Genarlow Wilson

For those who don’t know. Genarlow Wilson was sentenced to 10 years in jail for doing something every 17 year old I knew, including me, tried to do. He is two years into this nightmare that only makes the State of Georgia a posterchild for mistrust in government.

Rather than go into detail I will refer everyone to some wonderful articles written in support of Genarlow and to his lawyers reference site,

I wanted to thank and commend ESPN , The NY Times and our owh HDNet and others for great coverage leading to the introduction of a new bill aiming to right this gross injustice.

Personally, there is no chance I do business in the state of Georgia beyond the committment the Mavs have to play the Hawks until Genarlow is out of jail.

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  1. My God! Finally! And another young man is on his way to the NFL after being wrongfully convicted of non-consensual sex between him and a young lady who agreed. However, I am still asking and looking for help for my son-who is now 16yrs old.He was convicted and found guilty.(by a judge whose daughter was also a rape victim-and when his defense lawyer was told to inquire about it and ask for a new judge or venue, it was ignored. Where is the justice in the USA. This happened in another state.) His situation is very similar to Genarlow\’s and the other African-American young man that was freed. He was 14 and she was 16! Go figure. Why didn\’t she get arrested and tried? I have partial court transcripts and she perjured herself, no hospital employees where questioned at the trial and then after the official arrest report was generated, she came out with the truth that she actually knew my son, only after the tests where done at the hospital.Not when the police where initially called. She is and was very afraid of her mother. I have talked to a prominent radio host about the \”railroading\” of my son\’s trial and the bad faith representation of his then defense lawyer. They didn\’t have sex-it was oral and \”fingering\” according to transcripts. My son has confessed that he and this young lady first had sex when he was 13yrs old and she was 15yrs old. (without either parent knowing that they were having sex). They got together a second time-also in court transcripts and she had to hide him because her mom came home early.(They were able to keep that under wraps). But the final time they got together-she got caught, her mother got very angry and called the police. Out of fear this young lady had to stick to her story. I am looking for a post conviction lawyer because my son also has a future and it is not fair. Please help us!

    Strong Single Mom

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  2. This is ridiculous. I am currently a junior in high school in georgia. and i see juniors and seniors hooking up with freshman girls (14-15) year olds all the time, i mean even i have dated a freshman before. Its a 2-3 year difference big deal! both are old enough to know what they are doing. But if the case is that he did persuade her to perform oral sex by giving her alcohol and marijuana then he should definitely be prosecuted. END OF STORY

    Comment by matt -

  3. I\’ve been thinking about this poor guy all day now and since most people aren\’t in a position to do much as far as money or as far as media attention like Mark, I think there is something we all can do that is actually quite powerful.

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  4. I worked as a paralegal in Canada for 22 years before becoming ill and going on long term disability. One of the most frustrating things in law, anywhere in the world, is that there are conflicting, irrelevant or out of date laws on the books everywhere.
    In this situation, the young woman involved has stated that she consensually had oral sex with this young man and that she was not coerced or put in any situation of duress. Both seemed to enjoy their interaction. She has not been charged with anything: why would she?: she didn\’t do anything other than being a minor who became involved in an activity governed by laws which affect those of the age of majority. I feel that the entire case needs to be reviewed in light of the fact that the young woman was one year or less away from legal sexual activity and that the video clearly demonstrates that there was no pressure on her to perform. Some people mature before others and she should have the respect of the Court in acknowledging her choices.

    Comment by H.C. Smith -

  5. First and foremost my heart goes out to not only Genarlow but also to the young girl that chose to lie instead of telling the truth in the begining. I know being a female and a young one at that you don\’t want to get into trouble with your parents becuase you decided to have sex and they don\’t know about it. She should have done what was right from the begining and told the truth like she did after she realized that she wasted his life. Alot of people need to look at that. Also to the critics because they all have something to say. He was a minor himself when that incident took place and for those of you that don\’t know, statutory rape is when someone three to four years older than you has sexual intercourse consentual or not. He was 17 so he didn\’t fit the crime. I just hope and pray that we as a society can focus on more important thing than trying to convict every black male in the USA. Not pulling the race card but would this have happened if it was a white person. Food for thought.

    Comment by Tee -

  6. he should sue the government for ruining his life over some sex. first of all how did they know that he had oral sex with a 15 year old first of all. if everybody just keep their mouth shut then he wouldn\’t be in this mess. if he just kept his mind on grades than on the little girls he wouldn\’t be in this mess at all. i think this girl wanted to get everybody attention becuase she probably depress but for real if she just kept her mouth off of boys penis then she and he wouldn\’t be in this mess.

    Comment by ragine -

  7. Yeah, at 17 we all wanted to get in on a gang bang, but somehow we were all smart enought to know that if it ever happened, thelast thing we would do was to film it. Mr Wilson is either an idiot or a braggert, otherwise why the videotape if he just wanted to get laid?? I wouldnt my son to go thru what he has, but I wouldnt want to see my daughter on that videotape either. So what should his punishment be?

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  8. This is America and people get arrested for some of the dumbist things. But to have a criminal record for concensual oral sex is crazy. This should have been a situation for the parent to handle behind closed dorrs and not in a courtroom. This country needs a big adjustment.

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  9. Nobody should have been prosecuted.. These were 2 consending MINORS… If Genarlow wanted to vote, legally buy cigarettes or join the military, would he have been allowed?? Hell, no..he was 17 at the time.A MINOR..Why is it okay to punish a 17 y/o as an adult when they legally are not?

    This case is such an injustice..

    Comment by Tommy -

  10. It\’s about time this poor kid was released..Now, the moron of a judge and the prosecutor need to get a taste of what Genarlow had to endure.. I hope he sues the Sad State of Georgia..

    Comment by Tommy -

  11. Should the young lady involved in the Genarlow Wilson case have been prosecuted, Wilson was only 17 at the time, or does the Georgia law against statutory rape apply only to males?

    Comment by Ed Fern -

  12. The crappest thing about all this is that it happened in a country that acts like the moralk high ground in the country… thinks that tribal practices in Afghanistan, stoning etc etc is unacceptabe and barbaric. Sex, the only reason why you or I or the judge or the prosecuter exists, is so demonised that it has become part of our moral fibre to chastise people doing it under and age that humans in that specific country or state deemed to be the legal age of consentual sex?

    My god, have these moral judges NO SHAME AT ALL. This is all so ridiculous that I feel ashamed that we even have to be in a position to comment. Shame on us humans, this is pitiful and ridiculous. Go back and study some more, get a grip then come back and work as a prosecutor.

    My typing isnt the best, but I behave like an adult.

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  13. I heard of this case first in this blog. So although dancing is important for some I think this good and notable news:

    He got released

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  14. Good news1

    He has been released. It\’s about time!

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  15. Two hours ago the Georgia Supreme Court ordered the Department of Corrections to free Genarlow Wilson immediately. This is justice. This is a miracle. This is further proof that GOD is still on the throne. Unfortunately, it is also further proof that no one is going to give us rights. We have to fight for our rights with the last breath in our bodies. Also, we have to identify our enemies: Attorney General Thurbert Baker, Douglas County DA David McDade, and deal with them at election time. Also, we must heap praises on our allies: Joseph Lowry; Georgia Supreme Court Justices Leah Sears, Carol Hunstein, Robert Benham, and Hugh Thompson; the Monroe County trial court judge who ordered the release of Genarlow; John Lewis; Jesse Jackson; Georgia State Representative Alicia Thomas; Senior Pastor Wilbur T. Purvis; and so many more.

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  16. Genarlow is just another victim of anti-male hysteria!!

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  17. My son just turned 18. He is going to College, where he had been awarded a technology scholarship. He is a young good looking biracial man, considered black. He has been charged with 7 felony counts of criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree, 1alleging consensual sexual relations with 3 females under the age of 16. All three are now 16 years old. He is facing 105 years in prison.This set of charges started in Feb of 07. The original police report has in writing two things that I find to be contradictory. The mother pushed the charges for the 1st female, yet in the report the mother states that she took her daughter to the dr to be put on birth control. The 1st female states that she had was willing and wanted everything. I think it is very hypocritical that a mother would take her daughter to put her on birth control because she knew her daughter was having sex, but then press charges when she found out it was a black male. The first female had multiple sexual partners, the Local police did not pursue any white partner. The poliice then began digging into every aspect of my sons life. They contacted any and every friend and female he knew and threatened them and some of their parents. The 2cd female alleging contact is the intimate girlfriend of the 1st female and she is alleging one count of contact. She also had multiple white partners, none of which are facing charges. The 3rd female alleging contact was one month from her 16th birthday when she alleges that there was contact. Additionally, she had been to our house, and told both my husband and I she was 16 and that they were only friends, because I grilled her due to the way the police were digging into my sons life. This female has had numerous white partners and again none of them are facing charges.Please help if you can stop this horrible injustice-

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    Looks like he is being released!

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  19. I am totally distraught that our governaments of today would spend all this time and money on something that was voluntary by both parties?

    What is our governemnt coming to, when they prosecute children for things like this when we have so many people out of work and all the drugs that are flying around.

    Perhaps we need to replace all our government officals with regular working class. I bet we wouldn\’t have suck idiotic things happing.

    Comment by Kenny -

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  21. I am glad to have the change to read all. Very useful information for all who has interest in this area. I personaly had great advantage from these informations.

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  22. genarlow was one of my friends in douglasville…and he was a nice and smart person…but when all this bukkshit went down…i wuz mad….he wuz headed to a good life….but ion really think its his fault! u gotta look at it dis way….everybody make mistakes and people grow off them….and labelin him as a child offender is so stupid!!! he wuz only 2 years older then her…matter fact he wasnt even 18 so ion reallt see da big deal…..and anotha thang WHY aint nobody get on this lil gurl….she shouldnt have been there… where wuz her parents and why did they let her be out at dat age???? dont jus label a person because of his skin color…..especially if they was tryna do sumthin wit dey life….yes it wuz wrong 4 genarlow to have been involved in those acts but hell he wuz jus a kid…..i look at it like dis, this lil punishment makes u grow up and understand life! U really dont have no friends like you really think you do!! You have to live for yourself…..i jus hope they let him get out jail and let him live his life…like he wanted to and hoped to! and trying to have him away from his lil sister is some bullshit….jus think about some shit you say before you judge a person…..his actions was wrong but im sure he knows that now…………——a friend

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  23. Here\’s what I don\’t understand: How on earth can you group these kids in the same social setting and expect them not to take any interest in each other? Everyone of us either dated someone older or knew someone who dated \”up\” when we were in high school (hell, even middle school). I don\’t condone sexual conduct among kids but kids will be kids and I believe it is incumbent on the parents to educate their kids about such things and maybe they wouldn\’t get themselves in such situations. By the way, what happened to Mother\’s training their daughters to be young ladies. A young girl that considers herself a lady certainly doesn\’t put herself in a compromising position like this. There\’s alot going wrong with the world and injustices like this cannot be tolerated. The DA in this case should hope that his son doesn\’t reap the sins of his father. I applaud your intentions, Mark, whether you stick to them or not. We all say things in the heat of the moment and I\’m sure that if it was at all plausible you would do exactly as you\’ve promised.

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  25. If you refuse to do business with either the state of Georgia or in the state of Georgia because of this, then you should start looking at every state that has punished a young man (under 18) for engaging in a sexual act with a minor. Be sure you don\’t do any business with those states either.

    Comment by freeseoads -

  26. I don\’t think you can draw big attention to this until the Mavs refuse to play in Atlanta against the Hawks. It\’s brazen and you might have to accept a loss but it\’s worth it.

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  27. \”You are now justifiably facing consequences for the decisions you made and the conduct in which you engaged. Your career, freedom and public standing are now in the most serious jeopardy. I hope that you will be able to learn from this difficult experience and emerge from it better prepared to act responsibly and to make the kinds of choices that are expected of a conscientious and law abiding citizen.\”

    Comment by Robert -

  28. Mark, I have written countless letters regarding this absurd nightmare to who ever will listen. Thank you for your interest in this because it is people like you with a voice that need to speak up. Its alot to ask, but a refusal to play in the rediculous state of Georgia would send a great message for a small price. Thank you Mark..

    Comment by Chase -

  29. Waht is current status? The state of GA shd be ashamed of its AG for trying to make such a name for himself instead of doing what is right.
    He shd be the one to do time for dragging this out.

    Comment by philip boutwell -

  30. Recently a judge ordered his release from jail. Also it\’s obvious this girl is a slut. She did the same thing to another boy right before doing it to Wilson. I mean come on and he\’s the one that when to jail? There are real criminals out there that the police need to be worrying about not a boy who got what every 17 yr old would not pass up!

    Comment by Jackie -

  31. If you want to sign his petition then,
    And my wish is that everyone be let out of prison except those who did capital crimes. They get a re-trial.

    Comment by Socrates C. -

  32. Here\’s what I don\’t get: when a new law is passed that increases the penalties for a crime, it\’s almost always retroactive, yet when the law makes a crime less severe, they don\’t want it retroactive. Like oral sex. In 18 states, oral sex is still illegal. That\’s how goofed up these laws are.

    Comment by adam smith -

  33. You are all missing the point of law for consenual sex in each State which is between 16 and 18 years of age. I would suggest researching it and finding out what it is in that paticular State where the offence occured at Even if we did it we were all lucky to get away with it, this is all happening because of date rapes, alcohol and drug influences, and tax payers paying to support the children of teenage parents. Sorry I dont buy it at all, the girl was 15 and I know of NO State that has a legal age for consenual sex for 15 year old kids.

    Comment by Devin Y. Kila -

  34. i knew genarlow wilson he was one of my classmates he was older than me i was a freshmen at the time in fact i knew 5 of the people. i am really sad that happen to them one was a real close friend who stayed and still stay down from me. i know it has messed there life up real bad. the sent. was so stupid that girl shouldn\’t have been there from the start. she lied on my friends and i hate her for that. a lot of my friends had football schols. u know they could\’ve been somebody and she took that from them. the law is so stupid thats why im going to be a lawyer to change it and help people like g not to land in those type of problems
    thats all i have to say about that

    Comment by lez -

  35. I\’m not surprised at all that your son doesn\’t hang out with \”people like this boy.\” Most racists would NEVER let their sons \”run with\” a black kid. You DO understand that we\’re not talking about rape here, right? All were completely exonerated on that count, when the girl herself (the one that was supposedly saying \”no\”) said it wasn\’t rape. We\’re talking about a 17 year old boy being convicted of child molestation for receiving oral sex from a girl who was a few weeks shy of her 16th birthday. No one is making a hero of this boy. We\’re only saying that he\’s not a child molester, and shouldn\’t be treated as one.

    Lastly, I love how you blame the parents here. Please don\’t be surprised if your son isn\’t as perfect as you think he is. Teens do what they do. Sometimes they have sex with each other.


    P.S. Please learn to punctuate. Reading and understanding your posts is simply brutal, not just for the lack of logic, but also for the lack of punctuation.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  36. mr kevin baily if it was a white boy yes he would be punished the same way you see i donthave blinders on thinking that special treatment was givin to white sexual offenders look at dateline black white yellow they all end up the same in jail this man knew he was doing wrong when they snuck to a hotel with drugs and alcohol the girl was saying no i heard so why is everybody making hima hero he.ll get out and follow the same pattern ten years will break him of his compulsion to be a predetor and normal kids dont do these kind of things if there taught right my son is seventeen and doesnt run with people like this boy would have been in school there is a difference parents teaching and staying involved his parents must have not been there or he would not be in prison james

    Comment by james -

  37. James-

    Not only are you racist, but you\’re also not very smart. \”Normal kids\” — as you call them — do \”these kind of things\” all the time. They\’re just not prosecuted as pedophiles for doing so.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  38. Ah, I see it now. You just put some number up there for Georgia Criminal Justice or whatever. Well, I guess it will have to be done by tracking your IP, if you continue to make your accusations.

    BTW, did I mention that one of my friends is a PI? If you insist on continuing hurling vile accusations, you WILL be sued. And it won\’t matter that I called you a jackass, or said that you were racist. Neither of those is an accusation of a crime.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  39. That you don\’t know the difference between stating an opinion about someone\’s intelligence and/or tolerance levels(\”jackass\”, \”dumbass\”, \”racist\” etc.) and accusing someone of criminality (\”pedo\”) speaks very poorly of your intelligence.

    Thanks for the phone number. I will make certain that if you do not cease and desist from your accusations of criminality, you will be hearing from, not me, but my lawyer. And trust me when I say, you can\’t countersue for being called a \”jackass.\” Again, that you can\’t see a substantive difference between the two says a lot about your IQ.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  40. Pedo

    Just bring it. Then the countersuit by all of those posters who you called a \”jackass\” \”dumbass\” \”racist\” or \”moron\” will put you in the poorhouse forever.

    Better still just call 404-559-4949

    Comment by Robert -

  41. Thanks Mark for your support.
    The reason why Genarlow is still in PRISON is because the system has to work a way to limit their exposure from Mr. Wilson filing a lawsuit against the State of Georgia for undue and excessive treatment by the prosecutors and judges that handed down the sentence, and for depriving him of his life under an undue process of law.
    Mr. Wilson has been cruelly and unusually punished for a misdemeanor crime, committed as a minor – which is rarely if ever perceived or prosecuted as a crime!
    Thank you for your support, and please continue to petition your fans for their support as well!

    Comment by Guy Harris -

  42. James-

    Teach your kids whatever you want. A teenager receiving oral sex from a teenager who\’s slightly more than a year younger than him doesn\’t make the teenager a \”pervert\” or a child molester. I don\’t care what the hell you\’re \”tired\” of, if this had been a white boy, he wouldn\’t have been sent to jail for 10 years.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  43. Robert-

    So now it\’s come to this. You can\’t win in a debate on the facts of the case, so you call me \”Pedo\” Bailey. If you insist on continuing to do so, your IP will be tracked, and you will be sued. (Mr. Cuban, please make a note of this.)

    As to the facts of the case, it\’s clear you\’re wrong. Your stand makes no logical sense, so you accuse those who are actually right–and not racist–of being pedophiles.

    There\’s a place reserved in hell for guys like you.


    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  44. The outcome of this case will surely be decided within a week or two at the latest. But, beyond the minimum sentence issue, at hand, a larger question exists: what will Genarlow Wilson do to benefit others from his experience? Certainly, his sentence and incarceration has caused a law to be changed. One could say that is good. But beyond that, Genarlow is an example of a simple, yet profound, principle: Every choice has a consequence.

    As former inmate from Federal prison, today I share with business executives and young people that simple message: Every choice has a consequence. And, while I am extraordinarily sympathetic to Mr. Wilson\’s plight, his example has helped other young people evaluate the power of their seemingly simple choices. As the founder of the Choices Foundation, perhaps Genarlow would consider stepping up and helping others understand the power of choice.

    Comment by Chuck Gallagher -

  45. genarlow wilson is a criminal the law is what it is it not a black thing im tired of black people playing the race card all of the time you talk about suppression of your race everytime you use the card it adds another weight to your plight and no one listens to you any more if this was my 15 year old daughter he would not have made it to court the parents are ultimently responsable they portray there son as some kind of hero for getting a blow job hes a pervert as for everyone who says every kid does it im sorry i teach my children to be responseable you must be telling yours its ok to be perverts and thats whats wrong with your children today they are morally challenged

    Comment by james -

  46. mia

    You are absolutely right. Boys will be boys and girls mature.

    Let\’s just rewrite all of these laws so it is ok for 15 year olds to enegage in sexual behavior with no consequences. Let\’s let them drive at 14 (Got to get those babies to the clinic). Let\’s lower the drinking age to 15 as well. According to Pedo Bailey, they are all drinking anyway.

    Comment by Robert -

  47. i am from georgia – i am a woman – i am raising a teenage daughter, and i AGREE with the majority free the young man. i can\’t even say the punishment doesn\’t fit the crime because there was no crime committed. to those of you who think that he deserves to be in jail – if the girl\’s (who has gone on to have a child at age 17) her own mother stated he should be free and that her daughter should have served time too – then guess what – that\’s enough said. this young lady was not coerced or forced – she knew what she was getting into when she LIED to mommy to get out of the house to go to a pary in a HOTEL room with BOYS and she and her friend would be the only FEMALES. This young lady\’s mother stated that her daughter didn\’t want anything to happen to mr. wilson – so just saying the law is the law is not going to cut it with this. the person who wrote the bill for this law even stated that it wasn\’t meant to be used in this manner. Our young ladies are just as promiscuous as our young men – remember young ladies mature a whole lot faster than our young men who are still into their video games – yes, if someone offers them any form of sex they are going to say yes – but know this – they all make mistakes, and for those of you who didn\’t know – were you aware that the only reason any form of case was made was NOT because of the 15 year old who CONSENTED it was because of the 17 year old (who knew what she was doing as well) was ashamed that the video tape was being viewed. Everyone makes mistakes and God forbid any of your teens make one such as this and i guarantee you your comments would be totally different. Even our own atty general has stated he thinks it is harsh and the only reason he is pursuing anything is because he has to uphold the law (in other words he thinks it is wrong but he has to do his job).

