My RadioMaverick Show on Sirius and the NBA.

Early this year the NBA came to me and asked if I would be interested in doing my own talk show on Sirius Radio. The NBA was in negotiations with Sirius at the time, and according to this NBA employee, Sirius would only do a deal with the NBA if I would do a show.

Doing a radio show is something I had been asked to do in the past, but it really wasnt something I had an interest in doing. I had zero interest in having a show of any kind. However, in the interest of helping the NBA close a multi million dollar deal, I told this person I would be happy to meet with Sirius. Thats what good partners do

I flew up to NY and met with Scott Greenstein of Sirius, who couldnt have been nicer, more encouraging , more complimentary and more excited about my doing a radio show. He actually got me excited about it. They would set up an ISDN link and board in my office so I could work from home. They would give me a producer so that in addition to the show time, my preperation time would only be a few more hours per week. We decided that I would do a show that would be every Sunday at noon for 3 hours. Not just during basketball season, but 46 weeks per year. My pay… nada. I could potentially earn a percentage of advertising revenue that I generated, but I wasnt planning on going out to sell ads.

I told them it sounded like fun, but I would ONLY do it if they closed a deal with the NBA. Scott made it clear that they wanted me to do the show whether or not the NBA deal closed. I made it clear that the only reason I would make this committment in time is to help the NBA and only with an NBA – Sirius deal could the show happen.

I had committed to give up my Sundays. Reschedule the Sunday half of my Daddy – Daughter lunchs at the infamous Blue Cow Restaurant eating chicking nuggets and hot fudge sundaes. Do the preperation time to make the show good. For Free. To be a good NBA partner.

Whenever Ive been able to help my NBA partners, I’ve always tried to. I have gone on sales calls with the NBA to try to close business. In one case where things didnt go so well with the Commissioner, I was brought in as an alternative. I have given talks , speechs and Q&A sessions with more than half the teams in the NBA. Whenever there is a Speakers Series held by a team , it seems like I am asked to speak. Teams refer me to other teams as being one of , if not the biggest draw they have had. In addition, if i get asked to speak by any group in an NBA city, I wont do it unless its before or after a game, and all the participants are required to buy a ticket to the game. Thats what good partners do.

Unfortunately my partners in the NBA didnt see the value I thought I brought to the league. Hey it happens. Im not the first business person who’s self evaluation of contribution to a business was wrong and I wont be the last. I have nothing but respect for my fellow NBA owners .. That said, I don’t feel the obligation to do what I thought was of value if others dont.

So, having made a short story long. To those of you who emailed, asking when RadioMaverick will start on Sirius, it won’t. For those of you who emailed asking if I will be speaking at your team’s functions again this year. I doubt it.

Will I still be cheering on the Mavs. Absolutely. Will I be in the same seats, cheering the same way. Absolutely. Not having to do the show is great news. Not doing the show and events is easy. Explaining to my daughter why we arent going to Purple Cow as she is trying to pull me out of my office every Sunday, now that would be hard.

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  1. dear MARK,
    how difficult would it have been for you to
    do the show un “live”
    reading from war and peace…
    or just ranting to friends etc on taped telephone calls
    Radio doesn’t require you to be there…never did, never does
    the ISDN link and board could have been “manned” by a friend
    and you could have called in via cellphone
    anything to promote the “Cuban Brand”

    Comment by A -

  2. Mark, good for you! It’s Sirius’ loss, big time!

    Comment by Terry Collins -

  3. Mark,
    Love the blog although that is tough to admit as a Suns fan. I was wondering if you ever thought about doing a podcast for your internet fans and talk about the NBA and such like you would have on the show?

    Comment by Greg -

  4. The NBA is lucky to have you doing the things you do to make the Mavs and the League better. Improving the Mavs as you have has made the Leauge a better league. And doing the Sirius show (for no money) is a great move for you, your team, and the league. But moreover, it shows you get it. You get that it would be a huge positive for everyone.

    Comment by wailea -

  5. Here’s another article on the reasoning why no show:

    Comment by Joe -

  6. Nigel, just out of curiosity, who are you referring to as fragile? Which player? I have an idea but I am not sure. I am really curious. And also, thank you for mentioning the movie “The Secret”.

    Mark, this is a great movie. You have most likely seen it. I wonder how you practice the “Secret” in your life. That would be an awsome book topic for you. Just a thought.

    Comment by Erica -

  7. Hey Mark,
    Just read on how you “saw the light” and will be learning from D. Stern. I hope that was sarcasm. Don’t let those guys stifle you. You are half the reason I’m interested in the Mavs. It’s great to see an owner appreciate and get geniune enjoyment from his team…rather than just see it as a money making machine. Don’t let “the man” get you down!

