I Love the New NBA !

No complaining. No backtalk. No taking off your warmups on the court. No arena sound system is too loud. The new ball. All changes for the better. Anyone who has seen me at the games knows its a completely different ballgame, and Im thankful.

I’m excited to get feedback from the fans as well. I would love to read everyone’s comments on how they feel about the changes since I’m sure they wlll be positive. So please, take the time to let me know !

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  1. Doubt you would ever see this Cuban, but I have the misfortune to be a Mavs fan in San Antonio….I wear my Dirk Shirt with pride and try to avoid being jumped on game nights. Anyhow loved the shirt about the riverwalk. It is so true. Working in the hospital down here, I heard a story about a guy who fell into the “river” and ended up in the hospital for three days he was so sick. The thing is disgusting, but really “accentuates” this fair city. In all fairness, SA is not that bad, but sure as hel is no Dallas….Go Mavs!

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  2. The new rules are slowly clamping down on the whole individuality aspect of the game. On the issue of noise in stadiums, if someone doesn’t like loud noises, don’t go to the games. That is the whole point of going to the games; to be LOUD, ROUDY, and PROUD!! GO MAVS!!

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  4. In all irrelevance to the NBA, but important to professional sports!

    From your passionate supporters in Detroit, and your strong supporters as a self-made man who is inspired to take the next step with a team, please consider investing in the Detroit Lions.

    Mr. William Clay Ford, Sr. has no passion, desire, or interest to run the team. As the team continues to suffer, the fans will disperse away from the field. But I tell you, after speaking to several of my co-workers is that the passion of a football-crazed town with a beautiful facility and newest technology is dying for a visionary owner.

    Fairly soon, the franchise will have minimal value. The return is enormouse, not just the financial aspect, but the fact that you, Mr. Mark Cuban, can be seen as the savior of professional football in the great state of Michigan.


    The hard-working, pro football supporting men & women of Detroit, Michigan

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  5. Mark, you’re a legend at I.U. I don’t understand all the sports related stuff, but I’d like to see more of your chaotic ranting. Good for the league, fans, and ratings. You’re the ultimate NBA p.r. person, no matter what the outcome.
    Keep up the great work,


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  6. What Would David Do??? Hee!

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  7. Stern’s gotta go. He is horrible for the league.

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  8. Mark Cuban thank you so much from everyone in your hometown Pittsburgh for trying to buy the Pens and Pirates. We love you your a true Pittsburgher!!

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  9. The NBA is great. I am in Oklahoma and finally getting the chance to enjoy the NBA being in OKC. But I am from DFW and a true Dallas fan. Watched the terrible years as a kid before Mark Cuban showed up and actually enjoyed the years since. For the most part I really enjoy the rules being enforced this year and it seems like the refs have let up with the quick whistles, at least to a point. I hate whining! Just suck it up and play. But now, what about Iverson? I mean everybody knows the guy is incredible on the court. If this guy actually gets traded would you want him on your team? As a Dallas fan I think I would want him on the Mavs. Mostly because I don’t want him on any of the other top teams in the West. I mean, seriously, do we actually know just how good this guy could be if he had teammates who he could count on (same agruement for KG). This guy could be averaging a double double at this point in his career if he played with guys that could shoot the ball. Do you really want him playing for any of the top 8 teams in the west other than your own team? Sounds like a big risk to me. I am not saying the Mavs should go broke trying to get him I am just saying I hope he stays out East away from the likes of the Lakers, Clippers, Timberwolves, or any other competitor in the West.

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  10. The only thing that needs to be enforced more is the rule that a team’s PA announcer is not supposed to speak when the opposing team advances the ball past half court. However, as evidenced by the Laker game tonight, Dallas’ will always yell something (usually “Defense” in a very annoying fashion) at critical times during their possessions. That to me seems a little unethical and unfair and I’m going to send a video to the league office.

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  11. my bad.. you’re being sarcastic.. duhhhhhh

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  12. WOW.. I am truly surprised that you feel this strongly about all of the new changes with the NBA. I for one am a bit incensed with all the whistle blowing.. Basketball is a physical game and most NBA players have a passion for their play and the play of their team. Showing that passion in the form of a disagreement with an official is part of the game.

    While I do not agree with the idea of players being above officials, neither do I agree with officials being above players and not being held accountable for their mistakes. I’m not saying that an argument from a player is holding an official accountable, just that it’s reasonable to assume that they get it wrong sometimes and to vent frustration is human. In fact the more I watch the NBA this year the more mistakes I see officials make at critical moments during games and the more it pisses me off. Not only do they get the call wrong, they usually overlook another call to make up for it and all it does is slow the game down and I spend the majority of my time watching free throws or inbounds passes..

    Thank God for DVR’s!

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  13. Mr. Cuban-

    I absolutely love your new angle. Vince McMahon couldn’t have devised a better heel gimmick. “He Fine Me”?!! “XXXL: Property David Stern University”!!!!? Those T’s are instant classics, why aren’t you selling them? My brother and I have been laughing about them for days now and as Charlotte NBA fans–and by default, a Bobcat fans–we need something to laugh about these days.
    I saw you at the game in CLT a few weeks ago and was openly hoping that you’d arrived in town to take over this pathetic franchise from the hands of a no-class owner. I’m sure you have respect for Bob Johnson as a fellow owner…but then again, you may not. This guy is the anti-Cuban. No business sense whatsoever. Okay, maybe a little. He was a billionaire at one point but he made that billion by helping reinforce negative racial stereotypes and peddling bojangling “artists” to his own race. Kinda reminds me of those old Grandys ruling the slave trade in the Bight of Benin. Sick. We have the lowest payroll in the league, our coach is also our general manager. Jordan is never around and most recently made Charlotte headlines by partnering with Johnson in a slot-machine venture in Pennsylvania (way to clean up your gambling addiction image, Mike!).
    Alright, I’m bitching…here’s my point: PLEASE BUY THE CHARLOTTE BOBCATS! PLEASE! Buy them under a psuedonym, secretly slip Larry Bird some money, anything!
    Speaking of Bird, the guy was in line to own the team originally four years ago but Stern made another one of his brilliant decisions by placing professional sports’ first black majority owner in CHARLOTTE, NC, DEEP SOUTH USA. There’s a reason why Johnson hasn’t endeared himself to the Charlotte community and race is only half of it. The guy is arrogant and doesn’t even live in the city. So he’s cheap and aloof. Great idea Stern. Aren’t these the very same reasons Charlotte abandoned George Shinn’s Hornets? Brilliance all around!
    I don’t know who is ultimately judging Stern’s handling and marketing of the NBA but we all need to open our eyes to see that this guy is just a pube hair shy of Bud Selig territory. The NBA should be the number one sports league in the US. Period. Most recognizable players, fast game, great scheduling, etc. But instead most of the teams are barely selling enough tickets to fill up half of the arenas. The national tv coverage doesn’t even start until Christmas and Dwayne Wade is going to the line 35 times a game. To quote the great Bill Walton, “This guy is a joke.”
    Cuban for Commissioner! Cuban for Emperor of the NBA! Down with Stern and his b.s. rigged league!
    And tonight friends, after eighteen difficult years supporting my local–often pathetic–NBA franchise(s), I’m foresaking the hometown and will side my allegiance with Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks!
    (Cue my Vince McMahon composed wrestling music)

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  14. I got a new salary Idea, this is kind of off the topic but I think a change may help them even more. Why dont we change the salary structure to be based on wins. Every team is alloted $XXXX for a win and that money is divided up amongst the players/coaches bassed on their individual contract. it would make all the players on the team much more passionate about winning each game, even games in the middle of the season on the last stretch of a 6 game road trip. They will play hard in order to get paid. your thought???

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  15. the new nba is horrible, david stern has fassion isuses…..the nba is about entertainment not old white guys


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  16. Lets see the Stats!!!

    What are the FT and FG, Scoring, averages, turnovers etc.. between 03,04,05 (for trend) and 06?

    Of course you have to look at defense stats as well to appropriatly weigh the ball’s impact vs other factors.

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  17. This is more than a new season for professional basketball. It’s a whole new game. Out of nowhere, Zack Randolph and Carlos Boozer are the dominant forwards in the west. Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan? Productive, but not spectacular. Though, I doubt Duncan minds, having such a swell record thus far. The “no complaining rule” has been a hot button issue this season, especially among the media, and Rasheed Wallace. Personally, I am in the middle of the road with it. I think that there should be quicker T’s given when players harass the referees, but the zebras are jumping the gun too quickly. Players like Tayshaun Prince, Duncan, Dwyane Wade, Sheed and Ben Wallace are notorious for pouting over calls. To me, that is not accepting responsibility, and if no one has noticed, the refs never change the call, regardless of how much whining takes place. These guys are professionals, and should act like it. I am also surprised at the success of the Lakers so far. Kobe hasn’t been a scoring menace, but that might work, because Allen Iverson is on a scoring rampage, and his 76ers likely couldn’t beat Kelloggsville’s JV team. A lot of players are really stepping up. Yao Ming has officially established himself as the clear-cut best center in the world, Gilbert Arenas is picking up where he left off last season, Carmelo Anthony is having a career year, and hasn’t been arrested yet. Michael Redd is playing out of his mind. If you can break 50 points in a game, you’re doing something right. Unfortunately, the Bucks lost that game, possibly because their Christmas-looking jerseys are so ugly. The Wizards might win a few more games if they stayed away from the gold and black unis, too. I don’t care what Gil says, those aren’t sweet looking at all. The Utah Jazz are serious this year, which is fitting because their frontcourt of Okur, Kirilenko and Boozer eat up nearly all of the team’s payroll. If you’re going to pay a trio of players that much money, you would hope they would perform. I wonder if the Hawks know that right now, they could have a starting backcourt of Chris Paul and Brandon Roy. Hmmmm. A lot of players this season are underperforming, as well. Elton Brand and Ben Wallace come to mind. With Wallace, it is understandable. He is on a new team with new teammates who don’t know his tendencies, he has a new coach who benches him for wearing a headband, and he just isn’t the same player he used to be. That isn’t to take anything away from his defensive abilities right now, but he isn’t surprising players. NBA players are smart. Most of them, anyway. They know not to drive on Big Ben. Speaking of Ben… Ben Gordon has been killing me all year. He will score 40 points in a game, then come back the next game and shoot 0-for-1211323. I have never seen a more inconsistent player..ever. I would take Allan Houston in his prime over Gordon in his prime anyday. Gordon is establishing that he will never be more than a scoring guard, and when his shot is off, it makes him useless. Seattle’s coach is the biggest idiot on any bench on any team. You don’t continually take cheap shots at your bench players, especially when you’re the one not giving them burn. The truth is, Earl Watson can play. Ditto Damien Wilkins. They just have a bad coach. Seattle in general should blow everything up and start over. It’s a guarantee they won’t win a championship with Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis and a collection of spare parts. And Luke Ridnour, who looks exactly like Rob Thomas. Ron Artest. Potentially the best two-way player in the world, has a sore back from driving his wife’s car, which is clearly too small for him. Not a thinker, that Ron-Ron.

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  18. hello,
    I had recently emailed blogmaverick and I haven’t received any word back. The email was in regards to what Mark Cuban thought of the new NBA draft rule, whether he thought it was good or bad for the athletes and the sport of professional basketball. If Mr. Cuban could answer this that would be great if not just please let me know either way. This information would be very helpful for my research paper I’m writing in my freshman writing class at Grand Valley State University.

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  19. Here is the link to the video I tried posting in a previous e-mail.

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  20. If you love the NBA but don’t like the way it’s being run – the new ball, the technical fouls, David Stern going mad with power – you’ll want to check this out.

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  21. Well I live in MInnesota and a former Timberwolves season ticket holder, So there is very little to love in the NBA locally. Sure we have the KG, but I’d rather see him contend for a ring, than fade into the Minnesota winter sunset.

    I do like the changes, stick to the game, don’t let it get like hockey. While I’ll missed Rasheed’s Ts, I do think for younger players less whining will be better.

    The talent has expanded and that gives more fans around the league to see quality at just about every game.

    Comment by Albert Maruggi -

  22. Kepp everything positive Mark! Continue to make your tea,m sucessful in any way possible. Your purpose is to be GS, not Nellie. He is a great mind of basketball and no one can take that away from him so focus on what you have put together!

    P.S. Fellow Hoosiers are proud of you!

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  23. I think the new rules make the game more continuable and relative humanity. In a game, the man-made error can not be avoided and you should not expect total justice.

    Comment by Clara -

  24. I always love to read your opinion Mark.

    Although, my team (Toronto Raptors) has not started off the season very well. The new rules are making better basketball. It is hard from my perspective to allocate how much responsibility should be going to our new team or the new NBA. But, hey, I’ll take more exciting basketball anyday.

    Please check on our blog sometime (http://www.raptorsblog.ca)

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  25. I love the new NBA!!!!! It’s the best thing ever!!!!! Right? I mean what’s not to love? The super loud sound systems allow you to go deaf in minutes when it used to take years (you know, like 65). It’s like a fun game to see where you have to sit to keep your ears from bleeding. All the techincal fouls allow us to see who the real role players are and learn more names. You can’t do that when everyone stays in the game. Finally, the ball creates the enjoyment of getting to see NBA players wine. I mean this NEVER happened before. All these changes have made the nba the greatest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (bye the way, has anyone else noticed that all the good teams (dallas, pheonix, Denver) have started out poorly and all the supposedly shaky teams (phillidelphia, Atlanta, Portland counts because they have actually won games, that shouldn’t have happened until December at the earliest) have started out on fire?

    Comment by Micah -

  26. I do like that the “new face” of the NBA. The wave of young, well spoken, and exciting players has certainly spiced things up. While saying that, there are some disappointments in my mind. NBA fans love the emotion of the game. They love KG’s passion and heart, they love shaq’s antics, they love kobe’s swagger, they love dirk’s controlled chaos, and they (while they may not admit it) love ron-ron’s “competitive nature”. While I do believe that people are exagerating the ref’s impact, lets not try to polish the league away. NBA fans relate to players more than in any other sport, because of their clear personality. Mr. Stern’s actions were clearly needed, but they may have been too much all at once. As a season ticket holder for the Timberwolves since the inaugural season, for the first time I feel like I am just a dollar sign to the league (“maybe if we make these guys with rough edges look like country club material our rich white fans will buy more jerseys”). I know I am a “rich white fan”, but i know some of these players personally (heck, KG has been to my home on more than one occasion), and it is a slap in the face to me and the players for the league to think that they aren’t good enough for me.


