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I gotthis email this afternoon from someone who apparently reads my blog.

“FYI: Gary Weiss, who has been pretty hard on you and Sharesleuth onhis blog, is fixing to do some heavy editing on your article on Wikipedia ( ). His username(he doesn’t use his real name) is Mantanmoreland. Unless you orsomebody gets on it, you’ll look pretty bad by the time he’s done.”

I hadn’t check out my wiki page in a long time, so i go on there and read some history about myself that never happened, other stuff that was just wrong and found out that I admired some guy named Brian and that I was related to some guy named Adam. Two people I had never heard of in my life.

But I digress.

As I go through making some updates, I get to the part about that was entered by someone with a login of”Mantanmoreland”. Which of course matched what the emailer had suggested to me. As it turns out , this same login name is an author on the Gary Weiss Wikipedia page.

This is whatMantanmoreland wrote:

“In July 2006, Cuban financed creation of [[]], which will publish negative information about publicly traded companies. Cuban will short-sell shares of companies mentioned in Sharesleuth in advance of publication. That has been widely criticized.”

So I edited it to the following:

“In July 2006, Cuban financed creation of, which will set out to uncover fraud and misinformation in publicy traded companies. Cuban’s disclosure that he will take positions in the shares of companies mentioned in Sharesleuth in advance of publication has raised controversy”

Now I thought that would be the end of it. Not a chance.

As you can see from the history, 39 minutes later, here comes our friend MantanMoreland to change it all back. (You can see the change history here).

So Mantanmoreland must have had this on his watchlist, keeping an eye out for me. (Does this person have anything better to do with their time?) and he or she edited my changes quickly:

“Cuban’s has said that he will take positions in the shares of companies mentioned in Sharesleuth in advance of publication. That has been widely criticized “

Criticized vs Controversial. Is it a big difference ? Doesnt matter.

Now little “Wikiwars ” are inconsequential in the big scheme of things.The Wikipediahas a conflict resolution process in place to deal with such matters. But what has happened here leads me to ask a question.

If Mantanmoreland truly is Gary Weiss, is it ethical for a journalist to try to push his point of view on a public document under a pseudonym ?

Wouldn’t an ethical journalist publish his or her name ?

Didnt a journalist get fired or reprimanded for taking sides under a pseudonym on Yahoo Message Boards ?

Is Mantanmoreland the pseudonym of Gary Weiss of

And if it is, how much time do you plan on spending trying to update my wiki page gary ?

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  1. Be aware that this Tony Ryals fellow who posted above is a complete babbling lunatic. The vast majority of what he is saying is grossly inaccurate and completely fabricated. His posts consist of tidbits of news interpreted in a completely inaccurate and grossly unfair way. If you believe anything this guy says I have some swamp land in Florida I want to sell you.

    Anyone who thinks that the US government, Yahoo, the CIA and anyone who finds his trolling irritating are all banded together in a massive conspiracy to defraud him of small amounts of money is obviously totally nuts.

    To find out the truth about LOM talk to some of their clients or look at their actual track record. You will learn that they are a highly ethical and compliant organization that just happens to be offshore from the United States and is thus subjected to the usual barrage of scrutiny from authorities.

    Comment by Mike Steves -

  2. Hi Mark,

    Incidents like yours are the reason we need Identity 2.0 on the web to provide for accountable reputations and a way to prove who we are online. It’s also why Wikipedia is planning on implementing OpenID 2.0 as a requirement for users to login and authenticate themselves and thus hopefully make users more responsible for their actions. Much like in the real world.

    p.s it was a pleasure meeting you at Web 2.0 in 2004 🙂 Hope to see you at more tech events in the future like O’Reilly ETech in the spring.


    Comment by Lori PIke -

  3. Mark, you are funny!!!

    David Jemeyson

    Comment by David C Jemeyson -

  4. I’m not sure what advice I could offer. True enough the guy needs to get a life.

    I don’t know if standing up to the misinformation is the way to go or to just leave it alone and wait for the idiot to find a life.

    Comment by Crazy Jim Smith -

  5. Tony:

    Is this an act? Do you still believe I’m some other guy? Or are you going in and out of some trance-like hallucination stage?

    I don’t tout penny stocks. Never have.

    But I do note that the other two fellows got eerily quiet now that the issue is clearly differentiated. And that you can’t actually defend it either, but instead froth at the mouth and introduce some completely off-topic gibberish.

    Again, I don’t agree with Mark on trading ahead of publication of slam articles, and I believe he may be dancing with misappropriation. But I also don’t really care that much, as I have larger fish to fry. ‘lilGW having a meltdown because Mark bitch slapped him is pure entertainment, from my standpoint. I have to agree with the other poster, it is better than TV.

    Your incoherent rants notwithstanding, I believe you also serve a purpose – demonstrating how well known Internet kooks like you always appear when naked short selling is being discussed.

    I fail to see how anyone with a cerebral cortex can confuse your rants with the hard FOIA data at

    But carry on. It does have some limited freak-show value.

    Comment by Bobo -

  6. Bobo,
    Perhaps your taking money all these years based upon the fraudulent lies of all your penny stock pump and dump ops and then DELIVERING your worthless shares,printed or digitalized,faster than the German gov printed their marks in the 1930’s is the issuse,and why Chris ‘WMDS’ Cox Sukkker AND JOHN REED STARK AND THEIR CRIMINAL SEC provides you immunity and special protection.I call your fraud ‘share-money laundering. ¿ Huh ?
    How’s your and Bill Bonner’s Agora Inc. doing ?

    Comment by Tony Ryals -

  7. Reading your blog entry and the furious replies from Gary is much more entertaining than watching an episode of Jerry Springer. The amount or “updates” “re-updates” he has regarding this topic is hilarious.

    And now he’s trying to make fun of you because you turned down an interview that would not benefit you or your organization? Dam does this guy not have anything better to do than trying to figure out what you’re doing in your daily life?

    I can just read tomorrows title on Gerys blog “My Version of Mark Cubans REAL wiki”

    Comment by Lak -

  8. You’re not supposed to edit your own wikipedia page. It’s in the policy. 🙂

    Instead, post to the discussion page and clarify the factual errors and the areas of the article you feel are NPOV–that’s allowed even if the page is about you.

    The way this normally works is that whatever user is making assertions about a person that the person himself denies, the wikipedia community would normally then remove the allegedly fallacious information and demand that user substantiate the claims with some form of evidence cited in the article if they try to revert the removal.

    If that user persists in trying to add unsubstantiated claims, they’ll eventually get banned from editing the article or wikipedia altogether.

    Comment by s r -

  9. Wally, James:

    Maybe 30 more posts of name calling will make your point more valid. Please try it. You clearly have much time on your hands.

    James, I note that you dodge the question of what about the investors. You like to claim the companies are scams, and some probably are. But why does that make it OK to engage in an illegal fraud, wherein you take investor money, and then fail to deliver the goods?

    Explain that to me. Company bad, company good. Different issue.

    Taking investor money, not delivering the stock. That’s the issue.

    Now, I always note that your team likes to dodge that simple issue. You like to shriek, and hurl feces, and name call, and rant and rave. But you never actually explain how taking an investor’s money, and then failing to deliver the stock you advertised for sale (as genuine and available) helps anyone but the scam artist. I’m open minded. Help me understand. Share your bountiful wisdom with me.

    Again. Company bad, company good – separate issue. So please try a different riff.

    As to the notion that one type of fraud (NSS) is somehow justified by a different fraud (company bad), even you can’t be that dim. I mean, you could be, and judging by the letter, you’re close, but I still hold out some belief that you have at least enough intellect to power a refrigerator bulb.

    So take us all through it. Slowly. We know that FTDs happen, in huge quantities, so that angle (there are no significant failures) sort of dried up on you. Now you are trying the, “Blame the victim” tactic – she deserved it, she was wearing a short dress – and while that is more entertaining, most folks older than 8 can spot the con in that. Namely, that a company’s financial standing or management integrity has anything whatsoever to do with Wall Street miscreants, taking investor money and then refusing to deliver the stock that they were paid for.