    Comment by Jay Pearmon -

  8. Glad to hear you are not helping out the NBA. Why should you? They constantly fine and criticize you for being you. We in Dallas love you! You have been wonderful in pulling a team out of the gutter and making us into a world caliber team! Way to go! No matter what Commisioner Stern and the other owners say, you are the best owner in the league. You are always with your team, rooting and supporting, you are good to the players and coaches as well as the fans! The league may not appreciate you, Mr. Cuban, but the city of Dallas and every MFFL does. Owners should take note of your actions and follow you accordingly. You should be an example to all of them. Keep doing what you are doing and p&ssing off the league every chance you get! We love ya!


    Comment by Amy -

  9. Mark, I was considering switching from XM to Sirius just to listen to your show. Bummer. But I agree with you on this. If the NBA is going to be petty then stop wasting your time.

    Comment by Mike -

  10. Mark,
    As a small businessman, I’ve read your blog for sometime and vastly enjoy your perspective. When I read the NBA owners had turned on you, I was shocked they would be willing to take such a public relations bath. How small minded and petty they appear to me, Average Joe NBA Fan. Their gestapo tactics are as asinine as they are ill-timed. While I wouldn’t have listened to the show (don’t have Sirius or XM), I totally respect your stand and say keep swinging.
    Darin M. Wood, Ph.D.

    Comment by Darin Wood -

  11. Mark – If I took a drink for every time you tooted your own horn about what a great partner you are for the NBA in this post I’d be too drunk to respond. I’ve found insight in some of your past posts, but entries like this make you sound more like just another guy what was in the right place at the right time and suckered some people with too much money. Doing a show like this for the NBA would have been your dream years ago and you make it sound like some kind of chore.

    Reminds me of a quote from Barry Switzer: “Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.”

    Comment by Joe -

  12. Thankfully, no one will have to hear your megalomaniacial rantings on the radio. Your whiny, wannabe-victim mentality is one of the most annoying things about the league and prevents me from being able to enjoy the play of the guys on the team you own. I want to see them fail because a weenie like yourself having part in a championship team would just not be right. I appreciate and congratulate you for the success you’ve had outside of basketball, but your blowhard opinions on the game you know nothing about are embarrassing to the true connoisseurs. You’ve been lucky to be able to buy your way in, now take Dirk’s advice and shut up. And pay Nelson what your organization owes him.

    Comment by Cold Money -

  13. For those wondering what this stemmed from, has a story about a decision from the Board of Governors regarding regulating the behavior of owners. Like an earlier commenter, I was confused as to where this all came from but now it makes sense.

    Comment by Kevin Mendonca -

  14. Sounded like a great idea, Mark… promote the NBA for free what a novel concept, just as I believe that I’m promoting the Breeders’ Cup for free really a Sunday show on Sirius would have been a blast! You could have joined Howard Stern as the top dog on Sirius! Maybe the NBA gurus will get wise and it will still happen! I was able to get an interview with Trevor Denman for my webby so anything is possible..Saul

    Comment by saul -

  15. Good catch Eric! (comment #15)I was wondering why he felt unappreciated and the blog explained it.

    Comment by Henry -

  16. Maybe Sirius didn’t go through for the better. The other owner’s are jealous.

    Comment by business -

  17. During last year’s finals, I struggled with whom to root for. Being from Boston, I am a huge Antoine Walker fan, and also I dislike Kobe with a passion, so seeing Shaq win without him would have been equally pleasing. But I also wanted to see David Stern hand you the trophy. It would have been great entertainment, and that’s why we watch. Stern seems to think you’re bad for the game. He shows this by fining you practively every other day. But in reality, you’re passion and out-spoken pressence is refreshing. Maybe the NBA (Stern) doesn’t appreciate you, but at least the fans do, (even one’s from Boston).

    Comment by Jason M -

  18. I don’t think this is a value-add equation, Mark. Without doing any research to counter your post, it simply sounds like some of the other owners are jealous of your high visibility and aren’t concerned with increasing the overall value of the NBA. I’m trying to think of the proper game theory situation to apply to this (Prisoner’s Dilemma, but that’s not quite it), but sometimes people would rather see you NOT succeed than see themselves succeed with you.

    Comment by anton -

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  20. Thanks all for the information!!!

    Comment by Tarasil -

  21. mark- you should use your corporate investigative reporter to poke around the nba league office… turn the tables on them. would anyone on the the inside like to share some inside nba stories?

    Comment by league baller -

  22. Maybe the following article is why Mark feels as if his fellow partners fail to appreciate his value…

    Not knowing the reason behind the blog entry irked me too…one google news search later turned up the article above

    Comment by Eric -

  23. Thank you Mark for NOT being able to do a show on Sirius. As a Mark Cuban fan and an Opie and Anthony fan, I was struggling with the idea of buying Sirius just to listen to you.

    Comment by Doug Hagewood -

  24. While I can appreciate the demands on your time, I always assumed that there was some
    kind of compensation for your NBA afflilated appearances .. its a shame that they don’t appreciate the effort. As a long time Sonics fan I want to thank you for making it up to our
    speaker series a few years ago, I really got a lot out of it, it was one of only 2 speaker events I made that year (flying in at the time from CA for weekend games) .. at least we still get to
    hear your opinions on the blog.