    (ps. Mr. Cuban, your thoughts would be very appreciated)

    Comment by Samuel -

  27. I’m starting to hate the NBA these days, I know that David Stern make a big turn around when he was first commish but now he is just ruining the game.

    Sure players lately have been complaining alot about calls then they did 7-8 years ago but that is for a reason, the officiating just plain ass sucks…and of course that goes to David Stern for alternating the way the officials and officiate. Seriously the last couple of playoffs have been ruined by terrible officiating and now players can’t even hold up there hands in disgust. I mean it’s a natural reaction to act negatively to something that you get punished for when you know you didn’t do anything wrong.

    Seriously in my opinion David Stern has to be one of the worst commissioner of the NBA. I mean I really don’t know a big history of the others but Stern is just doing all this
    ticky tacky stuff that is changing the game too much. I mean instead of trying to
    improve the officiating he tries to cover by trying to shut the players up. Ratings were actually quite decent in last years playoffs especially with the hard competitive basketball that was being played but of course Stern has to take that all
    away by issuing suspensions on plays that were barely technicals. But the thing that I really don’t like is that the NBA gives too much star treatment to players like LeBron James and Dwayne Wade for example. I was reading an article about Stern and here are some quotes:

    “The veteran officials have complained and Stern has told them, in so many words, “If
    you don’t like it, you can go ref some other league.”

    “So Stern says the league needs more offense, and demands that league referees change the way they call games.”

    This is why I agree on what most of Mark Cuban has to say about the NBA and his little
    rants even though he can be quite annoying at times. But it’s very sad if the NBA continues to go this way. Every year I get pumped up for the NBA season then after
    watching a few games it just disgusts me, then it’s even worse in the playoffs. Changing something to the game that hasn’t been done in over 60 years is something but doing it when half the players are complaining about it isn’t a very good thing.

    Well in conclusion I guess David Stern just wants more offense in the NBA. But the say he has been doing it: altering the way the officials call the game, giving star treatment and changing the ball is not the way to do it. I guess he was just sick of defense teams like the Spurs and Pistons winning these NBA championships. But I guess I will be watching more college basketball because CB just seems so smooth and pure, but I doubt the NBA will ever be like that and I’m glad the NCAA is not changing anything major this year.

    Comment by Nayan Patel -

  28. I like the sternball. It’s round and kinda sexy. And I’m all in favor of the no-backtalk rule, even if it is a little hypocritical when the league’s front office is so open to constructive criticism.

    Comment by jonathan -

  29. Does the no complaining rule mean that the NBA is admitting that the Ref’s can’t accurately call a game and just want the complaints to go away? Admittedly, I was tired of seeing the Michael Finley type of palms up begging after every foul, but I think this rule goes a little too far. I don’t think just sending in game film and behind the scenes discussions will solve the problem. Good luck keeping quiet this season. I yelled at the Refs for you the other night from my living room and received a technical from my wife.

    Comment by Jay Russell -

  30. Stern has gone over the line. He’s taken emotion out of the game. He’s becoming a dictator. Fire the fat ass!

    Comment by John Michaels -

  31. Funny sir. The NBA, and, all leagues perhaps need opposition. Though I do not agree with all of your views I respect the fact that you have the … Hrmm … Courage to stand your ground. It is healthy and actually required for progress. We all know the history of a dictator with no opposition.

    Comment by Don -

  32. So does anyone know if the new ball is available for us regular consumers to purchase? I’d love to actually get my hands on the new ball to see what all the hoopla is about.

    If you’re bored, I stumbled upon this cartoon about the new NBA that’s pretty funny.


    Comment by Jones -

  33. The zero-tolerance rule’s problem is not the crack-down on excessive whinning. The problem is with spontaneous displays of emotion that are penalized. Kurt Thomas of the Suns was hit with a T in the 2cnd or 3rd game of the season, when in a span of about 15 seconds he was hit with 2 phantom fould calls.

    On receiving the second foul, having the ball in his hands he slammed it to the floor (a relatively mild slam, I might add) and caught it waist high. He was whistled for a T. Total Bullshit.

    Amare, in another game, is whistled for a questionable foul, and he turns to the ref, as he is running down court, and while smiling (grimacing?) puts his hands up to the as to ask, What? He says NOTHING to the ref, but is whistled for a T.

    Reminds me of the old Randy Newman song REDNECKS:

    “We’re Rednecks, We’re Rednecks
    We don’t know our ass from a hole in the ground,
    We’re Rednecks, W’re Rednecks
    And we’re keeping the niggers down”

    Those are Randy Newman’s words, not mine, but I truly believe that the NBA has adopted this attitude. Too bad for the league, and too bad for the fans. There is an element of racism in these new rules.

    And remember, the league has PR people posting on this blog, posing as mere fans, to try to influence the dialogue and resulting public opinion.

    Don’t be fooled by them!

    Comment by Sun E. Boy -

  34. you know, i’m not too fond of the new “no complaining” rule either, but when people say “it takes the emotion out of basketball” it leaves me thinking: just how much of the emotion of the game comes from whining about calls? how many refs have backtracked and taken back the foul because rasheed wallace wouldn’t quit bitching? answer: ZERO. these are grown men, playing for millions of dollars, and they plead their case to the ref like a small child with a temper tantrum.

    but, then again, there has been MUCH more ejections this year, maybe they’re enforcing it a little too emphatically.

    Comment by John -

  35. Mark,

    Great work. Too bad people don’t know you well enough to understand your sarcasm!

    I can just see David Sternum and his henchman in their lair, plotting the new rules:

    “We WILL show these negroes who the master is, and who the slaves are…”

    People need to understand that the reason for the new ball is to appease the animal-rights extremists (PETA and their like) Money is very secondary here.

    The new rules as a whole are one, big, sad joke. People keep talking about the money, but remember, money is a means to an end. Money (wealth) yields power, which gives the opportunity for control. Sternum is exercising this control. I wish he could be gotten rid of. But I think the other owners are too afraid they will receive the “Cuban treatment” if they speak out.

    The word on the street here in Phoenix is that the reason that Nash scalped his hair before the season was because he got a “talking-to” by David Stern before the season began about how he, Nash, as a two-time MVP, was the face of the league, and the league wanted that face to have nice, neat hair, not the stringy ‘do that was Nash’s trademark. In a fashion similar to Cuban’s post here, Nash took it to the extreme and virtually shaved his head as a veiled middle finger to the league.

    I think that the NBA players association needs to step in here. I think a good step would be for them to meet with the league and tell them, in no uncertain terms, to bring the old ball back. (there was NOTHING wrong with the old ball, NO ONE ever complained about it)

    If the demand on the ball is not met, then I think the players need to draw their own “line in the sand” just like David Sternum has done. Call for a strike. Don’t play any games for a couple of days. Every team sits out one game. Work the PR angle with the fans to enlist their support. I really think that sacraficing 1 game’s pay would get the Media’s, fans and the nation at large’s attention. It might even get Mr. Sternum’s attention.

    As far as the “zero-tolerance rule”. The refs had the lattitude before to call the T’s. And the stars have always been able to get away with it. I remember going to see the Suns-Lakers play numerous times as a kid and seeing Wilt cry like crazy on so many plays. And Magic was a huge crybaby, it was ridiculous. The league could have cut the crying down by calling appropriate T’s on everyone who is excessively crying, without resorting to this ridiculous “zero-tolerance” BS that STILL favors selected players. What a load of crap.

    And lastly, it is a well-known fact that public blogs like are heavily posted on by governmental agencies, NGO’s and businesses that have a vested interest in effecting public opinion. Mark, you are SUCH a target. This blog, and particularly this posting about the New NBA are obviously heavily infested by league PR people, posing as fans, saying that the LOVE the new rules!

    Let the reader beware of these phony-baloney posters.

    Comment by Sun E. Boy -

  36. Apparently your wink and smile were lost in the (e)mail…

    I’ve been an NBA fan since I was a child. My dad took me to a Mavs game and I fell in love from right there in the cheap seats. I loved the Mavs when they were good. I loved them when they were bad. I of course joined the MJ bandwagon, not even noticing the rule changes that David made to accommodate the isolation style that Phil Jackson ran. After MJ I started watching the ascent of the Mavs. Now that the league was about teams instead about a player, though, I started to notice how Stern changes the rules to suit his tastes. The changes seem to have become audacious in the last few years…to the point of changing perimeter defense rules so good players would have MJ-like numbers. Kobe’s 81 was out of sight…but it will always have and asterisk: * Occurred during the period when defenders couldn’t touch perimeter players. * The NBA seems to now be aging with David. While the rest of the nation is relaxing dress codes (I’m a sales director with 25 reports…I wear jeans), the NBA threw suits onto their athletes. Now with these newest changes, plus the muzzle they’ve put on you…it’s getting to be a bit much for me. I have to admit that I haven’t watched a game this season.

    Mark, THANK YOU for being who you are. THANK YOU for being the flavor of the NBA. Keep up the great work.

    Comment by Joel Shoemake -

  37. I hope this doesn’t ruin the playoffs.

    Comment by RedHerring45 -

  38. Lakers Fan here… please do something Mark… all these stupid calls and technicals. There have been thirty-seven technical fouls and four ejections in the seasons first seventeen games, eighty-four technicals and six ejections in the seasons first thirty-nine games, and now one-hundred-four technicals and seven ejections in the first fifty-one games. Only seven games of the first fifty-one games thus far have had no technical fouls, and all seven teams to lose a player to ejection have lost, including three of the NBAs marquee teams, the Detroit Pistons , Denver Nuggets , and Sacramento Kings , who lost when their respective star players, Rasheed Wallace, Carmelo Anthony, and Mike Bibby were ejected too early into the game. The most technical fouls issued in one of the leagues first fifty-one games was five, which saw Antonio McDyess, Rasheed Wallace, Nazr Mohammad, Brian Cardinal, and Jake Tsakalidis all T-ed up during the Memphis Grizzlies vs. Detroit Pistons game at the Palace of Auburn Hills. An average of more than two technical fouls per game along with eighteen of fifty-one games having three or more technicals is merely restricting the passion and emotion displayed that normally brings the fans to their feet. Stupid… Please do something about it…

    Comment by Sina Siar -

  39. Call me crazy, but the new SterNBA seems to be sucking the life out of the players, the coaches AND the fans. The glaringly bad calls being made this year by the refs just because they can are destined to become the norm if Stern gets his way. The games will be decided by the men (and woman) in stripes instead of the players. And the inability of the coaches and players to express themselves when these calls are made flies in the face of all that is basketball. It’s not like football, where there are checks and balances in place to keep the referees honest. And what would baseball be without a little manager/umpire jawing? And hockey………no FIGHTS????? Please.

    If these new rules are to remain, then I see no alternative but to institue the coaches challenge and review of calls. Granted, the game will become unbearably long, but something has got to be done. The refs have GOT to be held accountable as well. We, as fans, must let Mr. Hitl..uh…Stern know that we will not stand for it, whether it be by clogging his phone lines, inundating his office with letters and emails, or refusing to attend the games. We must take a stand……….lord knows the owners, coaches and players can’t!!!!

    Comment by Dena Dunn -

  40. I want to know what referee or referees decided they did not have the “backbone” to handle someone yelling at them for their stupid honest mistakes. Whoever those referees were should be run out of the game. No tolerance rule — yeah right — it should be called the “referees have no backbone” rule. Please leave them alone or you might hurt their feelings.

    The game is for us, the fans, and most of us like to see natural human reactions. Otherwise we might as well play on X-Box.

    Tell the referees to quit being “weiners” and “wusses” and get rid of the rule NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Robert Coble -

  41. While I was watching the Mavs Suns game last night, I realized for the first time that the reason the NBA changed the ball is because it is more likely to go in the basket. At one point in the 4th quarter, Nash put up a shot that hit the back of the rim. Instead of bouncing like a normal ball would on the back of the rim, the ball died and fell through the hoop. I was somewhat shocked, but this makes sense. David Stern seems to think he can make the NBA more popular by inflating scores, and especially scorers. The rules that Stern institutes almost always seem to be for the purposes of either inflating star power, or satisfying some of his own personal obsessive compulsive nit-pics (warm-ups, technicals for foul complaining). I say this with great sadness, but the new NBA is driving me, a huge Mavs fan, to college basketball.

    Comment by Joey -

  42. I wonder where the balance is in an NBA where Sam Cassell can get away with nearly every nuance that others are getting T’d up for. I understand that Rasheed Wallace’s reputation precedes him, and therefore he gets T’d up if he even breaks wind. But Sammy The Mouth is much more animated, vocal, and ove the top. To watch Amare Stoudemire get slapped with a T for jumping over someone else’s foot after being called for a foul and then see Sammy grease the refs over and over without recourse is nothing more than a double standard. Are they just afraid of the other guys because they’re taller and they figure they can whip Sammy’s butt if he confronted them in a parking garage after the game? C’mon, you know Sammy would flop at the first flinch anyhow … clean it up, D-Stern! Fair and equitable. But that doesn’t sell tickets, does it?

    Comment by tgraven -

  43. It flat out sucks. Why change the ball? Why do we have to blow the whistle over every little bit of emotion? Who cares if they take off their warmups on the court? This is not the YMCA league this is the freaking NBA! We want to be entertained! No I don’t care for the cry baby Duncan type players, but that is a competitor with passion. It didn’t bother me unless they crossed the line and went over board. Cuban you need to keep doing what you have been doing and think of other ways that you can tick off Stern. The league isn’t progressing in my eyes.

    Comment by Damian Leonard -

  44. You being sarcastic, Mark?

    I don’t have an opinion about the new ball, but David Stern’s new rules make the game boring to watch now. I was watching the Mavs-Suns game and I hated the fact you couldn’t be on the court being yourself due to the new policy.

