The War, Part 1

One of our coaches, if we win walks in the locker room with a cookie and shakes all the guys hands and says the same thing “on the left”. The Win column is on the left. It doesnt matter how you got there. You got there.

The Heat did a great job on us. Its obvious why Pat Riley has achieved the success he has. They took us out of some things, but seemed like every time they made a mistake, Jason Terry was there to capitalize on it.

This is just one game. It feels great to win, but its just the first move in the chess match.

Sunday, its on. The War Part 2

249 thoughts on “The War, Part 1

  1. I dont get why everyone is saying the Mavs played so great last night. We played terrible, Avery said it, the team knows it. We played like crap!!

    Which is why I am so Elated!!! If we can play that bad and win by 10 just think how great it will be when Dirk and Howard shoot 40-50% like they can! MAVS in 5, enough said.

    Comment by Ben Walnick -

  2. awesome win mavs. i am from florida. about 3 hours from miami but i am a die hard MFFL. no one here understands. i am hoping to go to a game in miami to represent but its pretty expensive right now. i am trying mavs…i’m tryin. hope to see you there.

    Comment by gary miracle -

  3. I would just like to go on record and say “Thank You” to Mark Cuban for getting rid of Walker. He single handedly shot the Heat out of the game. But, what do you expect from a “volume shooter”?

    Best decision of Mr. Cuban’s tenure was getting Terry. Congrats on game 1. Go Mavs!

    Comment by Tboymacrev -

  4. just wanted to let you know that i’m all about your style. the NBA needs a super-star quarky owner like you to keep the off court game (and media circus) interesting. keep it up!

    Comment by brandon -

  5. “Bullying and Intimidating” are part of sports competition, you got to step up and fight. All men do this to get to the finals…

    Watching Shaq’s arm move when his body is slower is the current state. But still the difference between Shaq and other players, is he has been HIT 100,000 times over and it doesn’t look like it (ala the Ben Wallace block) because of his size. When he hits someone, unforunately it’s like George Foreman in his heyday hitting sugar ray lewis. Its just going to look ugly.

    Mavs stuck to their game, the Heat missed a couple and tightened up, and the flow was all Dallas.. great run.

    At this point in the NBA, i WISH ALL PLAYERS on BOTH TEAMS could win the RING! Loved watching them Both all year!!!

    Comment by Trent -

  6. hey M-
    dont ever pose like that again (when you thought carrying should have been called)lol-not cool man

    Comment by Jimmy Stewart -

  7. Mark, what happens when the Heat bench play like they should? I know Dirk will have better games, but Terry just had his one big game. Go Heat. Go D-Wade

    Comment by Jimmy Stewart -

  8. Exciting game. One down and three to go. Just a few comments and questions. Tough night for Dirk and Josh. As expected, they keyed up on them and doubled up on the high post. Give and go from Dirk and Terry would break down that 2-3 zone and the runner can either dish to the low post on the weak side or an open man at the top of the key. Also, was Marquis not allowed to shoot? He penetrated every time he drove up the lanes but pulled up and kicked out. Those short jumpers are his shots. That would be another area that Heat would have to protect. And it would be really scary for the Heat when Dirk and Josh start hitting their shots.

    Comment by Texaspeklat -

  9. Good game…not great….different look when Udonis Haslem got into foul trouble….I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to one of the Mavs to offset the tickie tack fouls that the refs were calling on him last night…It always seems to be one guy from onr team or the other that seems to get “picked on” when there are so many calls that arent whistled all over the place…Oh well…Go Mavs!

    Comment by Mike Toler -

  10. Mark, Greetings from McAllen, TX. Down here 12 miles from the border and home to the most idiotic Spurs fans around. Congrats to the Mavs and the city of Dallas for their win in Game 1. It’s good to get the first one under the belt. Three more wins and I can’t wait to see the look on David Stern’s face as he hands you the trophy. Good Luck the rest of the way, and KEEP BLOGGING! 🙂

    Comment by Chuy -

  11. I just wanted to say that being from michigan that while everyone was crying over the pistons not being in the finals i was jumping up and down for the Mavs to win their first title!

    Great job from your team last night to hold the fat guy and for jason terry to shoot lights out. I’m really excited for a game 2 win on sunday.

    oh and that wiggles question to shaq was classic….

    Comment by Becky Siegel -

  12. 1 down 3 to go. Mavs played so so. Just think what the score would have been if they had been “on”. Probably first game nerves. I expect the second game will be more exciting. Someone needs to go postal on Shaq the next time he does a dirty hit, which we know will be game 2.

    Comment by ginger -

  13. Good game…not great….different look when Udonis Haslem got into foul trouble….I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to one of the Mavs to offset the tickie tack fouls that the refs were calling on him last night…It always seems to be one guy from onr team or the other that seems to get “picked on” when there are so many calls that arent whistled all over the place…Oh well…Go Mavs!

    Comment by Mike Toler -

  14. Come on Mark, these are just basketball games. The real war and warriors are overseas fighting for our country in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Let’s not forget that! 🙂
    vr, Xeifrank

    Comment by Xeifrank -

  15. “Everybody clap (clap, clap, clap), Everybody sing (la la la la la)” My personal wiggles favorite! LOL

    Seriously though, everyone is downplaying last nights game saying neither team played very well, but I thought it was AWESOME! Both teams showed some hustle like I’ve NEVER seen before! Yes, we need to shoot better and get more offensive rebounds, but they are hungry and you can see it. JET was unstoppable, but it was a team effort for the victory, thanks to the little general!!

    Lastly Mark, I hope to see you at the 4th of July parade again this year! It was funny to see your adorable little girl driving around in her girly jeep, with you tailing along w/ the camera! Truly precious! <3

    Comment by Mrs. Jaye -

  16. Sorry Post 112, had the wrong number and now I can’t find the post I was responding to!

    Comment by trey allmon -

  17. Man congrats on an exciting pre-game show!

    Comment by jeff -

  18. Thanks blog entry #13 for preaching the gospel!
    Shaq is a real big F’n jerk! fracturing a guys jaw, busting noses,throwing players into the stands and pushing guys down. Shaq has no shame. Simply a bully w/ limited skills besides old fashioned intimidation. My 12 yr old son plays pee wee basketball and proved to me this morning that he can shoot 8 of 10 from the line.
    What’s Shaqs’ excuse? Shouldn’t a pro practice shooting free throws in the off season and be able to make at least 20% from the line in a playoff game. Can you say choke? LOSER!!!!!!

    Comment by James Donaldson -

  19. RE: Post 112.

    I found the lyrics thing amusing too. However, for you to say that the amazing cubanator “had nothing to do” with this is ridiculous. Mark is the architect of a championship caliber team. Are you a new Mavs fan? Because those of us that went through the worst record for any franchise in any sport in the 90’s appreciate the fact that Mark Cuban has EVERYTHING to do with this. Noone wanted to come to Dallas when Don Carter owned the team (no disrespect to Dallas’ other man in the hat), Mark put Dallas on the NBA map with free agents. People WANT to play here. And who hired Avery?

    Comment by trey allmon -

  20. Marc…that whole pose thing on the foul…not cool.

    On a side note…you’ve been given a thread dedicated to it on

    Nice win, BTW.

    Comment by Ezekielbear -

  21. The ten man rotation kept the guys fresh enough and Jason freakin Terry tore the house down… Three more games Mark!

    -Yes, there is a Mavs Fan in Buffalo,NY

    Comment by Eric Clingersmith -

  22. Congrats from Germany.
    I`m a long time Dirk fan. Despite the World Cup in our country, Germany is with you.

    Nice victory. Only 3 to go.
    Next game Dirk will be back – I promise.

    GO MAVS !!!

    Comment by Torsten -

  23. Oh it feels so good! 3 more games and the wait is over! I have faith in Avery and the team, they will work to get a much prettier win Sunday. Can’t wait. I have everybody I know hooked to the finals (even my dad!)Go MAVS!
    A long time Mavericks fan from Chicago.

    Comment by ami -

  24. WAY TO GO MAVS!!!

    i almost threw up when the game started i was so nervous!!! waited for this moment for a long time, can’t believe it’s actually here!!!

    go mavs!

    Comment by tiffany -

  25. Shaq has a simple strategy to stop Dirk – hit him hard in the mouth – Dirk missed everything after that. If you go back and look at all of the times we lost to the Lakers over the years while Shaq was there you will always find at least once where he employed the same strategy early in the game. We even saw Kobe do it when we played the Lakers this year.

    When he does that – someone should complain to the refs or the league – as stated in an earlier Blog – if that were Sheed or Artest they would have been suspended for a game. The slow mo makes it extremely apparent the Dirk hit and the Stack one were intentional attempts to bully and intimidate. More importantly Dirk needs to send a message he won’t be stopped by that. Someone will try it in the first quarter on Sunday – might be shaq – might be haslem – but someone will try to hit him the mouth hard – he needs to come out of that pissed – and really take it to them – ala Duncan – last thing you want to do is piss that guy off. or ala Stack – who steps it up after something like that.

    Differnt point- we missed 4 (maybe 5) fastbreak layups – every single time Miami took it back down the floor and got an easy layup – 16-20 points right there – its like we forgot all about transition D after the suns.

    We can and should beat this team – Go Mavs

    Comment by dave -

  26. You’re right Mark. It wasn’t a pretty win, but it was a win none the less and we will take it.

    I’m expecting to see a really different game Sunday. I think they will attempt to shut Jason down, which should leave plenty of room for Dirk and Josh to come to the basket which should see significant changes in Dirk and Josh’s numbers.

    Still a bit baffled by the two fouls called for clearly knocking the ball from Shaq’s hands. Maybe the NBA needs taller referees.

    Griffin, Diop and Dampier looked strong defensively and I think will continue to prove the defensive difference. In fact, kudos to all the guys. Deep is such a small word to describe these Mavs.

    Comment by Elizabeth -

  27. Wow! What a great game to watch! It’s awesome that the Mavs have such a deep bench…a whole team full of guys who step up to the net and get the job done. I’m so proud to be a Mavs fan! (And thanks, Mark, for really breathing life into the team-when you took over we saw a real transformation! Thanks for all your hard work, too! I love that the owner is their biggest fan!)

    Can’t wait until Sunday!!

    Comment by Jennifer -

  28. Enjoy it Mark!! Sunday, Our defense will suffocate you, and our offense disorient you. We stunk last night, but we’re going back to Miami with a chance to finish it. Dirk couldn’t do DIDDLY against Haslem, and Howard can stick to those running “happy birthday shots”. SHAQ AND WADE YOU CANNOT EVADE!!!!

    Comment by shai -

  29. Mark,
    I do hope Shaq gets a game suspension out of last night’s game. The elbowing in the face was way not called for. But then when you have a 350lb player he just can’t last the entire game. He could barely run back and forth to the basket, though the only place he seemed to plant himself was at the basket. So I say run his energy down….make him work hard and wear him out… GO MAVS!!!!

    Comment by Teresa Apperson -

  30. This is my first time here. Congratulations, Mark. I have always enjoyed your “antics.” Keep up the fine work.

    Comment by Gene Maudlin -

  31. This is the best damn NBA series we’ve had in a long time. There are superstars. Dirk, D-Wade, Shaq!

    There are sub plots with role players who will decide the series: Jason Terry, Walker, the list goes on.

