he got training, he gained insight and grew in value as an employee. Everyone is more than likely in a similar situation we have the option that there is someone somewhere who will pay us more (if not then we have little value for our company and the end is near). The question is what we do with it. Do you bargain yourself off and try to “max your deal” or believe that the value of the team, the relationship, the contribution, the dream is worth it all. What are your goals for being there?

    In the end Steve Nash felt that he had gotten all he could from the Mavs, that he had given them his effort and that he owed them nothing in terms of loyalty or from the relationship. It was time to move on to the highest bidder.

    Argue the numbers all you want, the Mavs felt (implicitly, I think) that they had made him better and he should consider their relationship in the deal. Surely friendship is something more than just to be talked about. Perhaps he did, giving him the benefit of the doubt, but he felt that it was not worth the difference. He took the better “offer”. Sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn’t. In my opinion the lack of loyalty tells you a great deal about the guys you go to battle with. I know he gave 120%, I think is the quote, but that does not seem to be what was in his heart since if you truly believe in the team you probably do not make this move. I doubt it is that black and white but it does have some impact.

    I would have to say personally that I do not agree with his choice. But respect his decision. You never really know anyone until gut check time and I guess we all got to know Steve Nash a little better. I just believe it is important to think about it from a real perspective. Do you owe people who have fought with you, served with you, worked with you and cared for you anything? How you answer that question determines in the end how you view Steve Nash and this move.

    Regardless of all that thanks for posting this and it reminds me of that scene in Hoosiers when Hackman says “this is your team …” The guys on the team right now are the ones that want to be there and want to be part of it. Win or lose they are the ones you will go to battle with and you can count on. If someone can move this easily, this quickly I have to question their loyalty and if they never truly let you know how serious they were about their willingness to move on, their friendship. I don’t change friends because it is in my best interests economically nor do I change jobs for the same reason.

    Comment by Kurt Rosencrants -

  396. Thanks Mark, thanks for your words. I was weeping all through reading your explanation. We fans may never know what’s happened behind a business. But that’s the NBA style.

    That bad day is the start of my summer vacation, but from the morning what I’d heard was only bad news. Czech was beated by Greece and lost the chance to the final of Euro Cup. Then, I went down to the hell. For me, Big 3 was almost the whole of Mavs in a way, because I met Mavs in the time of Big 3. But now, it’s over, they are no more. I’m an emotional person so I can’t swallow tears when seeing Mavs’ big Ws or Ls. This time, either. I shivered and wept. Couldn’t believe it real happened.

    I once thought if you would like to trade Nash for Shaq, I’d rather he leave Dallas. But for the high price Phoenix offered, I couldn’t help doubting if Nash real hoped to come back. I know it was a business and real a good one, and wish Nash best in Phoenix. But he made a decision so soon! Maybe he knew he wouldn’t be back.

    I hated you didn’t offer enough, I hated Phoenix offered too much, also, I hated Nash required and accepted so much. But all’s over. I just need roar out my feelings. I real real hated Phoenix. It’s left nothing for Mavs, it’s left only Mavs. I don’t know whether and when Harris will do as well as Nash did in Nellie’s system. Hope our famous offense won’t go down.

    I don’t dream any of Shaq trade. Nothing is impossible. What we have for now may be the most important and steady. Perhaps no Shaq, perhaps we’ll rely on the this roster.

    Once again, best wishes for our past Mav Steve Nash except when he plays Dallas – I hate to add the “except”. Thanks Steve for all he did for Mavs. Root for my beloved Mavericks.

    Comment by Xiao Xiao -

  397. I must say, I’m not even a Mavericks fan but I found that read fascinating. Thanks for the insight into the process of being an NBA owner. That’s the kind of stuff I love to hear about but you never do in the mainstream sports press. It takes a lot of guts and love of both the game and your team to explain things when truthfully you don’t have to and no other owner does. I have a lot of respect for you Mr. Cuban.

    Comment by Mark Washington -

  398. What I don’t quite understand Mark…

    You say that signing a 30 year old Nash to a large contract would jeopordize the future of the Mavs, so you didn’t do it, right? But what the hell do you think Shaqs 30+ million contract will do?