    Comment by mia -

  48. i am from atanta and i applaud your stand. Those of you who think that we have forgotten about the 15 year old or you are stressing that she was 15 years old. This young lady\’s mother ADMITTED to everyone – that her child lied to her to go to this party where she knew that it would only be her and another female companion, the mother also stated that she thought that the sentence was harsh and that he shouldn\’t be in jail, and that if he went to jail that her daughter should have too – this law is about underage – and she consented – she wasn\’t influenced – at the point when she lied to her mother – she knew what she was doing. the bottom line is this…sometimes the woman is not a victim (i am a woman myself) – i am raising my daughter in a society where there are alot of influences – if my daughter makes the senseless decision to do something such as this – i too would have to support the young man in stopping anyone from taking his freedom. I work with a teenage prevention and self esteem group for ladies – i will share with you why i know our young ladies aren\’t all that innocent. recently, we took our young ladies and young men on an outing to disney world. my eyes were opened – i had to pull over once because a 13 year old was giving a lap dance to some of the gentlemen – upon arrival at our lock in – we had to keep watch all night on the GIRLS because they kept finding themselves wondering down the hallway to the boys section and all of us the female chaperones kept dragging them back. not once did we have to chastise a young man because they didn\’t pay attention to these young ladies until the young ladies made their presence known in suggestive ways. This girl was not innocent and i agree that if all had to go to jail, she should have too. this young lady has gone on with her life and had a child 2 years later. we can\’t point the finger, and remember those of us with children, we can\’t say what our kids will do or won\’t do when we aren\’t around – let\’s take the blinders off and realize our kids may not be the angels we portray them to be

    Comment by mia -

  49. Georgian-

    You are either a racist or stupid. The \”underage\” girl was just more than ONE YEAR younger than Genarlow. She was only weeks shy of her 16th. Not the \”child\” of the crime \”child molestation\” I would think. But you would know that, if you weren\’t either stupid or racist. The 17 year old wasn\’t raped, got drunk all by herself, and was NOT raped. But you would know that, if you weren\’t either racist or stupid. You know what, *I* find it sad that you haven\’t done the same \”digging\” you accuse us of not doing. It\’s illuminating that you make the statement, \”consensual my ass\” without fully understanding that no rape was committed. You clearly have your own agenda, which leads me to believe that you may NOT be stupdid, just racist. It\’s not about his 3.2 GPA or his status as an athlete. It\’s about the fact that he\’s NOT a \”child molester\”, yet that\’s what the racist bastard DA is labeling him with, by refusing to drop these ludicrous charges.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  50. I\’ll be present at the Supreme Court tomorrow. I would be happy to give you an update.

    Comment by Georgian -

  51. With all due respect, maybe you should dig a little deeper into the case rather than just believing what\’s written on that website. The 15 year old girl was under age, that\’s one. The 17 year old was nearly intoxicated to the point of unconsciousness. There\’s a video tape that clearly shows all of this. Consensual my ass! I find it sad that you would immediately believe what they are saying rather than dig for the facts. I thought you were a little more intelligent than that. The mandatory sentencing has been changed in Georgia. However, this guy deserves to stay in jail. The legal system in Georgia is not broken Mr. Cuban. We aren\’t a bunch of racists. If there were a reason to let this kid go, it would have already happened. Just because you are an athlete with a 3.2 GPA doesn\’t mean you are above the law. The right thing is taking place.

    Comment by Georgian -

  52. we are out raged at what all is going on and i want the world to know thats why i want b.j. bernstain and genalow\’s mother and everyone else thats outraged to be on my live internet talk show str8 up talk let the world hear your concerns. if friday he is not released be to the tv station on monday night at 7pm 608 interchange dr atlanta ga 30336 404-696-5180 ext 12 we can tell everyone what we think. via the internet

    Comment by w.a.e.n. internet tv -

  53. I am so glad when I see more and more people getting outraged about this case. The pressure needs to be applied even stronger to these bastards who put this poor kid away. Thank you for doing your part to get the word out about Genarlow.

    Comment by Jewel -

  54. Nate Perkins Live: Thousand March To FREE Mr. Genarlow Wilson ATLANTA– 8,000 people marched of Genarlow Wilson Saturday in Douglasville . Wilson is serving a 10-year prison sentence for having consensual sex [link]

    Nate Perkins Live: with Thousand March To FREE Mr. Genarlow Wilson
    Mr. Genarlow Wilson From Douglas County Prison

    Comment by Nate Perkins Live: IPTV -

  55. One last thing, \”ga.\” Genarlow has said \”I was wrong\” over and over and over. Where he goes afoul of the racist prosecutor, is that he won\’t \”take his medicine\” and say, \”I\’m a child molester.\” Please get your facts straight before you run your stupid mouth.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  56. ga-

    Shut the hell up. Why should he admit to committing a crime he didn\’t commit. He did not molest a child. He received oral sex from a girl who was a little more than a year younger than him. I\’m with Chris here. The jury had the power to give a big \”fuck you\” to the idiotic law in this case, and chose–through ignorance, but not the racism that the prosecutor have shown–not to do so. The spirit of this law was not to trap teenagers who make stupid decisions about their sex lives. It was to PUNISH grown men (and women) who choose to molest ACTUAL children–not teenage boys who have sex with a girl who is for all practical purposes, their own age.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  57. If the jury in Genarlow Wilson\’s case had known about jury nullification, Mr. Wilson would be a free man today instead of at the mercy of Thurbert Baker, the Georgia attorney general.

    Jury nullification occurs when a jury finds a defendant not guilty even though the jury believes the defendant broke the law. This can happen if the jury believes the law is unjust or that the law does not apply, given the circumstances of the case.

    All juries have the power to nullify a law but judges go to great lengths to keep juries from knowing that. Judges typically instruct juries to find that the defendant either broke the law or did not break the law. Judges do not tell juries that they can find otherwise.

    A quick search at GOOGLE.COM for jury nullification shows an outrageous side of the legal system in America.


    Comment by Chris Smith -

  58. oh wait i forgot …. sad that (im gunna try)genalow will probably turn out better than the majority of pro athletes. and and BOO on ya\’ll sad everyone is making this a race thing!! hush up already..make it a man thing…admit that it was wrong and then ya\’ll let him out..i mean really. If this was about his little sister…or someone\’s daughter/mother/sister…be real..obviously gentao was being a \”preditor\” at the time and now he needs to learn to be a protector…its pretty much that easy..which kind of man are you? Is it all about you and what you want or do you think about others? and if you think Genlow wasn\’t able to figure that out back then when he was 17 and that he should have been tried as a child…take a look at that picture of him with his little sister…He knew. He knows now. Stop trying to make this about more than a dude screwed up. He screwed up…HE NEEDS TO DEAL WITH IT!! (and by that i mean…say it…i was WRONG…then ya\’ll let him out so that people who say \”Georgia profits off incarcerating young men like Genarlow\” will shut up.) end of issue…i see stupid people!!

    Comment by in ga -

  59. oh wait i forgot …. sad that (im gunna try)genalow will probably turn out better than the majority of pro athletes. and and BOO on ya\’ll sad everyone is making this a race thing!! hush up already..make it a man thing…admit that it was wrong and then ya\’ll let him out..i mean really. If this was about his little sister…or someone\’s daughter/mother/sister…be real..obviously gentao was being a \”preditor\” at the time and now he needs to learn to be a protector…its pretty much that easy..which kind of man are you? Is it all about you and what you want or do you think about others? and if you think Genlow wasn\’t able to figure that out back then when he was 17 and that he should have been tried as a child…take a look at that picture of him with his little sister…He knew. He knows now. Stop trying to make this about more than a dude screwed up. He screwed up…HE NEEDS TO DEAL WITH IT!! (and by that i mean…say it…i was WRONG…then ya\’ll let him out so they will shut up.) end of issue

    Comment by in ga -

  60. its sad…sad that gernardo is in prison…sad that he missed the end of his senior year..sad that his mother has had to go through all this..sad that there is never a mention of a father…sad that he wasn\’t remorseful and didn\’t take the plea deal…sad that he was so full of himself that he thought he could do anything…sad that he decided to have sex with a group of other guys with a girl they knew was drunk…sad that he thought so much of himself that he would let a 15 year old perform oral sex on him…sad that HE made those choices…sad that his lawyer came up with a great loop hole for future teenagers to get out of this kind of trouble but didn\’t think to ask that they apply it retroactive for her client. sad that you think georgia is some how punishing gerardo when actually the prosecuting office has said they will reduce his sentence..even though he was duly convicted..if he would just verbally accept responsibility….sad sad sad sad i can\’t remember gerardo\’s name to spell it right here….and sad that..i dont even know who you are except that i think you must be some kind of pro athlete who apparently has the same attitude germundo had prior to his (so far) two year attitude adjustment…..sad sad sad..yup that about sums it up.

    Comment by in ga -

  61. mavs jersey-

    You say you couldn\’t imagine him sounding \”less heartless\”? That means you think he was in someway merciful, or showed some \”heart\”? Are you out of your mind? Read the following excerpt, and perhaps you wish to rephrase:

    \”The position of Barker and the district attorney, McDade, who refused to comment, is that Wilson is guilty under the law and there is no room for mercy, though the facts seem to say they simply chose not to give it to Wilson. At the same time this trial was under way, a local high school teacher, a white female, was found guilty of having a sexual relationship with a student — a true case of child molestation. The teacher received 90 days. Wilson received 3,650 days.\”

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  62. I just read the espn article, it\’s hard to imagine that DA sounding less heartless than he does.

    Comment by mavs jersey -

  63. BTW, jackass, there were only 15 and a 17 year old girls involved in this case, not 13 year olds. I still can\’t figure out why you insist on throwing red herrings out there like that, except to make the \”crime\” seem worse than it is.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  64. Robert, you\’re a jackass. I guess when common sense isn\’t on your side (the two teens in this case were barely more than a year apart), you creat ad hominem hypotheticals where you basically accuse the person who DOES have common sense on their side of child molesting. Your OWN motives are transparent. Everyone sees them. You may not come right out and SAY it like some of your buddies have throughout these comments, but there\’s only two options: you\’re either too stupid to see common sense or you\’re a racist.

    Also, if this had happened, say, 3 or 4 weeks later, and the girl had turned 16, he wouldn\’t have been charged with child molestation. Explain to me how this makes any common sense.

    Lastly, you never addressed how Genarlow getting 10 years in prison for his mistake, and the girl getting–what? embarassed?–for her instigating role in it makes any common sense. They both made the same damn mistake. It just so happens that she was a few weeks shy of her 16th b-day, so she just gets embarassed for her part in it. It doesn\’t make any sense, and I think you know it. But I don\’t think you care. Which is why I\’ve been continually forced to conclude that your adamant insistence that Genarlow be imprisoned for 10 years is based on racism, not stupidity.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  65. Faye,

    First off, the Georgia Attorney General is Black

    The laws concerning the age of consent were established because

    Let me see if what you think of this \”no crime\” situation. Bailey invites over several teens (ages 13 – 16). Bailey has lots of video games, movies, the food that teenagers crave and a refrigerator stocked full of Rockstar, Sprite, Smirnoff Ice etc etc. Since there are too many kids running around, he can\’t supervise all of them so a few of these teens grab the alcohol instead of the soft drinks. One thing lead to another and another and … well you know.

    The morning after Bailey claims the kids consented because they were the instigators and besides, they were almost of age to consent and he is just 19.

    I guess there is no crime there.

    The laws across the U.S. are written slanted towards protecting the female. She certainly needs some conseling to correct her \”whorish\” behavior as you put it.

    My common sense tells me and all of my adult friends that we don\’t allow nor partake in sexual behavior with underage children. When it occurs, we counsel the youths to correct their behavior (when we have authority). If the youth continues their misbehavior, we allow the courts to ajudicate.

    Comment by Robert -

  66. Faye-

    Dan, Robert, et al don\’t give a damn about reason and common sense. They don\’t care that the video actually EXONERATED the boys on the \”rape\” charge. They don\’t care that the 15 (nearly 16) year old girl not only was willing, but instigated the oral sex. They see a black kid, refusing to plea bargain with a bunch of paternalistic, racist authority figures, and they say, \”Throw the book at him!\” In their deluded, racist minds, Genarlow DESERVES 10 years. They\’ve been shown OVER and OVER that he DOESN\’T in fact, deserve 10 years, but now they\’ve dug in their heels, and no one\’s changing there minds, common sense be damned!

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  67. Robert. Let us not forget that the girl in question on the oral charges, was not only in full consent, but was THE INSTIGATOR! There was no crime here. There is only the state of Georgia perpetuating a racist history of mistreatment of Black people.

    Even after the one sane Judge tried to free Genarlow, the white Attorney General vehemently stated that the Judge didn\’t have the power to overturn a trial decision *even* though the unjust law that put Genarlow in jail has now been CHANGED.

    And regarding the BEHAVIOR of Genarlow, and \”what if it was your daughter\”… And suggesting that Genarlow INFLUENCED her.. No drugs nor alcohol was forced upon the girl. She arrived at the party with the apparent goal of SERVICING the party goers. The \”DAUGHTER\” instigated the act. I ask *you*… If that were your daughter, why was she acting so whore-ish at such a young age? And since she too was involved, why was she not jailed along with Genarlow???

    The bottom line is that this eats away at too many age-old irritants among some white men. Sexual insecurity being one. Forcing Black people to Cow-tow to the whims of white folks being another. Genarlow (a teen as was the girl) had oral sex performed upon him. Genarlow refused to plea bargain or admit that he had committed a crime of pedophilia, which he had NOT in fact committed. He angered white men and refused to compromise (cowtow) or be pressured into accepting their assessment of himself. The issue had to do with being given a 10 year sentence for having consensual sex. At 17, Genarlow too, was a teen. Most states consider a minor under 21. A few consider the age of adulthood to be 18. Georgia decided it should be 17 so that Genarlow could be tried as an adult. Insane.

    What really reeks is that when the injustice was about to end, the EGO of a white prosecutor was bruised. So, Genarlow stays in jail. Read between the lines.

    Comment by Faye -

  68. Like Mark Cuban, someone whose independent thinking I admire, I too congratule ESPN for running its story on Genarlow Wilson. It is a rare example of ESPN truly living up to its moniker of \”World Wide Leader in Sports\”. Unfortunately, such contributions are few and far between a network that profits off black men the way Georgia profits off incarcerating young men like Genarlow. If you don\’t believe me, read:

    ESPN\’s RAP SHEET: \”Pacman as Black Man\”

    Comment by KILL BIGOTRY -

  69. The age difference between the two kids is of little meaning. Having sex with a drunk girl and later letting a 15 year old pull a train on a group of adults is a little hard for me to defend. Had they been boyfriend/girlfriend, my tune would certainly be different. Look at the circumstances, not just the age.

    Comment by Dan -

  70. You should probably get your facts straight before shooting off your mouth. There was no rape. Check it out. There wasn\’t. The \”15 year old\” was nearly 16, and one year behind Genarlow in school. They both made a stupid decision. Genarlow\’s cost him (potentially) ten years. Hers cost her being embarassed. How is that right?

    His buddies pled guilty because they were kids being intimidated by an overagressive racist prosecutor, pushing a case he never should have brought. If Genarlow had pled guilty, he would have had to register as a high risk sex offender (which he isn\’t) and would not have been allowed to live in the same house with his 8 or 9 year old little sister. Next time, before you run your stupid mouth, calling someone an \”insane jackass\” try to know what the hell you\’re talking about. You\’ll look a lot less like a racist moron if you do so.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  71. BTW, the video is what AQUITTED him, you dumbass. It doesn\’t show ANYTHING like what you claim it shows. As I said, next time try knowing what the hell you\’re talking about before spouting off next time.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  72. It is so bizarre how people make all these big statements without reading the facts. We have laws in this country to protect young girls from their own decisions when they are too stupid to be making any.

    Thats what Age of Consent and Statutory Rape are all about.
    Wilson was a jackass to videotape himself raping a 17 yr old and getting oral sex from a 15 yr old and he is paying the consequences of doing so.

    Sure, he was \”aquitted\” of rape but the video clearly shows what was going on.

    The bottom line is this: You \”young\” people might not like it – but your \”parents\” have been lobbying their senators/representatives hard to toughen the laws and sentences against those that take advantage of people under the age of 17.

    They did. They passed a law that protects them from predators as well as exploitive \”sports stars\” like Wilson that think they can run around screwing and videoing young teen girls that are not of the legal age to make such life changing decisions.

    Like another poster said, wait til you have your own 15 yr old daughter – then you can talk about how \”unjust\” his sentence is.

    Genarlow has been offered deal after deal that would get him out of prison early but his grandstanding lawyers keep advising him to turn them down.

    All of his buddies pleaded guilty to a crime they knew they committed and will be out of jail waaaay before this insane jackass.

    Genarlow and his lawyers all will get what they deserve.

    What bothers me is how you people think there is some vendetta or conspiracy going on. There isnt. We live by the letter of the law. Like we have all heard many times \”dont do the crime if you cant do the time\”. Period.

    Comment by Atlanta Guy -

  73. So you\’re still insisting that because he was a little more than a year older than her, that he was an \”adult\” (at 17, mind you), and she was a child (at nearly 16)? Are you people serious? Are you really this ignorant, or is this some elaborate bit you\’re all running for your own fun and amusement. Because if it\’s not, you\’re all quite possibly the least intelligent life forms I\’ve ever dealt with on the internet. And that\’s saying something.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  74. Robert-

    You\’re a jackass. You are defeated by common sense, so you start making wild accusations about those who proved you to be the ignorant racist fool you are. You DO realize that when you accuse someone of what you just accused me of, you CAN be sued, right? Additionally, you further display your racism–and your ignorance in your post. The girl was mere weeks away from her 16th birthday, and Genarlow was only 17–not a grown man.

    You seem obsessed with making this case into an actual case of child molestation. It was not. It was two willing teens, who were less than two years apart in age, having sex with each other. Stupid? Yes–it was a bad decision for BOTH of them. Worthy of ANY jail time? No.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  75. Hey Bailey,

    How\’s that new 13 year-old girlfriend?

    What? Her father won\’t let her see you?

    Don\’t worry. There are plenty more \’consenting\’ teenagers at the school playground. Just hang out at the city swimming pool this summer.

    Comment by Robert -

  76. Welcome, Geoffrey. You\’ll fit right in with Robert and the other racists.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  77. Leave the Thug in Jail. Lets Put Jesse Jackson in there with him. Rape Assult Jessie Jackson @ Genarlow Wilson sitting in a tree laughing all the way to Jail they turn and look at each other and say WHAT WE DO WRONG. Put A white man in Genarlow Wilson would all these so called big black leaders jump to rescue a white man HELL NO. Watch the video and judge it yourself. Jessie Jackson are you blind. Jessie How many kids do you have in this country I quit counting after 18. Maybe Genarlow Wilson is one of Jessie\’s kids. Like Father Like Son. Draw your own picture. THUG THUG !!

    Comment by Geoffrey Craik -

  78. I am a little late giving a comment, but then again I\’m not, seeing that this issue is still unresolved and has become more heated over the past several weeks. Justice (just us) is what comes to mind. I live in Atlanta and to my knowledge this makes the second time a young Black man with loads of potential has been set to ruin! The first time the law was used was with another young Black man in the Douglasville area, which is within the metro Atlanta area, after having consentual sex with a white female. He served 1 1/2 years. Rev. Jesse Jackson got involed with this case. For Genarlow, Al Sharpton has been very vocal.

    We are marching on July 14th in protest. These unjust slaughters of our young Black men can\’t continue. It stops here!

    Comment by veka -

  79. I am impressed with this case. How can Justice put a teen at prison just for being a normal kid? How can Justice put a teen\’s life in the trash like that? How will he be psicologically strong enough after that? What kind of trauma will he carry for the rest of his life? Is the judge, the lawyers and politics really innocent? Did they not ever have oral sex in their lives before? Hypocrisy, that is! Who can throw the first stone? What about put efforts, time and money on chasing real criminals? I am offended. I have a son, and I can feel Wilson\’s mother pain inside my heart!

    Comment by Janete -

  80. I\’ve attached an updated story to my comments. Something really needs to be done about this. There is no way a teenager (because that\’s what he was) should be looking at 10 years in prison for having sex — consensual nonetheless — with another teenager. Come on Georgia. This case, if anything, screams racism. SAD!

    ATLANTA (AP) A man who had consensual sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 17 is not eligible for bail while appealing his 10-year prison sentence, a judge ruled Wednesday.
    The ruling is likely to mean that 21-year-old Genarlow Wilson will remain behind bars for several more months at least.
    In Wednesday\’s ruling, Douglas County Superior Court Judge David Emerson said Wilson\’s conviction for one of the so-called seven deadly sins, under Georgia law, makes him ineligible for bail. He canceled a hearing that had been scheduled for July 5.
    The Georgia Supreme Court is not set to hear his appeal of his term for aggravated child molestation until October. The justices, without explanation, denied a motion by state Attorney General Thurbert Baker to expedite the appeal.
    Wilson has served more than 28 months of his 10-year mandatory sentence for receiving oral sex at a 2003 New Year\’s Eve Party. The law has since been changed by Georgia lawmakers, but the state\’s top court said the new law could not be applied retroactively.
    A Monroe County judge earlier this month called Wilson\’s sentence \”a grave miscarriage of justice\” and ordered his release, but Baker\’s office appealed, saying that judge overstepped his authority. Baker argued that the ruling could result in the release of some 1,300 child molesters from Georgia\’s jails.
    Wilson\’s lawyer, B.J. Bernstein, did not immediately return a call seeking comment Wednesday. Neither did Douglas County District Attorney David McDade, whose office convicted Wilson.
    Earlier this week, prominent New York City investment manager Whitney Tilson and 10 others volunteered to provide $1 million bail money for Wilson.

