There is a new idiot on the sports scene

It’s no secret that in the past I have called Peter Vescey and Sam Smith on the carpet for writing things relating to me or the Mavs without ever having talked to me.

Well guess what, in the past months I have talked to both of them. Peter Vescey has found email and now will actually email me and ask me what what’s going on rather than telling me what I’m doing in his column. I won’t always answer him, but at least he will ask and I can tell him when he has some facts wrong.

Sam Smith is still clueless. I got to speak to him face to face when we played in Chicago and told him so. It was a pleasure to do so. He didn’t really argue when I suggested that he misleads people into believing that what he writes is fact rather than his opinion. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. His column just reflectsthe cultures of thecompany and newspaper he works for. You would thinkgiven what they are going through,theChicago Tribune would offer disclaimers around everything he writes.

But I digress.

There is another writer that I don’t correspond with, or talk to, that has taken upon himself to write what he thinks I’m thinking. The new moron in town is Chad Ford of

To think that ESPN let David Aldridge go for this. David Aldridge checked his facts. David Aldridge would email me in the middle of the night asking one last time if he had his facts correct, or if it was something that couldn’t be commented on, to let you know what he was going with to make sure he got it right.

I remember one time David and I got into a disagreement about what fans thought about the game, its players and costs. I told him that I thought fans loved the game, and all he had to do was talk to them to find out. He did. He went and sat in the stands and talked to the customers of the NBA and asked them what they thought. When they told him they thought the game was fun and affordable, he wrote just that with quotes from the fans.

So instead of an Aldridge, a reporter with great relationships around the NBA and access to information, they go with a guy, who at least in my case, doesn’t take the time to email me and ask. It’s not like he can’t find my email.

It’s not a suprise. Like Sam Smith, he is just one of the guys who would rather not let facts get in the way.

The irony of it all, is that he writes for the ESPN Insider section of the website. The sad part is that charges for access to what he writes. This guy is so far from the inside of what’s going on, that ESPN should be embarassed to take subscription money from its members.

I wonder if is kicking themselves for the one they let get away?

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  1. Nash is very critical to the Suns but that is only because they don’t have a backup PG on their roster who can play (Parker and Barbosa as the backup PGs… Are you kidding me?). The only guy on the Suns who can distribute the ball well is Nash, which is why he gets 11 assists/game. The Suns have zero depth at PG and that is going to kill them in the playoffs although it makes Nash’s plus/minus rating look fantastic.

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  2. As for Ford, why I don’t agree with some of the things that he writes, he’s the best in the business… hands down. He knows everyone in the league and everyone in the league reads him. He pisses people off because he writes things like he wrote today … but as a reader, I’d rather read an honest take instead of the bland p.r. that David Aldridge spews.

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  3. But as i remember, Chad Ford once wrote that the mavs were willing to trade Dirk Nowitzki to the raptors for V.C. Enough said about chad ford!!.

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  4. I think the journalist was right and that was according to one of my dates from webdatedotcom, i advise you to sue him, but is that an infringement of the right for freedom of expression?? Maybe yes, maybe not

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  5. Chad ford is the worst

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  6. I haven’t been up to much these days. Today was a loss. I’ve just been letting everything pass me by lately. My mind is like a bunch of nothing, but shrug.
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  7. Steven Ass Smith needs to be fired and fired asap. Either that or someone needs to punch him right in the face really hard. After this he will need his jaw wired and finally, finally he will be required to shut up. I will also include the guy with the afro in the new AOL commercial. That crap just should not be on tv.

    Comment by Dan -

  8. aldridge write for philly inquirer(sp): this is interesting…says aldridge, aweek ago: “There is a fair question to be asked: Why is Philly’s payroll so high in the first place? If it were lower, the Sixers would be better equipped to take on a Rose or a Van Horn. But when you give $50 million to Kenny Thomas and $20 million to Brian Skinner and take on the remaining $18 million of Corliss Williamson’s contract, you lose all hope of flexibility.” So what does philly do? trade those 3 skirts for weber. aldridge might be wrong on who they could get but he seems to know what fat they need to trim. thats more then what I see from the “insiders”.

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  9. FORD GOOD: He’s the best reporter out there on international prospects and the NBA draft. No one else is even close. The guy is also a pretty talented writer, especially when he occasionally throws in some literary flourishes. How many other sports columnists are regularly pumping out 7,000 words a week?

    FORD BAD: Since he’s moved from draft specialist to general NBA columnist, he does seem to speculate a lot more than he used to.

    Comment by Jeremy -

  10. On a side note, anyone get Aldridge on the record why he quit? Where is he now? He should work for Sirius satellite radio – they seem to be paying well for good talent and I get to listen to the Mavs everynight right here from So. Cal.

