Some NBA Rules

With all the discussion about trades and free agents, I thought I would offer some housekeeping so that everyone can understand what can and can’t happen in regards to trades and free agents in the NBA.

First. A team cannot just take and trade an unrestricted free agent to the team of their choice. The free agent has to want to go that team, has to agree to the trade and fully work outcontract terms with that team. So whether it was Steve or anyone else, before any trade to a team could be worked out, the free agent would have to negotiate and agree on a deal with the destination team. In essence this is the equivalent of a no trade clause. The free agent is just that, and can choose to go or not go to a team.

2nd. If a team signs a free agent or a rookie, that player cannot be traded till the 15th of December. So we can’t sign a free agent from another team and immediately trade the player. Nor can we trade Devin Harris or Marquis Daniels for example.

3rd. In trades, if the teams exchanging players are over the cap (and the Mavs are), then current year salaries exchanged must be within 15pct plus 100k dollars of each other. So if the Mavs trade a player who makes 1mm per year, we can take a player, or players, whose total salaries in the current year equal $1.25mm. That breaks down as 1mm plus 15pct of 1mm plus 100k. Rights to players or draft picks who are unsigned do not add any monetary consideration to the totals.

If one or both of thetradingteams are under the cap, they may receive a player up to the amount of their cap room without giving up equal salaries. If a team is at or over the cap, they must adhere to the above rules

4th. If you acquire a player in a trade, you may trade that player straight up for another player immediately. If you wish to package that player with another and make a trade, you must wait 60 days.

5th. In a sign and trade deal, the deal must be for at least 3 years, and the first year MUST be guaranteed, the next 2 or more years do not have to be guaranteed.

6th. If a player is part of a sign and trade, and that player receives more than a 20pct increase in salary, that player is considered a base year player. When a player is considered a base year player, the team can only take back salaries equal to 1/2 of the current year salary of the base year traded, or 120pct of the previous year salary (whichever is higher)* if that player is traded to a team at or over the cap. If the player is traded to a team under the cap, base year does not apply.

The reason for this rule is to prevent teams with a players bird rights (the ability to pay a player any amount up to the max)from offering a player an inflated deal with only 1 year guaranteed in order to get a higher priced player from a team that may be trying to dump salary.

So for instance, if we wanted to do a sign and trade with a player whose salary jumped from 4mm to 8mm dollars, we would only becredited for 4.8mm in salary for that player in the trade. We would then add the 15pct plus 100k to the 4.8mm, meaning we would be able to take back a player making $5.62mm. This would make it impossible to do a 1player for 1 player deal. We would have to make the deal bigger or bring in more teams in order to make the deal work.

Making up the base year trade penalty is why you see trades get very big when there is a player included who is receiving a big raise.

7th. There are 3 exceptions available to teams that are over the cap. (If a team is under the cap, they may not use the exceptions.)

a. The mid-level exception.Thisallows teams to sign a player to a 6-year deal with a starting salary that isthe average salary of the entire league. If the player is your own player, you can offer up to 12.5pct increases. If the player is from another team, you can offer 10pct increases. Increases are based on the first year of the contract. So a 5mm dollar contract with a 10pct increase, increases 500k per year. A 12.5pct increase would be 625k per year.

b. The 1.6mm dollar exception. This can be a2-year contract only and a team can not use this 2 years in a row. If you use it one year, you do not have it available the next.

c. The minimum salary exception. A team can sign as many minimum salary players as they have roster slots for.

8th. 99pct of deals that you read about were never proposed, and 99pct of the deals that are proposed never happen.

9th. You will never hear me, or anyone in the Mavs comment on rumored trades. I learned my lesson the hard way about this when I first got into the league. I was playing basketball with a friend, and we had a trade about to go down with another team. I told some of my buddies at the gym about the trade. They told some people, the next day we were reading about the proposed trade in the paper. The other team got very upset and killed the deal. Lesson learned.

This is why prior to our deals, like the deal with the Wizards for the #5 pick, or last summer’s trades, you never heard a word about the deals prior to them happening. Those trades caught everyone by surprise and so will anything else that we do.

10th. Watch the American Century Championship on NBC this weekend.I willbe auctioning off my incredibly poor caddying services to the highest bidder,with all proceeds from this and other great auction items going to theFallen Patriot Fund.

Hopefully this helps provide guidelines for fans. I realize that it is still somewhat technical in nature, but these are the basic rules for making trades.

If anyone out there knows Sam Smith, please provide him with a copy of these rules since he obviously has no idea how the trade rules work.

*there are some exceptions to this, but not worth listing, this is a good rule of thumb.

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  1. There isn’t any way the Lakers were gonna trade Shaq to a western conference team. Dude, they traded G.O.A.T. for odom, grant, butler. Obviously the talent level isn’t close to the same and it’s not like their getting expiring contracts or anything.

    MC has gotta be a smart businessman to be in the position he is in. Maybe he starting to lay off giving huge contracts espically since the luxury tax is in effect which gots to hurt. Plus MC’s got a point about Nash gettin tired since it always seems like he’s running on fumes by playoff time.

    So while we’re all use to playing fantasy bball teams, MC’s gets the real deal and I wouldn’t want to trade places with him one bit, since mistakes cost him millions of dollars.

    I just kinda think we shouldn’t attack MC for his decisions at a personal level. Of course complaining is what we all love to do, but we can do it in a more dignified fashion. Well this is a comment so u can all wish me to hell.

    A Shaq fan and therefore a Heat fan now (though I’d rather be a Laker fan (dam them))

    Comment by Mitchell Fang -

  2. Mark I know it had to be crushing when you found out about the Shaq trade. Odom, Grant and Butler and future first rounder don’t come close to equal one Shaq. I admire your loyalty to Dirk but if beefing up your front was your main objective why have you passed up on so many free agents. Don’t tell you are still trying to get Dampier? Why haven’t worked some magic to get Martin? The good about the Shaq trade is one less team you have to compete with in the West.
    Dallas has talent but lacks the intangibles, the biggest problem is the coach. I think things are looking up in big D. If keeping Dirk was one of your main objectives surround him with players that will make up for his soft play. Good Luck.

    Comment by James -

  3. As far as what we could offer to match. Had we signed Nash, we could have offered Walker (comparable stats to Odom and salary flexibility), Nash (comparable if not better than Butler), and Laettner (comparable to Grant and salary flex ad yes I understand we have to wait 60 days), Fortson, or other such big man. If the Lakers would have liked Howard, I would hate trading him, but Shaq gives us a chance to win it all now.

    Comment by runescape money -

  4. I know this question should be varing answer depending on case to case but I am not sure if all this shitting on ESPN is true in 1%. If I am owner of one team, and I am offering more money to a player then I will not worry about his rest of the demands about team mates. (Ref- Kobe situation)

    Comment by wow powerleveling -

  5. Josh Howard is exactly what the Mavs need. He’s a good PERIMETER defender, with insane atheticism, the ability to block shots or at least alter them, a tenacious rebounder for his height and he has offensive ability. The Mavs need this guy on their team just as much as Nowitzki if Cuban is serious about this youth/defensive movement. No one out there who is available is worth giving him up. Not Carter, not Illgauskas not anybody. I like this new youth/defense thing. I’m excited about our team this year, but nervous because I know they aren’t done. Mavs need a center and a pg. They’ll get them, but not at Dirk or Jho’s expense.

