My cellphone, my life

We aren’t there yet. Despite the technical advances, my cellphone/PDA won’t allow me to run my life. It does a nice job of helping me manage things. I can do email, which untethers me from my desk. I can take, send, watch and listen to movies and audio. All very nice.

It’s the next generation or two that excite me and make me very, very curious.

Here is what I expected from my next PDA/Phone beyond what I can buy today.

1. At least 1gb of storage via flash memory, or 5gbs through a miniature drive

2. A standard USB port so thatI can copy any standardized files to or from an external storage device

3. The ability to recognize that storage device as a drive accessible to my phone apps.

4. The ability to call a number or us bluetooth to replace my credit or debit cards and automatically record the transaction in a money management program

5. The ability to watch videos in Mpeg4/VC1/Divx format. I’ts going to come in handy when my car manual is in the glove compartment on a USB flashdrive and I can just watch the video on how to fix what breaks. I want to be able to use my phone to watch directions on whatever complex operationsI may come in touch with.

5a. This can also come in handy when I’m looking at buying a present for my wife. Particularly something that works in the kitchen that I don’t fully understand. Let me plug into the USB or via bluetooth, see a demo of it on my phone while imin the store.

5b. Of course, being able to Froogle it for pricing based on the bar code would help as well, as would knowing if they have it in stock without having to get a clerk, placing my order and picking it up or having it shipped to my house.

Naturally, storing all my receipts in the phone in case there is a problem

6. I want to be able to save and store my IMs and Text Messages

7. I want to be able to download tickets to events and just let them scan my phone rather than having a ticket.

I may call it my phone, but in reality, it’s my portable transaction device. Anything I can collect, create, transact or transmit digitally, I want the ability to do through my phone.

It’s a digital world, why not?

Same applies to being able to plug in the USB wire hanging from the ATM terminal with instructions.

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  1. My life’s been completely dull lately. Today was a total loss, but I don’t care. I haven’t gotten anything done today. I’ve just been sitting around doing nothing. Eh.
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  2. I agree with this comment – “The two biggest variables in prohibiting advances in mobile content is digital rights management and the telco’s inability to handle the onslaught of users overcrowding their infrastructure.”

    Big corporations – Telco’s want to control the mkt place.

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  3. Mark,

    Additional information regarding Neomedia Technologies can be found at You can also learn more about Neomedia and related mobile search / commerce through the Pondering Primate Blog located at


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  4. Mark,

    Are you aware of Neomedia Technologies? If not, check them out at They have patented linking the physical world to the internet. By taking a picture of a bar code or entering a word or phrase in a Go Window, mobile-users can link to any Web page in seconds, even to pages deep within sites. No long URLs, Internet Searches or hard-to-find-anything phone menus.

    Imagine entering a product name, or taking a picture of a barcode with your mobile phone and linking to a specific web site that allows you to…make a purchase, enter a contest, obtain a rebate, watch a video, get a coupon, register a product…the applications are endless!


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  5. You know, my Nokia 3650 fits several of your requirements. I have a 1GB SD card in mine and because it’s based on the Symbian OS it is possible to actually download programs from the internet and run them on you phone to add functionality. I’m not sure about DIVX, but it plays most RM videos including Mpeg4. Some of the applications you can download are pretty cool such as a game boy emulator, virtual bartender recipes, and assorted office apps much like you would find on a pocket PC.

    It is basicly a PDA inside a phone, but it’s not one of those bulky battery eating pocket PC mobiles, it’s slim and Svelt, and goes days without a recharge.

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  6. The two biggest variables in prohibiting advances in mobile content is digital rights management and the telco’s inability to handle the onslaught of users overcrowding their infrastructure.

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  7. Check this for a better way to browse through all of that mobile content you want on your cells:

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  8. Progress is being made. Verizon already has EVDO and Sprint is set to roll it out over the next couple of months…DSL speeds on a mobile connection. I have to agree, the XV6600 or the PPC6600 is pretty damn close. It is a Windows machine, so it integrates seamlessly with Office…even OTA (Over the Air), I use mine to play DVD’s, watch live TV, listen to live radio, and more. It creates invoices for me while I am at a client’s site and merges the data with QB when I get back to the office. I am working on getting X10, or something similar for the house so that I can control all of the lights and appliances and even view the webcam in the babys room from wherever I am… Oh, and I do get live RSS feeds, as well as live news and stock reports…

    It’s not complete, but it is getting there.