    Shaq is even older and given his incredible girth, doubtfully will hold up longer than Nash would. And Shaq isn’t any more of short term gurantee of sucess than Nash is. And now that Nash is gone, Mavs are probably less intriguing to him now anyway, since he wont have a veteran point guard to throw him the rock.

    You screwed up. You put yourself into this corner advertisting yourself as the big spender and doing just that, except when it came to Nash. Stevie should be rightfully pissed when you didn’t show him the money.


    Go Suns!

    Comment by The Ghost Of Maverick Future -

  399. One can not blame Nash first of all…

    Consider he was worried about being traded to LA. His Family lives in PHX. HE has a house in PHX. PHX is an up and coming team, and NAsh has a chance to be a part of it. He was offered 6 years and a lot of cash.

    And have any of you seen the area of scottsdale he is going to live in now…compared with dallas it is about 100 times more beautiful, and I have lived both places…

    As far as the mavs, this does not hurt them IMO. In fact it can help them. And in the long term picture signing matching the PHX offer would have hurt them for sure.

    I love the Mavs, but Nash never played well in the playoffs. Bibby killed him. Bibby, not to mention what even quicker and younger players like parker may have done to him. He was a liabilityon defense. And under pressure it is sad to say that he made some bad choices.

    He is 30, going on 40 years old. He got worse as the season went on, his shooting was always poor in the playoffs. Daniels is not a PG, but that does not mean Dallas can not get another gaurd in a trade or through free agency and end up being better off with daniels, the rookie and someone they end up signing…

    Dallas has MANY options availible to them. Hopefully they will look to limit finleys playing time as well. IMO he has become a bad defender who simply shoot fade aay 21 foot jumpers. He does not rebound, does not play good defense, does not pass. In fact he takes FAR too many jumpers while being double teamed…jumpers that seem to hit the back of the iron more often than not.

    Finleys best skill is now spotting up for the three. He would be best coming off the bench IMO, and being dealt along with his salary if possible. More than likely the best thing with finley will be just to limit his playing time, use him as a spark off the bench and let his contract run out.

    Dirk is the player the have to keep IMO. He is NOT as bad on defense as everyone makes him out to be. He improves on offense AND defense and reboundng and passing EVERY year. He is young. He is versitile.

    Perhaps the mavs can get dampier somehow. Perhaps they can even get van exel back. Who knows. But a healthy daniels, dirk, najera, the rookie PG and howard are the most important parts of the team IMO…

    they can use the rest of their roster to trade for lanky perimiter defenders, shot blockers, passing guards, offensive rebounders or even shaq…but the next year looks very promising to me. Nash, while an exciting player and seemingly a good guy never did much in the playoffs, the mavs have a lot of flexibility and youth to craft a a good balanced team for next year….

    And even if they dont get shaq, remember shaq did not win last year, and that was with kobe, payton and malone…

    The mavs can easily form a young, quick and versitile team with their current players, coahces and owner…

    cant wait until next year…

    Comment by dirks_tooth -

  400. Good work. Teams have to continue to look toward tomorrow, even if it compromises a little bit of today. I think all of us would rather nurture talent that will win 40+ games next year and gain experience than win a guaranteed 50-odd games and not really have improved on any level other than rebounding(obviously the 2003-04 squad). Just think back to the Mavericks moves after their heartbreak to the Lakers in the Finals in the late eighties and how they went for vets, and how injuries dragged the team into the depths of mediocrity….it’s good to see you understand NBA Darwinism; and why teams like the Miami Heat were exciting this year and will be for more to come and why the Lakers are doomed for an indefinite number of seasons now in all likelihood.

    Comment by Glen -

  401. John Stockton played until he 40 & was always valuable. Last year Sam Casell had his best year when he was 34. I don’t think you need to worry about age & Steve Nash so much because he has such great skills. I don’t think you can compare him to Gary Payton at 35 whose game really deteriorated because he is not the shooter that Steve Nash is or ball handler. Besides Steve Nash is so much better mentally and as far as playing with heart.

