Trump the Chump

Every couple weeks I get emails from people asking me if I heard what Donald Trump said about me on some radio or TV show. From Howard Stern to Donnie Deutch to just this week while promoting The Apprentice. I have to be honest, I LOVE IT when he rips me. Its been 3 seasons since The Benefactor tanked, but Donald still couldn’t find something else to rip on. It always gives me a good chuckle knowing that he thinks of me so often.

I guess all good things must end as Donald turns his attention to Rosie O’Donnell. Rosie of course ripped on Trump the Chump (T the C) on the ABC show The View. T the C ripped back just as hard, but this isnt about what is being played out on TV. This is about the role of blogs in all of this and how it really shows who understands new media vs old media.

Rosie gets it. Rosie has a blog, and she is using it in her battle with T the C. Its actually pretty good. She uses it to say whats on her mind, is honest, timely and in the current post she pulls from the Trump Wikipedia entry to clarify and support her assertions that he filed bankruptcy.

She has a great url,, other bloggers link to her and using Alexa as a traffic reference (not a perfect source, but its easy), her traffic is good. In fact, her blog was so busy, she couldnt keep up with the traffic, but she was still smart enough to put up a simple HTML page that had her latest post.

Good job Rosie !

Now T the C on the other hand, well Donald, your blog sucks. Its actually pretty embarrasing. First of all, rule number one of blogging Donald is that you are the one that is supposed to write the posts on the blog. Less than half the posts on the front page of the blog have your name as the author let alone are written by you . Blogs are supposed to be personal, not corporate Donald.

Next are the ads you have on the site. Nothing wrong with ads. We all know that you need the money, but your blog is on the website of Trump University. What University has ads on their website for a 20pct discount on How to Get Rich books and schemes ? Speaking of Trump University, has anyone out there seen a resume with Graduated from Trump University on it ? I wonder how many people of your Trump University graduates work for you Donald ? After all, Trump is the brand that you want to be associated with the best, right ? Is Trump University the Harvard of…..oops, I just read the FAQs. TU doesn’t offer credits or degrees. Its merely a way to pitch your How to Get Rich books and online courses. But you still hire Trumpers and Trumpettes who buy the stuff right ?

Way to protect the brand Donald. Was this the same thinking behind Trump the Board Game and Trump Water or the first Trump Magazine ?

Now back to your blog. Does it really help you sell Trump University ? Well according to Alexa, no one even knows about it Donald. The entire Trump University is about the 23,000 most visited site on the net. Not terrible. But of all those aspiring Trumps that visit the site, only 24pct of them even go to your blog. Can’t say i blame them. But those are your good numbers Donald. And you are a numbers guy Donald aren’t you ?. Ratings, ratings, ratings, right ?

No one in the blogosphere seems to know or care about your blog Donald. Links to your site are rare at best Donald. Rosie on the other hand is just kicking your ass. People read and reference her blog. Yours is Dirt. Flies don’t read your blog Donald.

Oh by the way Donald, this blog is one of, if not the most widely read personal blog on the net.

Here is my advice T the C. Move your blog to a unique URL. Write something personal. Explain to us why you don’t like to shake hands. Explain to us why you think Rosie is fat, but you aren’t. Explain to us the virtues of Trump Ice water. Why we should subscribe to the new Trump Magazine. Why we should buy Trump suits. Why we should buy Trump The Fragrance. Or better yet, you could explain why in the world you would put your name on some of these things.

Donald, let me just tell you that its a whole lot easier to say whats on your mind on YOUR blog than have to freak out and call every talk show in America ranting about Rosie. That is if your time is valuable.

Its obvious you dont understand new media Donald. Its obvious in your show. Its obvious in how you integrate the net into your businesses. Its blatant with your excuse of a blog.

And by the way, when someone prints this out and you read it, if they tell you to create a myspace or facebook or a page …. please do. We all need the comic relief.

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  1. Bailout 2008, a poem by David Jeffrey:

    Like a bloodied warrior,
    laying broken and torn.

    Like a dying soldier, hopeless and forlorn.

    But the blood, it be green,
    the color of money.

    And the soldier is an economy,
    and it is anything but funny.

    Broken are it’s people and shattered are their dreams.

    Thanks to the ultra rich and their full proof schemes.

    It is a tragedy with more pain to come.

    Finance will be Hell, and their wills will be done.

    Comment by Mickey -

  2. I think Donald Trump is fantastic! Maybe he could learn a thing or two about blogging, but I agree with above commentors that mainstream media “trumps” blogging because if you get media coverage like that, you will get others to do the blogging for you. You may not like him personally, but you’re foolish to say he doesn’t understand media.

    Comment by Pam Pugmire -

  3. Donald said on t.v. that you have an apartment in one of the buildings he owns and maintains. Would you recommend it to others?

    Comment by Kevin -

  4. Hi, Very interesting blog… so listen I am writing an article at Columbia University\’s graduate school of journalism on how the TRUMP brand may actually chase serious students away from taking online courses at his university.. I would love to interview you for this over the phone or something.. can you get back to me SOON please…if you\’re interested.. e-mail address is Thanks

    Comment by Havovi Cooper -

  5. Mark, Donald Chump can\’t hold a stick to you. Not that I know you but I remember you being on a late night talk show and mentioning being in Chump\’s office with all the pictures of himself- you laughed and gave the impresion that you \”get it\” Can you immagine him going completely broke tomorrow? He wouldn\’t be able to get ass if he was a toilet seat!! Does he think for one minute his \”wife\” (A VERY expensive prostitute) would stick with him – no way! She\’d be back in the NYC social network working to find another sugar daddy. There is an old saying that fits Donald Chump perfectly \”When what you do is who you are, and that goes away -who are you?\”. One day the logic of the world will write itself and he\’ll realize how shallow and prententious his entire life was. On a lighter note – congradulations on your success. It has inflated your bank account but not your sense of reality.

    Comment by Jason Durbin -

  6. I was looking up some information on Donald trump as I was going write an article about his compliment to Mark Cuban and his performance in Dancing with the Stars! I came across this blog and wanted to stick my $0.02 into the matter.

    We all have our people we despise/dislike. Some more than others. While I have never met Mark (who should invest in my startup company) or Donald trump. I have to say Mark you are a great dancer and I have read many stories on you and your success.

    I haven\’t read that many on Donald and while I see him as an arrogant ASS! I would like to point out that I have read several blogs about his character off camera and from what I read he is a pretty decent guy. However, that being said…Friction creates drama, drama creates PUBLICITY and from what I hear Bad Publicity is better than NO PUBLICITY. LOL.

    I personally think you should both put on a sumo suite and wrestle each other on live camera for charity! Winner gets an x-amount of money donated to the charity of their choice.

    Anyhow, just my $0.02 worth.

    Comment by Gerald -

  7. I can\’t believe that women and some men are going goo-goo over Donald Trump. I see him as a big laugh with that crazy dyed hair style, and his egotistic attitude. Crazy people who will pay good money for a book on how to kick ass or better yet how to kiss ass. I wouldn\’t walk across the street to shake his hand.

    Comment by Jeannette -

  8. I concur. Trump may be successful – but not everyone agrees with his tactics. He may have risen from the bottom to become of the worlds wealthiest men, but my friend Karen Valencic, an aikido black belt, communication and performance improvement expert could teach him a few things about how to succeed with grace. Trumps book, Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life encourages readers to stand up to others to get what you want, but that\’s only for short-term results. Eventually, what goes around, comes around. All the money in the world can\’t buy you friends or happiness. Karen Valencic, President of Spiral Impact, a national training company based in Indianapolis could show The Donald how to use conflict creatively to achieve postive outcomes.

    Karen is a very dynamic speaker who uses Spiral Impact tools and methodologies to attain long-lasting, solid results that honor all parties involved, cultivating healthy relationships for the long-term. I would like to see The Donald and Karen \”spar.\” She would show him the power of the Spiral!

    Comment by Celeste Stanley -

  9. Well, I agree and dissagree. Let me explain. I dissagree to the extent that there is any pre-determined rules as to who/what can be a blog. If Trump wants to call his Trump University wet site a blog, then fine, it\’s a blog. Just not a very good one.

    My experience with Blogs is that they offer a two-way street; an interaction between blogger and those interested enough to comment on a a blog site. Well, just like I\’m doing here. That is not what Donald Trump\’s site is all about. So, yes, Trump is a Chump because he distorts the traditional usage of \”Blog\”. When I visited his site, I thought FRAUD not BLOG.

    Also, can someone ask Donald Trump if he is going to return hundreds of thousands of dollars that many people spent their life savings to be a part of his TRUMP TOWER TAMPA project? He pulled his name from the project, now it looks like all of the investors are going to get screwed. Trump was supposed to receive half of the profits from the sale of condos at TRUMP TOWER TAMPA. But, he sure cut and run quicker than a scared cat when it looked like they couldn\’t build Trump\’s building on an infinite pool of muck.

    Comment by Johny Ricardovitz -

  10. Donald is such a douche bag. He is so cheesy and I question people who buy in to him.

    Comment by Jimmy -

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    Comment by supgold -

  12. – Cool and original satire and caricature of Trump is there. I never seen best work like that!

    Comment by santa leone -

  13. I think donald the chump was raised under a rock. a dirty one! I am 74 yrs old and if I was his mother, I would have slapped that ugly face until it bled. His daughter takes after him with her smugness and arrogance. His wife just stand there with her eyes closed, and a smile pasted on her mouth. She sure looks bored. Please chumpster, get a haircut. You look like an asshole. Hope you lose everything. What goes round, comes round.

    Comment by marge mclaughlin -

  14. – Cool and original satire and caricature of Trump is there. I never seen best work like that!

    Comment by santa leone -

  15. well said, Trump is the most annoying obnoxious person there is! what a joke.

    Comment by p-unit -

  16. Donald Trump is awesome because he is a true winner. He has the confidence and the vision to do what others would not do.

    Frankly, I have tried to do the same with my online television news network. We publish approx. 125 news stories per day on our site from all over the world: http://www.NuVu.TV We think that we can create the \”CNN of the Internet.\” What do you think? 🙂

    Comment by Tyler Cavell -

  17. Rosie and Trump Was like the winning lottery ticket FOR Barbara walters and a new show for rosie with lots more money and Trump kept his publicity machine rolling . SO WHO LOST?

    Comment by joe -

  18. FWIW:

    I find it absolutely amazing whenever I hear some pin headed moron praise Trump for his so-called self-motivated, independent success. All things considered he should be the poster child for social dysfunction and metal instability, corporate corruption, unrestrained greed, self indulgence, gluttony, immorality, non-ethical business practices, all of which by-the-way just happen to be destroying this country, its reputation, and the working class in general in record speed.

    How can anyone be so obtuse as to praise anyone who would most likely pimp their own mother, if they believed they could make money doing so. Furthermore, the few times that I have been unfortunate enough to hear him speak… he strikes me to be a totally uneducated, bumbling, blithering buffoon, vengeful, whining, pouting, scamming little half-wit, an illiterate nimrod, with the intellect of a five-year-old and brain of a four-year-old (who by-the-way was happy to be rid of it). His ill-faded, inept, ridicules, classless comb over speak volumes about the true Donald. He, just like our current so-called president, may have money… but it clearly just goes to show that if youre willing to trade your morals, ethics, honesty, pride etc for cash there are plenty of takers. He is anything but a role model, unless of course you striving to be a rich lonely loser with no redeeming values what-so-ever.

    But of course… that\’s just my opinion regarding DT & GB

    Comment by Mr. Jon -

  19. Donald..
    I would think a person of your stature and success would have better things to do w/his time & thoughts than call Rosie names and take credit for her leaving The View. If you want to say mean things about her at least figure out how to do it with class or maybe let it go & move on. Later, dude. B/

    Comment by B -

  20. Mr. Trump may have had a decent public opinion before the Rosie vs. DT war but he has been very childish in the recent past. I mean his insults couldn\’t be more second grade, \”she\’s fat\”, \”stupid\”, its very funny until you realize its a old man saying these things.

    Comment by JSD -

  21. That was good. Real good. I bet if you ask the Donald, he\’d say his blog is quite simply the best blog on the planet. He\’s all about self-promotion…that\’s how he keeps going. He needs it and he feeds on it.

