Trump Files Bankruptcy…What a Shock

Donald, leave it to you to file bankruptcy and rather than apologizing to shareholders that were wiped out, brag about it being a positive step forward for the company. It is what it is, huh Donald?

On TV, viewers do find you entertaining. It’s hard to comprehend of anyone being as self important and delusional about themselves as you are Donald. That can be fun to watch at times. But it does get old. But you already know that from your TV ratings don’t you?

How does it feel to know that in future years when the question is asked, “Which show was the anchor when NBC’s Must See Thursday Night slipped from its perch for the first time in decades”, the answer will be Trump’s show?

Better yet, how does it feel to go from being a self proclaimed ratings machine to having your viewership doubled by the competition, which has more than oncedestroyed you by a cool 15mm or more viewers?

But I digress. Let’s get back to the business of your casinos. Oops, my mistake.I guess that’s not really true. They used to be your casinos, but you made so many poor business decisions, that they are not yours anymore. They belong to the bondholders. You are now a minority shareholder. More importantly, if reports circulating now are true, you no longer control the board. Bondholders got 5 seats, you got to appoint 3, the 9th is a wildcard.

But here comes the fun part. Not only are you out of control, you are now out of excuses. You actually have to make this work.

You have working capital. You have your self proclaimed business ability. You have your name on the buildings. Now let’s see what you can do Donald. Can you actually make this work? Can you compete with the Borgota, which has been kicking ass in Atlantic City?What about the other new casinos that are planned there? Or the already in motion expansions? Will AC grow like Vegas, or will you be forced to bus in the quarter clubs? Can you compete with what is sure to be competition from the state of Illinois with your spot in E Chicago? Can you make a business in French Lick Indiana?

This is going to be far more fun to watch then The Apprentice.

How long do you think your board will give you to make thecasinos work? 1 year? 2 years?

I can’t wait to watch. Since the company will remain public after you come out of Chapter 11, we will be able to keep score every single day.

That’s a tough spot to be in as Chairman and CEO of a company that has your name on the door and your initials as its stock symbol. That’s pressure Donald.

Me, I’m going to have the stock on my short watch. My guess is that once it emerges from Ch11, it will run up on speculation by momentum daytraders. Theywill all pile in the stock on the expectation that you will pump and promote the stock. Which you will. That is exactly what I want.

I will just watch the stock. Read the SEC filings. Read the gaming filings and reports. Make some money off the stock. All the while having fun watching you sweat it out.

97 thoughts on “Trump Files Bankruptcy…What a Shock

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  2. There is a lot to be said for taking the high road. Maybe it was good press for your show? Or good press for the Apprentice? Either way, the fact that he could bring you down to his level is shocking. Furthermore, I read your blog because I am interested in the Mavericks and the insight of an NBA owner.

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  3. He’s obviously a good salesman and a pretty good businessman. Show us that you’re a better businessman by doing something with your companies, that you’re not just an internet billionare who got lucky and cashed out at the right time. Your informative posts about the music industry and portable media technology show that you’re obviously ahead of the curve there.

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  4. First of mixed thoughts – From the Apprentice show I learned the following – who has the Biggest Helicopter in the world? 🙂 Biggest Golf course in the world 🙂 biggest charter plane in the world 🙂 biggest hotel in the world 🙂 …and finally biggest bankruptcy in the world!!!

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  5. I wish I was rich.

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  6. Hasn’t Donald Trump been worth about 2 Billion dollars since he inherited it from his father ? The thing about him is not what works and what doesn’t but all of the very cool things he has done. He doesn’t go for the most profit, he goes for the sweetest building in the city. He doesn’t need the money.

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  7. this is so funny, but I am still not sure about who is Trump

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  8. Hi Mark:

    Finally I have remembered who you’re! You’re one of the founders of website which I believe ushered in internet broadcasting, so you can be considered an internet broadcasting pioneer and information technology icon for that.

    But bad-mouthing and bashing Trump in public as you did, even if there is an venomous relationship between you two hardly endears you to all the people who respect you for your achievement so far…

    If you feel that Trump is bumbling and not doing well, perhaps you may show him a better business strategy instead of mocking him. Don’t you think that is smarter?

    Why make yourself an enemy when you can be a good friend?

    I don’t know about you, perhaps the billions of dollars you made from selling may have warped your mind inflated your brain, but personally, I prefer making friends.

    Ikey Benney
    New York City

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  9. Hello:

    I have stumbled to your blog/article about Donald Trump.

    I am not sure I know who you’re?

    But I do know who is Trump.

    I am not a business associate of his and have never met him.

    The only thing I share with him is living in the same city, New York.

    Your article is a little bit bitter and sounds like you’re his enemy? Are you? What did he do to you?

    Yes, a few things you said are true about him.

    His ego. And bragging.

    But these are the same qualities that a seasoned businessman needs to have to succeed in cut-throat American corporate world.

    Do you prefer that he acts like a mouse instead?

    And the bragging is his way of entertaining his fans.

    Life is made up of ups and downs.

    Sometimes, you’ll rise and reach the mountain top. But at other times, you may fall and crash.

    Is Trrump the only businessman who has ever filed for bankruptcy?

    It is not fun when somebody like Trump falls to have people like you writing about it as negatively as you’ve done.


    The reason is that what happened to Trump can happen to any businessman and has happened to many already.

    Besides he is a great role model to not only Americans but people all over the world.

