Im sorry for what I make you cover.

In my naive days I used to think that news stories were meant to be stories of interest. That they were uncovered topics that were being revealed to a public thirsting for information and knowledge.

Now, Im coming to realize that there is something more to how stories are selected. Im just not quite sure what that “something ” is.

I keep on reading commentary about how Ozzie Guillen “makes himself the story” . That “Mark Cuban made himself the story”. It reminds me of the days that everyone wanted to know what color Dennis Rodmans hair was going to be. “Dennis made himself the story”

Is this something like “The Devil made me do it ?”. Is there some invisible editor in the ether doling out assignments ? How does someone “make themselves the story ?”

Worse than being “made to cover”, it becomes a process as inevitable as a gerbil’s progress on his wheel.

Once everyone writes the story that “was made”, the inevitable follow up is for the same media that wrote the “made story”, to complain that they are covering the “made story”

Its a shame that Mark Cuban continues to make himself the story of the NBA Finals.

Its a shame we are still covering Mark Cuban, who continues to make himself a story.

Its a shame we had to spend so much time covering Mark Cuban, who made himself the story.

So i have a question for the media. If you dont want a person to be “the story”, then why do you write or talk about it ?

Why not ignore me ? Why not make it policy NOT to point the camera at me. If you think im a publicity hound, wouldnt you be hurting me the most by ignoring me ? If Im “making myself the story”, isnt that the at the same editorial level as Editorial for pay ? Except you are doing it for free ? Is it tabloid journalism ?

Thats what I dont understand. If I shouldnt be the story, why are you making it the story ? Can you not come up with something better ? There are a million stories surrounding every game/series/season. How in the world can you not come up with something better ?

Im sure Ozzie Guillen is feeling the same way right about now.

he is probably thinking to himself…. I want to be left alone. I want to do my job. I want to win another championship. You wont leave me alone, i got mad. i made a stupid comment. i really didnt meant it as anything more than a baselevel derogatory comment, but in this PC world, we have to be incredibly careful what we say, which i recognize. So i apologized. next time i will come up with a better derogatory adjective that wont freak everyone out.

Ozzie, I recommend Jagoff. Its what im going to use from now on. Just call the people you dont like Jagoffs.

Its a word that we used to use in Pittsburgh when I was growing up. I didnt know what it meant then. Still dont. But it works extremely well because no one else does either.

Ozzies choice of words was the least of his problems. His choice of words were just the trigger for the circus called ” You are now the story”

Ozzies uses the wrong word. Now the media has to ask everyone around him what they think. Then you have to ask them what he thinks about what they think. Then you have to ask them what they think about what he said about what they think , which they said when he asked about what he said in the first place.

But thats not enough. they have to call the MLB PR office multiple times every day. The PR guys all stand around and go “Shoot. we have gotten so many calls about this,we have to say and do something. ” So they say that they will make Ozzie go to sensitivity training.

Then everyone has to ask not only Ozzie, but the people they asked about Ozzie and that all work with Ozzie what they think about Ozzie having to go to sensitivity training and how Ozzie will respond.

Next they are asking Ozzie what he thinks about what everyone else thinks about what he thought about the sensitivity training.

is there substance anywhere here after the first round ?

If Ozzie had said Jagoff instead of the word he chose, his intent and target would have been the same, but he would not “have made himself the story”

Personally, I still think it comes down to an ability to find stories that reveal something new and interesting. Instead there is a very distinct trend to “Star Magazineize” sports sections. Pick a personality and extend the stories as long as you can. Substance be damned.

Ozzie, you get to be Brittany Spears. I will be Bradgelina.

187 thoughts on “Im sorry for what I make you cover.

  1. Seriously, quit giving these idiots the satisfaction of your wasted time in reading what they have to write or listening to what they have to say. And for Goodness sake please dont waste energy writing about it, it’s really a downer…

    Comment by Stephanie -

  2. Mark,
    Good luck with the bid for the Penguins, and please don’t give up hope for a bid for the Pirates. I think the greedy, absent Nutting family will probably be ready to sell after the revenues they’ll be getting this year from the All-star game.

    Go Pittsburgh!

    Comment by Sheel -

  3. Robert Carney said:
    “Pavel is the next Shawn Bradley”

    Gosh! I sure hope not, with the amount of injuries, weight issues and inconsistent form.

    Aaron Stampler said:
    “You even look a bit like Juaquin Phoenix.”

    Hmmmm … the kid on the soap box might be on to something.

    Comment by Colin F. -

  4. The NBA was the story of the Finals, not you or actually what was good about the Finals series.

    Too many questionable calls along with the NBA wanting to make their mark on the Finals were the story.

    Comment by Irish John -

  5. Mark, I just wanted to stop by and give you BIG KUDOS for getting involved in the Penguin situation. I really hope your team of investors can win the big and keep the Pens in Pittsburgh. I commend you for making it a condition of your investment. Too many fans have had their hearts ripped out by greedy owners who move the team just to make a larger buck somewhere else. Best of luck — nothing would make my day better than seeing two Pittsburghers owning the Pens! As far as the Pirates ownership goes… well, your jagoff reference isn’t far off! 😉

    Comment by John Niespodzianski -

  6. Please buy the Pirates! Restore them to their former glory!!!

    Comment by mike -

  7. I hope you buy the Penguins and some point can get the Pirates. We need some other good sports teams besides our Steelers…. Show them how to win like you have done with the Mavs…

    Comment by Evan -

  8. You are wasting your talent Mr. Cuban. You have made a major impact in the game we all love but it is time to tweak the approach. I can’t believe that as smart as you are you can’t see this. Maybe you refuse to see this. You have helped the NBA get better but now is the time to make your team even better. Go behind the scenes a little more…example…you should have been the last one to touch that trophy after the win in Phoenix. The last one to speak. The last one to “everything”. It would have spoken volumes. Make it about the players and only the players all the time. Remember players say all of those nice things about you because your signature is on that check. Has any one of them ever told you to sit back and shut up at games?…I wonder how many wish they could. How about the people around you at games? Are they wishing you would shut your mouth or…are they putting up with you because you are buying the drinks? I think that with your smarts and business acumen you would make a much bigger impact in this game than any of your players if you would just “chill”. Hey but who asked me right?

    Comment by Who is Todd Wagner? -

  9. There you go making yourself the story again by misspelling “Brangelina”.

    Comment by Brad Hutchings -

  10. I cant wait for you to come back to San Antonio!! The Mavs suck and they are chokers!!

    Comment by ernesto -

  11. Mark,
    You should give up this basketball business and buy a baseball team instead. How about the Braves? They suck right now and AOLTW is ready to have a fire sale (hint, hint)…

    Comment by Brian -

  12. Interesting, I thought the term “jagoff” originated on the South Side of Chicago. The first time I heard the word was in college from kids from that area and after living there for 5 years and hearing all of the variations, I think it’s the PERFECT thing for Ozzie to use in reference to Mariotti from now on and it will make the South Siders (aka Sox Fans) happy too!

    Comment by Fiona -

  13. Amen, Mark. You are the best. My nephew from Columbus, OH told me during a recent visit, “The Mavs have the best owner in the NBA.” Guess what — I already knew that!!!

    Comment by Pat Nemeth -

  14. You know who you remind me of Cuban? Commodus, the whiny, sniveling, ungrateful jackass emporor from the Gladiator movie. You even look a bit like Juaquin Phoenix.

    You want to be loved and admired the way the athletes are (the Gladiators)and you resent that you can’t be because you don’t have the physical ability.

    So just like he pretended to be a real warrior by practicing his sword fighting skills with his soldiers, you pretend to be a basketball player by particpating in the pregame shootaround and playing some pickup hoops.

    I think you try to make yourself the story so you can feel like an actual important NBA star. It’s so transparent.

    You’re such an idiot. Basically all you’re saying is that you refuse to change or to admit you’ve been wrong about anything you’ve said or done.

    When other teams get players suspended or have badly officated games, you don’t hear the owners’ comments because they won’t give any. It’s that simple. Other NBA owners don’t go on Letterman and bash their ex-players and the opposing coach from their playoff opponents.

    You an an attention whore, and your actions directly and indirectly shape how your team is perceived. Why can’t you understand that?

    Maybe you’re lashing out at the media because somewhere deep inside you know that you were a MAJOR reason the Mavs blew it against the Heat. Stern gave you a chance to do it your way and win the trophy, but you spit in his face with your poor winner antics on Letterman.

    The media cover stories that are there to be covered. In sports you desperately need to cover all the peripheral angles, the trashtalking, the bad calls, the teammates who fight, etc, because the games always blend into each other in the long run and there’s only so many ways to write, “Team A beat Team B because X and Y played good and Z played bad.”

    You’ve said yourself that there’s a reason for all the bells and whistles in the arena because there is no way you can get 10,000 people in there who love basketball.

    So now you bite the hand that feeds you? Sorry, I don’t buy it.

    I’ve never heard Bruce Bowen comment on another owner calling him a “fucking asshole” after a game.

    Take some responsibility for your own actions. The best way you can help your team win a ring is to just sign the checks, shut the hell up, and act like an adult.

    Comment by Aaron Stampler -

  15. There we have it. That’s exactly why people who don’t hear anything about you other than what the reporters center on hate you. They ‘make’ their stories, concentrate on one thing and blow it so out of proportion that everything else doesn’t seem to matter. Every media outlet focuses on the same exact thing, which they have deemed to be ‘the story’. I guess that it might be a fun job sitting there and saying, oh, this needs to be the next big story… and then laughing as everyone scrambles to cover it.

    Comment by Roxana -

  16. First I’m going to agree with you. If the media wants to let it go, there are more important stories to cover. You know, like what kind of eggs the Houston Astros players like for breakfast, or maybe how Ben Wallace managed to do his hair this week.

    But second, I have a small request. Edit your damn blog for spelling errors and other typos. I know, you’re a blog maverick and a blog maverick should be able to do whatever the hell he wants on his blog. But please, for the sake of hell and everyone with decent grammatical knowledge, fix the errors. It makes people question your intelligence.

    Comment by Marcus Delhimi -

  17. Mark,
    You couldn’t be more right!! I hope you continue to be yourself and if that’s the story they choose so be it. Next year, I certainly hope, the CUBAN’S MAVERICKS will be the #1 Story!!!

    Comment by Ryan Watkins -

  18. Mr. Cuban, I absolutely agree with you. They will continue to do what they do best which is blow things out of proportion. I am tired of political correctness these days. I had a half-white/half-black girlfriend once who had a 5 year old boy (looked mostly black). He was as tall as an 8 year old!! I made the comment one day that he would make a great basketball player (on account of his height). She automatically assumed I said that because he’s black! I’m so sick of all this beating around the bush that we have to do these days just to try to appease everyone. I admire you for your honesty. These people are complaining that you are screaming like a maniac on the court and staring down Stern and what-not. Who cares? Why can’t you? Just b/c you are in the public eye doesn’t mean that you can’t express yourself. It’s called freedom of speech people! Why should you have to muffle your feelings about your own team and your business just because the cameras are turned on? If they make a story out of you, that’s their problem, not yours. Keep on keepin’ on! Go Mavs!