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  9. mobile banking seems like the next killer app .. countries like india are seeing a lot of innovation ..[good report on ]

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  10. I don’t really want to carry round a phone or a PDA, I just want the functionality. some sort of Cyborg implants would be the go.

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  11. See all I want is service. My cell gets no service… I am in Metro Boston and nothing. Verizon once wanted to know if I would donate land to put up a tower in my yard.

    They got a swell reply from me.

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  12. Ok, what I want is someone to call me when I can’t find my phone, so I can hear it. Someone could make money on it! Right now I sit here waiting for someone to call me so I can find the darn thing! In fact I just sent this note to my son:
    Mitwocents: Dear Dear Son of mine,
    I’ve simply lost all track of time.
    While rushing, rushing to and fro,
    I set my phone down whilst on the go.
    So hear I sit with nary a clue,
    as to where my phone might have gotten to!
    Would you, could you,
    ring me please?
    Then phone in hand I can
    look for the %&$@ keys!
    Hope he calls soon, or I may have to resort to more really bad poems.

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  13. We are there already; however it takes a bit of work.

    Like a poster above mentioned, NTT DoCoMo in Japan has phones enabled with the technology.

    Particularly, the FOMA 900i and 901i series phones do almost everything you have mentioned. I have the SH900i made by Sharp, but I would like to use the SH901iC as a better example.

    1) Yes this can be done; however, I am not entirely sure if 1GB miniSD cards are on the market yet.

    2) Unfortunately this can’t be done. The SH901iC does have something cool in that vain. You can connect your phone to video recorders or a television and 1) Use the TV as a large display for video content and the videophone that uses the camera above the screen. 2) Record video content onto the phone.

    3) The phone can recognize the miniSD card as storage. This works well with the 2MP auto focus camera mounted on the back of the phone.

    4) Mobile banking is a reality with the FeliCa system. Swipe your phone over a pad at a 7-11 type store, or a vending machine and it debits your purchase off a stored account on the phone. This account is linked to your bank account and full accounting features are available via a J2ME application.

    5) There is a Japanese developed freeware program called Henkankun that can convert any kind of file format to AVC or 3gp2 files for use on a phone. You can even drag and drop VOB files and convert them for use.

    6) I have 779 emails currently stored in my cell phones email inbox (full emails, not SMS. I dont get the popularity of a blackberry when I can just check my email on my phone). This is not a pop3 account; however, any J2ME pop3 program would work on the phone. IMs are saved via Yahoo Japans J2ME messenger program.

    7) FeliCa does this already I believe.

    Obviously, there are a few corners that arent quite to the utopia that you described, but we are VERY VERY close. Vodafone in Japan just launched a 3G service here with very similar phones to the DoCoMo FOMA series, with the added benefit that they roam on US networks. They dont have FeliCa implementations. DoCoMo has been steadily announcing roaming agreements with Cingular, as a previous investment in ATT Wireless forces a rollout of a FOMA/Standard WCDMA compliant 3G network in various cities in the US. If I recall correctly, Dallas was supposed to be one of those cities.

    Anyways, if you have any questions about the state or features of Japanese phones from someone who uses them everyday, feel free to email.

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  14. You’re right, we aren’t there yet!

    But the Audiovox SMT 5600 meets most of those needs without the bulk of the treo, and it’s here today!

    The next 10 years are going to rock in terms of mobile devices 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Comment by Ray -

  15. hmm. I’d like a cellphone with these features, but I’m not sure that I have a real need for a camera yet. I do see a need for higher resolution PDA screen, to work with simplified browsing.
    The Treo 650 (that someone suggested) seems be an improvement. It would be hard to sell an appliance without the available infrastructure similar to what’s available (norther europe or japan)
    One of the major features that I’d like to see (and that land-line phones have ) is multi-line capability. It would be nice to have one phone and have a work phone number, and still be able to get phone calls for home on the same phone. Or to have the same phone number ring on three phones (? shared technical support?) No. I don’t think the phone infrastructure is in place to support it. But it would be nice.
    [[ and heck, secured forms of Bluetooth ..]]

    Comment by Kermit Tensmeyer -

  16. There’s just one more thing I’d ask for – the phone needs to be able to pick up events from web sites or maybe other sources (RSS?) and add them to the calendar, so when you discover some event you’d like to attend, you can add it to your schedule.

