absolutely nothing new to say.. did my workout.

did an interview with Jalen Rose for Best Damn Sports Show. An interview from the gauntlet with a few.

Big topic of conversation was my telling them that if we go 7 games , that rather than selling the 1400 or so tickets using the lottery system we have used to date. You know the one where every goes to the arena, gets a ticket, then we call out numbers and about 10k people are upset that their number didnt get called.
Then I get another 1k emails from people who tried to call or login online to buy tickets at exactly 10am and had everyone they know do the same, but couldnt buy tickets.

Which in turn leads to another 1k emails about why tickets are available on Ebay , stubhub, etc for huge prices.

I hate the process as much as everyone else. If we were greedy, the Mavs would just put the tickets up for auction and take in the full value the market assigns to them.

But Im not that smart.

Instead, we are looking at working with sponsors so that we can give away the 1500 or so tickets that we might be able to sell for a game 7.

We will try to find a way with our sponsors to get them to fans. Of course , with that few tix available, 99 pct of the people who want to go wont be lucky enough to go. But with this system, we will require the name and address of the person who receives the ticket and require them to show Id when they get to arena so they cant sell them off.

Hopefully it will work. Hopefully.

Time to jump in the shower ! I can feel the electricity from the arena already…

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  1. I do not think it’s “whining” when one complains about the referees. All the teams, all the coaches do it and with a reason. If we keep accepting the bad calls and no calls pretty soon the referees will be deciding the outcome of the games not the players. I will be writing the NBA to let them know of my displeasure with the referees. It will be just one small voice but more productive than complaining about it here. Someone in the San Antonio newspaper suggested that players should play harder and smarter to make up for the bad calls. That is plain nonsense! What we need are better and consistent referees!
    To the person who said women belong in the kitchen and blah, blah, blah, I do not want to hear from you. The person in my kitchen is a man and quite a savvy one at that. He knows better than to resort to archaic ramblings to vent his frustration. To the Miami Heat congratulations. To the Dallas Mavericks, thanks for a truly wonderful season. I love all of you guys and am looking forward to the next. Have a great day all of you. From a MAVS fan.

    Comment by Jane -

  2. Sorry Michael. It is a totally absurd thought. Here is
    a hypothetical scenario: Team A is protecting a lead with less than two
    minutes to go. Team B needs to foul to stop the clock and send a player
    from Team A to the foul line. Player from Team B commits a foul on a
    player from Team A. How then does this go to the replay booth or do the
    officials review it courtside? Does the coach from Team A throw a towel
    onto the court to protest because Team B fouled the worst foul shooter?
    Upon further review the officials saw a travel had occured thus there
    was no foul to begin with. Possession goes to Team B. Confusing enough?
    Exactly! This would open up a can of worms. The last two minutes of a
    game are already long enough. I’ll admit that all officials were good
    men BEFORE they started refereeing and I haven’t a nice thing to say
    about them but this would put entirely way too much on their shoulders.
    Penalties in the NFL are not subject to review nor should they in the NBA.
    The onus is on their education system, conditioning and the ability to
    be in position to make the correct calls. I’ve rambled long enough but
    I’m sorry Micahel, I think your idea is absurd.


    Comment by randy -

  3. I think everything happened the way it was supposed to happen. The heat played a good series, the mavericks played a good series. The playoffs were the best I’ve watched in a long time, that’s what counts.

    Comment by mandolinplaya -

  4. More refs needed, similar to tennis.
    Probably 2 behind the end baseline, on each end of floor. So, six refs plus desk ref on replays/time calls.
    I am not paying $10 to see “walking”, phantom fouls, and ugly defense.
    Same for all sports – million dollar games can’t have more refs – stupid.

    Comment by greg dabull -

  5. Sorry I fucked up in my blog post earlier. I was talking about the end-of-game foul in Game 5, not game Six. And I said Mavericks played a great series except for game five, but I MEANT to say they played a great series except for game FOUR!!!!!!!