    He is a lion in the corporate jungle of American business who never allows any failure to keep him down.

    He is always bouncing back and always creative and resourceful.

    That is why it is fun to have him around and look up to him. He inspires many people.

    Instead of attacking him in blogs and articles, perhaps you should get into business and compete with him and try to build great wealth like he has already done.

    That will be much smarter and sensible.

    Trump has proved his weight in gold in business.

    I wish he will get into politics and become the governor of New York and try to rebuild this city and state and restore their former glories.

    Ikey Benney
    New York

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  10. Donald, get some humility and a new hair stylist!

    Comment by Paul Whitman -

  11. Donald, get some humility and a new hair stylist!

    Comment by Paul Whitman -

  12. Mark,

    Re: Trump Files Bankruptcy

    You’re as a secular Elijah tilting at false capitalists who misappropriate investor trust (1 Kings 18).

    Call me to meet for a breakfast 972-900-4449.


    Comment by Steve McKee -

  13. I would like to know how to buy shares in Donald Trumps upcoming casinos. Im fairly new at this and wondering if you could help me out. THANK YOU RON WILSON

    Comment by Ronnie Wilson -

    DID I FORGET TO MENTION that in the (intentionally botched?) Marina refinancing, Donald got some HIGH INTEREST/YIELD bonds which were convertible into common shares? he converted them in July 03 into almost 8 million shares. …now back to Harbert Distressed Investment Fund. they were buying again last week. they hold over 4 million shares. Insiders now own 15.01 million shares (according to Yahoo). If the outstanding number of shares is still at 29.91 million shares, Insiders control OVER 50% of the shares! will Harbert vote ‘for’ the BK? was this move by them (buying of shares) planned with Donald to swing the vote in favor of the BK? can the minority shareholders’ (committee) initiate a lawsuit if this turns out to be the case? will the courts see thru this Insiders’ maneuver (if this is the case) and protect the minority shareholders from schemes like this? …(if anyone sees any errors in my facts or numbers here, please correct me)

    Comment by Richard -

  15. I heard from a friend that a contractor did a ton of marble work for Donald on credit. The work was done, shortly there after Donald went into Ch. 11 – and had to renegotiate for pennies on the dollar. The contractor was so deep in it, that it put his own company into bankruptcy…

    Comment by Adam Silverman -

  16. as a trump hotels & casinos shareholder for almost 8 years, I have seen company business decisions made by Donald that imo go beyond just bad business decisions, they imo wreak of INTENTIONALLY bad business decisions. he supposedly refused a $10 per share offer for the company years ago without letting it known to shrhldrs (see Metelman vs Trump Hotels litigation). he withheld bond payments as the Marina was negotiating a refinancing (while saying the company had the money for the payment). the company’s debt was then downgraded and unfortunately a high refinancing rate was agreed upon. Donald also supposedly refused a $225mil offer for Trump Indiana and supposedly a $35mil offer for the boardwalk parcel of land where the Trump World’s Fair once stood. and after all this, the minority shrhldrs are now the ones to be wiped out in this BK? while donald retains a 26% ownership with imo some nice perks thrown in to boot?! (if Donald’s equity position is being cut in half from 50somethingpercent, why are the minority equity holders not getting the same treatment?) no one can convince me that this chain of events wasn’t intentional to achieve this final result (wipeout of shrhldrs). will the courts allow this travesty of justice for equityholders (other than Trump) to proceed? can it be that public companies can (what imo looks like) intentionally run the company into the ground and then file BK to eliminate pesky shareholders of 44% of the company? the voting materials on the BK are now out to shrhldrs. ANOTHER TWIST: Harbert Distressed Equity Fund (?) has recently taken a 4+million share position in DJTCQ. I’m suspicious that they are ‘in bed’ with Trump to sway the vote ‘in favor’ for the BK. I hope I’m wrong! and why doesn’t the media investigate the past goings on at DJTCQ? If they would analyze the chain of events leading up to this BK, they might discover more going on here than meets the eye. don’t they find it strange that this supposedly WILDLY SUCCESSFUL businessman’s ONLY public company is in the shape it’s in? could it have all been intentional on his part? …(these are all my observations and opinions as a long-term shareholder. correct me if I’m wrong on anything or add your own observations/opinions that I may have overlooked)

    Comment by Richard -

  17. Love your comment

    “Hey Donald, you were born on third base..quit acting like you hit a triple.

    Comment by Kris -

  18. Mark,

    Trump was on blasting you and Sir Richard yesterday morning, Mark. Trump and the Survivor producer made this deal to do the Martha Stewart Apprentice show, a second version of Trumps show. She has to get out the “clinker”.

    If you have tivo, it came at the 2:08 timeframe of the show. I’m sending this not to embarass you but to motivate you to blow this Trump guy out of the water. And I’ll tell you how I think you can do this in my next email to you.

    * * * * * *

    Trump: Actually, We thought about Mark Cuban, but he failed. And we thought about Branson. And you know those were two obvious choices but you know they’ve gone on . . . we’ve done automatic research, we’ve done automatic research on those two, the various networks gave us automatic research.

    Imus: Both of those guys that jerk Mark Cuban and that other moron Both came out of the box . . . Cuban came out of the box badmouthing you, you would have thought they would get kept their mouths shut.

    Trump: Cuban came out and he said, Trump is a really bad guy he won’t shake peoples hands. He lives in one of my buildings in New York. I understand he likes it very much because it’s a great building.. He came on strong and he went down. He went down like dogs. Flies watch this show.

