Sportswriters – The clued and the clueless

I get my newsalerts every morning, and click through them from my sidekick. Usually when there is an article written about me, I pretty much know its coming. Why ? Because other than Sam Smith of the Chicago Tribune (if they let him work there, how does anybody think the Cubs have a chance at all ?), sportswriters will at least ask questions to make sure they are at least on the right path before they spew.

Add another to the Sam Smith brigade.

I recently wrote a tongue in cheek blog about TNT not putting the Mavs in their graphic for the Conference Finals website. TNT emailed, I told them it was all in fun. Then Michael Heistand from USA Today emailed me, thinking I was serious. I told him I wasnt, that it really was in fun, and that my biggest laugh was going to come from the media person who thought it was serious.

To Michaels credit, he not only asked me, he asked TNT, all of which he reported in his column.

“But don’t assume it’s all that serious. Consider Cuban’s reaction to TNT’s home page after the Mavs had made the NBA’s final four it still featured players from last year’s NBA final four. On his blog Cuban protested the omission while defiantly adding, “We don’t care what the national media think.”

The blog drew responses from angry fans feeling slighted by TNT. The problem, spokesman Jeff Pomeroy says, was that TNT was simply in the process of updating its home page. When he told Cuban that in an e-mail, Cuban e-mailed back: “That ruins all the fun speculation” signing off with a smiley face.

By e-mail Thursday, Cuban says his blog shot at TNT “was tongue-in-cheek humor.”

Now compare that to Mark Heisler of the LA Times in this column. IN particular

“His team, he claims, either wins or has it stolen by referees, supervised by the bumbling league office while the national press, which hates Cuban, the Mavericks and Dallas, makes up lies.

Cuban’s May 23 blog, the day after his team eliminated the Spurs, was standard conspiracy theory, noting TNT’s website had put up a montage of players from Detroit, Miami and Phoenix, with San Antonio’s Tim Duncan where Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki should have been.

“I guess we didn’t get the memo,” wrote Cuban. “Unbelievable? Not to the Mavs family. We don’t care what the national media thinks. We don’t care what the NBA thinks. We believe!” “

So Heisler wins the award for not really having a clue. This isnt the first time he just ranted with nothing to say and used the Sam Smith approach of “if someone said it somewhere, I can use it as reference and it must be true”

Now this isnt to say that Heisler has never asked me questions about issues important to him. He did at one point ask me questions about the MBA degree he was seeking. So I know he knows how to reach me. I guess he only needs to source information for the things he is involved with that he thinks are important. Did you ever get that MBA Mark ?

5 thoughts on “Sportswriters – The clued and the clueless

  1. Hi, I noticed that you are interested in buying the cubs. Ownership of a baseball team is a good job for you, and I think you are the best owner of any sports team in the league. But if the Cubs sell doesn\’t fall though, can you be interested in the Florida Marlins. They need a new owner, and bad. They have the worst ownership in the game, period. Jeffery Loria doesn\’t waste a single penny for the club to compete, and us Florida Marlins fans are tired of it. They always trade away anybody who is farely decent, and they have no fanbase anymore. This is the perfect chance to develop this team to contenters again, and rescue baseball here in Miami. Please reply. Thanks


    Comment by Jorge -

  2. Mark i respect u alot although i am a Lakeras and Dodgers fan
    but i think the cubs needs an energenic owner who will
    put some fire under managements asses to make them work harder
    …u have some deeper pocket ppl bidding for the team i know ur a billionaire and all but don`t goo to crazy with the bidding…maybe u can spend that money on buying the Dogers lol
    anywayys Godbless you keep getting those fines cause i know the more money u get fined the more money u donate to charity…
    ohh yeah ….buying the cubs gonna need to rebuild the satadium …have u been to chicago`s fallin aprt that will set u back another 400 mill or so….lol

    Comment by Damion -

  3. Mark, you have got to buy the cubbies!!!! You are the man for the job. If you can work your magic with them then you will have the love of all of the cubs fans and go down in history as the greatest SPORTS owner of all time, not just for the cubs, but also with your work with the mavs. This is the perfect situation. Cubs need a kick in the butt and and you are the perfect man to kick them!!! I love the cubs, but I would love them even more if we had a pumped up passionate owner like you who genuinely cares about the team and is there in a hands on way, IT\’S AWESOME!!! Anyways just take it into consideration when it comes avaliable.


    Comment by Jordan Bear -

  4. PLEASE BUY THE CUBS! I am a former Dallas resident and still a MAVs fan, but my true loyalties lie with my beloved Cubbies, and I work in Saint Louis (you can imagine how much I enjoyed last October…). I love your outlook and the results you\’ve brought to the once beleaguered franchise; I can only imagine the results you might experience in a league with fewer restrictions!

    Comment by Ken Rohman -

  5. Mark,
    As a former Dallas Mavs fan, and lifelong CUBS fan I read today that the Tribune is selling the CUBS at the end of the season. PLEASE get a group together and BUY them! Do for the CUBS what you\’ve done for the Mavs.

    Tom T.

    Comment by Tom Tanton -

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