    Comment by Marc Smilen -

  6. I live in South Florida. Yes, I am happy to have a Heat championship. The Heat played a great series. After two losses, they took it up a notch. As for the Mavericks, I pose the question: is Mavericks ownership and staff going to make the team feel shitty about losing the finals? Or will you do the right thing, and applaud the Mavericks team for a great season and making the finals? Ive heard the sports talk-radio about the game six result. It was a foul. The rules are the rules. Listen, you want consistency? They have the same controversy in the NFL with the pass-interference calls. There’s your consistency. Its the same argument: a fair block, versus grabbing, poking, shoving: whatever you want to call it. How many times have hockey players been slammed into the boards during a game and gotten away with it. The guy who does it first hardly gets the call; Its most often the second guy who shoves back in retaliation. Hockey is sorely lacking in foul calls quite often enough. Yeah, the radio hosts in Florida got a good laugh at the Avery Johnson comments after game six. When he grilled that reporter, asking “Im asking you the question! What was your opinion of the play,” the local radio compared it to Joe Pesci in Good Fellas: “Im asking you. What makes me so fucking funny?” But Avery was right: There were people from Israel: Mickey Arison was originally from Israel. His sister lives in Israel. Years ago, Ted Arison left Carnival cruiseline and moved back to Israel. Ted Arison had close to ten billion dollars. His daughter got five billion, and I guess the other five billion went to charity. I guess Mickey has enough billions, that his father decided Mickey didnt need any more. Mavericks played a good series except for game five. Listen: Mavericks-Heat repeat next year!!! okay? Everybody agrees Shaq gave great support to Wade, but watch out: If Shaq is healthy and his weight is down, he might put up bigger numbers next season.

    Comment by Marc Smilen -

  7. Whitlock is a genius. I vote him writer of the year!

    Comment by randy -

  8. I love Jason Whitlock. That is stinging isn’t it Mark? I’ve never read anything so profound as this article and I hope it comes to fruition!!

    Comment by randy -

  9. Post 2 Mark S. Trick says “Why go to seven games when we can end it in four?”
    HA! That is the kind of disrespect for your opponents that led to your parade getting cancelled. Miami got alot of bulletin board material from you people, and it paid off.

    All Riley had to do was write “Season” on a white board, and your plans came crashing down. Maybe you have learned your lesson, but likely not.

    Comment by Classless Stackhouse -

  10. Jason Whitlock is my hero. I don’t need to say anything else.


    Comment by Mike -

  11. Jason Whitlock is my new hero. I don’t need to say anything else:

    Comment by Mike -

  12. his royal highness, Mark Cuban says “And for the record, I have nothing to say about the finals. That was last season.”
    Wow, two days after it is over, and no congratulations for the Heat? I am SURE that had you won the series you would have been on here early and often.

    I wish I could say I am surprised, but then I have small children, so i know how they act.

    “For the record, Im not turning on comments, they have devolved to the point where they add no value.”
    Ahhh, a wise man once said that a business can improve by looking at the details. I guess the same cannot be said for when those “details” disagree with you. A few weeks from now, you might realize that Pat Riley, Shaq, Zo, Wade, and the City of Miami fans had NOTHING against you, until you started showing up claiming Riley’s defense was what was wrong in the NBA, that Shaq’s elbows are deadly weapons, that Wae can’t shoot, that Miami is humid, and that the Heat did not deserve their title.

    Part of growing up is “getting along with others”, and cursing the media that writes about you rather than work with them is what led to MULTIPLE objective articles asking for you to stop whining, stop planning parades, and stop rejecting the possibility that Heat might be the better team.

    Comment by Classless Stackhouse -


    Comment by miles -

  14. Thanks for changing the way the NBA is doing things this will be the first time I wathced the finals in years.

    Comment by Dan -

  15. In post 38 by LOUIE

    You see, Stackhouse was not really suspended by the league for trying to take Shaq’s head off, he was unfairly prevented from going to the game by Stu Jackson. After all, it is normal basketball to go for the head and plow the guy into the stands. In fact, some here would have had Shaq suspended for going into the stands.

    Stackhouse was an innocent victim of a charge by Shaq.

    However, outside of that enclave of reporter hating Mavericks, the rest of the league saw the clearly excessive and premeditated nature of the attack.

    I think that is why these comment sections are being shut down, because the truth is too hard for them to face.

    Comment by Classless Stackhouse -

  16. I have paid a down payment for next season so I can be guaranteed playoff tickets, and upset fans this season should be encouraged to do the same for next season.