    Now, I know you probably don’t have any comeback for that, so I won’t be stopping in much, but for posterity, memorialize your wisdom for all of us.

    And the post you so lovingly copied asked a fair question, which you also failed to address. Is a big SI good, or bad, and why? NFI has had a massive SI for years, and the shorts have been dead wrong about their financial performance for over 4 years. Company keeps making money, shorts are stuck and can’t cover without trebling the price, causing a $2 billion loss for their funds. So is that SI good, or bad, for the company? NFI also has massive delivery failures. Proved by FOIA data, posted at

    So how have investors in NFI been helped by Wall Street selling them non-existent shares, en masse, and refusing to deliver the genuine article? Use small words if you like. Don’t push yourself.

    BTW, I have the actual letter from Senator Grassley to Chris Cox up now at the blog, and Congress doesn’t seem to share your view that I’m FOS, and that we are all loons. So either Congress is wrong, or you are a lying weasel.

    No offense to liars or weasels intended.

    Have at it, boys.

    Or maybe instead we can be treated to another 30 “scam monkey” witticisms. I’ll go with the latter as the likely tact.

    Comment by Bobo -

  10. I personally think its michael finley changing it. conspiracy?

    Comment by John -

  11. Ooops! ApostRophe. Duh!

    Comment by Rob -

  12. I’m just shocked that Mark actually used an apostophe in his edit! 😉

    Comment by Rob -

  13. I posted my Outing Gary Weiss post on his blog last night and his filter DENIED it from getting through the queue.

    This guy is a published author? He has the maturity of a 9-year-old.

    Comment by Ben Collins -

  14. Interesting post, I even read Gary’s blog post, what does Mark have to say about this?

    Comment by Kanwal -

  15. You bet he does. This whole thing is a put up job by the NCANS, and half the people posting on this blog are the same ones you see on the msg. boards smearing Mark.

    Comment by Wally Miller -

  16. Mark, you surmount all people on this blog. 🙂

    Comment by Stenley -

  17. Super irony here how the Scam Monkey and the NCANS types posting here are now piling on to exploit the spat between Gary and Mark.
    They’re the enemies of everything Sharesleuth stands for. Go on the NCANS boards and Sanitycheck and you see Cuban ripped to shreds.

    Comment by Wally Miller -

  18. some other interesting Comparison Charts. VS

    Comment by jiang -

  19. Mark,

    If, after you’ve finished reading all of the hand-wringing going on above, you’re still here…

    Rule No. 1: Never get into a pissing contest with a skunk.

    Comment by Eric -

  20. Marc Cuban you have been had by Bobo. I hope that Chris uses better fact checking than “I heard from some guy”. The formula is simple, you tell someone something they want to hear and combine it with something that is going to help you and then you sell the package.

    By the way, there is a sure fire way to make money that’s as secret as it is certain and I can let you in on it and pay you 20% per month. This is the secret to the Rwealth of the Rothschilds and the Gnomes of Zurich. Interested?

    Comment by John Lichtenstein -

  21. I was wondering why you’d link to the other guy’s blog when he must be attacking you too and so I followed the link and now I know why. He is a guilty man! He really does’t know how to deal with all this and unless he acts like this all the time (but who has that much energy??) he must be going crazy now.

    Me I don’t see what the big deal is. He should admit it and move on. But something is keeping him from doing that. I’m pumped to see what’s next.

    One more thing I was curious and so I compared your traffic with his on Alexa and can safely say that you don’t need to worry that much of anybody is reading his blog.

    Here is the chart:

    Comment by JW -

  22. Yes, but does that site not say, two months before the fact, that Mantanmoreland is Gary Weiss? Isn’t that really the only issue at hand?

    Comment by Ben Collins -

  23. Wordbomb is just another Scam Monkey, an NCANS clown. Here he’s pushing his naked shorting drivel on Wikipedia Review

    The “amazing presentation” he wants to see is the naked shorting conspiracy riff.

    These guys are like Scientologists. Read the Scam Monkey’s post earlier. Have you ever read anything creepier?

    Comment by Wally Miller -

  24. This is pretty open-and-shut if you do some actual, real research — you know, a foreign concept to Gary Weiss.

    Check this out:

    Someone named WordBomb apparently outed Gary Weiss as Mantanmoreland more than two months ago — long before this Wikipedia debacle. Why did Wordbomb out him? Because he was vandalizing and using slanted wording on Wikipedia.

    “And (not related to your question but whatever) here is proof of SlimVirgin’s tendency not to think before she writes. She had (correctly) accused me of outing editor Mantanmoreland as puppetmaster Gary Weiss. She lectured me about how it’s prohibited to know who editors really are. Then she banned me and in her admin action summary, she wrote:
    “WordBomb: user is blocked indefinitely and keeps trying to post what he (wrongly) believes are an editor’s personal details ”…&oldid=62639090
    Leaving me to wonder: how is it that she knows enough to say I was wrong? On its face she’d admitting to having more than just a casual or editorial relationship with the guy.”

    God bless IceRocket.

    Comment by Ben Collins -

  25. Incredible – i love wikipedia, but this is insane. This sort of thing could really undermine the existence of wikipedia…

    It seems to me that the power to distribute information so easily is quickly becomming the next big social threat…I dont see exactly how this plays out, but it is scary.

    Comment by EP -

  26. James — remember when the NCANS clown Mary Helburn said that Enron was a victim of naked short-selling? The Scam Monkey likes to keep his distance from the stock fraud crowd, but his job is to make their life easier. He’s a cynical scumbag, nothing more or less.

    Comment by Wally Miller -

  27. Mark-

    There are times that I finish reading your stuff asking myself…why?
    Because there is no way that someone as smart as you are would write something like this w/out a powerful reason behind it.
    Now, if you dont have that powerful reason, then I am wasting my time reading your stuff.
    I love people who are as smart as you are. There is no way on this God Forsaken earth that you dont have a good reason to write about two bozos who talk about you.
    Can you imagine if I walk around my office setting scores with people who talk poorly about me. And I am the CEO of my company, I know people talk poorly about me. But it is just part of being the headguy.
    Please tell me why. I am serious, please tell me why. I am killing myself cause this time I cant figure this out.
    Thanks and all the success in the world to you and all the readers.

    Comment by Marcos Santos -

  28. I am a still fan of both blogs & both bloggers (GW & Maverick)

    What I don’t understand

    When arsenio(dot)com wrote an entry recently applauding Mark and kicking GW, GW never responded to the arsenio remarks. Why is that?
    Why didn’t GW comment on those remarks?

    Also note: If you goto the arsenio story, he has a link to the GW article, but the GW article doesn’t show a trackback to the arsenio page. Just wondering?

    Comment by whatisthebigdeal -

  29. I think the Scam Monkey has gone, James. He never wants to get involved in discussions on the issues. He just blows smoke, makes vague accusations, and vanishes into the night. He has been vicious in his attacks on Mark, and now he wants to get all buddy buddy with him. He thinks that Mark is as dumb as all the suckers he scams.

    You know the Scam Monkey is squirming when he gets all “honey sweetie” and wiseguy in his ‘tude.

    Comment by Wally Miller -

  30. I think the Scam Monkey has gone, James. He never wants to get involved in discussions on the issues. He just blows smoke, makes vague accusations, and vanishes into the night. He has been vicious in his attacks on Mark, and now he wants to get all buddy buddy with him. He thinks that Mark is as dumb as all the suckers he scams.

    You know the Scam Monkey is squirming when he gets all “honey sweetie” and wiseguy in his ‘tude.

    Comment by Wally Miller -

  31. Typical of you, Scam Monkey, to concentrate on format vs. content. I keyed that comment into the web form provided by the SEC. How they elected to format that message is their issue, not mine.

    The mountain of data supports my position, Scam Monkey. Where would you like to start? With CMKM Diamonds? Jag Media? Eagletech? Viragen? Sedona? Global Links? Zann Corp? Nanopierce? I’m game; you choose.