    And then Branson came out and said Donalds a great guy, then said Trumps a horrible human being. His first thing on his show was an imitation of me getting out of a limousine. His show almost did as badly as Cubans.

    * * * * * *

    Mark, you’ve already addressed this before in your comments on your success given the size of your market.

    Your response to this should be to launch the greatest reality show of all time, one that will put the Apprentice to shame. Next time, do something that has no resemblence to the Apprentice. Reach out and come up with a reality show that will change the world like Branson tried to do but in a bigger way, come up with a show with people that are really the best and brightest in their fields, and come up with something that will blow Trump off the map.

    I’m really pulling for you to make a great next move and I’m filled with great ideas on the next generation reality show. If you call me I’ll play that couple of minutes for you off my tivo because I believe it will inspire you to make the next reality tv show move. will have more details on my reality show idea.

    Building social business networks

    Comment by Paul Terry Walhus -

  19. Look at it this way. Trump’s wealth came from Inheritance. Had Trump done nothing, he would have more $ than he does now. Are those the ingredients of a good business man? You be the judge…

    Comment by Anonymous -

  20. Just spent a weekend at French Lick Springs Hotel and the massage therapist told me a story of a barely-in-business man who has a small sign shop there and made some signs for Trumps proposed casino. Yes, he too was included in the BK and will never see any money for his signs. Keep in mind, French Lick is barely making it. It is a poor and depressed area. I would guess 50% of the properties are for sale hoping to make a little money on the lure of the proposed casion. Sad…very sad. Just buiness to DT but next meal to the sign guy.

    Comment by Regina Hymer -

  21. Nothing intellectual, just a personal experience of Trump.
    I look in the mirror every morning, and I don’t see Robert Redford looking back, but I had the opportunity to sit directly next to The Donald at a sporting event during the Olympics in Atlanta, and he may have been the ugliest person I think I have ever seen up close. His hair was awful, and that was 8+ years ago.

    Plus, he really smelled terrible, as well.
    But, one thing at a time.

    Comment by Scott Johnson -

  22. “The Apprentice” is the most unrealistic “reality” show on TV. It’s all about who can suck up more to Trump. It’s disgusting! All of the candidates just talk, talk, talk about “being a leader.” They always cite “this is what it means to be a leader” or “this is what a leader does” as they (and Trump) contradict themselves by the minute. Why is this entire country so hung up on “leaders” and hero worship?! What the hell ever happened to humility and shutting the hell up and doing your job without grandstanding? Oh yea, I forgot, this is the generation where “everyone’s a winner!”

    I own 2 companies and I can tell you that if these people are indicative of what the future of Corporate America holds, then Enron was just a “scrimmage.”
    It’s a joke!

    Comment by Joe Kohls -

  23. Mark, while you are correct about most things in your commentary about Mr. Trump – I have to defend one item. NBC’s demise has not been the sole resposibility of Donald Trump. Yes, The Apprentice has not been the best performing anchor ever on Thursday night for NBC; however, Trump’s show is not the only weak link for NBC. Joey has done so poorly (I belive Survivor has beaten it every week in the ratings) that I actually had to look up what was on at 8:30 because it had been so long since I had the TV on NBC then (Survivor rules in my household). Of course – my household is not the only place Survivor rules – Will and Grace don’t even show up in the Top 20 of the ratings. Sure, the Apprentice may not have as much share as it did, but NBCs only better performing show is the venerable ER (the only NBC show in the Top 10). Having said all that – the self proclaimed ratings machine may be correct – he’s pulling a 15 share with no help from his two lead in shows. Really, if you think about that, he’s not doing badly. Is he obnoxious and full of himself? Sure. Does he have bad hair that really needs to be redone? Yah, but frankly, your “doo” could use some updating too (go back to Domenic’s stylist and let them do something for you!) Could he do better with reality? Possibly. But I’ll say this – he is entertaining 🙂 Of course – should the Benefactor ever get another run – that would be my preference to be on so send me an e-mail when applications open!

    Comment by Phillip Zannini -

  24. I personally think that the sat point has been met with reality based programming. High school reunion….gilligans island…biggest loser….real world….amish in the city.

    I enjoyed Mark’s show better than Trumps though.

    Comment by brett -

  25. Interesting…

    Comment by brett -

  26. One thing I don’t understand is how Donald Trump
    Can file Bankrupcy on one business and not on
    the others he has. If I filed bankrupcy they
    would take away everything I owned except my
    homesteaded home and one car. Seams unfair doesn’t it. Still speaking of going bankrupt,why does our govnerment keep bailing out Airlines who go bankrupt Why can’t they learn to make money like Southwest Airlines.
    Speaking on the subject of Southwest Airlines why isn’t the mayor of Dallas Laura Miller for building the tunnel from I35 to Love
    Field, seams like she is just like AMR wanting to do away with Love Field.

    Comment by Billy Earl Taylor -

  27. It seems like more and more people are feeling the same way as I do about Donald Trump; that he is a no class windbag. I once wrote a song about him called, “Donald Trump Can Kiss My Butt. ” The song clearly explains how and why I have such negative feelings about the man.It is free for anyone to download at Just click on the Donald Trump song link and enjoy the music.