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    This commmentary is the most ignorant assessment of Dirk I have ever read. I never read anything by Charley Rosen before, but this will be the last time I ever do. How is it that every other NBA analysts knew Dirk was under the weather, except for this guy?

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  12. Here’s another idiot on the scene. Craig Sager makes yet another bad report.

    I think it’s funny that Reggie goes right back at him. How do these guys get jobs? I wish they could have some accurate reports once in a while.

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  13. mark,

    you’re out of line, you got deservedly criticised and you have spat the dummy. Maybe your money has made you think you are always right, but do you really believe anyone in the league thinks you got it right signing Dampier over Steve Nash.

    if your guys are telling you that you did the right thing, get new ones, the yes men have gone too far.

    Everyone makes mistakes, and Chad called you on one of yours – big deal.

    Comment by Scott treloar -

  14. As far as Chad Ford, he does have one redeeming factor His introduction to prospects normal people may not have heard of can be useful.. Personally I love the draft. Chad does give some names to look out for. I’m not saying listen to his rankings of these prospects at all. They are generally quite terrible. But he does give an introduction, and any fan that wishes to be informed can go and do their own research on a draft eligible player.

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  15. Anyone who consistently reads Chad Ford’s articles would know that all those outrageuos trade scenarios aren’t even rumors. He often writes a column along the lines of “How to Fix the Celtics”, where he simply throws out a few trade scenarios that would work under the salary cap rules and improve the team. However, in the next line, he usually says something to the effect of “this trade has very little chance of happening”. Chad Ford is a COLUMINST, not a reporter. Therefore, he writes his opinions, which may or may not be backed by facts.

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  16. Well, I’m not going to comment on whether Mr. Cuban is wrong, or if Chad Ford is a donkey, but I do know that anyone who actually pays for ESPN insider is a few bats short of a belfry. You can consistently get Insider trial subscriptions for a month, stop them after a month, and ESPN will refund your money. Then you can sign up again, under the same username, and do it all over again. That way at least you’re not paying for what should rightfully be free horrible journalism.

    PS: I also really miss David Aldridge.

    Comment by Nate -

  17. ok… mark… why can’t you ever admit that your wrong in bball

    lets face it.. i’m not a fan of your optimism of devin harris.. he isn’t good.. not a good fit for the nba.. usually players who struggle early like he is are drafted 10+ (see: marcus banks).. you were wrong about dampier.. he was a contract year player. nothing more to it.. chad ford is a great writer.. i am an insider.. you are or should be kicking yourself b/c of the offseason you had.. you gave up a young star (jamison) for two busts (stack and harris) you traded away draft picks for a stiff.. a good move was trading away walker.. but overall, your offseason was not great so you can’t critisize chad ford for the job he’s been doing.. get some results.. get an NBA champ. for dallas.. then do your talking

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  18. I wanted to chime in regarding Steven A. Smith. He’s way too much for any of us NBA fans to handle. Can’t ESPN and TBS find someone else as their “insider?”

    Comment by Mark -

  19. Can you give an example? This blog entry would have been a lot better of you could have shown what facts Chad Ford got wrong.

    Comment by Dave -

  20. Since we’re all in agreement: bill simmons is the most knowledgeable and entertaining basketball columnist with whom I’m familiar. And the TNT studio crew is the best ever assembled. And tom tolbert deserves to be fired just cuz he’s a retard, and greg anthony is OK but really “I played this game” condescending towards, well, everyone. However, I’m the only one of my friends who is enjoying the Screamin’ A. Smith era. Still can’t figure it out.

    Scott Wickett
    Fort Myers, FL

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  21. dallas could have had the same team as now but also added nash , signing nash still wouldve got them terry, harris and dampier, he messed up cuz he couldve had a ring this season or next, and greg i read the post, even though mark said he could take critism his actions sure dont show it, but how the hell can anybody respect a person who voted for bush?

    Comment by dave -

  22. Hey Dave (up a few comments) – I guess you need to do some homework regarding your ‘Mark can’t take criticism’ part of your post…read on from this archive Cuban blog:

    ps-I do not miss Nash this year, and I bet Mark (although I would ask him before I published it as a professional sports writer) would do everything over again the same way. This team is shaping up to be the best Mav team ever and this is just the beginning of something very exciting.

    Comment by greg -

  23. Marc,

    Seriously, you cant let your emotions dictate your every move. Your like a child. So chad ford said something you didnt like (hard not to agree that Nash is a great player, easily worth the money he is making), do you have to rip on him like that? Your fights are so petty, taken to such a personal level, based of single comments (Trump being another great example). Just chill out, dont let everyone get under your skin and just act like a billionare, not a kindergarden-aged wannabe.