    Comment by Julie -

  19. I almost forgot you were a ‘yins’er’ from ‘over dahn Lebo ‘n’ ‘at’ until you threw out the “jagoff” comment. Usually, it’s prefaced with ‘dumb’ or ‘f***in”

    Markham Elementary, 1981
    Mellon Jr. High School, 1983
    Mt. Lebanon High School, 1987

    Mt. Lebanon: Home of the Rooney’s and Mario Lemieux, Childhood home of Mark Cuban and Kurt Angle. Just the thought of it makes me want Primanti’s and a couple of irons. Go Mavs!

    oh, ps: to Dan Atello: Pittsburgh has its own unique dialect, well documented. You can say “jackoff” in Youngstown but not in the ‘burgh.

    Comment by JC -

  20. People–the media–cover these stories because when people hear about Ozzie saying what he said, in public, many people wonder; well why did he do that? Why do they do that? Because others don’t. When you go to a game sporting a Stackhouse jersey, yelling and expressing a full range of emotions, people wonder why.

    If every owner wore jerseys and acted as you do at the games, and you walked in wearing a suit and just sat there in a calm almost passive manner, people would ask why is Mark doing that? Does he not have passion for his team? And so on. The fact that you are different from just about every other owner, draws attention. (Though I must say in regards to the Rodman reference, he did try and make himself the story. He wanted, and still does want the attention)

    I get your point about “making yourself the story”. You’re right, you don’t go to them and they go to you. I’m sure you didn’t ask to be interviewed pre-game while working out but rather that they asked you if they could do so. You also don’t tell ESPN to read your blog, they just do.

    As far as Ozzie goes, there is some positives to such a PC reaction. I’m not a huge fan of being politically correct but if they did not over-react to this, it might open the door to other things such as racial slurrs being acceptable as well as others. It’s also Ozzie’s attitude about it, his “apology” that makes people jump all over him.

    In some respects, after the fact, he has made himself the story.

    Comment by Ryan -

  21. Mark, Pavel Podkolzin is our future, so is craig smith…..I know you love DJ Mbenga, but pavel is the next shawn bradley blended in with a little shaq…..anyway…..pavel is our man and we need to get him some more playing time…>RE-SIGN TERRY TOOO

    Comment by Robert Carney -

  22. Check this out:

    Guillen’s recent slur wasn’t the first time, and while i get the “locker room humor” argument, his past statements clearly reflect deep-seated feelings against gays. Of course, that probably applies to 75% or more of sports personalities, so it’s no surprise. But it’s something that needs to be addressed in no uncertain terms. Too bad our president agrees with it.

    Comment by ted -

  23. Mark, I don’t agree with everything you say or do – but I will say one thing: As a Kansas City Royals fan, I wish we had an owner who gave a rodent’s posterior about his team, the way you do the Mavs. David Glass could learn a thing or two from you. (BTW, if you see the Royals for sale in a year or two…by all means, put in a bid!)

    Comment by lonelywind -

  24. Mr. Cuban,

    I could not agree with you more!!!! If the media is starting all of this saying people like you and Ozzie Guillen are attention hogs…you only are because the media surrounds you with a camera basically up ass everyday!

    Comment by Kevin -

  25. Mark…nobody cares about you….quit putting yourself over by comparing yourself to Ozzie. He is an coach, and actually makes a difference to his team and winning….you make no difference.

    Comment by ozzy -

  26. As a ‘fag’ I was not offended by Ozzie’s use of the word. In fact, I’m not offended by that word at all. A word or words can not be used to “opress a segment of the population” as someone in an earlier post charged. Words only have the power we assign them, no more, no less.

    Well said, Mr. Cuban! You’re 100% right about a generally LAZY press corps.

    Keep making yourself the story. It’s better than about 90% of the other trash they put on the air!

    Comment by Jason -

  27. The thing I hate, the media is always looking for a colorful quote. And when somebody gives one, everybody jumps on that person for being politically incorrect. But if a player/owner doesn’t talk, they are brooding.

    Believe me. Donald Sterling never does interviews out here and he is ripped for it. You can’t win either way.

    Comment by NFL Adam -

  28. Your comments: I agree with Sujit. Mark, you are THE OWNER of a multi-million dollar organization. Why do people expect you to sit quietly when you see wrongs done to your organization? Do they expect other owners of huge corporations to sit back while while people pick apart what they have built? I think not. As for people ‘sucking up’ I just don’t see that. Sure you have a following…just like many others in your position do. As for the hateful remarks, it amazes me that people can be hateful on here, but given the opportunity, they would freeze like ice if they were to meet you face to face. You just keep being you….you have brought the Mavericks to new highs. Keep up the good work!!!

    Comment by Jennifer -

  29. Nice one Mark. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. One thing I wld like to mention is that folks who get on this blog, write hated comments….just like they vent their hatred towards u on this blog (happens to be the only channel for these idiotic non-MAVS fans btw), this is ur blog where u express ur thoughts/opinions as any other fan would do. Nothing wrong with that, but NBA does’nt see it that way, neither do these non-MAVS fans….coz its no secret….Mark, did u know that u also happen to be the owner of the Mavericks!!
    These ppl just dont realise that come game time….u r just like any other Mav fan or for that matter fan of any professional sports team, who happens to yell at officials, officiating and boo the other team players….nothing wrong with that….but well it so happens that u Mark, own the Mavericks!!
    U write on this blog not as a owner, just like anyone who blogs giving opinions and NBA happens to fine u for ur comments as a fan. If it were to be the same comments made by me….would they fine me too….well the problem is u happen to be the owner of Mavericks who has tons of money!!
    I dont see why ppl hate u so much….in a way I think its a blessing in disguise that u match every dollar of the fine for charity which is the best part of all this….and u still happen to be owner of the Mavericks and of course u dont crave the limelight for the charity work!! Keep up the good work Mark. People forget the bigger picture and tend to make it a personal issue out of it. I see u as a fan first and then as a owner, but glad to have u as the owner of the Mavericks!!

    Comment by Sujit -

  30. The media is feeding the soap opera tabloid mentality of people today, which unfortuantely has invaded the sports world to a greater degree than I would like. The media will always be and has always been obsessed with people who have money and power because they generally have neither, look at it as envy from their perspective, they think they are smarter and should be where you are instead of you being there. The Finals just added another level of attention to that and the media hyped it up for all it was worth, including these idiots in the local press, most of whom are incapable of coherent thought on any subject. You were never the story, the Mavs were and are the story. Just look at it this way, some good playoff Karma is going to be on your side next year, the Mavs have earned it, and I have no doubt you will be there again in the Finals and beating Miami or Detroit next year. The story now is the draft, time to move on.

    Comment by Pete -

  31. I hope the “reporters” in the metroplex (and all over the world) catch on soon, the fans are much more savvy than they realize. We know who the trouble-makers are. We can see through the trash to find the truth. It is incredible how I can watch the same video or live game/news conference these “Jagoffs” are reporting on and see something completely different. (Some folks in the Dallas metroplex actually know what Jagoff means, and it fits some of the local press so well)
    Stay true, Mark Cuban. The fans love you.

    Comment by Pam Hathcox -

  32. Mark Cuben, this is exactly why I like you, always have, always will!

    Comment by Angella -

  33. If what the media has dubbed as unacceptable behavior by you and/or Ozzie, is the worst thing the two of you ever do….Thank goodness!

    Comment by PSand -

  34. Competitiveness. It’s in all of us to some extent, unless you are just a dead worm. Mark, you have a level a success and drive not seen in most people. That can-do attitude and winning at all costs gets you results. Individualism has been around now for a few decades and you are a son of that era as I am. As a nonconformist, you set new rules as to speech and action. Not always popular obviously, but its “you”, nontheless. I understand why some over acheivers act the way they do, but realizing they can be looked at as an example to follow should help to curb the desire to use vulgarity at any level. If curse words aren’t a hurtful type of speech, why isn’t it used in commercials, advertisements, and the like more frequently? It’s because the majority of the population still prefer decency (execpt gang members).
    You are an interesting person, I hope someday you can use your perceptive powers to do something good for mankind in general, like finance my venture to make a alternate powered vehicle that is of my design. Would pull the world out of it’s dependance on nasty crude oil. (That word nasty is used only if you don’t own oil stocks).
    Terry Metz

    Comment by Terry -

  35. ill forgive cuban for his awful Finals behavior as long as he doesnt trade Marquis

    Comment by matt -

  36. Bingo again Mark. Its just the “dumbing down” of America all over again. Why not blame the reader? If they want to read it, that’s their problem. Media needs to blame their readers, not you. Even if you wanted to grandstand, then its up to us, the public to ignore you if we want.

    You keep on doing what you are doing.

    Comment by qtlaw -

  37. Charles Barkley once denied his profound responsibility as a role model. This was a blow to fans who believed Charles was more than a player, he was someone to look up to.
    Media personalities love the attention, but hate the responsibility associated to it. It’d be great if we could just say whatever we want to anyone, in a childish way. But the world is more complex than a simple bball game. It’d be great if the media was solely responsible for broadcasting/writing about the actions of those committing the actions. The actor (funny) is responsible for the outcome as well.
    Life is not built with a bunch of kids cursing on TV or writing about their frustrations. Life is about all of us, striving to see you succeed in an attempt to succeed myself.

    Comment by Marcos Santos -

  38. oh and for the record.. i liked the reality show. Thought it was cool.

    Donald Trump… as a person… is an ego maniac.. but he is who he is.. so I have no problems with it.. But I woould dare say that just because he acts a certain way.. that makes him mature…
    If the media really want him to be a bad seed they could portray him that way. And the general public would follow suit…
    So to compare 2 people like that is not fair.

    Comment by William King -

  39. why do you keep changing your hair color if you do not want to be “the story”?

    Comment by heidi ifft -

  40. Rob, why are you so mad? Bro… he along with most of the other world.. is past the NBA Finals. Move on to next year. The blog is aobut how the media is lazy. I mean do you for one second not think that these guys dont have more than enough free time on their hands? That is why when you cut on ESPN in the morning.. you get to watch back to back to back to back to back (you get the picture) sportcenters…. These guys crave for news.. and when there is no news.. you make news.
    As for the other poster its not about people kissing up to Mark. Hell I have never met him, and probably never will….. Its about.. either agreeing with him or not …. some do you dont… so thats it…
    I refuse to bash you.. because we dont see eye to eye.
    Here is my example.. of needing news.. for the last 2 weeks.. all I hear about in the world cup coverage.. is ronaldo is fat, and out of shape… The media spins all this off of him.. until today.. he breaks the world cup record for goals scored.. now.. they are talking about how great he is….
    Who the hell really cares if the guy is 5 pounds overweight.. in a sport.. where he can burn off that 5 pounds in one match? If the brother likes Mcdonalds.. he likes Mcdonalds….