    Comment by Tom -

  81. I live in Canada, and am I ever glad I don\’t live in the land of the free!
    I mean, where are you people anyway when it comes to the present day world,especially when it comes to nature, and sex!
    We had a prime minister who said;
    \”The government has no business in the nations bed-rooms\”
    (Prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.)
    He was absolutely right.
    Of course, your governments,Federal, and State, have a habit of sticking their noses in everybody else\’s business, don\’t they?
    You have some of the most archaic, antiquated, dictatorial laws in the world, almost on the same plane as the so -called muslim extremist.It was consensual! End of story.
    Our age of consent ,I believe, is 14.

    Comment by Denis -

  82. I guess 90% of the young men involved with varsity sports, particularly football, needs to go to jail now. I deserve a life sentence apparently.

    All of this while the child molester two doors down from us does 90 days for grabbing the butt of the 3 year old who lives in the neighborhood, my drunk a$$ uncle who is out on bail and looking at NO JAIL TIME for his 4th DUI, and my brother-in-law who did 45 days for over 30K in credit card fraud…

    No wonder the rest of the world laughs and mocks us…we are a joke!

    Comment by Chris -

  83. I am a resident of Douglas county, and I currently reside in Douglasville Ga. I happen to know Genarlow\’s mom, her daughter and my neice goes to the same private school.
    All I can say is that through all of this, she has been very strong, and I have to commend her and Attorney Bernstein for there continued fight to free this young man who was basically thrown in the system by Georgia\’s rediculous, hidious outdated laws. Genarlow was no different from any other teenager\’s experimenting with sex. No once forced this 15 year old to do anything. She willingly gave him oral sex. Please someone tell me how is that a crime? She had a choice! she choose the wrong one. Now not only is Genarlow paying, but 5 other young men are. Douglas county still has it\’s racism, they still have skinheads and people who walk around with T-shirts and bumper stickers saying\” I am proud to be a redneck\”. If it was one of them, we wouldn\’t be having this conversation, because they wouldn\’t be locked up. To Therbert Baker, and all The Douglas county big wigs, congress man and woman. Change needs to happend and it needs to happen NOW!! Or come election time, there will be BIGG! changes!!! Genarlow is schedule for a bail hearing July 5th at the Douglas county court house awaiting his appeal. Lets fight to help Genarlow Wilson get out. He has paid for what has happen!!!!!!!

    Comment by Yvette Thomas -

  84. Robert-

    That you would have the audacity to claim that putting a 17 year old boy in jail for having sex with a 15 year old girl is based on \”logic\” is quite humorous. You have shown yourself again and again to care NOTHING for what is ACTUALLY logical. You only care for punishing a 17 year old boy for having sex with a willing 15 (and almost 16) year old girl. You refuse to apply any common sense to the case.

    Come to think of it, you fit right in with the racist idiots that are currently doing their best to ruin this kid\’s life.

    Never mind. Carry on.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  85. superlyd,

    Are you afraid to use your name.
    Name me one case where Genarlow\’s white counterparts have gotten away with the same \”crime\” with a slap on the wrist.


    I suppose I am old and out of touch with reality. I live in Georgia and can not remember ever seeing this Vidoe Tape. Is it posted on myspace or utube. I was not a member of the jury, where you? I these fine outstanding Americans are not guilty why are they not appealing their convictions? Like it or not The Law was broken and he was caught and convicted. If we have a problem with a law, we petition our elected officals to change the law. The state supreme court upheld the conviction. We are a country governed by Laws and we do not need Judges Legislating from the bench. The Judge that throughout the conviction lacked the authority to do so. If the law is wrong fight to change it, do not set the guilty free.


    Comment by Danny -

  86. I just saw this on CNN…and i think its unjust for this to be going on, he was a bright and talented student, and we can not say he made a mistake…he did nothing wrong, it was concentual and had he known what he was doing was wrong I dont think he would basically hang himself so to speak in the matter, this is an outrage and is ridiculous beyond compare. I hope they do let him go..i mean look right now, Paris Hilton drunk driving how many actors, singers actresses drink and drive..and are out on the street now…when they could do worse in killing someone, and after 3-4 days in jail she is out, this is not right! Americas view are all FCUKed up. Laws are meant to be protected, but in this case Gernarlow needs to be protected also. And at this moment he needs to be out with him family, not in the prison system wasting away his life for somthing that was conented by the both of them.

    My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

    Comment by Nena -

  87. This is just outrageous and stupid. Ruining a kids life because some old prudes (legislators, judges and prosecutors) can\’t conceive the idea that kids are having sex.

    Comment by jm4847 -

  88. Chanda,

    Your response is really rich and conflicted.

    If, at age 14, Genarlow borrowed his mothers car and drove around all night long every Friday night picking up his friends and just driving around. No alcohol, no drugs, no sex and thankfully, no accidents. Just driving underage. He explains to his mother that cool people drive around with their friends just like on TV. Does his mother just say Dont do that again! without any further punishment? Then he does it again the next Friday night. This continues for a year until one Friday, the Police pull him over. Since he is driving underage, the police impound the car and take Genarlow in to custody. His mother then comes in, pays the fines and takes Genarlow home. A month later, he does it again and this time he drives into a parked car and causes some significant damage. What is appropriate punishment? As an underage and unlicensed drive, he had no insurance and yet his actions caused harm to someone else (in this case just property).

    Genarlow chose to take actions that harmed himself and could harm others. He was caught. (The 17-year old girl called her mother claiming she was raped. ESPN reported that several jury members wanted to convict him of rape but agreed to vote against the rape conviction in favor of the child molestation charge for which Genarlow was convicted).

    In direct response to your points Chanda, He was a 17 yr old child with a 15 yr old child. She was in the 10th grade – 3 wks shy of her 16th birthday. They were peers. The age of consent in Georgia at the time of this event was 16. Look up what consent means.

    Genarlow has admitted that his actions that night were wrong. He NEVER stated that his actions were ok. He was drinking and smoking weed so his judgement along with the others was impaired. He is not prideful or arrogant. He is standing up for his rights. And he has the right to do so – this is still America. Talk to a lawyer about a woman giving consent when she is impaired by alcohol and drugs. I did not see this part of the video but I read where Genarlow and another boy undressed the 17-year old while she was passed out. My lawyer friends tell me that these actions constitute rape. What right does he have to do that?

    Chanda, I suggest that you read your last two paragraphs. Was Genarlow crying out for help? Or was he choosing a lifestyle? Genarlow was sexually active since age 14. He drank alcohol. He smoked dope. As you state above Genarlow has admitted that his actions that night were wrong, yet he continued to engage in those activities. He had a lot of potential to do a lot with his life. HE chose to throw that away in pursuit of an early adulthood. HE risked losing his ticket to college by his own actions.

    Do I expect a 17-year old to have the wisdom of a 30-year old? Of course not. I do expect him to learn from his mistakes and stop making those same mistakes. The adults in his life let him down by not correcting his behavior before it escalated to this. The same as the car-driving story, eventually, he caused an accident.

    If Genarlow was crying for help and guidance, he either did not learn or did not care.

    Bailey, try enrolling in anger management counseling. You are just a bully which is someone who resorts to name calling and profanities when he cant win an argument based on facts and logic. Better yet. Go get some rock and some meth and and a bottle of something and hang out at the food court at the mall.

    Comment by Robert -

  89. The main problem with this case has to do with racism…it was said that Genarlow\’s white counterparts have gotten away with the same \”crime\” with a slap on the wrist.

    Comment by superlyd -

  90. Danny,

    Lets not forget there was a videotape and honestly that videotape is whats saving this young man from doing a lot more time in prison. I know about the 17 year old girl who alledged rape and after the video was viewed he was aquitted of it. I guarantee if he commited this rape it would be very obvious on the video and he wouldnt have a leg to stand on. I dont know how old you are or where you are located but I am 22 and i live in Georgia so I was in highschool not to long ago and sorry to surprise you but the all the young ladies of today are not as pure as you think. Females can be just as aggressive if not more aggressive in certain cases so before you assume that this boy influenced them to do anything we need to remember they knew where they were going and who would be there. Im pretty sure they didnt tell there parents they were going to the motel to hang out with some boys from the football team so they are not innocent either. Once, again lets not forget there was a videotape and the only thing the prosecution could convict him was for recieving oral sex from a minor that should tell you alot about what was on that videotape. Its common sense. You spoke of the 5 men who took the plea deal and Wilson decided not to and decided to fight the charge and he beat it with a videotape. Videotape eveidence is the strongest evidence possible because there is no need to wonder about what happened you can look for yourself. So, those young boys who jumped the gun and took the plea should have fought the charge and maybe they wouldnt be in jail for having sex with a classmate. These girls willingliy took part in the sex act and just because one regrets what she does after the fact (possibly due to fear her freinds and family might see the tape)doesnt mean anyone should go to jail. Once again, i just graduated highschool a few years ago and it was a very common thing for these puer all american girls to engage in sex with multiple classmates males and females alike and it was also common knowledge to everyone in the school. Matter of fact the blond haired blue eyed, all american, syudent council president and head cheerleader at my highschool willingliy had sex with the quarterback,a linebacker, and a star basketball player at the same time and this was well known at the school. So, Danny you never know some girls just like it like that.

    Comment by Chris -

  91. So, let me get this straight….because he had \”oral\” sex, he went to jail, but if it has been \”missionary\” he would not be serviing time. Does this prosecutor not have more important cases to attend to, especially, since there was no evidence for a rape conviction. Even after the girl cried rape, the tape offered no proof. The law here was obviously applied incorrectly and at the prosecutor\’s discretion not to mention that jury fell for it hook, line and sinker. Those teens were willing participants who were stupid to video tape the party. Plus, they could have found other ways to celebrate their accomplishements. One male teen who had sex with a female classmate on the schools grounds, found himself in the same predicament and was vindicated. I suspect, this young male will be exhonerated also.

    Comment by NatureGirl in Georgia -

  92. Chanda,

    Your comments were great.
    Are you sure you have the facts straight.
    I worry less about what I have taught my daughter and more about what society has taught us about justice. 6 boys can rape a 17 year old girl. Yes I said rape and 17 I never mentioned anything he did with the 15 year old, so lose your assault and save it for your friends. Justice in this case was served, he was acquitted of the rape charge that is a fact. I guess the video taping child porn charges do not apply. They say justice is blind and I must agree. In this case it is not only blind, but stupid. The DA dropped the ball and should have gotten a rape conviction. Rape is serious and if we are teaching this generation it is OK to gang bang a girl we are wrong. So my question to you Chanda is what punishment should we give rapist? It is quite obvious that you have bought hook line and sinker the story you have read in the media and these boys have bought the message the Hip-Hop generation has sold them. What next? This is not an angel, this is a sexual predator.
    Why is this predator being held up as a hero…?
    Why has race been brought into this case?
    Why did the DA not get a rape conviction?
    Why do you want this predator free so bad?

    Happy Father\’s Day to All


    Comment by Danny -

  93. Specifically to Peter Ross, Robert, & Danny:

    Please get your facts straight.

    1- Those boys did not give illegal drugs or alcohol to those girls. They choose to drink and get high. The 15 yr old initiated the oral sex with the boys. Both girls went to the motel room on their own – they weren\’t kidnappped or held hostage. Why were they in a motel room with 6 boys in the first place?

    2 – He was a 17 yr old child with a 15 yr old child. She was in the 10th grade – 3 wks shy of her 16th birthday. They were peers.

    3 – Genarlow has admitted that his actions that night were wrong. He NEVER stated that his actions were ok. He was drinking and smoking weed so his judgement along with the others was impaired. He is not prideful or arrogant. He is standing up for his rights. And he has the right to do so – this is still America.

    4 – One of the relatives of the boys who took a deal instead of going to trial stated that the DA intimidated the other boys into take a deal. Some signed plea agreements w/o the knowledge of their parents. They were scared – remember they were children.

    5 – Are you a lawyer? Did you see the details of the plea agreement that was offered? U see that\’s why you get an attorney so they can advise to whether the deal u are being offered is fair, makes sense, and to ensure that there is not an ambigous clause to ensare u. Would u sign a contract w/o reading the fine print or depending on the complexity – ask an attorney to read it over. And only 1 of the boys is out of prison.

    5 – And your daughters are not always so innocent. You worried about your daughters – talk to them about sex and help increase their self-esteem so that they don\’t think that they have to have sex and get drunk to have a good time. Tell them not to go to a motel with a group of boys. I hate to inform you but girls now pursue the boys and ask them for sex. Don\’t be so naive in thinking that your child is innocent. Be aware of what teens are doing.

    Instead of assuming things about Genarlow or this case, do your research before u post a bunch of lies. To those of us who actually researched this case to find out the facts, u sound very ignorant.

    We cannot jail our children for making mistakes like having sex, drinking, etc. We need to educate and mentor them. Sex, drinking, & drug use is constantly on the tv, in music, and on the internet. Why are u so surprised when our youth are influenced by it? It breaks my heart that we are willing to throw our kids away b/c they mess up. Genarlow allowed a girl to give him oral sex – he didn\’t rape or kill anyone. So stop calling him names. Our society is so freaking judgemental and unforgiving that it makes me sick! And watch what u say about these boys b/c u don\’t know what your own kids are doing or will do. That\’s why so many kids don\’t talk to their parents about what is really going on in their life. Because they know that u will judge them and yell at them. U don\’t allow them to make mistakes and learn from them. And u expect a 17 yr old to have the judgement and wisdom of a 30 yr old???

    Our youth are getting more and more lost. School shootings, having sex early, drinking, drugs, 12 yr olds getting pregnant, etc. And adults want to condemn them just like you\’re doing to Genarlow instead of asking why are they lost and what can we do to help them find their way back. Or are u so caught up in your own world that you can\’t hear their cry for help and guidance.

    Comment by Chanda -

  94. This is my last time blessing you with my thoughts…for youth and adults alike…parents help me on this…hotels/motels, right? They come equipped with a bed, TV and shower…and we know it, how about we tell our kids this important information so there\’s no confusion in the future…anytime anyone is asked to visit a hotel/motel, know what to expect. It\’s common and uncommon since…at 8 years old, nobody could convince me to step foot in one, there\’s nothing amusing about them…they are for business travelers, people on vacation, people needing a break from home, and FUCKING!!! It\’s human knowledge. Anytime somebody invites you to a hotel, you know what\’s going down.
    STOP MAKING EXCUSES…adults, always think they know everything…LET GENARLOW FREE!! I think he\’s done using his pee-pee!

    Comment by Dametris -

  95. Oh! By the way, for all of those on this blog who say, it is the law, and he should have kept his pants up…IT GOES BOTH WAYS!!
    If only he had penetrated the girl, he wouldn\’t be in jail, hell. Partents, teach your daughters how to JUST SAY NO!!

    You know people over 45 have a different mindset…you all are a generation away from public hanging, and 2-3 away from cotton picking…if you\’d own up to your own mistakes, and stop condeming the youth, kids might learn something…And who are these law makers?

    Comment by DontBeNoFool -

  96. Following this story has made me ill…it has shown me another side of prosecutors, and their ability to incriminate ANYONE, for ANYTHING. I know those responsible for Genarlows imprisonment have to associate this case with their lives at home, with their kids, and friends of their kids, but with this on their concious and for what today is a misdemeanor, I just know it must be hard to sleep at night. Karma is a silent creeper…

    Comment by Dametris -

  97. Is he THE victim ? NO . Is he a victim? Heck YES!! Did he rape anyone? The courts say \”NO\”. He was found NOT guilty of rape. Did he act in a bad manner? YES. Does he deserve 10 years? NO But he does deserve to be punished for his actions and so do the other \”victims\”.

    Comment by live2well -

  98. Is he the victim? Or have we forgotten the the gang of 6 raped another girl who intoxicated at the party. 5 of the 6 took a plea deal to lower their jail time. Is he Truely sorry or sorry he get caught. I don\’t have the trial transcripts, but understand this case is not as cut and dry as it sounds. The victim in this travisty of justice is the girl raped by the honor student. When he gets out of jail have hi give me a call.
    This is exactly the kind of upstanding young man I want to date my 16yr old daughter.


    Comment by Danny -

  99. I certainly agree that the punishment was harsh pretty much beyond reason, but the fact remains that he used judgement altering substances to get her to do what she did. And had it videotaped to boot. Don\’t excuse what he did just because the justice system failed. I\’ve read on other blogs that he\’s a \’good kid\’ is just a victim. That\’s crap. He may not deserve to be in jail, but he\’s still just another bastard kid. Don\’t even think this was an isolated incident. You can bet that he\’s done it before and would have done it again if not for being behind bars. What he did was just a lead-in for something worse. What if the girl hadn\’t been willing? Would she have been allowed to say no? Go ahead and flame me for my comments, but, as a father of two girls myself, its hard to focus on his \’goodness\’.

    Comment by EB -

  100. 10 years and a life time tag as a sex offender is too excessive for this crime, period. Did all the young folks in that Motel room do something wrong? Heck YES!! Should all of them reap the consequences? Heck YES!!

    I have read all the post in this blog, and all seem to have valid points.

    Fact as I have read and seen:
    1)MINORS acquired a Motel Room
    2)MINORS acquired Alcohol and drugs
    3)MINORS chose to USE the drugs and Alcohol
    4)MINORS chose to go to this Motel
    5)The MINORS consented verbally and physically
    6)The Girls Parents chose NOT to have Master Wilson prosecuted
    but the DA continued with the case.
    7)Master Wilson had no criminal past.
    8)Master Wilson was a MINOR ALSO.
    9)Master Wilson chose not to take a plea which would have given him 5 years and NO life time Tag.
    10)THE DA says the sex was consensual yet continued to prosecute.
    11)The Jury was instructed by the JUDGE to rule based on the LETTER of the law not the SPIRIT of the law.
    12)A MINOR (Master Wilson) was convicted of CHILD MOLESTATION.
    13)Master Wilson has served 28 months and now has become MR. Wilson.
    14)An impartial Judge has voided the sentencing
    15)DA appeals
    16)Mr. Wilson remains in JAIL.

    I guess my point is that there was an injustice here. Were there crimes committed? Heck YES!! But lets not forget all the crimes that were committed leading to this \”series of unfortunate event\”.

    Lets also not loose sight that Master Wilson was ALSO a MINOR.

    Comment by live2well -

  101. Mark,

    I understand that you play golf with O.J. Simpson on a weekly basis. Just because someone is acquitted a crime, doesn\’t mean he didn\’t do it. A seventeen year old girl was drugged and gang raped by the Douglasville 6. 5 of the six are doing jail time for the crime. While awaiting trail one of the six committed another sexual assault. Go team!!!! Is the sentence for this fine outstanding model citizen to harsh? Well if this was my daughter this happened to would you feel the same compassion for me at my trial. Georgia will this you.

    Danny from Georgia

    Comment by Danny -

  102. Well

    Nobody seems to be appauled by the fact that he gave Illegal drugs and alcohol to a minor…And then he and his group of friends all videotaped a gang bang of this 15 year old girl.

    This kid was given an out by the prosecutors..All the other boys in the case are out of prison… the prosecutor gave this young man a chance to admit his guilt in exchange for leniency and a sentence that would not result in him being a sex offender…He would serve minimal time for his reckless acts…

    He refused stating that he did nothing wrong…Anyone that has a little girl and saw older boys feed her liquor and drugs and then gang bang her and videotape it..Would not think no crime was committed.

    Everyone deserves to get a second chance and a chance at forgiveness..But part of that is owning up to your mistakes…This young man and his mother seem to think he did nothing wrong…That he is free from sin and there was some other reason for his persecution other than that of justice..

    They are wrong.

    10 years in Jail is excessive..But this kid broke a handful of laws..He was given multiple opportunities for leniency. His pride and arrogance are the reasons he is still behind bars. This is where he belongs…Part of forgiveness and a second chance is admitting to past mistakes…. Which no reporter seems to be talking about…

    Under age pornography is a felony…Distributing alcohol to a minor is a crime…Using drugs is a crime..Distributing narcotics is a crime…

    This kid did plenty wrong…I for one am glad he is in jail…Maybe in the future other groups of 17 year old kids will not get together and say..\”hey lets go get some 15 year olds drunk and stoned so we can make gangbang them while they are intoxicated and vulnerable and make pornos of the whole thing.

    Comment by Peter Ross -

  103. This is the link to the Attorney General\’s office in GA. Go there also and leave your opinion,

    Comment by Burd Man -

  104. Peter Ross-

    This kid \”broke\” \”laws\” that made no sense then, and have since been thrown out. He had consensual sex with a girl in his school, who was two years younger than him. For that he gets 10 years, and racists like you and Robert get your rocks off.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  105. I just have a few wird points on this.

    1. If he had done this today it would be a misdemeanor and no registration as a sex offender would be required.

    2. He was 17 and she was 15. Therefore unable to legally give consent. AOC in GA is 16. Now if she were 16, he could have been 47 and it would have been okay.. Thats some Bull!!

    3. The same week this verdict was handed down a White teacher got 9 months for having sex with a minor student.

    My advice to all: This whole case is screwed up but Dont do anything in front of a camera that you wouldn\’t want your mothers or daughters to watch.

    Free Genarlow!!!

    Comment by MrKittyKilla138 -

  106. Mark, don\’t let this young man down…….please keep up the fight until he is released !

    Comment by Ann Hightower -

  107. My contribution to the debate on this excruciating case comes late in the day, and from Europe, so is probably of no use save to stress that not every miscarriage that happens in the name of American justice goes unnoticed elsewhere. And, as I say in my posting at , this is not some kneejerk anti-US view. I would be every bit as horrified if it had happened in the UK of my birth, the France of my residence or anywhere else. But we – the West – cannot begin to sound serious when lecturing less developed areas of the world on their approach to penal matters until we get our own houses in order.

