The Benefactor: Payback is a…

Down to the final 6. SorryI couldn’t give an update on the in-depth reasons behind some of the cuts. Things have been crazy with Mavs training camp starting tomorrow. I did want to give some highlights to watch out for, kind of a cheat sheet for blogreaders. The action gets far more intense now that it’s down to the final six, with at least 1 more to go TONIGHT!

  1. Yes, I really made that shot!

  2. Yes, it really did come down to the kids. It happens just the way you saw it. Like the rest of the show, it was not scripted and completely unpredictable.

  3. Yes, we really had to edit out some of the things that some of the contestants were trashtalking to the kids. IfI had been able to kick some of them off for that, I would have.

  4. However much money you think was in the gym bag, you were wrong. It was more.

  5. I swear I never have more thanone Jagermeister shot in any one night :).

Here is what you can expect in upcoming episodes:
***I get my hair colored…pink.
***The Lies continue…and mount.
***One contestant reveals a 2nd personality and it was truly bizarre to be there when his/her family confirms it…and there are pictures to prove it.
***Finally, and this is my favorite, when we sent out the review tapes, we put out some extra footage on there as a misdirect. The footage is wrong. It was a little twist we hoped a bunch of media would fall for. Turns out, Entertainment Weekly and a few others took the bait. Let’s see if they admit it.

Spread the Benefactor love Mondays on ABC. TiVo it. Tell your friends to watch too and let me know what you think about tonight’s episode!!

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  1. It to me is real and real people and I love it. You go Mark keep the show going! Oh yeah I love how you had the kids vote. So cool! Kids know best! I loved that show the best so far.

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  2. I think the Benefactor also suffers from the lack of suspense on who gets booted off. There’s no rhyme or reason to who goes. With Survivor everyone votes. With the Apprentice there’s the great boardroom debate (face it that show is boring, with the exception of the boardroom yelling and screaming). With the Benefactor it’s like the Appretince with one person making the cut, but the Benefactor lacks the contestants getting to do anything about it.

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  3. The show — nice idea, bad execution.

    I like the overall idea and where Mark is trying to go with it. The introspection and life lessons he’s trying to facilitate folks to learning on their own are dynamite, and for that I commend Mark.

    But the execution of the show is painful. Jenga? Good God. Suggestion — give them an afternoon to raise money for a charity via a charity carwash, or for that matter any way they choose. Most money wins. Competitive, life lessons to be learned, should make for enough moments for good TV, and a charity gets some cash. And how many more times will he say “for $1 million dollars”? If this thing runs repeats, that phrase will spawn a drinking game in college. How about just saying it once an episode? Everyone knows whats on the line. It smacked of too much petty-tyrant from someone who (I would hope) is far from that.

    Nice touches — visiting everyone’s home in the final four. Outstanding, expose the frauds. “Why do you deserve the million dollars?” question of the final two. Very good.

    Comment by Frank -

  4. Loving basketball as I do, last nights episode was great. I hated when the Silver team was up LOSE* and they started talking trash. I really wanted them to lose. Then the Blue team comes back, but starts yelling at the kid to miss the shot. Go Silver!!!!! I hated seeing Lucas miss that last shot. All the drama of it rolling around the rim only to pop out. Reality TV at it’s greatest.

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  5. I really love the show. It is very good.

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  6. To clearup some missunderstandings here. Cuban admitted on Bob and Tom the following,
    1 It’s not Cubans Million he is giving away, it’s ABCs
    2 Cuban didn’t come up with the idea.
    This show has nothing to do with being a benefactor.
    I would like to know how much money Cuban is making doing this show.
    Mark, if you really want to be a real benefactor and rescue your image you might try visiting my website.

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  7. Prior to the show I actually was a Mark Cuban fan. Now it’s hard to see what I thought I admired about the guy. I’m a geek freak but Cuban’s lack of instinct is, I think, what has turned me off. I would have taken any money given to me to get off the show. Not because I didn’t “believe” in myself, as Cuban stated about the guy who did cut loose, but because I’m convinced that looking for the person who really deserves a million bucks is LAST on the list of priorities. They are grasping at straws to in their attempt to provide any logic to the process. It’s like a bad term paper. There is no rhyme or reason.

    Comment by Gillian -

  8. I am not a faithful fan of the Benefactor as the only episode I’ve actually watched was the first. Prior commitments (outside of home not to TV!) have left me missing episodes!!

    As a fan of the Dallas Stars, (and needing a hockey fix in some way/shape/form!) I was looking forward to that episode but missed it thanks to my sister’s birthday dinner. I arrived home in time to see the final cut!

    With the passing of Christopher Reeve, ABC saw fit to shuffle the schedule unbeknownst to me and Monday (10/11/04) night as I sat down to watch the Benefactor it wasn’t there! My question is if/when it will air?

    And Mark were you disappointed at all or did you know of the schedule change in advance?!

    Kimberly P.

    Comment by Kim P. -

  9. Mr. Mark Cuban,


    Hometown: Oklahoma City

    Occupation: Spanish Teacher/Student/Sales…(bipolar at heart:) Current interest: To find myself..

    Age: 31

    Would I rather earn a million or win it? If I can win it today, then yes! but to earn it in the future yes…time is valuable!

    Hobbies: Talking and listening to people. If only I can get paid big time for just meeting different people than life is grand!

