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So I’m reading a column by Steve Blow in the Morning Newsa few minutes ago. The article refers to a hustler who got in trouble masquerading as a gynecologist. The guy took out ads in our local free weekly, The Dallas Observer. Funny stuff. The ad was mixed in with all the sex ads and offered his services for “fantasy exams for couples” among others. The suspicious nature of this ad was noticed by authorities who investigated the guy, and brought him up on charges.

All fine and good. Great article Steve. On to the next page in my copy of the Dallas Morning News.

Lo and behold, what’s on the the next page… A full page ad. What is the headline of the ad ?

A Child’s Secret to Winning on Wall Street… Soccer Kid’s portfolio up 355% in six months.

The ad is hysterical. It reads like a Saturday Night Live skit…Christian began trading at age 12 when his parents said he was old enough. Home schooled by his mom, Treva, and experienced WizeTrader (the software they are trying to sell), Christian was introduced to Wizetrade as part of his general education. (Good work mom. Who needs biology when you have WizeTrade!)

Christians younger sister Summer, paper trades only, which means she uses Wizetrade to assess theoretical trades and then tracks their progress in real time. (Treva’s kids dont need no stinkin’ video games. They are homeschooled with WizeTrade!)

Treva says, “Investing without the Advantage of Wizetrade would be ‘Like a surgeon trying to do surgery without his eyes.'” (I didn’t make this up.)

the ad goes on…

Still, 12 year old Christian is the family’s budding superstar. “He made $720 a few days ago on one of his trades. He’s tickled” says Treva.

What a great ad. Except that we know that someone is going to show up at the 3 Seminars they are holding around Dallas this coming weekend. Three rooms with suckers. Three rooms with people that hopefully will have the same authorities who picked out the Fantasy Gynecologist for prosecution warning them before they waste a nickel of their hard earned money.

Call me a cynic, but did no one at the Morning News notice this at all? Does this section have Ed Bark’s editor? The ad would be hysterical if it weren’t for the fact that the paper took the money knowing this was a complete sham.

This really isnt a slam of the paper. I’m sure there are papers all over the country who took the money from these people and closed their eyes. I’m sure there are radio stations doing the same thing. I get really mad when I hear the ads touting “earn X% trading options and futures with the pros”.

To take the hypocrisy to the next level, while this is going on, our trusty government is using tax dollars to stop online gaming sites by preventing them from advertising. Online Gaming sites are safe compared to Wall Street scams.

A little tip for the traditional media out there If you want people to take you more seriously than us little blogs, don’t take ads from people trying to scam your readers.

Unless of course it’s an ad from some guy in Nigeria whose father was in the government and had to leave quickly and needs our money to access to his huge bank account. For just 100 bucks he will give any of us access to the 20mm he has in the bank and put it in our name!

This is for real. I know it is. Little Christian told me he learned it in home schooling.

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  1. I purchased Wize Trade. I do not have any connections with Wize Trade Employees or Owners, nor do I live in Texas. I have reviewed the negative comments, personnal slams, and name calling of products of Wize Trade. I Strongly DISAGREE. I attended my first Seminar Sept of this year in Ca. There were about 25 potential Buyers. Information was factional, refund policy was discussed in detail, policy and procedures pertaining to purchase and obtaining cd\’s were outlined and all questions were answered. WAS NOT high pressure sales. I bought the software and returned for my cd\’s and training. At training we were treated like royality while they dined us and taught us. It was more then I ever expected. I then went home and began paper training and learning the software. I went live with real money 3 days ago. There is no reason someone can not make lots of money. The comment some one made about the car the Owner drives, after the REAL money I made the last 3 days. The car is a small purchase….. There is no quick fix to be rich. Like anything else it takes commitment, training and product. I love Wize Trade

    Comment by Eileen Wize trade User -

  2. I feel sorry for his family and all but give me a break he just died last night can you wait a little longer before you air this junk, you know give us a little warning before you waste an hour of or lives that we were already planning on wasting watching much more important and beneficial reality TV.