    Comment by Louis Landon -

  28. Mark, When it comes to smarts you seem to kill the Donald. I have read your blog for some time now and think wow that Mark Cuban is a smart guy! I do think that Trump got the best of you based on your response in this blog. You made your words sound really personal. Your writing flows with trying to get him back on your blog. The big players in life such as you don’t need to comment at all on a guy that preaches one thing, but does another. The world will see the person for what he or she really is and in turn you come out even smarter. Take the high road it shows more grit than the sharpest words! Most people I think would rather hang with a down to earth person like you as opposed to a guy who is all about ego. In this case you win, when nothing is said at all.

    Comment by David -

  29. Mark you’re just jealous that your show sucked compared to The Apprentice. What were the rules of the Benefactor again? Oh wait, there were none, and your show was like a book without a plot.

    Comment by lindsay lohan -

  30. Donald… You’re Fired! (God, I always wished I could say that!)

    Comment by Matthew Brown -

  31. Donald… You’re Fired! (God, I always wished I could say that!)

    Comment by Matthew Brown -

  32. Mark

    What a great indictment on ‘The Donald’. The only thing that perhaps you missed was Trumps vanity, which his show reeks of, is his biggest weakness. What’s more, now everyone knows it, INCLUDING his bond holders. Perhaps he could be more successful in the real business world, ie excluding TV, if he kept the fact that he is madly in love with himself out of the forefront of America, excuse me, the worlds mind.

    Comment by Jesse -

  33. Mark, Thanks for the stock tip.

    Comment by Gary Miller -

  34. I’ve thought Trump was a bozo ever since he said Mike Tyson should be able to buy his way out of jail when Tyson got in trouble for raping a contestant in a beauty contest. Also, what’s the deal with his hair? Doe he wear a weave, or do he have a few hairs that he grows really long and wraps around his head?

    Comment by Mitch Cumstein -

  35. Posted Nov 30, 2004, 3:29 PM ET by Jim Dorey
    How about a nice reality show where Mark and Donald get to face off in a European city (not revealed until they touch down) with only $1000 bucks. They cannot use their network of contacts only their intellect to build money – the person with the most money from the initial $1000 seed is the winner.

    Well… I know I would watch it. 🙂


    Comment by matt -

  36. Mark,

    I love you, man. But aren’t you being a little harsh on the guy, when your show didn’t exactly knock people’s socks off. I loved your show but all I’ve been reading in the media is how it didn’t do so hot.

    Also, I think all your money and power are going to your head. It’s okay to comment on Trump and his failures, but to write a whole blog entry as if you are talking to him is a little weird. You know he’s not going to read it, so it’s obvious that you’re writing to him only to get attention. Come back to earth, Mark.

    Beat the Spurs tonight!

    Comment by Dave -

  37. How about a nice reality show where Mark and Donald get to face off in a European city (not revealed until they touch down) with only $1000 bucks. They cannot use their network of contacts only their intellect to build money – the person with the most money from the initial $1000 seed is the winner.

    Well… I know I would watch it. 🙂

    Comment by Jim Dorey -

  38. I respect your story and also really have respected your views on the Stock Market lately. I really thought you were trying to open small investor’s eyes to the real Wall Street.

    No question The Donald has not been forthright concerning his casino operations. But I am really disappointed by what looks like some major HYPOCRISY on your part.

    What is going on with CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS? I mean you have a fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders don’t you? You and Paul Allen and the incompetent mangers at CHTR have totally destroyed the COMMON STOCK with this latest convertible offering. How could you sign off on that?

    CHTR common was undervalued by the market until this terrible decision. Cable subscriber valuations are rising. Wasn’t there a way to refinance the debt without obliterating the Common Stock? Of course there was, but no one was looking out for the little guy.

    Thanks a lot.

    If I am way of base please correct me. I’d at least like to hear your take on the situation.

    Go Lakers,

    Comment by Chris -

  39. If only The Donald (Sucks) could aspire to be a sponge. SpongeBob Square Pants makes more in one month than the Donald (Sucks) makes in
    one year.

    Comment by Paul Clem -

  40. If only The Donald (Sucks) could aspire to be a sponge. SpongeBob Square Pants makes more in one month than the Donald (Sucks) makes in one year.

    Comment by Paul Clem -

  41. I’m going to be sticklerriffic now:

    Please remember the comma before a direct adress. It is especially important in a language tht doesn’t compound much.

    There is a marked difference between “eat, my friends” and “eat my friends”.

    Comment by JET -

  42. Yo stop paying out the Don! Although he may have made a mistake/stuff up with with this business venture, his track record speaks for itself.

    I agree with Joan’s comments. Why can’t ya’ll agree and join forces and make more paper?!

    DJ HO
    Bloggin from Sydney

    Comment by DJ HO -

  43. I have nothing but shame for those, excluding Mr. Cuban, derogating Donald Trump. People just can’t handle the fact that he is such a huge success. It is lucid that people hate to see it when he’s up, and that they love it when he’s down. I guess this is just human nature.

    However, when it comes to generosity, Mr. Cuban definitely wins. Who needs a $250,000 one-year contract as an apprentice when you can win $1 million on The Benefactor, a six-week show?

    Mr. Cuban, you are my role model and you always will be. I look up to you in every single way. I’m just disappointed to find out that there is beef between you and Donald.

    By the way, I’m sorry that my writing skills aren’t refined. I’m only a freshman in high school :).