    The bench won the game for the Mavericks and poor free throw shooting by the Heat. Who’s bench will be the difference next game?

    Should the Heat had slowed down the game? The can run the Mavericks out the gym.

    Can Dirk take over the game? Or will D-Wade take over the game? Shaq showed us a lot of different looks in the post.

    Comment by sterling wright -

  32. Seriously, have you guys SEEN Dan Gadzuric play. It’s 23 mintes of a game of AMAZING PLAY – TURNOVER – AMAZING PLAY – TURNOVER – AMAZING PLAY – TURNOVER…..

    You get the idea. Gadzuric for MVP!!!

    Comment by Matt -

  33. Great game Mark – I do think you should re work your schedule a little bit for a interview. Also – it is pretty darn cool you got to shoot on the final floors. – Lets see something outside the box — I wan’t you to do something crazy – pass out some crazy stuff for distractions

    Comment by Richard Bowles -

  34. I am waiting to hear about the clips that you sent into the front office about the Shaq Elbow and pushing. That elbow was in retaliation for Dirk driving to the basket on him.
    Maybe they are to scared to put up a one game suspension for the big baby.

    Great job in bring back life into the Mavs


    Comment by Jim -

  35. I am waiting to hear about the clips that you sent into the front office about the Shaq Elbow and pushing. That elbow was in retaliation for Dirk driving to the basket on him.
    Maybe they are to scared to put up a one game suspension for the big baby.

    Great job in bring back life into the Mavs


    Comment by Jim -

  36. I need Mavericks Fans early Sunday morning to participate in a pep rally. It will be televised. Please contact me via email at for more info. Please reply asap!!!!

    Comment by KoCo -

  37. I just wanted to say the ABC commentators were bad and boring this night wasn’t about Shag and Wade it was about the Mav”s and the Heat as a team not just individuals

    Comment by Sandra O -

  38. Great game, great matchup, should be a great series.

    Comment by Ross -

  39. Jason Terry is my baby daddy. If I saw the man right now i would shake his hand and tell him he is my hero. The only thing better than “Angery” Johnsons press conference after the game was the scoreboard at the end of the game. WETT

    Comment by Dylan -

  40. Don’t you just love it when sports personalities compare their “difficult” and “trying” ordeals to military & battlefield matters?

    “THE WAR” —– is not being waged on NBA courts.

    Dirk and Shaq are not engaged in anything approaching what those Americans in Iraq experience everyday.

    Unfortunately, sports journalists love to employ war rhetoric as much as possible.

    Last night, ABC broadcast a sloppy basketball game. Nothing more….

    Comment by Benjamin McCarthy -

  41. Great game 1. We didn’t play good (except Terry) and we stil won by 10. Just think how good we will be when Dirk and Howard are playing good.

    Can’t wait to be at the game Sunday.

    Mavs in 6

    Comment by Mark -

  42. Hey Mark, love the Mav’s style of ball and your activist ownership. I CAN’T WAIT until David Stern has to bite his tongue and hand you some hardware!!!!

    Comment by Chris -

  43. Congrats on the game 1 victory. I have a suggestion to freeze Miami on the line- Hasselhoff masks. Give free masks to everyone behind the backboards. I am not sure if expense or copyright wise it would be feasible, but I think it definitely would be original. You can even add mock rescue cans for effect. Just a suggestion. Good luck in game 2. GO MAVS!!!

    Comment by Germania -

  44. that win got your blog so many visitors that i dont think i have any websites with enough bandwith to put a link into this comment so i left the link out ….im just glad to see that this game was ared on regular tv ….my father used to have to listen on the radio ….that made his day

    Comment by microzila -

  45. To Mark in Michigan.

    SHUT THE F%&K UP!.

    My brother just got back from Fallujah and he doesn’t mind.

    Mark does more for vets and 9/11 victims than you ever will.

    Visit some kook website like moveon to spit your ignorance.


    Comment by Razor Rich Sharpe -

  46. Great win, was impressed with the heart, determination and pride the Mavs had for the 2nd half.

    It should read, “Cuban finally gets Title show because Nelson is not head coach anymore”. Not trying to take stabs, but for a coach that has had so much talent over the years to not achieve more just gets tiring to hope.

    Avery – Great Job! Way to teach some defense!

    Comment by Trent -


    Comment by Corey -

  48. It’s 100 damn degrees outside, we’ve already proved that we can handle the heat!!!!!!!!!! GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Ashley -

  49. It’s 100 damn degrees outside, we’ve already proved that we can handle the heat!!!!!!!!!! GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Ashley -

  50. Awesome game guys.

    If you win by 1 point or 100 at the end of the game you are still called the winner.

    The shot by Dirk to end the first half………..My son and I were jumping up and down here in Indy.

    GO MAV’s

    I read great article that everyone should read by a guy named Mike Celizic it is titled “CUBAN BLEW TITLE SHOT WHEN HE REJECTED SHAQ”

    it is worth a read for the laughs.

    if any of you are interested here is the URL

    Comment by Shaun -

  51. Didn’t the sports world kind of agree to stop referring to sporting events as “wars” while there is a REAL war going on?

    Comment by Mark in Michigan -

  52. Congrats to the team. Great job digging in defensively down the stretch when the team’s offense was struggling.

    Comment by Mavbill84 -

  53. Congrats to the team. Great job digging in defensively down the stretch when the team’s offense was struggling.

    Comment by Mavbill84 -

  54. Mark…

    sloppy first game…but a good win…



    ehem “lakers 4 life”

    Comment by Jett -

  55. First of all congrats to you and the team!!! Secondly, i would like to say that these guys exemplify what the word “team” means. In all the post-game interviews last night, the consistent comment was that it was a team effort and players stepped up to fill in where others were struggling! Noticed the hands over their hearts…1 down 3 to go!!! GO MAVS!!! Extinguish the HEAT!!!!

    Comment by Ron Reed -

  56. I want to say that to all the Heat fans who think Dirk is our only star HA!! I know the revenue is good for AAC during the games, but win sunday, and win in Miami, I dont want to see a game 6, WE ARE TOO GOOD!!!!


    Comment by Mark D. -


    Click on the link above to relive some of the moments from last nights game!! I made it to make fun of a Heat friend of mine. Lets go Mavs. Congrats on game 1. Lets take game 2 now!!! Come on Mav fans get on your feet.

    Comment by Jeff Cassidy -

  58. The Maverick’s are beyond dominant and all I know is I’m cheering for Bubba in the dot race.

    Comment by Dan Hoffman -

  59. Get a hold of yourself Mark. It’s a long series and it’s going to be a good one as well. Best.

    Comment by Jesus -

  60. Great game last night, the Heat don’t stand a chance!

    Comment by Ben Hultstrand -

  61. Great win last night. Avery Johnson has done a superb job with turning the whole mindset from offense to defense. Holding the Miami Heat to only 80 pts is truly impressive. Especially with the Big Aristotle down low and the up and coming star in Wade. The only downfall about Avery being so ridiculously good, is that your going to have to dig down pretty deep in your pockets to keep him around. I’m sure you will tho. He is really an amazing coach. I still can’t beleive this is his first full year coaching. That really tells you something about the organization as a whole. Having the foresight to see what Avery might and did bring to the table. I bet the Spurs are wishing they would have signed him on as an assistant.

    Go Mavs !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Tim -

  62. Yo Cube,
    Heat owner Katz (who also owns b-ball team Maccabi in Tel Aviv) instead of praying for Quille to start making free throws is quoted in YNet…”Every Israeli must support us; they must go the Western Wall and pray for us. Miami Heat is no less Israeli than Maccabi.” I’m surprised that there is no separation of church and team in the NBA. Get out the brooms…please!

    Comment by Battlekat -

  63. Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks! You guys are my top Western Team mainly because of sweet-shooting Dirk. Ultimately though, I wish that the Miami Heat wins because Zo is my favorite Center and I really want him to get a ring before he retires.

    Good luck in game 2!

    Comment by NBA Daily Dime -

  64. Congrats to Mark Cuban and your Mavs. I have enjoyed seeing what you have done with the Mavericks. But is only one part in a long war. You won Game 1, Miami will take Game 2 and the next 3 games will be in my great city of Miami. I predict Miami Heat in 6.

    GO HEAT!

    Comment by Tom Chang -

  65. Shaq should be fines and suspended, those elbows were deliberate on Dirk and Stack!

    Comment by Judd Kennedy -

  66. Hey Mark, I was there last night. I’ve got no-voice today to prove it. 🙂 The basketball experience is always great at the AAC … great energy before and after by the fans. Great mini-movies during the timeouts! Great opening light-show, great idea with the white-pom-poms + blue lights … that looked REALLY cool. The beef I have is with the fans. It wasn’t very loud in there. Admittedly, I was up in the nosebleeds, so maybe it was a lot louder on the floor, but fans weren’t on their feet with 3 minutes left (???) Also, there were a bunch of no-shows … in fact there was a whole empty row in the adjoining section. Everyone around (including me) got our tickets at StubHub, so I’m assuming that those were the tickets that couldn’t be scalped for $380+ each. So I make this appeal to those who are in possession of tickets … if you aren’t going to use them, please give them away or sell them at face value so we can fill up the building. Go Mavs!

    Comment by Bob Tabor -

  67. WOOHOO!!!!!

    One down, three to go!

    Congratulations to everyone even remotely involved with the organisation.

    I have to admitt that ABC were pitiful in the telecast, and the questions to you during the pregame show…. sheesh who thinks of these things?!?!?!

    Mind you, unless I missed it, we never did find out which Wiggles song, Shaq liked best.

    Thank you for adding some life to the “show”, and thank you to the team for their brilliant effort 🙂

    Comment by Dane C -

  68. GO MAVS!! Thanks for a great game! I loved every minute of it. It is amazing how y’all recovered like that. MFFL no matter what! That was a great win!

    Comment by Tammy B. -

  69. Congratulations on the win, I don’t think it’ll be a sweep but a 4-1 Mavs win wouldn’t surprise me at all. The Mavs have a great team with a lot of depth. I know, I’m a Suns fan :). Go Mavs!

    Comment by Fortunato -

  70. Mark,

    Congrats on winning Game 1. It really must have been like a “War” for sure, except no aerial bombardments, no massacres of innocent civilians, and no DU contamination. But I’ve paid for concessions at Mav’s games before, and forking over that kind of dough did feel like someone was going “Abu Ghraib” on my wallet!


    Comment by Troy Barber -

  71. I never really cared much for your team, being a big time Pistons fan and living in Northern Ohio. In addition, I don’t know anything at all about Mark Cuban, but I think he has more spirit than anyone I have ever seen. He loves his team and he makes others love them too. Basketball is a great sport and I am now an official Mavs Fan too.

    Comment by Mary -

  72. I am a Mavs fan from Sweden,Europe.I been a Dirk fan before he went to Mavs. This year(as usual) i watched like 180 regular games and all playoff games. I am so happy Mavs plays a modern type of basketball. Averys is the future and i hope Mark will resign Dirk when he becomes a free agent 2 years from now. If someone sees this who works for the Mavs, plz email me back since i work with basketball in Sweden and would like a little cooperation thing.