    I especially think it is a bad move because you can sight long term concerns, but WHAT ABOUT THE NEXT 2 or 3 YEARS?!?!? You know he will be pretty much at the top of his game, and the Mavs are so close (DESPITE WHAT MANY PEOPLE THINK) among the Western Conference teams to make it to the Finals. After the draft, Mark wrote we have the big 3 and future big 3. No team could compare with the Mavs talent in the permiter/ swingmen dept.

    Comment by Sammy -

  402. Im a Sixers fan so I dont really have an emotional atatchment to the Mavericks team. What I do have is the ability to look at this situation from a more objective point of view.
    Mark when it comes down to it I think you did the right thing. It’s true that Nash has undoubtedly been a stand out player in Dallas along with the rest of the Big 3, but where has it taken you. The Mavs can no longer be satisfied with a playoff apearnce. Look at Detriot, over the past year they built a championship team, its time for you to take the final step.
    Restructuring is not a bad thing. Sure you lost the man running your show, and yea maybe Finley would have been a better choice. But the way I see it you have Dirk, your franchise. I think we both know that he is a top 5 player and MVP worthy. Then you have Harris, Howard, and Daniels all of whom are deserving of minutes.
    Im not too clear on the numbers but it seems to me that you now have some money to play with. So make something happen. Go out and sign a big man who will finally solidify your inside, or go out and find a wing like Tayshaun Prince who will D up, heck even find a way to trade for the Diesel. I hope you find a way to change the team not into something totally new but just different enough to take home the Chip and I hope my Sixers will spend the cash like you and do the same thing.

    Comment by Gianpablo -

  403. Mark,

    I was very upset with you at first, to be very honest. After reading your explanation, I feel like in the end, your decision is best for our team. I’ve read so many articles on Duffy and if I was a player, I would never consider hiring an agent with his lack of morals. He is Nash’s biggest problem. I think that all he cares about is how much money ends up in his own pocket. I’ve always wondered why Nash would have an agent with morals so different from his own. It’s such an odd mix.

    We are not left nothing. We still have a great team and Harris is going to be a special player. As our teams sets right now, our defense has already improved dramatically from last season. People can say what they want, but I believe that we are going to surprise the critics this season.

    You know what you’re doing and so does your staff. We didn’t get this far to just go backwards and we haven’t done that yet. We will still make the playoffs and will go farther than the Suns.

    I am really interested to see what you do with Walker. We have a great trade potential there.
    Whatever you do, I will be at the games to support the Mavs. It’s not about who’s number is on the back of the jersey. It’s about what’s on the front…. The Mavs.
    Players will come and go, but a true Mavs fan loves them team regardless.

    And hey… sign that Congo dude. He’s really good. Not so for Pavel. I don’t care for him as much.

    I’d also like to see a vet point guard come in to help the young guys. Like Fisher, Van Exel or Avery. That would help out a lot. I really like Fisher. He’s a team and lockeroom leader.

    I just hope that Nellie runs the offense through Dirk like it should be. Dirk is only going to get better and he should have more shots than he did last season.

    Thanks Mark.

    Well, I for one do not feel like we

    Comment by Shawn -

  404. Thanks Mark for taking the time to give the fans your side of the story. I was heart broken when I found out, Nash was the reason I became a Mavs fan. But I really don’t blame either party, I will watch the suns play if it comes on TV here and I will sill be at the AAC screaming my head off for my team.

    Until the 14th I will be wishfully hoping that something makes Nash change his mind, no one will blame him if he does.

    Comment by crystal -

  405. Mark, I agree that it was a smart move, but it is tough to see Nash go.

    Bottom line: the ones who are complaining today are the same ones that would be complaining a year if you had signed Nash to a HUGE contract and then next year we all notice that he is tied up for 5 more years in a big contract, and then he is getting injured much more frequently, and is a shell of his former self, and we are watching all these young point guards like Harris excel on other teams.

    Go for youth, especially at the PG position these days.