    Comment by E -

  24. im losing more and more respect for you, first i find out that you voted for bush, and now i realize you cant take critism, ford writes many opinions but does not try to pass them off as fact, david aldridge just the other week, reported a trade that had no way of happening because of the salary cap and was quickly shot down by all the teams, good fact checking

    Comment by dave -

  25. Check out Dan Gillmor’s blog entry and The end objectivity.

    Maybe it’s time to say a fond farewell to an old canon of journalism: objectivity. But it will never be time to kiss off the values and principles that undergird the idea.

    Comment by Dale -

  26. I guess the problem here is ESPN has so much coverage, better than any other sports site and being the only dedicated sports channel ( no one cares about Fox Sports since it lacks ability to show live games) is the problem here. Somebody should put a competation to this. I am not sure why it does not make sense for other networks but I would rather have sports channel than showing games on main network. Looking at the sports audiance I guess that is not difficult market to withstand.

    And of course, whoever pays for ESPN insider are the most dumb, spoiled rich basterds.

    Comment by Kedar -

  27. I guess the problem here is ESPN has so much coverage, better than any other sports site and being the only dedicated sports channel ( no one cares about Fox Sports since it lacks ability to show live games) is the problem here. Somebody should put a competation to this. I am not sure why it does not make sense for other networks but I would rather have sports channel than showing games on main network. Looking at the sports audiance I guess that is not difficult market to withstand.

    And of course, whoever pays for ESPN insider are the most dumb, spoiled rich basterds.

    Comment by Kedar -

  28. Your blog is probably read by more people than an article written by Chad Ford. That makes you control the ‘agenda’ of his article.

    Bloggers caught the Dan Rather/CBS monkey business by changing the ‘agenda’ of the report from Bush’s National Guard service to how poorly the report was researched and the bias with which it was broadcast.

    End of story.


    Comment by matt kohn -

  29. 1. don’t judge the nash signing on half a season alone. i think one of the reasons the mavs didn’t match was because they don’t think nash has the legs/age to justify the long term contract. check back in 2-3 years.

    2. there might be something wrong with DA’s “at an nba game” poll. of course the people AT a game enjoy the product. you have to talk to former fans that no longer go to games to get the real story.

    Comment by larryh -

  30. There is no need for another sports network. With all the Fox Sports, and ESPNs, you get enough of the same coverage over and over again. Heck, CNNSI bit the dust a few years back, and it wasnt that bad.

    The problem with the Nash deal is everyone is looking at what has happened now with Nash and the Suns. The Suns are the Mavericks of the past few years, and you will see how far it gets them come playoff time.

    Come back to me after his contract is over (if he finishes it), and let me know what the right move was. Forget the fact that the Suns overpaid for Nash (and had a deal already set up before the deadline began).

    The decision not to overpay was a smart one, and it made the Mavericks better in the long run. Give me Terry, Harris, and Dampier, over Nash.

    The major problem I have with ESPN is the constant New England Sports Team Lickfest that goes on at their website all the time.

    That, and not enough Bill Walton.

    Comment by dan -

  31. This isn’t a problem with *just* sports columnist, they all do it..

    Blurring of facts and blatent passing of opinion as fact..

    I really think blogs are the future.. they can sniff this stuff out quicker than any watchdog group ever assembled.. IMHO anyway..

    Comment by Mike Carroll -

  32. Mark,

    You might want to keep this in mind for the future. (possibly a future investment) But there are millions of fans who wish there was an alternative for sports news other than ESPN (and Fox Sports isn’t it). ESPN used to report on the news with actual journalists on air. Talk to Ohio State football fans if you want to hear more about the “shock-jock” mentality at ESPN and the disregard for the facts when they get in the way of a good controversial story.

    If another network were started in the tradition of the original ESPN (and if it got onto cable and satellite networks) it would gain a huge following from many fans like me.

    Comment by Jdublikar -

  33. What happended to DA, where did he go?

    And espn’s basketball coverage is rank, THATS HORRIBLE.

    I can’t stand Walton. argh.

    Comment by AARON PEEK -

  34. It’s a tragedy that David Aldridge was canned/let go and guys like Ford and Smith are still around.

    I’ve said for years that DA is my favorite journalist to both read and listen to. He’s thought provoking, fair, factual, and quite eloquent.

    On the other hand, Stephen A. Smith is a person I simply turn off if I see him speaking. He yells opinions that are for inciting reaction, not thought and he’s frequently factually inaccurate. How he has a job and DA was allowed to leave is almost comical and quite a sad step backwards as a news institution for ESPN.