    Comment by Patrick -

  73. Please bring back TNT. I can’t stand ABC’s pre-game coverage. How do you have a washed up PG (mark jackson) and a part-time nba guy at best (wilbon) covering the biggest NBA series ever?

    My ABC HD picture last night was horrible. The cameras were constantly out of focus and you could actually watch as the camera came into focus. Not sure what their problem was, but I hope it gets fixed before game 2.

    Comment by David Bader -

  74. Great win. That is a true sign of a Championship team when your two best players can have off nights and the other players carry the load and manage to win by 10.

    I was really motivated by Stack’s toughness. He set the tone for the team when he would get fouled, sent to the ground, but would get back up before the whistle was finished being blown.

    I loved the pre-game interview on the stair-climber and you were great on Jim Rome yesterday!

    Comment by David Bader -

  75. Congrats on the win. I am from Detroit, so I would like to see Dallas win. Keep it up, Shaq doesn’t need another one, and D-Wade has plenty of time to get one. BEAT THE HEAT! GO MAVS!!

    Comment by Jerrard -

  76. What a game! You’re right…it doesn’t matter how you got there, just that you got there!!

    GO MAVS!!

    Comment by Chrsitina Crabtree -

  77. Awesome game lastnight!! I’m from illinois and a huge Mavericks fan! I’m so excited for the rest of the playoffs. Thanks Mark Cuban for all of your posts, they are all great and mostly hilarious. GO MAVS!!

    Comment by amanda -

  78. CONGRATS MAVS!!! Game 1 down — 3 to go!

    Was it just me, or was there no music (sound bytes) being played during the game? I also didn’t here the AAC announcer as much as I did during the playoffs. Was this silence because of the Finals, ABC? What gives?

    Comment by Roberto Andrade -

  79. Plan for Game 2.
    Get Dirk to drive to the basket. Get Shaq in foul trouble. I love betting against Shaq making the FT. 🙂

    Avery’s adjustments for Game 2.
    1) Drive to the basket, get van Horn involved.
    2) Reduce T/Os
    3) Control the glass and reduce 2nd chance opportunities.

    Dirk and Josh should handle the rest.

    Being a realist, Mavs in 6. But if my superstition holds, Mavs in 4.

    Comment by Tele F. -

  80. Hey!! We won the battle AND we’ll win the war!!

    GO MAVS!!

    Comment by Laura -

  81. Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, bull riding….occupied everyone of my 80 sports channels. I was losing my mind last night!! I live in Guadalajara Mexico, have every cable channel available, including NBA TV and did not have the game on one of the 400 channels!!! I was able to watch ALL of the playoff games, but “The Final” game nowhere to be found!
    Congrats on the game! My heart was with the Mavs! I am already getting stressed with the thought I will not be able to see game 2.

    Comment by Christine Livar -

  82. Even though I live in Philly, I am pulling big time for the Mavs. Also, what is with T.O wearing that Shaq jersey?

    Comment by Joe Kelly -

  83. Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, bull riding….occupied everyone of my 80 sports channels. I was losing my mind last night!! I live in Guadalajara Mexico, have every cable channel available, including NBA TV and did not have the game on one of the 400 channels!!! I was able to watch ALL of the playoff games, but “The Final” game nowhere to be found!
    Congrats on the game! My heart was with the Mavs! I am already getting stressed with the thought I will not be able to see game 2.

    Comment by Christine Livar -

  84. Mark,
    Congrats on Game 1! I’m pulling for the Mavs all the way. You’ve got at least one fan in Kansas City.


    Comment by Kevin Simon -

  85. Mark,

    Congrats to you and the whole team for making basketball mean something in Dallas. I remember the days when the Mavs where the red headed step child of the NBA. Watching our Mavs take game 1 of the NBA Finals gave me a feeling of euphoria that words cannot describe. Way to go team! GO MAVS!!!!!!!

    Comment by Mixnutz -

  86. Congrats on win #1. It may not have been picture-perfect, but it still counts. Keep ’em coming.

    I am a rabid Detroit Pistons fan and if we had made it past the Heat I’d consider the Mavs, on the court, mortal enemies.But the Pistons did not make it, the Heat did.

    I live and die with the Pistons, but now that I have resurrected myself I am, for the duration of this series, a Mavs fan. Loved Stackhouse when he was in Detroit. He is tough, way more than that marshmellow Grant Hill that Detroit wasted so much money and time on. I was sorry to see Stack go but would love to see him win a ring.

    And I would love to see the Heat taken down. I can’t recall a bigger collection of NBA jag-offs together on one team. And that withered, greasy-headed old vampire, Riley, was done decades ago, when the Bad Boys Pistons took down his Lakers so-called Dynasty. The man soarly needs to have his hat handed to him.

    Keep close watch on Shaq’s elbows. The commentators may have called the clobbering he delivedered to Dirk “incidental” but it was anything but. Detroit has gone through two Eastern Conference Finals against the Heat, plus we play them 4 times during the regular season, not to mention we went through Shaq with the Lakers in 2004 on the way to our Championship, and I am telling you that big dumb Gump throws elbows like John Rocker throws racial epithets.



    Comment by Sonny Ramone -

  87. Mark,
    I have never followed the NBA, and maybe watched 4 games on purpose in my life before this year’s playoffs. I won’t insult all the Mavs’ long-time fans by calling myself a fan, but I had the TV on in Dublin, OH rooting for Dallas last night. Great to see an owner so incredibly excited about his team! Blogging at halftime – that’s great! (Reminds me how I felt on Tempe, AZ on 1/3/03…)
    Go Mavs!

    Comment by Kurt -

  88. Hey Mark,

    You should fly in Jason Terry’s high school coach Ron Drayton from Seattle. He’s a great great guy. He was my summer league coach a number of years back and I learned more from him in a few days then I learned from my high school coach in 3 years. Good luck with your team and all the best.

    Comment by Stephen Brown -

  89. I live in South Florida (sorry guys, I like the beach) but I will ALWAYS stand behind the Mavs. It feels good to win game 1 … all my co-workers are quiet this morning but not me 🙂 Can’t wait for game 2.
    Go MAVS !!!

    Comment by Christophe H -

  90. The elbow from Shaq to Dirk was intentional. When tivo’d you can see Shaq’s eye’s he knows exactly what he is doing. League office has to review that. If not I say this whole thing is rigged and we are watching wrestling.

    Comment by Jerry -

  91. The Heat took Dirk out of his game but JT stepped up big time. You better pay him well in the offseason!

    In this game all I saw was glimpses of domination from both teams. Miami dominated the 1st quarter, and Mavs dominated and pushed in the 2nd and 3rd. The Heat made a nice push in the 4th but Mavs closed it out, mainly because of JT. Looks like it will be a great series.

    Comment by Z -

  92. Congratulations on a game 1 victory and successfully live blogging the game. This NBA 2.0 thing is very confusing to me. Is it like Web 2.0? Will the Mavs share their content via TouTube or something??

    I ask some more questions about it here:

    Comment by Andrew -

  93. Mark:

    Congratulations; one down three to go. I’m a Mavs fan. I am impressed with Avery Johnson’s leadership ability. And, I’m a Pittsburgh guy from way back (live in Denver now), so I wish you well — local boy makes good etc.

    An interesting ( to me at least) aside. I was very close friends with Brad Davis’ brother, Mickey when we were in high school. I can remember playing pick up bball, and Brad getting picked last because we were all four or five years older them him. Boy, did he grow up to be something!

    Go Mavs — I’d love to see a sweep, but I’ll take 4 — 3 any day.

    Bud Bilanich
    The Common Sense Guy

    Comment by Bud Bilanich -

  94. hey Mark….good job…became a MAVS fan about 3 weeks ago while on vacation visiting family…watched the conference finals and was hooked!!! good luck 2 ur guys again tonight.

    Lula from Puerto Rico!!

    Comment by Lourdes Lopez -

  95. It’s like Avery kept saying and Dirk said at the end, it a team and we played as a team. Miami played good defense but we played good as well. Terry stepped up to the challenge and he did good. As it has been said before, 1 down 3 to go.

    Comment by Rebeccalee Coventry -

  96. go mavs~~
    –fans from china

    Comment by zheng zhao -

  97. Watched the game LIVE here in China at 9 this morning along with a couple of million Chinese. Just to be in the finals is great, but a win is freakin’ fantastic! Grew up in Dallas and have always been a Mavs fan. Mark, us fans owe this victory to you, an amazing owner who revitalized alot of people’s love for this team and this game. THANKS!

    r in china

    p.s. shouts to Yao Ming for being so popular that they broadcast the Finals live here… praying for a Houston-Dallas Western Final next year…

    Comment by r in china -

  98. Mark,

    I grew up in the dark days.. The days of Derek Harper and Rolando Blackman. Thank you. Thank you for bringing in competitors. Thank you for bringing in believers. and although they annoy me, thank you for bringing in the bandwagoners. After Game 7 in SA, I realized it completely and truly. This is our year.

    -Jonathan True Mavs Fan for Life.

    P.S. 1st order of business after the Finals: Lock Dirk in for another 7 years, and Terry for 5. Van Horn should free up some cap room at the end of the year, eh?

    🙂 Mavs in 6

    Comment by Jonathan Hall -

  99. 呵呵。好呀。库班。这样称呼你恰当吧。我是小牛的中国球迷呀。呵呵。终于找到你这个大老板的bolg了。呵呵。和你一起分享一下今天赢球的喜悦呀。嘿嘿。对了。你有MSN没?想和你线上聊啊。哈哈。

    Comment by starryfang -

  100. 好呀。库班兄。我是小牛队的球迷哦。呵呵。终于找到你的BLOG了呢。和你一起庆祝一下今天的胜利。顺便问一句。你的MSN是多少呀?和你交流一下。~_~

    Comment by starryfang -

  101. Come on Mavs!!!
    I’m a cool fan of Mavericks from Italy.. I watched game 1 with Heats when here was 3.00 a.m.!!!

    What a great victory.
    Way to go!

    Greetings from Italy.

    Comment by Marco -

  102. come on! the TNT crew is far more fun than any other network. I want to see Miami gone fishin’ – Shaq, Wade, Pat Riley, Jamie Foxx, Collin Farrel! 🙂

    Comment by ZAK -

  103. i don’t smell a sweep, but the mavs did look good tonight. just imagine if shaq didn’t choke so hard at the line tonight – it could have made the difference. not just in points, but in momentum. classic problem with shaq, but he’s still fantastic.

    Comment by Chris -


    – lots of MAVS FAN here in the philippine islands!

    Comment by clint -

  105. I’m sorry but I hope it will take 5 games at least because if not I wont be able to watch a game^^

    But go Mavs and go Dirk!

    Comment by Dominik -

  106. I might add, that’s it’s nice NOT to see the crew from T N T commenting on these games, who needs Barkley and Kenny?


    Comment by Barry N -

  107. Mark, your the man, and one of the main reasons I am rooting for the Mavs. Great job building this team and great start to the Finals!