    They all follow the same pattern: capital raised, capital wasted away, fat and happy managers and promoters, and a bunch of bug-eyed mullets wondering “Wha’ ‘appened?”

    Oh, and scammers like you to tell them, “The ‘naked short sellers’ done it to ya.”

    Comment by James Brownfield -

  32. Here Booboo,
    Try this link.Daniel Hopsicker will give you a tail about penny stock ‘snakes’ like you and your colleagues ‘on a plane’….ha ha.


    AUGUST 23, 2006–Venice,FL.
    by Daniel Hopsicker

    An unidentified 40-year old American wearing a green polo shirt was in charge of the contingent of drug traffickers on the ground awaiting the arrival of the DC9 “Cocaine One” airliner arriving from Venezuela on the evening of April 11th with a spectacular haul of 5.5 tons of pure cocaine aboard, according to a recent article in Mexican newspaper Proceso by a respected Mexican journalist.

    Although much about the journey of the airliner is still shrouded in mystery, amid the conflicting reports the outlines of what happened are beginning to become clear.

    From various accounts in the Mexican press, we have pieced together the following story of what occurred during the shipment from Venezuela to Mexico of 5.5 tons of cocaine on its way to the U.S. until interdicted almost by accident at a tiny airport that closes each night at 6 p.m.

    Reinforcing what we’ve learned about the powerful forces behind the DC9’s flight in the U.S., the plane’s progress through Mexico was being arranged through the involvement by Mexican Federal officials.

    Ironically, the seized plane has been spotted at an airport in Mexico City, complete with new paint job and registration, put back into service by the same Mexican Federal investigative agency being accused of responsibility for the flight…….

    Comment by Tony Ryals -

  33. Hey Scam Monkey let’s hear your spin on this post in the Yahoo OSTK board:

    Re: eBay pop / meg on CNBC
    From: easter_bunny_d3
    Date: 19-Jan-06 12:20 pm

    Golly, but short genius Cuban says that a high short interest is a company’s best friend. I’m confused – is that bad, or good? Put another way, is Marc a talking sphincter, or a sage?

    (end of Scam Monkey message)

    So what’s the Scam Monkey spin, squirmy?

    Comment by Wally Miller -

  34. James: I particularly enjoyed your filibustering comment letter to the SEC. Did you write that as a serious piece, or did you lose a bet?

    Friends don’t let friends write commentary letters to the SEC drunk.


    This has been fun, but I think we need to return the blog to Mark’s kicking Gary in the throat. Baiting the dim is always a hoot, but I’m afraid I have to run, thus the dim will have the forum all to themselves. Tony’s presence here is all the crazee one could ask for. Savor it. We are lucky.

    Wally. Don’t be bitter. Not everyone can form coherent sentences and articulate clear thoughts. You have other talents. I just know it.

    Ditto for you, James. I can call you James, can’t I? Or is it Mr. Brownsfield? Good job on the letter, BTW. It’s not often I see efforts that include an inability to work the tabs key properly, coupled with a complete lack of coherence. It was stunning, I shall give you that. The inability to differentiate between legal short selling and illegal naked short selling was brilliant, as was the off-point, tangential rambling wherein you blame the companies harmed by the process – ignoring the countless investors harmed via the predatory gaming of the system by the miscreants. Maybe all those investors were bad too? They deserved it? Thank goodness that you were able to locate Owen Lamont’s suck-up tour de force, while ignoring the mountain of data that has amassed to show your position to be horribly flawed, to the point of comic relief.

    Did you use a typewriter to write it?

    Don’t answer. Please. Keep us guessing.

    Sweetie? An idea. Learn to use a word processing program. Some of them can be manipulated by a signing ape – you should easily be able to master at least one, and get the margins to work for you.

    Unless the letter is some sort of performance art – a visual haiku, wherein you use crackpot punctuation as a wry commentary on the post-modern apathy of today’s nihilistic obsession with rampant consumerism?

    Well done. At least I appreciated it. I would propose that everyone go to:

    …and watch the maestro at work.

    Snakes on a plane, babe. You da bomb.

    Comment by Bobo -

  35. So… You got BooBoo the Scam Monkey rubbing his hands together with glee. Good job, Mark.

    Part of me hopes you’re fostering some sort of pseudo-drama here with the long-term goal of raising public consciousness to the “naked short seller” scam, but dude, there’s a hell of a lot of venom here.

    Say, is there any truth to the rumor you’re going to make Nowitzki play all of next year’s home games in a skirt?

    Time to find a sense of humor now, Mr. Cuban…

    GO HEAT!!!

    Comment by James Brownfield -

  36. Wally. Sweetie. I don’t want to think of you as just a pretty face, but you honestly need some reading comprehension lessons. To whit, you said:

    “Subject: Wanna Bet Mark Cuban is the buy-out guy

    Date: 15-Jan-06 04:04 pm
    From: easter_bunny_d3

    Won’t it be a huge surprise when Mark is asked whether he would be a buyer of the company at the right price and he says “maybe” or something?

    I mean, it isn’t like these guys telegraph their punches or anything…

    See my OSTK “miscreant exit” blog for details at

    32. Posted Aug 23, 2006, 7:23 PM ET by Wally Miller

    Bob O’Brien posted that after you trashed Overstock. The innuendo is that you did it so you could pick up the stock for cheap.

    He’s a shit peddler, Mark. You know that.”

    How did we go from innuendo, to I claimed that Mark broke the law? Actually, you stated that this was innuendo. I was merely speculating as to possible guys who could come forward and offer to do a buyout.

    Are you saying that writing something negative about a company, in order to profit from trading in their shares at a depressed price, such as offering to buy them, would be illegal?


    As to what I said, it wasn’t what you said, as any upright biped with reading ability above remedial level and a working brain stem can see. If that excludes you, fine.

    It is a very timely example of how your team twists the truth to rewrite history, and makes claims that are clearly incorrect, after striking a menacing pose.

    You ever consider working for the SEC?

    Wally, if you reconsider, I really think we could have some laughs, maybe share a bottle of vino, who knows. There’s something there. Really.

    I wouldn’t bait you just to amuse myself.


    Comment by Bobo -

  37. Squirming a little, Bob? You said that Mark committed a criminal act — that he was manipulating the market so he could buy out Overstock at a cheap price.

    That’s typical of you the scumbag that you are. Nighty night.

    Comment by Wally Miller -

  38. Any real journalist knows that Wikipedia is about of the worst sources there is and that they should never go on what they find there. I just graduated and all of my journalism professors told us to never use that as a source and actually forbade us using it for a source for any story. Enough said. He’s just acting like hes real cool when anyone who cares know those things are not true – I guess Wiki Wiki wack doesn’t care care about ebing credible…how sad for them. Sharesleuth is telling the truth and people are scared of that; screw them!

    Comment by Nina -

  39. Wally. Please. I suppose the date is off, then? Too bad, I sensed a real chemistry there between you and I. Alas.

    The loss is mine.

    I actually speculated elsewhere that Icahn or Chanos might be in the mix in coming to the table on OSTK. Maybe they should start blogs, so you can police the message boards and bombard them with my every vocalization and speculation? That would be very helpful. Please ensure you don’t miss any of my thoughts on Bono, the Pope, or Paris Hilton – some day they will be priceless, I’m sure. Your important work is appreciated.

    I do enjoy how your crew never can address the hard facts – like the latest blog at site, wherein a poster catches the SEC in a lie, AGAIN.

    Tut tut. For you, those niggling facts don’t exist. Here’s a free bit of advice on rhetorical dishonesty:

    You have to address all the facts, not selectively filter out the ones you dislike, and then demonize the messengers, calling them names.

    Now, that seems obvious to me. Then again, it also seems obvious to me that if you are taking an investor’s money in exchange for goods, and then don’t deliver the goods, you defrauded him. Your side apparently sees that as being good. Whatever. If you can honestly tell yourself that committing one sort of fraud, ostensibly excuses a different fraud, knock yourself out.