    Comment by Joan Liang -

  44. Mark, I love you, man! But, I think you’re creating a false impression here.

    A small part of all that is Trump is in Chapter 11. And even that part remains viable. This is less a disaster and more a business maneuver to re-structure debt. Granted, Trump gave up a bit of control, but at the end of the day Trump and Trump Casinos will still be in the fight, and little will have effectively changed.

    The thing is, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already understand. My disappointment is in your creating a false impression in the minds of your followers, those who have read only the headline on this story, and those who think that a ratings comparison between the Apprentice and the Benefactor is somehow a significant piece of this puzzle.

    You’re the man, Mark. Shoot straight.

    Comment by Brian -

  45. This is what a guy deserves when he charges 60 dollars for some lousy cologne at Dillards. Probably smells like barber hair.

    Comment by Mike -

  46. I don’t watch tv a lot. I watch a show one time and if I don’t REALLY like it, I don’t watch it anymore. I watched The Apprentice only one time.

    I loved The benefactor. I wached it every week and was deceived they cut 2 of them. That’s why I’m so surprised to read all these negative comments ! Mark, you are a real entertainment to me !

    Comment by Claudine -

  47. Amen, Donald is a fraud… It has been my experience that the truly successefull people in life don’t spend 3/4 of their time running around telling everyone how good they are! His empire is nothing more than a house of cards.
    I definately enjoyed the rant! Keep up the good work Mark.

    Comment by Jon -

  48. Trump certainly has massive confidence and belief in himself – even in the face of failure. Something to think about..

    Comment by Peter -

  49. It doesn’t matter that Trump went Chap 11. The Apprentice has provided him a huge brand name in Trump. That’s an “Ace in the hole”.

    If he doesn’t blow it, like Martha Stewart did, it could springboard into any number of ventures… a Trump line of slacks at Wal-Mart?

    Comment by -

  50. I have to ask: “How many times now has Donald Trump declared bankruptcy?”

    Comment by mike bertelsen -

  51. Sheesh, dude… Bitter much?
    Trump’s built a bigger brand than you, and as such he’s going to have bigger failures to go with his bigger successes.

    You take risks, cut your losses, and sometimes (hasn’t anyone given this option consideration?) you may come out ahead on paper if you “claim” bankruptcy rather than wait for it to claim you.

    I would also venture a guess that it makes a lot more sense to own up to a failure now (if failure it is) while you’re riding high in the public eye, have one of the strongest brands in the world, and are a fixture on a highly rated tv show.

    The talking dolls, the library of books being published by Apprentice winners and losers alike, and all the product tie-ins show that Trump isn’t going down the tubes anytime soon — while The Benefactor… well… let’s just say I wouldn’t be looking for the release of the first (and final) season to be released on DVD anytime soon.

    Although ‘The Donald’s’ show may be guilty of being overly dramatic (isn’t that the standard for reality shows?) at least the challenges and problem-solving seem to be based on some sort of business world reality, as opposed to The Benefactor’s brat-prince attitude of “you have an hour to amuse me — don’t let me get bored” sort of stunts. Too bad you weren’t as concerned with preventing the VIEWERS from becoming bored!

    Perhaps you and The Donald should bury the hatchet… and settle this over a game of JENGA.

    Comment by Don The Idea Guy -

  52. Mark,
    Are you watching this? Larry King, Donald…. (9:10pm East 11-24) Did he just respond to this posting? The man just doesn’t know when to let it go…

    By the way, thanks for doing all the things you’ve done in Dallas.


    Comment by Al Pritchard -

  53. I have to agree, Trump is a hypocrite for proclaiming he is a stellar businessman and a billionaire, then sticking it to common shareholders by declaring bankruptcy on the casino side. It might be legal and within his rights to do so, but it is morally corrupt, as is the man.

    Comment by Zack -

  54. Marc, Mark, Mark, Did you not forget your last episode of the benefacter? How you handle yourself after a loss.
    Come on Mark , you’re better than that.
    Practice what you preach

    Comment by tk -

  55. Well, Mark regarding this feud;
    “Success is the best revenge…”

    And you have achieved that.

    Comment by Taylor Moore -

  56. Thanks James King. As for Clearly Canadian, I have nothing to gain, except for the fact that I beverage that I love will stay in business. I own no stock, or bonds in the company.

    I am however, very into M&A. I am starting my own company.

    Comment by Sterling Wright -

  57. Actually, Mark, his casino in Indiana is not in East Chicago, it’s in Gary. That’s why he moved his Miss USA pageant to Gary for a couple of years. But in advertisements, they always say that the Trump Casino is at “Buffington Harbor”, rather than “Gary”.

    Comment by Rick Rock -

  58. The question is will the controlling board members have the courage to say, “Donald, YOU’RE FIRED”

    Comment by Rob Thrasher -

  59. TRUMP SUCKS!!! msnbc thinks so too…check it out:

    Comment by Scott Wandzilak -

  60. Sterling: Excellent post. Hope Mark checks out your company … I would if I had the power and influence to do something.

    Rob: There’s no such thing as bad publicity 😉 I don’t think it’ll harm Mark’s businesses to get into a public feud with The Donald … c’mon, everyone loves a good row, especially when its two billionaires. I wouldn’t want to think that their lives were TOO easy. I know that’s not the case regardless , but it is entertaining.