    Comment by Marcus -

  108. Great Win!!! The best part is knowing that Dirk and Josh seldom have bad games back 2 back, I sense a rout on Sunday night. Mark, how do you feel when you hear that we should lose 2 games so that we can celebrate winning the title on our homecourt? I don’t know,I just don’t Miami getting any kind of momentum if wwe did such a thing

    Comment by Barry N -

  109. Party on Mavs!

    Comment by Rock On Mavs -

  110. Mark, you are a genius! This series will be a very physical game. Shaq should not be in the NBA Finals;Shaq should be in WWE or in TNA.

    Comment by John the Maverick -

  111. Dallas Mavericks being in the finals is equal to Jesus coming to town.Dallas citizens who havent watched a single game all season are paying attention and some of them couldnt tell you who the head coach is I know because they just happen to be part of my family,From a teenage girl(daughter) who took her radio to work at a Dallas snow cone stand so all can listen to the game to my 73 year old elderly mother – who because of lewy body illness couldnt tell you who i was,is watching and cheering on the Maverick’s probably because God is coaching. Gooooo Mavs! MAV-TASTIC

    Comment by Christopher M. -

  112. Mark, you are a genius. I love you man, thanks for breathing life back into the Mavs. You’re my hero, and lets bring that trophy to Big D! When I say Big D, I mean Dallas, not Dirk. But you probably already knew.
    MFFL, Brad

    Comment by Brad -

  113. Ok, So this was an incredible night, and I had to post this that I typed out for posterity (like my grandkids and stuff)

    My Night at the Finals
    By JM

    My whole life, I have been a basketball fan. Sure, I love all sports, but hoops have always held some magic for me that everything else couldn’t match. I had only been in Texas for a few months when I was taken to my first Dallas Mavericks Game. The year was 1989, and the Mavericks had begun their downward spiral from the crushing loss in game seven to the LA Lakers the previous year. But I did not care. Being a hardcore hoops fan, and being new to town, and only being 15, the Mavs became my team… They hooked me quick, and did not let go.

    In the years since, I have watched all the other major sports teams in town succeed; The Cowboys, the Rangers (somewhat), and the Stars have all either won in the playoffs, or at least been in the playoffs to have a chance. But not ‘our” Mavs. The decade of the 90’s were our true salad days, and I remember them well. Names like Quinn Buckner, Walter Bond, and Fat Lever come to mind. But I really didn’t care, because they were my team and you support your team, right?

    Fast forward 10 years…the Mavs have become good, and I mean really good. They score tons of points, they run and gun, this new owner guy, Cuban, he seems to care about the fans and the team, not just how to make money from the city on a new arena…anyways, and they’re pretty good. And of course I’m still watching. I’m a fan, that’s what I do. I cannot go to many games, being a broke college kid, and then a broke graduate, but I don’t miss watching many games. Hey, after all, there are only so many seats in the building, right?

    Now, I have been lucky enough to know people with good tickets, even been able to use them before; I have sat on the floor, and down low. So I have been there, but never for more than a garden variety November or February match up with your Denvers or Bostons and such. But now, it is 2006. And it is playoff time. ‘Our’ Mavs make quick work of Memphis…nice Defense by the way there, Grizz… And then, they stun the world and not only hang with San Antonio, but the take them to the brink, and they knock out the defending champs, on their own court, in game seven even. But then they run into the buzz saw that is the Phoenix Offense. And that “MVP” guy…And even though the Suns are playing without half of their paid players…they hang. But ‘our’ Mavs beat them, which means our fair burg of Dallas is about to host the be all end all of hoops fans…the NBA freakin Finals. Here. In Dallas. Mavericks vs. the Miami Heat. Shaq. D-Wade. Antoine Shimy. White Choclate. Tha Glove…that Miami Heat. No freakin way.

    But…and this is a BIG but, tickets are outrageous. The news interviews people taking out 2nd mortgages to pay the $2500 per ticket cost for lower level seats. For ‘our’ Mavs??? The same loveable, loser Mavs? Fat Lever, Quinn, Bond, Bubba Wells. Those Mavs. Yes, Virginia, Those Mavs. Well, plus some big white stiff Euro Guy. What was his name, Ewe Blabb, Detlef something? Yeah, those Mavs… No way any of us ‘regular’ people can afford this dream world event.

    Or is there…

    So, my wife mentions to me, “I was looking to surprise you with a ticket to game 1, but my brother thought you would prefer to watch it from home, with me and the kids… You don’t wanna go do you? I mean it could be your Father’s Day and birthday present, if you want to go.” After the paramedics finished CPR on me, I calmly told my lovely bride that not only did I want to go, but that I would be willing to impregnate here again so we would not miss our first born that much…

    Anyways, she lets me look online for a ticket, of which there is nothing cheaper than 300 bucks. The freakin parking passes were going for 150. So I give up hope, then I see it. One ticket, on Ebay, for 200 bucks. So I bid, and I win it for 232.50…perfect. Not too much, she gets to keep the kid…and I go off to hoops heaven. Just as soon as I pick up the ticket the morning of the game.

    So, I rush to meet the guy, (always running late, it seems) and he’s not there. So I panic, and call him, like 7 times. He’s sleeping off a bender, and he’ll be here soon. I panic some more. What if it’s a fake. Where can I hide his body? More panic. How soon can I get home to Ebay another one? How soon is now? He shows up, I get it, I pay him, I turn into Gollum with “my precious” and I rush home. Go play with the family, do stuff, kill 7 hours until time to go…

    Running late to leave, cannot find my Basketball Head Hat (told you I was passionate about this team, right?) give up on the hat, get on the road to go to the Arena. Now, I only live about 30 minutes away, but I felt I was moving at an Amish pace as I try to make my way downtown. Mountains have formed in less time that the pace of traffic this day. Then, my wife calls, she found my head…My basketball head, and is going to meet me to bring it to me. I love my wife so much; she really is the best. I mean she let’s me spend her money on tickets, volunteers to stay home with our crazy kids, and is happy about the whole thing. I mean this is better than when she asked me to give her Tivo for her birthday… She is so great. So she meets me, gives me head…(the basketball head my brother in law made into a hat, don’t think dirty!) and I’m off to the Finals.

    I arrive at Hoops Mecca, and the place is a zoo. Outside, the normal $5.00 parking is now $25.00, and some are even higher. I park somewhere around Tyler, and hike due west to the arena. I don’t mind too much, I mean hey, it only hit 99 degrees today, so no biggie… When I get to the building, oh my goodness. The place is jumping. People are everywhere, a virtual sea of humanity. The place is overrunning with media people, scalpers, crazily dressed fans, everything. And inside is much busier. I move with a herd of fans into the building, though the security stands, and into the crowd and begin to get intimate with 17,000 people. I see stars, I see media types, I see hots, I see fats, I see young, old, old school, new school, no school, I see it all. The Cocaine and Boob job crowd is huge, and out early. This is all about 1 hour before the game. Insanity…

    So I make my way to my seat. I am between a funny, older black lady who has been to all the playoff games, and her sister, daughter, and grandkids who are behind me. I make friends fast, and we begin to yell about every little aspect of the game. (Or maybe they yelled, I laughed my butt off) The game starts, and I am hooked again, just as I was 16 years ago, on my first visit to Reunion to see Ro and Harp and Big James take on Denver. I sit mesmerized, like a small kid, at the wonder of the spectacle around me. I am at Game 1 of the NBA freakin Finals. Mavericks vs. Heat. Dirk, JT, and Josh against Shaq, D-Wade, and Pat Riley. Unbelievable.

    The game is great. The Mavs played poorly, but they lock down on Defense, and win 90 to 80. I get to see it all. One of the most dominating big men ever, Shaquille O’Neal, slam it home, I get to see the Big German, Dirk Nowitzki start slowly, but hit big shots late. I get to see Inflatable Mavs Man dance on court. I get to see it all. I am at Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

    Dallas wins, and I hit the pro shop on my way out. That place is bedlam, as we all pile in nut to butt to look at buying some souvenir of the night. But nothing I look at sums it up. I cannot sum it up into one thing. I have had much more moving moments in my life; the realization of the love of God in my life, my wedding day, the birth of my two boys (both hoops fans…genetic I guess) the moment I first saw my wife (and fell in love…) but this I cannot describe. It is below those moments, don’t get me wrong, but the electricity, the jitters, the wow. It was pretty freaking cool. And, I was there. Not watchin

    Comment by Jason -

  114. Yes! What an amazing performance by JET (I’ll just pretend that layup never happened)! My heart wasn’t pounding as hard as in the Suns series, but it was pounding nonetheless. I, too, was wondering what you were thinking when they showed you during the final two minutes of the game.

    P.S. Jason Terry should stop wearing the shorts of the opposing team the night before the game, since not doing so worked for him tonight! Also, yesterday, a waitress called the radio really excited. Evidently,the entire HEAT team had come in for dinner at their establishment. They were excited because during their last game against the Mavs (obvious Mavs victory), they had come in and eaten there. Evidently, the HEAT aren’t superstitious.

    Comment by Roxana -

  115. GO MAVS!!
    I’m routing for you here in Seattle! Would love to be there at the game but as an Active Duty soldier it’s kind of hard to be able to get there. Not many MAVS or heat fans here but I’ll be sporting my MAVS gear.

    GO MAVS!!

    Comment by Nick R -

  116. Mark, I love your blog but please use apostrophes

    Making the “its” become “it’s” would make things so much more readable

    Comment by Winston -

  117. Terry’s miss really drove me crazy, especially since they really nose dived after that. They could/should have been up by 12 and the next thing you know they’re only up by 4.

    They did a nice job containing Wade and Shaq, I thought; they just struggled a bit offensively and when I say they I mean Dirk.

    I think Dirk’s a bit suprised they’re letting them play as physically as they are. He took a couple of shots (mid range jumpers) where it was as if he was just throwing it up to draw the foul. I think he’ll rebound for Game Two, but it’s going to be rough sledding and they need to play rough and drive to the hoop.

    However, I think since the Mavs are such better shooters, they will eventually win. They’re letting both teams clog up the middle and that hurts Miami in the long run more than Dallas, since they have so many more shooters. Take a few 3s, Dirk, so they have to come out and guard you and when I say they, I mean Shaq.

    GO MAVS!

    Comment by GUNNY HARTMAN -

  118. CUBES!!!
    WE DID IT!!!!
    What a game. The best part is that we havent come close to playing our best basketball. Not even close. We held them to 80 points and the only thing Jason Terry could say is that we have another level defensively to go. Plus J-HO and Dirk didnt even join the party (you know they will on SUN). The comments earlier about the War criticism are quite silly. Given Mark’s charity history on War Vets, 9/11 families and the rest, you have NO right to insinuate that negativity. This series had NOTHING to do with U.S. Soldiers anywhere until YOU said it dude. So chill. This IS a WAR. A COURT WAR. A Basketball Battle. And we are gonna be victorious!!! GO MAVS..and GO TO THE BASKET!!

    Comment by Adam -

  119. The only downfall about Avery being so ridiculously good, is that your going to have to dig down pretty deep in your pockets to keep him around. I’m sure you will tho. He is really an amazing coach. I still can’t beleive this is his first full year coaching.