    As Rob Dibble recently said, “I respect David Stern, but the new rules are B.S.”

    Comment by Beau McClelland -

  45. The games are becoming much longer as well. Usually, a game is over in about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Now, they are about 3 hours and 10 minutes or so. There’s an online petition out there that everyone can sign!


    Comment by Travis -

  46. Mark Cuban- please purchase the Penguins-or buy them from the person/group that did. Keep them in Pittsburgh (where they belong). Malkin will purchase a house in “Lebo”–Hockey News will read ” Mt. Lebanon Residents Capture the Cup”(Mario,Sid,Malkin,Cuban)—-Imagine a picture on the back of an “Iron” with “Lord Stanley” raised above!–

    Joe Feeley– Upper St. Claire –1982
    Paul Baxter–Penguin of choice during my “formitive years”

    Comment by Joe Feeley -

  47. Our education system has failed. 90% of the people posting here do not understand that Mark is being sarcastic. Idiocracy is supposed to be a movie about our future, but it looks like the future is now.

    Comment by Patrick N -

  48. Yay! I love the new feel good NBA. All they need to do now is make it so both teams win every game, and every team wins the championship each year. Think of the ratings then!

    Comment by Adam -

  49. I was just curious about this new zero tolerence rule and how it is going change the game. After looking at the current and 05 season stats, I counted 49 ejections and 819 techs for the 05 season. The 06 season stats show 5 ejections and 67 techs called in an average of 4.5 games played. At this pace we will have 91 ejections and 1221 techs called over the course of 82 games. Of course Tim Duncan will not be included. Man I LOVE THIS GAME!

    Comment by Matt G -

  50. I real the article

    Comment by Kiko Shen -

  51. First, why change the ball? Second, I think the automatic or quick technicals are excessive and ridiculous. I’m sure your team and probably yourself will feel the effects. If you raise your hand or make a frown you’re t’d up. Not good! Stern is running the NBA into the “no fun” league.

    Comment by Andy -

  52. Your points about being in and around the huddle provides critical insights into the players and coaches is well-taken. sometimes true leadership just needs to be in the thick of things in order to understand the situation and build the relationships a TEAM needs.

    The new NBA is boring. Mark, can ya please buy up a mjority of the teams and give ol’ Dave a Texas sized boot in the appropriate place?

    Comment by pat brenner -

  53. Well it seems that we have taken out Emotion from the NBA, just as Avery mentioned before that he was concerned about. I mean who in the world does anything in life well without being able to have or show passion for it. I realize there have been moments that have gotten out of hand with emotion, but for the most part that is just sports. Who are we protecting by removing emotion from the game? The Refs? I mean do they want to be able to go home without having there feelings hurt or what? I tell you this much, basketball is getting less fun to watch because of these ridiculous “no tolerance” changes. We cant be passionate about something when passion itself is muzzled. I love the Mavs and I am totally a MFFL but I want emotion back in the game! About the new basketballs, not to fond from what I have seen and heard so far. I am not the biggest fan of the new dress code set in place last season, I mean I understand the whole idea of setting a certain professionalism and respect tone, but it seems a bit hypocritical when you are getting rich off the other side of it. I don’t hear the NBA making a very large stance against all the paying customers of NBA apparel and people that portray a “thug life” or “ghetto” persona. And about the arena noise, what the heck….do we want to just come in and sit down and watch a show without getting all pumped up? No! Thats why I don’t watch golf. Ok now I am just ranting so I will stop…but you get the idea!

    Comment by Russell Burns -

  54. I 100% loathe the new NBA, I have seen more tech fouls per game then we used to see per week or more!

    This is sad really, their is enough BS that has gotten all politically correct already.

    Can such nonsense not be left out of sports? Do we really need to change the ball? Can players not jazz up the home crowd? I’m sorry but at a game I like it when a player acknowledges the crowd and gets us on our feet. Damn it we pay those fat salaries we are entitled to some interaction!

    I have a great idea! Why not as a next step don’t we start doing what we do with kids now? Let’s not keep score! Oh yes it will just be a joy, no one will feel bad about themselves.

    No championships, no losers and and the end of the year everyone gets a big bonus and of course a trophy at the Chucky Cheese Party.

    Good God I should not have said that, the league is probally already cutting a deal with Chucky Cheese!


    Comment by Jack Spirko -

  55. I think the ref’s are blowing the whistles way too much for technical fouls. Basketball is a game of emotion and to take that away is a disservice to everyone. Refs have to be a little more consistent on palming violations. D-Wade gets away with murder. I’m also a little bummed out on the consistency of charges this year in the NBA. The new ball is no concern to me. Players need to adjust. I hate that people making 10 million/year are complaining about a ball. That’s like us complaining about TPS cover sheets. Other than that…….I’m surprised about bad starts by Mavs, Suns, Nuggets and good starts by Hawks, Sixers. But the season is young and everything will work itself out after 82 games.

    Comment by Brian F. -

  56. Is Mark really being serious?

    Comment by John McAllister -

  57. Mark your comments about how you love the new NBA comes as a surprise to me. How can the most vocal owner in the NBA approve the fact that Stern stripped players of their emotional reactions? If Stern’s goal was to transform the current superstars into a bunch of emo teenagers I think he is moving in the right direction. The NBA is an entertainment industry. Someone needs to remind Mr. Stern of that.

    Comment by Brian Kopinski -

  58. I for one go not only to see a good competitive game, but also for the entertainment. And when I say entertainment I mean everything from the excitement of a dunk, to the “who me? Tim Duncan” look that a player gives when he knows he made a foul, to the mavs dancers, to T.O. pretending to sleep on the football pillow. I enjoyed it all. It is only when it slows down the game, that I have a problem with it. I don’t mind and wish the NBA had some type of challenge flag that the coach could throw like football. Field position and turnovers are what gives the advantages to the teams at any given point. The calls the refs make should be as accurate as technology can make them. The warm-up pant thing is a joke. The new ball, too early to tell.
    I know that if I owned a team, I would not be able to sit up in some skybox where I couldn’t be close to the action. I would want the prime viewing spot so I could really see what is happening with my investment.
    Thanks for the question.

    Comment by Chuck Melton -

  59. If the players really want to do something rational, they could stop bitching about the new rules and go to play for Euroleague teams, where you still can play real defense and express your emotions. Someone like Rasheed Wallace who I think really has GUTS could do this.

    Yep, that’s it, NBA Players: ask your teams to release you and go to a league where you are appreciated and where you can play the game you love. Of course, making 985 million a season in the NBA is financially much more rational, if you really think that a year or two overseas can hurt you.

    I know even Mark agrees with this. Get out of the league and play overseas. That’s the best possible way to demonstrate what do you think about the zero-tolerance policy. At the same time, Euroleague would get mad press.

    Comment by Hippo -

  60. I love how Mavs fans (i.e. Ted Forbes), despite the topic having nothing to do with Duncan or the three time NBA champion San Antonio Spurs, have to find ways to take shots at the best player on the best team in Texas.

    All players on all teams complain about foul calls. Man, you guys are a bunch of jealous wind bags. If you measure success and greatness by championships…Spurs are the best with three…Rockets next with two…and Mavs last with one whole Western Conference championship that they barely won. If you measure by current records…same result.

    Win a game this season, then win a championship…then win two more after that…then talk smack. Until then, the petty whining is just girlish and whimpy. Cuban deserves some credit for checking his mouth, even though you can see it stirring up inside of him. I predict his new posture will last another month or two, and then Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, will return to the games.

    Comment by James The Pessimist -

  61. the new rules take the a lot of the emotion out of the game. Rather than getting fired up about the game, the players are watching themselves and each other to ensure they don’t get ejected. From what I’ve seen this year, the games just aren’t as exciting. There is more excitment in golf.

    I miss the old Mark Cuban. He needs to get fired up again. He made the games fun. Viva la Cuban!!!

    Comment by amy -

  62. All the changes still can’t take away from the fact that the NBA is the greatest league, offers the most exciting product, and knows how to entertain its fans the best.

    Comment by NBA Fan -

  63. Sour grapes anyone? Why don’t you championship-less fans jump on Rasheed Wallace or Antoine Walker for their whining? Is jealousy the reason you idiots consistently rip on Duncan? Is it his three championships? Is it his three finals MVP awards? How about the regular season MVP awards (yes, plural)? Is it the fact that the Mavs are the only Texas team without a championship, much less two (Rockets) or three (Spurs)? What is it? Spurs fans want to know.

    Comment by James The Pessimist -

  64. No backtalk? This is the same thing as our government giving us fines for letting them know they’re doing a poor job. Open your eyes NBA fans (if there are any left). The officials are dirty. They gamble like many human beings do. Basketball is really the ONLY sport where the officials have a DIRECT effect on the scoring. Sending men to the line who shoot free throws in the range of 70-90 percent can CLEARLY change the make-up of a game (in addition, affect the way the team that is overloaded with fouls plays as they are now in danger of fouling out). Find me an NBA evening where there wasnt at least one game with a HUGE disparity in free throws between two teams. You can’t. And guess what…someone made some good vegas/bookie money from it. And now with no complaining… more free throws to unfairly spread around. Mr. Cuban, you are smarter than this and probably are the only one with the financial resources to attempt to do something about it. I urge to re-examine this NEW NBA.

    Comment by drumbok5 -

  65. These foul calls are out of control. Its almost unbearable to watch. I didn’t think that the officiating could get worse than it was in the playoffs the past two seasons, but it has gone to a new level. I’m not sure I can keep watching this, even though I love basketball. I wish the fans had a voice that counted for something. If the owners and players can’t even facilitate the necessary changes, how can fans do anything about the problems?

    Comment by Shotcaller21 -

  66. Point taken, and I’m with you for the most part. I will have to say, though, that the players earned the zero tolerance rule.

    As for the all the arena stuff, bad idea. What’s the point in having home court advantage if you can’t rock the house in your own unique way. Heck, might just as well build a huge, vanilla stadium with twelve courts in Kansas City and let the whole league play there every night.

    Comment by Brian -

  67. I hate the new rules and the new ball….It’s like a league of zombies playing now, and when they get screwed on a call, you have to be able to hear crickets chirp or they’ll get T’d up….The new ball and our inability to shut the offense down is the reason the Mavs are 0-4….I’m not worried though…

    Comment by Chris -

  68. Some very odd things are happening in the NBA this year, and I personally do not like them at all. Apparently the new ball and these new rules issued by Czar Stern are having drastic effects, and by drastic effects I mean good teams losing and bad teams winning. Here are a few examples:

    1. Last years final four teams are a combined 5-13.
    2. The Atlanta Hawks are currently leading the Eastern Conference yet I couldnt name a single player on their team before this season started and neither could you.
    3. The Hornets are the only undefeated team in the league and are leading the Western Conference. The Jazz are second.
    4. The Mavs have the worst record in the league and are dead last in point differential with the Heat coming in next to last in that category.
    5. Both the Blazers and the Knicks have more wins than the Suns.

    I know that there are surprises every season, but never has it been the case that so many good teams have started off so poorly and so many bad teams have started off so good. Obviously something strange is going on. I am very reluctant to point towards what seem like small changes with the new ball and the “no complaining unless your Tim Duncan” rule, but those are the only things that have changed since last season so I dont know what else you would blame this on.

    Comment by Donkey -

  69. I honestly think the new referee’s powers take the heart away from the games. games are much more fun to watch when you see the emotions the players put forth into it. now technicals can be handed out on dirty looks and body language? i would rather not watch the games if the players are gonna play like robots out there.

    Comment by Patrick Lui -

  70. Mark,what’s worry with your team???what’s worry with terry7he played like a highschool girl.it stinks!!!!!!!!come on,find way cheer them up!

    Comment by rocketfan -

  71. why is it that david stern (who deserves credit for being generally a good comissioner) all the sudden feels the need to have all this control? Its like hes thinking “wow, thank God i found a way to screw the mavs last season, im gonna make sure this never happens again” Cuban, im a season ticket holder, and i was at the first two games, and frankly, its bullshit. I watch dirk get mugged inside (whistle-less) night after night. Im not yelling fix, but i think the nba has a hard-on for making it difficult on teams like the mavs.

    Comment by adam -

  72. As for the rules, I guess the new ball is ok since only a handful of players have made public their opinion.

    As for the no whining or complaining, I like the idea, but I don’t like the idea that all the players are getting penalized when the whining comes from a handful of players. It also seems that the rule does not apply to all the players..I have seen Duncan, Cassell, Wade all react adimantly to calls made against and nada!!

    Refs have too much power and too much inconsistency. They now feel they can call the game their way knowing that the disagreements will be kept to a minimum. They will treat the Stern selected stars like stars. (I wonder when Dirk will join this elite group)

    As for you changing just to try to please the A#@#$@#H#$@#$ (Oops! I think I just got whistled for a technical and possibly fined for showing emotion!!)Stern, I think you hurt your Team. The Mavs are now playing too passive and show no fire or urgency..the players just look tired. With all the parity that so far has been displayed this year, making the playoffs will be a challenge.

    Take care and peace to all!!

    Comment by JB -

  73. Your personality made this team. Of course I am sure Stern’s new touch on you will make things much better. Then again, I could be wrong, has Stern ever revitalized a franchise to greatness? Wait, no he hasn’t. Well Mark, I am sure you have a lot to learn and I can’t wait for the final exam. Study hard!



    Comment by Nick -

  74. Mark, I think you need to need re-think this whole situation. To hell with what the NBA thinks. They can change the ball, they can call more techs, but it shouldn’t quiet you down overall….even if this whole thing is a big sarcastic joke (which I think it is). The only thing you should care about is the Mavs. If the Mavs are good…it’s good for the NBA. If you are quiet and the Mavs suck…it is no good for the NBA.

    I think you believe that your influence was very small on this team in terms of the past controversies and how it effected the team. Sure, maybe it accounted for the Mavs being called for another foul here or there…but it seems the team has now taken on the demeanor you have had thus far this year. They are quiet, they aren’t playing with any heart (0-4 as of seconds ago), etc. Believe it or not, I think the way you were gave the team alot of confidence….a f*uck it attitude. That’s the attitude you had after all….if the NBA didn’t like something, you were like f*uck it….which was good.