    Comment by myspace -

  22. Guess what, Mark ur a guy that I look to as an example, started small and became big. Donald needs to shave his head and realize that if it wasnt for daddy\’s help he wudve been a chump working as a bookkeeper for Walmart. I wish i cud put my name on all types of stuff, such as shit colognes and liquors. Trump might think hes big dogg, but his performance is measured in the overwhelming failure rate he has. Congrats on thinking ur better than other people and congrats on meeting investors who suck ur dick so much that u can release stupid products and feel good about urself. And yeah guess what, ur prepaid wife, shes hott, but thank god u make money and u can shove Prada bags in her face to keep her untalented ass satisfied enough to not leave ur limp dick ass, cuz if u didnt, u wouldve only dreamed and been lucky enough to get a woman as fat and ugly as rosie. Congrats for ur success spoon fed bitch billionaire Trump. Mark, keep doing what u do, providing a template for young aspiring business people to follow and making us realize u dont have to be a fucking jackass jerkoff to be \”Da Man\”.

    Take care.

    Comment by Aspiring Millionaire -

  23. Phillip Recchia and Eugenia Kaye should look into the current lawsuit filed at the Trump World Tower by the Board against Trump who stole $100\’s of Millions of dollars from the building and dominates through extortion and threats. What a group of thugs and lame people, especially the gorrilla monkey Matt Calimari. What a Guido slime single syllable idiot who spreads his STD infested body diseases to all sluts that sleep with him while his wife is out of town.

    Comment by Meyers Brigington -

  24. Donald Trump is a worthless piece of shit. It’s not bad enough that he’s using Tara Conner (Miss USA) and her problems for some cheap publicity, but now I need to see and hear him whining about Rosie O’Donnell every time I turn on the TV? What a freaking loser that guy is. All’s he’s been doing is pissing and moaning about that bullshit for the past few days. Tell us Donald, if Rosie O’Donnell is such a loser, then why do you spend every waking minute whining about what she says? Shouldn’t it not even matter if she’s as insignificant as you say she is? Why the hell would you care?

    Watching this guy hurl his fourth grade insults at Rosie O’Donnell the past few days makes you wonder if this guy has any shame at all. Who wastes his or her time insulting other people like an eight year on national televsion if he or she has anything else to do? Who’s the real loser here? Rosie O’Donnell, who made some very real insights about an annoying TV personality and has managed to not act like an eight year old (and handle herself with at least an ounce of class) when hearing the crap coming from Trump, or Donald Trump, a camera whore who’s spent every minute he’s gotten so far during this bullshit to call Rosie O’Donnell a pig, loser, slob, fat, ugly, classless, stupid, etc? This is all a load of bullshit and I can’t wait for that self loving douche Trump to get laughed out of court.

    On the other hand though, it is kind of like a car accident–hard to turn away, but not something you should be looking at.

    Comment by Carson Daly is a tool -

  25. Wow! Don’t hold back Mark… This is no time to be politically correct 😉

    Even Trump reads your blog LOL!

    Donald took it too far but Rosie is a grumpy beyotch too.

    *It does not bother me that Trump puts his name on water and suits – it SCARES me people actually buy the stuff!!! He knows real estate…

    Mark – you are ahead of your time on the HD investments and they will be your next big home run.

    Comment by Raymond Z. -

  26. Mark – Can I add link to this article on my site? In my opinion is very helpful article

    Comment by Tanie linie lotnicze -

  27. There are lots of self-important dolts out there and admittedly, Trump and Rosie are two founding members of that club.

    Trump I can tolerate better; he’s arrogant, but periodically he does something good, like giving $10,000 to the gentleman from Brooklyn who saved a man from an onrushing subway train. I also admire his unfettered capitalism.

    However, to call Rosie annoying is to underestimate her talents. She is rude, interrupts people constantly, can match Trump toe-to-toe on the arrogance scale, and has to be one of the most uneducated but biggest-mouthed people I have ever seen. When I was forced to watch the View while waiting for an oil change, I was truly astonished by how inane her comments were, and was speechless at her broad pronouncements and lack of respect for the other hosts. Needless to say, despite the freezing cold, I made several trips outside rather than listen to her tripe. I could feel the intelligence oozing out of my ears with every word she uttered.

    When it comes to choosing the ‘lesser of the evils’, I’ll pick Trump, sorry.

    Comment by Hanya -

  28. Interesting article!

    Comment by Programy -

  29. Mark, that post was a classic.

    Here’s Donalds’s latest: Trump North Pole:

    Comment by Markus -

  30. Right On! More people with a little media clout need to take that loud mouth, ego freak to task. Donald probably knows the square root of zero when it comes to computers and the internet, and he’s got the grammar of a wise guy, so his blog must be crap. If he didn’t go bankrupt, there must have been a lot of creditors who got stiffed when his Atlantic City casinos were going under in a sea of debt. Look forward to your next Trump post Mark.

    Comment by Beau -

  31. He should thank you for advertising his blog. I clicked the link to check it out after your description.

    Comment by Jenny -

  32. #147 Mike? Here’s hoping you’re spending your down time going to school. Rosie’s show didn’t suck…she bowed out gracefully to spend more time with her family. She was at the top of her ratings at the time.
    You say that entire generations don’t know about Rosie’s show. Holy!! Are you 5, or 85? Just what generation do you come from?
    Here’s hoping World War 5 doesn’t break out. Not quite sure what happened to 3 and 4. Perhaps it’s in the time warp you seem to be in. Stay in school ‘lil fella

    Comment by sheesh -

  33. rock on mark
    with thanks

    Comment by rosie o'donnell -

  34. omg too fabulous for words, you are tffw…..That’s what I love about Rosie. She says things, that I feel, about this unscrupulous piece of garbage and puts them into amazing things that i only wish i could express. Donald Trump is a LOSER…geez isn’t that what he said about my Rosie?

    Comment by sheesh -

  35. I have despised this man for years. Long before Rosie and he got into it. Rosie was bang on for asking how this guy get’s to be the moral compass on how our young women are perceived. In fact I was saying that to myself and then tuned in to The View and Rosie said it much more eloquently than I ever could.

    I was just reading his blog about Britney Spears and he said “several celebrities have followed my lead and chastised Britney for her behaviour. Yes Donald. I’m sure they all needed your help. Lord knows they are not as brilliant or wealthy as you. Get over yourself. You are a bit like J. Howard Marshall without as many wrinkles. He had a much better hair do though. Do you get that TtheC. This is what people think about you.
    One more thing on closing….How in thee hell did you get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? I don’t get it. Kermit the Frog yes, you no!

    Comment by sheesh -

  36. I’m adding to my #157 comments…first of all, I left out the word ‘image’ on line 5…after the word ‘self’…meaning self image.
    Secondly, I just read about a new Trump cologne……how pompous.. do ‘real men’ actually buy a cologne associated with Trump in hopes of impacting their lives in a positive way? I don’t get it….. has T the C come out with hair products also?

    T the C is playing right into Rosie’s hands…every time he opens his mouth….
    Even Rosie probably never realized what a windfall of publicity she would get with her funny comments on the view that day….the perfect ploy…AND IT WORKED!
    I never turn on the tube to watch Rosie, but when I do happen to see her, it’s usually enjoyable. I like to laugh. like anyone who is normal….now T the C makes me laugh also…..unfortunately it is at him.. not with him….
    To Mr. Trump…….I am lucky enough to have admired many people in my life…and not one of them ever had to tell me how much money or possesions they had or what schools they were educated in…. and that’s the big point…admiration is gained thru the impact they have had on your life…thru actions and words..and the most wealthy people I have known, NEVER EVER mentioned their money or possesions…and really never fit the part of having all they had…. in fact I’m not even sure they ever realized their wealth in dollar bills…..AND THAT’S WORTH ADMIRING IN ITSELF…they worked just as hard as the rest of us…or volunteered their time….but never connecting their lives with money…. I once knew a lady who worked every day in an office in a huge building downtown….always on time and dependable…she worried about things like the rest of us…..only years later after she left did I find out she owned, not just the building, but the entire block… never had even a special parking spot…. get it yet?
    Now here’s a tip, Mr. Trump…..don’t go investing your billions in any hair salons, ok?

    Comment by . Cisa -

  37. The first time I became aware of Mr. Trump was back about 1989, he was on the Morton Downy show. Scaring everybody about the Japanese taking over, or something. I recall a profound disinterest in him then, and ever since then, every mention of him via any medium causes not a speck of curiosity or interest. If he’s successful for whatever reason, then good for him. I just don’t care. If I channel surf and he appears on any news or I come across his show – American Idol? – I continue on.
    Also, Rosie’s never done much for me – again, neither of them really succeed in making me care about anything they do or say in public or private. But at least she’s got some motivation towards the humorous, which is a difficult art. For that reason alone, in the Rosie/Donald duel, I’m going with Her.

    Really I have better things to do than to care about either of them, but I do love ‘Trump the Chump’. Great.

    Okay, that’s all for me, hope it made some sense.


    Comment by Tim -

  38. Check out my video on utube – “Donald Trump Is A Fat Slob With Bad Hair” – looking forward to your comments – suni

    Comment by suni -

  39. Donald Trump shouldn’t be so concerned about Rosie O’Donnell’s career, her history, or her comments. He needs to worry about his own. He’s acting like a spoiled little boy who’s lost a fight and can only retalliate by verbally bashing his opponent. The more he says, the more bad attention he’s bringing to himself. His comments can be equated to an angry 4 to 5 year old. He must have some real self issues, to get upset enough to voice such childish jibber about someone else.

    Good luck with your lawsuit, Big D… Rosie simply expressed an opinion….good or bad…so what….. and about the “slander” issue…. Slander means telling something about someone else that you know to be untrue in hopes of harming them in some way.
    I have always believed that you have gone thru more than 1 bankruptcy..or at least filed for some…I’m no expert on you because I have never been very impressed by you..but in most articles I’ve read about you, Trump and bankruptcy are usually linked somehow… and your childish outrages are not helping your public image.

    Without knowing, I’d be willing to bet you’re not a very tall man
    and we all know there are some hair issues.

    So grow up,Big D, get over it …move on…or maybe work on improving your self image…..

    Comment by . Cisa -

  40. Only problem rosie should have concern on is her cholesterol….

    Comment by jay -

  41. I just read a very funny novel entitled SWAP by Sam Moffie. He has a character called “the Ralph” in it which anti Trump people will get a hoot out of. I know that i did.

    Comment by Joe -

  42. Yeah, I hate Trump!

    Comment by Robin -

  43. Hi Marc,

    Even I got po’d at T the C when he was calling you a liar and marginalizing your family on Donnie Deutch the other night. I think Barbara summed the situation up perfectly when she called him a poor, pathetic man.

    After the first year of his show it just became a weekly infomercial featuring a bunch of people one normally goes out of ones way to avoid. I’ll be quite surprised if it doesn’t sound it’s death knell this season.

    I think Rosie’s a trip, a person of compassion and value (who maybe gets a little hyper at times!), but a kind and generous person who makes positive things happen in the lives of many who are in some way disadvantaged. To me, people like you and Rosie who live real lives (within insane wealth and fame!) and continue to think of others and work to make it a better world are so far ahead of T the C that he need be mentioned no more.

    Wishing you and your family all the best for 2007. j.

    Comment by Jami -

  44. About T the C’s “ice water”..I have my own take on it’s value. It may be that Trump has a special filtration system:
    he secretly collects all of of his shedded head hair since the seventies, he has some unfortunate female russian jailbait to weave the hair into fine screens (the ugly ones not worth importing to the USA to feed his fellow misogyinist Bro’s with eye candy), uses the screens to filter the used water from his Casinoes and High rises, then bottles it. I’m sure he doesn’t care the CFC content (from hairspray)may poison people (probably has some warped belief injesting CFC’s makes you immune, Kinda like getting a flu shot..) The bottled water is most likely distinctive in taste (or lack of) and contains trace minerals (minus any valuable ones, since T filters out any gold from excessive rubbing on his gold leafed furniture.)..ugh.BTW.if it weren’t for an exhorbitant population of “losers”, who keep his casinoes and other assorted Biz’s running, where would he be? The guy is capitolism in it’s worst form..getting rich from others weakness’s and misfortune.His expression reminds me of a Lamprey!Bravo Trumpster!

