The Benefactor will continue next week…

…at its normal time.

So set the Tivos and plan the evening around the show!


44 thoughts on “The Benefactor will continue next week…

  1. Choate havard and yale grad and when I metioned how I really enjoued your show he told me not to but into the Naricistic views. I think the reason I enjoy whats going on is because your a reflection of me. Any how To go on your blog and to accept the fact that your show was going to miss a week and will probaly lose it’s momentum a little doesn’t seem to bother you.

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  2. Anyway, the show is enlightening on many more different levels than I might’ve initially indicated in the email I sent you (I’m assuming you read it… at least twice… lol) but the show tonight left me pondering how refreshing it would be to see a reality show based on genuine acts of kindness…

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  3. I love the show and love the multicolored rug even more! Any way to find out where you got it or who makes it?

    Comment by Jennie -

  4. That really sucks that some of the episodes got cancelled. For me, I liked The Benefactor a lot more than The Apprentice. Mark is definitely a intense guy and I really dont know how all the contestants withstand his eagle eyes. I sweat a bit every time the camera zooms to that dark look of his. I really hope they bring it back again in the future.

    Comment by Scott Yu -

  5. I misssed the very last show. Who won the million dollars?

    Comment by Zion Flippin -

  6. when is the finale!!!!!!

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  7. Just finished watching the show, although I read here that Femia won. Great job with the choice Mark…although Linda started out as my favorite, Femia moved to that spot weeks ago.

    She is a great choice and I wish her all the luck. Dominic also deserves some congrats, nice guy.

    Oh and Mark–thanks for letting us get to know you too 🙂

    Comment by Pammi -

  8. ..the rug?

    Comment by Carrie -

  9. They aired a local special where I am at I live in Atlanta Georgia.

    Comment by Johnnie Alexander -

  10. Mark,

    I watched every episode of The Benefactor, and for quite some time was hoping that Femia would get the prize. She will make great choices in the future, live a great life, her money will multiply, and this won’t be the last we hear from her successes.

    I liked the show, and your twist at the end was on the edge of nasty….but appropriate. I hope I am in the position someday to give away money like that!

    Good job with the show, and thanks for more insight into who you are, ideas on what it takes to land success, and providing some entertainment on Monday nights.


    Comment by Greg -

  11. I sincerely thought that Dominic was going to win He certainly seems like a very nice person and has it altogether. Of course Femia has a lot going for her and also deserved to win. I missed seeing the part of the show where Linda was eliminated. Will this be shown on your site or will I have to wonder what happened.

    Comment by Saundra Dary -

  12. Television reception was not good for some of the shows, I think from interference from the storms in Florida. I bet folks in Florida would like to see the episodes they missed as well. I also missed an episode and did not see any reruns on of it, I would like to see what I missed. I understand there was a lot of really great footage that could not get into the weekly shows, but DVDs often include extra original footage in a rerelease, or some of that footage could be put back into reruns if it goes that route. The show sure has heart. I think that it would be a great family oriented gift as there were kids also in the show and it could be watched together over the winter. Do you think the DVD might be out for Christmas? I’d like to buy it for a Mavs and Benefactor fan for then,
    Thanks for a great show! “See” you again next year!!!! Looking forward to it, Val

    Comment by Val -

  13. I agree with you I just think If Tiffany was able to stand up for her self and point all that out she probably would be still in the game she didn’t do it well enough. I think maybe he was hoping she would point out that flaw in Femia

    Comment by deanna -

  14. I agree with you about Tiffany being weak – I mentioned that as well…. And your right she didn’t stand up for herself, she did give up. I saw all of those things too.
    But my point is this… Mark has made it clear the entire time that his reasons for kicking someone out of the game depend on the specific test that he’s applying. For example, he didn’t kick contestants off for trash-talking little kids during the basketball game although he would have liked to. It wasn’t in his rules. He wanted to follow the rules for the test.
    For this last test, Mark said that he believes people should be able to criticize others when they are in the wrong. True again that Tiffany wasn’t able to do this. But my point is that Mark’s test is flawed. What good is constructive criticism after the fact – when the test is over? This makes no sense – I’m sure that Mark would rather have his employees criticize him while he’s making a mistake rather than after the damage is done. ***Why wasn’t Femia criticizing Tiffany during the task?*** Why was she content to be a part of team that was in danger of failing when she could have pointed out her problems with Tiffany on the spot – when Tiffany was lying on the floor at 9 in the morning? Is that the kind of person that is successful? One that won’t walk up to Tiffany and say, “Get up!” when success is clearly in jeopardy? I’m not saying that Tiffany was a better contestant than Femia…She was weak… But I thought it was weak of Femia to not confront Tiffany when it really mattered.