    Comment by Forland -

  17. Also, you should put a minimum on that Mavericks trading post. It doesn’t help the matter that the official site lets people jack up the price of $40 tickets to well over $300. I am a college student and a fan, which makes it suck! Totally depressing.

    Comment by formerroadie -

  18. Also, you should put a minimum on that Mavericks trading post. It doesn’t help the matter that the official site lets people jack up the price of $40 tickets to well over $300. I am a college student and a fan, which makes it suck! Totally depressing.

    Comment by formerroadie -


    Comment by LOUIE -

  20. Faraz – yap, it’s so annoying… I waited for almost hour. Now I realize that I must come to game earlier an hour then game starts

    Comment by Deal.er -

  21. Mark

    MFFL. I’m a businessman and I am seriously considering raffling off (I have the e-mail ready to go) my adjoining seat for game # 7 with 100% of the proceeds going to 7 charities in town including winner’s choice or Mavericks Foundation. I’m up in section 331 and I’ve been RPL. You okay with this? I’m sick that the great fans aren’t getting ducats and people are profiting. Mark H. in your ticket office is awesome and came through with 15 comps along with 28 tickets I purchased for Tuesday’s watching party. 43 other MFFL’s including 6 or so children enjoyed the event tremendously. The 7 charities are:
    1. Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Dallas
    2. St. Baldrick’s for Children’s Cancer
    3. Special Olympics
    4. American Heart Association
    5. Junior Achievement
    6. Cliff Harris / Charlie Waters and American Diabetes
    7. Winner’s choice (or the Mavericks Foundation).


    Comment by keith doan -

  22. Mark –

    What about donating 10-15 tickets to the abuse shelters here in Dallas (to the people, not for resale)? Or maybe the Mavericks sponsoring a viewing party? I know there are a lot of charities out there but just the thought of caring – not the money – would mean a lot to these women.

    Comment by Micki -

  23. Nice Idea, but it is not working out in europe at the world cup. They are doing the same thing, tickets with the person’s name printed on it and they are showing IDs at the entrance but still there are thousands of people are standing outside waiting in lines to get their IDs checked and verified so they can enter. I stayed outside for 38mins of the first half between Brazil and Croatia game. You can imagine of my frustration….

    Comment by Faraz -

  24. Mark

    It’s too late for this year, but maybe you could reward fan loyalty over the course of the season in future by basing the ticket lottery on a point system – with points being awarded each time you buy a ticket from an official source such as ticketmaster or the mavs trading post.

    The season ticketholders already have their loyalty rewarded – under this scheme, the folks who can’t afford season tickets but support the team during the season have the best shot at playoff tickets

    Thanks for everything that you have done with the franchise – gameday is a great experience, I just wish I could make it down from Lubbock more often.

    Comment by Jeremy -

  25. That is great that you are trying to get fans tickets to game 7 but……. lets not take it to game 7 and get them in game 4!

    Comment by Ashley -

  26. Hey Mark,

    I have an idea and it keeps people from scalping. By using this strategy, you can get the tickets into the hands of the “true fans.” Get all fans interested to sign up and pay for the Mavrick “Fan Round Up Service.” (I could put this together for you.)

    Mark, here is how the service would work. On the day of the day, a computer program would choose the lottery winners (easy to randomly choose X number of ticket holders). A .30 second automated phone call would go out to these fans and they would have one hour to respond (they would press one and be transferred to an operator who would take their order realtime. There would be a service charge to cover the cost of the tickets, “Fan Round Up” service and any other reasonable cost associated with this program. In addition, you could ask these folks for an additional (flat fee -optional) and give that part of the proceeds to a choosen charity (each game).

    If you are interested, please call me at:
    314-646-1975 office
    314-610-2296 mobile

    Shoot Mark…. you do so much for the fans, I will even show you how to put it together even if you don’t use my services.

    Comment by Joe Lucero -

  27. Why don’t you donate them to charity? The charity could raffle them off with a cap on a per ticket basis. Some would be abused, of course, but you would be helping some charities. Why don’t you give them to the Boys & Girls clubs – those kids can’t even afford a ticket at regular prices? Poor kids are as die hard, if not more than, as wealthier kids.

    Best wishes for you and the Mavs.