    Comment by Kellen -

  6. Well, maybe if you hadn’t claimed that Dirk was untouchable and maybe if you had made a reasonable offer from the start instead of allowing idiotic rumors such as Walker, Laetner and a rookie for Shaq, you would have been able to trade Dirk and Walker for the the player who will continue to dominate for at least the next few years and allowed Dallas to win the championship. If you had kept Nash and had traded for Shaq, you would win without a doubt. The Lakers did not have any outside shooting last year, allowing the Pistons to collapse their defense (yes, no double team of Shaq but Pistons still played zone and collapsed when Shaq got the ball or when Kobe penetrated – the Lakers couldn’t hit an outside shot). I understand that the Lakers did not get fair value from Miami but they still got more than what you could have offered without including Dirk. Instead of reading between the lines (did you ever make a solid offer that included Dirk?), you should have done what you could have to get Shaq, knowing that you would have to make an impressive offer to get the Lakers to trade to a team in the West. I guess I don’t get it…maybe you really do believe that Dirk and company will let you get past San Antonio and Houston, but you couldn’t even get past Sacramento that lost to the Timberwolves. Seems like more years of first round losses for the Mavericks and definitely years of barely making the playoffs for the Lakers. You spent so much money to come close but when the opportunity to take the next step presents itself, you blink? What was the point of all the prior years of overspending and making trades?

    Comment by Dan -

  7. No matter how bad things get for the Mavericks this year, just keep telling yourself, “At least I’m not a lakers fan, at least I’m not a lakers fan, at least I’m not a lakers fan…”. For the first, and only, time in my life, I would not want to trade places with Jack Nicholson.

    This trade, for the Lakers, is of Babe-Ruth-to-the-Red Sox-Curse proportions. Sure, the Mavs lost the lovable Steve Nash and traded Jameson for a rookie point guard, but damn, at least we didn’t curse ourselves for all eternity by trading away one of the most dominant players to ever set foot on the hardwood. I can just picture the spirit of William “Billy Goat” Sianis, lurking outside the Great Western, uh…the Staples Center. The spirit of Sianis will inquire, everytime Mitch Kupchek enters the arena, “why did you trade Shaq?”. Kupchek’s response, I’m sure, will be, “Because the Shaq smells”. Sianis will just smile, and shake his head, and say, “Lakers, they not gonna win anymore”.

    And after many years, when Kobe’s career is winding down, and the Lakers have become the perennial doormat of the western conference, an anonymous letter, written in a ghostly hand, will appear on center court at the Great Western, uh, at the Staples Center, and it will contain just one, simple, question:

    Who smells now?

    At least I’m not a lakers fan. At least I’m not a lakers fan. At least I’m not a lakers fan. Who smells now, indeed.

    Comment by Tim -

  8. I watched the press conference and I just got really steamed again. Dammit!

    I think Cuban must have thought the following:

    1. With the current team (with Nash) we are far away from winning a championship

    2. Losing nash won’t hurt us and if it does it will only be for a couple of years

    3. Dirk is in his mid 20’s but by the time we get where we need to be, with him being in his late 20’s shouldn’t be a bother like it would be with Nash (bad ankles or no bad ankles).

    I really disagree with his thinking. Nash is durable. Missed only 6 games in last three years. I really feel bad that the “Big Three” never got chance with a durable, athletic center. I didn’t feel we were that far away. Not we are far away from a Western Conference Final, much less an NBA final.

    Nash went with the money (and I don’t blame him) but did I hear during the conference that he restructured his deal so the team could also land Quentin Richardson? Wow, that speaks volumes. I think Nash really didn’t feel wanted by Cuban and that honestly was a big factor for him. And I really think Cuban thought that with the current team structure that the Mavs were terribly far away from the elusive championship. Again, I regret the Big 3 never got to experiment with a true big man and with some athletic defensive types too. Suns gain is our loss. By the way, nice touch before the press conference playing a Nash video collage with Lenny Kravitz “Are we Runnin’?” playing as theme music. The Mav’s sure aren’t.

    Comment by phil b -

  9. This is the first time I came upon this site, and I just read all the recent posts. Thanks for the insight regarding what happened regarding Nash. I got the impression that it was Nash or Daniels but not both.
    Re: scoring- how about making “flopping” a technical foul? What I have in mind are all the times Fisher plays defense by falling on the floor hoping for a charge call. Or when Divac falls after a shot he misses so that a foul is called. Maybe it would not necessarily help strictly the offense, but basketball in general will be better off.
    Also, how about a summary of your views on the Shaq trade and Carlos Boozer.

    Comment by eric -

  10. Time to put up or shut up Cubes. Maybe put the laptop down for 2 days and get some deals done. I could care less about what Nash said or what his agent did. I could care less about the NBA rules. Bottom line is this, since you purchased the Mavericks, you’ve spruced things up a bit, but the team is ready for a player who can take them to the next level and you’ve yet to deliver. I’m tired of all the speculation. Either make a move or tell us that there are no moves to make. You started this, now finish it!

    Comment by John -

  11. If I were a Dallas fan right now, and the Mavs allowed Nash to leave after Cuban overpaid everyone else on the roster by 50 percent, then they refused to trade Nowitzki and Walker for Angry Shaq, I’m not sure what I would do. Angry Shaq, Jamison, Nash, Finley, Daniels, Howard and Najera . . . that team wins the title! It wins the freaking title! There’s no question about it! Isn’t that the whole point of having a team?!?!?!

    Comment by Hank Toolee -

  12. I apologize to everyone. You are right about he Ron Artest reference with Greg Ostertag and Kelvin Cato. I was trying to make a point on the type of player they should put around Dirk and Finley. J.R., you’re wrong for posting that response and not knowing how to spell though! I wasn’t sure if you were trying to spell same or Sesame Street!

    First, I’m a Mavs fan and there are a lot of teams on the East that I like. The Indiana Pacers are one of my favorite! Know your facts before accusing people of what you think they don’t know!

    Comment by Tyrone Davis -

  13. Some of the CBA makes sense, some of it seems to limit excitement of FA.

    I had to praise this as a Laker fan:
    A guest on CBS’ “The Late, Late Show” on Monday night, Cuban said he telephoned Kupchak, who told him, “You don’t have anything we want.” Not even, apparently, Dirk Nowitzki.

    “I’m saying in no uncertain terms that they did not want Dirk Nowitzki,” Cuban said. “I mean, maybe I’m slow, but maybe when he said that we don’t want anybody on your roster, there’s nobody that you have that we like, I took that to mean he did not want Dirk Nowitzki.”

    Thanks, after seeing what we got in a Miami trade I can now officially rank Mitch as an idiot.

    Comment by Kanes -

  14. finley 6’7″, vince carter 6’7″, jerry stackhouse 6’6″, josh howard 6’7″, marquis daniels 6’6″. CERTAINLY vince carter will bring a lot more aggresiveness in terms of getting to the rim, but having 5 guys at about the same height doesn’t really make sense. i hope mark has something MORE in mind.

    Comment by Dave -

  15. Thanks Mark for showing me that the Mavs are about flash and points and not about defense and championships. Nash, Shaq, Kenyon Martin, and a million other players are gone and now we have a team full of guards/small forwards. Looks likes it a first round knock out again for the Mavs, if we’re that lucky.

    Comment by Chirag -

  16. Thanks Mark for showing me that the Mavs are about flash and points and not about defense and championships. Nash, Shaq, Kenyon Martin, and a million other players are gone and now we have a team full of guards/small forwards. Looks likes it a first round knock out again for the Mavs, if we’re that lucky.

    Comment by Chirag -

  17. Some of these people don’t understand that Steve Nash was an unrestricted free agent, why would he agree to be sign and traded when he could go to phoenix (where his home is) and get the max money deal… We don’t need Vince Carter, we have plenty of guys on the offensive side of the ball and VC just hurts us defensively (his +/- would be 0)! I would love to see Van Exel come back here, but why would Golden State give him up when they have a team option on him for next year freeing up 12 mil dollars; we’d have to offer them somethign real sweet for that deal! I know Donnie is a great scout and that you’ve got more cards up your sleeve than the public knows (at least i hope)! I can’t wait to see the mavs this next season and for years to come…

    Also on the Shaq trade, i’m very happy about it… you didn’t give up dirk and yeah we didn’t get him, but he goes to the East (only play him twice a year) and the Lakers definitely don’t get a fair trade (in my opinion)… Thanks for all the insight!

    Comment by Fowler -

  18. In light of the potential Vince trade, and in hindsight, was there any thought given to a Sign&Trade with Steve Nash + someone else going to the Toronto Raptors for Vince Carter? I know the Toronto media had been hyping Nash’s free agency, and listed him as one of the few players that the Raptors would be willing to pay luxury tax for.