    Comment by Tim Hare -

  17. I did not read the previous comments, but I don’t think your wished are so far off. The Midosm Group has an investment in a private telecom infrastrucutre company and we have seen many prototypes of such devices.

    As we begin the rollout of the new 3g Networks, the phone will become more like a credit card, it will be a personal purchasing device (like it already is in Scandanavia for certain kiosks).

    Already we are seeing hardware/software for 4G systems as well which will pull together users unforeseen needs like never before.

    Be patient Mark, its on the way!

    Comment by Michael Douglas Smith -

  18. Hey Mark!

    What about a way to get a mirror image of the data from the cellphone onto another device in case the phone gets lost, stolen or destroyed? The phone could also have a global tracking system to help you find it in the event that it is lost or stolen. The device with the mirror image data could help you find the phone and it could be on a keychain, you know, something small and handy like a flashdrive.

    As always, love your blog!


    Comment by Mary in Big D -

  19. Why limit youself to simplistic ideas.

    I want my next cell phone to show me holographic real time imaging like R2D2 did in Star Wars.

    Can you imaging the Superbowl projected on your coffee table in full color 3d imaging as a hologram? I think you’d be able to really feel the hard hits. Plus you don’t have to all face a wall to watch TV, you can encompass the coffee table.

    Regardless, the extra Miller Lite’s have gotten to me. Tell the Andrew’s distributing Co to stop getting me loaded. Barry or Blake if you read this just kidding, I always welcome a hangover.

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  20. Well everyone can agree that the US is FAR behind most of the world when it comes to mobile communications. The leaders in this space are Japan and South Korea so if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And that’s precisely whats happening with SK-Earthlink(

    It’s a new joint MVNO venture between SK Telecom & Earthlink that will probably use Verizon and/or Sprint PCS as underlying networks. I think it’s a good idea, using the experience SK-Telecom has in running one of the most advanced mobile networks on the planet coupled with Earthlink’s brand power and customer-base in the US. Will it work? Depends on their execution, but we(the U.S.) can use all the help we can get.
    PS: They have a corny/neat promo video up that’s infotainment on this subject(

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  21. The two things I would add are

    I want it to work without the need for tech support.

    I want it to be secure to my fingerprint (Or my wife)

    I think the industry is caught up in “What is mass marketable.” Where are the small guys that build the solution and create the market/demand vs trying to get the establishments to build it for them. Show a little confidence in the product then sell the solution instead of telling the big boys what they should do.

    Where’s Nottingham/Spirk Design Associates when you need them?

    Comment by PSC -

  22. All I know is stay away from Sprint PCS. The Service stinks and the customer service is abhorrent! The Sprint/Nextel merger will fall through so fast the goose will wonder what just went through him. Wink, wink to those who have Sprint PCS has their wireless service.

    Go with industry leaders in Bluetooth technology like Cingular or Verizon.

    Cingular is GSM based and Verizon will be using Fiber Optic cables to beef up their network all over the country.

    Comment by Thomas More -

  23. These are all very great idea’s! I’m sure we can come up with tons more, it would be nice to have a really great camera in a cell phone, maybe with flash, zoom and all of your other fansy things that a good camera has.

    Comment by Jed -

  24. I have a friend from Sweden and she’d told me like 5 years ago about how much more advanced the cellular phones were in her country. She said she could electronically lock all of the doors and windows in her house with her phone (Using X10 I imagine) from anywhere. She could actually interact with all types of electronic devices inside her house. This was all through normal services offered by her provider. Now this doesn’t sound all that futuristic but keep in mind this was 5 years ago. I was excited when I got my most recent phone because it had a camera… and it is barely a camera as far as I am concerned. We (meaning the US) are definitely lagging behind as far as being a comsumer base who embraces technology. Go to Nokia’s website and check out the phones for other countries… it is sick.
    I am hoping to buy a phone that is essentially vpn capable so I can log onto servers inside my company’s network or complete secure banking transactions. At some point, I imagine myself doing my job from the golf course or the basketball game. It sounds a little crazy but that’s my goal.
    Great post Mark…

    Comment by Rob -

  25. Hey, Mark … what’s this “Froogle” pitch? What happened to IceRocket?

    Comment by Garrett -

  26. Mark. The Treo 650 can do almost all that (with add on applications). It’s not perfect by far, but I have a 1GB card in it, and it’s basically replaced my 30GB ipod as my mp3 player.