    Simply put, whether you like it or not, the less emphasis on you means more on the team, and they just aren’t handling it very well right now. You took some of the pressure off of them before…which was a big help. I think you need to keep voicing your opinions like you always have, and if it means a fine, so be it. The league would be ALOT worse off had you been the person you are now….when you came into the league. Suck it up!


    Comment by Matt -

  75. Mark, have you wondered if your not being in the huddle has affected the coach & players? I wonder if your presence & attitude might be what gives them that inspirational boost. Somethings up. As for the new rules, I’m guessing you believe in the ” give them enough rope” philosophy. Hope things proceed well this season.

    Comment by Glenn Greene -

  76. Being a Piston fan, I don’t like the new no tolerance rule. I think they made up this rule just because of the way the Pistons play, which is with alot of emotion. They want guys to bottle up their emotions and have no personality while on the court. That makes for a less entertaining and boring game. I want to see players different personalities out there on the court, hell I wish Rasheed wore a mic and I could hear what he’s saying. The uptight owners of the league want things done the old fashioned way.

    Comment by Rob -

  77. I think one of the only positives of this new “T” rule, is that big whiners like the Spurs will have to dial it back.

    The new ball sucks.

    Also, while I hate to steal ideas from other teams, I would love to see a Mavs version of “white heat”. Every fan in the AAC could wear Mavs blue. In support of our “ballers” we would call ourselves the Blue Ballers. The double beauty of this how much it would piss off Stern, and how you couldn’t get in trouble for it because it was a fan idea.

    I really look forward to making it to some games this year, now that I’m employed again and live in Dallas.

    We’re gonna win it all this tear.

    Comment by Sam G. -

  78. Not one player has said they like the new ball. The ball change was obviously done to sell more NBA balls that can be played with outdoors since the old leather ball was an indoor only ball. It’s amazing Stern would make an equipment change without the players demanding it instead of Spaulding. The technical rule is over the top. The NBA should now eliminate the foul out rule and keep the players in the game. You can’t foul out in football…Keep the pressure on Mark, common sense will eventually rule.

    Comment by Erik Bach -

  79. The changes seem cool some of these new rules is just nit-picking though
    On a side note actually early this past summer I went to the local YMCA
    and seen a NBA players buddy with what was to become the new ball this season.
    (I had no clue just thought it look rather peculiar.)
    I ask the guy “Yo! can I see that ball? He hesitated then gave it up
    I rolled it around in my hand as it revealed the NBA players name engraved.
    I started shootin the rock it felt good, and the design was crazy. “Assitant guy” was getting
    pretty ticked and watched me like a hawk, As I shot the rock I giggled under my breath as the guy was looking physically ticked off at letting me get my hands on the rock. After a few jumpers I gave it back and told him thanks. I think I may buy one for Christmas! One rule that SHOULD be enforce is traveling more. Some players drive to the basket leave ther feet and
    hang in the air and don’t release the ball untll the feet has made contact with the floor again!!
    This urks me but I am glad that carrying the ball has been called more from what I see. Btw, Glad I found your blog awesome man!

    Comment by Clt_Bobcats Watcher -

  80. Mark…

    You look miserable back there in those seats, absolutely miserable.

    As for giving referees even more dicretion on something that can effect a ball game….Is the NBA kidding me?

    Now I have to worry about some referee who got up on the wrong side of bed throwing out someone because they absolutely cannot believe how bad a call was just made.

    Comment by Danny -

  81. Well well well…the 15 tech rule turned out to be not quite good enough to satiate dominator Dave’s woodie for Sheed. Sheed only missed one game due to suspension last year and Stern was bummin…he expected Sheed to miss 10-15 games. So…now we have ‘Zero Tolerance’.

    I don’t know how people feel about Sheed outside of the Detroit market. Maybe he’s considered a crybaby…I don’t know. What I DO know is that he is one of the most animated guys in the league…as well as one of the funniest!

    However, Mr Stern doesn’t appreciate Sheed’s humor. He wants Sheed to conform to his ideal of a quiet stone-face NBA persona for some reason. Stern is on a severe power trip. The Zero Tolerance thing will most likely have it’s biggest affect on Sheed…but, if applied fairly, it can not do so without having an impact on other players around the league. Is it really fair to T a guy because of a facial expression?

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I will not attend games that are forced to be played by a suit denying the passion of the players and the game. I will watch most Piston games on TV because they are my team, but I will not enjoy them as much as I have in the past. As a fan, I am forced by Stern to watch expressionless players run the floor dribbling a Stern superball without fear of being touched. Stern is slowly & methodically draining away everything that has made the game great…it is time for him to go.

    Mr Cuban…this is my first post to your blog and I will be frank. Since you became an owner, I have despised you for what I felt was your flamboyancy within your relatively sudden wealth. However, I have been growing to appreciate your expressed concern for the game while every other owner is close-lipped about Mr Stern. You have done a great job in building the Mavs…Avery is on my wish list for Piston head coach.

    http://www.pistonsforum.com good people & unbiased commentary on all things NBA

    Comment by detteam -

  82. Hate it. The technical fouls take the fun out of the game. Refs are human. They make bad calls. Players should be able to voice their displeasure…to a point. Like it used to be.

    New ball…Well. If the players don’t like it. Change it back. They are the ones making the league the money. They are the “elephants in the center ring.” If they don’t like the new peanuts, go back to the ones they liked.

    Seems pretty simple to me.

    Comment by Steven -

  83. Maybe Stern should take over the NHL; he could end all that nasty fighting, checking etc.

    These changes are making the officials too powerful. The more choices they have (T up Dirk; ignore Duncan) the more power they have. I didn’t intend to buy tickets to watch them call the game. I wanted to watch the Mavs play NBA basketball.

    Comment by Tim Atkinson -

  84. The ball is a joke. David Stern dribbled it and pronounced it ok (no lie).

    The Zero Tolerance Rules simply empower the most incompetent referees in the major sports. These guys do not command the respect of the players, and thus have to resort to fascist threats and scare tactics to coerce compliance.

    The Last NBA Finals was UNWATCHABLE. Never forget how the foul calls racked up at an unnatural rate. Watch any Cavs game as LeBron uses his massive off arm to push away defenders and receive the call everytime. This is the WWF with young guys like Wade and ‘Bron taking care of their portfolios and entourage at an age when Michael Jordan was struggling to achieve greatness.

    Mark for Commissioner. We deserve someone who has more than one strategy for marketing and competitiveness (scripted king making). That’s Mark. Out of the box, critical and capable of admitting a mistake.

    Comment by Anand -

  85. i agree that these new rules are ridiculous, i pay to see the players. as long as they are wearing pants, what do i care what they wear before and after the game? As for the new basketball, it is clearly is changing the game. No one seems to think it is for the better. The “sheed rule” is even worse. It has been violently misapplied. I like the idea of cutting down on some of the complaining, but creating a rule that gives referees that much discretion is going to kill the game. Next year fantasy leagues will let you draft refs, since they are clearly more outcome determinative than the players themselves.

    For the specific “cuban rule”, i don’t think it’s a bad idea to have some restraints on the owners. It might have been introduced for all the wrong reasons, and given how you were treated, i would be a team player via lip service instead of actively helping the other 29 teams as well. However, you have to admit, if the refs shouldn’t overshadow the game then neither should the owners.

    Comment by justin brown -

  86. With each and every new rule change implemented by stern, it feels more and more like it’s turning into the new WWE. It’s not about watching basketball anymore because its just all about the marketing of it. Basically the game is coming down to which ‘superstar’ gets away with a call, while 95 percent of the ‘other’ players get called for the same thing. Also, which ref will blow a crucial call late in a game and not have to hear anyone whine about it anymore. Enjoy the NBA! I for one am done supporting it.

    Comment by Joel -

  87. Mark,

    If it helps you grow up a little and represent the team as the wonderful, outstanding owner you are, rather than the petulant man-child we see all to often, then it sounds good to me!
    You seem to think everyone agrees with your conduct. Don’t be so sure!

    Comment by Don -

  88. I actually like the music being turned down. It got way too loud and its unnecessary. The game should be entertaining enough. We dont need to hear the instrumental to Usher’s “Yeah” while Mike Bibby is bringing the ball upcourt.

    And I actually like the dress code, but it doesn’t need to be as “clean cut” as they made it. Long diamond/platinum chains and doo-rags needed to go. But I think they should’ve been allowed to wear jerseys, but basketball only. I think it would’ve been a great marketing tool to see the guys on the bench with a throwback.

    The change of the ball was all about money. The NBA needed something new to sell. The old fashioned ball was $50 at its highest and sales were probably slumping. But this new ball is $100! Perfect for attracting the latest consumer sucker who wants to plunk down that type of money at the NBA store or nba.com so they can think they’re cool.

    Comment by Randi -

  89. I’m happy about many of the changes. Cutting down on the whining and complaining and general “bad boy” behaviour will improve the overall fan experience.

    It’s refreshing to see players getting called for traveling and turning the ball over. Those are the real rules and should be enforced. Believe me, the good players will adapt.

    I’m seeing more 3 second calls and more moving pick calls. Again, the players will adapt.

    And what will be most refreshing of all is not seeing the owner down in the huddle with the real players. 😉

    By the way, Mark, I really enjoy HDNET and pray that you and Comcast will be able to work out a deal before they take it away from us down here in Houston.

    Comment by Tom -

  90. I hate the new rules.
    I hate the ‘Cuban’ rules.
    I hate the ball.
    I hate the Zero Tolerance rules… screw that, they should have called those the “Tim Duncan Rules, and it should have been merely been an addition to last year’s Tim Duncan rule (ya know, the dress code?)
    Sorry about the bad start… but it’ll get better, ya know if the refs stop ejecting key components of your team.

    Comment by Charlie -

  91. Please do something to rally the team, they have been good but not closing out the final period, or they get a little lead and play soft. A 0-3 start makes me sad and if we can’t beat the Clippers tonight I’m gonna cry

    Comment by Robert P -

  92. I like some of the new rules… but i hate the “zero tolerence” rule that they claim isnt zero tolerence. i mean, i miss the emotion in the game and there is no way to get rid of that.

    Comment by Marissa -

  93. Man… David Stern must be STOPPED! I wonder if he (Mr. Stern) loves the game from a real fans perspective? Not the luxury box buyers or court side seat ownners… What’s next, no chewing gum during games?

    Comment by tee jay -

  94. I, too, love the new NBA. I love it so much that I gave up my season tickets. I love the fact that I am saving money on going to games. I love the fact that I don’t have to waste time watching an entire game. I love the fact that I can sit on my hands and be bored during the game! I love the fact that players can raise their arms and be ejected! I love the zero toleration! It makes for an exciting game of who will get tossed tonight! I love the fact that all of the courts are neutral without the loud music! I love the new NBA studio announcers on ESPN! They all have the same opinions! Who wants to deal with compelling arguments when they all say that Cleveland is going to dominated the East! Wow, this is such an exciting new season! Toot, toot! I, too, have taken a ride on the sarcasm train!

    Comment by Travis -

  95. When they start calling travelling and palming EVERY TIME, I’ll start going to games again!

    Comment by Ken Carpenter -

  96. Mark,

    It is driving me crazy but 2 things keep happening:

    1) Dirk is the MAN but no one gets him the ball. (Sometimes looks like keepaway!)
    2) When he does get it, he doesn’t take the shot nor take it to the rim.

    What gives?

    Give Stern hell,

    Comment by Al Tilley -

  97. Did Stern finally hear the fans? We’ve been shouting “shut up and play!” for quite a while, and now it’s policy.

    Comment by jeffhenderson -

  98. I have no issue with the new rule regarding complaining to the referee’s especially when inappropriate language comes into play. What I do find difficult to swallow is the NBA’s quest to control human emotion. These players are passionate and should be allowed to express emotions in a reasonable fashion. And the two techs on Avery last night? I admit he deserved the first one, but the second one so quickly and the ejection….ridiculous!!! Oh yeah and Mark…you’ve been a good boy (so far, haha).

    Comment by Carol Beggs -

  99. when i picture stern approving these rules all i can think about is him sitting in his office with a smug little grin on his geriatric face.

    Comment by Emily McCann -

  100. I want the players to be able to speak their mind to the officials. Red Auerbach was a mastermind when it came to gaining the mental edge over the officials and the officials. Basketball is a chess match, let the players talk and work every angle possible.

    The new basketball is the worst decision the league has ever made. It would be equivalent to MLB using Aluminun bats.

    Calling the travel is a good move. It keeps fundamentals a priority.

    I don’t like the fact that hand checking has been taken out of the game. I also don’t like that more blocking violations are being called. I would prefer a league where there are more “no calls”. If a player is undercut call a foul, if it’s just contact, let it go, don’t blow the whistle.

    I would like an arena, where I could talk during timeouts, rather than have to listen to commercials and loud music.

    Comment by Max Haake -

  101. I think the new NBA is crap. This isn’t how basketball was meant to be played. David Stern is slowly ruining the NBA. Some of the changes have been ok. I think the wardrobe change was a good change. Players should look like professionals. The new ball was a horrendous idea. The rule about no stockings becuase was stupid. But this new no tolerancy policy is ridiculous. And the biggest problem is that the calls aren’t consistent. Duncan got away with way too much according to the new rules in the Mavs vs. Spurs game. David Stern is Ruining the NBA and it is pissing me off. Just let the boys play. David Stern is an A$$!

    Comment by Navid Daryapayma -

  102. sounds like you’ve just gotten soft. david stern grab your balls and tell you to shut up? i don’t mind the changes…but i like that you usually do.

    Comment by boby -

  103. Anything that will bring more discipline to the NBA is a good thing. Especially after the idiotic behaviour of, my home team, some of the players from the Indiana Pacers last month. Seriously, these guys aren’t frat boys anymore and for the amount they get paid to play basketball they should definetly take the image of the NBA, their teams, and themselves more seriously.