    Comment by Colin Randall -

  108. Well

    Nobody seems to be appauled by the fact that he gave Illegal drugs and alcohol to a minor…And then he and his group of friends all videotaped a gang bang of this 15 year old girl.

    This kid was given an out by the prosecutors..All the other boys in the case are out of prison… the prosecutor gave this young man a chance to admit his guilt in exchange for leniency and a sentence that would not result in him being a sex offender…He would serve minimal time for his reckless acts…

    He refused stating that he did nothing wrong…Anyone that has a little girl and saw older boys feed her liquor and drugs and then gang bang her and videotape it..Would not think no crime was committed.

    Everyone deserves to get a second chance and a chance at forgiveness..But part of that is owning up to your mistakes…This young man and his mother seem to think he did nothing wrong…That he is free from sin and there was some other reason for his persecution other than that of justice..

    They are wrong.

    10 years in Jail is excessive..But this kid broke a handful of laws..He was given multiple opportunities for leniency. His pride and arrogance are the reasons he is still behind bars. This is where he belongs…Part of forgiveness and a second chance is admitting to past mistakes…. Which no reporter seems to be talking about…

    Under age pornography is a felony…Distributing alcohol to a minor is a crime…Using drugs is a crime..Distributing narcotics is a crime…

    This kid did plenty wrong…I for one am glad he is in jail…Maybe in the future other groups of 17 year old kids will not get together and say..\”hey lets go get some 15 year olds drunk and stoned so we can make gangbang them while they are intoxicated and vulnerable and make pornos of the whole thing.

    Comment by Peter Ross -

    Tell a friends

    Comment by sayyourword -

  110. At times… i\’m just glad our system works. keep it in your pants

    Comment by Elise Miller -

  111. Hi, I am back. I meant to say as a black woman raising a black son, in this white society it can be very scary. White police in NYC constantly harrass young black men. They stoped my son and asked him why did he have on a pea coat??? He works full time and goes to college, but that is not good enough. Also, the South is very hard on black men. Free Genarlow, its time. He has paid his debt.

    Comment by Rise\\\\\\\' -

  112. Hi,
    I went and signed the petition a couple of months ago when I read about it on your blog. I have a 19yr old son and 8yr old daughter, I am a Black woman and know that teens will be teens. He is still a minor and this young mans future is being ruined because of outdated laws and racism. I read in the paper in NY today the judge said to release him but the DA, I believe is appealing so this young man has to stay in jail. My heart goes out to his family. Thank you for supporting him and please help do whatever to have him released. My prayers are with his family.

    Comment by Rise\' -

  113. Hi,
    I went and signed the petition a couple of months ago when I read about it on your blog. I have a 19yr old son and 8yr old daughter, I am a Black woman and know that teens will be teens. He is still a minor and this young mans future is being ruined because of outdated laws and racism. I read in the paper in NY today the judge said to release him but the DA, I believe is appealing so this young man has to stay in jail. My heart goes out to his family. Thank you for supporting him and please help do whatever to have him released. My prayers are with his family.

    Comment by Rise\' -

  114. You should just shut the hell up Robert. You sound more and more like the ignorant racist jackass every time you post. By your logic, 6-year-old boys who play \”Doctor\” with 4-year-old girls should be prosecuted for child molestation, and should be thrown in jail as a child molestor.

    BTW, what if it had been a 17 year old girl having consensual sex with a 15 year old boy? Should she (and WOULD she) be in jail for 10 years? Are you really this ignorant? Or is it just an act you put on to be an ignorant racist bastard?

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  115. Consent

    Desi, et al. Please look up the definition of consent. Ask your friends what consent means. Ask your local DA, Public Defender or a lawyer what consent means.

    I think you will find that 15 year olds CANNOT consent. I think you will also find that those in impaired judgement cannot consent in many circumstances.

    But it looks as though Genarlow will soon be released. It will be interesting to see if he learned anything or if he will committ the same acts again. As an adult, the consequences will be worse for both Genarlow and any victims.

    Perhaps, once released, he can play pro sports. There will be plenty of roster spots in the UFL. Of course that is only if character doesn\’t matter and the league waives any drug tests.

    Comment by Robert -

  116. I am very relieved here that this young man has been released from serving his 10 year sentence. I should hope that the Attorney General of Georgia does not file an appeal and send this young man back to prison again. I think they all have been through enough and have so much lost time that can\’t be regained. For the Judge and Defense Attorney, I have the utmost respect for them all. This was a young man with a bright futre ahead of him, and I have been following this case since the start. My blessings to this family that they can move on and that this young man can continue his education. God Bless them all.

    Comment by L. H. -


    \”A US judge in Georgia has overturned a ruling in which a 17-year-old man was imprisoned for 10 years for having consensual oral sex with a teenager.

    Genarlow Wilson, now 21, was jailed in 2005 for aggravated child molestation after he was videotaped engaging in the act with a 15-year-old girl.\”

    Comment by dan k -

  118. Hi I too was outraged when I heard about this case so I looked it up to learn more about it, all the apologists forget to mention some of the details of this case
    1 a young girl aged 17 calls her mother to say that she was gang raped at a party
    2 The mother calls the police who raid the house
    3 The police find a video of the allaged rape and the oral sex
    4 IT IS CLEAR IN THE TAPE that the 17 year old was in no condition to consent in fact in one clip Wilson asks his friend to help him undress the 17 year old girl
    5 Later he has oral sex with a child

    Somehow the jury did not find him guilty of rape, however it found him guilty of child abuse
    Some people seem to be saying that the child consented, children cannot consent to sex it\’s against the law in every State not just Georgia

    Comment by Liam N -

  119. I am outraged by this injustice to Genarlow Wilson. I am concerned that we have such arrogant prosecutors such as the one who prosecuted this case. This man or woman exercised absolutely no judgment and I find it hard to believe this individual really believes a \”crime\” was committed. Imagine if this prosecutor actually had some noble causes to prosecute. What was the matter with the jury in Georgia? They are supposed to be watchmen and judge the law and send the innocent home and throw the frivilous cases out. Would they have condemned and branded their own children for such a thing? Commit murder and get 3 months, maybe; commit or accept oral sex and get 10 years hard time for sure. Are our prisons not full enough of innocent and non-violent offenders? Why are the people with gun and violence records as long as your arm allowed to continually be running around loose in society constantly perpetrating their violence on citizen?. I think we better face facts; we have to shut down all middle and high schools in this country and use them to imprison all those little criminals out there having oral sex. Then, when they get out we\’ll see how productive they can really be in society. Let\’s just take all the promising students and condemn them, imprison them and deny them the chance to go to college and be a real contributing member of society.(I say all this facetiously, of course) It\’s time to use some common sense, exercise good sound judgment and stop such injustices as this from occurring in the first place. In the end I say this is a tragic injustice and Genarlow Wilson deserves to be compensated for the lost opportunity to become educated and live a good productive life, which he most surely would have had done. I signed the petition to release him and I hope millions more will sign. This could happen to any of us or to someone we love. STOP the MADNESS!

    Comment by Cindy Long -

  120. Anyone can donate money to Genarlow\’s defense (and college) fund. Just Google \”Genarlow Wilson\” and his webpage will come up. There\’s no better way to help, imho.

    After all, unlike Miss Paris Hilton, Genarlow can\’t afford an all-expenses-paid legal fund.

    Comment by Reni Gaddy -

  121. Thanks for the post Mark. This is so freaking unfair for Genarlow and this poor kid deserves to be free!

    Comment by Dog -

  122. For those of you who haven\’t heard yet.

    Comment by Michelle -

  123. This is shocking. Man, me and my boys would be serving a life sentence had we went to high school in GA and this crazy law was in effect

    Comment by Nathanial Portis -

  124. A judge today rescinded Genarlow Wilson\’s prison sentence. Instead of being freed today, and being embraced by family, the state of Georgia decided it was best to appeal the judge\’s decision. The appeal process will keep Genarlow in jail unless his lawyers can free him on bond.

    I personally do not understand the Attorney General of Georgia\’s motivation for an appeal. The archaic law that had Mr. Wilson locked up in the first place made Georgia seem ridiculous. I guess the Attorney General is trying to save face by keeping an innocent man locked up longer. I use the term innocent not in relation to US law, but in the spirit of human nature. The act he was imprisoned for was neither mean spirited nor violent nor did it cause any party harm. All I can say is good riddence to the Attorney General and good luck to Mr. Wilson.

    A Decent Person

    Comment by Dave Scher -

  125. Well, good news – he\’s out

    Comment by Arthur -

  126. Apparently the Georgia AG wants to keep Mr. Wilson in jail and doesn\’t feel like he has been punished enough. Maybe the Georgia AG wants to go hang out with Mike Nifong this week at his ethics hearing in Durham.

    Comment by JB -

  127. This is just crazy, but again our country is just that CRAZY, we go to war for no reason and we imprison our citizens for crimes that are just purely ridiculous. All to make a name for ourselves, the law makers and procecutors in GA should be appalled..God will definitely judge each and everyone of those hyprocites…

    Comment by Robert Coley -

  128. The judge threw out Genarlow Wilson\’s previous sentence and amended it to misdemeanor aggravated child molestation with a 12-month sentence, plus credit for time served. Under the new ruling, he will not be required to register as a sex offender.

    You won Mark.

    Comment by Stephen -

  129. Breaking news – A judge has just voided the sentence for Genarlow and given him a 12 month misdemeanor sentence with credit for time served. Link to the AP story:;_ylt=AluF8m3pCb_pzosazS_AaQcDW7oF

    Comment by Greg Tuck -

  130. This is ridiculous even our ex-president is guilty of this crime..unbelievable to slap a child with 10 years when it is something done everyday by even the highest up there. Not saying that it is right but hey…how about the young lady she was willing ..her parents should have had her on a leash and not running around going into a motel room where everyone knows leads to that and then some. She should be charged too it\’s only fair, she was not such a child when she chose willingly to go to that motel room. God Bless Genarlow and his family hang in there we are praying for you!

    Comment by Desi -

  131. He\’s a young black man in the south. It makes me wonder about the ethnicity of the young girl caught on video. Was she white? Does it matter? Every \”cool\” high schooler on earth wishes to partake in such an act, or something similar. No, it doesn\’t make it right. But I\’d be doing a life sentence in Georgia right now for all my high school indescretions. The prosecutor is calling it rape! Why do we hate each other so much in this culture? If this man is sentenced according to law and serves his time in prison, when he comes out he will be a different man, hardened and embittered, he will be made into the deviant stereotype that so many people assume is the natural state of minority males.

    Comment by alexander the great -

  132. To the morons and racists. Stop calling the girls victims or young ladies! You\’re just jealous of Genarlow because no girl would ever go down on you.

    Comment by Dachingon -

  133. I will boycott everything that has to do with Georgia until he is free. Many of us have done this or wish that we had. Imagine if you would have been sent to jail. C\’mon white people.

    Comment by Dachingon -

  134. I think what happend to him is really messed up. We all were in H.S. once and this kind of things happens at parties. For the female in this situation I think it is horrable that she has not come forward and told her part of the story. An inocent student is in prison because of one party. Genarlow, you and your family are in my prayers. I know how the family feels because my brother has been in prison for 3 years now on some bogus charges that should have been dropped as well. I will continue to pray for the family in hopes that God works everything out in this situation. I think that all the charges should be droped in this case and let him go.

    Comment by Ladybug in FL -

  135. I am outraged by the lack of media coverage regarding this tragedy. This is something akin to the nazi\’s saying to a Jew, \”Well, it\’s the law that you can\’t own your own business so here\’s a gas chamber\”. Our legal system needs a massive overhaul to eliminate these senseless mores which have been codified into law.

    Comment by Aaron -

  136. This is a real travesty of justice. One thing that is missing is how the parents of the young lady are reacting to what has happened. Are they happpy he\’s in jail? Are they sympathetic to the cause of the mother? Another thing that should be brought up is why can\’t he \”Grandfatered\” as most of the other cases or is it because he is black? Yes, I played the race card and it should be noted that even in the \”New South\” racism does still exist.

    Comment by Ron Taylor -

  137. Okay, I researched it and apparently in Georgia, the governor can\’t pardon a convict who\’s in prison — it must be done by the Georgia State Parole Board. And so far, they inexplicably haven\’t taken action?

    Can they be fired or replaced? Can the Governor talk to them? Can a petition of Georgia citizens be taken to the Parole Board?

    Or are these \”people\” on the Parole Board just automatons who are following the letter of the law, damn the consequences?

    This is one of the most bizarre stories… but typical of the United States of America. We\’re a society of prudes… This would never have happened in Europe.

    Comment by Joe Tangredi -

  138. Can\’t the governor of Georgia pardon Genarlow?

    Comment by Joe Tangredi -

  139. This is utter injustice. It must be racist. Each of us can remember back to high school and think that a good percentage of teenagers date and have sex. Every single one of them, in the tens of millions, would be sent to prison for the same situtation. Set Genarlow free.

    Comment by Adam Smith -

  140. Mark,

    Grow up. You cant pick and choose random cases that you find unjust and make blanket idiotic statements to simply not do business with the entire state.

    Does this mean when i find injustices in texas you will refuse to do business there until they are rectified?

    Comment by steve -

  141. I think that is an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT idea that you should take a stand for Genarlow and behalf of all of us that support his cause by living up to your reputation and taking a stand, Mark!!!!! Refuse to play in Georgia and the attention put on this unjust ruling on Genarlow will be proportionately escalated, which would probably force the State of Georgia to take further action on this case.

    Comment by Andrew McDaniel -

  142. this is soooo wrong in sooo many ways. ive posted a bulletin on myspace for the world to see. i hope Genarlow gets all the signatures he needs and more. Hopefully his petition will circulate to enough people who will be willing to sign it. He had a career ahead of him. he was just a child himself. those 2 knew everything they were doing. It was more like a set up. Those 2 grlz wanted attention, well they got it the wrong way. He was just as much a child as they were. 10 yrs? c\’mon now! that was just soo wrong.

    Comment by Monique Vargas -

  143. My first comment is that the State of Georgia could care less about whether Mr. Cuban ever comes there or does business there. However what is he going to do when his team has to play in Atlanta? Is he going to turn down the money? I have a suggestion….How about forfeiting the games….Atlanta could use the wins.

    Now as to this kid who was clearly shown on film being drunk and having admitted to smoking pot did not even clearly resemble the young man who was in court. He mad some bad decisions that night starting with the booze and drugs. He chose to participate in something that was wrong and he knew it and he knew there were consequences. Finally a state has some guts to take appropriate action and people like Mr. Cuban, who think that they know everything, stand and roar like a little mouse.

    Why did 5 out of the 6 take a plea bargain? Because they knew that they were guilty.

    I applaud the state of Georgia, but I do have one reservation about the sentence. I think that the sentence is too hard for what they did and I\’m sure nothing happened to the girls involved. I would like to see them all get a second chance at straigthening out there lives without too much time in Prison.

    Comment by Ron Hamrick -

  144. Giving a girl alcohol, and drugs, hoping to get to \’third base\’ was still called rape when I was growing up in the eighties. And yes, it was right here, in Georgia. At 17, you are considered an adult; at 15, you are not. The age of consent between minors IS 15 here.

    Several years ago, in Georgia, another promising African-American student was given a stiff sentence for raping a 15 year old girl, in a temporary classroom. After a great deal of public pressure, the sentence was suspended… it was only AFTER that we learned of his history of sexual harassement, and sexual battery on two other girls.

    This guy got what he deserved, period. TAke away the pot, take away the booze, I would agree with you; but that is what happened. You don\’t want to do business here? Works for me.

    Comment by Gerald -


    Comment by Re\'Shekia Cooper -

  146. Sybil,

    Some time ago, I posted here that I did think that his punishment was severe. That is part of the justice system – I never said it was fair. Puishment frequently is not fair.

    ESPN aired another segment on Genarlow today (4/23/07). It showed the video (edited and masking the other participants). Genarlow was as wasted as anyone I have ever seen.

    Jeremy Schaap reported that two of the jurors wanted to convict him of raping the 17 year old but caved to pressure from the other jurors because the other agreed to convict on the child molestation charge.

    For those of you that support Genarlow, you are teaching today\’s youth that the path to adulthood is through drugs, alcohol (underage) and group sex with someone who cannot consent (a 15 year old and an inebriated 17 year old). If that is what you support, run for state legislature on a platform of lowering the drinking age to 15 and legalizing drugs.

    Comment by Robert -

  147. I live in Georgia, and I don\’t know of anyone happy with this situation, and efforts are being made to resolve it. But, your boycott only hurts people who have nothing to do with the situation.

    If you feel strongly about this and don\’t want to hurt innocent people needlessly, then simply refuse to play the Atlanta Hawks and forfeit those games and pay the fines to make a real statement.

    It\’s one thing to protest with other people\’s money. It\’s another thing to do it with your own and to show your real commitment.

    Comment by Woody -

  148. I would like to commend Mr. Cuban for his efforts in bringing this injustice to the forefront. Georgia needs to step out of the 19th century. I love the idea of a boycott, but it holds no water if the Mavericks play in Atlanta. I implore you, Mr. Cuban, do not play in Georgia, in fact, you shouldn\’t even play the Hawks in Dallas. Even though I doubt any of the owners have the stones to shun a team, it\’s the only way people will really pay attention.

    Comment by Darren M Fiorello -

  149. What about the rights of the two victims? How about if Wilson manned up and helped them out? You have a bunch of guys forcing two young ladies to engage in sex, while they were not coherent enough to consent to those activities and then were videotaped to boot. what a great group of humanitarians we have here.

    The problem with kids today, is that they all think that there are no consequences for their actions. It\’s all caught on tape. The dope, the booze, the stupidity and the violations. Most adolescents want to get it on with the opposite sex, they just don\’t normally drug them up and videotape the process. Let\’s leave the race out of it. If it were your daughters that were influenced like this, every one of you would be screaming rape in the name of your daughters.

    He decided to be judged by his peers, instead of taking a plea bargain with less time. Stop blaming the DA and put the blame where it squarely belongs: on Wilson and his buddies. Is this guy a child molester, no. But is he a criminal, for what he was involved in, definitely yes.

    Hey Mark, how about you put the names of the the two victims on the backs of the Mavs jerseys and not Wilson\’s as suggested by T.

    Comment by shaggydiggs -

  150. he\’s served enuff time. its time to let him be free. he was only a child when this happened, why is he being punished when they were both children to begin with.?

    Comment by Monique Vargas -

  151. Mark, this is redemptive on your part. You are the first I have heard calling attention in this manner. I understand you have no choice as far as where your team plays, but I urge you to put pressure on David Stern and the league office.

    Comment by Dave, Santa Barbara -

  152. Mark, I applaud your stand. Even if you play the came with the Hawks, you have alerted the rest of the country to what we in Georgia have known about for many months.

    In response to Robert. The question is not whether the act was right or wrong. It was wrong. As a mother that raised three daughters in this state, I have seen the inequality of punishment here. In this case, it is the ridiculous nature of the punishment that I have a problem with.

    He did it. Punish him for it, but make it a punishment that counts. Public service – speeches to other teens about how bad he screwed up. A little public humiliation can go a long way. Physical labor for a good cause – 5,000 hours or so building homes for young women that have succumbed to guys like him and have babies to show for it. All of this with plenty of publicity for why he\’s doing it.

    Is he a criminal? Only criminally stupid. Punish him accordingly.

    And about that young woman, I hope someone makes sure she understands how stupid it is to put yourself in that position. She should be right there beside him making those speeches.

    Comment by Sybil Ward -

  153. TWO years difference, you ignorant moron. NOT \”a few.\” And comparing Jackson (a 40+ year old man) molesting prepubescent boys to Genarlown (a 17 year old boy) having consensual sex with a 15-year-old girl just shows how incredibly (and blatantly) ignorant you are. You have no concept of reality.

    And comparing FIFTH GRADERS having sex to Genarlow is equally stupid. You seem to have lost all touch with reality. Are you now advocating that these fifth graders be thrown in jail for 10 years? Because that\’s what happened to Genarlow. I have NEVER–not ONE TIME–said I thought what Genarlow and those other kids did was RIGHT. I\’ve simply said it shouldn\’t be punishable by jail time. You conveniently ignore this important distinction.

    I don\’t know why you hate Genarlow so much as to want him in jail for having consensual sex with a fellow high schooler. I can only assume that you\’re little more than an ignorant, racist bastard, who doesn\’t care about the actual FACTS of a situation, but would rather compare two teenagers having consensual sex with Jackson molesting little kids, and preteens having sex with each other. I can think of no other explanation for your willful ignorance.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  154. Bailey,

    Your comments show what an immature idiot you are. Both Mr. Wilson and Mr. Jackson had inappropriate contact with minors. One was convicted of that illegality.

    You are supporting the position that is is OK for a minor to engage in activity – an activity that has long term consequesnces – that an adult cannot.

    But I guess in your world it is OK since Mr. Wilson broiught the booze and the weed. It does not matter that he left the scene thinking only of the consequences to himself of missing a CURFEW. What the heck, Genarlow and his friends are only a few years difference in age. To hell with age of consent.

    I\’m sure you feel it was just fine that those fifth graders recently had sex in an unsupervised classroom. They are all the same age. If only they could have brought in a six pack then all would be good.

    You really need to learn about responsibility.

    Comment by Robert -

  155. Well, one thing this discussion has done is that it has illuminated the utter stupidity of people who think a teenage BOY belongs in jail for having sex with a teenage GIRL who is only a year or two younger than him. Anyone who believes that is simply ignorant.