    Comment by Suzanne -

  45. Okay, Im not going to read all these comments so this might be a repeat of them. I like both of these people. I admire them tremendously and should. What most of us “common folks” have gotten tired of are the critical comments about inconsequential “stuff”. That has been over killed and the shock value of it isnt there, okay? I cant stand people that think just becuz they can talk it is all right to run people down. I am sooooo pleased that Donald did not stay quiet and defended himself. Setting the record straight was NECESSARY to Donalds reputation. What comes around goes around. Thanx for reminding people of that Donald.

    Comment by Louie Underberg -

  46. After reading this blog I googled trump quotes and this came up. Mark, that’s probably one of the funniest quotes I’ve heard… Trump the Chump.

    During last weeks Apprentice 3 boardroom, Donald Trump took a moment to slam his fellow billionaire reality show hosts. He said, Branson went after me, I killed him. Cuban went after me, I killed him. He was referring to Richard Branson and Mark Cuban, who hosted ABCs The Benefactor. On Friday, the New York Post talked to Cuban and reported that he said, Donald needs to stop drinking his own Kool-Aid. Hes getting sick on himself! But the Post mysteriously added that Cuban offered an off-color response that was partially unprintable. This, of course, intrigued me, so last weekend I asked Mark Cuban what hed said. His reply:
    I basically laughed and told him I must be in Donalds head so much that he had gotten sick on himself from drinking the kool-aid, peeing in a cup and drinking it again. He keeps on talking about me in interviews when I dont give a shit what he says or does.

    Comment by Erik -

  47. trump is Chump I have always turned channel when I see him on TV- He is an Arrogant Jerk “your fired” if you fire someone then you did a poor job of interviewing and training them – what a joke this guy should go back to real estate and stay off TV. I never liked Rosie O. but now I do. Go Rosie!!! Rip on the arrogant pampas a…

    I had a client when I taught skiing in Aspen for 11 years that booked the Little Neil Penthouse for over 10 years every Christmas for 2 weeks and one year d trump tried to rent and the Neil said sorry it is rented he said “well but this is donald trump” the Neil said “So what, your money is the same as our other clients who have been here for years”. Nothing wrong with a little confidence, but it needs to come with some humility. What an ugly person this trump Chump is and his actions make him even more ugly. Dork also comes to mind when I think of the guy? His poor girl friend or what ever she is? must be just laughing at the idiot obviously she is in it for the money.

    Comment by b -

  48. Don’t like either one of them, they are 2 of a kind really… but Rosie wins this one.

    DT is showing his real side what a jerk+

    Comment by b -

  49. OK. Trump is succesful , Rosie has practically nothing. Second, Trumps show sucks, Rosie’s show sucked just as bad. Third, who the f**k cares if a beauty pageant model was caught “under age drinking”. The US is one of the rare places to even a drinking age as high as 21 years old. I will not even begin discussing the sheer idiocy of being able to smoke ciarettes before then. Back to the model. So what she was caught drinking at 20 years old.Alot of people drink before they are allowed too. Kids break into their parents liquor cabinets, get fake ID’s and go to clubs and bars all the time. If this much of a useless fiasco happened everytime a famous person broke a rule, we’d be well on our way to World War Five by now. Other than how stupid a drinking law is enforced in a beauty pageant, the fact of the matter is Trump owns the Pageant. He can wake up tommorow morning and decide that only Left-Handed People can win. What rosie is doing is tantamount to a stranger giving you lip and insulting you because of what colour you decided to paint your car. Furthermore, it’s disrespectful of O’Donnell telling someone she does not deserve a second chance. Who does she think she is? She wakes up one day and hot-headedly publicly announces that Trump should not have done what he did, that his jugement over his assets is not sound. I am not a fan of either of these people but i mean come on, rosie is not as famous as she tries to be. To tell you the truth, the only reason why people are siding with rosie is because she has more material she can use against Trump, for the sole reason that Trump has assets. Trump is losing the word battle because Rosie has nothing other than an old off the air TV show entire generations do not know about, a crappy talk show that’s in place for old, over the hill stars to feel better about themselves. Think about it, talk shows air during the day when the only people watching TV are the unemployed and people with nothing to do.

    Comment by Mike -

  50. I’m not a fan of either Trump or Rosie. Trump puts money before dignity, and I think that’s very sad. I can understand that controversy = $, but is this how he wants to be remembered? As for Rosie, I think she means well. As far as talent goes, I think her schtick got old a lone time ago. That being said, I have to side with her if she’s in a fight with DT. I think he’s bad for children, teenagers, middle-agers, and senior citizens alike. Good people shouldn’t look up to Donald Trump.

    Comment by D-Pak -

  51. Mark I think that Donald Trumpp is such a jerk and if anything he is the loser. If he didn’t have all that money, I think that not one woman would give him the time of day. He has no looks and you would think that a man with all that money could afford a decent haircut! He is the one with the big mouth. He is acting like a spoiled child!! I hope that with his rude and horrible behavior that people will not watch his show or support any of his endeavors. By the way Mark I think you ROCK!!!!!

    Comment by Connie Herrera -

  52. On the other hand Mark Cuban is one of my favorite people involved in the NBA. Dallas isn’t my favorite team, but I love is passion and enthusiasm for the game. Plus, he seems like a down to earth, good guy

    Comment by dubbc -

  53. “The Trump” is the most arrogant, pompous ass in America. Every show he comes up with is pathetic and I have no idea why anyone would watch his crap. He’s never seen a camera he doesn’t want to be in front, is heartless, and thinks he is superior to everyone else. I hate Rosie’s ass just as much, but if Trump crossed me and made a smart ass or rude remark, he would get his front teeth and jaw caved in. Actually, I would piss him off enough to come at me first. If Rosie can get to him with her words, I would CLOWN the fool. Also, I wish his all of his fortunes gone. There’s millions of honest, hardworking people that deserve it far more. I’m not saying he should give all his money away, or any of it for that matter. It’s just that a person like him deserves none of it. Sorry for the ranting, but I guess this IS a blog. I’m out.

    Comment by dubbc -

  54. Miss USA or any other pageant of ladies should have females with morals above & beyond the average female: looks, talent, intelligence, poise, discipline, principle, cleanliness, well-groomed, and refined in her choice of apparel.
    I stand behind Rosy with her comments. Donald needs to take some lessons on grooming along with some education. Rosy never said he filed “personal bankrupcy”…. simply bankrupcy. So, Donald got hurt feelings and retaliated with nasty remarks. It’s not anyones fault he couldn’t handle his business affairs without shouting “uncle” (filing bankrupcy) to start over like a loser in a contest. And hey there Donny boy…. been in any closets lately with Hal?

    Comment by V Fitzgibbons -

  55. GREAT Blog and bit of info.

    Comment by Tracy -

  56. Following the Rosie and Trump WAR OF WORDS is like following the special olympics. No matter who wins their still both retarded.

    Comment by Me -

  57. Mr. Cuban:

    Great comments and observations. Very funny as well.

    I happened to catch that Trumpet episode of The View and it was screamingly hilarious and spot on. Rosie nailed Trumpets ego and his only way to retaliate, since he lacks balls (rumor is, he has two little silver spoons that clang together), has been to act like a spoiled little boy.

    Trumpet has been in dire need of being taken down a peg or two for years. The man is the epitome of the seven deadly sins rolled into a gargantuan ego.

    [In case anyone doesnt know what the 7-DS are: Lust, Greed, Anger, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony & Pride.]

    A while back when the PBS stations in SoCal were doing their fundraising, KOCE (in Huntington Beach) kept rerunning an interview with Trumpet (which had more to do with promoting an upcoming financial convention than it did any actual programming content).

    Out of curiosity, I watched Trumpets interview to see what pearls of business wisdom the real estate mogul had to pass on to the rest of us. He cited a story about a woman (note the following is paraphrased from memory) who had once worked for him and had moved on and was working at some other big company. When Trumpet was going through his financial troubles (read: BANKRUPTCY), he asked her to do a favor for him to hook him up with some big $$$ mucky muck. Whatever her reasons (which of course, Trumpet did not go into), she wouldnt make the introduction or set up a meeting on his behalf. Trumpet said that he felt utterly betrayed and at that moment (and forever after), she became his enemy, so to speak and he would from then on, do whatever he could to destroy her.

    I was shocked by his extraordinary petty vindictiveness to the extent that he was still, years later, dwelling on his hatred toward this woman. And I also found it disturbing how he lit up when talking about how he will NEVER forgive anyone he perceives as having betrayed him (translation: Not getting what he wants from someone he thinks owes him). He was beaming with such evil spite over the prospect of ruining another human beings life that it totally creeped me out to the point of WTF?

    Before this interview, I thought of Trumpet as a kind of amusement, a financial circus ringleader with his own side show of scandals and successes and failures and freakish hair the PT Barnum of pricey real estate the ultimate huckster of privilege.

    It was only after watching this interview that I clearly saw the demonic aspect of Trumpet emerge a dark creature like a power obsessed succubus who thrives on the misery and ruin he can wield upon others, the sheer madness of his smug satisfaction of having done so and his inability to forgive (unless he can bilk some free PR out of it) and let go of the past and move on. And I found this sinister aspect of Trumpet to be as gross and despicable as any blood spattering slasher movie when it comes to the eeeewww factor.

    Why anyone is mesmerized by this bloated megalomaniac, I cant understand, other than its just about The Money. Does a person have to be an unmitigated asshole to acquire wealth? Does the acquisition of wealth turn one into an unmitigated asshole? Or is being an unmitigated asshole simply an inherent character flaw that is unchanged by a persons wealth (or lack of)? Does having considerable wealth provide an individual with a free pass to be an unmitigated asshole and afford them the right to purposefully hurt others and incessantly rant and rave about themselves and the object of their displeasure for no other reason than to satisfy some kind of twisted insecurity and hurt they continue to harbor thereby bringing more attention onto themselves, as if their stature on the playing field of the obscenely rich and notoriously famous werent enough of an accomplishment? When is enough, enough?

    The self-aggrandizement of Trumpet his most recent abuse of the media over Rosies comments makes me wonder how self-serving I would be if I were criticized likewise in public. Trumpet had two paths to choose from: The high road and the low road. He chose the low road and like some crazed compulsive, he keeps pacing back and forth, spewing his invectives non-stop to anyone who will listen.

    Its not about Rosie anymore. That was so 2006. But its never really been about Rosie to begin with. Its always been about Trumpet. Seizing his 15 minutes of lame and stretching them into 15 hours, 15 days, 15 weeks, ad nauseum.

    There are a lot of wealthy individuals who stay humble, low key and dont constantly try to hog the limelight like Trumpet has being doing. And when push does come to shove, they swiftly handle the moment with class and dignity, and move on.

    But Trumpet is the proverbial moth to publicitys fame hes got be out, front and center, shoving his wealth into other peoples faces, constantly working the media while whining about what other people say about him like no one has said anything that can be construed as negative before Rosie.

    But I digress

    After that PBS interview, and the Rosie incident, I saw Trumpets vindictiveness again echoed by his 3rd Trophy Trumpette Wife, Melanoma or whatever her name is when she recently said during one of Trumpets media whoring sessions — that when he is attacked, he will attack ten times back. Such a nice guy. NOT.

    Trumpet is one of those smarmy to the manor born richy rich silvers spooners who feel their privileged class allows them a free pass to cheat their way through life cheating on one trophy wife while boinking the prospective next one, and so on. So pointing out that hes hardly one to be a moral compass for some hayseed beauty queen who was seduced by the Big Apple (was Trumpet trying to inject a bit of Biblical Genesis into the mix or what?) was clearly a funny, yet accurate observation on Rosies part.

    Trumpets virulent vindictiveness is only overshadowed by his insatiable media whoring. He makes famous for just being famous Paris Hilton and the other pop-tartlets combined pale by compare. Ive never seen anyone so egregiously suck the medias dick for dollars as Trumpet has, especially since Rosies comments.