    Comment by runescape money -

  3. Needless to say, yes I am a proud employee of Wizetrade. I, as well as much of the staff here are Mav fans who look up to and admire the great Mark Cuban on many different levels. It is a bit dismaying to see our company we are so proud of slammed by a local hero who did little more than see a newspaper ad and made judgement on us all with no further research or insight.

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  4. My name is Craig Malisow, and I’m a reporter with the Houston Press, a weekly paper and sister to the Dallas Observer. I’m working on a story about GlobalTec Solutions, which owns Wizetrade, 4X Made Easy, etc.

    I’d love to hear from anyone who has had personal experience with any of these products. I’d also like to hear from the ex-employee identified as John Smith.

    My deadline is fast approaching, so if you’d like to get in touch, please do so promptly.

    I may be reached at 713.280.2481 or I look forward to your comments.


    Comment by Craig Malisow -

  5. Thanks,

    This has been very helpful. I had just heard of WIZETRADE and came to the internet to see if it was “too good to be true”. Just as I expected, the general consensus is that it is a scam. This is also my first experience with a “BLOG”. Ever since I first became aware of blogs, I have been asking people “what’s a blog?” “what’s the purpose?”. I get it now and am happy that you people take the time to voice your opinions. I will stick with my initial assumption that WIZETRADE is not a good buy and thank both sides for their arguments on the issue. If any of you has ever wondered if your opinions or testimonials here have helped form the opinion of someone who might have otherwise been taken by this scam, they have and I will NOT pursue this product any further.


    Comment by John -

  6. Ok, this 4X Made Easy group came to Toronto
    recently an here’s what I found out!

    The North York Novotel hotel in Toronto was
    informed of the scam and they did NOTHING to
    stop it from happening.

    This information was FAXED to this hotel,

    Among other information about Mr. Michael
    Stewart who was running this presentation.

    Not to mention the fact that they were doing
    business in Toronto WITHOUT a business
    license which is illegal here, and they WERE
    doing business because they were charging
    peoples credit cards for their scammy software
    right after the presentation.

    I blew the whistle as loud and hard as I could
    but for some reason no one in authority seemed
    to be able to move fast enough to curb these
    people’s 3 day scam run in Toronto.

    Go figure. You try and help and people move
    like molasses. I figure since the hotel was
    made aware of the facts, once people discover
    they have been scammed, the hotel should be
    held equally accountable for their misfortune
    because they did nothing to stop it.

    Bastards all of them!

    Comment by Scam Buster -

  7. I am an experienced (loser) user of the 4X Made Easy software. Not only did I try the software but also subscribed to their alert signals during the trial period. This alert service was run by their “master traders” using their own software. How good did they do? They couldn’t hit 50% of their trades! It was a big joke. Losing trade after losing trade. I had to fight and threaten to get my money back. They were so bad they had to stop their alert service because it was so embarassing. If their own “master traders” couldn’t make money with their own software, how the hell could someone off the street do it? This comany is a total scam! Currently over 19,000 law suits pending against them. Their Top Gun salesman was fined $15,000 a few years ago for fraud and uses his middle name as his last name duirng these rip-off presentations. Any employee that defends its products is a liar and should be ashamed of themselves. I formed a user group in Boston and I can tell you not one person made money with this software!

    Comment by Tony Glionna -

  8. Imagine being in my shoes… a former Wizetrade employee facing the reality that even I bought into the lie.

    It can be summed up by this… recently, I sat across from one of the preview guys who put on the “Shows” who said, ” I just lie to them, I don’t care! It’s my money we’re talking about here…I just lie!” That is the heart and soul of Wizetrade and I am ashamed I bought into it. I would love to apologize to all the people I helped Global Tec rip off… They are the best liars I’ve ever seen and I’m truly sorry I was part of the stealing frenzy.

