Rivalries Part 2 – Michael said it best

Of all the emails I have gotten from spurs fans, this is the best. So i wanted to put it in a blog becausehe hits the nail on the head and says what I didnt think to put in thelast blog post.

Hey Mark, you are right about the rivalry. Spurs get absolutely no air
time because the nation finds them uninteresting. Yet, the Lakers can have
a non-playoff season and get almost every game televised.

That said, I would have to say I dislike you. So, your plan is working. I
would never curse at anyone, especailly a pregnant women. But, I would
definitely heckle you. I even wrote on my rear windshield, “Mark Cuban
Sucks!”, with the ‘u’ a Spur. My wife told my that it was pointless for me
to do that because you are so rich that you wouldn’t care. But, you are
the enemy, and I will stop at nothing to voice my opinion.

Michael is absolutely right that Spurs game. A Mavs or Pistons game, is always going to be 2nd to whoever Kobe, Lebron or Shaq is playing in terms of national interest. We arent going to get airtime until the networks broadcast as many Lakers, Cavs or Heat games as they can.

So while you’re thinking hard about how to clean up that nasty, muddy water that runs inside the incredibly beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk that we all love to take strolls along (even if we are concerned we might get bumped and fall in) and spend lots of money at the restaurants and bars (particularly the locally owned establishments and not the national chains) and raise lots of tax dollars for the wonderful city of San Antonio, put aside a few brain cycles and tell me your ideas of how to make people across the country care enough about our teams and our rivalry to watch us play rather than watch the other shows on this monday night, and on future game days

It may not be important to anyone else to make this happen, but it is to me. So Im wide open to ideas. If you dont like my way, give me some better ideas !


46 thoughts on “Rivalries Part 2 – Michael said it best

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  2. Honestly, I really dont think there is anything an owner can do to heat up or create a rivalry other than come out and blast the other team or its fans on public television. In my experiences real rivalries that grab the attention of the nation have either been created by an all out brawl (i.e- Heat/Knicks-a rivalry that didnt last long) or they’re created when a team faces the same team over and over, such as the Sox/Yanks or most college football rivalries but even in those rivalries there has been a fight or comment that helped heat things along, for the Sox/Yanks there’s a whole list of events!
    I will say this, I dont consider myself a fan of the Mavs or Spurs, Ive always been a Heat fan, however, I have been watching this series [Mavs/Spurs] just becaue of the high quality of basketball. So even if the series isnt gathering viewers because of a rivalry, it is gatheriving viewers because of the close game and I think these teams are so evenly matched, people will tune in just to see what happens.

    Comment by ben -

  3. From the passionate remarks that fans are posting here I think you could do well by putting together a fan site and grass roots advertising campaign built around fan generated content. Who better to get the word out to the rest of the country about the quality, focus and rivalry of and between these two teams than those who are already in the know?

    Comment by Daniel -

  4. Correction, Dallas was made famous by Walker Texas Ranger.

    Comment by Lucas -

  5. It is neither you, nor Dallas that has chased this rivalry to a stale-mate. It is (unfortunately) the un-marketable City of San Antonio. It’s a fantastic city and I love living here, however, the media can’t grab a hold of anything people may find interesting about San Antonio. Sure, we have the Alamo, Riverwalk, and a sorry excuse of a Mardis Gras we aptly titled “fiesta”, but no one finds these cute features of San Antonio attractive, and perhaps our stoic team personality isn’t helping. I believe it will always remain a rivalry on the local level, and never attain national interest. Remember, this is San Antonio’s only sport’s franchise both at the collegiate and professional levels. Thus it’s kinda like trying to market the Edmonton Oilers, yet, on the upside, this team means everything to us. We will continue to win championships, and everyone will continue to not care. I believe, both the media and the league would prefer a Western Conference rivalry between either Dallas and the Lakers, or Phoenix and the Lakers.
    But for the sake of this rivalry- Here’s hoping we kick your butts all the way back to that flat-ass, cattle-grazing town, only made famous because of the Cowboys…who suck.