    Unique talents that I am most proud of: I can make friends with almost anyone anywhere. I am so curious…I want to know what makes people happy!!!

    3 adjectives that best describes me: funny, sensitive and energetic

    Things I would like Mark to know about me: Let me be the first Vietnamese Oklahoma City female on your show next show! I want to suprise all the people who knows me, who wants to know me, who doesn’t know me and those who wished that took time time to get to know me! Men are wierd! but I love them hehehe

    Comment by Tam -

  10. okay Christopher Reeve was beloved and all but seriously … i wanted to know if Linda FINALLY got the ax … she is really buggin’. After Shawn went off the show I was wondering who I would want to go next .,.. it’s her. I am also wondering Dom’s fate … grrrr

    Comment by Karen_B -

  11. Mark,

    I came about watching your show because one of the children I work with asked if I had seen it because he just “had to know” who was kicked off on the 2nd show. He told me who all the people on the show were, all about you and how much he admires you.

    So I had to tune in to see what your show was all about. I had never seen this young man so excited about anything. I have surprised myself by enjoying it and looking forward to the next show…

    BUT I have to agree with the little league coach. There is no reason those “adults” should have been yelling anything at those kids EXCEPT for encouragement. I can’t believe you would not have stepped in and told them to stop. That was just uncalled for. They are kids and I don’t want to hear how “it will just make them stronger”. I work with a special group of kids every day. It would break your heart if you heard about some of the things that were said to them or things that were done to them to “make them stronger”.

    I am intrigued by you and where you came from but I have lost some respect for you after this past show. You ARE the host. You could have stopped them or at the very least, at the end, told them you were not pleased with the way they handled themselves with the young kids. You had a chance to teach a lesson and maybe even make a difference in the lives of some of those other kids who watch your show weekly. Instead, it appears by you not saying anything – you condone that type of behavior.

    The young man I spoke about earlier said he wanted to believe that you must have stepped out or not been able to hear them because there was no way you would have allowed them to continue trashtalking like that to little kids. (from the mouths of babes).

    I realize you want the ratings – but at what cost?


    Comment by Wendy -

  12. Femia (that’s the “black chick” — yeesh) deserves the money hands down. She’s done all the work (she decided to call the newspaper’s Sports Desk, she asked where the hard-core B-Ballers play, she watched them play).

    I started watching because Femia is beautiful. All the way beautiful. I keep watching because she is the smartest, strongest one there.

    Dom should have been gone for his $1000 task. Pretending to be a rock-and-roller (but not actually doing any work to be one) is ALL he ever does. There was no pushing the boundries there.

    Tiffany is boooooooooooring. Yawn.

    Comment by Jeff -

  13. I find the show both educational and entertaining. I’d never turned on the computer to take notes from a TV show until I watched the Benefactor.

    I’m starting a new business, and find the challenges/lessons very valuable learning experiences.

    Keep it coming, please!

    Comment by Mattie -

  14. More viewers will watch the last episode. Your ratings will register a false-positive. But, you can use the last show to gain viewer support for next installment.

    If the fate of these contenstants hasn’t already been decided, throw the world a curve,
    award the big check to the least competitive, the most humane, the most generous, and the most likely to use the money wisely.

    Happy Endings! Plenty of Babies!


    Comment by matt kohn -

  15. I hate to think Dominic is out over some stupid Jenga game. I was pulling for him. He seems to shoot from the cuff, all or nothing. What you see is what you get with Dominic. I am hoping you have some twist that allows Dominic to remain on the show.

    Love the show!

    Comment by mepam -

  16. I love the show!!! I rush home and make sure no one bothers me until 8:00 p.m. I can’t wait for the next week. How do you register for the $25000.00 give-away on the final show? Would love to be on the B-2.

    Comment by Angela -

  17. Dallas never had much of bBall culture.
    But 2nd season when Mark took over, it began. All that will happen is that they will get some higher class contestants, not so much pwt.
    So 2nd season, the show contest for the title!

    Comment by Vic -

  18. She has to go – unfortunately i believe mark is keeping her around for her controversy. She is one annoying chick! The 1st episode made you think she’s so quiet and nice and is tryingto do something nice for her mom – now she’s annoying too hot tempered and gets off on trying to intimade others with her masculine look. She may know how to play sports – but her abilities stop there.

    I’m beginning to wonder if she ripped off her mom’s legs and is feeling guilty now. Successful people know how to control thier emotions and temper and know when to lead and follow and to recognize defeat – I’m not seeing any of that with Linda. I’m hoping for anyone from the silver team.
    Linda has proven that she knows hot to shoot a basketball and can’t pick a valuable basketball team – so why should anyone think she knows how to manage a million dollars? PLease don’t let her be the winner – she’s not deserving of it – her mother is but she isn’t.