    I walk around with a simple stereo headset ($12 on ebay, you can get a nicer one 🙂 ) and if a call comes in, I just tap the button, mp3s cut out, I handle the call. hang up the call, mp3s pick up playing. I use ptunes for this.

    It can be used as a usb drive (if you have the sync cable with you) with Softick’s card export application. They also have an application for doing a similiar thing via bluetooth. inverse of what you want, but may serve your needs.

    In regards to IM, look at verichat’s im tool. Both it and the internal SMS tools can save messages (and since it’s a palm, sync them to your pc)

    In regards to divx videos, you can do that w/ mmplayer. And since you only need to encode them for the 320×320 screen can fit lots of video on the card.

    The Treo 650 is far from perfect (puny internal memory, requires you using a tool like zlauncher to store most apps you want on the SD card) but it’s really the best convergence device out there today.

    It can do almost anything I want from a pda, except wifi, but I’ve come to the conclusion for now that I have my laptop with me whenever I really need wifi, only thing that could change that really is VOIP on the phone and the cell providers will never go for it for that reason.

    the onboard camera isn’t great, but I dont particularly care it’s good enough for what you want a cell camera for. If I want to take good pictures, I have a canon elf camera.

    Comment by Shaya -

  27. Really like the manual on flash drive idea. Not many websites of manufactures go beyond putting their manual into a pdf. It would be much nicer to see it in a video form. I remember when I was installing a new amd athlon processor. I hadn’t done it in awhile going to the amd website where they have instructional video so that you do it right the first time. Gave me the confidence boost that I needed to be able to do the job myself. More manufactures should do this.

    The wearable pc is probably just around the corner. Our busy lives require that we not spend all of our time tied to a desk.

    Comment by Jim Hobbs -

  28. I have a friend in Australia building MMS software – we’re working with him to bring his sdk’s to America. Pretty cool stuff – we had full video clips delivered to one of the big auto company’s executives mobile phones showing their latest commercials. All delivered via WAP push.

    Cool stuff…

    Comment by Craig Daitch -

  29. The security design flaws will not allow for any of these wishes to happen in the near future. Its not hardware its software design standards that require fixing. The systemic flaws or lack of services you desire are caused by poor standards implemented for monopolies not innovation. Talk to Ian Grigg

    Comment by Jim Nesfield -

  30. The US Process is to slow to react to the actual consumer needs. Europe is far ahead of us in terms of releasing things to the public. This needs to change soon…too much red tape.

    Comment by Brandon -

  31. All of these features sound good. To those who actually could benefit from using the features. My question to you is: Aren’t you in the sloghtest worried that your new techie best friend is also your worst enemy? Battery life on a cell phone isn’t exactly great, the uses you need would require enormous amounts of power.

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  32. Why all the USB cable use, why not just use bluetooth? That way we won’t have to stand in line to use the cable, everyone can just access the infomation or ATM or checkout at the same time. Most of these things are possible with Devices just like this in Japan, why not uin the US? What/Who is holding back on deploying these services and devices to the US consumer?

    Comment by Jonathan Speigner -

  33. Hey Mark,

    I used to be an employee of Cingular, which If I remember correctly is a big sponsor of the Mavs! Anyway, when I worked there, I had a phone rep tell me about a great website you can look at and see all the newest phones coming out and even ones that are just in the concept stage!
    The best part is, all the information about the phones are gathered from patent records that are submitted by the phone companies. Its like going to a car show for phones and seeing all the new concept car ideas!

    Good stuff


    Comment by Matt Price -

  34. My two biggest beefs are scalability and battery life. I’d like to have a battery that lasts 24 hours, even if I have to charge if for 48 hours and have 2 spare ones. I’d also like to upgrade my phone without investing in proprietary accessories, parts and software, service charges, or contract penalties. I want a UNIX phone!

    All the suggested features are realistic.

    Several Gb SD cards exist. 7MP camera sensors for cell phones exist. Wireless data exchanges exist. USB and firewire connections exist. Creative security and data encryption algorithms exist. Media and financial software exists. They just don’t all exist in one pocket unit.