    Comment by Brian (a spurs fan) -

  6. If you want it to be a rivalry, have your team win monday night. Until then its just another matchup between two good teams.

    Rasheed Wallace has been my favorite player ever since he got drafted. I was at the game in SA where Elliot hit the game winning shot with his foot appearing out of bounds. Decked out in my Blazers (wallace) jersey, the fans around me couldnt have been more receptive and welcoming throughout the entire night. From my own personal experiences, the spurs fans have been very classy.

    Another thing, you Dallas people so proud of your city are kidding yourselves. Dallas is a big city, wow…big deal. Theres nothing special about the city of Dallas. You private school grads need to realize that money doesnt make your city better. The prettiest and nicest city (to live in) in Texas is Austin. Austin is right up the road from SA, where a lot of their fanbase is. You guys are just so full of yourselves.

    Comment by Lucas -

  7. Sorry Mark,
    I just do not see the San Antonio/Dallas rivalry growing into a national interest. Primarily, the coaching staff for both teams, Popovich in particular, seem to discourage their players from engaging in the media circus that really pushes local rivalries to the national level. I just don’t see any of the players of either team giving a reporter a “Sheed Guarantee” type comment for the media to frenzy over. Sure, I can see you making comments like this; unfortunately, you aren’t a player. Fan’s watch the games to see the players, not the owners who fill the role of supporting cast member on the court. A rivavly can’t be carried by someone who holds a minor role in the drama of a rivalry.

    Comment by Andrew -

  8. Mark,

    You’re so right about this series needing to turn into a huge rivalry. They need something besides just being a good team to fuel the rivalry on a national stage.

    The Spurs fans have a lot of vim, vigor, and vitality and will argue at the drop of a hat. I wish there were more Mavs fans like me that hate the Spurs, but REALLY hate their fans. I’ve argued with these guys every day since I came back to Texas in 2001. I lived down there in SA for 3 1/2 years and repped the Mavs. I can’t wait until the Mavs beat the Spurs on Monday and send those fat pigs home to eat their sorrow away.

    Comment by Lonny -

  9. Dallas Rules Because Cuban Doesn’t Shut Up

    In 2003-2004, the NBA realized a dramatic increase in fan support since the 1997-1998 season where Michael Jordan faced Karl Malone in the playoffs. Jorda and Malone were both notorious trash-talkers. The Seattle Sonics have claimed a loss over the last several years; they were making money when “The Glove” Gary Payton was talking junk for them. Why do people talk about the Mavericks and ignore the Spurs? Trash-talk sells and those that don’t rock the boat lull viewers to sleep. People won’t remember Raja Bell after this year because he hit the huge three-point shot in game 5, but they will remember his “ballsy” demeanor when facing Kobe Bryant, another mouthy player.
    Sam Cassell is in no way a Hall of Fame player, but he fills the seats because he runs his mouth. Mark Cuban isn’t even on the floor (most of the time) and he is having the same effect. Cuban is a business genius who is gaining publicity as well as a competitive edge for his team simply by running his mouth; it’s brilliant! You want ratings, licensing, and coverage, pull a Cuban and rock the boat. If you want to be great and be ignored, go play for the Spurs. Get it done in game 7 Cuban! Fletch.

    Comment by Mark F. -

  10. Hey Cuban,
    Well I must say I was vexed when I discovered game seven would be on Monday, of all nights. What with the final episode of 24 on one channel, the WWE’s Monday Nite RAW on another and the Texas Tornado on yet another. My tivo only has two tuners! What will I do? Decisions, decisions, but you know what I think I will just watch the WWE and not worry about the game, because just like the legend killer Randy Orton laid your ass out with the RKO. The Spurs are going to lay the Smackdown on the Lady Mavs!
    El Barto!

    Comment by El Barto -

  11. Hey Cuban, you should be forced to drink a full 8 oz. glass of that dirty ass water from the riverwalk durring the half-time show at the center court of the AT&T Center. The last half-time show you will have to attend this season.

    Comment by El Barto -

  12. Hey Cuban, you should be forced to drink a full 8 oz. glass of that dirty ass water from the riverwalk durring the half-time show at the center court of the AT&T Center. The last half-time show you will have to attend this season.