    Comment by Scott Griffith -

  35. AMEN!!! Preach it brotha Mark!!!!

    Comment by Bassett -

  36. Ford, Vescey, Stephen Smith — I don’t even watch them crap on themselves anymore. I turn the channel, skip over their columns — just don’t consume what they are putting out there anymore. I’m sure that is difficult if you are Cuban — as I would read everything if I owned the team. Yet the rest of you/us ranting and writing about it — don’t waste your time. I couldn’t even watch that freak Smith, who makes Cassell look normal, judge on the 2nd installment of choosing the next SportsCenter Anchor. I turned it off. ESPN heads may think that having him on stirs up the viewers one way or the other — yet his candor is always couched in ebonics and street. The true consumer of the NBA doesn’t want to relate. They read these things. Mark my word — he will be back just writing in Philly very soon. He’ll just have to use exclamation points to get his points across — in his writing.

    Ernie, Charles and Kenny don’t spend as much time surmising as they do entertaining. They understand the game and the game in the studio. Screaming isn’t entertaining. Ford’s Insider tips are beyond surmise — and have proven to be literal lies. Vecsey — who I have spent some time with behind the scenes in a studio or two — well, he class isn’t half empty — it’s broken. So — turn them off. Don’t watch them. Don’t read them. Notice how much Vescey has jumped around tv-wise. Your sh*t eventually catches up to you. We all know that from our own life experiences.

    Cuban, good calling them out in this expanding universe of information publishing. You did exactly what you wrote re: Pennington awhile back. Later.

    Comment by kurt -

  37. The real idiot is anyone that takes everything Chad Ford writes seriously. Anyone who suggests Ford is an idiot just doesn’t get it.

    I mean c’mon … the guy isn’t paid to be a reporter — he’s a columnist. His job is to report on rumors and things he hears. His job is to speculate on things around the league. So lets see … rumors, ramblings, and speculation … that’s what he’s supposed to write about. And he’s the first to admit when his ramblings are wrong.

    Chad Ford reports on the NBA’s “daily gossip” just like “columinists” that write articles for soap operas. It’s ENTERTAINMENT Mark. The guy is supposed to make things up and he usually specifies when he is. Don’t take it so personal or serious.

    I check box scores and recaps for information. I read his articles for entertainment … but i read them understanding that it’s mostly fiction.

    Lighten up and understand that these guys are helping the product … not hurting it. With that said, he would be doing his job better if he contacted you every now and then.

    Comment by lance -

  38. I agree Mark, Chad Ford is a crock. To think that they actually charge you for that piece of information too.

    Comment by Sean -

  39. Mark, Whats your thoughts on Bill Simmons?? the best ESPN has to offer or what??
    Does anyone actually respect Chad Ford? Has he ever got anything right?

    Comment by Aaron -

  40. Won’t SOMEONE fire Stephen A. Smith? Please? He’s the most annoying ESPN “talent” in the history of the network. Note to Stephen: Screaming it louder does not make it true (just because it works for Conservative Hate Radio doesn’t make it work for basketball analysis)

    Comment by Jason (Go Pacers) -

  41. ESPN2….Hope what there doing for competitive bass fishing is all good…They own B.A.S.S. now…Basketball and fishing, two great sports…$500,000 for first place this year in a fishing tournament, dang, getting close to basketball salaries!.I bet Larry Bird may be thinking of coming out of retirement to sling a lure or two in a tournament..I could use a good partner..The River Kid….

    Comment by ShadNet -

  42. Remember when Mark Cuban called Peter Vescey an idiot for writing an article claiming that Nash was unhappy with Cuban for not making him an offer sooner?

    We all know how that turned out: a few days later Nash bolts to Phoenix.

    Comment by The Official Revolving Door Of The Dallas Mavericks -

  43. I used to work with Chad, and he always seemed to have a big boner for what Cuban was doing with the Mavs. Glad to see Mark come on board with the rest of the world, hopefully Disney will next.

    Comment by My name is required -

  44. There’s no reason to even pay for espn insider, because is bigger than the insider rumors page, updated daily, and free

    Comment by NBA rumors -

  45. Mark you bring up a great point and that is that business is business. ESPN is much more concerned with a more marketable type of NBA analyst with Stephen I Suck Smith compared to a man who did his job exceptionally well in David Aldridge. I don’t even bother to listen to Stephen A. Smith just like I don’t listen to Bill Walton, it just isn’t worth my time to hear them babbling on about something they don’t know jack squat about.

    Comment by Brian -

  46. I don’t mind Chad Ford’s articles. I’ve noticed a trend this season where he seems to be reporting on a lot of “trade rumours” and he’d be better off sticking to his strengths: general analysis and scouting. However I do agree with Mr. Cuban here, as Ford is purely speculating on the decision not to re-sign Nash, and the constant Kidd trade rumours. Who knows if he is hearing murmurs throughout the league, or if he is simply “making” this up. But it would be nice to see some ” ” quotes in his weekly Good, Bad, Upside articles.

    On the subject of David Aldridge, I must say he did some great work for ESPN. However, don’t forget on TNT a few weeks ago, he mentioned a possible 4-way trade between Miami/Toronto/New York/Minnesota which thus far has no truth to it. There are countless trade rumours circulating every day, and in the end, most trades that do occur are those that come out of the blue.