    Case in point: Trumpet could have given the Subway Superman hero, Mr. Autrey, that $10K privately and with quiet dignity. But Trumpet made it all about Trumpet — it had nothing whatsoever to do with the selfless actions of Mr. Autrey. Because every single day in NYC and in cities across the US, thousands of selfless acts take place as people risk their lives to save others firefighters, police, EMTs, doctors, nurses, ER staff, moms, dads, kids, strangers and of course, our military. But Trumpet seized the moment from this real hero. Utterly disgusting of Trumpet to exploit this man.

    Which begs the questions since Trumpet is now all about rewarding heroes, will Trumpet be giving every soldier returning from Iraq $10K for risking his or her life? What about soldiers who risked life and limb, and left limbs behind? And what about those soldiers who made the ultimate selfless act and gave their lives? Will Trumpet be giving each and everyone of these heroes or their families $10K or more? If so, will he be exploiting his generosity for more media face time which would require an all Trump all the time cable TVchannel?

    Not likely. Trumpet is all about Trumpet 24/7 at no expense to him. Whats $10K compared to the cost of buying air time on broadcast, etc., to promote himself (and of course, himself being everything hes involved in, namely his next season of Assholes In Training aka The Apprentice. I wont discount the fact that Trumpet is a shrewd businessman, but the way he exploits people like Mr. Autrey for his own benefit, HORK!!!!

    Never mind that Trumpet is also a hypocrite favoring one beauty pageant cupcake with substance abuse problems by citing her age as a key factor in pardoning her transgressions and offering said cupcake a 2nd chance to reign beauty queen supreme. Yet he all but tells Nevadas pagean
    t cupcake to go f*ck herself because of stupid behavior she also engaged in while a teen. Why the double standards? Is Trumpet positioning himself into bagging a future Trophy Wife #4?

    And when anyone dare point out anything real and yes, potentially derogatory, about this self-obsessed schoolyard bully, Trumpet flings back threats of lawsuits and resorts to juvenile epithets such as Fat and Ugly and Stupid which further illustrates what a complete and immature tool he truly is.

    But as if that wasnt embarrassing enough (doesnt this rich twit have a publicist to reign him in?), now he drags Barbara Walters into his muck raking because hes totally gone off his vindictive rocker (and of course, hes whoring for more free publicity). Then he makes his Trophy wife and his daughter (whats up with her Night of the Living Dead game face?) get all jiggy on the We hate Rosie bandwagon.

    What is next in the Trumpet Vs. Rosie crap-fling? Will Trumpet channel Pat Robertson and babble on about how God spoke to him in a dream and told him I never liked Rosie Its more than any of us should have to bear. Personally, I think Gods message to Trumpet would be more like: STFU, already!

    When reflecting on this guy who cheated on his wives and loves to verbally abuse, demean and/or threaten women, it becomes quite obvious: Trumpet is TERRIFIED of strong independent women. He trembles in their presence and is reduced to vindictive petty acts of vengeance via threats or name calling or lies. Trumpet winds up making himself look quite pathetic, when you think about this.

    Trumpets horn blowing (threats, accusations, name calling, lies, etc.) is nothing more than a shill for his greedy egotistical arrogant insecure self and fear of women he cant control. No one better defines the adage Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely better than Trumpet. His addiction to power (via $$$ and media) demonstrates how messed up the guy is.

    Anyone who seeks to destroy another person by virtue of the fact that they simply can, is not only depraved, but mentally ill to the same extent that anyone with any addiction is. Weve come to understand that addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, shopping, etc., has mental illness at its roots an addiction to power and the abuse of power is no different. My advice to Trumpet is: Seek help.

    So while I want to hurl whenever I see Trumpet whoring up the media with his latest whine and/or cheese fest, I also feel a little pity (very little) for this guy who has been given so much and yet is so f*cking clueless because his spiteful power addicted ego is choking the last vestiges of humility and compassion and gratefulness out of whats left of his heart, soul and humanity.

    So kudos to Rosie for pointing out the obvious of the oblivious. But to both Rosie and Trumpet, and any other high profile persons who are playing the Trumpet, I suggest its time to move on. If Rosie (or anyone else, for that matter) really wants to piss off a publicity whore like Trumpet, just serve him a heaping dish of you dont exist indifference. Because, sadly, in the world of Entertainment News (an oxymoron if ever there was one), there is no bad publicity.

    After all, at the end of the day, its just sticks and stones. Unless youre Michael Jackson.

    — TNM Where the sea meets the sand in LaLa Land

    Comment by Too Fabulous For Words -

  58. I use to have great respect for you D.T. But that’s all ended after this STUPID bickering between you and Rosie. She’s a jerk, and you’re even a bigger jerk. I thought you had more “class” than Rosie, but your awful name calling will surely alienate many people who are overweight. Hey D.T. have you weighed yourself lately? Why not just say “enough, and NO COMMENT”. I know the latter is hard for you, but give it a try.

    Did you note where you show ended up Sunday night? Not in a good spot. Lowest rating ever for the first show of the season. I never missed any of your show. Sunday night that changed. I won’t tune you in again. I know I’m just one voice, but there are many out there, that feel as I do.

    Shame on you for calling Rosie a Fat Ass. And yes, you did call her a fat ass. I chose to believe Barbara. She’s credible. You no longer are. It’s time for you and Rosie, to graduate from Kindergarden, and both of you grow up.

    Comment by Dianne -

  59. Great job, Mark. Inspired me to write a bit more on this:



    Comment by Trent -

  60. Ratings were a disappointment for the Apprentice last night…third in it’s time slot….

    see….noone likes a bully….especially a rich bully…

    Comment by Frank D -

  61. Great Blog-that letter from T the C was one of the funniest things he’s done.

    Comment by Pamela June Rollings -

  62. Not only does T the C NOT write much, if anything on his blog, the opinions/commentary he does on radio are written by someone else. I know this, because I know who writes them. He pays for his own opinions. And he obviously gets what he pays for…

    Comment by dc stanfa -

  63. For all the money Don Trump says he has you would think that would be enough, you know what I think that Mr. T might have all the money and fame, however. there is one very important thing that he lacks, no one not even Mr. Donald Trump can never buy “CLASS” ….. It needs to earned from the people around you and I am sure that Mr. T will never ever in his lifetime earn that “CLASS” For what ever its worth I think his new show will be as disgusting as he is.

    Comment by alberta -

  64. i celebrate the reverberating open-forums that blogging provides – here’s to more and more… as america’s great lincoln promised – with malice towards none… charity to all. something like that… yes!

    Comment by tikiri -

  65. i’m a visitor. to a visitor, trump could be the upperhand in cards and cuban could be just that – a cuban – you know, a cigar. or castro himself. but heck, the truth is trump looms because of the skyscraper kind.. and cuban, the rebel billionaire. hats off to both not mnmerely for making the green-backs but for holding on. personally, (to borrow from paul simon) ‘i’d rather be a cuban than a trump’ because it surely is prostituting ones heritage to brand oneself so flagrantly. being someone is greater than being something. way to go cuban – youth will follow you in their droves…the fossils will secretly wish they had your verve. your nerve. as people ape you it will be said “that is so cubesque” = party on. but be mindful tho…not to stoop. to lower levels. except to drop a dime in a beggars bowl.

    Comment by tikiri -

  66. Ok, come one, Rosie is a PIG and anything she spews isn’t worth listening to. Mark you have a lot of great thoughts but standing behind Rosie (no matter how much you dislike Trump) is silly.

    Comment by jimmy -

  67. Hey, The Donald Clump Of Hair, Do you know what is truly important in this world? I think not! I think that you represent all that is ugly. I believe that we are all here for a purpose. What do you feel your purpose is? Maybe its to grace us with your presence. You come off as a spoiled child does! Thankfully, the majority of people, learn as they mature that the world does not revolve around them. Every time you open your mouth you get that much closer to ingesting your entire leg. I feel that Rosie is a very funny comedian. As for you sir, I feel that you are nothing more then a big balding baby. The next time you (think)to open your mouth and I use that word loosley. Stick a binkey in it!

    Comment by Peggy Kole -

  68. I saw Donald Trump this morning on the Today Show. I don’t like the guy, but I was embarrassed for him and the way he petulantly responded to Meredith’s questions regarding the “Rosie Problem”. Everything about him is unattractive. His arrogance, his self-fulling need to flaunt himself and his money, even the way he looks and the ugly remarks he made isn’t improving his public image. He may be rich, but he has absolutely no class. Sorry, Donald, big mistake. I won’t be watching the new season. I have had enough. Yuck!

    Comment by Susan -

  69. the thing that bothers me about Trump is him suing Palm Springs over the flag on his building. It doesn’t look good when a multi-millionaire sues a city over anything, let them sue you 1st. He just looks to be a money hungry grub, only now at the taxpayers expense.

    Comment by nood -

  70. Keep one thing in mind about Trump’s success with the Apprentice. It’s Burnett that is the “man behind the curtain”. Trump was smart/lucky to partner with him. It’s important to recognize the real genius.

    Comment by greg @ lifelinked -

  71. I would love Donald Trump to rip on me. If I ever make a Cubanesque fortune the first thing I’ll do is start a blog war.

    Comment by microwaves -

  72. Watched the View today :)I guess Donny fibed about what BW supposedly said to him in the call she had adledgedly made re to Rosie.Glad Donny is so honest and demure.

    Comment by Sandra Clark -

  73. Donald Trump is the only man I know that makes me want to dip snuff! “That’s all I have to say about him!”

    I do want to thank you and the whole Maverick organization for the many hours of entertainment of watching their games. Thank you also for bringing Avery on board. May you all have a very blessed new year.


    Comment by norma -

  74. Brutally honest. That’s all I have to say. And in this case, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m not a fan of Donald Trump either, so whatever made you come out and say this. Thank you, because every single word needed to be said. Hopefully this can maneuver its way through that cheap ass tupay and into his head. LOL. Holla ..

    Comment by Gloria -

  75. Too funny – someone with money who will stand up to the donald.
    Love it! Oh, and if you have ever seen the Apprentice you would
    know that T the C does not have a computer in his office, it was once said on his show he does not like email…..oh brother…
    I guess he would rather b!tch someone out in person.

    Very interesting blog here Mark.

    Comment by Nikki -

  76. Trump is an egomaniac. His diatribe may have ended his TV career. Those vicious words hurt him more than they hurt Rosie. Rosie may have started it, but the rebuttal was overkill.

    Trump had so much to say about Rosie’s looks. Does he think that he is pretty? What about the hair and beady eyes? And his ass must be bigger than Rosie’s. There’s something human about Rosie. Trump has a cold, reptillian look.

    Comment by Bill Dixon -

  77. re #113: “Donald Trump is nothing more than a P.T. Barnum.” What was wrong with P.T. Barnum, other than he was the most enormously successful promoter in our nation’s history? If you detest enterprising/entrepreneurial people, just say so – and keep voting for that socialist party which has destroyed America’s capitalistic heritage which build this country. And yes, we know, that makes you soooo happy!

    Comment by Rob Bonter -

  78. Cuban,

    You are making an alliance with Rosie O’Donnell? You are grasping. Rosie is a loser. Don’t associate yourself with a fat slob like her.

    Go Heat. Ba ha ha ha ha ha.

    Comment by Chauncy Chipman -

  79. Trump’s son being fired was the start of the fall of the empire. It was a brilliant move by Eugenia Kaye to overthrow the dictatorship and not tolerate the corrupt Trump Company.

    Philip Recchia from the New York post should also feel proud and be commended to write such a story. What Philp and Eugenia should do is team up with the Trump World Tower Board, which tried to oust Trump for taking $40 Million from the building in special assessments and leaving the building owners with a defective building that will crumble after the structural issues and engineering study that was done is made public. People like Stephen L. Green and his wife Nancy Green were instrumental to almost overthrowing the Trump Company, yet failed after Trump paid off the Board and bought them apartments in his building. Their fees keep going up 20% per year. The building condos will be depreciating each year.

    Best of luck Eugenia Kaye. Also, best of luck to Philip Recchia and we hope he finds his follow up story now.