    Comment by El Barto -

  13. Mark, Does it surprise you that so many Spurs fans read your blog? It they “hate” you so much, why do they read your insightful words? The Spurs fans must think that your words are worthy of reading and thus they comment on them! Way to go! Keep it up! And thanks for putting together a GREAT MAVERICKS team! Monday night will be one of the best nights on television, watching the Mavericks beat the Spurs! Thanks to Avery Johnson as well! The players are awesome! Thanks again.

    Comment by Theresa -

  14. Oh yeah, and I said in comments before on another blog that the series would go 7 because the games are fixed. Looks like I was right.

    You deleted my comment then like you will delete this.

    Comment by JR Ewing -

  15. Got to admit Mark, not a big fan of your team, certainly not yourself. Honestly, I don’t appreciate all the whining about the refereeing, especially after watching game 3 where it basically appeared the game was fixed. You should probably give the Spurs a little bit more respect… they’re about to beat your team after being down 3-1, they have the best and most respectful player in the NBA in Tim Duncan, AND none of their players throw punches.

    On another note, you got the rivalry thing right on the head. As a Knicks fan, I will always hate the Heat and the Nets, but since Jordan left the Bulls things have never been the same. Not to mention we are now arguably the worst team in the NBA. The huge rivalries that form are great, and they make the games more entertaining.

    My favorite rivalry in sports, however, has to be the Packers-Vikings. Yes, I’m a HUGE Packers fan, and going to a Pakcers-Vikings game at Lambeau is probably one of the most exciting experiences ever. It seems like every single fan wants to rip the Vikings’ heads off, and it would be a novel idea, I’ll say that.

    That’s all I’ve got, but just PLEASE don’t complain about the refereeing tomorrow when the SPurs dismantle your Mavericks.

    Comment by Dylan -

  16. Tim Duncan is the most boring superstar in the history of basketball. At no point do you ever get that snapshot moment where you feel a hardcore motivation from the guy. He plays the game well, but if given a choice of seeing Duncan or that rat bastard Kobe, I’m going to watch Kobe – mostly with the hope that someone is going to punk him on a drive. Duncan is like flavorless Jell-O.

    As for the Mavs, imagine how little coverage your team would get if you sat up in a Skybox and counted the parking receipts instead of paying attention to the refs?

    Comment by Joe Corey -

  17. The Spurs are the most predictable team that ever came down the pike — with the notable exception of Ginobili — Duncan/Parker so much so that they are light-years beyond the point of being boring. What I find fascinating is not that no one has figured out how to stop them, but that anyone continues to beat his head against a brick wall trying to stop them on their terms. That’s not the answer — at least not the only answer — could Diop learn to time his jump so well, to read Duncan’s fake so well, to strike ball instead of hand so well, in time? Maybe. Maybe it would take years, or maybe when Duncan is hot, only a younger, faster center can do so.

    Zone or man-to-man, depending on the kind of offensive night the Spurs are running, or how hot Duncan and/or Parker are, is not the main thing. The main thing is to create an answer on the Mavs offensive end. There is no reason on this earth why Diop and Harris, let’s say, couldn’t be a better, near-unbeatable combo in the paint than Duncan/Parker.

    What the Mavs will need to beat the Spurs tomorrow on their court, is nothing short of the kind of this-moment-may-be-my-last-on-Earth kind of deadly hunger that Ginobili, unique in all of basketball, displays.

    I’m truly rooting for the Mavs (to beat the Spurs), and would love nothing more than to see them go on and face the Cavs, who will surely be the ones waiting at the end of your tunnel, with one LeBron James in the lead.

    Rick in Reno

    Comment by Rick Wilson -

  18. I’m a Spurs fan first and foremost. Living in San Antonio most of my life I have watched the Spurs back in the lean days. This has been a great series with very little trash talk from either team except maybe Mark. Mark Cuban is not evil…just very emotional and passionate about his team. He has also spent more time on the floor during this series than the Spurs Centers. I for one enjoy his antics. Spurs fans are the same way. It’s a rivalry and probably the best the NBA has ever seen in a long time. The last great one was Spurs/Rockets. So Mark say what your gonna say and do what your gonna do. Come tuesday whoever wins this one takes it all.
    Go Spurs Go.