    I have to say in addition, there are good people there… it’s easy to lie to yourself and believe the lie when your making good money…but may the one’s with heart get out and realize it’s not worth selling their souls.

    Comment by John Smith -

  9. I watched the infomercial recently. I thought it was some sort of tribute to P.T. Barnum.

    Comment by Peter Siskind -

  10. i have no earthly idea if the 4xme software works or not, or if people are making wize (npi) trades in the forex market with the tools they offer, or if they are just a bunch of crooks, or if the whole thing is a fantastic new breakthrough or a huge scam. my only complaint is that they deceptively dangled a money back gaurantee in my face and before i could find out that you must spend at least another $2k or $3k and countless hours to learn how to utilize the tools it was too late to get my $3k back. that is a very poor way to do business in any environment. that is going to be their downfall. sooner or later.

    Comment by Ray Hammer -

  11. Not only is a sucker born every minute, there is a hustler born every minute too.

    Comment by Theodore -

  12. Wooohoooo!!! Ring the bell!!! Sound the Alarm!!! You made $340.00 bucks without lifting anything heavy!!!

    Big freaking deal!!! People make a few bucks and think that the software is absolutely the best thing in the world!!!

    Post your trades (wins and losses) and add it all up. Prove to me that you have made more than you lost and are making a profit to set yourself up to retire at 40.

    I know users that purchased the software, lost their retirement, and then was told, “Nope, no refund….” period.

    Until they prove that more than 50% of their users make money and don’t loose their @$$, you can kiss mine.

    I’ve been to 5 previews for their software. 3 out of the 5 previews 50% of the people walked out in the middle and maybe 25% of the rest hung around. The 75% that left knew it was a joke and will tell everybody they know it was a joke.

    Comment by Maverick -

  13. Well i love to see how many stoopid people do really live in this world. You probably change lanes without using a blinker, make u turns against a red light….how do i know this because you can’t tell the difference between a red and green light to tell you when to buy or sell a stock. Mr. Cuban what made u sell Yahoo and not hold on for the long term…? I know your just smart….but some people are not as smart as you. But you should’ve used it to see if your show would’ve been successful, because it really does suck. BAD!!! Its not even a good spin off. Im glad u pay more attention to the Mavs than to your t.v. show, but im sure you are using it’s failure as a tax write off. Christian is a real trader, his story is true and his families life has been changed from using the software. Ive met him and his family and only can say that he will be more successful than all the people posting on this blog. He will never have to work on a dock loading trucks or delivering pizza for anyone(not that these jobs are bad things, someone has to deliver my pizza). This kid will be successful because he took the time to study, learn and practice his skill. Just like your team Mark. You should know this. Plus you should not make fun of a kid when he is already more successful than anyone on this blog besides yourself. Everyone who says Wizetrade does not work, 1) has no work ethic. 2) Can’t follow a simple red and green light. 3) Probably never commited to doing anything in their life to make a change for the better. Dont make fun of a kid just because he understands how something works and is very successful at it. The people posting bad stuff about the software and say its a scam are mad that a kid got it and they could’nt. I would be mad to if I couldnt tell up from down or red from green. To the people bashing it, well lets just say….stick to what you do all day long, im sure your really good at it and your boss loves to look over at you EVERYDAY and say how well he appreciates your hard work and that your such a gem to be around…..hahaha NOT. Just like everything in life, you do have to put some work into it, HARD WORK IS WHAT SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO. As far as Sparkys Kids goes, what have you done for your community besides throw a beer bottle out the window while your driving home(not you Mark, I know you contribute and give back to the community). Sparkys Kids gives computers to kids that otherwise would never own one and it goes way beyond just that, it changes these kids life …..Trust me, Do your home work and stop talking out the side of your face. Oh yea……made $340.00 bucks today with the software. I didnt even have to lift anything heavy to do it. Everyone BACK TO WORK, BREAK TIME IS OVER(your boss yellling at you)…..hahahaha

    Comment by Making Money -

  14. All I can say, is if the Found/Funder of Wizetrade, Marc Sparks, is the old Chairman of Unistar which went under. How much of that illegal money was used to fund Wizetrade?????