    Comment by runescape money -

  120. When he does that – someone should complain to the refs or the league – as stated in an earlier Blog – if that were Sheed or Artest they would have been suspended for a game. The slow mo makes it extremely apparent the Dirk hit and the Stack one were intentional attempts to bully and intimidate.

    Comment by wow powerleveling -

  121. We had the pleasure of watching him for 3 years and while all the UW fans hated to see him go, we are all excited to see him so successful.

    Comment by Gld -

  122. Sorry about your loss Mark.

    However, at the same time I must thank you because this awesome post-season wouldn’t have been possible without you building your squad.

    You guys dethroaned last years champs on your way to the finals and that alone is a mammoth accomplishment. Cheers to the victories along the way.

    Best of luck to the Mavericks next year… and be ready for the Suns & Spurs looking for payback.

    Comment by Miami Heat 2006 Champions -

  123. congratulations!

    one of them is my SON
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~very interesting,
    getting $1,000 is difficult for 11 year old child.

    Comment by tomrmb -

  124. Speaking of Chris, Sam and Andrew, the 3 11-year olds….they raised over $1,000 (without the help of their parents) and managed to snag 4 tickets to the game from a REALLY nice ebayer! What a great experience for everyone! And we are all proud of our 3 enterprisers!!!!! I should know, one of them is my SON

    Comment by kmurch -

  125. Josh Howard seemed to be in quite a bit of pain at the end of the 4th. Was there an injury?


    Comment by Kevin Simon -

  126. This is such a great series! I don’t think the past two or three years the Finals has been such a close match! To tell you the truth, I was never a really big Mavs fan. I’ve been a Laker my whole life(20 years), and I will love Kobe for the rest of my life. Don’t get me wrong I love Shaq, but Mark your Mavs have showed me something this post season. I didn’t really like Dirk because i have never watched him too closely. I think it is going to be the Mavs in 6. Good luck tonight!

    Comment by Alex -

  127. 5 more hours to tip off. I don’t know about you guys, but I am pumped. Was it just me, or did everyone see what I saw last game? I saw a Dallas Mavericks team playing their hearts out when our MVP wasn’t having one of his 50 point nights. I got to watch the MAVS play almost every game this year and game 1 made me realize exactly why I am a MAVS fan. We can get it done with an off night due to WILL. So much courage for JET to step up the way he did. I was waiting for his break out game and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I also thought it was impressive that we only sent 2 guys to the free throw line, Shaq and Wade. Props go to Diop and Dampier for containing Shaq the whole game. Tonight they will have to play harder because I am sure Shaq will be wanting to bring it tonight. Man, is this not the coolest thing ever to say that “My Dallas Mavericks” are in the NBA finals? Mark, I feel like you did on your post. “I have a smile that no one can whipe off my face.”

    Mark, I loved the comment about a friend asking who to go for. I was rather ticked off watching the national anthem and seeing Shaq with his hands on his waist. I might only be 23, but I love my country and if I was as lucky as these guys to have people looking up to me, I would be setting the best example for those looking at me.


    Comment by Shane Padgett -

  128. Congrats on the win Cuban but don’t get to cocky yet. The Heat are just gettign warmed up. Shaq was a little rusty and didn’t get the ball enough. Luckily for you the jet stepped up his game tremendously i don’t expect to see another performance like that from him again. Yet u can expect shaq to have a 30 pt 15 reb game soon. Oh yeah, and Udonis has Dirk on lock-down so don’t be so hard on him after tonight.

    Comment by matt -

  129. Mark Cuban is the best! He is young and energetic, not to mention rich enough to do the things that we all wish we could do! I’m still young and energetic, but unfortunately not rich. Do you need a pilot?? Good luck with the rest of the chess match, but I don’t even think you’ll need it! And what a great job Avery Johnson is doing, he was obviously an excellent choice for a head coach!

    Comment by Randy Miller -

  130. Hey, tiptoe (post #219), maybe ‘Shabrick O’Airball’ is so inept at the line because there is not another bod’ around for him to plant his fat butt against and back up!

    Earthlings! What a load of it! When I read Airball’s inane remarks in the sports section of today’s edition of the DMN, it made me wish I owned a parrot. I had in my hands the perfect liner for the bird’s cage.

    Comment by Ted hardin -

  131. Mark,

    I’d wish us luck this evening….but WE’RE NOT the ones that need it!! I wrote & posted this little poem in my blog this morning, & thought I’d share it with you! 🙂

    Entry for June 11, 2006 GAME 2 !!


    Comment by Kymberlie Sinclair -

  132. Can’t wait for Game Two to start. Diop and Damp will have a tough game defending Shaq. Dirk and Josh will paly well.
    Looking for Stack to have a great game.
    Avery is the man!

    Comment by Royce Wall -


    Mavs desktop for the masses. I have higher res available, if blogmavs wants it.

    I’m sure Mark & the gang are busy today.

    GO MAVS!!!!!

    Comment by Bryan Hollis -

  134. mark, i hope you and your gang win this whole thing, how sweeeeeet it is going to be to watch stern squirm as he tells the world that your team is the best in basketball, it will be an nba moment no one will ever forget, you have got to be the coolest owner in all of professional sports, the coolest moment from an organization came in 1977 in chicago, baseball, tigers vs. sox, doubleheader, in between games thousands of disco 45 records are taken to the field, arranged into an organized pile, and then promptly blown up by dynamite, sending debris everywhere and starting small fires throughout the outfield, i know you have something in the tank to top this mark, it will complete your resume, not subscribing to breaking any laws, just to lunacy. GO MAVS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by johnny mars -

  135. the gametime blogging is fantastic! however, with all that is going on in the world, it is inappropriate and offensive to call this series a ‘WAR’.

    Comment by john c -

  136. Do you know how hard it is being a Mav’s fan in San Antonio? No one talks about the finals other than to downplay the Mavericks accomplishments and how the Heat will clean the floor with them, how dare the Mavs take our ring!

    I love the Mavs, they are a great team, with players, owners and coaches with more emotion and hearfelt thanks than any other team in the NBA. They need to move the games closer together the wait is killing me. The downside is when the season is over we will all have bball withdrawals for weeks.


    Comment by Jerry -

  137. yes, this will be all the way MAVS sweep…

    Comment by moly -

  138. Good luck Mark from my family to your team. Here in Heat territory i have a whole group rooting for you. I hope you know who i am—only a reply will tell me for sure! So, tonite is the 2nd big nite and we all are watching

    Comment by Marilyn Gusky -

  139. 16 hours to another tally “On the Left.”
    The Mavs need to stick Shaq on the foul line more it seems cause he cant hit any f them…but if you do someone has GOT to get him a towel cause every time I see him on the foul line it looks like he just got out of a pool or something.

    Comment by Michael Ridinger -

  140. Just over 16 hrs to go until game time. Man I hate working nights! Looking forward to Dirk and Co. beat the Heat.

    GO MAVS!! 1 down, 3 to go.

    Comment by Mike C -

  141. Hey my MAN, we WILL win this. Chess match or not. NO ONE in the NBA can keep up ruuning with this team for four full quarters. They come CLOSE, but cannot hold a candle to us when it comes to running hard that long. Chin up dude, we are gonna kick some a*s!!!

    ciao my friend,

    Comment by Phil Wright -

  142. I am so thrilled that the Mavs have won the first game. How Thrilling it is just to be in the finals! I just hope Dirk Nowitzki gets up the courage to go to the basket more often. How many points? 17? Tsk. Tsk. Well, at least we have Jason Terry! Your move.

    Comment by George Blackman -

  143. I just watched the movie “Glory Road” and just like Pat Riley got put away by a Texas team in 1966, history is repeating itself in 2006! GO MAVS!! Thanks to the players and coaches and you Mark Cuban for the most awesome playoff series I’ve ever watched. (I also got to see a first round and third round game in person!) As for the Finals, my family is watching proudly from the house cheering you guys on to victory!!!

    Comment by Suzan Colvin -

  144. Yes, I wondered too why Shaq “can’t hit a free throw to save his life.” With years of eye-hand coordination practice doing that? Maybe he has no depth perception? But he seems to make baskets. Maybe he can only do it while moving like The Sundance Kid?

    As for the sports analogy with WAR, explanations are all over the net. Football has skirmishes so does war. Skirmishes, battles and then war.

    I don’t think it’s inappropriate to use that comparison here.


    Comment by tiptoe -

  145. W0000000T GO MAVS!!!! CONGRATS ON WIN #1!!!!! 3 MORE TO GO AND WE WIN IT ALL =D



    Comment by aLbInO_oRaNgE -

  146. WAhoo go mavs!!
    the heat just stunk worse.

    Comment by david wood -

  147. Boy I’m glad we put in our season ticket request early because I can smell a victory.

    It is so sad to me that Shaq, who is the closest of anyone to the basket can’t hit a free throw to save his life. I was embarassed for him for about a second, and then I laughed remembering how atrociously rude he has been about my Eric Dampier.

    I know Eric is way too classy, but I would love to hear him tell an interviewer “Don’t mention Shaq to me, he’s soft, he’s nobody. Write it down, take a picture, mail it to him.”

    Shaq now says it was all just him being a jokester. Yeah, he says that now because he knows the Mavs, including Dampier, have his number and are about to make him look like a chump!

    Miami better bring bigger guns on Sunday because the Mavs (minus Jet) played a very mediocre game and still had them running like chickens with their heads cut off, they better watch out when the Mavericks decide to all have a good game. The score could be like 130 to 80.

    Out here in crazy Fort Worth, it’s all about the Mavericks!!! MFFL!!

    Comment by Kyle Blonde -

  148. Back in the late 1980s a small Texas minor league baseball team, named the Tigers, from Brownwood won the state championship in Palestine.
    After every win, as children do after a victory, they (and I include myself- I was a member of the team…and this is a true story) would get free snow cones for the win. After every win became routine and expected during the season the Tigers created a snow cone flavor to represent a victory…the snow cone flavor has since that time swept through America until it can be found in almost every snow cone stand….and the flavor is of course – Tiger’s Blood!
    It is named for the minor league baseball championship team- The Tigers – and that they drew blood from their demoralized and defeated opponents.
    When, and I mean when, the Dallas Mavericks demolish Shaq and the Miami Heat…..Mark Cuban should have an official snow cone flavor named after the championship team.
    Go Mavs!! and to the owner of the year, again- Mark Cuban!!! – the real Marky Mark! Love ya, bro! Keep the faith!!

    Comment by Cody Fuston -

  149. You hate for Shaq not to get another ring, especially before Kobe. You hate for D-Wade not to win a championship because he is such a good guy. You hate for GP not to get at least one ring in his great career. You hate for Michael Finley not to be a part of this championship run.

    But the Dallas Mavericks are the BETTER team! Avery Johnson has them playing beyond what we all thought they were capable of. Dirk has been sensational in every area of the game, not just scoring.

    Go Mavs!!!!

    Comment by Ron Jumper -

  150. If only you could control Avery’s wife. 😉 Is she planning on smacking around any of the Heat fans when she goes to Miami?