    IT’S WAR: Donald Trump Jr., here with wife Vanessa, claims a renegade resident engineered his ouster by “possibly fraudulent” means.

    December 10, 2006 — You’re fired, Donald Trump Jr.!
    The 28-year-old heir apparent to the Trump real-estate empire has been ousted from his own condo board in a coup d’tat during which tenants alleged “arrogant” and “belligerent” behavior and dubious management practices by the board.
    Trump Jr. was blindsided at a meeting on Nov. 8, when one angry resident wielding 150 proxy votes re placed the entire seven-member board of 220 Riverside Blvd., one of seven swanky residences at Trump Place, daddy Donald’s $3 billion Upper West Side development.
    “They treated us with scorn – so it’s good riddance,” one tenant told The Post.

    Trump Jr. called the election “possibly fraudulent” and told The Post he plans to battle back against the resident, Eugenia Kaye.
    “I don’t like what happened,” Trump Jr. said. “What Kaye did was very underhanded.”
    She “spun a tale about pur ported mismanagement” then “sought out those tenants she thought would side with her,” he said.
    Once they did, she asked them to sign a ballot containing the names of six additional board candidates.

    “Most of those absentee voters thought they were voting for Kaye alone,” he said.

    Kaye, wife of filmmaker Tony Kaye, was elected president of the board in the vote. She declined to comment.
    Trump Jr., an executive vice president at the Trump Organization, moved into the building two years ago and has served on the board since 2003, when he was appointed by his dad.
    In late October, Kaye hand-addressed letters to the owners of all 420 units, outlining a series of grievances.
    She also urged them to attend the building’s Nov. 8 annual meeting to vote the board out while voting her in. Those who could not attend were asked to vote via proxy.
    Among the gripes was the board’s requirement that tenants schlep across town to Trump headquarters to read the minutes from its monthly meetings, rather than having them e-mailed or available in the building, another tenant said.
    “Even if we did go over there, they wouldn’t give us copies of the minutes. We had to read them in the office,” the tenant said.
    There were also questions about an $80,000 line item in the management’s ledger categorized as “other” under “office expenses.”
    The most irksome issue seemed to be the board’s handling of a recent $300,000 Con Ed bill, which it initially said were charges assessed on a faulty electric meter.
    “A month later, they sent a second letter telling us it was for a broken gas meter,” said another tenant. “We never got the full story.”

    Condo policy dictates that at least 51 percent of the tenants have to vote against the board to give it the heave-ho.
    When only about 60 of the more than 400 owners showed up at the Nov. 8 meeting, Board President Paul Davis informed the group there was no quorum, another tenant said.
    “That was when Kaye whipped out a stack of about 150 proxy votes – and Donnie Trump’s face went white,” the tenant said.

    Donald Trump
    Trump World Tower
    Eugenia Kaye
    Philip Recchia

    Comment by D.Reid -

  80. I agree Mark, Trumps blog sucks, but I think we should remember that he didn’t make his billions in the technology or computer business. Does it mean he’s not a great business man? Probably not, but that’s neither here nor there. Hell, I don’t even think Trump has a computer on his desk. You and Trump are both great entrepreneurs in completley different arenas. Maybe you can team up and help him with his blog and he can help you make some cash in the real estate business. Great game last night against the Suns. Could be a great Western Conference playoff match-up, unless Iverson and Melo knock either of you guys off before you get there.

    Comment by Troy V -

  81. Great post.

    Yup, T the C just doesn’t get the bloggy world … natch!
    (That could be a good thing, me thinks.)

    The Tart
    ; *

    Comment by The Tart -

  82. I’ve met Donald and talked with him at a charity function. He’s actually a very nice down to earth fellow in person and not like the persona portrayed on TV so much.

    I don’t care for Rosie’s comedy, so on this one my vote goes to the Donald.

    Here’ a funny video of him exploding off the hook on Rosie.


    Comment by Kevin -

  83. There is an absolutely great writeup on Donald Trump on This site exposes The Donald for exactly what he is, namely a big phony who has ripped off more people with his bullshit casino companies and phony airlines. Read about how Donald’s father bailed him out of one jam after another. Absolutely great article.

    Here is a direct link to the article:

    Comment by Joey From Brooklyn -

  84. During the past week or so, my site has received a ton of hits on a story that I did on Donald Trump. If you read that piece, you will find that I don’t personally care for The Donald Trump.

    I just wanted to tell “you guys,” about one Donald incident that most people don’t know about. I don’t have the exact facts or dates, but trust me, that the “essence” of what I am going to tell you, is 100% correct and actually happened.

    Here goes.

    A number of years ago, one of Trump’s Atlantic City casinos was in violation of some State “net capitalization” regulation. Under the existing statutes, Trump couldn’t borrow funds to cover the short-fall and had a serious problem. Low and behold, his father Fred showed up at the casino’s cage and purchased “chips” (I don’t recall the exact sum) and by doing so, the casino with this new cash infusion was able to comply with the “net capitalization” regulation. The State signed off on the casino and was done with its investigation of Trump. Now get this, right after the State was “done,” old Fred showed up at the cage with chips in hand and cashed them out, thus taking his money back and never gambling one red-cent. Just so you know, State Regulators eventually figured out this TRUMP SCAM and I believe fined the casino.

    Donal Trump is nothing more than a PT Barnum. He is a self-promoter who uses other people’s money. This guy is what we “call a bad guy.” If you were a police officer, you wouldn’t want him as a partner, because he absolutely positively “would not have your back.” Trump does what is good for Trump. End of story.

    JeffEats at

    Comment by JeffEats -


    Comment by MARK FITZGIBBONS -

  86. I read both the Trump and Cuban blogs as often as posts are made to them. I value both but do get more from this one and Mark as a whole. Mark is real and more often then not right.

    He is wrong on one thing here though! He says, “Rosie gets it, Rosie has a blog”.

    Mark when I think of Rosie my stomach turns, she is on a small list of people I actually hate. I think there are HUNDREDS of millions of people just like me that feel the same way.

    We like you because you are real, you lay it all out and WHEN WE DISAGREE or CHALLENGE your ideas you allow them to be posted. Sometimes you answer back, sometimes you let your orginal comments stand as rebuttle but you never censor your readers and prevent them from challanging your views.

    Check that RO blog, the cow does not allow comments. Why? Because she is hated for who she is and what she stands for. This is what Trump meant when he said “she is unattactive on the outside and unattractive on the inside too”.

    Trump is a brilliant business person, sharp, smart and successful. RO is a tool of Hollywood Elite, neither are my favorite person but I don’t hate Trump I hate some things about him (like his disses to you) but I like others like the way his show teaches people how to think differently about success.

    Don’t give RO an ounce of credit, there is an old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, it does not apply here.

    Rosie has a lead touch, what ever she touches sinks and dies. You can be famous by being hated but only for a time, her time has passed, only the insiders are keeping her afloat which must be back breaking if I do say so,

    Jack Spirko

    Comment by Jack -

  87. Mark I think you are so full of yourself! When you have sex do you scream your own name? Donald Trump has an ego problem but it doesn’t compare to yours. I wish I was as successful as you but I wouldn’t act like you. The only thing I can say is if you don’t have a big ego television makes you look like you have a huge one prove me wrong.

    Comment by Ryan -

  88. Well, I think some of the comments by Donald might be seen as mud throwing. I tend to look at all he has accomplished. As any person that high in the financial arena, will tell you that in order to win big you have to play big. Sure Donald has sometimes made a few mistakes. When your pockets are as fat as his then you can too.
    Rosie may be a “Lollywood” star and have more followers of that type. Her pocketbook will probably increase a little, but nothing compared to Donald’s wallet. It was after all a face-off of two people who want more response from JoePublic. I do not at this time purchase products from either of them. I will probably get a copy of Donald Trump & Robert T. Kiyosaki collaboration. Mainly because I admire the accomplishments they both have made.
    I do not totally agree with either Rosie or Donald. If they want to duke it out on national television, more power to them. I’m sure they will have a big audience. You have choices as to where you spend you time. Go your own journey. May you find what you seek.

    Comment by James -

  89. Trump brand is the new Kiss. Now, if he could get Gene Simmons to start pimping for him. Donald could focus on selling “Trump’s Art of the Rotisserie” ovens.

    In my teens I read “Trump: The Art of the Deal” and I also read “Talking Straight” by Lee Iacocca. Fortunately I read “Straight Talk” first, after reading “The Art of the Deal” I had an easy choice on whom out of those 2 I wanted to role model. It wasn’t “The Donald”.

    Comment by Ray -

  90. Trump brand is the new Kiss. Now, if he could get Gene Simmons to start pimping for him. Donald could focus on selling “Trump’s Art of the Rotisserie” ovens.

    Comment by Ray -

  91. You may be right about Donald, but I can’t applaud anything Rosie does. Everytime she opens her mouth it reminds me why she’s so pro-gun control. She knows she deserves to be shot for just speaking. 🙂

    Comment by Scott Willsey -

  92. Donald Trump is a publicity whore, anyone knows that. But this blog is heading the same way as Donald Trumps ego drive. This blog should be better than that. Mark you should not be caught up with Trumps game.

    Comment by Dino -

  93. It’s weird how Donald wants to now sue Mark, for his blog. Yet he sits there and bashes Mark through out his message, such a billionaire cannot find better words then “Loser”, “Shut Up”. I don’t even want to see the type of letters he writes to his business partners in that case.

    Also I don’t understand how the Chump does not know if it’s a “Blog” or “Blag”. Are you kidding with me? You have one of your own “Blogs”. Or are those managed by your people and they just put your name of it every now and then. By the way if you ran spell check before sending our your message you would know that “Blag” is not a word, it’s a British Slang for “Robbery or Theft”.

    By the way, by having the “Trump University” to show how people can get rich. Maybe you should stick to your real estate business, rather than trying to profit off of get rich programs.

    Comment by JD -

  94. i just watched Trump’s video via youtube. i fully agree w/ Trump and thought everything he said about Rosie was hilarious. C’mon Mark—you should just agree with Trump and become pals with him and forget the fact that his show The Apprentice has done far better than your ripoff of it. Sorry I cannot kiss up to you like the rest of your blog readers—-I go by entertainment value, and I think Trump is an entertaining American Icon—

    here’s something to think about, do a search on youtube for “donald trump” and it yields 406 clip results. do a search for “rosie o’donnel” on youtube and it yields 432 results. do a search for “mark cuban” on youtube and it yields 61 results. some people might just be made for being tv personalities, others might be good for blogs. reminds me of the old joke “you have the face for radio.” also, a trump video this week (found here:

    ) on youtube has already had over 595,000 was just added a few days ago, and has already won the following youtube honors:

    #8 – Most Viewed (This Week) – All
    #4- Most Viewed (This Week) – Entertainment – All
    #8 – Most Viewed (This Week) – English
    #4 – Most Viewed (This Week) – Entertainment -English
    #60 – Most Viewed (This Month) – All
    #23 – Most Viewed (This Month) – Entertainment – All
    #22 – Most Viewed (This Month) Entertainment – English
    #5 – Top Rated (This Week) – All
    #2 – Top Rated (This Week) – Entertainment – All
    #5 – Top Rated (This Week) -English
    #2 – Top Rated (This Week) – Entertainment – English
    #23 – Top Rated (This Month) – All
    #8 – Top Rated (This Month) – Entertainment -All
    #23 – Top Rated (This Month) – English
    #8 – Top Rated (This Month) – Entertainment – English
    #2 – Most Discussed (This Week) – All
    #1 – Most Discussed (This Week) – Entertainment – All
    #2 – Most Discussed (This Week) – English
    #1 – Most Discussed (This Week) – Entertainment -English
    #12 – Most Discussed (This Month) – All
    #3 – Most Discussed (This Month) – Entertainment – All
    #3 – Most Discussed (This Month) -Entertainment – English
    #8 – Top Favorites (This Week) – All
    #5 – Top Favorites (This Week) – Entertainment – All
    #8 – Top Favorites (This Week) – English
    #5 – Top Favorites (This Week) – Entertainment -English
    #52 – Top Favorites (This Month) – All
    #16 – Top Favorites (This Month) – Entertainment – All
    #15 – Top Favorites (This Month) -Entertainment – English

    so—who want’s to talk about who knows the new media?

    donald trump was the catalyst to all this hype in the first place… so what if his blog isn’t as good as your’s or rosie’s? —it doesn’t quite matter when everyone else’s blog is so obsessed with him, does it?

    whether he is a good blogger or not is irrelevant as he knows how to manipulate all media to his own advantage.