    Comment by James King -

  61. Mark, it’s my opinion that you would have better served yourself and your own failed television program by not allowing yourself to be baited into a public feud by Trump. There is a lot to be said for taking the high road. Maybe it was good press for your show? Or good press for the Apprentice? Either way, the fact that he could bring you down to his level is shocking. Furthermore, I read your blog because I am interested in the Mavericks and the insight of an NBA owner. I don’t read your blog to determine which billionaire is a bigger moron. Especially when lately it seems the two morons are turning out to be just about the same size.

    Comment by Rob -

  62. Donald Trump is a linchpin for capitalism at its worst in America. In everyday, deep questioning of the performance of American society has become pervasive, it is because business calculations rather than human needs and possibilities so much dominate the entirety of our lives—not only in industry, but in Foreign Policy, our domestic politics, our schools, our health care systems, our environment, and even our culture?

    First, all social activities—from mechanics to misters—have all flourished or languished dependent upon the degree to which they have satisfied the finally financial criterion of marketability. Indeed, most Americans are unaware that other, essentially qualitative, criteria exist to be taken seriously. From the necessary evaluation of a business firm in terms of its income statement and balance activities in similarly quantitative and pecuniary terms: What does it cost?

    It is with our ways of speech, with paintings, and movie stars, with professors and journalists, even with religious personages. Our society has left or created no comfortable resting-place for means of evaluation, other than “the bottom line”.

    We watch shows like the Apprentice because business criteria has made its way into all walks of our lives. Is it that no other capitalist development country like America has ever been so successful and so impressive with a history of expansion, production, and productivity, large increases of per capita real incomes? Or, is it the media attention that is paid to individuals like Donald Trump that makes American feel rich?

    Mr. Trump is worth $2.6 billion. Mr. Trump represents American imperialism at its best. He used his image of wealth to create an artificial company. He is an example of how generational wealthy individuals get rich preying upon the weaker—while the quality of life for the average American deteriorates in many if not all areas, demonstrably in the areas of health, education, the environment, drugs and crime. The largest proportion of Americans still appears to place the blame for all this not on rampant capitalist greed like individuals like Trump, but on stereotypes, and liberalism.

    Well, Mr. Trump, some of us are waking up. Maybe someday, responsible, honorable people will control a majority of corporate and political America. Maybe someday soon the pride of material achievement will not be center of American personal and national esteem.

    Accordingly, there are better ways to spend your time, Mr. Cuban. Next time you are in Vancouver, stop over and see a beverage Company called Clearly Canadian. They have a great product. However, they have poor management and fail to get the product on the self. It’s a small company with a market cap of $ 8 million and shrinking everyday. It could be $100 million company.

    Comment by Sterling Wright -

  63. Donald is like a bad penny that just won’t go away no matter how hard you try to get rid of him. But then maybe its the love/hate thing that so many people have for him that keeps brining him back


    Comment by LostInAmerica -

  64. Come on…Are you serious?

    We take Cuban for real only because of his 1.2 Billion (did you watch “The Benefactor”, there really isnt any other reason to…)Trumps got 5, so he can keep his air, loose his casinos and his opinions are still worth more than Cuban’s.

    Comment by Should have kept Najera... -

  65. Mark, you’re right about the casinos but wrong about the show. The Apprentice is a successful show and it’s even better this year, even if the ratings don’t reflect it. NBC was bound to go down with Frasier, Friends, and Seinfeld off the air. Trump teamed up with Mark Burnett and your show was random and boring. He’s obviously a good salesman and a pretty good businessman. Show us that you’re a better businessman by doing something with your companies, that you’re not just an internet billionare who got lucky and cashed out at the right time. Your informative posts about the music industry and portable media technology show that you’re obviously ahead of the curve there. Save the one-sided jeers for drinks with your friends and talk to us about something informative and interesting.

    Comment by Ajay Kosaraju -

  66. Mark, you’re right about the casinos but wrong about the show. The Apprentice is a successful show and it’s even better this year, even if the ratings don’t reflect it. NBC was bound to go down with Frasier, Friends, and Seinfeld off the air. Trump teamed up with Mark Burnett and your show was random and boring. He’s obviously a good salesman and a pretty good businessman. Show us that you’re a better businessman by doing something with your companies, that you’re not just an internet billionare who got lucky and cashed out at the right time. Your informative posts about the music industry and portable media technology show that you’re obviously ahead of the curve there. Save the one-sided jeers for drinks with your friends and talk to us about something informative and interesting.

    Comment by Ajay Kosaraju -

  67. I was browsing my daily feeds and noticed this headline:

    “Casino forks out for 10-year-old ‘Virgin Mary’ sandwich”

    After reading your article I definitely thought Mr. Trump was responsible for this 😉 Seriously, that guy is the biggest, most pompous jerk I have ever seen. The voiceovers on his show are ridiculous too; often times it seems like the audio guys didn’t even attempt to make it sound authentic.

    Comment by Chris Decker -

  68. Mark, I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump, but getting joy from watching the failure of others is a precurser to having it happen to yourself. Enjoy what you’ve got and keep on steppin’. It doesn’t matter how arrogant he may or may not be, worry about how arrogant you may appear. Like him, you’re just a man. Haughtiness precedes a fall. Remember this!

    Comment by HAILE -

  69. What a wonderful country we live in. All hail and glory to the entrepreneur that continues to hang his stock holders out to dry while he has a TV show about becoming a successful business person and the show does well. I don’t get it. But forgive me I am not an entrepreneur. I just work and go to school for about 60+ hours a week so that I can pay my bills so that we won’t have to claim Chapter 11 over and over (as Trump has done). Maybe Mark Cuban can teach him a thing or two about successful business acumen.