    Comment by Dwight -

  151. Hey Mark,

    Good post. I think Terry saved your team in Game 1, although I am not so quick to annoint him Finals MVP just yet. The road to success lays in Dirk’s hands. The Mavs got what they needed – a win with an off night from Dirk.

    However, I don’t think the Heat are going to lay down in this one. Riley is a better, more experienced coach than Avery – and that is no knock on him because AJ has totally transformed the Mavs. Riley has been here before. You can expect the Heat will get back on their gameplan – which was on display in the first quarter.

    Comment by John -

  152. I can’t wait for Game 6 in Dallas!
    The NBA spirit is the best..
    Can a giant fireworks display be given after Game 6 or 7 outside the arena granted the MAVS win the Championship..
    Over the top is a great idea/fun too!!

    Comment by jon S -

  153. GO MAVS!!!! Now all of us here in Dallas, dont have to just kill time till the Cowboys come back around. Thank You Mark for caring about winning!! Cause Winning is what we expect here in BIG D!!!!!

    Comment by Rick Garcia -

  154. I can’t wait for Dirk to score 40+ against the Heat. Hopefully he will score big on Sunday.. Go Mavs!! You know Pat Riley hasn’t slept for the last two days…..

    Comment by Port Orange Real Estate -

  155. Mr Cuban!.. inevitably, when the series shifts to Miami, there will be calls made that u dont like… but instead of voicing your displeasure, i was wondering if you could hold off on that, take those thousands ur gonna save, and send a few to me.. im tryna get through college! …cant wait to see your reaction when the Mavs win it all..

    Comment by Nikk -

  156. Hey 7-19 from the line lost it for the Heat. Same old problem for Shaq in the finals…remember Orlando? Series LONG way from over, fans….

    Comment by mark enriquez -

  157. Mr. Cuban,

    Thank you for fielding such a great team. Please keep them together as long as possible.

    Move over Cowboys, there’s a new sheriff in town.

    Go Mavs!

    Comment by Terry Cormier -

  158. Just want you to know that the Mavs have a lot of fans in the Northland – Wisconsin. We are all watching Devin Harris and his impact on the finals. We had the pleasure of watching him for 3 years and while all the UW fans hated to see him go, we are all excited to see him so successful. Thanks to you and Avery Johnson for developing this young guy in to the player we in Wisconsin knew him to be. Go Mavs!

    Comment by Jerry Collins -

  159. Dear Mr Cuban, greetings from Bombay, India. I lived in Dallas for a year and — don’t shoot me — hated the city. But I liked the Mavs ever since a certain Mark Aguirre played on the team. It’s good to see the current team doing more than just run and shoot, and therefore competing for the championship. It’s good to know that there’s more to sports in Dallas, finally, than football and the Cowboys.

    Comment by Dilip D'Souza -

  160. I don’t know who sent this but you might not want to look at my blog it is a bit disturbing, I tend to write some morbid poetry.

    Comment by smicki -

  161. check out this girls crazy blog!!! name susan cook nic susan c AKA:smicki Most often found in yahoo chat’s astrology room 2. Don’t forget to take the marijuana poll, it’s a few blogs down.

    Comment by smicki -

  162. Double Shaq and Wade, let Walker and company shoot.

    Looking over the boxscore it is possible to see something interesting about this Mia. team.

    42 shoots by the rest of the team other than Shaq and Wade, and 13 made. No doubt and off night for Mia. My guess is they will do far better at home.

    It is easy to see both Shaq and Wade will get their points even with quick double team help, however if either Shaq or Wade decide to pass the ball after the double comes, maybe the open man keeps missing. While Mia. may do the same with Dirk and Josh, Terry, Harris, and Stack should be able to prove the Mavs have the better over all shooting team. Terry will need to come up big over the whole series but he has proven he can do that in crunch time. What a find Terry has been coming over from Atlanta for Walker.

    The Terry for Walker trade may prove to be the best trade yet if Terry can keep it going.

    Comment by jp -

  163. Destiny.

    Comment by Nick -

  164. 90-80? Although I didn’t watch, I’m sure that if I did, my reaction would have been like Homer Simpson… “BORING”. From what I read and looking at these comments, Game 1 went like I expected.Typical Eastern Conf style basketball. Mark, if this is what we are in store for, you’ll be lucky to get NBA 1.1.

    But, I’m sure you’ll take the championship any way you can get it. Nothing wrong with that. But, as a neutral fan in this series…YAWN.

    Comment by LayZ -

  165. Honestly?

    Mixed emotions here.
    I just moved to Detroit from Ft. Lauderdale, was at the Heat’s first franchise home victory over Utah 101-80.

    I had to root for the Pistons but in my heart was cheering for the Heat.

    Now my dilemma is this:

    I LOVE THE MAVS TOO, plus I was born in Dallas!

    Maybe I should just sit back and cheer for the NBA; since it’s bound to be an excellent Finals.

    One more note…hey Mark, I wrote you an email about my screenplay “PAST DUE!”

    I know you’re “kinda busy” right now, but if you get a chance to respond to that email some day you will raise yourself even a notch higher on my “Kool Korporate Kats” barometer.

    Prediction: “Mavs in Six. Cuban lights up namesake victory cigar!”

    Some guys deserve great things. I’ve followed your career and dig your philosophy and the fact that you will always be a kid at heart. I hope you never lose that, Mark.


    Comment by Benn Perry -

  166. Gosh, I’m so glad to see you guys defeat the Heat, after seeing them hurt the hearts of many Pistons fan. Though it is nice to watch these games w/o a bias and actually enjoy the excellent game of D.Wade and Shaq…but moreso, of Dirk and J.Terry. The best part? Dirk wasn’t even his Dirk self! Take Shaq or Wade out of the game, and the Heat have half that game.

    As tough as it would be, I’d LOVE to see a sweep. There’s something charismatic about the entire Mavericks team, and it might have to do with the little spice of a team owner they have behind them 🙂

    Good luck!

    Comment by Piston Fan -

  167. When will the League, refs, sports reporters, and everybody stop kissing Shaq’s butt and call it as it is. He is a GOON. He tried to injure Dirk on the rebound, even though the ball was clearing going in. He flagrantly fouled Stackhouse – not even trying for the ball. He loses the ball and shoves a Dallas Mav in the stand? He’s a dirty player. He did 4 dirty plays in game 1, but the sickening part is how nobody calls him on it. The commentators said that the Stackhouse cut was “nothing dirty about it” and yahoo sports recap said it was a collision. If Dennis Rodman or Ron Artest had done the same they would have been suspended for at least a game. I put Shaq with those two because he’s been a dirty player for a long time. It he spent time on a jump shot (even a 3 ft shot) and free throws instead of being dirty and fat maybe he wouldn’t suck so much. I would love to see Mark Cuban come out before Game 2 and shoot 9 free throws. He will probably only make 5 out of 9, but he could say: “I’m not even a player and I shoot better than Shaq whose job is to shoot free throws for the past 20 years.” NICE SEEING DALLAS WIN EVEN WITH ALL THE GOON PLAY! Kudos AJ and JET!

    Comment by Jeff Day -

  168. Should have known better than to bet against the Mavs. Better than even money was being offered on Miami when they had an 11 point lead. I took $1,600 worth of contracts of Miami… I swore Cuban was the one offering up those ridiculous contracts…

    Comment by Eddie -

  169. Shaq. 14 or so years in the league and cannot hit but 1 free throw in all the chances. Not all his fault alone but this game was “lost” by Miami on details. Congrats to the Mavs! They executed better, especially when it counted.

    Comment by Bryan Suthard -

  170. congratulations!

    Comment by cage -

  171. Congrats on the win Mark. I had my lucky mffl shirt on, and watched the game from about 6 inches from the screen. We have all waited so long for the Mavericks to get here, and it is the Mavs time. Go Mavs!

    Comment by Michael Whitney -

  172. Yay for a win!

    I’ll more than likely be there for the watching parties. And you can bet your ass ill be camping out for game 5 and game 7 tickets, if we make it that far of course.

    Keep it up mavs, you’re almost there

    Comment by Urban -

  173. I’ve gotta say, it looked like the refs were running a high school game rather than a professional match. I’ve never seen so many travels and other sundry fouls called. Such a 180 from the Suns series…everything that looked suspicious drew a call. Well, goes to show that one can’t have it all. Terry was for sure the go to guy tonight. It’s refreshing to see a team that doesn’t rely on one player! We’re rowdy, loud and proud of the Mavs here in East Texas!! MFFL!!


    Comment by PO -

  174. Badass, man… Badass!

    Comment by Mr. Hand -

  175. hmmmm, what a relief. dirk and josh had a quiet night and we still could steal a win. i’m very happy about that. But it’s going to be a tough series but we will sail through. see you all “Sunday bloody Sunday”

    Comment by Sandeep -

  176. Hey, I’ve heard so much about this blog and finally got around to checking it. I live in Canberra, work with a bookmaking firm and am a Mavs fan. Actually have an avatar bet with a Heat fan on another board, so I have stuck my neck out!

    Anyway, just letting you know you have a new reader, and thank you for building a wonderful team that I very much apprieciate.


    Comment by Jimmy Stewart -

  177. hey mr. cuban
    u have done a great job at building your model for succeess as a team owner.. it makes me proud to watch such iteresting b-ball on tv!

    Comment by steve paul -

  178. First of all, when a pass is caught by a Mavs player, fake a pass. Fake it to someone in row 30 for all I care. Riley teaches his players to cover the potential passing lanes to a fault that can be expoited. Just fake a pass before dribbling and lanes will open up. Second, have every Mavs player eat raw garlic right before tipoff. When Wade has the ball out top, breathe on him. He’ll get used to the smell eventually, but anything to slow him down in the first quarter is worth it.

    Comment by pfd in plano -

  179. 1 down, 3 to go… great game MAVS!

    Mark, they showed you on TV with just a few minutes left to go and it made me wonder… were you going though any more of those statistical what-ifs like you did at the end of the Western Conference Finals?

    Comment by Sean Foushee -

  180. Great game today. Terry was clutch

    Comment by Vince -

  181. Great game today. Terry was clutch

    Comment by Vince -

  182. yeah what was up with all those elbow shots shaq was throwing?? has he been practicing muay thai in between bball practice??

    Comment by cyrus -

  183. one of the mavs needs to “un-intentionally” smack ol’ Shaq in his face…. give em’ a taste of his own toxic medicine…

    Comment by David -

  184. Mark, Avery, Dell, Donnie, Dirk, Jason, DeSagana, Jerry, Adrian, Erik, Keith, Marquis, Josh, Devin, Darrell, and all other players and assistant coaches and front office personel, Thank you very much for that first NBA Final’s playoff win, we have all waited along time for this. Now just take care of the ball like you all know how to do and win one for all the FANS OF THE MAVS. Your #1 fan,
    Greg in Wheeler,Texas

    Comment by Greg Hampton -

  185. Mark, I think I love you long time.

    Go MAVS!

    Comment by matthew -

  186. The Mavs really showed what it’s like to play as a team. While Terry was the lead scorer, it really was the combined effort of everone that secured this win. Congrats on the win, and let’s keep the momentum going!