    Oddly, I don’t have a problem slagging bad companies run by crooks. Not a bit of a problem with it. There are plenty out there. If I ever get done with our regulators and some Wall Street miscreants, I will probably go after corporate crookery and fraud if I need another hobby. My issue with Mark’s enterprise is the trading ahead of publication. Others have belabored that point extensively, so I won’t come to his house and sh$t here.

    As to my being wrong on my speculation about Mark being a buy-out candidate, wow, not every thought or idea I have is accurate. I’m human – good catch. Your side, on the other hand, is always right, and when they aren’t, they simply bulldoze over it with more rhetoric. Again, a stylistic difference.

    Then again, that game’s not over yet, so we haven’t seen all the twists and turns. I was also wrong when I, for about 30 minutes, believed someone who indicated that he had been an office boy or something at a Drexel office for a summer. My bad. How dare I. Here’s a hint: I will be wrong again about something. Be vigilant. It could happen virtually any moment. Perhaps working in a shift…

    Mark and I have had interactions, and he’s not a fool. Gary, on the other hand, is loathsome to me for any number of reasons, none of which I shall bore you with. I actually am rooting for Mark on this one, because I think he’s on to something. There’s a stink emanating from ‘lilGW land. I think it would be hugely ironic of Mark wound up exposing ‘lilGW – you couldn’t invent that.

    Now, I might have posted something at myspace or in utube, so you better go scour those forums to catch anything I might have said today.

    Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Bobo -

  40. Snakes on a Plane.

    Comment by Jeff -

  41. Bob O’Brien posted that after you trashed Overstock. The innuendo is that you did it so you could pick up the stock for cheap.

    He’s a shit peddler, Mark. You know that.

    Comment by Wally Miller -

  42. Not sure that link I gave works. Here is what O’Brien posted about you on the OSTK Yahoo message board:

    Subject: Wanna Bet Mark Cuban is the buy-out guy
    Date: 15-Jan-06 04:04 pm
    From: easter_bunny_d3
    Won’t it be a huge surprise when Mark is asked whether he would be a buyer of the company at the right price and he says “maybe” or something?

    I mean, it isn’t like these guys telegraph their punches or anything…

    See my OSTK “miscreant exit” blog for details at

    Comment by Wally Miller -

  43. Mark — you’ve crossed swords with the so-called Bob O’Brien enough to know that he is a scumbag who heads a phony movement you rightly detest. Here’s an example of the kind of trash that he has posted about you:

    Watching this snake oil salesman make believe that he’s your pal really makes me nauseous.

    Comment by Wally Miller -

  44. Hi Mark,
    About wikipedia……
    When I ‘edited’,or added greatly to, James Dale Davidson’s wikipedia info,including Davidson’s role in the ‘Clinton killed Vince Foster’, smear campaign and his involvement with NAANSS,the NCANS scumbags caused so much noise that the wikipedia made it impossible for me to edit or post so why can’t they get to the bottom of whose who there ?They had no trouble with me but I’m too honest about what I’m doing to be an alias or anything and don’t even to hide on the internet or even assume that I can.
    Since I last looked,the James Dale Davidson wiki has been ‘sanitized’ and he is only known to wikipedia as a ‘journalist’,a business one, believe it or not! Hee Hee.
    No mention of his famed employee,ex CIA Chief William Colby who died mysteriously while he was a Davidson employee,or Davidson’s use of his name on his and Agora Inc.’s Strategic Investment penny stock tout mailings to claim,(probably without Colby’s permission),that Clinton murdered Vince Foster !
    So I certainly take wikipedia with a grain of salt.I provided more links to other writing and facts other than my own writing hoping someone else would convert it to an
    ‘encyclopedia’ writing style.But no go,(even good references and links were deleted),so Davidson, since the last time I read it,is
    ‘a business journalist’,according to wikipedia.Hee Hee.

    Now below is a link and summary of Daniel Hopsicker’s journalism re the Skyway Communications’ DC-9 that ex Mavericks co-owner Richard Rainwater rented his DFW Airport property out to and a brief quote.
    Funny to think that although there is every indication this penny stock fraud reaches all the way to the George W Bush White House,Chris Carey would not be able to cover it for his boss,Mark Cuban.Why ?
    Although that plane was bought by penny stock fraud and is connected to what may be half a billion dollars in cocaine profits(had the Mexican army not accidentally busted it) as well as Titan Corp,Jeb Bush’e Floriada Dept. of Transportation,Tom DeLay,some Republican businiss council as well at least one Israeli plus Saudis and Kuwaiti’s,including Al Ali Al Sabah of the Kuwait National Guard and the royal family and even has a ex Dallas Mavericks co-owner,Richard Rainwater, connection,the company went bankrupt,so you can’t ‘short’ it.Hee hee,Ain’t that funny ?

    However the New York Times don’t report it either nor the WSJ,ETC.,ETC.,FOR THAT MATTER.So far the Mexican journalists aside from Daniel Hopsicker are the only real reporters or investigators on the story.But Chris Carey can’t cover it under your criteria either because it’s bankrupt…Too funny.


    SkyWay had no products, no prospects, and nothing to demonstrate. The company was a penny stock fraud scam which successfully relieved investors of over $40 million dollars in only three years…

    What the company DID have was twin airliners masquerading as official U.S. Government planes…

    Glenn and Brent Kovar, the father-and-son pair running SkyWay, had run a similar scam several years earlier, called Satellite Access Systems, (SAS) whose last known stock quote was three one-thousands of a penny per share…

    The Vancouver Sun linked the two to a Vancouver stock promoter who had been kicked off the Vancouver Stock Exchange named Rene Hamouth, and a U.S. promoter found guilty of “awarding himself millions in excessive compensation, siphoning company funds and diverting company assets…”

    Comment by Tony Ryals -

  45. can i take my nap now

    Comment by peter -

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    Comment by Dirk Karl Maßat -

  47. It’s kind of funny, having just read the venomous exchange over at Gary’s blog, which I generally avoid given the pedantic prose and limited intellectual range – I’m sort of torn.

    On the one hand, I disagree with frontrunning negative pieces. Some would call that misappropriation. On the other hand, I’m amused by the twisted non-answers and clumsily tortured rhetoric of the ever-squirming ‘lil GW.

    So this is actually the most amusing of both worlds. You have a stock-bashing site run by a billionaire, which I disagree with in both form as well as function (not in exposing crooks, but rather in trading ahead of the exposure, which I believe cheats the investors you sold your shares to, as you had info they weren’t in possession of – namely that you were about to publish a slam)…and you have an apologist for the worst elements of Wall Street, whose pollyanaish treatment of naked short selling ignores every speck of hard evidence secured via FOIA requests, and yet who has the nerve to bill himself as an exposer of Wall Street larceny (nuggets like “hedge funds aren’t for everyone” being an example of that rigorous and unflinching courage; as if most qualify for investing in them. Hey, ‘lilGW, should we also avoid Lambos, as they kind of suck, and stick to the 4 year old F-150? Thanks for the tip…).

    It really is a classic slug-fest. Will Mark expose ‘lilGW as a pathological liar? Will ‘lilGW expose Mark as an ethically bankrupt miscreant?

    Who’s working with the russian mob? Who’s in the pocket of hedge funds? Who can tell the difference any more?

    I actually am willing to forego some of my habitual apathy on these topics and play along at home.

    Now THAT’s show business!

    Comment by Bobo -

  48. Cubes, don’t let this ink stained wretch get you down. You are the man…..if you decide to go all Frank Sinatra/Evel Kneviel on the guy make sure to negotiate some PPV rights for it. I like the guy’s idea to get one of your suplicants to keep his wikipedia entry edited “accurately”….

    Comment by Jim Murphy -

  49. any word on the MSN money article

    Or is michael bush somehow lying about this too. regardless of the critical/controversial nature of your site, I find it unethical and hope no one reads that site. it will simply line your already massive packets with readers paronoia about the market.

    just my 2 cents,
    a mavericks season ticket holder

    Comment by Chuck -

  50. From the titles of his books, this Wise guy ought to be on ShareSleuth’s side. One can only assume that his books are not about real corruption, bu the typical left-wing stuff aimed at anyone who wants to make money.