    Comment by sdy -

  25. Mark – doesn’t the NBA already have a deal with Sirius? I don’t understand why your current negotiations have any effect on a league deal…could you clarify this a bit more?

    Comment by Scott -

  26. With great honer to say something to you.I am from Beiing,China.
    Everytime I read your blog,my imagination soars and passion spills.I love your words!I love your ideas!They really give me a lot!And I like the Maverick,Dirk is my favourite.Everytime I saw you from Tv,I was greatly impressed by your passion.

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    ps. Forgive my poor English.As a Chinese,I am better in understanding your ideas and translating them into our language than expressing my ideas in English.

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  27. I thought I would echo part of of Alex’s comments as an expecting father of a little girl. While the fan in me is disappointed – I find a lot of your comments refreshingly honest compared with what comes out of professional sports (or really any company) – my biggest fear is not having time for my daughter.

    I read your posts through my RSS feed, so this is my first time reading the comments. I don’t know if you take requests, but I would love to hear how you balance work and family. Bar results come out Friday, and my biggest fear is getting sucked in as a young professional and missing important moments in her life. I’ve promised myself I won’t, but it is nerve-wracking…

    Comment by Neil -

  28. Mark- I think this decisions is yours to make and i dont think it is anyone’s bizz to tell you whether you are right or wrong. But i dont think i undrstood why you are not doing it. i understood your partners dont appreciate you, but i also think it is their decision not to like you. in the end, you are controversial and some folks dont appreciate. but i dont think i understood the REASON behind it. thanks for being so upfront.

    Comment by Marcos Santos -

  29. Unfortunately my partners in the NBA didnt see the value I thought I brought to the league.

    They much powerfully mistaken.

    Regards, SV

    Comment by SV -

  30. Hi Mark, I sat next to you at a Utah Jazz / Dallas Mavericks game here in Salt Lake City about 6 years ago. It was a great experience for me as a young entrepreneur. Anyhow, I just wanted you to know that as much as I might miss your radio show, I am glad you will not be rescheduling your daughter. The NBA, or any other partner, is not worth missing Daddy/Daughter time. I speak from experience as a father of one daughter and an entrepreneur.

    Check out my blog sometime and let me know what you think if anything scrubs or rubs you the wrong/right way.

    Go Jazz!


    Comment by Alex Lawrence -

  31. It sounds like we’re only getting half of the story. If you’re going to make this post, why not tell us what really happened? You have the big buildup, and then just say there’s not going to be a show. What happened? What does the radio show have to do with you cheering for the Mavs or sitting in the same seats?

    Comment by Tim -

  32. Sorry to hear that Mark!

    I think your voice would carry far and help connect with the fans and the people.

    You are correct in your assessment that fans see you as one of them that “makes you interesting”.

    The fact that you own a big team “makes you powerful”.

    The fact you do so many things for others even though you have no need to do it “makes you matter”.

    Never stop giving and doing what you know is the right thing to do Mark. It is not the fan’s fault that the NBA is so hardheaded, shortsighted, and selfish.

    It does not matter if the NBA fails to appreciate you. Do not let the NBA change you Mark, do not give them the power. Without the fans there is no NBA and the game we know and love will be gone.

    In time, the truth will become known. And, history will judge the guilty.

    As you smile to your grandchildren, you will have peace of mind knowing you did what was right, you did what was best, you did what you had to do, and have no regrets, no not one.

    Comment by Antonio Howell -

  33. Hey, Mark, long time reader, first time writer. (I’m trying to radio-up my post.) As a Sirius customer, and a former XM customer as well, I must say that I am disappointed to know that your own show was so close, but no deal was made. You seem to be a perfect match for the medium, though no doubt the league would eventually have some problems with something, anything, you said. The reason I read your blog is not merely because it hits so many topics that interest me, like basketball, tech news, and the DMCA, amongst others. You come across as real and unedited, enthusiastic, driven, insightful, and even occasionally wrong-headed. Sat. radio seems like the perfect match for you, and I hope that at some point, we might be able to hear your show come flying down from the sky into our receivers. Until that day comes, hope you enjoy the Purple Cow, and hope your daughter enjoys the time she has with you. As much as we want to hear you and your show, we all respect the decision you made and the reasons for it. (And don’t forget the peanut butter milkshake!)

    Comment by Boston Brendan -

  34. Good, I’m glad you’re not doing it. As much as I would love for you to have a weekly radio show (and would listen religiously), your family is more important. Plus, I enjoy your appearances on Opie & Anthony and from what I hear Sirius does not take kindly to their personalities supporting XM Radio in any way, shape, or form.

    Comment by Brock Batsell -

  35. The only reason I’m glad you’re not doing it is that I have XM and would’ve been jealous!!! I appreciate your philosophy. I’m a recording engineer working with major labels in the music biz. There are a ton of things I do that I don’t compensated for. The reason I do them is because it promotes me as a brand, and it promotes my clients. I help them acheive their goals, and in turn that will only help the cause…

    Comment by Mark Goodchild -

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