    Comment by Matt -

  15. Sorry you missed the show Maxwell. I write summaries of the show (I think if you click on my name it will take you to the site. If it’s not my name, click somewhere…I know that there is a link..just not sure where it’s at in the posts LOL) I just posted this week’s so you should not have a problem finding it.

    I think that it is Linda too (secret) but not for sure.

    I would love to see this show renewed!

    Comment by Pammi -

  16. The reason tiffany was kicked off, was that she didn’t say how the matter with Femia should have been dealt with in a proper way. Tiffany had clearly let someone critize her and did not stand up for herself. You could see it in her body language, her facial language and the way she spoke, all told the same story that she let someone distroy her with their words. Throughout the whole show Femia and Linda were obviously the most confident out of the whole cast. The way they interacted with people and their body language. It would have been interesting to see Dominic in the same spot. Would he have done as well?

    Comment by deanna -

  17. Kicking Tiffany off… Was it the right choice?
    I’m not questioning your beliefs about what makes a person successfull. But if your test truly tested what it was supposed to(being able to constructively criticize those who are in the wrong) then I’m not so sure that Tiffany deserved to be let go. Tiffany was let go because she wasn’t two-faced. She worked well with Femia and saw through her faults. She was absolutely suprised that Femia had bad things to say about her. Why? Because she expects people to confront others when they have problems. She flat-out stated that Femia never said anything to her about those things before. This goes directly against your justification for this test. Shouldn’t the point of criticism be to correct aversive behaviors before it’s too late? Not afterwards when the damage is done. You said you like for people to argue with you if they think you are wrong. Why wasn’t Femia doing this the whole time with Tiffany? Was she content on failing rather than correcting her behaviors? It wasn’t until you called everybody out that Femia had “constructive criticism”. Femia fails in my opinion – Tiffany was weak no doubt, but it wasn’t in this area. In my opinion she was let go because she wasn’t two-faced. Is your goal to be the benefactor of two-faced individuals who would rather blame others after the fact than try to correct them during a task? I saw Femia complaining about Tiffany’s sleeping in, but doing nothing about it. Linda on the other hand deserved her spot over Spencer. She was calling him out and coaching him when he was trying to criticize the other group. That was constructive.
    My issue is not with Femia, I think she’s a good competitor. My issue is with the test… It didn’t get at what you were trying find out.
    With that said, I think it’s a good show, but I just had to call you out on that one Mark.
    One more thing, I am pumped up about this upcoming Mav’s team… They will be awesome… Jason Terry will never do everything Nash did – but he will get the job done… And in 3 more years everybody will have forgotten about Nash when Devin is running the show!

    Comment by Matt -

  18. Mark- Love the show and cannot believe it is not being renewed. It was great on Monday and I too am anxious to see who lied about living in poverty. Since we all know Linda kept talking about living in poverty, my guess is that it is actually someone else. Sorry Donald, but Mark also has a great show!

    Comment by Nancy Benson -

  19. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where you got the rug with the multicolored squares that is on the show. It’s just what I’ve been looking for! Thanks.

    Comment by carol seim -

  20. Was not into reality shows until Benefactor. I really think it is true reality and very good. Hate to hear it might be cancelled. I too would go to another source to watch this show.
    Thought last nights show was excellent!

    Comment by Letha Tipping -

  21. How can anyone seriously think any of the contestants can outclass Dominic? He aced his (unknown) tasks off his own back, while the others more or less had to do the same thing, yet with having to be told, all their choices seemed to be based around the fact that they HAD to do it.

    It seems clear to me that none of the other contestants understood what it is like to make someone other than themselves happy.

    I mean, can anyone really imagine Linda giving away anything on the beach to that boy? Or can you imagine her offering to help out the couple who had no money to pay their tab at the table next to her? No way. In fact I think the only one who might have is Spencer, but compared to Dominic and the remaining contestants, his character was too weak to win this game.