    Also, how much of that illegal money was used to fund his Charity organization, Sparky’s Kids,

    Hmm…. If he has ripped off that many individuals in the insurance business, he has more than likely screwed over thousands of people out of millions of dollars to buy this software.

    Oh wait!! It gets BETTER!!! Not only does this software work for stocks, it works for FOREX and OPTIONS.

    CHECK IT OUT!!! Same redline greenline BULL!*@&# as the other ripoffs. I wonder if the $3000 for the software buys vasoline to make the process a little less painful.

    Who’s willing to bet $20 he’s stealing from the charity organization he created. Sounds like one more tax write-off to make even more money.

    My opinion… Somebody needs to handcuff and deliver him to the SEC. Maybe he and Martha Stewart can share a cell. He can even bring his little puppy to keep him company in that lonely prison cell.

    Comment by Maverick -

  15. I was one of the early purchasers of software from Georger Thompson’s Window on Wall Street. It literally did not work properly as in malfunction. When I asked for a refund, I was told point blank to forget it. Complete Crooks. Your day will come GT.

    Comment by KB -

  16. They’re not really scams because people aren’t actually looking for investment success just like people who go to acupuncturists aren’t looking to be healed — the buyers just want something to make them like they have control over the controllable.
    The entry fees are simply a fee to pretend like their instituting order in a chaotic world.

    Comment by Jake -

  17. One of the funders / founders of this company used to be a top executive at Unistar Financial Services Corp. A now defunct publicly traded company (also Dallas based) that is under investigation by the SEC for stock manipulations. Ironic that he is now schleping a softwear that picks stock…here is a link to the SEC information on Unistar

    Comment by Marc -

  18. Funny that you mention options because I actually paper traded options and forex for awhile and, let me tell you, it ain’t easy. You better be capitalized and diversified to the teeth to enter the stock or forex market and all of those programs touting trading strategies are bunk. Think about it … if you could make a fortune trading, would you give up the secret. George Soros made a fortune in the forex market … if anyone is qualified to create a trading program, it’s him but he never has and never will. He’s keeping his knowledge to himself, as would anyone in his position.

    Real stock investing or trading takes a lot of research and nerves of steel. For small-timers, it isn’t worth it.

    Comment by James King -

  19. So, the Wizetrade guys think they should get a break because they live in Dallas and are Mavs fans?

    Bull S?$%!

    Two kinds of people work at Wizetrade:

    1. Liars…who think it is ok to take people’s money on a scam as long as they don’t ‘technically’ break any laws.
    2. Morons…who drank the Kool-Aid and are too freaking stupid to know they are ripping people off.

    They are just crooks promoting “Money for Nothing,”…robbing innocent people so that insurance salesman who owns Wizetrade can drive around in his Lamborghini.

    I’ve known people who worked there…briefly…and the software doesn’t work (yes, I’m sure it runs fine, but it doesn’t work for profitable trading).

    If it worked, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley would be using it. They’re not!

    It is not enough that people lose the $3 grand or so they spend on the software…the real problem is that they can blow their entire portfolio trading with this wizetrade crap. Life savings, flushed down with the tidy-bowl man!

    So…shame on the Morning News for running that ad.
    And shame on you dirtbags at Wizetrade. You’re as low as some penny-stock schlock-jock ripping off widows and retirees from a boiler room in Jersey City. You should all be locked up and beaten.

    Comment by Rod -

  20. Suzanne, I don’t really think there are people that stupid. They must have known or at least suspected what was going on at that gyno’s. So, maybe they went there, didn’t quite like the “service” and then presented themselves as innocent victims of that scary, scary gyno.