    Like him or not, Ford has some great contacts, specifically when it comes to draft scouting. And he often is the first to break the news on any completed trades.

    Comment by Daniel -

  47. Looks like Chad Ford makes the ID10T of the Day.

    Love the Blog…

    Comment by Howard Hoy -

  48. Chad Ford’s always been an idiot, no surprise here. ESPN is more and more about the hype these days and could care less about putting out a good product. SportsCenter has gone to the trash.

    Comment by NBA Rumors -

  49. Let me start off by saying that when you’re posting on your own blog, you have the right to say whatever you want, that’s the whole point…. onto the show:

    First off, I think it’s hard to call Chad Ford an idiot reminiscent of Peter Vecsey. While Ford will definitely publish any rumour he hears, the fact is he still writes on average, around 5 or 6 columns per week, and has great sources around the league.

    So Mark, you think he’s an idiot for not coming to talk to you for insight into the inner workings of the Mavericks? Can you blame him? The fact is you’re about as unbiased as those NBA fans Aldridge was interviewing that night. Anyone that reads your blog knows that more often than not, it’s purely self-serving (bashing DVDs eh? Are you an investor in a competitor of DVDs???).

    So you know what, I’ll take Ford’s sources (typically scouts-who offer a lot more truth than any NBA owner would) over your insight any day.

    Still enjoy the blog though.

    Comment by Chris -

  50. Chad Ford’s opinions are one thing – he’s entitled to them.

    The problem is when he writes an article that is supposedly the “inside view” culminating from his relationship with GM’s and scouts.

    I’m sure any info he gets is either intended to serve that team’s own interests, or even worse, to make fun of him for being so gullible. (to see if he’ll actually post it on his site)

    Comment by chris -

  51. At the beginning of the season I thought Ford was all rite. But now as the season goes, the articles are getting worse and worse. It just seems to be pretty far fetched rumors to get the average fan’s attention. I think people who follow the NBA closely know better.
    Maybe that is just the direction that ESPN wanted to take. It appeals to the masses not the experts. I’ll admit I originally didn’t love DA cause he was always so low key. But now that he’s gone, I miss what he brought, quality journalism. I wonder what DA is doing now and hope he gets back to doin NBA stuff somewhere.

    Comment by Mitchell -

  52. Anyone that thinks Nash is better than Dampier for the Mavs has no clue at all. Mavs scoring average both in terms of points/game and points/possession is down a bit vs last year but their defense is vastly improved, easily top 10 in the NBA this year vs bottom 10 last year.

    Not all due to the Nash for Dampier trade but that has a lot to do with it. Getting rid of Nash allowed Dallas to get a much better defender in Terry and more inside presence with Dampier.

    For all the fools out there who think the box score tells the entire story of how effective a player is, get a clue. Dampier is clumsy as hell when it comes to handling the ball but he is big and pushes people around, he boxes out well, keeps defenders out of the lane… all that good stuff that doesn’t show up on the stat sheets. He doesn’t get as many blocks as he ought to, but he has been a very effective player for the Mavs this year while playing hurt most of the time.

    Nash is very critical to the Suns but that is only because they don’t have a backup PG on their roster who can play (Parker and Barbosa as the backup PGs… Are you kidding me?). The only guy on the Suns who can distribute the ball well is Nash, which is why he gets 11 assists/game. The Suns have zero depth at PG and that is going to kill them in the playoffs although it makes Nash’s plus/minus rating look fantastic.

    While I do think Nash is a great *offensive* PG, arguably the best PG in the NBA today on the offensive end, his defense is closer to the bottom than the top amoung starting PGs. He is a great guy, intelligent, good leader, and all that, but when his overall game (offense + defense) is taken into account he and Jason Terry are pretty even. With Terry playing like he has been recently I’d have to give Terry the nod over Nash right now.

    By giving up Nash and getting Dampier/Terry, the Mavs are a legitimate contender for the title this year because defense wins titles far more often than offense. If anything were to happen to Duncan I’d pick Dallas to go all the way.

    Comment by Shawn Fox -

  53. I have to say it is very ironic that he writes such an article the exact day that Jason Terry, a Mavs point gurad, is named Western Conference player of the week…

    As for David Aldridge, I wasn’s always so sure about him until having a few discussions with him about various NBA topics. He easily won me over with some smart basketball discussions. Even if I didn’t agree with his opinions, he had reasons to back them all up, and was also willing to listen to mine. He’s a stand up guy, unlike some others.

    Comment by SnickBar -

  54. I was under the impression, espn went with Forde on the insider section because he is “in” with a lot of AAU and international coaches and has had some talent evaluation experience on some level whereas Aldrige has not. And most of Forde’s articles are about prospects, not trades anyway.