    Comment by Ken -

  19. From watching the Mavericks play at peak performance, I see that there are only two people that have the team at max. Steve Nash and Van Exel. Steve is gone. IMO it would be worth it to get Van Exel again. Currently, there are two “rookies” PG on the team. Daniels is a type of shoot first, and defend PG. Watching he in the playoffs on the court, I would think why doesn’t he pass Dirk or Finley the ball if they have made 3-4 three pointers or FG in a row?

    Exel on the other hand, well we know what he can do.

    Comment by Shaheed -

  20. Mark,

    I am asking this question to you as you are the only owner who can be reached by common guy like me.

    Does a player can influence the decesion of team owner ? I know this question should be varing answer depending on case to case but I am not sure if all this shitting on ESPN is true in 1%. If I am owner of one team, and I am offering more money to a player then I will not worry about his rest of the demands about team mates. (Ref- Kobe situation)

    Well, hope to catch you in Tahoe, I don’t know the ticket prices but I just moved there so hope to catch u there.

    Comment by Kedar -

  21. I’m confused. I just reread Cuban’s Steve Nash Part I post. He says that he estimated that the best Phoenix could possibly offer Nash was a 5 year, $51 million deal. In the very next sentence, Cuban says, “I had determined that I would offer Steve 9mm dollars a year for 4 years, with a 5th year with half guaranteed, but he could get the 5th year fully guaranteed by playing enough games and minutes the year before. I was guessing we would end up doing 60 games and 20 minutes per game to get there. I thought it was very fair.”

    So, let’s assume that Nash played the full five years of the contract. That’s five years at $9 million, for a $45 million contract. Now, I’m sure you can see where I’m going here. Cuban estimated that Phoenix’s best offer, which they were sure to make, since it took into account Phoenix wanting to leave enough room under the cap to go sign another free agent, would be 5 years, $51 million, or an average of $10.2 million a year. So why would he offer Nash less than what he believed Phoenix could, and would be likely to, pay?

    If I were Nash, I would find that insulting as well. Cuban says that he thought this offer was “very fair”. I’m just confused. What is fair about offering less than you think the competition will offer? And then to go and tell Nash that he wants to pay him “more than any other team”.

    Am I missing something here?

    Comment by Tim -

  22. Do not ever put Greg Ostertag or Kelvin Cato in the sanme sentence as Ron Artest.

    Artest is more than a decent player. He’s a defensive stopper who can put up 20 might in and night out, plus he still hasn’t even hit his prime yet.

    I know most of you are mavs. fans. I’m not necesarily, I’m a Mark Cuban fan.

    But from what I’ve noticed, you guys seem to disregard most eastern conference teamsna nd also guys you consider “role” players who are actually better than Finley and Dirk in all-around game.

    Comment by J.R. Ewing -

  23. Why is it that a team like the Kings, Portland, and Indiana who too are over the salary cap make trades for marquee players needed to fill the positions they need help at, but WE make trades for overpayed mediocre players at positions we don’t need help at!!!? With Fin and Dirk as the main two, it makes better sense to make trades or sign descent players like Ron Artest, Greg Ostertag, Stromile Swift, Antonio Daniels, Etan Thomas, Kelvin Cato, etc…Signing Greg Ostertag, play him at center while playing Danny Fortson at PF makes better sense than some of the things we do!!!

    Comment by Tyrone Davis -

  24. First of all, I’m begging Mark Cuban to NOT trade fro Vince Carter! This man has to be one of the biggest flops of the last decade. His own cousin (T-Mac) couldn’t get out of Toronto fast enough to get away from him.

    I posted on the last entry that I can’t beliee that we can’t match the offer the Heat have made. I said that the three Heat players would be on our bench. Maybe a little harsh, but Odom would cause Finley, Dirk, or Walker to go to the bench, Grant would bench Dirk or Walker, and Butler would sit Harris, Daniels, FInley or Howard. Out of those three, I would be intereted in Odom, barely.

    As far as what we could offer to match. Had we signed Nash, we could have offered Walker (comparable stats to Odom and salary flexibility), Nash (comparable if not better than Butler), and Laettner (comparable to Grant and salary flex ad yes I understand we have to wait 60 days), Fortson, or other such big man. If the Lakers would have liked Howard, I would hate trading him, but Shaq gives us a chance to win it all now. I know I am falling in with all of those fantasy fans who would offer totally Mav-leaning trades, but lets look at this. The Lakers appear to be going for “let’s stay somewhat competitive now” which they would still have with Walker, Nash, Laettner, Howard, etc. This would also give them salary flex to go after Yao next year. And we would have a starting lineup of Harris, Daniels, Finley, Dirk, & Shaq.

    Again, I know I’m playing fanasy fan here, but I don’t understand how this potential offer would have been ignored by the Lakers. All we had to do to start it all is pony up th edough for the hardest working starter this team has had the past several years.

    Comment by Scott -

  25. I like JHo as much as the next guy, but calm down. Defensive stoppers at the 2-3 position are everywhere. Artest, Bowen, Hassell, Christie just to name a few. Number of other 7-footers who can do what Dirk can? That’s a big zero.

    Comment by Dennis -

  26. ….Don’t trade Josh Howard

    Jho and Dirk are equally untradeable as far as I am concerned.

    Comment by Kellen -

  27. I think Mark said this earlier but why in the world do NBA announcers or journalists not tell us these kind of things? I would imagine that they either do not understand it or they don’t know. As Mark said awhile back, most NFL fans could tell you about specfic plays and about salary cap rules, but in the NBA it’s a big mystery – why? (this is mostly true of hockey also)

    More informed fans make for a stronger fan base which is what Mark knows all too well and why he publishes this blog. The NBA needs to get out of the 80s….

    Comment by Brian -

  28. Dear Mr. Cuban,

    If only all the owners in the NBA cared about there fans as much as you do……..
    You truly are the fans owner. We Dallas fans have been spoiled by you. Keep on postin’



    Comment by Tapas Agarwal -

  29. I enjoyed listening to you during the Clippers-Mavs game the other night. I was watching Rick Anderson, who worked our basketball camp a couple weeks ago, so your interview was an unexpected bonus. I really enjoy your openness and willingness to write here and talk on tv about the realities of the NBA game. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by brew -

  30. You know you’ve got a good blog when the formost academic authority on NBA finances, Dan T. Rosenbaum, reads and gives you thumbs up. 😉 I really enjoy and often use your writings in my own analysis, Prof. Rosenbaum. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Scott Griffith -

  31. The title of this post should have been changed to “Why the Mavs didn’t trade for Shaq, T-Mac, or Kobe”. It seems like everybody looks strictly at Mr. Cuban’s wallet and not his cap situation when talking about “trade rumors”. Anybody with a max salary is rumored to be going to either the Mavs or the Knicks at some point despite the sorry cap situations in both places. Like he said, maybe .1% of it is actually being discussed.
    As for my .02 about who the Mavs should try to acquire, Kenyon Martin is 10 times the player Dampier ever was and you cant put a price on the intensity and heart he’d bring to the squad. Dampier will fall into the group of stiffs who got a nice contract because of a center poor market… kind of like the 7’6″ guy you already pay to warm your bench.

    Comment by Rob -

  32. I saw you on Craig Kilborn last night, and I can’t believe that the Lakers told you flat out that they didn’t want anyone in your roster. I bet you Mitch just didn’t like the idea of seeing an angry Shaq come to Staples twice a year. But I would think Dirk Nowitzki and/or Antoine Walker would be a better deal than Grant, Odom, and Butler.

    Comment by Ryan Jesena -

  33. First of all, thank you Mark for providing these explanations for your blog readers. It is a great service.

    Second, for those interested in learning more about the collective bargaining agreement, Larry Coon has an authoritative FAQ about it. Larry’s FAQ is heavily used by the press and team executives, but it is not official.

    The full collective bargaining agreement is also available on-line.