    Comment by Silvina Georgieva -

  21. This story of the fake gynocologist is just ridiculous. Just had to comment on this one. I heard on the news that he was officing out of a storage facility where women would come for exams. WHAT KIND OF IDIOT visits their gyno in a STORAGE FACILITY? I by no means claim to be the smartest person in the world, but get real–you have to be pretty DENSE to not figure out that this guy smells fishy.

    Who says, “Well, let’s see…I need a pap smear today…well, let me check the paper…hmmm…look here, and advertisement for a gyno right here…and hey, hey!…X rated movies on the same page! Jackpot!”

    Really, people, it doesn’t take much thought. Never, ever use the newspaper to find a doctor!

    Comment by Suzanne -

  22. Man.. I dont even read the paper anymore.. its all local news stations and
    that being the case.. Im sure there are alot of other people out there like me.. and this is putting alot of “revenue pressure” on the papers these days.. guess they have had to slip into snake oil sales in order to keep afloat

    Comment by Mike Verinder -

  23. Mark, here is a shocker for you. Wizetrade is a company local to your own city of Dallas and is a real company with real people who worked very hard to create a successful and useful product that they truly believe in and has helped thousands around the country and the world become successful traders. They are members in great standing of the BBB and very active with local charities in the community including Dallas CAN and Boys and Girls Club of Dallas. Also, Christian is a real kid who really does use the software. He and his parents are active and successful customers who love the product and the company.(I’m not making this up)

    Needless to say, yes I am a proud employee of Wizetrade. I, as well as much of the staff here are Mav fans who look up to and admire the great Mark Cuban on many different levels. It is a bit dismaying to see our company we are so proud of slammed by a local hero who did little more than see a newspaper ad and made judgement on us all with no further research or insight.

    Regardless, we remain faithful Mav fans and invite you to visit and tour our offices anytime in Addison. Just email me if and when you would like to visit. We would love to have you and show you exactly what we do.

    Comment by Wizetrader -

  24. When is the show going to be aired in Texas Mark? I hated missing it last night. I understand the tribute to Mr. Reeves, but was it necessary to throw it together at the last minute? I guess my only question is, when will we see the Benefactor?

    Comment by Lindsay -

  25. To Wayne who says ‘What’s The Problem’ with Wizetrade selling products that don’t work as advertised, I say why not ask the people who asked for the return of their three grand, which happens to be 40% of sales, or ask the others who are too meek to say they got scammed and who just ring up their purchase as a bad experience. You must love life in a marketing world where the public gets fed one lie after another.

    Comment by Bill Cara -

  26. I hope that your post was only quoting the story and the relevance to HS in the ad, and not playing HS down to that level (a farce like the ad). Chris O’Donnell had a nice response, but I wanted to make sure you knew there were more. My wife and I (mostly my wife) HS our three sons, and comparing their education against some of the current options would be a farce. Maybe for the next Benefactor I need to come try out, to help pay for the college of their choice.

    Comment by Chris Burton -

  27. …I don’t care about football post-game shows, yet I watched ANOTHER one tonight in your timeslot. Fine, now it was 10:30.

    I thought it was a great disservice all around to show a tribute to the late Christopher Reeve at 10:30 at night when the digital programming guide clearly said “The Benefactor.” I missed my show, and the Reeve family didn’t get the respect they deserve. Everyone loses.

    So, who do the complaints go to? And when can we see today’s show in SoCal?

    Comment by HK -

  28. Please, if you could Mark, Let us know when we can catch this weeks episode of the benefactor in the Los Angeles market. It really irks me that I’ve stayed up this late to watch it and without warning they pre-empt it. What a bunch of horse ….

    Comment by Burgs -

  29. So they’re selling software for stock trading. Yeah, it’s probably bunk, like all the newsletters and mutual fund advertisments on the radio and in the mail. But what of it? So it doesn’t work. That’s not illegal.