    Comment by julia -

  19. Last night during dinner at Web 2.0 Mark shared his thoughts on various things. My favorite – regarding the first episode of ‘The Benefactor’ : “It sucked. It [will get] a lot better. I had no problem with ABC, it was more this one [British] producer who thought he knew everything about Americans. We got rid of him.” Quote courtesy of

    Comment by Lish -

  20. The Benefactor airs at 12:05AM here…I’m recording it. I suppose I got hooked because I was ALMOST chosen to be on it, but am enjoying it very much anyway. The post above that said they try to imagine what they would have done has it exactly right…I think I would have sky-dived, taken a flying lesson AND trademarked my business name! BWA HA HA HA HAAAAAA!!! I also enjoy that I can watch this show with my kids and not get embarrassed all over the place. To tell the truth, I don’t normally watch TV (AT ALL!) but am running up and recording it at my parents house. I’m also dying to know…was that grand piano in the main area (drool!) tuned? Keep up the good work, Mark…and my uncle was right…you are a decent, fun person! When it appeared I might be on the show (sigh) my parents (bless their hearts, I’m 45!) called my uncle in TX to check you out.

    Comment by Carol Hawn -

  21. Come on… First of all, the black girl is black. She’ not exactly hot. i know she thinks she is, but she really isn’t. The blond girl is hot so we’ll leave her alone. And Dominic, while he is easy to get along with or so it seems. He has very little muscle but acts like he has alot bgecause of his low body fat and his 3 pounds of gel in his hair.

    O course, Linda and Spencer both completely suck. But at least the gay black guy is gone. I’m starting to notic ethe key to making the show. You just have to be extremely annoying and be completely different than mainstream society. The only person ont eh show who seems half-way normal is Dominic. All the others are really annoying and some are even flaming.

    Comment by J.R. Ewing -

  22. I have to agree with the idea that someone should have been eliminated for the trash talk to Lucas… not because I don’t think Lucas will ever live down the torment… mainly because I would be livid if I were hosting an event of this nature say for the Mavs and I had someone on our staff act as poorly as Team Blue… this is different than sideline retribution for a bad call as I know you enjoy… I would never want anyone on my business team who felt Team Blue’s behavior was acceptable…
    I know the decision has been made as to who receives the money… this is my speculation of how it should wind up…Linda cannot be the alter ego because that would be the opposite of what we see which would be quiet, humble and reserved…not gonna happen… I say she has a few lies up her sleeve… I’d actually like to see a second personality of the Watermelon Queen… I don’t mind kindness and beauty winning out if there is a fighter underneath…Spencer- hmmmm, brilliant by the books but not quite the all-around player derserving of awards from The Benefactor…this brings us to Femia… I feel she was actually the link behind the successful “don’t waste my time” challenge… she had a bit of a whacked out fashion show but she isn’t Versace and she stepped out of her comfort zone…my heart tells me she is the “one”… I would take away points for each of the Silver team agreeing to such an original idea of playing Jenga for the elimination…Although, it was smart for the girls to play Jenga with an intoxicated Dominic… I saw the tease of “what will happen to Dominic?” I couldn’t figure out why Dominic didn’t make a last ditch effort to team up with Spencer. I feel he isn’t the worthy recipient of The Benefactor but he does have the “It” factor… he is memorable, charming, handsome and willing to take chances…if he remains, I’d like to see his intelligence shine through… if this were to happen, He would be my hands down winner… aren’t you glad I gave my two cents? 🙂

    Comment by Tammy K -

  23. Team beautiful must be stupid. How can they let Linda and Spencer manipulate them? All team beautiful had to do is get together and pick either Linda or Spencer to get eliminated! If this didn’t settle the dispute then make all five draw straws! This would at least make Linda and Spencer sweat a little.

    No way should team beatiful have let the other two off the hook.

    Comment by Mike -

  24. Well It looks like someone took some creative license and created alot more suspense with the final shot of horse. I’m sure the game ended with a miss but NOT that miss. The shots that proceed the final cutting montage clearly show no one sitting in the seats 5 away from the scorer’s table But when that ball that hangs up there is shown 5-6 cheerleaders magically appear in those seats. It worked the suspense was high.

    Comment by Peter M -

  25. I can’t believe how out of control and disrespectful the contestants were toward the 2 boys durning the “LOSER” shoot out. As a Little League President, if anyone would have treated any of my players like those “contestants” did, they would immediately “lose their chance at 1 millon dollars”. Competiton or not, how dare they behave in such an unacceptable manor towards those boys.
    As far as the show goes, It ROCKS! I watch all the “reality” TV shows and this one is the best. I could even do this one… and win!

    Comment by Julie Dennis -

  26. Wouldn’t he have to have a first personality?

    Actually, I wish there was more time to see the contestants – we are down towards the end and I am still unclear about who some of these people really are.

    Comment by Kevin Weathers -

  27. At the risk of sucking up, the show is WAY more entertaining and informative than I thought it would be. I think the tests are very good as simulations for the conditions would-be entrepreneurs face. I hope to get on next season and find out for certain … considering I haven’t reached the top of the mountain yet, I wonder how I’d do, even in a simulation setting.

    Comment by James King -

  28. The people have spoken Mark! You missed out when you didnt pick me! I hate to say ” I told you so” … no actually I dont!

    Told you so!!!!! You should have picked me!

    I am available for Benefactor 2! Pick me! Please!


    jeff saunders
    Atlanta Ga
    The Gay Redneck from Georgia

    Comment by jeffrey saunders -

  29. Mark

    You said “if you could have kicked some of them off the show for the “trashtalk” they said to the kids, you would have”!!!!!! HELLO! Your the host! Its your MILLION BUCKS!

    And when I was in the finals I was told very clearly that you would be in charge and you would pick who you wanted!