    Comment by John Nguyen -

  187. haha mark, you owned lazy eye scott in that pre-game interview when you were exercising.

    did you see the end of the game interview with him, dirk and terry?? dirk should have kicked his ass for asking such retarded questions.. i mean seriously, who comes up with those questions??

    way to go mavs, only 3 more..

    shaq needs to be fouled/put on the freethrow cause first of all, its funny as hell.. so much intensity in his eyes yet he totally misses every shot by far lol.. hmmm i wonder if he was humming to barney in his head as the ball left his fingertips haha. the fans at the game should be laughing instead of booing whenever he puts them up.

    we all know if dirk had his flow tonight, miami would have been put out sick!! just think about that.. game 2, sunday night, its gonna be the dirk show fo shizzle along with the rest of the all-star cast.

    the mavs are gonna own the heat, everyone says mav’s in 5, i say mav’s in 3 more!

    Comment by cyrus -

  188. Hey Cuban —

    Huge mavs fan & love what you`ve done for the team, but could you please stop refering the series as a war? I had some buddies who served in Iraq, and I always felt it a little disrespectful when sporting games are referred to as war when in fact the real thing is infinitely much worse. Thanks!

    Comment by D -

  189. Great start! Mavs managed to come back in the second half.
    Keeping going Mavs!

    Comment by Claire -

  190. Well my boys looked good for 12 minutes, then the other 36 happend.

    Honestly though, you guys deserved it tonight. You proved that even though Dirk out of it, the other team stepped it up and thats why you won. My boys in red just couldn’t make it when it counted be it Walker thinking this was a three-point contest or our inability to shoot free throws. I’m not ready to tip my hat to ya just yet, but I will give you guys the deserved credit for tonight.

    I still think this is going seven (and obviously I’m not backing away from my team) but tonight was your night.

    See ya Sunday for Part II.

    Comment by Heat Fan -

  191. Exactly!

    Well said.


    Comment by tiptoe -

  192. thanks for the victory Mavs and Mark
    cant wait to see the rest of the series and watch the MAVS WINN IT ALL!!!!

    Comment by rusty selman -

  193. thanks for the win mavs and mark
    cant wait to see the rest of the series
    …i am your biggest fan….

    Comment by rusty selman -

  194. Great game. I smell a sweep

    Comment by Chris -

  195. Congrats on the Win! 3 More to go in this chess match

    Comment by Jacob Pang -

  196. I hope you get a deal done for Jet. I mean seriously, I want to go buy a Terry jersey, but not if he’s not going to be around next season. I made that mistake a long time ago with a Jason Kidd jersey. Is Josh going to be around for a while? I think I’d look good in #5.

    Comment by Charlie -

  197. hope dirk is better prepared for “War part 2”, Hack Shaq BABY!! make WADE shoot the FADE

    good luck

    Comment by lil J -

  198. Mark i see a GREAT movie in the making.You have come from being a MAVS fan only able to purchase nose bleeding seats to being the owner of the Mavs on the way to winning the Finals.Congratulations and GO MAVS!!!!

    Comment by Christopher M. -

  199. I just have one question…. what am I supposed to do until Sunday night??????

    GREAT job Mavs good luck in game 2!

    Comment by Kim -

  200. …ok…no bad intentions meant by the ending comment. bad usage choice of a common phrase…even with trying to “PC” it with the character substitution.

    Comment by Eddie Romack -

  201. I’m a Pistons fan, but I’m pulling for the Mavs for two reasons:

    A) Obviously, I don’t like the Heat.

    B) I’m interested in the comedy that will be David Stern handing the trophy to the most fined and outspoken owner in the NBA.

    Great first victory, Mavs. Hopefully, the Heat will continue to forget that there are other guys on the floor that can score besides Dirk.

    Can’t wait to see what’s in the blog after the win. I honestly expect Mr. Cuban to probably be running around the arena in nothing more than his underwear (as troubling as that would be). That’s what most raving fans would be doing, anyway.

    Comment by Jason -

  202. Im a Dallas native son who has followed/loved the Mavs from inception…yes, including the Uwe Blah-blah-blah era. I was at game 6 in ’88 at Moody Colliseum…being from HP does have advantages after all. I’m living in Phoenix now and was lucky enough to see each game here…the most amazing display of ball I’ve ever seen.

    It’s good to see all the smart posts…not just “homers”…fans who watched and saw the game. I watched the same 1st period scoring % throughout the Suns series…and the outcome was repeated. Mavs depth and paly on both ends is what drives them. BTW…did MC send a Shaq greatest HITS compilation? We all know nothing will happen, but I’ve heard nothing about it from media. If no suspension comes…ABC dodged a bullet after showing repeated slo-mo replays of the Dirk hit. Not to mention the sideline shots of Shaq waxing poetic to the other Heat players. I’ve learned to love The Diesel…mainly b/c of ther Texas roots…and hes not a dirty player…but call a sp%$# a sp%$#…Mavs in 6…the Heat will get at least 2 from their 11th man…ABC/ESPN/NBA…

    Comment by Eddie Romack -

  203. “Seriously, he gets so many three second violations, I think the refs wanted to save their breath, and that’s why they don’t call them anymore.”

    Oh, and about 3 second violations on Shaq…they called 3 during Game 6 vs Detroit, so you statement makes no sense.

    Comment by Kidding Me -

  204. I can’t believe all you Mav fans are flipping out on the Shaq-Dirk incident. Did you all watch the game? It was completely incidental, and definitely does not warrent a suspension. I could understand an intentional low blow that Terry committed, but the shot to Dirk was not even close.

    I will say that Shaq needs to watch his elbows a bit more, and I will also say that game 2 will be a different game…

    Go Heat!

    Comment by Kidding Me -

  205. CRaig, I agree with you. Even YMCA leagues could spot that, as bad as they are.
    Ok, Jason Terry just delivers a kid punch to Finley – no injuries, he played normal, and they review the clip five times.
    Dirk obviously got injured, yet they did nothing. Why?Maybe because Shaq is just 2 rich, he will blame the NBA, buy the NBA, just like he bought all those Barney videos for his *ahem* “kids”, when really he bought them for himself. Yet, Barney can’t help him make free throw’s. He just can’t make one. Ben Wallace makes more than Shaq, Ben Wallace doesn’t deliver elbows to people’s mouths and almost breaks people’s noses. Heck, no center does that. But Shaq ain’t a center. He is a brick wall. The only reason he is good is because he is physically dominant – Just 2 fat for anyone to be in the paint. Seriously, he gets so many three second violations, I think the refs wanted to save their breath, and that’s why they don’t call them anymore.

    Comment by SS -

  206. Why in the world has the NBA not released a press sheet stating that “Shaq fined and Suspended for shot to Dirk”
    As several others have already expressed (I screamed it as i saw it happen live) FOUL!!!!
    Anyone else and they would have received this punishment. DAVID STERN & CO. review the GAME CLIPS.
    If they looked so intensly to have seen Finley’s (ahem) “parts” take a shot, then how could they miss this?
    I say send Shaq & the Heat organization a bill for Dirk’s dental work and for Stack’s fix too!!
    A YMCA ref would have seen the HEAT player who Traveled, Not sure who it was but they fell on their stomach diving for the ball around mid-court and then Rolled over and sat up to pass the ball to a Miami teammate.

    GO MAVS!!!!


    Comment by CRaig -

  207. One Word:


    Said and done. A humble and down to earth fellow who is the hidden key to the MAVS organization. PAY HIM WELL!

    Keep it up Mark

    Best of luck


    Comment by Quattro -

  208. Congratulations on the first win in the finals Mr. Cuban!

    I hope that your team can stay focused and win the next game.

    I am a HUGE L.A. Lakers fan for the last 17 years, from all of us: PLEASE, PLEASE beat the Heat!!!

    I would hate to see the Heat win the whole thing, so I (and many other Laker fans) will be watching and cheering for your Mavs to go and kick some Heat tail!

    Comment by Giovanni L -

  209. Hey All,
    Can’t get enough MAV’s chat, check out the Yahoo group for more playoff and other talk, we need everyone to ride the Mavericks journey to the NBA trophy

    Just mention Barry when you make your first post

    Comment by Barry N -

  210. Marc, Being from Maine i am a Boston Celtics fan. But that doesnt stop me from loveing the intensity you bring to the game and the fans with your down to earth mentality… Why can Danny Freakin Ainge be that way? Hey.. can we interest you in a Paul Pierce… We here in Boston Land like 7 foot German men… JK!

    Anyway, my way of letting people speak out. If you, or anyone else has interest in prasing Cuban to the world, come check it out!

    Additionally, With Game 2 coming, the Heat will be ready to counter your moves you showed in Game 1. You said this a chess match, well… i cant wait to see where you move your next pawn.

    -Steve Norway, Maine

    Comment by steve lamontagne -

  211. Enjoy it while you can, Cuban.

    Comment by shri -

  212. Congrats on a BIG 1st win!! It’s very comforting as a Mavs fan to have an owner that is reachable instead of being some stiff in a suit hiding out in the owner’s box. Thank You!!

    Comment by Jake -

  213. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee. Make sure that you continue your blog Mark. The entries were fantastic. And I’m sure it was unique experiences to step on the parquet were the finals are being played. GO MAVS!!!

    Comment by Ricardo Silvestre -

  214. hey,Cuban,I come from china, and I love this Team and you,wish you have good luck,and win this Final…

    Comment by David -

  215. Why do people always insist on using war analogies when talking about sports? It’s not a war. People die in wars. Please don’t refer to it as a “war” again.

    Comment by William -

  216. Great win. Class NBA organization. Just 3 more to go. All the best to y’all.

    Comment by Chris Johnson -

  217. Mark

    They had some shots of you during the game, and you looked like you had been up for about sixty hours!

    That’s great to see because it shows how much you love the game. Everybody knows it’s a business, but it’s great to see how much you care.

    Good luck.


    Game 2 prediction – Dirk gets 38, Mavs by 19

    Comment by Phil McGaughey -

  218. This is so exciting!!! When the Mavs play the world stops! From early in the regular season I knew the Mavs would be in the Finals. I agree with Json Terry this is destiny for you guys this year!! A sweep in this series could very well happen!!! Would that not be SWEET!!
    The Jet was awesome last night! GO MAVS!

    Comment by Cindy -

  219. This is so exciting!!! When the Mavs play the world stops! From early in the regular season I knew the Mavs would be in the Finals. I agree with Json Terry this is destiny for you guys this year!! A sweep in this series could very well happen!!! Would that not be SWEET!!
    The Jet was awesome last night! GO MAVS!

    Comment by Cindy -

  220. To Sharon, Post #162
    You said “…Plus I can’t even put into words the hatred I have for Shaq for his hypocricy over the last two years and the constant cheap shots against the organization that made him famous and gave him the kind of lifestyle he has today.”

    I believe you have that statement bass ackwards, missy. Shaq made the LAKERS famous. Ask yourself if the Lakers would have won those 3 titles w/out him? The Lakers org. paid him what he was worth to them, so what? Shaq made money hand over foot for them w/all the bodies he brought to the arena. It was a win-win situation for everyone. The Heat haven’t had it so good financially since he’s been there. And why are you begrudging him his lifestyle? If someone wanted to pay me an obscene amount of money, you’d better believe I’d take it & live high on the hog, too.