    Comment by William King -

  41. I happen to be a fan of Both Galloway and Mark. I think the Mavs are what they today because of Mark. And totally agree with Mark on how the media covers him. He is punchline, and the media as non-creative as they are today..and their need to just stick with the story of the Finals..goes off and blames Mark. If any of the Media people read, it is all there in black and white, why people are mad. That is what the media should cover, real stats, real factual data.
    Now if you read galloway’s article on Sunday (Mavs inspire a book of revelations ), you will see even he agrees. The only thing is he says, that Mark needs to be more cautious when he goes against the ref’s and the NBA establishment. Which in my mind is horse$%^@!!!
    GO Mavs, I will root for you and will be over at the AAC today picking my seats like a proud Mavs fan should!!

    Comment by Vash -

  42. too many media outlets, too much time to fill, too many people worried that if they leave out your story, or rant, their editor may get on their case for missing the boat. Best thing to do is back off…that’s just the way it is these day. I used to be a sports writer, covered some bigtime events…you read 12 accounts of a major game the next day and you find almost the same lede, the same take, largely because the writers often talk it over, they get a common theme and go with it…sometimes out of laziness, sometimes out of time constraint…you are nothing more than a flashing sign to the news media…they’ll move on in due time

    Comment by roth -

  43. too many media outlets, too much time to fill, too many people worried that if they leave out your story, or rant, their editor may get on their case for missing the boat. Best thing to do is back off…that’s just the way it is these day. I used to be a sports writer, covered some bigtime events…you read 12 accounts of a major game the next day and you find almost the same lede, the same take, largely because the writers often talk it over, they get a common theme and go with it…sometimes out of laziness, sometimes out of time constraint…you are nothing more than a flashing sign to the news media…they’ll move on in due time

    Comment by roth -

  44. i think most of the media right now covers what the people like to hear and read. it is both politically correct with tabloid in nature. they tell us what is right, how to act in public etc, etc… a few of them would voice out what is really going on, because of the fact that it may damage something. the media should just stick with facts, who cares about opionions, analysis, etc? they should stick with pure news, what’s going on, what the problems are…no biases nor personal agenda.

    Comment by tina -

  45. Mark, you amazingly wrong. You made youself the story (those pictures of you superimposed on Dirk’s body… yea like you can play basketball). You sitting behind the bench (where the cameras always are) acting like a child and your public comments to the media after every loss (just rerun what you say about the refs because it never changes). Grow the _uck up…. Congratulations on making your $$ and making the Mavericks a success (sincerely), but GROW UP for Christ sakes. Ozzie is more of man so he can use grown up words (are you bi-lingual?). Come to think of it you have never made since on anything you have ever said about leadership. Your TV reality show was a JOKE. Donald Trump is more of a man than you… at least he is MATURE. Are you geting my point, stop acting like a child and work your changes in the appropriate places. And Last, Galloway was right… four losses in a row in the NBA Finals is GUTLESS!

    Comment by Rob -

  46. You can’t use these arguments, Mark. I’m sorry, but you do steal the spotlight when you run around screaming like a crazy man, stare down the commissioner of the league, and then curse out reporters. You make yourself the story when you get huge fines. You make yourself the story when you blog about officiating.

    Believe me, I don’t want to see you on TV. I don’t want the media to report all the negative things you bring into the league. But they can’t help it. It’s a morbid fascination.

    Comment by Alex -

  47. Cuban, you are my hero, but the HEAT are my team. Thanks for the FedEx package we received last Friday on Biscayne Blvd.
    D Wade for president

    Comment by Stew Gots -

  48. So your blog entry explanation absolves you of your behavior these past several months? All the public and media have to do is just ignore you? Don’t write about you? Easier said than done when the so-called respectible owner of the Mavericks acts like the Maverick’s cousin: a jackass.
    You are such a petulant child, Mr. Cuban.

    Comment by Mark Gordon -

  49. I haven’t read the other comments, so forgive me if this is redundant. The current news climate is nothing more than entertainment and they print/show what sells. It is a business. If a story sells papers, they will run it into the ground. With news cycles shortened considerably because of things like the internet, we are going to see a lot of beating a dead horse, just from different angles.

    Comment by Matthew -

  50. Question – Do all these fans from other teams have Blogs of their own they can go to? Do the representatives from these opposing teams even offer a Blog? I find this curious, because I find no motive WHATSOEVER to even try to find the Heat’s, Spur’s, or whoever other else’s blog. It’s interesting because these folks profess to hate Mr. Cuban, yet…here they are! They just can’t stay away. It’s like they dis Mr. Cuban for the bad publicity, but isn’t that why THEY’RE HERE?

    Comment by Alma Squillante -

  51. I love it! That was fabulous!

    Comment by Chrsitina Crabtree -

  52. Unbelievably to the point. Being a Piston fan I couldn’t believe how long the coverage of the famous “Brawl of Auburn Hills” was shown. Even into this season. For most of the basketball community, (other than Ron Artest) the news was over about 3 days after the brawl actually happened. The media should add disclaimers that they have actually just become history re-hashers.

    Comment by Jeff Mol -

  53. Most of these people will agree with you on anything you say. If you say the sky is yellow everyone on this blog would agree with you. Maybe their noses are a little brown from kissing your butt. You put yourself in these situations and you love it. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be upfront in your face. I agree with the person who said all you have to say is no comment. How can you be ignored if you are running onto the court yelling like a idiot. Don’t blame the media for reporting your actions that’s what you truly want isn’t it.

    Comment by Marie Salomon -

  54. Craig I agree with you. The media, for the most part is a joke. I have been a whitesox fan since the days of them having Black Jack Mcdowell. That is a ton of years that I had nothing to cheer about. Now they have a manager that makes his guys want to play for him. Those guys(not that they didnt try before) go out and give 110%. He makes bad comments, or maybe has some poor judgement from time to time… but who the hell doesnt. The media (esp. ESPN) has turned into snitches. They lurk in the bushes waiting for people to say something out of line.. so they can plaster it all over the tabloids. I for one am sick of it. If I watch the news.. I want to see news. I dont want to hear about why Brittany Spears is a unfit mother, or why Mark should or shouldnt be on the floor. Its a joke.
    I live by a motto. It’s not the best one.. and a lot of people will not agree with it.. but its my motto.
    It goes something like this… I dont give a frogs fat ass about what people think of me. If I do something to piss you off.. then you should have a conversation with me… If you dont know me.. then dont talk about me. Its simple.. .maybe the media can start reporting actual news.. and leave people alone.
    there is a flipside….
    some people like the attention. Who is to say that if I were in the public eye.. I would not do things to stay on the front page. publicity.. if its good or bad is still publicity. For every guy/girl that says.. (He is wrong for saying or doing those things” there are 20 that say.. “Wow, he doesnt give a damn… “

    Comment by William King -

  55. “Jag off”? in my midwestern upbringing it was “jack off” – as to be master of one’s domain, male version.

    Comment by Don Atello -

  56. Beautiful!

    Comment by Joe -

  57. Personally, I hate the sensationalist media and those that use the media to promote themselves or their superficial causes. During the finals, I like many of my friends got sick and tired of seeing you, Mr. Cuban, in the stands, on the bench hugging players and in the headlines. Part of this is the fault of the media’s predictable efforts to create stories where there are none. Part of this is also your own doing, Mr. Cuban. Which of the two parties played the dominant role is subject to debate. Let’s face it, Mr. Cuban, you are just too interesting a subject to ignore. Like that commercial with Kobe Bryant – people hate you for the same reasons that others love you. The media beast wanted you to be a distraction, so they made you a distraction, in a sense. You are hardly my favorite person in the world, but I do think you have been treated unfairly bythe media. In this world full of lynch mobs, what did you really expect? Relocate the team to Namibia if you think it will help.

    Comment by Colin F. -

  58. “If Ozzie had said Jagoff instead of the word he chose”
    interesting that you phrase it this way, i suppose if you had written the word he said you would become an immediate “part of the story”. Headlines would blare “mark cuban said f…ot!” and the media circus would swing around. It’s a joke because these incidents aren’t really what anyone cares about. Why must the media constantly try and impose their delicate sensibilities on us,seriously everyone knows this language is tame compared to what true “lockeroom” talk is like–hell, for that matter, just real-everyday-everyone’s life “talk” is like.

    Comment by zadoc brown -

  59. Well put.

    Comment by David Bader -

  60. I read Galloway’s column from my honeymoon in mexico and he is such a jagoff. Although like you, I am not quite sure what it means I am sure He epotimizes it. I didn’t get sick of reading about you, since I believe you played a major role in getting us where we are now, I thought it was a legit story line. But then we lose, which is still hard to talk about and all of a sudden people realize that the basketball in the Finals was perhaps what they should have been focusing on. I just found it strange and rediculous that you can write an article about how mad you were about what you had to write your last articles about, nobody forced him to write crap, in fact most papers would rather not print crap. He personally keeps me from subsribing to the Fort Worth Star telegram…what a jagoff.

    Comment by Andrew -

  61. I would agree with your assesment. The media often pins the spotlight on you as you wanting to be, and yet they talk about it and talk about it. They drag out meaningless quotes and videos and then claim that they don’t want to cover it, but must. Although I would rather watch continous clips of you on the sidelines then ever hearing another word about Dywane Wade.

    Comment by Jeff -

  62. Get your Yabba Dabba Cuuuuuban t-shirt and be the envy of your friends.

    Comment by Le Essence de Wrong -

  63. Jagoff, jackoff, (input Ozzie’s word here). This is ridiculous. The only people that are upset about this are white heterosexual writers who are making a big deal of it. I dont see GLAD protesting the sox games. This world (US) has gotten so PC no one can speak thier mind. I like guys like Ozzie, Cuban and I cant believe Im saying this Charles Barkley. They at least have the balls to speak their mind and dont care what others say or FEEL about it.

    We need to grow some backbone. Im still waiting for some actual journalism on the media front. When was the last time you saw an interesting story on the 6 o’clock news? Ill go home tonight, they will talk about the weather, some concert or fair this weekend, the weather again and maybe some crime that happened. This is why people are turing off the TV and going online.

    Comment by Casey -

  64. Could we please have Ben Wallace in Dallas?



    Comment by DemoCat -

  65. You know there are heat fans gloating but look at this. Your team won because the series was rigged , don`t you get it. Hey florida is a state of controversy. First they rig an election now a finals,am i surprised. So miami fans your team is the worst champion in n.b.a history. Of all the champions the The heat cannot match up against any old school champion unless you throw in the houston comets and how long can shaq run around chasing tina thompson as she hits four three pointers. So miami fans unless yourr team is in the wnba it is the worst team in sports franchise history. A terrible supporting cast the best help the had was the refs they forgot dirk was shot over 200 free throws but david stern and his wicked empire because they hate cuban they buried dallas. I saw all the games and mark not only were you cheated but they laughed in your face. Mark take it to supreme court. If steroids can be tested so can cheating. There is gambling in the n.b.a. o and back to the miami sleep, how can you sleep when you know that uor stae and city cheated………..again.