    Finally, a clarification on Mark’s base year explanation. Base year compensation rules apply to the team signing a player. If that team is above the salary cap, base year compensation rules apply. If not, they don’t. As far as I can tell, the salary cap status of the team receiving a player through a sign and trade does not matter.

    None of this should be taken as a criticism of the wonderful service Mark has provided with these explanations and many of the other discussions he has provided on this blog. Heck, if I was trying to do something like this, I am sure there would many, many more “clarifications” that would be necessary.

    Best wishes,

    Comment by Dan T. Rosenbaum -

  34. Wow, discovered the Blog with all the Ticket coverage.. and now I check in Daily.. Thanks Mark!

    I find it hard to believe that Mark didn’t do everything possible to get some Shaq in Dallas,

    K-Mart isn’t going anywhere. Stop the dumb speculation.

    Comment by Jerad Brown -

  35. For the love of God can we please stick to the plan that was supposed to happen two years ago and get a real center (Dampier) and quit worrying about others like Vince Carter. It is obvious that we need to play a little Defense if we are to go to the finals and win.

    Comment by Mark Siemanowski -

  36. K-Mart would be nice, but why stop there? Let’s get him, then trade stack or fin to indy for Artest and get Bill Laimbeer to be an assistant. We could have a team that was half finesse guys who can score like crazy and half physical defensive guys who are just plain crazy. I think Rodman’s also available and he’s kept in shape running from the bulls.

    Comment by Dennis -

  37. I agree about K-Mart. He’s young, talented, and has that attitude that you need on the team. His attitude doesn’t necessarily lead him to trouble like the Ron Artests of the NBA but it gives the team an edge.

    Martin is a NASTY player and plays with a lot of intensity.


    Comment by Tony -

  38. Apparently, bad moustaches are becoming fasionable again.

    Comment by Scott Griffith -

  39. Sam Smith writes for the Chicago Trib, his URL would be that, not the Dallas News.

    Pseudo Sam Smith — You should have done a better job trying to fake Mark and the rest of us out. (even more interesting, why would you want to impersonate HIM)

    Comment by Caleb -

  40. Good work showing us the light on some of the NBA’s trade rules, it clears things up a bit for us spectators.

    Interesting comments on 7; … I think I hear the Diesel pulling in. 😉

    Comment by Max -

  41. Yeah, I agree with J.R, to a degree. Dirk IS a 4, and an underrated help defender. Kenyon is really a 4, too, but you could certainly be play them together as the 4-5 combo and have the best combo in the league. Dirk’s only problem on D is his foot speed. Kenyon offers more of that than Shaq, plus he would not take the ball out of Dirk’s hands on the other end as much as Shaq would. I know we can come up with a better sign and trade offer than the ones the media has pumped out. Also, offer exiring contracts for a bad contract plus Dalembert. He would do wonders for us, but he is not enough to make a difference on the team he plays for now.

    Comment by Wayne Newton -

  42. Mark, Concentrate on Dampier. He is the best fit for the Mavs. He is the missing piece of the puzzle.

    Comment by Mark Siemanowski -

  43. A hard time without Steve?

    Steve Nash is one of the reasons the Mavs were one of the worst defensive teams last year. Look at opponents 3PT FG% and tell me Nash isnt responsible for half of it.

    Comment by some programmer -

  44. Devin DID NOT play four years, only three. Check the facts. But still… a GREAT pick IMO.

    Comment by Billy Buckles -

  45. …Sam Smith certainly knows more about Dallas getting Shaq than its own owner. Not.

    Comment by Brian -

  46. Devin might be a rookie but I think he will be able to really play rather soon. I watched him play for Wisconsin and completely clean up our team. Needless to say he is a complete and RARE FOUR YEAR COLLEGE player.

    … Too bad we couldn’t have moved up in the draft to select a HIGH SCHOOLER. ugh.

    – Brian

    Comment by Brian Dimm -

  47. Finally, some honesty in the NBA and the world of sports in general. You should be applauded Mark. I wish that my Sixers would be as upfront about its dealings. Such as why pay Brian Skinner 35 million? Eeek, I wish we had anyone from your team. Keep up the great work!

    Comment by Drew Olanoff -

  48. All I can say is “Way to go Mark”. Thank you for keeping the Mavs fans updated. You can’t please everyone and there will always be be criticizing every move you make.

    I wish we could have kept Steve but you can’t overpay someone in their 30’s. I watched Devin Harris in the games against the Chinese and he’s awesome. I think he’ll be as good as Steve in 1 year, 2 at the most.

    Get us a seasoned center and we can go all the way.

    Ignore the jerks and keep posting!

    Comment by Larry -

  49. I used to like Boozer until he pulled this stunt. Paxson should’ve covered his a$$ but when a person you trust gives you their word you shouldn’t have to.

    Comment by hair brush -

  50. Good question on the midlevel; it can be used every year as long as the team is over the cap. The Blazers have used it pretty much every year with their bloated payroll. I imagine that the Knicks will also, as this is the ONLY way teams with payrolls that are excessive can add a decent, experienced player to their roster.

    Comment by Krish -

  51. Thanks for the breakdown on trade rules. Very well articulated.
    One question: can the mid-level exception be used every year, or does it have the same limitation as the 1.6mm dollar exception (which cannot be used back-to-back years)?

    Comment by Aaron -

  52. Is there a reason there hasn’t been a press conference called to introduce Jerry Stackhouse and Christian Laettner as “official” members of the Mavericks — complete with the obligatory “jersey” photo op?

    Even Travis Best got the whole dog-and-pony show …

    Comment by K -

  53. You have to wait 60 days if you are going to package a player you received in a trade with other players. Atlanta, I believe, didn’t package anybody with Rasheed when they traded him to Detroit. So, with the Mavericks, if they wanted to trade Stackhouse, they could do so, unless they want to package him with, say, Antoine Walker in a trade, they’d have to wait 60 days. I’m not sure if they could package Stackhouse and Laetner in a trade, since they came to Dallas in the same trade…

    Comment by Tim -

  54. Mark talked about the rules for trading players (i.e. straight up for another player or involved in a subsequent trade)….so explain to me how Rasheed Wallace gets traded from the Blazers to the Hawks to the Pistons in a week?

    Comment by Krish -

  55. I find the “have faith in Cuban” stance a little confusing. Since Cuban bought the team, can anybody name one free agent acquisition that has been made that improved the team? Is there a single trade that made the Mavs better? Arguably, the Howard, Hardaway to Denver deal improved the team, because it gave the Mavs Nick Van Exel. Other than that, we traded away Van Exel, we traded away Jameson, we traded away LaFrentz(after maxing out his contract). Now we’ve lost Nash to free agency. We failed on every big free agency acquisition we’ve attempted to make(Rashard Lewis, Alonzo Mourning). The Mavericks were good the last several years because they a core of players that carried the team in Finley, Dirk, and Nash. All three of those players were already wearing Dallas uniforms when Cuban bought the team. And now Nash is gone. He’s replaced with an unproven rookie.

    Also, the notion that Cuban would have to pay 100 mil to Nash if he signed him for $50 mill isn’t necessarily true. It’s possible that there won’t be a luxury tax over those years, if the TV revenue goes up. And even Don Nelson says that Pavel isn’t ready for the NBA.

    At least we have about 11 small forwards, though. They’ll be useful come playoff time…

    Comment by Tim -

  56. Grades come at the end of a season, it’s still the middle… Maybe that’s a midterm grade, but Offseason isn’t over yet! Have hope Mavs fans; What else would you have Mark do? He didn’t sign Nash (too many years plus if he signs him for 50 mil a year, he pays 100 mil b/c of salary cap rules); Doesn’t get shaq (that isn’t in his hands, Lakers didn’t want to trade him in the West); Got rid of Jamison (Got Devin Harris, who could make a run at Rookie of the year, Stackhouse questionable, and Laettner could be used as trade bait halfway through the season); They resigned Marquis, so they have a young nucleus of Harris, Daniels, and Howard along with Dirk and in a few years Pavel. We signed a Congon who plays with tremendous energy, he just needs to work on his offense! We still need to make some moves but have faith in Cuban… Just remember, Offseason is not over yet! (but at the midterm, i give them a C…) Prove them wrong Cuban!