    I think that as of recently the NBA has been too afraid to discipline because they might lose a star. As long as they make the big plays and sell seats and jerseys they can do whatever the hell they want. What they need is some old school discipline and respect for the position that they’ve been given.

    These changes are a small step in the right direction but some of the players, not all, need a serious reality check. For 100 million dollars you can make me practice 24 hrs a day and run wind sprints the whole time if you want. High School coaches can work their players harder than an NBA coach can work his team. If a player acts up or gets in trouble with the law he should get an old school ass whoopin. Run him until he pukes.

    Equally if they do right they should be praised for their positive efforts.

    Anyway I’m starting to ramble and I’ll end by saying GO PACERS!

    Comment by Aaron -

  104. Mr Cuban,

    Can you please pay the officials more than Stern is paying them? I’d like for the mavs to win some games this year.


    Comment by Melissa -

  105. I love the “No Complaining” rule the best. I live in Cleveland and I am a huge Cavs fan, but I found the “Lebron Grimace” after every questionable call to be really embarassing. Since the rule has been implemented we haven’t seen Lebron carrying on after every single play like he used to do.

    Comment by FilteringCraig -

  106. Mark , I agree. The new NBA is a more positive. But I wonder if there is anything ion the new NBA that prohibits owners from complaining as well? I personally enjoy your comments on and off the court and I am wondering if you still are going to put in your two cents about the refs and players? Because if not I will feel like , as a fan ,that I am missing out on someones respected opinion

    Comment by Jay Knight -

  107. The only thing David Sterne should have changed is making you marketing director. Granted, seeing you on the court during a fight might not be the best thing, but you’re enthusiasm gives me a reason to tune into Mavs games. I don’t really have a favorite team being from Tennessee, but I love being entertained and you do the trick. Stay on ’em Mark.

    Comment by Erik -

  108. I hope that the league is being as aggressive on evaluating and correcting the lazy/poor tendencies of its on-court officials as it is on players griping. I checked out on the NBA when the “star system” of officiating was at its full zenith(the Jordan Years). Consistent officiating matters – not 100% correct calls – just a consistent expectation of standards.

    Comment by Charlie -

  109. David Stern is doing more “quality control” to the NBA this seanson than ever. Is that the “quality control” the fan want? Who knows? The ball is not the same ball. I would put the blame on the ball for the MAVS 0-3 record. The player cannot play with the “emotion” that they have. Who whould ever know, from this season on, a good basketball player has to have good basketball skills, basketball IQ, and basketball EQ?

    I was a regular subscriber to the NBA League Pass for the last few years. I am not subscribing this season because I don’t like too many “visiable” changes to the NBA.

    Comment by Rico -

  110. Mr. Cuban,

    Regarding arena sound, I am a weekend sound technician, and the sound level in the stadiums today is way above safe. If OSHA occupational noise standards applied to the NBA, I’m sure you’d all be required to issue hearing protection.

    The noisiest I’ve been at was a Miami Heat home game, but I’m sure there are worse.

    The ball issue is a biggie. I’ve noticed Chauncey Billups is really having a hard time with the lack of absorption of the new balls. I thought you did a great service by arranging the study of the new balls. I’ve also noticed games decided by the bounce of the new balls. The new “dead ball” is allowing shots that would have bounced far from the bucket to stay closer to the rim on rebounds. It looks like hoops may have a dead-ball era like baseball did pre-Babe Ruth.

    As far as the conduct of the players on the court and what’s being allowed by the officials, I think the application of the “Rasheed rule” is tougher at the outset than it will be later in the season.

    You really can’t fault the spirit of the rule. Looking at video of games from the 70’s and 80’s and comparing it to today you’ll see a huge difference in how stars from that era interacted with the referees. Danny Ainge is probably the only guy I can recall whining to the officials on a regular basis, and people still remember that. Magic, Bird, Jabbar, Dr. J., and others just went about their business and adjusted to how the game was being called. I think the rule is getting us back to that.

    Pretty nice sarcasm, Mark. I appreciate it when people don’t bring that weak stuff

    Comment by Paul -

  111. RU KIDDING!!!
    The NBA is wonderful now! The players now must act like the good, wholesome suburban men they all have been raised to be. No messy collars, NO vulgar language, and freedom of speech be damned, no complaining to their superiors or saying something bad about the almighty one(because that would be treason). The owners MUST now be the calm, well manured aristocrats they are and not act like the low class proletariats that are wallowing around the arena (why are they there anyway). This is a gentleman’s game now, and its a good thing too, the old NBA was getting out of hand, with its connecting with those “fans” and all.

    Glory be to Stern!!!

    Comment by Alex, 17, Dallas -

  112. I love the Suns, Hate the Mavs and think Cuban is a Genius.

    Its been said a hundred times over, but I think the NBA is going to regret pushing Cuban away from the game. It seems the only owner on the planet who understands the game is Mark. The crazy thing is if Mark were not the owner of the Mavs, he would be the “target” audience. You would think he would want to solicit Mark’s opinion instead of silencing it.

    Mark Cuban for Commissioner!

    Comment by Mike D -

  113. David Stern seems intent on copying the No Fun League (NFL) and making the NBA less fun than the NFL which of course is no fun anymore. I think the problem in all sports is that the owners have ceded their control to commissioners who have no passion for the game. It’s all about doing what the TV networks want. Change our schedule? Sure, no problem. Change the dress rules? Absolutely, we don’t anyone looking bad on Network TV. And on and on, ad infinitum.
    I have personal theory about why they invented the “Cuban” rule, which was passed at a meeting that Mark did not attend:
    1. The other owners felt they would start getting heat from their customers about not being involved, sitting in ivory boxes, not having passion for the game, etc.
    2. The constant references by the national sports media about Cuban’s “antics” in the NBA finals “hurting the Mavs” would imply that the referrees were influenced in their calls by something other than the action on the court. The owners needed to deflect that suggestion; as we all know, NBA refs are totally unaware of crowds, replays on the arena screens that show they made a bad call, players complaints that they are being mugged by Bruce Bowen while the ref is watching who knows what, oh well, you get the picture.
    Take your choice of 1 or 2, personally I believe both.

    I have been to games in Dallas as well as other cities. There is no comparison to the fun and excitement of a Mavs game. I only wish I could afford season tickets (not too close to the floor because I would not want to be thrown out for yelling at the refs).

    Comment by MIke Genette -

  114. I think the NBA has gone to extremes on some things. They should at least give a player one warning before issuing a T, the refs are just going crazy now. As far as the ball, if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it, Stern is trying to whore out too many things. I don’t see how watching teams turnover the ball more as a good thing. I agree with the arena sound system, if the crowd is going to be a factor it’s one thing but the arena sound system should never be the 7th man so to speak. The Refs do need to be more consistent calling travels/palming, seems stars like Lebron still get to do whatever they want without a call.

    Comment by Double D -

  115. This might be a little over the top but the new rules against complaining is the most important thing to happen in the NBA in years. The NBA, especially during the playoffs, was becoming almost unwatchable with all the whining and complaining players were doing ON EVERY SINGLE CALL. I’m a Wizards fan and during the playoffs against the Cavs I couldn’t believe how much complaining LeBron was doing, and this is a guy who, in almost every case, is going to get the benefit of the doubt from the refs. So I agree with you Mr. Cuban, I love the new NBA because I no longer have to watch multimillionaires act like babies when they think a call didn’t go their way.

    Comment by Jake -

  116. Dont all you Douchebag’s realize Mark is being facetius? He is so pissed off at the NBA, Stern and his B.S., he could kill somebody.

    However, some spare on ESPN did say the Mavs would be better off because the new rules “protect Mark from Mark”. I tend to agree, but I think we are in for a “Cuban Missle Crisis” soon when Mark figures out how to beat the new system and make David Stern look like a fool in public.

    I cheer you on Mark, but remember with Stern, the punishment may not fit the crime. If you get banned from the games, you got my number, just gas up the G5 and I’ll grab my passport and pack a cooler and head out wherever you wanna go!

    Keeping it real…


    Comment by Sean Doyle (TP) -

  117. Obviously, the rule changes and the equipment changes are completely necessary. I mean we can’t chance that the Mavericks might make it to the Finals again and actually win. Basically we have to decide to arbitrarily change things to make everyone play worse, and create a way to toss anyone out of the game at anytime. That is the only way to ensure that the players that people actually get excited about watching spend more time in the locker room, and the 4th and 5th string players get some playing time. I mean, don’t you want to watch 5 scrubs playing the Spurs or Heat starting lineup every night, because let me tell you, that would amazing.
    Arg, sorry, that was new alternate personality, I need the Mavs to start winning some games!

    Comment by Niki -

  118. As a long time Piston fan, I have seen first hand Rasheed, Tayshaun, and the long-lost Ben Wallace react inappropriately to the referees calls. I am enjoying the quick whistles early in the NBA season, even though it has hurt my team. Even asst. coach Dave Cowens managed to get T’d up the other night. The NBA is doing the right thing in trying to get the focus back onto the game, and not the theatrics following each whistle.

    Mark – when did this behavior start? Basketball players would be T’d up at every level of play from grade school, high school, college. How did Rasheed act to a call when he really was a child, and not just behaving like one?

    Comment by John Tarquinto -

  119. I have a solution to these ridiculous new rules.

    If so many superstars have a problem with them why don’t they just refuse to play? If the very core of the product doesn’t like the changes being made then David Stern will have to listen to them, because in the end they have all the power, NOT Mr. Stern! He doesn’t have a jersey, a shoe deal, commercials or a stadium that he can pack full of fans.

    Think about it. If Shaq, Dwade, Nash, Lebron, Dirk and Kobe all got together and sat out games it would reak havok on the NBA, it’s ratings, it’s advertising, marketing dollars and fans.

    It would be clever, callous, manipulative and a mutiny inside the NBA.

    And I would be right there cheering the players on.

    Comment by Brian -

  120. The new NBA is a disappointment! I hate the new ball, it seems to be rubber like when it hits the rim and rattles out. Stern has taken the feel out of the game and the emotion. It has taken a step back this year. Bring back the leather and the Stockton, Ainge, and Barkley type players who show passion and desire to win. Everything Stern does for the league seems to be in the best interest of his wallet, not the GAME! Its a fucking game! Can we play a hard fought game in this country anymore? Lawyers SUCK! Stern SUCKS! If someone doesn’t put a leash on this guy he will ruin the NBA! Never fear, the game will live on! Maybe another league will come along and de-throne Stern’s NBA!!

    Comment by jeff gilleland -

  121. This is why you can’t be sarcastic online, no one gets it…everyone is commenting like you really do love the new rules. You and I both know the NBA is going down hill with these childish antics by the referees.

    Comment by Nate Dwelle -

  122. I also love the new rules. Now if the league would actually enforce all of the rules (e.g. traveling) and stop star treatment, it would actually be a basketball league. Basketball by itself is entertainment, not the sideshows.

    Comment by SAR -

  123. I’m still trying to understand David Stern’s motivation for the radical rule changes. Rasheed Wallace has ‘earned’ four technical fouls in four games. Granted Rasheed lets his opinions known on certain calls, but the zero tolerance for any kind of comment toward a referee is a friggin’ joke! For one thing, if the officials were any good, they wouldn’t have players/coaches complaining. The phantom calls they make are blantantly bad and the calls they make just because a they think a situation necessitates it, is bogus. Improve the talent and quality of the referees and complaints would slow considerably.

    As far as the arena music volume, warm up protocol, etc., I really believe someone in the NBA front office has too much time on their hands. The dress code was the first step and many more are to follow. What direction does the NBA actually want to take? It appears to me they are confused as to what audience they are attempting to appeal to.

    Maybe if they were really thinking they would shorten the regular season, improve officiating and worry about things which really effect ball games, not this penny-ante junk.

    Go get em’ Cube!

    Comment by Iceman Scott -

  124. I personally love the no whining rule. I think it (whining) cost the Pistons a shot at the title last year. (ok maybe wade & zo & shac had something to do with it to.) If you watch how Prince, learned to whine from Sheed, All he did last year in the play-offs was bitch. If you look 2 years ago all he did was preform. I think the rule goes to far this year, but I’m sure it will be tweaked along the road. The really interesting part of the rule will be when the play-offs come arround, Will it be enforced then? Will the league risk kicking “stars” out in the critical games?

    Comment by Jeff Mol -

  125. Don’t take the emotion out of the game, please!

    Guys like Nate Robinson shouldn’t get a technical for screaming after a failed drive to the basket. Guys like Nate Robinson are the reason people love this game.

    The most ridiculous foul so far, Tim Duncan for delaying the game because he had to put his jersey back in his shorts. What a joke…

    Comment by Christophe -

  126. I like the changes regarding histrionics, it’s nice to see guys just doing their jobs now. Griping at the refs is the coaches job.
    I think they should have focused more on the complaining while the ball is in play.
    Watching a player argue and whine under the backboard while his teammates are hustling back on defense would be grounds for an automatic ejection in my book. Coaches seem emasculated by players to take a guy out of a game for this offense so let the officials do it.

    As to the ball change, has anyone explained why it was necessary?
    Also I notice the ball seems to be going in and out of the rim on free-throws more this year, has there been any marked change in free-throw averages?

    Comment by djjord -

  127. The no complaining policy on the players is great for the game. However, the coaches should be given a little room to argue on their players behalf. I agree with other readers; now the officials have too much power.

    Comment by Casey -

  128. I find this whole thing fascinating, that this many star players can complain about the ball, Shaquille O’Neal, Dwyane Wade, Steve Nash and James Lebron, and nothing can’t be done… wow

    You got to love the NBA.

    Comment by Crazyglues -

  129. I can’t wait until Stern repeals the rule on disputing calls. I mean who goes to a basketball game to see basketball? I go for the excessive whining. Guys like Rasheed Wallace are a role model for all types of people: little children, spoiled teenagers, the insane.

    Just when I thought that Dikembe Mutombo’s complaining over every single call would soon be retired with him, a youngster like Nate Robinson comes along following in his footsteps. I can’t watch old videos of the NBA, where guys are actually raising their hands after a whistle admitting the call. If the NBA is going to go back to that, they might as well outlaw the jumpshot and overhand free throws.