    Comment by David Brotsky -

  95. Donald is a two bit hustler that was left money by his dad. He could do great things, but instead to feed his ego he picks on people. He really is quite imature. He will do anything for a newspaper article. Just today he announced he was suing Miami because of his flag. Who are you going to sue next Donald, kids in homeless shelters that eat too much. Come on Donald get a life and do some good things for the world other than picking on people. Show some class.

    Comment by J WELCH -

  96. Great entry Mark! When you have a minute take a look at, the debtors website from the bankruptcy proceedings for Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts. More evidence of Trump’s “premium” brand – as Chairman of this fine company he should be giving “how-to” seminars on how to give equity away to bondholders in a restructuring.

    Comment by Warren -

  97. Mark you are a man’s man. I appreciate that and thank you for a great blog! The macho community supports you! Happy Holidays!

    Comment by paulito Cebolla -

  98. T the C said that if Rosie doesn’t watch out, he’s going to send one of his “friends” to steal her girlfriend, Kelli. If these photos from her nude modeling days are any indication, his wife, Melania, has the sapphic skillz to pay the billz:

    Comment by Rory Cunningham -

  99. Trump the Chump thats so funny it might actually stick. i dont like T the C but i can understand why he would sue some for publicly humiliating him. after his buisness empire is built on his name. Rosie’s comments hit a raw nerve because he invested too much in his name for someone to come along and try to destroy all that will provoke a reaction from anyone. but T the C’s reaction was very childish and insecure it did not help him at all. he should have just keeped his mouth shut.

    Comment by bazza -

  100. My question ” Is Donald ready to take on Times Magazine people of the year, “YOU”…….Hmmm.

    Comment by Ivana Rump -

  101. Mark, do not forget that this guy, obviously, missed the Impression Management Class at Wharton School of Business. Quite a poster boy for high class ‘Pimping’.

    Comment by Ivana Rump -

  102. Just read this article from The New York Times “What’s He Really Worth?”
    (which comes up first when you search in google “donald trump new york times article”)

    Some of us are stupid/naive but not all of us.

    Comment by idror -

  103. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mark. These are the most well-written comments on T the C (love it!) I’ve seen since the whole Miss USA thing exploded. T the C is just pissed because he has more than met his match in Rosie O’Donnell. And how in the world could he possibly think that sending this Kentucky-fried blonde (who basically got to NY and went buck wild because she was away from Ma and Pa Backwoods for the first time) to rehab is a suitable solution? If you insist on keeping up the antiquated practice of beauty pageants, the least you could do is give the impressionable young girls of America someone to actually look up to.

    “Hey little Suzie, what do you wanna be when you grow up?”
    “I wanna go to rehab, JUST like Miss America, Mommy!”

    Very nice. And really, would we be having this conversation if Miss America was a woman of color? Let’s keep it real, Mark. We all know if this young woman was Black, Latino or even Asian, they would’ve bounced her butt faster than Trump can change hair pieces. (Isn’t it interesting that the Miss USA runner-up is black? I think so….)

    As usual, Mark, I appreciate your eloquence and subtle way of helping the idiots of the world realize their idiocy. And I hope somebody in Trump’s office prints your blog out and glues it face down to his forehead with his hair glue so he can see it everyday. It might not make much of a difference, though, since it’s obvious from his constant digs at you that he’s got Cuban on the brain, anyway.

    Comment by Catherine -

  104. Reading the comments here, it seems that Rosie O’Donnell has significantly more support than Trump. I have to say I find both of them beneath contempt. Her opening shot in this particular battle was totally classless and uncalled-for. While I’ll be the first to defend her right to have an opinion about anything, that doesn’t mean I have any patience with her when she starts getting shrill about stuff that’s really none of her business. Besides that, a moment of thought will tell you that his decision about Miss USA was a business decision, not a moral one.

    Having said that, I’ll hasten to add that I don’t think Trump fares one bit better in his response. The best thing he could have done would have been to say, “Rosie O’Connor? Who’s she, and why should I care?” (name wrong on purpose) He should have said it once and then let it drop.

    Comment by Tom Stith -

  105. Sorry but I had to write another entry about M Millsor respond about American’s dying in blogging about Rosie and Donald so important that we take the time

    Please dont drag that sad situation into this fight. We as Americans had the chance to change it during the 2004 election year to vote for someone else other than the current president.

    As for people who thought that rich people blogging insults at each other is low class behavior. Well, it is far better than climbing Mt. Hood, get lost, freeze and die. Plus Mark Cuban wanted to let people know that Donald Trump is always thinking about him like some kind of a homosexual would. Is it worth blogging about? Absofuckinglutely it is.

    In my book, Trump is the real loser in this. His private affairs have been widely exposed personally and professionally hes screwed. The Apprentice will be cancelled. And Trump products will go straight to hell like one day he is. If those investors whom he lost money for have not contacted him to get their money. They will as soon as they learned that he said he never went bankrupt to liquidate those debts through chapter 11. Keep digging the hole Donald. Just a few more feet and youll be resting in it when youre dead.

    Comment by Hieu Le Bui -

  106. I guess when you have as much money as Trump…it starts to become a contest. It’s not “how much do I have”, but it’s “do I have more than the next guy”. And I think Mark enjoys riling The Donald up…and it’s easy to rile him up.

    Comment by basketball -

  107. Donald Trump is needs to stop baggering everyone that has a problem with his ideas and opinions. He is constantly on the defense and can’t take anything bad said about him with a “grain of salt” Geez, if the guy didn’t have the $$ he has, like he would ever get supermodels as wives. He would actually be buying his left hand roses every Valentines Day. get a grip Donald, your a publicity seeking junkie!!!!!

    Comment by sherri -

  108. Actually, your site is better than the news…. It’s like getting out of the forest so you can really see the trees…

    and having said that… I have never watched basketball, never, but since The Benefactor ran, and you were so interesting…I began to follow your life as an owner and as a person that I believe to be smart, interesting, and easy on the eyes…lol I watch every minute of the Maverick’s games..and love it. I catch myself saying “YES”….lol not cool for an ol’ Grandma…but I sure do it… and laugh to myself, calling all the guys by name (very loud)…lol

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year for the entire years to come.

    Ol’ Grandma Groupie..(I dont wear brown high tops that tie but I dont wear belly revealing tops either…) This is so much fun..keep this site..your my Theraphy….when finished, I’ll get one for this talking to myself..

    Comment by Laura -

  109. Slam dunk!

    Comment by steve -

  110. Quite possibly, the reason Trump doesn’t write his own blogs is because of a lack of fresh thoughts and ideas.

    Comment by John Edgar -

  111. I bet that Donald and Rosie meet (or is it meat) in the wee hours, Rosie slipping up in a freight elevator, so as to plan the next day’s fight with Donald. This “fight” is likely as the romance on the movie set for Jen and Vince – completely manufactored. It is hilarious though and terrific low-drama. Mark, dont be a sucker and get drawn into taking it at all seriously. It is like watching two garter snakes wrestling in a fruit jar.

    Comment by Mac -

  112. Mark,

    As a fellow Pittsburgher.. buy the Penguins and keep them in the city.

    Comment by Brian -

  113. Wow!! Now Mr. Trump would be happy and should be grateful to you for letting the outside world know that Mr. Trump has a blog.
    BTW Mr. Trump if you see any traffic increase its just for a day or two and don’t forget to thank Mark again for this. Mark, why do you give freerides to people like Trump? He needs to figure out how the new media works:-)

    Comment by ashbell -

  114. Who is Donald Trump?

    You rock, Mark!

    Comment by Justice -

  115. Premiere Publishing Group,(OTCBB: PPBL) Is the stock that pumps the Trump Magazine. Take a look at the Chart its dumping!! WSJ did an article on this scam. What a whore. Spot on with him not getting the new media.

    Comment by Andrew Coffey -

  116. OH Mark!

    Your words cut so sharply, It’s like this post could have been spat out by Eminem in a raP BATTLE.

    like rap, it’s sharp, it’s current. but most importantly, it’s true.

    Comment by Ming the artmakr -

  117. I finally saw Rosie’s blog and it may be good compared to Donald’s, but is not even close to yours (or some of the better blogs out there).

    Comment by wailea -

  118. Mark, make hockey in Pittsburgh work.

    Comment by Jim Penn -

  119. I hardly ever watched The View, but Rosie changed that. I tape it, and exercise to it. All the gals on the The View are great, even Elizabeth is better. Barbara can help Rosie smooth out some rough edges. Where can you find such open truthful dialog. (Let’s see. The View is on ABC, the same network that canned Politically Incorrect. Another great show where people had open dialog. It’s only a matter of time.) Love It! Rosie simply expressed what we all already know, and everyone else is too status quo, boring, to say. I particularly like the time of year when Trump’s infomercials come on the aire late at night — when others are selling their colon cleaners, makeup, knives, Kevin Trudeau’s miracle cures, etc. All these guys are selling gimmicks/stuff for their profit, because if they really had something, they wouldn’t be sharing it with a few million close friends. This stuff works too, just ask the “sales people” in Nigeria. When Trump was pushing one of his latest books, he was on Oprah. It was interesting to see Trump mumble about mutual funds in how to get rich like Trump. Do we really want to be like him given his business, marital history? Trump is making it a pattern of publicly beating up women. Didn’t he do the same to Martha Stewart. Trump takes the low road. Now that’s class. Not! I’d rather be like a Richard Branson or Marc Cuban 😉


    Comment by DJ -

  120. I’ll admit that I’ve wished for sometime that someone would say to Rosie what Trump has said. BUT-he’s gone way over the top to promote his new season. Have you heard it’s going to be “in-tents.” DUH!

    Proverbs says that a wise man holds his tongue. That’s some good advice that Trump should have taken.

    Comment by Josh -

  121. You are such a pisser. That was a great write up.

    Comment by Karen -

  122. I like you Mr. are very funny!

    Comment by mshadle -

  123. Mark,
    I know you have probably been swamped with emails from fans throughout Pittsburgh and around the whole country wanting to know where you stand on the decision about the slots liscense here in Pittsburgh. There are alot of rumors going around that you are going to get back into the mix in trying to buy the team and save it. If you can shed any light on this, i would appreciate it. Thanks and have a great holiday

    Comment by bryan -

  124. So childish … this is like kids fighting in the sandbox.

    Regarding Rosie … I don’t really like her and I don’t blame Trump for his remarks towards her. Regarding you Mark … I don’t know why this dog fight is still happening between you and Trump. You both make money, you’re both rich … this looks more like a “free time gaming”. Hope you’re enjoying it.

    It’s so true … grown ups are the ones who work responsible jobs with their lousy 40K salary. Kids are the millionaires who are not afraid of risks and losses and treat life as if it’s a big game. Good for you guys.

    Comment by Igor M. (Bizmord) -

  125. Whatever happened to “peace on earth and goodwill towards men?”
    Happy Chanukkah.

    Comment by Joel Cohen/ -

  126. the best part about this is trump saying he has never been bankrupt and rosie posting the wiki entry.

    long live wikipedia.

    Comment by winash -

  127. Blog, schmog.

    Video is STILL more powerful than blogging. Please. Did anyone see the video interview Trump just gave? That thing is spreading like f*ing wildfire! AND it’s embedded on like 200 celebrity blogs. I think Trump’s doing JUST fine in his War of the Rosie.

    I’m not a fan of either of those clowns, but I must say I don’t disagree with him.

    Comment by Clark -

  128. Who’s had sustained success over the last thirty years? Donald Trump or Mark Cuban?

    Who’s got time to spend all day fannying about with writing a blog, and who’s out making deals? Donald Trump or Mark Cuban?

    Comment by David Smith -

  129. Mark!

    Trump is a Chump, but Rosie is a PIG.

    Please dont defend her at any cost. EVERYBODY HATES HER!