    As for Vecesey, he rarely makes trade predictions anymore, instead, he spends his time calling out the lazy, the dumb, and the jerks playing and coaching the game. To me, the guy is a breathe of fresh air.

    Comment by Gary -

  55. There are many of these so called “insiders”, however very few are creditable. Sadly ESPN has become like any other medium putting their spin on an issue, just like CNN or FOX News, etc… As far as the “insider” on ESPN goes, that is the biggest rip-off, and I get pissed off because you can’t hardly read any articles unless you are one. I have given up on reading because of this. I wish there were more guys like Aldridge, I really enjoyed his coverage (at any medium). Keep on pushing these guys and hopefully they can learn how to do responsiable reporting for once.

    Comment by BJ Ruble -

  56. Mark —

    If your going to call the guy an idiot … at least mention what he said to justify the accusation. Ford wrote today in a column that you blew it when you refused to sign Steve Nash …

    YOU DID BLOW IT. If that makes me an idiot, sign me up. I’m another basketball writer who thinks that you made a mistake not signing Nash. Why not defend the decision instead of just attacking the guy who wrote it?

    As for Ford, why I don’t agree with some of the things that he writes, he’s the best in the business… hands down. He knows everyone in the league and everyone in the league reads him. He pisses people off because he writes things like he wrote today … but as a reader, I’d rather read an honest take instead of the bland p.r. that David Aldridge spews.

    You killing the messenger instead of dealing with the message. As a long time reader of this blog, I have to say … typical.

    Comment by Lester -

  57. I personally am pretty happy with the Mavericks team right now…especially with the recent strong play of Jason Terry.

    Terry seems like the sort of guy that does a lot better if he knows theres a lot of confidence in him throughout the organization. Hopefully he doesn’t read these articles online and think that people aren’t appreciative of his efforts. I think whether Cuban’s still scheming up trades in the background or not (hopefully not), I think a vote of confidence from Cuban towards Terry would be a good thing all around.

    Comment by Nick Reed -

  58. I think today’s article was just a boiling point for Mark when it comes to disliking Ford, I do agree there’s not much in today’s article that needs to be fact checked. Assuming how someone “must feel” is a bit much though. However, in the past, in fact constantly, Stein & Ford say that the Mavs are unhappy with Jason Terry. That doesn’t seem to be the case in any way. Nor do the Mavs even want Kidd.

    Comment by Maarten -

  59. i think the point is that chad ford has never made an effort to contact cuban.

    He says what cuban regrets (nash), he says basically that cuban is lying (kidd)

    all the while never having spoken to him

    its not like anyone on this board doesnt know how to contact him.

    its easy

    Comment by boris -

  60. It’s one thing to complain about (or laud) a writer with concrete examples, like Mark has in other instances — including his inarguable praise of Aldridge. It’s something else to complain without offering any basis other than some amorphous quarrel.

    I don’t come here to praise Chad Ford (who, in general, doesn’t offer much for me) but . . .

    I read Chad Ford’s piece today (which I assume is the impetus for this blog entry) and can’t find anything, other than criticism for Mavericks off-season moves, that would be a fact to be checked. Ford has an opinion — that Cuban botched the Nash dealings this summer. If Mark disagrees with that, its his perrogative, but it doesn’t make Ford an idiot. To this point, there is some pretty solid evidence to suggest that Nash is one of the 4 or 5 most important players in the NBA this season. Future seasons may bear Cuban out, but for now, Ford has a point.

    The only other thing that might have lead to this diatribe is Ford’s comment about whether the Mavericks are pursuing Kidd. But from the column, it appears that Ford understood no Mavs interest in acquiring Kidd, then (doing what Mark suggests) checked with Kidd about the same thing.

    Mark, it sure would help to know what your complaint is about!! Hard to agree with you when we don’t even know the basis of your complaint!

    Comment by Mike -

  61. “He went and sat in the stands and talked to the customers of the NBA and asked them what they thought.”

    So, to prove that people are happy with the NBA, you thought it was smart to sample a group of people who already paid to see it? Really unbiased sample space there, Mark. What about the group of fans who are turned off by what the game has become and/or those who can’t afford tickets?

    Going up into the stands and asking people what they thought of the NBA is the equivelant of going to a republican convention and asking them what they think of Bush. You should know the answer w/o even asking it.

    Comment by kronicfatigue -

  62. Ralph Wiley was the best, but Bill Simmons is a close second, when he writes about basketball instead of the lesser sports. in general is worse, imho, than it used to be. I have a T1 line, and a 11 month old computer, and still loads slowly. Bleh.

