HDTV vs Internet VIdeo

TV vs Broadband Video.

For the first time ever, more people this year will buy HDTVs than analog TVs. Given that few of these sets that will be sold in this and future years will be smaller

than 26″, I think its a safe assumption that many of those sets, if not most of them will be installed in what could be called a least a “marginal” home theater system.

In fact, some people think that as the sales of HDTVs grow to the point where High Def sets become ubiquitous, that so many quality home theater systems will be setup

that people might prefer to stay at home watching movies that box office in movie theaters may be impacted. Hold on to this thought.

There are people out there that think that the internet is the ultimate delivery vehicle for video content. That all those HDTVs mentioned above will be connected to

Set Top Boxes (STBs) with internet connectivity or to PCs or MediaServers with internet connectivity. That the value in this connection to the net is unlimited choice.

Get all the video you want, anytime you want it. All through the net.

We read about it every single day. Youtube and its brethren are the homes for all the amazing, stupendous, incredible, fascinating, content. Every cable and broadcast

network is offering broadband content. SOme are creating new content for broadband. There are

Makes some sense, doesnt it. To most people unlimited choice is the best choice and the service that content consumers will always choose. They arent right, but lets

pretend they are for now.

downloads dont mean squat.