    And Robert, you are a complete jackass. \”Jesus juice\” moron? That\’s a Michael Jackson thing, so I\’m assuming you\’re calling me a child molester. What a complete jackass you are. As for Genarlow, how can you compare him (as a teenage boy) having sex with a teenage girl to Michael Jackson, a 40+ year old man molesting children?!? Are you really this ignorant, or is this some kind of idiot jackass act you\’re putting on?

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  156. Bailey,

    You converted me. You are absolutely right.

    Go grab a six pack, fire up the bong and get some ice. Then head down to the local mall and hang out in the food court or video arcade. That is the best way to \’get some.\’ If she asks just tell her that it is Jesus Juice. After all, by your posts, there is nothing wrong with that.


    Comment by Robert -

  157. Here\’s what I\’m bothered by after reading the story and the comments. I\’m bothered that no one is even mentioning that at the time this occurred he was 17 and she was 15 and at that time in the state of GA sex between a male of his age and a female of hers was considered statutory R-A-P-E.

    If you are going to do the crime then yes my friends, you are going to do the time. It doesn\’t matter if YOU, your momma or your schoolmates think it is cool, consensual and your fast track to internet stardom ala video like Paris Hilton – the LAW says it is ILLEGAL and therefore you can and will be punished if you get caught.

    Ok, so that is one. Two, I think it is also disturbing that the story and his appeal site points out that Wilson was the only one with a clean record as well as a 3.2 GPA and multiple scholarship offers. So what. Does that mean we should consider him above the law? Why didn\’t anyone comment on that? Seriously, if he was so smart what was he doing with 5 other guys who had records? Birds of a feather… Not having record doesn\’t always equal innocence. Not to mention this really smart guy was in a hotel having an orgy while drinking and drugging. WOW. No one commented on that either.

    The whole point I think everyone here is missing is that these consensual state sex laws are put in place because children need to be at least of a certain age to make certain decisions.

    Oh and an FYI on the story:

    In a portion of a tape obtained by \”Primetime,\” Wilson, then 17 and an honor student and star athlete who was homecoming king, is seen having intercourse with a 17-year-old girl, who was seen earlier on the bathroom floor. During the sex act, she appears to be sleepy or intoxicated but never asks Wilson to stop. Later on in the tape, she is seen being pulled off the bed.

    Yeah, I bet it would be kind hard to ask someone to stop having sex with you if you were drugged to that extreme.

    Do I think 10 years is harsh? Not at all, would you if it were your unconscious daughter he was banging on the bathroom floor?

    Comment by Dayngr -

  158. this is a ridiculous discussion, the girl was 15!!! that is a minor in any state and he got what he deserved, he wont stay in jail 10years, he will most likely only do 2 years then he will parole out. The punishment is fair, because he wont do that to another child unless he is just stupid, which seems to be the case since he did it the first time.

    Comment by crazyk -

  159. Cut the crap, Robert. Unless you\’re claiming–and based on your ludicrous post history, you might well be–that the boy should be thrown in jail for 10 years, your friend\’s experience proves MY point, not yours. Sheesh!

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  160. I learned this weekend that a friend of a friend became a grandparent recently. Their daughter, the new mother turned 15 while pregnant. The father of this new infant is 17.

    Yes, I guess teenage sex has no consequences and everyone should do it – as long as they are no more than 2 years difference in age.

    Let\’s lower the drinking age to 15 while we are at it.

    Comment by Robert -

  161. Bill-

    Are you too ignorant to realize that Genarlow was a BOY (of 17) when he had consensual sex with the girl? I don\’t give a damn–and it doesn\’t matter at ALL-that you\’re a \”father.\” Facts are facts. Genarlow didn\’t rape anyone, and he doesn\’t belong in prison. I fear for your children if you\’re too ignorant to acknowledge that.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  162. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution had the following article and blog concerning the case of Genarlow Wilson: > Talk of the town > Archives > 2007 > February > 26 > Entry

    Should Genarlow Wilson be in prison?
    By Maureen Downey | Monday, February 26, 2007, 06:23 AM

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    Two years ago, Genarlow Wilson was convicted of aggravated child molestation: As a 17-year-old boy, he had had consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl. The conviction carried a mandatory 10-year sentence. Now, even the jurors who convicted Wilson wish they could take back the verdict, and the case has attracted national attention most of it, but not all, focused on how to get Wilson out of prison.

    Some state legislators have proposed a law that would enable the judge in Wilsons case to reconsider the sentence, but the proposal has run into strong opposition among lawmakers who believe justice was done in the Wilson case. Read more about the case, and tell us what you think: Should Genarlow Wilson be freed from prison?

    Below is an article that I submitted on the blog concerning the case of Genarlow Wilson but they rejected it. Is my article too extreme for Americans to read?

    Genarlow Wilson should not be in prison. The criminal justice system should focus its attention on individuals and powers who exploit young people for political purposes. Today, we allow people and institutions in society to mislead the young and punish the young for the mistakes they make. Adults today are insidious. There can be no greater enemy to children than some adults. On the right hand, we instruct our children that they should make better choices. On the left hand, we program children to make choices contrary to the law.

    When people fifty years and older were children, most of us did not see a playboy magazine or pornography until we were men and women. That was our experience in the South. Only God knows what children were experiencing in the North fifty years ago. While in college, someone introduced me to Hustler Magazine and Larry Flint; it was extremely disappointing. Remember now, this was a time when white adults did not take advantage of children openly in this regard. They realized that if children were introduced to sexual images and topics before they were emotionally prepared, their development would be perverted. They gave children the space to mentally mature in the South before taking on adult issues. My God have times changed.

    Genarlow Wilson is a product of misguided educated adults. I do use the terms educated and adults loosely. The boy should not be in prison. These adults today will say, \”but this child broke the law.\” How insidious and sophomoric!

    Comment by Charles -

  163. Too bad they didn\’t give that punk 25 years to life. He raped that girl. She was drunk and passed out and he had sex with her. That\’s rape.

    Look people, as a father, I can say without a doubt that that man deserves a long time behind bars. What he got was way too light.

    Comment by Bill -

  164. History has judged this case, Robert. And God will judge you for your racism. Call it what you will, I call it racism.

    As for the person who asked who said it was \”consensual.\” The girl herself said so. She did not want Wilson prosecuted. Only racists and knaves can continue pursuing the failed line that there\’s anything resembling justice in the sentencing of a 17-year-old BOY to 10 years in prison for having consensual sex with a 15-year-old GIRL.

    As for the genius who said he got a \”deal\”, are you not able to read? The reason he got 10 years is because he REFUSED to take a \”deal\” and forever be labeled a sex offender for what was consensual sex. As for the 17-year-old girl, the sentence has nothing to do with her. He was aquitted of rape. He was convicted of child molestation with regards to the 15-year-old. So spare me your preachery. He was aquitted of rape and convicted of \”molesting\” a \”child\” whom he wnet to high school with, and who was a WHOPPING two years younger than him.

    Sorry, no justice there, except for those who choose to remain willfully ignorant of the facts of this case, either for reasons of ignorance or racism.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  165. Yeah, this is one of the most ridiculous things I\’ve ever heard of. Who is it that really wants him in prison at this point? I can\’t believe nothing is being done to get him out of there. With all of the criminals out there that probably SHOULD be in prison, we\’re using one of those prison cells for a completely legitimate kid who had a very bright future and basically did NOTHING wrong. I think he\’s being punished more because he refused to play the plea bargain game with the government of Georgia. They need to come down from their phony, religious, high ground and stop making MORAL judgments on young kids. It\’s not their place. It\’s time for them to realize what their role is in our society and start DOING their job. Get this kid out of there now! This REALLY needs to be done.

    Comment by Derek Hyatt -

  166. I think those who are in favor of this guy’s freedom forgot about the video taken at the same time where a 17 year old girl was gang raped. G dipped his wick just the same as the other scumbags. The girl wasn’t conscience. When she woke up the first thing she said was “No” and “Stop” and testified that when she didn’t have someone on top of her, she ran to her car and called her mother saying, “I was just gang raped” and they immediately went to the police.

    I saw the video. What Genarlow got was a deal and it was kind. I hope he’s not getting the same treatment in prison, but what goes around comes around. Guess all you sports fans will just have to ask him when his glazed donut of a face gets out of prison.

    Comment by Raquel -

  167. In civil discourse, parties that disagree present facts or examples that support their position or undermine their opponents position.

    Those parties that do not possess such fact or examples resort to namecalling and lob impotent threats of lawsuits to the other side. This tactic does little to win the discussion.

    I fully expect someone will be respond to this post with enough vulgarities to make a sailor blush. I will never read them. This thread has reached, indeed passed the point of meaningful contribution.

    Let history judge this case.

    Comment by Robert -

  168. Where in the world do you people get the idea that the sex was consensual? Did you view the tape? Is the old “boys will be boys” an excuse for brutalizing someone? Let’s all admit that women are nothing but sex objects, chattel property as in the days of savage non-civilization, to be used by men at will. Come on, the woman was half-conscious, dragged into the bathroom, and because she didn’t put up a struggle it’s consensual? Drug a woman, or knock her out and then do to her what you want and call it consensual? We ought to be thankful that the court system is protecting us from people like that. You people who feel sorry for Wilson must have emerged from the woods with your knuckles dragging on the ground. Spare us your small minded tirades about injustice. There is no injustice in this case.

    Comment by Riposte150 -

  169. Kate-

    Do you know what libel is? The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as, “A false publication, as in writing, print, signs, or pictures, that damages a person’s reputation.” You have knowingly made statements you know to be false about Mr. Wilson. If I had a way to contact his attorney, I would request that Mr. Cuban trace your IP, and that they sue you. “in and out of consciousness saying ‘no'”? That’s a lie. “Second time sexual offense”??? I hope you FULLY understand that if the Wilson’s see your posting, you could be prosecuted for libel.

    You’re a liar.

    And you’re despicable.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  170. So the fact they have Wilson on tape having sex with 6 of his buds and the girl – who is in and out of consciousness saying “no” – means nothing to you?

    Not to mentione, this is a second time sexual offense. Forget the age – he is a criminal and deserves to do time.

    Comment by Kate -

  171. I know that this comment is going to sound sexist, and some people might go as far as to say that it is racist. I believe that if we are going to promote personal responsibility, I think that if you are going to punish the underage male for sex crimes, I think that the other party should be somehow punished if the sex is consenual. To say that the female did not understand the possible consequences of sexual realtions is foolish at best.
    I would like to make it clear that, Non-consenual sex,aka:rape should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and that the victim should be afforded all help to deal with the violence that is sexual assult.
    At the very least with consenual underage sex I think that the female should have to go through a class showing what the possible problems associated with sex in general(ie: Pregnancy, STD’S, or worse)

    Comment by RP Moscato -

  172. Any jail time at all is simply ridiculous. This isn’t even a crime in most states. I’m willing to bet that if Geralnow was white he woulnd’t be serving any time in prison. I guess thats the South for you.

    Comment by ashley -

  173. It is just amazing to me that grown educated legal professionals gain no wisdom where the law is concerned. This Georgia law is rediculus and the men and or women who did not exercise better judgement and wisdom are the shame of the law, not young Wilson or the young girl. Assault, drug dealing, drunk driving, get what? And this kid gets 10 years for concentual sex? It’s crap like this that makes it hard to be proud of America! Damn right I’m going to do something about this young man.

    Comment by Kevin L Smith -

  174. Robert-

    You should probably shut up now. You’re proving to be as stupid as you are racist.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  175. set that child free. what is wrong with our goverment? what happened to the other chilren involved. I’m a parent and know I’m legally liable for my children until age 18. why are you ruining that childs life. so now he really can cause problems.
    my prayers are with you

    Comment by TAMMY IN DALLAS -

  176. Did Mark Cuban ever answer any of the questions posed to him here? I haven’t been able to find if he did….

    I’m most certainly going to contribute to Genarlow’s fund right now – but totally agree that someone with Mark Cuban’s availability to get media exposure would most certainly be a strong catalyst for action in this egregious incarceration.

    Comment by Janice Vincent -

  177. 10. I’m not sure if your issue is that this young man committed a crime or or if you disagree with the severity of the punishment.

    This is a terribly gray area. When should a person be considered able to consent to any sexual act and under what circumstances? From the links and what I have seen on TV, this young man influenced a young woman (age 15) to perform oral sex on him. She was influenced by alcohol and marijuana and perhaps by his stature – a young, smart athlete who seemed to have a future. This act was caught on video.

    Apparently you (and most respondents) seem to agree that this is a perfectly acceptable situation.

    Keep this in mind when your children turn 15.

    If you refuse to do business with either the state of Georgia or in the state of Georgia because of this, then you should start looking at every state that has punished a young man (under 18) for engaging in a sexual act with a minor. Be sure you don’t do any business with those states either.

    Of course, you could start a campaign to change the age of consent, to change the definition of a sexual act and to change the punishment that a court can impose.

    Would you have gone to these lengths if the young man was a C/D student without any atheletic ability or is there a different standard?

    In response to robert…athletics didn’t really have anything to do with it at all. The fact that Genarlow was a scholar athlete with what seemed to be a bright future ahead of him is simply more kerosene thrown onto an already blazing torch.

    Yes, she was 15…but he was 17. Young girls are often influenced by alcohol and status of a typically older male. But let’s not stretch this as if it was rape. Most sexual encounters with 15 year old girls could be considered rape if peer and social pressure/influence are our prosecuting factors.

    Why is he being punished for having consenual sex with another MINOR so severly, if at all? I don’t condone sexual acts of this nature among kids so young and vunerable at all. But let’s not kid ourselves about the society that our young teenagers today are growing up in. It’s a sex engulfed society.

    While this does not excuse his (or her)actions, to punish him so severly all in the name of executing some archaic (also ridiculous) law is obsurd and I’m sad to see this happen to this young man.

    When I was a senior in high school (17) I, at one point, dated a freshman (15). It’s awful to think that living in Georgia I could have possibly faced this same punishment that OBVIOUSLY doesn’t fit the “crime.”

    This is life, and no one is perfect. We all fall far short. I think his situation needs to be looked at morally, not criminally. In no way should he be receiving punishment in the manner of the latter, for something some would consider wrong in the former.

    Comment by Justin -

  178. A funny thing about punishment is that it sometimes serves as a deterrent to the offender for the future and for others who may consider the same act.

    Mr. Cuban does not spout off about the referees as much as years past perhaps because he does not want to face a seven figure penalty or the league forcing him to sell the team.

    Other owners have witness the fines the league has assessed to Mr. Cuban and temper their comments.

    Does Mr. Cuban believe that the officials have improved or is it just not worth the fine?

    Was the penalty imposed upon Mr. Wilson harsh? Undeniably YES. As I stated in previous a post, if Mr. Wilson had been ‘caught’ before, he might have learned better behavior. Will he learn from this mistake? Will others? My answer – hopefully.

    If Mr. Wilson had been an adult (18 or over), we would have been responsible as an adult and faced penalties. He behaved as an adult on the night in question – drinking and engaging in sexual activity and illegally possessing and using marijauna. Now that he has been caught, many people want to treat him as a minor and not hold him accountable for his actions. If the video tape found its way to the internet, those who posted the tape would be engaging in child pornagraphy.

    Adulthood comes to someone when he or she becomes responsible for his or her actions and the consequences that result.

    Adults do not engage in sexual activity with 15 year-olds. Why? Because 15 year-olds are not mature enough to be responsible for their actions. The age of consent in Georgia is 16. Even if the 15 year old consented in instigated the act, she is not old enough to leaglly do so. Adults know this. Mr. Wilson, since he acted as an adult should have known this as well.

    Too bad Chris Williams from NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” was not around.

    Comment by Robert -

  179. This is the most weird thing I have herd! I cannot believe they would even take a thing like this to trial. I know most of the people I went to school with 1997-2001 have done the same thing if not more and not been put in jail for it!!! There was not that big of an age difference. If they had been a little older then it would be ok? Thats a catch 22. I am 23 and I don’t think that many hight school student didnt have some kinda fun when they were that age!

    Comment by Summer -

  180. Brian-

    Ask Robert this question. After much contemplation of the wisdom–and common sense as well–that he’s gained over his long life, he’s concluded that somehow this travesty makes sense. Have him explain it to you. Somehow I feel that if the boy were white, that Robert’s common sense and wisdom would lead him to a different conclusion, but who am I to say? He’s obviously very wise, and I’m obviously not, because I think that a 17 year old BOY who has oral sex with a 15 year old GIRL doesn’t belong in jail.

    Silly me.

    Or maybe Robert’s just a racist dumbass without a brain in his head. Could be either one.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  181. While the Ga statute is outrageous and draconion(I understand a change has been passed) I would be interested on what went on at the interpersonal level such that the District Attorney felt it neccesary to be such a hardass, forcing this boy to go to trial…. Could it be because he/she got whipped on the rape case?? So this boy does time so the DA can save face….. Prosecutors unfortuantely have so much discretion to wreck lives based on personal feelings and agendas…. Just ask some Duke Lacrosse players…..

    Comment by Brian -

    This is the proposed bill that could free him. We need to push for it.

    Also we need to pressure the Georgia Senators and Represenatives to do something. Here are the email addressed.

    GA Reps:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    GA Senators:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    Comment by Martin C -

  183. These days I’m more afraid of my government than I am of terrorists.

    Comment by Zak Kinion -

  184. Mr. Bailey,

    My common sense comes from years of experience in many different situations and stem from a foundation in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

    Since you choose to name call instead of back your arguement with facts, we can continue this dialog when you grow up which will likely take another 25 years.

    Comment by Robert -

  185. How about unfurling a big banner (or encourage fans to make their own signs) when the Hawks come to play? Or asking your players to make some sort of gesture of solidarity (black stripe, “Free Genarlow” henna tatoos, etc.) when they play in Atlanta? You could bring a lot of attention to this issue.

    Comment by weeklymg -

  186. Mark Cuban–You are a living legend with a heart and soul far greater than the wealth you have created for yourself. To read such a story of someone’s life being destroyed due to a technicality based on a law passed for far different intentions is hard for me to cope with. To watch “big-wig” after “big-wig” pass the buck while a mother’s child remains imprisoned for such a common act amongst teenagers is yet harder to cope with.
    For you to take the time to spread the word of such injustice is in itself very respectable. For you have the avenues and the resources to make a difference in this world and you seem to do such at every opportunity without regard to the judgement passed on you by your “peers” who have such resources but lack the pride necessary to make a difference.
    Best of luck to you in your endeavors and most importantly, God willing, may freedom be rewarded to Genarlow and his family for he should never be forced to present himself as a sex offender, as a sex offender he is not. And he should be rewarded for not doing such as he is not a martyr, but more so a loving brother who simply refused to be separated from a younger sister who needs his support as she grows into a woman.
    If the entire world strived to me more like you, certainly this world would be a better place. You continue to amaze me as a human being.

    Comment by Kevin Taylor -

  187. This story has had such an impact on me. I can’t stop thinking about the complete injustice.

    Can’t you have the team wear armbands or something in support of Genarlow? The only way this kid is getting out is by major support and press coverage!

    Comment by Ari -

  188. The only ‘crime’ this young man committed was poor judgement. Georgia has always attempted to be the ‘moral’ police. It was against the law until 1998, for a married couple to have oral sex. The punishment for his actions should come from the parent in the form of teaching and re-enforcement not incarceration. Also, the actions of those young ladies involved should be addressed. Embarassment alone I am sure is weighing heavily on this young man’s shoulders coupled with the disappointment of his family. The monies for this farse of a trial could have been better utilized elsewhere. I guess the prosecutor is really proud of this case.

    Comment by NatureGirl -

  189. Here is Justice for you. A woman who participated in the drowning of of 3 of her kids because they were getting in the way of her relationship with her boyfriend gets a 10 year sentence.

    Comment by Jeff -

  190. I remember the first night I read about this case… how sad…. my heart goes out to him and what is most appaling about this case is it seems everyone has stood on the sidelines all long… and just now decided they need to jump in and fix it… why did we wait this long? why is this even an issue?

    My only hope is that when this is somewhat over for him..because no matter what it will never be completely over…he’ll always be a martyar or a poster child… when all he was trying to be was good kid just growing up.

    I’ve lurked on your blog for awhile and I’m so glad you brought this to other’s attention… I enjoy your reading your posts..

    Comment by Marisa -

  191. Heather Has 5 Husbands Author Pledges Royalties To Imprisoned Teen’s Defense

    New Jersey- Heather Has 5 Husbands is billed by its author, Mike Drake, as “an adult bedtime story”. “It’s a simple tale” says Drake, “Inspired by a girl I know who had joked about being a polyandrist, or as she said, a reverse-polygamist”. Filling fifty pages, the charming story is brought to life by the work of popular NY graffiti artist OH!, a mysterious underground figure who jealously guards his privacy.

    Since he is known mainly for writing about retail procedures for magazines like ASB, an “adult bedtime story” may seem like a departure from his milieu, but Drake dismisses such comments, “I have many interests, and Heather Has 5 Husbands was such a popular story with my friends that I simply had to share it with the world. Especially since sharing it helps raise money for Genarlow Wilson and bring attention to his plight”.

    Genarlow Wilson is a young man serving a ten year prison sentence in Georgia for receiving consensual oral sex from a female schoolmate at a New Year’s Eve party.

    “It’s a shocking and extremely frightening situation” says Drake, “I don’t believe kids under eighteen should be having sex, but I also don’t believe that a young man should have his life ruined because he did”.