    Comment by justice -

  66. I’m ready for the day when journalists are no more thanks to blogging like this…

    Comment by Jesse -

  67. cuban..don’t change anything u do….i kinda resemble your passion, excuberance (i know i kille d that word) and the desire to win in anything you do to Al Davis…i’m no raider fan, but how can you not respect what al has done for the league and the fans….if i was in the nfl i would love to put on that silver and black…as he always say, “Just Win baby”….keep it up your are the only refreshing change in the nba today as a owner and a guy who doesn’t settle for the norm…kudos

    Comment by sarccastik -

  68. Hello World

    Comment by X -

  69. sorry i just felt like coming through here and saying MIAMI HEAT #1 BABY!! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!! AND WE’LL DO IT AGAIN NEXT YEAR!!!

    White Hot Baby!!

    Comment by white hot -

  70. Mark, I almost lost it when I read your advice on using the term “jagoff.” Also from Pittsburgh, for some reason I smile and laugh every time I hear the word. It cracks me up! I know what someone is trying to say when you use it, the negative tone, but is still makes me smile. The reason the word would have been so perfect for Ozzie. Pittsburgh has taught me so many life lessons and this is another example. My father always says, “What the rich and influential haven’t taught me, the streets of Pittsburgh have.”

    Keep up the great work, I tell people I am the 2nd easiest person to reach, behind only Mark Cuban.

    Heather, my wife, whom you met years ago and I alluded to in a blog post months ago had our first child in January. Bella Jacqueline Bruce, take a look. We were chatting the other night and she wondered if you still know Wayne Atkinson. I told her I would ask.


    Comment by Bryan Bruce -

  71. The media will always talk about subjects that catch people’s attention – thus bringing them increased viewership and more money. Doesn’t everything in the US work that way? It shouldn’t be a surprise that they latch onto what people want to read and milk it for all it’s worth.

    Comment by Nik Papic -

  72. I thought “jagoff” was like “jack-off.”

    Comment by Brent -

  73. I hated the fact Ozzie got all that press because he voiced his opinion about a member of the media. I mean, if Ozzie thinks that Jay Mariotti is a British term for a cigarette, then why should we be in a furvor? Who’s to say that Mr. Mariotti is not a carcinogen, damaging many all in the name of sales? I know that’s a bit of a stretch, but to automatically say “Oh, that’s a homosexual slur” because that’s how it is used around here is a bit discriminatory, isn’t it? I mean, can’t it be plausible that fag means something else where he comes from? Maybe jerk is an unholy term in some other part of the world and yet I am pretty sure I can find it in the New York Times.

    Then again, this is the country where a boob shown at halftime of the Super Bowl causes an uproar while a dress at the Oscars that shows everything but the nipple (and sometimes that pokes out) is not only acceptable, but showcased on the red carpet and can be seen on Extra and Entertainment Tonight. It is interesting how a person’s freedom of speech can be limited.

    Comment by Spencer -


    Comment by Chris P. -

  75. I live in Atlanta – I’m looking for a will to win, a commitment to winning and front office people who know how to spot those prequisites.
    Congratualtions to Mark and the Mavericks – they meet my criteria for a first class basketball team. Miami had Shaq and Pat – between them qazillions of championships. You’ve got to have experienced it to get there.
    Mavericks – next yaer!!

    Comment by Bebe -

  76. I’m not even a Pens fan, but the first order of business under new ownership should be to rehire Mike Lange.

    How in the world an organization could let such an icon of announcing go is beyond me. Rock on, man.

    Comment by Wes -

  77. Well, one thing for sure. You are never boring. So on a slow news week, or whenever the MAVS are in the finals, it is only natural to get a quote. …Because well you just never know what you are going to say and what you are going to do. And that’s fun. That’s real! It doesn’t matter if they call you names. Or if you say a few cuss words. You are only human. And look how far you have come from the old days. Ten years ago there were so many people in Dallas who did not even know we had a basketball ball team! One thing for sure, because of you , everyone knows all about Dallas Mavericks! Everyone! Hang In There! We miss you in Rowlett! The beer is on me! GO MAVS!

    Comment by Rowlett sweetie -

  78. I would like to say though that all the tabloid stories are good for one thing: after a long day at work I like nothing better to turn on E! channel and get the latest doze of brangelina or bennifer or brittney and their latest escapades. My wife asked me what in the world was wrong with me; well you know what…. it helps me decompress. I can watch the ‘crap’ and tune out. I dont need to use my brain anymore. I can actually turn my brain into mush for 15 – 20 minutes. very therapeutic.

    Comment by Jimmy -

  79. Mark, I can appreciate your frustration, but I find your comments are disingenious. There are a lot of ways that you went out of your way to ensure you would get coverage, and it seems ironic that the very monster that helped you earn your incredible wealth (the internet, and the hype/attention/traffic it magnetically attracts), is the now the monster you criticize.

    It would be very easy for you to privatize your issues (and bring issues to the NBA front office quietly and off-the-record), and limit your public exposure to being one of the most supportive, fan-friendly good-for-the-game owners in the today’s NBA. But that’s not the level on which you choose to operate — you choose to berate officials publicly, critize the league openly (especially here on your blog), you choose to leak to TNT that you will be sending a tape of Shawn Marion’s “elbow” to the league in order to get punishment meted out to him, you do public appearances on talk-shows while your team is still fighting for an NBA title, you continually raise the same issues (which only furthers the tabloid-like twist on sports journalism) and then you turn around and blame the media for allowing you to make yourself the story.

    I consider myself an avid follower of the NBA, and I just finished watching the NBA season, the champions ended up being the Miami Heat, which I am sorry to have seen, being a Western Conference supporter — but I tell you this, I have no idea what the name of the Miami Heat owner is, and there is a reason for that, and it isn’t the media’s fault.

    Comment by Cole Harris -

  80. dude i love your continued honesty – more owners should be like you

    Comment by mr lux -

  81. I’m not a fan of reposting comments, however, I wonder why no one addresses this fact:

    “I find it interesting that Jay Mariotti, in his 6.20 Chicago Sun-Times column, got away with calling the Chicago Cubs players “little b****es.”

    There’s been no outcry from women’s groups and, of course, no call by his peers in the media for Mariotti to be fined and/or suspended by ESPN or the Sun-Times.”

    Where are you, people?…How the hell does anyone defend Mariotti at the expense of Guillen?

    Comment by David W. -

  82. PROJECTION is the new american value.

    Comment by KARL ROVE -

  83. I’m pretty sure you care less about what I personally think but since I’m between classes I’ll go ahead and provide you with my opinion.

    I will go ahead and throw out the fact that my all time favorite player is Shaquille O’neal and that I rooted for the Heat to win the NBA championship this season, no matter who it was against… well I take that back, I would of wanted the Nets to win it all.

    With that being said; I’ve always liked you as a business man and as a entrepreneur, I’ve liked what you done in the past years as far as from a business stand point and I can honestly say what you’ve done for the Mavericks organization has been wonderful. I could only wish it was the Nets that you had bought and not the Mavericks.

    You don’t have to be sorry for anything, It’s what you do and people are always going to point you out due to the fact that 90% of the fans in the NBA will mention your name first when the question “Name an NBA owner” comes up.

    Oh yeah, and by the way you and the Mavericks will win a championship soon I can imagine, just after Shaquille retires. 🙂

    Comment by Glenn -

  84. That’s funny! Right on Cuban. It’s because many journalists are one of the many of the blind mass. There aren’t many Howard Roarks now are there.

    Comment by PK -

  85. That’s funny! Right on Cuban. It’s because many journalists are one of the many of the blind mass. There aren’t many Howard Roarks now are there.

    Comment by PK -

  86. Mark – good luck with your interest in the Penguins with Marino. As a Canadian, hockey is THE game and to tell you the truth, I think your approach to professional sports is refreshing to say the least. The NHL could use your attentiveness, especially with officiating. Crosby is from my city in fact. What a lineup of exciting players to mesh together!

    Secondly, I would love to hear what you and Dirk think about the Raptors taking Andrea first in the draft–surely you have seen his tapes. You must admit he is cut from a similar mold as Dirk. Dare I say it is the mold of the future NBA?

    Comment by Jim Dorey -

  87. Mark,


    I hate when people talk shit about you.

    Comment by Teresa -

  88. When you sit down to write, or stand up in front of a microphone, your choice of words is important. I don’t really have that much of a problem with Guillen calling Mariotti a fag or you using jagoff except that you both could do better.

    There are lots of acceptable words that are very insulting and both you and Guillen should be happy to use them.

    If Guillen called Mariotti a lazy, pompous pantload who sits on his ass behind a three walls lobbing insults against men he’s too cowardly to face wouldn’t that have served his purpose and been more fun to boot.

    As for jagoff, it’s fine as far as it goes, but don’t be afraid to say what you really mean, if someone acts like a weasel, call them a weasel. If someone behaves like a candy-ass pansy, call them that.

    Comment by Lindsey -

  89. Mark,
    You know the funny thing about the media is that they always find the stuff that people are going to find amusing not the stuff that people should really care about. The media finds you to be outspoken so they cover you. However, they make you out to be a monster. They’re going to say whatever it takes to make people read it or watch it. It’s always going to have a catchy title to it as well. You and I both know that you have improved the Mavericks franchise over the past several years. Being outspoken can be a good thing.

    I often wonder why the Media isn’t covering James Dolan right now and his outragous demands that he has made to Isiah Thomas to try to improve the Knicks basketball team. He’s not thinking logically about his team, yet he demands that the team be turned around in a “New York Minute”. However, we all know that’s almost an impossible task. It will take more than a year to turn around a team. Anyways, you don’t see the media covering that like crazy. Even with the season over I still am hearing more and more things about you than ever before. I read an article about how you should be banned from the AAC and other arena’s until you calm down. I think “Why?” All your doing is speaking out for us. Your the voice that we as fans don’t have. If I were to voice my opinion the way that you do I’d be out of the game with a nice escourt out of the building.

    People talk trash but none more than the media. I once heard that you can’t believe 90% of what the media says. I believe that because the media always puts their twist on things. Everybody has a “credible whitness” but they are never exposed. I can understand that you would want to be left alone. I would to. Like I said before, the media covers what they want to and they also put a nice spin on things so that it sells. Bad things are what sells. They rather read, “Mark Cuban goes crazy, strangles ref” than “Mark Cuban helps elderly lady across street” any day. There is a song by New Found Glory called “No News Is Good News” that basically says that disaster and others people misery always flood the headlines and it’s true.