    The sumo idea was different, and not too bad as a non-charatible way to get people laughing, but I am not sure it would qualify as an act of kindness, since they were hitting areas where people were drinking happily anyway.

    The giving away of food packages was a nice thing to do, but clearly looking at the footage, they were almost forcing people to take the food from them. Some people clearly did not want charity. Also, I question how they determined who should have gotten the food. I suppose what this showed was a ignorance on people who do live in poverty, which can be forgiven because it is a sight most people are not comfortable with. However, with better thought and planning more of that food would have gone to people who actually needed it. Oh, and I wonder how they expected homeless poeple to heat up and eat that cup-a-soup!

    The place that Spencer and Linda went to next, which I believe was a retirement home was not a bad idea, but it did not take much though on their behalf. I felt that Linda had no right to complain about the food charity when they were clearly doing the exact same thing with the elderly, which she considered exploitation in front of a camera. Anyway, after watching the footage it was clear Spencer should be one of the two to go. I mean, did anyone else notice his checkers game where he decided the best result was to draw the game, even though there were 5 sets of checkers left on the board? Perhaps the game was at a stalemate, but since when does that outcome show a ‘random act of kindness’? He should have been prepared to take a loss there.

    Now, to the flower giving. Not a lot of focus was on this one, and probably for good reason. These two appear to not know what it is like to be 100% giving. This task, like the other came acorss as though they were forcing themselves on people. The idea was right, but they did it all wrong.

    A positive for them all was that they were resouceful in getting what they needed to complete the task. I am sure throwing a billionaires name around is enough for people to say yes, and good on them for doing so.

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  22. will this show be shown again? the tv guide had another sports program listed and we missed the show, we really enjoy the show and want to see it, of course last week it was cancelled because of a special, please lte me know if I can see the Nov.18 th show

    Comment by amm Maxwell -

  23. That Linda found reaching out to the homeless “offensive” IS offensive and an insult to those in need, regardless of whether they chose that way of life or are just down on their luck.

    That the acts of kindness constructive (<--I use "constructive" loosely) criticisms became a measure of how bad they wanted to compete, fight and pull out all the stops is beyond me... put it this way, I would've been sent home early... lol. Although I find it unfortunate I also find it insightful that personal integrity appears to be (is) sacrificed... unless it didn't exist in the first place... yikes... Anyway, the show is enlightening on many more different levels than I might've initially indicated in the email I sent you (I'm assuming you read it... at least twice... lol) but the show tonight left me pondering how refreshing it would be to see a reality show based on genuine acts of kindness...

    Comment by Carrie -

  24. My husband and I think it’s Linda who lied about living in poverty. Guess we have to wait till next Monday to find out. I’m glad to see that Dominique is still in the game. That was awesome when you sent him on the trip. I hope you have a 2nd season of Benefactor. Oh yeah it’s way better then Apprentice. Take care. Can’t wait till next Monday.

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  25. I like seeing someone that is blessed with an abundance that remembers not everyone is as blessed and tries to share that abundance with others. If you ever want a regular working stiffs perspective you are more than welcome to send me an email at . No charge.

    David L.Bean

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  26. Well I was very happy to see ‘The Benefactor’ from last week played this week as Mark said it would, but I was smiling to lip cracking lengths when it was revealed that Dominique (Sp?) was staying put! He’s my favorite by far.

    I hope it is not him who lied about living in poverty, but I doubt it because the way he carries himself indicates a fairly easy life to date. Linda and the other chick both seem to be hiding their ‘real’ person so I’d not be colored fooled if it was one of them who lied.

    Hurry up Monday!

    PS: Mark if you read comments in your older Blog entries could you consider for Benefactor II to have 1 night were the public gets a chance to vote for the one they want to stay?

    Take care,

    Comment by Linda -

  27. Excellent show and a great new take on reality tv.
    Mark’s advice and style is great!
    If ABC cancels the show, Mark, take it to another network! We will follow!

    Comment by Tina Rademaker -

  28. this is definately my kind of show, i am so hooked and was really bummed that i missed last weeks airing (didn’t really, and am sooo happy) and now i hear that the show will no longer be?
    unlike the apprentice the benefactor gives hope and encouragement to those of us who are aggressive, achievers, and go getters i love to see people achieve due to their drive.