    Comment by Fowler -

  57. This offseason commends a grade of “F”. Big Fat failure! Nothing more, nothing less but a big Fat “F”!

    Set the line in Vegas for any futures bets on over/under for Mavs wins this year at 43.

    Comment by Scott Lawrence -

  58. Thanx alot Cube, i had questons about the rules (S+Ts, and base yrs to be exact), and you cleared up ALOT

    Cube, you are great, i wish u owned the Rockets (tho Les is dedicated also, he isnt as cool)

    Comment by AC -

  59. you are a dreamer, Mark. if they couldnt get it done a few seasons ago, what makes you think they will get it done now? if you guys ever want to win a championship, the Nelsons have to be the first to go. How many Championships does Nellie have after coaching for a hundered years???

    Comment by J.C. -

  60. Hey Mark, I would like to say that these are the players that are untouchable on your team for this year (Dirk, Finley, Daniels, and Howard) as far as any trades. I don’t need to get into why on Dirk, that’s a given. Finley at this point is your captain and can hold the team together. Do not trade him. The younger guys need Finley, period. Daniels is a given, the future of the Mavs. I have been hearing alot about a trade of some sort and the reason I am writing is Howard is mentioned as part of that trade. Howard and Daniels both feed off each other and again Howard should be the catalyst for the future of this team. Their is nobody out there and I mean nobody that is worth losing Howard or Daniels or Dirk. You have plenty of options outside of those key guys to make trades. Also my gut says that you have to find Stackhouse a new home. He does not fit in the puzzle because he does not want to come off the bench and will create tension. I hope to see Kurt Thomas and Erick Dampier in a Mavs uniform. Stackhouse and Walker should work for trade bait. A three way trade between Goldenstate and New York. We don’t need Vince Carter. I really don’t think you need a back up PG other than Delk, and trust that Harris will get it done. Tony Parker was a rookie when he ran the Spurs and look at what he did. Trust that all you are missing at this point is a true big man and do what ever it takes to get him in a Mavs uniform outside of giving up your untouchables I have told you about. Sign Dampier for whatever it takes and realize that it spells NBA Finals. I have been saying this since the end of last season. There is one last thing that would sweeten the Mavs but I honestly don’t know about the ins and outs of and that is Nick Van Excel. If you could get him for less than his current contract to finish his career hear, which I know that he would like to finish on a Texas Team, that would answer your last touch as a sure NBA Championship Winner. You now have a heart and soul with Finley and NVE. Defense to stop anyone and I mean anyone with Dampier, Howard, Thomas, and Daniels. And of course on offense every team will hate to play with scoring from the inside and out. Thanks,
    Mark Siemanowski
    P.S. Make it happen!!! I know it will work.

    Comment by Mark Siemanowski -

  61. Mr. Cuban,
    Now that Shaq is no longer in LA, has the Maverick organization been affected as a contender in the West?
    Also, what are your predictions concerning the new roster for the Rockets? How do you think that they will fare against your team?
    Finally, I’ve read your views towards sending players to the Olympics. Although the risk of becoming injured exists, do you believe that there might exist a good chance that your investments might gain valuable experience and increase their values through their skills, further increasing the worth of your investments and offsetting the risk involved in sending players to the Olympics?

    Comment by Thomas K -

  62. I’m pretty sure the Dallas know what they’re doing. I agree with Mark that trying to keep Nash was not best for the Mav’s future. “What our biggest problem is lack of defense.” There is no doubt about that but the only free agent left that has some D are Stromile Swift, Trenton Hassell, and Darius Miles. Mavs already have to many at G and SF so Miles and Hassell is out. That leaves only Stromile, who is too little to play C. I just think the Mavs need to start Bradley and give him more playing time.

    Comment by Next NBA -

  63. Am I the only one who has seen the decline in us the Mavericks and the blowing up of the other western teams?? Look at the Nuggets, Spurs, and Rockets. And now look at our roster, hurts doesn’t it. Sure the trading isn’t over and sure we have a few good players and I stress “few”. What our biggest problem is lack of defense as we all know and yet we have done nothing to get there. We traded the 6th man of the year for has beens and we lost Nash for nothing and ohh by the way we still have Bradley and Walker whom haven’t ever showed me anything. We need a team, wait, a well rounded GOOD team if there is any way in hell to compete with the new western teams otherwise people save your money and time as we will witness a flashback of the past 4 years. And also just to let you know I’m a MMFL and that’s the reason I’m so mad that we’re the last team doing anything to help us out. All the best centers are just about taken, we have no proven point guard, and ofcourse we have as much defense as orlando magic, if that. Mark, with all due respect, what are we waiting for?????

    Comment by David -

  64. with the warriors signing D Fish could V Exel be available…..get him MARK!

    Comment by Omar S -

  65. can you believe that the nets lost kenyon martin? was this unavoidable, or is ratner indeed a sterling, jr., a cheapo who doesn’t understand the business of the nba? hey, mark, can you please buy the nets? or, for that matter, every other team in the league?

    Comment by kat -

  66. Can you make this happen Mark Cuban?

    Comment by Next NBA -

  67. I totally agree with Kellen who posted earlier in that J-Ho is untradeable!! Yes, the team needs some revising, but NOT at the expense of losing an athletic, defensive power. No way! J-Ho is mature and brings positive energy on and off of the court. We already lost Nash, part of the big three, for reasons beyond the team’s control, let’s not lose part of the big three of the future.

    Comment by KJ -

  68. Maybe Steve Nash doesn’t have as impressive career stats as some other point guards, but one thing he bring to the Mavericks was the ability to make each player on the court better than they’d been the day before. He’s a true point guard. He brought out the best in his teammates, and not many players can do that.
    “He’s the one player whose unselfishness can elevate the Mavericks above the sum of their parts.” -Charley Rosen about Nash

    Comment by Catherine -

  69. The same people who are saying that the Mav’s should have matched what Phoenix offered are the SAME people who are going to be saying ‘THANK GOODNESS’ the Mav’s didn’t sign Stevie Nasty to that outrageous deal! I know it stings now, but come on. You DON’T give that kind of money (near max)WITH THAT MANY YEARS to:

    A: A 30 year old Canadian White dude who has no more upside. What you see is what you get.

    B: A player whose career averages are 2.5rbs 6.0assts 12.5pts per game.

    C: A player who can’t dunk.

    D: A player who is one drive away from an injury that will prevent him from playing even close to a full season, for the duration of his contract.

    E: A player who is almost a turn-style defensively.

    Admittedly, Nash has his EXTREMELY strong points, 41% career 3’s – 89% career FT’s. / 8.8 assists per game last year. BUT I think I personally wouldn’t have much trouble dishing out at least 6 or 7 assts a game with a Dirty Dirk, AntWalk, AntJam, MicFin and the other strong bench players the Mav’s have. (and I’m a 5’10” not athletic 195pound Canadian white guy)

    It’s not about the money – it’s about the length of the deal. I’d give him 11 million for next year. But not 13 million or whatever it is for when he’s 36. You can get someone almost as good, for probably half as much.

    ALL THIS COMING FROM a Canadian dude who loves Nash. I’m just giving the straight goods here peeps.

    Comment by Tom Shinn -

  70. I’ve been keeping up with the Summer League team. I HOPE that someone tells Devin Harris he can’t be taking 25 shots a game once the regular season starts. This kid is good, but it’s not hard to drop 25 points a night when you’re shooting 10-25, you know what i mean? Nevertheless, I feel this kid will easily step in and lead the Mavs in the right direction without a problem.