    People always say that you whine to much. I say without your whining that the NBA wouldn’t be what it is today. But lets swing things in a different direction. What if the Mavericks won the finals? Would you then be the focus of attention? I doubt that. It’s always focuses on the bad. What it Pat Riley got ticked off? The media would be all over that. The media is saying right now, “Who cares about the Heat? So what if they just won? The real story is that jerk of an owner Cuban.” Not me. I know why they cover you. It’s because your trying to make the best of the game. I mean who wouldn’t. It amazes me how even the fans are catching on to the trend of bashing you. People are cutting you down on your very own blog. With that said, lets flip things around one more time. What it the Heat lost the Finals? People would be bashing the Refs for making bad calls or even better…for rigging the game. The pressure would be on someone else. Someone else would be saying, “Leave me alone”.

    Your right by saying that there are a million other things that the media can cover in the sports community but they choose to cover the outspoken one. When Dirk kicked the ball after the game five loss, I heard about that almost all day the next day. He even got Fined. After game 6 when Dwyane Wade threw the ball up in the same fasion as Dirk I remember wondering if Dwyane was going to get fined for doing the same thing. I waited and waited but it never came. I was thinking, why is it not OK for Dirk to do it, But it’s OK for Dwyane. Was it because Dirk was mad and that Dwyane just won? The media never covered it. The negative always outweighs the positive.

    What I’m really tired of hearing about is that your bringing down the Maverick players moral. What a bunch of bull. I’d bet that the Maverick players are extreamly happy that your on their side. Why wouldn’t they be? I’ll put money out there that says that there are many teams that want you to be with them. Even Phil Jackson and the L.A. Lakers want you. Phil Jackson makes those comments because he’s mad that your not with him. Isn’t funny how people will cut down others if they see that someone has something better… Like a team. Just kidding Phil.

    Well Mr. Cuban, if I had all the answers I would tell you what to do but I don’t so I won’t. I’m sorry that your always being the center of attention for just simple caring for the game that you love so much. There are real jerks out there that want to make you out to be a real jerk. However, we all know that your only standing up for us, the fans, and for that Mr. Cuban…I thank you. Don’t ever give up your job of standing up for your fans. We’ll thank you forever. I know I do.

    Comment by Ryan Crouser -

  90. .
    Is everyone happy with the draft?


    Comment by tiptoe -

  91. The media in general has lost all substance. The way they covered the finals was incredibly repetitive, a inch deep and just plain boring. They make a mountain out of a mole hill at every turn. You look at what the WSJ, LA Times & NY Times did last week by reporting on classified programs AGAIN that impact the National Security of this nation. Whether it be politics, sports, celebrities, etc. the media has lost all substance & integrity, which is why I read a lot of Blogs.

    Comment by Craig -

  92. Just remember this about the media industry: it is for the most part incredibly lazy. They copy each other’s stories over and over and eventually one of them says “look how big this story has become”; and the copying process starts again. Like moths to the flame the lazy media flocks to the stories that are easiest to hype. It would be difficult to copy a story about the inner workings of the Mavs asst coaching staff without it being obvious – its not hard at all to copy a flamboyant owner story.

    Comment by CV Gilkeson -

  93. Theoretically, the media writes stories, produces television, makes movies, etc. geared toward what “they” believe the target audience wants to see, hear and read about. The reality is people are free to disregard any of the crap they don’t care about and watch, read, etc. what they do care about. I find that the big three networks fail to provide any programming (other than sports) that I care to watch, so I don’t. I either watch something on the satellite I do care about, rent a movie that I want to see, read a book I am interested in, or spend time with my family doing what we want to do, regardless of whatever blather the “media” chooses to talk about.

    I read this blog because I am interested in your comments and insight and what others have to say in response, just as I watch the Mavericks because I find them entertaining. If people don’t care to read or hear about something, most will eventually stop and some will even complain to the media about it. Eventually, it will no longer be covered.

    To make a long story short, when people stop caring about what you, Mark Cuban, do and say then the media will stop covering it. Of course, overexposure often kills interest anyway.

    My $0.03 worth (inflation)

    Comment by Tony -

  94. Once again Mark, it’s always someone else’s fault with you. The refs fault you lose, the league’s fault there are bad calls, the media’s fault that your negative exploits are highlighted. Outrageous and trashy behavior will always be covered because that is what this country craves and the media knows that. Many of your actions fall into the same category of interest as Cops or Girls Behaving Badly. Are your outrageous actions not designed to attract attention?

    Comment by Jeremy -

  95. THANK YOU!!!!! I live in Chicago and I am so sick of hearing about Ozzie-gate and the 3 letter word. This is yet another reason I dislike the media and your response is yet another reason Chicago would love you as an Owner of one of our teams 🙂

    Comment by Ken Dobbe -

  96. It is funny how many people can read this and not understand the point you are trying to make. The column isn’t about accepting or deflecting responsibility, what are “good” derogatory terms or “bad” derogatory terms, etc.

    The point is that the media have 100% control of what stories they present to the public. If they are against “someone making themselves ths story” or complain about the focus during a given event not being where it should be, then they can simply redirect their focus. Period. End of sentence.

    Cuban, Ozzie, etc. can no more make themselves the center of a story than I can. The editors, producers, etc. have complete control of the content they distribute. If they have a problem with the direction coverage of an event has gone, then they simply have to look themselves in the mirror to determine the cause. The only place Cuban can make himself the focus of the coverage is on this blog.

    Comment by john -

  97. Mark,

    The media isn’t in business just to write valid news stories. You’re a businessman and you of all people should know that the media is in business to MAKE MONEY! No one enjoys writing stories about Paris Hilton. No one likes Paris Hiltion. But people love reading about her crap.

    Im not comparing you to Paris Hilton, but its the same idea. You’re different and new as far as NBA owners go. That makes you good media. It makes you interesting media. And most importantly, it SELLS.

    I wouldn’t expect it to end unless you plan on wearing a pinstripe suit and sitting in the owners box with your mouth closed for the remainder of your ownership. Don’t do that.

    Screw the media. If you let them get under your skin then they win and you lose. Let them write whatever they please. Keep being open, provide the other side of the story and let the public choose.



    Comment by CR -

  98. I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment.

    My only complaint with Ozzie is his denial of knowing what that word meant in English and reverting to the “in my country” line. Unfortunately for Ozzie, he passed the US citizenship test and therefore this is his country, and besides he’s been in the US just as long as he had in his original country.

    Comment by Kristin -

  99. You are in a no-win situation, Mr. Cuban. If you elude the media, try the “no comment” line, become a little more invisible, you will be accused of avoiding the media and they will chase you more. It is human nature to want what is denied you.

    If you present yourself to the media, talk to them, are open with them, you will be accused as you have been of trying to “become the story”. Being a glory hound.

    You will never win because they change the rules mid-stream. Hell, they don’t even know what the rules are or what they really want. Actually, let’s face it. Isn’t it a matter of them having something to turn in to their bosses at the end of the day?

    I think you’re doing great. I’m sure people reading my comments already think I’m a suck-up. Do I care? nah…. I follow my own drummer and she plays the congas! 🙂

    You are doing all you can do – being yourself. Wouldn’t it all drive you crazy if you didn’t do just that?

    your fan,
    alma squillante, now in corpus christi TX
    (my blog is a modest, small, barely noticed one)

    Comment by Alma Squillante -

  100. Very well thought out, although you are not as third world friendly as Bradgelina….I think you are more Tom Cruise

    Comment by Erik -

  101. So, Mark. If you don’t want to be in the media spotlight, why do you blog about being in the media spotlight?

    Comment by Paul -

  102. Hey Mark:

    The media keeps talking about you because you are the kind of guy we want to hear about. Everyone that reads this blog wants to hear about you because we love a person who just says what he feels and does not second guess himself. With you it is always the honest truth! Dude just keep on annoying the damn media, they drive us all nuts!!!!

    Comment by Michol Sala -

  103. Sounds exactly like what my 12 year old son says when called on the carpet (“Why are you picking on ME?) Except that Cuban takes much more time and space to do it.

    Comment by Eugene Brice -

  104. A billion dollars buys a lot of insulation. People can say a lot of thing about you and you have the luxury of responding or ignoring it because you have the control the money brings.. Not everyone has the luxury of insulation from the cold hard world you do, and some people are in danger out there. Somewhere in Chicago someone with a chip on their shoulder heard the words spoken by a “role-model” and used their warped logic to continue to believe that other people think the way they do.The illogic goes like this, “If Ozzie can call someone a fag, well then so can I.” So when someone gets in his way, or doesn’t dress then same, or simply admits to something out loud, they become a target. You don’t feel the fear that word brings Mark, you’re safe. I agree with the point your making Mark, the cameras don’t have to be pointed at you or anyone else, the stories don’t have to be written and promoted across the country. If Ozzie had used a different word, the N word for example we would expect this kind of response. So why not put “fag” in the same category? Let the people out there looking for justification know, that it’s hard to find. Leaders of men, and in this era our coaches and you as an owner are leaders of men do not support this kind of thinking. 40 million TV sets carried that mans opinion of how easy it is to say that word to 80 million ears, and some people shuddered and some people grinned. Thanks for the forum, keep it up.

    Comment by Cyrill -

  105. It is like Brittney Spears. She whines about the media coverage invading her personal space but then does a TV interview to further fan the fire.

    Mark, if you really want to get off the front page, I hear Dennis Rodman is looking for a job.

    Comment by Steve -

  106. Mark,
    Your blog has changed my opinion of you. This entry in particular (among others — corporate ho comes to mind) show incredible insight which belies the media’s portrayal of you as a boorish publicity hound. Keep it up!

    Comment by Mike -

  107. Mark,
    I was actually more than a little surprised to read this from you. Granted, I don’t know you. My perception of you (from the media) is that you seek this kind of publicity. Its great PR, and usually free. In this day and age where the media has mastered the “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality, anything out of the ordinary is going to grab headlines. Who wants to read Joe Torre give his standard response to questions he’s been asked 5000 times? If Mark Cuban is going to be controversial, then let’s listen to what he has to say. And if you just happen to be a young, hip owner who wears his passions on his sleeve, then you have to expect to garner this kind of attention. After all, you’re swimming against the current. Again this is my perception, and I am limited by your exposure to the media in forming that perception. Frankly, unless you tell me differently, I have always thought of the Mavericks’ owner as well….a Maverick!

    Comment by David -

  108. The media loves you because they can manipulate the truth. You speak it so they choose to manipulate your image My mom and I have had disagreements over what ‘the real story’is but I read your page and she doesn’t. The media manipulates everything until it becomes a story and then those the story is about are either left to do damage control or ignore their idiocy for one more day.

    I wish that another station that was impartial or west-based had carried the Finals. Maybe then, there would have been more attention and praise given to The Mavs for how far they went last season (kind of weird to say ‘last season’ still but I’ll get used to it) Hello! You all made it to the Finals… a first in franchise history. That says something, doesn’t it? You all went where no Mavs team went before… but still they have to concentrate on you and make stuff up or miss the point entirely.