    Comment by Jim -

  28. Not a Mavs fan… in fact, not a Mark Cuban fan (probably cuz I’m not a Mavs fan)… BUT, got to say I think your lottery idea is fantastic… don’t think Buss would ever do anything like that for the fans… Sterling – forget it. Great job building the squad… Brilliant decision re: Avery…

    that said – GO HEAT!!!!

    Comment by mark -

  29. It is nice to know there are business owners, like yourself, who actually care about their clients/fans. It gives me some hope for corporate America.

    Best to you and your team.

    Comment by Nikki -

  30. Great idea Mark! Run the lottery system and make them show ID’s to get in the game. I’m sure more deserving, want to be in the spot type of basketball fans will actually use their tickets than the few looking for a way to come up, asses out there will.

    Comment by Prissy Tomboy -

  31. 1. Tickets will always be available from scalpers and on ebay. Season ticket holders wanting cash, and even some people that cant make it to the game do the smart thing and get cash out of it. No need to complain about it.

    2. Dont give these tickets away Mark. I drive three hours to see every playoff game and if I don’t get tickets on ticketmaster then I pay the 125-300 on ebay. You essentially cost me $600 with this move. I have paid a down payment for next season so I can be guaranteed playoff tickets, and upset fans this season should be encouraged to do the same for next season.

    Can’t afford season tickets ? The split it with 3 or 4 friends.

    Comment by Robert -

  32. i’m not a mavs fan but i check out your site from time to time b/c its interesting and i like to hear what you have to say. that being said, i’m from nyc and would love to have an owner of a sports team that is as ‘with it’ and involved as you are w/ the mavs. keep it up, and good luck.

    Comment by brendan -

  33. That sounds like a great idea. Just want to say thanks for writing from the games…what a great way to make everyone feel like they are a part of this amazing series! Lookin’ good!!

    Comment by Chrsitina Crabtree -

  34. Mark,

    I just wanted to thank you and the city of Dallas. I bought tickets last week online and flew in from NC to watch the game. We had such a great time. I have been to Nascar races that weren’t as loud as the AAC on Tuesday. The electricity, the fans and the city were just amazing.

    Thanks again for such a great day. I will see you in Charlotte next year when we beat the Bobcats.

    Comment by Mark -

  35. I agree with this system Mark, you know though people will try to find a way around it but hopefully you will be able to stop it but you never know. If i lived in Dallas instead of Indiana you bet your ass i would be listening to ever radio station trying to win those tickets! But hopefully the mavs will win it before game 7!!!
    GO MAVS… and Come to IU and speak MARK!!! lol

    Comment by Bryan Long -

  36. Thanks for everything Mark but you’re right on target about the lottery system. I went there sunday morning in attempts to get tix for the first 2 games, without success of course. and yes, i had the same questions concerning the internet, phone and why they’re available from brokers, etc.

    Here is my suggestion: Instead of just calling out ONE number, e.g., “3456” and then having them line up sequentially. Why not call out a number, “3456” and then take the next 100 or 200 numbers, and THEN draw another number from the pile. Maybe do this about 4-6 times to get a good “sampling” of numbers.

    my two cents worth…
    Joe H
    Fort Worth

    Comment by Joe H -

  37. Mark,

    I’m just grateful that we have the best team, the best coach, and the best team owner in the NBA! Thanks for taking care of your team and looking out for the fans. I tried to buy tickets for the finals, then tried to get in as a painted fan… wasn’t successful this time… but I really enjoyed helping to get the crowd revved up.

    Thanks for building a club we can all be proud of… and not just because we’re going to be the next NBA champs! As for game 7… what game 7? I’m planning to watch us win it all Thursday night at the watching party at AAC!!

    Comment by Carol -

  38. Either your server crashed last night or I crashed. But it’s another day. The US lost in the World Cup game. But the Mavs won! Life is good.

    Mark, funniest post of yours I’ve read, re: the lottery system. *L*

    How about giving the tickets to the Fallen Patriots? At least those vets who can get there. I’m certainly for that. A nice reward for those folks who’re fighting in this war that’s……….OK, no politics.


    Comment by tiptoe -

  39. Mark, I love reading this stuff and pull for your Mavs. Seeing the energy that you built in Big D and the awesome things you do for the fans like this ticket deal and the plane tickets, etc. As a lifelong Pirates fan, I could only imagine how much the atmosphere would change if we were lucky enough for you to take over the Buccos. I’m hoping it happens, but for now, good luck in getting that NBA ring.