    Now for the real test: let’s see how you can clear out some of these other contracts and build a team around Dirk.

    And one more thing… please play Najera more at crunch time. Look at his +/-, and then he sits the bench the entire playoffs? He plays great defense and hussles more than anybody in the NBA, and can change momentum in the Mavs favor all by himself. Howard too. Let’s focus on the guys that hussle for the ball at all costs and change momentum.

    Comment by Greg B -

  406. I knnw everyone keep saying Steve will keep his word to the Suns, but no one will blame him for staying if the Mavs can meet him halfway, right? Especially if the truth comes out about what scum his agent is…
    Any shot at that happening? I have hope that you won’t let fans down on this one, Mark. I’m sick about the whole thing. Steve said he wanted to stay in Dallas and end his career playing with Dirk. I can’t imagine them playing against each other. That’s a depressing thought.

    Come on – Raef was worth almost $10M/year for SEVEN, but Steve isn’t worth $13M/year for five years? That’s insulting! Please make this right while you can. And maybe Steve will realize how badly his agent screwed this up…

    Comment by KC -

  407. Really great that you wrote this – a birdseye view of how it works. It’s too bad you lost Nash, but I can see being uncomfortable with the risk of a six year contract.

    Comment by SomeCallMeTim -

  408. Mark, first of all, I just used to be an NBA fan, but once I saw what you did with this team and also the style of playing the MAVS have I just started to watch more and more MAVS games, without even noticing I was becoming the biggest MAVS fan. Thank you for everything you have done so far for the NBA and especially for the MAVS.

    Don’t second guess yourself, you made the right decision, this way this team can continue to produce now and in the future. Because we will always have a group of young but experienced good guys, right now Dirk and Finley have to produce and in two to three years, once some teams decline like the Spurs because they loose Duncan we will still have a good group, with Daniels, Howard and some other people.

    Right now it might not seem like the best deal, but in some time, you will realize that making that deal would have only hurt the team.

    Once this Free-agent singing started I was just hoping the MAVS could keep NASH, because he was my second favorite player and I always seemed that he was the engine of the team, but don’t worry someone else is going to pick their game up and the MAVS will make it happen again with teamwork.

    Thanks again for everything Mark, you are the best owner in pro sports

    Comment by Stephan -

  409. I want Steve Nash back! Blaming the agent is just old and lame. It makes you sound like you need to start taking viagra. Geez, the evil Bill Duffy worked to get the biggest contract that he could get for his client. That’s outrageous! Not!

    In the last few weeks you’ve traded the league’s top sixth man in Antawn and a future first-round draft pick for a center from Russia who averaged 2.6 points in Italy and has a pituitary gland condition that requires surgery. Well, at least we have Bradley and Antoine. They’re going to take us to the finals. Wake up Cuban and hire a real GM who knows how to handle personnel issues.

    Comment by Dan @ UT -

  410. If you want us to believe that what you are saying is more than just spin, explain why what you wrote to ESPN on Friday is so different from what you now claim. On the Dan Patrick show Friday they read an email comment from you that flatly contradicts your claim that you wanted to do a sign and trade. According to your written statement, you scoffed at the possibility of a S and T, and wrote to the effect that, “A sign and trade was not an option we looked at. Who would the Suns trade? Howard Eisley? No, thanks!” Are you giving us the straight story, or just what you think sounds good at the time?

    Comment by Dan @ UT -

  411. Mark, I think you definitely made the right call on the Nash deal. The Suns’ offer was just way too much for a 30 yr. old PG with Steve’s defensive deficiencies. I looks to me like Steve let his emotions make the decision for him, and I believe he will regret it. He’s going to be an aging point guard on a young and learning team. There is one thing I’ve been wondering about though. Was Steve eligible for a no-trade clause and was this possibly an issue?

    Comment by CB4 -

  412. Thanks for this post. Posting this constitutes excellent fan service. I’m sick that Nash is gone. I’m glad to know the details of how it happened.