    Comment by Dave -

  71. The more I think about it the more it ticks me off. Not signing Nash was about the stupidest thing you could have done. With Marquis Daniels and Josh Howard comming around, the mavs would of packed a punch next year. Also, if that 7’5″ russian guy could perform, then we’d have a half decent center and wouldn’t need shaq as badly as we did. At any rate, Pavel is bound to be better than Bradley. The mavs would of been a happening team, even if they didn’t get shaq, and just kept their current roster + draft deals.

    The more I think about the reasons you didn’t re-sign Nash, the more stupid they seems to me. You said you wanted more cap space, but what for??? Well, you got your “more cap space,” and what have you done with it? Nothing. All the good free-agents are already signed, and no-one’s even makeing rumors about mav trades anymore. Also, I can’t actually believe that you listen Nash 120% kamakazi style as a reason NOT to sign him. -DUMB! A guy just lays it out on the court every night, and another team (suns) sees that so they offer him the contract he deserves, and what do you do? You turn around and offer him 10 million less. That’s a slap in the face! You overpay everyone else, and the one guy who deserves it – SLAP! What’s more, you just give up, don’t even offer something to at least counter what the suns offer. At first I was mad at Nash, but now I’m starting to see where he’s comming from. Right now, I wish I was Donald Trump and you were on The Apprentice so I could say “Mark Cuban, your fired!”

    Comment by jon k -

  72. For just a second I’m not going to think about Steve Nash. I really do believe we should try and get Nick Van Exel back. Rookies in the starting lineup are bad enough, but rookie point guards? And come on, I love Avery Johnson but he was just an average player in his prime and isn’t he nearly 40 now? We need a point guard that can not only teach Devin Harris how to play in the NBA, but that can also be a threat to other teams. Nick Van Exel can run Nellie’s system better than anyone save Nash, and he already has the chemistry with Dirk and Fin. He must be just itching to get back into the game after last year’s disappointment. Plus, he really wants to be here.
    “After next season, I’m playing for a team in Texas. If I’m not playing for a team in Texas, I’m done. That’s just how I feel. I’ve been feeling like that for a while.”- Nick Van Exel
    Please Cuban, at least get Van Exel. That guy can kick some serious butt.

    Comment by Catherine -

  73. Let’s get past the debate on Shaq and Nash – its done. What can we do to make this team a contender again? – Let’s go get back Van Exel – the only Maverick in the last few years to raise his game and raise his teammates’ games in the playoffs – rather fade into the woodwork like Dirk, Steve and even Fin did without him this year. A more mature Daniels and Howard with Nick to help raise the game and take and make clutch shots – rather than miss them all like Steve and Dirk did when it mattered (as much as we love them you have to admit that its true)- would be fun to see.

    Comment by Different dave -

  74. I agree with Tom Shinn above. Damp is definitely not going to be worth 8, 9 or even 10 mil a year. Last year, his stats were way inflated due to

    1. Troy Murphy being out effectively all season and
    2. Uncle Cliffy being one of the worst rebounding PFish players around.

    Had Troy Murphy been pulling his usual 10 and 10 a night, Dampier would definitely been a very average 10 and 9 nightly player.

    But I guess in a league where a nothing player like Foyle makes 40-50 mil for doing nothing, Dampier might really be worth 100M…

    Comment by dave -

  75. Missed out on:
    Kenyon Martin

    Instead they got the wonderfully no-longer much good Jerry Stackhouse, lost Nash, signed Daniels to a $30 million deal after he had a few good games in the playoffs, and lost Jamison.

    WTF?? Mr. Cuban, you are a smart man but you haven’t acted like it lately.

    Comment by Tony -

  76. According to the NBA Rules he states, Nash could not have been signed and then used as trade bait for Shaq. He would have been a base-year player. Cuban cannot say that directly, because NBA rules preclude him discussing a player under contrat with another team. The whole list of rules was so that you could read between the lines.

    By the way, the Mavs have a great owner. Dr. Buss has done a great job for a lot of years, but nobody haas done a better job for NBA fans than Mark Cuban. If my Lakers cannot win a title, the I hope a good owner like Cuban gets rewarded.

    Comment by Dean -

  77. How did Shaq not come to Dallas?
    Do we even know that Mark didn’t offer Dirk? That the Lakers actually want Dirk? That Kobe does want Dirk to be his sidekick? Or that the Lakers want Shaq to stay in the west and face him at least 4 times a year? Maybe Cuban did fail and didn’t offer enough. Who knows..? I don’t think the people really responsible for the negotiating and making trades get their news from ESPN.

    Like Cuban said, a lot of what actually happened were not known to the media until *maybe* someone write a book or something 15 years from now. I’m not defending Cuban, he may have done the wrong deals, but I think most of us have much less information regarding these trades than we would like to think (or rather, than the media would like us to think).

    The same goes with Nash. He might have known that he was trade bait for Shaq and preferred to choose his own destination. Maybe. He got what he wanted and I would be watching some Suns games along with Mavs games. I think both Nash and the Mavs (not just Cuban) got what they wanted.

    Comment by joe -

  78. … isn’t winning a Championship the point?

    As a Lakers fan, I have watched Shaq decline just a little bit the last two (2) years. He misses 15 games a year and no longer is in the top 20 rebounders. Centers age in dog years past 33-34 years of age. However, the Big Fella has at least one great season left in him. I am talking 27 ppg + 10 rpg. The year after a trade, you know he is going to give you everything he has left in the tank. I mean, just to get his damn extension.

    You add that player to a Mavs team with Nash, Finley and either Antwan (or Antoine) and it WINS THE TITLE. Period.

    Do you hear me?

    That team wins the NBA Championship no questions asked. Delirium reigns in the streets of Dallas. Mark Cuban makes the biggest Rings, ever. Don Nelson lectures on the value of a good Point Forward and the Mavs hang their first banner.

    Everybody wins in that scenario. Kobe gets an All-Star side-kick in Dirk Nowitzki. Shaq gets his $90 million and his revenge. The Lakers get cap room for the Summer of ’06 (or a less Ganja-loving version of Lamar Odom). AND THE MAVERICKS GET THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP.

    How did this not happen?

    Comment by Dean -

  79. Nash should quit his pouting and move on like a mature adult. Maybe they did want him more. Who gives a rats nut??!! It’s done with..over.. I think it’s obvious to anyone with two brain cells that we did want him back. His ego is obviously damaged because we didn’t offer him a $10 billion 10 year deal. Cry me a river.

    Comment by Holly -

  80. “I thought all along there was a chance he (Mavericks owner Mark Cuban) wouldn’t invest in me,” Nash said. “Obviously, financially, it was a great move, but I think there were other teams financially that may have surpassed this tremendous deal, but in no way did the situation compare.

    “To be so welcome overrode any feeling of disappointment or fear on missing out on what we started in Dallas. I don’t even feel like it’s the same team (in Dallas) at all.”

    steve nash can go choke on sand in phoenix. i hope the mavs blow out the suns EVERY single time until nash retires. that ugly loser.

    Comment by Dave -

  81. At least the Lakers should be an easier win now (unless we do the whole lose-just-because-it’s-the-Lakers thing). The same can’t be said about many of the other teams in the west. The Nuggets with KMart should be a contender, the Jazz have had some significant postseason aquisitions, and the Suns will be better with Nash and possibly Quentin. The Spurs have already improved, and despite what people say about TMac (won’t fit into Van Gundy’s system, ball hog, etc.) no team’s looking forward to facing the Rockets this year.

    The best thing out there is that even if Cuban does nothing else, we’ll still be better than the Lakers, and isn’t that what basketball is all about?

    Comment by joe -

  82. What exactly has kevin garnett won in the past 9years. What exactly has Chris Webber done? If KG is untradeable, dirk should be too. Name another 7 footer who has handle the rock, pull up for the J, and rain threes. Shaq is going to be oft injured, and he is done in a year or two. Happens to all great big men who take a beating in their career.
    Dirk is good for another 6-7years, he is in his prime. It woulda been dumb to trade dirk for shaq, just for one year. And remember, shaq didnt win the title with kobe for the past two years, what makes it a gurantee we woulda won the title with shaq.
    All we need is a big center and we are just as good as any of the other teams out west. Dirk, Daniels, Fin, Jhoward, Dharris, Stack(if he stays), is a good group. And jhoward and daniels and fin to some extent play D.