    Comment by Allen -

  19. At the risk of sounding like a suck up I am interested in the Mavs because of you. Once the Celtics were out of it I started rooting for the Mavs because you make the team interesting. Players come and go but an activist owner can keep my interest for a long time. The fact that you are more than an owner but an actual fan who acts like a lot of us would like to think we would act if we could afford to buy a team goes a long way. Keep it up.

    Comment by Alfred Thompson -

  20. I remember being at game 6 of the 2003 Western Conference Finals against the Spurs, sitting in section 3billion33 row Y (HA! Take that row Z!)…

    and when Pop put in Kerr at the exact right time to rip us a new one & manufacture a comeback that should be ranked among the highest… (sadly our Kerr was suspended, although DA should’ve been in on Tony Parker).

    and I remember leaving the stadium, and the majority of the Mavs fans rooting for San Antonio against New Jersey in the Finals… yelling “Spurs in 6!” or “Spurs in 5!”…

    and I remember HATING that.


    I didn’t think anything could make me hate any team more than the Kings, but they lost or traded everyone on that team I hated… we even picked one up (Dallas fans were pissed too, as I’m sure you know.. altho I’d take Bibby … but rather Earl Boykins).

    Spurs suck!

    GO MAVS!

    Comment by Champ -

  21. Dear Mark,
    I grew up in San Antonio and have been a Spurs fan my entire life. My husband and I met at Baylor medical school in Houston during the time that the Rockets won their championships and we gladly supported them. Now that we are in Dallas, we have been so impressed by how you’ve brought fun and talent to the Mavericks. I love Avery Johnson!
    So this series has been very stressful for my husband and I – I am rooting for the Spurs but also supporting the Mavs (esp. Avery!) and my husband gets annoyed that I am not purely rooting for the Mavs.
    This is so emotional for us – I can’t imagine how it is for you! But, I hope that you show some respect for the Spurs fans and their players. I wonder what Avery would say to you if he could speak from his heart?

    Comment by Sandra Lotan -

  22. anyone ever notice two main things the spurs do?

    1. anytime there is a call against them everyone, yes everyone, on the spurs puts their hands in the air and cry/moan/bitch to the refs. i dont see the mavs doing it near as much.

    2. duncan pushes players in the back after he makes a shot under the basket. just watch for it.


    everyone is missing the points to cubans blog. he is adding fuel to a fire in making the spurs hate the mavs and the mavs hate the spurs. its what the nba needs. and with him ‘crying’ as u say on his blog, he is bringing more of you to this nba drama.

    please everyone remember, its a game.

    how many owners in the nba meet the fans outside, and give fans/maverick maniacs free seats?

    Comment by drew mizon -

  23. hey rank what happened did mom come in and tell you it was bedtime?..thats ok we all lived with our parents at one time..well not past 30 but hey you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Comment by SpursFanForLIfe -

  24. You can scroll up to the top and click on email mark cuban and it will be delivered directly to him. His email is mark.cuban@dallasmavs.com and he welcomes emails and sometimes responds to them. Be respectful to him as he will do the same for you.

    Brandon Connell

    Comment by RankRover -

  25. hey quick question…does anyone know mark cubans email address?

    Comment by SpursFanForLIfe -

  26. Dude, I am in Chicago and love the Bulls #1. This should be where you ask “why the hell are you defending Cuban?” Well the answer is because he is right. He is not my teams owner. He is just a guy saying what needs to be said.

    Comment by RankRover -

  27. forget that dude under me. He got negative and is trying to ruin it for us. He completely missed the point. You said that the rivalry is healthy IN THE GAME. This guy must have not read it through and is talking about violence. And who the hell cares if you pissed off a city. That is the point. It is a rivalry. Ummmm did they ban free speach already? Or did they just ban free speach out of Mark Cubans mouth? It is soooo big a rivalry and getting out of the game when dumb people such as the Commissioner for example fines you for speaking freely. Wait until I get rich and buy the Bulls. I am not exactly a minister. I would tell the Commissioner who, how, and why!