    What happened?

    Jeff Saunders
    Atlanta GA
    The Gay Redneck from Georgia

    Comment by jeffrey saunders -

  30. The players/contestants are soooooo booooring! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…..if you do a Ben.2, get some better people!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Jason -

  31. The players/contestants are soooooo booooring! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…..if you do a Ben.2, get some better people!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Jason -

  32. I like how the show ended (other than Linda wasn’t kicked off). It creates excitment for the next show. Please tell me Dom is not kicked out because he is the about the only personality that I can stand. Linda might be the most annoying person in reality show history. If she wins this I would refuse to watch any future installments of the show. This should come down to Spencer, Dom, and the white chick. All Linda and the black chick does is complain and insult the other one, get over it girls. Anyways keep it Mark, it is great viewing because it is different.

    BTW I still like the Nash move, the fans will get over it when he does what J Kidd for the Nets (get hurt and waste money).

    Comment by BJ Ruble -

  33. I missed the past two shows, so it was nice to catch up with the one last night. Little Lucas stole the show. What a sweetie. It looked like he really took losing to heart.

    I’m guessing Linda is the one who lying about things, and Spencer is the one with a 2nd personality. or vice versa. I could be totally wrong, but it’s fun to take a shot at it.

    Comment by Kathleen -

  34. Marc regaurding the kid taunting done during horse, you wrote “If I had been able to kick some of them off for that, I would have.”

    I thought it was your game, your rules, how can you say you were kept from kicking someone off you felt should be?

    I like the show, but these people are the most uncreative, uninteresting people on reality tv.

    Comment by Scot Rubin -

  35. For a recap of all the benefactor shows follow this link. Last nights show may not be up yet, but will be soon.

    Comment by Patrick Muldoon -

  36. I know it goes back and forth on these boards…love it or hate it, the Benefactor is something slightly new in the world of reality tv. People jump to the conclusion that its an apprentice rip off because there is a rich business person giving away money (not that trump is even doing that on his show). Beyond that, nothing in their premises are alike. The Benefactor is more your traditional reality show, where people get elminated, sometimes by losing a contest, sometimes completely randomly (the thing i find unique about it), and in the end win a large lump sum cash prize. No one wins a job with Mark Cuban, no one gets his special advice or anything, its just a cash prize, so if your looking for something even similar to the apprentice your in the wrong place, and probably missing the point. I think the show is great and addictive because of the complete randomness, and utter simplicity. Second graders eliminating people? A game of horse? Jenga? Thats great! The only downside is the contestants suck, i hate every last one of them, and hope somehow there is a twist, and no one gets the money, but perhaps they all roll over in one of those big suvs and are never seen again.

    Comment by Phil -

  37. I began reading your blog earlier last evening and then began watching the show on one of the screens at the gym.

    It’s kind of interesting to watch it without any sound & trying to guess what is being said. Fun that you can tell what is going on by the context of the visual action.

    Comment by :: jozjozjoz :: -

  38. Loved last night’s show. Silver team did a fantastic job selecting their shooters. For that alone they deserved to win but what a nail biter! well worth it. What?! They were talking crap to the kids? Is that allowed? I would have put the team on blast for doing that. Like Kevin, I would have taken the money but not so soon, I think there was a cool 100g’s in that bag and you were willing to go higher. He bit too fast, ah well. Love the show, can’t wait till next week ’cause I don’t think that Jenga game was fair-he pitched it over. What false info did you pitch to the media? This show is your own and totally different from all others. The Apprentice is staged, no need to watch that. My one suggestion for next season (and there will be a next season), is to not cram so much into one episode so that us viewers can see a bit more and form more solid opinions. Listening Mark?

    Comment by Caren C. -

  39. I really like this show, but the only problem is the contenstants. Spencer should have been kicked off a long time ago for his rude and arrogant comments. Linda is a loud-mouth. You saw the true character of Spencer and Linda as they watched the other team’s kid make the shot and beat them…to them, a million bucks is worth whatever it takes even if they have to insult a kid. Team Beautiful showed much more class. Personally, I would have eliminated both Spencer and Linda right there for their rudeness. I really don’t like the way this episode turned out because the one who got kicked off needed the money a lot more than anyone else so you can’t blame him for taking the bribe. I wish he still had his chance.

    I have a feeling Dominic is not going to be kicked off, maybe even get an exemption? I don’t think it’s a good idea to reward Linda and Spencer for being stand-offish in selecting their team.

    Comment by Play Fantasy Basketball -

  40. Why does ABC insist on showing WAY too much of forthcoming clips of the show, while you are watching the show. They did this to death with the Mole and now The Benefactor. If I am watching the show, I don’t need to see what’s going to happen. It feels like they are so worried that you are finding the show so boring that you need any excuse to stick around. If the show is good, you will WANT to stick around and watch anyway. Maybe it’s just trying to hook in some channel surfing type folks.

    I think the Benefactor also suffers from the lack of suspense on who gets booted off. There’s no rhyme or reason to who goes. With Survivor everyone votes. With the Apprentice there’s the great boardroom debate (face it that show is boring, with the exception of the boardroom yelling and screaming). With the Benefactor it’s like the Appretince with one person making the cut, but the Benefactor lacks the contestants getting to do anything about it. Last night was the best with the bribe. That was the first time there has been a real choice. Of course then there was the odd-man-out deal. That is lame, another game of Jenga? Didn’t we already see that? Is that the only board game in the house?