    The winner of the “Benefactor” is not worried about her millionaire status. I’m sure the “Apprentice” winner and prospective winner may be questioning their job security status about now. The “Benefactor” may not have done as well as expected but on a personal note Mark Cuban can visit my home and eat with my family again anytime. His character is in tact.Trump would have to pay me to bring his arrogant, self righteous, self indulged, egotistical self to sit at my table and have me cook a meal for him.

    And just think, Trump is bringing his “business acumen” to Vegas. He couldn’t make it in Atlantic City, what makes him think this market is less tough and ready for him. Vegas is doing very well without Trump. His arrogance will continue to take his stock holders down the tubes with him. Think I’m a bit biased? You are correct!

    Hi Mark. Go Mavs!!

    Comment by salmon -

  70. Man!

    Read the reviews here and people kick asses. Mark, Donald or anyone else, but being in Public catagory has this adv. You can critique anyone.
    My opinion:
    Donald has no right to produce a business reality show being a chap 11 nominee. But his first show was interesting. May be credit goes to Burnet and not to Donald.
    Cuban has no TV show personality, May be he has for a sports show. I am writing this without watching his show but trailers were enough to speak about it. Plus the concept has not much of entertainment value. I guess that was the result.
    Really, We need people like Burnet make more shows but with right people.
    Mark, ask all these people about one more concept for a reality show and u can have one more successful show. It does not need your presenece on TV (if money is intension, if fame is then …)


    Comment by Kedar -

  71. Perhaps getting the kind of publicity Trump seems to drum up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Mark Cuban seems to be doing very well for himself. I often wonder how his show would have done in the same time slot.

    I don’t think you can compare The Benefactor to The Apprentice. Two different premises, time slots, and many other things set them far apart from eachother. In my opinion, The Benefactor was a much classier show.

    Mark seems to have built himself up on a sturdy foundation and a fair amount of common sense. If you doubt the common sense just read some more of these blog entries.

    Trump has developed his foundations out of twigs, toothpicks, and a lot of blown smoke. The wind is whipping up and a lot of his foundation is going to shimmer and dissappear.

    Not to mention the difference in the type of people each surround themselves with. You can usually tell a lot about a person by the kinds of people they like to have around them.

    Comment by Tor -

  72. About Trump’s TV show, I don’t get how his unemployed contestants are fired. Fired from what? I think the better catch phrase is “Get Lost!” But, maybe Burnett saves that one when the show is cancelled!

    Comment by mattkohn -

  73. Mark has just a little resenrment over the fact “The Apprentice” was 100 times more successful than “The Benefactor” ever was. Thats a simple fact; like it or not.

    Comment by J.R. -

  74. Can’t this be said of many a CEO recently? Trump’s a great target because he sells himself well. But the same verbage can be used with any C level executive who received a big payment when they “stepped down”.

    How many exec’s ran companies into the ground, made out with a bundle of cash, and sold themselves as the next best thing since sliced bread to the next board of suckers. It’s the Board of Directors who allow this stuff to occur.

    I’ll praise the Board who fires Trump’s butt. Else, the Trump hand washing machine keeps turning, and it’s stuck on “spin” cycle.

    Comment by Pat -

  75. Tim O,

    The Benefactor was bad, but the Apprentice isn’t any better. Sure the Apprentice gets ratings but I would rather watch “My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss” then the Apprantice; its boring. Mark isn’t defined by reality T.V., but Trump is. Mark is the ultimate business success story and yet Trump gets all the attention and for what? I just don’t get it. America was built by people like Mark not those who inherit great wealth. I would rather learn business sense from the likes of Warren Buffett or Michael Dell, not Trump.

    Comment by Molly -

  76. A bit insecure?

    The trump casino business commentary – spot on. But the TV bits – just sour grapes.

    The Benefactor flopped and the Apprentice is still huge and wildly entertaining. The Benefactor was pretty much a blatant ripoff, and he’s more over-the-top entertaining (intentionally or not). He called you out on this – get over it.

    Comment by Tim O -

  77. Mark,
    He took your advice to heart.It’s was an “APOLOGEVENT”. You need to contact him and ask him for a little consulting fee.

    That’s all for now,Folks


    Comment by Lee F -

  78. I think of wealth nowadays as a “gated community” … at a certain status, it doesn’t matter how incompetent you are, banks and investors are still willing to throw money at you or companies are willing to hire you regardless of your track record. Trump built his casino industry on the heels of his first bankruptcy … from where did he get the capital? I’ve been around the block long enough to notice that people at the Vice President level and above in companies and organizations are generally immune to their own stupidity; they are often rewarded for their failures with generous severance packages and executive positions in other organizations, creating an endless cycle of “rewarded failure.” Ultimately, the wealthy look out for their own so I don’t expect Trump, Gil Amelio, Jean Louis Gassee or any other wealthy person associated with resounding failures to end up on skid row. It’s this type of cronyism that is ultimately undermining the integrity of our economic system. The picture looks even more bleak from the other side of the fence … Guys like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Larry Ellison and Steve Jobs made fortunes without college degrees, now you’re not likely to get a job as an administrative assistant without one. America is billed as a meritocracy but that is becoming less the case everyday. It’s more a game now and guys like Trump will get all the chances in the world in a system that massively rewards you for one or two successes and ignores your current failures. I’d rather be in Trump’s position right now, filing Chapter 11 form my New York penthouse, than hustling like I am now. It’s an old story and I don’t expect guys at the top to get it or agree. But all you folks out there who can relate know of what I am talking. Let’s all get together and cry Trump a river.