    Have a great holiday and I have not recieved my gift certificate to Nick and Sams yet.



    Comment by Sean Doyle (TP) -

  130. well according to trump wins by a lot.

    to hell with trash blogging, ratings and rankings. take it to court…the basketball court that is.

    Comment by Jason -

  131. Mark are you going to address the pittsburgh penguins situation, come be a hero and save the team we need you


    Comment by J.T. Locastro -

  132. Quite honestly there are two things to consider. Do you agree with Rosie that Donald’s moral authority is questionable based on his committing adultry more than once? Honorable people consider trust, honesty and loyalty to be the best measure of a person’s character. While I don’t know whether Donald has ever filed personal bankruptcy, it is widely known that some of his partnerhips have. Lendors and investors are typically harmed during bankruptcy. Too, he himself has described himself as being worth less than a bum on the street because he was $500 million in debt at the time. Did all those debtors get what was originally promised or were they forced to settle for less? Does a Capitalist society really care. I don’t think so. For those who may have been harmed, there are many more who are given jobs and made better. Maybe, we can call Donald even on the business front. So, do you agree with Rosie that we should question his moral authority and has he been a part of bankruptcy proceddings? For me, Rosie’s moral question was best answered by Donald himself. An honorable leader and mentor of future successful business men and women would NEVER respond with cruel name calling. That is how vulgar people behave. Great leaders own up to their wrong doings and speak of how they made ammends. Simply, turning BAD into GOOD.

    The truth about both Rosie and Donald that no one can deny is that they both have committed themself to doing good. Rosie has given her celebrity to caring for children and children have been blessed by her generosity. And, Donald sponsors cheritable events where good is done. During a time of American’s dying in Irag and people dealing with personal tragedy, is blogging about Rosie and Donald so important that we take the time. I don’t think so. I am ashamed. Come on you two. Meet in front of Trump Plaza and shake hands. Donald you can tell Rosie “you’re fired” and Rosie gets to cut your hair.

    Comment by M Millsor -

  133. What a waste of time and bandwidth. Rosie is a big mouthed bigot. Trump is an elitist pig. You could have posted an article about growing potatoes and made more of an impression on me.

    C’mon Mark, you can do better than commenting on the air headed squabbles of such worthless media whores like O’Donnell and Trump.

    Rise above the trash, don’t wallow in it.

    Comment by Doug Schultz -

  134. Trump what a loser he is. He got money but not that much. Money doesn’t buy class buddy. The Apprentice will be cancelled after a few episodes this season soon enough. Why didnt he think being on Sundays night where no body watches NBC was a bad thing? The West Wing was moved to Sunday and we all know what happened to it. It was cancelled. If he threaten to sues just about everyone who thinks he is a loser then he can sue just put Earth in the space of the name of who he is suing.

    As for his stupid beauty pageants, well we all know those are just fronts for him to bang chicks that he wont have a chance in hell in a real life situation. Trump is a loser, his whole family is a loser and his daughter is the ugliest dog I have ever seen. I only feel sorry for his first two wives for marrying him but glad that they took a lot of his money before they left that Trump the Chump.

    Im just waiting in a few days when Martha Stewart slammed Donald Duck Trump the Chump because he made an enemy of her. The Apprentice is not a good tv show. It is not even a show, it is another product that Trump had to place his dirty name onto. I wonder if he stamps all of the whores he slept with his name on their forehead.

    Hey Donald, do you really think that Mark Cuban really place his entire future on running his two networks? Obviously Mark Cuban had seen into the future of tv and he saw them in HD. The Apprentice is not even taped in HD, whats the matter buddy? Cant afford them? I love HDNet and HDNet Movies networks because they recently aired a lot of my favorites old previous movies and tv shows for the people of America. Mark Cuban got money and he want to spend it on the people. Donald Duck Trump got money and screwed people from their money. Mark know how to spend money, Donald Duck Trump know how to lose money. Why people want to work for Trump is up there with Whats the meaning of life?

    P.S. Donald Duck Trump, you should really put that squire on the top of your head that youve been wearing for the past two decades and get a life. I wish nothing but bad health for Donald Duck Trump and the people who are still loyal to him which are now consists of lawyers. By the way jackass, you cant sue people for talking about bad things about you that are true. I think it is called Freedom of Speech. And Donald, you cant sue people because you got your feeling hurt. Those are just some of the things of what people really thought about you. Which is a dirty piece of crap that needs to be covered with more pieces of crap. At the end of the day Donald Duck Trump is a BIG loser to the rest of the world.

    Comment by Hieu Le Bui -

  135. Very mature, Cubes.

    You’ve learned nothing from last year’s public humiliation.

    Comment by solomonrex -

  136. Here messages, and half full delirium as always is a lot of

    Comment by Timir -

  137. Two billionaires flaming each other over the web and the media while Bill Gates and Warren Buffet spend their time and money helping people.

    Money doesn’t change people, obviously.

    A jerk or a frat-boy remains so even with billions in the bank.

    Comment by kissing ass -

  138. Anyone who doesn’t realize that this whole Rosie/Trump war of words is a preplanned publicity stunt (with Rosie and Trump, who are friends, going over what they were ok with saying about each other beforehand), is a moron.

    Comment by Monkey Mcgee -

  139. I laughed so much I don’t even need to work the abs today 🙂 Thanks for the great read, Mark!

    Since Mr. Trump loves publicity so much, wouldn’t it be great if you, Rosie, Martha and the countless other people Mr. Trump has publicly rebuked, ridiculed and offended found sponsorship from a media outlet (oh, I don’t know, say HDNET) and put together a nice little hour of his “best footage” and combined it with some personal interviews, etc.

    It goes without saying that you’d get sued for it, but that’s gonna happen anyway. He can’t win a lawsuit if everything you say is the truth 🙂

    Apparently, when “The Donald” isn’t exploiting the real estate industry, he’s keeping himself busy exploiting the legal system and wasting taxpayer dollars. Gotta love it!

    Okay, I have to be a little tacky now. It strikes me as amusing that a man worth “many billions of dollars” can’t seem to find a personal stylist that doesn’t make him look like a Muppet.

    There… It had to be said and I said it.

    Comment by SLP -

  140. To me it’s just one rich guy dissing another rich guy. The world is blog crazy. Get up off your asses and DO SOMETHING. Then you can write about it, but if what you do is worthy, you won’t have to.

    Comment by Tim -

  141. Donald Trump is a joke.
    Donald Trump is a child.
    Donald Trump is an attention whore of the worst sort.
    Donald Trump is a schoolyard bully.

    How that man keeps getting media attention is beyond me.
    He’s not “worth 5 billion” like he said, and in the next breath he says “you can’t make false statements”.
    If anyone’s making false statements, it’s TtheC.

    Plus, he’s attacking Rosie personally, by calling her ugly, fat, stupid, ignorant and a loser. He offers no retort to her statements other than personal attacks. In the real world of debate, that’s called an ad hominem.
    Rosie didn’t attack him personally. She called him on his hypocrisy, by pointing out his moral failures at a time when he’s passing moral judgement over others.
    Pointing out hypocrisy is very different from ad hominem attacks.

    But Donald Trump is a spoiled little brat who grew up to be a bully with a bad comb-over. He’s a classic bully. Look up the meaning of the word. It should have a picture of TtheC next to it.
    I was bullied as a kid, and can spot bullies very quickly, and he fits the bill perfectly. Usually the bullies made fun of my weight and beat me up if I responded.
    That’s what TtheC is doing to Rosie. He can’t make a rational argument, so he starts talking about her weight and her looks, and threatening lawsuits is his version of “beating up”.

    But he doesn’t have a leg to stand on legally. Nothing Rosie said is actionable, as everything she said can be backed up with facts, so slander is out of the question.
    The fact is… the truth hurts, and TtheC can’t take it, so he wants revenge the only way he knows how, through personal attacks and frivolous legal action.

    Talking about how it must be easy to “take her girlfriend away because of her looks” is beyond pathetic, and only exposes his own shallow self. We’ve all known for quite some time that he likes physically attractive women, so one must wonder aloud, is that all he cares about? Is that all he thinks anyone else cares about? If Kelli didn’t love Rosie as a person, she wouldn’t be in the relationship to begin with.

    What a deuche this guy is.

    I greatly look forward to the day when TtheC disappears from public view forever.

    Comment by Jack Frost -

  142. Trump has turned self-aggrandizement and baloney into a career. I recall when someone who bought his huge debt actually had him on an allowance.
    He got his start in business the old fashioned way, he inherited it.
    Although I am not in love with Rosie, she was right. His anger shows that she really must have touched a nerve.
    Trump must fear that people may remember when he lost fortunes for investors.
    His one invention was clever: he bought “height/air rights” to build a tall tower on Fifth Ave.

    Comment by AKS -

  143. Well, someone doesn’t like Rosie. Here’s the “Rosie O’Donnell Ching Chong Song”…

    Comment by Billy -

  144. Semi-off the topic, but anyhow…

    … regarding Alexa; that used to be decent way to measure one’s traffic, but i) it is way too easy manipulate results ii) more than 50% of the internet users now use non-IE browser — the remaining being not-so-savvy users (like my mom who wouldn’t know how to replace IE with Firefox).

    So what Alexa results then tell? That you have lotsa senior citizens checking out your website?

    Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate.

    Comment by rockyjay -

  145. Even though your show didn’t do great, it as still good. Just because you didn’t hit that one out of the ballpark doesn’t mean anything.

    Comment by basketball drills -

  146. LOVE this blog! Trump is such a loser. How about his comment… “I will be adding you to the Rosie lawsuit”. Let’s create a blog called “BlogBrump” and then we can watch him whine on TV listing all our names he’s going to sue.

    The biggest fool is the one that convinces himself that everyone believes him and is on his side. What a joke Trump is.

    You’re old school, and old news old man. Go get him Rosie!

    Comment by Holly -

  147. Best…Post…Ever.

    Comment by Lamarr Wilson -

  148. Nice post Mark.

    Comment by Matthew -

  149. T the C has no class. Even with all his money. Mark you gave him the perfect name. Loved this post.

    Comment by ydania -

  150. Its funny how this guy has time to even worry about anyones opinion, Its and opinion and like the old saying goes, Everybody has one.I personally concerned myself with the people that help pay my bills. Like my Dad used to say to us, “When your name comes on the Electric bill , then you get an opinion.” That usually keeps things in some sort of a real perspective. I liked the Benefactor too. I thought it was more from the hip, like life. Sometimes it just comes to you and you grab it if you have the chance. Thanks for the thoughts and keep the ones coming of bloodshed on shrink packages and such. Those are hilarious.

    Comment by Frankie from Lawnside -

  151. Mr Cuban,
    I thank you for your insight. I have been a Trump follower for years as well as a Cuban follower, I am always looking for new motivation from people on a sucessful level. Since watching the apprentice of which I enjoyed the first season, it has been down hill ever since, a crash waiting to happen and I now see it coming. I admit I own many Trump books but after what I saw for a pity of a man today on TV. As soon as I arrive home I will be donating all of them to my local Las Vegas landfill.
    The motivation this guy supplies is only a book on how to enlarge your ego so much that it no longer fits through a Trump Tower condo or how to screw people and creditors and call it a positive move for his companies. Then to see such a person resort to the third grade throw down of your fat and ugly to Rosie, only shows what is about to become the fall of the Donald. This will now for sure be the last season of his crappy show. I bet you a Fiat X19. May we all learn that eventually ego catches up to you and exposes the person for the real fraud they are. So I want to thank you for being real and true, flying a G550 and wearing jeans and a Mavs shirt and looking like a hundred bucks but being worth a billion bucks(2.9 Billion). You are the picture of cool! How about more stories on Success and Motivation. David

    Comment by David -

  152. It will never get posted but here’s the response to Trump’s so called blog:

    “I cannot believe your dishonesty on ET tonight. Your massive failures as a “business man” are well documented as well as the people you screwed over when you walked away from your liabilities. And taking a new generation into what will be the largest housing collapse of all time through your “Learning Annex” courses shows your willingness to screw over the most vulnerable members of our society.

    I think going on TV and declaring you have never declared bankruptcy will be the final nail in your coffin. Sue Rosie…please. Many of us want to see you try to swear under oath how “self-made” you are.