    Comment by g in Texas -

  413. Mark,
    After hearing what the Suns offered, and that you didn’t match, I had a feeling that it came down to the 5 years, instead of 4.
    I reasoned that all of our contracts expire, save the ones signed this summer, after 4 years; and that this would enable the Mavs to finally get under the cap and sign some players without having to make trades. It makes perfect sense. Nash’s 5th year would have messed up that plan. You’ve done everything you could to try to improve the team while over the cap. I’m sure you will continue to do that over the next 4 years. At that point if no title has been won, then that plan will have been tried enough. It will be time to get under the cap. The beauty of this is, which some people may not be seeing, that we will still be able to resign Dirk, Howard, Shawn, and all of our free agents, AFTER we have signed other free agents.
    On top of that, I seriously question if Steve was worth that contract. After reading your comments above, I question it even more. I have loved having Steve. Bless his heart, he physically just can’t play defense it seems, after having worked so hard at the offensive end. The problem is, he gives up so much on defense that it negates a lot of what he does on offense. He also doesn’t rebound much. He is probably the best, most efficient, offensive PG in the league. However, there are a lot of PGs in the league that can light it up. Almost all of them play much better D than does Steve. And we all know that defense is winning titles in today’s NBA.
    Then there is his age and fragility to factor into it. Think about it. How suddenly ineffective would Steve Nash be if slowed down a notch by injury or age, considering the pace at which he plays? His style doesn’t last until 40 like Stockton’s did.
    The same people who are criticizing not matching the offer, would also be the ones criticizing having matched it in 3 or 4 years, if it didn’t work out.
    The only risk, as I see it, is that it could end up that the Mavs would have had the best shot at the title in the next 2 years, if not for a little more experience at the PG position. After that, I think that Harris would have been the starter anyway. People need to realize that you are trying your best to give the Mavs the best shot at a championship. This means that you have to consider the present and the future. I know you’d trade a few down years for a ring next year, but there are no guarantees. If we had Shaq in the bag already, then it might have been different. Pay Steve whatever, make a 4 year run, and to hell with what happens after that. This wasn’t the situation, of course. People need to realize that you are going for the title. Maybe the Suns are just trying to fill seats. They won’t win a title by overpaying like that, when they still need more pieces to make a run. You’ll get the last laugh over Duffy, Mark. Don’t worry. You’ll get the trophy, and his clients (Nash, Oliwakandi, etc.) will be watching on TV. Of course, you’ll feel bad that Steve made the wrong choice, but you’ll be laughing at Duffy.
    Bottom line… I admire you for having the fortitude to do the smart thing when your heart was telling you something different. Don’t feel bad. There was nothing else you could do.

    Comment by Lee -

  414. I consider myself the biggest Steve Nash fan and one of the biggest Mavs fans so of course, this terrible news has impacted me a ton. My first reaction was to be mad at Steve, then I read things in the news and it made me mad at Mark because they twisted the story to make it sound like he just gave up. Now I am just completely pissed at Duffy. Thanks, Mark for definitely clearing this up. I’d like to think that Steve didn’t do it for the money and that he was just completely brainwashed by Duf. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with it but the 5 person group that Phoenix brought included Amare Stoudemire who is also a client of Bill’s; isn’t that a conflict of interest?
    I am in complete denial over this and have gotten literally heart sick over all of this. I can’t imagine either being at or watching games without seeing the shaggy haired number 13 licking his hands before making his perfect free throws. I thought he didn’t care about money but I guess business is business. However, the blame is all on Bill. Maybe there’s some way to get him back or change his mind FAST before the papers are signed? Sounds like he’s pretty determined and would be swayed away because of his anti-Cuban agent.
    Mark, I know you did all you could do but I’m still disappointed, as I know many are. Thanks again for getting the true story out and please do anything in your power(if there is anything) to get Nash back.. I know that’s completely fanatical but you can’t blame a Mavs fan for believing..