    It’s a sick sad world indeed…


    Comment by Rebeccalee Coventry -

  109. not being native pittsburger, but moving there for school about 6 years ago… i did not know what the mysterious “jagoff” meant either… but I use it now often… i enjoy it, and a relatively-PC insult is always needed in the business world : )

    Comment by Niki -

  110. If you don’t want to be part of the story, don’t talk to the media. A simple “No comment.” will suffice.
    You bring all this upon yourself and then you complain about it. Grow up.

    Comment by Ted Marston -

  111. The press waited patiently for you do do something that would make “good TV” and they got what they wanted. I am just like you – I just want to watch the damn GAME. I don’t need the fluff. I hope you don’t change for “them” and I also think you are good for the NBA.

    On another note…Zo is a free agent. He was an absolute monster under the basket. Did you ever think to yourself during the last game “What if we had this guy or a guy like that on our team?”. I think they outcome may have been different. No free passes to the hoop no more. You guys are sooo close.


    Comment by Mike - West Palm Beach -

  112. .
    “So i have a question for the media. If you dont want a person to be “the story”, then why do you write or talk about it ?” Agreed.

    “I will be Bradgelina.” Exactly what I was thinking as I read this.


    Comment by tiptoe -


    Comment by Matt Stohner -

  114. I don’t like the comparison of you with Ozzie. Yes, the media are sluts and they go for the most juicy story they can find and then blame the subject for making the story, or wanting to be an attention whore. You’re absolutely right.

    But! If you called someone a “fag” to the media, I would think less of you. As of now I am 100% behind you, you are one of the best things to hit the NBA since Jordan, along with Shaq and…? If you called a reporter, a ref, a player, a coach or any human being a “fag” to the media, I would lose a lot of respect for you. If you and I were hanging out drinking a beer down at the bar and you said that, I’d probably laugh my ass off. Sarcasm is a fine line that you walk on but can never cross. So I know I am on a tangent here, but please don’t compare yourself to Ozzie, you are 90% nothing like him.

    First time writer, long time reader, love your blog man. And I don’t have a favorite NBA team, I live in Virginia. Peace

    Comment by Andy -

  115. i like your style, i like the way you interact with your players and fans. keep up the good work.

    Comment by Leif Martin Peña -

  116. good writing, good point…

    Comment by greg -

  117. I think Cuban put it the best. The Finals were last season…


    Spurs = ’07 World Champions 🙂


  118. I could not agree more! The Ozzie story was blown out of proportions by the media. The comment was made off the record. It is outrageous MLB will fine Ozzie. Where is his freedom of speech? What makes it worse is that the story won’t die. What happened? Did the newspapers find something which will sell papers?

    Leave Ozzie alone to do his job. He won one World Series, but the newspapers are not happy enough. They want to beat him down every day. Why?

    I’m a sports fan, and I want to read about what my team does. But I’m getting sick of reporters who think they are writing in the editorial section. I don’t want the reporters opinions.

    We’re becoming too PC of a nation where nobody can’t speak their opinion. So what if Ozzy uses the word fag to describe the reporter? I think the reporter is a fag. And a jagoff too.

    Comment by Tom -

  119. I do agree that you are looked at in a bad light. The TNT guys made a great comment during the playoffs about your prominense on the sideline. They said “He looks at the Mavs like any of his other businesses. He wants to be hands on with his business.” I personally think you’ve done a great job with the Mavs. Someone needs to be the example. I also know your blogsite is for your comments and comments of other people but I think most of the comments on here are pretty rediculous. I understand why you took the comment section off a couple blogs ago. No one really has any comments worth reading. Who do you think would be the scape goat if you werent the most PROMINENT owner in the NBA? I personally think the NBA would be boring.

    Comment by William Lockley -

  120. Joe and Brett, I couldn’t have said it any better. Mark, you’re wrong here. I know you’d never admit it, matter of fact I don’t think you’ve ever been wrong in “your world”. What Ozzie did was way out of line and action needed to be taken. There are way too many people here with some serious billion-dollar man crushes that think you do no wrong, how sad. You’ve done a great job getting the Mavs back to respectability, but it hasn’t been a flawless process… unless you live in “Mark’s world”.

    Comment by Richard -

  121. I do agree that you are looked at in a bad light. The TNT guys made a great comment during the playoffs about your prominense on the sideline. They said “He looks at the Mavs like any of his other businesses. He wants to be hands on with his business.” I personally think you’ve done a great job with the Mavs. Someone needs to be the example. I also know your blogsite is for your comments and comments of other people but I think most of the comments on here are pretty rediculous. I understand why you took the comment section off a couple blogs ago. No one really has any comments worth reading. Who do you think would be the scape goat if you werent the most PROMINENT owner in the NBA? I personally think the NBA would be boring.

    Comment by William Lockley -

  122. Mark,

    Please buy the Cubs. Please, please, please buy the Cubs. Save us…

    Comment by Matt -

  123. Mr. Cuban,

    Please save the pirates!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Gregg -

  124. I just recently started reading your articles and loved this one. You could not have stated it any better.

    Comment by Jane -

  125. OK, and why is there no one talking about the fact that for the first time in Mavs history, Mavs made it to the finals? I think the Mavs deserve a lot more than what the media is offering! Mavs leadership and players exceeded all expectations in that regard! Lets keep focused shall we?

    Comment by Mitchell -

  126. mark – you ought to realize that those that sound the loudest, act the craziest and say the most outrageous things will get ceaseless coverage. Once you develop a reputation for having a camera put in your face then it never ends. Outrageousness sells. Call it the paparazzi effect. By the way part of being in a leadership position is being a leader 🙂

    Comment by Shake -

  127. SO FUNNY!!!!!

    Years ago in Junior High School, we used to call each other “jags” and “jagoffs”. No one ever really knew what it meant, if it meant anything at all…we just knew it sounded a little bad and we could say it without being put in Detention or some other form of punishment.
    It’s just funny to come across the word we thought WE made up and that’s why I’m leaving this comment…I think I may start using it again instead of some of the other choice words I’ve learned over the years.

    Comment by Lisa -

  128. you just rule……

    Comment by formerroadie -

  129. couldn’t agree more with you Mark. I’ve never understood that either. However, that’s the beauty of the blogosphere and other non main-stream media outlets. It gives all of us an opportunity to make our case and the people who are really interested will look to get both sides of the story. It’s not completely fair, but hopefully it will one day keep them more honest.

    Comment by Brad -

  130. In the new world of journalism?? it’s not about the story it’s about who can report something first. Doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, just who can say “We reported this first”. US old folks can remember back in the day before the internet and cable TV and 24 hour sports reporting. If a network or a newspaper broke a story first it got some real props and the other networks or papers could not respond until the next day or the next news cycle.
    If you combine this attitude of being first with the degradation of the news coverage to what I call “gotcha” journalism, it is easy to see why reports such as the one in Miami about your alleged comments to Mr. Stern are published. Not only was it a “gotcha” column, but the reporter could claim that he was first. As you, and all of us well know, the retraction never is above the fold.
    I like to think that if I could afford to own a sports franchise I would be just like you:involved, caring and a fanatic fan.
    As a favorite uncle of mine always said, Illegitimi Non Carborundum.

    Comment by Michael Genette -

  131. Jagoff:

    Note: Don’t read the link around little kids, or other immature people. 😉

    Comment by Dan Flemming -

  132. Mark (Mr. Cuban?), you are exactly right about this. The reporters want to talk about you or else they wouldn’t. The ones who complain about you being a story are either a) playing the “disgruntled journalist” schtick or are b) lazy news readers repeating someone else’s schtick/editorial as if it were news.

    The large news companies constantly ignore HUGE stories in every category (politics, religion, business, sports, all of them). It is virtually impossible to make yourself a story if the news companies don’t want to talk about you.

    For instance, during a presidential candidate debate in 2004, the Libertarian Party candidate was arrested while trying to enter the building to serve a judge’s paper stating that he should be part of the debate. Regardless of the validity of his actions, his motivations, or anything else that we would say “but he…” about, that is news. If getting arrested trying to bust his way into a presidental debate didn’t “make himself a story”, then nothing you have done would make you the story if those journalists didn’t want to write about you.

    Comment by sirshannon -

  133. Rather than covering you they should focus on the game and the players. Maybe the reason they cover you is you are the only owner that goes to games and is passionate and supportive for the team. Rather than the old farts that sit in the suites and act like they care for the players. Go mavs!

    Comment by Ana -

  134. ESPN Radio got it right this morning:

    – A sports professional uses one word, off the record, in the locker room, and the media goes nuts and comments on it like The Four Horsemen are bearing down on us.

    – A sports professional hits his wife twice in the head in public and the media treats it like “ho-hum-yawn” business as usual.

    An argument could be made if Ozzie’s insultee provoked the verbal attack, as there are no innocents in a peeing contest, but no one deserves to be treated like that woman (and what’s happening to her at home?).

    Journalists are just now ganging up on the abuser, but it’s too late. To wait so long and not display the same amount of fiery rage and passion is hypocritical and pathetic.

    It’s not hard to see why folks like Mr. Cuban, Mr. Rodman, Ms. Spears and Ms. Jolie have nothing but contempt for many members of the mainstream media.

    Could we have a little common-sense-based prioritization amongst reporters? Please don’t watch while I laugh (or barf).

    Comment by Bob -

  135. I think many people by now have heard about the rule of thumb that there are no people in the press that hate the subject they cover more than sports reporters. they fancy themselves serious writers with great intellect, yet nobody ever asks them about their opinion on world peace etc, it’s always “how about them yankees”. so they end up detesting the very subjects they’re “forced” to cover. couple that with the press’ overbearing need to keep their fake storylines intact and you get comments like “that Cuban is making himself the story again”. they have no interest in evolving stupid narratives like “oh that crazy mark cuban…”, because filing that report is just good enough to beat the deadline, cash a paycheck and retain a sense of superiority. you think Cuban’s an interesting guy? wanna know more about him? good luck piecing that together out of the skewed coverage…

    Comment by dre -

  136. Do those “men” on entertainment tonight and all those other celebrity news shows feel kinda “jagoff-ish” when they describe what kind of dress and shoes Angelina jolie is wearing? You could not pay me enough to do that.

    Comment by Bryan -

  137. Amen

    Comment by Ross -

  138. My mistake that is faggot “bundle of sticks” fag is the term used to describe a cigaret by some of our European friends.

    I probably shouldnt make light of the situation, but its tough when Mr. Cuban is right alot of things get blown out of proportion with everyone trying to be PC now adays.