    Comment by RankRover -

  28. Not a better idea . . .but just another.
    I think one of your key demographics (college aged males) are increasingly not watching television. As a college prof. I find that television references are less and less likey to be understood by my students, they simply are not watching as much TV, many do not even own TVs. That is you don’t have to get them to tune in on Monday night to watch Dallas play, rather you have to get them to a television first. Basketball is my second favorite sport, but I spend a unequal amount of time watching/listening to baseball because it is more readily available over the net(Mlb.com). (I am sure you got this all figured out but . . .) We need a better way to access games. Now granted baseball works better over the internet, listening to a radio broadcast of baseball is fine, but basketball I need high quality images which could be a problem. As a related note I would point out that basketball video games are some of the most popular, perhaps “the rivalary” stuff should carry over to that platform, I would love to see your image in the stands on my Xbox.

    Comment by Dave -

  29. I remember when Jordan, Pippin, Kerr, Kukoc, etc were a family. I watched every game no matter what and I was so into it that I thought if I missed a game then they would lose! I hated every team with a passion and during games I would cuss them out constantly yelling at my TV until my parents would run into the room to see what the emergency was. I loved to hate the rivals and I am kinda sad that I lost base with the Bulls and basketball in general. I grew up and had to work and when Jordan left “again” and pippin as well. I lost touch with my “family” that was the Bulls. I miss the rivalry. It was fun.

    Comment by RankRover -

  30. The Mavs-Spurs rivalry is great on the court, but I can’t understand how there could be a real dislike. There are so many connections between the two teams (players, coaches, dominating PFs and PGs) that liking one team and disliking the other really has to call into question what it is that the fan likes. It either has to be an individual player (and you hate every team he isn’t on), the team name or city, or the color of the jerseys.

    I’m a Spurs fan, so I’m pulling for them, but my #2 team to pull for is the Mavericks. 3rd would be the Clippers (whose underdog status trumps Mike Brown/Danny Ferry/LeBron in Cleveland).

    If you’re a Spurs or Mavs fan, aren’t you pulling for Avery, Finley, TD and Dirk? If not, then I can’t understand what makes you a fan.

    Comment by Keith -

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    Comment by t.tex edwards -

  32. Hey Mark…you obviously got under Tim Duncans skin based off of his reaction when he was asked to comment on you…was that your intention?

    Comment by Mike -

  33. Hey Mark…you obviously got under Tim Duncans skin based off of his reaction after game 6 when your name was mentioned…was that your intention?

    Comment by Mike -

  34. nba marketing seems to concentrates too much on individual players and not enough on teams. most “casual” fans like myself couldnt name one other player on the teams with kobe, lebron, shaq, etc. and while the games should be marketed as “la vs. miami” or “la vs phoenix” they’re instead marketed as “shaq vs. kobe” or “kobe vs. nash”. now i know why the nba does it (ratings, $) and i like seeing good players go at it, but with such individual emphasis to the game, how can you promote a team rivalry? college sports are the last great home to team rivalries for the very reason that they dont do that (and the fact that they have a lot more history than the nba does).

    i’ve brought this up at the bars for discussion with my friends: what would the nba look like if they got rid of all of the old stodgy “status quo” owners and replaced them with 29 other mark cubans. i personally couldnt think of anything more exciting that could happen to the nba. i would LOVE to see that happen. could you imagine 30 mark cubans working to promote the game?

    go MAVS! we believe.

    Comment by blb -

  35. Personally, watching the entire Mavs team put their hands over their hearts during the National Anthem at EVERY game i have been to this year, regardless of what country the player is from tells me about the class of the organization.

    Everyone on the Mavs side of the court shows respect for our country .

    Why dont the Spurs ?