    Comment by Ashwin -

  83. Sorry, accidentally pressed the button

    To continue about Dampier….

    Do you go and throw him a near max-money deal (or sign and trade some of your proven players)when he hasn’t REALLY proven he can continue from what he did last year? The guy might even actually BE a beast on the boards, I’m not going to speculate on that, but seriously now, he only averaged 12.7 points per game last year. I know, I know…a big man is a big man, but THINK people, THINK.

    To go and slag a man like Mark Cuban – who I KNOW would lie down on the tracks of an oncoming freight train if it would improve his team, that’s just despicable. I think out of anyone in the league that owns a team, Mark cares the most. I’m not even close to Dallas, but the Mav’s are my team, because Mark is the owner. I put my wholehearted faith into Mark when it comes to putting the best possible team he can onto the floor. You should too, otherwise you’re just another ‘fairweather fan’.


    “Ask not what a player CAN do for you today, but what that player WILL do for your tomorrow”

    Comment by Tom Shinn -

  84. I think that some of you should really give Mark Cuban a break about the whole Shaq thing. I don’t think that some people really realize what basketball is all about. FIRST OF ALL – Mark Cuban is the owner, not the G.M, though I realize that he does have a large say in what goes on with the Mav’s. Secondly, getting Shaq is one thing, but do you gut your team to get him? Shaq has been on a seemingly steady decline for the past couple years. He has also had a problem with injuries and with what i would observe to be a lack of interest. He also gets a paycheque that is almost 30 million per year. It’s one thing to give that kind of money to a K.G, but to someone who has said they want to retire by 34, and who has made connotations to the fact that he’s flirting with the idea of leaving basketball to become a police officer, it seems a bit risky, to say the least. His conditioning is NOT what it should be for a man his size to be as dominant as you would like him to be, and he doesn’t seem to think he even has a problem with not being in tip top shape. I think Shaq tends to rest on his laurels somewhat, the Pistons series being a good indicator to that fact. He would also be a scourge at the FT line for a team that was the best in the league at FT’s. So, further to the gutting your team for Shaq, what do you do in the case of him getting injured, when you’ve given up most of your big game players to get him. Do you just sit and watch as your team goes ‘0 for whatever’ while he’s out, a la Vince Carters Raptors going 0 and 9 while he was out last year? As Mark says, the business of basketball is alot trickier and more complicated than most people make it out to be (see anything by Sam Smith for great examples of the truly clueless)As a G.M, you don’t make a move if it’s not going to help your team now AND in the future (though there have been moves by G.M’s that would proove otherwise) No matter what the ‘fairweather fans’ scream and stomp their feet about in the here and now. Which brings me to my next point – Erick Dampier. Because of media hype and various speculation, there are alot of fans who think that Damp’s is the ‘new Shaq’. The guy has ONE good year, where he happens to grab a nice amount of rebounds and blocks a few shots (in a contract year, i might add) and you wanna throw near max money at him? I know that Bryant Reeves set a bad precedent

    Comment by Tom Shinn -

  85. Mark,

    As a lifelong Maverick fan, since the good ole expansion days, I appreciate your postings and giving us (the fans) insights into what is happening.

    Bottom line though, is this team needs a center. Every since this organization has come in the league, the one position that we have failed to improve over the years is in the middle. I mean just look at the history of guys who’ve played center for this team (Donaldson, Lafrentz, Bradley and others). I realize that there are not many players to pick from out there, but there have been chances to improve in this area. Until you find a big man and the defense on the team improves, the championship that you and the fans long for will continue to elude the organization.

    Just my .02!

    I do appreciate all the things you’ve done for the Maverick organization and the community.

    Good luck and Go Mavs!

    Comment by Scott Hammons -

  86. Profs for taking the time to explain more about how the NBA does business. Adding such insight keeps fan involvement and excitement up as we progress through the free agency period. I guess if we really wanted to, we could look up the rules ourselves, but somehow it just seems more interesting coming from you!

    Next time, how about your observations on the upcoming Olympic effort? Protect your player’s (and the team’s) future? Or, encourage them to hone their skills through the summer in international play?

    Comment by B. Lewis -

  87. 5 million a year vs 11 million a year. seems like an easy “business” decision. while the cavs did him a favor, if u get double the money that ur getting now, anybody would leave. its a lot different if boozer left for 6million. u gotta get the money while you can, before u get injured like hardaway or hill.

    Comment by Ashwin -

  88. Mr. Cuban,
    What are your feelings on the Carlos Boozer situation with Cleveland and Utah?

    I used to like Boozer until he pulled this stunt. Paxson should’ve covered his a$$ but when a person you trust gives you their word you shouldn’t have to.

    Boozer is pathetic and I hope he sucks in Utah.

    Comment by Tony -

  89. Why would Sam Smith link to, hmm.

    Comment by Dustin Carlson -

  90. While the rockets have tmac and yao,it still comes down to the same problem. Tmac is a ball hog and yao needs the ball. Tmac does not play d. A coach cannot make a superstar change the way he plays, and van gundy (jeff) cannot make tmac play d.
    Spurs are only getting older. No more hedo(mite be a good thing), rasho aint getting any better, horry aint gettin any better, so i dont know how the spurs got any better Sam Smith.

    Mavs got a vocal leader, a locker room impact in avery johnson, 2 defensive minded young studs (howard and daniels)who are a year better, a quick TJ Ford like point guard who can shoot, and two solid veterans in stackhouse and laetner. While they lost nash, daniels and harris can pick up the slack along with another veteran. Plus we still have dirk and fin.

    Sam Smith said mavs became a “2nd tier franchise” because steve nash was gone, and the steve/dirk combo was gone. If the mavs had traded nash to the lakers, he woulda been gone anyway. So smith just contradicts himself. I thought u had to be smart to be a reporter for a major city newspaper.

    Comment by Ashwin -

  91. Whatever happens with trades and free agency, I don’t think anyone really wants an owner who misses on big deals and instead offers lists of excuses why things didn’t happen. I appreciate how forthcoming Mark is, and it’s rare to get that in a sports executive. But come on…if we lose Steve Nash, whether he was worth signing or not, as a fan I’m not really interested in how it was somebody else’s fault. If we lose on the Shaq deal, whether he was worth trading for or not, I don’t want to hear about how it wasn’t the team’s fault because of this or that. I’m just tired of hearing that. It doesn’t change what happened. I’d like to hear more about where this team is headed, and what the plan is in the front office. It’s difficult to maintain interest in a team that has little chance of improving. For the second year in a row, I’m left scratching my head as to why the Mavs made some of the moves they did (or didn’t).

    Comment by James Swaine -

  92. is that really sam smith posting a comment on your blog? or an impersonator?

    why would the lakers trade shaq to a team in the same confrence? would they really wanna play a pissed off shaq 5 times a year as opposed to once or twice?

    Comment by jon -

  93. I have to laugh at the sportswriters comments over the Nash & Shaq outcomes. These were the same people who were lambasting the Mavs for not signing Zo and Malone last year. Trading a much younger Dirk for Shaq would not have made the Mavs too much better. Who else would the Mavs have to give up along with Dirk? If the Mavs had maxed out the Nash contract and gotten Shaq for Dirk, first Shaq wanted a 30 million a year extension now you have two contracts that would have extended their usefulness. Could you see two years from now an aging Nash passing to an aging Shaq; their two max out contracts hanging over the Mavs for the four more years? Shaq would have been great for the Mavs only with Dirk. In turn a much younger Laker team of Dirk and Kobe would be running all over us for years. I don’t think any Mav fan wanted to see Nash leave but the truth is the Suns were willing to offer up more than Steve was worth. As for Steve I don’t think anyone can blame him for wanting a guaranteed 10 million plus as a 36 year old point guard. I think as fans we should sit back and see what team we have in Oct. I’m sure that by the time the first tip off for the season is set forth we’ll have a contending team we can be proud of. Reading all of those rules I’m glad I’m not a GM. P.S. tell the Warriors we’ll take Van Exel with Dampier.