    As for the game play rule changes, it’s been utterly unwatchable. Teams going small and flying up the court at breakneck speed. It’s like watching a tennis match. Gimme the behemoths of the late 80s/early 90s, and the isolation game that accompanied it. There’s nothing like watching a 7-footer get the ball in the post and pound that sucker into the hardwood as the shot clock hits single digits.

    Comment by KnickerBlogger -

  130. Mark,

    Can you enlighten me on the governing structure of the NBA? I was under the impression that the Commissioner worked for the league, which is owned collectively by the owners. Am I wrong?

    What path has Stern taken with the current ownership that has enabled him to weild so much authority? Especially without fear of rebuke from his employers?

    As far as feedback, I side mostly with the players (with one exception). It is a player’s league. Players are the ones fans pay to see. Players set trends in Pop Culture. Players are the product that the league markets. However – players, like any other group of men, are NOT going to govern their own conduct well. So on points related to player conduct, I side with Stern.

    But changing the ball? Asanine. Dress Codes? Product of an old Man’s fashion “sense.” Regulating owners behavior? Hubris bordering on insubordination.

    Can you imagine if a Company President were to dictate conduct to his Owner/Chairman? He’d be censured at least, and likely replaced.

    Stern needs to check himself, and quick, or he is going to risk losing the fans who keep his league relevant.

    Comment by Robert -

  131. I love the new changes also but that doesn’t make it an excuse to be down 0-3. Everyone in the NBA is playing by the same rules.

    Comment by Ray -

  132. umm, the new ball. Come on Mark. I’m not a player, but I think James says it best, “You can shorten our shorts, tell us how to wear wristbands, things like that. Change the dress code. But the one thing we care about is the basketball,” he said. “When you start changing the thing we play with every single day, it doesn’t make sense to me — at all.”

    I am sure you read that already. http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=2653254

    I usually agree with you, but the ball….???

    Comment by Shawn Dragann -

  133. The level of whining and showing off in professional sports has seemed, for the last couple of decades has been anything but professional. The NBA has been the worst of the lot followed by the NFL e.g. the biggest embarrassment for Dallas since Jerry Jones (T Owens).

    It will be interesting to see if the NBA continues to make these over-paid children behave as adults; I certainly hope so.

    As to the ball; it really makes no big difference as all the players have to use the same ball and they just need to get over it. This is presuming there really was a reason for changing it.

    There seems to be some anti-Cuban rules which I find petty and a reflection of how popular Cuban is relative to the other owners. I feel sorry for the people that would make such rules based on their feelings of inadequacy.

    Comment by Rupert -

  134. its hard to watch the players try to express emotions and they aren’t allowed to. it’s hard enough to get boys to be emotional, and now they get penalized for it!?!? BOOO!!! i say…give em’ a break.

    Comment by cali -

  135. I went to opening night for the Memphis/NY game. It was great. Faster pace, no BS, three technicals, music throughout the game plus it went into triple OT what more could you ask for. I am all for the new NBA.

    Comment by Andre Pope -

  136. I like the no complaining rule, but the interpretation needs to be set.

    In the Nuggets first game, Melo gets tossed early for tossing his headband to the sideline (2nd T), but then later the in game Cassell is crying like a baby, running up the ref hands in the air getting in his face and no call. How can that be possible?

    If you’re going to have the rule, you need to enforce it all the time, not just with the players you don’t like.

    If there remains gray area, the rule will be shunned. Good intentions, it just needs good execution.

    Comment by James Clark -

  137. The NBA is like a strict Catholic school, where if you don’t shine your shoes you get a swat on your hands. Of course it has gone too far. Stern is smothering the precious child he is attempting to protect. WE NEED THE PERSONALITIES, the Slick Watts headband, the Michael Cooper kneehighs, the Rodman shirttails.

    Now, back on point, why don’t you respond to my asking your advice on my attempt to ascend the Spanish League and backdoor myself into ownership of an ACB team? I don’t want your money, just some of the knowledge you’ve acquired over the last several years being an owner.

    Your future professional team colleague,

    Comment by Tom -

  138. Perhaps the changes are a good first step. But the fact remains that that the NBA is still HORRIBLE basketball. Forget about bigger, better light shows and louder music and concentrate on fixing the game and the rest will have and even bigger impact. To paraphrase an old saying, if you put a bow on a piece of crap, it may look a little better, but underneath it’s still crap.

    Comment by JP -

  139. The commmisioner is overstepping his position. To say that “whining and complaining” are not going to be tolerated. Why do they even have technical fouls. Why don’t they treat it like Vegas and if a referee doesn’t like your reaction, you have to pay the pot money or you can’t continue to play the game. Referees in the NBA are the worst professional sports game officials. They have achieved “superstar status” and they act like they are bigger than the game, especially the guys that get those scowls on their faces like Joey Crawford. The NBA is becoming a joke and I think it is time for Mark Cuban to become the commisioner.

    Comment by Joseph -

  140. Hey, Mark you should seriously change your last name to Smith not cuban because your giving us Cuban a bad name.

    Comment by Alex -

  141. I get the sarcasm Cuban, though as one I was confused at first reading several posts that didn’t seem to recognize it.

    The complaining rule is stupid and picks on role players. I am for technicals when Tim Duncan or somebody is in a ref’s face whining ab a call but not when Diop or somebody makes a face immediately after a call. That’s just silly. The finals did beat me when they became a free-throw competition and now this will make it even more boring. Go Mavs!

    Comment by Jay Callicott -

  142. I’m a big fan of the no complaining rules. It is nice to watch basketball instead of a bunch of whining. The players and coaches spent more time whining then playing. I think this change has to stay!

    Comment by David -

  143. I love the quick trigger given to the Refs. I can’t wait to see some of these “babies” get T’s and kicked out of the game for crying. As far as the ball, I need to feel it and play with it in order to agree with the change or not.

    Thanks for reading.

    Comment by Browie.com -

  144. I’m excited about the changes. I’m glad the refs can make quick decisions. I hate those babies that complain all the time. I need to play with the ball myself to see if I like it or not.

    Comment by Browie.com -

  145. All will be fine as soon as the Mavs start winning again!

    I guess the MAVS are easing into the season to build some drama. After all they don’t want to peak to early, right?

    Comment by Antonio Howell -

  146. Mark don’t forget that you have became different too.





    Comment by GentleTip.com -

  147. Mark,

    I’m actually coming back to watch some games this year. I am one of the disillusioned disenfranchised fans who left somewhere along the line when they realized that the game was no longer the team game that they remembered growing up. If my team hadn’t just been sold to an out of town investor I’d be even happier. The overall quality of the game is up and I, for one, really appreciate the changes. ESPECIALLY the edict from Stern that whiners and complainers will be ejected, I LOVE that. I’m hoping football will pick up on the lessons that (it appears) the NBA has learned before they enter the same dark period that (again, it appears) the NBA is coming out of.

    Thanks for the blog. I appreciate the fact that you are willing to put yourself out there, for better or worse. At least you have balls.

    Comment by Chad -

  148. Been reading for a while, first time I felt I needed to comment.

    I like the traveling, palming, 3 seconds enforcement and related stuff.

    I can see why they wanted a new ball, but what a crappy job of qualifying it! Who did they ask about this? Not the key players, not a physics study, not the owners. Maybe they asked the guys who are selling it, or Stern’s kids? Also, why not decide between a few designs? This was not treated like the big decision it is.

    The “backtalk rule” is just stupid. Again, good intentions, bad execution. That’s just what we needed, another subjective rule that these cranky old officials can unevenly enforce, along with less accountability. IMO, games decided by bad, subjective officiating is the biggest problem in the NBA, and they found a way to expand it. Can’t wait for the playoffs this year.

    The restriction on the owners involvement is also ridiculous. Though I am a Lakers fan and local, I completely respect what Mark has done for his team and the league. I know most fans wish their team’s owners had as much enthusiasm and involvement.

    To sum it up, Stern and company are completely out of control. He has become a running joke, just listen to the radio here in LA.

    Comment by shonenfan -

  149. How do we like the new league? We are season ticket holders for the LAST year. The feel of the game has changed for the worse. The new ball is terrible, the sanitized attitude mandated for players, coaches and owners is boring and unfair and the concession price increases will finally drive these two 15+ year season ticket holders away from the American Airlines Center for good. Mavs Fans For Life? You bet we are but from next year on it will be from the comfort of our sofa. Come on Mark, you’ve fried bigger fish than David Stern.

    Comment by Bob -

  150. Who are you?
    You are not the Mark I adore!
    Where did you take him!?

    Comment by galemazuma -

  151. II think it is horribly unfair to have so many new rules at the beginning of the season and not give anyone a grace period to get used to them.

    Also, I don’t know if this one slipped off the radar or not but Stern also instated rules about layers of shorts the guys can have on under their uniform shorts as well as not having their wrist sweatband pushed up to the elbow. There was also one about tattoos but I won’t get into that since the country is still mixed on their opinions on body decorations.

    For me, the icing was when they owners had rules put on them too. What’s next? Is Stern going to make rules about the diameter of shoelaces the guys can have in their shoes?

    Comment by Rebeccalee Coventry -

  152. I would guess that at least 30 technical fouls have already been called this season. Players are getting technicals for raising their hands in question after a call has been made, as well as for rolling their eyes and getting frustrated.

    Usually, I’m against complaining and I don’t think players should do it. I am also against fans booing the refs. Even so, this new policy goes too far. It allows the officials to get away with bad calls. It forces players to be emotionless. A lot of times, it is just instinct to raise your arms and question when you get fouled. I think the refs should stop calling so many technicals. They make mistakes sometimes and they need to admit it.

    Comment by Boris G. -

  153. I lost interest in the NBA when Larry Bord retired. I’m an ex-high school player and ex-high school coach. The NBA game is no longer interesting to me as a sports fan. I took my 13 year old son to an exhibition game two weeks ago. It was horrendous. Not one outlet pass. No ball movement. Just isolation plays and drive-and-dish offense.

    One day we’ll look back and realize that David Stern killed the game of basketball in the U.S.

    Sell now, Mark. Try baseball. It’s a game with a much better demographic.

    Comment by Doug -

  154. I love the new no-bitchen rule. If you fouled that big 7’10” man, be happy he doesnt crush you under his thumb nail. It is what it is! I hate the new ball, oh-well.
    Since your boys will be in Portland on Sunday, if you fly in early, come check us out @ Digitaltrends.com!

    Comment by Matt A. -

  155. The new NBA is a joke. What is the Stern’s ultimate goal? What is he really trying to accomplish by this? Yes, we can all admit that there were a few problems with the NBA of the past. But Stern’s solution is to use an atomic bomb to kill an ant hill. Star players getting kicked out, coaches being thrown out for thinking mean thoughts about the ref, late calls, etc. Its ridiculous! Keep up the bad work Mr. Stern.

    P.S. Is there any way to impeach Stern or can we expect to be stuck with him until he dies/retires?

    Comment by Gerrell -

  156. Clad in the cloak of entitlement, Stern claws his new ball with skeletal dactility. As smarmy smirk lines of his weathered vinyl face spew forth the lunatic ravings of a marked dictator, the aristocrats of the Association harumph while they jockey for their share of the sullied carcasses beneath Stern’s cloven feet.

    The only solace the detractors may take is the comfort of awareness that the shelf life of his Commission is in it’s twilight. The Devil will take what is due at the time of her choosing — assured to be something to do with the details.

    Don’t worry MFFLs – It’s just the final throws of a few dead-enders.

    Comment by saM FFL -

  157. Tim Duncan’s face is more annoying than Christmas commercials the day after Halloween. I’m glad Tim (Bitter Bobby) Duncan has to quit whining and just play basketball. But is there seriously a rule that the PA and music can’t be too loud, cause that is the problem with the “new” fans and I guess the “new NBA”, they don’t make enough noise.

    Did you know that if you contest a call at the Rec people will call you Tim Duncan everytime they see you (office, rec, grocery store)

    Comment by Kyle -

  158. I can live without the new ball and the rules about warmups. Sound levels? Who cares?

    But the “no whining” rule? Brilliant. It’s about time NBA players stopped acting like 3 year old kids (and badly behaved kids at that – my daughter was never that pathetic…).

    Comment by Rob McDonagh -

  159. mark, you want the best product for the customers. the star players make the product, any you want them to be healthy as much as you. sure, injury is part of the game, but should not be caused by intentional, and dangerous moves. i’m talking about bruce bowen of the spurs. his best defense is to stuck his foot under the guy in the air, and when the guy landed on his foot, you know what happened, a sprain ankle. this is bruce livehood for a long time. he did to vince cater twice, once vince was out for 30 some games, the second time, vince punched him and got a suspension. a couple games before, he did it to josh howard, josh punched him and got suspended. he was eventually out after another sprain. yesterday, he did it to steve francis, and steve is now out indefinitely. sure he guarded dirk, and dirk was not hurt, but, don’t tell me dirk was not look out for him. intimidation works better, but you can’t blame the player to be afaird of careen ending or altering injuries. can you imagine somebody, you or I can do it, stuch a foot under tim duncan? this is too tempt not to imitate, this is exactly what happened to NHL, when it becomes goons play goons, what kind od product would you be selling? commissioner, are you there, take a look at the films, talk to vince, etc, stop the attrition now.

    Comment by just a fan -

  160. As a G.S. Warriors fan, I’m curious what you think accounts for my generally dreadful team’s ability to beat the Mavs over the past year or so. The Mavs are one of the best in the league, and the Warriors are consistently dreadful (for instance, they made the Lakers’ Ronny Turiaf look like the second coming of Karl Malone on opening night). Is this just a fluke? Or is it a function of the Warriors being able to play up-tempo ball comparatively well?