    Comment by Software Nerd -

  51. Mark, the best defense is a good offense! (You of all people should know this!) If Weiss wants to spend his days+nights screwing with your bio, maybe you should do a little number on his bio. Currently, it’s pretty flowery and positive, wouldn’t take much time or effort to besmirch it. You could even assign one of your paid underlings to quickly “fix” it each time he reverted it. Show him that your turnaround time on HIS bio is many times faster than his turnaround on YOUR bio. Methinks it would only take a few hours for him to get the message, and lay off your bio.

    Comment by MarkH -

  52. Mr. Cuban:

    I didn’t realize Wikipedia could be edited and just checked to see what was said about me. Thus far, no problems.

    As far as waging war with Mr. Weiss, I think there are better battles to be fought and I wish both of you would consider fighting them.

    Comment by SEC/NASD Super Enforcement Bull -

  53. Mark, the best defense is a good offense! (You of all people should know this!) If Weiss wants to spend his days+nights screwing with your bio, maybe you should do a little number on his bio. Currently, it’s pretty flowery and positive, wouldn’t take much time or effort to besmirch it. You could even assign one of your paid underlings to quickly “fix” it each time he reverted it. Show him that your turnaround time on HIS bio is many times faster than his turnaround on YOUR bio. Methinks it would only take a few hours for him to get the message, and lay off your bio.

    Comment by MarkH -

  54. Mark:

    Matan is also the guy who spend hundreds of hours butchering the naked short selling wiki entry.

    So we have a guy who wrote Gary’s piece, is trashing yours, trashes patrick, is highly anti any accurate info on naked short selling coming out….

    But it isn’t Gary. Nooooo. Of course not.

    I have a friend with a lot of the detail on this. Maybe he will get in touch with you. Could be interesting.

    Comment by AKA Bob O'Brien -

  55. You know… it’s easy for people to write “why do you care” when it’s not you that’s being written about. He’s probably pissed because what’s being written is a) not true, and b) more than likely written by a journalist who is doing it to make a statement instead of reporting facts as journalists are rumored to be obligated to do.

    When you see your name attached to something that’s not true, whether it be a website, newspaper article, or whatever, it hurts a little. You know it’s not true and you don’t know how many people are informed enough to know that it is innacurate. Unfortunately, many are not and accept anything they read or see on TV as fact.

    Comment by Chris Davis -

  56. If people are truly offended by your shorting stocks before sharesleuth reports on the company, than the public would continue to support the same companies and you would lose money. The market will decide which harm is greater, yours or the companies, and the best case scenario will emerge. I love capitalism almost as much as I love the Mavericks.

    Comment by Dan Hoffman -

  57. The world has become very anti-lawyer, but the truth is that libel and slander laws were made for this sort of thing, and the internet has no exemption. It’s pretty clear this guy has a malicious intent that takes him outside the protections normally existing for reporters. I don’t see that it’s reached thepoint of litigation, but I suggest a stiff attorney letter might shake him into sensibility PDQ.

    Why bother? People actually use the Wikipedia all the time. I’ve found it pretty accurate on most things, so I guess I haven’t realized previously that there are people out there with an agenda mucking up the efacts. Most people are less informed than me.

    Comment by Richard -

  58. Mark, I feel that for this, my favourite quote is in order…

    Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker’s game because they almost always turn out to be … or to be indistinguishable from … self righteous sixteen year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time – Neal Stephenson

    Ok so this guy isn’t really annonymous, but you get the idea 🙂

    Comment by Dane -

  59. What a joke that guys is. Hopefully it all gets sorted out and some people gets some lives. Sounds like Drama loves company and right now its you that it loves. Hehe maybe it always tries to love you.

    Comment by Abel -

  60. If you are to look at the User Info for Mantanland (, you will see that he/she wrote the article on Gary Weiss. Just thought I would make mention of that.

    Comment by Brent -

  61. Your feud with this guy bores me. This is as bad when pro wrestlers try to grapple legit. Why don’t you pick a fight with someone that’s willing to be cleaver and snide?

    Also when you wrote: You see Jeff, that is how a writer, whatever you want to call him or the company he or she writes for develops trust. You write the facts. People read the facts and go through a process of questioning them, article by article, until they realize they can trust the source.

    how do you explain FoxNews?

    Comment by Joe Corey -

  62. I’m in the “why do you bother?” camp.
    No matter what you do (or don’t do), you (your company, your team) will have haters.
    You could spend the rest of your life trying to defend yourself.

    Waste of energy.
    Spend it on building companies and adding value instead.

    I’d ask wikipedia to remove my entry and be done with it.

    Comment by Kimber -

  63. Is this high school? He wrote WHAT on the bathroom wall!?!? Better get the whole backyard crew to send a message. But, I guess its a good thing you exposed him? If it is infact him. How very childish. . .the whole thing. 🙁

    Comment by brant -

  64. Looks like Mantanmoreland share your love for Patrick Byrne as well.

    Comment by Crazy Ivan -

  65. Man,

    I use to use Wikipedia all the time to look up people or get info but not anymore. I never noticed the edit button and when I clicked on it actually gave me access to change your bio.
    I don’t feel that’s right for them to be able to do that, sure it leaves your IP address but what if you did it from a buddies house, or on someone’s profile who doesn’t check it like you do. So question were you married on the 21st of September or the 30th because I found 2 different pages for you…. scandalize. I don’t know about you Mark I don’t think you can survive unless you are caught up in some controversy. Don’t worry the Next NBA season coming around soon until then keep having your fun with these jokers 🙂

    Comment by Matt -

  66. Mark,

    Why don’t you just ask Wikipedia to permanently delete your entry because of the problems you noted? I bet they’d be happy to oblige since they care about the integrity of their site and don’t like what’s happening to your entry any more than you do.

    Comment by the mong -

  67. Hey Mark,

    I think you could use a little Exodus 17:32 it reminds that “Quietness is confidence” You see if you have nothing to be offended by or defensive about then you can be quiet and let all the crap fly. Of course after it flies you come out and clean up.

    Mohommed Ali used to let his opponents swing away even landing some shots… soon they were tired out and then he went in for the kill.

    Mark let these people swing away, then them get tired. Then come out and speak FEW words in one post. Because the less the words the more each word is important. Just utterly clean up with a paragraph or less. Don’t go swing for swing with these guys.

    – wishing you well, Richard Bowles

    Comment by pallet jack -

  68. Mark, why do you care about these guys?
    Either hire a firm to police your online reputation or let these bozos have their 2 minutes.

    Respectfully, my friend, you are bigger than this. Do you think Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or the G-boys spend their time arguing with the Gary Weiss’ of the world? Go make sharesleuth into another billion dollar company and don’t give Gary, Jeff or anyone else their props.

    The 2nd half is just about to begin. Please take your seat.


    Comment by jonathan -

  69. More power to you. People think that Wikipedia is factual information, so there is nothing wrong with setting the record straight. And, you are right, there should be a way to see who actually makes the posts; otherwise a very small % of people will make up the truth.


    Comment by eric frenchman -

  70. I also thought there were rules about people editing their *own* entries on Wikipedia? It seems a shame because there’s a lot of good information available there, but a lot of crap around the edges.

    Comment by Paul Squires -

  71. Anyone remember the false Wikipedia biography of John Seigenthaler Sr?

    Wikipedia is like the wild west and anything goes.

    Comment by Joseph -

  72. Gary Weiss and his antics have become a running joke on Wikipedia. The guy could openly commit mass murder with a dull chainsaw but emerge relatively unaffected. In a lot of ways, Gary Weiss reminds me of Michael Jackson, in that for years the fact that Jacko was a gay pedophile really didn’t impact him professionally. Similarly, everybody knows Gary’s crooked, yet he apparently remains employed on some level.

    As far as your situation is concerned, let me predict that while you may have truth on your side, Gary has something stronger than truth; he has SlimVirgin (an out-of-control volunteer Wikipedia administrator) on his side, and Slim will ensure that in the end, your page will look much more like Gary wants it to than you do.

