This is a great blog post !

My buddy and supergeek Rahul Sood, is the President and CTO of VodooPC. A high end PC company that sells great products to the gamer and ultra performance PC market.

I love his most recent blogpost because it is everything right about corporate blogging, its honest, timely and interesting.

I also love it because it shows just how involved and passionate great executives are. I’ve known Michael Dell for a long time and when we exchange emails, its not unusual for either of us to respond in the middle of the night. Its not unusual for middle of the night emails to get immediate responses.

It doesnt matter that he has been doing this for 20 plus years. Its in his blood.

I loved the exchange between Rahul and Michael because I can relate to it. When you eat, sleep, dream about, and live an industry and you can engage someone else who approaches the industry the same way, the conversations are amazing. You dont have to agree on things, but when both people know their stuff, everyone walks away from the exchange a lot smarter and incredibly motivated.

Motivated because it was a reminder of what you always know to be true in the technology business. There is always someone out there trying to do smart things and kick your ass and its your job to figure out how to do a better job.

If that doesn’t motivate you, then none of this probably makes sense to you.

21 thoughts on “This is a great blog post !

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  6. Thank you!

    Comment by David C -

  7. i gree with Passion is what drives success,because sometimes only aim to make money,you can’t success.
    ..but where is my Passion ?? hahhh

    Comment by Tom here -

  8. Mark,

    Your post ain’t too bad either.

    Passion is what drives success. You seem to both have it and appreciate it.

    Hopefully your readers will stop just doing something and start discovering what they love and embracing it.

    Comment by Allan Wallace -

  9. Michael Wyatt. Imagine if they had the same approach to all AMERICAN COMPANIES ripping benefits from doing business overseas? Just to name a few, Dell, Micrisoft, GE, Ford, GM and many, many others. They bring revenues back to the US in trucks full of money. And there are Americans working in these companies overseas, taking up on a job there too.

    I am sorry, but it shocks me that you cannot yet understand the complexity of world business. We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto. The world aint flat. There are advantages and disadvantages in world economy. In the same way that jobs have gone overseas, American companies have been able to increase their share of gain in the US, improving our very own stock market. We, Americans, have been able to have access to less expensive products, allowing small businesses to improve in their technology, providing a more estable business. Not to mention that, the world, in general, has been able to improve its output capacity due to a combination of investment from American companies and unexpensive labor in other countries.

    Folks, please, this is serious that we still have people who think this way.

    Mr. Wyatt, I didnt mean to be ofensive, and I am sorry if I was, but you need to do more reading on world economy and the relationship between economies. THE WORLD IS NOT FLAT and WE ARE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE.

    Lastly, you sound like the people who were burning books

    Comment by Marcos Santos -

  10. That is a great post. In my business, people that have been in the field for numerous years still learn from the people new to the business. I guess it’s the same elsewhere too. In your area, D-wade was getting calls from Lebron during the finals with advice.

    Comment by Naples Florida Real Estate -

  11. Thanks for the post, it’s obvious that Dell still has the same passion and focus he had for so many years. Just hope he directs that focus in the right path…

    Comment by Milo Riano -

  12. You’re buddies with Michael Dell?

    Could you let him know about a little boycott I have going? I once was a loyal customer. I supported Dell because they had a good product, great support, and mainly because THEY ARE TEXAN! But now that support is overseas and NOT in Round Rock, I will never buy another Dell product again. In fact, I have no idea what my next computer will be yet. I may have to just build it myself. I’m sure I can use some scavenged parts from the three Dells that are underneath my desk now… one of which I am currently using to type this.

    Boycott Dell until they bring support home to Texas and back to the cool hacker college kids in Round Rock. Those were the people that got Dell so many kudos for wonderful support back in the day. I miss those kids. I wouldn’t call Dell for support right now if my laptop were exploding into flames… which it may very well do, I understand.

    As for your post on corporate blogging… what does that do to the already fine line that borders insider trading?


    Comment by Michael Wyatt -

  13. while I personally appreciate that smart people will have smart discussions doesn’t after the fact blogging of those types of discussions just encourage conspiracy theorists in the post Enron era?

    Comment by sdy -

  14. Rahul is a sharp guy. He’s protected the Voodoo brand pretty well since it began. I think he runs the risk of stagnating by not pursuing other avenues of potential growth more vigorously, especially software, but you can’t argue with success.

    Comment by James King -

  15. Eesh. Talk about over-priced. Checked out some systems on that site, built a few. Ouch, reasonable prices just aren’t possible unless you really bone up on everything and do it all yourself. Obviously doesn’t pertain to you Mark, but the lowly college students such as myself, where this stuff is of most interest, ouchieee.

    Comment by Brian -

  16. Mr Sood’s blog is one that should be taken to heart by all business people. When you are able to discuss ideas freely with your competitors (and not fear that your ideas will be “stolen”), then you can truly better your own organization’s goals and visions.

    Comment by Kristin -

  17. I agree also. Passion is something that can’t be bought.

    Comment by TechnologySlice -

  18. I’am joining to Mark.

    Comment by Trash -

  19. Mark,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Without elaboration I am a highly motivated ineternet/ecommerce/network geek … seeing similar charactersitcs in yours and others blogs tells me I am on the right path in certain endeavors.

    Thanks for the link again, and giving further insight into some aspects of business so many seem obsessed to protect.


    Comment by Wayne Downing -

  20. If that doesn’t motivate you, you’ll probably be looking for another job in the next four months. That’s the way it goes – business is survival of the fittest, no matter WHAT industry you’re talking about. My business is the same way. We all have competitors and through mutual competition, you become respectful of the other, or at least their efforts to kick you in the nuts. You have to be motivated to find a better “killer app” out there before the other guy does it, because it WILL be found.

    Comment by That One Guy -

  21. Extremely relevant…thanks for sharing. This post is how blogging should work – the sharing of ideas in a succinct and efficient manner.

    Comment by Sammy D. -

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