    Comment by Seth Anderson -

  63. Hey Mark – What facts exactly did Chad Ford mention that he did not check with you and/or others? I’m sure he did, I just could not find anything in the article regarding the Mavs that Chad mentioned, outside of “Cuban blew it, and he knows it.” Maybe the reference to Jason Kidd? However, if he hears from one person that a team is interested in a player, and from another that the team is not interested, what should a columnist do?

    The biggest problem with Chad Ford these days is that he feels like he can ramble without repurcussions. However, I am unsure as to whether he gets facts incorrect that often. Instead, he should be treated as a columnist (which he is if he is writing “Good / Bad / Upside” columns).

    Bottom line is that I (Chicago Bulls fan who is unfortunately subjected to Sammy Smith’s articles twice a week) really have to agree with Chad about Nash and Dampier. Those are two places that you probably could have made different choices, and you would be happier now.

    Clearly, your management and coaching staff (including you) deserves credit for Howard, Harris, Terry, and Stack, and maybe you would not have been so upset if Ford had given you this respect.

    Comment by sb -

  64. Mark, I am glad you mentioned the Chad Ford issue. My brother and I have been discussing about how bad Chad Ford really is, and whether or not he just conjures up these ridiculous trade rumors and scouting reports. I think it would be an interesting idea to take all of Ford’s Rumor’s and see whether or not any actually came to fruition. Case in point, Chad never mentioned anything about the Suns getting Jim Jackson or any rumor of the sort. To be honest, Chad Ford is such a jerkstore that I still pay ESPN for a subscription so that I can keep reading his crap for entertainment purposes only.

    Comment by David -

  65. What you have brought up today – the ethics of journalism and blogging today is exactly what you need to get off your chest! You can talk about these things on the Journalism v Blogging panel at the SXSW Interactive Festival on March 15.

    What do you think???

    Comment by Melissa -

  66. Mark is 100% correct.
    Ive often thought about creating a blog just to demonstrate how inaccurate Chad Fords information is.
    Example: Fords coverage of the impending Vince Carter trade included every possible permutation of potential trades, except one in which he was delt to New Jersey – the list goes on and on…

    Comment by New York -

  67. Another Mark forgot to mention is Marc Stein. He’s a puppet for the league. He has a Power Ranking Column on and he even said when the Spurs went 2-2 one week they still get the top spot because no one is in their “league” no pun intended.

    I think the Sonics should be at the top–they beat the Spurs twice

    And some guy said that letting Nash go was very very wrong. Check the facts:

    For the past five years in the playoffs his numbers have dropped dramatically. In the playoffs your game should rise.

    when Damp plays 30+ min the mavs are a better team last time i checked 10-2.

    Nellie has been without a true center for so long that he doesn’t know how to use one.

    Hopefully the Lil’ General knows how!

    Comment by Adam -

  68. If there is a new idiot on the sports scene, then there is also a new God on the sports scene. That’s right,,, Bill Simmons.

    Comment by David -

  69. Of the four columnists you mention, Aldridge is definitely an “A” reporter. His stories are interesting, well written, etc. Both Vescey and Smith are “B” reporters. Entertaining, somewhat speculative, but worth a read. I don’t know whether or not they make things up as I’m not privvy to any insider info.
    Chad Ford (“D-“) is just a typist. If he quit, I don’t think anyone would miss his commentary.

    Comment by Seth Anderson -

  70. I miss D.A. on ESPN, he was the best NBA guy they had.

    Comment by Dustin -

  71. Nathan –
    I think you misread Mr. Cuban’s entry. He was not criticizing his opinions or writing style. He was criticizing his lack of fact checking and his ability to ignore facts when they contradict his arguments. Reporters should report facts. It is fine for them to give their opinions, just make sure it is clear that it is an opinion.

    In reference to everything else, I agree that it is a step down for ESPN. I want my reporters to report facts or give me some insight/analysis that I would not have otherwise. Increasingly, they are hiring talking haircuts that put screaming and very generic analysis over anything else. These “experts” are the same guys that hype up the flashy dunk and then don’t mention it when the guy gets beaten on the other end of the floor. Give me someone with some real experience and can really lend some critical insightful analysis.

    I love Steve Nash, but who knows if it was a good decision right now. It has been half a season. I think the decision was made with the Mavs long term interests in mind. If it was a trade as many have stated, then it is possible that both teams have benefited. Trades are made when both groups feel like they are better off afterwards. I don’t miss Steve on the defensive end. It was hard watching certain guards have their way with him. And the Suns are going through what the Mavs went through when he was off the floor. I hate having your team be absolutely reliant on one player, and when he is off the floor, the team is horrible. That is not a good team to me. Let’s see how the Suns do in the playoffs before we judge.