    If you do want to force the issue and go to the proverbial matresses (and I hope you do), I want you to know, Mark, I got your back.

    Comment by Tabula Rasa -

  73. I’m pretty sure Weiss just baited you into giving him major free marketing and a page rank bump. Impressive considering he’s competition to your

    Comment by Pat Boyd -

  74. Hey Booboo O’Brien,(or should we call you snakes on a brain,hee hee),

    Was that you on the Yahoo CXN board touting Circle Jerkkks a while back or James Dale Davidson ?

    How did that pump go ? Did you get to take a dump ? Below is an old,(well not that old,but
    a James Dale Davidson),tout of CXN or Circle Holdings.To listen to him he and Bill Bonner touted it ‘to the moon’.If I recall correctly when you were touting it a short while back it fell didn’t it ? Is that why you claim you are no James Dale Davidson,hee hee ? But you do have in common with Davidson that you touted the same pos,right ?

    Your pal,

    P.S. I’ve been havin’ so much fun picking on Israeli President Moshe Katsav, in the last few months I’ve hardly had time for your boring rants.Now Israel’s attorney General Mazuz is on his case for rape.I was just pizzed caused he helped Michael Zwebner and Herndon, Virginia Islamic charities money laundering suspect Mohamed Hadid tout UCSY.Hee Hee.

    James Dale Davidson’s Circle Holdings tout,circa 2004 :

    Lies, Lies, Lies: Stalkers Meet the Stock Market

    It is hard to imagine a retiree or a housewife with time on her hands suddenly deciding to make a hobby of posting anonymous slanders on the GeneMax thread. But one can read dozens of embittered messages there complaining of everything but the real problem. For example, some bozo whose screen name translates to “crazy dog” recently posted an outrageous slander of me: “Does Davidson, as founder of National Taxpayers Union, ever pay taxes on fraud pump-dumps he”s orchestrated using “naked shorting” as a subterfuge to mask his fraud?” In one sentence he manages to falsely imply that I have engaged in a whole range of felonies. I don”t know whether to feel flattered that the naked short sellers find me so formidable an opponent that they would stoop to anonymous smears, or to hire a bodyguard.

    In any event, I would hope that Mr. “crazy dog” is well paid for his pains. With the possible exception of a few demented people I”ve crossed paths with, I can”t imagine anyone other than stalkers and major parishioners of naked short selling being so obsessed with me. And what humanitarian motive could explain the smears they pour down on GeneMax – a company that if it can raise sufficient funding may possibly help cure cancer? Go figure.

    The Electronic Counterfeiter”s Worst Nightmare:
    Circle Group Holdings Rallies 30,000%

    The worst nightmare of naked short sellers is that the companies they attack should survive and actually succeed. When that happens, as recently occurred in the case of Circle Group Holdings Inc. (CXN: AMEX), the counterfeiters are obliged to enter the market and buy the duly authorized shares of the capital stock of the company they have sold. CXN rose by nearly 30,000%, from 3 cents to almost $9, as naked short sellers were obliged to buy and deliver shares they counterfeited prior to CXN”s move to the AMEX.

    When you think of what happened in the case of Circle Group Holdings, you can see why the malicious charges leveled against me by anonymous smear-mongers on Web sites are ridiculous. If their assertions that I was orchestrating naked short selling were correct, I would hardly have become one of the leading critics of the practice. Nor would I continue to champion the causes of the companies I had “sent under” by allegedly selling wave after wave of electronically counterfeited stock.

    And as the example of CXN demonstrates, the damage done to the share prices of companies targeted for destruction by electronic counterfeiters is also a measure of their upside potential – for everyone but the counterfeiters.

    Of course, even the most virulent rantings of Mr. “crazy dog” are unlikely to carry much weight with thinking people. To orchestrate more effective smears, the electronic counterfeiters needed a more apparently credible platform. An Internet site called our-street. com emerged to fill the market arising from naked short sellers for seemingly trustworthy smears of small-cap companies that threaten to succeed.

    Thus for one reason or another, our-street. com and its marquee character, who writes under the pseudonym Nick Tracy, stepped up to service this
    market. Our-street immediately began hurling accusations about securities violations left and right. I first became aware of Nick Tracy and his tendentious exposés when someone sent me a copy of an hysterical attack he did on ChampionLyte Products (CPLY: OTCBB) , a company in which I and a group of investors took a portfolio interest as it attempted to restructure its balance sheet and realize the potential of its low-carb sports drink.

    James Davidson

    Comment by Tony Ryals -

  75. I am going to publish an article about Wikipedia that will force them to address this smear strategy. AND BTW, the answer is NO, they do not have anything better to do. They’re not generating revenue and jobs. They’re smearing people like Mark who make shit happen.

    Comment by Rob Thrasher -

  76. Well, John, it is less an issue of math errors on BooBoo’s part than it is with lacking a fundamental understanding of corporate finance.

    Though given his role as a leader in this scam, I suspect at times that his lack of financial acumen is feigned. People like him and the promoters and managers of these companies that routinely burn investors rely upon an unsophisticated investor base to serve as the sink for the shares they need to dump.

    A fail to deliver does not increase a company’s shares outstanding, therefore it can not be dilutive. The dilutive effect of 1 share failed to deliver, 27 million shares failed to deliver, or even 2 trillion shares failed to deliver (or whatever the CMKM Diamonds mullets are claiming these days) is always the same: 0.

    The dilution that has taken place with Global Links was done by her management. The parties that prevented Robert Simpson from “taking over” the company whose shares he supposedly bought were her management.

    The dilution that took place from February 1, 2005 to March 31, 2005, where Simpson’s supposed buy-out stake was diluted by over 70% was performed solely by Global Links’ management with their own share dumping. THEY performed this dilution by dumping 3 million new shares on the market. Had they NOT dumped those shares, there would have been ZERO dilution. NONE of the new shares that popped up on the 1q2005 10Q originated from fails to deliver.

    The dilution that’s taken place since then, Global Links management has dumped over 76 million post-split shares on the market as of their last 10Q, was performed by Global Links’ management, not “naked short sellers” with fails to deliver.

    It’s an uncomfortable fact that the Scam Monkey doesn’t wish to address. Fortunately, for him, it’s not necessary. He and his ilk will have no problem finding other suckers that he can distract with his “naked short seller” scam that will enable them all to dump still more overvalued/worthless shares on the mullets.

    Comment by James Brownfield -


    Comment by call2biz-blog -

  78. Bobo, 27 million is 99.7% of what? I am sure there is a math error with your work. And then there is the 600 million shares you aren’t accounting for. But, hey, Cuban thinks Weiss is a closeted Luther scholar based on an email from you. So standards of evidence, calculation, and logic are pretty low over here.

    Comment by John Lichtenstein -

  79. James, are you seriously this dim?

    27 million FTDs destroyed the company’s market cap by 99.7%. That is the dilutive impact. Fact.

    You really the Iraqi Minister of Information under Saddam? I’ve truly never witnessed any equivalent ignorance and baldfaced lying before.

    You want to blame the 27 million shares that cut 99.7% of the market cap of the company on…the company?

    Honestly, I have wiped my behind with far better than your rambling screed to the SEC, but your latest cretinisms make that pale. Truly.

    Here’s the world according to James:

    Nothing is ever the miscreants’ fault. When Wall Street prints mega millions of shares in its back room and sells them with unbridled aggression, that is the company’s fault. When Wall Street shorts and distorts, company’s fault. When the SEC acknowledges that NSS is a large problem that needs fixing, company’s fault.

    Everything is the company’s fault, and the predatory crooks on Wall Street are angels sent straight down from heaven.

    And any investors harmed by their manipulations? Company, and their, fault.

    Any questions?

    Thanks for the laugh, James. You should get a tent and take it on the road. Really. I blew seven-up through my nose reading your latest. It’s brilliant. You are to great market commentators/analysts what Carrot-Top is to great comedians. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Bobo -

  80. I’m pretty sure Weiss just baited you into giving him major free marketing and a page rank bump. Impressive considering he’s competition to your

    Comment by Frank -

  81. No, BooBoo, what I’m saying is that your scam is a diversion from what is truly taking place with these companies. It’s a red herring.