    Comment by Joey Pate -

  94. ouch! sam smith must really think that he is going 2 win over mav fans. I understand what sam is saying, but who is to say that after the mavs siged nash, that the shaq deal would have definetly gone through? if nash signed and the deal was to flop, the mavs would b as$ed out when it comes to trying to land a big free agent down the road. i look at it the logical way, u can only have so many big name players when free agency is involved. u win some and u lose some. both nash and the mavs chose a path, at this point of time, the path chose 2 split.

    Comment by PJ -

  95. When a contract expires, it is taken off the books entirely. However, this does not mean you now have room under the salary cap like in some other sports. The NBA cap is a soft cap, which means teams may go over the cap using the exceptions Mark outlined. Most teams do go over the cap each year.

    In the Mavs case they are WAY over the salary cap. In the case of Walker and Laetner, their salaries are probably not large enough to get the Mavs under the cap once they are gone. The Mavs will not get anything, including cap space, if those two play out the year and leave. The only benefit of these two for the Mavs are barganing chips for trades. Other teams may be able to benefit from those expiring contracts and will trade current players with longer contracts to get the expiring ones and be under the cap next summer.

    The same thing happened with Nash this year. His salary came off the books, but it was not enough to get under the cap. Because of this, the Mavs lost talent and can do nothing to sign a new player of Steve’s caliber.

    Comment by Mike G -

  96. Man. all of this makes me realize two things.
    A. The Mavs are going to have a hard time without Steve..
    B. All these millionaires… I need to raise my consulting rates.. there is way too much money out there.

    Comment by Mike Verinder -

  97. See, I love how the media is completely ignoring all of the moves the Mavs have made. We have Jerry Stackhouse, whose stock is low right now, but could be a huge contributor again if put in the right situation presonally, and I can’t think of a better place than the Mavs. We have a new 7 ft 5 guy that nobody knows about yet, but could pan out. We have the most NBA ready point guard from this years draft. Oh, and two guys named Fin and Dirk. Plus, our bench has gotten deeper and we have the 2 best expiring contracts left to move in Chrisitan and Walker. So before anyone goes to flappin their gums about who is and/or is not going to contend in the West, maybe Wednesday should come and go before any declarative staments are made. Just my two cents.

    Comment by Brad -

  98. First of all I know everything there is to know about NBA salary cap rules. I have a lot of executive friends in high places within the NBA that keep me a well informed journalist. Secondly I must agree with Scott Griffith about the Steve Nash deal. You failed to sign him and with that failed to get Shaq through the sign and trade. You see Mark, Ironically its the deal you didn’t make that is you biggest mistake. This could have been the opening day roster:

    Shaquille O’Neal
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Michael Finley
    Marquis Daniels
    Devin Harris

    Instead Mavs fans are going to have to suffer another year of a soft, non defensive team. Do you really think the current roster stands a chance against any of the teams in Texas. No Way!

    Comment by Sam Smith -

  99. Big time fan from DC. here are my thoughts…

    I like the fact you didn’t low ball Steve Nash, you gave him a great offer that only one team was willing to exceed which was an offer he couldn’t refuse. You guys were a bad road team last year, I love Steve Nash’s game, but maybe the mavs need a more vocal leader, you all were too good to be so bad on the road, there was not always a sense of urgency, and players need to hear from other players not just coaches. I’d see Steve Nash roll his eyes sometimes, I love his game, but Jordan never rolled his eyes at anyone even with the Washington Wizards, he got in their face. Maybe Michael and Dirk can start doing that.
    I like that the Mavs have gotten younger without a huge drop off in talent. I like the fact that you guys took chances last year acquiring Twan and Toine, eventhough you missed the memo on Brad Miller. I like that you didn’t extend guys you’ve traded for that weren’t working out. You guys give a great opportunity for them to shine and rebuild reputations. I LOVE that you have so many coaches, rookies are so lucky to get so much instruction.
    How Sam Smith can say Dallas is not longer an NBA destination is amazing since Dallas was Shaq’s 1st choice. So a lot of people that matter see what I see and like what I like about the Mavs Organization and the fans.
    I remember not too long ago wizards were so short on healthy bodies and instead of signing some cba players to 10 day contracts in the odd chance they’d find a diamond in the rough they decided to suit up only nine players to save money. I’m so glad you don’t let press dictate your moves, because shaq was not worth breaking up your core, shaq is out of the conference, Dallas just got better by not trading.

    Comment by Anthony -

  100. Awww SNAP! Sam Smith roasted again. Tony Kornheiser is the only good columnist in America now.

    Comment by Billy Buckles -

  101. According to the Dallas Morning News a couple weeks ago, if a team is over the salary cap, then they will not get any salary cap space back when a player’s contract expires. So, if this is true, even if the Mavericks keep Antoine Walker, Christian Laetner, who both have contracts that expire after this coming season, they wouldn’t receive any salary cap space, because they are over the cap. Those salary slots would just go away, is this rule is indeed correct. After reading Cuban’s explanation of trades up above, I realize that most of the scenarios I’ve read in the sports page in the last couple weeks have been impossible. If this rule is true, though, then the Mavericks would have to trade both Laetner and Walker before the trade deadline in February, because they wouldn’t get any salary cap relief by letting their contracts expire. I’d be interested to hear Cuban explain this rule, and how exactly it would affect the Mavericks. Do they have the option of keeping Walker for this season, and then having that salary cap space to make a run at Yao Ming(or another simlilar superstar)? Or is trading them the only way to benefit from their expiring contracts?

    Comment by Tim -

  102. From Smith:,1,3006631.column?coll=cs-columnists

    Two-time All-Star Steve Nash, meanwhile, signed with Phoenix.

    Even though the Cavaliers are being criticized for losing Carlos Boozer, when they had a chance to sign him to a one-year option for next season, the biggest blunder has to belong to the Mavericks.

    In losing Nash, they gave away the chance to trade for O’Neal, who had listed Dallas as his first choice. With Nash they could have presented a package to better the Heat’s. Also, losing Nash as they did without matching an offer belied everything owner Mark Cuban had ever said about taking care of his players and not worrying about the financial implications.

    Dallas is no longer an NBA destination. The essence of the team was the Nash-Dirk Nowitzki two-man game, one of the most unstoppable plays. The Mavs have become just another second-tier franchise.

    Clearly Sam does not pay alot of attention to trivial matters like… money, finances, long-term strategic planning and such. Smith is smarter than this, I thought.

    Comment by Scott Griffith -

  103. Thank you again Mark. You would think that TV people would let us in on these things before they tells us that you could trade everybody. I am still waiting for this lead in to a NBA trade rumor, “Mavs trade Shaq from LA to the Knicks,” or ” Cuban is ready to double the Salary cap and get Kobe, Shaq, T-Mac, and Yao all for Shawn Bradley, Tariq Abdul-Wahad, and a future second round draft pick.” These guys are funny. I am still hoilding out hope that LA wants to deal with us and not the HEAT. Doesnt make sense that they would want to contracts on Grant and Odom even if it meant getting a young Butler. Seems to me like this is all grandstanding to get Kobe back in a LA uniform. I would much rather trade for a couple of expiring contracts and a role player or two. My advise, let them! I would love to have over $20 mill freed up after next year! Stay strong Mark!

    Comment by Dominic Massaro -

  104. Did your entry get cut off Mark? It seems to end at the your 6th example like this:
    “that player is considered a base year player. The”

    Wish I could read the rest of it. Great stuff Mark!

    Comment by brian darley -

  105. Mark don’t listen to the haters. Just do your thing. Since you have come to Dallas, you have done everything to make this product the best to put peoples but in seats and put a quality product on the floor. Keep up the good work. I want a Championship as much as the next man and it will come. I truely believe this. So just tell them haters to lay off the nizuts and just watch you work your magic.


    Comment by Manny Madrigal -

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