    Drake has pledged 25% of his royalties from the sale of Heather Has 5 Husbands to Genarlow and/or his appeal fund. “State Representative Tyrone Brooks, the author of the Georgia statute that Genarlow was convicted under, has clarified that the law was intended to protect children from adult sexual predators, not to police teenage sex” said Drake, “Georgia has even amended the law to treat consensual oral sex, between teenagers no more than four years apart, as a misdemeanor. In light of these facts, I think Genarlow should be released. He has already spent 2 years in prison, that’s twice the maximum amount one can be sentenced to for a misdemeanor in Georgia”.

    Heather Has 5 Husbands can be purchased through and on It is also available at Playtime in Edison NJ (home of The Adult Star Path Of Fame). To learn more about Genarlow Wilson, visit .

    # # #

    Comment by John -

  192. I wonder how many of us are willing to stand up and let our legislators know that we do not believe that consensual relationships among young people (high school & college approx. ages 14 – 21) should continue to be treated the same as child molesting and rape. While some situations may deserve consequences, they should be differentiated from violent and predatory offenses. This particuliar case is sad and deserves attention but is not unique. There are young men all over this country who are being given life sentences as sex offenders for consensual relationships. These young people all deserve a chance to prove the label does not apply. We should all contact our legislators and demand the laws be differentiated and the consequences be made to fit the crime.

    Comment by Jim -

  193. Great post about Wilson. Everybody should refrain from doing business in Georgia until that poor kid is set free. How politicians can sit back and watch a life waste away is extremely sad. The government needs to remember that they work for the people and not themselves.


    Comment by Port Orange Homes For Sale -

  194. Gotta love when an adult author attempts to profiteer off of Genarlow’s trouble…

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  195. Fine, the young man broke the law and must serve the penalty; however, what I don’t understand is that the state of GA has changed what the penalty is for the “crime” yet refuses to update Wilson’s sentence accordingly.

    Kudos to you Mark for at least bringing some additional attention to this matter. I, too, will do my best to boycott the state of GA and the companies that call it home.

    I will not watch TBS or CNN — advertisers take note!
    I’ll be switching to Pepsi products
    Home Depot no more… I’ll use a local hardware store

    Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Perhaps if enough people boycot those corporations they can use their state “connections” to help rectify this injustice.

    Comment by Mishigas -

  196. Robert-

    I suggest you look up “scommon sense” on wikipedia. A 17 year old having consensual sex with a 15 year old does not make the 17 year old a sexual predator, a child molester, or anything of the sort. And as for you claiming you and your children are of “mixed race”, that means nothing to me. You could be talking about a “mixture” of German and Scottish, for all I know. I know a lot of racist people who claim they’re not, based on the fact that they are “mixed race” themselves, using the criteria above. With that said, I guess there are really TWO options for why you could hold your idiotic opinion on this matter:

    (1) You’re a racist.
    (2) You’re just an idiot.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  197. Kathy, the gray areas to which I refer are the judgments that our elected officials must make when determining laws based on age. There certainly are 17-year olds that are mature enough in every needed area to handle a sexual relationship. There are 25-year olds that are not. Nonetheless each legislature must pick an age where certain activities become legal.

    The key activity here is the ability and legal authority to give consent REGARDLESS OF WHO INITIATES THE ACTIVITY. How many adults have been convicted for having sex with a child not of age to give consent? From what I have read, in my opinion the DA blew it by dropping the rape charge. She was not of age to give consent. PERIOD. The law states that she was not of age to consent to any sexual activity until she turned 16. If she approached an 18-year old, grabbed his pants and unzipped them (enough said) HE is guilty of rape even if she attested to her consent in writing.

    The law is filled with gray areas with very uncertain outcomes for similar offenses. A person who murders his/her spouse in a fit of rage will likely face a long prison sentence despite the fact that he/she really is unlikely to endanger the general population. That is the same sentence as a kid who robs a gas station and shoots the clerk. The easiest way to stay out of those gray areas is to avoid behaviors that would subject oneself to prosecution. Genarlow chose to pursue risky behaviors and now faces severe consequences. It happens.

    If I had been on the jury, I would have no problem convicting this young man and doing so while I wore a blindfold.

    Mr. Bailey, I have not a racist bone in my body. I guess in your perfectly acceptable world anyone could engage in sexual contact with anyone else as long as they both consent. I guess, since you would only charge Genarlow for drugs, that drinking alcohol at age 12 is OK too. I guess in your world, there are no consequences for engaging in this behavior no diseases, no chance of pregnancy and if the woman did become pregnant, she would be emotionally mature and financially capable of supporting this child, while finishing her education, completing college and have a rewarding career.

    I really suggest that you look on Wikipedia for the definition of Statutory Rape. I also suggest that you visit a maternity ward at a hospital and ask about who most often pays when a teen comes in and delivers a baby. Often, that child had NO prenatal care. If the mother is a user, the hospital bill runs into the hundreds of thousands. Then visit a few womens shelters and orphanages. Also visit a free clinic and ask them about the number of cases of STDs they treat among teenagers. Why not track down the woman in the recent Duke case and find out about her life experiences including when she became sexually active. Then tell me there are no victims in this situation.

    The sad thing in all of this is that Genarlow had talent and promise for a rewarding future. If had used his talents in a positive way, such as serving a mentor to younger children or assisting in a youth athletic league, he would have been lauded in his community. Instead, he took a low road of drug, alcohol and promiscuous sex.

    By the way, I am of mixed race and so are my children.

    Comment by Robert -

  198. Who is responsable for such laws in that state? From my -middle european- view, these laws should represent the democratic majority of the state. If it’s the same in the US, I’m very concerned about that fact.

    By the way: In most of the european countries he would not even brake a law with this harmless blowjob action. I understand that he broke a guilty law, but I don’t understand the sense of that law. Maybe someone can explain this for me or giving me a concrete paragraph or something else?

    Sorry for the bad english, I tried my best.

    Comment by Sonic -

  199. I posted the article on my myspace blog, incidentally, your brother’s myspace admin keeps sending me friend requests.

    Comment by Ben -

  200. I’m still trying to figure out why he SHOULDN’T get off “scot-free.” The only thing he should be “charged” for is perhaps the drugs side of it. Failing that, he did nothing other than what thousands and thousands of teenagers do every single year: have sex with a peer. There was no crime, other than in the mind of some out-of-touch-with-reality law that should have never been on the books in the first place.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  201. Kevin of post 91, I understand your point, but Generalow was found not guilty to the charge of rape. The tape showed she was a willing participant. I do agree that Generlow should not get off scott free for this but he has already served two years in jail and I think that is more than sufficient a punishment. He should not be in jail right now and should not have to register as a sex offender. Keep in mind, under Georgia law, if he had sex with this girl but not the BJ, he would already be out of jail.

    Comment by superdave -

  202. The liberal media strikes again. This story was all over the news yet somehow they left out two tiny little facts. The girl accused them of RAPE. Yes the oral sex she said was consensual but apparently after that it wasn’t. There was a RAPE charge filed by the girl. The other insiginificant detail was that the 15 year old girl was drunk and incapable of withstanding a football star.

    But those facts are probably insignificant and not worth reporting on, after all, it might cause people to form an accurate opinion rather than race baiting. Oh well, the important thing is that the kid gets out of jail, forget that he was accused of raping a 15 year old.


    Comment by Kevin -

  203. After reading the ESPN article, I could not believe his sentence. Sure he hadn’t gotten himself into the best situation, but consensual oral sex with two minors should not result in 10 years in prison AND being labeled a sex offender. I also think it’s ridiculous that there hasn’t been a bigger movement to change that law…

    Comment by Christy -

  204. It should be noted that a (conservative) 40% of the legislators who enacted the statutory punishment for this “crime” are also guilty of it in some similar form and most states have abolished the statute of limitations on statutory rape.

    Perhaps it’s time to do some deep background research on some Georgia legislators, judges and prosecutors, yes?

    I bet they had girlfriends… and revenge is a dish best served cold.

    Comment by Gary E. Sattler -

  205. To 71 – Robert:

    My god, man — do you not understand why he pled not guilty instead of plea bargaining? He did not want a life as a convicted child molester — do you have any idea what this means in a state like Georgia?

    He is NOT A PERP — no matter how fond you and the DA might be of that slang term. To be a PERP, there has to be a victim — and there ain’t one here, except Wilson being a victim of the system.

    The young woman did not cry foul – neither did her parents. In fact, her mother SAID she was the instigator.

    IF THERE IS NO VICTIM, HOW THE HECK CAN THERE BE A CRIME, except in the mind of the District Attorney.


    Comment by Kathy -

  206. A “Ray Charles” -Georgia on My Mind Repeat – Mavericks show up, do a warm up, and LEAVE THE STADIUM just before the tip off, and Mark Cuban tells the media on the way out what and why.

    Comment by Ryan -

  207. to those that dispute my comments i never said he raped her. i said there was an alleged rape from that evening.

    and to newsblog boy bryan, i didnt say semen was found on the duke accuser. i said it was found exactly where she said it would be found. dna/semen was found next to the toilet that matched the dna of the captain of the team. this matched the accusers story. and i know seligman was not there, she wrongly identified him instead of the captain. also, david evans semen was found on a towel outside of the bathroom per the accusers statement to police.

    i am not saying this is absolute proof. what i am saying is the mainstream media has tried this case in the mainstream media. they are extremely biased and you people just eat it up.

    Comment by Rat -

  208. The one bright spot found in reading about this blatant injustice is that Genarlow is using this time for introspection. He is taking personal stock of himself and his life and I believe that this situation is molding a great man. One who will be proactive in society upon his release and do great things. I know that knowing everything is on purpose for our purpose is hard for a lot of people to accept, but it is. Hindsight is 20/20 and Genarlow will again, reflect on this time and know that it was the catalyst in helping him successfully master his lifes destiny. This story as left a mark on my soul and I will explore avenues in which I can lend my service to obliterate such instances from occurring in the future. I constantly pray that Genarlow remains safe during this stage of his development and that the fathers and brothers housed with him protect him as he is molded and eagerly awaits his transition to do great works. I look forward to the day when we can read of the positive marks Genarlow had left on society. Keep your head up.

    Comment by Tracy -

  209. Kristin Post number 59; and CaptiousNut post# 60, I don’t think you guys get it.

    ……this case is not just about getting high, it’s not just about a promising jock (there are thousands of promising jocks); it’s about race…sex…welfare….values…morals….prisons….drugs….America..this country and more.

    It’s not good enough to just say…hey you do the crime…do the time. What about all the stuff in between the crime and the time?

    At the rate that we are going……there’s not going to be any place to put the “you do the crime do the time type of folks”.

    Since there will be no place to put a young guy like this….who knows in 10 years – when he is released – if it takes that long – he maybe your next door neighbor…or heaven forbid…he may even turn out to be your long lost son-n-law.

    Then what are you going to do? What or you going to say? Hopefully not the same thing you’re doing now; that’s running from the issue.

    The point is stuff like this happens ….far too often…and it has got to stop. Because if it doesn’t you won’t be able to run…you won’t be able to hide…and there won’t be enough places for us to keep stacking folks in a pen…while we pay the tab.

    So whether we like it are not, we all have a stake in this one way or another. We can do as Mark is doing – take a stand…or we can continue to turn our head…. make excuses…or come up with a hip saying…”do the crime do the time….” That is until it’s your time….then we’ll see if you’re singing that same song…… now won’t that be a crime?


    Comment by AP -

  210. There is something that we can all do to help.

    I am asking each of you to write a short letter to the editor of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution via e-mail through the papers web site stating that you will do no business in or with the state of Georgia until Genarlow Wilson is out of jail. Here is the link: And by no business, I mean everything from avoiding all travel to the state to foregoing the purchase of products and retail items manufactured in the state (even on forced layovers at the airport). Please copy the letter to key politicians in Georgia. A list, and e-mail addresses, can be found on Please take a look at the section entitled What Can You Do? for the names and e-mail addresses of key legislators. Then, ask as many as your friends as possible to join you in this effort.

    The power of the collective could have some impact in this case. There is nothing like a good economic boycott to spur action. as mark mentioned in his blog entry, this case has already seen the Georgia state legislature respond to public pressure.

    I realize that there are many pressing issues facing each of us every day. Many of us are involved in other campaigns against either broad social or individual injustices of varying degrees. Genarlows case may seem far too removed from your lives and somewhat picayune for you to dedicate even 10 minutes of your time. Yet injustices come in all shapes and sizes, from the war in Iraq, to human rights abuses of a gross nature around the world, big and small, to the eroding of our civil liberties as a nation under the stewardship of our current President, and on and on. As Robert F. Kennedy said on his famous trip to South Africa, “Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

    Please take just a few moments of your time to help Genarlow. Take the pledge. Write the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and key legislators. Let’s make a difference.

    Comment by Kenneth Jakubowski -

  211. The NBA would never allow you to forfeit a game. Stern would fine you a couple million I’d guess. The NBA has too much on the line to let something like that happen. But if you talked about it, you’d get a lot of press, which would amost have the same effect in a way.

    Comment by basketball tips -

  212. Kathy-

    Robert doesn’t CARE what the facts are. He wants to justify this for his own reasons. We may never know why, but I suspect it may have something to do with the color of the young man’s skin. As I said, we may never know.


    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  213. 10 years is way harsh. I want to protect young teenagers but when the difference in age is only 2 years can’t really call it child molestation.

    Comment by Jay -

  214. To 49 – Rat

    Wilson was found not guilty of the rape charge. Just because someone is charged with something does not mean that they are even a little bit guilty.

    Given that the entire evening’s events had been captured ON TAPE, which you would know if you’d read more than Mark’s summary, it should be pretty clear what was consensual and what was forced.

    The other guys plea bargained – yes. They all (or all but one) had a prior run-in with the law. Wilson had not – he was an honors student and star athlete. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Comment by Kathy -

  215. To Robert (#10)

    Re-read the story. Wilson did not coerce the 15 year old for oral sex – she initiated it. It’s all on tape – and no one, not the girl, not the prosecutor, not the judge, has suggested Wilson led her on.

    And how can it be “grey” for sexual intercourse to be 1 year max (statutory rape – even if consensual sex) with no registration as a convicted sex offender and oral sex be 10 years and lifetime registration? What is _grey_ here, Robert?

    And why is this “grey” when right down the hall, when Wilson was being sentenced, a late 20s married-with-kids female teacher got 90 days in jail (not prison) for an ongoing sexual relationship with a 16 year old student?

    There is no JUSTICE here.

    Comment by Kathy -

  216. I wish I had been on the jury. I would have informed them of the concept of “jury nullification” which basically means that if you as a jury determine that the law is unjust, you can find the defendent not guilty. In an interview they stated that they all agreed he didn’t do anything wrong, but had to find him guilty because the judge instructed them they had to follow the law. This is not true! You are the jury. You have the power!

    Comment by Garth S -

  217. Mark: Don’t forfeit the game with the Hawks – have your players (and the Hawks players, too) wear black bands with Genarlow’s name, and have all the players mention in their interview this case. The best way to fix injustice is to shout it from the rooftops. If you can, have you, your team, and/or the other players make a contribution to his fund.

    Comment by Chuck Wilkinson -

  218. The justice system isn’t totally fair (of course), and it’s administered by people, who make mistakes too.

    Comment by basketball training -

  219. I didn’t want to say anything because I feel that I don’t know all of the details and who am I to run my mouth without

    knowing the Truth, but I just can’t take it anymore. This has got to be the most disturbing thing I’ve ever heard of.

    How can anyone in there right mind think that this is justice? I’m 22 years old so it hasn’t been that long since I was in

    HS and though I didn’t partcipate in drugs or intercourse almost ALL of my friends did! I will even say that most of the

    girls I knew dated guys that went to the local college and I never thought anything of it because to me it was

    normal…I even went on a few “dates” with a guy who was 20/21 when I was 16. Did I feel that because I was

    younger than him or because sometimes I was intoxicated that he was luring me or seducing me to kiss/fool around

    with him. HELL NO I wanted to and we went ONLY as far as I WANTED TO!

    My point in saying this…GIRLS between the ages of 14-16 are coming into there sexuality and they want to

    explore…they want to feel sexy and attractive to men! Anyone who disagrees with that has obviously forgotten

    what it was like to be young. Teens have sex…SORRY, I hate to be the one to burst someones bubble, but your

    daughter is blowing lil’ Johnny right now. Accept it…you can’t stop them from coming into there own all you can do is

    make sure that they PROTECT THEMSELVES…because telling them NO, just makes them want it more( Remember

    EVE and the apple).

    If I were offered a million dollars I would take it and I’m pretty sure that to a 17 year old boy a girl wanting to blow

    him is as close to a million bucks as you can get! This poor promising young man…his life taken away from him

    because he had an orgy with willing partners.. Just disgusting! It saddens me that people actually thinks that he

    deserves this…when a teacher in the same state and county had sex with an underage boy and got a freakin slap

    on the wrist. What about her? What about all the men having sex with little girl’s and boys who don’t even get ten

    years? I can’t believe that this is real…

    Do I think that race is a factor…..Well, I grew up in North FL so I know that racism is stil alive and well in many parts

    of the south….

    It’s really a bad look for the state of Georgia and the Douglas County DA’s office(they seem like barbaric prick’s) and

    the US because people like R. Kelly really are child molestors and he’s still out here humping around while this poor

    guy’s in jail.

    God Bless us all!

    Comment by Brittany -

  220. Has anyone told Tiger Woods this? I wonder what would happened if he boycotted The Masters until Wilson was let out of jail?

    Comment by Ghost of Tom Joad -

  221. Mr. Cuban,
    Is it just this one case that concerns you or would you be willing to take this issue on for all those mostly young men in our nation who are suffering the same consequences as a child molester for a consensual relationship with a teenager? While our lawmakers privately will admit there is a difference and a few have tried to change the situation, most lawmakers do not want to take the chance of appearing soft on sex offenders by differentiating these offenders involved in consensual relationships. In Texas these guys are required to register for life if they were at least 19 at the time. It makes no difference that she lied about her age, was the more experienced, or was the aggressor. Our federal government needs to insist that states differentiate true consensual romantic relationships of young people ages 14 – 21 from child predators. It is a waste of resources to prosecute and monitor these young people the way we do. Many of our grandparents would be sex offenders if they’d had these laws years ago. We can do better. Mr. Cuban, you may be just the person to instigate a change.

    Comment by Jim -

  222. I still am amazed at the thoughts and tone of this thread. Yes, it is tragic that Genarlow got caught in an outdated law that targets other lawbreakers. He could have avoided that legal entanglement entirely by not engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year old. He could have further avoided the ten-year term by accepting the plea bargain.

    If this were the first ever incident where Genarlow engaged in this conduct thus breaking the law, I would support leniency.

    By ESPNs own report, this perpetrator has been sexually active since age 13. I am not nave enough to believe that he had a sexual encounter once at 13 (perhaps with an 18 year old but probably another minor perhaps even one too young to consent) and then no other activity until the New Years Eve caught on video. If he had two encounters per year, eight encounters would equate to eight years imprisonment under the new law. I see the ten-year sentence that he received as just.

    Perhaps if his behavior had been detected or reported at age 14, 15 or 16, he could have faced a slap on the wrist and counseling. If so, he likely would not face this current situation.

    Perhaps he should have sought or received some guidance on right and wrong issues. He clearly received none or he chose to ignore that guidance.

    Lets not couch his behavior in an innocent-sounding Romeo and Juliet exception as the New York Times details.

    Romeo and Juliet were ready to die to demonstrate their LOVE for one another.

    Romeo did not ply Juliet with drugs and alcohol.

    Romeo did not invite Juliet to a group sex party.

    Romeo fought to be with his beloved Juliet and cared for her deeply even at risk to his own safety. Genarlow did not stay the night so as not to violate a curfew. Genarlow cared nothing for the minor in the hotel room. Genarlow cared only for himself.

    Genarlow is no Romeo. In my book, he is a sexual predator that would have continued this behavior on many other women and perhaps even minors.

    I pray that he takes the time spent in prison to reflect and truly reform his ways, seeking counseling both in prison and afterward.

    Comment by Robert -

  223. Mark,
    I am a senior at Purdue University, so just a little further north of your old stomping grounds. I think this is a tragic story. A young man with so much to look forward to in life and it was all taken away. He will miss out on so many things that many people, young and old take for granted and its tragic. I applaud you for standing for what you believe in and not conducting business in Georgia. Too many people today are quick to stand up and criticize but when it may affect their bank account they quickly back down. I admire you and applaud you. Thank you!

    Comment by Jimmie E -

  224. Stupid law, and way too harsh of a sentence. Let’s be straight about that right off.

    “An example would be… I’m with my friend at a party and he gets shot in the chest. The hospital is 20 minutes up the freeway. Do I throw my friend in the car and drive exactly 55 mph to the hospital or do I speed there hoping to save my friends life? 100% would speed, obviously. And if you did get pulled over any “sane” cop would escort you there and not ticket you for the speeding. And if he was a dick and did site you, no rational thinking Judge would enforce it based on uniqe and special circumstances.”

    Oh please. You seriously want to equate breaking a law to save a human being to what happened here? A gang bang?

    If you are, than let me ask you straight out – what does a “sane” cop do at the hotel room door? Politely escort them home? Smile and wink, remembering his/her own youth? Or does he/she think about the parents of these children?

    One last thing Mark.

    “For those who don’t know. Genarlow Wilson was sentenced to 10 years in jail for doing something every 17 year old I knew, including me, tried to do.”