    There is no fraud associated with an FTD. Fails to deliver do not lead to shareholder dilution, decreases in corporate revenue, reductions in corporate income (or increases in corporate losses), or increases in general and administrative expenditures. An FTD neither creates nor destroys value at the corporate level.

    Only management can be held responsible for the corporate failings enumerated above. The FTD non-issue is nothing more than a side-show to divert attention away from managements that like to rape shareholders.

    Comment by James Brownfield -

  82. Yeah,
    Booboo OOO’Brien would never ‘fail to deliver’
    his worthless shares to defrauded ‘investors’, would you Booboo ? Do you approve of your role model James Dale Davidson running penny stock
    scams out of Dubai,etc. as well ? Do you guys give to the Republican party like the China Wireless CEO who dumped out of Bellador Group of Kuala Lumpur and Dubai,(just like your Endovasc scam coincidentally) ?

    Or Skyway Communications with its support from Jeb Bush,Titan Corp,Tom DeLay,that Republican business council and over 20 Saudi and Kuwaiti ‘angel investors’,that got its DC-9 caught in Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche,Mexico with over 5.5 tons of cocaine on board ? They even took some of their Kentucky investors to the White House I believe…..The Kovar’s Skyway
    Communications penny stock fraud of Lakeland, Florida and DFW Airport screams of its close Republican and White House connections.

    Does your criminal organization,aside from Patrick Byrne,bribe politicians as well Booboo ?

    Comment by Tony Ryals -

  83. Hey Booboo OOO’BBBrien,
    Who touted CXN highest with their fraudulent
    ‘naked shorting’ claim for that scammy pump and dump scam,you or James Dale Davidson ? Did you ever get to take a dump ? I bet James Dale Davidson did. Hee Hee

    Your pal,


    Comment by Tony Ryals -

  84. Golly James, that’s fascinating.

    What exactly does it have to do with 27 million FTDs the SEC allowed to happen? Are you saying that because the company diluted their shareholders, scamsters and fraudsters on Wall Street should also be allowed to perpetrate a seperate fraud?

    That’s kind of really, really dumb.

    That can’t be what you are saying. Is it?

    Comment by Bobo -

  85. Israeli President Katsav pardons Rabin assassin insider,aids fraud of Mohamed Hadid !

    I’m sure they,(the ‘Islamic charity folk’), have been quite impressed that Palestinian-American Mohamed Hadid and British-Israeli Michael Zwebner have been able to use not only Katsav’s as well as IFA founder Gal Lusky’s name in ‘pump and dump’ fraud using worthless U.S. penny stock shares but also with Moshe Katsav’s willingness to pretend he doesn’t notice they also ‘drafted’ Israeli soldiers and the whole of the Israeli army into their scammy press releases claiming the Israeli army would buy ‘UCSY’s’ or Universal Communications Systems’ non-existent ‘air-water machines’, (sometimes supposedly manufactured in Israel itself or sometimes in Brazil or sometimes in China, etc.,etc.)…..

    Actually I may be underestimating Mr.Mohamed Hadid’s influence in Saudi and Islamic extremist circles.Mr.Hadid has bought substantial real estate holdings for his Saudi friends and allies in the Washington D.C. area and was once even able to ‘out trump’ Donald Trump and obtain substantial funds overnight to buy coveted Vail,Colorado property before Mr.Trump could raise the cash for the purchase himself.Hadid and his Saudi and ‘Islamic charities’ colleagues have also bought real estate in South America including some of the largest apple orchard holdings there and have one of the largest poultry operations in America in the state of Georgia.

    And sometimes the press releases claim these non existent ‘air-water machines’ are being shipped to Israel or to the U.S. military in occupied Iraq or to the tsunami victims in Sri Lanka using Gal Lusky’s IFA,and apparently with her permission,IsraAid,in their fraudulent press releases. Sometimes a hundred or so ‘air-water machines’ are being shipped to Texas or Australia or South Africa,etc., etc..The corrupt SEC of the corrupt Bush regime does notthing.Fraud and money laundering with worthless U.S. penny stocks at home or abroad is good for the W Bush ‘economy’………………

    Even the head of the Kuwait National Guard,Al Ali Al Sabah,’royalty’,has now been found in a ‘business’ deal with far right Jew and Kach Party subscriber Michael Farkas.Small world. And they all have ties to that DC-9 confiscated by the Mexican Army in Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche, Mexico on April 10 ! I wonder why none of these brave souls steps forth to claim it !?……..

    Comment by Tony Ryals -

  86. No disputing that. I’m just hoping that people realize that the Scam Monkey and his crew stick with their lies no matter what.

    Comment by Wally Miller -

  87. Wally, I don’t expect BooBoo to become an upright citizen any time soon, but I disagree with your conclusion that bringing out the facts doesn’t matter.

    These scammers have had some success in their attempts to influence people. Their arguments hold a superficial allure to those investors who won’t do research. For some people, for whatever reason, it’s psychologically more comfortable to see themselves as a victim of external forces than to face up to a mistake, recognize it as such, and then go forward armed with the tools they need to avoid making the same mistake over and over again.

    By telling the real story about what happened at Global Links, I would hope that past victims would at least visit the EDGAR site, get filings, and ask themselves some pointed questions before they invested another dollar in a company’s stock.

    Comment by James Brownfield -

  88. James, you can’t reason with a professional con artist like the Scam Monkey.

    BooBoo’s job is to tell a lie. His job is to convice people that stocks decline because of a conspiracy involving “counterfeit stocks.”

    It is impossible to prove a negative, so you can bring out facts and logic as much as you want and it doesn’t matter. It’s like arguing with a Muslin fundamentalist or someone from the flat earth society.

    Comment by Wally Miller -

  89. On the contrary, BooBoo, I have LOTS of documents. These first two were available for any investor to review long before Global Links did their 2005 reverse split and Simpson staged his fake buy-out stunt.
    The S-8 that explicitly stated the size of the offering would not be affected by any future splits.
    The last 10Q that was released prior to the reverse split. Details about the Preferred B issue are included in the notes. (You will also note the 87% dilution for the first nine months of 2004.)

    This next document merely demonstrates the predictable outcome that anyone should ahve been able to foresee had the read the S-8 and the 10Q referenced above.
    Voila! Less than two months after the reverse split, Global Links management has diluted their new common by over 70%.

    There is no innuendo, Scam Monkey. These are cold, hard facts. Global Links’ insiders have built themselves a bunker with their Preferred B holdings and quarter after quarter, year after year, they pound the daylights out of their common shareholders.

    And how nice that they have a scammer out there like you to help cover their tracks.

    Comment by James Brownfield -

  90. James:

    I think I can help everyone with understanding what you are saying.

    Translation: I have no documents I can cite nor data to point to that would make anything bobo says be shown to be false. I am trying as hard as I can to blame the company for the actions of Wall Street and the SEC, however the filings don’t support my innuendo. The filings do show a 1 for 350 split, a symbol change, and then massive selling culminating in being on the SHO list, with 25 times the issued shares sold and failed. These annoying facts are easily verifiable, and the latest blogs at thesanitycheck, as well as today’s Forbes article, show that to be the case. I am desperately trying to spin this with hand waving and such, but the facts show my position to be specious, and my reasoning flawed.

    I think that about does it. You are an empty suit, just like Jeff was in the Byrne debate. You got nothin, and you hit like a baby girl.

    I’m done with you. Buy “Elements of Style” and a dictionary, and perhaps hooked on phonics, and come back in a few years.


    Comment by Bobo -

  91. This isn’t the first time someone with authority on the net uses their position of power to get across their own ideas and agendas and certainly won’t be the last.

    It’s really sad too, cause someone like Gary has no business being in that position.

    Here is a another recent example of someone using their power on the net to either help themselves or push their own agenda.