    Comment by Christine -

  415. Cuban. Cuban. Cuban. What are you doing to your team. You are setting yourself up for a subpar season next year….and many more in the future. First you trade away the talented Jamison for a bunch of scrubs. You failed to sign Nash because you were too cheap to offer him a real star’s salary. Then you sign a 38 million dollar deal to an unproven player in Marquis. This may be about 12 million less than what you offered Nash. But come on, your a business man. You can obviously see that the intangible value that Nash offers to your team (filling seats with fans, making the playoffs etc) easily can make up that monetary difference. In the end you wasted 38 million dollars when you could have taken that money to sign a proven player in Nash. Maverick fans will hate you for a long time.

    Comment by tommy -

  416. Mark,
    I have been obsessing over this Nash deal as he,Dirk and Finley have been the heart and soul of the Mavericks thus far. My favorite memory of all is being in Reunion when we came back and beat Utah. I will never forget the energy in that arena. Steve was a huge part of our success. Having said that, I feel like Steve has made a wrong turn in his career. Yes he got more money with Phoenix, but you weren’t offering chump change and there is no way that he will have the true fans there he had in Dallas. When he said “they really wanted me”..He might as well have said “they showed me the money” He was not thinking of the fans, the city or his teammates or else there would have been no comparison and he would still be a very rich Mav.

    Your explanation to the fans and the loyalty that has been shown to Steve make the Mavs the special team it is. We will win a championship to prove it. I only wish Steve could be a part of that success as well.

    Comment by Lyn -

  417. Tough luck on losing the service of Steve Nash, and thank you for educating us on what happened behind the scenes. It really looks like you got screwed by Nash’s agent. Unfortunately, professional sports is a business and these slimey agents have become an integral part of the business, and many of their tactics remind me of a scummy lawyer or car salesman. I think you made the right choice in not matching the Suns offer, you still have a young talent to fill his shoes, so I guess it’s time to move on and make plans for a successful 2004-2005 season.

    Best of luck,


    Comment by Xeifrank -

  418. Cubes–from everything i read about duffy he is the dirtbag that you have intimated. it is too bad that agents can not be straight up. you handled things the right and honorable way.

    Comment by geoff dennis -

  419. MC,
    Thanks for the post. No other owner in ANY SPORT ANYWHERE would answer his fans like Mark has or does. As much as losing Nash hurts us fans imagine what Mark is going through. Mark, your reasons sound solid but I still think this decision is going to be one the Mavs regret. Give Steve his money. Call him up as a friend. Offer something close. The ink is not dry yet. We all know deep down that once Nash is gone so too may be our championship dreams. Losing Nick last year was hard enough. Sign Nash. We can deal with 2009 then! IT STILL ISN’T TOO LATE. IF ANYONE CAN DO IT YOU CAN! Go Mavs

    Comment by Omar S -

  420. It’s awesome to read the real story of things, right from the horse’s mouth. Even if I weren’t an NBA fan or a Mavs fan (after my Kings of course) I would read this stuff endlessly.

    Keep it up! Sorry you had to lose a great player.

    Comment by Rob Meyer -

  421. Mark,

    Thanks for taking the time and sharing what you went through. A lot of us feel you made a fair and reasonable offer. Looks like the only ‘bad guy’ in the deal is Duffy.

    Personally, I am MORE relieved that Marquis is signed long term than bummed that Nash is gone.

    Looking forward to 2004-05 and some Defense in Big D.



    Comment by greg -

  422. It was tough to hear that he was leaving, but I thought initially that not taking on the contract was the right thing for the team in the long run, and your post makes that even clearer. Steve was my favorite Mav, and I still wish him well, but you did right by all of us fans by not putting one guy above the whole team.

    Comment by E Daniel -

  423. It made me sick to my stomach when I first heard. I love Steve Nash and what he did for the Mavericks, but I don’t blame you one bit for not matching that contract. His back is a ticking time bomb. Now I can only hope Dirk can step up and be a real leader on this team, and that Devin Harris can get his act together quickly. It takes a lot of balls to post what you just did, especially so quickly. Thanks.