    To me, the issue is why would cell providers or manufacturers provide these services when they can earn healthy profits for doing a lot less?

    Comment by Eddie -

  35. Future Vision – Vodafone

    “The future is unfolding around us. Over the next decade we will be able to see all sorts of differences that we can barely imagine today.”,3035,CATEGORY_ID%253D1600%2526LANGUAGE_ID%253D0%2526CONTENT_ID%253D216753,00.html

    Comment by Dimitar Vesselinov -

  36. As always a well thought out blog post. You really tell it like it is which I admire about you.


    Comment by Derrick -

  37. The idea of packing massive drives and cards everywhere is foolish. You don’t need to carry 80gb in your pocket cell. You just need fast, always available broadband access. When cell technology allows you to receive something like 5mbps, you’ll just have everything on your own file server somewhere on the internet, and all your devices will store photos,videos,data,docs on this server. The idea of having different drives everywhere is expensive, inefficient, and should be deemed what it is — OBSELETE.

    Comment by Sherwin -

  38. What you’re describing is something that Bill Gates (I cringe while writing this) envisioned in his 1994-5 book, The Road Ahead. He used the term “Wallet PC” and certainly did not foresee all of the capabilities that either you outlined or are currently available today. I agree that a convergence device is ideal and what I am wishing for. Rather than hooking it up to a portable drive for things like movies, perhaps you could use streaming video instead (c’mon Mark, you invented

    The closest thing for me is the current Treo 650 although it still has a long way to go.

    Comment by Jeffrey Truant -

  39. another thought is to have the phone scan coupon barcodes, you would then use the phone to make a purchase and you would get credited for using the coupon. That would also keep my Mom from having to bring her index card box to the grocery store and taking a 1/2 hour to check out.

    Comment by Brian Wry -

  40. Check out the Audiovox SMT5600. It does practically everything you’re asking for, yet is still the size of a small cellphone. Also, it’s currently free after rebate from You can add a 512 miniSD card and I’ve heard 1GB cards should be released soon. Here’s a list of additional software I’ve uploaded to my phone that make it much more interesting.

    Betaplayer – Plays divx.
    Voice Command
    PocketNES – Nintendo emulator

    Comment by sminx -

  41. As I was reading the blog I realized that I have already done almost 90% percent of the things you mention in Japan.

    I am very familiar with the “portable transaction device” and the attemps to deploy them in the US with banks and Credit card associations. The fact is that we are not there because of the disruption it causes to Financial institutions.

    In the case of Japan, DoCoMo (the largest cell carrier) is clear that they now view themselfs less of a mobile carrier and more of a “Transaction” facilitator to goods and services. All conviniently provided in the cellphone. I.E. Contactless credit cards, electronic tickets, security access pass, electronic purse, Barcode readers, OCR, Video call, video recorder, 3 megapixel cameras ect.

    However in order for this to happen the carrier, DoCoMo created the ecosystem with banks, cell manufactures, credit card processors and POS providers. The standard has been set and now KDDI the second largest operator has joined in giving the potential to 100MM users.

    It will probably take 3 more years for the US to have 60% of capability of the handsets in Asia and Japan currently have. Just imagine where they will be then…….

    Comment by Luis -

  42. All cool stuff Mark, but what’s with all this “USB” stuff? Granted, it should have the option of hooking to wired devices, but for examples like the ATM with the wire hanging out of it, I’d think a secure wireless option would be preferable.

    Comment by Tim -

  43. Sounds like you’re talking about PCIMM. It is a futuristic tool we made up for fun. There’s a few pictures missing, but it was just something we shared with people we know, so we never fixed it. It is kind of thought provoking. Have fun…

    Comment by Rob Thrasher -

  44. Mark I think I found 80% of your needs

    I love this baby! I added a 1gb SD card and I can open any file i need.

    Comment by David Ciccone -

  45. Communication in the next 10 years is going to change so much from the way we know it now. That would be great if we could get all of that and more. Hopefully, there will not be any “spyware” to worry about.

    Comment by Shoe -

  46. Liked the ideas, some have already been implemented in Japan, but have limits in the mass market.

    WiMax portable phones will be available in 2007, that’s a key step, interacting the phone network with the internet will create alot of possibilities. Currently 3G is around in Europe, which is nice but it’s only seen as an additional niche revenue stream, think $$$ per minute rather than unlimited use.