    Comment by Rocco -

  36. (In my best Avery Johnson voice)


    Comment by Gary Smith -

  37. Do you need a hug? Seriously his comments did not damage a colon or pierce a lung. He made a “rivals comment” and if you wanted you can do the same. Just be prepared to be commented on. It’s a rivalry dammit. Try not to be so sensitive. If your dad called you a fat pig growing up would you let it break you? Would you let mean kids picking on you in school effect your life dramatically? The answer should be “not if you have strong will”. Just deal with the comments and move on with your life. It is uptight people like yourself that make rivalry turn into violence. His comments did not do anything but make you hate hos team more. That is what a rivalry is.

    Comment by RankRover -

  38. ok rank ..the doctor is in…ok what i want you to do is go to the following site about three times a day..buy some stuff and read up ..i think that will help http://www.nba.com/spurs ,oh and i almost forgot…look up rivalry ..do some research i think you will be pleasantly surprised..hang in there we will get through this together man..i wont give up

    Comment by SpursFanForLIfe -

  39. I dont deny you’re slow. Try to stay on topic though. The issue here is you seem to be making a big nonsense about what a healthy rivalry is. It is all about the passion to hate the other team but when the Jersey goes off you are friends again. What is it so hard for you to get the concept? Have you been pampered all your life and dont see the necessity in a rivalry? If you didnt have a rivalry you wouldnt be trying to bash me and Mark Cuban for being real. Seriously try and think before you post rediculous statements. And try to stay on topic eh?

    Comment by RankRover -

  40. hey see two spurs fans cant be wrong ..yea i think your right I love the Spurs he is in denial ..but im going to help him through it

    Comment by SpursFanForLIfe -

  41. Yeah you seem good at being slow. LOL. Anyways dont you see here how WE have a rivalry? It is about the Jersey man. Get a clue rather than be lost.

    Comment by RankRover -

  42. hey rank are you in denial? hey its ok though i will help you get through this,the first step is admitting that your wrong..go ahead..try it i thiny you will fell better…ok now take a deep breath..yea thats it!let me know

    Comment by SpursFanForLIfe -

  43. SpursFanForLIfe who the hell is crying other than you and your fellow spurs fan above? Mark isnt crying. He said he dont care. Put on your glasses before you attempt to read man. Seriously. P.S. The MAVS will beat down the spurs Monday night like the punks they are!

    Comment by RankRover -

  44. Good, invite the Commissioner to this blog and let him find out how quickly I can care less. As far as acting like idiots that is uncalled for and you are the kind of person that just does not get rivalry. You are the person taking it out of the game talking crap about Mark for no reason and unrelated to the game. Good for Mark for pissing off a city. Maybe it will teach the city to grow up and learn what a healthy rivalry is. And yes you did talk about violence. Do you remember writing the word “brawl” or was that a split personality?

    Comment by RankRover -

  45. i love the spurs,and i would probably like the mavs too if it wasnt for that whiney little cry baby with the outdated goofy hair cut,Mark”crybaby”Cuban.And I think it is funny the way you play off the insults and laugh about them like they dont bother you..yea your really fooling everyone.lol thats ok though…whatever helps you sleep at night.when the spurs send dallas home monday night im sure you will have something else to cry about..officiating,coaching or just maybe your fat pregnant wife got called a vulgarity…oohhh! leave her at home then.like i said in a previous post, maybe one day you will grow a couple”speaking of growing a couple,you need to keep a closer eye on the milkman or the gardener because since you havent grown a few you probably arent the daddy ” anyways,make sure you have a spurs jersey handy so you can jump on the band wagon monday night, oh and i know a good place to get a haircut in the dallas area if you need the number let me know..or just wear a hat.

    Comment by SpursFanForLIfe -

  46. You know what MARK YOU ARE RIGHT I live in Brownsville texas and happened tpo go to game 5 in Sa AND WE GOT called all sorts of names thrown beer at and nearly got into a fight , and ohh yes the spurs won that game i find it wierd that they did this even thought the home team won . ive followed the mavs in other arenas and i have never seen so many rude fans . and this is a good rivalry i love it at work i get e mails saying go spurs or wat happened to your mavs . at school i get the samething cant wait for game 7 and go to work with my dirk nowitzki jersey to show all those fools whos the new texas king.

    Comment by Jimmy Garcia -

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