The Benefactor Premiere

Thanks for all the great feedback on the premiere of The Benefactor. The response has been great! For those who missed it, it runs again Thursday the 16th on ABC, then goes back to its regular time slot on Mondays.

For those of you in the 25 pct of the country who can’t watch it at a normal time due to Monday Night Football, make sure to record it whenever it runs!

Once we are a few episodes in, I will go back and backfill with some of the drama and fun that happened behind the scenes and led to why some were cut and why some stayed.

Make sure to watch, and make sure to tell your friends to watch!

And don’t forget that you can register to win 25k in the Chili Giveaway Promotion on the ABC website!

and as always, keep the comments coming…and I will give one thing away here.

I was rooting for Grayson too.