    Bad software and bad products aren’t illegal. As long as they actually deliver the software they’re selling then I don’t think a law was broken.

    Comment by Wayne -

  30. The Smoking Gun also covered that story and includes the details from the police report at:

    The guy’s mugshot is pretty scary.

    Comment by Thomas Hawk -

  31. Mark,

    Only the DMN… there’s a lot that I can say about the news media…but if you can say something nice… I highly recommend the Daily Show on Comedy Central, if you’re going to have your skirt blownup, you may as well enjoy it!

    Comment by Mary in Big D -

  32. Hi Mark,

    You say he pretending to be a Gynecologist… Hmmm… I thought it was a little suspicious when my Dentist wanted to perform a pelvic exam when I went in for a routine exam… just kidding.

    I had to double-check the author of that article, Steve Blow… was Mark pulling my leg? Why not Mist Blue, cuz that’s all she knew?

    I was wanting to go the DLP to see ‘The BENE’, but the 9-to-5 has pathetically taken over most of my waking hours so I was not going to be able to tonight. Blame it on crap software that a Fortune 500 sold to another Fortune 500 for an insane amount of money. What’s worse that they promise to deliver a great product and haven’t OR that the company I work for keeps investing millions in it and insisting on implementing it all over the company, spending several million, knowing from sources all over the company that it’s a triple P (Piss Poor Product). Oh well, I guess anyway an Exec. can get a bonus without talent or skill is all that matters. Hmmm, I wonder if any of them want to buy some Gee WizeTrade.


    Comment by Mary in Big D -

  33. Okay I understand the Christopher Reeves was a very prominent and important person but where is the Benefactor?? I waited all week to find out what was going to happen, was teased to death by the previous blog and now I still don’t know because ABC ran this hurrily put together piece on Reeves that could have waited until, oh I don’t know the day off the funeral instead, you know when more than a few people might know about it ahead of time instead of being ticked off that they put this crap on instead of the Benefactor!! I feel sorry for his family and all but give me a break he just died last night can you wait a little longer before you air this junk, you know give us a little warning before you waste an hour of or lives that we were already planning on wasting watching much more important and beneficial reality TV. Mark I think this ought to let you know where you stand with ABC, maybe you should seek better treatment elsewhere…none of the other stations preempted their regular programing to show a story about Reeves, they realized that it would not be wise to change it at the last minute due to all the upset people who wanted to watch what they had been waiting for all week.

    Comment by Sheila -

  34. 20/20 Special preempted tonight’s ep. When’s the rerun ? Late tonight, later this week, or on the weekend sometime ?

    Comment by Been A Factor -

  35. I’m glad that Mark mentioned the fact that The Benefactor can’t be seen on Monday nights in the Mountain Time Zone because of Monday Night Football. It has been aired on Thursdays sporadically.

    Attempts to legislate morality have historically failed, and, I agree, much more potential harm can be done on Wall Street than on Cybersportsbook.

    I, too have been amazed at the huge amount of hypocrisy in what is emphasized in the media! In Phoenix, the sherriff’s department was forced to dismiss charges against those arrested in one prime example, a prostitution sting set up for the media, that I blogged about last year. ( )

    Unfortunately, mainstream journalism often appears to be driven more by business interests than editorial vigilance, and, as Mark mentioned, bloggers are one source of potential truths.

    I also think that a defining moment in the downfall of journalistic integrity was the disrespect of Helen Thomas in the White House press room. Now, we have a reporter in jail for refusing to name an anonymous source who gave information about a story the reporter didn’t even end up writing.

    Even if some degree of hypocrisy has always existed, at least the press used to pretend it was a watchdog that reported, not manipulated the news. I would imagine that it would be very difficult to be a journalist with integrity in today’s corporate media environment. I know it’s difficult to watch.

    Comment by Susan F. Heywood -

  36. I guess if the kids were in a public school it would be perfectly OK for them to be pushing a scam stock timing software?