    In this case it’s a little different cause it’s not about getting across his agenda, but about depositing money into his own account. The incident I’m referring to involves a guys from DMOZ who was recently “supposedly” fired for adding certain sites to the DMOZ directory only if he was paid $$.
    Here is the link to that story…

    The moral of the story is… there needs to be some accountability on these sites. And just because you’re put in a position of power, you should still have some type of accountability for you actions. Someone like Gary Weiss shouldn’t even be in that position in the first place since he’s a journalist.

    You can’t have places like Wikipedia and DMOZ just randomly edited by anyone. Hell, what stops someone from just flaming an old girlfriend or business partner? Or in the case of DMOZ… you can’t simply put the lively hoods of people and their sites in the hands of just anyone and then let them run their section without any ramifications.

    Something needs to be done about this and soon.

    Comment by Bryan Hauer - Official Blog -

  92. Well Mr.Brownfield I agree with your analysis up to a point.Yes a pump and dump after a phony ‘reverse split’ and fraudulently blamed on ‘naked shorting’ THAT WOULD HAVE THE SAME EFFECT in both cases.That’s even more reason NOT to blame the investor.It is long past time to blame Chris Cox for pavcing the way for even more of this fraud in 1995 even overiding a Clinton veto to do it !And now he’s rewarded be being SEC Chairman.As one who admits he was defrauded in the James Dale Davidson,Dave Patch,Brent Pierce,Grant Atkins, and Agora Inc and Vantage Point and NAANS,ETC., illegal pump an dump scheme – I resent your insinuation investors such as myself however naive should hide in shame and pretends a fraud did not occur or that I HAVE ENTIRELY MYSSELF TO BLAME !! That’s BS.

    I’d Stanford University and the SEC HAVE SOME BLAME AMONG OTHERS.THERE IS NOTHING IN ENDOVASC SEC FILINGS ABOUT BELLADOR GROUP MUCH LESS THAT ANY MONEY I WAS LOSING IN THIS,I BEIEVE GREATLY BELTWAY FRAUD,WAS GOING TO KUALA LUMPUR OR DUBAI !To not want to bring the criminals to justice is to say not only that you believe some investors (stupid ones in your peabrain)should be defrauded but you are also saying nothing should be done even post 9/11 against worthless U.S. penny stock shares being used for pump and dump and money laundering in the Middle East.On this you are united with the likes of James Dale Davidson,Patrick Byrne,Adnan Khashoggi,Moshe Katsav,W Bush,Al Ali Al Sabah and Chris Cox and his corrupt SEC, in this I am glad to strongly disagree with you and them and in agreement with Chris Byron who advocated for cleaning up the offshore fraud with U.S. PENNY STOCKS YEARS AGO.

    I believe attorneys Wes Christian and John O’Quinn and ex-SEC attorney Brent Baker among others should serve jail time and Stanford University and its researchers Heeschen and Cooke should disgorge among others.They on used a free nicotine research grant for fraud that led to not only fraudulent pump and dump for their personal gain but in the end led to post 9/11 unaudited money transactions with unaudited penny shares in terrorist suspect money laundering regions.


    Comment by Tony Ryals -

  93. So I was reading the Weiss blog saying that he isn’t matanmoreland. Haven’t ever heard of the guy, so I went to his wikipedia page, checked out the history, saw that matanmoreland updated it alot. Then I checked out matanmorelands history and noticed he did a lot of updates to the Patrick Byrne page. I googled “gary weiss patrick byrne” and the first thing that popped up was weiss’ blog. Just sayin.

    Comment by Jared -

  94. I know it galls you to no end that those of us who can read and understand 10K’s and 10Q’s will identify the actual culprits with scams like Global Links. There is no question to anyone with even a smidgeon of financial acumen as to what took place with this disaster. Global Links’ management bullet-proofed their hold on the company with the Preferred B issue, shored up their supply of shares to dump on the mullets with their S-8 filing, and then kicked off the whole affair with Simpson’s fake “buy-out”.

    The Global Links reverse split was an unusual case of a staged pump and dump but it was, nonetheless, a pump and dump. That you would try to paint it as anything else is thoroughly consistent with your track record of diverting attention AWAY from the real crooks. This scam was instigated by her insiders. THEY are the culprits, no one else.

    As for blaming the investor-victims, there does come a time where an investor has to ask themselves, “What exactly am I buying?” In the case of Global Links, they bought into an enterprise where management had stacked the deck against them long ago.

    It is unfortunate that so many naive investors fall prey to scams like Global Links and that they can be persuaded by a crook like you that they have no culpability for their own losses.

    Are they to be blamed?

    Accepting mistakes is part of being an investor. There is no shame in making a mistake, once, if you learn from it. However, making the same mistake over and over again and never learning from it is something for which these investors do deserve to be blamed. Any investor that continues to buy into these scams without doing thorough due diligence IS to be blamed for their losses.

    Comment by James Brownfield -

  95. Can I just publicly thank “Nina’s” professor and Nina.

    >>Posted Aug 23, 2006, 8:25 PM ET by Nina
    Any real journalist knows that Wikipedia is about of the worst sources there is and that they should never go on what they find there. I just graduated and all of my journalism professors told us to never use that as a source and actually forbade us using it for a source for any story.

    Comment by Temple Stark -

  96. Didn’t Dennis Rodman get fired from the Mav’s because of saying, “My Wiki is your Wiki!”

    Comment by Joe Gakenheimer -

  97. James:

    I read the filings. In Feb. the company had 1.1 million shares outstanding. There were 27 million fails.

    When those purchasers of 27 million fake shares paid real money for non-existent stock, help me here. What part of that was the company, or the investors’ fault?

    Back to the tired, “It’s a bad company” harangue? Just can’t separate the issues, no matter how many times it is clarified for you? I guess you are every bit as dim as your screed to the SEC indicated. Apologies. I really thought that had to have been some kind of an act.

    OK then. Investors were massively defrauded by Wall Street selling 27 million non-existent shares, but that is the company’s fault.

    And when he SEC allows it to happen and covers it up, that is, well, you know, how a securities regulator is supposed to work.

    Defraud investors to the tune of 27 million shares? Regulator cover up, and no action taken. Investors lose fortunes due to fraud from aforementioned massive selling? Investors deserved it – God had tarted them, and the stock fraudsters selling the fakes are merely his divine arm of retribution.


    Why are you so intent upon defending the crooks? Nobody thinks people that sell fake shares are anything but crooks. Why do you try to make being a crook seem like some noble pursuit?

    Why can’t crooks just be crooks, and you admit it?

    Comment by Bobo -

  98. The FOIA data is not the place to discover what’s really going on at Global Links. The place to investigate would be in their 10K’s and their 10Q’s. Anyone who will take the time to investigate those documents will find that what’s taken place at Global Links falls precisely in line with the phenomena I’ve described.

    A shlock company raises capital. A shlock company burns away the capital they’ve raised. Insider and promoters get fat and happy off of their shareholders’ back. Scammers like you blame “naked short sellers” when the game is over.

    Next to CMKM Diamonds, I couldn’t have hoped for a better company for you to have embraced with your scam.

    Comment by James Brownfield -

  99. Hey John.

    I note you too lack any actual rebuttal. Sort of interesting how FOIA data shows massive corruption in the market, and your stance is to ignore it, and pretend it is all kooky.

    How refreshing.

    Comment by Bobo -

  100. Mark maybe you can get your new friends to spam every board on the internet blaming a multigenerational international conspiracy every time the ball doesn’t bounce the Mav’s way too.

    Comment by John Lichtenstein -

  101. BTW, James and Wally. I now have the FOIA data for Global Links up at – all of it, and it shows that 27 million fails traded at a time when 1.1 million shares were issued and outstanding.

    27 times the issued and outstanding shares.

    That would be an example were massive fraud against investors took place, by Wall Street, and the SEC covered it up.

    Enjoy your irrational little world where naked short selling doesn’t harm investors. How much worse does it have to get when 27 times the outstanding shares are counterfeited, and the perps refuse to deliver the genuine article. What impact does that have for fair markets, or the notion that a stock can ever go up, no matter what good news breaks?

    Comment by Bobo -

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