    Comment by Joe -

  40. Next year the Celtics win it all. Paul Pierce is the truth

    Comment by Dennis -

  41. Hi Mark, Dirk,

    way to go ! 🙂

    You should try and have someone check on the process the FIFA used to give away the tickets in some kind of a lottery for the world cup in Germany right now as well as the ID-system they used to make sure tickets are personalzied and not sold (will never really work as you see if you check ebay but well, that’s millions tickets there…)

    Go Mavs, happy to stay up late in Germany for that, Maik

    Comment by Maik -

  42. Mark- You should randomly give out 700 tickets at each Mavs “Beat the Heat” watching party next week. I’ll be there, and you’ll be guaranteed that true fans will get the tickets. We’ve been waiting and cheering for a long time, now they finally made it! This isn’t about profits anymore. This is about creating an atmosphere that will help the Mavs Beat the Heat and take the title!

    Go Mavs! ….and Go Stack!

    Comment by Tressie -

  43. What a game Cuban!! Stackhouse is stacking up the points tonight!!! GO MAVS!!

    Comment by Bethany -

  44. Thank you for your considerations. I was one of those people trying to get a ticket. I had two or three phones calling exactly at 10, and I was trying to get online on two computers. Suffice to say, I didn’t get tickets, and I was especially upset to see people selling them at $400. If I was able to spend that money, I would. I’m glad you actually care rather than just brushing it off. 🙂 GO MAVS!

    Comment by Roxana -

  45. Stick to our game in second half:

    1) Keep running. They’ll tire.

    2) Keep drivin the hole, but tell Harris to be aware of his options if lane is stacked.

    3) Keep rotating our rested centers to give shaq hell.

    4) Spread the ball around to see which 2 of the big 4 is hot… dirk, howard, terry, stack

    Kaleb – Warez P2P

    Comment by kaleb -

  46. I’d wish us luck this evening….but WE’RE NOT the ones that need it!! I wrote & posted this little poem in my blog this morning, & thought I’d share it with you! 🙂

    Entry for June 11, 2006 GAME 2 !!


    Comment by Kymberlie Sinclair -

  47. Yesterday Harvard economist Greg Mankiw had a blog entry about the recent removal of ticket scalping penalties in Florida– http://gregmankiw.blogspot.com/2006/06/jeb-bush-on-ticket-scalping.html

    Comment by JohnD -

  48. BRUTAL Shaq is a mess at the free throw line. It’s all mental, he says he “makes them when they count”. Well let me give him a clue they count even in the first quarter.

    The Heat looked worked allready. Just gotta get the speed (Harris, Howard & Terry) in their and run like hell right at the start of the second half. I think the Heat will be spent then.


    Comment by Eric Steffen -

  49. Looking good so far, 7 minutes in. SHAQ is already 0-4 from the line. What a joke.

    Comment by David Bader -

  50. Go Mavs!

    Anyone know why the NBA changes to a 2-3-2 format for the NBA Finals instead of using the 2-2-1-1-1 format which is used for the first round, second round and the conference finals.

    Comment by Rob -

  51. Mark,
    No need to worry about the tickets for game 7, because the Mavs will win the series in 6!!

    Comment by Jeff Minett -

  52. Good luck tonight Mavs! Great game Thursday. Have a feeling Shaq will be hot tonight! Still say Heat in 6!

    Comment by Spurs#1 -

  53. Our keys to a win:

    1) Rotating our centers on Shaq to lean on him and use 12 strategic hard fouls to tire the old man.

    2) Terry and Harris must keep diving to the hole to open up everyone’s game.

    3) Run fast in 2nd half. They can’t hang in the last 15 min.

    Kaleb – Warez.com

    Comment by kaleb -

  54. That’s quite a lot of id checking.
    Maybe put them at the will call.

    I’d rather see it go four games than seven.

    Go mavs. Hit ’em with the Dirk – Howard combo.

    http://cryptostenchies.com Unsafe Camp

    Comment by huckit -

  55. Why go to seven games when we can end it in four?

    Comment by Mark S. Trick -

  56. Lets Go Mavs. Lets take that hokey pokey guy down. Hopefully I will be able to make another video tonight like these. Love ya Cuban



    Comment by Jeff Cassidy -

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