30 mins

Just got done working out. Did my interviews from the Gauntlet. Probably kind of rude of me not to change my schedule to fit all the media and guests who have come to see the NBA 2.0 .

I just didnt want to bust my routine. So its a sweaty handshake to the Commissioner. Which actually shows how cool he can be. Its an ESPN interview with Stuart Scott. Anything to take my mind off of sweating like a pig and breathing hard. Its some stupid questions from a Miami TV Station.. “Are you excited ?”.. that type of thing. Preperation is key . Huh 🙂

Oh, for those who care. I couldnt hit a shot. I got some rythm going, but i basically choked. No bragging rights for me.

Time to clean up. Get it done. The guys just did their count down in the hall and ran on the court. Thats my cue to roll on !


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  1. This goes to the Commissioner Of The NBA. On Sunday night game 5 of the Nba finals the Miami Heat were playing on the court unfairly with 6 men . I will name them 2 guards 2 forwards 1 center and the oficials it has come up to my attention that the officiating of that game was fake. Anyone could tell that the officials got paid to favor calls to the Heat. Example when Jerry Stackhouse got that unfair one game suspension for the supposely flagrant foul and before that i think it was in game 3 or 4 Mr.O’neal busted open Jerry Stackhouse’s nose now that foul should have been a flagrant. I did’nt get why the offials did’nt call that a flagrant because the ball was in Jerry Stackhouse’s hand not his nose nor his face. So Mr.Stern if you are not convinced of this then go back and watch Game 3 through 5 to prove me wrong. Sincerely,
    Agustin Nunez

    P.S. Mr.Cuban give this to David Stern and give to Sportscenter to air on it’s show.

    Comment by Agustin Nunez -

  2. The Officials were HORRIBLE in Game 5, it makes me sick to watch such a one sided BS game. 3/4’s of the calls were on the MAVS, and that LAST CALL ON DIRK? COMMON!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Skip Madara -

  3. i know the mavs will win the title! tell you what, if they lose, i will make the ultimate sacrifice. i will stop using my webdate dot com account. there. i said it. its not an easy thing to do but i am willing to risk it all just to see the mavs win that nba title.

    Comment by love_forever -

  4. I would like to congratulate you and your team. I was never a basketball fan, and not really big on watching the games. Until your series with San Antonio, that is. I am now officially hooked. You have my voice cheering the Mavs now, even if it is just me screaming at my TV.

    They need someone like you in the NHL now.

    Viel Glück.

    Comment by Lee -

  5. I was there in Section 108 as usual, and my take was that it just felt different from any Mavs game I’d been to. Very surreal. It seemed to go by so fast, and for some reason I looked at the Heat and never thought for a moment that they were going to win the game. It was almost mystical.

    Can’t really explain it beyond that.

    Comment by scott -

  6. Mark,
    Some Stuart Scott trivia for you….ask him if he still does his sports casts on the set in suit jacket, shirt, tie and shorts w/ flip flops behind the desk? That was his m.o. when he was a sportscaster in Orlando, FL back in the early ’90’s.

    Great win btw!

    Comment by Karen L -

  7. Saw the interview with you on the stepper—-thought it was hilarious.

    Comment by scott -

  8. GO MAVS, indeed!!!

    Comment by Roxana -

  9. used to be a sports writer and a news reporter…used to hate TV people showing and asking obcious, stupid questions…often their “research” involved reading our previews and analysis pieces…nothing worse than a TV head approaching an NBA owner who actually knows something and communicates with the fan base

    Comment by Dan Roth -

  10. Mark, I just moved to Dallas in August… I am originally from Chicago and haven’t felt this excitment since the days of Jordan and the three-peat.

    Thank you for building a team of true athletes. It’s refreshing in the NBA.

    Comment by Kate -

  11. I just seen ur interview while on the treadmill. U r a unique individual/owner and that is what gives this team character. Well its tip off time. Go Mavs!!!

    Comment by ginger -

  12. I just watched the interview as well. You are by far the coolest owner/sports personality there is. Period.

    Good luck in the finals, and this game.

    Go Mav’s!

    Comment by Kyle Connolly -

  13. Go Mavs! I’m watching at home with my 16 year old son, and have my mom & dad on speaker phone! Oh how I wish I had tickets, but such is the life of a lowly schoolteacher! By the way, by the end of school last month, I had all my 5th graders totally into the Mavs. We kept a countdown to the finals hanging in my room! Can’t wait for the game, and Mark you are awesome! GO MAVS GO!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Traci -

  14. Mark..dude…was getting tired watching you on the stepper thing during your interview..whew! Maybe you can answer a question for me. My fiance and I have been wondering what the connection between Tom Petty songs and the NBA are? Not sure if you’ve seen the broadcasts of the games, but almost every time they break for a commercial, there is a snippet of Tom Petty music playing..what’s wit dat? Are you his agent? Are you his producer? Are you his lovechild?…LOL..just kidding..maybe!
    Go Mavs! 🙂 Robin Cronk, Virginia Minnesota(eh)Land of the Loons!

    Comment by Robin Cronk -

  15. GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by JASON BIG DALLAS -

  16. Good Luck !!
    Mavs going 1-0 today

    Comment by Saurav -

  17. Hey,
    I’m rooting for the Mavs! CAnt wait for the game to start!


    Comment by Ryan -

  18. Roll On! Good @#%&@in Luck!

    Comment by Tom in NYC -

  19. Pretty good- just saw the interview. I’m jealous- wish I was there! (and wish I owned the team)


    Comment by Zak -

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