    Comment by monkeyinabox -

  41. The basketball storyline was fun to watch up to a point. I think like most people, the Blue team crossed the line by saying the things they did when the 12 year old was shooting. I also felt it was too hard to believe that the last shot happened the way it was portrayed. Thanks to Tivo, I went back and saw it was an orange ball that Lucas had in his hands and a brown ball that the camera panned to before rolling off the rim. Good eye, Strangelady!

    Comment by Mark -

  42. Mark, thanks for your show — great lessons of life!
    The last challenge was to vote out one player. It was task to test how you can fight for your place in the game (or life)!
    Players from the Silver team (mind you there were no teams after basketball game) didn’t get it!
    They simply accepted their “fate” presented to them by Linda and Spenc.
    Shey should of VOTE out someone from 5 — not someone from 3.

    Comment by Andrew from Ottawa -

  43. I would like to say that Mark Cuban showed a lot of class when the 10yrold lucas miss the shot at the end. It was touching and showed what really mattered to him it wasn’t the bussiness always and showed me that you need to beaware of who you affect and how it affects them. I love making postive impressions in young peoples lives. I was embrassed for team blue for trying to pysche out the other young man. I believe in terminating the oppostion but sometimes you should know when it is apprioate. They should have done that by commiting themselves in finding the best ball players they could. I mean if iwas trying to expand my sales base I wouldn’t just look in one place to say that is all I need. I would have went out determined to find the best and held tryouts for them by playing a game of horse. I know it is easy to that in hinsight 20/20 But My instincts are to give it my all and to be creative.I would like to extend my aperciation to Mr. cuban for his class and diginty. I remember when the mavs were the world’s worst sports franchise. I have that in common with him in the sense of challenges. I love a good challenge with uncertain obsactles. Is there going to be a benefactor 2? Thanks Mr. Cuban Benefactor dwarfs the apprentice!

    Michael R. Smith

    Comment by Michael R Smith -

  44. the play on words. Mark had my “post” removed 3 times. How “SENSITIVE” or thin-skinned is he???? Did he have you respond back? Probably. Use your imagination.

    Comment by Strangelady -

  45. I had to miss the Oct. 4th episode-was out of town on a business trip-but seriously tried to figure out how I could see it somewhere. I think Mark is kind of stern or intense, but hasn’t done anything he didn’t say he would do, he strikes me as strong & honest also, and I can see how he has been successful. Never having been interested in any of the reality shows I’ve seen advertised before, I knew I would like this one from the first I heard of it. I don’t think I am excusing his behavior because he is so rich, as they mostly seem to be about $, not to say I don’t like $ either, but I like him and his show, a lot so far.

    Comment by Joyce -


    Nope, but we will send you a D-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y

    “how ignorant do you think your viewers are”

    I needed a good laugh StrangeLady, you have shown how ignorant you are. Come on if you are going to post negative comments at least make sure your spelling is correct.

    It is quite obvious that the show isn’t for everyone. I enjoy the show and will continue to watch. Pay attention to the show and the lessons being taught…you may learn something.

    Comment by James Anderson -

  47. I too watch the show and ask myself what I would have done. The $1000 task would have had me scrounging, and I probably would have been cut. But that is the beauty of the show. I get to come back next week no matter what. Of course my million dollars comes out of my Monopoly game….LOL

    Loving basketball as I do, last nights episode was great. I hated when the Silver team was up LOSE* and they started talking trash. I really wanted them to lose. Then the Blue team comes back, but starts yelling at the kid to miss the shot. Go Silver!!!!! I hated seeing Lucas miss that last shot. All the drama of it rolling around the rim only to pop out. Reality TV at it’s greatest.

    Mark, great show. I watch and tell my friends to watch. I don’t know if the rating will be there, but I will be.

    Thanks for buying the Mav’s and making them fun. I’ll be there in November for Steve Nash’s return. He deserves a round of applause before we take him on the court. I’m looking forward to the season.

    Comment by Don Bates -

  48. well this episode was the best so far, i catch alot of crap from people for watching this show but the Mark Cuban, Mavs, City of Dallas connection has me hooked. No.1; the biggest person who will benefit from this show will be Lucas, if only for the reason that he will become a stronger person. I predict his 15 minutes of fame will carry him pretty far. The two kids were great, Junior makes that shot then looks over to the other team and shuts them up. That was great. The trash talking was classless No.2 I’m glad Dominic is gone, he’s an airhead and his Rock Star bit was getting annoying. No.3 Who recruits players without watching them shoot? They made a good comeback but they got what they deserved for their evaluations. No.4. Kevin had to know he wasnt the strongest of the bunch, so he did the right thing, take the money and run! I think Mark said he wasnt confident but he made the smart business decision. He took advantage of a sure thing. I hope he invests and makes millions. No5. The white girl on Dominic’s team (sorry forgot here name) but did i mishear? did she say “lets draw #s and the two lowest stay” is that really a smart plan, she should have been cut just for that remark. but like i said maybe i misheard, happened so quick…thats my HSO, sorry so long. Luis

    Comment by -

  49. you think your viewers are, all 10 of them, not including family members of the poor souls chosen to participate in your very own game of LAB-RAT, “do what I say for a mill”. Talk about manipulation! IT WAS QUITE OBVIOUS TO ANYONE WITH EYES that the last shot in horse was dubbed. The ball that the kid(Luke)shot and the ball that rolled and rolled around the rim in DRAMATIC FASHION was not the same ball. GIVE US A BREAK! Mark, go back to making money, it seems like you LUCKED OUT in that department. Stick to something you’re good at and save prime time for the Donald. GLAD ABC IS SMART ENOUGH NOT TO HAVE A SEASON 2 of this farce. Maybe Mark, you and Rocco can create a new show….you both have sooo much to offer!