    Does every 17 year old you know – including you – go to a hotel room with their buddies, have straight sex with one 17 year old, then have oral sex with another 15 year old… all the while videotaping it?

    I thought that’s normally called a gang bang. And I thought videotaping it is not only stupid, but normally called porn. And yet every 17 year old you knew tried this?

    Comment by DaveD -

  225. So let me get this right?

    A teen ager does this with another teen and both parties are willing participants and he goes to jail?


    The president of the United States does it with a 19 year old intern at the White House and people say to stay out of his personal life?

    WTF country do I live in today?!!!!


    Comment by Jack Spirko -

  226. This is really offensive, and it leaves me wondering whether a white teenager would have been prosecuted. Atlanta will never become the NYC of the South as long as they selectively prosecute anachronistic legislature.

    Comment by Scott Schultz -

  227. I bet the girl is WHITE, which is why this poor kid got screwed over so bad. Some White racists get their blood boiled when they see a Black man with a White female.

    Comment by Joe -

  228. Hey Mark. Thanks for your support for this young man. He did nothing wrong. I live in Atlanta and have been here for a year. This place is so backwards sometimes that its crazy. A few other things that others need to know about Atlanta: First, we can’t even purchase liquor on sunday. NO BEER, WINE, NOTHING!

    Another issue is that bars & restaurants cannot have happy hour unless they offer the drink special all day at that price.

    I just dont want to see his life ruined. He deserves to be free like everyone else who did what he did.

    Comment by Michael -

  229. thanks for this information

    Comment by Judith -

  230. You people are complete morons! The reason this is getting attention is because he got TEN EFFIN’ YEARS for having CONSENSUAL SEX with a girl who was TWO YEARS younger than him. He’s not a child molester, and there was no rape. A tremendous injustice has been done to this young man, whether he’s an athlete or not. What do you morons do with the FACT that the fifteen year old says it was consensual and that she INSTIGATED the acts? Are you all this incredibly idiotic, or are you just being willfully ignorant, in pursuit of your own agendas?

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  231. I think there is a saying like…

    Government and laws are made to protect citizens from one another.
    But who will protect us from the government?

    Very unfortunate for the boy. I hope this gets worked out.
    Thanks for bringing it to our attention Mark!

    Comment by Chris -

  232. Right on, this subject needs to be exposed. I read the ESPN article the day they released it and remebered that you were involved. Keep us up to date via your blog.

    Comment by P Esc -

  233. The problem with Mark “boycotting” the state of Georgia is that now he has declared himself a political activist and can be judged more widely through that lens.

    Is he going to boycott Vermont where admitted and convicted pedophiles don’t even go to jail?

    If not, then he’ll look like just a teenage-bj advocate…

    Comment by CaptiousNut -

  234. I want to know why this guy is so daggone special that he merits this sort of attention. I presume it’s because he is an athlete. There are teens all across the country with the same problems and no one does stories on them. I personally have come into contact with several 17-18 yr olds who are registered sex offenders because of consensual sex with their 15-16 yr old girlfriends.

    The laws state that children under 16 cannot give consent to sexual activity. Enough said. Why don’t we focus on the fact that this 17 yr old had a habit of getting drunk and high on a regular basis, and was drunk and high at the time of the incident in question? Or the fact that, according to the ESPN article, he had been having sex since the age of 13? This guy’s been in violation of the “16 with consent” law for years, it’s only right that he finally does some time for it.

    I don’t care that he was a promising athlete. Given his history of alcohol and drug usage, he would probably have been arrested several times once he got out of the ATL, and would probably be in violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

    I say kudos to the DA for going after this kid, maybe he’ll learn to behave himself after 10 years of being alone.

    Comment by Kristin -

  235. Did she say she was 18? Did he know she was 15? had alcohol, pot and is underage himself, plus has it for underage girls…

    Could he not say no, and walk away or leave? What if it was your daughter? At 15, girls are corruptable…

    What if he wasn’t a great athlete? Would his story ever be told?

    Comment by Stephen Coppler -

  236. Kate – She and the lead prosecutor both stated that she (the 15 year old) was the instigator and fully aware of what she was doing. Her family even stated that they didn’t want to press any charges.

    This is also why any rape charges were dropped. Do your homework and stop falsely stating things.

    It’s amazing to me how people will just spread lies and give ridiculous statements. I guess they have their own shit going on in their minds and no matter what the evidence shows, they will always come to “their own biased opinion”.

    I don’t know all the details as I stated before, but I do know that I watched the lead prosecutor say with his own mouth… “there was no sign that the girls were forced to do anything and that she was the instigator”.


    Comment by News Blog -

  237. You seemed to have left out the fact that the video showed the girl(s) passed out on the bathroom floor and being ‘pulled off the bed’. Any sex act while the person is unable to give consent is not consentual. There is a reason why 17 year old males are not regularly charged for having sex with their 15 year old girlfriends and a reason why the others charged took pleas. Even after reading incredibly biased news clips on this incident, it remains clear to me that what occurred here is rape and that 5 young people got off far too easy.

    Comment by kate miller -

  238. – – – – – – – — – ————————-
    Sorry mark. but it is official now that you are now bombared with the attack of 1200000000 chinese people for your comments on all star voting –0

    – – —————————————-

    —– ———————— – – – – — – —

    Comment by Heran Jia -

  239. It’s interesting how morons like “rat” feel the need to spew lies about non-related cases (nothing you said about the Duke Case was true), and smear an innocent man by claiming he “drugged” one of the “victims” in the Genarlow Case. Very interesting. Why would someone feel the need to do that? Who knows? The phsychology of idiocy can be quite confusing at times.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  240. Rat – Not one thing you said is true. For one… He didn’t plea bargain because that would still be 5 years in jail and he would be a convicted sex offender and not be allowed to live with or visit with his younger sister, plus couldn’t live near a school bus stop, would have to register as a sex offender wherever he lived, etc…. If someone is convicted of murder and they really didn’t do it, but could plea bargain for say 10 years in prison or go to trial, my thought is the only people who would plea bargain are the ones who actually were guilty. Some may say… take the plea and you’ll be out in 10, but I would never admit to such a horrible crime if I truly was innocent. He’s clearly not a child molestor, so why should be be treated as one?

    The rape allegation was tossed out after the prosecutors saw the tape and then those charges were dropped because they weren’t true. The lead prosecutor clearly said the girls were definitely willing to participate and were not forced in any way. Also, not only that, but the girls nor the prosecutor ever said they were drugged, nor was there any proof or even the alligation of that, so stop throwing out bs. If you want proof of what the prosecutor said, I have a link to the video on my site.

    As far as the Duke case… you’re again fabricating details. There was never ANY semen found on the girl belonging to any Duke LaCrosse players. So again… not sure if you’re reading the Enquirer, but get your facts straight. I don’t know what happened that night, but I do know that the girl has changed her story about 7 times now (which led to the dropping of the rape charges), also the lineup she was shown was tainted as who gives a lineup with only Duke LaCrosse players? No other prosecutor has ever heard of this. One of the 3 kids charged wasn’t even there when it supposedly happened. He was on camera at an ATM miles away. And on top of all of that, the lead prosecutor never even interviewed the supposed victim until within the last 6 weeks. By the way… he’s also under investigation and is fighting to even keep his legal license. Oh, one last thing on this topic… This alleged victim has a history of bringing false charges in the exact same matter and they were dismissed as she was shown to have mental problems. So again Rat… get your facts straight.

    Oh, and your last paragraph must be eluding to some conspiracy theory by the media. I’d imagine you’re now going to tell us the Amish are responsible for 9/11. 🙂

    Last but not least… Joey commented on why this was reported by ESPN. Why not? They report on many things from sports to entertainment to many serious news topics. I guess the reports each year for the V foundation are dumb then, right? I guess them using their exposure and media outlet to get the word out about fighting cancer and other things are just dumb, right. Maybe they should just have Peter Jennings up there giving us scores and that’s it. Plus, Genarlow was a star football player who once covered next year’s #1 NFL draft pick (Calvin Johnson), so he was a good student and athlete which already makes it sports related. I’m just shaking my head at how ridiculous that comment was.

    Bottom line is this. Genarlow made a bad decision by being a 17 year old in a hotel room with alcohol, drugs and girls, but he simply got a bj from a girl. That’s it! Like Mark said… this happens every single week and for those who have commented that is the problem with this country and that it’s bringing down this country… well, that same shit’s been going on since the 50’s and earlier, so get off your high horse. The punishment simply doens’t match the so called crime. I also applaud Mark for what’s he’s trying to do and hope anyone who thinks this is wrong and excessive to try and do something.


    Comment by News Blog -

  241. although this may have been an injustice, i do understand why the ny times may have reported it, but i dont understand why ESPN had to, and dont think they should have. ESPN is a website about news in sports in the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, COllege basketbball/football, tennis, golf, and that type of stuff. not a website that reports about legal injustices. It is not sports news that there is a dumb law in georgia, or that someone is unjustly in jail there being deprived of a college football/nfl career.
    also i dont think we needed any confessions of what you yourself did.

    Comment by Joey -

  242. geez…. stop making this a race issue. lets look at the whole case, not the mainstream media’s soundbite bias. this is why YouTube is so popular…. people can get their story out and not depend on the old gatekeepers. Maybe someone needs to point out that this “kid” refuses to plea bargain like some of the others also busted. they are not spending time in prison. he took a risk and he lost. but there was also a rape allegation from that same night that i guess no one is bringing up. one of the girls could possibly have been drugged, we know there was at the very least alcohol being consumed.

    This reminds me of the coverage of the mainstream media concerning the Duke rape case. No one seems to mention the accuser accurately described details which led to semen being found belonging to two of the players. Lets not forget the 2 million dollars offered and turned down be the accuser in that case.

    The old mainstream media has been getting away with this crap for years but now we can keep them in check and it is only going to get better as more people wake up.

    Comment by Rat -

  243. The only question I have is why did the girl not receive the same punishment?

    Comment by -gary -

  244. Mark,
    I am contacting you about an injustice in sports today. The NFL has been holding secret a medical device used by the N.E.Patriots. It prevents concussions, liability to the leagues workmans compensation fund will be hurt if, this information, is made public. Many pending lawsuits would do damage to their business. So, lets keep the status quo and let hundreds of thousands if not millions of kids rack their brains, when there is a proven way to reduce concussion from blows to the jaw. It’s rediculous, the largest league in the world is hiding something of this significance. ESPN has done a series of stories on the subject and is posted on our web site.
    Last year Austin Croshere came to Boston to be fitted with the retainer like mouth guard and loves it. He likes it so much the Mavs team dentist has become certified to make it. I would apprieciate it if you could look at the info on our site and talk to Austin about it.
    The U.S.Military has taken action, yet the NFL has concealed our statistical proof from them. Tufts, Harvard and a Congressional subcommittee have also taken an interest. Your input could make a difference in bringing this to the mass market. The medical advisor to the NFL, Elliot Pelman is also the advisor to MLB and the NHL. The NBA is the only league he has not kept us out of. Thanks

    Comment by Mark Picot -

  245. No offense to my friends down in Dixie, but JOIN THE 21st CENTURY

    Comment by Genealogy Guy -

  246. Mark,

    Totally agree w/you. Genarlow should not be in jail. However, I also wonder about the self-esteem of the girls involved. Evidently, they had none. If Genarlow was a gentleman as mentioned in the article, i.e., 3.2 GPA, outstanding role model and student, he would have used better judgement and not have participated in the “gang bang” that occurred w/his contemporaries. I mean, would he want his younger sister to partake in such sexcapades? I doubt it.

    Still, he should not be in prison, and due to prosecutorial egos, Genarlow is paying a heavy price. All we can do is pray that the Georgia legislature does its due diligence and make a way for Genarlow to be set free.

    Comment by John Brevard -

  247. This is outrageous, how can they do this?

    Comment by Catalin -

  248. @Wake (#33)

    Only a complete tool wackjob could somehow relate this story to your completely irrational hatred for George W. Bush. Good show!

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  249. @Tony-

    This will sound harsh. It is meant to. If you think that a 17 year old BOY receiving oral sex from a 15 year old GIRL is “child molestation”, you are the textbook definition of an idiot. Especially when it is apparent–if you actually RESEARCH the story, which you apparently are to lazy to do–that the girl was a VERY willing participant in the acts.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  250. Comment #40 should read, “the 3 black judges voted FOR him” not “against him.” Sorry about that.

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  251. Mark-

    Thank you for bringing attention to this young man’s case. This case has clearly demonstrated that Jim Crow is not dead in the South. When the Georgia Supreme Court voted on the case, the four whites voted against Wilson, and the three black judges voted against him. No real surprise there.

    Again, thanks for all you’ve done to help this young man.

    Kevin Bailey

    Comment by Kevin Bailey -

  252. I just don’t understand how a 13 or 14 year old can be tried as an ADULT in a murder trial, but is considered not to be old enough to consent to having sex with another MINOR? What is it with the double standards in our country’s legal system?

    This is a sad story and unfortunately if this law were enforced perfectly nationwide the legal system and correctional facilities in this country would be inundated with more “convicts” than it could ever handle.

    The DA deserves to be fired for incompetence.

    Comment by Shaun Carter -

  253. Tony: “While I will agree a ten year sentence is too severe, he did break the law. And it was with a minor, so right or wrong, child molestation is the correct label. This is a perfect example of what is wrong with our country, an irresponsible 17 year old who just wants to get his rocks off.” Umm, when did 17 year olds become adults? They were both minors, not just the victim. Child molestation is not the correct label. It is an archaic law and Mr. Wilson should be treated as a juvenile making a bad decision to have sexual relations with another juvenile. If he broke sodomy laws, it is one thing. If he raped the girl, it is another. If two children act irresponsible together, child molestation is not the correct label.

    Comment by Timothy Dutcher -

  254. I am glad that you are trying to take a stand against this injustice, but I like some of the other people on here, feel that you have more power to right this wrong, than the average person. Keep your team from playing in Georgia. If it is a money issue, believe me, there are thousands of people (myself included) who would happily donate some money to cover the cost… all you have to do is ask. I have always believed that when God blesses you (which he has done with your team)you have a responsibility to use your blessing to bless someone else. If you would be willing to take that step, i would do any and everything in my power to assist you (fundraisers, petitions, etc) so that it would not be more of an inconv. than necessary.

    Comment by Raejon -

  255. Enough of this Me-Too Cuban sycophant posts

    Has anyone edited the Wikipidia page for Georgia (the state) yet?

    Post the Congressional E-mails and other elected officials or perhaps some one could enter them on to one general email so it would go to all the officials.

    Call up the Free Tooki people they have free time on there hands now.

    By the way Mark were you trying to give or receive when you a teenager? 😉 Inquiring minds want to know

    My my how far we have come since the war of northern aggression was fought over states rights!

    Comment by Andrew Coffey -

  256. It makes me embarassed to live in GA. The fact that he’s been in jail for 2 years is a crime in and of itself.

    Comment by Raj -

  257. Just remember Mark, you voted for George W. Bush twice. If the right wing Christian conservatives could have it their way I’m sure this law in Georgia would be nationalized and enforced in the same manner. Its thet type of nation they want. At some point we’ll all have either be with or against the corporate/religious/government industrial complex – this is what revolutions are about.

    Comment by Shake -

  258. It’s a bad, bad situation. It doesn’t seem like the punishment fits the crime at all.

    Comment by basketball training -

  259. I don’t need the government to help me parent. I don’t like the thought of my kids being involved in either side of a case like this, but experience is a great teacher, both those that are good and those that are…well not so good.

    How many times did all of us go “whew” as we got away with something we did that was stupid and truly never did it again. Almost get in an accident? The dreaded two week ‘wait’ to be happy about her cramps? Alcohol and driving?

    I am who I am because of the decisions I made, make and live with the consequences..good and bad. This kid made a normal choice, for others to judge is inappropriate.

    One more item….oral sex can’t be involuntary….I call Bulls#@t!

    Comment by David Armstrong -

  260. this reminds me of a story i saw on HBO’s Real Sports. Same issue, same state.

    Star Athlete Fights 10-Year Prison Term
    Jonathan Ringel
    Fulton County Daily Report

    Marcus Dwayne Dixon shared one class with a 15-year-old girl last year at Pepperell High School in Rome, Ga.: “Family Commitment and Career.”

    Dixon, then 18, did not appear to need schooling on either subject. Born to a drug-addicted, recidivist mother and an absent father, he moved in with his baseball coach at age 10 and was raised by the coach and his wife as one of their sons.

    A star athlete with a 3.96 grade-point average, Dixon had accepted a full scholarship to Vanderbilt University.

    What happened after school last Feb. 10, between Dixon, who is black, and the girl, who is white, has been the subject of a trial in Georgia’s Floyd County Superior Court. It also has been examined in national media programs ranging from HBO Sports’ “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” to Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor.” This week, Dixon is the subject of an article in People magazine.

    The Supreme Court of Georgia on Jan. 21 will enter the fray to answer a novel legal question over teenage sex and mandatory minimum sentencing. Acknowledging the wide public interest in the case, the court is taking the rare step of broadcasting the arguments over the World Wide Web.

    It’s not hard to see why the case has caught the nation’s attention, although the justices will not have to deal with many of the hot-button issues that prompted so much controversy.

    Dixon’s supporters say the girl flirted with him and consented to sex. At trial a witness claimed the girl said she accused Dixon of rape so that she would not get in trouble with her father, who was described as a racist who had whipped her for smoking.

    The girl said Dixon tracked her down in a classroom trailer that she was cleaning as part of her duties in a part-time after-school job, asked if she were a virgin, grabbed her arms, unbuttoned her pants and raped her on a table.

    A Floyd jury in May acquitted Dixon of four charges: rape, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and sexual battery.

    But the jury found Dixon guilty of statutory rape and aggravated child molestation.

    Statutory rape is, in the case of teenagers less than three years apart, a misdemeanor punishable by as much as a year in prison.

    But aggravated child molestation — defined as an immoral act in which one touches a child in order to satisfy sexual desires, resulting in injury — is a felony with a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison.

    During the trial, the girl testified that Dixon hurt her and that she bled afterward — thereby establishing the injury necessary to prove aggravated child molestation.


    The trial transcript sets out the problem that now sits before the Georgia Supreme Court. At sentencing, Floyd Assistant District Attorney John F. McClellan Jr. argued that since the statutory rape and aggravated child molestation charges stemmed from the same conduct, they should be merged.

    McClellan said that statutory rape was a lesser included offense of aggravated child molestation, so the sentence should be for aggravated child molestation.

    Dixon’s lawyer, Fred R. Simpson, asked Floyd Superior Court Judge Walter J. Matthews to vacate the aggravated child molestation charge.

    Simpson argued that the traditional “rule of lenity” required that a defendant convicted under two statutes supported by the same evidence be sentenced under the statute with the lighter sentence.

    A chief assistant district attorney in Rome from 1996 until 2002, Simpson said he couldn’t recall a case in which aggravated child molestation was tacked onto a misdemeanor charge of statutory rape. Nor could he find in a Lexis-Nexis search a case fitting that description around the state since the General Assembly added lesser statutory rape provisions for teenagers in 1996.

    “Your Honor, this is one of these issues that just jump out at you,” Simpson said during sentencing. He concluded that because no one else had been prosecuted for the crimes with such drastically different sentences, Dixon’s equal protection rights would be violated if he were sentenced under the aggravated child molestation conviction.

    Matthews responded that he had no direction from the Georgia appeals courts on the question — so he would leave the matter to them. And since Georgia law did not allow him even to consider whether there was inconsistency between the counts for which Dixon was acquitted and convicted, Matthews said he was left with a guilty verdict on aggravated child molestation.

    “My hands are tied by the Legislature,” Matthews concluded. Then he sentenced Dixon to 15 years — 10 in prison and five on probation.

    Dixon, whose football scholarship was rescinded, is now an inmate at Burrus Correctional Training Center in Forsyth.


    David L. Balser, a business litigation partner at McKenna Long & Aldridge, says he read a newspaper article about the Dixon case, and the more he thought about it, the more it bothered him.

    “If it’s not rape,” he says, referring to Dixon’s acquittal of rape and three other charges alleging force, “then it’s sex between teenagers.” And he concludes that Dixon should not serve 10 years in prison for having sex with another teenager.

    Balser got his partners to let him pursue the case pro bono, and now he’s leading the appeal effort for Dixon, along with three other McKenna Long lawyers and Simpson.

    Balser, who’s general counsel to the Georgia Democratic Party, points out that the last legislative pronouncement on statutory rape made it only a misdemeanor for 17- or 18-year-olds to have sex with teens who are less than three years younger than them.

    But if a teenager’s sex with another teenager resulting in any injury is considered aggravated child molestation, Balser argues, “that renders meaningless the statutory rape charge.

    “You’ve got to read the statutes together to make them make sense,” he adds.

    Balser also relies on the rule of lenity. The rule of lenity, Balser adds, “is not some liberal creation,” but a tradition in the law that has been cited by the likes of conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

    Finally, Balser argues that Dixon’s sentence, as applied, violates the constitutional guarantee against cruel and unusual punishment. (Normally appeals from criminal cases first go to the Georgia Court of Appeals, but only the state Supreme Court can hear constitutional challenges.)


    Through the efforts of Jackson Spalding, McKenna Long’s outside public relations firm — and the media’s natural interest in a story about sex, sports and race — the story has been covered widely. Stories on CBS News and ABC’s “Nightline” are expected next week.

    “It’s really been unbelievable,” said Balser. “It’s just kind of taken off.”

    Leigh E. Patterson, the Floyd district attorney, calls some of the news coverage unfair.