    Comment by Andrew -

  161. I have the same complaint with the ‘new’ NBA that I had with the old NBA: selective enforcement of the rules. If you’re a star (see Duncan for example) you can act up after a call FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME and not get a technical. If you’re a ‘little fish’ (see Diop) and you get a T for jumping after a bad call. I know it takes some time for the officials to get back into the game as well but there have been some horrendously blown calls in games I’ve watched (and not just Mavs games) and not getting to complain makes it worse.
    Is there some way I can support the Mavs (gear, games, etc.) that helps the team but with minimal support for the league? I want to send a strong message of dissatisfaction. I try to be open-minded and I’m willing to admit when calls against the Mavs get missed but it seems there’s specific bias against some teams and certain players. There always has been but it seems worse this year.

    Comment by Joe Schneider -

  162. Mark, You are a smart guy. Do you really care about the customer, in this case the fan. Do you really want to improve/fix the game for the consumer. Here’s a suggestion for a “Maverick” like you who has the resources and clout to pull it off. Start a FAN UNION. The reality of profesional basketball and professional sports in general is it will never be consumer/fan oriented until the fan is truly represented at the bargaining table. Players have there Union, management there representation. It’s the fan that always gets screwed when players and teams want more, more, more… I’ve pretty much tuned out of sports as I’ve gotten older (40 now) and become dissilusioned with the whole thinG. One day some Maverick, with enough clout and resources will come along and say this is riduclous, I’m gonna step up for the the most important party in professional sports – the Fan. If someone can truly organize even 10-15% of the fan base to act collectively they will change the face of profesional sports forever. Are you a Maverick? Do you truly care about the customer / the fan? Do you believe in a system where all sides are truly represented? Do you believe in checks and balances to keep all parties in line? If so now’s your chance to have a bigger impact on professional sports than you ever could as simply a basketball franchise owner. Oh and if you do get this started give me a holler, I’ll be the first to join!


    Comment by John -

  163. While trying to change the image of the NBA for the betterment of corporate sponsors (which is probably a good thing as a commissioner) the rule about “whining” is ridiculous. As a former collegiate athlete, I know emotion is involved in almost every second of a game. Let them play, and starts letting the talent (players) decide the contest, not the refs.

    Comment by jd -

  164. The most interesting new trend is the ammount of teams trying to “go small.” New rules, European players, and the simple lack of quality big men available have all contributed to this. IMO this makes for a much more exciting game to watch!
    As far as the ref’s calling more techs, it was long over-due. The refs already hear enough from fans (and owners), which is the way it should be.

    Comment by Jason M -

  165. I’ll hit these one at a time, but as I write about them I wonder how much of these moves are motivated toward the international audience and game? I wonder if Stern, whose reputation was built on the growth of the NBA, is starting to wonder about how his legacy will be impacted if the US keeps going to international tournaments and getting bounced by teams with “better fundamentals” and “team play.” Is he, on the one hand, trying to move the NBA’s rules and regulations closer to FIBAs, and on the other attempting to recast NBA players in the stereotypical international (ie, European) mode by squashing individual personality into the formulaic team mold.

    1) The new ball – On this one, I’m with the players. I want the players to play with a ball they feel comfortable with, whether it’s old ball or new ball. I heard one player on the radio a few weeks back (I can’t remember who; it might’ve been Nash) saying that while there was some irregularities with the leather ball, players felt comfortable with that spectrum of difference and only time will tell if they feel comfortable with the new ball. What gets me is that I’m just not 100% why this move was made? Was it an attempt t get inline with the ever-increasingly important international game? FIBA’s website has a ton of approved balls and there doesn’t seem to be a problem with leather balls but I’d be interested in knowing what they use in international events and whether this move by Stern has anything to do with that.

    2) The warmups rule – Ridiculous new rule. It seems like a classic political 1-2 move where you throw out something you don’t care about along with something else that you’re really interested in (in this case, the no-complaining rule). The pol can then pull back the item he doesn’t care as much about and claim that he makes compromises.

    3) The No Complaining Rule – I’ll admit it, I like the spirit of this rule much more than I like the application of the rule by the refs. NBA players have become too much like the Bush Administration – they never admit when they make a mistake. Even more, it’s like the idea of them making a mistake and committing a foul is, in and of itself, completely preposterous. Watching Rasheed or Antoine berate the official every … single … time is just too much. I’m a Celtics fan and while I defended Toine for much of his tenure the one thing I never defended him on was the complaining to the officials. I never thought that set a good tone for the younger players, and it does hurt the viewing experience at home – when I go down to Indy to watch the Pacers it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it does from home when you get close-ups and replays.

    But the application of the rule has been far too draconian. There’s got to be some leeway; players have to have an ability to question the officials. Taking that away from the players allows for a system where the refs are, literally, never wrong because no one gets to question it. But the NBA players as a whole have to acknowledge there is a problem with their general behavior towards officials when they question calls – the NBA had started to look too much like world soccer, where players do everything but physically punch officials when they disagree with an official’s bad/”bad” call and not enough like baseball or football, where you have the infrequent meltdown and the frequent controlled (if angry) exchanges. If a player puts his hands down and says, “That’s crap. You blew it, I didn’t touch him” that’s fine, but when they throw their hands around and run after the official and incite the crowd … that’s too much. Maybe the NBA should institute an MLB-type move – in MLB you can’t question balls and strikes or you’re gone. Maybe the NBA could install a similar rule, like not letting you question, I don’t know, foul calls in the paint.

    Or maybe that’s just dumb. But the players do have to tone it down and the refs do have to lighten up.

    Comment by Bousquet -

  166. After the debacle the refs made of the Finals last year, I swore off NBA basketball. I forgot my pledge, however, until I started seeing the ridiculous Ts the refs are handing out this year. Sheed’s T cost the Pistons the game for an act that Wade & Duncan get away with nightly. It’s not right and I’m not watching.

    Comment by Larry -

  167. Hi Mark,
    I am really confused this year. I DON’T sense the aura and excitement that was felt last year. It almost seems like the Mavs players have given up on this season. Did Jason Terry and Stackhousework on their games in the offseason, cuz they both look terrible. Mavs are 0-7 since last year’s debacle. I don’t wan’t to believe this, but PLEASE tell me that things are going to be okay for MAVs fans because this is the first time I have experienced this with the New Look Mavs. Going 0-3 is not good, and it seems that the schedule doesn’t seem to friendly. The emotions that a Mavs fan goes through can be pretty tense, and I feel alot of tension right now. I DON’T know why, but I am worried. Worried about Avery keeping his composure, and not losing it. The players need a real kick in the ASS if you know what I mean. I mean, you dish out all these millions for these guys, and this is what the fans get? That game the other nite against Golden State. I think the league has finally caught up to you guys, and you better think of a new game plan real quick because there are alot of INPATIENT MAVS fans. Especially knowing how close we came last year. Unacceptable in my book.

    Comment by raf -

  168. I’m sure the changes make for a better game… but after the phantom fouls in the last two rounds of the playoffs last year, I can’t get back into watching the NBA. I’m going to need to see a fairly-called playoffs next year to spend my time and money on the sport.

    Comment by Mike -

  169. I don’t think it’s ever good to give Officials more leverage on “judgement calls”. This pertains not just to the NBA, but the NFL also.

    Comment by The Pimpmeister -

  170. Having been a Mav’s fan since 1981 i have seen many changes.This year “Take the CAKE”. I agree with the players not allowed to questionthe officals calls,but it should be every player. Tim Duncan still question every call,and still gets away with it.

    Comment by Jerry Brown -

  171. While we are changing things…how about stopping the blaring music during play???

    At other sporting events (NHL, NFL) when the play starts the music stops…

    Comment by Jim -

  172. I would say that I like the changes, but it’s apparent that David Stern sent a memo to the refs with an “exception” list. Tim Duncan is exempt on ANY court from the rules, as is ANYONE who plays at the AAC. I’m sure Avery deserved the T’s last night because he was arguing with the RIDICULOUS calls being made against the Mavs. The media continuously screams for the Mavs to “take the ball to the rack”, and they too will get the calls that everyone else seems to get. Well, there was an attempt by the Mavs to do that last night with ABSOLUTELY ZERO fouls being called when the Mavs drove to the rack and were obviously fouled.
    So…the rules suck, just like Stern.

    Comment by BTwice -

  173. Which has been worse this year: the new ball, or the Zero-Tolerance Technical foul rule?

    For those who’d like to sign the petition:

    Comment by AJL -

  174. Great comments, I couldn’t agree more.

    Comment by Hollis -

  175. Mr. Cuban, you are awesome.

    Comment by superdave -

  176. sdy wrote:
    “Lastly I do have a complaint, some teams have taken to standing until their team scores, or sometimes for a whole quarter .. nice that they’re showing team support .. horrid for the folks in the first 5 rows or so, who even, if standing have no chance at seeing over/through a bunch of 6’8″ bench stiffs.”

    This sounds like a great opportunity for a new rule:

    All players must sit unless they are playing or preparing to play.

    This rule will help eliminate unnecessary outbursts of emotion, but is especially important because it only benefits (arguably) the richest 1% of attendees to a game (that is – those who can afford to sit in the first 5 rows).

    Comment by Steve -

  177. Do I like watching basketball? Yes. Do I like the passion it brings out of players? Of course. Do I like the new rules that put the muzzle on players? The jury is out.

    Obviously I don’t like the muzzle that’s placed on owners, as it makes your blog so damn boring, Mark. And I know my favorite basketball player (KG) is probably going to be on the wrong side of these new rules more often than not. But he’s one of those guys that gets fired up and uses his energy to motivate teammates. He’s talking, animated, and breathes life into the game each minute he is on the court.

    Unfortunately, there are 9 other guys on the court with KG at any given moment. And wouldn’t you know it, but there’s always the one or two guys that are just hanging off the ref the entire game. Now, no human is infallible, but wouldn’t you agree that that sort of behavior can influence calls? I certainly think so. Referees should not be intimidated by anyone and are supposed to be impartial, so why not shield them?

    Yes, I am playing devil’s advocate a little, and I’d love to write more, but I’d like to hear what you all think.

    Comment by antonymous -

  178. It’s one thing to make a rule against complaining, I can understand not wanting a player tittybabying it up to the refs for this or that, although no matter which team you support, ya know those questionable plays have raised your blood pressure a time or two. To throw players (and coaches) out for the slightest show of emotion is too much. Emotion is what makes this game so exciting and fun to watch. When I heard about this rule, I thought it could be alright so long as they didn’t take it too far; well there goes that good idea. They have given too much power to men that had enough power already. I don’t turn on the game, and sure as hell won’t buy tickets to see what the refs are going to do this time, who’s going to get ejected or see what power suits the players are going to wear (who really cares if they got a pair of jeans on, give me a break). I want to watch the team go out and play with heart and emotion. Isn’t that what it is suppose to be about?

    Comment by jessica -

  179. Let’s just eliminate all identity from the game. The players can wear full head hoods so that they can’t be recognized, remove the numbers and names from the jerseys and just force them to run up and down the court playing offense and defense. No fist pumps, no high fives, no team enthusiasm.

    When you’re taken out of the game, promptly return to your seat and sit arms crossed until you’re asked to return. Once the game is over, exit immediately. It’s like the basketball utopia!

    Oh, one last rule, if a crowd cheers or boos it’s an automatic technical on the home team. Can’t have people enjoy the game. They should just pay and sit there.

    Comment by Troy -

  180. Rules only work if they’re fair and balanced. And they’re not – d-wade gets all the calls; sheed can’t put his arms in the air (but Luol deng can – watch last nights mil-chi game); and defense has been banned (unless you are considered a “defender”; ie bowen).

    I do think that players complained WAY TOO MUCH in recent seasons – to the point where a foul was obviously committed, but they’d whine anyways to hopefully affect future calls. Players should be able to show emotion, but without crossing the line (which sheed did far too much).

    Comment by Chris -

  181. skewing the data a little?

    Comment by PRoales -

  182. Check the transcript from the D.Patrick show on Monday. Reggie Miller said it best. The new rules are taking the passion out of the game. If you take out the passion it becomes work. I don’t want to watch a boring, no-emotion, dead-silent basketball game.

    Avery was tossed because of Terrell Owens’ TD celebration on Sunday…zero tolerance right?

    On a sidenote, Chris Arnold is the most obnoxious person in the building.

    Comment by Index! -

  183. I actually like the no complaining rule, but I think it’s a bit extreme to call it a technical and throw players out after two in a game. Like others have said, if I go to a game I don’t want to see it decided by a ref. It should be just a free throw for each infraction. It would be pure comedy to see Rasheed Wallace give the other team 12 extra free throws in a game (and the Pistons lose by 1) on one of his particularly moody nights. Think of the play that would generate on SportsCenter!

    The other rules I don’t care for. I think the ownership code of conduct was petty, and controlling how arenas are run shouldn’t be under league jurisdiction. It seems the other owners are looking for more regulation to the point where ownership ceases to be a point of differentiation. Your purchase of the Mavs has proven that ownership does make a difference – and the people of Milwaukee, Golden State, Atlanta, Toronto, etc. have to be wondering that if Dallas can go from the bottom to the (near) top, why can’t they? And that makes their ownership look bad. And your colleagues certainly don’t want to look bad.

    Love the sarcasm, but you’ve made your point. I long for the old posts that were strictly about the Mavs. Please don’t sell, just keep finding ways to get your team an advantage. Having Stern (who is still a great commissioner – can you imagine working with Selig?!?!?) hand you the Larry O’Brien trophy will be the best way to extract your revenge.

    Comment by David -

  184. I guess the NBA is socialist now. Next thing, they’ll be picking the NBA owners, approving ad campaigns, restricting music on players’ ipods, limiting the number of coaches a team can have, approving jersey + logo designs, restricting players’ choice of shoe sponsors, etc. What’s the point of having a franchise? They might as well own every team.

    Comment by Preston -

  185. The NBA sells stars. If stars complain, they get kicked out of the game. The biggest loser? Fans who pay to see the game – which includes complaining to refs and encouraging the crowd to follow his lead.

    Why attach a half ejection (technical foul) to such an subjective thing as “if he’s complaining, T him up”? The rules aren’t quite clear as to what constitutes complaining. Shake your head after a non-call? T him up. Stare at the ref? T him up. Look frustrated after a called foul? T him up. Where does this stop?