    Comment by celia milla -

  29. We love the show and are studying previous Benefactor shows to help us learn the business principles. Can someone get a copy of shows 1 & 2? I would be glad to send anyone a blank tape to make a copy of theirs. I can’t wait for the reruns!

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  30. My husband & I heard that the show was cancelled due to poor ratings. Is that true?

    Comment by CJ -

  31. I would like to say that Mr. Cuban I have come to think your a man of class. I have a friend whom is a very promitent man and is easily the most successful intelligent and on paper he would put george bush and kerry’s schooling to shame. Choate havard and yale grad and when I metioned how I really enjoued your show he told me not to but into the Naricistic views. I think the reason I enjoy whats going on is because your a reflection of me. Any how To go on your blog and to accept the fact that your show was going to miss a week and will probaly lose it’s momentum a little doesn’t seem to bother you. I mean at a business stand point I am sure it does but when it comes down to what you know is right it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. So I wish you much more success coupled with luck!

    The one and only,
    Michael Smith

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  32. I want one and I figured I would post this all over the web and maybe, just maybe someone would donate one to me. I like the purple but the pastel green is OUTRAGEOUS!!! I’ll be awaiting delivery. Seriously. Love the show. Best reality TV so far and that’s saying a lot since I absolutely love Survivor and Big Brother. Woooohooo, Mark – we love ya buddy. Oh and about the truck…I figured it doesn’t hurt to ask for what you want.

    Comment by ALH -

  33. I thing the show could be much better… it´s only about advertising.

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  34. A) They couldn’t do that as quick as would be needed.
    B) Why spend the extra time and money when the product is already there?
    C) Most importantly, the description of what was to be this week’s episode now appears listed as Oct 18th’s episode. Everything is just moved back a week.

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  36. Check out my blog regarding The Benefactor at; come back here to comment or leave drop me a line. You too, Mark 🙂

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  37. I like the show, but enjoy the competitions on the Apprentice a bit more.

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  38. is the finale?????

    Comment by Ryan -

  39. Reeves show last night means one less episode of the Benefactor. From what I’ve heard, the finale is set to be on the same night (Nov 8???) – they are re-editing and combining two future episodes into one episode.
    I know little of networks and ratings, but does anyone think they would do this for Survivor, Apprentice, etc? Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, but kinda a kick in the junk.

    Comment by Ryan -

  40. I too was upset at the sudden replacement of The Benefactor By “A Very Special 20/20” . What made it worse was what could have been a nice tribute to the life abd career of Christipher Reeve seemed to turn into an editorial (that seemed a little to pre-produced) on how The President is blocking stem cell research yadda yadda etc.

    What made matters worse is that I could get no information from the network as to when The Benefactor will be rescheduled. I even called the switchboard in New York, told them I was Aaron Spelling -creater of the Love Boat and 90210 and was tranferred from the general riff-raff endless loop of “press 1s now” to the VIP endless loop of “press 1s now” (The recorded voice had a softer voice and more important sounding options).

    I am glad you were able to post updated programing information.
    Now I can watch in peace withot having to impersonate the creator of Fantasy Island to get a TV schedule. 🙂

    Comment by Zeke -

  41. I was ready and in my comfy chair waiting on The Benefactor to begin and to my surprise the Christopher Reeve Story pops in. I loved Christopher, but boy was I disappointed. However, now I’m glad because I didn’t actually miss the episode. So, the fun continues.


    Comment by Karen Myers -

  42. I don’t watch much TV but am hooked on The Benefactor… and glad to know I didn’t miss an episode or have to worry about finding it in a new day/time slot.

    Mark, I’ve enjoyed seeing more of you on TV other than cringing in your seat at Arco. Go Kings! LOL Also enjoyed the radio interview last week here in Sac. You’re a cool guy! 🙂


    Comment by GraceRose -

  43. I was all set to watch The Benefactor Monday night and it wasn’t there.. I will (GOD forbid something keep me from the tele..again! As I’ve missed all episodes but the first) tune in on 10/18/04.

    Go Mavs… I wish I could say Go Stars too but all negotiations must come to an end one day (hopefully sooner than later!)

    Thanks for informing us!

    Comment by Kim P. -

  44. Mr. Cuban,
    I have emailed you on a number of occasions. What in the world is going on with Charter Communications? Does Management, Paul Allen, or anyone else involved with CHTR care about the recent miserable decline in the stock price?

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