    In particular, Patterson cites the HBO Sports program, which aired last October. In it, host Bryant Gumbel says, Rome “is still struggling with the kind of racial issues that many Southern towns have already laid to rest.”

    “It’s a place where the KKK still has a presence,” Gumbel adds while video shows white-robed Ku Klux Klan members marching along a street. Later in the program a piece of graffiti is shown that says, “KKK Kill Marcus.”

    “We’re being portrayed as backwoods, racist rednecks,” says Patterson, who last recalls a handful of Klan members marching in Rome — and being jeered by onlookers — in the late 1980s. She says the Klan is not active in Floyd.

    Patterson thinks the HBO video of Klan members came from Forsyth County, which is about 70 miles away from Floyd and was the site of a controversial Klan rally in the
    1980s. Ray Stallone, a spokesman for HBO, says the show’s producers asked an Atlanta television station for recent shots of Klan rallies. He adds that they were told the footage came from two or three places, one of which was Floyd.


    Patterson and McClellan, the prosecutor on the case who will argue at the Supreme Court next week, maintain that race had nothing to do with their handling of the Dixon matter.

    “We think a rape occurred,” says Patterson. “We think there was force.”

    They point to evidence brought up during the trial that Dixon had been in trouble twice before for sexual misdeeds at school. Once he exposed himself to a female classmate; another time he’s alleged to have forced his hand down the front of a girl’s pants.

    The second incident, discovered during the investigation of the alleged rape, is the subject of a pending sexual battery charge, the prosecutors say. That charge is a misdemeanor.

    Balser, Dixon’s lawyer, says his client “vehemently denies” the second incident occurred.

    That story was “presented to the jury in an effort to secure a rape conviction,” Balser adds. “The jury saw the evidence for what it was: a smoke screen designed to deflect attention from the fact that the sex in this case was consensual.”

    Patterson and McClellan are equally indignant about one of the defense’s best witnesses: A former classmate of the girl. At trial, the boy testified that the alleged victim had told her “they had sex in the trailer but it wasn’t like rape. … [H]e didn’t hold her down or hurt her or anything like that.”

    The boy added that she told him she didn’t tell anyone the truth because “‘I’m scared of my dad.'”

    The prosecutors point out that the boy was a last-minute addition to the defense’s witness list, one whose story they could not corroborate after the trial.

    Michael A. Prieto, a Cartersville, Ga., lawyer representing the girl and her father in a civil suit against the Floyd school system, “absolutely” denies that the girl made up the rape charge.

    Prieto calls the allegations that the father is racist “reverse discrimination,” adding that the man is “a hard-working manual laborer.”

    Prieto says that while he can’t look into his client’s heart, “he never once made any racist comment in front of me.”

    A Rome federal judge dismissed some of the family’s civil rights charges on Thursday.

    As for legal questions that will be discussed next week, McClellan dismisses Dixon’s case as “a public policy argument” — not one based on the law and precedent that has to be followed by the Supreme Court.

    He also says that just because the jury acquitted on rape and the other force charges, “there is no determination it was consensual.”


    J. Thomas Morgan III, the outgoing district attorney in DeKalb County, points out that sex laws do not always make sense, explaining how teenage intercourse has a lighter punishment than teenage oral sex.

    While the Georgia Supreme Court last year struck down the state’s fornication law, it left intact rules against unwed sex by children under 16.

    But, he says, if he had a case such as the Dixon matter, in which he believed a rape occurred, he’d tack on aggravated child molestation: “Prosecutors do this all the time.”

    Morgan called Dixon’s plight “a sound policy argument” for the General Assembly to make provisions for teenage sex and aggravated child molestation — but not a good case for the state Supreme Court.

    Donald F. Samuel, an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer, said the Dixon case sounds like “a perfect example of the horrors of mandatory minimum sentences.”

    “The legislatures apparently don’t trust judges and parole boards,” Samuel adds, “so, sight-unseen, they have decided that regardless of any of the facts, regardless of any mitigating circumstance, in all cases, without exception, 10 years without parole is mandatory.”

    Comment by Jason Hirschhorn -

  261. What can we do too help?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    Comment by brandon -

  262. Classic example of a justice system filled with imbalance, inequality, outdated laws, politically tainted and correct court rulings, and all the other bullcrap we all know is there that victimizes people for their entire lives unfairly and injustly.

    The United States of America, the land of the “free”, now has over 3 MILLION of its citizens sitting in jails and prisons. Think about that. 1 out of every 100 US Citizens is in jail. How pathetic. And sure there are many truly bad apples that belong there, but most are incarcerated for utterly ridiculous and non-violent crimes, many minor drug related cases and cases like this one, where the dude was clearly not some kind of sex predator, but like Mark said your typical teenage guy doing what teens do as they discover and develop their sexuality.

    As a big believer in fair justice, I find this kind of case totally infuriating. It’s also a complete waste of the taxpayer’s money. It costs about $50,000 per year to incarcerate and provide for inmates. So this guy will cost us $500,000. For what? A BJ? How insane is that?

    Look at the numbers. About $150 Billion a year we spend for all these Americans locked up in jail. That is a HUGE amount of money and doesn’t factor in the lost productivity from the decent folks in there, nor the amount they would contribute to the GDP if they were out as consumers. The real number is probably 1/2 a Trillion if not more.

    Well, prayers out to this young lad. I hope on appeal he gets some justice done right in this case. He’s clearly not deserving of having his whole life screwed up being labeled as a sex offender, nor losing 10 years in prison.

    Sad, sad, sad, ……

    Comment by Kevin - -

  263. what people seem to be overlooking is that Genarlow isn’t just losing 10 years he will be labled a sex offender for the rest of his life for doing something million have done.

    Comment by chris -

  264. Thanks for posting this Mark! I’ve also added this on my site so that all the guys there will read it.

    Comment by Tyler -

  265. At #21: Your daughter is going to run into those people. It is up to YOU (the parent) to teach her how to avoid being seduced. How to handle males that approach her, and how to deal with the many emotions before she performs any type of sexual act.

    If you don’t teach her the right ways, I will guarantee you she will find those guys and be having sex (oral or otherwise) with them without your knowledge. And this is to no fault of anybody but your own. And if you do find out she’s been doing this stuff, you can shift blame all you want, and prosecute the guy, but, soon she’s gonna be “legal”, and she’s still gonna be screwing around because of her values and beliefs…who are you going to blame then?

    Comment by Roger -

  266. Great post! Genarlow Wilson deserves to be free.

    Comment by Todd -

  267. I don’t know about any of your readers but I am less than 10 years removed from those H.S. years. I will agree with your statements about his being VERY harsh. I was a Senior and dated a Sophomore in H.S. There were 2 years difference between us at the time. We never went to the extent that these two did but at that time it’s easy to see how this is blown way out of proportion.

    Penalty? yes. If some one (her or parents) complained and pressed charges, fine he should be given a penalty but he should not have 10 years of his life taken away for this.

    Comment by -

  268. We have made space on our website to bring this injustice to our readers.

    Comment by Kenneth -

  269. While I will agree a ten year sentence is too severe, he did break the law. And it was with a minor, so right or wrong, child molestation is the correct label. This is a perfect example of what is wrong with our country, an irresponsible 17 year old who just wants to get his rocks off. It’s so out of control that it seems to have become socially exceptable for teenagers to have sex. Yeah everyone has those urges at that age, but those with good character control themselves. 15 year old girls should not be seduced into sexual experiences, and he is a predator for doing it, white, black, purple, pink, I don’t care. Maybe if parents acted like parents instead of friends, their kids wouldn’t run wild like this. This is the kind of guy I fear my daughter will run into in high school. So while ten years is way too excessive, I think the label of child molestor is appropriate and probabtion is appropriate. But hey lets rally behind this kid and let him know that there aren’t ever any consequences every time he pulls his tool out. Maybe next time he will go farther and get a girl pregnant. Just what this country needs, another kid on welfare because the family structure in this country has gone to crap. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

    Comment by Tony -

  270. This country is simply out of control with the numerous laws that are passed. It was consensual, end of story.

    Comment by Eddie -

  271. I just read the espn article, it’s hard to imagine that DA sounding less heartless than he does.

    Comment by superdave -

  272. I’m glad to finally see you post about this. I read the article on ESPN a few days ago, saw your comments on the situation, and was hoping you’d try to use your influence to do something about it.

    I live in South Carolina, and apparently it’s illegal for my wife and me, as consenting adults, take part in an activity that every male I know enjoys.

    If anyone has any grassroots type of ideas that just might help get this young man out of jail and keep him from wasting a large portion of his life I’m more than willing to help energize everyone I know that feels this is a gross injustice.

    I’ve got a few web sites and will gladly try and get the ESPN article ranked high when you search for Google.

    Comment by Ryan -

  273. when the mavs do play the hawks if the name on the back of every mavs jersey was G. Wilson a signifigant statement would be made. hopefully it would also result in some additional media attention on this bullshit.

    Comment by T -

  274. Superdave – I agree that he put himself in bad position, but in no way does that equate to 10 years behind bars or the labeling of a sex offender as you also noted. And that is the real point here.

    I’ve never understood why the lawmakers say “well that’s the law and we’re just enforcing it” when there is no reason that special circumstances shouldn’t require special decisions. It’s not simply as black and white as they try to put it. There are plenty of gray areas in law.

    An example would be… I’m with my friend at a party and he gets shot in the chest. The hospital is 20 minutes up the freeway. Do I throw my friend in the car and drive exactly 55 mph to the hospital or do I speed there hoping to save my friends life? 100% would speed, obviously. And if you did get pulled over any “sane” cop would escort you there and not ticket you for the speeding. And if he was a dick and did site you, no rational thinking Judge would enforce it based on uniqe and special circumstances.

    I just don’t understand why if everyone including some of the prosecutors and judges think he shouldn’t be in prison, then why is he in prison. You go and open the door and let him out.

    I guess I’m lucky I’m now 31 and never lived in Georgia cause thinking back to high school… my friends and I would be serving multiple life sentences right now. 🙂

    Comment by News Blog -

  275. I think even though his sentence is way too harsh and he should not be labeled as a sex offender, we should not forget that what happened at that party never should have happened in the first place. Every 17 wants to get to 3rd base but most 17 year olds know better than to do it under those circumstances.

    Comment by superdave -

  276. I too was outraged when I saw this on Deadspin and posted it my blog immediately ( I am in full agreement with the gentlemen that said us bloggers need to unite in behalf of this young man. 10 years?! As I say in my blog, is there a father or mother in the government and legal system that doesn’t think their own son or daughter isn’t doing or hasn’t tried to do the same thing? Is this the punishment they want for them if they get caught? Ridiculous. Anything you do Mark to help this young man would be fantastic. It must be great to be in a position where you can actually get sh*t done. More power to you and stay true to yourself like you always do.

    Comment by Doug -

  277. Yes I agree…a very bright light should be shown on this until this very wrong situation is made right…it gives one little or no faith in the judicial system.

    Comment by brett -

  278. Mark,

    I don’t think you can draw big attention to this until the Mavs refuse to play in Atlanta against the Hawks. It’s brazen and you might have to accept a loss but it’s worth it.

    Comment by Sherwin Noorian -

  279. Mark,
    It is a diffcult stance to take on and I guess you just have to imagine it is your daugther. Personally, I believe that the “Romeo and Juilet” drama should remain faulty and it is a true test of love to see if they would reunite on their own expense. However, I guess chips fall where they may and hell or high water, I want to share you a poem and few ideas….
    So, bear on, until you read the last sentence.
    Ps. I remember you got fined 200,000 dollars and Espn detailed that your fines towered to 1,665,000 dollars.
    The poem got an element of business that is related to energy.
    Here it goes, a poem for a King.

    “The Matrix of Motor”
    By: Blake T. Miller

    In dim light, in a mess,
    This life, this poem,
    Will be long,
    Because, your minds,
    My mind,
    Broken sentences,
    Marlon Brando,
    Jack Kerouac,
    The air, the water,
    So many battles fought,
    With mind, body and soul.
    So many battles left to be fought,
    Not quite,
    Who knows?
    I may lost my passion.
    I may already look at the world,
    With blankness, with dullness.
    The truth is, I must regain passion,
    Like a garden,
    Like a cedar forest.
    The air is so fresh and is full of roar.
    The body is happy,
    Then, a blow, a fire in the sky,
    Everything moves like a wind.
    Something is always blowing somewhere,
    I bow my head, in blankness;
    Like a paper to be written on.
    What is the point of me emboldening you?
    Teaching? When in return,
    I get, Irish funerals,
    The color of the kilt,
    The majesty of the dragon?
    My mind is growing a scale to measure,
    Importance of each priorities;
    Like a weighty star that hangs above,
    With glitters and pixtels falling?
    You are falling love with a lover,
    Life is long,
    Life is not short,
    Longer than rolling hills,
    You are driving a car,
    You are driving through farm,
    You wonder about answers briefly,
    How about I? Who have nothing but time,
    I wonder about answers each day and each minute.
    Wonder what if there are no right answers, unless, we commit ourselves in becoming a doer, instead of being a thinker, because a doer has more lasting effect than a thinker. What good are words if it does not empower the person to work better?
    A doer makes the crop grow; the farm needs a doer, not a thinker.
    Because all answers are really simple and does not require much thinking. Maybe, to do is better than to think, and on your feets, yer hip to go.
    I miss the thick smell of weed,
    So juicy to inhale, and there, I feel like I am at home. Isn’t that grandoise with a hint of sadness? Without weed, I feel lost and overwhelmed with soberity.
    Maybe, a new chapter of life,
    Are like fresh sheets on the bed,
    So fresh, that the skin feels angelic.
    I remember sleeping in France,
    A homey home and cozy, I must say;
    The French got a style when it comes to cuisine.
    I been to fertile Italy and underground Sweeden with winter style clothing.
    Envy of a beautiful lady can drive a man crazy, crazy enough to commit acts of war and that beautiful lady is like the eye of a cyclone. We all know how to feel and, there is iffy subject about counterparts.
    I must be an inventor and I shall. I have dreams of machinery so much, it would seem as though I must have came from 40 rhinestones of German. A doer makes more difference than a thinker. You have to be a doer to become a well traveled author. To add, I dueled with an artficial intelligence. I said, “the more people on Earth means more rich people.” There are several billions people on earth. I talked with Rose Element and I learned there’s an ugly saying floating around, saying that ” People die everyday and that is normal.” I feel that when a life dies, it is a terrible waste because the amount of labor towards whatever projects disappears. Rome wasn’t build in one day and certainly, not by one person. People are commodity and each single person should be put to labor towards building massive projects. It is better to work towards something great than to wither away, endure intense poverty and die in some dry village. If that life was given a choice, to live better as a slave or to die impoverished? I trust that life would chose to live. If we could just guide them and show them a better life, we should. There is so much farming to do and so much leadership skills on our staff. To spur, I told this artifical intelligence that there ought be a Nuclear Reactor miles below the surface of earth to be safe. If the Nuclear Reactor does, in fact, have a meltdown, it would be easily sealed and contained due to the gravity of pressure above the Reactor. Being miles deep close the Earth’s core, we may be able to tap on Geothermal energy; water goes down, then, when the pipe hit a boiling point as it gets closer to Molten Lava and an U turn is made, steam rush up through the pipe and propel turbines. Turbines creates electricity. A new age surge of electricity comes and it’s alive! Its alive! Electric cars come to life. All the robot designs that were said to be impossibe to get made, because of consumption of electricity, become reversed and a curse in the science world is lifted. Since there are giant electric generators all over the globe and continue to spread like a rage of joy, there would be so much electricity in the next world that this age we live in would be anicent when compared to the next world. This is just an inventor as we all are inventors. We must unify, organize and “move them bricks” a lot more quicker. We would need departments that makes work fun and a “hospital” nearby. To get our gears revolving for progression is the best defense and offense. We shouldn’t waste any life when they could be put to use through a walkie talkie and city of Zion becomes a breathing reality. Another proposition is that miners, those who going to dig the earth, wear! tubed helments that is going to protect their lungs with enhanced respiratory support. Think of bonus materials such as metal and crystals, diamond and gold, the miners are going to find on the way down. Being closer to the earth would make more sense of complicated matter. Undeground cities become a fabulous dwelling place with metal walls and high technology. It is science fiction all over again and grows stronger with a sting of reality; unneccessary wars ravage the lifeblood of this planet as the air gets sicker, crops become staler and the jungle gets weaker. Innocent blood are being spilled and families get destroyed with grief. We must offer them a offer they can’t refuse, to live better as a guest worker with benefits. No matter who we are, we all work for civilization. Sometimes, these branches of art create anarchy and chaos. A rhyme of similarity to the Renaissance Age that was born out of the Dark Age. There should never be a shortage of “employers” . There are tons of blueprints that needs alot workers to erect it and to convert drawings into reality, any sound battle plan requires an army, an army of constructors to build an anthill on Mother Earth, herself. We need more Aviators in this world to save lives and at the same time, make a better place of our world.

    Comment by Blake T. Miller -

  280. I’m not sure if your issue is that this young man committed a crime or or if you disagree with the severity of the punishment.

    This is a terribly gray area. When should a person be considered able to consent to any sexual act and under what circumstances? From the links and what I have seen on TV, this young man influenced a young woman (age 15) to perform oral sex on him. She was influenced by alcohol and marijuana and perhaps by his stature – a young, smart athlete who seemed to have a future. This act was caught on video.

    Apparently you (and most respondents) seem to agree that this is a perfectly acceptable situation.

    Keep this in mind when your children turn 15.

    If you refuse to do business with either the state of Georgia or in the state of Georgia because of this, then you should start looking at every state that has punished a young man (under 18) for engaging in a sexual act with a minor. Be sure you don’t do any business with those states either.

    Of course, you could start a campaign to change the age of consent, to change the definition of a sexual act and to change the punishment that a court can impose.

    Would you have gone to these lengths if the young man was a C/D student without any atheletic ability or is there a different standard?

    Comment by Robert -

  281. I am interested to know how committed you are to avoiding doing business in Georgia. Are HDnet movies available for rental at the local Blockbuster video store? Will your movies ever be screened at a theater in Georgia? You are usually a man of your word, I’m just curious about the level of thought you put into that statement.

    Play on player.

    Comment by Travis -


    I’ve been thinking about this poor guy all day now and since most people aren’t in a position to do much as far as money or as far as media attention like Mark, I think there is something we all can do that is actually quite powerful.

    Bloggers and site owners have the power of the net and information at their fingertips. What’s great and sometimes not so great is we have the ability to sway opinion and alter search results.

    What I propose is to “google bomb” the espn article to the top of google for the search term “Georgia”.

    If we all write a post relating to the injustice of this and then post a link to the ESPN article with the anchor text “Georgia” (without the quotations of course) it won’t take, but a few days for it to be #1 on Google for the search term Georgia.

    This is extremely powerful and does give us all a way to help this young man. I also can’t imagine the State of Georgia will be very happy to know that the espn article is #1 when anyone searches google for info on their state. We can then all remove the links once someone with a sane mind turns around this insane sentence.

    This actually works quite well to get a point across. It’s been done many times before and has worked. I actually helped do it for another search term when I was in the poker industry. Search google for “corrupt senator” (without quotes) and you’ll notice that Bill Frist’s wikipedia page is #1. This took poker affiliates all of about 2 days to accomplish.

    So let’s use our power to get out the word about this and help this young man.

    As we all know… the only time government will change is when the masses come together. So let’s come together.


    Comment by News Blog -

  283. This is the most unbelievable part of the legal document, “If Petitioner had had intercourse with this same girl, he would be out of prison now because he could only receive a sentence of 12 months and would not have to register as a sexual offender.”

    This sounds like good Oprah material, she needs to put this on her show.

    Comment by Simon -

  284. #4 (J) – Considering a white school teacher in Georgia only got 90 days for sleeping with a student, yeah – I imagine race has something to do with it.

    It’s the arrogance of the prosecutor in this case that boils my blood though!


    Comment by Rob La Gesse -

  285. Mark,

    Thanks for taking up this cause. I have followed this story on and off since I saw an episode of 60 minutes about this a year or so ago. It sickens me to think that things like this still happen in the United States.

    Please do not let this die, keep this in the public eye.

    Comment by c -

  286. Yikes, glad to hear the you have taken up the call to action with this young man. Seems like this literally could have been any of us…make me wonder if race had anything to do with the prosecution?

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

    Comment by J Sandifer -

  287. WOW! That’s the biggest amount of crap I’ve ever seen.

    I will definitely be posting info about the case on my site to let others know about this injustice.

    It’s amazing how ridiculous and outdated some laws are. I guess 90% of the teenagers in Georgia need to be arrested and put in jail for 10 years then.

    Out of curiosity… why was she not also arrested since it was voluntary?

    Comment by News Blog -

  288. Live up to your rebel reputation. If you want to earn my respect(and you know you do!) tell the state of Georgia that the Mavericks won’t play in Atlanta until Winslow is released. Forfeit the game to the Hawks. It’s just one game. But it makes a huge statement. How much of an injustice is Genarlow Wilson’s imprisonment, really? Not enough to lose one game, and be slapped with some hefty fines? Come on, my respect for you is on the line! It is literally on the line!

    Of course, that’s all really easy for me to say, as I don’t have to sacrifice anything for the cause, but it would be a very cool gesture gesture, in my opinion.

    Comment by Tim -

  289. Wow, I’d never heard of that story before. I mean comeon, 2 years difference and at 17 and 15, both people knew exactly what they were doing.

    Comment by Woolie -

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