    Solution: don’t issue Ts. Note the complaining (in any form) and review it after the game. Fine $5,000 per offense at the leagues’ discretion. Therefore, Sheed can complain all he wants, still play, and potentially generate more income for the league. Of course, a line has to drawn. Physical contact, verbal abuse, etc can still be T-ed.

    Comment by Eric Lam -

  186. I love it! I’ve been going to games since 1987 and back in those days, players didn’t bitch after every call, like they have been doing the past 5 years.
    Bravo to David Stern for putting this in place. Although, I’m a Piston fan, I was tired of seeing Rasheed get so upset after every foul against him.

    Although, if Bill Laimbeer was still in the league, I would probably be against this rule because he made the best faces when he thought he was wronged.

    Comment by Jason -

  187. I can’t believe you’re a Stern disciple .. your report on the ball makes me gag and I can’t believe that the top tier of the world bball talent didn’t get sufficient input about the change.

    The games, however are well worth watching, some of the rules have had a positive impact, as does the normal “extra focus” for early season calls, but its the trade backstories I wish we would hear more about.

    Lastly I do have a complaint, some teams have taken to standing until their team scores, or sometimes for a whole quarter .. nice that they’re showing team support .. horrid for the folks in the first 5 rows or so, who even, if standing have no chance at seeing over/through a bunch of 6’8″ bench stiffs. Not only that, when they crowd around the corner (and intimidate the play) you can’t even see what happened even on the screens. I’ve heard the crowd ask, then yell, its only a matter of time till they start throwing things at them to get them to sit down .. the players are acting as if they’re the only ones in the arena.

    Comment by sdy -

  188. I love the new NBA. When did grown men suddenly decide that acting like a 4 year old a complaining about everything was an OK way to act? The NBA could get rid of all the “sheed” like players and would do wonders to their image. What you truly have is a bunch of spoiled brats, who get upset when things don’t go their way. I think you should start paying them less as well.

    Comment by Rick Milone -

  189. Mark Cuban should put whistle around his neck, name himself an assistant couch and stand in all the huddles he wants.

    Comment by Ronnie Nall -

  190. If Nash doesn’t like the ball, I don’t like the new ball. In all serious though, the ball makes no difference. I think the changes are going to be for the better, but so far this season they have really slowed the game down. There have been way too many technicals on calls argued (I understand that it is the new rule, but until players realize no means no, its rather annoying). Officials shouldn’t be given so much freedom. I also don’t understand the circumstances in which carrying and traveling are called. It’s as if it is ok to call that crap at the beginning of the game, but they don’t want to mess up the end of the game. The NBA will be extremely exciting next year because of the changes, but also because it’s scary to think how good the Suns are going to be next year with all those first round draft picks (which they might actually use for the first time in what 4 years?).

    Comment by Andrew Brooks -

  191. all these rules are ridiculous. these are grown men, not 20 year old freshman. the next rule from DSU (david stern university) will should be players cannot drink alcohol, talk to agents, or drive pimped out rides.

    Comment by winash -

  192. I am fine with the new increase in technical fouls being called on players for backtalking under one condition: the NBA holds the officials accountable for thier calls. Maybe not in a nagetive way, but even rewarding the officials who call good games. This could tie directly into Cuban’s ranting last year about how the NBA selected thier officials for the playoffs – and got fined for it.

    If you stop all complaining, then there is no check to terrible officiating. No official likes being screamed at, but sometimes, they need it to straighten them up.

    Comment by Kip Nickell -

  193. I’m less than thrilled. I mean, if players can’t object to bad calls, who can? Just who are refs accountable to? If I made half the number of mistakes at my job that they make on the court, I’d hear about it from somebody. And also, why can refs snap and snarl at the fans? On opening night at the Target Center, Wolves fans were yelling, “Three seconds! Three seconds!” and Crawford (the bald one) turned around and hissed at the crowd to shut up. So refs can complain, but nobody else can? Doesn’t seem right.

    Comment by Suzi -

  194. The first change that makes no sense to me is why change the basic piece of equipment in the game…what was wrong with the old ball? It seemed to work fine but like everything else I guess the players will adapt, just seems stupid.
    After 3 games of basketball I have zero tolerance for the zero tolerance edict-rule. I agree that players reactions needed to be tempered in many instances…but you can not stop natural reactions like looking at the ref and asking “what did I do?”. The referee is now deciding the game, they have made it pointless to watch because you know the most talented and savvy team won’t necessarily win. And how can this edict be taken seriously when it is not applied equally to all players/coaches on all teams?
    Good Luck with team and don’t let up the NBA powers that be.

    Comment by Oliver -

  195. Honestly, I’d like to say I hate the changes. I’d like to side with you and say David Stern is an ass, and completely out of touch with what the fans want. But, I actually really like the players’ on-court behavior now, compared to in previous years. They seem slightly less like whiny spoiled rich kids, and more like competitors trying anything to win. Sorry Mark. I really like the new rule change.
    As for the new ball…I don’t really care. I don’t play with it. I didn’t really care when the old one was wet and sweaty, as long as Nash could still make crisp passes up court, and start the offense. I never saw it as a problem, and I don’t see the new one as a problem either.
    Again, where a player can change his uniform doesn’t make one bit of difference to me. Why should it? I’d rather the players be happy about their working environment, and I’m sure they still are. This may be an issue with the players, more than an issue that the fans will care about.
    Sorry for not seeing your side of this, but I’m a fan, not a player. See ya at the next Suns!

    Comment by Ben -

  196. I do get what you were going after, but I for one like it.

    I pay good money to come see good basketball play, all the other junk is just a distraction, including over exuberant PA announcers, guys running around trying to jack up the crowd etc… all of this is just One BIG Distraction.

    Believe me the problem with the Mavs is not the new rules, it is that we have nothing but soft guys that won’t take it to the hole and choose to shoot clankers off the front iron. There was a stretch last night that I thought they were going to have to stop the game and replace the rim because so many shots clanged off the front iron.

    I like the new rules and also a crack down on players, coaches and owners complaining every little call. The crack down on traveling, palming the ball, and 3 seconds are all good.

    Avery did get the hook too quick last night, if you are going to get tossed the refs need to at least let you get your money’s worth.

    I have own the new ball for over a month and I and my players on our team like it also. I consider it just excuses, The Jazz, 76’ers and all the others that are winning right now don’t seem to let it bother them.

    It is gut check time and time for these guys to look in the mirror and will them self a win or they will be 0-6 before this week is out.

    Comment by stacey -

  197. Thank you for trying to keep the NBA honest.

    Comment by Kevin -

  198. I get so excited each morning when I check to the papers to see what refs are coming to town. I will go down to their hotel and just hang out hoping to get a glimpse of the stars of the NBA. If i’m lucky I may get to see a reverse-spin technical foul call. That would be freakin’ sweet.

    Comment by OneEye -

  199. Long live the “Stern-minator” He is a sports genius or is that a Sports Ghengis…I get them confused. He is, albeit slowly, choking the game of professional basketball. Stern wants to take emotion out of basketball…where does he think the love of the game comes from, whether it is the fans, the players, the coaches or the owners? Sure there needs to be boundaries and the boundaries needed tightening no argument there. Most of us learn about boundaries playing pickup ball as kids and all through organized sports. We also learned that it is not right to think; “if you don’t play my way, by my rules I’ll take my new synthetic ball and send you home!!!

    Boundaries, not walls!! It’s seems the Sternline Wall is being Built…edict by edict, fine by fine, suspension by suspension, flagrant 2 foul by flagrant 2 foul, ejection by ejection…didn’t we battle communism and tear a similar wall down 16 years ago??? Refs are human, fallible and subject to anger but also they are selected, trained and PAID to be impartial unlike the players, coaches and fans. We do not have to be impartial, but we should be fair. And to be fair, 3 games into the regular season and already I have seen too many bad calls, no calls, quick T’s, quick whistles, it borders on comical. They are not just against the MAVS although they do seem to be a favorite of the refs…I suppose they are just making their (his) point? I really don’t blame the refs; I am sure they are “interpreting” what they have been told their job is and “how” to do it.

    Wow, just think if the President of the United States had that much unilateral power??…We would all be better off, no matter whom the President is??? There would be no war in Iraq, no unemployment, FEMA would be the best Emergency Response Team in the world… we wouldn’t need to vote today…From the mind of the Stern-minator, “Congress smongrish I know best and I know what is right for everyone!!!!” Let’s plan on a write in campaign next year…David Stern for President…That would solve all our problems!!

    PS..Why don’t you consider becoming an assistant coach??….last time I checked they can be part of the team huddle during the game…but then maybe that will change also 🙂 Sorry for the rant. but I feel better.

    Comment by tomindallas -

  200. Why let the players decide games when the officials can do it for you? Fans love paying hard-earned money to watch their favorite players get thrown out. What could be better for the NBA than that?

    No doubt the Nuggets fans thought it was better to have the refs decide their first game rather than ‘Melo. Ditto the Kings & Bibby.

    The officials have already played a large part in the Pistons two losses. I’m sure Joe D, Flip, ‘Sheed & the rest of the team love the “new NBA”.

    The owners, coaches, players, & most of all fans, need to let David Stern know just how dumb he is!

    Comment by Ashton -

  201. I love the new format. It reminds me of golf. Lite cheering, little clapping, and just sit and watch. Why get excited?

    David Stern is one of the biggest idiots I have ever seen. He has taken the game of basketball away and turned it into a piss-poor old man’s YMCA league. Why would anyone come to a game? Why would you spend that kind of money on entertainment when you can’t be entertained? I know I won’t.

    Mark, I think you should become the arena announcer down there in Dallas just to tick Stern off or what about becoming a Mavs commentator during the games and saying whatever you want on Sirius or whatever station you want.

    I know you have considered selling the team, but I think making David Stern’s life living hell is much better than selling the team. Keep up your amazing work and being the biggest kick-ass owner in the league. You have taught us more about business than we will ever know. Thanks!

    Comment by AaroninIowa -

  202. I like the new ball and arena rules but the zero tolerance rule I think has gone too far. I think you should at least be able to make your case if you feel the ref made a mistake. the way the league has it, I guess you can’t show emotion in games? doesn’t make sense. basketball is a game about emotion. now I understand that some players go a little too far, but it doesn’t mean that you should change it for everyone else.

    Comment by Matt Montgomery -

  203. Yes, just play basketball! No whining, no complaining, no on-court crazy antics just to improve your “value”. I still prefer watching college ball, but the NBA is at least on the right track.

    Comment by South Bay -

  204. I like the no complaining rule also. While I’m sure the refs will blow a call here & there
    we can’t expect them to be 100% perfect.

    I got so tired of seeing the players whine on every whistle blown against them..
    Even Stu Lantz an ex – player and the Lakers color commentator stated it was out of hand.
    It slowed down the game and made them appear to behave as cry babies..

    Just shut up & let your game do the talking! Same way in the real world..

    Now if they could just do something about the chest beating every time a dunk or blocked shot happens…. I wish I could do that at work!

    Comment by matt -

  205. Is it just me or do the refs seem to a little late getting to the plays? It could be that NBA has some sort of Nepotisitic system keeping 80 year old men making the calls. Is too much to ask for a ref nimble enough to be in the right place at the right time and not assume there was a foul because they could not eb next to play fast enough?

    Comment by SteveinNC -

  206. No complaining and no backtalk is so refreshing and was so necessary that I have already watched more game action then through Thanksgiving last year.

    NBA players complaining and acting like children become the story, instead of the call they are whining about. Similiar to the recent call that cost Edmonton a game tying goal friday night, bad calls in professional sports will be reported on and reviewed in the media. I think this will help the officiating, not hurt it. Once the players adjust, and stop with the antics, the commentators and replay guys will finally show the play over and over and show why the player should be upset. That is what happens in all other sports.

    Comment by Rich Gross -

  207. I like the new rules. It makes the players more disciplined and the game more enjoyable to watch.

    However, I thought that all players not in uniform (but on the bench) had to be in full suits? I have seen many players this season in a sport jacket and collared shirt, but no tie and they are wearing fashionable blue jeans! To me, this is unacceptable. I do not like the message that it sends.

    With the average NBA salary in the hundreds of thousands, can the players not afford the pants that go with the jacket?

    Comment by Espo -

  208. I love the fact that, so far, your commentors don’t appear to understand the underlying tone of extremem sarcasm in this post or in your previous interview regarding becoming a changed man. I have applauded your efforts to improve the NBA in the past, and I understand your exasperation at the latest draconian decision-making direction of the league office, but frankly I had found your recent approach of over-the-top biting ironic implication as childish and unnecessary. Given that your readers (and by extension NBA fans in general) don’t even get it, apparently I was wrong.

    Rant on Mr. Cuban…rant on.

    Comment by Josh -

  209. My favorite is the zero tollerance complaining rule. Second only to the Tim Duncan pardon from said rule.

    I think next year it would be cool to have a new rule that says if Duncan gets the ball, play and the clock are stopped while the ref hands him the old regulation ball and resumes.

    Comment by Ted Forbes -

  210. I love it too. Don’t know about the ball, I checked it at Academy but didn’t buy it. I love too see the refs calling traveling. As a youth coach, it was hard to teach the kid about this rule when almost everybody in the NBA used the extra-step. I love the return of the small ball and the fact that, once again, point guards are so important. I watched few games, including the Mvas, and I got the feeling that the game is faster. Maybe I’m wrong but the NBA is moving into the right direction.

    Comment by William Reymond -

  211. While I agree that the level of backtalk and complaining was too high before, now it seems that the pendulum has swung much too far in the other direction. Officials seem freer to make bad calls and to throw out players and coaches they don’t like at the drop of a pin. Perhaps that’s a misconception from not being on the floor, but that’s just how it looks to me.

    Comment by Brock Batsell -

  212. I like the new arena and decor related rules… not sure I like the new ball, changes are subtle but also create disadvantages

    Comment by bobby orbach -

  213. Sure, I love the fact your team is 0-3….keep it up. Anyone who has watched Dirk, Howard etc; should know nothing has changed. The stars will still get star treatment and spares like Greg Buckner will get the shaft.

    Comment by Scott -

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