    Comment by James King -

  79. Trump’s casino biz might not be a winner, but should The Benefactor really be throwing stones at anyone’s ratings? Aside from that, however, I truly enjoy blog entries written in the form of a sarcastic personal letter to someone in specific. It’s like saying hey- check out how I’d rip this guy a new one if I bumped into him on the street. I’d be like…

    No all us readers can be like oooooooooh no he didn’t!

    Comment by Glib Grouse -

  80. Is it true Donald sent you a memo after the apprentice saying “next time you want to be on tv, call me and i’ll tell you that you have zero personality”?

    I kind of thought billionaires might have better things to do than that

    I do like the irony of him refuting Richard Branson’s billionaire status because “he’s in the airline business and none of them are doing well” when his casino business is how it is.

    Comment by Kanes -

  81. Hey, if you’re savvy enough to make money, more power to you. But, I hate when a smug, walking hairpiece gallops about like he’s America’s golden boy. My biggest beef with reality TV is that the networks aren’t creative enough to make a show where the contestants (and the audience – on a subconscious level) aren’t being exploited to some extent. Shows like Extreme Makeover and The Biggest Loser disguise themselves well – as shows meant to show the triumph of the human spirit. When in reality, they are showing people take the easy way out. Trump’s show is a showcase for Donald Trump. So, we can all say, “Oh, look at how business savvy and brutal he is. What a sharp guy.” What a bunch of B.S. At least Mark let the contestants be the focus of The Benefactor.

    Comment by shabaas -

  82. I wouldn’t want to be in Mr. Cuban’s bad book.

    Nooooooo …

    Comment by Seun Osewa -

  83. come on Mark, life’s too short. Are you really that bitter about The Benefactor?

    Comment by jokerman -

  84. I agree with you, Mark. Donald Trump is becoming a big joke. He has zero personality and his monotone voice overs on his show are embarassing. The Apprentice won’t last too much longer either…..Trump is just the richest “jerk”….there’s nothing special about him at all…..contrary to his own opinion about himself.

    Comment by Debbie -

  85. I’ve never understood why Trump seems so immune to questioning about his business acumen (except by the string of NY Times articles questioning his self-proclaimed billionaire status). The string of lauding spots on CNBC talking about how The Apprentice was a great new tool for business schools did little to help my opinion of the new curriculum at b-schools.

    What has happened to our critical abilities? Did people at home really think that putting the orange mop on a food item (Trump bottled water) was a good idea?!

    Comment by Sam O -

  86. I’ll be watching also.

    Comment by Shaun Cronrath -

  87. I think there’s a little bit of gloating here after Trump dismissed The Benefactor as a rip-off. The Benefactor flopped and Trump probably loved that, so it’s time for Cuban to fight back. It’s not like they are ‘fancy lads’ or anything, this is business and business is tough!

    Comment by monkeyinabox -

  88. Hey, Mark… maybe you should send him a fax about the troubles with his casinos. Tell him you didn’t realize how embarrassing it would be for him to have to declare bankruptcy.

    Comment by Chad -

  89. Anyone who can’t make money running casinos ought to just give up and get a job at Dairy Queen.

    Comment by Kevin -

  90. Ouch! Sometimes the truth hurts.

    Donald, you’d better go out and get yourself a blog if you hope to have any hope in this flame war.

    I’d love to see the Mark Cuban / Donald Trump blog flame-off. It could culminate in a dance off between Cuban and Trump in one of Trump’s Atlantic City Casinos. Now imagine the ratings on that. Trump could hype his casino and Cuban could broadcast it in real time in HDTV.

    Participants in their respective reality shows could serve as trainers and dance consultants.

    Comment by Thomas Hawk -

  91. But the board game “Trump” was so cool…

    Comment by Matt -

  92. How does anybody lose money in the casino business? It can only be the Donald’s love of gaudy excess.

    Comment by AJE -

  93. Gee Mark…gloating at another persons loss?

    Thats not very becoming.

    Comment by Taybach -

  94. Donald Trump’s delusions of his own grandeur remind me very much of Michael Jackson. They both will refuse to admit they’ve ever made any mistakes in life.

    Comment by LarryDan -

  95. I think that Donald Trump is a very conceited man who absolutely refuses to admit when he does something wrong. It’s true, people are not perfect, but he always seems to ignore all of the mistakes he makes and will acknowledge nothing outside of his own business gains. Sooner or later, he will have to deal with his shortcomings for what they really are, no matter how hard he’ll try and cover it up.

    Comment by Brent -

  96. Now that is funny. What is not funny, is that next time he issues shares of anything, people will buy those up too.

    Why is he thought of as a businessman or a success?

    Did he hire lawyers this time around, or does practice make perfect and he represented himself.

    He’s a douche bag.

    Everyone always asks why he doesnt fix his hair…the answer is simple, because then people won’t talk about him as much.

    Comment by Greg Wilson -

  97. Does that mean Bill Rancic got “fired” as Donald tells him he can’t afford to pay his salary anymore. That would be a kick in the pants.

    Comment by J.R. -

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