    Since I’m not in Dallas I can’t see the ad. I have no idea what the connection between homeschooling and this software might be – other than the scamsters in question seem to think by claiming to homeschool it marks their the kid as some sort of genius.

    The reality is that a homeschooler is much more likely to have studied economics than their public school peers, and probably is much more likely to understand the basic fact that you can’t time the market. Employers like to hire homeschool teenagers as they tend to be more responsible and more dependable than their public school friends. Stanford admits homeschoolers at twice the rate of the general student population. In short – HS’ed young adults are exactly the type of people you claim you like to hire, hard working, self reliant, and smart.

    Comment by Chris O'Donnell -

  37. “Warren Buffet believes options and commodities trading should be illegal. He’s probably right.”

    Commodities trading?!?!????

    linkage mebbe?

    Comment by gag -

  38. a fantasy gyno? I might go and ask “what kind of **** do you think I am?” (it had to be done)

    The US government aren’t the smartest of people, if online gambling is being prosecuted then the sites will only go offshore (as they are now) and avoid paying any tax. Buffet (the most referenced guy in the comments sections now, sorry Dirk/Shawn Bradley) called gambling ‘a tax on ignorance’, I don’t see the problem. Atleast with gambling you know the odds going in and know you’ll likely lose your investment.

    On a side note, your rich nigerian friend, how have you replied? Tell him you can go one better, if he’s over 7 foot, are you going to draft him*

    * opening cheap shot of the pre-season from a Laker fan 😉

    Comment by Kanes -

  39. Why are they airing this right before football? I don’t understand ABC’s logic here….

    Comment by Ryan Beezlebub -

  40. As I am writing this, ABC’s 20/20 is doing a special on the life meaning of Christopher Reeve. It is replacing The Benefactor. Its a powerful compact message that a lot of us familiar with Mr. Reeve are well aware of. This was a man who used his limits to create meaning to his life and changed the world around him.
    My wishes are with the Reeve family, especially his wife who supported him throughout.

    Comment by Patrick Muldoon -

  41. Warren Buffet believes options and commodities trading should be illegal. He’s probably right.

    Comment by Jason Stalos -

  42. You mean to tell me that I’m not going to get that $30,000 the Nigerian businessman is sending to me?

    Aww gee, another homeschooler foiled. Better go check on that 1.9 percent refinancing rate I was just promised… he he…

    Comment by Josh Williams -

  43. How many times have I gotten the email from the aforementioned Nigerian. Fortunately for me, I have the common sense of a man who appreciates his money, and thus will let no one else squander, or in this case steal it.

    As for the ads for the seminars, I have to wonder…aren’t those paying big money to see the likes of Zig Ziglar likely to already be better than average to superior salespeople? I mean I don’t see the guy pulling a draft check rushing to pay the money required.

    Don’t get me wrong, I always seek to learn. But I feel that when it comes to the market, as Mark put it I am as likely to see an increase in my funds at a poker table in either Atlantic City or Vegas.

    Comment by Chris Biagi -

  44. Sorry– meant to say “where things went wrong.”

    Comment by Peg -

  45. The Gyno guy gets ink because there is sex involved. Easy, sex sells. It is quite thought provoking. Hey, Mark maybe you should take out an ad and tell people how to make money working hard and making a killing by building your business and selling at the right time. It has to be easy, right Mark?

    Come to think of it, maybe I will, too.

    Comment by Brian -

  46. “A little tip for the traditional media out there. If you want people to take you more seriously than us little blogs, dont take ads from people trying to scam your readers.”

    Most in the traditional media will explain that argument away based on the first amendment and a misguided “we’re a public institution so we’re obligated to run ads whether we agree with them or not.”

    Of course, when newspapers became an institution/monopoly, is where things went on.

    Shameless self promotion: We have a lot to say on this topic at

    Comment by Peg -

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