    Comment by Shiloh -

  221. Kudos to Mr. Avery Johnson…he always seems to get the right formula in chopping their opponent into pieces.I must say game 2 will again go to the Mavs!


    Comment by Noly -

  222. I am a foreigner… total outcast.. coming from south asia where the tallest guy will be probably 6 feet tall.. this game has just blown me away … Living in dallas had to find a team to root on… and guess what I found MAVERICKS… and guess what we did last night … we shut em off… like we did in early season… Mark.. you are the coolest owner of a basket ball team ever and no matter how much u get fined we still love u … 🙂 I dont know if this makes sense but I just came here to say GO MAVS GO… and will be waiting for more of ur blogs …


    Comment by Mo` -

  223. The game was fun to watch. But what blew me away was the opening ceremony: I never watch these things. They are always total boring crap. I’m a sportsfan. But the combination of lighting, music choices and fan involvement were absolutely stunning. Very, very good job, whoever.

    Comment by JB -

  224. Mark,

    Of course a great job on hiring Avery and adding some to D to allas….but I want to also thank you for what you’ve done for the internet, for the development of the blogosphere, for integrating your entrepreneurship (sp.?) with the NBA and all of your businesses.

    You’ve achieved what I always envisioned I would accomplish. I just turned 40, but I’m not done yet! A couple of web businesses later and a full time web marketing job, but the spirit of multi-media empire making lives on!

    Congrats again and good luck in Game 2…


    Comment by Rich Marcia -

  225. Get a clue! Basketball is not “war.” Your and 99% of the sports world’s flippant use of the term and those akin to it (warrior, battle, in the trenches) is a grave disservice to anyone who has actually been to war. I know courtside seats can be a bit dangerous, but your exuberance is inappropriate. Please, spare the drama and remember that basketball is a game, not a war.

    Comment by Eric McCutchen -

  226. mark,

    GO MAVS! one down, 3 to go!

    read the story in the DMN about the 3 kids working around the neighborhood to scrap up enough cash to get some tickets. that’s mavs dedication at its best.

    Comment by team d -

  227. Great win, but the Mavs (outside of Stack) played scared of Shaq. They won’t win it if Dirk & Josh don’t go directly at him & get him in foul trouble. No championships without a little blood!
    Go Mavs!!

    Comment by Hunter -

  228. Hey Mark..Great win for the Mavs last night..I am a diehard Laker fan but I am rooting for the Mavs cause your team is a classy organization and I have great respect for your team. I am rooting for you guys to win the NBA definately deserve it!! Plus I can’t even put into words the hatred I have for Shaq for his hypocricy over the last two years and the constant cheap shots against the organization that made him famous and gave him the kind of lifestyle he has today..your a great owner Mark and I enjoy reading your comments..Just know that Los Angeles is rooting for the Mavs to take it all!!GO MAVS!!

    Comment by Sharen -

  229. Mavs dodged a bullet last night but came away winners which is all that matters, nobody will remember game details even a year from now, all they will remember is who won. We did our part, my nine year old told me that every time we cook a DiGorno pizza during a game you guys win, and sure enough he was pestering me to put one in during that first quarter. wouldn’t you know it as soon as I dropped that pizza into the oven you guys started to turn it around there in the second quarter. Way to go and we’ll do our part every game with the pizzas.
    Mavs in 5 max.


    Comment by Pete -

  230. Mark Cuban started this team on the road to reform and they are always reforming, Semper Reformanda. Nowhere was that clearer than last night where I have to grant a huge amount of credit for that victory to the DEFENSE.

    Three more wins and the reformation will be complete, from the worst to the best.

    Gunny Hartman

    P.S. Go MAVS!

    Comment by GUNNY HARTMAN -

  231. Note to Coach Riley. Get Shaq more involved. How? Petition League to play remaining games as street ball, half court only, take past 3 point line to set, make it-take it. That way Shaq will never have to move above free throw line and you might get 20+ minutes of dominant Shaq ball.
    Note to Coach Johnson. Foul him and make him run. He can’t play at that pace for more than 14-15 minutes a game.
    Congrats on game one win. Go Mavs!

    Comment by Steve Head -

  232. Hey Mark. That was a great game last night. The Mavs are definitely going to win this series. There is no doubt in my mind that the Dallas Mavericks will win this series. We are going to be the 2006 NBA Champions. Terry was awesome last night, let’s hope he can keep that up, as well as Dirk and Josh playing better than they did last night.

    Comment by Erik Stansberry -

  233. I am a Miami fan simply because of the people there. Shaq, Wade, Riley ect, but darn it if I don’t have the hardest time not rooting for Mark Cuban and the Mavs to win. I wish every team had a chemistry and leader like the Mavs.

    Comment by Joseph Naylon -

  234. A great heap of dung on the whiner complainig about using “war.” Last I checked, the US Senate never declared war on Iraq, so that’s technically no more a “war” than what the Mavs are doing, or what goes on a chess board for that matter. Cripes people, it must be hard going through life looking for reasons to get offended.

    Comment by Alex -

  235. Mark Cuban has single-handedly turned the Dallas Mavericks into the premier team in the NBA. I will be attending Game 4 of the series in Miami next Thursday night, and I have little doubt that I will be present to see Mark lift that well-deserved trophy above his head.

    Comment by Josh Howard -

  236. GO MAVS!!!
    For this we have been waiting so long. Now its so near but feels so faaaaaar? Naaa. We are gonna win it!
    Hail Terry!
    Whay to bother if Dirk and Josh didnt score? After all its a team game.

    MARK…This is gonna be our year man!
    Lets cooooool off the heat in 4 games!

    Roll MAAVS!!!!

    Comment by Kris -

  237. We hang out on Efnet IRC channel #basketball. Check it out.

    My first kick when we won last night, was to mock the Heat fans in channel who’d said “Heat in 4.”
    One hurdle made. It’s Avery Johnson’s year. It’s Dirk’s and his crew’s year.

    I’m going out on a limb and saying Mavs in 4, because I don’t believe in jinxes, and because anything less than a gutsy prediction is weak. You, Coach Johnson and Mavs Team Members, don’t need to say “Mavs in 4” to yourselves. Just will to win Sunday. Destiny will do the rest.

    See you on #basketball!

    Rick in Reno

    Comment by Rick Wilson -

  238. I have waited 2-1/2 decades for this moment, and am floating in the rarified air of the finals, along with everyone else in this area. It’s amazing to see how many “fans” have come out of the woodwork for this event since the Mavs have become “contenders”.

    Mark, you deserve a huge amount of credit for this success. I have followed the myriad changes in this organization over the years, and this is by far the most professional and comprehensive group of ahtletes, coaches, managers and support staff that has ever been assembled in the NBA.

    I am so proud of this team!

    Win one for me, and for those that have hung with the Mavs through thick and thin, like Don Carter, Brad Davis and Rolando Blackmon as examples.

    GO MAVS!!!!

    Comment by Jerry -


    My page crashed from all the transfers. I have put my slideshow I made to make fun of my Heat friend up on youtube. Send it around. Go MAVS. Lets get excited!!

    Comment by Jeff Cassidy -

  240. I am glad to hear someone else noticed that shaq and wade did not put their hand over their heart. I thought that was so tacky! It just goes to show the Mavs really are a class act!

    Comment by Selena McCall -

  241. I began watching the Mavs play last season at finals time and hated when they were beat by Phoenix. I have been a devoted Mavs fan ever since. Althought I’m new to the sport, I feel like I know a lot of the NBA rules and regulations and already know which teams and players I don’t like (none being my precious Mavs of course).

    Kuddos to Avery, Cuban, THE FANS and most of all the Mavs players for making this season and the Finals, something for me to look forward to. My only wish is that I still have SOME finger nails left by the time that we win the Championship.

    GO MAVS!!!

    Comment by Veronica -

  242. Way to go Mav’s. Hey Mark C, when are you going to make a movie about the great Dallas mavs? conflict of interest, perhaps? anyway, we’re one game closer to recieving the appreciation and notice that the big “D” deserves. great game. just get three more. I’ve been a fan back when it just wasn’t cool to like dallas. Hey mark, if the mavs when, will you give me a #41 jersey? size large please.

    Comment by John the virginia maverick -

  243. What a game…and some of the best officiating I have seen all year. The “Diesel” didnt get a whistle every time someone blew on him. I do think, however, he should have been called for at least one flagrant. Wade was great early but the officials actually let the Mavs play defense on him in the second half. All I can say is protect home court and let’s steal one in Miami. Would love to have a celebration in Dallas at the end of game 6…but would take a celebration as Mavs get off the plan after returning home from game 5 in Miami.
    The win was perhaps the most fullfilling moment of this NBA season. All of my friends and family (we live in South Texas) are Spurs fans (oh, here’s a wave to Tony as he sits atop the Eiffel Tower with a broken heart) and all of them put the Mavs down most of the year while I had faith and told them to watch for the passing of the torch. Last night was just another step in proving that the Mavs not only made it, but also belonged in the finals….GO MAVS…1 down 3 to go!!!

    Comment by Michael Hough -

  244. Mark

    Check out the three 11 year old boys who are WORKING to buy tickets to a game – unlike most commentors on this blog who shamelessly grovel for tickets.

    Maybe you can pay them to sweep the practice court or collect trash around the AAC.

    Don’t you just wish more kids had their attitude of actually earning something – rather than thinking their entitled to something for free.

    Go Mavs!

    Go Chris Mavor!
    Go Andrew Hamilton!
    Go Sam Murchison!

    I hope you guys earn enough to buy tickets.

    Comment by Velvet -

  245. Congratulations! 1 down 3 to go..
    it was a good game overall,JET was fantastic!
    i can’t wait for the next game im sure
    it’s going to be awesome ^_^
    Mark if you read this…
    Please tell the team that we believe in them.

    Comment by Clover -

  246. Great game. Avery J is a Basketball Wizard. I can’t wait to see how he will hex the Heat in game II.

    Comment by Ted Hardin -

  247. Somebody PLEASE smack those ABC guys in the head until they pronounce Dirk No’V’itski’s name correctly. I know it’s spelled with a W, but in Germany, it’s pronounced with a V. Why does everyone in the world already know this except for these idiots ?

    Comment by Mark B -

  248. YOU KNOW YOU ARE IN TEXAS In JULY When. . . .

    The birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground.

    The trees are whistling for the dogs.

    The best parking place is determined by shade instead of distance.

    Hot water now comes out of both taps.

    You learn that a seat belt buckle makes a pretty good branding iron!

    The temperature drops below 95 and you feel a little chilly.

    You discover that in July it only takes 2 fingers to steer your car.

    You actually burn your hand opening the car door.

    You break into a sweat the instant you step outside at 7:30 a.m.

    Your biggest bicycle wreck fear is, “What if I get knocked out and end up lying on the pavement and cook to death?”

    You realize that asphalt has a liquid state.

    Farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying boiled eggs.

    The cows are giving evaporated milk.

    We know HEAT. We BEAT the HEAT.


    Comment by tiptoe -

  249. Great game! Avery J. is a basketball wizard!

    Comment by Ted Hardin -

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