    And you of all people should not be calling others ugly. Whores will always be around to shag guys like you. Doesn’t mean there isn’t vomit sitting in the throat at each touch of your greasy hands or hair.

    And how sad that I am the first comment in 10 hours? Or do you edit and no one has said one kind thing about you? LOL. Yep. I see comments must be approved. What a coward. At least Cuban takes his comments like a man. But you aren’t much of a man, are you?

    Go spend daddy’s money and tell yourself what a success you are. At least Rosie made her money herself.”

    Comment by Speaking of Ugly -

  153. I freaking love it!!! T-the-C

    Comment by Amy -

  154. Wow, glad to see you use Alexa, Mark! Most of the time, I have to explain it to others in my industry. Yeah 23,000 is for guys like me (I’ve been at 11,000) so you’re right… trump should be way up there. The net is a whole diff’ ball game!

    Comment by Jermaine -

  155. You dont get it,Rosie was trying to get across that Donald should not be the judge of how to act responsibly,he has much to be desired in the moral fabric of society department,Rock on Rosie!

    Comment by Sandra Clark -

  156. I’m not a fan of Rosie, and I admit I have watched the Apprentice each year….less and less though. I did watch the Benafactor too.
    I lost complete respect for Trump as a person, and I think he just completely damaged his “brand.” Not because of his coin flip in allowing Miss USA to keep her crown…I already know that Trump makes decisions based on ratings and not common sense. He has proved that over and over on the Apprentice. And nobody looks up to him as a role model when it comes to family and morality.
    He lost my respect because of his amateurish attacks on Rosie’s looks coupled with his snide comments about her lesbianism. How old is he?
    And Rosie made good points about his corporate bankrupcies. Creditors do get screwed when management (Trump) fails.
    Trump should have kept his mouth shut. I’d like to see him sue. He deserves to visit the gutter again for this.

    Comment by The Atheist Jew -

  157. Hes not respected in NYC, Mark you have a positive bank balance, Trump has nothing but debt.

    Comment by paul -

  158. That was good. Real good. I bet if you ask the Donald, he’d say his blog is quite simply the best blog on the planet. He’s all about self-promotion…that’s how he keeps going. He needs it and he feeds on it.

    Comment by basketball -

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    Comment by zhng_vivian -

  160. Great post… I always wonder how he keeps a straight face when he comments on other peoples business ideas on The Apprentice… for someone who couldn’t keep his own business in order and had to file for bankruptcy…

    Hey one of the other things you should suggest he write about is his hair…

    Comment by Vijay -

  161. T the C is a selfish loser. This guy donates so little to charity he is a complete loser. Rosie is right.

    Check out his foundation’s tax returns – he donated nothing to police officers and fire fighters, according to the Smoking Gun, even after the 9/11 attacks:

    Comment by EF -

  162. Oh yes, The Donald, every opportunity you get in the media, you soak up the attention like a dry sponge. People don’t care what you have to say, really. Answer these questions next time your on a talk show…how did you make your “billions”, via inheritance from your well respected father or was it self made? Please actually explain your business, is it really real estate or is it more self promotion or advertising ( last time I checked putting your name on a building isn’t the real estate business)? How many times did Trump casinos file for bankruptcy? How much accountibility did you assume each time Trump casinos filed for bankrupty? Are you gonna add me to your libel lawsuit now?

    Frankie M

    Comment by Frankie -

  163. I must admit that the Donald can be a little over the top but his brand is all about self-promotion. His blog may suck in the market that Rosie targets, the mass market, but I’m sure in his niche, people looking to improve their skills in real estate investing, I’m sure he does quite while.
    I mean let’s admit Mark, you and Donald are already billionaires, the rest of us are still trying. Donald is just helping equip people with the knowledge to improve themselves. If it comes off cheesy to you and Rosie, who is also doing quite well I believe, so what.
    I also don’t think that just reading Donald’s book and applying the principles in it will get you to Donald status, the Trumps took three generations to get to this point. If it gets you started and motivates you to action, buying your first property and seeking more knowledge, than I applaud Mr. Trump for his contribution.

    Comment by Christopher Johnston -

  164. One of the better blog-based bitch-slaps I’ve seen in awhile. Donald has turned into the equivalent of Notre Dame football. Constantly overrated and trading on a name that was glorious 20 years ago. Rosie…well she’s Rosie and she does Rosie well. Mark, you should challenge Donald to a fun little game. The two of you should each take $100 million of your own money. Each of you will have one year to invest the money in whatever you want, however you see fit. At the end of the year, whoever has the biggest R.O.I. in their portfolio gets to pick out a new hairstyle for the loser. Donald is great at using big words and his smug New York attitute to shoot down his naysayers, but when it comes to actually accepting a challenge, well…lets see if he’ll put his money where his hair is.

    Comment by ManiAAC Little J -

  165. I am a BFF

    Comment by Bryan -

  166. Mark! PLEASE SAVE OUR PENS!!!!!

    Comment by Brad -

  167. “The Trump Blog” appears to be more of a loosely-associated blog than Blog Maverick, considering Donald Trump rarely shares his own opinion on his self-titled blog. At least at Blog Maverick, the readers can expect something written by the owner that is also used to share opinions and ideas instead of trying to make more money.

    Who’s the bigger personality, Donald Trump or Mark Cuban? That’s hard to say, but at least we know who has the better blog.

    Comment by AJL -

  168. Wow Mark, ouch!!! That was harsh but I have to confess I’m still laughing. I don’t know very much about The Donald. I saw him on the side of a bus the other day. He was advertising for a lecture he was to give at the Pond in Anaheim California. I didn’t go.

    I just yesterday received in the mail 2 tickets to a lecture by his son, Donald Trump Jr. He is inviting me to learn the Trump family wealth creation secrets. The invitation states that he will be live and in person. I guess if I go Ill get a free copy of the book Think Like a Billionaire. I cant go to that either, I have traffic school.

    I met one of his ex-wives a few years ago when I was out on a date with this weirdo who kept smelling my hair. The waiter sat us down right next to Marla Maples. She was beautiful and very friendly. He has good taste in women.

    You boys are so funny.

    Comment by Toni Marano -

  169. Wow Mark, ouch!!! That was harsh but I have to confess I’m still laughing. I don’t know very much about The Donald. I saw him on the side of a bus the other day. He was advertising for a lecture he was to give at the Pond in Anaheim California. I didn’t go.

    I just yesterday received in the mail 2 tickets to a lecture by his son, Donald Trump Jr. He is inviting me to learn the Trump family wealth creation secrets. The invitation states that he will be live and in person. I guess if I go Ill get a free copy of the book “Think Like a Billionaire.” I cant go to that either, I have traffic school.

    I met one of his ex-wives a few years ago when I was out on a date with this weirdo who kept smelling my hair. The waiter sat us down right next to Marla Maples. She was beautiful and very friendly. He has good taste in women.

    You boys are so funny.

    Comment by Toni Marano -

  170. Donald Trump, publicity whore, sunk to a new low (if that was possible, turns out it is) by trashing Rosie O’Donnell…everyone knows Rosie is the class act between those two. I guess he figures any publicity is good publicity.

    Comment by South Bay -

  171. No mention of the Trump vodka? Alcohol being marketed by a guy who doesn’t drink the stuff, lets just hope its not as diluted as the Trump brand.

    Comment by Adam Cains -

  172. LOL @ DT’s comment. I doubt he wrote that either.

    Even better is the thought of two billionares flaming eachother over the net – Priceless!

    Comment by Eric Clemens -

  173. So I look at my your rss feed and I start laughing. Then I read your post and start laughing. By no means are you a comedy writer Mark, but this is by far the funniest post I have ever read of yours, and I have read a lot of them.

    I pretty much think anything associated with T-the-C is a joke these days. Any guy who could a run a casino that loses money is a failure to me. I can’t believe people actually pay attention to Trump University. I want to know how many books he can write that have the exact same thing in them every time. The crazy thing is that same people will keep buying.

    I will say one thing, T-the-C understands how to get publicity. Actually I am sure some good marketing person came up with these ideas to create his publicity.

    Comment by Joe -

  174. I can’t help but notice this sentence “Oh by the way Donald, this blog is one of, if not the most widely read personal blog on the net.”

    Reading the comments, I saw Donald Trump posting a comment. Wow, slightly more than three hours after you posted, there was a reply by him. That just proves how widely read your blog is. 🙂

    Comment by Low Hang Wei -

  175. I was just chuckling thinking to myself, if Mr Trump actually did read this post, would he actually see/understand any words outside his own name.

    I’m thinking, all he is seeing is a bunch of gibberish with the word Trump in between:
    …. …. Trump ….. … Trump … Trump….

    Comment by Kamil -

  176. Is one billion percent a Chump U metric?


    Comment by emjlo -


    FROM: Donald Trump, New York City
    TO: Mr. Mark Cuban
    DATE: 12/21/06

    Let me first start by saying this is uncalled for and I will be adding you to the Rosie lawsuit. Your personal attack on me and my brand is par for the course (and NOT Trump National) with you and your dang blag (or is it blog? — it is not worth the time for me to look it up).

    If you want to start talking about ratings, I had my people look up how many people with Nielson boxes watch HDNet and HDNet Movies. Let me tell you the news is not good for your so called networks, there was ZERO people with Nielson boxes that tuned in for any of your programming. The Nielson ratings for my show, The Apprentice, get 1,000,000,000% more than your entire network. What a loser you are.

    Listen, I have made BILLIONS with out technology and Mark, I will continue to do so. So, either shut up or lawyer up buddy.

    Donald Trump

    Comment by Donald Trump -

  178. Love to see this from you Mark…. Trump takes way too much credit for himself. People forget that he grew up with a huge silver spoon – his daddy was a tremendously rich developer here in NYC, and Donald seems to take way too much credit for his success. He should be much more gracious as a member of the “Lucky Sperm” club. He did well, but there are plenty of people in the world that could have had his success with that springboard of connections and backing. Nice to see a self made man like yourself stick it to him!!!

    Comment by NYC Guy -

  179. SLAMMMMM DUNK!!!!!

    Comment by Bob -

  180. I was just really shocked and sad to see that: was already in use.


    Comment by Troy -

  181. You shouldn’t have mentioned his blog. I doubt the trumpuniversity server can handle the load from all of your curious readers bored enough to actually look at his blog. Spoiler alert: Don’t waste your time. 😉

    Comment by Patrick -

  182. Like Anderson Cooper said, “I think these two people take themselves far too seriously.” And he is right! So the only thing that I can say that would be of any value is, “Mark, please don’t take yourself far too seriously. We love ya the way you are and the rebel instincts that you have. Pure unadulterated Mark Cuban! Who could ask for anything more?”
    You have made many valid points in this particular blog. But I would also have to agree with Sean Foushee in the previous blog… Are they really worth bloggin about? In any aspect, I would assume that it would have to be fun using the cattle prod on T the C. (chuckles)

    I bid you all a good day!

    Manny B~

    Comment by Manny Bermudez -

  183. Although, Trump was way out of bounds, it must be said the Rosie made comments that were out of bounds also. It’s OK for her to not agree with his decision to let the winner keep her crwon, but totally different to talk about his ex-wives and such. It’s fine to voice your opinions, but just don’t be surprised at the reactions.

    You think Donald will change his University name to “Trump the Chump?”

    Comment by Brian May -

  184. All of this really doesn’t matter because at the end of the day she’s still Rosie O’Donnell and he has a bad comb over… both aren’t worth blogging about.

    Comment by Sean Foushee -

  185. Thank you for being smart enough to not release or allow licensing of a cologne. That alone was more than enough to crush any credibility The Donald had in my mind.

    Comment by Doug Stewart -

  186. That was brutal and unnecessary, but so true.

    Not that that’s the case with the Donald but readership doesn’t speak much about quality of a blog or book or anything, you could be ranked 1,000,000th most read blog and still be better than most. I do believe that the national enquirer sells more than Quarterly Journal of Economics…

    Trump University is quite a joke, I wonder if it looks better than Devry and U of Phoenix Online on a Resume

    Comment by Mathieu -

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