    The problem now is standards, Nokia tries to exert it’s power but Motorola and others are coming up, getting all those guys to agree is impossible at the moment.

    Size is another problem, when does a screen become too big? it’s hard to reach a balance between a watchable screen and a brick phone.

    Samsung has a storage drive equipped cell phone available, it’s about $800. TI has mobile television chips under development. Sony had cell phone transactions about 3 years ago. It’s all waiting for the price to come down and the security to get here.

    I want my WiMax phone though! then again, I want my Moller flying car too

    Comment by Adam -

  47. Would be funny if all that nice personal information was stolen/hacked…

    Comment by Alex -

  48. These all sound fantastic. I think memory/storage on cell phones is the greatest weakness right now.

    My greatest concern is security. As somer hackers have found they can create viruses, worms and so forth that work on cell phones. The last thing I want is financial transactions automagically happening when I somehow get stung by the ‘Nokia [phone model]’ virus.

    However, watching videos and scanning bar codes would rock my world.

    I hope they’re listening (or reading in this case).

    Comment by Randy Peterman -

  49. Adding to the list:

    The ability for my phone to navigate me to the location of the person I am talking to or someone in my contact list.

    For example, when at a concert, basketball game, or in an unfamiliar town, etc. – it would be nice to be able to find who your looking for a little more efficiently.

    Comment by Randy Staats -

  50. This was all through normal services offered by her provider. Now this doesn’t sound all that futuristic but keep in mind this was 5 years ago. I was excited when I got my most recent phone because it had a camera… and it is barely a camera as far as I am concerned. We (meaning the US) are definitely lagging behind as far as being a comsumer base who embraces technology.

    Comment by runescape money -

  51. One of the major features that I’d like to see (and that land-line phones have ) is multi-line capability. It would be nice to have one phone and have a work phone number, and still be able to get phone calls for home on the same phone. Or to have the same phone number ring on three phones (? shared technical support?)

    Comment by wow powerleveling -

  52. Why is it that posts about personal electornics generate so much comment spam?

    Comment by mphung -

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    Motorola E365-$120USD
    Motorola V3 Razor-$160USD(silver) $180usd (black)

    Samsung A300-$25USD
    Samsung E300-$180USD(NEW)
    Samsung A800-$57USD
    Samsung D410-$105USD
    Samsung E600-$145USD
    Samsung E700-$1350USD
    Samsung E800-$150USD
    Samsung P510-$180USD
    Samsung E710-$148USD
    Samsung E715-$180USD
    Samsung P400-$80USD
    Samsung S100-$40USD
    Samsung S300-$62USD
    Samsung T100-$45USD
    Samsung V200-$80USD
    Samsung X600-$150USD
    Samsung D508″”$164USD
    Samsung D600″”$190USD
    Samsung Z700″”$1760USD
    Samsung D500″”$155USD
    Samsung D700″”$170USD
    Samsung D720″”$190USD
    Samsung E720″”$186USD
    Samsung E800″”$150USD
    Samsung E810″”$174USD
    Samsung P730″”$200USD
    Samsung X640″”$120USD

    Sharp phones
    Sharp GX1-$24USD
    Sharp GX10-$45USD
    Sharp GX10i-$60USD
    Sharp GX20-$64USD
    Sharp GX30-$160USD

    Siemens phones
    Siemens SL55-$45USD
    Siemens ST55-$40USD
    Siemens SX1-$100USD
    Siemens MC60-$50USD
    Siemens M65-$60USD
    Siemens CX65-$70USD
    Siemens SL65-$150USD

    Sony Ericsson phones
    Sony Ericsson P800-$80USD
    Sony Ericsson P900-$150USD
    Sony Ericsson P910-$190USD
    Sony Ericsson P910i-$200USD
    Sony Ericsson T68i-$80USD
    Sony Ericsson T200-$30USD
    Sony Ericsson T300-$40USD
    Sony Ericsson T310-$30USD
    Sony Ericsson T610-$80USD
    Sony Ericsson T630-$95USD
    Sony Ericsson K700-$110USD
    Sony Ericsson T230-$30USD
    Sony Ericsson Z200-$45USD
    Sony Ericsson Z600-$120USD
    Sony Ericsson S700i-$180USD

    Thank you and God bless.

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  56. I agree, but never buy your cell phone from wirefly

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