    Comment by Strangelady -

  50. I watch the show and love it but I only filled out this information because if my link is shown and someone in my area see’s it then great for me. My husband and I had great jobs with great pay and took everything we had to put in our business. (the only business I knew to do at the time) But advertising is expence and I can afford a web site at this time so I made my own free on AOL and I love the Mark Cuban show and love how he went for it and made it big! That is my plan! To make it big with my small company that everyone told me not to start. A dieing busines we were told. So at age 47 starting over I will do what needs to be done to get my shop known and filling this out and maybe someone that watches the show in this area just might see my link. I think there are to many reality shows but I loved only one and it was surviors but know that I have seen this show I am hooked. It to me is real and real people and I love it. You go Mark keep the show going! Oh yeah I love how you had the kids vote. So cool! Kids know best! I loved that show the best so far.
    Sharon From Boston Area (Woburn)

    Comment by Sharon Valerio -

  51. Mark, the main problem with your show, (and I watch every week and will continue to do so), is that you have no real character intervention… Its just YOU talking about how THEY feel instead of them talking about how they feel… Some of the most successful reality shows that were ever aired did it just the opposite, and it was a great watch… I think your main criticism here is from people that tune in to watch how you are twisting your characters all up with your game; however, you only show you laughing about the gags and then you show them DURING the next game… You really should have given the audience a little bit more of the characters, (though next to a few, the character selection was pretty poor too – most of the girls are nerdy and most of the guys were dorks)…

    I like the show and me and my wife will continue to watch… But if there is ever a benefactor 2, please take some of these points onto the set…

    Keep up the good work, and Go Mavs!

    Comment by Daniel -

  52. I think overall it is a pretty good show. Personally I don’t agree with the group as a whole voting people off (end of recent episode). I think that part of the show is too much like the apprentice and the board room.

    I thought the first show was the best so far and kind of expected a little more twists and turns than I have seen lately.

    If I had to pick one of the remaining people I would choose Spencer. He actually tried to turn the 1,000 into a plan to make more money instead of just blowing it like the guitar guy and wannabe hockey player.

    Loved the bribe part at the end of the basketball game. You could tell he was going to fall for it and take the money.

    Comment by Victor S. Taber -

  53. Dominic is definately a hottie! I love the show and it’s even better to watch when he’s there. I wish Linda would get kicked off, she is so rude and annoying. Yelling at the kid playing basketball was just horrible to watch. All she does is talk badly about the other people. I truely do not believe someone of that demeanor deserves a million dollars. Just give it to Dom and kick the other four off!!

    Comment by Angela Sebbo -

  54. Mark,

    I was glad to see the Blue team lose. What the hell were they thinking!? You told them to go scouting for talent, not go out and beat the bushes… turn over some rocks… find some random folks that say they can play.

    Silver did well because Femia had her sh!t together. She had a plan, she knows how to compete and I’ll bet she’s a damn good shopper.

    I really wanted Linda to get eliminated based on that crack about the beautiful people. Just someone has looks doesn’t equate an empty-headed bimbo. It just shows one of the things that they have going for them.

    What I was surprised with, was that they did not try to get the players together to see how they interacted … maybe even try finding some more Aces …see how they might handle pressure. The same things that you were putting them through. They had no idea what you were going to ask them to do.

    Lemmings? Jack doesn’t know JACK!

    Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m the least likely to follow a pack just cuz its there. I’m the most likely to piss off conformists because I’m not doing what everyone else is doing. You have to question the rules and push the limits.

    There’s one thing I have say about your show that upsets me. It’s too damn short. Give me a couple of hours of it at a time Mark. I hope they get replayed again soon.

    So Mark, is the board game going to hit the shelves in time for Christmas?

    Catch ya later,


    Comment by Mary in Big D -

  55. I knew it was the lazy one….and I loved that the kids decided the win. Even more, I like that you allow the players to decide their fate. It is closer to real life. Ultimately, we are the architects of our lives.

    Me, sign me up for the last show drawing. I have a few people worse off than me (and it isn’t a bed of roses here) that could use the help.


    Comment by Kimberly Dallesandro -

  56. Hi Mark…

    The BEEF to follow is NOT with the show, rather, the CONTESTANTS….

    WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Inquiring minds want to know!!! We just finished watching the Big B here on the West Coast and are stumped, p-O’d and basically sitting like crusty curmudgeons b/c the team with all the “fire and gas”, “personality and pizzaz”, “vim and vigour”, and colour aplenty, just tanked in the most pitiful fizzle if we ever saw one.

    ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS? JENGA? Jenga was already done, maxed-out, Kaput! Why, why, why-why didn’t the “beautiful people” present the “power of three” to Lippy Linda and Snarky Spencer. Why did they just hand over the game to them??? What made them think that they had to pick a team from their three? Did we miss something???

    We cheered for them during the LOSER game but now feel ripped off! As a viewer, at least, the strategy could have been so OBVIOUS…unless of course, one of those two girls had figured this out for themselves and didn’t let on to Dominic…

    Shall have to wait and see.

    Smiling but grumpy until next Monday…still mad though!

    Paula and her dismayed husband. 🙂

    Comment by Paula -

  57. Mark.. if you really loved your bloggers.. you’d buy me a pool.. so we could have a blog party at my house…
    (Riverbend/Sandler pools make nice ones.)


    Comment by Mike Verinder -

  58. Good show.. again. unpredictable.. didnt think that guy would be “out”..

    so good review on the show…
    BUT…. I am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD IN SEEING SOME INSIGHT ON THE MAVS.. I long for some insight on this season.. Im still devistated about Nash.. and am hoping for a miracle i guess..

    Comment by Mike Verinder -

  59. There was a Senator Debate on tonight here in Oklahoma, so the show wasn’t aired… My night was horrible because I didn’t get to watch! :o( To you who come on here and post negative comments, why are you here? If you would like to know how many people watch and love this show, read the other posts. They are wonderful! If you don’t like the show, don’t come here. We are true fans and really like to read each other’s takes. Quit dissin’ Mark just because you are jealous. I hate it when people compare Mark to Trump, because, honestly, there is no comparison. Mark is real, Trump is plastic-Plastic Man in a Plastic World.

    I hope someone will write more about what happened tonight because my dish guide doesn’t show any re-plays for tonight’s episode. Details anyone?


    I love the show! Most people here sure hope there will be a second season to come. I also hope you will let us know what to do to get on the show. Your friends that you mentioned in your “Life is Good” post are in our prayers. Please keep us updated and if there is anything we can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask. Many of us have been through similiar situations. Thanks for entertaining us, and keep up the good work.

    Your friend,

    Comment by Lail Ann Haynes -

  60. It’s interesting to read the polarized responses to the benefactor episodes. To throw in some thoughts of my own, I think the show stands out from other reality tv shows because while you’re watching it, you ask yourself ‘what would I do?’ rather than ‘how would I do?’ in the competition. I’ve only watched a few episodes of Survior and The Amazing Race, but because of the set formats of the challenges in them, as you watch the shows play out, you root for your favorite team, and may find youself thinking you are so faster than that contestant, or that you would have been the weakest member of that team. So, besides the usual social drama, the intriguing factor is wondering how well you might have done in the events.

    Being probably one of the most uncoordiated people in the world, I find the Benefactor a lot more interesting to watch, because I know I could never do the stuff in Survivor; I’d always come in last. With the Benefactor though, as soon as the task is announced, you can start thinking about what you’d do. What you would do with the time, the money, who to pick for the team and you wonder what all the contestants are going to do. It’s great. So, although some people are complaining that the show is too open ended, I think that’s the show’s strongest aspect.

    As for which show is better, that just depends on what type of format you like. The open-ended unpredictable stuff is awesome, but a straight forward competition like Survivor is fun to watch too. I guess for me, with shows like survivor, i’m only interested in watching the first episode and the last episode–to see who won. But with the Benefactor, what the people do along the way to win is the most interesting.

    Comment by colleen -

  61. Good show.. again. unpredictable.. didnt think that guy would be “out”..

    so good review on the show…
    BUT…. I am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD IN SEEING SOME INSIGHT ON THE MAVS.. I long for some insight on this season.. Im still devistated about Nash.. and am hoping for a miracle i guess..

    Comment by Mike Verinder -

  62. Mark actually looked like an athlete shooting those shots. I was suprised to see the quality of shot. My friend says how many shots did he have to take to get it in? I told him you can judge by the expressions on the face that it happened pretty early because no one was getting frustrated. Good job man, how many owners can do that! You are surely the best till Jordon buys a team!

    Comment by Patrick Muldoon -

  63. I couldnt believe how much time Linda’s team took to get 3 people. In the end they only saw the resume of the kid. Their execution at such a simple task makes it easy to say all 3 of them should have been kicked off.

    I like the bribe. Kevin was tempted at 20,000, you could see it in his demeanor. Oh to see how much was really in the bag and how high Mark would have gone!

    I agree with Brendan, the post above, a very strong ending to tonights episode. Leads to a good draw in for the next episode.

    I can agree with the reviews of some people that the exitement level on the show isnt always there. That obviously comes with the
    casting. Spencer, although smart, never gets too excited and is rather boring television. When combining Linda who seems one dimensional and Spencer it makes for boring television. On the other hand Dominic is exciting, fun, gives his best effort, and even though not the brightest adds something to the character of the show that no one else does other than Mark himself. I like the eye candy of the two girls on his team as well and maybe with Dominic out their personalities will shine a bit more.

    I love the show, but there are some boring moments watching spencer and linda do nothing and bring nothing. If either of those two wins, it gives hope to boring, uninspiring people everywhere!

    Comment by Patrick Muldoon -

  64. I thought the end of the show was great, because it had the audience wondering what will happen to Dominic in the next show! You really keep the audience coming for the next show, but i liked the ending of today’s show more than any other, because it was the most open ended… we’ll have to wait i guess!