    Comment by Terance Emory -

  139. The reality of these situations is that Ozzie and sometimes Mark are regular people who say regualr things….I call my friends “fags” but it doesnt mean they are homosexuals….I call my friends niggas….but it doesnt mean they are black or a gangster….Just as much as we are PC today we are also all hypocrites…we say things like that because they are “taboo- licious” we say them because we arent supposed to….we say them for effect or to be funny or to be coy…Just like i am a cracker ass cracker and a cock sucker…does it mean that I actually am????….why can you have brown pride or black pride and its ok but if you have white pride you are a racist?…It is all part of the world we live in today….everyone wants to make a story out of nothing and nothing out of a story….gotta deal with it

    Comment by Mike -

  140. I thought fag meant a bundle of sticks.

    Comment by Terance Emory -

  141. sorry, but “jagoff” and “fag” have different meanings and different histories behind it. i agree with the idea that journalists and editors have a bigger say in what is “news”, but to say that all ozzie did was use a word that some people got upset with is not completely correct. ozzie used a slur that historically been used to oppress a certain segment of the population. this is analagous to someone using the n-word to describe an african-american. no matter where you fall on the morality of homosexuality, the fact is, it’s 2006 and it’s much more acceptable to be gay than it used to be. just like it’s much more acceptable to be black than it used to be. so to say that when a coach of a major sports franchise in a major US city with a sizable GLBT population is not news, that’s just one point of view. but for a lot of people who care about GLBT equity in the US, it is news. bad news, but news nonetheless.

    however, when it comes to mark cuban and the mavericks, the easiest thing to solve the “mark cuban is the story” angle is for the mavs to win a ring. everybody loves a winner. even the myopic press who have nothing better to write about. unfortunately, that’s not possible when defenders referees don’t allow any mavericks within twenty feet of dwyane wade. it’s gotten so bad that today, i got called for a foul for facing east towards the general vicinity of miami and wade. two shots and the series. MFFL!

    Comment by Bob -

  142. As a Picksburger, I know you know what a jagoff is, but you are right that no one else around N.Texas will. Excellent choice. The 24/7 news machine must be fed. People who are larger than life will be a story in that environment. The news hounds who would rather cover something else are embarrassed by the needs of their hungry machine and therefore blame the subject of their story. You just keep doing what you’re doing. I love what you have done for the Mavs and I love that you are from the ‘Burgh. Thanks for wearing Ben’s jersey on Letterman. Go Stillers!

    Comment by Blaine Hinds -

  143. Mr. Cuban, I just heard that you might join a group to buy the Penguins. Pleeease! I’m a die-hard Stars fan, but after living in PA for 11 yrs, the Penguins are my second favorite team, and you would be the perfect person to save them. I love what you’ve done with the Mavs. I’m not even a big NBA fan, but you make me pay more attention to the Mavericks- it’s just what Pittsburgh needs!

    Comment by Terri -

  144. What pissed me off wasnt necessarily the reporting but the false reporting. The Miami Herald lied twice and got away with it give or take those who read your blog and listened to David Sterns comments.

    Comment by Douglas Lang -

  145. Agree agree agree. The other day I noticed some of the NFL preseason magazines with Terrell Owens on the cover. (disclaimer: I love TO) These same magazine articles complain that TO makes himself the story. But, he sells magazines. They can’t have it both ways. Keep it up, TO, Ozzie, and you Mark. You make sports worth enjoying, the whole lot of you.

    Comment by highlifer -

  146. When they say “you’re making yourself the story,” they’re referring to all the crap you pull to get attention. Dissing David Stern and the officiating publicly, pretty much saying whatever’s on your mind (no matter how ridiculous or off-base it may be), going on Letterman and proclaiming victory with still two more wins to go – these are all examples of you “making yourself the story.” You’re all over the place. Notice how all of the other owners operate behind the scenes, solving any dispute they may have with David Stern privately. So instead of whining about the media and ripping on journalists, maybe just try to keep you mouth shut – just see how long you can go without using the press that you scorn to advance your agenda. And by the way, calling someone a fag, or telling a reporter to f— off is wrong. That reporter was just trying to get your thoughts on the loss, and you, in your typical “making yourself the story” fashion, responded with a cruel remark. Way to go Mark, we’re all very impressed. Keep up the good work. I look foward to seeing you in the paper again and again in 2006-2007.

    Comment by Ben -

  147. I’m pretty sure it’s actually “Brangelina”.

    Comment by Matthew Maroon -

  148. You should know how the media works now they cover stories that make money and that get ppl to come back to the channel after the commericals and then the commericals are directed at a certain audience, so heres my suggestion Mr. Cuban why dont you try starting your own channel i know you have the money i mean you may be purchasing the penguins so why not think about it…

    Comment by dbzac -

  149. Gosh, Mark. What an incredible title for your new blog. “I’m sorry for what I make you cover” We all know (including you) that the media is all about sensationalism. Standing in the tunnel after game 5 and dropping f-bomb after f-bomb is a story. You Mark, are a representative of the NBA. Your antics are brodcast all over the world because you chose to curse at the reporters. You chose to send video images to the NBA office. You choose to sit on or near the bench for every game. You chose to wear a Stack jersey. (even during the Phoenix series you compained instantly about a Marion elbow) You chose to demoralize Dairy Queen employees. These are all things that you chose to do. They are easily avoidable. DON’T DO THEM! Forrest Gump said it best, “stupid is as stupid does” Don’t blame the media. Blame yourself. Out of sight, out of mind. Be careful what you wish for Mark.

    Comment by randy -

  150. Be carefull what you ask for…. You just might become ingored. Wouldn’t that be a worse fate for you?

    Comment by Chad Murphy -

  151. You are brilliant darling. Don’t ever change for anyone.

    After watching sport owners of every ilk sit up in the clouds rather than deal with the riff raff, it was refreshing to see one with a pulse and some heart. Todays media includes a report you wish to take on the Penguins. As a life long hockey fan, I cannot wait to see you shake up the NHL.

    Comment by Lea Hamilton -

  152. Haha, I can’t stand Mariotti either. That guy hates the Mavericks. If you ever watch that show he hasn’t ever said one good thing about the mavs, or given them any type of respect for being a contender. Ozzie put it perfectly when he called him fag. Damn press, I can’t believe the MLB is making him go to sensity training for that. Oh well, Sox are still kicking some major ass right now. Probably just good motivation for his squad.

    Comment by Tim -

  153. Mr. Cuban-

    As a Rockets fan who gets tired of hearing from/about you, I thought this recent post was ironic, as I was trying to explain to my Maverick fans from Houston why you get on my nerves during the NBA finals. Not to get all Chuck Klosterman on you, and not to speak for the masses who find themselves irritated with your ubiquitous presence on ABC/ESPN/TNT during the NBA season, but I’ll give it a shot explaining it.

    First, you’re opinionated. That isn’t your fault, and it’s not even a problem. I’m opinionated and I think pretty highly of myself. Charles Barkley’s opinionated, and I could listen to him for hours. Kornheiser and Wilbon are opinionated and I love to listen to them. Stephen A. Smith is opinionated and I can’t stand him, though I haven’t put my finger on why I dislike him so much. The problem is more that not many people in your position are opinionated, and in today’s culture of sound bites, and “110%” standard answers, no one gives their honest perspective on anything. So whenever someone opinionated comes along, i.e. Charles Barkley, they receive an inordinate amount of attention.

    The problem is with the Media’s coverage of your opinions. The media is right when they talk about how you are a “fan.” That’s what you are. You’re a fan of the Mavericks who happens to own the team. The problem is, your opinions are the opinions of the fans– not of objective, but opinionated, observers (i.e. Barkley, Kornheiser, Wilbon, the reprehensible Stephen A. Smith). There are thousands of people calling into Dallas radio talkshows with the same opinions as you, no more insightful or objective or relevant, despite the fact they don’t own the team. But because you’re in the position you’re in, the media’s around, and no one else will give an honest opinion on anything, they turn to you. And you provide.

    The comparison I keep coming back to is why I kept cheering against Bode Miller in the Olympics. The media covered everything he said only because he was opinionated. “Lance Armstrong’s definitely doping.” Is Bode Miller a doctor now? Has he even met Lance Armstrong? Why is this news? I resented him for being in a position where they’d report on whatever he said, despite the fact he had nothing new, insightful, or significant to say about the topic at hand. And I found myself cheering against him. I’ve heard your opinions from all my Maverick fan friends, and everyone on talk radio. It’s nothing new.

    I respect you as a business man, and turning the Mavericks around, that’s no easy feat. Before you came to Dallas, when we Houstonians were taunted by Cowboys fans about the Oilers ineptitudes and soul-crushing defeats, we could always say, “Yeah, laugh all you want, you still have the Mavericks.” We can’t do that anymore.

    I don’t think in the beginning you were making yourself a part of the story. I think your team needed publicity any way they could get it. But now that you know how the media’s going to react, and your team has gotten the publicity you wanted, you continuing to feed this never-ending cycle of media coverage, you can’t blame it on anyone else. You feed into it as much as anyone.

    Good luck in the draft tonight, even though we certainly need it far more than you do.


    A Rockets fan.

    PS- Can I have a job? Or be your benefactor or something? I’ve been thinking about journalism school…

    Comment by Jordan -

  154. I like how my post was taken down about Cuban and his supporters being extremely childish. Looks like someone can’t take the truth.

    Comment by Al -

  155. I think several people commenting here have the right idea, one of them being Mark Cuban. It’s a shame that other owners aren’t as passionate as Cuban. If Mavs fans are taking on the mold of their owner, then they are taking on the mold of an owner who is passionate about his team. Somehow this is a bad thing? Bad calls are bad calls, and when the majority of the country agrees that they are bad calls, that is not whining. Mavs fans are the best in the league. Next year, I encourage them to chant this at Spurs-Mavs games: GROSS SPURS GROSS!

    Comment by John Flinchbaugh -

  156. It is senseless to complain about what the media reports. It is no major revelation that the media thrives on controversy. The real problem is us. We have become a nation of whiners. We whine when we’re not treated right, we whine when get mad, we whine when our whining gets called out… ENOUGH ALREADY! It is very hypocritical to denounce people as being overly “PC” and sensitive, yet bitch about how the media portrays you (or Ozzie). If you want the right to call people a faggot, at least be man enough to accept the outrage that might come with it. If you want to excercise your right to constantly suggest NBA ref conspiracy theories, then be man enough to take the obvious backlash. Everyone wants to throw stones, but nobody wants to get hit with one.

    Comment by Jim -

  157. The way I see it — it’s a two way street. It’s the media’s choice when they report your every move…and it’s your choice to put yourself in those situations in the first place.

    The rules of the game (the media game, that is) have changed in recent years. If you have no problem with what they’re doing, keep doing what you’re doing. If you have a problem with what they’re doing, or the new rules of the game, it’s your choice to take a step back and change the way you handle yourself in public, or work to change the rules of the game.

    Comment by David -

  158. Any of you guys ever watch Mariotti on “Around the Horn?” Okay, maybe “fag” wasn’t a great word to use around a reporter – but if he had called him a “wuss” instead (or even “pussy”), how the hell wrong was he? This is a “journalist” who talks a lot of shit on TV but doesn’t have the stones to go to the clubhouse & say it face to face.
    I’ll say it here – that’s a first-class pussy.

    Comment by Charlie Germano -

  159. Sorry, Joe, I think I mis-read your post…

    Comment by Ryan Downey -

  160. If you’re reffering to the Stack incident, you are an idiot..he was going for the ball, which is quite a reach on Shaq.