    And a quote from everyone’s favorite, Chad Ford:
    “Darko is really one of a kind. He runs the floor, handles the ball, shoots an NBA three and plays with his back to the basket. So you can slot him at the 3, 4 or 5. Okay, a few other guys can do that, too, but what sets Darko apart is his toughness in the post … Fact is, Darko plays in attack mode at both ends of the floor. The more you push, the more he pushes back.”
    — ESPN’s Chad Ford on NBA Draft prospect Darko Milicic, in the June 23rd, 2003 issue of ESPN the Magazine

    Comment by Beck -

  72. Mr. Cuban,

    I hope you’re right about these reporters. From the supporting comments I’d say your take is accurate, but still I have to ask are they columnists or reporters?

    The difference is shaky – at best – in sports.

    Comment by Temple Stark -

  73. I assume Mr. Cuban is referring to Chad Ford’s column today where claims Cuban must be kicking himself for letting Nash go this summer. You know, it’s OK to take some criticism once in a while. At any point over the last 5 years would anybody have traded Nash for Dampier (which is what the Mavs essentially did, even salary-wise)? Give me a break. This was clearly a mistake and Ford was only making that point. I’m not trying to rip on the Mavs or Mark Cuban because everyone makes mistakes, especially in the NBA, but cut Ford some slack. Even if the Mavs were correct to include age/injury history into the equation, they certainly did not improve their situation by throwing all that money at Dampier. Well anyways, maybe everyone thinks Chad Ford sucks (especially compared to David Aldridge apparantly) but just because you don’t care for his opinions or writing style doesn’t mean you need to question his credibility. Mark and Chad need to have a hugging session or something before this gets out of hand.

    Comment by Nathan -

  74. It’s too easy and fun to create news rather than do the hard work of composing and sending an email to you. This reflects an ever-increasing degree of laziness in the main stream press.

    Comment by Rob Thrasher -

  75. Chad Ford didn’t use to be this bad. I think that the balder he gets, the worse his reporting is.

    Comment by rone -

  76. Too bad Phil Rogers doesn’t report on NBA basketball.

    Comment by David -

  77. Man, I knew as soon as I read that this morning that Cuband would get worked up about it. And I think he is right to. The Suns are great–fun to watch, and I miss Nash as much as the next guy. But take a look at the product right now, and the depth the Mavs have. One injury to the Suns, and bye-bye. See you next season. The Mavs have played banged up for the entire season and are still in the top 4 in the West and looking to move higher. I think the Mavs have the foundation and the parts to be a contender for the next 5 years hands down. And if Nash was here, I don’t think we could say that. Thanks for making me eagerly await every game and DVRing the ones I am not home for Mark. This shit is fun.

    Comment by Brad -

  78. Hey peeps,

    It seems the media, sports or otherwise, has decided to go down the road of controversy. They prefer reporters, BS artists, over the real reporters in favor of causing a ruckus to get ratings. I’ve notice several reporters replaced that follow this trend. I’m debating where else I can go to get reliable news.

    Comment by Mycquester -

  79. Aldridge was the best NBA guy they had in years. HE DIDN’T SCREAM ALL THE TIME and he never claimed to be an NBA expert based on a career scoring average of 2.4 ppg. He just worked hard pounding the pavement, doing journalism the way it was intended and therefore he obviously had your respect, along with many of his readers/viewers.

    Thanks for your affirmation of Aldridge. I’m sure your kind words concerning him mean more than the truth ever meant to Smith, Ford, etc…

    Comment by Alex -

  80. David Aldridge was one of a kind. He not only was a great writer, but an excellent on-air contributer.
    The Insider is not for true NBA fans.

    Comment by Bill -

  81. I used to read the Insider…thought it was free until they asked for a new expiration date for my credit card…what crap…Ford was interesting until you really looked at what he wrote and and a few months later it was all b.s…maybe he’ll get lost in Bosnia or Serbia or wherever the hell the next “Darko” is…

    Comment by Mark -

  82. Chad Ford once wrote that the mavs were willing to trade Dirk Nowitzki to the raptors for V.C. Enough said about chad ford!!.

    Comment by Ashwin -

  83. The real “insider” fans are those that keep going day after day to the basketball forums… there are too many to name, and discuss the game and the players that make it such a great product.

    Many of these fans also consider Ford to be a joke. Everytime i see anything from Ford being discussed it’s always prefaced with, “this is from that Chad Ford” again… And we all know, we have to take it with a grain of salt.

    It’s sad that professional sports writing has gotten to this.

    Comment by Nuno -

  84. Mark, I know you are a busy guy but I’m surprised to see how long it took you to figure out that Chad Ford is a weak journalist to say the least. ESPN has been on a downward slide for a while now and after canning David Aldridge I no longer pay much attention to them. I would rather watch the TNT halftime show in an endless loop then tune into their all star line up of Screamin’ A Smith and Chad ‘Darko’ Ford.

    If you want inside information on the UCONN Huskies go to ESPN, for anything else you need to look elsewhere.

    Comment by Chris Shepley -

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