    Comment by Brendan Fressola -

  65. I must have missed something-Cuban said they had to decide who was leaving-so why did the silver team fall into Linda & Spencer’s trap. The silver team won the game of loser, so why didn’t the 5 of them vote someone off-majority rules,that person goes. Three is more than 2, so the silver team could have voted off Linda or Spencer. It doesn’t make sense. I want Linda or Spencer out-the person with the 2nd personality is probably one of them.

    Comment by rk -

  66. I think The Benefactor is conceptually strong but fails to fully execute. Mark is great, but doesn’t quite manage to carry the show. Watching each episode I find myself pulling for the show to make a better, bigger impression than it ever does. Though I’d take an afternoon with Mark over the Trump any day, it’s Trump’s over-the-top character that helps Mark Burnett make TV magic. So, I’ll keep watching but I doubt many others will.

    Comment by lish -

  67. If there was anyone that I wanted off that show…its her. That voice is like a fork on a chalkboard. Note to self: Dont play Jenga for a million dollars if youve been drinking.

    There is no way I would have taken that bribe. But Im not going to criticize him for taking it.

    Jack – if your only enjoyment is to come and whip people because they like a show…you might want to join the aint-it-cool talk backs.

    Comment by Dan -

  68. Mark
    I think the show is great. just beacause half of the senior citizens look up to DT and have little taste dosen’t mean nothing. your show is great keep it up.

    Comment by Paul -

  69. I can’t believe you made kids take the fall for $1M prize in the L-O-S-E-R game. You criticized the contestants for trash talking the kids–that was obviously classless, but you put them in the position to be the brunt of those comments and to be embarassed on national television. I am generally a huge Cuban fan, but I hope I don’t see any reality television like tonight’s episode again soon.

    Comment by K8 -

  70. Do you think it was a good idea to mislead the media and then blantantly lie to EW? Don’t you think any future Mark Cuban projects will be shunned for intentionally making EW to look like morons? Mark/ABC needs EW much more than EW needs them.

    Comment by Jon Wensley -

  71. i’m not a lemming, but as far as reality shows go, the benefactor gets my attention. first off, it’s up against fear factor in it’s current time slot…i mean, do i really need to watch people eat bugs and trash talk each other? second, compared to shows like survivor or the apprentice, it’s fresh. i’m all survivored out, it’s the same stuff over and over. the apprentice: i get sick seeing people always explaining how great business people they are. at least on the benefactor, we have normal people who just want money. and they basically just have to be themselves when it comes to tasks…or at least PRETEND to be themselves. can’t wait to see these lies and the trash-talking to the kids!

    Comment by tr -

  72. Mark,

    Thanks for the tips on the upcoming episodes. I like to have things to look for and to spot..makes it more fun.

    Last week’s show was more interesting. I’ve loved watching because I tried out for the show. I will have to be honest about the show, isn’t the best. I know…slap me up the side of the head, but it is true. The formula for the Apprentice just flows and keeps you hooked. I hoping the last few show go up a notch.

    I’m still behind the show, because you are the one that put it together. I enjoy your take on life, what you have accomplished, and that huge passion you exhibit for your ideas. It is about the journey. The Benefactor Journey has had ups and downs.


    Comment by Ticketlady Martha -

  73. Jack:

    >Seriously – all of you Mark Cuban lemmings aside, is this show getting good ratings?

    Why ask that here? Why don’t you look it up for yourself? Here’s a link (which I found after, oh, 3 seconds of searching), just give it a couple of weeks since it runs a little behind.

    And why are you asking these readers if the show is any good? Isn’t that kind of like asking me how good of a lover I am? What do you think I’m going to say?

    Finally…you don’t have to watch the show if you don’t like it, you know. Oh, I’m sure you’ll blame it on your kids or something, but the fact that it was on your TV probably means *someone* was enjoying it, although that doesn’t preclude masochism, I guess.

    So, does that mean that, if the show ends up getting good ratings, we’ll get to hear you talk about all the people that didn’t want to watch it but were forced to, thereby skewing the stats?

    Comment by Jorge -

  74. Oh yea, there are tons of curveballs! Cuban is watching everybody when they enter the house, but here’s the catch… THEY DON’T KNOW IT!!

    Oh my!! What a curveball. That had me on the edge of my seat!

    Hoping sarcasm comes across the way it should..

    And unfortunately, if the show were left for just “the fans” to watch, it would probably be the lowest rated show in television history.

    Comment by Jack Wolfe -

  75. And I wouldnt call myself a Cuban lemming. I think if your partial to shows with a set formula and no real curveballs thrown in…the Benefactor is not for you.

    Go watch something else and leave this show for “the fans.”


    Comment by Dan -

  76. Seriously – all of you Mark Cuban lemmings aside, is this show getting good ratings? I had the Jenga episode on my TV and found it almost unwatchable. I’ve had hemorrhoid flare ups that were easier to sit through.

    It seems to me like the only person who can make any decent argument as to why The Benefactor is better than The Apprentice (and actually believe it) is Mark Cuban himself.

    Am I missing something? Why is it that so many people don’t know about this show, and more importantly, why so many people don’t care?

    Comment by Jack Wolfe -

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