    Comment by D Brown -

  424. Doing a search on Duffy it shows he is the one who made probably one of the biggest mistakes I can remember by an agent in the NBA. He is the one who forgot to file the paperwork for Anthony Carter to remain in Miami with the Heat for 4.1 mil. I think Carter ended up getting 1.5 mil after Duffy made the mistake.

    A side note on Duffy it says he was a Santa Clara hoops star. Didnt Nash go to Santa Clara? Is that the main reason he is his agent?

    Comment by Chris Williams -

  425. Mark if you’re reading this I believe you made the right decision. Nash is awesome but those dollars don’t make sense. One side of me says Nash should be happy with $50 million (!!) but then if Phoenix wants to pay him that much he should take it. Personally I’m glad to finally see the Mavs lose a guy because they were outbid. The Suns paid the price to get the guy they wanted and one thing I know for sure they are going to be fun to watch.

    Comment by Jason -

  426. and thanks for being the only reason i pay attention to the nba. mark cuban u are awesome.

    Comment by Andy -

  427. Some of this sounds like a Boston Red Sox board, it’s only the first of July!!!There are still a lot of things that can be done to move people around, and it’s Steve Nash. I really like energy guys that lay it all on the floor but they just dont last that long, and Nash is bound to break down. There are still a lot of point guards out there too, and no one else in the west is doing anything. The Spurs will get two veterans that no one else wants. The Lakers are gonna join the AND1 tour with Kobe, Payton, and George on the floor at the same time without a leader like Shaq, it’s a train wreck waiting to happen. The Kings are getting really old and broken down, Bibby carries that team.

    Comment by Andy -

  428. This is just incredible. I mean there is more info in this one article then I have read in the papers for 1 year. I truly thank you for being so open to the fans. I love it when I am listening to the radio and Mark calls in and sets the radio guys straight as they like to throw out nonsense all the time.

    Back to the article I think it is great that it wasnt matched. When Steve is eligible to be traded it is likely no one in the league would take on his contract without dumping a rather ugly one back on Phoenix.

    If Nash was placed on waivers with that kind of contract it is likely not a team in the league would pick it up. That is how you know you overpaid a guy.

    Phoenix in my mind did the same thing with Nash that the Rangers did with Arod. They bid against themselves. It didnt work out real well for the Rangers, we will see what happens in Phoenix.

    The one thing that is kind of upsetting is Nash taking a few shots about going somewhere he will be appreciated. Obviously appreciation means dollars in his pocket. If you do the math with the LT and you can correct me if I am wrong but Cuban was committed to paying 90 million out of his pocket over 5 season to keep nash (assuming the half guarantee in the 5th season). Phoenix had no LT issues to worry about so the only commitment there owner had to make was 65 mil. So Mark in my mind appreciated Nsh 25 mil more then Phoenix its just that all the extra money wouldnt go into Nash’s pocket.

    I really am looking forward to seeing Devin play many minutes and go through a learning curve. Hinrich played 35 minutes a game in 76 games last season (more total minutes played then Nash for regular season). Hinrich is arguably a lower pedigree player then Harris.

    If Harris can get anywhere near the minutes Hinrich got you may see an improvement like this.

    Hinrichs November numbers
    24 minutes 6.8 PPG 3.8 APG 3 TO’s per game

    Hinrichs April
    40 minutes 15.3 PPG 9.7 APG 2.6 TO’s PG

    That would be best case scenario for Harris but unlike Hinrich, Harris has the supporting cast to keep his team in playoff contention while he learns. If Mavs hang in there for the first couple of months with Harris starting they could really get on a roll around feb mar of next seson.

    My main concern so far with the subtractions is we have lost our 2 most effecient scorers in Jamison and Nash. If Dirk gets back to being as effecient as he was a couple of years ago nearly 1.5 points per shot from the 1.28 last season then it will make up for it. If we somehow keep Stackhouse he also is a very effecient scorer 1.26 PPS his 2 healthy Washignton seasons. Some call him volume but he isnt he shoots low % but makes up for it at the line. Walker rings in a 1.02 PPS that is the definition of volume.

    I guess I will stop the rambling now.

    Comment by Chris Williams -

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