    By the way, it’s okay that Shaq smacked Dirk in the chops and broke Stack’s nose, huh…

    Kick him off the team…give me a break…the NBA did that for one game, dumbass.

    Comment by Ryan Downey -

  161. Until you kick a player off the team for not throwing an elbow in Shaq’s grill, you won’t equal what Ozzie is doing at the ballpark.

    Comment by Joe Corey -

  162. mark,
    turning comments back on is something I can respect you for. thanks.

    Comment by doug -

  163. Your assessment of the media is absolutely correct. Additionally, I found it interesting that Jay Mariotti, in his 6.20 Chicago Sun-Times column, got away with calling the Chicago Cubs players “little b****es.”

    There’s been no outcry from women’s groups and, of course, no call by his peers in the media for Mariotti to be fined and/or suspended by ESPN or the Sun-Times.

    Comment by David W. -

  164. Please buy the Penguins.
    It’s funny how things work out. I was born and raised in Philly, but to this day I can’t stand that city. I went to boarding school in New England, where my father grew up, and finally got to root for my real home team (being a Boston fan in Philly wasn’t always fun). I always had a soft spot for Pittsburgh and rooted for the Pens since I was seven. Now I am married and live in my wife’s hometown, Dallas. Let me just emphasize the difference between a winter in Vermont and a winter down here: about 60 degrees f.
    Mr. Cuban, I urge you to buy the Pens. They need a future and an owner like you. Its the best time to buy them now anyway… have you seen their rookie line-up? You’re going to make another fortune. They need the publicity that you bring.
    Oh btw don’t kid yourself sir. You know why you get on the news. You know that the media is just like any other business. Is it hypocritical sometimes because the nature of true journalism and making a profit (you know, the goal of every corporation) don’t go hand in hand? Yes, but it shouldn’t shock you.

    As for Ozzie? Come on. His team is in a heated division race which will have an impact in September. The guy is screaming obscenities and other non-sense from his bully pulpit. He doesn’t decline interviews and welcomes the media. He wants to be the center of attention and as we established before…the media being a corporate entity welcomes controversy and public stupidity (synonymous in Ozzie’s case). It takes two and by golly they are in bed together!
    Mr. Cuban, would you use the “n” word to describe someone in public? No. You wouldn’t because that would hurt your image, which would in turn hurt anything you have to do with. It would hurt your money. There is a difference though. Fag is not “n”. Oh no doubt, “fag” is a controversial word but compared to the nuclear weapon that is the “n” word… fag barely musters the strength of a smart-bomb. You seem like a nice guy. yes, being PC is becoming an extreme… but thank God, you are a rich white male without any physical or mental handicaps (regardless of what some people on this journal might think). There is no racial, sexual-orientation, or physical ailment, derogatory word to describe you and hence it is easier for someone like you to dish out controversy. But if you had a son who were gay, I’d bet the few dollars and cents I have that you would be very selective with what words you use.

    If you just want a summary of what I wrote and don’t want to read my op/ed about the media and you its this:
    BUY THE PENGUINS! please 🙂

    Comment by John Limberakis -

  165. Again media… Mav, your posts make me think you hate it more then anything in this world

    Comment by Michael -

  166. AI mentions that it’s like giving 2 million & a basketball team to a 12 year old. Isn’t it amazing to see what a “child” can do when they are not bound by the restraints of the adults programmed mind.

    Comment by Jeff Mol -

  167. Dear Mr. Cuban:

    About the NBA fines —

    I saw you, your wife, and young daughter on ’60 Minutes.’ Like every protective father of a daughter, you promise multiple investigations into the backgrounds of anyone that she considers dating.

    With a thousand respects for your accomplishments — what would you think of a future beau of your daughter, who ran onto basketball courts and yelled and screamed at officials?

    I doubt that your initial reaction would be positive.

    Just something to think about. As they say, “today can be the first day of the rest of your life.”

    Comment by C.A. -

  168. lets face it, there’s only so much coverage you can do for sports … its pathetic how the sports media over analyzes every little thing .. get a life

    Comment by Yasir -

  169. I have to say this, not because it’s something that others and you do not know, but because there are people that are moronic and need to have this information in front of them. And not that they care, but just so that it is in their faces anyway – Smart people soak up negativity, not as a painful memory but as a priceless lesson. Smart people will take the information from the negativity you (the morons) show to hard working, well meaning people and they use it to educate other smart people the different scenarios of life. Your negative and very insignificant opinions will only reflect on your poor, sloppy and pathetic life that wont go anywhere … orrrrrrrr .. if you are accomplished (by a freak of nature occurrence), I am sure you are a joy to live with and your “wonderful” aura “betters” everyone’s life. But all have a right to an opinion. I personally chose to notice the good things that people do. When you are sitting there throwing shots at people like Cuban, they are the ones giving to charities that YOU benefit from. They are the ones that give you the venue to write something on THEIR boards and give you SOMETHING/ANYTHING to talk about. They are the ones working hard, making things happen. While we sit here and babble on. Even though we are not here trying to be saints, I believe that when people provide us with positive things, we shouldn’t whine and complain that they looked at us the wrong way. We are human.

    Comment by AK -

  170. Mark Cuban and Dan Marino to buy the Penguins? Do tell…

    Totally agreewith the above btw…

    Comment by Mark Quigley -

  171. Thinking of the ‘burgh recently? jagoffs.

    Comment by Johnny -

  172. What did MLB do when someone jumps onto the field? They ignored the perp. End of story. No glory. Nada.

    If they didn’t want Mark to be a story…ignore him!

    They did not and the bad cop/good cop style of reporting works for the media whore. It’s all a sham and a game…trying to reason with a psychopathic liar is fruitless…and that’s what the media is, a psychopathic liar with no soul.

    Watch the movie, The Insider.

    Nuff said.

    Play the game to win…you just can’t be sincere with the bark bite media when sport talk radio dickheads have to fill their four hour slots each day. They LIVE for crap!

    Comment by PocketPlayer -

  173. I think Devin Harris is a total Sweetiepie. I really want to have his babies inside my stomach… but i want to have all of them, not just one seed getting into my egg i want to have all one million of his babies destroying my ovarian walls at once and not that this has ANYTHING to do with mark cuban but im completely in love with dwayne wade and i think chris’ comment was totally serious and oh yea im a complete dunce and i wear the cap to bed every night

    Comment by Donna R. -

  174. Chris, this is not about who’s hot or not. This is a serious blog and please treat it as such. We’re all adults here so please act like one.

    Anyway, Marky, I completely agree with all that youve said.

    Comment by Jeremy -

  175. Hottie. : )

    Comment by Chris -

  176. Great comments. But you are probably more famous that any member of your team and as such will attract media attention no matter what you do. If you sneeze the wrong way they will write about it.
    Follow your advice – keep doing what you believe is right. And if someone asks – jagoff.

    Comment by Mike -


    Pittsburgh–They say that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Now I don’t know if that age-old principle fully applies in the sports world, but one could certainly make a spirited argument…

    Buckner blows it in classic heartbreaker fashion in ’86. Sox triumphantly win it all in 2003.

    Phil blows it at the literal, bitter end of several PGA majors. Phil comes back and wins a couple consecutively to make up for it.

    Cleveland fans endure “The Drive” and the Ernest Byner fumble at the goal line. Now, (when he signs) they’ll get to enjoy the brilliance of LeBron for years to come… See how that works?

    Maybe it’s physics… Maybe it’s karma… Whatever it is, it’s a beautiful thing.

    MAIN CASE IN POINT: Just about the only thing that could have possibly & successfully counteracted Ben Roethlisberger’s near-fatal motorcycle accident several weeks ago–an incident that sent such a massive NEGATIVE shockwave through the city of Pittsburgh and its legions of loyal sports fans nationwide–happened today… in a major way.

    And unlike the aforementioned Red Sox Redemption, this POSITIVE bounce back only took a couple short weeks.

    I think one of the local papers reported it first, but once it was made official, the news spread through the local cellphone/ text / email circuitry like wildfire…

    “Did you hear Mark Cuban and Danny Marino are gonna try to buy the Penguins..?”

    “What? Now way? Seriously?”

    “100% serious. Not only that, they say that they’re DEFINITELY gonna keep the team in Pittsburgh.”

    “Holy shit! I can’t even BELIEVE that. I’m gonna email Dave & let him know.”

    “Yo, who’s Dave?”

    “Just some jagoff…”

    Mark, the fact that were even looking our way to invest your time & money & energy & innovative spirit lit such a major & much-needed spark in your hometown today…

    Just thought you should know that.

    Hope, too, is quite a beautiful thing.

    Best wishes for a successful purchase,
    and many, many thanks.

    p.s. These 2007 Pens will legitimately feature 3 of the brightest young offensive stars in the game (Crosby, Malkin, & Staal). Enjoy!

    Comment by WDS -

  178. Hottie. : )

    Comment by Donna -

  179. Just saw Heat coach Pat Riley on Jay Leno. Jay asked him what he would do if Mark Cuban bought the Heat. Riley promptly pulled out a balloon and blew it up and then said “You can raise to the intensity but you still have to let the air out otherwise the balloon blows.” Riley also mentioned he laid out the “unworthy opponent” article that Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News wrote after Game 1.

    Comment by Shake -

  180. the only difference between cuban and ozzie is ozzie has won a championship

    Comment by nick -

  181. Mark,

    I also grew up in Pittsburgh (Pleasant Hills, Thomas Jefferson H.S. & Duquesne Univ.) and have been using the term “jagoff” as a more pc way to vent my frustrations after going through a difficult divorce this past year. It is a perfect word to use here in Dallas because no one else has ever heard of it.

    Good luck with the Pens. I would personally love to work on turning that storied franchise around.

    I also used to play drums in a band that performed at all the Pirates and Steeler games, not to mention the Riverboat Room at the William Penn Hotel. The Bucs are Going All The Way!

    Go Pens, Go Mavs, and Go Pittsburgh!!!

    Comment by David -

  182. It figures that Aaron likes gladiator movies… :^O

    Comment by mattaveryxcw -

  183. “Jagoff”…


    Looks like you have more than a few who feel the need to “set you straight”.

    Keep doing what you do…

    You definitely make it interesting! B-)

    Comment by mattaveryxcw -

  184. This is why I stopped watching TV altogether two decades. I’ll attend a few games each season and otherwise follow the sports news on the radio.

    TV = sparkling lobotomy box.

    Comment by Cashflow Business -

  185. You have to admit, though, this whole Ozzie thing is quite hilarious.

    Comment by Tim -

  186. Hey Mark,

    Whats happening at the Draft tomorrow?? is Mavs getting any new Guard or is ‘Jet’ staying back with us? Also good luck with the Penguins….

    Comment by Niel -

  187. Hey Mark,

    Whats happening at the Draft tomorrow?? is Mavs getting any new Guard or is ‘Jet’ staying back with us? Also good luck with the Penguins….

    Comment by Niel -

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